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Trial over alleged defamation of Gonçalo Amaral has been postponed to March, 29

The trial of lawyer Marcos Aragão Correia and of the university teacher António Pedro Dores, over defamation of former PJ inspector Gonçalo Amaral, within the case of Leonor Cipriano, which was to take place on Thursday, in Faro, has been postponed to the 29th of March.

Isabel Duarte, Marcos Aragão Correia’s lawyer, has told Lusa Agency that by a dispatch from Faro Judicial Court, the trial was postponed to the 29th of March, at 9.30 a.m.

Despite not having had Access to said dispatch yet, the lawyer said that she had been informed, by telephone, that the postponement was due to a pending appeal, which was filed by the other arguido in the process, António Pedro Dores, the president of the Association Against Exclusion through Development, whose defence attorney is José Preto.

For the trial in Faro, Marcos Aragão Correia has called António Marinho Pinto, presently the head of the Lawyers’ Order, and Ana Maria Calado, the former director of Odemira Prison, as defence witnesses.

Former Judiciary Police (PJ) inspector Gonçalo Amaral – who investigated the disappearance of Joana, the daughter of arguida Leonor Ciprinao – has criminally sued Marcos Aragão Correia and António Pedro Dores, because they publicly alluded to the alleged torture that Leonor Cipriano was a target of during the Joana case’s questioning stage.

Marcos Aragão Correia, lawyer to Leonor Cipriano, alleges that the Portuguese courts have already decided that it has been proved that His client was tortured, yet the Public Ministry (MP) continues to uphold the accusation in the defamation lawsuit that Gonçalo Amaral has filed.

He further recalls that, within the alleged case of torture of Leonor Cipriano, Gonçalo Amaral was condemned over the crime of false statement, to a one-and-a-half-year prison sentence, which was suspended over the same period of time.

The defendant of Marcos Aragão Correia in the defamation lawsuit is lawyer Isabel Duarte, who is equally the lawyer for Madeleine McCann’s parents, who has pending lawsuits against Gonçalo Amaral.

The trial in Lisbon over the defamation lawsuit that has been filed by the parents of Madeleine McCann, the little girl that disappeared in the Algarve, in May 2007, which was equally scheduled for Thursday, has also been postponed, without a new date, according to lawyer Isabel Duarte’s indication to Lusa.

That process concerns Gonçalo Amaral’s book, “Maddie: A verdade da mentira”.

in: SIC Notícias, 08.02.2012


  1. some one is sure out to get Sr Amaral and they are getting away with it.why??????

  2. What a confusion is going on around the PJ or better around people who ever got involved with the PJ.
    The McCanns are demanding 400.000 pounds from Tony Bennett. I wish I would earn money that easily. Kate will buy new rings.
    Astro, you didn't publish my last comment on the last older post.

  3. It is absurd that the McCanns are asking for 400 thousand pounds to Tony Benett. It will be absurd if the judge agrees with it. It is high time Tapas 7 comes forward.


    The link between the "Great Escapees", "Mickey Mouse" Mitchell, Metodo "Zero", MA Correia, "Madame" Duarte and "Photoshop" Pinto - the "bar manager", becomes clearer with each PR move.

    What we have here is probably more PR "pyrotechnics" subsidized by the Fund and mediated by "Mickey Mouse" of Burson-Marsteller and Lift Consulting (PT).

    Could it be to divert attention from the presence in Portugal of criminal profiler Pat Brown?


    But continuing...

    We have known for a long time who paid MA Correia. It was, by his own admission, Metodo "Zero" - important not to forget "The Method" was, in turn, contracted by the McCanns. The character assassination of Gonçalo Amaral starts there and then. Biutiful!


    At some stage Marinho Pinto earns his nickname as "Photoshop" Pinto, by using the well-to-do "Expresso" newspaper to write an article about Gonçalo Amaral's colleagues and the Joana Cipriano's murder.

    Remember, "Photoshop" was a leading lawyer thus closely associated with Isabel Duarte - "The Fund's" legal representative in Portugal.

    In his scrappy feature, "Photoshop" Pinto adds manipulated photos of Leonor Cipriano (accused of murdering her daughter Joana) which showed numerous "bruises" - thus "proving" a confession may have been forced from her. This was, some said, an attempt to discredit Amaral and the Portuguese PJ.

    In spite of evidence that the photos were manipulated, and/or for that matter that Leonor was beaten by inmates not the officers, the court used Pinto's allegedly fake evidence (and bar prerogatives) to charge Amaral and his colleagues.




    Isabel Duarte, the McCanns' lawyer AND, as we have just learned, lawyer to her distinguished medium and ufologist colleague MA Correia, is, remember, a close associate of "Photoshop". Small world Lisbon.

    The Madame then invited "Photoshop" Pinto - now the bar's head, to be a witness against Gonçalo Amaral. Sinister errands.



    According to some sources, Isabel Duarte was chosen to be the McCanns' lawyer in Portugal by Lift Consulting,PT - a company closely associated with Burson-Marsteller(UK) of which Clarence "Mickey Mouse" Mitchell is the managing director (...)

    Mitchell, let us not forget retains close ties with the British Foreign Office not least because he was Tony Blair/Gordon Brown's master spinner. Indeed, it was the FO who dispatched him to Portugal. "There was an innocent explanation for anything".

    Think Foreign Office, think David Cameron, and you will sense what Scotland Yard's review is all about.

    Is anyone else, besides David Cameron and Scotland Yard, outside the box as it were? You would be surprised! See below:

    "The McCann Lobby: Who's Outside The Box? A Glossary of Characters"


    Ruy Roskoff
    Criminal profiler and investigator based in Portimão


    The change was probably made in order to avoid meeting Pat Brown face to face.

    It seems it was Madame Duarte who phoned LUSA (news agency) herself. Why would she volunteer to do that if she had not a vested interest in doing so?

    Furthermore, in her declarations to LUSA she pretends not to know when the main trial (McCanns vs Amaral) takes place. Important to note Madame Duarte also has the centre stage in that event, if we disregard "Photoshop" Pinto for a moment.

    I cannot help thinking that again she is avoiding meeting Pat Brown face to face. Kate McCann would probably either pee in her pants or try to hide under the chair! :o

    The other possibility is IF Amaral wins the first then she might extend the second date further to "let the dust settle". Of course she is not the one who sets up the dates but I am sure the bar's head may have some influence on that. I mean she was also instrumental in cherry picking judges that would give her and her client (The Fund) a favourable decision. That much is obvious from the senior judges decision (overthrow).

    Pat Brown presence in the main event will have a massive impact on the judge. I think. I hope she can make it then.


    Interesting to observe the total control of the media in Portugal by Lift Consulting PR (the Clarence Mitchell/Burson-Marsteller PR close associate). Not a single byte has transpired about Pat Brown's presence in Portugal. Biutiful...



  7. someone reading this knows they can bring this fiasco to an end if not for mr amaral and those who have helped then do it for the memory of a child who has no voice. do it for a small child who has no one to fight her corner and bring this illegal fund to an end.

    Please note all the links in:


    revert to the aimoo forum. The original links were in "The Sargeants Inn" which has since been carter-*ucked.

    The McCanns apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to your freedom of information. The small print reads: just making sure you don't get carter-*ucked! Naughty! Naughty!

    Errata on behalf of Ruy Roskoff
    Criminal profiler and investigator based in Portimão

  9. #7 - do it for a small child who has no one to fight her corner and bring this illegal fund to an end...

    :q yeah!


    Will he have the same powers he had when he attended the last Amaral trial by becoming assistant to the process?

    I remember reading "Photoshop" invoking his privilege as the head of the bar placing himself as "assistant in the process" thus avoiding being cross examined by Amaral's defence about the "doctored" photos he published in the "Expresso", which were subsequently used to incriminate Amaral and his colleagues.

    This was a travesty of Justice! How can this be allowed in Portugal?

    How can you have the Head of the Bar as a witness in court?

    I mean when Amaral's lawyer (Dr. Cabrita) summoned De Freitas (a British citizen) to appear in court he refused on the grounds that(verbatim):

    "Any potential evidence [testimonial] that I can give may be subject to confidentiality and Immunity of the English Public Interest."

    Is "Photoshop" Pinto a traitor? A double agent? What?

    Like you wrote Joana, The Head of the Layers Bar Marinho Pinto cannot use the Lawyers Order for his personal wars! Yet he does!

    I don't think he does it for "personal wars", though. He does it for Queen & Country (and a pay cheque under the table).

    You need another 25 April, don't you?


  11. When is Isabella going to be brought to book for not returning those books she was ordered to by the Court who ruled in Dr Amaral's favour? Does this woman think so little of the Courts and justice that she does whatever she wants? I hope this is being taken serious note of by those in authority and they come down hard on her.


    ITV Keir Simmons tweeted:

    "Scotland Yard Commissioner says Met Police review of Madeleine McCann evidence may reach a conclusion within 'a few months'............ erm....To coincide with the McCanns versus Amaral trial or the senior judges appeals' court decision to follow? Please clarify..........

  13. @11 I hope this is being taken serious note of by those in authority and they come down hard on her.

    I am afraid it is not. The Madame said she will not hand the books unless she is forced. I think these were her words. On the other hand the interested parties may be waiting for a final decision (April) to sue her for damages. The more she/McCanns holds on to the books, the more they will have to pay in damages. I think. The publishers will probably make more money this way than than in selling the actual books. Just an opinion you know. On the other hand how much are those books worth? Let's see:

    7500 copies of the book arrested or destroyed by Madame Duarte at around £11 each = £82,500. Add to that the crime of doing so.

    Now Isabel Duarte is a top lawyer, very close to the President of the Lawyers Bar (himself a witness against Amaral who has already succeeded in assassinating his character) so she must know exactly what she is doing.

    I am puzzled myself. It all seems to me as an abuse of power. She seems to be saying: "Never mind what the law says! I AM the LAW!" Also it could be that there is a legal case not to handle the books until the final court decision which Isabel is hoping to go her client's way. Now suppose it does not? She just handles the books back. True, she could then be asked for compensation but is counting on the interested parties not bothering because of the expense involved. On the other hand money for her is not a problem. Her client pays. The Fund provides.

    I think the idea of retaining the books (having already arrested all of Amaral's assets) was to prevent him from defending himself - no money, no lawyer, thus facilitating her task.

  14. 6.01.2012
    "Belle famille" d'Arthur Dreyfus (Gallimard)
    Depuis deux ans, Arthur Dreyfus est sur tous les fronts, littéraires comme radiphoniques, et la suite est prometteuse. En tant qu'auteur, il propose ce mois-ci son troisième livre (et deuxième roman), après "La synthèse du Camphre" et "Le livre qui rend heureux". Cette fois, pas de correspondance ni de livre joyeux : "Belle famille" est une fiction inspirée de faits rééls, et pas des moindres. L'affaire Maddie, cause médiatique des années 2000, où une petite fille disparaissait et dont la recherche inefficace avait fait la Une de tous les journaux dans le monde, sert d'inspiration à Arthur Dreyfus, qui donne ici sa vision de l'affaire, rebaptisant les protagonistes, exportant les lieux vers d'autres horizons, mais gardant cependant le fil des événements.
    Ainsi, Maddie devient un petit garçon, Madec. Sa famille est française, et c'est lors de vacances en Italie qu'un tragique accident intervient. L'enfant meurt, dès le début du texte (et je ne relève pas ici la principale intrigue). La mère décide alors de faire disparaître le corps, et, de peur d'être accusée, monte avec l'aide de son frère et de son mari la plus grande arnaque à la disparition du siècle.
    Le monde entier se retrouve ainsi à guetter, heure après heure, la recherche de l'enfant. Le Vatican, l'Etat, le minstère de l'Intérieur : les plus grande personnalités médiatiques et politique se lancent à corps perdu dans cette affaire. Pour ce récit, Dreyfus utilise une écriture presque blanche, dans laquelle il expose notamment des détails via une multitude de parenthèses. L'oeuvre en tant que telle est intéressante, et se niche idéalement dans le statut d'auteur qu'est en train de prendre ce jeune écrivain. Ce roman, moins dense mais non moins intense que "La synthèse du Camphre", peut être considéré comme une passerelle, une étape nouvelle à l'avenir de l'écriture dreyfusienne.
    A la fois fiction, oeuvre sociale et politique, ce livre n'est pas sans rappeler la thématique du dernier livre de Jauffrey (au Seuil), et positionne l'Ecriture française vers une phase de réfléxion et de retour à la réalité, dans une stratégie proche du réalisme, et loin des contes de nos prédécesseurs.





    Anon 13 "Never mind what the law says! I AM the LAW!":o Tell that to the Portuguese Army!

    De acordo com Otelo Saraiva de Carvalho uma nova revolução e possível.

    Otelo, não esquecer, e um dos ideólogos e revolucionários a quem devemos não só o 25 de Abril de 1974 em Portugal mas, igualmente, a nossa actual Constituição, as nossas leis e os nossos direitos.

    Esperemos que a revolução aconteça antes que a nossa Justiça "de luxo" (quase escrevia "de lixo"!) que conta com a conivência do próprio bastonário da Ordem dos Advogados, permita aos McCanns e seus lacaios ir de ferias com mais de um milhão de Euros do nosso dinheiro. Quem esta a ser pago e por quem para defraudar a nossa Constituição?

    Sera que a maior autoridade do Caso Maddie em Portugal, o criminólogo e autor Dr. Gonçalo Amaral não tem, como Português, o direito a uma opinião se a mesma não for aprovada por um cidadão Britânico qualquer - ainda por cima pais em "part-time" que abandonaram a filha(s) a sorte num apartamento com a porta aberta para a via publica?

    Enfim, voltando a noticia...

    "Questionado sobre a real possibilidade dos militares tomarem o poder, como há 37 anos, Otelo responde peremptório":

    “Não tenho dúvida nenhuma que sim”. Acrescentando em seguida:

    “Os militares têm a tendência para estabelecer um determinado limite à actuação da classe política”. Esse limite, considerou, foi ultrapassado em 1974 e culminou com a “revolução dos cravos". Hoje, Portugal está “a atingir o limite”, disse

    "O descontentamento pode conduzir a uma nova revolução."



    Of course not (cough). According to Correio da Manhã the (main) trial was postponed by the court following a request by the McCanns' to have British witnesses heard in court via videoteleconferencing".

    Some have argued this was in fact for Isabel Duarte avoiding meeting Pat Brown face to face and/or for the presence of the famous American profiler to influence the judge "negatively", but what do I know?

    Now, according to the Scottish tabloid the "Daily Record" - so-called, I am told, because on the number of lies and inconsistencies on record...the trial has been cancelled when Amaral "split from his legal team". Dr. Amaral is otherwise described as a "spouting (of) lies".

    Ah! If Dr. Amaral had contracted Carter-Ruck before so-and-so, he would be a billionaire by now, wouldn't he?

    So, what do we make of it? Is Isabel Duarte a liar or not? Of course not! (cough)

    I think the disonance can be put down to a lapse in co-ordenation between the McCanns' PR agents in Lisbon (Lift Consulting) and their side kicks in the UK (Burson-Marsteller). A small hitch that Clarence "Mickey Mouse" Mitchell will fix in no time.

    Good night and good luck!


    (Please read the label before reading)

  17. A MUST READ ON ARAGÃO "BALÃO" - Marinho Pinto's protégé...


    Aragão is, as you must have gathered by now, the young protégé of the President and Registrar of the Portuguese Lawyers Association. Marinho Pinto, no more, no less.

    According to an undisclosed source, Pinto was a friend of Marcos Aragão father from his days as director of ANOP (news agency) in Madeira (...)

    Marinho Pinto himself has close ties with Isabel Duarte - (one of) the expensive and influencial lawyers contracted by the McCanns'.

    Not surprisingly, it was him, as a journo for the influential Conservative "Expresso", who provided the main ammunition in the character assassination of Gonçalo Amaral - certain allegations and processed photos which took Amaral and others to court and earned him the nickname of "Photoshop". Oddly enough, these photos, were taken as the genuine article by the judge.

    The same appeal judge on that trial accepted Pinto's status as Head of the Bar and/or "an acessory to the process" which effectively shielded him from cross-examination by Amaral's defence. Amaral lost the case as a result.

    Marinho "Photoshop" Pinto has been since lined up to another two trials involving Amaral. Both pending. Draw your own inferences.

    Aragão-Correia on the other hand, played the active role in the character assassination of Gonçalo Amaral, thanks to the very same "Photoshop" evidence provided by Marinho Pinto, adding some creative imagination of his own, to sanctify a mother who was acessory to the murder of her own daughter! The ends justify the means...

    Important to remember in this context that Aragão-Correia has, by his own admission, done work for Metodo3 - the cowboy detective agency contracted by the McCanns.

    Aside from the support in court of Marinho Pinto (the head of the bar) Aragão-Correia is, believe it or not, represented by the McCanns' lawyer Isabel Duarte.

    Whether Aragão-Correia has the resources to pay for such a high-profile lawyer or if some other person or fund pays for him, is open to speculation (...)

    For more details about Aragão "Balão" please check the link below if you have not done so already.



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