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Blind Justice: Maddie Case review is “A mendacity for the sake of the English”

“After several million spent by the Portuguese and the English the process must be reopened and the investigation allowed to continue.” @xklamation

Justiça Cega [Blind Justice] is a current events debate television program, hosted by Alberta Marques Fernandes with High Court judge Dr. Rui Rangel, Criminologist Dr. Francisco Moita Flores and the ever ranting, populist demagogue head of the Portuguese Lawyers Order Dr. António Marinho e Pinto. The latter is also a witness for the McCann couple in the forthcoming libel action against the first coordinator of the investigation to Maddie's disappearance, Dr. Gonçalo Amaral, where the couple is seeking 1,2 million euros for alleged damages. The program is divided in three segments and is broadcast live showing twitter [hash tag #justiçacega] comments from the public. On the 12th of March the second segment was dedicated to the recent news regarding the cooperation of a special Judiciary Police unit from Oporto with Cameron's appointed Scotland Yard review of the Maddie Case and the alleged “reopening” of the process by the Portuguese Public Ministry. Transcript and translation of that segment from 31:28 to 45:25 follows, with added screenshots of the twitter comments.



Alberta Marques Fernandes [AMF]: A good time to move on to the next issue, the Maddie case, which is being re-evaluated by the Judiciary Police[PJ] from Oporto and by the Scotland Yard. The investigation team was created several months ago but so far nothing new was detected that could help the discovery of Madeleine McCann whereabouts. If the situation continues as such the case will not be re-opened. The PJ's re-evaluation was requested by the English police, almost four years since the Public Ministry decided to archive the process. Marinho Pinto, can we expect something to come out of this?

António Marinho e Pinto [AMP]: No, I believe this is a decision to please the English.

AMF: A mendacity for the sake of the English1?

AMP: A mendacity for the sake of the English, just to please the English. The process is reopened when there are new elements, it's not opened for the sake of a reappreciation by others of those who archived or did the first investigation. Unless there are new data or data ex novo2 that has emerged meanwhile in the sense of putting in doubt that investigation, the previous investigation. I am highly critical of the options taken by the Judiciary Police officers, namely of Dr. Gonçalo Amaral [seems oblivious to Paulo Rebelo's coordination of the “second part” of the investigation that lead to the archival]. I believe that it is absurd to attribute... first of all to conclude that the child died, secondly to attribute to the parents that death. I believe that an English couple that is holidaying in the Algarve did not come here to murder their daughter. And if she indeed died, due to an accidental death, the first thing they would do, obviously, wouldn't be hiding the cadaver, it would be to try to save her, to take her to an hospital. A couple that sees their daughter in that situation, in that situation...

AMF: Moita Flores is looking a slightly annoyed.

Francisco Moita Flores [FMF]: Because what he says...

AMP: Moita Flores has a tendency 3 to corporatism.

FMF: No, not all. If they were Portuguese parents, just like a case that happened last week...

AMP: Are the English parents any different?

FMF: No, it is you who is making that distinction.

Rui Rangel [RR]: The manner in which you're placing that problem makes that distinction. As if because they are an English couple that wouldn't be feasible.

AMP: How?

FMF: The way in which you are formulating the problem is making a distinction.

AMP: No, no... English or French... They come to Portugal to spent their holidays....

RR: But that is not the issue.

AMP: What I was trying to say...

RR: What you said wasn't clear.

AMP: All right then, they're in Portugal spending their holidays...

FMF: In fact, that possibility of parents coming to Portugal to murder their child was never placed.

AMP: Was never placed. They either came in here to murder her during their holidays....

AMF: But the accidental death hypothesis was placed.

AMP: Of an accident, and the first thing before an accident is to hide the cadaver?! For God's sake they don't even know if the child is dead or not. The first thing when a parent sees an accident, is to take her to an hospital...

FMF: His argumentation made some furore at the time. [speaking to the rest of the panel]

AMP: Hu?

FMF: Your argumentation made some furore at the time.

AMP: No, no, no. This argumentation is a common sense thing.

AMF: Why did it made furore?

AMP: Wait. [speaking to AMF] Allow me to conclude what I have to say about this issue. So, it's an absurd. To attribute... in a previous case, also in the Algarve, with Joana [Cipriano] and her mother, because the mother is in jail... and that worked there because it was a person who didn't have a true defense4...

FMF: Because she was Portuguese. [sarcastic reply]

AMP:...has the Maddie had [not sure if he means Maddie or media], it was a person who belonged to a low social stratum...

AMF: However it was proven that she did indeed murder her own child.

AMP: No, it wasn't proven. She confessed under torture that she had murdered her child. But she never confessed where she hid the body, the cadaver was never found. The only thing they had was her confession. [Again look at Note 4 which clearly contradicts this statement] No one can say that lady is innocent or guilty, nor I can say that.

RR: He already said it.

AMP: What I can affirm is that in the process there isn't enough evidence to put her in jail. And in Portugal...

AMF: There are circumstantial evidence...

AMP: Precisely....

AMF: Last week we were talking about that here, in the non-existence of a cadaver, where convictions can still be achieved.

AMP: Corpus delicti [body of crime]...

RR: It's not a decisive factor, obviously.

AMP: If there was presumption of innocence5 she wouldn't be in jail, regardless of being or not guilty of that fact. With those [McCann couple] they've tried the same thing, but it didn't work. It's, it's...This comes from a judicial culture, that is not exclusive to police but also of magistrates, of a headlong rush forward before the impossibility of finding a guilty person of crimes that are highly mediatic. They have to find someone guilty. [Inner note: If that was the case they would have gone for Robert Murat aka the “scape-goat”] They have to find someone. And that sometimes causes the worst injustices.

RR: But that is the denial of what you're saying. In the Maddie case they never found anyone.

AMP: They've tried to find someone, they tried to find the parents...

FMF: It wasn't like that, that's not true at all. Here the situation was quite different.

AMP:...of the child.

FMF: Marinho, it wasn't like that. I accompanied this case from the first minute.

AMF: What happened then?

FMF: What took place here was something very different. It was an investigation that started started off badly, and it started off badly with an immediate and huge media apparatus. Where it was dictated, imposed externally and internally, that there was only one solution for this case - that someone had abducted the child and then disappeared to the ends of the earth. Thus...

AMF: It started off badly because of that?

FMF: Yes, it did. The criminal investigation before a crime does not have the prejudices of Dr. Marinho. It cannot have any kind of prejudices.

AMF: All hypotheses are in the open.

FMF: Before a crime...

AMP: [interrupts] But there isn't any prejudice, Moita Flores, I'm talking about several years on from the events...

FMF: Excuse me, before a crime and the execution of that crime, regardless if they are English, French or Portuguese, independently of whoever they are, all hypotheses must be taken into account...

AMP: [interrupts again] But how do you know it's a crime? It could have been an accident, the child could have fallen in a hole...

FMF: I'm sorry, but the child was asleep in her bed.

AMP: So?! She could have woken up and wondered out....

FMF: The parents were checking her, the friends went there to check on her, various persons went there to check on her. The girl and her siblings[twins] were asleep. They were in the bedroom sleeping. There was a crime. But what crime? We don't know. It could have been an abduction, it could have been homicide, it could have been an accident, even an accident.

AMP: But if it was an accident then it wasn't a crime.

FMF: It could also be true. But every hypothesis must be...

AMF: If it was an accident, there was also the hypothesis of a crime of concealment of the cadaver.

FMF: Alberta, there is a problem here that is pivotal to address. From the first minute, everything was limited so no other hypothesis besides the abduction could be investigated. An abduction made by a fantastic abductor, that no one could describe, of which there are not traces at all, there are no evidence of an abductor that allow to say this man or someone abducted [the girl].

AMF: Has that prevented the gathering of important evidence in the first hours?

FMF: That, in the first few hours, allowed for that place to become the biggest media circus in the world and for that place to be atypical regarding what is expected in a crime scene, as we know. Isolated, centred on the criminal investigation, searching for vestiges, searching for evidence, with conversations - I wouldn't say questionings - but interviews to all those who had access to that house, and methodical interviews without fear, without previous restrictions, without police being called [reprimanded], without that huge spectacle that transformed that case in the case of a definite abduction! Listen, I don't know if the girl...

AMF: Who was the responsible for that situation?

FMF: All those who intervened there. Starting with the director of the Judiciary Police of Faro [Guilhermino da Encarnação], or of the sub-director, by the man who sent orders to the site stating that certain people could not be talked with nor bothered.

AMF: What orders were those?

FMF: Orders to shield interests, because the “English parents are on holidays”!

AMF: The parents couldn't be talked with?!

FMF: “The friends are on holidays”, on holidays! It's “unthinkable”. A crime against a child is indeed something unthinkable, it's so abnormal that anything normal or not must be questioned. Specifically, that must be questioned at the site where this mystery is confined. The mystery is there, enclosed.

AMF: Was there a loss of important testimonials during those first hours?

FMF: Yes, important vestiges were lost, everything was lost due to the media, because what mattered was to transform that crime in a large scale English newscast [SkyNews, BBC, were doing 24 hours coverage and live broadcasts since the very night of Madeleine's disappearance, allegedly called by Tapas 9 members or by their families], and then the TV channels...

AMP: Moita Flores, the Judiciary Police wasn't working for the English news channels.

FMF: No, of course not. The Judiciary Police arrived on site 50 minutes later [GNR officers were already there], during those fifty minutes a situation unfolded and was inducted, where a panoply of alarms surrounding this issue were raised. And when the Judiciary Police arrived dozens of people had already been there [at the crime scene].

AMP: The Judiciary Police is not prepared to deal with that kind of reality [the media circus].

FMF: I'm not excusing the Judiciary Police. What I'm saying is, before a mystery, it's not possible to work in such conditions. I have heard the defence lawyer of the family [Rogério Alves] exorcize those possibilities. Nonetheless, the truth is: the mind of an investigator needs to have an absolute freedom, and has to be a man with an absolute freedom in order to place all the hypotheses, from the more reasonable ones to the most obscene ones. You, our judge and here our dear head of the bar, would never have thought - it never crossed your minds, our minds - that there was a man in Beja6 that would murder his granddaughter, that would murder his daughter, murder his wife, and then would have lunch and dinner with their cadavers hidden inside the bedroom, covering up the crime from the public and from the authorities. This would never have crossed our minds, because reality often surpasses fiction. And this is something that takes place quite a lot in the life of crime, very often. So, prejudices, defences and prior preparations of defence, previous interdictions, all that just hampers the discovery of the truth.

AMP: [interrupts again] Moita Flores, you're constructing a worst scenario, from what...

AMF: [in simultaneous with AMP] But now it's Rui Rangel's turn to speak.

FMF: No, it was exactly like that. If there is something that I carry with me from my times at the Judiciary Police is a profound memory of having an absolute freedom, the utmost freedom to place all hypotheses...

AMF: And you, Rui Rangel, do you agree?

FMF: And then we have to demonstrate it with a proof of causation and evidence.

RR: I agree partially with what Moita Flores said.

FMF: Allow me to conclude, what Marinho e Pinto said, regarding the reopening of the process is also true... We seem to be involved in a situation...

AMF: Moita Flores, my apologies. I would like to read this twitter message from one of our viewers: “Wasn't the PJ excessively pressured by the Scotland Yard, and didn't that hampered the investigation?”

FMF: No, I don't think so, in fact I believe they had a good cooperation. But now to reopen the process it's not the same at all.

RR: I agree, it's not the same.

FMF: There isn't any reopening of the process, because new evidence needs to be presented for that to happen.

RR: Allow me to just add something to that thought.

FMF: Please, do. It's your birthday as well [Rui Rangel's birthday was on the day of this broadcast].

RR: It is true that the Judiciary Police wasn't prepared for that kind of situation. It is also true that due to the ineptitude and inability of the Judiciary Police regarding the media, I'm recalling that notorious press conference [with Olegário de Sousa/May 7, 2007] given at the headquarters of the Judiciary Police initially that was a complete and regrettable media circus, something that was allowed by the Judiciary Police directorate of that area [PJ doesn't do press conferences unlike UK police] - the excessive mediatization ended up hindering the investigation as well. Having said that, it should also be said that the English police have plenty of cases, in their history, of exactly the same type of crimes that were never solved, various failures...

FMF: Much more failures in solving cases than Portugal, we have two or three cases that were never solved.

RR: The Judiciary Police is not inferior to the English police.

AMP: [attempts another interruption with a seemingly ironic remark] Starting with Jack the Ripper, they never found who committed those murders.

RR: Now, I don't know if the Judiciary Police liaison with the English police was the best, I don't know if they were pressures or not - the fact is, there is something that has failed in the investigation...

AMF: Let me place you another question.

RR: Allow me to conclude this thought, Alberta. Something failed in the investigation, something failed in the justice, there is a child who disappears and is never seen again, and obviously...

FMF: There were preconceptions.

RR: ...under a juridical point of view, there is a fundamental issue, that I'll explain - technically, the re-opening of a process, that was subject to an archival by the Public Ministry, can only take place if new evidence is provided.

AMF: We're not talking about the re-opening of the process then?

RR: No, this is just a look at the case. What I've heard, and this was stated by the Judiciary Police Directorate from Oporto is that this is a “fresh look”, a more distant look that the Judiciary Police from Faro could have....

AMF: Does a “fresh look” lead to something?

RR: Evidently, a “fresh look” leads to nowhere. We must use rigorous juridical concepts, either there are new evidence that enables to counter the reasoning that has lead to the Public Ministry's decision to archive the process or not. If new evidence is provided, obviously, then the process can be re-opened. Now, this aspect, this particular sensitivity [referring to Moita Flores exposition] of the police clearly cannot be criticized because there is a case that continues to cast a shadow on the justice, on the Portuguese justice - and that is Maddie's disappearance, of that child. Obviously, every attempt, every step...

FMF: Every step taken is a good thing.

RR: ...that is carried out with the objective of finding the truth, of giving better explanations to what has happened it's a good measure - this is a case that was poorly explained here in Portugal. If you ask the Portuguese people...

AMF: Each one has its own theory.

RR: Precisely, the case is poorly explained. If this [the reassessment] helps the clarification of certain matters, even if it doesn't reach as far as the realm of the truth, but if it does indeed help to explain, and if it allows for a technical reopening of the process - evidently, the reopening of the process in a case with this significant dimension, that has crossed the world - it's to be applauded.

FMF: Allow me to wrap up this reasoning with a bang - there is something that would have happened if it was done by Portuguese couples, they would have been accused of child abandonment.

AMP: No, no, there aren't the typical elements.

FMF: Abandonment of minors, toddlers with months, very young children, they were abandoned.

AMP: No, no, no.

RR: Let's clarify this, if the parents go to a party and if the child is left alone, at home, with her siblings that may very well fulfil the requirements typified in the crime of child abandonment.

FMF: In a foreign country, in a foreign land, leaving children alone, that is a crime.

AMP: No, no.

RR: Yes, it can.

AMP: [looks like a giant toad about to burst]

RR: Our head of the bar is very British today.

AMF: Much was discussed about this case at the time, and we are renewing those arguments. Let's move on to the next segment.

transcript concluded/ missing still the twitter messages/screenshots

1 Portuguese idiomatic expression: “Só para inglês ver”, meaning “a mendacity for the sake of appearances”, literally translated as “for the English to see”; originated in the 19th century.
2 Latin ex novo translates as from new/from scratch
3 Portuguese idiomatic expression: “Puxa-lhe o pé para o chinelo”, meaning “someone has a tendency to defend something due to corporatism”, literal translation “Pulls his foot to the slipper”.
4 Read bellow extract from the Supreme Court of Justice ruling, translated in full in this blog. And also Cipriano Case: Without a Trace of Joana - Updated Video
5“Todo o arguido se presume inocente até ao trânsito em julgado da sentença de condenação.” in Art. 32.º -2, Constitição da Répública Portuguesa. Translation: “Every arguido is presumed innocent until the judgement of the sentence for condemnation is res judicata [becomes final]”. in Article 32, - 2, Constitution of the Portuguese Republic.
6This was a recent case of triple-homicide. The suspect was a 59 year-old man, a former bank employee who had a criminal record for embezzlement. He murdered his 53 year-old wife, his daughter of 28 and his 4 year-old granddaughter with a machete, almost beheading them. Then, he kept their cadavers in the house, leading an apparent normal life for a whole week until the alarm was raised. After his arrest and transference from a Beja jail to a Lisbon prison, following death threats by other inmates, the man committed suicide by hanging himself, even though he was under increased vigilance. The autopsy and other post-mortem examinations carried out by the National Institute of Legal Medicine confirmed the death by asfixiation due to the hanging.

Justiça Cega, broadcast by RTP Informação on March 12, 2012

Witness AA3, at around 8.30/8.40 p.m., saw CC [Joana Cipriano] walking up the stairs near the market, into the direction of her home, with a bag, a sign that she was returning from shopping (and we know that she did the shopping, from the deposition of witness NN). This witness, who was smoking at the window, stayed at the window for some time and verified that there was no movement on location, nor did she see any cars, or heard any screams. This means that, according to the rules of experience, and given the fact that the route is short, what is normal is that the minor returned home. And there is no doubt that CC arrived at home and that it was then that the arguidos hit her. Such is clear from the reconstitution file that has been appended to the process at pages 273 and following, namely from the photographs on pages 282, 284, 285, 286 , 287, 291 and 292, with the contents of said reconstitution file being confirmed by inspectors CC3 and CC4, who were present during the event and described the actions that were practised by arguido AA [João Cipriano] during said reconstitution.

In that reconstitution, the arguido exemplifies the slaps that he gave CC in the face, the spot where she hit her head, another spot where she hit her head following the aggression from the mother, he showed how the minor bled from the nose, temple and mouth, exemplified the minor’s fall, how they verified that the minor was effectively dead and how the co-arguida BB [Leonor Cipriano] proceeded to clean the blood spots, with the help of a bucket and a mop.

On the other hand, the actions that are part of the reconstitution act are compatible with the blood traces that were collected in the living room (it should be noted that the reconstitution takes place in the living room), as a result of the search and apprehension act that was carried out on the 22th of September 2004 (cfr. pages 173 and 233 and following), which mentions that traces were collected on the floor, near the entrance door, inside and outside, near the interior electrical switch on the right hand side of the entrance door, near the entrance on the left hand side of the sofa, on a pair of trainers belonging to MM [Leandro] Silva that were located between the sofas, on a mop (handle) and its bucket.

These traces, according to forensics exams, are of human blood and of human and animal blood (cfr. page 235), and although insufficient to establish whom they belong to through the DNA (pages 1780 and following), they reveal that something terrible happened in that living room, something that originated the existence of human blood on the floor and on the walls, which was cleaned with a mop and a bucket; the blood that was on the mop was located on the handle, revealing that the person who used the mop had in turn his or her hands dirty with blood. Therefore, the traces that were collected in the living room reinforce the reliability of the reconstitution.

Next, the two arguidos decided that the minor’s body couldn’t be found. Thus they chose to quarter it, as results from the reconstitution file from pages 2100 onwards. They had the opportunity to do this (while arguida BB cleaned the traces that existed in the living room, arguido AA went to the café where he met witnesses II and MM [Leandro Silva], who confirm that they were at the café with arguido AA and report that afterwards they went to search for CC – thus the two arguidos had the opportunity to stay alone at home and to proceed with the quartering). And there are no doubts that the arguidos undertook the cutting of the minor’s body.

In effect, arguido AA drew the instruments that were used for the quartering by his own hand (page 1885) – a fact that was confirmed by witness DD – and took part in the reconstitution, demonstrating how he used the saw and the knife, how the two arguidos helped each other, how they proceeded with the cuts, the time that they took, how they bagged the minor’s body parts and how they tried to place them inside the deep freezer. This reconstitution, which is legal and valid because it was done voluntarily by the arguido, was watched by witnesses DD (PJ inspector) and CC8 (pathologist), who also confirmed the manner in which the arguido proceeded with the reconstitution; witness DD further confirmed that the deep freezer that was used in the reconstitution was apprehended at the residence of arguida BB on the 15th of October 2004 (cfr. Pages 578 to 580 and photographs on page 1712 and following).

On the other hand, that the actions that are part of this reconstitution file constitute what happened, results from the fact that they are compatible with other collected pieces of evidence.

It should be noted that witness II confirmed that a saw that she kept in the house, disappeared, and that witness CC8, apart from clarifying that the cutting of a body that has been dead for two hours will leak little blood, further clarified that the instruments that the arguido chose to use in the reconstitution were those that fitted the action best, that the time that the arguido showed to have spent was adequate and did not exclude the possibility that the body of a thin girl, aged 8, could fit inside that deep freezer, although “on the limit”.

Therefore, we cannot conclude with certainty that the body, or all parts of the minor’s body were placed inside the deep freezer, but that at least they tried to place it in there, results not only from the reconstitution act, but also from the fact that on the 16th of October 2004, human blood samples were collected from the back interior of the freezer’s second drawer (cfr. Page 585), which was again confirmed by the report of the examination that was performed by the LPC [Scientific Police Lab] (pages 1780 and following, with special attention to pages 1786 (item B) and 1792). It is further recalled that witness CC3 explained that the blood traces that were collected from the inside of the drawer were located precisely on the back panel of the freezer’s second drawer. Now if one should consider the possibility that the human blood that was found could have resulted from the handling of the deep freezer by someone who had a cut to his or her hand, the fact that the human blood was found inside the back part of the drawer sets that possibility aside and points towards the conclusion that a human body part was placed there, or an attempt was made.

in Supreme Court of Justice - 'Joana case' ruling - Part III


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  4. Am I missing something here? Is this Pinto guy part of the investigating team? If not, he should keep his big trap shut, because how can he know the outcome until it is completed, and while there are still witnesses to be interviewed.

  5. the dogs that gerry scoffed at are highly trained .why else would they be taken to countries to search for bodies where earthquakes have occured.the dog keela secured a conviction in northern ireland of the murderer of atracta heran...god bless goncalo amaral ...

  6. @5 Attracta Harron «On February 20, 2004, police employed the use of the Victim Recovery Unit dogs from England, which were highly trained to detect and alert handlers to the presence of human remains. A video without sound was shown in the court showing a Springer Spaniel dog examining two cars and a small van before being taken to the Lantra that had been driven by Hamilton and subsequently burned out, allegedly maliciously.

    The video clearly showed the spaniel examining the other vehicles without reacting, and as soon as it entered the Lantra it began barking and refused to get out. Its search of the vehicle focused on the front passenger and rear seats.

    Further forensic examination was carried out in the rear and passenger compartments of the vehicle and blood was detected from material taken from the car for examination. A car mat from the rear of the car was also shown to contain blood, and because of that, the investigation focused on Hamilton, Mr Mooney said, which included a comprehensive search of the property at Concess Road and in particular the sites of fires in the garden.» in http://www.martinharran.com/openstate.htm

  7. @5 from that same link «Blood

    Mr Mooney claimed the items were taken from Mrs Harron and an attempt was deliberately made to destroy them. The red material taken from the fire was sent off for examination together with filaments of fibre taken from the Harron family car, and these also matched, and showed signs of blood. The car mat which was taken for examination also showed blood traces, and a DNA profile was made which matched that of Mrs Harron.

    Mr Mooney said the chances of the blood not being Mrs Harron’s were a billion to one and for that reason any notion that it was not her blood in Hamilton’s car could be discounted.

    “You cannot elimiate Mrs Harron as being the person who was the source of the blood on the mat,” he told the silent courtroom, adding: “The chance of another person being the source of the blood other than Attracta Harron is so minute it can be safely discounted”.

    He said telephone records for Hamilton were examined using ‘cell site analysis’ which showed his claim he was at home all day were incorrect. His mother was away all day and his father was out at work, meaning Hamilton knew the house was empty all day and he could move freely.

    Following lunch Mr Mooney took the jury through various maps and pictures outlining the scene, marking the sites of the fires, the oil tank, where items were recovered, the location of the stream to the house and the shallow grave in the river where Mrs Harron’s remains were found.

    He said highly trained dogs were also employed on April 5, 2004 to search the property and the river, and it was through the dogs that the remains were found. He also said a rancid smell, that of rotting flesh, was also strong in the area where the grave had been dug and the area around the discovery had all the hallmarks of not being consistent with the terrain, as it had been disturbed.

    He told the jury how Mrs Harron’s body was pulled from a hide, concealed by slabs, which were later traced back to the back yard at 3 Concess Road, and Mrs Harron had been stripped naked and placed in a shroud made from a meal sack, also unique to the property, and that other identical meal sacks were found at Hamilton’s home.

    Pathological examination of Mrs Harron’s remains showed she had died from head injuries»

  8. O peixeiro do Marinho, como sempre a fazer peixeirada para vender a sardinha dele: os papas so porque eram ingleses e estavam ca de ferias nao fizeram mal a filha. "Eles nao vieram ca para Matar a filha..." tambem ninguem disse que vieram ca para isso, oh peixeiro demagogo. Acidentes acontecem e estes, qualquer que tenha Sido o acidente, esconderam- no e montaram um Fundo que anda provavelmente a pagar uma certa gentinha ( que eu nao acredito que pregoe por amor a camisola) para fazer peixeirada onde Pode. Ate Ficamos a saber, directamente da boca do peixeiro-mor como e que as coisas se fazem..."depositam-se uns dinheiros numa conta offshore".
    Se nao foram os papas? Quem foi oh Marinho? Quem foi essa alminha que entrou e saiu do apartamento sem deixar rasto dele e da crianca? E como e que os papas ingleses sabem que foi um homem? Deve ser. Tambem mais um Dom que so acomete ingleses, ou sera que depois de tanta xenofobia, ha aqui tambem um certo ataque sexista e uma descriminacao de genero? E que para passar pelo impossivel ( a janela) tinha de ser um tipo com grande cabedal ( na perspectiva inglesa). E por isso que eliminaram as mulheres? Discriminatoriamente, nao encaixavam na historia que inventaram.
    Interessante, Gerry na entrevista a TV Sueca, muito inquieto com as perguntas contundentes. Parecia haver pregos na cadeira. Disse mal das buscas que foram as Mais caras de sempre, depois de em Portugal ter agradecido o enorme esforco e apoio da policia e dos portugueses. E um grande mentiroso, por isso quem mente descaradamente assim, tambem e capaz de esconder um acidente. Ele ate admitiu na Suecia que depois da primeira noite percebeu que podia influenciar as coisas( a investigacao). Claro o embaixador e o Alipio Ribeiro ja tinham Sido enganados....
    O Marinho devia ter vergonha de andar a enxovalhar Portugal. Os portugueses ja sabem que a filha trabalha com os advogados dos McCann, portanto este senhor nao veio para o caso para defender os direitos da crianca ou o esclarecimento da verdade. Esta nele por outros motivos e isso e vergonhoso e proprio de quem nao tem caracter.
    Infelizmente, gosto de ouvir as duas outras personalidades que a Alberta tem no programa. Para ouvir o RR e o MF, temos de levar com o cromo do Marinho.


    While we wait for the translation allow me dear Joana to break some news.

    About an hour ago as I was in the
    kitchen boiling an egg - incidentally I do a very good boiled egg. I have it timed it down to a fine art...anyway... I digress.

    I was boiling an egg and listening to BBC Radio 4 when the "BOMB" detonated!


    "Conservative Party co-treasurer Peter Cruddas offered access to the prime minister and chancellor for £250,000, the Sunday Times has alleged.

    It has footage of him apparently making the offer to undercover reporters.

    London-based Mr Cruddas was appointed Tory co-treasurer in June 2011 and is the founder of online trading company Currency Management Consultants Ltd.

    In the footage, Mr Cruddas is heard discussing what access different size donations would get.

    "Two hundred grand to 250 is Premier League… what you would get is, when we talk about your donations the first thing we want to do is get you at the Cameron/Osborne dinners," he says.

    "You do really pick up a lot of information and when you see the Prime Minister, you're seeing David Cameron, not the Prime Minister.

    "But within that room everything is confidential - you can ask him practically any question you want."

    Do you think this how they (you know who) got Cameron and the Scotland Yard's involved? There seems to be a price for everything, does it not? Is there a moral ground IF you can afford it?

    Read the rest and see the video here:


    PS I can't wait to hear/read what Marinho Pinto - the "Photoshop" has to say... :o

  10. kate from northern irelandSunday, March 25, 2012 12:20:00 am

    a message to goncalo amaral dont be afraid to expose the truth we are with you every step of the way .i know the corrupt have tried to destroy you but we will never let them get away with it..believe god bless 8

  11. Following the McCann case has opened my eyes to the deeply embedded corruption in the UK. Checking out some of the leading and minor characters in this charade has been very revealing, even to a political cynic like me. Having discovered some of these links, I can now see why the cover up has been so frantic and enduring. I may have more to do if the review ends in a whitewash.


    When the head of the Bar says of the joint PJ/SY investigation above (quote)- "A mendacity for the sake of the English, just to please the English."...

    He is trying to hide from a discerning panel that, for all we know, he could be working for the McCanns' posse?

    His, seems to me, a statement sponsored (and paid) by Lift Consulting/ Burson Marsteller - the McCanns' Deluxe PR & Reputation Management global apparatus.

    Is "Photoshop" now trying to convince a discerning Portuguese audience that he is as patriot as the rest of them? In that case he could perhaps try to explain the following:

    (1) How as a journalist for the weekly "Expresso" (or was it for someone else?) did he come to suggest Leonor Cipriano, the Portuguese mother who "lost" her daughter before the McCanns' "lost" theirs, was beaten by the PJ (read: Gonçalo Amaral) AND how did he come to have in hands fake, "Photoshop-ed" evidence of these "beatings"?

    (2) Why did he then rallies in defence of Aragão-Correia (a non-entity) against Gonçalo Amaral thus securing a contested win for the first?

    How during the above trial he avoided being cross-examined (by using his prerogatives as President of the Bar) namely about the "Photoshop-ed" images he provided as evidence of the "beatings"?

    BTW, Aragão-Correia, you will recall, was the wannabe pschic lawyer, the "dam man" paid by Metodo3 (McCanns' Spanish rent-a-cops) to assassinate the character of Gonçalo Amaral. To that effect "Balão" (nick) subsequently manages to became Leonor Cipriano's lawyer in order to try to associate her case with Madeleine McCann and thus discredit Gonçalo Amaral. "Target has been hit!" - he said afterwards (...) Biutiful!

    (3) "Photoshop" could also try to explain how he ended up working for Isabel Duarte - one of the McCanns' top "designer" lawyers in Portugal AND how he subsequently "volunteered" to be a witness for the McCanns' (pending trial).

    (4) He could also perhaps try to clarify if he received (or intends to receive) any monies from the McCanns' (directly or otherwise) in exchange for any of these little favours (...)

  13. I'm sending some toilet paper to Marinho Pinto. He can use it to clean up the McCanns.

  14. Of course the process will be re-opened. We may not forget that the British police must have more information about the McCanns, which they were kepping with themselves. I even believe the PJ have gotten more too and they were waiting for a window of opportunity to take action. Engalnd would never spend such a lot of money without being assured that the McCanns would be brought to justice.

    The whole problem is: the UK government has to get rid of the couple, by all means. If this revision ends in zero, the McCanns will not stop annoying the politicians. They will start it again, in their obsessive compulsive insistence.

    They will appeal to the public to write the Prime Minister, to write the Home Office, they will never stop.

    One lead in the files can be analysed on a different way and it can become a reason for reopening.

    A 1000 pages without any possibility, that is impossible.
    Myself I see many possibilities, why shouldn't the police ?

    "Explain the fibers in the car, explain Maddie's drugged hair, ..."

    And we still have Tapas 7, who can change their statements because they don't like to be seen as paedophiles. When they lied to the police, the Gaspars'statements were not yet known.

    F....Marinho Pinto!

  15. Esta e para o patetico Marinho que acha que os pais estrangeiros sao uns santinhos e os juizes portugueses uns carrascos por prenderem gente a mais:

    " Mae e avo Belga, presas por matarem bebe de meses".
    (noticia o JN)

    A mae asfixiou a filha bebe e a avo po-la no lixo. Depois ambas apresentaram o desaparecimento as autoridades, como se fosse um rapto. Mais um sem vestigios.
    A policia encontrou o corpo da bebe no carro do lixo. Isto prova ate onde vai o comportamento humano em situacoes extremas de desespero.
    So os McCann ( que ja mostraram o quanto mentem e manipulam ) tem de ser vistos como santinhos, na optica de um demagogo oportunista.
    Quem e que lhe paga o ordenado na Ordem? Espero que nao sejam os meus impostos.

  16. @15 São os teus e os meus, infelizmente. http://www.inverbis.pt/2007-2011/sistemapolitico/bastonario-paga-jantar-300euros.html e http%3A%2F%2Fwww.oa.pt%2Fupl%2F%257Ba3c21731-e989-4d8a-8762-ec9f87d13cef%257D.pdf

  17. I would have thought those Gaspar statements alone, which also cast doubt on the behaviour of Gerry McCann, besides his pal David Payne, should be enough to reopen this case. Where are the references in the released File regards the questioning of these men about the Gaspar statements? The statements are there, but then nothing more is said.

    Were the Gaspar statements ever followed up with the questioning of David Payne and Gerry McCann at all?

    There is a child missing, believed dead by investigators, possibly murdered, with the suggestion or question of paedophilia directly within the group which surrounded Madeleine. It is hanging over the case like a stinking rag, and still the case remains 'shelved'?


  18. JM: correio, caso lhe interesse.


  19. AMP

    "I believe that it is absurd to attribute... first of all to conclude that the child died, secondly to attribute to the parents that death. I believe that an English couple that is holidaying in the Algarve did not come here to murder their daughter. And if she indeed died, due to an accidental death, the first thing they would do, obviously, wouldn't be hiding the cadaver, it would be to try to save her, to take her to an hospital. A couple that sees their daughter in that situation, in that situation."


    Indeed it is absurd to say that the McCann couple went to Portugal to murder their daughter.

    And, agreed, it is absurd to say that had Madeleine had an accident in 5A that her parents, medical professionals, on discovering this, would not have administered medical treatment, not sought further medical assistance at a hospital if this was found to be necessary, and who better to judge than Kate and Gerry McCann, their friends.

    What is ABSURD though is for the gentleman in question, to not take into account that perhaps for young Madeleine, medical assistance may have been too late in coming, that she was beyond help in this way. This would have changed the goal posts!

    If the gentleman is prepared to consider the McCann abduction theory as not being absurd, a theory, not backed by any evidence, a tale perpetuated by the couple, sold around the world, a story which is ever changing, the lies the inconsistencies, a timeline which does not allow for such an abduction to have taken place, evidence which points in a different direction, then it should not pose any difficulty for AMP to recognize the absurdity of his comments.


  20. Did I hear correctly? Gerry McCann in the sweedish interview talking about a search helicopter with heat sensors??? He expected the portuguese police to be a copy of "their Metro", and asked the police oficer "where is the helicopter with the heat sensors" and got laughed about it??? Does the "Metro" immediately use those kind of devices when called to a location about a missing child??? Do they use those at all??? It's a first for me, I never read about the use of that kind of equipment by the police... maybe when searching for people lost at sea, but inland? The heat sensors would pick up lots of readings, from everyone and anyone on the street and in the houses, I guess...
    Can you believe this nonsense? What will Gerry come up with next?!

  21. I can't access the maddie case files, does anyone know why or is it just my computer being awkward?
    Thanks in advance.

  22. How come Pinto is head of the lawyers bar when he says something as stupid as -

    "And if she indeed died, due to an accidental death, the first thing they would do, obviously, wouldn't be hiding the cadaver, it would be to try to save her, to take her to an hospital."

    Oh Antonio - are you really that naive? What`s more to the point is Do you really think the general public are that stupid?


  23. Joana #16 So para observar que este "elo" não funciona:


    Nem assim: http%3A%2F%2F
    Nem assim: www.oa.pt%2Fupl%2F%257Ba3c21731-e989-4d8a-8762-ec9f87d13cef%257D.pdf
    Nem tudo junto como aparece em cima.


  24. @18 Bom dia e muito obrigada, um beijinho :)

  25. I just watched the sweedish show and I think the reporter is slighting reffering to Payene, when he asks what was the worst the McCanns were confronted with. Perhaps my wishful thinking.
    Kate looks really bad, much and much worse than May last year when she was criticising the British government. At that moment she was counting on their power, not expecting Cameron would send the Met to Portugal. Or better, not knowing that the Met was already in Portugal, working with the PJ.
    About the Belgium baby,I read that news yesterday on a Belgium news paper. The mother was getting divorced and the baby ( three months old) became too much for her. A case of post natal depression?


    Anon 8 "Os portugueses ja sabem que a filha trabalha com os advogados dos McCann, portanto este senhor nao veio para o caso para defender os direitos da crianca ou o esclarecimento da verdade."

    :q BOA! BOA!

    A "filha adoptiva" (Isabel Duarte?) ou uma filha biológica mesma? Quem? Não estamos sabendo.

    De qualquer modo estamos a par da intervenção estrategica dele ("target hit!") a favor do "Esquizóide" (Aragão Correia) que terminou com mais uma mancha (artificial) no bom nome do "Herói" (Gonçalo Amaral).

    Sabemos também que a filha adoptiva dele (Isabel Duarte) para alem de trabalhar a tempo inteiro como "serviçal" dos "Meccanos" vai agora, no fim do mês, defender o "Esquizóide" contra o "Herói".

    A vez do "Fotochop" neste caso já foi, ate porque o cujo dito anda agora a preparar a sua entrada em cena como testemunha dos "Meccanos" na opera da Isabel McCann - vai ser mais um espectáculo de gargalhada!

    Será que os juízes cá em Portugal são todos zarolhos? Ou anda alguém a passar-lhes uns envelopes de Manilha por baixo da mesa?

    E andou este galito armado em revolucionário antes e depois do 25 de Abril. Pobre pinto! Devia mas era de ter vergonha na fronha!

    A seguir:

    "O Fundo Não Tem Fundo" - novo fado com letra e musica de Raul Ferrão e José Galhardo, a voz de "Fotochop" acompanhado a guitarra, a viola e sopranino com participação especial dos cães-policias Eddie & Keela (uivos em dó maior).

    Brevemente no TuTubo ("You Tube")

  27. It must be apparent to those following this case that Team McCann including Isabella and Pinto, don't play by any Queensberry Rules.

    They are quite prepared to hit way below the belt to attempt to win, so at the start we had the Tapas pals ganging up against Murat, trying to fit the crime on him, but he was innocent so they had to back down and look elsewhere, with the McCanns issuing photofits via Chief Constable Clarence Mitchell and the news media, and having their own McCann Police Force go question those they deemed 'suspects'. The damnable nerve of these people is beyond belief, behaving as though they were a legitimate police force, but really just a force for harassment as they interfered with those who had already come forward as witnesses, by visiting and questioning them.

    Now they are going after Dr Amaral for exposing the truth of the investigation and conclusion Madeleine died in the holiday apartment, plus other things they no doubt don't want read about in his Book, even though it is in the public's interest his Book be read so as to make an informed decision whether to give money or not.

    The facts and circumstances of the investigation as revealed in Dr Amaral's Book, backed up by the released Case File, contrasts sharply to the bleating McCanns 'abduction scenario' sold to the public all these years which raked millions into their begging bowls. The public gave their money so trustingly to pay for a search for 'abducted' Madeleine, but where did all that money really go? They said a number of times they were yet again down to their last half a million, so where is the accountability for the millions they had in their Fund?

    They are now attempting to use all the poison they can muster against Dr Amaral, so desperate are they to stop him, plus squeeze as much money as possible from him which would completely ruin him. 'Vindictive' is the word that comes to mind. Very nasty indeed.

    Enough is enough! Here's hoping the final bell rings soon and the whole bloody lot of them are disqualified. Either that, or a knock out blow which will bring them all down, and they stay down.

  28. @23 Obrigada, se procurar por "O senhor bastonário faltou à verdade" no google, o documento em PDF deverá aparecer em primeiro lugar na busca.

  29. A.Miller at 19

    Very perceptive comment, yours. I agree entirely.

  30. Portugal is in economic difficulties, the country is obliged to economise as much as possible. What will happen to Marinho Pinto if the clinics for mental disorders refuse to treat him because of lack of money?
    He has the right to be treated by the best specialists, I think.

  31. Who said the McCanns went to Portugal in order to murder their daughter?

  32. No one ever said that, António Marinho e Pinto is confused, surely.

  33. 29@ If no one ever said that, Marinho Pinto must be very careful with his confusions.
    It is a very dangerous mistake, refering to a terrible crime already planned before the couple left England.
    Everybody has the right to be confused but not this much.

  34. Joana 26

    Obrigado. Apareceu mesmo. Meu Deus! Isto e sobre o "Fotochop" ... "Ignora e efabula!"... :o



    Anon 27:

    "They are quite prepared to hit way below the belt to attempt to win, so at the start we had the Tapas pals ganging up against Murat, trying to fit the crime on him, but he was innocent so they had to back down and look elsewhere, with the McCanns issuing photofits via Chief Constable Clarence Mitchell and the news media, and having their own McCann Police Force go question those they deemed 'suspects'.

  36. @25 knock out blow for not only McCann and Tapas friends but for Duarte and the Portuguese photo Pinto its coming there way very very quickly, hense the media blitz....watch out for Scotland Yard, they haven't got their good name for been stupid.

  37. I wish the McCanns would have told in Sweeden how happy they are since the Yard got involved with the revision.
    Since 2010 they were persisting on this (or before?), they got what they wanted, it is costing a huge amount of money to the British taxes payers and the don't show their gratitude.
    They are very careful when talking about the case, not aggressive anymore, criticising all of the high placed authorities who populate this world.
    They ae learning, they are learning...

  38. Marinho Pinto simply doesn't know what he is talking about. He is a man who has the habit of opening his mouth at any opportunity, has an opinion on everything and, as a rule, speaks nonsense, bull! He should be ignored. Media gives him too much attention and the guy feels he is important. Well, he is not. And as to Maddie's case he absolutely knows nothing as can be seen by his words. Of course, his presence in the program draws viewers because of his often unrully and odd behaviour. In my opinion this is the only reason he is there, apart for his dislike of Goncalo Amaral. He likes attention and we souldn't give it to him.

  39. Marinho had a double cachet that night, one payed by the TV and another payed by the Fund. He even knows how to do it without leaving evidences. Live on TV, direct a huge audience, he was teaching how to do it, when he says to Moita Flores, something like that" if I want something ..... I just deposit an amount on one of your offshore accounts" . Pathetic that guy. Suffering from the same egocentric syndrome as the Mccann's. Inside his arrogance, he thinks he can say and do whatever he wants, with total impunity.
    Just have a look on the comments box in every paper, man, when you are the subject of one article. ...people mock you. Nobody believes your demagogy. You become the clown in justice. Nobody respect you because you failed to cultivate respect. The comments become the most important part of all news involving this character.
    What is very astonishing, is how that guy managed to be elected by his pals? That says a lot about the lawyers in Portugal and their methods to serve justice. If he continues longer on his chair, the lawyers will end up as the most mocked professionals in Portugal. He is doing a great job to kill the reputation of all his colleagues. The way he hates GA, is not normal... Is a disease very disturbing. What he says and the way he say it( regarding Amaral) needs to be seen as a threaten, subject to be criminalized.

  40. 39@18.08 -
    "What is very astonishing, is how that guy managed to be elected by his pals?"

    Yes, very very astonishing, so astonishing there can surely only be one reason .....


  41. Para quem perguntou se a filha do Marinho, a trabalhar no escritorio dos mccavogados, era a adoptiva ID ou uma biologica... E mesmo, uma biologica. Uma dessas que deve ter entrado com uma cunha e antes de fazer os exames ridiculos da Ordem, que o Pai propos para lixar a vida aos recem licenciados e assim reduzir a concorrencia. E quem nao pass a o exame nao se inscreve na Ordem e quem nao se inscreve na Ordem, nao Pode exercer. Portanto este senhor que se diz um apostolo dos desfavorecidos, da verdade e da democracia, e na realidade um impostor cheio de " tics" da ditadura. Segundo noticias da epoca, logo que
    assumiu o cargo, auto- aumentou o ordenado do bastonario e as condicoes da pensao de reforma. Ja para nao falar no jantar principesco ente ele, o procurador Geral da Republica, o do Supremo, e parece que tambem o Alipio Ribeiro. Tentou fazer o jantar as escondidas mas foi apanhado pelos media.
    Nao tem qualquer autoridade moral para apontar o dedo a qualquer policia, por Mais incompetente que este seja. Sao todos, por certo, muito melhores que ele... Mais competentes, Mais serios e menos corruptos.
    O que e a presenca dele como testemunha contra GA, no caso dos McCann, senao corrupcao? Se ele nao esteve na PDL na noite de 3 de Maio, nem participou da investigacao, o que e que ele vai testemunhar? Vai tocar de ouvido segundo a "onda do momento"? Se nao fosse Tao serio, Daria para rir. Infelizmente, neste circa vale tudo.

  42. @37 Gerry did say he is sleeping better since the SY Review??

  43. In the Swedish TV video from 50.49 onwards the talk is of how normal they are and how Gerry works full time and Kate has been able to write her book. So they are normal, not depressed then obviously and they enjoyed the interview didn't they?

  44. Here is a link to the expose I mentioned on the previous link:-
    I wonder is it being shown in UK and, as I mentioned before, the headlines related to the McCanns are glaringly absent. It has to have been a conscious decision to omit them since news of them brought in such huge sales.
    What is going on?


    Anon 41 "Para quem perguntou se a filha do Marinho, a trabalhar no escritorio dos mccavogados, era a adoptiva ID ou uma biologica..."

    Homessa! A própria filha do "Fotochop" a trabalhar no consultório da Isabel Duarte e/ou do Rogério Alves? Essa e boa!

    Eis aqui uma de escaparate que devia ter saído no "Correio da Manhã" ou num "especial" do "Expresso" - só não saiu porque a Lift Consulting não dorme! E paga para ficar acordada 24/7.

    Agora percebemos porque e que o "Fotochop" aparece tanto no julgamento do "Esquizóide" como no dos "Meccanos"! Coças a minha que eu coço a tua! Típico de primatas.

    Entretanto o Governo de "Sua Majestade" manda colocar as viseiras dos cavalos da GNR nos ministros e, da ordens de "Olhar só em frente!" - e que qualquer libra a mais que seja nos cofres do Reino, sempre vai ajudando a pagar os almoços no "Pabe" e a manter a obesidade em pleno.

    :c É um espectáculo!

  46. Anon 41 "E quem não passa o exame não se inscreve na Ordem e quem não se inscreve na Ordem, não pode exercer."

    Quer dizer que o Gonçalo Amaral não tem hipótese de exercer a advocacia enquanto o "Fotochop" permanecer a cabeça da OA.

    Bens confiscados anos antes de um julgamento (portanto sem sequer a clássica presunção de inocência) e agora impedido (provavelmente) de exercer uma profissão depois de os McCanns' o terem forçado a sair da PJ! Biutiful!

  47. @45 "Agora percebemos porque e que o "Fotochop" aparece tanto no julgamento do "Esquizóide" como no dos "Meccanos"! Coças a minha que eu coço a tua!"

    E e bom não esquecer que cada coçadela dos McCanns' pode valer milhares de Libras (números redondos) - com pagamento apronto e sem recibo. Pensa que exagero? Veja aqui:


  48. I agree with poster number 11

    ths case has CERTAINLY opened my eyes in many directions. Of course I always knew that money talks... but to this extent???? and it's not even their money!!!

    I'm unable to work out where Pinto is coming from, how can he so openly take sides like this? and openly say the most ridiculous things. SURELY he must know why the sainted parents had to cover up the death, does he think they wouldn't mind losing their jobs and reputation? Headline.... NHS doctors on holiday abandon their very young children while they go on a jolly with their NHS doctor freinds, and return to find one dead or dying. Yes, that would go down very well.
    not to mention that the Tapas nine were also doing the same and risked losing their own children.

    Aunty Anti

  49. Anon 46, vontade nao deve faltar ao figurante, de travar o acesso de GA a inscricao na Ordem. Mas GA ve Mais a dormir do que o Marinho acordado, portanto so se este, descaradamente , nao facultar o exame. Nao Ira Tao longe, ja que ele tem uma guerra comprada com os recem licenciados em Direito, ao ponto do Presidente da Associacao de estudantes dizer abertamente nos jornais que se o Actual Bastonario tivesse de fazer exame CHUMBAVA !!!!! Eh ! Eh! CHUMBAVA!!!!

    Realmente, qual foi o caso mediatico ou nao, que ele ja defendeu enquanto advogado? Nepia.... Nada conhecido. Um advogado que diz " quando era jornalista...", num pais onde os advogados Sao muito bem pagos ( quando Sao bons) nao abona muito em favor do seu profissionalismo. Nem bom jornalista, nem bom advogado.
    Agora os advogados cobram por consulta ou por hora, mas nao foi sempre assim... Ja foi uma percentagem sobre cada causa ganha, por isso e que deve ter andado nos biscates no Expresso para se manter e deve vir do passado o odio visceral a PJ e aos juizes. Dificultavam- lhe a vida, muito provavelmente.

  50. Pois é Barbara M. Pinto filha do Digníssimo bastonário trabalha no escritório do Dr Rogério Alves.1+1= 2

  51. Already three years after the disappearence, the McCanns were complaining that the British and Portuguese authorities had gaven up on Madeleine.
    They were already ofending around. Mitchel saying the McCanns needed to see the new leads...
    That's why the British government is on a hurry to solve the problem. Not because they really want to find Madeleine but because they are fed up of the McCanns. How many times we hear or read "giving up on Madeleine", "don't give up on Madeleine".

    The day they are finally convicted, Portugal will push them "-You take them!"and Britain will pull them back"-No, you take them!"

    I can't think of having them as prisoners in my country, under my responsibility.

  52. http://news.sky.com/home/uk-news/media-gallery/16196094
    McCanns peed off about something. x

  53. Thank you Joana for sorting the Blogger Touch, and as always for all the time taken to bring us these translations.

    Sandra Ryan.


    Louisee "What is very astonishing, is how that guy managed to be elected by his pals?" Yes, very very astonishing, so astonishing there can surely only be one reason ..."

    The one reason may not be the one you may have thought...

    PhotoPinto* has the verve of a marketeer - he is a born "snake oil" seller who swears like a trooper. Any conventionally educated people - including ministers! simply run away from him. His F-1 motor mouth talks them down flat.

    Watch the way he argues with judge Rangel in the video (...) Recently the Minister of Justice had to leave a meeting which PhotoPinto also attended (...) they cannot arrest him either for his antics are perfectly within the law besides...he IS The Law!

    He is, for all the wrong reasons, an excellent Union leader. Think Bob Crow in London...That is why lawyers elected him. He is there to do the dirty work others would not dare touch with "Marigolds" and a "blood stain proof" apron on - they are "too educated", too civic for that.

    PhotoPinto, on the other hand, is a natural heckler. He would do just as well in a Marrakesh street market or indeed as head "arrumador" (impromptu parking attendant) in the streets of Lisbon :o

    * PhotoPinto is a registered trade-mark subject to copyright legislation (OA)

  55. @55 Glenn Beck or Hugo Chávez are more apt to describe Marinho e Pinto's persona.

  56. Thank you for the interpretation Joana, in the UK we would never know of any of this otherwise.

    I am thinking this Pinto guy and Isabella are two of a kind, and just like the McCanns, bad losers who find it so hard to admit defeat.

    It will be fury all round for them to lose. Lawyers should not let emotion and vindictiveness get in the way of logic and common sense, and there is no common sense in the case against Dr Amaral regarding the Book or the defamation.

    May this all be laid to rest very soon.

  57. Sorry for the delay in completing the translation/transcript, got caught in other issues related to the forum. Back to work ;)

  58. @55 - 23.54 and Joana @56

    "The one reason may not be the one you may have thought..."

    Yes, I did watch a video of him on a TV show and although I couldn`t understand Portuguese, it was unbelievable how the presenter just couldn`t control him and his bullying verbal diarrhea - terrifying man. He must be a laughing stock in Portugal.


  59. @59 Though that is also the case, there are some - let's call them a nice name - blind fools who believe and actually admire this man. If I was a lawyer I would be ashamed of having Marinho e Pinto as my representative at the Head of the Lawyers' Order, as a Portuguese Citizen I find him embarrassing to say the least - in private I would probably say more. Even without understanding what he says, the similarities and mannerisms with Chavéz and Beck are there for anyone to see.

  60. "RR: Our head of the bar is very British today."

    A fellow Portuguese citizen who happens to be a judge and therefore above Pinto Marinho in the legal food chain summed him up in a few words. Marinho is not fit for purpose IMO.


  61. Joana @60 - yes, similarities to Chavez and Beck - spot on.


    Joana at 60 "the similarities and mannerisms with Chavéz and Beck are there for anyone to see."

    Well, may be, except "Photoshop" is a cheap, plastic imitation of both. Obviously, there is a strata of the Portuguese public who like him. They resonate with his lack of manners and foul language.

    Drug-addicts "arrumadores" in Lisbon (self-employed street car park attendants) for example, adore him. Cais do Sodre "peixeiras" (women fish sellers) same; Ministers on the other hand (e.g. Paula Teixeira da Cruz - the Portuguese Justice minister) will leave the room if he happens to be in it and not just because he may "let off" one of his ecological stink bombs. A strategy he occasionally uses to unfaze the opposition.

    I suspect he did it again during this programme! That is why they had to CUT and change subject - to air and deodorize the studio. In fact, it transpired on the "grapevine" that at least one unidentified technician (who was right behind him at the time) needed oxygen and an epinephrine injection. Oh dear!


    "The McCanns have been propped up by two classes of supporter over the years: The enthusiastic subalterns with their own political and/or professional agendas, and the cohorts of the gullible. Head of the Portuguese Lawyers Order Dr. António Marinho e Pinto, a witness for the McCann couple in the forthcoming libel action against Dr. Gonçalo Amaral, the first co-ordinator of the investigation to Maddie's disappearance, belongs in the former category, as illustrated by a recent statement of his on Portuguese Television:

    "I am highly critical of the options taken by the Judiciary Police officers, namely of Dr. Gonçalo Amaral [MeP seems oblivious to Paulo Rebelo's role as coordinator of the 'second part' of the investigation that lead directly to the archival]. I believe that it is absurd to attribute... first of all to conclude that the child died, secondly to attribute that death to the parents. I believe that an English couple that is holidaying in the Algarve did not come here to murder their daughter. And if indeed she died, due to an accident, the first thing they would do, obviously, wouldn't be to hide the cadaver, it would be to try to save her, to take her to a hospital. A couple that sees their daughter in that situation, in that situation..."

    Dr. António Marinho e Pinto (and anyone else sharing his belief in the seemingly absurd) is cordially invited to read/re-read as appropriate, 'There's Nothing to Say She’s Not Out There Alive' (McCannFiles, 27 June, 2009). Anyone capable of playing the game 'noughts and crosses' should be able to interpret a matrix of four possibilities. If they cannot do that then they have no right to opine as 'experts' in front of a T.V. camera. Assuming they can recognise four discrete conditions, then what is it about the following pairing the likes of Dr. António Marinho e Pinto currently fail to understand?

    If Madeleine McCann is not 'out there alive' then she is dead.

    Abduction is the only route to being 'out there alive,' all other possibilities having been dismissed by the parents. Hence 'out there alive' equates to 'abducted.' So if Madeleine McCann was not abducted then, as surely as night follows day, she is dead - and then some. The statements by Jane Tanner and Aoife Smith tell us, in effect, that Madeleine McCann cannot have been abducted, unless she was tossed in the air like a pancake just before being witnessed (sighted, call it what you will) by Tanner, or else changed out of her Eeyore pyjamas 'on the hoof' before being spotted by the Smiths.

    The abduction story more than verges on the ridiculous. It is ridiculous. It most certainly does not deserve to be called a 'thesis.'

    As for the second of Dr. António Marinho e Pinto’s 'beliefs,' it too has already been addressed ('A Line in The Sand:' McCannFiles, 19 March). So it's 'back to the drawing board' for April then...?" (quote/unquote)

    Read full article here:


  64. Just another program where you have people who tip toe around the issue and don't ask the questions that need to be asked. Mr. Marinho Pinto believes or knows that this review by Scotland Yard will yield nothing, that the review is to keep up appearances. Yet, no one asks why the English government would deem it necessary to waste police resources on such an endeavour. Why the need to keep up appearances? Does this mean that he agrees that there is no evidence of an abduction? Does this mean that the Portuguese police did not ignore any evidence, contrary to what the McCann couple believes? Why doesn't someone mention that the numerous incongruencies present in the depositions of the couple and their friends points to a simulation of an abduction, which is what officers of Scotland Yard who initially worked on the case also believed? If the lead investigator Mr. Amaral and Scotland Yard believed in a simulation of an abduction, what evidence did Mr. Rebelo obtain that refutes this?

    Why didn't someone ask Marinho Pinto why he is testifying for the McCanns? Surely, he wasn't in the Algarve when the child disappeared, and he doesn't know the couple well enough to vouch for their character. One can only conclude that Mr. Pinto will be giving his biased opinion of Mr. Amaral's character. When is someone going to ask Mr. Pinto how he came about those pictures of the raccoon faced Ms. Cipriano?

  65. the whole case stinks the whole maddy thing makes no sense the timeline is laughable amaturish the abductor climbing out the window 1 metre off the ground impossible the slamming door is not possible and the blanket and cuddle cat left behind then disappears and then washed the blood gthe cadavar scent on and on and on how much proof does the police need to show a little girl was NOT ABDUCTED BY A STRANGER

    But what is worse that a little girl is dead she has not been found the person or persons who killed her have not been charged a the parents were negligent the police seem incapable of chargeing them because they are being protected by some one high up in the government . Even though i despise the mccanns they have been very clever they have got away with murder they have got away with neglecting their children and they have even more disgustingly profited from their childs death


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