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Judiciary Police will not Reopen the Maddie Case

1:00am - The Judiciary Police (PJ) from Oporto and the Scotland Yard will reopen the Maddie case, advances the daily newspaper “Jornal de Notícias”.

“The Police does not give up searching for new leads”, says the daily in its cover page of this Friday.

1:30am - “Correio da Manhã” contradicts “Jornal de Notícias”, saying the Judiciary Police will not reopen the case.

Judiciary Police will not Reopen the Maddie Case

by Tânia Laranjo

The Judiciary Police will not reopen the Maddie Case, since there aren't any new leads regarding her whereabouts.

A Judiciary Police source told the CM that the process is, at the moment, being re-evaluated, in cooperation with a team of London investigators.

The team is coordinated by Helena Monteiro [Superior Coordinator of Criminal Investigation], from the the PJ in Oporto, and was set up several months ago. However nothing new was found that could help discover the whereabouts of the child. This is the second time that the PJ requests the aid of a “foreign” team to examine the process, in order to understand if there was a lead that wasn't followed.

Meanwhile at about that same time [1:00/30am], Rogério Alves the mentor of the McCann's lawyer team in Portugal was already “spinning like Mitchell” at Rádio Renascença and at SIC Notícias.

Stating, with a straight face, the following: “The issue is not closed. The criminal process was closed with the archival, but the issue is not closed, because we continue to not know what happened to Madeleine, who abducted her, which likely happened. While that is not found, the police can always resume one investigation and that investigation is the one that might reopen the process at the Public Ministry”.

One has to wonder if Dr. Rogério Alves is enjoying his new role as a PR.

Let us look at what he says carefully - the Judiciary Police can do “one investigation”, in other words, a parallel investigation to the Official and Archived PJ Investigation. But there are no new credible leads to follow, so what exactly is the “one investigation” going to “investigate”?

And should the PJ really spend more two, three, four million euros - the latter being the alleged cost of the Official and archived PJ Investigation, paid by Portuguese Tax-payers - in an useless “review” that will result in nada?

What about all the other Portuguese missing children who never had those resources at their disposal? All of them together, did not even get one-third of what was spent in the Portuguese investigation to Madeleine's disappearance!

Or is Dr. Rogério Alves suggesting the Police should follow more valueless “shocking” leads, as revealed by Dra. Isabel Duarte in an impromptu press conference outside the Palácio da Justiça in Lisbon, in February 10, 2010? Which reminds me, what were the results of that “shocking” lead? Were the photos related to Madeleine at all, or was that just a pretext for something else?

Moving on. Dr. Rogério Alves, goes on to suggest that “one investigation” into nothing can actually reopen the Official and Archived PJ Investigation. I beg to differ, I fail to understand how that would be materially attainable.

Wait a minute, did Dr. Alves forget that his clients, Gerald McCann and Kate Healy can reopen the Official and Archived PJ Investigation if they come to Portugal - no, not to sue right and left - to do a reconstruction at almost zero cost for the Portuguese tax-payers, at least that would be comparatively inexpensive to the McCann's lawyer suggestions.

Yes, you can, McCann!

The McCann couple can reopen the investigation into their daughter's disappearance, if they do and ask their friends, dubbed the “Tapas 7”, to take part in the re-enactment and clarification of the events that took place on May 3, 2007, something that was requested by the Portuguese Police years ago.

Wasn't the reopening of the investigation to their missing daughter what the McCann couple asked to the English Prime-Minister David Cameron, in a letter published by Rupert Murdoch's tabloid 'The Sun'? To which the Sun, replied: 'PM David Cameron reopens Maddie McCann files' - only that wasn't true, was it? The case files continue to be archived to today, the police investigation is stalled.

To be able to reopen your missing child's police investigation by doing a reconstruction, wouldn't that be an opportunity that any desperate father or mother would take, that being perhaps the only step that the McCanns can take at this moment to reopen the police investigation into Madeleine's disappearance?

Though Dr. Alves' clients, particularly the McCann acolytes, seem to want to highlight only certain parts of the dispatch that archived the investigation, and did not clear the McCanns of anything except of their arguido status [formal suspect according to the Portuguese Penal Code], since only a court of law can decide if a person is guilty or innocent; let us recall then here what the public prosecutor, José de Magalhães e Menezes, and the joint prosecutor João Melchior Gomes wrote in the archival dispatch: - “We believe that the main damage was caused to the McCann arguidos, who lost the possibility to prove what they have protested since they were constituted arguidos: their innocence towards the fateful event; the investigation was also disturbed, because said facts remain unclarified.”

But, as if Madeleine's tragic fate isn't sufficient, isn't what the prosecutors wrote another clear reason to do the reconstruction? “For the McCann arguidos” to prove their innocence. And while here in Portugal use that chance to dissipate any doubts and respond to the Police questions that were never answered...

Again, let us recall the probable reason for the above extraordinary spin - that is, extraordinary only for those who are not used to Team McCann antics, for the rest of us this is a mere PR exercise in damage limitation, preemptive spin to be precise. “The usual McWhoppers”, some would say. The reason seems obvious and was published in this blog just a few days ago, in an interview with the leading coordinator of the Madeleine McCann investigation, where the former PJ inspector Gonçalo Amaral, said:

«The decision of that Prime Minister has been twisted. The McCann couple has spoken of a re-examination of the child’s “sightings”. When, in fact, what is known is that Scotland Yard, who were appointed to re-evaluate the whole investigation, has set aside the pseudo-sightings, focusing instead on the investigation process that remains archived. Elements from the Scotland Yard have been working with an investigative [Judiciary Police] team from Oporto (Oporto because Algarve and Lisbon have already been involved), and what is known is that the “affair” is not going well for the McCanns

Try again Dr. Alves, you're not as good as Clarence Mitchell, not yet at least.

Pre-emptive spin, indeed.

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  1. The Judiciary Police will not reopen the Maddie Case, since there aren't any new leads regarding her whereabouts.

    "This is the second time that the PJ requests the aid of a "foreign" team to examine the process, in order to understand if there was a lead that wasn't followed."

    So, a team of 37 Scotland Yard officers has been working for almost a year and is unable to find EVEN ONE credible lead that wasn't followed up, in spite of Team McCann's perpetual complaints over the last (almost) five years that the PJ ignored many leads.

    According to Correio da Manhã, the Polícia Judiciária investigation into Madeleine McCann's disappearance has been scrutinised by not one, but two "foreign" teams, neither of which has been able to discover any credible lead that wasn't followed up.

    I think this speaks for itself.

  2. Will add the translation to the blog of the Jornal de Notícias article as soon as I get the paper edition from the newspaper shop.

  3. ''Wasn't the reopening of the investigation to their missing daughter what the McCann couple asked to the English Prime-Minister David Cameron, in a letter published by Rupert Murdoch's tabloid 'The Sun'? To which the Sun, replied: 'PM David Cameron reopens Maddie McCann files' - only that wasn't true, was it? The case files continue to be archived to today, the police investigation is stalled. ''

    And it's about time Lord Leveson with is UK inquiry into British media antics, looked at the supposed open letter to Cameron regarding the McCann case. Just how open was it?? Considering a minister had just refused the McCanns UK police investigation following a confidential scoping exercise (remember that one, i.e. not disclosed to the McCanns, also at the request of Gamble) Was it really the power of the Press and the Suns open letter to Cameron or Rebekah Brooks horse riding companion (METS retired horse, rofl) with Cameron.

    It stinks of the same cronism we had under Blair.

    Yep some press SPLASH that was the Sun gets £3.5million MET review of the Madeleine McCann case, thanks to it's editor in chief.

    Bring it on Leveson, although I doubt he's bothered with the MET's corruption!

  4. First we have reports that the Tapas 7 are being reinterviewed, than that there will be a reconstruction. Now we have conflicting reports about a reopening of the process.

    IF there will be a reconstruction wouldn't the process had to be reopened first?

    We have the CdM article citing the PJ who - same as SY - will not give away any clues and the JdN article based mainly on the McCann's lawyer's spin.

    Therefore my interpretation would be that the case will be reopened to allow for a reconstruction and that Team McCann is preempting this, prepairing their fans for the inevitable. Directing the attention towards sightings again.

    Excuse my unusual optimism but the sun is shining here.

  5. Good morning dear Johanna, absolutely, for the process to be reopened and for the investigation to continue, something major would have to be added to the process to allow for that reopening. I do not believe that mere sightings of the usual provenance would have that effect, nor weight. The sightings would be investigated, yes, but the process would not be reopened.

    As I said above, we are used to see this kind of spin, namely of the preemptive kind, particularly when something that is not advantageous to the McCann couple is about to happen. Further to that idea, it has been a long time since Dr. Rogério Alves 'spinned' in person for his clients, I recall that during the year of 2008 he went on TV, frequently, appearing on a night talk show titled "Aqui e Agora" - http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2008/05/aqui-e-agora-here-and-now-debate-about.html defending the couple - it is very unusual for him to be taking upon himself that role again.

    The sun is shinning here too, but we never know if dark clouds will obscure the light.

  6. Jornal de Notícias just came up online, however their edition just appears to the 6 of the current month. Paper edition on the way.

  7. Hola mi Joana,

    I noticed plenty of mistakes in my last post, probably due to the early hour ^^

    So would a reconstruction open the process or would the process have to be opened for a reconstruction to be conducted?

    And a reconstruction it would have to be in any case. A whitewash would then state that nothing was found out of the ordinary and the last hurdle for the McCanns exoneration would fall, the partaking in such a reconstruction.

    A serious investigation would also require the reconstruction, in fact it should have started with such...

  8. I think if a reconstruction was made viable and agreed by the whole Tapas group, then the case would be reopened to accommodate the re-enactment - I'm not totally sure as to the proceedings, i.e. which of the steps would have to occur first to reopen the investigation. In any case, the reconstruction, as stated by both prosecutors and the Attorney General would reopen the case.

    Got the JN, nothing really new, and not looking well to the McCanns either. Thus Rogério Alves spin last night.

  9. In Jornal Público, quoting the JN http://www.publico.pt/Sociedade/pj-do-porto-e-scotland-yard-retomam-caso-maddie-1537015

  10. As far as the reconstruction is concerned, I ask: if ordered by the SI, would the Tapas group be obliged to travel to Portugal and do it? Or could they, once again, refuse?

  11. I meant..."if ordered by the SY" (Scotland Yard), of course!

  12. Well, I suppose they would do it, can you imagine how would people react in the UK after paying over 2.2 million pounds for a "review" - not to mention all the other millions that were sent to the McCanns' private company - if the couple refused to take part in a reconstruction requested by the Scotland Yard? They wouldn't be able to dismiss that with a ‘Fucking tosser. Fucking tosser’ chant like Kate McCann wrote in her 'sanitized version of events' book, or would they?!

    By the way, related to the above Oporto PJ goes through Madeleine McCann case with a fine toothed comb

  13. Rogério Alves' spin continues in a press release, sent to several PT media: Advogado do casal McCan considera muito positiva reactivação da investigação do caso [Lawyer for the McCann couple considers as very positive the reactivation of the investigation]....The rest you can imagine. Or use google translator to read.

  14. Morning Joana,

    I see you say if the 'whole' tapas group "agree" to participate in a reconstruction then the case would be re-opened accommodating a re-enactment. As the case remains at this time, shelved, is it then the case that the only persons who can initiate a reconstruction are the McCann couple/their friends?

    If so, one has to wonder why in heavens name they would not do so, would not assist police authorities by taking steps which may lead to solving the mystery of their daughter's disappearance.

    Also, should the case be re-opened for some other reason - would then the McCann couple and their friends, if requested to do so by whichever Portuguese police authority investigating, be legally bound to take part in a reconstruction of events?

    Or is it a case that in any event, if these people, the parents the friends if they cannot be bothered - then 'case closed' so to speak - forget Madeleine?

    And again it poses for me another question. Lady Justice Hogg I believe is the child's legal guardian, as such it is my understanding that she makes the decisions, especially those of great importance, that she must act in the best interest of the child at all times.

    Is it not in the child's best interest that her parents, their friends then with great haste agree to a reconstruction of events? Would the Justice in her capacity as legal guardian (if indeed she still is) be best to advise them so? Perhaps not have the power to force them, but to advise them?

    Perhaps the Justice does not agree?

    There is always the 'get out jail' card though, used previously in this regard 'twas our friends who refused.'

    McCann couple made Madeleine a Ward of Court from early days after her disappearance. It would enable them to have the Court aid them it would seem in certain matters, not least the release to their hands of police files/information (Leicestershire Police)

    Quite extraordinary that such a short time after the disappearance of Madeleine that this would be something high on their agenda.

    At the time of application to Court for the release of said files:

    Clarence Mitchell, the McCanns’ spokesman, said:

    "I can state that on the instigation of Gerry and Kate McCann Madeleine is a ward of the High Court of England and Wales.

    "An application has been made on Madeleine's behalf by her parents for disclosure of certain documents. The hearing is currently scheduled for July 7 in the High Court in London.

    "It has been the stated intention of Gerry and Kate McCann to leave no stone unturned in doing everything necessary to search for their daughter, as would any parent.

    "This application is just part of their search for Madeleine."


    Again we hear that same phrase - 'To Leave No Stone Unturned'

    Their spokesperson states this over and over, yet he must know that there is a huge stone which they have no intention of unturning at any cost - a reconstruction of events. Surely Mitchell is able to persuade the group as to the obvious importance of this reconstruction?


  15. cntd

    This couple took legal action against the police here in the UK to obtain access to confidential police files. Has it allowed them to discover Madeleine's whereabouts, or has it allowed them to be a step ahead in their self protection campaign?

    Why would they go to such efforts to obtain these files, yet they point blank refuse to assist police in answering questions/reconstruction which would quite obviously have been beneficial to the investigation, to missing Madeleine?

    The application for the release of the files was made by Madeleine's parents on her behalf.

    If there are any legal eagles out there reading this - I would be grateful if you could clear up for me who then is Madeleine's legal guardian(s) As a Ward of Court, who makes the decisions on her behalf? Is it her parents, or is it Lady Justice Hogg?

    Are the McCann couple allowed to take out legal actions in the child's name without the permission of the Justice?

    What are the conditions of this Ward of Court?

    Thank you

    PS I see the 'anonymous' facility has been withdrawn with good reason. I have chosen 'Petromilla' as display name. Thank you for your assistance in this Joana.

  16. Thanks for your answer Joana, but we all know Kate and Gerald McCann are masterful liers and will of course find all excuses not to participate, if it comes to it. Public opinion is their least worry as they clearly show with their arrogance.


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