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Maddie, again!

At the time, there was a lack of judgment to question, in a critical way, what happened in the apartment.

by Criminologist Francisco Moita Flores

The Scotland Yard has made another two million pounds available to search for Maddie McCann, the daughter of the famous McCann couple. I think it is right. When it’s about searching for answers for a situation with such a tragic dimension, the authorities should invest whatever is necessary to solve mysteries and find the answers that haven’t been found until now.

Maybe now, at a time when memory is more awake to the mistakes and the horrors that human nature is able to carry out, one can start without preconception and without fear. At the time when the child disappeared, a powerful propaganda machine constrained the investigation from the outset. The parents, the famous McCann, who left three children alone at home while dining out with friends, managed to mobilize, within hours, press advisors and television channels in order to tell the world that the child had been abducted. And the investigation, as much as the credulous people, believed in this unfortunate destiny.

Maddie was searched for all over the world, she was allegedly found in several countries, prayers and blessings were launched, even a papal blessing, so the tortured parents could find their daughter again. At the time, there was a lack of judgment to question, in a critical way, what had happened in that apartment, for no trace, nor residue, of anyone outside the family and the circle of friends to be found. When this safe, and elementary, approach was made to the crime scene, it was already too late, and nonetheless, the information that was collected did heavily contradict the fireworks that had spread Maddie’s trail all over the world. Criminal investigation demands, based on the great classics that built it, that the solution for a crime is sought by asking for the most simple answers.

Only once this possibility is exhausted, one should move on to more complex hypotheses. In this story, both the family and those who visited that apartment reacted with rage and protest once they were scrutinized. Their availability was always short and accompanied by indignant outcries. In any case, the secret lies within those walls. Whatever the crime. Whatever the mystery. May the police forces unravel it from there, once and for all. We will all be more at peace if we find out where Maddie is. Dead or alive.

in: Correio da Manhã, 11.03.2012


  1. Thanks for your relentless efforts in bringing us such marvels from "the other side".

    Given the topics of the Murdoch press today, they are shitting bricks atm in the face of the new investigation. And an investigation it is, I am convinced, not a review of sightings created by Metodo 3 and the rest of Team McCann.

  2. In reality it's reported that the review/investigation is focusing on a computerised reconstruction of the events of the disappearance in the statements of the Tapas 9. In the Sunday Express today, this seems to be morphing from reconstruction software into photo enhancing software. My word they are in a spin aren't they? Misleading PR at it's best?

  3. Summer last year, a Portuguese authority officially claimed that there was absulutely no contact between the PJ and the Scotland Yard. I believed Portugal till I read a message of the press association, UK.
    Short ago we read that the contact started already one year ago, at least two months before Cameron's letter.Nobody had any idea about it.
    The media noise started already in the UK, we are about to see a media circus again in the UK, if the police are not careful.
    The PJ denie any opening of the files in the near future.Accordind to them, no new leads.
    I believe the process will be open, in all silence. I even believe it is already open. Witnesses are obliged to keep secret about it.
    This news explosion, all of the sudden, means to me that the police are alreay very far with a lot of things.
    Let us wait.

  4. somewhere on this blog someone asks why did Amaral leave the Maddie case in 2007.
    He was fired out of the case. They sent him back to his work in Faro.
    According to himself, he was too near to the truth and he suffered a terrible political pressure to stop.

  5. "At the time when the child disappeared, a powerful propaganda machine constrained the investigation from the outset. The parents, the famous McCann, who left three children alone at home while dining out with friends, managed to mobilize, within hours, press advisors and television channels in order to tell the world that the child had been abducted."

    Thought-provoking isn't it? This is in Amaral's book by the way. He also points out such incongruence. Either they didn't trust the Portuguese at all (racists tend not to) or it was all a media smoke screen to reinforce the idea, to make it appear as an abduction. Eddie & Keela were their undoing. Well, almost.

    The McCanns' are like the presidential elections in Russia. Everyone knows the results were rigged yet they are still in power.

  6. Well written Mr Flores.

  7. The McCanns, by their relentless bleating for a 'review', are now finding they have stirred up a hornets nest resulted in an investigation pointing directly back at themselves and their pals, and the Smith sighting.

    Oh dear, if only they had not been so insistent.

  8. As Mr. Flores said, ".....The parents, the famous McCann, WHO LEFT THREE CHILDREN ALONE at home while dining out with friends, managed to mobilize, WITHIN HOURS, press advisors and television channels in order to tell the world that the child had been ABDUCTED......", credulous people still do believe in this. From the beginning this fact and the urgency to set up a fund to cover LEGAL EXPENSES, was what my power of reasoning told me was NOT THE CASE.

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  10. OK, Joana, I change my comment. Can a cold case cost that much?
    I can't think of a frozen case...
    I have no idea about what is possibly going on and why. But I've gotten the idea that the S Y don't want to go home with empty hands.
    They want a perfect work and they will get it.
    Maybe very many people are being interrogated in England, who knows, people who must know things about the McCanns and the Tapas. I can't believe what happened was kept secret.

  11. Joana, frankly, who would remain impassive, without rage, with such a circus sponsored by these two parents above all, it must be recognized, they are primarily responsible for triggering the disappearance of Maddie! Yes, three children drugged with Calpol (have peace) and unattended!

    Maddie disappeared like magic, who really believes ?

    Moreover, but how this disappearance took place .... everything is perpetually the issue?

    And remember, some time later, we find these mythical parents in prayer, synchronized with a scene of tumult against the walls of ... Kate McCann! This is a surprising attitude and has leave the interrogatifs witnesses in such circumstances!

    And the first light, a couple will do, who knows on the beach while everyone else, the night before, is looking for their child, his parents no were not!

    Parents strange, but very sensitive to their phones, in the media, the press, and in particular to be as fit the next day!

  12. Very well written by Moita Flores.And now hope that people around the McCanns will come forward with the facts.
    It is impossible that after such a lot of money is spent, the police will not come up with a result. They will, they surely will and may God bless them. Inside of the walls of 5a, relatively few people involved in the crime ( Moita Flores calculates about 12 people but many enough to cause leaks)m, a small space, a little village, crime committed abroad.
    No plans to reopen the process mean inconsistences with the extra money that the Scotland Yard got.
    If they got it, it means they are intending to continue till the prepetator confesses the crime. Because I believe the police know already who did it, it can not be this crime is a complete mistery to them, after such a long investigation. The police must know a lot.

  13. The Scotland Yard has gotten a special softweare in order to analyse what witnesses have told.
    I wonder if Philomena will fit in it.

  14. The McCanns got an enormous help from the British government, in 2007, 2008, getting away with their crime. Instead of being thankful and to continue their lives, they started to blame their government for their lack of support.Again and again in front of the cameras, hand in hand, accusing around as much as they could. Complaining they didn't know what was going on, "we are the parents and we need to know" already in 2008, when they were still aerguidos.
    With such a wonderful chance of surviving, they found a way to destroy everything they had and now they find themselves in worse trouble than they were in 2007.Used to get what they wanted, money, attention, popularity, compassion, their lives became now real hell.

    In my opinion, they had no consideration with Tapas 7, who lied with as many teeth as they have in their mouths, in order to protect the McCanns.
    The McCanns did not protect them for a second, they never thought of the possibility their 7 friends would get in trouble if the couple would continue making noise around.

    No consideration at all, they only thought about themselves. Tapas 7 are in trouble but who cares? As long the McCanns make money and can blame everybody, no problem.

    I believe interrogating Tapas 7 will be a part of the program of the Met.
    The 7 will be exposed to very tough questions and I wonder if they will again protect the couple or if they will come up with the truth.I bet they will tell the truth. Again sacrifice themselves in favor of those riff raff people? I think Tapas 7 never thought this case would last that long. Six, eight weeks, the McCanns back to England and Maddie registered as "missing", for the rest of her parents lives.That was probably the plan and the parents convinced Tapas 7 it would be ok.

    The Scotland Yard must know by now that Tapas 7 lied and all of the 7 will spend a horrible lot of money in order to defend themselves in a trial.Obstruction of police work is a serious crime. They had nearly 5 years to change their statements, and look at the terrible lot of money the police are spending now in this new investigation.
    And the UK are also in economic difficulties. Difficulties or not, Tapas 7 still refuse to come forward with the truth. Do they believe the McCanns will pay their expenses they will have with lawyers? Naief, aren't they?

    If the McCanns didn't have any consideration with them, they will certainly not pay their bills.

    I wonder if Tapas 7 would go to the police in order to change their statements, if they would be free of a process against them.
    The longer they wait, the more expensive it becomes for the UK (in economic crisis too) and the Scotland Yard will come up with the truth anyway.
    Some patriotism wouldn't do any harm to their country.

  15. It seems that Madeleine died as consequence of medicine(s). If it was, it was not the parents'intention to kill her. Through the years, we learned she was hyperactive and she had difficulties to fall asleep.Perhaps an accumulation of chemical elements in her blood caused her death. A judge would probably have understood the situation if the parents would have been honest, telling the truth.
    The situation is now terribly complicated for the whole group.Besides for her death, the couple will be judged for the existence of the fraudulent fund.

  16. Exclusive footage of "Eddie" Cadaver Dog at HDLG
    patas jersey

  17. When the McCanns were still arguidos, they accepted being interviewd by TV channels, they broadcasted their documentary, etc.
    Now that they are not anymore seen as suspects, we have no idea where they are and what is their opinion about the Met's support they are getting.
    I wish they would ask a TV channel to interview them because I would love to see them back.
    They must look much better now, after they managed to get the help they asked for. Hope helps a lot in this life.


    The McCanns have digged in. Pat Brown's "Cease and Desist" letter to the Fund's "Inquisition Department" (Carter-*uck) has been met with contempt. They have told her to "go and multiply" (quote).

    Pat and her attorney are considering her options...

    Incidentally, Pat has a new (fiction) book out for less than a couple of quid (£1.95 only). I bought it last night and couldn't stop reading it. If you like crime thrillers, don't miss it. Oh! Make sure you start reading it early in the day if you have to work the next day and need a good night's sleep. This is compulsive reading..............

    I suspect the proceedings from the sale of the book will help her counter-sue the cheats and help with expenses on her next visit to Portugal to support Amaral and keep digging for Madeleine.


    NB If like me you don't have a "Kindle" simply download the program and read it on your laptop as I did.


    Hear Pat talking about her new book "Only the Truth" and the inquisitors Carter-*uck:


  19. Between < and here > lives the truth

    No lies, but the truth, you can tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, without a lie, but it's not necessarily the truth

    And that perhaps explains the rather strange and sad tale of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann

    The FULL truth

    Since within the group and perhaps extended to those caught up in the events in PDL on 3rd May2007 they are not thinking outside the box, but have actually boxed themselves in. Soon there may be no hiding place (emm old famous UK police series ;) No Hiding Place)

    Strange how seven people + another witness JW have precluded the McCanns from RECONSTRUCTION although Mr and Mrs McCann have never voiced that they felt thwarted by their friends. This would have allowed both the process\investigation to have continued, since without their co-operation the investigation was in a dead end, since the starting point was never established:

    Two possible sighting was Madeleine

    as allegedly seen by JT being carried
    or forty minutes, later
    as see by the Smith family

    Since it is hard to believe that it is the same child. Forty minutes, no cover\blanket & not waking

    So where did the MET start on this investigation
    An interview with Madeleine's parents
    Check up with 'Stu' at the LP for investigation files background check information?
    Read the files
    Get in contact with the Portuguese authorities
    Re-run the rogatory interviews on Video \ read the transcripts
    Simply they believed Madeleine was abducted and waded through world wide sightings

    Are they working forwards or backwards!



    @17 Many thanks for sharing this. Here is the text for the benefit of those who like me have a slow connection.

    Saturday, 10 March 2012
    Exclusive Footage of "Eddie" Cadaver Dog at HDLG.

    Once more VFC is able to bring our readers/viewers another, what we are told is, a world exclusive.

    With the assistance of Former Senior Investigating Officer of the Jersey Child Abuse Investigation, and Former Deputy Chief Police Officer Mr. Lenny Harper, we are able to bring you exclusive video footage of arguably the world's most renowned Cadaver Dog "Eddie" not only working at the crime scene of the Former Jersey Children's Home, Haute de la Garenne, but alerting to the scent of human death.

    Not a great deal of these Cadaver dogs work has been reported in the State Media, other than to discredit them, so we asked Mr. Harper to document for us just exactly what is happening in the video below, what does a Cadaver dog do? How significant to the investigation the dog was? What, if anything did he (the dog) find?The results, it has to be said were astounding. Mr. Harper agreed to our request and once again we thank him for his commitment to the truth and justice.

    For viewers information "JAR/6" is the fragment of child's skull.

    00.00.0 Getting ready. I was reluctant to let the dog inside as I did not feel that it would do much good. In truth, I was a little sceptical – I had not felt a favourable impression from the handler (Martin Grimes) at our initial meeting and I was dubious, although my opinion of his qualities and integrity was to markedly change as events unfolded. I began to realise as I worked closely with him over a period of months that what I originally took as arrogance was simply supreme confidence in the ability of his dogs in the face of jealous, empire protecting rivals who were not as professionally capable. Throughout the investigation, we subjected Martin and his dogs to many ‘verifying’ tests, from burying swabs in sand (which he always found no matter how large an area), to minute blood stains. The dogs never failed. Many of these tests were carried out in front of Jersey politicians and media, including Channel Television and Diane Simon of the JEP. Frank Walker and Andrew Lewis were only two of the politicians who witnessed the ability of the dogs in hugely impressive displays. Funny how they all forgot this when they jumped on the bandwagon which sought to ruin Martin Grime’s reputation. One of the most spectacular exercises occurred when one of the Anthropologists brought a vial of sand back that she had removed from the tomb of a mummy in Egypt. We put this vial on a beach, below the sand, and let Eddie off to look for it. The dog amazingly sought it out in a few minutes and gave us the reaction you will see in this video. To get back to the start of the video and my initial doubts, after a few days outside I had at least gained a grudging respect for Martin’s hard work and dedication. I still was not keen to extend the search inside the house with the dog; however, I reluctantly conceded that we should look at all our possibilities so that we could walk away and say that we had given it a good shot. You can see me standing looking less than confident.



    00.00.45 The first indication that the dog (Eddie) is finding something amiss. His behaviour has changed, and is remarked on by the handler. He is initially reacting further down from where we were to eventually find the initial fragment, (which ILM and others still incorrectly claim to be definitively identified as coconut) and in the flow of the drainage from the area where it was found. To clarify, Eddie is trained to trace the scent of dead human flesh. He will react where this scent is found, not necessarily where it was originally located. His strongest reaction will normally be where that scent is strongest, which will usually be where the dead flesh has lain longest, but he will sense it in areas where the scent has been carried, for instance, by drains.

    00.01.08 Eddie is starting to react strongly now. Although still some yards from the finding of JAR/6, he smells something which has been carried down in the drainage from the original source. We were later to find that the drain ran down from where we found JAR/6 and where the bones were found by the builders, who suspected that they were also the bones of juveniles. One of them identified a child’s pelvic bone from the internet. These bones were found with children’s’ shoes which were to be later the source of interesting conflicts between the evidence of the pathologists and the staff at the Jersey Museum.

    00.01.50 The doors and wall where Eddie is reacting so strongly now lead into the room where the top wall adjoins the stair area where JAR/6 (the infamous initial fragment) was found. Note the change in the dog’s behaviour, and the strong indication from his that there is something to be investigated here. It is important to note at this point, that the dog is only telling us that the scent of human death is here. He is not telling us that there has been a murder; he is not telling us that this is the spot where a body has been buried. He is only telling us that the scent of human death is at this spot. He is saying, “There is something here for you to investigate.” It is worthy of note, that this is also next to the location where builders found the bones which they thought were human juveniles, and where they were told that if they found bones to let “bygones be bygones.”

    00.02.25 Eddie is now at the doors leading to the stairwell where both JAR/6 and the “builders’ bones” were found. Note that he is reacting strongly. To corroborate Eddie’s reaction we used the most up to date geological equipment supplied to us by the British Army and the Metropolitan Police (more services obtained through the use of contacts and a hospitality budget!) for which we paid nothing. These surveys confirmed inconsistencies in the sub floor levels.

    00.02.39 Eddie is telling us that there is something we need to investigate on the other side of the door and he wants through to indicate this to us.



    00.02.58 Eddie is now reacting very strongly and indicating to us that the scent of dead human flesh is in this location. This is where we were to find JAR/6, which the establishment continue to say was only coconut, but cannot explain how Eddie reacted as he did, nor indeed, how the lab at Oxford found Collagen.

    Collagen is not found in coconut or wood, it is only present in mammals, which would seem to destroy the claims of the Jersey establishment, aided and abetted by the Jersey Evening Post and Channel Television, that JAR/6 is coconut or wood. Again, it is worthy of recall, that the builders who found the bones at this location thought they were human, and that one of them actually identified a bone as that of a child’s pelvic bone from the internet. Additionally, the police officer who was called to the scene was also dubious of the bones’ origins, as was the female pathologist who attended. She “did not like” the situation and referred the matter to her boss who said the bones where not consistent with being human. However, an Anthropologist later stated that he was incorrect and the measurements he quoted were entirely consistent with the bones being children’s’ pelvic bones as identified by one of the builders. The Anthropologist further stated that the Pathologist was not qualified to make the statement that he had.

    00.04.06 Now Eddie has just left the wall adjoining the stair area where he reacted earlier. The drains in the building run from those stairs, under the adjoining wall, and down the room where we are now standing. As the dog is trained to detect the scent of dead human flesh, he is now following the strong scent emanating from the other side of the wall and being carried in the drains under the floor of this room and down the room towards the corridor seen earlier in the video.

    00.04.15 Note the dog’s return to the wall. This was almost the exact spot where JAR/6 was found. It is a few inches from where the builders found the bones which they thought were human and which they were told about, “Let bygones be bygones.” If this dog was a waste of money, then how did he lead us to this exact spot? How did he later, in the ‘live’ presence of Wendy Kinnard (the then Home Affairs Minister) and Graham Power (the then Chief Police Officer), lead us to the bones in the cellars which an Anthropologist in the United Kingdom said were “fleshed and fresh” when burnt and buried? It cannot be a co-incidence that this dog, trained to detect the scent of dead human flesh, reacted so strongly in an area where we were to find a fragment of substance initially identified by a professional, accomplished, Anthropologist, as a part of a child’s skull, and right beside the spot where builders found bones and children’s shoes which they thought were human bones. No amount of spin by Le Marquand and others can contradict this, and no amount of misinformation from Warcup and Gradwell can conceal this truth.



    00.04.41 Eddie still on stairs, right above the location where JAR/6 was found. He comes down again to the exact spot.

    00.05.20 Eddie still reacting strongly at the spot where JAR/6 was found.

    This is the live video, filmed on a mobile phone as it happened. The film was made by the Homicide Search Advisor of the National Policing Improvement Agency, on his mobile phone. He was to later say that the way we had carried out the search of HDLG was a “shining example” and should be documented as an example of good practice. Where has this recommendation been lost in the mists? The reactions of the dog speak for themselves. Eddie is not telling us that murder was committed at HDLG. He is telling us that somewhere in the floor-space of the premises; the scent of human death has been present. He is telling us that there is something there for us to investigate. His findings have been corroborated by the finding of the bones and teeth, by the results of the surveys carried out by the most sophisticated of electronic geological equipment, and by the evidence of builders and former residents and victims of abuse in HDLG. This video totally contradicts the spin of Frank Walker, Andrew Lewis and Diane Simon of the Jersey Evening Post, all of whom were taken on a tour of the building and given a demonstration of the ability and capability of Eddie and his companion "Keela" the blood detection dog. All of them were aware of the true situation relating to the dog and the finds. All of them, for their own reasons, chose to ignore the truth and to peddle the myths of those seeking to discredit the victims of the horrific abuse within HDLG. They are now, in my opinion, exposed as craven cowards and not fit to lick those victims’ boots. As for Martin Grimes and the dogs that they have tried to discredit, they are now working full time for one of the best Law Enforcement Agencies in the world in the USA.



  24. @18 According to their PR's Clarence Mitchell for the UK and Rogério Alves, lawyer and part-time PR for Portugal they are "very happy" for the "re-opening", sorry I meant for the "re-view".


    Interesting to note in connection with the above performance of Eddie the Dog that misinformation sources both in the mainstream media and on-line were saying Eddie was totally off the mark ...that what he sniffed out was a bit of burnt coconut shell, etc.

    Kate McCanns, in her romantic account of her daughter tragedy has gone as far as to say that the dogs contribution in her case was "nor very scientific after all". Jeeesus!

    Could you kindly fax this to Scotland Yard? The PJ already know...

    "Some documented evidence.

    JAR/30: 3-4; 1940s to 1980s. Two fragments of burnt bone one is fragment of longbone? Tibia. Submitted to University of Sheffield with KSH/158. Origin confirmed as human. Submitted for dating awaiting results.

    JAR/33: 3-4; 1940s to 1980’s.
    Calcined fragment of bone. ?human.

    JAR/53: 183. Cellar 3 Dark char rich deposit equivalent to 169.
    4 / 5: 1960s to present date.
    5 fragments of calcined long bone ?human.

    JAR/54: 183. Cellar 3 Dark char rich deposit equivalent to 169.
    4 / 5: 1960s to present date.
    4 fragments of calcined bone ?human.

    JAR/55: 183. Cellar 3 Dark char rich deposit equivalent to 169.
    4 / 5: 1960s to present date.
    1 fragment of calcined bone ?human.

    JAR/57:183. Cellar 3 Dark char rich deposit equivalent to 169.
    4 / 5: 1960s to present date.
    2 fragments of bone of unknown origin.

    JAR/56: 183. Cellar 3 Dark char rich deposit equivalent to 169.
    4 / 5: 1960s to present date.
    1 fragment of bone ?human.

    JAR/67: 183. Zone 3 East Cellar 3.
    4 / 5: 1960s to present date.
    Human Tooth: deciduous left maxillary first molar, age 9 yrs ± 3 yrs. Could have been shed naturally (Anthro exam).
    Submitted to odontologist, see report.

    JAR/69: 183. Zone 3 East Cellar 3.
    4 / 5: 1960s to present date.
    Fragments x 3 of possible human cortical bone.

    JAR/61: 183 Zone 4 East Cellar 3.
    4 / 5: 1960s to present date.
    23 Fragments of bone:
    1 Burnt fragment which closely resembles a human juvenile mastoid process.
    2. Burnt fragment of ?human mandible.
    3. Fragments of burnt long bone x 3 measuring between 11.3 and 16.3 mm.
    4. Fragments of unidentified burnt cortical and trabecular bone x 7.
    5. Fragment of slightly burnt long bone measuring 33 mm. The cortex of the
    bone resembles human but it is quite thick and the trabeculae can not be seen because it requires cleaning. It appears to have been cut at one end.
    6. Fragments of unburnt unidentified long bone. x 3 The appearance and texture of the cortex of the fragments appears more animal than human but it is advised that further examination should be undertaken in order to confirm this.
    7. Fragments of unidentified long bone x 7. 5 have been burnt and 2 haven’t. Species
    uncertain although two of the burnt fragments could possibly be human

    JAR/90: 183 Cellar 3 Zone 3 East.
    4 / 5: 1960s to present date.
    Fragments of unidentified bone of unknown species. One which is calcined is possibly human bone.

    Cellar 4 Context 169 (redeposited char material from fire elsewhere. Unsealed)

    JAR/36: 169. Cellar 4 E. Charred material at southern end of Zone 4. Equivalent to 127.
    4 / 5: 1960s to present date.
    Fragment of bone ?human.

    JAR/37: 169. Cellar 4 E. Charred material at southern end of Zone 4. Equivalent to 127.
    4 / 5: 1960s to present date.
    Fragment of burnt bone. ?human mastoid process

    JAR/39: 169. Cellar 4 E. Charred material at southern end of Zone 4. Equivalent to 127.
    4 / 5: 1960s to present date.
    Fragment of burnt bone ?human.

    JAR/40: 169. Cellar 4 E. Charred material at southern end of Zone 4. Equivalent to 127.
    4 / 5: 1960s to present date.
    Fragment of bone ?human.

    GMK/18: 169. Cellar 4 E. Charred material at southern end of Zone 4. Equivalent to 127.
    4 / 5: 1960s to present date.
    Human tooth. Anthro exam – deciduous left maxillary lateral incisor. Age range 6 yrs ± 2yrs

    "Not very scientific"???????????????????????"


  26. @Anon 20 "Two possible sighting was Madeleine...
    Since it is hard to believe that it is the same child. Forty minutes, no cover\blanket & not waking"

    Very good point. I can't explain it either except Jane Tanner is (or was at the time) a MARKETING manager. That's what you do in marketing when you are trying to sell a product.

  27. @26 Mark Harrison, MBE National Search Adviser Homicide, Missing Persons, Mass Fatality Disasters (Process Volume 9
    Pages 2224-2234 and Process Volume XI Pages 2843 – 2848) Report on the use of Cadaver Dogs http://themaddiecasefiles.com/post219446.html

    Martin Grime, UK NPIA Registered Subject Matter Expert, FBI Forensic Canine Program Specialist Adviser (Process Vol. IX Pages 2262 to 2268 and Process Volume X Pages 2813 to 2835) Profile and on the expertise of the E.V.R.D. dog Eddie and on C.S.I.dog Keela, dubbed the Cadaver dogs themaddiecasefiles.com/topic35.html

    The Cadaver dogs findings

    Searches of the McCann's Residence and Car - correspondence themaddiecasefiles.com/post94458.html?

    Service information regarding collected vestiges (blood) in 5A

    Sept 2007 PJ Chief Inspector Report http://themaddiecasefiles.com/topic34.html

    Intercalary Report by Inspector Joao Carlos 31-01-2008 http://themaddiecasefiles.com/topic4096.html

    Here with video: McCann's Cadaver Dogs VideoJ Final ReportMcCann's Cadaver Dogs Video -PJ Final Report http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2008/09/mccanns-cadaver-dogs-videopj-final.html

    Here with maps: Dog Detects car of the McCann Couple http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2008/08/dog-detects-car-of-mccann-couple.html

  28. WOW! Fascinating. If Eddie can still track a scent after so many years, even through walls! if I was in charge of SY's "review" I would take him back to Apartment 5A AND Rothley to see what he would come up with.

    Kate's contamination story wouldn't work if the dog were to bark again on the same very spots. By all means check the Renault Scenic again to see. If David Cameron's instructions allow for a shot at the truth that is.

    This would be very compelling evidence to support the Canadian mediums intuitions. True, this would not stand in a court of law but surely it would be more than enough in a court of public opinion and for SY to wrap up the "review" - unless is a whitewashing of course (obviously).

    "Who do you think you are fooling, Mr. Hitler?" (old British song).

  29. Joana at 28

    Thanks for these extremely useful links/references. The problem is I don't think the Yard is allowed to see/comment on such material. It is probably in Cameron's list of taboos.

    It is a review alright. What are reviews for? You re-view things in order to see them from another angle.

    Mind you, I going to have a look at the links myself just to make sure I am on the right side of the fence and not just sitting on it.

  30. Searches of the McCann's Residence and Car - correspondence themaddiecasefiles.com/post94458.html?

    "One pair of latex gloves, that was found in a drawer of a bedside table of the visitors' bedroom."


  31. themaddiecasefiles.com/post17295.html

    Curtains back of Sofa http://www.mccannpjfiles.co.uk/V/08_VOL ... _2201-.jpg


  32. Cadaver dogs unreliable and their evidence is inadmissable?

    Certainly BRITISH courts are not of the same assertion. There have been several cases where this evidence has been certainly admissable. There is currently an ongoing court case / hearing where cadaver dog evidence has been fundamental:


    A. Del Montello

  33. Sept 2007 PJ Chief Inspector Report http://themaddiecasefiles.com/topic34.html

    "The version that someone from the group went to the apartments to check that everything was well, every 15 or 30 minutes, collapses!
    Total incoherence results from the GROUP’s statements, which makes it easy to verify that everyone lies."


  34. Intercalary Report by Inspector Joao Carlos 31-01-2008 http://themaddiecasefiles.com/topic4096.html1.

    "Apartment 5 A, OC resort from which the girl disappeared

    Cadaver odour do in the couple’s bedroom on the floor next to the wardrobe.

    In the living room, behind the sofa, next to the lateral window of the apartment.

    Patio area, in front of apartment 5 A

    Cadaver odour dog in one of the flower beds, the dog handler commented upon the weakness (lightness) of the odour detected.

    Apartments where the rest of the group was staying
    Nothing was found by either dog."


  35. Joana at 28

    This is what I call a review. Thank you.

  36. A bit off this present topic, but what about the fridge that was apparently replaced at the villa that the McCanns moved to after 5A?
    The story -or truth - that Gerry replaced the fridge can surely be proved, one way or another, by questioning local electrical goods suppliers.
    By cross-referencing the records of the delivery vans (either the firms' own department, or outside specialist delivery firms,)at that week, it could be proved one way or the other.
    It is not normal for anyone on holiday, whatever their money, to replace a fridge.(Also, where did the 'broken' fridge go to?

  37. Anon 37

    It might not necessarily have been a fridge, just some sort of cooling device to keep chilled.


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