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Maddie Case: Gonçalo Amaral returns to Praia da Luz

Maddie Case: Gonçalo Amaral returns to the “Ocean Club”


(many thanks to Liz for English subs)


From 0:00 to 2:10 – Extracts from “Até à Verdade”[To the Truth] show where two Canadians psychics share their experiences regarding Madeleine McCann case with Rita Ferro Rodrigues (English).

2:10 – Extract from that same show with Criminologist Francisco Moita Flores [FMF] comment: “It is surprising for someone to discover the golf course and a cliff, a cliff with a steep downslide… I don’t know, I believe the cliff is important. I would look at it again.

Rita Ferro Rodrigues [RFR]: Francisco, if you were the investigator you would look at it again?

FMF: It’s always good to have a look again, regardless of the provenance of the information, where one has searched before.

2:40 – Cut to Júlia Pinheiro’s morning talk show.

Júlia Pinheiro [JP]: Those were the mediums of “Até à Verdade” on the Madeleine McCann case. Hello, Hernâni.

Hernâni Carvalho [HC]: Good afternoon, dear Júlia.

JP: Good afternoon, dear Hernâni. Would you like to make a comment on the information that we just watched?

HC: They are very interesting… In Portugal there is a certain scepticism regarding this kind of people. I do not have to hold an opinion on that at least that is not the important issue, in my opinion. And it is not important, because, either the institutions are useful with all the methods that they use or they are not, that is, there were at certain moments people who wanted to request the help of the FBI to assist the investigation. Well, we should start by saying that the FBI does seek advice from psychics in difficult cases. So, either…

03:30: [Lower Third] Maddie disappeared almost five years ago…

JP: In the Anglo-Saxon culture, namely in England, that also happens.

HC: Exactly.

JP: Specifically these same mediums.

HC: Precisely. In England, and in Canada, as you said, in the Anglo-Saxon culture this is also used.

JP: These gentlemen are Canadian.

HC: It should be said that Scotland Yard also works with people that allege that they feel those things, and in Canada the authorities that make criminal investigations also consult that kind of people. In the European continent it is uncommon; however, it is known that some police forces have used mediums, in a more or less overtly manner. The Judiciary Police itself did listen to things, texts, opinions of people who say that they have, let us say, this sensations…

JP: We have Gonçalo Amaral sitting next to you.

04:40 – [Lower Third] To follow: Gonçalo Amaral returns to Praia da Luz.

HC: Exactly, this was just until he arrived.

JP: Who coordinated the entire investigation. This was just a warm up until he arrived. [Laughs]

HC: So, without wishing to give my opinion relatively to what psychics may feel or not, since we now have here the responsible for the investigation, the first question that I will make him is…

JP: Good afternoon.

Gonçalo Amaral [GA]: Good afternoon.

HC: And the first question is, Gonçalo, did you receive or not information from these people who have a special “phone” to the other side and if you did, did you take that into account or not?

GA: In cases like this one, it is very common for messages to appear, several information, some of which were staggering for the… – for example, a drawing that I remember, an image, it was a figure of a person who resembles someone who would appear in the case. Later on, I am able to say who it was. Nevertheless, we the investigators are men of facts. We rely on facts, in indicia, and we are to some extent sceptic regarding these situations.

HC: So you received that kind of information?

GA: Lots and lots of information, just like the family, who also received, who pondered about a few and even delivered emails and other things to the Judiciary Police, saying where the body could be or where it could have been placed - the Madeleine McCann family. There was something initially, you’ve spoken about the FBI early on, when we considered requesting the FBI assistance, the FBI was always… - the FBI which is an US agency for criminal investigations - …was always willing to help. There was a set back by the National Directorate of the Judiciary Police, due to a possible clash with the English police that was working with us and the arrival of the FBI, but the first thing the FBI wanted to do initially was to send us a, let us call it, a clairvoyant, a medium that works with them. Which was…

JP: That was the FBI first procedural step?

GA: Immediately, in the first days. However, I believe the National Directorate…

JP: It was SIC who brought them; six years later SIC took care of that. [Laughs]

GA: But it was not those gentlemen [reference to the Canadian mediums who appeared in “Até à Verdade” show].

JP: No, it wasn’t them, it was a woman. They collaborate with investigations in the US and in Canada, which is where they live and where they are university professors in a university where these lines of investigations are seen as pertinent. Whilst in reality, in our southern European culture is not [seen as relevant]. But let’s move to the facts, Gonçalo Amaral spoke about facts. In May it will be the 5th anniversary of Madeleine McCann's disappearance, fact. Gonçalo Amaral and Hernâni Carvalho returned to Praia da Luz and to the cliff, the one mentioned by the mediums in the “Até à Verdade” show. Let’s watch it.

07:14: Cut to Hernâni Carvalho at the top of the cliff, in Praia da Luz. [Lower Third] “Maddie Case”: Gonçalo Amaral returns to Praia da Luz!

HC: Some of the key points mentioned in the TV program broadcast by SIC a few days ago were precisely the beach and this cliff, and also a golf course and all that makes sense with a thesis emerged in May 2007, that said that the little girl could have been carried inside a sports bag or in a golf bag, brought trough the golf course to this cliff and then thrown here. Moita Flores said, in that show, that in doubt he would also come back here. Gonçalo Amaral, what did the police do here in Praia da Luz?

GA: In the first night, searches were made using sniffer dogs, with the help of the public, and all of this area was searched, here…

HC: But also the rocks down here?

GA: Yes, in the rocks down here, at the base of this cliff, probe rods1 were used to search in the sand and in the soil in the cliff’s base, in order to release eventual odours of cadaver, and nothing was detected. Aerial searches were conducted in the first days as well as at the planning, the planning was preceded by an assessment, let us call it, an overview of the entire area by a helicopter that was ceded by the civil protection of Faro, and nothing was detected. As to that hypothesis, of throwing a body - and I recall that the little girl’s weight would be about 30 kilos – from here to the sea, I would say that is impossible. Notice that the sea is not immediately beneath here, the cliff does not have a vertical steep, there is a vertical grade and the sea is still far away. A great strength or almost a gigantic person would be needed for the body to fall in the sea, and in the deep sea. There are photos, taken in the rocks down bellow in the water, were we can see searching, certainly he was not searching for his live daughter…

HC: Are you referring to Maddie’s father?

GA: To Gerald McCann. Maddie’s father.

HC: He was walking around here, in the rocks bellow?

GA: Yes, there are pictures of that.

Gerry McCann & his wife's cousin Michael Wright, May 9, 2007, 

HC: But in that case, he would have to have the firm belief that the girl was dead.

GA: I do not believe that he was looking for crabs nor searching for a live daughter. According to Moita Flores, it would be important to return to this area, I believe so, even because there are people who continue to say today that the body might be around here, and continue to give information about places. It should be looked, the police should make searches, they should reopen the process and resume the investigations. There is much to be done still.

09:44 Cut to Studio

JP: Hernâni, I hand over to you the first comments.

HC: The question is, following that thesis regarding the hypothesis that the girl was carried in a bag…

JP: In a golf bag.

HC: In a golf bag or in a sports bag, the question is...

JP: Let me just show the picture. [Behind HC and GA there is a flat TV screen, Gerald McCann carrying a Golf bag is shown] Here it is, Gerry McCann with the golf bag, I have to stress that this picture was taken by a British photojournalist, Brian Bould.

HC: Without prejudice, I am not saying that it was Mr. McCann, it's different. What I am saying is, in the hypothesis - which was one of the theses at that time - that the girl was taken from the bedroom, carried inside a golf bag, or inside a sports bag, by whomever made her leave the bedroom, and then carried her through the golf field to the cliff... We already know, and it is not difficult to understand, that is not possible to throw a 30 kilos2 body from that point, because the body would never fall inside water, never. With a small rock, a rock with the size of a hand, it is impossible to toss it into the ocean. So, the question is, would it be possible for the girl to have been kept hidden at the cliff area and then be taken from there?

GA: It is possible; indeed that is the thesis, the conclusions that are reached by the police until September of 2007. That the child’s body was kept somewhere. In the first night, the body was taken from the apartment and placed somewhere, and it was not detected. The searches made that night were to find a living child not a dead one. Then later, we know, because of the indicia, we get that information from the indicia that was found in the car rented 20 days later, that probably a body, a cadaver was placed there and it was likely Madeleine McCann. The FSS handled the information…

HC: We will speak about the FSS later on.

GA: I am talking about the information, we only had the information. I’m not talking about what can be proved or not. The information that the police had and was working with. We were at six months from the beginning of the investigation, we should have followed that line, to understand where that body – if there was a body – was placed…

HC: But the question is, how is it possible to keep a body in that cliff without cadaver deterioration?

Crime Scene Photo showing Blue bag inside bedroom's closet, 

GA: In that place the body would always decay. The issue with the bag is the following, Gerald McCann said at one point in time that he did not have any sports bag. Mark Harrison, an English expert, who did the planning of the searches that were carried out with the CSI dogs, of the cadaver odour and blood, at the ends of July, early August, puts forward that serious hypothesis - that the body was taken inside a sports bag3, he speaks of a golf bag, of a sports bag – and indeed a sports bag existed. There are photographs taken inside the apartment [rented by the McCanns/5A] immediately after the disappearance, an hour later, and the sports bag is there, inside the closet and is of a darkish blue colour. Thus, those photographs exist, contrary to what anyone can say that they did not own a sports bag – the sports bag was there. A sports bag, even though there wasn't any brand like “Adidas” in the bag, but it was a bag of that kind. So, what happened to that bag, what took place next, other situations ensued relatively to another bag, something that it’s not worth mentioning now here, there are people who also talk about a bag... That cliff area is an important zone, several people talked about it, there were many important events that took place there, events that people saw and suspected, in the golf course area, in the path to the geodesic mark, all in that area. Therefore, it is an area where it is worthwhile to make a search again. But to be searched in the scope of an investigation that is reopened.

HC: Curiously, the whole area was thoroughly examined, that should be said.

GA: As well, yes.

HC: The whole area was examined, the whole area was acquired, the whole area was divided…

GA: There is an important detail…

HC: You do not have access to that area, because today you can see that certain parts are private, curiously, almost in the path that goes to the cliff’s escarpment.

GA: There is an important aspect and that is the diary of Mrs Kate McCann. There are some who have the opinion the diary was written to be read. At a certain point in time, following the dates given there just a few days after the disappearance, Mrs. Kate McCann says that she is running, doing her jogging – the daughter is missing and she is doing her training – and in there, in that plateau that we are seeing right now, she said that she was climbing it when she saw a number of journalists, of people and that she begun suspecting that the body of her daughter had been found. That is in her diary. She points to that area. When they have hired…

HC: But pointing to that place, is using as basis that the child has lost her life?!

GA: Exactly, it was always like that, since the beginning the parents, at least Kate McCann, have always spoken about the death of the child. Those emails that they delivered [to the PJ] of a clairvoyant that explained where the body could be, beneath the church area, inside a sewer collector.

HC: I cannot agree with that… I believe it was Gerry. Gerry said, “If you think the girl is dead then show me her body”.

GA: Well, perhaps he knows that there is no body. That is another question; I do not know why he says that there must be a body. In order to prove that the child is dead it is not necessary to have a body. Actually, in this case, if we could abstract ourselves of the name of the child that disappeared, of the child’s parents and just look at the facts, in an objective manner and move forward with the investigation, facts would speak for themselves! There is no point in saying that the child is dead, or that the child is alive, what we need is to work the investigation and carry it out to the end, something that was not done. Let us forget for a few moments who is Madeleine McCann, who are Madeleine McCann’s parents, and let us look at the facts objectively. At facts that are in a process, that some have already tried to dismiss as being historical, as if the process had no importance. We will only know the truth – and that is what matters - and in that truth we will know if the child is alive or dead, and where she can be, what happened to her; if we proceed based on those facts.

HC: But it is the parent’s conviction, or at least is the conviction that is best known, that the child is missing and the parents have reiterated that they believe the child is alive.

GA: I don’t think so…

JP: That she is alive…

GA: I don’t think so, and I’ll tell you why. I will give you an example, Hernâni. There was a certain lawyer, who went to dams searching for a body. Método 3, an investigation agency that worked for the couple, hired that lawyer, to link two cases, the Joana Cipriano case and the Madeleine case. He was searching for a body. Today, defending him, in a libel suit that I have moved against him is the McCann’s lawyer [Isabel Duarte]. So if he says the child is dead 4, why are the McCanns’ defending him? Why are the McCanns in court [against me]? This is the kind of contradictions that no one understands…

JP: Indeed no one understands that. Let us watch now…

HC: Let us go to the apartment.

JP: Let us go to the apartment. Let us tackle the facts, the facts mentioned by Gonçalo Amaral.

HC: Facts.

JP: Fact: May, five years since Madeleine McCann disappeared. After we saw the considerations made by the mediums in the TV program “Até à Verdade”, we are going to ask someone who was involved in the process, Gonçalo Amaral and Hernâni Carvalho our man on the field. They have returned to Praia da Luz to the very place, to the bedroom door, from where the child disappeared.

17: 17 Cut to Apartment 5A, Praia da Luz, Algarve

HC: Madeleine McCann disappeared on the 3rd of May of 2007 from this apartment in Praia da Luz. From the apartment 5A of the Ocean Club. Moita Flores, for example, does not believe the child could have been taken through this window. In fact, the window is right next to the door [HC points to the door right next to him, turns to Gonçalo Amaral and asks him] Objectively, I would ask you if, in your perception, would it be possible for the little girl to have disappeared through this window?

Crime Scene Photos, depicting forensics work done on Madeleine & the twins' bedroom window, 

GA: It is our conviction, and from the indicia that were collected during those initial months, that it would be materially impossible for this window to be the means of entry or exit, particularly since there are no traces of a break-in. What we have instead are vestiges of a simulation inside - namely a simulation5 where the window is opened. There are fingerprints of Kate McCann opening the window towards her left hand-side, whereas she says the window has always been closed, with the shutters always down and therefore all these... There are no footprints or anything similar. Undeniably, this window, as I have said before, is a window ‘facing the world’ and it is where the solution of the case lies.

HC: As the investigators put it, no one enters through a door and then exits through a window!

GA: It is a fact and if you watch closely, the door it is less exposed than the window. It would be much more spectacular to exit through the window rather than the door, which is rather more hidden, more receded than the window. Therefore, this door would be a more obvious away to exit.

18: 46 The scene then changes with both HC and GA walking past the Ocean Club’s information board at the streets intersection. As they pass underneath another of the apartment’s windows, the living room window, GA draws HC’s attention to it and comments:

GA: That is the other window where inside is that sofa where blood vestiges were found, which the FSS said that it could belong to Madeleine McCann…

HC: Behind that window?

GA: Yes, on the inside.

HC: Where the blood vestiges were found by the floor?

GA Yes, by the floor and where there was also cadaver odour, besides the blood.

Crime Scene Photos, Forensics on blood spots traces in the living room area,

19:11 Camera pans briefly at the rear of Apartment’s 5A [garden corner where cadaver odour was also detected] before focusing in the rear access staircase to the same living room area GA was just referring to. Immediately afterwards GA and HC enter the small gate that opens directly to a public road and climb the stairs.

HC: So, this was usually the service entrance; the street access of apartment 5A, right?

GA: Exactly, the apartments, or rather the manner in which that group of tourists entered their apartments was from the rear; both the McCann couple as well as the others, which were on the ground-floor, on the other side. This raises questions such as… The path that is there [pointing towards the alleyway] was the one used by the other members. When Jane Tanner said that she goes up the street, and walks around in order to go home, that to us rings hollow because this was the usual pathway. Gerald McCann himself goes as far as to say that when he came to see his daughter at about 9pm, that he does not enter through here [sliding doors]; even though he was in a hurry to reach the bathroom. Yet he chooses to walk the longest path [round gesture with extended arm], to open the door [main entrance] with the key. There is a report from Control Risks6, the first private detective agency which was brought to the case [by the McCanns] in the very first days, where they state, after speaking with Gerald McCann and other witnesses in that group [Tapas 9], that the key that Mr. Gerald McCann alleges to have used had in fact been left in the kitchen, in the kitchen’s counter. Right away, the lies started. Moreover, in order to have an abductor he would have had to enter through here [sliding doors]. Apart from the fact that there are no traces of a break-in, there aren't any fingerprints, he could have used gloves for example, in any case the entry would have to be done through here. There are no signs of a forced entry anywhere; not in the door nor in the window. There is a simulation, as if someone wishes to make others believe that the bedroom window was the passage point of the child, which, in our firm belief, could not have taken place.

Crime Scene Photos, perspective from the McCanns apartment to the Tapas restaurant,
in Maddie McCann Process, Volume I, page 21

HC: The parents have said that they were able to keep an eye on the apartment from the restaurant [Tapas] but that is hard to see how, particularly bearing in mind that it was night. Gonçalo Amaral, Dr. Moita Flores, said a few days ago, publicly, that it is his profound belief that Maddie likely died in this apartment, what is your conclusion?

GA: My conviction is identical, based on the evidence. [small cut/edit at 21:09] So, exactly what happened? There are the blood vestiges, the cadaver odour that appeared precisely in the place where the blood was, that appeared in the couple’s bedroom, that appeared here [pointing to the apartment’s backyard] in the shrubs that were there, at the back. Add to that the contradictions and the inconsistencies of all the testimonies, and then there is something that should have been made, the reconstruction of the events, which was refused by the witnesses, by the [McCann] friends; the couple never came back for it and until today that remains to be done. That would be enlightening.

GA: The investigation process should not have ended, in October [2007], in the way that it did. From then on, it was six months up to the archival, and today continues to be archived. The answer for the case is in that investigation, that is there, gaining dust, stored in a court archive until it’s ‘dead’. Or maybe, until someone is brave enough to order the reopening of the process, and continue the investigation.

22:19 Cut back to studio

JP: Hernâni, You have spoken a while ago about something public, that I myself don’t understand how it’s related to this: hairs?

HC: Yes. I don’t know if you remember this, of the times that we worked together on this case… In other times.

JP: At another place [referring to when her morning talk show was broadcast by TVI]

HC: Suddenly, Madeleine’s hairs where all over the place! Hairs were sent to the FSS, hairs were sent to the Lab, hairs were sent to the police, hairs everywhere.

GA: Too many hairs.

HC: Please explain, how is it possible for a child who disappeared to have so much hair?

GA: I don’t know, but it is a fact that there were several hairs, that were sent, and the conclusion is that they  likely belonged to the child. Even the hairs that appeared in the boot of the car rented 20 days later [by the McCanns], they were sent to the FSS [Forensic Science Service]. Hairs that…

HC: Is it possible for me to have a hair and than say ‘this hair belongs to Mr. José António” [figure of speech]?

GA: I was about to explain that. The FSS stated that due to the hair tone, they belonged to Madeleine McCann, but that they couldn’t extract the DNA because the hairs did not have any roots. Nowadays, labs in Europe can actually extract DNA without the roots, and arrive to a conclusion, if the DNA belongs to that person or not. Furthermore, those hairs can help us understand if the child - like her grandfather said, some journalists also said that at the time - did take an antihistaminic in order to sleep at night. And then consider the influence that it could have produced. Those hairs, if they still exist and if they do belong to Madeleine, and if she was indeed – her siblings never woke up in that night – given, like her grandfather said in the English television; if the McCanns gave the children Calpol7 at night in order for them, or for the little girl to sleep… From that point on, we might be able to arrive to a conclusion regarding what happened. When they write in a book that the girl’s sleeping disorders had ended years ago, that is a lie, since the problems that concern that child, existed to the last day, to the day of her disappearance. And there is evidence that establishes that.

HC: Gonçalo, I have to tell you this, and you know that this is public. Since the beginning, I have always thought that it was very strange that Madeleine disappeared; but there were several conclusions that one could formulate particularly due to the other two children that did not disappear. However, there is a question – and we are already without time to continue – there is a question that I must ask: Who decided that the FSS should be the one, instead of any other forensic lab, to make all those analysis?

GA: The Police Directorate, we wanted to ‘trust’ in the English police…

HC: That is all that I wanted to know! Okay!

JP: [Laughs]

HC: It was just that. There are several excellent laboratories, famous all over the world in Switzerland, in…

GA: We didn’t want…

HC: …it had to be in England!

GA: It is similar to the non-arrival of the FBI, we didn’t want to create friction, a “diplomatic incident”.

JP: It was due to a diplomatic settlement that everything turned out the way it did.

GA: It is due to diplomacy that we are now here.

HC: Thank you, Gonçalo.

JC: I thank Gonçalo Amaral - who was truly committed to this case - for coming here today, for clarifying and for providing us with information regarding some aspects of this case.

Ends at 25: 39

SIC - Querida Júlia [Dear Júlia], Morning Talk Show, broadcast by SIC, February 17, 2012

Reference Notes

1 «The search process used personnel to physically, intrusively and invasively explore all areas of disturbance, voids and concealment within the areas searched. The search utilised dogs trained to locate human remains and human blood, ground penetrating radar to detect sub surface disturbance and concealment, clearance teams to remove concealing vegetation, endoscopes to search drains and voids and metal probes to search the ground. These teams were supported by experts in Forensic Anthropology for human bone identification and a professor in geophysics.» in Mark Harrison MBE, National Search Adviser, National Policing Improvement Agency [NPIA] report in the Process, Volumes IX and XI

2 It should be said that Madeleine McCann was probably lighter than 30 Kilos, her height was shorter than average for a 4 year old child with about 90 cm [35.4" roughly], with probably less than 15 kilos[33 pounds] of weight. Regardless of the probable miscalculation of Madeleine’s weight, the point being made does not depend on the accuracy of the child’s weight.

3 «It is revealed that police want to trace a blue tennis bag allegedly taken from Kate and Gerry McCann's apartment on the night Madeleine went missing. Detectives think the hold-all could have been used to carry Madeleine as she was taken away, or even to transport the three-year-old's body. It belonged to the girl's father but has not been seen since the night of May 3, according to a Sky News documentary due to be broadcast on Christmas Eve. Expert Tony Rogers, who reviews unsolved cases for British police and worked on the Soham investigation, said: “If it's a bag of a size that could be used to take a child away from the flat, that would be of great interest to the investigating officer.” But McCann family spokesman Clarence Mitchell flatly denied that Mr McCann had lost a bag during the family's holiday. He said: “As far as Kate and Gerry are concerned, there is no missing tennis bag. They came back from holiday with everything except of course, tragically, Madeleine.” Mr McCann told friends yesterday that he did not take any tennis equipment to Praia da Luz, and did not own a blue tennis bag. But Sky News stood by its story, which it said came from sources who had travelled to the resort after Madeleine's disappearance.» in Daily Mail, 25 December 2007, archived at McCannFiles
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4 «How did that premonition of yours about the Maddie case happen?
On the 5th of May, upon returning from a spiritualist meeting in Madeira, right after going to bed, but before falling asleep, at around midnight, an extraordinary thing happened to me for the first time in my life: I saw the image of a little girl that must have been around 4 years of age, with blond, shoulder-length straight hair, blue eyes, very disturbed, visibly unable to understand what was happening to her, accompanied by a female being of great beauty and great spiritual standing… Then, other images appeared, related to what had happened to her: I saw a strongly built man, blue eyes, somewhat balding and with blondish hair, brutally raping that girl and then strangling her with his hands, throwing the cadaver into a lake. I perceived by a map that was shown to me, that this happened in the Algarve, but I couldn’t read the name of the village. I stress that I hadn’t seen any photo of Maddie before, I only knew, from what I’d heard on the radio, that she was 3 years old.» in ‘Spanish detectives asked me to arrange for evidence against Gonçalo Amaral’, O Crime, 4 December 2008
5 «Mr McCann, a consultant cardiologist at Glenfield Hospital in Leicester, told his sister, Trish Cameron, that his wife had found the front door to their ground-floor apartment open and that the louvred shutters had been "jemmied" open. “[Gerry rang last night and told me] 'Madeleine's been abducted, she's been abducted',” Ms Cameron said. “Nothing had been touched in the apartment, no valuables taken, no passports. They think someone must have come in the window and gone out the door with her.”(...) Police notified border police, Spanish police and airports and deployed sniffer dogs. But with each hour that passes, hopes that Madeleine merely wandered off are fading.There were conflicting reports yesterday of how effective the Portuguese police operation has been. A family friend, Jill Renwick, told GMTV that police activity ground to a halt at 3am. But Mr Hill said this was not true, and that police had been searching with dogs overnight and continued to search today.» in The Independent, 5 May 2007

6«Kate and Gerry McCann could face criminal charges for using a private security company to investigate the disappearance of their daughter, a senior Portuguese judge has said. The couple have been secretly receiving advice for more than four months from Control Risks Group, which employs former members of the British intelligence services and special forces. News of the investigators' role has led to deep concern amongst the authorities in Portugal, where it is illegal for private detectives to become involved in criminal cases. A source close to the McCann's legal team has confirmed the involvement of Control Risks Group but insisted it is simply providing advice on the hunt for Madeleine rather than becoming actively involved in searches in Portugal.(...) The judge said that Mr and Mrs McCann, both 39, from Rothley, Leicestershire, could be charged with "obstruction of justice" if prosecutors find evidence of a parallel investigation. The couple are already official suspects in the disappearance of their daughter from a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz 145 days ago. A high-ranking officer in the Polícia Judiciária, which is investigating the disappearance of Madeleine shortly before her fourth birthday, said that the investigators could be arrested if they are found operating in Portugal. “If they come here they will be running a serious risk of being arrested,” he said. Carlos Anjos, President of the Judicial Police Inspector's Union, accused to Mr and Mrs McCann of using “diversion tactics”. Mr McCann had previously said that they had decided not to use private detectives. “This is just another McCann strategy who today say one thing and tomorrow something completely contrary,” said Mr Anjos “This can only be another diversion tactic from the McCanns."» in The Times, 25 September 2007
  • 6a «Brian Kennedy commissioned private detectives to conduct an investigation parallel to the one run by the Portuguese police. But his choice showed how dangerous it is when powerful and wealthy businessmen try to play detective. In September 2007, he hired Metodo 3, an agency based in Barcelona, on a six-month contract and paid it an estimated £50,000 a month. Metodo 3 was hired because of Spain’s ‘language and cultural connection’ with Portugal. “If we’d had big-booted Brits or, heaven forbid, Americans, we would have had doors slammed in our faces” said Clarence Mitchell, spokesperson for the McCann’s at the time. “And it’s quite likely that we could have been charged with hindering the investigation as technically it’s illegal in Portugal to undertake a secondary investigation”.» in 'Mark Hollingsworth Investigates The McCann Files', ES Magazine, 28 August 2009
  • 6b«Fired abruptly by the Find Madeline Fund which has sought to find Madeline McCann, Red Defence International also wrangled in the past with Trafigura. An affiliate of Red Defence International, a firm headed by Britain’s Kevin Halligen, the investigative concern Oakley International Group was hired in March, 2008 to help find Madeline McCann, the three-year-old British child who vanished in May, 2007 from a hotel on the Portuguese coast. In late August, the Find Madeline Fund, which bankrolls the search for the child, suddenly cut all links with Oakley International, officially for “inadequate results”.» in 'Red Defence in Red Zone', Intelligence Online, October 9 2008
7 Mr. Brian Healy, Madeleine's grandfather interview on Calpol in Sky News, September 7, 2007
  • 7a «Calpol guidelines changed over dosing worries (...)Now, it says only those aged four or over should be given the maximum dose of two teaspoons a time. (...)However, paediatricians have recently begun to raise concerns over the potential long-term health impacts of regularly dosing up children on paracetamol. (...) And in May a study of Scottish children found a quarter of paracetamol prescriptions for one to three-year-olds were for "excessive" dosages, that academics warned could put them at risk of liver damage(...)The updated guidance follows an MHRA warning in 2009 that more than 60 cough and cold remedies should not be given to under sixes, due to evidence they could be harmful and did not work.» in The Telegraph, November 20 2011
  • 7b CALPOL® Night contained a sedating antihistamine called diphenhydramine hydrochloride as one of the two active ingredients, the other being paracetemol. It was discontinued in the UK in March 2009. Similar products with the same active ingredients are advised to not be used in children under 6 years of age. in NetDoctor.co.uk, March 2009

Thank you note

Thank you to M. for the fantastic help in the translation/transcript, couldn't have done it without you, obrigada. JM


  1. Goncalo Amaral has shown more passion, into finding out what happened to Madeleine. While her parents have put more passion, into suing anyone who dares critise them. I will always believe that the McCanns know exactly what happened to Madeleine and if she is dead or alive, until evidence emerges to prove otherwise.

    Ben Needham's mum, has travelled to Greece as often as her finances would allow, to search for her missing son. The McCanns have had the opportunity to do the same, using the money that was donated to find Madeleine and if Madeleine had disappeared without their knowledge, this is what they would have done.

    Also if Madeleine had disappeared without the McCanns knowledge, they would be thanking Goncalo Amaral, as well as Tony Bennett and Pat Brown, for trying to find out what happened to Madeleine.

    They're not thanking them, in the case of Goncalo Amaral and Tony Bennett, the McCanns are suing them. In Pat Brown's case, their solicitors have managed to persuade Amazon, to refrain from selling Pat Brown's book.

  2. Top right they are both looking/focused/homing in at a certain point. Bottom Left, Wright? is still homing in on a certain position.

    Could just be scouting for a good hiding position though.

  3. Must just say thanks to you Joana for transcribing all this.

  4. I don't bellieve Madeleine could be among those rocks at that moment or even ever been there.
    If Gerry was attracking the attention to himself, including during the day, to the point of being clearly photographed, it is because she was not there.
    His intention was to confuse the police. How could he have taken the body to those rocks, in dark, walking through te beach, hiding it on a perfect way and going back to the Ocean Club in order to hear the alarm in such a short time? Was the full moon light enough to light up the rocks?
    I think she was buried and somebody digged the grave between 9.00 and 9.45pm.

  5. @Dandelion1906, nail on head,exactly what i think.

  6. :a Hi Joana! I was starting to wonder if you had missed this. I had started to translate it myself. Now I truly appreciate your efforts to keep us INFORMED. This is a time consuming task! I am so glad you beat me to the line! :p

  7. If we are to consider the psychics, they both made a point of emphasising `culvert` or `running water` which indicates a stream running down to the sea or perhaps a drain or sewerage pipe. It wasn`t indicated in the film if there are any in that area.


    I enjoyed the byte when Amaral points out the often overlooked fact that Isabel Duarte - the McCanns' lawyer, is the same lawyer for Marcos Aragão-Balão. The lawyer paid by Metodo3 - the McCanns' rent-a-cop sleuths, to "assassinate" his character.

    The other thing that left me wondering was; why would the mediums associate the sewage and/or drainage pipes with a golf course?

    It does remind us of the blue sports bag photographed by the PJ inside the apartment immediately after Madeleine's disappearance.

    I understand the McCanns' subsequently denied its existence. After posing for the photographer, as it were, the bag, much to the PJ's chagrin, went missing. Interesting to hear Amaral's comments on this anomaly. First time I did.

    So, what do we get from all this?

    Madeleine's mystery equals "bag" multiplied by the square of the speed of Light (where Light stands for means of transport). Thanking Einstein for the formula...

  9. Madeleine's weight must have been around 26 pounds, that is 13 kg.

  10. If the McCanns are pointing east, all the more reason to look west. Red herrings everywhere in this case, and only one place that has not been pointed to. Look everywhere, but don't look there. Not even when there was the chance to do so. Why not? Because the distraction to look elsewhere was so convincing.

    Would we leave our child alone on a foreign hillside or thrown into the ocean as fish food when we could return her back home?

    No, and I doubt the McCanns would either. If they could not have got her back with all the resources available to them, then nobody could.

    By all means search everywhere, but don't forget the place Gerry McCann went back and forth to several times whilst everybody was searching for an abductor and a live Madeleine.

    Home sweet home, which should have been searched just like the homes of Murat's family were searched. With the dogs.

  11. If Gerry McCann and Wright were involved in any way with disposal of Madeleine's body,could they be surveying the rocky shoreline to see how it would be possible to remove a body by boat from a hidden spot in the cliff face, possibly at the next high tide.
    Donal McIntyre stated that a major US Satellite company was covering the area at the time Maddie was taken.
    I would be looking for late June high tides on that satellite and after dark.
    June was month Kate and children returned to Wright's home town back in UK for his childrens christening

  12. Stopped for the moment, will pick up the transcription/translation later on tonight or tomorrow.

  13. Going to Huelva an walking on the rocks are smoke and mirrors. I don't believe Madeleine was ever there.

  14. Interesting Gerry is using his mobile to test a SMS. To who and about what? About the good or bad conditions of the location to help them dealing with the problem? No scenic yet, at the time.

    Interesting also the behavior of the couple on this days. The twins were packed back to the creche of OC. The couple appeared always together in front of the journalist cameras but were separated the rest of the time. Now, I can understand why the cadaver scent was found only in Kates clothes. She was in charged of the body while Gerry was out distracting curious people ,the police and journalists. She out of the searches was
    more unsuspicious.
    Gerry probably contacted with corpse on the first hours but send his clothes away with missing bag or when he went to UK. GNR dogs, are recovering dogs. They haven't been trained like the Spanniels, to pick cadaver scent and human blood.

  15. 10, you again with your theory about Madeleine's body being in the UK.The McCanns were politically protected by the UK and Socrates, they could leave the country and the investigation was shelved. The body is still in Portugal, most probably in Praia da Luz, somewhere.
    You have to think of a smelling body being controlled by costummers(douane), or the smell being noticed by regular workers working at an airport or a harbour. And who do you think brought the pack to the expedition? Who received it in England? I think Brown promissed to free them of a process but he didn't hire an undertaker to take care of the rest.Kate's many trips to Praia da Luz points to visits to the grave.She wants to be close to Madeleine.And I really think the police know where the grave is and they are waiting for the reopening of the investigation.They must have followed the McCanns and their relatives at night, watching them from the sea and in the streets.
    I believe that their trip to the Vatican, taking the media with them, was a window of opportunity for a relative to replace the body.If I suspect that, the police suspected that too.

    I pray the Home Office or the Met will request the reopening of the investigation . She was British citizen, they have the right to.

    On that video of The Telegraph, I love to listen to Kate's song:

    #have you read#
    the report #
    #can we see #
    the report#...

  16. I think the point Mr Amaral is making is that why would someone be looking where they were if they believed the child was alive. To be searching where they were would indicate to me that they had considered the possibility the child may not be alive, therefore to suggest it's wrong for anyone else to say so, is contradictory in my eyes.

  17. If Kate and Gerry McCann are suffering such mental disorders in the way that their Libel Writ describes, then why is Gerry still able to work as a Cardiologist in the NHS with patients lives at stake? Also how was Kate able to write her book, 'Madeleine'so well, so cleverly and so detailed, as well as taking part in all it's negotiations? Please pass these important comment on to Dr Amaral for the hearing!!!
    Thank you Joana

  18. 17, a psychopath is able to work, to manipulate, to achieve everything he wants. Mental disorders often don't look alike. We have here a case of pathological manipulation, not exactly a disease like schizofrenia or paranoia, when people can get extremely depressed and not being able to dress up themselves well, to be interviewd,etc.
    Kate's indifference points to psychopaty and she supports Gerry who is less psychopath or only a profiteur.
    Her lack of view in the consequences of what she says and writes shows she suffers from disorders. Many times I see sadness in Gerry's eyes and not in Kate's.
    If she wrote that book all by herself, it is not strange. Psychopaths are able to do that and they are pathological liers. They believe in their own versions. Watch Breakfast show of the BBC, 2008, how wonderful and young she is looking, well dressed. One year after Madeleine fell in paedophile's hands... or after her death. She could not care less because she is sick.
    Don't you think it is strange that she never prayed to Madeleine's Guard Angel, the angel of the live people?
    She became so othodox, conservative, and she forgot him?
    And the Virgin Mary involving Maddie in her arms? Odd.
    If Kate is caring about something, she is caring about the involvement of the Met is that case.
    On Gerry's interview on May the 13th, thanking Cameron for the intervetion, you can see how shocked Gerry was. She wasn't because she does not realise the harm they did.
    At the Levenson inquire, we can see Gerry lost weight and he looks unhappy and she looks well.
    He realises they went too far, she doesn't.


    Anon 17 "If Kate and Gerry McCann are suffering such mental disorders in the way that their Libel Writ describes"

    Could we have the link in which G. Amaral says the McCanns are "suffering from mental disorders"? It is always best to back up your comments with evidence. This is a "blog of record", my dear!

    The truth is, Dr. Amaral never wrote or said anything that was not in the original PJ files. What the McCanns' and their British media lackeys call "slurs" are nothing but facts of the investigation followed by Dr. Amaral's expert opinion.

    He are talking about a successful investigator with decades of experience in the Portuguese PJ* asked (by the world at large) to comment on a case of great public interest!

    The McCanns' should be grateful they were allowed to get away with "it" in the first place and again for Portugal being a kind of Banana Republic that allowed such a preposterous case to be filed against one of its most distinguished citizens in the exercise of a fundamental constitutional right (Art. 37 of The Portuguese Constitution).

    It is the McCanns' themselves who have defamed Dr. Amaral. The court decisions to follow (including counter-compensation claims) will speak by themselves.

    So, don't believe everything (anything!) Burston-Marsteller and/or Lift consulting tells you through their (Murdoch, etc.) media friends.

    They are all part of a global, marketing and PR campaign, to dry-clean the McCanns' tarred image AND make some big bucks in the process - excellent PR and "accident management" by the McCanns' admittedly, but ultimately a travesty of Justice.

    * In 2009 alone, PJ had a 100% success rate in finding missing children (193 cases solved out of 193; 53 in the Lisbon Region).[3]. The same happened in 2010.


    "Every year more than 150000 children go missing in the UK - that is one child who disappears every five minutes." (2008 figures)


    Get the picture?
    :o Scotland Yard's reviews...

  20. Amaral should put more significance on those rock photographs if, the area was close to where Danie Krugel mapped out on the cliff face.
    Danie Krugel's machine,I beleive,is controlled via satellite, as in maybe the one Donal McIntyre said was active over Luz the time Madeleine disappeared.

  21. For a distraught father, Gerry looks very well-groomed, almost glossy in the four photos of him wandering round the rocks. Clean white T-shirt, white socks,hair shampooed, all immacculately turned out.
    Anyone else would be haggard,worn down and still wearing the clothes from a couple of days ago. There's no bags under his eyes from crying. He's just a walking photo-opportunity - as is Kate.How any parents could have summoned up the energy to do all that jogging (in front of cameras)is unbelievable. Sorrow, mourning, worry always sap all possible energy.You don't go off jogging!

  22. Isn't it a small world. Kate and Gerry met Edward Smethurst for the 1st time in September 2007,yet Gerry had been on a few golfing trips to Praia Da Luz. Then we find out that Smethurst had been taking regular holidays in Praia Da Luz for 13 years but stopped in 2007. Its odd that they are now both directors of the fund but had never met before.

  23. http://gasparstatements.blogspot.com/2010/11/smoke-and-mirrors-or-smoke-and-fire.html?m=1

  24. @19 Do notice @17 exact words :«If Kate and Gerry McCann are suffering such mental disorders in the way that their Libel Writ describes»

    Quote from 36-page libel write that was published in Sunday Mirror, TOM WORDEN, July 12, 2009 http://themaddiecasefiles.com/topic9417.html

    «What they are demanding
    £430,000 damages for Madeleine which will be used to continue the search for her.
    £215,000 for each parent for the emotional distress the book has caused them. They say they suffer 'permanent anxiety, insomnia, lack of appetite, irritability and an indefinable fear'. The writ also says Kate McCann is 'steeped in a deep and serious depression'.
    £86,000 for each of their twins Sean and Amelie, who could hear his allegations when they start school in September.

    How he made his money
    £500,000 from the book which has sold 180,000 copies in Portugal alone.
    £430,000 from the extra 150,000 books which have been sold in Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Holland.
    £100,000 for a TV documentary watched by one in five people in Portugal - 75,000 copies have sold on DVD.»

    Also leaked to SkyNews as we can see from this unsigned article, December 11, 2011 http://news.sky.com/home/uk-news/article/16128127

    And again at The Mirror, in 12 Feb 2012 (unsigned) http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/goncalo-amaral-made-a-fortune-spouting-681722, just when mysteriously, may I had illegally, some private and confidential records and other documents were published in a certain pro McCann forum http://justice4mccannfam.5forum.biz/t3821-so-gonc-has-no-money, where Marcos Aragão Correia [Leonor lawyer]and at least at a certain point in time Isabel Duarte [with her own name] are members. A timely leak, no doubt.

  25. Gerry's photos: he is playing theatre, calling the attention of the media.
    I don't believe Madeleine's body stayed only one night on the beach, if she was left there. Whole Praia da Luz was already paying attention on Tapas 9, police everywhere, media around. If Gerry hid her on the beach, it was for a longer time. They even didn't have enough time to plan a replacement: they din't know the area and they had to improvise on May the 3rd. Unless this crime was premeditated and they investigated the whole area before the crime was committed. Who knows Payne suspects the same, that's why he desappeared for ever and ever. I have the feeling that he is the person close to the McCanns who isn't doing anything for them. Probably their friendship vanished like Madeleine did. And he vanished before we knew about the Gaspars.
    Who knows the Gaspars themselves or some friend called Payne telling about their statements, and he has nothing to do with the crime.
    To his horror, Kate specially thanked him and Fiona at the end of her book and I'm sure he is now flushing his head in the toilet every minute of the day, while Kate's book is spreaded around the world and the PJ files are already published. The part of Mrs. Gaspar's statement about Gerry desappeared from the media, Carter Rucked short after it appeared.
    I hope some day it will be back.

  26. I expect news from the Met at any moment.
    We heard one last September, November and we are in March now.
    There must be something new.
    Could it be the news Aamral assured that we would hear about?

  27. Actually you may have hit upon a good idea here. Dr Amaral should subpaena Gerry McCann's employers and ask exactly how much sick leave he has had and what arrangements for treatment they have provided and how many interviews he has had with their hr department to discuss his ongoing problems with insomnia, anxiety and distress.

  28. What people should be doing is calling the hospital and goverment and the nhs and voice there concerns that one of there employees is working whilst under arguido, they will have to listen but it will take a big effort and a lot of calls, the papers will pick up on it if we all complained

  29. We are surprised about Mr Cameron that he does'nt feel sorry for Madeleine,what that poor girl has been through,the truth would have been out a long time ago if he had made them open the case and helped a honest man,Mr Amaral,but we know he is friends with Mitchell who is friends with Mr Brown so we an't trust any of them whether conservative or labour.We thought the country would be better now but we are disappointed. Maddie died in the flat.

  30. Any weights go missing from the Ocean club gym.....?

  31. The only problem, @28 , is that Gerry McCann is no longer an arguido.

  32. Last I read - Gerry McCann was no longer working for the NHS but working in the private sector and they must be well aware of what is going on. No point complaining to the newspapers, the NHS or to subpaena his employers as there would be no point whatsoever.

  33. Oh I was not aware there arguido status had been lifted,surely the Gasper statement still has some substance, have they been silenced too? As Payne works in hospitals.if someone makes a statement to the police regarding what they see as a sexual matter regarding a child then the public has a right to know the outcome.....

  34. Joana, it is good news that the McCanns are no arguidos anylonger.They are taking part on that case as witnesses and witnesses are obliged to colaborate with the police. I hope they will be interrogated by the Met as witnesses,that they will take part on the reconstruction as witnesses, no right to refuse.

    Those Gerry's photos above, on May the 9th 2007, were made on purpose because he knew the Smiths had seen him.
    That's why he wend to search for Maddie among those rocks,

  35. I think there was evidence to go ahead with a charge and quite a number of people couldn't believe it when it didn't happen. Instead, the case was shelved. As has been said, there is 'stand alone evidence'. However, it is no longer just about a missing child, it is also about whether it can be proved that people who have been taking money from the public on the strength of a so called 'abduction' and search, knew all along there was no child for the finding.

    I also would not be surprise if the 'suicide' card was played in order to get the case shelved at the time. If so, it worked. It is doubtful it would work again.

  36. 32, where did you read that? Privete sector: would it mean he has a privete consultory, no connection with a hospital?

  37. 32, if this is true, not working at that hospital anylonger, could be because people there could have gaven a lot of money for the search of Madeleine and now Gerry had to leave, out of pressure and shame. If people at that hospital read the Gaspars statement, they must have vomitted Gerry.

  38. @32/@36/@37 Dr Gerry McCann: Consultant Cardiologist with a Specialist Interest in Cardiac Imaging, Glenfield. Hospital, University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust





  39. Joana #24

    :h Point taken but... please let us not confuse mental disorders with "alledged" stress symptoms!

    True enough, I would be stressed if I was in the McCanns' shoes and even more so if I was in Dr. Amaral's - particularly since he lacks a multi-million fund and the support of key media moguls, millionaire entrepreneurs and political personalities in his own country.

    Also, Amaral cannot afford the global, multi-million marketing and PR campaigns and the "designer lawyers" of you-know-who - particularly since the McCanns made sure he had no financial means to defend himself of their accusations.

    Now, how a country such as Portugal allows one of his distinguished citizens to be found guilty-in-advance and have all of its assets apprehended years before a trial condemns him, completely by-passes my understanding. I suspect that in itself, is a serious infraction of human rights only possible in a Banana Republic. Sorry Portugal. That is what it seems...

    Do I feel sorry for the McCanns'? Not at all. I feel sorry for Madeleine and for Dr. G. Amaral trying to serve justice to her.

    :h Mental disorders alright! It is called a congenial psychopathy (may be).


    "Why wasn’t Madeleine’s bedding 'contaminated' by Cuddlecat which was keying off a death odour as she slept with it?"


  41. Interesting and so very true Goncalo Amaral's comment:

    "At facts that are in a process, that some have already tried to dismiss as being historical, as if the process had no importance. "

    Lady Justice Hogg being one of them!

    In her rather unusual declaration and appeal to the alleged abductor ( I would think also unheard of by a Justice) she in my opinion only stopped short of saying that she and the McCann couple knew who removed Madeleine from 5A.

    In so doing she was dismissing the process.

    Extraordinary move on her part!


  42. 39, thanks joana. the trouble is that we never know what is true, what isn't...

  43. "Emotional distress", "depression", "lack of appetite" etc. etc. What do they think they should feel? Isn`t this what you would expect any loving parent to suffer, if they lost a child inexplicably while in their care? It would be very strange if they did not. In such circumstances I know I would be destroyed for the rest of my life. Why should Amaral or anyone else be blamed for what are perfectly understandable and normal reactions?

    I simply fail to understand how anybody can take this couple and their bizarre claims seriously.

  44. The McCanns asked for a revision of all documents about the case.

    Does a revision haven't to do with historical facts in the past, whatever the issues are?

    They asked for it and Cameron was kind enough to listen to them.

    Ok, let the Met start at A till Z.

  45. As regards Matthew Oldfield saying he could not see Madeleine's bed properly when he opened the bedroom door on his check, would that have not been possible if, as he said, he could see the cots with the twins breathing.

    Which way did the door open into the bedroom, was it to the left or to the right, because that would make a very great difference as to what he actually could have seen.

    This is where a reconstruction would have been so valuable.

  46. @45 Opens to the right, please see here the Photographic Report http://www.mccannpjfiles.co.uk/PJ/5A_PHOTO_REPORT.htm , in particular this image http://www.mccannpjfiles.co.uk/P1/01_VOLUME_Ia_Page_14.jpg

  47. Dinner break, will continue after drinking at least two more coffees. 5 minutes of video to go.

  48. "At facts that are in a process, that some have already tried to dismiss as being historical, as if the process had no importance. "

    I think Amaral was referring to Gerald McCann dismissing of a pertinent question from a Portuguese journalist about the original investigation as "old stuff" or words to that effect.

  49. ~44 "Ok, let the Met start at A till Z."

    The problem is the Met will start in P and end in R - as in PR. Let us wait and see.

  50. Thank you Joana at 46. That settles it then.

    How on earth could Oldfield not have seen Madeleine's bed, and whether she was in it or not, being as the doorway is practically facing on to Madeleine's bed, but at the same time see the twins breathing in their cots. It is not really believable at all.

    No wonder he was not happy about returning for a reconstruction. It would have been very hard to explain that one.

    Would SY find him believable, and what response would SY get from the Tapas friends if they requested them to return for a reconstruction? Surely as SY are doing this investigation because of the constant pleading of the McCanns for a review, the Tapas friends would all return if the McCanns asked them to do so.

    Pardon me while I laugh at the thought of that, and the McCanns and their friends having no choice but to comply, but what's the betting the excuses would be very inventive indeed.

  51. No 10, don't forget the large vehicle which was brought over from the UK to supposedly travel around advertising the "missing" Madeleine. How many hiding places are there on a truck that size? Would it have been searched when it re-entered the UK or would it have just been "waved" through by Customs.

  52. I believe Dr McCann left Glenfield Hospital. Working in the "private sector" means that he now works in a hospital where patients choose to pay for their treatment as opposed to a NHS (National Health Service Hospital) where, in the UK, treatment is free. I have no idea why he left Glenfield Hospital but do know that for some time after his return there he did not have personal contact with any of the patients.

  53. Good point @43 and thank you very much Joana for bringing us this English translation, it is much appreciated. Do you know if Goncalo Amaral's visit to PDL coincided with Pat Brown's? Did they visit the cliff area together and discuss all the possibilities? I think it seems highly possible that the body of Maddie was temporarily stored at the beach and disposed of ultimately in the sports bag. I would not be surprised if that bag was still in PDL or surroundings, well hidden. Note how their spokesman says, “As far as Kate and Gerry are concerned, there is no missing tennis bag." That would be a true statement if they knew where it was put. After feeling for a long time that this case may never be solved, I sense that momentum is gathering and that it could be after all. But five years has been a long time to wait, for everyone.

  54. 45, Maddie's bedroom door openned towards the wall right side. See amaral's documentary on McCann Files.

  55. I wonder why Oldfield went twice to the apartment. He says the first time he stayed outside, the second time he went inside the apartment.
    Why twice, what is behind his visits to Madeleine?
    He must have known that she was heavily sedated, that is what I think.
    I wonder if a lot more happened to that child before she was hidden that night.

  56. 49, better PR than CM.
    Your are negative about the Met. I believe they are doing wonderful work.
    Watch how well Amaral is looking: he knows what is going on, imo.
    But I wonder if he believes Maddie was hidden among those rocks.I think she wasn't. We don't know if the PJ found a mixture of sand and blood in the Scenic,or little pieces of rocks, powder of rock from the beach. Maybe fibers of the pink blanket and of the blue bag.I have the theory that Maddie was buried not in those pyjamas but that she is buried wearing regular clothes, socks, etc and I hope the PJ missed them.One can not explain how come her pyjama's T-shirt had cadaver scent, unless her parents changed her clothes before she was oficially buried.
    But it is odd that only the T-shirt is smelling death, not the pants and the Smiths saw she had pants on.
    There must be an innocent explanation for this too.

  57. I read in the files that all 5 of the identifiable fingerprints of the mother were on the glass of the window. http://www.mccannpjfiles.co.uk/P4/04_VOLUME_IVa_Page_884a.jpg (Vidro = glass). The prints of her lefthand fingers on the glass are I think consistent with leaning to look out. To open the window one must touch the handle and button, not the glass. Therefore I suggest the scene may have been faked by another person before her check began?

  58. Gerry can keep fighting to preserve his job at that hospital. Losing it, it will not be easy to find another one. A fraudulent doctor who besides kept his friendship with Payne, after the Mallorca incident and who very much probably is the man seen by the Smiths.

    What worries me is that Oldfield is also a friend of Payne's. Repulsive!

  59. Mccann's arguido status was lifted and they announced already they are not going to come to the next trial, as witnesses.
    Too danger. They know, witnesses can't lie in court and can't refuse to answer any question.
    Again they are going to fail proving their innocence. Only a cat caught by the tail, try to run away from many possibilities that could clearly clean their names, if they are innocents. That speaks more loudly then all the words they conveniently delivered during the last 4 to 5 years.
    I hope, the court ask the reconstruction to clarify the situation. If they refuse it, what is the consequence? The arguido status back again, I believe and the reconstruction done by actors. If the reconstruction proves they lied, I believe an International mandate to capture the Mccann's and the Tapas 7 will be issued. That is the way justice works in democratic developed
    Which song is Cameron going to dance, now that the case reach international top TV shows with large audience and a top USA criminal profiler working on it, to keep protecting the Mccann's? He is going to pressure Passos Coelho, to close the case in Portugal and transform Portugal in the biggest mock country of the modern history?
    I hope Passos Coelho shows some balls, in the name of all Children rights and in the name of Portugal. A country, who received the Mccann's with open arms, feed their Fund with money and deserves respect and gratitude.
    Now, Portugal is not anymore in 2007 and the people are fed up of this group of liars who waste the taxes of the country.


    Anon said: "As Payne works in hospitals.if someone makes a statement to the police..."

    If someone did that, Carter-Ruck would have him/her in court for defamation. Me thinks...

    They were just talking about children sexuality, you see - it's all in Sigmund Freud's "Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality". Like Mickey Mouse says "there is an whole innocent explanation for anything" (for any evidence you may come up with) or words to that effect.

    Could you people please remember that the McCanns' and their friends are UNTOUCHABLE. They are all high up into the ideology pyramid and will be protected by the Prime Minister, if necessary. Not clear how much influence Britain has on the European Court of Human Rights though (...)

    Now please repeat with me ad nauseam:

    "Madeleine was abducted! Madeleine was abducted! Madeleine was abducted!".

    :o Good children!

  61. Joana, que bendita trabalheira! Obrigadérrima. Bjs,



    53 "I think it seems highly possible that the body of Maddie was temporarily stored at the beach and disposed of ultimately in the sports bag".

    It is possible. Anything is possible, particularly since someone (looking like Gerald McCann) was seen running towards the beach by the Smiths but I would rather opt for the scenarios described by Johanna and more recently by Pat Brown.

    Gonçalo Amaral in this video points to the corner of the garden where the Eddie (the dog) detected cadaver odour. It is a more obvious place to temporarily hide a small corpse even if such a scenario may seem to contradict the Smiths sighting - unless the child was brought back later in the dead of the night and placed there.

    I would like to think the parents are innocent of any wrong doing, but I have a problem with the forensic dogs' findings - cadaver odour here, there, everywhere. Blood specks on the wall coinciding with cadaver odour, etc.

    The lies, the inconsistencies, if we ignore the false accusation of Robert Murat... could, just could, be explained away because the parents (and the others in the group) wished to give the impression to a "Third World" country police (as perceived) that they were good, responsible parents; which obviously they were not (Mrs. Fenn testimony).

    That said I think the McCanns' should be left alone to live their lives for the sake of their other children, IF ONLY they would stop the dry-cleaning campaigns, their PR, the gagging of prominent experts, their profit making enterprise which gives them extraordinary legal powers beyond the reach of newspaper owners, TV stations, reputable experts (G. Amaral, T. Bennett, etc.) and sovereign governments.

    The McCanns' have become a threat to the United Nations Declarations of Human Rights!



  63. I just watched Kate's father interview, where he tells he doesn't believe his daughter took part in Madeleine's disappearence.
    Parents often don't know their own children.The only way children have gotten to survive is the way of not allowing their parents to know everything about them.
    I believe Mr. Healy is sincere during his interview and I feel sorry for him. He was already so sick. By now they must know the truth, I believe, specially if they read the satements of the Gaspars'.
    I'm sure they did not expect the McCanns remaining friends with the Paynes, after the incident the Gaspars told about.And they remained friends, they didn't protected Maddie.
    They had no idea Kate left the children all by themselves,for hours, and they must have read Mrs. Fenn's statement.
    They must have realised that everybody could not have being lying, the dogs, Mrs. Fenn, the Smiths, the police, the forensic tests.
    How could Madeleine's blood have being found in the car, hired 3 weeks after her disappearance?
    Who planted it there? Nobody.

  64. I don't believe calpol was Madeleine's cause of death.Too light to cause it.
    What I believe is that Madeleine's hair test proofs she used sedation, till the last day, and sedation is pointing to a difficult behaviour of the child, for years and years. She had difficulties to fall asleep and that was tiring for the parents.She seems to have had a very alert temperament and to have needed a few sleeping hours a day, her whole life.
    It is known Kate asked a relative to look after her and the relative refused it.This means also that the child was already too much for Kate.
    I blame Gerry going to play tennis while Kate was all by herself bathing the children.They are also his children, not only hers.
    I also think of the possibility of Kate suffering of post natal depression, after the twins were born.The PJ found medicines prescribed to her. If she was taking those medicines, Gerry
    should have had more consideration with her and helped her, instead of firting around and playing tennis. Who knows at a certain moment she feared a disaster in her marriage, she got a psychose for a short moment,
    and she made a horrible mistake, dosis of a medicine (not calpol), and the consequences are eternal. I blame Gerry, if he knew that Kate was probably unstable. Too busy with himself, that little baby of the Scottish McCann family.

  65. Imo, Kate is unstable. Maybe she has been unstable her whole life, maybe she got unstable after giving birth to her children.
    Pregnancy and giving birth to a child can be dangerous to any woman. being a doctor, Gerry could have known that.
    But his shelfiness comes on the first place.

    Holidays abroad with 3 little children is god's punishment. It is not your home, it is not their beds, it is not their garden, everything is different and extremely tiring. It is just transporting family difficulties into a more difficult place, even if it is for a week.

  66. Sorry, I am a relatively newcomer to the case and I am confused about the access doors to the apartment referred to in the video above.

    My present understanding is that the door next to the bedroom window - the so-called "abduction" window as it were, IS the main front entrance to apartment 5A. A friend however tells me this is a rear door. I cannot see that in the apartment plan! Who is right?

    As far as I know (or can see) there is no other door besides the double-doors in the patio which is accessed from the main road via the external staircase. This is located by the alleyway adjoining the car park, right?

    My other doubt is:

    Did the patio double doors (lounge) had some sort of key which would enable the tenants to open it from the outside without running the risk of leaving it open? - as it has been suggested they did?

    My point is if the door had no key (which would enable the actual tenants to open it from the outside) then it would have been stupid to leave open if not downright negligent or even murderous because of the obvious risks involved..

    Since it is said in the video (by Mr. Amaral himself) that first Mr. McCann reported to the PJ he had used the key and the main door, and then reports to his own private detectives (Control Risks Group) that in fact he had left the keys (main door) in the kitchen counter it follows they lied to the PJ.

    Naturally, by irresponsibly leaving a door that opens to a main road opened, they deliberately endangered the lives of their own children.

    The above adds another element to the charges of negligence which the PJ could have brought upon the parents quite aside from perverting the course of justice and/or any possible accidental death.

    What do you think?

  67. @66 You are right, not your friend. Madeleine and the twin's bedroom window is right next to the door, at the font. The double-sided windows are at the back of the apartment. The car park for that block of apartments is at the front. The alleyway is between the Tapas area and the block of apartments in the rear. No keys for the double-sided windows that you call doors. Please see here maps and photos for enlightenment regarding the Apartment 5A http://www.mccannfiles.com/id21.html


    Just out!

  69. @66 If you have time watch this documentary http://blip.tv/doc-pj/doc-pj-2113907

  70. Thank you @68

    Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: On Moving and Hiding Bodies "Friends help friends move; Great friends help friends move bodies." by Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

  71. Much obliged Joana. I get the picture now. So there was no key and they left it closed (but opened). That would have been very incriminating for the average Joe Bloggs let alone two VIPs with a medical degree. That was tantamount to invite a crime to happen! No allegations made.

  72. @64 even if she had died of sedation would they really have needed to dump her body ? no proof of which parent gave it to her ,they could have said she took it her self (unless it was injected) ,to me theres only 2 reasons to hide the body physical or sexual abuse and seeing as there seems to be other ppl involved in the cover up id say it rules out the 1st because if she had died by being slapped too hard why would any 1 get involved in covering up her death ? the only reason would be if they had something to hide or was involved them selfs

  73. Joana's tip http://blip.tv/doc-pj/doc-pj-2113907

    The video is taking sometime to load (slow connection, mine) I will get back to it when it does. Again, much obliged!

  74. If Gerry was the guy seen by the Smiths, the girl he was carrying was a decoy, not Madeleine. At the time Madeleine was already stored in a safe place where only the police could have access if they were extremely lucky to smell and suspect the place at the beginning.
    We are talking about educated people who know much more then the basic steps of dealing with a body, the forensic evidences the body could leave behind and the ways it could be found if simple rules were not followed strictly. They don't want the police to find the body before the Abduction theory was totally cemented on the police arena. I believe, their plan was to dispose the body, few days later, somewhere, where the police or somebody could find it, if they were absolutely sure that the crime could be imputed to an abductor. The police ruin their plan and that was were the nightmare began. They quickly understand, the police was not buying their lies, no matter how hard they worked with the British diplomatic department, to try to control the investigation. Krugel was invited to legitimate the dispose of the body, but again the police ruin the plan by controlling all the steps of krugel method and discredit it.
    Gerry will not take the risk of walking with Madeleine exposed, on the streets of PDL. Imagine if he crosses with a police doing surveillance or somebody who decides to come close to him and see the condition of the girl? A death person has a different appearance then a sleeping person. Even at night could be easily spotted. Is also very unlike to store the body outside. Any dog could find it and ruin their plans. Same with church.
    The body was probably stored in a property near by, and moved in the early morning for a different location. At the time, GNR and PJ, were looking for a live child with dogs specialized in recovering alive people. And were working more on the possibility of Madeleine being wondering off from the flat by herself, due to the absence of a break in. I believe the searches were concentrated on outside locations and not on flats or villas.

  75. Another highly perceptive posting by Johanna. Out now!


  76. I just watched Rocha Negra and sorroundings on Pat Browns and I wonder if the McCanns had any idea about its topography.

    It seems Gerry said "Ï'm not here to enjoy myself" right after he got in the bus to go to the resort.

    I understood that Kate was already jogging from the first day.
    And it seems Kate had a premonition before she left on that vacation.

    Well, it sounds as if Gerry didn't want to go on holidays on those days,he knew already he wouldn't enjoy them.
    He knew he was transporting work from home to more difficult circunstances abroad: 3 very young hyperactive children, too much work for the mater familias, improvised cots, different rooms and bathroom, who knows a depressed wife. I believe he went to Algarve against his will.

    In this case, I believe Kate could have pressured him to go and he had no choice.
    Why should Kate insist on going to Portugal at that moment, knowing she would get dubble work to do, with the children.She must have known Gerry was not that helpful, and that she would stand all by herself doing the most work.

    question: was she the one who manipulated Payne in order he would organise the trip, and that would be the reason why we never heard about him again? Could she have used him, like she uses everybody?

    Was Kate jogging around before the 3rd in order to find a suitable grave, analysing the region?

    Somewhere I read that Olegário de Sousa have said: "It is a crime against an English, committed by an English and planned(premeditated) in England."
    I don't know if he ever said that.

    If he ever did, my thoughts could be very near to the truth.

    Possibly, O'Brian disappeared also for the same reason I wrote above.

  77. I wrote about Payne's disappearance, probably because he felt he was manipulated by Kate but there is the possibility he disappeared because he recognised Yvonne Martin the morning of the 4th.
    I can not say some of the group are lucky: Gerry goes down the street with the body and he meets a bunch of people, Payne meets Yvonne Martin.

    There is still that lawyer who told a Spanish news paper that Tapas 7 was living under the McCanns pressure and that there were people close to the McCanns that were not helping them at all.
    These "people"could be Payne himself, I think. Or O'Brian but I don't think O'Brian is a close friend of the McCanns'.

  78. @76 think that vid is still on youtube ,wasnt it posted within a very short time of maddy going missing and didnt the mcs say that they didnt know who posted it on youtube?also there was doubts that it was filmed at faro airport ,when i was there the bus was a lot busier than that ,in fact it was packed

  79. 74, on May the 3rd, Praia da Luz became dark about 9pm. Imo, that was when somebody could unoticed look for a place to hide the body.Not before.
    He would have attracted the atttention from other people.
    Even if that child was not Maddie, the surveillance would have found it strange and it would remember Gerry.

    Whose property,74? Tapas 9 didn't know anybody in Luz.

  80. #57,

    The handle is usually on the frame of the right-side glass (window pane), on the left-side pane there is no handle, only a small kind of a lock, that one has to pull out and that inserts in a small hole in the metal frame of the glass. In order to slide open this left glass one has to use ones fingers, pushing it to the right to open or left to close, leaving finger and palm prints all over! Of course, since the right-side pane had the handle it didn't have any prints on.

  81. #64 wrote:

    "I don't believe calpol was Madeleine's cause of death"

    Well, maybe not the direct, immediate cause, but it might have contributed to it. She could have been given it before she was put to bed, and later on she woke up and walked out of bed in a daze, confused and feeling dizzy, maybe she went to look for her parents in their bedroom and overheard her father's voice coming from the outside (when he was chatting to Jez Wilkins). She might have climbed on the back of the sofa to look out the window and fell over, due to the dizziness, hitting her head hard on the floor, between the sofa and the wall. I believe this is what Mr. Amaral thinks might have happened.
    Just one of the many possibilities...

    Thanks to @75 for the tip and Johanna for the brain storm.

    Indeed, why would Jane Tanner choose to say she walked right past "Jez" and Gerald (without them seeing her) on the same pavement, right where there was a car parked (under the kitchen window)? It would have been most unlikely she would have gone unnoticed. Furthermore why would you pass right next to a friend without saying "Hi!"? The mind boggles...


  83. #66,
    The back "door" is more exactly a large window, that starts from the floor almost up to the ceiling, so, in fact it is used more like a door than a window, since people can go in and out of it. These kind of sliding "french doors" have a lock on the inside frame, but none on the outside. They only are truly closed if one closes the lock from the inside, some have a lock with a knob that only needs to be pushed in, others have that lock plus a key hole lock for a small key(the one I have in my kitchen)for double safety. If those doors are not "locked on the lock", so to speak, they look like they are fully closed, but one still can open them from the outside by just pushing against the glasses or the frame and slide it open, left or right.
    According to the McCanns accounts this was the case, they left the glass doors closed but not locked, so they could slide them open from the outside when they or their friends came to check on the children. For anyone looking from the outside the doors would seem perfectly closed, but still they would be very easily opened.
    Their alledged reasons for doing this...? So many, take your pick:

    -For Madeleine and the twins to have an escape route in case of fire (!!!)
    -For them to enter to do the checks without making noise (Gerry said that the opening of the front door witht he key could make too much noise and disturb the children)
    -It was much easier and quicker to enter via the back than go all the way around the building, up the road, to the front door
    -Others than the McCanns could do a check, without the need for a key

    The front door leads to a parking lot and a public road, the back glass door leads to apartment's 5A private patio that overlooks the Tapas and the pool, and it exits to another public road, through a flight of stairs protected by a small gate. Both entrances to the apartment exit to public roads, not the enclosed space of the Ocean Club.

  84. On O'Brien and Gerry's present condition,
    Someone left this comment in Pat Brown's blog:


    "Anonymous said...
    O'Brien is doing fine in his career in the NHS in Exeter and Plymouth. Gerry McCann's career also is on the up. A frequent key speaker at Cardio-vascular events and leader of prize winning research teams.

    March 1, 2012 8:27 AM"

    So, Gerr's career is on the top, eh...?
    Not all that badly afected by the lack of appetite, insomnia, anxiety, etc., etc.,etc. ...?


    Joana Morais at 80 "For reference Stolen Life: Nico Bento Speaks up and the Failure of the Forensic Science Service"

    Thanks Joana. I had missed this. Well, I suppose this helps to explain the FSS "inconclusive" results when it came to Madeleine's forensics. True, it does not prove her samples were manipulated but certainly throws considerable doubt into the proceedings.

    Incidentally, you have to be stupid to send the samples to a British organization when there are VIP British citizens potentially involved in a crime. Chances were they would manipulate the results "home", not "away" - c'est normale, non? Impartiality? That does not exist. Ideology insures it does not.

    Let Amaral try to counter sue the McCanns', arrest their assets, freeze their accounts, prevent them from exercising a profession, years before the trial itself! justto see if the British (unlike the Portuguese) allow that. You must be joking! :c

    What we have now instead is Scotland Yard taking over the investigation (diplomatically, you know) in order to completely denigrate the PJ investigation and dry clean the McCanns' image. Take that!

    The samples should have been handled by a Portuguese laboratory and the McCanns' and their friends taken to court and tried - if there was a case as indeed it seemed.

    I guess the Portuguese knew they would be under considerable political pressure (even economic sanctions)if they did that, i.e. if they themselves had found the McCanns' guilty so they let the British decide.

    That much I can understand but...using one of their most distinguished civil servants (Amaral) to placate the McCanns' guilt is vile beyond description. Only Machiavelli (or Isabel Duarte and associates) could have thought of that (cough).

  86. The Smith family were used to children and knew the approximate age of child for the size of child they saw, and mentioned this, and it tallied with Madeleine's age. No way would it have been the younger daughter of Kate and Gerry as she was much smaller than Madeleine.

    As for Madeleine being small for her age, well she sure doesn't look it in the photos where she is with other children, so why did the McCanns say this. Was it because they kept showing pictures of a much younger Madeleine as if they were recent ones?

    Also, the subconscious can be telling us something which we are not really registering, in that Mr Smith asked the man carrying the child if she was asleep, though he got no answer. Why ask an unnecessary question like that, when it must have been obvious from what he was seeing that she must have been asleep.

    Was he subconsciously prompted to ask it because there was something that didn't look quite right about the pale 'sleeping' child he saw, and the way the limbs were hanging, and that could even have been a child that was no longer in the land of the living.

  87. Did anybody besides Kate's best friend, and independent of the McCanns and their friends, see her bashing the walls with her fists that night, no doubt resulting in badly bruised hands, if not broken knuckles.

    Also, did anybody, independent of the McCanns, witness Kate kick the bed in the holiday apartment with such force as to break it? Is there a photo of the broken bed to be seen?

  88. @81 - GM issued a `no comment` after being asked if he knew RM, which is rather odd. If he did actually know RM (maybe via RO`B & JT from Exeter, where RM also had a property), RM worked at the Remax Estate Agency and was in the process of setting up his own estate agency - he must have known about (and had access to) many empty properties.

  89. 84, Jane Tanner was giving herself an alibi and not giving Gerry one, because Gerry had already Jez.
    This means that Tanner could have been involved in hiding the body, together with O'Brian, down the beach.
    Preparing the grave.

  90. Tudo Bem!

    Multo obrigada!


  91. @86
    "Anonymous said...
    O'Brien is doing fine in his career in the NHS in Exeter and Plymouth. Gerry McCann's career also is on the up. A frequent key speaker at Cardio-vascular events and leader of prize winning research teams...

    So, Gerr's career is on the top, eh...?
    Not all that badly afected by the lack of appetite, insomnia, anxiety, etc., etc.,etc. ...?


    Well lets hope this piece of information is passed on to Snr Amaral, its so good too know that Gerry hasn't really suffered in anyway from his childs death, if he had he wouldn't have been able to advance in his carear...NOWAY!,, this imo is very important for Snr Amaral to know about.

  92. A tip: try Googling "Dr Gerald McCann" or "Dr Gerry McCann" but set the search to exclude the name "Madeleine" (using a negative sign -Madeleine"). You may be surprised, as I was to see the guest speaking roles and pioneering research roles that GM undertakes. Certainly seems as if he has bounced back and there is no damage to his abilities or career from Amarals book. Maybe Gerry will save your life someday through his work? An ethical argument to protect him perhaps?

  93. What an ideal bag a golf bag would be if it came to the removal of a child's body. Stick a couple of golf clubs in there as well and nobody would bat an eyelid.

    Gerry McCann sure does look like he is making heavy work of carrying that golf bag on his back.

  94. http://blip.tv/doc-pj/doc-pj-2113907

  95. It is obvious to me that, whatever happened to Madeleine, David Payne comdemned it, and he comdemned Kate. That's why he went to the Tapas that night, bringing his monitor with him. At that moment he took distance from the McCanns and I believe he remains distant.If it was Calpol or something similar, he probably would have taken a different attitude towards the couple.And if it was another kind of accident, I think he would have clearer suported the parents. He is a doctor, he must have understood what happened to the child and if it was on purpose or not.
    To me, his attitude speaks volumes.
    He probably knows he is victim of a trap and who knows Kate confesses it to him.

  96. I don't understand if Mr Smith spoke to the man carrying the child then surely he knows who this man is and could identify him. Where is it on record that this happened.

    I always thought they just passed each other without speaking. Also I don't think this child was a decoy if this was Gerry Maccann and I believe it was then the child was Madelaine and she was already dead. imaginations are running riot, because we are all wanting this charade, over soon.

  97. According to certain people who have worked hard on studying the creche sheets, there appears to be something about them that is not adding up, which leaves quite convincing doubts as to whether Madeleine was even alive so as to have attended the creche prior to the 3rd May.

    If these doubts as to the actual date when Madeleine went missing can be presented before a judge and accepted, could it mean the texts messages sent and received by Gerry McCann, and which were previously not allowed in evidence because they were made prior to the 3rd May, (that being the supposed date of Madeleine's disappearance), now become part of the evidence.

    If they were to be allowed, will they back up that 'stand alone' evidence the investigators have which makes them believe that Madeleine is no more.

  98. Ok here's an angle:

    Jane did see someone walking with a child at the time and place she said she did.

    The place Gerry disagrees with Jane but Jes agrees with Jane

    So, let's say Gerry had Maddie removed around/before/after 9:15

    He kept Dixie, but Tanner spotted the removal on a road in a certain direction.

    If that happened

    Gerry would need to put the child in a different place

    Because Jane spotted the direction.

    When he gets the chance he picks up from spotted direction and

    moves evidence away.

    (-: just a thought...

  99. If Madeleine climbed on the sofa and fell down at 9.05/9.10pm, there would have been a possibility that Oldfield had seen her because the sofa was agains the wall, under the window, Maddie would have fallen down of the side of the sofa. The sitting room is not very big, he would have noticed the child on the floor.Amaral does not want to tell much about what he thinks and knows.

  100. to @85 from @66

    Many thanks for taking the time clarifying that for me in great detail.

    Things being so, I have the uneasy feeling Jacques Lacan might have said the parents had an unconscious death wish for their daughter, particularly since the arrival of the designer twins, which may have been perceived as the "mirror stage" image of themselves. There was a boy and a girl! Twins! Every couple's dream! Madeleine had (at some deep unconscious or even pre-conscious level) become redundant, as it were. "Life is subservient to our most deep-seated desires". I think C. G. Jung said that, but I am not sure.

    What I am sure is, there is a process of "transference" going on against the Chief Inspector. It is as if they could kill him symbolically (legally) that would somehow alleviate their guilt and,improve their image and self-esteem. The way they go about it reveals great pre-meditating intelligence.

    Sorry, I seem to have gone off on a tangent here.

    Things being as you said, I will settle for a freak accident or even, if I may be polite, abduction. Naturally, I am aware the latter stands against all odds and the central facts of the investigation.

  101. @88 My impression is that it would have been very difficult for an on-looker to tell the difference between a dead child and one asleep (particularly at night under artificial street light) - unless of course her head was lying back and moving loose side-to-side.

    If you held a child against you as the father is seen doing on arrival (airport) it could be dead or alive. You would not be able to tell the difference by just casually looking at it.

    Naturally, you would assume it was alive, as it is not a common sight to see adults carrying dead children. Sleeping children yes. The mind always tends to what is common and frequent.

    Take a moving staircase, an escalator. Even when the same is stopped your mind will react as if it is moving and for a second or two your body will react accordingly. Habit.

    Any doctor or psychologist will tell you this.

  102. Maybe before the 10pm check begins, someone has already removed the evidence and faked the scene (reposition sofa, reposition toy, open window and shutter)?

  103. 98, none of the Smiths ever spoke to the man carrying a child. They just saw him paassing by.Watch Amaral's documentary.

  104. @98 The Smiths did not speak with whomever was carrying the child. Please read the Smiths statements, thoroughly this time. http://themaddiecasefiles.com/topic59.html

    @103 I agree but again, read the Smiths family statements, namely the parts describing the child being carried by a man alleged to be Gerald McCann, uncovered [no blanket] in a cold night of May. Her unusual position of the arms, the whiteness of her skin [possible Pallor mortis?].

    M. Smith: «As regards the child, he says that the child was female, about four years of age as she was similar to his granddaughter of the same age. It was a child of normal complexion, about a metre in height although he cannot say this categorically as she was being carried. She had blond medium-hued hair, without being very shiny. Her skin was light white, typical of the British. He did not see her eyes as she was asleep and her eyelids were closed.

    She was wearing light-coloured pyjamas, he cannot define the exact colour. She was not covered by any other blanket or cover. He cannot confirm whether she was barefoot however, within his group, they spoke about the child having no covering on her feet.»

    A. Smith: «She appeared to be sleeping. Her arms were suspended along her own body and were not wrapped around the individual who was carrying her. She did not look at the child's hands and cannot state the colour of her skin, having the feeling that it was white.

    There was nothing covering the child, a comforter/blanket or any other piece of clothing but because of the girl’s position, she only saw her from the back.

    She was wearing light coloured trousers, white or light pink-coloured that may have been pyjamas. She does not remember if they were patterned as it was dark. The material was fine and could have been cotton.»

    P. Smith: «He states the child was female. She was perhaps two or three years old. She appeared to be a bit smaller than his niece of the same age. It was a girl with a normal complexion. She had blond hair, of medium tone, without being very shiny. Her skin was white, typically British. He did not see her eyes as she was asleep and her eyelids were closed.»

    Diane Webster [rogatory interview/member of the Tapas 9 group] on the Weather conditions (just an example regarding the weather on the night previous to Madeleine's disappearance): «PC: "But Wednesday stands out to you because you know the weather wasn’t very good?”

    DW: "Wednesday I remember because it was raining in the morning, we thought oh no tennis, you know, but we did have the tennis later on because I remember err we were waiting for the courts to dry.”» in http://themaddiecasefiles.com/topic38.html?sid=1ac28f3d9ed15c664a175b3f9337ff48

  105. @ 100 cont'd

    ...would explain why Gerry has to say he didn't see Jane but doesn't explain why Jez didn't see her.

  106. I remember I read somewhere that someone in the Smiths group did ask the man they saw carrying the child "is she asleep?". Of course, it might have been on some newspaper article about the "Smith sighting" and be nothing more than a media fantasy...anyone else has some recolletion of this, and maybe know how it came about, where it came from?
    Thank you!

  107. Anon 103

    Perhaps Mr Smith has an acute sense of smell, and he was subconsciously reminded of death by cadaver scent being given off. It is not only dogs that can smell it. Spend a bit of time visiting a graveyard, and the undertone is there easy to recognise.

  108. Regards whether or not the man with the child was spoken to, please note article from Sky News 7th April, 2008 by John Kelly.

    'Missing Madeleine McCann: Irish witness 'clears' Murat'

    'The Smith family suspicions were aroused when he made no response when they asked if the barefoot child was asleep. He put his head down and averted his eyes'.

    I have read elsewhere that it was Mr Smith who did the asking.

  109. I'm wondering if Mr Smith and family, just like our media, have bought the tripe that the McCanns have been 'cleared' of any wrongdoing, and so Mr Smith is left thinking that what he thought was Gerry McCann carrying the child, couldn't possibly have been him.

    Maybe he was even threatened to be sued if he dared to repeat he was up to eighty per cent sure it was Gerry. That is possible, and unless he reads on the internet about this case he is not going to be any the wiser.

    I hope this is not so, and sticks to his guns about what he saw.

  110. Joana at 106

    Point taken. The arms might hang loose if a child is deeply asleep. Same if it is dead (my assumption). Except you might not expect a child being carried dead one reason they didn't stop Gerry, I mean the stranger.

    The fact that they remembered the incident may well indicate that, at some level, they thought the event rather strange. It might have looked even stranger if they had not been drinking...

  111. #110,
    I suppose that either is the Sky News reporter version or invention, or Mr. Smith elaborated his story a bit more for the interview than he did to the police. I bet on the first option...

    The only person of the Smith family who mentions that no words were exchanged is Peter Smith:

    "Date of Diligence: 2007.05.26 15H30
    Location: DIC Portimao

    — Questioned, states that the individual did not speak nor did the child as she was sleeping deeply. He adds also that the individual did not try to hide his face or lower his look, [doing] nothing [that would be] perceived as strange."

    Read all the Smiths statementes here:


  112. Anonymous @103 wrote:-

    "Naturally, you would assume it was alive, as it is not a common sight to see adults carrying dead children. Sleeping children yes. The mind always tends to what is common and frequent.

    Take a moving staircase, an escalator. Even when the same is stopped your mind will react as if it is moving and for a second or two your body will react accordingly..."

    I quite agree. No-one would have assumed the child being carried was dead, rather than just asleep. :b

    I remember a visit I made to the Science Museum many years ago to view an exhibition on Perception. The exhibits were interactive and one of them was a dissected cup & saucer with a teaspoon standing in the half cup, which was mounted on a board. A flick of a switch revolved the exhibit to reveal the cut side, i.e. the inside of the cup. Imagine my startled surprise when the teaspoon that I'd intuitively perceived was standing in the cup wasn't a teaspoon at all: It was a fork!

    I believe the same sort of unthinking presumption was made by the Smith family when they witnessed a 'sleeping' child being carried towards the beach.

    Psychology also played a large part in the searches that night/early hours of the morning. People weren't searching for a concealed body, they were listening and looking for a live child. These are two very different methods of searcheing.

  113. @ 1007 cont'd

    ...Now if Jane was the one to remove Madeleine from 5A (with her hair tucked in) while Gerry kept Dixie that would explain why Jes didn't see Jane the abductor as Gerry kept him talking.

    But Gerry & Jane couldn't be sure that Jes hadn't spotted someone carrying a 'sleeping' child which would come out in his witness statement, so Jane had to spot Jane the abductor.

    Gerry couldn't support Jane's alibi because he knew Jes statement wouldn't support/and that it was unlikely on such a narrow road to not see her.

    Gerry had to shift Madeleine later in a different direction in case Jes saw anything.

    Would help explain a few things anyway...

  114. I am pleased Mr Amaral has returned to Praia Du Luz.

  115. From the above video an important point
    "there are fingerprints of Kate McCann opening the window towards her left hand-side"
    The photo page posted above (Volume IX, page 2319) is good with many marks shown up by the red dust however it does not label which of these marks are her prints.
    I did find a picture in the files which is a collage of her 5 fingerprints from the window but it shows them in isolation not their locations on the window. Another page says the 5 prints are on the "vidro" but I can't find more exact locations.

  116. Poster 40 - very interesting! I had assumed all Glaswegians and Scots were taken in by the 'Scotsman of the Year (worst ever irony) - good to see pockets of sceptcism still flourishing and willing to speak publicly

  117. Soon after Madeline went missing I had a vision of a 'V' shaped valley with rocks and water at the bottom. At the top was some kind of moving fence. When I saw film footage on television of road/footpath excavations near to where she went missing, I said "There is the place where Madeline is" I strongly believe that she wandered off and fell into this 'workings' or someone put her there. My Grandmother was a Gypsy, and I am the youngest of seven lads from my Father who was also the youngest of seven lads. I was told that I do have some kind of a gift. The Soham murders were very bad, and I did say at the time that the girls were near the tennis courts, which is where the police found the clothes. I am not a nut, just a plain old man who feels very sad that these sort of things happen in our world.


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