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Maddie Case: PJ/Oporto has already been on the field in the Algarve

McCann deleted Phone calls Records,
image from the investigation case files released by the Portuguese Public Ministry

by Nuno Miguel Maia and Óscar Queirós

PJ inspectors from Oporto have been to the Algarve several times over the last few months, secretly working on the Maddie case. The re-analysis of all of the case’s elements has already been through the verification of telephone data.

Everyone who has been, one way or another, connected to the Madeleine McCann case investigation, on the 3rd of May of 2007, admit that there may be lapses in the process. Nevertheless, the major difficulty is related to the time that has already passed since the disappearance, which may have dissipated potential evidence that has never been found.

Confronted with JN’s yesterday news, Kate and Gerry McCann - the parents of the little English girl, who have been made arguidos in the process – released [in a press release sent to Lusa news agency yesterday] an expression of happiness over the articulation that has been established between the Scotland Yard and the Judiciary Police (PJ), through a team from the Oporto Directory.

“We are naturally happy about this development because it is exactly what we have been asking for. We hope that this re-evaluation of the case will result in the reopening of the process within useful time”, they declared, through their communications advisors [PR's].

JN has requested some additional clarification which did not arrive within useful time. The couple’s lawyer, Rogério Alves, also insists in the cooperation between police forces.

“What the parents want, above everything else, is to discover what happened to their daughter, naturally sustaining the hope of still being able to find her alive. In order for that to happen, it is necessary that the police forces don’t stop searching, don’t stop following the leads that are available”, the lawyer explains.

It is precisely in the search for clues that the PJ from Oporto has been working, in a very discreet way, over the last few months, travelling to the Algarve. They were given the mission to go through the entire previous investigation with a fine toothed comb, but also to verify the data.

As JN was able to find out, one of the aspects that is being newly worked over is the telephone traffic of the members of the group [Tapas 9] that were spending their holiday at the Ocean Club, in Lagos, in the Algarve, in May 2007. This is being done through the records of the area’s antennas.

in Jornal de Notícias, page 2, March 10, 2012 | Online paid edition | Translation by Astro


  1. "We hope that this re-evaluation of the case will result in the reopening of the process within useful time”, they declared, through their communications advisers"

    I bet those words stuck in their throats!
    They must be terrified.


    So the PJ have been at it and as GA told (the) "O Crime" the McCanns' might get more than they bargained for. Nice.

    May be, if that depended on the PJ... but I suspect it doesn't. It depends on SY and the strict instructions they have from Cameron which probably runs along the lines:

    "The parents must not be exposed under any circumstances!"

    Whether the Portuguese PJ will allow themselves to be gagged very much depends of the orders they have received from the Republic's Attorney Fernando José Matos Pinto Monteiro, possibly under direct orders from Cavaco e Silva - the Anglophile Portuguese president.

    Your guess is as good as mine.

  3. @2 Pinto Monteiro de partida. Quem será o próximo PGR? [Pinto Monteiro is leaving. Who will be the next AG?]http://www.ionline.pt/portugal/pinto-monteiro-partida-quem-sera-proximo-pgr

  4. Joana at 3

    :e Surprise! Surprise! I just had a look at the line-up. Euclides Dâmaso, ex-PJ, would suit democrats I suppose, but then on seconds thoughts, he would be under the influence of the politicos wouldn't he? I suspect only the flies change but I do not wish to sound too cynical.

    What's your inside opinion? Be tactful Isabel Duarte is reading...

  5. I have been rooting around all the blogs, twitter etc waiting for some 'reasonable' explanation of yesterdays headlines.
    Of course 'reopen' in the Portuguese sense is a much played on 'splash' of headliner for the British media.
    As much as we all know here, it's worth pointing out for the uninformed, it has always been within the McCanns grasp to have not had the process achieved or to have it reopened: simples RECONSTRUCTION. But this is not a fully REOPNED case in the way Portuguese law works.

    So it would seem as one would have expected the Portuguese authorities have been working with the MET or the MET working with them, no one would have expected anything different in a responsible society

    But equally never let it be forgotten that the whole process of the Portuguese investigation was fully reviewed after Dr Amaral had stepped down.

    Perhaps Stuart Prior call me 'Sty' of the LP is sitting back now waiting for his 'ears' to burn, I'd hardly expect the MET to have considered the LP's side of things particularly helpful, after all, they had Mrs McCann on Maternity leave when doing her background check. Delayed the transmission the letters regarding the Gaspars and any supportive investigation.

    Hopefully now and finally this very sad case can be brought to a conclusion. But personally, I will not hold my breath.

  6. Why did Goncalo Amaral leave the Madeleine case in 2007? Clarification please.

  7. I wonder what SY made of the Gaspar statements, and whether they have come across any other pieces of information the LP 'held back' awaiting a request for them to be produced.

    Did the PJ ever receive the information that Payne wanted to convey about the disappearance of Madeleine but did not want it put in his statement, as requested by him to the officer taking his statement in the UK. Did they ever ask him for more information about the broken fridge in the McCanns holiday apartment that he mentioned?

    It is going to be very embarrassing for certain people if it turns out the answer has been available all along, but with the shelving of the case it was never brought to light.

    Meanwhile, where are the McCanns, and why are they rolling out Clarence yet again when they have shown they are certainly able to speak for themselves when they want to. At a loss for words perhaps?

  8. Hello, Joana. I hope you are well.

    Could you possibly clarify for me if you are able to do so, the line in the above report that states:

    "...newly worked over is the telephone traffic of the members of the group that were spending their holiday at the Ocean Club, in Lagos, in the Algarve, in May 2007."

    Does the phrase, "members of the group" specify just the Tapas 9 or does it also include the entire group of guests at the Ocean Club for the month of May.

    Thank you and again, I appreciate your time and energy. It's been a long haul. :)


  9. Hi Karmaera, the group refers to the Tapas 9 specifically, will add that between square brackets, though I believe it's understandable from the article's context you were right in asking that question :) Thanks.

  10. Anon 6 "Why did Goncalo Amaral leave the Madeleine case in 2007? Clarification please."

    He explains that in his best-selling book "A Verdade da Mentira" (the one the McCanns want to see burnt). See "Introductory Note" (Nota Introdutória) to start with. See links on this blog (right-hand side of home page).

    I could explain to you why but I would only be repeating what he wrote besides it is always best to hear it "from the horses mouth", as they say.

    Take care friend!

  11. Thank you, Joana, for indulging me. Re-visiting and analyzing ONLY the tapas nine's cell communications is encouraging news on where the inquiry is focusing.

    Kind regards :a

  12. Talk about cell communications. Have you people read Pat Brown's latest instalment of her criminal profile of the McCanns'?

    All about cell communications and burials. A must read.


  13. So many false dawns, I fear the McCanns will never be caught, they are off limits, if we knew why, the mystery would be solved.

  14. @anon 7 wasnt there also a allegation about the same sort of thing happening in a hospital that g worked at ? i know i read it some where ,think it might have beeen on the 3As


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