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Maddie Case: Scotland Yard discredits Spanish investigation

  • Spanish Detectives clues are useless for the Maddie Case
  • McCann couple paid investigation with money from the “Find Madeleine” fund
Francisco Marco Fernández, Método 3 Boss
English Police dismisses work done by the private agency “Método” 3 hired by the McCann couple

by Oscár Queirós

The investigators of Scotland Yard, who are again working in the case of Madeleine's disappearance, came to the conclusion that steps taken in recent years by the Spanish detectives hired by the McCann couple have helped very little or nothing at all towards the discovery of what happened to the girl.

The detectives from the “Método 3” agency were paid with money from the “Find Madeleine” fund and the data they collected had always as basis the assumption of the abduction thesis, defended by the parents of the child who disappeared in the Algarve on May 3, 2007.

Four members of the English team that are investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann were in Barcelona, at the end of last year, where they have collected dozens of boxes filled with documents. Francisco Marco, in charge of “Método 3”, told [on a Spanish TV broadcast] that those documents contained “six, seven or eight very important leads”.

At this moment, according to what JN was able to find out, the investigators are re-analysing every data pertaining to the case and they have already played down the importance of those “leads”. They have, therefore, chosen to concentrate all their efforts in the process that was archived in Portugal in July 2008.

It should be recalled, as JN has reported previously, the Judiciary Police (PJ), trough a team from Oporto's directorate, has been cooperating with the English in a re-assessment of all the investigation data.

According to the Spanish newspaper ‘El Periódico de Cataluña’ [14 December 2011], Scotland Yard seized the opportunity of that Spanish trip to hold meetings with the Spanish Police and the Guardia Civil. This was confirmed to JN by Portuguese sources who explained that those meetings took place due to the keenness to not overlook any avenues of the investigation, namely the possibility of abduction, even by the proximity of Portimão with the Spanish border.

Seven friends of the McCann couple to be heard
Scotland Yard wants to listen again the seven friends that were on holidays with the McCann couple in the Algarve in 2007. That will be done after the translations of the statements that they gave to the Judiciary Police are completed and after the making of the “virtual reconstruction”.

in Jornal de Notícias, page 11, March 18, 2012, paper edition


Barcelona based Método 3 private detective agency, owned by Francisco Marco was substituted by the now FBI sought for alleged fraud and money laundering Kevin Halligen (facing extradition since 2010) - all PI's were hired by the McCann couple. Video excerpt of an interview with Mr. Joseph Moura, who investigated the Maddie case for CBS 48 Hours Mystery in 2007 (previous to the Portuguese Public Ministry release of the case files)


  1. Good news it is about time the 'into each other friends' are heard as well as the couple

  2. Yay, they are closing in and putting an immense pressure on the Tapasniks before questioning them yet again.

    Jane you will be outed as the biggest liar in history.

  3. Great news. The McCanns always choosed to get involved with gangsters...Marco, Kevin...
    Of course Marco said she was alive, that he knew where she was, she would come back for Christmas.
    The McCanns had money enough to pay him to tell those stories and he wanted to receive it. I don't blame him at all.He was right.

    I knew the virtual reconstruction made by the Yard was probably one of their last steps, before interrogating Tapas 7 again. They are again checking on the statements but the Yard don't need translations. Tapas 7 stated in English. Maybe JN means translations in Portuguese, for the PJ.Very accurat.

    I expect at least one or two of the group to come forward with the truth.
    At least Matthew or even Mrs. Webster.
    Who knows the whole group, before all of them are made arguidos. I believe if they present themselves as witnesses, the police will inderstand and forgive them.

  4. Rogério Alves and Isabel Duarte must have called the McCanns already with this news. Who knows they called them before they started running in London today.As far as I know, they didn't run to any international airport.

  5. OH REALLY?!

    "Scotland Yard wants to listen again the seven friends that were on holidays with the McCann couple in the Algarve in 2007. That will be done after the translations of the statements that they gave to the Judiciary Police are completed and after the making of the “virtual reconstruction”.

    Are the statements translations made by SY sources (?) been double checked by independent Portuguese-English translators?

    Will SY be given a chance to see the covers of that famous Madeleine exercise book which the McCanns' and their rntourage teared-off to draft their own "official" virtual re-construction?


    Add to that David Payne's statement "we have (since) made a pact of silence" - or words to that effect along with his rather off the wall comments when asked by Leiscershire police "about a sports bag" - the large blue bag that dematerialized after being photographed by the PJ.

    I would go on but I have a dinner to attend and today is Sunday so no furher comments. Am-I being unnecessarily pessimist? Sorry but...

    I don't think Scotland Yard or the PJ for that matter pose a threat to Burson-Marsteller and Lift Consulting. Furthermore Carter-Ruck is watching and Madame Isabel Duarte, "Photoshop" Pinto, Rogerio Alves and other members of her gay team are on stand-by. Achtung!


    Gay: "Showing or characterized by cheerfulness and lighthearted excitement; merry. Bright or lively, especially in color: a gay, sunny room."


  6. What a war of nervers around Tapas 7, even around Tapas 9. A police know how to interrogate people, they learn it during their education.
    I would give a million to sit down near them, listening to the interrogations and to the answers.

  7. Arrogance or stupidity? How could the McCanns destroy the favor Brown did to them, liberating them from the police in Portugal, helping them coming home, the hospital allowing Gerry to keep his job, how could they?
    They are now in real shit, much worse than in September 2007, when they had politicians to protect them.
    Gerry is looking bad on that video of today's (Independent.ie) and Kate too.
    No Tapas running with them.

  8. According to myself, the police are already at the end of the revision.
    Justice for Madeline, for Amaral, for all the victims of the McCanns.
    The reconstruction made by Tapas 9 is the most important now. A British or a Portuguese judge can oblige them to go to Praia da Luz.
    But I think Tapas 7 will confess the truth before they take part in the reconstruction.

  9. Kate and Gerry, you are used to get payed.

    But crime does not pay, you should have realised it!

  10. Great news about Metodo 3 being exposed.It must be a countdown now.x

  11. A investigacao desta agencia de pseudo-detectives criminosos, pode ser irrelevante para a crianca em concreto, mas a sua participacao no caso nao o e, para o esclarecimento dos contornos escuros em que em varios momentos, o caso mergulhou.
    Marcos Aragao Correia, foi Pago por eles. Quero dizer, muito provavelmente pelo Fundo, atraves deles. Para fazer o que? Para iludir o publico, jornalistas e policia, com uns mergulhos apalhacados na barragem do Arade, enquanto criava condicoes para legitimar aquilo que era realmente o proposito da sua entrada em cena- A PERSEGUICAO A GA USANDO UM CASO JA RESOLVIDO, MAS EM QUE O CORPO NAO APARECEU (o caso Joana). Desde que assumiu o leme desta perseguicao (defended ate em frente das camaras de TV), nunca Mais quis saber da crianca. Nunca propos uma busca a serio, feita com meios adequados. Porque? Porque sabia que era tudo mentira, uma palhacada encomendada para atraves dela se falar de GA e tentar ressuscitar um Velho caso em que a policia fez um trabalho brilhante, mesmo que nao tenha encontrado o corpo. O Interessante, e que na sua essencia, o caso Joana e o caso Maddie, nao diferem muito. Em ambos se quis vender um rapto sem evidencias. Em ambos se tentou passar uma imagem de vitimas, atraves dos canais de TV. So que a Leonor nao teve uma maquina de Marketing por tras, para tentar controlar a investigacao. Caiu-lhe no sapatinho depois do caso Maddie e dos McCann se transformarem em arguidos. Grande euromilhoes... Vir la da Madeira um iluminado que a procurou na prisao para a convencer a dizer que afinal ela nao tinha feito o que fez e confessou, mas que era tudo culpa de um policia e ia arranjar maneira de a tirar da choldra. Com a pressa/pressao que o caso exigia, demonstrou nao ser muito bom em ortografia- redigiu e assinou uma falsa confissao de Joao Cipriano em que erra o spelling do apelido e Poe Sipriano. Delirante, se nao houvesse em ambos os casos a tragedia de Duas criancas terem perdido a vida.
    Portanto a participacao da M3 e os seus contornos, tem de ser investigada. No caso Maddie, a investigacao aos casos parallels trara muita luz para o esclarecimento do caso principal.
    Sempre gostava que a SY esclarecesse com Gerry McCann, uma curiosidade que sempre tive- porque e que um Pai que diz que a filha foi raptada e nao ha qualquer evidencia que mostre que alguem a magoou, tem como leitura de mesinha de cabeceira um "manual para esconder cadaveres" . Porque e que este Pai, defendia uma tese publicamente e se dedicava a leituras Tao morbidas na intimidade.

  12. If SY wants to listen again the Tapas 7, why they announce that on the news in advance? to give them time to have a meeting and write down a new timeline, much fasible? Why not giving them a timeline previously wrote by experts from SY, to help cleaning up the mess created by so many lies? That farce allows everything.
    What a bunch of idiots, if that news are true and not an attempt from the Mccann's to get some news from SY, using their usual helpers- the mccournalists.

  13. The LP conducted the Rogatory interviews, and these for those new to the board WERE DONE IN ENGLISH, video and transcribed.

    The McCanns however were never interviewed during those sessions, but submitted names\and or questions they wanted the answers to.

    As much as the files needed translation they are FREELY available on the internet and also the McCanns were reputed to have paid £100k for translations themselves. So, there's a good starting point of TRUST, why was it necessary for the MET|SY to translate them for the third time!!

    Or of course, they merely could trust the version of the whole saga and read ''Madeleine'' by Mrs Kate McCann, or is she Healey. Since that aspect of her life seemed to puzzle her - would have always thought since her marriage and birth of her children she was a McCann, but of course professionally Healey - therefore on a family holiday, she was a McCann, except of course on her passport then she was a Healey. Interesting!! Wonder what a psychologist would make of it.

  14. Yep countdown I think it is! Difficult for Lord and Lady McCann to explain their "depression anxiety, loss of apetite (and sexual) at their court hearing next month, when the idiots are running all over town posing for pics running for "missing kids"when they cant even hop on a plany ANY friggin plane, to the "hellish lair within a 10km radius of PDL where Maddie is being held bÿ the swarthy abductors" when Pat Brown and a retired UK copper PHYSICALLY dug with on hand and knees with a SPADE!

    YEP its tick tock Lord and Lady McCann from Rothley Towers its tick tock!

  15. I'm only surprised it's taken so long to expose a bunch of charlatans.

    Interesting article from Daily Mail about lying relatives / friends:


  16. I wish the police would hurry up!

  17. It's about time this case was started to be looked at as a murder rather than an abduction. There was NEVER any proof of an abduction and in the early video interviews both Kate and Gerry show signs of lying.
    I will never forget when Gerry said "ask the dogs" and smirked.

  18. Perhaps the police will give the Tapas 7 an opportunity to change their statements and give them an opportunity to tell the facts they know without fear of prosecution?

  19. Well we all knew metodo 3 were only hired to get bogus sightings,so how come these 2 supposedly intelligent doctors never sussed them out.by the way who hired them in the first place???

  20. In the above video with the US private investigator saying there was not time for the McCanns to have been involved, or hide a body.

    Is this man real? How hard was it for him to think the child was maybe killed BEFORE they went to the Tapas, and the hiding place already prepared.

    Had he no knowledge of the work of the dogs? Unbelievable.

  21. @21 do notice my comment underneath the video "(previous to the Portuguese Public Ministry release of the case files)". Thanks.

  22. 21, on Maddie Case Files (see above) there is an article , something like"the McCanns pressure on the Tapas" where a lawyer from London tells a Tapas wanted to tell what happened "before, during and after dinner" that night.
    Madeleine died much before the group went to The Tapas, imo. I even believe she died before Gerry came back from the tennis court.
    On one interview, Amaral said that Payne "might have the key of the mystery". And Payne went to 5a at 6.30pm. If Madeleine was still alive, he would have saved her. I believe she died before 6.30 but after 6,00pm.

  23. So SY are doing a thorough investigation. I wonder if they will look at Brian Kennedy now afterall it was he who recommended Metodo3?

    Are SY tryign to put pressure on the Tapas 7? If not they are doing a damned good impression of it.

  24. SY should be looking geographically not at the distracting faraway geography of the spanish detectives etc, but at the geography of PDL which (in case SY should forget) is where it happened. If SY reinterview the UK witnesses, I suggest it is important that SY ensure that the interviewing officers have first been to PDL and acquired knowledge firsthand and in full detail of the geography of the apartment block, the door and window layouts, the tapas/pool compound, and the town as a whole, including for example the location of the smith sighting, the two seperate sections of shore (especially the western section), the big hill to the east, and the area halfway up that hill. This would improve the efficacy of their questioning (compared with the 2008 interviews where IMO the UK interviewing officers did not know the geography and were having to learn the geography from the interviewees).

  25. Joana at 22

    Just to let you know that the links to "spokesman" and "negative" (in violet) are broken - at the end of the text. The "spokesman" must be, of course, Clarence "Mickey Mouse" Micthell and the "negative" must be anything that cannot be used in a Boulson_Marsteller's produced Walt Disney's cartoon . My inferences :d

  26. This farce has gone on long enough,haul in the mccanns and tapas 7
    and find out why they ALL LIED.
    Justice for Madeleine Beth Mccann

  27. @26 Are you seriously teaching SY how to conduct an investigation? You might have missed a translated article in this blog that mentions that SY were already in the Algarve.

  28. @27 They are not links, "pink" is the appropriate colour associated to Clarence Mitchell (due to his overuse of open-necked pink shirts).


    This is a bit off the mark admittedly. I was just now sipping a cup of the exquisite Chinese, "Swirling Mist" White Tea and reading Dr. Martin Robert's latest meditations (see links below) when the proverbial bulb lighted. Eureka!

    Surely, I had to come and share it with you, the virtual world at large, even if (in retrospect) this has been realized by others before. The difference is, I saw it with my own eyes!

    The crux of Isabel Duarte's argument (to legally assassinate Amaral and the inconvenient truth he put forward in his best-seller) is that his professional opinion defames the McCanns. As her "mandataria" (office girl?) puts it:

    "The parents of Madeleine McCann have no voice in Portugal. Everything was taken from them, the daughter, the honor and the possibility of a civic life, were annihilated as citizens, deprived of rights or social credit, which same did not happen, as can be seen in the interview with the gentleman (GA) who annihilated them." (quote/unquote).

    You see, Amaral is supposed to have annihilated the McCanns' with his book BUT how could he possibly have done so if the book was publishd after the PJ Files and anyone with a half brain reading these would have arrived at a similar, if not the same conclusion?

    The McCanns' want to sue the PJ not GA - he is just a scapegoat for ditto.

    BTW, The Yard investigation will hopefully fulfil the McCanns'/Burson-Marsteller target at large by specifically targetting the PJ. This, it is hoped by the higher ideological echelons of British cultural hegemony, will help to dry-clean the McCanns' image, boost their self-esteem and allay their guilt (if any).

    Reference (Dr. Martin Roberts):


  30. there are still the relatives who were staying at the McCanns'home in Praia da Luz, when the parents hired the car and went to the Vatican, taking the media with them. I believe those were the days those relatives replaced the body from the beach to another place. Not before, with police and media all over the place.
    Those relatives have to be interrogated as well.

  31. 19, I think the police will do everything to protect and to understand the witnesses who lied in 2007, 2008 out of fear.I think a person has the right to lie in order to protect himself.
    By now they have come to terms with this story and I believe they are prepared to tell what they know.
    They can not continue living with a lie.

  32. Yesterday, in London, the McCanns went running for missing people who desappeared without a trace.
    I'm convinced they were running for Tapas 7 because we never saw them back.

  33. 29, Joana, let 26 come up with ideas. This means he/she is living this case as much as we all are, each on his way.
    It is nice to read what was written.
    I think every police are thankful with any suggestion, even if for them
    it turns to be a little naive.
    But we never know.

  34. Any fans of Isaac Asimov around? Could Burson-Marsteller be the modern day equivalent of the "Second Foundation"? Just a passing thought...

    "The Second Foundation is governed by a council of the strongest mentalics, called the Speakers. However, the name "Speaker" is a misnomer, because, being telepaths, the use of actual speech is quite unnecessary. The leader of the group is the First Speaker." (Wikipedia)

    Now, because our species (if we except mutant freaks like Aragao-Correia) have yet to reach an evolutionary level where telepathy and/or for that matter the "remote influencing" of others by direct mind-to-mind contact has yet to reach "critical point", present day "speakers" are best represented by PR people such as Clarence Mitchell and his boys and girls at Burson-Marsteller in the UK and Lift Consulting in Portugal.

    Now, where does the role of teams like Carter-Ruck, Photoshop Pinto, Isabel Duarte and other legal mercenaries fits into Asimov nomenclature? Any informed guesses?

  35. Alguém noutro blog mencionou isto:


    Veja-se a incrível legenda da foto que acompanha o artigo:
    "Casal esteve em Lisboa em 2010 para reabrir o caso"
    E depois, o artigo nada menciona que se relacione com a enganadora e mentirosa legenda...

    Nem os british "churnalists" teriam feito melhor!
    (Será uma legenda "encomendada" pela Lift C. ...?)

  36. 12- we all knew the Yard would interrogate Tapas 7 again as they were making a revision. Of course they knew it since May last year.They had time enough to talk to a lawyer, asking for advise, and time enough to talk to each other in order to decide what to do. I believe that most of them, if not all of them, decided already for the truth.
    Walking around being seen as child abusers is not very nice and I believe they are not.But rumours can destroy a lot.If they come forward as honest witnesses, they will be freed of suspicions and the police will concentrate themselves on the apartment and on the parents.

    By he way, it seems Gerry has a sister named Sandy, could it be? Why do we never hear of her? If she exists, I would think she could not be very happy with Kate and Gerry, or perhaps only with Kate. She didn't take part of anything. Could she have felt the truth, immediately after she was informed Maddie had vanished? Is she by chance the relative whom Kate asked to take care of Madeleine? And is she the person who told the police about that request?

  37. Joana Morais @30 wrote:

    "@27 They are not links, "pink" is the appropriate colour associated to Clarence Mitchell (due to his overuse of open-necked pink shirts)."

    :o :c Except the time he donned a blue shirt to play pretendy policeman.

    Clarence Mitchell's police press conference:-


    :o :c

  38. I think that the outcome of the Sy Investigation will depend on the "mood of the people" as in what can they get away with in regards a final end to this farce. I hope none of us who want justice for Madeleine will accept anything less than the Truth.

  39. @anonymous @39

    Gerry McCann doesn't have a sister called Sandy. His sister Patricia is married to Andrew Cameron (family name: Sandy).

    Apart from Gerry McCann's sisters Philomena and Patricia (family names: Phil & Trish) and his brother John (family name: Johnny) who have all been at the forefront of "The Campaign", he has another sister, Jacqueline who has never been heard from, as far as I'm aware.

    (In summer 2007, Philomena was also known as Uncle Phil, in The Grauniad). :o

    Hope that helps.

  40. Joana, do you believe the Smith's family will stick to their original statement or that they will back down? Their testimony could be the key to this mistery.

  41. Any body know what is the connection with the photograph of the vase and the photo of Madddie is this the Maccann's home. Has she been cremated
    how is this possible did not Mr Amaral say her body is still in the Luz area.

  42. McCann Files with an article of Ireland, Irish Herald, and it is about the Smiths. Holy Cow! this corner is getting narrower and narrower!

  43. The Smiths saw how far the McCanns went, cheating on people and getting money. Very happy they are prepared to help the police.


    #39 "Veja-se a incrível legenda da foto que acompanha o artigo:
    "Casal esteve em Lisboa em 2010 para reabrir o caso"
    E depois, o artigo nada menciona que se relacione com a enganadora e mentirosa legenda..."

    "Martiny Joly em sua obra “Introdução à analise da imagem” apresenta os caminhos para a decodificação da mensagem publicitária, apoiando-se nas mensagens plásticas, icônicas e lingüísticas.

    O método proposto tem como premissa que a interpretação dos motivos que compõem as imagens ocorrem pelo processo de conotação. Para Joly, os signos não representam apenas informações diretas(denotativas), mas também uma estrutura de sentidos complexa que possibilita outras leituras dos elementos representados, ou seja, a imagem é constituída de faculdades que provocam uma significação segunda a partir de uma significação primeira, de um signo pleno.

    Esta estrutura de avaliação é definida por Martine Joly e Roland Barthes como retórica da conotação."

    "Para Martine Joly, as mensagens publicitárias e/ou qualquer imagem são dotadas de um significado primeiro que é o nível denotativo; e por um significado segundo que é o plano conotativo.

    As mensagens que são transmitidas pelas imagens são dotadas de sentidos gradativos que caminham pelo significante (denotativo), face perceptível e concreta da mensagem e passa para o significado que formula a interpretação do signo.

    Para Barthes, o significante é um elemento essencial para a constituição de um signo.

    Os significantes formam esquemas de expressão que servem de mediador para o significado, isto é, o conteúdo formulado pelo significado é possível apenas em um sistema em que o significante esteja presente para lhe dar sentido. Portanto, o significante neste sistema necessita da matéria para compor o sentido do signo, manifestada em objetos, sons, imagens, escrita, entre outras. (BARTHES, 1971, 39-56)."



    English-only readers please see here:

    Espero que os transcritos o/a ajudem a compreender o tipo de manipulação usado pela Burson-Marsteller e pela Lift Consulting.

    Diga-se de passagem que os advogados usam os mesmos principios de retórica usados em Jornalismo (sobretudo os "tablóides"), em Relações Publicas ou "gerência de reputação" (termo usado pelo proprio Clarence Mitchell "reputation management") .

    Veteranos sofistas ("aldrabões") como Marinho Pinto, Rogerio Alves e Isabel Duarte - para não mencionar Carter-Ruck e associados são todos peritos em "manipulação lógico-legal".

    Basta saber que alguns advogados da Carter-Ruck cobram cerca de £3,000 (três mil libras) por hora (60 minutos) de trabalho.

    Isabel Duarte, como Portuguesa e serviçal dos McCanns', poderá não cobrar tanto, mas seus honorários poderão mesmo assim andar entre mil e quinhentos a dois mil Euros por 60 minutos (hora) de trabalho - mais extras - de acordo com fonte não identificada.

    Não admira portanto que todos tenham saltado no vagão dos McCanns' - não só se trata de um excelente veiculo de publicidade mas paga monumentalmente bem.

    O proprio Clarence Mitchell faz questão de mencionar os McCann no CV que publicou no portal da Burson-Marsteller ("official media spokesman for Kate and Gerry McCann, whose daughter Madeleine went missing in Portugal in May 2007.")

    Saudações amigas
    Ruy Roskoff

  45. The UK government can make a good progress now that the McCanns are quiet on a corner,not sending them letters every day.They have time to discuss the Banks crisis, to analyse their economic problems in order to create new jobs for the people.
    What a relieve must it be for all of the politicians, not fearing the mail man anymore. It's God's blessing.
    I think it is as Churchill just announced that the war is over or that the radio in Japan just told there will be no tsunami.
    Five years being embraced by the McCanns must have been hell.

    I think the worst for the McCanns now it will be Tapas 7 being re-interrogated by the Yard.Watching around, Tapas 7 will want to get as free as the British government got, last year.Coming up with the truth, the group will also get rid of the McCanns who must be pressuring them again, like they did in 2007.
    The Irish Herald ( McCann Files) is telling that the Smiths want to help the police. Martin Smiths knows Murat and he saw Murat was not the "abductor".
    I think of the possibility that Brian Kennedy going back to Ireland, in order to pressure the Smiths again. This time he will not make it.

  46. If WikiLeaks information was correct when it revealed the UK were putting a case together against the McCanns, it would be interesting to know which police force it was, and whether SY was involved then.

    Was it when Portugal backed down and shelved the case on the say so of a higher authority, that the UK then had to back off?

    If so, the McCanns must have had a very narrow shave. They certainly weren't looking none too well around that time.

  47. Are Amaral's books already back? I think the dead will be tomorrow or the day after?

  48. 43@ I'm not Joana but I believe the Smiths will be honest again, telling exactly what they remember.

  49. 51, yes, deadline. I forgot the line. Thank you.

  50. Collecting all of the books through out Europe, transporting them to somewhere, keeping them somewhere, transporting them back, receiving all of the bills of those happenings, paying Isabel Duarte...
    The McCanns got to economize in order to have money for the trial and to pay Tapas 7 lawyers in the future.
    The profit Kate has gotten out of each sold book is 10%. Not much.

  51. I would think the McCanns must be looking very closely about a current extradition case of a photographer to Portugal, where the evidence would seem to be more tenuous than in theirs, but whose progress might be seen as a dry run for their eventual extradition. This article gives an idea of the interest groups who might be involved in stirring things up.



    @48 "I think the worst for the McCanns now it will be Tapas 7 being re-interrogated by the Yard"

    It is an interesting point(s) you make but, you know...

    Their long time Tapas' friends are probably too smart and world-wise to contradict themselves. It would look b-a-d on them now. Lying under oath?

    The Tapas' reputations (except Tanner & Payne) have not been harmed to the extent the McCanns' have.

    The only thing the Tapas (meaning "cover-ups" in Portuguese) need to avoid now, is any digressions from their "pact of silence" - to use David Payne immortal words.

    It is important to remember the all shebang happened BECAUSE: Either the parents facilitated it - children left alone night after night with back door opened OR something like an accidental death took place - as the dogs' alerts, the forensic findings, the witness contradictions, the downright lies and Tanner's "sighting" suggests. Everyone knows this!

    The Tapas, no doubt, will stick to the plan drafted in that iconic exercise book which was, and remains, their "official version of events".

    All for details, these have since been washed, deodorized, hair-styled and designer clothed by two of the greatest PR and "reputation management" agencies on the planet: Burson-Marsteller and Lift Consulting. As Clarence "Mickey Mouse" Mitchell expertly puts it:

    "There is a wholly innocent explanation for any material the police may or may not have found."

    I don't think the boozing Tapas will change a iota of what they said under oath, particularly now they are as sober as a stiff.

    Scotland Yard and the Policia Judiciaria, can think otherwise - like Gonçalo Amaral did, but what will their opinion matter against the millions in Madeleine's Fund? The legal rhetoric, the expert might of Carter-Ruck, "Photoshop" Pint and Isabel Duarte?

    Not to mention the global media expertise of "Mickey Mouse" Mitchell's Burson-Marsteller and their close associates (Lift Consulting) in Portugal also feeding off the Fund...

    It's PR. Nothing but an exercise in PR and damage limitation. Interviewing the Tapas will only serve to "prove" to the English speaking world, they were not lying in the first place. And if the legendary (and corrupt) Scotland Yard says so, who is the World to say otherwise?

    What we have here is reputation management* (sic) at a level never seen on planet before - thanks in part to the expert patronage of David Cameron, the "Toffee".

    Footnote: The term "reputation management" is used by "Mickey Mouse" himself in an outline of his CV given in Burson-Marsteller website.


  53. I hope the Yard will not forget interrogating Kevin why the McCanns or Brian Kennedy sent such a lot of money to him.

  54. Where are the McCanns we not hearing anything from them? No new sightings, no interviews, no Philomena, no Clarence Mitchell?
    How boring!

  55. It is possible that the Yard already approached the Smiths and they are not telling it. If this is true, the revision could be already that far, near the Tapas 7 statements. Their statements happened after the PJ were told about the disappearence and after the Smiths saw Gerry going down the street. If the Yard is following a cronology, of course. It could be.
    I hope news about the Smiths will leak from Ireland.The McCanns hope it too. Being control freaks, they want to know it.

  56. Madeleine's aunt and uncle launch poster appeal:


  57. "20/03/2012 20:41
    Anonymous said... 44
    Any body know what is the connection with the photograph of the vase and the photo of Madddie is this the Maccann's home. Has she been cremated
    how is this possible did not Mr Amaral say her body is still in the Luz area."

    Yes - I thought this a long time ago. Things seem to occur and have relevance in the strangest of ways. Gerry saying " everyone is acting some in big ways". The fact that it looks like a shrine using a "money pot" - do we read this as "the Fund". The best place to hide things is right in view.

  58. Just before 10:00pm on the night of 03 May 2007, the Smith family from Ireland pass a man carrying a child in his arms. The man averts his eyes from them to signal that he does not wish to speak.

    Four months later, during which time the McCanns never sought to exploit this potentially crucial sighting, the Smith family are watching TV. They see the McCanns return to the UK and observe Gerry leave the plane and walk across the tarmac with Sean in his arms.

    The father, Martin Smith, is shocked. He recognises the walking style and the way the child is being held against the shoulder. It is exactly like the man he saw on the streets of Praia da Luz, four months earlier.


  59. Yeah, let's point out the obvious. At least half a dozen writers on this sorry affair discredited Método 3 long before Scotland Yard arrived on the scene. So they've only confirmed what a lot of people said all along.

  60. @48 and @49

    If my suspicions are true, then nothing will change. This new investigation will be closed once again with "no evidence" to officially reopen the case, do a reconstruction, etc.

    What British and Portuguese Police wanted or still want does not really matter in the end, does it? Just ask GA! I ask myself just why the Tapas7 were/are being protected and why the investigation stopped. There must be a connection between them or one of them with some very dirty business that we don't know of. I don't believe English diplomats or polititians would have pressured Portuguese authorities to archive this case just because they were English doctors or whatever people have been saying. That's just not enough.

    I would investigate David Payne (don't forget he was in control in the first days than disappeared), check the leads offered by the Gaspars and the social worker Yvonne Martin, and see if there isn't a thread linking him to a pedophile ring. That would be a scandal worth avoiding at all costs, both for Portugal and for England. If there were powerful people involved in such a ring, well, they could do business and buy silence and freedom very easily. All that's missing is to finally shut up the "public opinion". I guess that's what they are trying to do now in Portugal, using the good names of SY and Porto Police.


    Smile. Read this newspaper report ("Irish Herald") on the Smiths' sighting of a Gerald McCann look-a-like:

    "Police reports state that Mary and Martin left Kelly's Bar in the resort at approximately 10pm when they passed a male they said was carrying a young girl who was barefoot." (quote/unquote)


    There is no mention of the FACT that in the Smiths' perception the man was or looked like Gerald McCann, is there?

    Also, it is interesting to note that since that incriminating sighting, "Mickey Mouse" Mitchell, under the auspices of Burson-Marsteller (or was it Freud Communications at the time?) arranged to have a mockdocumentary made about the sighting, thus effectively moving the public's attention away from the FACT that the "abductor" the Smiths' saw was, or resembled, Gerald McCann!

    "Reputation management", as Mickey calls it, at its best and MOST expensive!

    Incidentally, the Smiths' testimony was withheld from the PJ by the British for a strategic while so, you can well imagine what Scotland Yard's "review" will be about (...)

    Mickey Mouse's mockducumentary on the other hand, was dutifully shown (and one assumes paid for) on Channel 4's rather blunt "Cutting Edge" programme and used for the McCanns' own "marketing" purposes - their "Official Version of Events".

    The "official version" thus became: it wasn't Gerry McCann the Smiths saw, it was the "abductor"!

    Incidentally, this mockdocumentary was systematically debunked by a guest author on this blog. See here:

    http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2010/ 07/textusa-public-misleading-of-public-by.html.

    No one in the main stream media would dare to come up with such truly "cutting edge" exposition of such a monumental, Himalayan lie, because the McCanns' "official version of events" carries with it the unspoken threat (written in invisible ink):

    "Any attempts to contradict our "official version of events" (supported by David Cameron et al) will be construed as defamatory and will be carter-rucked!"

    Carter-Ruck - the fear of God! :h

  62. Has anyone noticed the uncanny resemblence between john mccann and madeleine. Its remarkable, the roundness of the face, the nose, the eyes, even the colour of the hair its identical.....

  63. Has anyone noticed the uncanny resemblence between john mccann and madeleine. Its remarkable, the roundness of the face, the nose, the eyes, even the colour of the hair its identical.....

  64. The books must be back at any moment.Still two days to go. Any news?

  65. 44@ How do you expect the McCanns having cremated Maddie, depending of a crematorium with an oven with the capacity of 2000 degrees Celsius?
    Where would they go, without attrackting the attention of the ownor? She could not be cremated, anywhere.
    I even think she is not buried yet because the ground in Alagarve is too hard unless they used an old grave somewhere. I believe she is still in a freezer, wrapped in that pink blanket, in Praia da Luz.

  66. Not only Kate and Gerry but also Tapas 10, 11,12 must know Maddie's wheareabouts. Possibly the Paynes too.
    Let us wait because I think 10,11 and 12 will also be interrogated by the Yard.

  67. Kate is depending on new interviews, Amaral's, British media, Paulo Sargento, in order to continue writing her new book. According to her first book, she gave an account of the whole truth already last year.
    I wonder what account she is giving now. I believe she is correcting the first book, which she wrote when she didn't expect at all that the Met would get involved in the case.The title of the second book will be "Errata" by Kate McCann. And I expect that she will write that she prayed for Maddie's Guard Angel, right from the beginning, but a psychologist advised her not to tell it, otherwise the abductor would feel a pleasure knowing the Guard Angel did no do his work like guard angels are supposed to do. "Don't show your faith in Angels. Limit yourself showing your faith in God and in the Virgin Mary and keep the angel for a second book.You will need him".

    I wonder how things are going in Rothley. On the last video (the McCanns running around in London) Gerry is looking extremely nervous.I would look like that too, if it would be my case. No support from any Tapas, that must be feeling unhappy with the Met invoved in the case. I would not be surprised if each of the Tapas 7 would have consulted lawyers already, asking what to do in case the Yard approach them.I bet they did because they will be approached.
    Good lawyers will probably advise them to tell the truth, like Carlos Pinto de Abreu advised Kate. Tapas 7 will be pushed in a narrow corner, after so many inconsistencies.Why protecting the McCanns, who were at least irresponsible, giving too much medicine to Maddie (hair tests)?
    Was she cardiac and Gerry continued being irresponsible, being a cardiologist himself?

    Another thing: during all these nearly five years, how many times I've read and heard Kate telling Maddie was tired, Maddie was exhausted, the children were too tired...
    It is not normal that children get that tired, like she describes. It could be side effects of sedation.Sleepery.
    Unless the nursery of the Occean Club was organized by Russian soldiers,I don't see the reason why Kate was carrying her home, on the 3rd, because of her exhaustion( Kate's book). If the same did not happen to other children of the creche, my conclusion is that Maddie was not healthy and the nursery was too much for her. In this case, the parents were cruel to her, poor girl.
    On a Spanish TV channel I heard that Kate was suffering of a depression at that moment. If it is true, it coud have been a post natal depression, something that can last for years.If it was, I blame Gerry for his irresponsibility and shelfiness, going enjoying tennis, giving attention to other women, while knowing Kate was probably unstable, after giving birth to HIS children. She could have had a short, light psychose, but enough to make a mistake about the dosis of the sedation.
    The night before Madeleine died, Kate slept in the childre's bedroom, time enough to analyse her marriage problems while Gerry was snorring.

  68. Update on the books restitution:

    Update on March 23, 2012
    The mandatary and lawyer of the McCann couple, Isabel Duarte, has until the 29th of this month to return the books; the 10 days deadline are not consecutive and are measured as working days. Meanwhile, the lawyer to whom the books were entrusted by the First Instance Civil Court of Lisbon, has been trying to delay the restitution of the books to its rightful owners as ordered by the Supreme Court of Justice alleging that the Court of Appeals judgement did not transit in rem judicatam [unappealable decision/final ruling].


    Joana Morais at 72:

    "Meanwhile, the lawyer to whom the books were entrusted by the First Instance Civil Court of Lisbon, has been trying to delay the restitution of the books to its rightful owners as ordered by the Supreme Court of Justice alleging that the Court of Appeals judgement did not transit in rem judicatam [unappealable decision/final ruling]."

    I am informed by a reliable source that Carter-Ruck lawyers can charge as much as £3000/hour!

    Now, I don't think Isabel Duarte as a Portuguese working as a maid - SORRY! I meant "as an aid" to the McCanns', earns that much but, nonetheless, it will be an exorbitant fee by Portuguese standards.

    Also, one must not forget that Marinho "Photoshop" Pinto, the President of the Portuguese OA (lawyers bar) is on the McCanns' agenda - both on the Aragão Correia case (character assassination of Dr. Gonçalo Amaral/witness with "special prerogatives") and the McCanns' case (gagging, character assassination and bankrupcy of Dr. Gonçalo Amaral/witness with "special prerogatives").

    One can only wonder at the astronomic sums of money being spent by the FUND on what Clarence Mitchell calls "reputation management". Anyone, any idea? I don't quite get it from Company House's records...

    Dr. Amaral in conversation with journalist Hernâni Carvalho, refers to this "gold-digging" (see recent videos on this blog), when he comments the FACT Isabel Duarte, the McCanns' lawyer, is also being paid (guess how much?) to defend Aragão-Correia whom Dr. Amaral has taken to court for defamation. Biutiful!

    "Balão"(nick)Correia is of course the Portuguese lawyer cum medium, paid by Metodo3 (McCanns' sleuths) to assassinate Dr. Amaral's character. The "dam man" and Leonor Cipriano's lawyer of sorts.

    Meanwhile, no one - either the McCanns' rent-a-cops or Scotland Yard's crack-pots... actually knows what really happened to Madeleine McCann.

    May be Dr. Gonçalo Amaral has been right all along -ask the dogs...

  70. Forget your political opinions, folks. I can assure you (I'm not a Tory voter: I've never voted Tory in my life, but I live in his constituency and have had dealings with him) that David Cameron is 1) no fool, and 2) extremely unlikely to go along with any cover-up if any kind of child abuse is suspected. People don't like to hear it, but he is a decent man.

  71. I don't think Mr Smith will back down with his up to eighty per cent certainty it was Gerry McCann, and I bet he was cheesed off when Kennedy turned up on behalf of the McCanns, especially if he tried to persuade him otherwise.

  72. Last night on cbc (canada) I watched a documentary on the fall of the house of Murdoch and his role as a "kingmaker". It detailed much complicity between the government, the police, and the newspaper personnel and all of the overlaps. Many of the headlines and front pages related to very big cases were flashed on-screen going back to the Soham murders.
    Glaringly obvious was not one headline or front cover related to this case, yet many many of them were used to sell the Murdoch papers!
    How can this documentary exposing the duplicity also avoid or suppress its existence?


    I am trying to work out how much the filming of the Smith's sighting for Channel 4 referred to by @65 above, might have costed.


    I am not trying to assess here how much it might have been worth in terms of what Clarence Mitchell calls "reputation management". It might or might not have been worth it. Anyway, here we go (quotes)

    The Agency:

    Some agencies have hourly rates, billing the client (£75 - £450 per hour would be typical) for the time they spend on the project.

    The Production Company:

    Expect to pay about £30 - £90 per hour for a producer/director (more for TV commercials) and lesser fees for Production Assistants and Assistant Directors, if required. Sometimes a ‘production fee’ is charged to cover marketing costs, insurance and administration. Scripts and/or storyboards might cost about £2,000

    The Shoot:

    Typically, a 2-person crew with broadcast standard equipment will cost from £700 - £1,400 per 10-hour day. A single technician with a semi-professional DV camera can be as little as £350 per day. Of course, the production company will usually add 20% - 50% to these costs to cover overheads and profit, unless it is charging a separate ‘production fee’.

    Presenters and Actors:

    Well-known presenters (currently appearing in television programmes) often charge £3,000 or more per filming day for corporate work. Other presenters and actors normally charge £250 - £600 per day and non-featured extras about £90 per day.

    Editing, Graphics and Music:

    Editing rates vary considerably. A production company with its own system might charge £400 per day whereas you would pay about £2,000 per day in a top West End suite. Much depends on what video format is being used and the complexity of the edit. Commissioned music can cost from £500 to £3,000 for a 10-minute video.


    Assuming the Fund paid for it in toto, which is unlikely. It may or may have not. Unfortunately, Clarence Mitchell wouldn't tell us such details. Naturally.

    To give you an idea:

    "In 1967 Film User magazine published an article about corporate film budgets. It said that that a corporate film cost about the same to produce as the price of a house. In 1967 the average house price in the UK was about £4,000 – today the same house would cost £163,000." (unquote)

    I can confirm that the average price of a house in Rothley could be around this figure (2012) even if some houses in that location may cost as much as £2,315,000 !!!

    e.g. Holly Lodge, 60 The Ridgeway, Rothley, Leicester, Leicestershire LE7 7LE.




    WOW! I couldn't believe it but now I do; and I quote:

    "One of the three QCs batting for the Barclays in court this week is the reassuringly expensive Anthony Grabiner, reputed to charge his clients a cool £3000 an hour."

    Source London's Evening Standard

  75. Joana @72
    Thanks for the update.
    That's odd, from the 13th to the 29th its 17 consecutive days and 13 working days.
    It doesn't matter though, the extra time is probably related to the date I.D. was officially notified of the court's order.
    Isabel Duarte reminds me of bungee jumpers, trying to stretch the cord as much as possible without hitting 'illegal' hard ground so I'm sure the 29th is just another meaningless date.
    Let's hope the cord snaps one of these days.

  76. In the video, when the man from Metodo 3 says He knows who the kidnapper is, He knows where the kidnapper is, and He knows how the kidnapper did it.......
    He is probably speaking the absolute truth. He is probably talking about Gerry McCann, and he certainly knows where Gerry is.

    Humans have to speak the truth, it's just the way that it is put, that is deliberately misleading.
    I think that is why he is semi grinning while he says it.

    When Gerry and Kate talk about the time Madeleine was TAKEN, that expression usually means - taken by God i.e. DIED.

    However, when guilty people are put on the spot and HAVE to lie, there are usually tell tale signs that they can't cover up. e.g. shaking of the head (Jane Tanner) scratching ears/face (Gerry McCann) etc. why do you think kate is always hanging onto Gerry's hands.... to stop him giving away these signs.

    DOGS DON'T LIE ask them!

    I do believe the net is closing, and it's better that an Agatha Christie story.

    Aunty Anti

  77. Still waiting for a week. I thought the books would have been back yesterday or today. Isabel must be discussing around and I believe Rogerio Alves is advising her to return the books.
    But at the same time I would love to see her behind bars or being discredited by the Portuguese people.

  78. Algarvedaily news posting an appeal made by John McCann and a Madeleine's aunt, a photo, searching for the girl?
    This is to distract the police, I guess.
    They believe Madeleine is not in Portugal, they expect the police not to believe them, and to go searching for her in Algarve, while Madeleine is really abroad... hidden somewhere...

  79. 67@ John McCann is Madeleine's uncle, 100% Gerry's blood.
    Many times a person looks like the grandparents or the uncles, more than they look like their parents.

  80. For nearly five years I've being patient with this crime.Always expecting and believing in better days. But now I'm about to lose my patience, although things are promissing and going fast.
    I expect a new Amaral's interview next week, if Isabel delivers the books or not.
    Through his interviews we get to know a lot more about what is going on right now. I hope he will tell us more.
    And the McCanns will be thankful too because I believe that they know as much as we know now.
    Gerry has gotten a nervous expression on his face (I watched that last video, in London) and I never saw it before.
    It is obvious he is not controling the Yard right now. I think the Met are vomitting him and Kate as much as the PJ are.

    Who can tell me why Russel O'Brian never showed up after June 2007? He is not even on the photo taken when Tapas 7 got payed by the Express.
    Could he be one of the Tapas who wanted to change his statement on September 2007?
    I hope this whole story did not destroy his relationship with Jane Tanner, even if I think she is an old cow. Who knows they have different opinions about this case.
    We always forget to talk about him. He managed to escape from the internet.

  81. http://svtplay.se/v/2752582/skavlan/del_11_av_12
    The Mccann at Skavlan.
    39:00 minutes into the program.

  82. QUIZ TIME:


    "Today - by chance - I met with members of the Tatiana Giraud Foundation, out on the streets with a megaphone, outside the offices of Bell Pottinger, on High Holborn, London...." (Tony Bennett)

    "They were protesting at the vast sums being paid to one of the planets' leading 'reputation managers', i.e. Bell Pottinger, by the so-called Democratic Republic of the Congo."

    "The top of the political establishment in that endemically corrupt country is co-operating with the United Nations in facilitating human and child trafficking, and rape, on an industrial scale."

    "And Bell Pottinger has form for trying to promote the reputation of countries with a bad human rights record."


    :d Easy one, right?

  83. Anon 74,

    We should reserve judgement about politician David Cameron until we find out what this 'review' is really about. No doubt Dr Amaral will have something to say about it if it turns out SY completely ignores the dogs, and start spouting the 'abductor' mantra of the McCanns.

    Don't forget also, Blair, Brown, Cameron, Murdoch, and many senior members of SY are all Masons, as are many rich pals of Gerry McCann.

    Was Cameron doing a special favour for the McCanns because of this, being as there are thousands of others with missing loved ones who never even get a look in, let alone millions spent trying to find their loved ones, or doing a 'review' requested especially by them.

    Perhaps they are not Masons though so don't count, being as one of the main rules in Masonry is that they help each other!

    We shall see.

  84. Anon 82, If Madeleine's aunt and uncle are saying she is hidden abroad, to make it suspiciously look like she is really hidden in the Algarve, all the more reason to go search in Rothley in the last place anybody would even think of looking.

    Gerry McCann was back and forth from PDL to UK at the start of the case, so how come Murat and his family had their family homes searched, dogs and all, but the McCanns in the UK were given a pass?

  85. I really don't think this is in any way connected with the Masons.

  86. 55 You took the words out of my mouth!! I said exactly the same about the extradition of Graham Mitchell from Canterbury. Former Guards soldier I understand, and now photographer.

  87. @82, the uncle and aunt are making smoke and mirrows, They know Madeleine is in Praia da Luz, like Amaral said. Do you believe the PJ allowed the MCCanns and relatives to walk and to drive around without beind followed? According to myself they were followed all the time and could not do anything about anything because of the political pressure.
    Don't you think of the possibility that the PJ placed cameras in the church (during a night)and they followed what was eventually hapenning? And they know why the blanket was stolen? who knows they followed Father Pacheco who went to a place where the body was? But I don't believe they ever told the priest that the child was dead. I don't believe he saw her and besides he doesn't speak English.The McCanns would have needed a translator, Tapas 14!
    Don't you believe that the PJ placed cameras around the homes where the McCanns were staying and that they followed them all the time? I do.
    And a little software under the Scenic, following them?
    I believe the PJ gave the Scenic back to them in order to follow them during August too, if they would try to replace the body or to talk to each other inside the car.
    In the past, Portugal had a long tradition of spying communists,etc, it's police must have experience and kwnolege about the issue. The PJ act very innocently but they are not stupid.
    If the PJ accepted to work with the Yard it is because they have already the answer and the evidence . And the evidence is not in Rothley.

  88. 55/90 From a news article from the 90's:

    «Os dois britânicos acusados de empurrar um estudante alemão de um penhasco perto de Albufeira, no Algarve, foram identificados ontem pela embaixada britânica em Lisboa. Trata-se de Graham Ross Mitchell, de 32 anos, e de Warren Tozer, de 21 anos, ambos naturais de Londres. A vítima, que ficou paralisada por ter partido o pescoço, segundo uma fonte oficial alemã, é Andre Jorling, de 23 anos. A mesma fonte contou que Jorling caminhava ao longo do precipício, no sábado à noite, quando se aproximaram dois homens que o empurraram, provocando-lhe uma queda de 14 metros.

    Two British men, accused of pushing a German student over a cliff close to Albufeira, in the Algarve, were identified yesterday by the British Embassy in Lisbon. They are Graham Ross Mitchell, 32 years old, and Warren Tozer, 21, both from London. The victim, who became paraplegic for breaking his neck, according to an official German source, is Andre Jorling, 23 years old. The same source explained that Jorling was walking close by the cliff, on Saturday night, when two men appeared, causing him to fall 14 meters.»

    And a screenshot of a recent PT press article where you can see the story is very different from what is spinned in the UK media. That man escaped Portuguese Justice, he is considered as a fugitive from justice and has to be extradited in order to face the outstanding charges against him - one of them being "Homicídio na Forma Tentada", that is, a crime of Attempted Homicide.

  89. Thank you @85 For those who missed it: The McCanns were in Sweden on Fredrik Skavlan talk show promoting the book and the abduction. Broadcast by SVT1, last night at 21.00. Interview with the couple starts about 39:00 http://svtplay.se/v/2752582/skavlan/del_11_av_12

  90. The other person, mentioned in connection with the assault against Andre, is reportedly in tha USA (or maybe Australia) so is immune from European Arrest Warrant. I wonder if there is some treaty between Portugal and those countries.

  91. @94 Mr. Warren Tozer is not immune at all, when I have time I'll translate the above mentioned PT press article. He is alleged to be in Australia where other Bilateral Extradition Agreements can be enforced http://www.comlaw.gov.au/Series/F1997B01933


    @93 "The McCanns were in Sweden on Fredrik Skavlan talk show promoting the book and the abduction."

    As a Portuguese citizen, it makes my blood boil to observe the celebrity couple going on about their own "official version" of events with the support of their own PM, while the Chief-Coordinator of the investigation, who is in THE KNOW, remains gagged, with his assets frozen, unable to get a word in edgeways. Biutiful!

    Who in Portugal allowed this case to go to court in the first place? What are these idiots trying to do? To show the British they too are "civilized"? Don't they realize that no matter what they do they remain bungling idiots in their eyes?

    You deal with these people from a position of power (or at least of equanimity) NEVER from a position of compliance and subservience!

    But such is the pervasive influence of "das kapital"; modern feudal lords of information (Murdoch et al); global "reputation management" organizations such as Clarence Mitchell's Burson-Marsteller and their side-kicks in Portugal Lift Consulting; "legalese rhetoricians for the indecently rich" such as Carter-Ruck and "mercenaries" like "Photoshop", "Queen Elisabeth" and others - not to mention ideological heads such as Cameron, that such happens....

    :i Pass me the bucket please!

  93. 93, I just watched the Sweedish video and I see that Kate aged a lot.Gerry is looking much better. I think he came already to terms with the fact that the Yard got involved in the case although I wonder if he is happy that people will officially know that the fund is fraudulent.
    Possibly he accepted already being brought to justice because he can not change it.During that interview, the McCanns were not insisting on selling their book and they even didn't show it and it was not on the table. They are less enthousiastic talking about it, they forgot to attack the PJ, they forgot to thank Cameron, they did not show pictures of the suspects. They are very careful and it was high time.
    It was an interview with no pepper either salt.

  94. How I would love to see that Swedish interview with the McCanns followed up by one with Dr Amaral and putting the record straight.

    The interviewer did know about the forensic evidence in the back of the car, but did he also know about the dogs? I would think so though he didn't mention them.

    The way the McCanns are allowed to tell it sounds like it is all a figment of the imagination, no dogs, no cadaver scent, no blood, no forensic evidence whatsoever, nothing that could possible point to the death of Madeleine in the apartment.

    I have never actually seen Gerry McCann talk so much, but am now of the impression that he is one of the most cocky, arrogant, people I have ever seen.

    Surely I can't be the only one that thinks that.


    @68 "The books must be back at any moment"

    The books, will NEVER be returned, NOT until the final round of the McCanns versus Amaral parody of justice.

    We all ought to know by now on which side the final decision will fall. Come on people! Wake up!

    Isabel Duarte has already refused to accept an Appeal Court's decision and will refuse any other Portuguese court decision on "good, legal grounds". Obviously.

    People forget that she is close to Marinho Pinto - the President of the Portuguese Lawyers Order - a Law into himself.

    Also, one has to realize that for the President of the Lawyers Order to be a witness against Amaral that in itself, suggests political strings at work.

    It's all make-believe. To maintain the illusion there is Law and Justice. There isn't. Not in this case anyway. Money talks. Political strings dictate events.

    Isabel Duarte must know she has the Portuguese government, thus the Law on her side.

    Only a revolution could change a predestined course of events. You don't need Mystic Mario to tell you what the outcome of the trial (or the books for that matter) will be.

    Marinho Pinto (President of the Bar AND McCanns' witness), Isabel Duarte (recent candidate to the presidency of the Bar AND McCanns' lawyer), Rogerio Alves (former President of the Bar AND McCanns' lawyer) are all ABOVE the Law, in fact they are THE LAW.

    The sooner you realize this, the less frustrated you will feel in the months/years ahead.

  96. Anon 91

    At the start of the case everybody was running around looking for the so called 'abductor' seen by Jane Tanner, not focusing on the McCanns. Gerry McCann went back and forth to UK, plus he was given help and use of resources by very rich people. Should we think the McCanns could not have been resourceful enough to do that, and which of us would leave our beloved child in a foreign land if we could take them back home?

    As for the McCanns staying on in PDL, that certainly would make sure the attention was there on them and not back home, the last place they would want it focused on, if that is what they did.

    According to your reckoning the investigators were following them twenty four seven. If that was the case, then the parents must have had nothing whatsoever to do with hiding the body since they were not discovered doing so, and they would have been caught had they been watched so closely and had tried to conceal a body.

    Search PDL by all means, but to give Rothley a miss, this being about the only place where there has not been a red herring sending investigators running to check it out, would be remiss indeed.

    It should already have been searched when the McCanns were arguidos, so what was the problem. Did somebody higher up pull strings to prevent this, and why are you so keen for it not to happen?

    It should be basic to the investigation if the case is reopened and the McCanns are considered suspects, just as it was when Murat was an arguido, and he and his family had their properties searched, with the dogs also, although nothing was found to implicate him in the disappearance of Madeleine.

  97. @23/03/2012 19:24
    Anonymous said... 77

    I remember Gerry saying "he called in some favours" maybe these are the "favours" - you would be surprised how helpful people can be for a little bit of the 'celebrity dust' not to mention reciprocation in the future.

  98. @99 Dream on, that is what YOU believe.....me not!!!

  99. @102 "Dream on, that is what YOU believe.....me not!!!"

    Call it a dream friend, by any means. This is what the data so far is telling me.

    I don't need a Jodrell Bank's super telescope to see it coming...


  100. wonder what the outcome would have been if mr smith had said he was 100% sure and not 80% sure it was gerry he saw also it would be interesting to know if his bank balance was a bit healthier after kennerdys visit to him ,big question is why is kennerdy involved ?

  101. @104 The big question is if you have taken time to read the case files, where Mr. Smith rebukes Brian Kennedy, the not-so-much-millionaire-now and McCann backer, approach. It's a case that could configure a crime of intimidation of a witness.

  102. 75- I agree with you 100%, regardless of political views, I believe David Cameron to be a decent man, whether we agree with his politics or not.

  103. The story of Little Blue Riding Hood is true. Only the color has been changed to prevent an investigation.

  104. Regardless of whats written the police over hear and in portugal have ruled out the mcanns and the whole group. Nothing will happen to them as there seen as innocent. The police are investigating kidnappers and thats it. Even if they found her the case would still be focused on kidnappers and if they were not found the case would be closed down and marked resolved. The mcanns are not worried in the slightest.


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