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McCann affair: PJ Inspector caught in internet trap

A fake profile in the internet enticed an investigator of the Maddie Case into indiscretions

by Tânia Laranjo/Eduardo Dâmaso

One of the PJ inspectors who investigated the Maddie case was the victim of a trap on the Internet. The inspector Ricardo Paiva [the McCanns' liaison officer during the investigation] spoke on Facebook with a woman who introduced herself as an American model, but the talks eventually ended up in the possession of the English media. The inspector was blackmailed, so these conversations were not made ​​public, and now is facing a disciplinary process concerning the breach of civil servant duty. The fake profile on Facebook may have been created by someone connected to the McCanns' cause.

The PJ's directorate already opened an inquest to the inspector: “An English newspaper is in possession of photos and cell phone messages from a PJ inspector and a North America woman”. In that material, the inspector in question identifies himself in that capacity [as an element of the PJ of Portimão] and says that he worked on the Madeleine McCann case. These two facts led to the opening of a disciplinary proceeding as soon as they were communicated to the PJ, confirmed a source from the PJ National Directorate.

As CM was able to find out, those conversations took place soon after the inspector made a comment in a McCann support group in the internet [Facebook]. After this, the inspector believes his computer was the target of an hacking attempt and even admits that some hacker has accessed illegitimately to his personal data.

Another hypothesis is that the profile is false and does not even belong to a woman. The photos that were sent may have been taken from the internet. In those conversations, the inspector has allegedly sent photographs of himself - one of them taken inside the premises of Portimão police.

Complaint made in the PJ

The inspector spoke for a few weeks with an American young woman (see photo). He does not know if the woman seen in the picture that was sent to him was indeed her and has presented a complaint for fraud at the Judiciary Police. He admits that his email-box was also hacked.

The PJ will not reopen the investigation of the case

The Judiciary Police from Oporto will not reopen the investigation of the Maddie case, since there are no new data pointing to the clarification of her whereabouts.

A source from the PJ National Directorate has confirmed to Correio da Manhã that over the past year a PJ team has been verifying all the elements of the process, with the objective of making an assessment in order to try to find other investigation viewpoints, but up to now nothing new was detected.

The PJ team, working in conjunction with the English authorities, is directed by Helena Monteiro, who coordinated the elucidation of the Carina case - the college student from Lamego, whose body was found several days after her disappearance.

Gonçalo Wins Case and can sell his book
Last year, in October, the Appeal Court of Lisbon ruled in favour of Gonçalo Amaral, and his book “The Truth of the Lie” can finally return to the book-stores. “The content of the book does not offend any right of the plaintiffs[McCann couple]” and “the exercise of its writing and publication is contained in the constitutional rights guaranteed to all by the European Convention on Human Rights and by the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic”, affirms the ruling.


English Pressure
English journalists were always very aggressive towards the Portuguese police officers. The fact that Gonçalo Amaral drunk alcohol [beers] at lunch time made the news in England.

Gonçalo Amaral was removed from the investigation in the sequence of a polemical statement. “The English police has been working solely on what the McCann couple wants and suits them.”

Parents Arguidos
The fact that the child's parents were constituted as arguidos [formal suspect under the Portuguese Penal Code] - for suspicions of Homicide due to negligence - set alight the animosity. The McCanns whinged about the PJ.

Dogs find Traces
The English dogs that were brought by the authorities to search for traces of the child detected a trail of death. They also found blood vestiges in the car rented by the McCann couple.

in Correio da Manhã, paper edition, March 10, 2012 | Partial online version

in Kate McCann's book, titled “Madeleine”


Apparently the mystery of the “English newspaper” that is “in possession of photos and cell phone messages from a PJ inspector and a North America woman” has just revealed itself. It's Rupert Murdoch's The Sun! Coincidentally the same red-top that published an exclusive serialization of Kate McCann's book.

In a completely debased and filthy style, the Sun on Sunday(SOS) hack named Alex West deliberately attempts to destroy Ricardo Paiva's reputation. Now let's consider a few things and join the dots. If the woman is British as the churnalist affirms (reflecting that he knows her true identity), knowing in hindsight that News of the World (another Murdoch's Brit tabloid) was recently extinguished due to a phone-hacking, police bribery, and computer-hacking major scandal that has adversely affected News International media outlets around the world - could it be possible for Murdoch's The Sun to be behind this entrapment?


  1. Sorry, something doesn't add up, but of course don't know the FACTS. Does an officer of the PJ go online, to the Facebook page\s that is discussing issues concerning the Madeleine McCann case and actually stand up and say,

    here I am an officer of the PJ who worked on the MM case!

    Then presume get into a one to one conversation with an individual and give his real name and photos of himself

    He must have given sufficient information openly about himself to have been a target

    I've lived in hope for near on five years that someone would make contact with me from within the case in one form or another

    It has never happened !

    As for hacking etc, are were talking about the 'dark arts' of the the UK Media and all roads lead to the Leveson inquiry, yet again. Or was this home grown Portuguese style?

    Oh Await further translations and information.

    But the jungle telegraph seems in full-swing at the moment, must be fast approaching May 3rd.

  2. Impossible not to recognise the vindictiveness and deviousness behind this nasty piece of work. People will be repelled, and the perpetrators will find it reverberates back on them.


    Sounds like Ricardo Paiva is now full of regrets and ramblings :o

    We don't know yet what was actually said. All we know is that his computer and cell-phone have been hacked. He says.

    Sounds like a new Murdoch & Cia strategy unless of course the trap was planned by some obscure department of psychological warfare set up by the McCanns. Alternatively, it could have been some rogue Yard element. Hacking is not for the average Joe Bloggs...

    Personally, I doubt Paiva, a seasoned investigator, would disclose anything on-line (and on Facebook of all places) that would compromise his position as a PJ operative and a central witness for GA. Same applies for talking to an American model, on the phone, about the case. That would be down right foolish too.

    What could have happened is, Paiva might have thought she had some inside information and played along or left messages for the "honey-pot" - giving her irrelevant bits and bytes to encourage her to open up and share more information but, even that I doubt. It would have required a BIG carrot and even then, it would have been foolish just the same.

    May be, just may be, he was just trying to impress the female with his PJ status (the old mating strategy of the stupid male of the species) hoping that would eventually grant him access to her bedroom and a few deceptive thrills but hey! who said PJ officers were like Catholic priests (or nuns) which look at sex as a sin? Should they all be castrated to avoid such fiascos? Have no social life? No cheap thrills?

    Paiva more than anyone should know that this is a predatory planet and that he cannot trust anyone - nor even himself!

    We definitely need more details and I am sure Ricardo will come up with them in due time - after he leaves the PJ that is...

    Meanwhile Burston-Marsteller, Lift Consulting and the McCanns' posse must be sipping Cristal Brut 1990 “Methuselah” (US $17,625 per bottle)! My friend says she can almost see Kate half-drunk, shouting from the window, jemmied shutters and all:

    "One submarine sunk! An air carrier to go! F*ck*ng tosser! (hick!)

  4. Wasn't GA who said in a recent interview that there would be revelations very soon? Well, here they are!

    When dealing with this kind of people you never ever telegraph your punches! You behave as if you were in the presence of a very dangerous, poisonous snake. Any hint of a movement can be fatal.

    Furthermore this is in the Art of War. Never strike first but if you have to then make sure your enemy has no chance whatsoever to respond. Use one ton to crash a snake.

    Which by the way is another reason the Yard should never EVER been allowed inside the PJ. They want to review the case? Fine! Give them the PJ files but remember to charge them for the photocopies.

    Let them and their prime-minister play their PR games alone. Keep a safe distance at all times.

  5. So now Paiva must be discredited by any means possible.

    They say all is fair in love and war.

    Everyone knows he works for the Portimão PJ and that he worked on the Mc Case. If that is all he revealed on Facebook, big deal!

    So he was blackmailed, allegedly by Mc supporters or media people - now that is serious.
    The article reveals lots of information that the Mccs won't like.

    Thanks for this, Joana.

  6. I wouldn't be totally surprised if the hacking was done by someone paid by Burston-Marsteller.... ............... as for for Ricardo Paiva pursuing the American model I was not aware PJ officers had made a vote of chastity........... Why there is always this Victorian cynicisn whenever a human being of the masculine principle engages with another of the feminine principle to enjoy each other company and their biological complementarity? ...........I guess this traces back to the myth of Eve, the serpent and Adam's apple................. For Christ's sake it is just a biological necessity! So and so was found drinking water...eating something...sheltering from the weather...these too are biological responses to biological needs......... Why don't we demonise them as well?.... Come on! Actually I think Paiva has rather good taste - the only shame was...she was an impostor! :o

    Use it before you loose it, I say............

  7. Is that the same Alex West who went to Aachen to see Hewlett?

  8. Yes, it's the same from Aachen, here http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/madeleine/2454375/Maddie-McCann-suspect-Raymond-Hewlett-has-DNA-test.html and here http://themaddiecasefiles.com/post83014.html#p83014 Also with Lazzeri on the Barcelona 'sighting' http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/2577607/Maddie-Hunt-for-Aussie-boat.html

  9. Anon 3 Interesting. It occurs to me that it could have been a PJ element that did the computer hacking.

    It was more likely to be someone with physical access to Paiva's computer...not necessarily of course. He could have been hacked with a simple photo or e-mail sent by someone targeting him. Still, it would make more sense. If Yard offices were sitting in PJ offices and using their PCs that could help to explain it too. The Yard could even have PJ Porto to agree to that as part of the "review". Anything is possible.

  10. even the author of the website 'regrets and ramblings' is beginning to get rattled


    If you read what Ricardo Paiva has allegedly written on Facebook you will immediately realize he could not have written it himself. The English is almost flawless. Ricardo Paiva cannot write that well in English. There are no hints of a Portuguese "syntactical accent". His Facebook account has been hacked alright.

    See also David Bret rather queer remarks about Paiva.

    The offensive bytes are transcribed in Regrets and Ramblings - the pro-McCann website which some say is an outpost for Burston-Marsteller/Lift Consulting misinformation campaign.


    After visiting this website please make sure to remove all "cookies" afterwards - just to be on the safe side...

  12. It will be interesting if it is confirmed that a UK newspaper is found to be involved in this sordid affair. It'll be yet another case of the media interfering in a police investigation; this time by attempting to entrap, & discredit an investigating officer. Reminds me of the Daniel Morgan murder inquiry - News International put a surveillance team on investigating officer, Dave Cook and his wife Crimewatch presenter Jacqui Hames, in an attempt to discredit them and scupper the inquiry (according to Jacqui Hames, at the Leveson Inquiry, NI had a very sordid motive for doing so)

  13. Sun Hack Alex West is the son of Lord West , ex. Lord of the Admiralty, Gordon Browns friend and part of his cabinet. Alex was arrested in 2008 for cocaine related offences , his Dad was said to be furious, because the police had arrested him. Daddy was Gordons security adviser at the time.

  14. Now wouldn't it be interesting to know what exactly it was the McCanns were willing to hand over hundreds of thousands to Halligan for him to do in Portugal. Perhaps he could enlighten somebody about that. SY maybe?

  15. #13 "Now wouldn't it be interesting to know what exactly it was the McCanns were willing to hand over hundreds of thousands to Halligan for him to do in Portugal"

    It would indeed my friend, except the Yard is there to insure the PJ does not probe too deeply. Me thinks. The Yard calls the shots (that Cameron told them to). "Just look for any indications of abduction nothing else!" Besides with the forensic samples gone and the dogs' testimony dismissed as "unscientific" what is there in the files to look for? Corretomundo!

    It's all PR. A dry-cleaning operation. Operation "Grange" - named after rent-a-cop Dave Edgar's theory that Madeleine is probably alive in a lair - in a grange that is. Well, she could but the dogs doubt it.

    Ask the dogs....

  16. @12 "Hack Alex West is the son of Lord West , ex. Lord of the Admiralty, Gordon Browns friend and part of his cabinet."

    Thanks for the info. Now we know.
    :a Biutiful!

  17. Sun Journalist Alex West is discussed
    in this article from The First Post


    Black death and al-Qaeda: anatomy of a scare story

    The latest ‘scoop’ on terrorists and the threat of germ warfare smacks of spin, political briefings and the scandal of the phoney WMDs

    Wed 4 Feb 2009.

    "The Sun is not where you would usually find a serious counter-terrorism story and exactly how this one got into the hands of journalist Alex West, son of security minister Lord Alan West, is not clear. Unsurprisingly, the younger West has declined to tell The First Post his sources".

    Read more: http://www.theweek.co.uk/24583/black-death-and-al-qaeda-anatomy-scare-story#ixzz1oqL7WSpe

  18. Given the current serious investigations into hacking etc, it is IMO unlikely that the Sun commissioned or even remotely played any part in the actual execution of this trickery. More likely it was executed then handed to the paper on a plate by some other interested party IMO.

  19. Security minister's son arrested for 'attempting to buy cocaine'
    17 January 2008

    Embarrassing: Lord West's son has been arrested over an alleged drug offence

    The son of the Security Minister Admiral Lord West has been arrested for an alleged drugs offence.

    Alex West, 25, was held outside a London takeaway following a police surveillance operation.

    It is believed he had been drinking in a nightclub in Hackney when he was allegedly offered cocaine by a suspected drugs dealer.

    The two men then went outside to a cash dispensing machine. The area is reportedly covered by CCTV cameras. Both were later arrested.

    Mr West was released on police bail without having been charged.

    Both Lord West and his wife Rosie have been made aware of the incident.

    It is understood that Mr West initially claimed the substance had been "planted" on him.

    Friends of Lord West, who was brought into Gordon Brown's "Government of all the talents" in June, said he was "furious" at his son's arrest.

    A Home Office spokesman said: "It is inappropriate to comment as this is subject to an ongoing police investigation."

    Mr West's arrest will cause embarrassment at No10 because his father regularly meets security and police chiefs in his ministerial role.

    It is not the first time the children of Labour ministers have found themselves in the spotlight.

    Tony Blair's son Euan was found drunk and incapable in Leicester Square in July 2000 when he was 16. He was arrested and taken to a police cell where he gave a false name and age and the family's old address but his identity emerged after a police search.

    While Jack Straw was Home Secretary, his son William was caught buying drugs in a newspaper sting.

    This is just the latest embarrassment for Lord West.

    Last month, it was revealed he had an extra-marital affair while married to his artist wife of 34-years Rosie, with whom he has two other children.

    And in November last year Sir Alan himself caused trouble for the Prime Minister by questioning in a radio interview Mr Brown's desire to hold terrorist subjects for longer than 28 days.

    One hour later, after a visit to Downing Street, he changed his stance, saying he was convinced by the PM's argument.

    He tried to explain away the fudge by describing himself as just "a simple sailor".

    Prior to that he was appointed First Sealord and Chief of the Naval Staff in September 2002.

    His embarrassment over his son's arrest will be greater as he regularly meets police chiefs in his ministerial role.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-508751/Security-ministers-son-arrested-attempting-buy-cocaine.html#ixzz1otkGoCWo


    @17 "Unsurprisingly, the younger West has declined to tell The First Post his sources."

    Thanks for the update.

    I suppose if you asked him the sources for what he writes about Ricardo Paiva in "The Scum" he would decline as well. The source was his imagination :o

  21. See also the rather queer remarks by David Bret....
    I never hurt you, Joana, but in accusing me of blackmail you are on dangerous ground. Though you will not admit it, you have been questioned this week by the police, I believe? I am yet to decide whether to take further action against you. This Paiva case has nothing to do with me. DB

  22. @21 Mr. David Bret, stop sending me messages via this blog or by any other means including twitter & facebook, unless you wish me to make a criminal complaint against you for cyberstalking or/and harassment.

  23. A free replica simple sailor eyepatch to anyone who can find what the journo's sentence was, if there was one? :)


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