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McCann Case: Judge orders the immediate return of Gonçalo Amaral's Book

Following the ruling of the Court of Appeals of Lisbon on October 14, 2010 in which the judges decreed that Gonçalo Amaral's books could be sold, revoking the first judgement of the Court a quo [lower court/court decision's that was appealed] that had granted a banning injunction, and in a new legal setback for the McCanns, we can now confirm that the judge has ordered the immediate return of the 7.500 copies of the book "Maddie, the Truth of the Lie" that were entrusted to Isabel Duarte, lawyer of the McCann couple. The lawyer has, of today, 10 working days to fulfil that order.

On the other hand, we are also able to confirm that one of the several claims for defamation made by the McCann couple against several Portuguese persons, specifically one targeting criminal psychologist and university professor Dr. Paulo Sargento as been archived by the Public Ministry. Nevertheless, and according to information that was provided to us, the McCanns' lawyer, Isabel Duarte, intends to proceed with the claim despite not having the backing of the Public Ministry.

In Spanish at Mercedes's blog, with muchas gracias for the breaking news.


The Civil Court of Lisbon notified the McCanns' lawyer on Tuesday

Early on this week, the lawyer for Guerra & Paz book publishers said that the book copies were stored at a warehouse in the area of Matinha in Lisbon, and that, they should be returned as soon as there was a court order. The 1st Circuit of the Civil Court of Lisbon [the same court that had granted the initial injunction on September 9, 2009] has now notified, Isabel Duarte, the books' trustee, ordering her to return the books to Guerra & Paz, within 10 days.

in O Crime, paper edition, nº 1546, pages 12 to 14, March 15, 2012

«I expect the McCann couple to respect the court order, and within 10 days, to return to us all the copies (about 7500) of the book 'Maddie, The Truth of the Lie'.»

Gonçalo Amaral, retired PJ coordinator, who investigated the case.

in Correio da Manhã, paper edition, page 15, March 15, 2012

Update on March 23, 2012
The mandatary and lawyer of the McCann couple, Isabel Duarte, has until the 29th of this month to return the books; the 10 days deadline are not consecutive and are measured as working days. Meanwhile, the lawyer to whom the books were entrusted by the First Instance Civil Court of Lisbon, has been trying to delay the restitution of the books to its rightful owners as ordered by the Supreme Court of Justice alleging that the Court of Appeals judgement did not transit in rem judicatam [unappealable decision/final ruling].


  1. Thank you Joana and Mercedes for bringing us this excellent news!

  2. what would happen if the evil duarte has destroyed the books,any chance she could end up in jail.

  3. Why is this woman allowed to get away with such madness - what`s up with the legal system in Portugal? Is everyone scared of her?


  4. This is very good news. I'll be watching to see how the situation plays out.

  5. congratulations senor amaral.i will buy your book.god bless from ireland

  6. What utterly brilliant news. Let's hope she has destroyed them and gets her come-uppance. Thank you for bringing this news.

  7. Great news indeed. First defeat of many lets hope for the M. cCanns

  8. Good news indeed.

    And other good news - in my humble opinion - are coming from Ireland where the Drogheda Independent is dragging out the Smith sighing again.

    Nothing the British Press will be allowed to report I am sure. Maybe the buttoned trouser photo of Gerry has jogged more memories...

  9. Working for the McCanns appears to have had a bad influence on Isabella as far as cooperation goes. She too seems to think she is now above the law, and was not required to comply with the request to return the books, just as the McCsnns refused to comply with the investigation by saying they had no credit cards when they did, and Kate's refusal to answer all those questions put to her.

    Will the books be returned as requested? Or will Isabella allow her career to be sacrificed for the sake of the McCanns? Foolish indeed if she takes the latter course.

  10. @2 20:43
    Jail?. Probably not but could end up with a suspended sentence if the PP decides to indict Isabel Duarte.

    @4 Joana, as far as I know disbarring or suspension can only be decreed by the lawyers order. Considering who's the head of the lawyer's bar I wouldn't hold my breath.....

  11. Thank you Joana and lots of((((hugs)))), for giving us this fantastic news. Hopefully the end is nigh, for the "Gruesome Twosome" and their followers. I honestly thought that the Supreme Court Judge, who issued the order to return the 7500 copies of Goncalo Amaral's book, back in 2010, was not going to enforce the order.

    If these books have been destroyed and I suspect they have, Isabel Duarte could find herself in jail, along with the McCanns, who would have instructed Ms. Duarte to hold on to, or destroy the books.

    Dr Amaral has been working silently in the background. He has kept quiet, while the McCanns and the media, have laughed and said some really cruel things about him.

    The McCanns have also been rubbing their greedy mitts, at the thought of stealing his home and his hard earned cash. They didn't give a stuff that Dr Amaral, his wife and children, would be homeless and penniless. That doesn't surprise me, because they didn't give a stuff about their children, when they left them unsupervised in that unlit, unlocked apartment, night after night after night.

    Still he who laughs last, laughs the longest. I hope Dr Amaral finally laughs, when the McCanns are given their just deserts, for whatever part they played in Madeleine's disappearance and for their appalling and malicious behaviour, towards him.

    When the McCanns are finally brought to justice, this will be the day the smiles are finally wiped from their faces. Th McCanns will discover who their friends are, when they are brought to justice and I don't think any of their friends, will be the "friends in high places", who funded and helped them evade justice almost 5yrs ago.

    I am going to have a nice cup of tea, give a toast to Dr Amaral and wish him all the best for the future. When I go to bed, I will still be wearing the smile on my face, that I have been wearing, since Joana and her team, gave us this fantastic and long overdue news.

  12. Mcx@8 - "Considering who's the head of the lawyer's bar I wouldn't hold my breath....."

    Of course - it`s not what you know, but who you know - no wonder said person can break the law with impunity.

  13. Halleluja Halleluja halleluja!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Isabel, insanity is contagious. Get rid of the McCanns!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. archived: does it mean Paulo Sargento is free to talk?

  15. @ 12,

    I seem to recall Dr Gonçalo Amaral mentioning if the books were destroyed it would be a crime that could see 5 years in jail for the lawyer and her clients.

  16. If she has destroyed the books then surely that is a criminal offence in Portugal, made worse by the fact that she was ordered to return them and disobeyed.

    It would be equivalent to saying she has no respect for the law whatsoever. If that is the case why is she even going to law to settle cases, when the only judgement she recognises is that made in favour of her clients. If every lawyer did that the law would be in complete chaos, and for it to go unpunished would mean the authority of the judges would lose all respect.

  17. I am anon 18. I did recall correctly:

    Allow me to remind you that, due to my suspicions that those books were destroyed, I have denounced the situation to the Public Ministry [Attorney General's Office]; currently taking place at the DIAP [Department of Investigation and Penal Action] of Lisbon is a criminal process for improper clearance or destruction of objects placed under the public domain (Article 3551 of the Penal Code), abstractly punishable by at least a sentence of up to five years in prison, where the suspects are the McCann couple and their illustrious lawyer.


    Força Dr Gonçalo Amaral

  18. Mcx @12 Unfortunately I have to agree with you, it's unparalleled the support given by the Portuguese head of the bar to certain lawyers - not naming whom - connected to the case at hand, who have clearly broken a few articles of the Code of Ethics of Portuguese Lawyers. But still, some might find themselves disbarred by other means, namely by the Deontology Councils (first instance) and/or by the Superior Council. Someone might even make a criminal complaint against said lawyers, a criminal complaint that can be lodged by any Portuguese citizen.

  19. If Isabella decides to dig her heels in, and the books have been destroyed, or are not forthcoming, maybe she will end up sharing a cell with JT, if Jane loses the criminal case against her for 'calumny' which we are also waiting to hear the outcome of if it is still going ahead.

  20. I shall remain a cynical, curmudgeonly grumpy old bastard over this matter until I see the sweat on their brows! That said, I do rather sense a pang of JUSTICE in the air, and I am grateful for your, (and MERCEDES) efforts in bringing this potentially great news. Let us hope that all you efforts and resolutions in this case are going to see some rewards, Jo.
    Spud x

  21. I hope so too Mike, we never know the twists and turns of the Portuguese Justice System, I'm the first to admit that some things should be reformed in our current penal code - Gonçalo Amaral is not the only citizen who has had his assets and means of defence, and of providing for his family taken by an 'abusive' legal loophole in the PT law. Loopholes are plenty, it seems, only that could explain a two year delay in obeying a superior court decree; unless there's something else that can explain that delay, that is. And that "perhaps" isn't ethical nor lawful. Here's hoping to justice on the matter of freedom of speech.

  22. Excellent News, Dont you agree?
    Anon @20,45 ,60 and 71, From recent post (New episodes of the judicial war with Maddies parents:Goncalo Amaral goes on the attack )
    Thats of course your still here and over your recent tantrums that is!


  23. Excellent news and congratulations to Snr Amaral. Justice is silent.

  24. Joana Morais @21
    Joana, that type of 'support' can only stretch to a certain extent. The judge(s) that ordered the immediate return of the books don't seem particularly impressed by Isabel Duarte, neither did the judges of the appellate court.
    Both the Deontology and the Superior Council may have a word in this sorry saga, but personally I believe this case of civil disobedience should be handled by the courts, not by some more or less obscure 'councils' who deal with these cases behind closed doors.

    BTW, according to law 10 days are 10 running 10 days, not working days, so the illustrious lawyer and her clients must be busy bees right now trying to figure out where to get 7500 copies. Don't be surprised if you spot the illustrious lawyer on FNAC trying to pile up all the remaining copies in a squeaking cart.

    And finally.... if both the illustrious lawyer and her clients are accused of disobedience to the court this may represent the end of a 'beautiful and profitable partnership'.
    Wouldn't it be lovely to see the McCann's file a criminal charge against the illustrious one for gross misrepresentation?

    Thanks for keeping your eyes peeled. Everything seems to be falling in place now.
    Bijocas, Mcx

  25. Mcx @ 28 I'll see if I can spot her tomorrow at Corte Inglés or Fnac :) It will be hard though, those high shelves, her small stature... Are you sure we are talking about 10 consecutive days instead of working days? Just to add to the above post, obrigada. Será que ainda vamos ver justiça ser feita neste caso? Espero mesmo que sim. um beijo e muito obrigada pela tua participação, bem hajas :)

  26. Se os livros não foram destruídos, a Isabel vai pegar hérnia de disco.

  27. Yes Joana, 10 consecutive days.

    Look here, halfway down the page. Legal time frames are counted in consecutive days.

    b) Quando um prazo surge expresso em dias, refere-se a dias de calendário ou a dias úteis ?

    O prazo processual, estabelecido por lei ou fixado por despacho do juiz, é contínuo, suspendendo-se, no entanto, durante as férias judiciais.....

    Not much time to 'coff up' 7500 copies if you ask me, lets see how creative is the illustrious lawyer.
    As for your visit to FNAC or C.I, please look where you step LOL.

    I sincerely hope than one day we can understand what happened to little Madeleine, she's the only real victim in all this.

  28. Fantasticas noticias a provar que em Portugal ainda ha juizes conscientes e serios que nao se deixam manipular.

    Agora os portugueses querem o caso reaberto e todos os vestigios forenses que foram mandados para os Uk devolvidos, de modo a que possam ser testados noutros laboratorios. E dever do laboratorio ou do pais, preservar as provas em casos que nao estao resolvidos.

  29. We can't wait, can we?

    And now, what about Amaral's assets?

  30. During the time the McCanns were arguidos, they accepted being interviewed.
    And now that they are considered innocent and that they achieved what they wanted, the review, they disappeared.
    I bet they were abducted.

  31. I wonder if England returned the blood samples of Madeleine's. By now there can existe a more sophisticated laboratorium somewhere(USA?).

  32. For GA's sake, I hope they have destroyed the books. If so, another battle shall commence, and this one starts with GA as the sure winner. Do I see light in the end of the tunnel?

  33. I would happily contribute to a fund to re-print the books if they have been destroyed, and if it is the English language version, to to buy many copies to leave in public places

  34. Bom dia !

    JM e Astro : enviei correio. Hoje não fiz ditados........ nem muitas cópias.

    Preciso de tratar de assuntos pessoais e escasseia o tempo. Foi o possível, sem qq revisão.


  35. I would also be only to happy to donate to any fund that involves the honourable Goncalo Amaral,i hope that much maligned man is vindicated,God bless Mr Amaral.

  36. Congratulations to Goncalo Amaral from London - where many are watching and awaiting your final vindication!

  37. Surely this development makes a mockery of the forthcoming lawsuit against Gonçalo Amaral. The McCanns can hardly complain about the book now. Cue for another postponement while they lodge yet another appeal?

  38. Speaking about Third World Countries, I live in one of the most developped countries of Europe, a rich country. Last year went to Portugal in order to visit a person who was seriously ill. During a week I visited her every day at the Cancer Hospital and I observed how efficient nurses and doctors were, how competent and how lovely they are.
    Competent and human. They treat their patients with the same capacity they treat in the best hospitals in Europe.I know because I have had cancer myself, 18 years ago and I can compare between my Cancer Hospital and that Cancer Hospital in Lisbon.

    And I must say the Portuguese people ae very lucky they don't have Kate and Gerry as doctors.

  39. Did the McCanns pay the Court costs for the loss of this action yet? Also, what about the costs for lost revenue to the owner, whilst these books were not returned after being previously ordered to do so, and were not able to be put on the market.

  40. Anon 26 - A.Dubliner,

    I am anon 18 and 20. If you are referring to me in your post #26. I haven't a clue what you mean. I hardly ever post here and have never had a tantrum on here recent or otherwise.

  41. Is this the Fund money for the supposed search for Madeleine the McCanns are willing to risk losing on these legal actions?

    Either that, or some rich backer is funding them, because who on earth would risk losing their own money by continuing in this way.

    The judges have made it clear the Book they wished to ban was based on the Case File and investigation, and nothing in it was unlawful.

    Can they never accept they have lost, or is this driven by such vindictiveness they can't stop themselves?

  42. Can anyone fail to be pleased by this turn of events,wonderful and great news for all people who believe in freedom of speech,so much for Gerry McCann having no problems with theories,after all abduction was one of Gerry's.


    That was the first thing that came to my mind...

    Surely there is plenty of money in the Fund for that, and the bar associates (including its head) know it! Ah! There is no biz like legal show biz! :c

    At any rate, ID - the minuscule giant has been able to hold up an appeals' court decision for almost a year and a half! Quite an achievement even in what many outsiders (including David Cameron) already consider a Banana Republic.

    From a psychological standpoint however, this is another victory for Amaral. One can only hope his new lawyer (De Oliveira) can keep up the score and knock out the McCanns' in the final round. If he doesn't, then Portugal needs another revolution - as Otelo Saraiva de Carvalho, one of the heroes of the Portuguese 1974 "carnation revolution", just suggested.


  44. Joana, did you tell us about Prof. Paulo Sargento also being silenced by the McGags? Where? I cannot find it. Thank you darling!

  45. Joana at 21 "Mcx @12 Unfortunately I have to agree with you, it's unparalleled the support given by the Portuguese head of the bar to certain lawyers - not naming whom"

    Were you referring to Marcos Balão-Corea, the dam man? I thought so.

    Is "Photoshop" Pint still heading the bar?

  46. @ A Dubliner at 26

    :d I am alright Jack - and yourself?

  47. The McCanns have already exhausted all the possible appeals.

    «Kate and Gerry McCann wanted the Supreme Court of Justice to nullify a decision by the Appeals Court that allowed for the book by Gonçalo Amaral, ‘The Truth of the Lie’, to be distributed. Nonetheless, the judges have refused the request.

    Former Polícia Judiciária inspector Gonçalo Amaral will again be able to sell the book about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, ‘The Truth of the Lie’, which was taken off shelves after an injunction that was filed by the parents of the little English girl that disappeared in Praia da Luz was accepted by a lower court.

    The Supreme Court judges refused the request for an “exceptional review” of the Appeals Court’s decision, which overturned the injunction that had been filed by Kate and Gerry McCann.

    The counsellors’ decision may be appealed to the Constitutional Court, but that will have no suspensive effect, which means that Kate and Gerry McCann will have to return every copy of Amaral’s book that they possess.

    If they do not comply, they may even incur in a crime of disobedience.»


  48. Joana, the source seems to have been today's "O Crime" which was quoted by Maria in her blog http://mariacpois.blogspot.com/2012/03/12-e-13-por-carlos-saraiva-maddie-as.html

    I am not in Portugal at the moment so I can't confirm by buying the newspaper. Please check it out (if you don't already know that is). There seems to be a statement in there by Prof. Paulo Sargento as well. You are probably working on it by now but just in case...

  49. @53 Thank you, already have all the newspapers and magazines, translating since the morning...

  50. Joana at 54 I thought so. Brilliant!
    Just posted you Prof. Paulo Sargento's reply to Dr. Isabel Duarte but that was unnecessary by the look of it. Keep up the good work. We are sending you a tele-pack of energy (organic Peruvian coffee). Hold on!

  51. Joana, if Paulo Sargento is also liberated of his sins, is it possible to watch the show where he talked about the pink blanket?
    Or to at least tell us where to find it? Thank you.

  52. I would suggest that the McCanns would buy all of the 7.500 that were spreaded around in Europe.

  53. @56 http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2009/05/goncalo-amaral-and-paulo-sargento.html




    in no particular order

  54. @55 Thank you, but I would rather publish the translation along with the Portuguese original in a blog post, with an introduction to the the story of the recent "rights to reply" by the McCann's lawyer. Obrigada.

  55. We are all excited. Things are going wondefully.


    It seems to me (deduction) from a letter Prof. Paulo Sargento writes to Isabel Duarte published in "O Crime" today that the reason the McCanns' targetted him (quite aside from a gagging attempt) has to do with Amaral's Defence Fund!

    The McCanns were apparently trying to prevent Dr. Amaral from defending himself, first by targeting and freezing his assets years ahead of a trial and then, if we inferred correctly, by targeting Prof. Paulo Sargento and/or Dr. Amaral's defence fund which was created by Portuguese citizens out of solidarity with Amaral's defence predicament vis a vis the McCanns multi-million defence and PR team - quite aside from their political connections!

    WHO are these people? The McCanns?

    See: "Resposta ao Direito de Resposta da Ex.ma Senhora Dra. Isabel Duarte, advogada do casal McCann" published by "O Crime" 15 March (page 3). In Portuguese.

  57. Joana at 59

    Brilliant idea! Thumbs up! I wish I could help. Very subtle and refined language Sargento's. Isabel Duarte's writing looks like that of a chambermaid compared with his! :o


  58. «Macmemory syndrome [medical] Sudden and astonishing retrieval of sensations from memory many months after the event. It is associated with Geripys disease, a mental condition in which sufferers remember “sensing” strangers or “abductors” hiding in the lavatory bowl while urinating. V. rare» more at http://blacksmithbureau.blogspot.com/2012/03/new-reference-material.html

  59. The blanket: it is an absurd interpretation. How could it have desappeared of the crime scene immediately after it was photographed and 5a was sealed already? The photographer started his work after everybody had left the apartment and the blanket was there. I always thought that after having analysed everything, the PJ returned them to the parents(toys, clothes, the blanket, etc). And it was when it desappeared.

  60. Joana - thanks for the laugh @60 - Geripys disease :o. I bet that emoticon doesn`t work; but you`ll get the gist.

    I wish GA could now find a publisher to print and distribute in the UK.

  61. David Gilroy found guilty of Suzanne Pilley murder

    SUZANNE Pilley’s parents today said their daughter had received “justice” after David Gilroy was found guilty of her murder.

    A jury convicted the 49-year-old at the High Court in Edinburgh today.

    The body of the bookkeper, who went missing in May 2010, has never been found.

    The jury of eight men and seven women began considering their verdict on Tuesday afternoon.

    They continued their deliberations throughout yesterday and returned to the High Court in Edinburgh this morning to deliberate again before giving their verdict.

    Gilroy denied murdering Suzanne Pilley in Thistle Street, Edinburgh, or elsewhere in Scotland, by unknown means on May 4, 2010.

    Following the verdict, Suzanne’s parent said their daughter had received “justice”.

    In a statement, Suzanne’s parents Rob and Sylvia said: “This day has been a long time coming but finally Suzanne has received the justice she deserved. (...)

    “To think that he went about his business in the days after he murdered Suzanne, pretending that nothing was amiss, is truly chilling. (...)

    Gilroy, from the Silverknowes area of Edinburgh, further denied attempting to defeat the ends of justice between May 4 and May 6, 2010, by concealing 38-year-old Ms Pilley’s body and transporting it to various locations in Scotland in the boot of a car.

    In his closing speech, Jack Davidson QC, defending Gilroy, said there was no “hard, convincing evidence”.

    On Monday, the jury heard the prosecution allege Gilroy killed Ms Pilley in the basement of their work building.

    Advocate depute Alex Prentice QC said the Crown case is that she was then placed in the boot of his car and driven to a “lonely grave” in Argyll.

    Detective Superintendent Gary Flannigan said today: “The investigation into the murder of Suzanne Pilley has been groundbreaking and in many respects unique for Lothian and Borders Police.

    “From the outset we faced significant challenges; a routine missing person inquiry very quickly transformed into a murder investigation that relied heavily on information from the public.

    “It was thoroughly supported by Suzanne’s family, friends and work colleagues who did all they could to assist the investigation at what must have been a terrible time for them. (...)

    “David Gilroy was a deceitful and controlling individual who pestered Suzanne with hundreds of messages, and then killed her when she told him their affair was over.

    “The calculated steps he took in the minutes, hours and days after her death to cover up his crime and maintain a front of normality reveals a cold and calculating personality.” http://www.scotsman.com/news/david-gilroy-found-guilty-of-suzanne-pilley-murder-1-2175207

  62. Suzanne Pilley trial: ‘Cadaver’ sniffer dog reacted to accused’s car

    A DOG trained to find dead bodies reacted when sniffing in the boot of the car belonging to the man accused of murdering book-keeper Suzanne Pilley, a jury has heard.

    Two specialist cadaver dogs from an English police force had been brought in to help in the search for the missing woman, and areas of “specific interest” were also identified in the garage of the office where she and David Gilroy worked, a court heard.

    Gilroy’s car had not been particularly clean and tidy when it was examined by experts, but a fresh fragrance wafted from the boot after the lid was opened, a witness claimed.

    Ms Pilley, 38, of Whitson Road, Edinburgh, went missing on 4 May 2010, apparently on her way to work at Infrastructure Management Ltd (IML) in Thistle Street, Edinburgh.

    Gilroy, 49, of Silverknowes Brae, Edinburgh, denies murdering her by unknown means, and concealing the body within IML’s premises before taking it in the boot of his silver Vauxhall Vectra to various locations in Scotland. Her remains have never been found.

    Mark Heron, 47, a senior scene examiner with the Scottish Police Services Authority, said he had gone with forensic scientists on 9 May 2010 to the garage in Thistle Street used by IML and other offices in the block.

    Also, there were two dog handlers from South Yorkshire Police with specialist cadaver dogs. Each dog was used independently of the other.

    “The dog handler released the dog just inside the garage door and the dog made its way around the garage sniffing the floor, the corners, piping ducts. The dog sat down or paused at three specific areas in the garage and the handler indicated these were of interest. We chalked these areas for specific examination,” said Mr Heron. (...) http://www.scotsman.com/news/suzanne-pilley-trial-cadaver-sniffer-dog-reacted-to-accused-s-car-1-2136360

  63. Come on folks, give this Gilroy guy a break. Maybe he had a fondness for sea bass.

    Well done doggies, yet again. No doubt Gerry McCann wont be pleased those 'ludicrous' dogs have helped crack the case. No body needed either.

  64. David Gilroy guilty of murdering missing Edinburgh bookkeeper Suzanne Pilley and disposing of her body

    «"From the outset, we faced significant challenges and a routine missing persons inquiry quickly transformed into a murder investigation which relied heavily on information from the public."

    He added: "The thing that makes it unusual and unique for our force is the fact that we didn't have a body, I think that's what changes the complexity for ourselves and makes it such a difficult case for the crown as well.

    "Our use of the cadaver dog is certainly groundbreaking, our application of CCTV and the media appeal."»


  65. with the GNR all over the place, apartment sealed and the blanket stolen?
    this could not be, unless the PJ wanted it to happen in orde to find leads in the future. the police knew already that there were no signs of a break, it could have been a trap. at least it helped because it seems fibers were found in the scenic.
    Amaral doesn't write at all about the blanket on his book. at the moment of the publication it was still a secret. and I suspect the PJ requested Oprah to comment it on her show, in order to watch the McCanns reaction.
    so many interviews, so many videos, and Oprah refers to exactly that detail.

    And I don't believe the McCanns ever confessed their crime to Father Pacheco, neither to any other priest . Pacheco does not even speak English. They had already to confess it to Tapas 7, why involving more people?
    I believe Madeleine was buried wrapped in that blanket. No religious ritual.

  66. It might seem like stating the obvious, but I think it's interesting to take note that in the Gilroy case, on the important trip it was just one person driving and the passenger seats empty.

  67. Time for another sighting or two! That's what the McCanns do when in a tight corner.It costs nothing and diverts attention, and undelines yet again their 'suffering parents' image.
    The very instant that Amaral's books are delivered to the shops I hope all the news agencies in the world are informed, with photos.(Good-looking, photogenic Portugese blokes lifting boxes off a delivery lorry, while passers-by stare.)
    If the books are NOT delivered, then ditto -inform the entire world.
    And surely the publishers have something to say, too? They have lost money in this delay.

  68. Maybe the blanket vanished at the same time as the bag that was photographed in the wardrobe. Just like the credit cards the McCanns said they never had, but then it turned out they did, according to Gerry McCann the bag never existed either. We are supposed to believe we are seeing things.

  69. This one is for Philomena McCann:

    -Yes, Philly dear, "LASSIE" HAS INDEED SNIFFED OUT SOMETHING...again! And again "LASSIE" WAS RIGHT!
    Today's police "Lassies" are rigth and the good old real Lassie was always right too, don't you remember the movies?!


  70. Anon @45
    If you re -read my post @26 you will find I was'nt referring to your good self.

    Anon @ 51
    I'm Grand ,sound as a pound(euro) Thank you for asking xx.

    Anon@ 60,70,73
    I will admit your a great trier, But what has the blanket got to do with this current post? The favourable comments getting unbearable for you perhaps?


  71. The judges order that Dr Amaral's books must be returned forthwith must be somplied with. What is more, the book could legitimately be distributed elsewhere in the EU with impunity. If the Mccans have exhausted their options to get the book banned in Portugal, they would be unlikely to get it banned elsewhere including the UK presumably? The court case has established a precedent of upholding the principal of Freedom of Speech that would apply throughout the EU and be recognised by the ECHR. Therefore, full public discussion of the case would be allowed, including by Tony Bennett?

  72. JM at 69 quoting "Daily Record":

    "David Gilroy guilty of murdering missing Edinburgh bookkeeper Suzanne Pilley and disposing of her body..."

    Well, one thing is for sure, this kind of crime, accidental or premeditated death blamed on an abductor, does happen in Scotland as well. Incidentally, is Gerald McCann Scottish? He sounds Scottish! Sorry! Just a stray thought...

    What we have to remember in this case, is that the McCanns are not the average "Joe Gilroy-Bloggs". They are VIPs as far as the British government and their side-kicks (Portugal) are concerned.

    Anyone with half a brain (preferably the left side) realizes that.

    That said, I have an hunch Cameron suspects the parents did it, but it wouldn't be politically correct to say so or to seem to say so.

    You see, Cameron can use the McCanns' to assure an added percentage of Labour voters - the Rosiepops-like supporters the McCanns' have in the UK, come mostly from poorly educated tabloid readers, the so-called "working class". This is an over-generalization of course but the fact remains, Murdoch's "Sun" alone sells 2,582,301 copies per day in average. Of these, some 2,000,000 are likely to believe in the McCanns-Burston-Marsteller-Lift Consulting version of events. Important to note the "Sun" has, in the past, claimed to have "won elections". Take that!

    Cameron, a close friend of Rupert Murdoch, is well aware of the political capital involved in this case. Scotland Yard's somersault review, appeals to readers of the Sun as much as those of the Daily Mail - not to mention a few of the ultra Conservative Daily Telegraph - mostly old ladies and bankrupt aristocrats with Alzheimer's disease (AD) - but this is, of course, uninformed speculation.

    What I am trying to say is:

    NO! I don't think the McCanns will ever be charged for anything - nor even for abandoning their children to their fate.

    Their gagging campaign, which is in itself a threat to fundamental human rights, will go on, far into the future very much like a NASA space probe....

    Given their multi-milion, multi-national, PR and marketing advisers team, there will always be a Fund and funds to finance more propaganda and more expensive gags. Some will stay in place. Others will not but the show will go on.

    Perhaps one day the McCanns' Turn-Stones company will rival McDonalds' in the Stock Exchange but by then it will probably be called McCanns' - whether it will sell hamburgers as well, only the future will tell...

    No allegations made.



    A. Reader

  73. Joana @66,67,69
    I Trust your keeping well.
    This reminds me of Gerry asking Sandra to ask the dogs.
    Well Gerald the dogs were asked in this case and they have proven to be decisive and prescedent setting,squeeky bum time I think :))


  74. I just had a thought about the Smith's sighting which I wish to offer as it is.

    I vaguely remember ages ago reading in the now carter-rucked Sergeants' Inn website that the owner of the hotel where the Smiths' were staying was an acquaintance of Kennedy - the relative of Gerald McCann and Fund donor.

    The degree of acquaintance between the Smiths and the owner of the hotel is unknown to me but, they are all Irish from the same county (if I remember correctly).

    Could the Smith's sighting have been engineered to support Jane Tanner's fabrication when discredit was thrown at it? Just a thought. Of course I know the timings don't match but that could have been for the PJ not to suspect this was an extension of the first lie. Also interesting to note that when the PJ got to the hotel the CCTV recordings had been wiped out.

    Wait! What does not make sense is the Smiths' saying the abductor looked like Gerald McCann! Sorry! wrong inference. Reverse! I change my mind! I believe the sighting did take place.

    The fact that the Smiths' (and everyone else) since have refrained from saying the "abductor" looked like Gerald McCann (according to Mr. Smith) does support my theory-gone-wrong above, nonetheless. Anyway time to review Textusa Holmes:


  75. Hello Joana and Anonymous (post71)I was also thinking about the Gilroy case. The problem the PJ had, when they were building a case against the McCanns, was intervention by the British Government, which is something the British police didn't have when they were building a case against Gilroy.

    The McCanns were very clever, because when the police arrived at their apartment, to investigate Madeleine's disappearance, they had already phoned Gordon Brown as well as other prominent people.

    The cases between Gilroy and the McCanns are very similar. Suzanne Pilley and Madeleine have not been found dead or alive. The British police had enough evidence to charge Gilroy with Suzanne's murder, even though they hadn't found her body.

    The PJ had enough evidence to charge the McCanns with neglecting their 3 children and because the McCanns admitted that Madeleine disappeared while they were out, the charge was made more serious and carried a lengthy jail sentence. I believe they would have prosecuted the McCanns on those charges, if the British Government hadn't intervened. The problem I have with this case is, why did the British Government intervene?

    If the McCanns were speaking the truth (but I don't think they were) they should have been prosecuted and jailed for their offences. Why was it so important for the British Government to make sure they were not prosecuted?

    I have always believe the arguido status the McCanns were given was nothing but a paper excercise. If it wasn't, why did the McCanns have their passports given back to them and why were they given permission to go home and given a police escort to the Algarve airport?

    I was always lead to believe that if someone was given arguido status, they had to make regular attendances at the police station where they were given the status. When Robert Murat, who was a suspect in Madeliene's disappearance, was given the all clear, he was not released from his arguido status and he had to comply with all the rules of the status. So it's plainly obvious (in my opinion) that the McCanns must never be prosecuted.

    I read that Jose Socrates did a deal with Gordon Brown, which secured the McCanns freedom. This information, may or may not be fact, but what was fact, was the McCanns were not going to be prosecuted for their part in Madeleine's disappearance.

    It's plainly obvious the McCanns and their Tapas friends, know what has happened to Madeleine and if she is dead or alive. When the police arrived at the McCanns apartment, the McCanns and their friends, were all in the apartment. If Madeleine had been abducted or simply walked out of the apartment to find her parents, at least one of the McCanns and at least 5 of their friends, would have been out searching for her, when the police arrived.

    Instead of searching for Madeleine, they had managed to get their timelines straight, using the blank pages of one of Madeleine's books. As I said previously, the McCanns had also made their important telephone calls. They had all trampled over the crime scene, which made the police's job very difficult.

    The McCanns have spent more time and energy, as well as money from the fund, suing anyone who repeats what is already in the public files. Their public image, has been more important to them, than finding their missing daughter. Which only enforces my opinion, that the McCanns know what happened to Madeleine and if she is dead or alive.

    I know nothing about the Portuguese law, but I am hoping that because the McCanns were never prosecuted of any involvement in Madeleine's disappearance, this can still happen. If the review concludes that the McCanns had no involvement in Madeleine's disappearance, it shows that it has been a complete whitewash and the McCanns, are being just as protected by the present British Government, as they were with the previous British Government.

  76. A Dubliner 74,

    Re the 'pink blanket' and mention of it, this is linked from a posting at 56, reference Dr. Paulo Sargento, and his freedom to now speak of this subject, being as the McCanns are trying to shut him up too.

    Those commenting are actually very pro Dr Amaral and his victory in the Court.

  77. It was said the Gilroy murder verdict was based only on circumstantial evidence, as no body has yet been found, though the alerts of the dogs were taken into consideration.

    On that basis the McCanns would have been charged for sure, what with their ever changing stories about the windows and doors, the checking of the children, the dogs and their alerting to blood and cadaver scent, the sighting by the Smith family, whatever forensics were found in the back of the car, etc. Not to mention that 'stand alone' evidence the PJ is said to have.

    I would think a very good case based on circumstantial evidence could be made. As for the supposed sighting by Jane Tanner which provides an alibi for them all, well that would have to be considered by the Court as to whether it outweighs the rest of the evidence, though it certainly didn't convince the investigators at the time.

  78. I was just wondering...as most people are aware now there has been a couple of murder convictions in the Uk and elsewhere that have recieved guilty verdicts without a body...based on overwhelming circumstantial evidence including cadaver dogs alerts....does the Portuguese system allow for a conviction on the same kind of circumstantial evidence now or is it virtually impossible to convict without a body...in the case Maddie at least...its just that when I read the details of this case that are contained in the police files...the evidence seems to be be even more overwhelming than the recent cases in the Uk where convictions have occurred

  79. @82 Joana Cipriano Case: Without a Trace of Joana - Updated Video

    Supreme Court of Justice - 'Joana case' ruling - Part I (various parts) http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2009/07/supreme-court-of-justice-joana-case.html

  80. @82add to that the gaspers statement

  81. 82, I think the police have to put pressure on Tapas 7. They are witnesses, they know what happened, and they can better been seen as witnesses than as paedophiles who could have abused Maddie.
    I think they came already to terms with the facts and it is known that at least one of them wanted to change his statements, in 2007, but he was scared of the political lobby around the McCanns. Read this on the Maddie Case Files, 2007, the pressure of the Mccanns on Tapas 7. His lawyer told a news paper in Spain. The lawyer speaks of a "he".
    The McCanns put the group in serious trouble again, on persisting asking for a review. They only thought of themselves, making smoke and mirrors, knowing the PJ were not willing to help. But gosh, they are helping, who could expect that?
    Tapas 7 lied to protect the couple and they are again in difficulties.
    It will cost them millions and billions and they don't have a fund!

  82. Ty Joana and to everyone who answered...so it is possible to bring a conviction but i guess the fact that they would need extraditing complicates things somewhat...if it comes to that...I personally dont believe there is a whitewash going on...I cant see what would have been gained by that..it would have been easier to pay off the Ms to stop the begging bowl..hopefully Cam has nothing to lose and everything to gain by helping to solve this case...if i am not mistaken the Ms hinted that RB helped get the review...where the Murdochs come into this if this is the case makes things all the more confusing...hopefully the next few months will give a clue to what the outcome may be

  83. Dandelion 1906 @ 76

    re "intervention by the British Government"

    Do British posters remember Claudia Lawrence? A young woman who disappeared on her way to work only three years ago, and to the best of my knowledge the police have never discovered what became of her. Do people still talk about her? I remember the case, but I had to use Google to remind me of Claudia's name (though I must admit that could be something to do wth my age!) And do people remember Amy Fitzpatrick, who vanished in Spain on New Year`s Day in 2008? Again I had to resort to Google to remind myself of her name: poor Amy, lost in the mists of time.

    There are scores of cases like that of Claudia Lawrence and Amy Fitzpatrick: a frenzy of press and police activity to start with and then no resolution, and eventually, unless the mystery is solved, people forget, tragic for those who are close, but life goes on. The name of Madeleine McCann, on the other hand, will be etched on my memory till the day I die, and it will be so for thousands of others too.

    My point being that whenever someone raises the question of political interference in the McCann case I have to ask the following question and have NEVER YET had a satisfactory answer. If there are people of influence who would like everything hushed up and forgotten, who at best would be embarrassed, and at worst ashamed and disgraced if the truth were ever revealed, then why in heaven`s name have they allowed this circus to go on for so long? Could they not have put a stop to the visits to the Pope and the White House, to the television interviews, the book, the marathons, the online, what-a-bargain shop? If they are so influential could they not have pointed out to the McCanns that to persist in constantly fanning the flames of a fire that otherwise would eventually have died was counter-productive, that it would have been much safer not just for them, but for those allegedly protecting them if, when they returned to England without charges, they had just let sleeping dogs lie and, with a big sigh of relief, simply allowed the world to forget about them?

    If only these influential people had done this I most likely would have had to resort to Google to remind myself of the name of that little girl who disappeared five years ago in Portugal.

  84. A Fair point Anon @ 80 sorry.


  85. Everything: money, hiring of lawyers, or so-called detectives to hunt for their daughter, press releases, carefully managed TV or radio interviews, Clarence's statements... EVERYTHING has been geared to 'reputation management'...

  86. A.Dubliner I suggest instead of quoting posting numbers (as they can change) use posting times and/or quote an excerpt of the text. Incidentally this suggestion applies to all who are unaware numbers can occasionally change thus making queries and answers obsolete.

    White Hat

  87. On Leonor Cipriano conviction without a body.

    Yes she was convicted without a body but she was Portuguese not British. Also she was a commoner not a VIP. Not even with the help of a psychic lawyer paid for the McCanns (to assassinate Amaral's character) was her sentence reversed.

    WYPIWYG+S = What You Pay Is What You Get + Status

    The McCanns' will never ever be convicted!

    The dry-cleaning operation will go on.

    Key critics of the McCanns' will be gagged and forced to pay preposterous amounts of money, starting with the BIG guns - newspapers, publishers, TV stations, police co-ordinators, baffled lawyers, professional criminal profilers, etc. Given time they will start to attack "bloggers" too. None of us will be safe here.

    It will be time to fight and reclaim cyberspace!





    "The parents of Madeleine McCann have no voice in Portugal. Everything was taken from them, the daughter, the honor and the possibility of a civic life, were annihilated as citizens, deprived of rights or social credit, which same did not happen, as can be seen in the interview with the gentleman (GA) who annihilated them.

    For this reason, come Kate and Gerry McCann to claim that their response is published in its entirety, OFFERING TO PAY WHAT IS CONSIDERED AS EVENTUAL EXCESS TEXT." (capitals mine)

    Isabel Costa Pereira
    Mandated by Gerald and Kate McCann”

    NB These are just the last two paragraphs! For the complete rhetorical text please refer to Textusa's blog (English) or Maria's http://mariacpois.blogspot.com/ (in Portuguese).

    Now, who does this lady Isabel CP work for? The "designer" lawyer Isabel Duarte and Associates or the global, multi-million, PR and Marketing firms Burson-Marsteller* and/or Lift Consulting working for the McCanns'? Both, did you say? I thought so!

    * Burson-Marsteller (directed by Clarence "Mickey Mouse" Mitchell) motto is:

    "Evidence-based communications. Inform. Monitor. Measure..."

    Otherwise defining themselves as "a leading global public relations and communications firm with offices and affiliate partners in 81 countries" (quote/unquote).

    Lift Consulting, on the other hand presents itself as "a strategic management consultancy for communications, REPUTATION MANAGEMENT, public affairs and media relations." (quote/unquote - capitals mine).


    "Burson-Marsteller Enters Exclusive Partnership with Lift Consulting in Portugal

    Burson-Marsteller, a leading global public relations and communications firm, today announced an exclusive affiliate partnership with Lift Consulting, a leading Portuguese communications consultancy specialising in reputation management, public relations and public affairs." (quote/unquote).


  90. IN SUM:

    Burson-Marsteller and Lift Consulting equals Clarence "Mickey Mouse" Mitchell in a corporate suit (...)

    Now, if we add to the equation Rupert Murdoch, Rebeka Brooks, lame horses and David Cameron we start to get the gist of it all. Non?

    "What about Scotland Yard's erm...review?"
    I hear you asking?

    What about it?

    :d Drink Australian. Think Australian!

  91. 'Reputation management', do they really mean a load of expensive spun tripe for those who can afford it. Where does truth come into this?

  92. @ anon(16/03/2012 18:25) agreed.
    @ anon(16/03/2012 12:10) good point, no body required. BTW the investigators of the current case might ask themselves, exactly how many culprits were involved per each of those cases?

  93. @ anon(15/03/2012 17:11) Most or all of the possessions in flat 5A were removed IMO on Saturday 05 May for example see Sunday Times 06 May: "yesterday ... returned alone to the apartment, emerging with a suitcase ..."

  94. Maybe I`m naive, but why do innocent people need their reputations managed?

    And why doesn`t everyone else who has a family member go missing get offered all these specialist services?


  95. Anon 98

    Interesting. Am unable to find that article. Are you able to post the link to the photo? Thanks.

  96. This short video (just over a minute long) of Mark Klaas, succinctly sums up what parents should/would do when their child goes missing.


    "I never considered not cooperating and I never considered hiring a lawyer...

    ...We bring these children into this world and it's our duty then, to do whatever we can to protect them and that includes totally cooperating with Law Enforcement right down the line and, in fact, dogging Law Enforcement.

    It's only when you hire a lawyer that it becomes apparent, if not obvious that you're hiding something."

    For the McCanns and Tapas7 it's obvious that it was never about finding Maddie.

  97. @ anon who asked for link to article re luggage removal on 5 May

  98. @ anon who asked re luggage pic, at www.brunopress.nl search 03006107

  99. Any news on these books being returned yet

  100. Isabel Duarte, the McCann couple mandatary and book trustee(appointed by the Civil Court as such) has until the 24th of this month to deliver the 7.500 copies of Gonçalo Amaral's book to the rightful owners, Guerra & Paz book publishers. So far, nothing has appeared yet in the Portuguese press relatively to this matter, ie. the return of the books.

  101. Anon 102 and 103, thanks, very interesting viewing.

  102. I see this isabel duarte is still calling the shots.What a farce this is,IS she really above the law in portugaul??

  103. As this has now become (or back to) WORKING DAYS, the deadline is
    29th March 2012

    By what time? Close of business 5PM for excample

    Is she going to do a Halligen and be 'timedout' of an appeal, then appeal on a technical point??

    So, exactly what time to-morrow 29th have this books got to be delivered by?

    And more importantly, as she is already in contempt of court what action will be taken against her
    This subsequent extension into the period of ten days
    What happens if tomorrow she doesn't deliver - is she arrested?

    What redress to compensation for the extended delay in complying to the law has Dr Amaral got?


  104. 'Do you feel you should be chasing libel actions?' (Darshna Soni, Channel 4)

    What Does Life Hold for the McCann Twins?

    John Corner the close friend of the McCann couple is famously known for his comment that the case of missing Madeleine would soon no longer be about the child but about the parents.

    Never a truer word was spoken.

    I have often pondered in what context this statement was made, exactly his meaning. Was he suggesting that the McCann couple would deliberately turn the tragic events of 3rd May 2007 into the Kate and Gerry Show to serve their purpose, ably assisted of course by their man in showbiz Clarence Mitchell, or, was he suggesting that the media/police would be the catalyst?

    On one level how can it not be about them? They are the child’s parent’s, they were responsible for her safety and care. They were the last known persons to see their children before the ‘alarm’ was raised, and they are the last known persons to have seen Madeleine alive and well. So without question they were of interest to the police then as much as they are now, if not more.

    I wonder too as to where Corner the movie maker disappeared, he who described Madeleine:

    "So beautiful, astonishingly bright, and I’d have to say very charismatic. She would shine out of a crowd. So—God forgive me—maybe that’s part of the problem. That special quality. Some ******* picked up on that."

    And who might ‘pick up’ on this? Someone who knew her very well? What type of person was he suggesting? What type of person searches for a charismatic three year old to abduct?

    And brother John, conspicuous by his silence no longer on the board of the Madeleine Fund – Kate and Gerry stating the new look Board of Directors would work more efficiently. Were they laying blame on John for the lack of Funds for the trouble the Fund was in when the balance wasn’t looking too healthy! They certainly have never blamed Kevin Halligen!


    G. McCann:

    “Any of the changes we have made recently were to make the fund more efficient more responsive.”

    “We are trying to run the Fund like a small business.”

    “We certainly need to be looking at income generation over next month.”

    And they did –Kate’s book! Sales phenomenal we are told.

    In this same interview with Darshna Soni the McCanns spoke of the petition also, the petition in support of a review of the case. If they could get this, there would be no need to campaign for Funds.

    It would seem their prayers are now answered - on both counts.


  105. cntd

    Last but not least it leaves the issue of libel which Ms Soni raised.

    When she posed a question in this regard re G. Amaral:-
    A disgruntled GM:

    “Yeh, so as we have already eluded to, anyone who wants to convince people Madeleine is dead without evidence to support it their motive has to be questioned.”

    Ms Soni:
    Do you feel you should be chasing libel actions? Why try and silence your critics?

    The reason why we had to take action because we strongly felt it was damaging the search to find Madeleine.

    They strongly FEEL too, that Madeleine was abducted by the man or person whom Jane Tanner claims she saw carrying a child. Kate re-affirmed this in interview in Sweden.

    Truth be told, they have no evidence to support either of their theories - that Goncalo Amaral's book would damage their search, or that Jane Tanner saw a man carrying Madeleine. And we all know how important ‘evidence in support of a theory is to Gerry McCann!

    There have not been any 'hot leads' as Gerry said to Darshna Soni back in 2010 - Truth of the Lie has been out of circulation, therefore it is reasonable to argue that the existence of the book had no bearing whatsoever as to how the public would respond in relation to this case. Equally, Kate McCann stated that she hoped her book would produce the missing piece of the puzzle - to-date it HASN'T!

    'Do you feel you should be chasing libel actions?' asked Soni - the relevance of this question more significant now on the 'eve' of "Bookgate" than ever before, not least because they lost the 'action' and are in contempt, but more importantly for their twins Sean and Amelie. If it is the case that the McCann couple can be punished for this, a custodial sentence (and or Duarte herself) then it shows the continuing lack of responsible parenting by the McCann couple. The continuing and ongoing selfishness displayed by their actions. Still putting themselves before their children. They will argue it is all done in Madeleine's name, but perhaps it is time to act in a way that takes the lives of the twins into consideration.

    Kate stated in Switzerland that the twins, pick up things about Madeleine on tv. They are surrounded by it at home too she tells us. Did the McCann couple give any thought at all as to what becomes of their twins should they be punished for contempt, that their twins might see this on tv, their arrest, as if this was to happen, it would make world news? Perhaps! It is a position that could easily have been avoided. What if the twins heard this from someone at school, that their mummy and daddy might go to prison. Did their parents think of this? They said the twins might hear of G. Amaral's book. They should look closer to home!

    Are they so principled in this regard that they are prepared to give up their twins, their freedom, their comforts in exchange for a jail cell, all in Madeleine's name, for the search? I think not!

    If they are guilty in any way re Madeleine's disappearance, and we know they did not hang around Portugal too long when the heat was on, I think we can safely say NO!

    I suspect they know that this will not happen, that Duarte has something else up her sleeve, even if only, it is to now return the books to the rightful owner by the deadline stated by Court!

    Even so, one cannot help feel for the McCann twins, they are now nothing more it would seem than part of their parents game, and it is a game that is being played, second fiddle to their missing sister and their parents also. Even 'Corner' when he said that this would soon be about the parents, could not ever have envisaged it would come down to this - their babies or books!

    Sean and Amelie deserve so much more!


  106. A. Miller that was a great post to read!

    What about GA's book? Any updates yet? Thanks!

  107. 29th has come and gone... any news???

  108. I think Isabel is dusting them off, one by one


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