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McCann web of deceit: Portugal “doesn't have a Royal Navy”, nor “Helicopters” and is “Mediterranean”

Creative video by HideHo

Gerry: We were expecting a Metropolitan type response and I remember saying to the officers “where’s the helicopters? I want helicopters with heat seeking equipment.” And ye know the officer kind of laughed at us and said “you know this isn’t you know we don’t have a Royal Navy” and this thing... and you just... and I’m sure every single parent can understand this because everyone has lost a child momentarily and the terror and how frightening it is, be it in a supermarket or a playground or a park, and you just want everything done and you want... you want the world to stop, and, and scream, and the response ye know was slow. And that’s been one of the hardest things for us, because ye know, Madeleine could have been moved very easily and the Spanish border is only about 90 minutes away and obviously you are on the Mediterranean, and one of the aspects of why we are campaigning internationally is because she could have been taken anywhere. in The McCann's Stockholm Interview

Process page 4578

Summarising the diligences that are reported in the process and that were carried out or coordinated by the PJ, the following should be mentioned:

- de factum preservation of the location (despite the fact that it had already been rummaged by countless persons), several collections and exams on the existence of possible residues, as well as a circumstantiated photographic report;

- installation, within the first 24 hours, of an extensive operational scheme, including the participation of several police forces and civil protection services, in a total of over 130 elements;

- reinforcement, within the next 24 hours, of said operational scheme, with the mobilization of over 300 elements from police forces and public entities;

- the operational mechanism that was implemented on the terrain included, among others, and as soon as possible, the installation of posts to control the roads and the southern terrestrial frontier with Spain, the usage of canine detection teams, the usage of exceptional search and rescue means – aerial, terrestrial and maritime -, alerts and broadcasts all over the country and abroad. Just as an example, it is mentioned that during the following weeks and in permanence, two helicopters, four ships and several off-road vehicles were used, apart from air-planes and private ships;

- in the same manner, the investigative operations were coordinated with the specific search operations, and hundreds of diligences were carried out, like the identification and hearing – both formally and informally – of citizens, the execution of door-to-door searches in the residences and tourist resorts of Vila da Luz and surrounding areas, the identification and search of vehicles, and searches on the terrain, in an area that was initially of 15 square kilometres, and then was progressively enlarged until 30 square kilometres (where special attention was given to locations like wells, passages, tunnels, dams and lakes);

The magnitude of this operation exceeded, right from the first moment, the dimension that is commonly used in similar cases, a fact that was made public, having been notoriously and widely publicized by the media.

On the following days, over 700 persons that might possess any relevant information about the disappearance were formally and informally questioned, the PJ having used, for that task, over 100 employees from several departments in Portimão, Faro and Lisbon, which worked on a consecutive basis of 24 hours per day.

Equally, all the locations where images that could be related to the case might exist, were consulted (like, for example, restaurants and petrol stations) and telephone lines from the permanent services of the departments in Faro and Portimão were made available, and a mobile police post was installed in Vila da Luz for the collection of information.

Beyond the already mentioned identifications and domiciliary door-to-door searches, the identification, contact and interview with known suspects in the area that had previously been connected to sexual criminality over minors was carried out.

Also, regarding the missing child’s parents, the PJ was careful to schedule periodic meetings with them and to designate an Official Liaison to the family as support for a permanent relationship, with the accompaniment and active collaboration of the Royal British Consulate in Portimão.

Shortly after the beginning of the investigation, continuous relationships were created with the Leicestershire Constabulary which sent, in support, various of their members to Portugal, having, equally, the PJ sending employees to the UK.

It is emphasized, specifically, that the level of cooperation and of understanding between the PJ and the Leicestershire Constabulary achieved, always, very high levels, united in the common pursuit of the missing child and the truth.

As such, the Portuguese authorities engaged an enormous and expensive panoply of technical and human resources, in the attempt to discover the missing child and the understanding of the explanation of the disappearance.

The PJ never disregarded any information or credible elements – as will be seen in this criminal process – that could have led to the realization of the disappearance, and there have been completed, during these months, more than 2000 diligences, formal and informal, in this regard.

As an example, we refer to the international cooperation, especially with Spain, the Netherlands and the UK which led to the detention and identification of individuals who tried to introduce deceptive information about the hypothetical destination or location of the child.

All of the information with any major or minor level of credibility was explored, nationally and internationally, by the PJ, with special relevance given to dozens of supposed sightings or localizations of the child, most of which, in fact, were widely publicized in the press.

The PJ, as in probably no other investigation in Portugal, withheld no effort, in the sense of providing exceptional technical means, manpower and financing towards the discovery of the child and the determination of the truth of the facts, having been completely accompanied in this effort by the Leicestershire Constabulary, the police department head-quartered in the city of Leicestershire, from where most of the elements of the holiday group are from.

As another example, just the scientific exams alone cost many tens of thousands of euros.

in Polícia Judiciária Final Report, Process pages 4577 to 4581


  1. Evening Joana

    I have maintained from the very beginning and I still do today that the McCann parents are involved in the disappearance of their daughter.

    They can go to Stockholm or wherever they wish - the fact remains they are imo guilty of this crime.


  2. About the book saga, I called Guerra e Paz, they are not willing to talk about the issue with a blogger, perhaps if a journalist tries...

  3. The McCanns don't realise they should have learned a lesson.They remain irritating around and lying.
    I wonder if they have any friend left. People who were close to them in the past must know now the much they make up stories and how dangerous they are to anyone.
    Gerry forgets that internet exists, and that the whole world gets to know what they lie, within a few seconds.
    Very soon they will depend on Portugal again,on the Portuguese police, on the Portuguese authorities...which will not be a problem for them, I guess, as they asked for it. But it would have been wiser not to criticise the country like Kate and Gerry do: besides not fair,and not true, it would destroy an eventual acceptation from the Portuguese people and media.
    The public will again stand at the door of the police station in Algarve, shouting at the couple. A ticket from Paris to Faro is not expensive and I will try to be there, in case of a trial. I want to see them during their last moments of freedom.

  4. gerry has lost the plot ,he knows we all know that madeliene died in the apartment yet he still has that smirk on his face.protected ,yes... until some decent person who can no longer live with this lie comes forward .many people who have commited crimes come forward years later when they can no longer live with the quilt ..yhe clock ticks ...

  5. Gerry McCann's comment about being told Portugal does not have a Navy demonstrates he will say anything to denigrate that country, because who can believe he would be told that by a person from Portugal who knows full well they have a Navy.

    Perhaps he thought he could fool the Swedes with that remark, but they are not that stupid to have believed a comment like that would come from somebody from Portugal. So, Gerry McCann, produce the person who told you that and let us hear it from their lips, and then we might believe you. Until then, don't bother speaking any more rubbish.

    Portugal didn't lose your child, you did, and if she can't be found that is not their fault either, because they surely searched hard enough.


    Different countries have a different "quotation value" in the nations' "image stock exchange".

    The main psychological factor at play here (a very human one by the way) is that in order for anyone to feel superior to another, the other must feel or made to feel inferior to him/her - usually by the use of force or intimidation - e.g. Bigger army/atomic weapons/stronger, more exploitative economy, etc..

    The energetic principles involved at individual level are perfectly demonstrated in Ki-Aikido - see video below - not the finest of examples but...


    As a Portuguese national whenever and wherever I travel in Europe (except Latin, Mediterranean countries who were once at the heart of the Roman empire who civilized the rest) I cannot help but to observe that the natives of Central/Northern Europe (former "barbarians") tend to feel "superior". Such seems embedded in their prevailing discourses and is unavoidable thanks to appearances and War History.

    Destructive power, Materialism and outward appearances have become the measure of all things and of course people, naively, buy into this. Think Isabel Duarte playing "the maid" or Marinho Pinto "the errand boy".

    Gerry is intuitively aware of the status quo and uses this sense of embedded "superiority" for good effect. BTW he was feeling rather "inferior" years ago when he walked into the PJ station in Portimão as a suspect :o

    The helicopter "byte" is used by Gerry as a "typical example" designed to trigger the dormant presumption in both parties that the Portuguese police is "inferior" (incompetent) - laughable in fact, and that is why the all shebang happened (...) - the subliminal, by the way, is directed at Gonçalo Amaral - the McCanns' nemesis, but that is unspoken. Why be explicit when the dummies get the point implicitly?

    This said, anyone with half a brain will realize that the use of an helicopter with a "heat seeking device" (Gerry meant an infra red camera) while very useful (as seen on British TV) to help police on the ground chasing a criminal, is useless when you don't know who you are after and/or their approximate location. An helicopter in Praia de Luz with an infra red camera would only point out people moving - it would have to be someone carrying a girl and/or running with her - but let us face it - by the time the McCanns' notify the police or the PJ arrives on the scene the abductor (if any) would have been tired of running.

    OK, the helicopter (if available) could be of some use but let's imagine a Portuguese child got lost somewhere in a small town in Devon (UK) and the father was to tell the local police as Gerry did:

    "I want an helicopter with a heat-sensing device here and now!" Surely they would laugh at the preposterous demands of the "bloody foreigner"!

    Gerry's example is a rather stupid one but one the non-thinking masses would relate to - as they have seen it again and again on on free channels all over Europe.

    Nonetheless, let us be fair and give credit to where it's due, namely to the excellent PR and marketing advice the McCanns are getting from Clarence "Mickey Mouse" Mitchel and his global "reputation management" outfits: Burson-Marsteller and Lift Consulting.

    The facts are:

    The McCanns' are getting richer and their "official version of events" has now gone mainstream with their prime-minister on board; their book is selling far more copies than Amaral's (partly because they managed to get his book illegally out of circulation) and their gag(s) is (are) "still very much on course" - as good old Clarrie puts it.

    It's all PR alright! The problem is, it is working.

  7. the pretty blonde girl in the footage is not taken in by gerry ,her face speaks voloumes.the swedish are very clever ,he is a buffoon...and she knows it ...god bless madeliene...

  8. The PJ did call in at least one helicopter already on the 4th May and here is the proof - note the photo is dated 4th May

  9. Joana, I believe Jornal de Notícias will publish on internet if the books went back or not.
    Perhaps Diário de Notícias or even Lusa.
    Please watch it for us.

  10. Maybe Portugal should bill this ungrateful pair for the work they did for them. After all, it was not the fault of Portugal the child went missing. She was their responsibility, and they were irresponsible to say the least, and they have received millions, so why should the tax payers be picking up the bill for the actual searching that has been going on, while they sit back and rake in the money and spend it on who the hell knows what.

  11. Can Isabel Duarte get arrested if she doesn't deliver the books?

  12. Thanks for that @8 but there is no need to prove or disprove with photos what is clearly explained in the process, the Police Judiciary report speaks for itself, so do the memories of all those who were there, that is, except apparently for Gerry and Kate McCann. They have a sanitized version of the events and reality.

  13. 11@ no jailer wants to be responsible for Isabel Duarte. None of all of the jailers in the world wants to see her over and over again.

  14. This guy(Gerry) doesn't exist. He is a project....an immennse lie.
    The only thing I can retrieve from that interview, was his poor sensibility to deal with sensible questions.... He WENT TO STOKHOLM JUST TO ASSALT THE POCKETS OF THE SWEDISH ( discretly, but that is the main objective). To do that he has no problems to label the Swedish with an imbecil stamp and pass many lies while he wants everyone to believe, just because the words came from his mouth.
    Only an imbecil could pass a message of a country which main bord was the sea, without boats. Without a sophisticated service of air and sea control.
    The best character to adjective Gerry is the naked king. Only him didn't see and recognize how naked and ridiculous he is.

  15. "Gerry: We were expecting a Metropolitan type response..."

    Maddie, Sean and Amelie were expecting RESPONSIBLE PARENTS!


  16. The original tale as told many months ago had the officer say "this isn't the UK". In this latest version we indeed get as far as "this isn't ..." then a classic stalling phrase "you know" and then, abandoning the "this isn't" track completely, we hear instead the nautical embellishment to replace the original "the UK".

  17. How much longer have we got to suffer the vile McCanns rantings, about how badly done to they have been by the authorities? When will the powers that be, grow a backbone, drag this couple back to Portugal and put them where they should have been put almost 5yrs ago.

    It didn't take me long to suss out that the "gruesome twosome" were involved with Madeleine's disappearance. I knew it as soon as I discovered they had lied about the shutter. I was appalled and disgusted, when I heard Kate McCann say in one interview, she and her husband never physically searched for Madeleine.

    I was equally appalled and disgusted when the cold hearted b*** said "it was too dark to look for Madeleine". Let's have it straight, the only reason the cold hearted cruel b*** and her control freak of a husband, didn't search for Madeleine, was because they knew where she was and if she was alive or dead.

    Shame on the likes of Gordon Brown, Richard Branson, Brian Kennedy and other so called high profile people, who helped the McCanns escape justice, for their appalling acts of cruelty towards their 3 children and especially Madeleine, during that so called family holiday.

    Richard Branson famously said, that if the McCanns were charged with any offence, he would pay for the best lawyers available, to defend them. He also ploughed £100k into the fund that was set up to find Madeleine. He must have read the terms of the fund, which said that the McCanns could use the money from the fund, to assist their finances.

    Since then, Clarence Mitchell has divulged that the McCanns wider family, are able to use the money, to assist their finances. I don't know how the McCanns and their family can bear to touch one penny of this money. Oh of course I do, they touch it because they know that no amount of money will ever find Madeleine. So they might as well use it and keep whatever money they have in the bank...in the bank.

    I feel sorry for Sean and Amalie, they have been fed lies about Madeleine's disappearance, as soon as they could talk. They are still being fed the same lies and they will continue to be fed lies, until the McCanns are either brought to justice, or when Sean and Amalie are old enough to find out for themselves, how their parents behaved in Praia da Luz.

  18. How happy must they be now when they are about to get a Metropolitan type response.

  19. It is possible that the books have been destroyed otherwise we would have heard about them. Could it be?

  20. That's enough! Nearly five years they're bending twisting abusing law, right, justice, the media and - their own daughter - ! Please, please, somebody put an end to those goings-on, it's demonic.

  21. I think Gerry needs a lesson in geography. Not that it would help this case, but when you go on holiday to a certain country, at least you should know what coast it is on.

  22. Will you people please stop going on about the books?! The books will only be returned when and IF (with capital letters and no smiles) Madame Isabel wishes.

    For Christ sake! When will you people learn she is close to PhotoPinto - the President of the Bar? That the other McCanns' lawyer (Rogerio Alves) was the former President of the Bar, That Isabel Duarte - a recent candidate to the presidency of the Bar. These people are a law into themselves!!!

    Now add to it the political strings attached namely of David Cameron (the money lender) via Cavaco e Silva (the Portuguese President admirer of Margaret Thatcher).

    Relax! The all thing could last forever. Certainly it might take a few more months/years provided Amaral wins the final round of the gagging event which no one knows (yet) when it will take place.

    The important thing for the McCanns' posse is that the gag and the arrest remains in place for as long as it is needed for the "official version" events to be established in the public's mind (through the sale "Madeleine" and its sequel in preparation).

    The British Empire may be a bulldog without teeth but you can still catch rabies.....

  23. This is not the first time the McCann’s have used the ‘helicopter heat seeking equipment’ ploy to ridicule the search (but, unsurprisingly, no mention of the officer who told them Portugal didn't have a navy - they wouldn't have got away with that one in 2008). They previously used exactly the same phrase in a Daily Star report in 2008 (via ‘anonymous friends’ of course). At the time they were busy exploiting the missing little Spanish girl, Mari Luz Cortes (until her parents objected). This story seems to have now disappeared from the Star.
    typically spanish.com


    By m.p.
    Jan 21, 2008

    The response by Portuguese police is compared badly to the swift response in Spain

    The UK paper, the Daily Star, has been QUOTING UN-NAMED FRIENDS OF THE MCCANN FAMILY in a report this morning on the Portuguese investigation into the missing girl, saying that the search being carried out in Spain for five year old Mari Luz in Huelva has shown up ‘how badly Kate and Gerry were let down by the police in Portugal.’

    Another comment was that ‘they acted like amateurs, so it’s no wonder they don’t seem to be getting anywhere finding Madeleine.’

    The report notes that police in Portugal failed to make immediate house-to-house enquiries, did not seal off the crime scene, and DID NOT CARRY OUT A HELICOPTER SEARCH WITH HEAT-SEEKING EQUIPMENT. The paper makes a comparison with the search in Huelva, where they say police brought in a helicopter and ‘directed a small army of officers’ in the search for Mari Luz. The McCann’s friends are quoted saying the five year old ‘stands a good chance’ of being found, ‘judging by the swift response from police in Spain.’

    Mari Luz’s father, Juan José Cortés, told the press last week that Madeleine’s mother, Kate McCann, had been in touch with the family to show her support.

    Mari Luz Cortés disappeared on Sunday 13th January when she was returning to her home in the El Torrejón district of Huelva City from buying a bag of crisps in the local sweets kiosk. There has been no sign of her since then.

    Madeleine McCann has been missing since May last year, when she disappeared from Praia da Luz on the Portuguese Algarve.
    Mari Luz, the five year old girl who disappeared in Huelva. Photo – EFE.

  24. Madeleine McCann disappeared from an Atlantic Ocean resort (Mark Warner OCEAN club) but, after all the so-called expensive searches (£millions frittered away - enough to buy their own helicopter) and umpteen dodgy private detectives, her father thinks Maddie disappeared on the Mediterranean. Having spent the past five years -and Maddie’s fund - gallivanting around the worlds’ TV studios, perhaps they’re confused as to where and when their daughter actually went missing.

    Mccann’s latest daft claim is that an officer told him Portugal didn’t have a ‘royal navy’ or helicopters
    This may help:


    Three different agencies are responsible for providing search and rescue in Portugal. The Portuguese Navy is responsible for all sea rescues, the Portuguese Air Force [80] for all the rescues originating within the airspace, including aircraft crashes and the Autoridade Nacional de Protecção Civil (ANPC) for all inland rescues. All of the above coordinate closely with each other providing a comprehensive search and rescue service.

    THE PORTUGUESE AREA OF RESPONSIBILITY IS THE SECOND LARGEST IN THE WORLD, ONLY TO CANADA’S. It compromises the Lisbon Flight Information Region (FIR) and Santa Maria FIR. [81]
    One of the most important SAR assets available are the Portuguese Air Force 751 Squadron EH-101 Merlin helicopters stationed at Montijo Air Base, near Lisbon. THE MERLINS ARE OFTEN CALLED TO ASSIST IN RESCUES IN SPAIN AND MORROCO. Some of the rescues require flying 300 nmi (560 km) out to sea.

    Other assets available include Lockheed C-130H Hercules, Lockheed P-3P/C Orion, CASA C-295 and Aviocar airplanes as well as Aérospatiale Alouette III and Aérospatiale Puma helicopters. These later are only used in the Azores and are to be retired in late 2010 or early 2011 . The navy can employ virtually any of the ships in its fleet and well as relying on the assets of the Polícia Marítima (Maritime Police) and ISN (Instituto de Socorro a Náufragos / Lifeguards). The ANPC can rely on ground assets from several institutions: PSP - National Police, GNR - National Republican Guard, Bombeiros - The Fireman Department, as well as the helicopters of EMA (Empresa de Meios Aéreos - a state owned civilian company) which flies the Kamov KA-32 and the AS350B3 Ecureil. http://www.enotes.com/topic/Search_and_rescue#Portugal

  25. Hallo Portugal!

    A couple of years ago I spent some time in a third floor appartment in Portimao, with full seaview. One day, from our elevated balcony, we spotted some people sailing a catamaran, which overturned, throwing the two sailors overboard into the sea. It was april, and the ocean temeperature was freezing. The wind was off land and so were the currents. We saw this only through binoculars, as they were far out to sea, and we also saw that the people in the water were drifting further away, not being able to right their catamaran. This took about a quarter of an hour, before we understood they weren't fooling around. Then, unable to telephone from where we were, we went to Lagos Marina right away, alerting the Coast guard. Within ten minutes, they scrambled a helicopter and airlifted the sailors back to shore, dropping one or two people into the water to bring back the catamaran.

    So, I guess, if the Portuguese are convinced employing a chopper makes any sense, they'll do so right away.

    If not, then not.

    We, at least, were very impressed by their immediate S&R operation.
    But for them, these people would have drowned for sure. The fact their shipwreck was invisible from groundlevel, and we only spotted it from the thrird floor, made matters much worse.

    Oh, and by the way, this is how I learnt that the Algarve sea is freeing as late as april, that the currents are offshore, not onshore and that the wind can be strongly offshore as well. Perfect conditions for getting rid of a small body in a weighted down bag, blue or otherwise.

    Hats off for the Portuguese rescue helicopters!


  26. Gerry's last memories of Madeleine's: the photo in the afternoon and the sleeping Madeleine, at 09.05 pm. A large space between the two events.I fear that between those two things, Madeleine must have suffered a lot, I don't know what, but she did. His last memories of her had to be short before he left to the tennis court because by 09.05 she was already dead.But Gerry refuses to talk about it, or to remember it. Was she dead before he left to play tennis and he left in order not to attract the attention of his instructor,acting that everything was normal? Did he witness her death? Did he try to save her? I would like to see a map of the Ocean Club to find out if it was a logical walking, Payne leaving that bar in the afternoon, going to the tennis court and than to the apartment.He could have known it was the moment Kate could be bathing the children and he could have called her by phone.
    Maybe they called him on his cellular, please go seeing Gerry! etc, having him as a witness, that went to 5a and "saw" the 3 angels.
    They needed a witness for those moments.

  27. We are surprised that Mr Cameron has listened to Mitchell and Mccanns and not asked Portugal to open the case cand find out the truth,why does he not do this,does he get money from the fund to support them.They all have given Britain a bad name,the whole world is fed up with all the lies,its time they found a politicion who is honest and truthful. We think Brown,Cameron and Mitchell are all in it together.

  28. @ Dandelion a good post all the people you have named who helped the vile Mccanns i have never bought anything from them since with that i mean, anything to do with VIRGIN(Branson)the Harry Potter writer J.K.Rowling(so no books, DVD or going to the cinema to see the harry potter films)of course Murdoch and his papers and many others who gave their support to this child neglecting (at the very least) couple, hit them where it hurts dont buy their products so they dont have too much spare cash to throw at this disgusting couple anymore!!

  29. « Protect your children, it's your most important job (...) There are countless stories of missing children or those that have suffered the ultimate fate of death due to poor decisions made by parents. Who can forget Madeleine McCann the 3 year old girl that was left alone in a hotel room (in a foreign country) while her parents went out to dinner? She has not been seen since that night.

    As a protective mother it is hard to comprehend the decisions that these parents have made. When I read about these incidents I ask myself what that person could have been thinking. (...)» in http://www.chicagonow.com/when-you-put-it-that-way/2012/03/protect-your-children-its-your-most-important-job/

  30. 25) The revision is not yet ready. Please don't be negative. We have to wait.

  31. @24 the helicopter pictured searching the area on 04 May is IMO a Bell 212 operated by the "Serviço Nacional de Bombeiros e Protecção Civil" (Civil Defense).

  32. @7. The pretty blond swede is Anja Pärson,a worldfamous skier with 42 World Cup wins and one Olympic gold medal and seven world championship gold medals.

  33. The Walmart video illustrates how if a stranger grabs a child the child will kick and scream http://www.chicagonow.com/when-you-put-it-that-way/2012/03/protect-your-children-its-your-most-important-job/

  34. Every time these pathetic parents open their mouths it is clear how uneducated these people are. Yes I know, they went to med school but even there they don't teach you the general information a normal well informed person had. It's amazing that after all these 5 years of training in what to say and how to say it, after all the coaching they no doubt had their accent is still painful to listen to. They still can't form a normal sentence. With every uttering they give away how little they know, how badly informed and xenophobic they are.
    It is so sad the world still has to listen to their nonsense and lies, but I am afraid their attention horny narcissistic personalities will keep them popping up wherever possible.

  35. 32, thanks for your comment. You must be British and you can analyse accents. Myself I'm not but I like listening to their pronounciation and I have no idea if it is uneducated or not.I believed it belongs to a certain region of the island.It is clear Gerry is a Scot and at the beginning I had difficulties to understand him.
    You say it is painful to listen to them and I believe you.
    About formulating sentences, yes, I agree with you. And their language is poor and Gerry uses too many adverbs ending in -ly.

  36. Eh,eh...well, in one thing he got it right...we don't have a ROYAL navy, we have a REPUBLICAN Navy!
    We do not have a monarchy, Portugal is a REPUBLIC!
    We are not in the Mediterranean, but we have a mediterranean diet!
    VIVA O 5 de OUTUBRO!
    (but I bet doesn't know about any of those either...the man and his lady came for a portuguese holiday, but drank...wine from New Zealand!)

  37. The McCanns are not even fearing a revenge of the public and of the Portuguese media. They are really stupid, not taking in consideration that things are about to change, after the revision is ready.
    Insulting Portugal like they are, specially Gerry now, they will get their invoyce. Portugal is waiting till it starts to answer.

    I don't know how far the revision has gotten till now but I expect it to be already very far. And I wonder if the McCanns will criticise the Met the same way they criticise the PJ.

    They were very well treated in Sweden, no ironic comment from the journalist. I wish they would be interviewed in the UK again, under sharp, ironical questions. But they avoid it, don't they?

    No interview since the Met got involved in the case.
    I hope that on Maddie's birthday we will get the final answer.

  38. How can the f. Isabel Duarte be a good lawyer if she does not obey the law and the judges?
    I hope there will be a tough sentence against her.
    And the media will talk about it.

  39. If the books are destroyed, who is responsible for paying them back: the McCanns or Isabel Duarte?
    I start believing they are destroyed.

  40. I suspect the editor and Amaral took already mesures against Isabel, yesterday morning.They are not sitting, waiting for things that will not come. Isabel could have found a way to delay more and more but I'm sure she will not make it.
    I wish the McCanns would be obliged to pay a 1000 euros for each day that they would delay, from now on.Starting with the day after tomorrow, moday the 2nd.

  41. Oprah refered to an interview of Kate's (probably asked by the PJ), where Kate seems to have said: "I wish who has her would give her her blanket..." and now I understand that this could not happen, because the abductor left the blanket on Maddie's bed.A photographer of the PJ took pictures of the bed and of
    the blanket, some later(see PJ files).
    If the blanket was given to a GNR man, it was after the pictures were taken.
    But the person who snatched the child could never give her her blanket, because he did not take it with him when he left 5a, carrying the child.
    And the blanket disappeared, some later.

  42. There is another Swedish interview, available at Jillhavern forum, where the lies and the insults to Portugal continue. The main message from Kate, was to read her book. A shame.

  43. I suppose that Gerry (and Kate too) would have learned by now that everything he says and does in public is thoroughly scrutinized in the internet, and yet he keeps putting his foot in the mouth! He just can't resist it, can he...? Bad-mouthing the portuguese police, the portuguese people and the portuguese state at every chance he gets, even if it backfires badly, and in the end it only endorses the fact that he and his wife are nothing but arrogant and ignorant vulgar people!

  44. Snipped from above: I remember saying to the officers “where’s the helicopters? I want helicopters with heat seeking equipment.” And ye know the officer kind of laughed at us and said “you know this isn’t you know we don’t have a Royal Navy” and this thing...


    General E Speaking says:

    GM remembers saying to the officers?

    An officer said in reply: “you know this isn’t you know we don’t have a Royal Navy” and this thing...

    Did GM ask in English and did an officer reply to him in English? Or was this all done through translation? IIRC the McCanns did not speak or understand Portuguese?


    The McCanns have ordered the "carter-rucking" of YouTube videos that contradict their (Burson-Marsteller) "official version" of events which is now sponsored by David Cameron and Scotland Yard - the top British police force which, again and again, has been accused of racism.


    Another video has been "McGagged" in YouTube(UK). Test your own country!


    You Tube will sheepishly inform you, that:

    "This content is not available in your country due to a legal complaint. Sorry about that."

    This particularly video contains "images of the McCanns second apartment in Praia da Luz, Algarve, Portugal.

    The PORTUGUESE POLICE SEARCHES THE McCANNS APARTMENT AND FINDS SEVERAL SLEEPING MEDICAMENTS (ALONG WITH) - confidential CEOP manuals, books about murder like "The Interpretation of Murder", and smell of corpse in the cuddle toy which belonged to Madeleine.

    Video released by Spanish Antena 3 TV. 10 September 2008."

    So much for supporters of the "Calpol" theory (...) it is important you remember the accidental death scenario although supported by the PJ (see PJ Files) and the Chief Co-ordinator of the investigation (Dr. Gonçalo Amaral) is not, repeat: NOT the McCanns "official" version of events AND you don't mention it OR you get McGagged! McGags can be very expensive... £1 million or more.

    Mind your ass-ets!

  46. According to Gerry, Madeline's last photo was taken at 02.25 pm of the 3rd, and Gerry's last memories of hers was at 09.05pm when "he looked down and saw how beautiful she was..."
    Six and a half hours between those two happenings.
    What happened after she was taken home, at 5.30pm, that it is not nice to be remembered? Why not telling saying good-bye to all of the 3 children, when he left to the tennis court?
    Or greeting the 3 children (2 imo)when he retourned from tennis?
    Or when they "put"her to bed? Or the bath that imo she never took because her red T-shirt was smelling death?
    I believe Gerry feels horror when he remembers those last hours, he tries to forget them.
    It must have been a horrifiend experience.

    I wonder if Gerry once on a while feels guilty, specially because Madeline cried for him for 75 minutes.
    Strange she did not call mummy.
    Normally it is what happens.

  47. @45 is this the same video? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-smmFQ3z-B0
    @46 possibly the t-shirt had been in pile on shelf?

  48. I know the video about the second home of the McCanns', the medicines and also Gerry's books "The interpretation of murder" and some books gave by the CEOP.

    If the McCanns are gagging the pills video it's probably because news about Maddie's drugged hair already arrived in the UK.
    I think Kate and Gerry have the right to take any pills they want, they are adults and sometimes people need them.
    They could have explained the police.
    Unless elements of those pills have being found in Maddie's hair which would mean she was not victim of Calpol but victim of something much stronger.
    But I still don't believe she died of any pills. Maybe they were given to her but it was not the cause of death,imo.

    I hope the PJ found traces of liquids in the Scenic which show the presence of chemicals in her body. That would explain the gagging of the pills video.

  49. Why on this blog do some people keep repeating things it gets very silly. I mean the Maccann interview we all can read I think so why repeat on the comment section.

  50. Anon 45

    It is not against the law to mention conclusions reached by the investigators that Madeleine died in the apartment, nor the possibilities of how she might have died, e.g. by accident or other means. It is only if it is stated CATEGORICALLY that Madeleiene died in a certain manner, e.g. by overdose of Calpol, that it would be actionable, but the POSSIBILITY of that having happened can still be discussed.

    Carter Ruck tried to stop Pat Brown's book, but she was within her rights to write it and distribute it, as it refers to a THEORY as to what MAY have happened to Madeleine. This is not illegal, as she was not stating as a definite fact that was what did happened to Madeleine.

    Carter Ruck will try to silence people with legal threats, yet as long as the official sources already in the public domain are quoted, or it is made clear that the discussion is based on theory and possibilities, they know that such discussion is not illegal, as does Pat Brown, who knows the law, and would never have written anything that was not well within it.

    Carter Ruck, by using intimidation of legal threats on behalf of their clients, are trying to stop all discussion of what may have happened to Madeleine which opposes what the McCanns say happened. They have a nerve to do this being as they can't prove the abduction 'fairy story' they have been selling all these years, and which the investigators did not endorse. This attempt to silence people is contrary to freedom of speech. Don't allow them to do this.

  51. Anon 46

    There appears to have been a number of things happening on the night of 1st May, what with Kate being ignored by Gerry, numerous telephone calls made by Kate's phone prior to the crying from the McCanns apartment for quite some time, culminating with screaming for 'daddy', as heard by Mrs Fenn.

    Who would believe it, 'Maddie' and 'daddy' sounding so similar, but we must not forget the McCanns say Madeleine was NEVER called 'Maddie'. Except, it apparently turns out, that she was. Now why would they say that?

    How to fathom the McCanns.

  52. thank you HiDiHo,good video just like all your others,and thank you to joana for sharing it here

  53. I may be wrong, but weren`t all those medications prescribed for Parkinsons, which Kate`s dad has? Was he staying with them at that time? I did think it odd that the pharmacist that dispensed them was John McCann!


    @45 is this the same video? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-smmFQ3z-B0

    I don't know because I never saw it...the video has been Mcgagged in the UKGB but... to judge by the blob's description it is based on the very same Spanish TV programme. This one, however, has not been Mcgagged and, surprise! surprise! it's showing in the UKGB YouTube network! I just watched it!

    So Madeleine left alone to fend for herself wonders into mummy's bedroom or was it the kitchen? and pops some of those "sweets" mummy/daddy are taking. May be she gave one or two to the twins as well - one reason they never woke up with the pandemonium!

    Madeleine however could have overdone it by trying of the other "sweets" and bingo! By the time the parents checked on her (and it wasn't every 15 mins as they paint) she was gone - "We let her down!" - the mother shouted! Remember?

    The splattering of blood could have come from desperate attempts at resuscitation which is after all Amaral's hypothesis and one I now feel inclined to agree with.

    This video is dynamite! Easy to see why it was targeted by the Fockers!

    Only recently (Hernani Carvalho interview) I had heard Amaral saying that no drugs were found but he was obviously talking about "recreational" drugs not medicaments such as sleeping tablets, benzodiazepins and the like.

    It will be interesting to keep an eye on the link to see what happens to it. No doubt Carter-Ruck staff surfing the Net (and this blog) for potential targets have missed a strategic candidate for a McGag (...)

    I have a theory though - the Mcgagged video was posted by "xklamation". I guess that explains it. She is one of the most staunch defenders of Portuguese constitutional rights and at the forefront of the fight against misinformation and McGagging by The Fund therefore an obvious target for Carter-Ruck and the McCanns' posse. Just an hunch...

    I have warned YouTube of the McCanns', their misinformation campaign and potential fraudulent use of public (donated) money to pay for McGags.

    I hope after Amaral's trial (provided "Big Rock" wins) this ever impending threat of an expensive "McGag" - Amaral's designer McGag is tagged at 1,2 million Euros! will be gone for ever...

    Meanwhile, all we can do is to sign the petition and donate to Amaral's defence fund - if we possibly can.

    The Universal human freedoms of speech and opinion are at stake! Fight the McGag!


  55. In 2007, Kate's mother said to a journalist, during an interview, that she believed th PJ had planted the evidence in the apartment and in the car. She said that after Kate and Gerry were made arguidos.
    She visited them in Praia da Luz, she must have seen Christian crosses hanging on Maddie's fotos, in the parents bedroom, showing that at least Kate was mourning.
    Did she not interpret that her granddaughter was dead?

  56. Any news about the books?

  57. Anon 50 "Carter Ruck tried to stop Pat Brown's book, but she was within her rights to write it and distribute it, as it refers to a THEORY as to what MAY have happened to Madeleine. This is not illegal, as she was not stating as a definite fact that was what did happened to Madeleine."

    Carter-Ruck DID manage to McGag "Pat Brown's Profile of the Disappearance of Madeleine McCann". Amazon has removed it at Carter-Ruck's request. What surprises me is that Amazon.com (USA) went along with Amazon.co.uk - the Americans being ever so touchy with matters of freedom...I guess that only goes to show how far the web of the McCanns' reaches...

  58. Which one of you remembers the first time it was refered to sedation, in Madeleine's death?

    Thinking about the drugged hair and about the gagged video, showing Kate's medicines, I wonder if the police (still in 5a) found empty medicine capsules among the trash of the family somewhere in the kitchen or somewhere else. Did Kate emptied the capsules and put an excess of powder in Madeline's treats, by accident or on purpose?

    Because Calpol is not even enough to kill a flee.

    And she used a bit of the fatal powder to make the siblings fall asleep, that is why she was so worried, checking on them?

    How come the PJ think that Madeleine died of sedation? Empty capsules in the trash?

    Sandra Felgueiras was already asking the parents if they sedated her.
    The police would not have come to the idea, only based in Calpol which is very much used in the UK.

    They must have found more indications in the apartment.

  59. "We've let her down" and "they have taken her!" are words Kate screamed after a rehearsal. Neighbours and waiters had to hear her, that was the intention.
    She is an actress.

  60. Perhaps the amount of empty capsules in the trash was enough to show that Madeleine took a much larger dose than the twins took, otherwise they would have died too, imo.

  61. I don't believe the parents left medicines around, without being careful. Besides Maddie would have taken them after 8.30pm, after the parents left, time enough for Gerry to ask for an ambulance, I guess.
    On Anatomy of a Mystery, Sandra Felgueiras says the PJ believe Maddie died before diner.The parents were at home.
    My question is why eventual resuscitation happened behind the sofa, if she died before diner and what was she doing there. Ok, perhaps she fell down but was falling down so tough for her, speciallay if she was sedated? According to Amaral she died in two different places... again a mystery.

    But it is obvious that something very serious happened, that is why the parents hid the body.It could have pointed to a crime.

    In 2007 a Tapas approached a lawyer in London, willing to change his/her statement/ telling what happened BEFORE, during and after diner.
    If that Tapas talks about BEFORE, the parents( or at least one of them) were definitely at home, time enough to call an ambulance.. And they know what happened.

  62. @54 Who says she does not know her granddaughter is dead? I am convinced she does. I am also convinced that under the excuse of "for the sake of the twins" she'll do anything to keep her daughter out of jail. Gerry better watch out.

  63. Anon 56

    Carter Ruck managed to put a halt 'temporarily' to Pat Brown's book using bogus methods.

    In a court of law Pat Brown knows they would not have a leg to stand on, and that is why she is going after them to put an end to the harassment and intimidation. She was exercising her right to freedom of speech by writing the book, and this is a good example of how the McCanns go about things by using Carter Ruck to try and stop any mention or theory of what may have happened to Madeleine, other than their own 'fairy story' abduction, for which they have never provided the evidence, whilst selling it to the public as a FACT.

    It is noticeable they have recently changed the word 'abduction' to merely 'missing', whilst still using the word 'taken'. Clarence Mitchell has even said it is a mystery as to what happened to Madeleine. Sounds like some attempt at backtracking going on there!!

    Were they worried that to continually use the term 'abduction' could be construed as a fraud when people have been giving them money on the strength of believing this, when they have no proof whatsoever to offer that Madeleine even left the apartment alive, which is the conclusion reached by the investigators who worked on the case.


    "The McCanns have either been the victims of a cataclysmic historic injustice, almost unprecedented, or they have been complicit in a scheme so duplicitous, so evil, so foul that Shakespeare himself could not have written it."

    Difficult one to McGag I think...

  65. In my opinion, the simulation was completed before the last check began?

  66. Tapas 7 is still on time to go to the police telling the truth.The law no win no fee is about to change, next April the 17th.
    If they (rightly) will be sued by Amaral, Murat, Malinka, Ocean Club, etc, very soon, I see the group selling their homes in order to pay the bills.

    Jane Tanner's lies, Rachel Oldfield's, Fiona Payne's and O'Brian's, "recognising"and incriminating Murat.

    They still have time left to make an agreement with Murat and Amaral,and the rest, before the 17th, by presenting themselves at the police station, as witnesses of what happened to Madeleine.
    Making new statements, the McCanns will not be able to sue them because the law will protect them.

    The Yard will come up with the facts(already known since 2007) and they will be sued and will lose.

    If the law changes, as it is to be expected, I don't see the McCanns paying for them because many people will sue the McCanns for the fraudulent fund.They need their money.
    I hope Amaral and Murat will sue the McCanns too.
    The longer Tapas 7 wait, the worser for them. Imagine the police processing them for having obstructed the investigation.They will need a lawyer.

    And what about the Express? Revenge!

    Dear 7: go to the police and save yourselves.To cite Gerry: it is never too late to do the right thing.


    "Without naming anyone, I would like to thank every single person who has helped me in any way to prepare the two Affidavits. The help received has been substantial, it's been mostly from people on this forum, including some very well-qualified 'lurkers' on this forum (they know who they are - thank you all), and it includes an offer to give evidence in court from a person well-qualified in her field, I hope to receive a sworn statement from her soon." (Tony Bennett)


  68. #45,

    I'm in Lisbon, Portugal, and I've just watched the video. It works fine here, at least for the moment...

  69. Bravo George Galloway. That is EXACTLY the situation. And I think we all know which side he comes down on.

    McCann spin will be: George Galloway said we have been the victims of.........
    just like they select which parts of the official PJ report they choose to quote.

    I too agree that none of the Swedish reporters believe a word the parents say. none advertised the book either! tee hee!

    Hotting up nicely I think, and to me, they both look as if they are expecting a mighty downfall soon, subdued without the smugness now!
    Aunty Anti

  70. quote Which one of you remembers the first time it was refered to sedation, in Madeleine's death?

    The first time sedation was mentioned was when grandma Healy volunteered the information that Madeleine was given valium to help her with the sleep problems. Of course everything referring to that has conveniently be removed from all media.

    I believe parents, who both are doctors, who for their own convenience have 3 kids with a combined age of 7 fend for themselves, in the dark, in a strange room, in a strange house, in a strange country, are stupid enough to have potential dangerous medicine hanging around.

    I believe they were warned, maybe because of the crying incident, that leaving vulnerable kids, babies yet, alone IS neglect and will be prosecuted in Portugal. Didn't Batista herself come over that night to offer babysitter services? I think the whole concealment/ cover up simply unfolded because they knew damn well what they did was wrong. I believe the rest of the group were sucked into it because of the xenophobia (there will be no justice in Portugal) and the twins (they have lost their sister, we cannot have them also loose their parents. I think every step in the beginning was directed by pure stupidity, arrogance, and extreme selfishness. Don't forget that Kate's first reaction after being made arguida was not indignation of a truly innocent person, no concern for the twins, no it was "what will my parents think".

    It's all about appearances and about themselves.

  71. @66,well said,the mccanns will not help any one but themselves,and there must be someone in the tapas 7 who is not involved in Madeleines demise(eddie and keela)but who are to frightend of the mccanns and cr,so i say to the tapas 7 think of the life you are leading now,how long can you exist like this, also think of when your own children can read on the internet all about Madeleine and why you, if you were not involed,didnt speak up about what happend as you all must have your suspisions by now,well the police would like any info no matter how small about Madeleines fate and YOU can help get Madeleine the justice she deserves.

  72. @64.We need george galloway to repeat this now and it needs to get in the papers.

  73. Goodness, 69, VALIUM? I didn't know it.
    I agree about the complaints. I thought of it, Mrs. Fenn could have gone to the manager and could have told about the incident. That is why Gerry answered her on the 3rd" a CHILD is abducted"and not "my daughter is abducted" -he knew it.
    They also didn't go upstairs asking her"did you by chance see or heard anything?", or at least asked her from their balcony. I would have gone to. Once my new cat disappeared, on the first time he went out for a walk, I was in panics, warning around and asking people if they had seen it. The cat came back when he decided by itself to do so, but it was a terrible long hour.

    Speaking about no win, no fee, I expect a breakthrough in this case, very soon.
    It can't be that Tapas 7 will continue sacrifising themselves in order to protect the McCanns, unless they are direcly involved in the death.
    If they don't go to the police, it coud be possible they are involved in it, not only involved in the concealing of the body.

    Another possibility is that they could have the same tendences that David Payne has and there could exist witnesses of these facts, other Gaspars.

    if they are innocent and they refuse to tell the truth, they are the most stupid people I ever heard of.

  74. Imo the McCanns look very scared now, especially Kate! Gone has the confident, arrogant replies that they once gave, now very humble when interviewed, but more importantly they both look like they are on borrowed time, they no their days are numbered.......

  75. I wish those Swedes would invite Pat Brown onto their show and get her perspective on the case. She could set a few things straight, much to the fury of the McCanns who want to be the only people allowed to voice an opinion of how Madeleine 'disappeared'.

    As for their appearance on the Swedish show, there must be quite a few people wondering what they are doing in Sweden when they could be out searching in Portugal for their daughter, which is after all where she vanished from, just as those with other missing loved ones search around the places they vanished from.

    No stone unturned? More like, no stone turned at all, except those that the volunteers and police turned to look for her when she first went missing. Plenty of time for the McCanns to go jogging round the place though, and maybe they were keeping a look out for Madeleine, so no need for the McCanns to get their hands dirty. After all, they were very busy doing other things, and still are by the looks of it.

  76. 69, where did you read Batista came over on the 3rd, offering a baby sitter?

    Nige Moore, maybe you have an article about that.Thank you.

  77. 64@

    Typical Galloway hyperbole which seems to be supportive of the McCanns, iMO.

  78. I hope Robert Murat will strip the McCanns, short after the Met come with a repport about the truth.
    I hope Jane Tanner, O'Brian and Rachel Oldfield will also be stripped by Robert. Not a pound left.It is coming, it is coming...
    And who wants to buy their underpants?
    They had 5 years to change their statements and they allow the British government to spend such a terrible lot of money in the revision, whilsh they refuse to tell the truth.
    In this life we all pay and they are about to pay for their lies.
    Last time the McCanns were running for missing people, we didn't see anyone of the Tapas. The last one, last year, was Rachel with a horse face.
    Tapas 7 are feeling now what is about to happen. They wish the McCanns never had asked the government for a review.

    And Murat is calmly waiting for his turn.

    Still 14 days and they can forget no win no pay, and exactly at the moment that the Met could come up with the truth.
    Gosh, they had 5 years to use such a wonderful insurance. They waited till everything became hypershit.

    If they would have told the truth much before,they would not have needed to sell their assets, in case of losing.

    This could happen now and I'm afraid it will.
    Losing homes, fornitures, money at the Bank...
    Murat seems to have difficulties to find himself a job, because of this crime.
    I hope Tapas 9 will be legaly obliged to support him, for the rest of his life.

  79. The books have to be back much before April the 17th, otherwise the McCanns will have to pay Duarte and Amaral from their own pocket.
    No win no pay!

  80. High, there, Portugal,

    very nice to write you. We are expecting news from the English police. Any news is welcome.I hope the story will soon come to a happy end. How very strange the Swedish language sounds.
    Nice of you, Joana, doing everything to inform us!
    Maria da Conceição/ Cuiabá.

  81. @ 76
    quote The Technical Services Director of the Ocean Club resort, Silvia Batista, affirmed that the same night on which Madeleine disappeared, she in person offered child-minding services "because the hotel is responsible for its clients' children, but they rejected that". Madeleine was seen for the last time on the 3rd of May when she was sleeping next to her siblings in a rented room in a hotel in Praia da Luz, in the south of Portugal. The parents of the little girl are being questioned for having left her alone in that room in order to go to eat with some friends.unquote
    halfway the page under "Child minding services rejected by McCanns on 03 May 2007"

  82. I am aghast by McCanns, I do not have words to describe.
    First, I was extremly sorry for these persons. I hold them in my heart long time.

    Now I feel shame. Shame I do not spot early the lies. I even write to thes persons with much regrets of their happenings in 2007 and always I pray for little child to return and light candle.

    This are my feelings now that McCanns have many questions to tell. Also I add that I have been distressed one time in my life through terrible tragedy. I know it hard but I no longer speak of it as I dont like live again that time. It make me so ill. Sometime is best to not talk. But the McCanns they never stoop.

  83. So, Gerry was expecting helicopters with heat seeking equipment? What would that have achieved? If someone has 'taken' a child - what good would heat seeking equipment do? It would pick up every single living person/ animal in the area. How would you know which ones were the child and her abductor?
    Gerry was 'expecting' this response.....meaning what exactly?

    Stop insulting us all! It gets more 'ludicrous' by the day. What's the 'key' piece of information needed? Someone from the holiday group needs to start talking the truth, that's they key. (That's my opinion anyway!)

    They lost their own child - their fault, whatever happened because they are the parents whose responsibility it was to care for and protect the child. That's the bottom line. I am sick of the McCanns.


    # 68 REF:

    The link may work in Portugal but it does not work in the UK. I have tested it again.

    It goes:

    "This content is not available in your country due to a legal complaint. Sorry about that."

    Perhaps Carter-Ruck already informed their side-kicks in Portugal (Isabel Duarte and Associates) to do something about it but, ID could have felt this would only damage the McCanns' brand further.

    The McCanns' are now, by and large, perceived as trying to nullify, through expensive legal rhetoric and the subservience of Portuguese officials, the hard-won constitutional freedoms of the Portuguese people.

    The posse's attempt to divert 1,2 million Euros from the ailing Portuguese economy into their Limited Company bank account, does not help their image either.

    Anger is slowly but steadily mounting. There have even been cries for another revolution! namely by one of the 1974 Revolution heroes - Otelo Saraiva de Carvalho (...)


  85. High there 80!

    The swedish language does not sound stranger than any other language, right? such as the Spanish or Portuguese? No

    A swedish woman

  86. To no-one in particular:


    Lord Bell, Chairman of Chime Communications, parent company of Bell Pottinger talks to Paxman on Newsnight. From about 27 mins.

    He's not usually available for interviews, does give a robust defense of his industry, the bit I find interesting is his response to question re disclosure of clients.

    Winds around the houses a bit but clear on US and UK Government as clients equals non-disclosure.

    So they are obliged/don't have to, disclose UK & US Gov't clients.

    Bit Cloak & Dagger, don't you think?

  87. Mrs. Fenn told she heard a woman sobbing "we have let her down" immediately after the BBC news was finished, 10.30pm.
    I can't imagine Kate was shouting the same words for 30 minutes. I think the alarm was later than 10 o'clock, after Gerry came back, of course.

  88. Rachel Oldfield seems to be a lawyer (I can't think depending on her), she must know how dangerous it is to cheat on the police.

  89. The only thing I am certain of in Madeleine's tragedy is that David Payne's life is destroyed. Completely destroyed. I would not allow my children to be friends with his children, neither to visit his home. Who knows he never abused Madeleine but he is living now with a stamp on himself. It is impossible to clean up such a stain.
    The Gaspars'statements are fatal to him.
    Very many people suspect him of very many things, also because he refuses to come forward with the truth. He keeps cheating on the police and that is bad.What is behind his cheating on?
    A day will come when his children will start consulting internet and they will read the comments and the statements.
    I can't think of it.
    At the end of her book, Kate specially thanks him and Fiona, showing they are still close friends while people know already what the Gaspars stated. She doesn't specially thank Tapas 5.
    I wonder if Payne has some friends left.
    I don't think so.
    If the Gaspars told the truth, Payne is repulsive.
    And the McCanns continue being friends with him.

    He could make his reputation better by changing his statement.
    The Yard will come up with the truth anyway.

  90. I think it's important to ascertain who opened the window and shutter. Is it possible that someone else had already opened them (to simulate the scene) before the last checker even arrived? In other words, is it possible the last checker at approximately 10pm was telling the truth about finding them already open?
    Do the the fingerprints (see video Truth of the Lie) prove indisputably that it was the last checker at about 10pm who opened the window?

  91. I wonder if Tapas 7 realise that "no win no pay"is about to finish and that they will have to pay their own defense during a trial.
    It is obvious that they will lose because of their fake statements.
    Poorer than a church mouse. At least a church mouse has a roof above its head and it will not be the case of Tapas 7.They will lose everything they have achieved by working hard during their lives. Besides paying lawyers during a trial, they will be sued by at least Murat, Amaral, Malinka and the Ocean Club.
    Probably it was worth while to sacrifice themselves in order to protect the McCanns.

    In the future, the McCanns will not even buy them a bread. They will have to live on their parents purses.

    I believe that none of Tapas 7 went running with the McCanns in Londen because they are angry with them, who insisted on a transparent,compreensive review, etc, and the Met got involved in the case.

    As I wrote here before, the McCanns had no consideration with the group. I hope that the group got angry with them to the point of going to the police.


    @89 "If the Gaspars told the truth, Payne is repulsive."

    Except, as Clarence "Mickey Mouse" Mitchell puts it:
    "There is a wholly innocent explanation for any material the police may or may not have found."
    "It was just an innocuous, informal discussion on children sexuality - "Mickey" could easily have argued. It is all in Sigmund Freud's essays on The Theory of Sexuality (...)

    Furthermore, Payne's "faux-pas" comments does not necessarily imply he is a paedophile. Think about it...

    Payne could have been describing his own daughter mimicking something she had witnessed adults doing around her and asking Gerry if Madeleine did the same (for exactly the same reasons).

    I am offering this hypothesis on the grounds of observations that have been made (without solid evidence, admittedly) that the Tapas group (or at least some of them) were into "wife swapping" and/or "swinging" - which may sound a rather unorthodox practice for some but (I am told) is perfectly acceptable for others (cough).

    This is not of course "an innocent explanation" except it does not necessarily imply Payne as a "paedo" - it could mean Madeleine or perhaps more likely his own daughter, was mimicking what she saw adults doing around them - "hanging by her teeth on the trapeze's rope", as it were.

    Wasn't Payne a close friend of Kate aka "Hot Lips" during their university sojourn at Dundee Medical School? In Medicine, Anatomy "home work" revisions are often a must and let's face it - old habits die hard :d

  93. Hi there 85!
    "The swedish language does not sound stranger than any other language, right? such as the Spanish or Portuguese? No?"

    You are absolutely right - particularly in an English-language dominated world. That said, it struck me that the beautiful Swedish language has a touch of "Scottish" accent to it. Gerry would probably have felt at home there, not least because he was in Burson-Marsteller's safe hands.

  94. Anon 90,

    It would have been possible for the last person before Kate McCann to have opened the shutters. This person being the same as was seen carrying a child on his way towards the beach that night at about ten o' clock. The same person who Mr Smith, one of those who saw him, is up to eighty per cent sure was Gerry McCann.

    As for Gerry McCann being at the Tapas restaurant at that time, there is no independent witness to say he was.

    There is also no independent witness to say Jane Tanner ever did a check at 9.10pm that night when she supposedly saw the 'abductor', thereby giving all of them an alibi, including her husband and Gerry McCann.

    Without her 'sighting' they would all be in the frame as suspects, being as they all knew the children were alone that night, and especially the husband of Jane Tanner, who was absent for a considerable time supposedly taking care of their sick daughter and very close by where the supposed 'abduction' was taking place.

  95. 81, thank you, I found the page with "the parents that night were very unconcerned".
    Now the wondering: was there an agreement between Kate and Gerry, a terrible agreement? That is why both refused a baby-sitter?
    I also wonder why Madeleine did not go to the beach that afternoon with the group. My idea is that Kate needed an alibi from the nursery.Maddie was still alive at 5.30 pm.
    I wonder too if Batista offered baby-sitting to Tapas 7 aswell or only to the McCanns. If she only offered to the McCanns it could have been because of Mrs. Fenn's complaints.

    In my opinion it was not a case of very unconcerned. There is a lot more behing that refusal.

  96. If someone opened the window before Kate's check (Gerry or another of the Tapas) then that person must have used gloves, because only Kate's prints were found on the window, on a position that indicated an opening motion.

  97. Kate denies ever having touched the window, it was always closed, yet her fingerprints were tht only ones found in it by forensics. If I recall correctly, when the police arrived the window was closed, and, I'm not sure here, I might be mistaken, Gerry said he had closed it. If he did, then how did he manage to close it without leaving any of his prints on it???

  98. #85,
    Please don't take it personally, you're right of course, but you see, the person who made the comment is from Brazil, and for the braziliens even the portuguese language from Portugal sounds weird! It seems that they even have to put subtitles in portuguese tv shows and films that are aired in Brazil in order to fully understand them! However, the opposite has never happened, we get lots of "telenovelas" (soap operas) from Brazil and we never needed subtitles, we understand them just fine. Go figure!

  99. @92 I agree with you on this point - that it is possible the window and shutter were on the 10pm check found to be already open. In the "A Verdade Da Mentira" video it hypothesises a person removing before the 10pm check, IMO that person would themself do the simulation of opening it would take only 10 seconds.
    @93 you raise the important objection that "prints were found on the window, on a position that indicated an opening motion". I suggest a careful re-examination of that analysis in the "A Verdade Da Mentira" video where Mr Amaral and Mr Simas examine the window prints. In my humble opinion, that analysis does not prove who opened the window (I traced the crucial photos of prints shown in the video, back to the photos, and their captions,in the case files).

  100. I always wonder why the police believe Kate caused the death, and not Gerry or one of the Tapas.
    There must be very strong indications about that.

    On Payne's rogatory interview, the police asked him if he could remember how Kate was dressed up when he went to 5a and he answered he could not remember...
    According to Kate herself she was wrapped in a towel...
    And he could not remember?
    I always thought his profession was medical doctor and not a ballet dancer.

  101. Anon 93

    Yes, either that or the person cleaned the window after them, though I seem to remember seeing a photo of the inside of a drawer containing a pair of what looked like surgical type gloves in the McCanns accommodation in PDL.

    It has been said the curtains had also been washed, so maybe the 'abductor' liked to tidy and clean up afterwards.

  102. Latex (doctors) gloves were found at some point (used for what exactly?)
    bit if GM used them during his last check, he risked framing his wife, and surely he would have remembered and mentioned handling the window during interrogation, or wouldn't he?

    Any bets?


  103. Odd that Madeleine cried for 75 minutes and the twins didn't wake up.

  104. Sorry, but by now I have lost count about the shutters. Were they open, making the curtains furl out,and make the door "whoosh clunk" , or were they shut, with the curtains drawn?
    I clearly remember the photo of the forensic investigator with their red powder, brushing the powder across the exterior of the shutter. (Making one paper report it as blood spatters - so it just shows how slack some of the journalists have been on this case.)

  105. Someone asked Why Sweden? why now?

    Well, l note that a few days after this appalling piece of McCann claptrap was unleashed on the Swedish public, that Wikileaks bloke, Assange, claimed at the Leveson enquiry that his treatment by the press was as bad as that suffered by those unfortunate McCanns.

    Assange, of course, is currently fighting extradition from the UK to face allegations of sex crimes. In what country is Assange wanted for these alleged crimes? Yep you've guessed it - Sweden.

    Does this mean anything of any significance? Maybe, maybe not.

    But having followed the odd behaviour of this very cunning pair for the best part of five years, I',m of the opinion that any 'coincidence; in this case is potentially very significant indeed.

  106. Kate has said the window was open because the curtains went whoosh and the door slammed and still the twinnies didnt wake up . IMO the whole maddy taken by abductor story is just that a great big fat LIE
    I thin k a review of the whole case is needed why was the evidence of cadavar scent in the apartment in the car and on Kates clothes ?
    Why was all this ignored ? Why was the blood evidence in the apartment ignored? Why was the ability of someone to climb out the window with a child tested ?
    Why were the obvious lies not challeneged. Why are the mcanns to be believed in EVERYTHING they say


  107. 105 A very good observation! Is Assange cunningly using the pro McCann currents swirling at Leveson to jump onto the victim bandwagon with them? Or maybe he's being tongue in cheek in his expressed "sympathy"?


    #92 "the Tapas group (or at least some of them) were into "wife swapping" and/or "swinging".

    Hmmm, interesting hypothesis. Much more plausible than paedophilia - a bit extreme for a group of medics! "Open relationships" yes/may be.

    "Open relationships" is a synonym for "fornication" used by consenting professional, educated people. The McCanns' and their friends (assuming they were into it!) would rather say:

    "We are married but in an open relationship, you know?!" - not wife-swapping or swinging! Dear Lord!

    "Wife swapping" is more for lorry-drivers and "swinging" more of a 1960s term (for yupies). Well-to-do respectable couples don't use either! "Open relationships", yes!

    :m In any case, Jude 1:7 comes to mind (...)

    "Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire."

  109. Anon 98 "for the Brazilians even the Portuguese language from Portugal sounds weird!"

    Not for some educated Brazilians with an IQ! They actually love the sound of proper Portuguese.

    Incidentally, being Portuguese I enjoy the African accent and syntactical nuances of the Brazilian dialect. It is a very Jazzy, creative offshoot of the vernacular.

    Having said that, I also find the common people from Brazil feel distressed and despaired when they come face to face with someone who speaks their mother language (Portuguese) instead of their own dialect (Brazilian). I am sure there is some underlying psychological mechanism at work. Some sort of compensation mechanism. Children always tend to look down on their parents, right? Same underlying psychological process may be at work here...

    Same applies to Spanish by the way. The Spaniards don't understand (or pretend they don't) Portuguese yet Portuguese do. Mind you, with the Spanish, History (and enmity) are more likely to be at play...

    My advice is never attempt to use Spanish with a Spaniard. Stick to Portuguese and enjoy their confusion - make sure you let them know how stupid they sound (smirk). Same of course apply to commoner Brazilians.

    If you repay enmity with friendship how would you then repay friendship? You repay friendship with friendship and enmity with justice. Same principle applies to the McCanns' PR attack on Portugal (...)


    @105 "I'm of the opinion that any 'coincidence; in this case is potentially very significant indeed."

    Gonçalo Amaral shares your opinion. People often forget that the McCanns spokesperson Clarence Mitchell is a key element of Burson-Marsteller - a global "reputation management" firm with close associations with Lift Consulting (Portugal) both of which are working for the McCanns.

    What we are witnessing here is PR at its global very best, political strings and all! You try and beat a "Nike" marketing campaign, if you can. Whatever you do, the product will be a global best-seller endorsed by all the "right people" even if is possible to buy an identical product for a third of the price - old Goebbels' formula still works!

    In the case of the McCanns' brand "Madeleine", you have prime ministers (David Cameron), royalty (Mike Tindall/Zara Phillips), multi-millionaires (Kennedy, Branson), media moguls (Murdoch), press complaints commissioners, TV stations (Channel4 "mockumentary", Swedish TV/Fredrik Skavlan/Burson-Marsteller) endorsing it!

    "Madeleine" brand is here to stay and so is the McCanns' "official version" of events. I am afraid we are nothing but voices in the desert...

  111. Happy Easter!

    And when we count the blessings
    That God has so freely sent,
    We will find no cause for murmuring
    And no time to lament...

    For our Father loves His children,
    And to Him all things are plain,
    So He never sends us pleasure
    When the soul's deep need is pain...

    So whenever we are troubled,
    And when everything goes wrong,
    It is just God working in us
    To make our spirit strong.


  112. The "Express" at it again today...now, did you know Scotland Yard says it CAN solve the "Maddie Mystery" - PRwise that is?


  113. Anon 97

    You are right, Gerry did say he closed the window. So where were his finger prints? Was he ever asked about that? Was he wearing gloves at the time?

    Anon 106

    Happy Easter to you too, and here is hoping we have good news on the way regarding this case very soon.

  114. May God bless Nigel Moore and the publications on McCann Files.
    Wonderful news about the Scotland Yard, published by the Express.

  115. My goodness, please read McCanns Files of today's, about the Yard getting very near to the truth, and very much convinced that they will solve the mystery.A Mystery that was already solved by the Portuguese police: the girl died that night.
    What I want to know is if it was premeditated or if it was an accident.
    Many times I think that it was premeditated.
    The stupid Tapas 7 have still time left to go to the police. Because it seems that the Met will be ready with their report, within months. And then a bomb will explode.
    England and the world will be officially informed.

    I pray the police are watching the McCanns, watching airports and sea ports.
    Otherwise we will see the Yard and the Leicestershire police in London next year, running for missing people, with Kate and Gerry's pictures on their uniforms, "Have you seen these people?"

  116. Sunday Express (see McCann Files)

    the McCanns are lost, aren't they?

  117. There was a simulation which included opening the window. Who opened the window?. In this video in the 25 seconds from 07:20 to 07:45 the proof is presented that the last checker opened the window.
    The decisive point seems to be the photo at 07:42 in the video (a close up of one of the prints on the edge of a vertical upvc frame). Having studied this photo, my amateur opinion however is that probably the window was opened already before the last check began. Wishing you all peace and harmony.

  118. It is possible that Gerry will lose his job.
    Not because of protecting his wife but because of the fraudulent fund.
    Husband and wife have the right to protect each other, he used his right, ok, but he should not have cheated on the public,friends and colleague, asking for money in order to search for Madeleine.
    I wonder if Mitchell will also be prosecuted for hiding the truth and for motivating people to send money to the couple.
    He must know the child is dead and the police could have the evidence.

  119. She in the Express gutless newspaper looks like someone who has guilt eating away from the inside.......just how this is still being allowed to continue beggers belief...her mother must have her doubts.....

  120. BLIMEY!!! For heavens sake, why oh why has Kate McCann been invited to 10 Downing Street. Does anyone know if this is correct or just another PR exercise. And they say 'Crime doesn't Pay.

    A very disheartended English Lady.

  121. @92 am i right in saying that there was also a allegation about the same sort of thing that happened on a holiday in Greece and im sure there was something on the old 3As forum about the same sort of comments in a hospital in Glasgowthat g &dp was at

  122. The McCanns refused a baby-sitter also for May the 3rd.
    Perhaps Maddie could have been beated by one of the parents and she had red spots, marks on her body and the McCanns wanted to hide it.
    This could have been the reason. Maybe the reason that they didn't report her death, even if it was accidental. Red, blue spots would complicate their lives, the police would mistrust the calpol or the valium, if it was the cause of death.
    Abuse combined with sedation.

  123. The Sunday Express (see Mccannfiles)states that we are near to an answer to what happened to Maddie,it sounds like a whitewash coming on.We don't need to see Mccanns pictures in the paper her mother says she looks very depressed,is this because of guilt? The British government should have stopped the fund,or do they get money to clear it up.Madeleine is dead that is for sure and they were all to blame.Mr Cameron should know better and not listen to lies if he wants to straighten out Britain.

  124. I'm writing a book, a story about how a child became a meal ticket for the parents.

    Gave them good connections, a bigger house, career advancement.

    But what they did, how they made her available, makes them as bad as the people who used the services.

    So they all have something on eachother.

    But what's left is a child who was exploited for the benefit of adults, who's childhood was corrupted and spoilt. In a way, you wouldn't want to imagine.

    Nah, too way off the wall...

    No-one would believe it.

    So won't bother.

  125. 124, where did you read or watch about Kate's mother saying Kate looks very depressed?
    If she is depressed, it is caused by the terrible fear for the Met.
    I would be scared too, if I were in her place.
    During the first years, she looked great, no feeling of guilt, beautiful clothes,good taste, perfect face.
    Last year, at the book launching, she was ok, well dressed, criticising Cameron, etc.
    Now she realises how far she has gone, she can impossibly criticise the Met, their beloved police.

    I don't understand how come Gerry went so far in his carriere,capable to learn difficult matters and did not learn to keep his mouth.Provoking the British government, gosh!

    In this life you have to be careful when making enemies, by chosing the right ones.

  126. There is the rumour that Maddie died after having fallen down the stairs of the apartment, bumping the back of her head on the cement, at the end of the stairs.
    I remember to have read this very long ago, I think in 2007.
    And now I remember Goncalo Amaral having said that she died in two different places.Official place seems to be behind the sofa.

    If she died falling down the stairs, it is for 99% possible it was an accident. The same I think about behind the sofa.
    I can't figur out what could have happened, dying twice. I believe resuscitation at least at the first death but why again a death somewhere else?

    And why do the police believe Kate caused it?

    Did she push Maddie violentely ? And was that the reason why One Minute for Madeleine talks about "increases the risk to other children" and Martin Brunt says "whoever took Madeleine could strike again"?

    If it was an accident, I wonder why hiding it and why twice This is really a mystery.

    I believe we are about to hear what happened because the Yard is almost ready.

  127. @ 111

    Like many other supporters have fallen by the wayside since 2007, I believe that the likes of Zara Philips/Tindell have also, like alot of the British gullable public have seen first hand from their many TV money grabbing, poor us appearances, that the McCanns are not as innocent as they seem.

    If only the McCanns had kept out of the lime light then today they would have had a hell of alot more support......silly greedy greedy people, who imo are now on their own, with only their fund and Carter Ruck for support.

  128. What a deathly hush! Trials keep getting "postponed", even Pat Brown is lying low, and in what must surely be a first: "The couple, of Rothley, Leicestershire, have been inundated with requests for interviews to mark the May 3 anniversary but have said THEY DO NOT WISH TO SAY OR DO ANYTHING which could possibly impinge on the Yard review at this stage." (Sunday Express)
    And why has not a word been said about what has become of those books?

    Am I alone in thinking this might all be because something is actually about to happen?

  129. Anon 121... Cameron could hardly have excluded the parents of the most famous missing child ever from a Downing Street reception concerned with missing children. I'm pretty sure it is not a 'do' specially for the McCanns.

  130. How did Mrs Fenn know for sure the screaming on the night of the 1st May stopped because the parents RETURNED?

    Might it not also have stopped because somebody LEFT through the same doors Mrs Fenn heard open and close? Left, not 'returned', and a child left dead behind the settee, only to have her be 'found' later when enough time for cadaver scent to have marked the place of the death had occurred.

    Who is to say for sure exactly what time the parents who left their children went back to their apartments? Wasn't it also said that some of them went on to Chaplins after the Tapas? That would have meant a much later return.


    #121 "why has Kate McCann been invited to 10 Downing Street?"

    Well, she has been everywhere courtesy of Clarence "Mickey Mouse" Mitchell/Burson-Marsteller/Lift Consulting. The McCanns' are now a hot political asset not to be dispensed with - ever since David Cameron gave the couple his official patronage...

    There are no risks involved either...assuming Madeleine died in the apartment as circunstantial evidence suggests... there is nothing, no DNA evidence of any kind that could incriminate the parents. Being her parents their DNA would have been all over the place...naturally...as for the rest, as Mickey Mouse puts it:

    "There is a wholly innocent explanation for any material the police may or may not have found."

    Which means: "there is nothing you can try to prove that our millionaire legal team cannot disprove and our global PR apparatus of "reputation management" experts say."

    In high-profile cases such as these involving VIPs with political back-up, you would need a video (high definition, preferably) showing the parents (one or the other) arriving in the apartment (5A) and finding their daughter accidentally dead, overdosed or otherwise AND then, taking her body away - ONLY that would do.

    Well, my assumption. Carter-Ruck would probably argue this was days before it happened and the parents were simply putting her daughter to bed. You would probably need more than one video - a whole documentary-sequence in fact. The "burying video scene" (such as Pat Brown suggests) would be critical - particularly IF all faces were showing which is unlikely. As for what they were doing out there burying something, don't worry, Mickey Mouse/Carter-Ruck/PhotoPinto & Associates would explain that in "não tempo".

    Also, the only evidence of the parents abandoning their children to their fate (Mrs. Fenn) is now dead which means Carter-Ruck and/or PhotoPinto - the Portuguese Bar's Head and his side-kicks (ID et al) would probably argue Mrs. Fenn was suffering from dementia and had reached a stage where she was hearing voices. Now, open her coffin and ask her to tell a spooked out court this was not the case (...)

    Please remember! There is ONLY one "official version" of events and you only need to read the British media to KNOW that - the rest are "defamations" waiting for a McGag...and let's face it even the former police investigator in charge of the case (Gonçalo Amaral) is scared with a 1,2 million Euros demand hanging over his head. Now, we are talking here about a top investigator in a wannabe democratic country who cannot even have his own professional opinion about what might have happened! Take that as an example of what could happen further...

    Do you want to know the truth?
    "Ask the dogs, Sandra!" :o



  132. Regarding The Express article......who exactly are they quoting? They haven't bothered to say. That's sloppy. But! They have told us about Kates new updated book. Surprise! Sigh.

    The McCanns are wholly responsible for the fate of their daughter, regardless of what happened to her and should be prosecuted. Nobody can deny that fact. I want to see them answer for that in a court of law, it's already been too long. Is there a petition I can sign? Thanks!

  133. In the coming months we will know if this Scotland Yard review was a legitimate endeavour to find out what happened to the child. If Scotland Yard happens to make a public declaration to bolster the abduction theory, before the end of the McCanns vs Amaral trial, then there is no hope. If this happens, then for me, it will be the ultimate confirmation of the gross corruption that exists in British society.

    Unrelated to the topic, I pose a few questions to all Portuguese speakers:
    I see that "facto" is now "fato". I always pronounced the "c" in facto was I wrong? And is "pacto" now "pato"? If this new orthographic agreement forces people to pronounce words differently then it should be abolished.

  134. @ 121
    I agree its disgusting, as you say obviously crime DOES pay, I sat down yesterday I wrote a letter to Cameron, expressing my disgust, that he is mixing with a mother who admits leaving their 3 children all under the age of 3, while they go out and eat and drink the night away, I finished by telling him that he will never get my vote again.
    I'm sure its worth a try even if you are not from the UK, to let him no your disgust in this, I hope others from the UK will do the same

  135. @125 "I'm writing a book, a story about how a child became a meal ticket for the parents."

    I think people would believe you. They would probably think it was based on a highly mediated real-life case. Indeed it might help them to separate the fact (in this case fiction) from the fiction (in this case fact). :h Sorry, I am confused...

    Anyway, I see great potential in your book for a TV soap series or a Hollywood blockbuster! Make sure you don't use any names from real cases such as the MM mystery* or you risk ending up as fodder for the MC Fund, Ltd. Think about the mess Gonçalo Amaral got himself into - and he is a Portuguese citizen who is supposed to have some constitutional rights such as the freedom to express his own professional opinion on a case that was his...

    Mind your ass-ets! For Carter-Ruck, and other £1500+/hour legal mercenaries, there is no such thing as freedom of opinion.

    * incidentally Tony Bennett is being Carter-Rucked for treating the case as a "mystery" - among other things! The "official version" (Mitchell- McCann-Cameron-Scotland Yard) is "abduction" not "mystery". Calling it a mystery is, in British Law, tantamount to defamation. So you thought the Portuguese had it bad, hein?...


  136. I do wish we could get some truth coming from the UK media as regards the upcoming libel trial between the McCanns and Dr Amaral, when we have the McCanns already bleating how Dr Amaral has 'devastated' them with his 'slurs'. Well, they sure don't look 'devastated', though if they see money in the offing no doubt they could try their best.

    As far as the 'slurs' go, do they mean the facts and circumstances of the official investigation, whereby the investigators came to the conclusion that Madeleine died in the apartment, and informed the parents as such. Hardly 'slurs' when the information is already in the public domain coming from various official sources, and especially the released Case File.

    Are the McCanns going to sue the PJ and the UK cops for daring to come to the same conclusions? Are they going to sue them for doing their job? Can we expect to see the same dismissal and ridicule poured out on the SY investigators if they end up rejecting the McCanns' abduction 'fairy story' version in favour of Madeleine having died in the apartment?

    Here's hoping Dr Amaral will eventually take action against these newspapers, and insist on an apology for printing the 'slurs' against him that the media have been only too willing to accept as truth coming from the McCanns. More fool them.

  137. I believe the revision is at its final moments, the Met will agree with the PJ and I hope the McCanns will be arrested very soon.
    Duarte and Rogerio Alves must be already preparing their defense and, please, don't come up with excuses like "not sane".If Kate is not sane, the lawyers had to ask involvement of psychiatrists and Gerry too, much before. If she was considered ok till now, she will be ok for prison in Portugal.I hope Kate and Gerry will be put in rooms together with other prisoners, like they do in South America,
    not allowed to receive many visitors and getting bad food (coming from England, they will experience any food as an improvement, lucky guys!).
    When the trial comes, I'll do everything to go to Portugal, at least in the last days. I want to see them and I hope to see Amaral as well.I'm already economizing for the trip, since May last year.
    I want to see those evil people and I will bring a Dutch flag.

  138. The pressure on Tapas 7 is terrible. They have no other choice than to tell the truth.
    They will learn this hard and probably expensive lesson: never cover up a crime!
    What was the use to help the McCanns, I wonder.

    Imagine the Yard review will finish everything before Maddie's birthday. And we will get to learn the whole story.
    I presume if a reconstruction happens in Algarve, the Portuguese media will report it.
    It will certainly attract the attention of people.
    Or we will learn it through internet.t

  139. Please go on Google and type "Madeleine Mccann parents urge fresh action from november 2010" and watch how Gerry is avoiding eye contact with the interviewer. Nearly all the time. He was not feeling very happy when he was lying and was talking like a blind man talks.
    Kate does not feel any pressure during the interview.

    How will it be when the Yard talks to him?

  140. Portugal “doesn't have a Royal Navy”, nor “Helicopters” and is “Mediterranean”???????????????

    What is the Public Ministry in Portugal waiting for to sue the McCanns'? For David Cameron's approval? The mind boggles!

    Why are these two ex-suspects allowed to get away with this kind of defamatory crap, "fu**ing tosser" and the like, while they themselves go on about suing others (including the PJ) that disagree with their make-shift version of events?

    It's a disgrace!

    It makes the Portuguese look like idiots! As if Britain was still a colonial power in charge of Portugal(...)

    Sue them NOW!

  141. Joanna
    Researchers from the University of British Columbia in Canada concluded (among other signals)that liars were betrayed by tiny movements that cause them to raise their eyebrows in suprised expressions and to smile slightly .
    Dr Leanne ten Brinke wrote the study which is published in the journal Evolution and Human Behaviour .

    In the video above whats the first thing our Gerry does when he says I remember saying to police officers wheres the helicoptors?

    Whats the first thing Gerry Does? He Raises his eybrows up to the top of his scull and appears to smile !!.


  142. http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2012/04/11/mother-janine-wiles-daughter-false-abduction-preston_n_1417407.html


  143. At 'Jillhavernforum' there is the interview of Gerry and Kate, done by Sky News. The subject is the reconstruction and their excuses to avoid it and don't travel to Portugal.
    We can see how uncomfortable Gerry and Kate were under some pertinent questions made by the journalist. Gerry, when he lies or didn't like the question, start touching his year and moving on the chair. Kate don't even wait for the question to be finnish or properly posed. She also start feeling the quality of the chair.
    That pair of trained actors are really amazing in some situations. The problem is until now, they were able to buy most of the questions posed on their interviews and there is no investigative journalists with 'balls' to expose that type of interviews and confront them 'live' with important questions. until the Fund has money, they will be able to pay that campaign of misinformation and publicity. But this can't be kept forever. One day, a real journalist will interview a master piece on that case and this masterpiece could be a simple but relevant witness. one of the Tapas 7 or one of their children, since they are growing up and I'm sure, they are developping the same curiosity or passion to the case, as millions of people in the world. From their memory and from what they heard in some conversations made by the parents, they will be able to find some pieces of the puzzle and fit them on the police files. What a Karma for this group of liars who decide to carry on with a secret involving the decease of one of their children.

  144. There will be no reconstruction in Algarve. According to some British media ( a lot of?????? for the source and accuracy)the reconstruction will be a computer reconstruction. That means a electronic program made to fit the timetable delivered by the group. Individual, physical and environmental obstacles will be eliminated from the exercise. IF so, the vallue of that exercise is zero.
    The impossibility of the abduction lies exactely on personal and physical conditions (obstacles) which could not be overpassed to allow all the movements of the Tapas 9 to fit leaving at the same time, enough time for a stranger to accomplish the most perfect abduction without leaving traces from him and from the victim.
    I found always amazing that small detail. Very small but very relevant: Gerry share the responsibilities of the neglicence on all children with all Tapas 7, but we don't see on their timetable delivered to the police, any checking from any of the Tapas 9 to the other children apart the Mccann's, made by any of the Tapas 9, including Gerry and Kate? Why the control foccus only the Mccann's children, if one of the O'Briens was claimed to be vomiting and apparently in need of a tight supervision of the available Drs? O'Brien claimed one of his children was vomiting. But amazingly they didn't disclose what was the cause, the disease. Looking to the creche timetable and their statements regarding the previous days, we can see, the children eat in the Resort or at Cafe Paraiso. Vomits are normally caused by food contamination. If was the case, more children or people eating at the same place of the group should be reported sick. That, will give consistence to O'Brien statement. No any other parent in the resort or using the same facilities reported any sickness.IF so, Pj will clearly says O'Brien child was sick. Instead, what we have is an innuendo of ??????
    I believe, if ( a lot of if) she was sick, she was under that condition before the dinner. Why the parents went to the dinner leaving a young child who could vomit, sleeping and having to deal with situation on her own? Apparently, that girl, was the one who should be under a pre-agreed tight supervision of the group, special the Drs because the vomit in young children could cause serious accidents including death, if a child swallon the vomit and stops breathing. From the statements, no any from the group reported the need of that supervision and 2 Drs ( gerry and Kate) don't even get bothered to get up of the table and check or help O' Brien with his ill daughter. Kate, the amazing mother, even checked her children only at 10 O'clock and Gerry, the proud father, just went out to check his children, not caring about his friends children. What a friend. Cont

  145. Cont:
    There is an explanation for all the fantastic things delivered on their statements: without the O'Briens in the dinner and O'Brien going out to see his daughter, there will be no explanation for the important gap of time, he was not seen by an independent witness. Without Jane in the dinner, she couldn't go out and be in a strategical point to see the Egg man and Gerry and Wilkins without being seen by any of the 3. Without Jane, Gerry will be dealing with the absence of an aliby for a very important time, when some independent witnesses saw a man, looking like him, carrying a child in a odd street. Without the dinner, this 2 couples ( O'Brien and Mccann's) had no alibis for the males. Then, they had to invent a checking timetable that end up in another odd situation- only the Mccann's children were supervised by the group, but magic after magic, the child that went missing is one of the most supervised during the night. That reduces to rubbish, the explanation given by Mitchell, to support the abduction. An abductor controlling the group and waiting for a window of opportunity to act. If so, the 5A should be the only place avoided by the abductor on that night. Any other children from the group will be a best target.
    They cannot have a timetable accomodating checks on all children because from a simple exercise done by them at the time, they realised how hard is to fit all checkings they claimed only for the Mccann's children in the available time. Imagine, if they add more checkings to more children... they will need a night that lengths to the infinite.
    This simple detail is enough to spot there is lies, and the Mccann's have to explain why their children need to be supervised and the others not, and why the supervision was not extended to O'Brien child who was ill?

  146. The Douwning Street reception: the McCanns are pushers, they mixt themselves with all of the important people, forcing everybody to receive them.
    It is not Cameron's fault. They will come in the reception room even through the kitchen window of Nr.10.
    Do you remember Kate went to a cathedral "in order to meet Prince Charles" and Charles did not even break a wind towards her?
    Believe me, Cameron and Theresa May are vomitting them and that's why they introduced the Yard in the parents' life.
    Their presence at the reception means that the government still did not get rid of the McCanns.
    There is the possibility that the British government will become insane before the McCanns find themselves behind bars.
    That is why the PJ were denying any revision, at first, and they are still not talking about it.

    The presence of the McCanns at the reception means one thing: that the UK have to do everything to arrest them.This will motivate the British government till the milkman.

  147. Para o Guerra (não consigo aceder ao seu e-mail)

    O que para mim é mais interessante (e trágico) relativamente à discussão sobre o Acordo Ortográfico é a falta de informação, ou mesmo a forte disinformação que grassa por todo o lado.

    Não sendo defensora do mesmo, entendo ser necessária alguma uniformização na forma de grafar as palavras, considerando duas normas eruditas: a europeia afro-asiática e a brasileira. Serve o AO, na perspetiva de Portugal, Angola e outros países que têm o Português como língua oficial, garantir que a língua não seja uma exótica língua de uma imensa minoria falada por cerca de 12/14 milhões de pessoas...

    Relativamente à sua questão, depende... se pronúncia a primeira palavra com pronúncia (Br), deve escrever "fato" e "pato" porque esse "c" é mudo. Se por outro lado o faz com pronúncia do português europeu, então, sim, pronunciá-las-á com o "c".

    Muita da discussão esquece que os exemplos que a oposição ao AO apresenta como sendo contradições, são eles mesmo contraditórios:
    directo, passa a direto, no entanto existem: decreto e neto. Porque não escrevê-las decrecto e necto?

    Bem, mas exemplos é o que mais há... Não é o acordo prefeito, claro, mas não esqueçamos que quem teve de o discutir e decidir são os linguistas e não os artistas. Esses têm toda a sua liberdade poética :-)


    Unrelated to the topic, I pose a few questions to all Portuguese speakers:
    I see that "facto" is now "fato". I always pronounced the "c" in facto was I wrong? And is "pacto" now "pato"? If this new orthographic agreement forces people to pronounce words differently then it should be abolished.

  148. Guerra @134

    Very perceptive observations as usual. I also believe "revelations" will be made around the time of the trial in an attempt to influence the jury/judge. This is probably a "hand-picked" judge by you-know-who anyway, but, like you said, we must wait and see.

    I suspect these "revelations" will attempt to throw doubt into Amaral's theory (based on factual, circumstantial evidence) and upheld Burson-Marsteller/Lift Consulting's McCanns' "official version" of events - which now finds in David Cameron/Scotland Yard powerful patrons... to add to a growing list of multimillionaires, royalty, media moguls and personalities and Rosiepops of all descriptions!

    Fato or facto? Pacto or pato? :c

    Although I can appreciate the efforts to get two related nations in cultural sync, very much like you I do not feel comfortable when such impinges on common sense. Even worst, I suspect there is an element of subservience at play here - very much as it is at play with the McCanns'. Brazil is becoming a rich nation full of potential; very much like the McCanns', rich individuals full of political (and marketing) potential. So what do we Portuguese do in such circumstances? We don't hold our ground! We go straight into subservience mode! Jeeeesus! Thanks God for Ronaldo! Even the magic is not considered by sports "authorities" (cough) half as good as Messi - the pint-sized road-runner! But you know, it is always difficult to fight "official versions" of events... fortunately the truth always tends to surface and not everyone is gullible.


    A. Reader

  149. http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2012/apr/12/sue-douglas-rupert-howell-sunday-tabloid?CMP=twt_gu

    Brian Kennedy approached as one of a number of possible backers for new Sunday Tabloid.

  150. Just been watching a piece about Everest Windows on Watchdog (British TV consumer programme). One family ordered Everest windows which opened from a low upstairs windowsill, and no restrictors were installed to stop children opening the windows wide enough to fall out. Typical of disgusting firm owned by McCann backer not to care if a child fell out of an upstairs window.

  151. Who said there will be no reconstruction? The media? We don't know.
    I think there will be, as the Smiths are important witnesses.
    The Met was making an eletronic one in order to find out the absurds stated by Tapas 9.
    And then they will be prepared to observe the real reconstruction and to make questions about their performances.
    They probably will confront Tapas 9 with their findings.

  152. 149@

    the answer is pato.

    kwak kwak kwak

  153. The Sun published Cameron's letter on a Friday the 13th.
    Today is again a Friday the 13th and I hope for again good news!

  154. I, for one, will not conform to the "Acordo Ortográfico", I refuse to change my use of the portuguese language as it was taught to me about 40 years ago! I will keep on speaking and writting my language as I've learned!
    The "Acordo" SUCKS!!!

  155. The International Missing Children's Day will be on May, 25th and I wonder if the McCanns will be present at the reception.
    It will be in six weeks time and there is the possibility that a lot of things happened already,regarding the revision.
    They could feel ashamed to show up in Donwing street.But they can always send Philomena representing the couple.She can tell people around how responsible people the parents are.

    I am surprised that the Mccanns still did not attack the Yard, criticising them like they did to the PJ.
    The Express tells the Met are studying the existende evidence and bringing more evidence to the case, which will be gratefully accepted by the PJ.
    (What evidence, Gerry ?,I understood that there was none at all.)
    This could mean that there is evidence somewhere in England and it intrigues me. If the crime is commited in Portugal, what could be the evidence that the Yard could have found, probably in the UK?
    The only thing I can imagine would be a photo, taken short before she was buried.
    Maddie wrapped in the blanket, holding the cuddle cat. I can't imagine something else.
    Because DNA, hair, blood, missing clothes are leads, not evidence.



    Favor enviar copia para os McCanns. Pode ser que os ajude na tradução da sentença que se segue... (de acordo com fonte não-oficial (toupeira no "Pátio Escocês"/Scotland Yard)

  157. Although I find it hard to trust Cameron, especially after reading about his pals having sold 'the ear' of Cameron for favours, for the price of up to a quarter of a million at dinner parties he hosted, and as usual Cameron has tried to spin his way out of it, I am hoping the SY individuals doing this 'review' are honest enough (certain SY members in high places have recently also come into disrepute for dishonesty), that they are not deliberately going to overlook the dogs in this case.

    What a country the UK is, when we can no longer trust those in authority, and money is the motivating force, and money talks. Shameful.

    The thing that has been reassuring is Dr Amaral saying the McCanns have shot themselves in the foot by wanting 'a review'. I sure do hope so and we are about to see evidence of this very soon. This has gone on far too long, and they have been allowed to collect far too much money from the unsuspecting public who need to be TRUTHFULLY informed of ALL THE FACTS AND CIRCUMSTANCES in this case WITHOUT INTERFERENCE FROM TEAM MCCANN.

    The fact that Clarence Mitchell was close to 'the ear' of Cameron and would no doubt have put in a word for them hardly bodes well to inspire confidence either.

    We shall see, but if SY ignores those dogs, and goes on about 'an abduction' it can only be concluded that something very rotten is going on. Their silence will not be inspiring either, thereby allowing the McCanns to continue with their 'fairy story' abduction.

    Cameron and SY should note that many people who have been following this case are watching and waiting, and will not be in a mind to sit back and say nothing if they perceive a whitewash.

  158. Who are the people who were/are closest to the investigation etc out of the Tapas crowd? The McCann's.

    They were getting all the briefings, liaising, communicating with the police and related offshoots, both portuguese and british (pre and post arguido status) then there was crisis management teams, various professional family support networks, prime ministers, the PR side of things and so it goes on.

    The others were/are completely reliant on the McCanns version of above events, well they weren't there for the most part were they.

    The Tapas crew must feel the need for constant reassurance that things are going to plan, the McCann plan.

    …and that the only thing that can go wrong is if one of them "sabotages" it, eh Kate…(-:

  159. Does anyone know if the review will be revisiting the church and priest that featured quite prominently at the time of Madeleine's disappearance? I have always felt that they were very significant and that the priest was hiding vital information.
    I read the following today on a social network site - the topic was about vivid dreams that stay with us and are remembered for years:
    "It is a little scary when dream 'happenings' persist ...the one I still remember so clearly that happened a few years ago was when little Maddie McCann disappeared, I saw her so clearly in a cellar with another child looking scared.... I felt it meant something, I can see the highly polished floorboards that I looked through and she was looking up at me and there was another older child down there with her, I 'felt' that it was some sort of church annex."

  160. At 145-147
    Excellent post, you are imo "in the no"
    I didn't think about the other children not been checked on and why just the McCanns children.....
    Please keep posting, you are very clever....whoever you are!!!!!

    George UK

  161. Any sign of the books yet?

  162. Puxa que isto está durando, durando. Eu sem paciência de esperar. Hoje mandei um email para a Scotland Yard, dando uma idéia muito boa mesmo.
    Eu acho que intituições trabalham dentro de um modelo, costume, padrão e podem perfeitamente apreciar um idéia diferente, se apreciarem.
    Só porque já me tornei uma espécie de Miss Marple, não significa não ser
    aceita. Afinal um crime diz à sociedade toda, não só à vítima.
    Imagino a SY comentando: -"Mais uma velhota para ser arquivada no nosso processo".
    Polícia arquiva tudo.

  163. I always wondered how come the police accused Kate of being responsible for Madeleine's death.
    It is impossible that the police was only guessing because they work with facts.
    Now I believe someone of Tapas 7 wrote or told the PJ or to the Leicestershire police that Madeleine fell down the stairs and died.The police would never have guessed it because she could have died in any place and immediately moved to another one.
    Perhaps those 2, 3 Tapas told their lawyer and the lawyer told the police.
    Two weeks before they were made arguidos, they knew already the police were suspecting them. Their friends must have understood that they were also in trouble that's why they wanted to change their statements.
    And they told somebody about the death and the stairs.


    It has all been quite in the Western front, hasn't it?

    But wait until Gonçalo Amaral defamation case hits the news in a fortnight time to see them sprung into a flurry of pro-McCann PR activity - particularly if Amaral wins!

    :d Sit back and enjoy the fireworks...

  165. The economic situation in Portugal is very bad at this moment. Joana, I wish you and all of your colleagues, families, the best solution, and also for your country.Very difficult indeed.May God bless you all every moment of your lives.
    I love Portugal, I learned to love it when I was still a little girl, in Brazil. Please don't lose your faith, continuing believing in better days.

  166. Do you really want to understand how British journalism ticks? Read "Newspeak In The 21st Century".


    "Since 2001, Media Lens has encouraged thousands of readers to challenge the filtered and distorted version of the world provided by major newspapers and broadcasters.

    The media responses, collected in Newspeak, are an exposé of the arrogance and servility to power of our leading journalists and editors, starring Andrew Marr, Alan Rusbridger, Roger Alton, Jon Snow, Jeremy Bowen and even George Monbiot. Picking up where the highly acclaimed and successful Guardians of Power (2006) left off, Newspeak is packed with forensic media analysis, revealing the lethal bias in "balanced" reporting.

    Even the "best" UK media - the Guardian, the Independent, Channel 4 News and the BBC - turn out to be cheerleaders for government, business and war.

    Alongside an A-Z of BBC propaganda and chapters on Iraq and climate change, Newspeak focuses on the demonisation of Iran and Venezuela, the Israel-Palestine conflict, the myth of impartial reporting and the dark art of smearing dissidents."

    It is not clear whether the book addresses the beatification of the McCanns' but you'll get the gist (...)

    John Pilger wrote:

    "Not since Orwell and Chomsky has perceived reality been so skilfully revealed in the cause of truth."


    NB Amazon delivers to Portugal...



  168. Talk about "the McCanns web of deceit" - as you aptly put it...

    Is Scotland Yard addressing The Fund and the concerns expressed by Enid O'Dowd - a chartered accountant living in Ireland and member of the National Union of Journalists? Just wondering...

    More here: http://www.mccannfiles.com/id405.html

    Could you kindly forward the full article to Scotland Yard's officer in charge of "Operation Grange"? Thank you.

  169. If the McCanns will do the reconstruction, it is wise to do as witnesses and not again as arguidos. They will again make a mess of it, on purpose.
    Unless a judge forbids the mess, allegging the truth is more important than their arguido rights.
    The police must be busy to find a way to process the couple, without the troubles they had in 2007.
    I have the feeling that the McCanns will be extradict at the very last moment, when everything is ready. By now, millions of British judges must hate them both.
    What I find terrible is that there is no relative of Madeleine fighting for justice. They are all protecting the parents and only we, strangers, are fighting for her.
    And the police.
    None of her relatives ever loved her. Monsters, that is what they are.
    Riff raff people.
    And Tapas 7? also the same, who cares?
    They are only concerned about cleaning up their names,in case we wonder if they are all like David Payne. Who knows? And to continue living their lives, good jobs, money...

    F...... people.
    I hope they will be convicted for hiding a death, for helping hiding a corpse, for being an obstruction to the police work, for lying, for accepting the existence of the fraudulent fund for nearly five years and for having admitted Murat was made arguido, knowing he has nothing to do with this crime.

    And will David Payne continue protecting the McCanns, accepting the fact that people suspect a sexual crime related to Tapas9?
    According to myself it wasn't.
    It is also up to him to clean up this mess.
    What a riff raff group, bad character.

  170. During four yeas I patiently waited for something to happen and nothing changed. Now it is changing very fast, there is a strong light at the end of the tunnel, the tunnel is becoming shorter and shorter and I lost my patience.
    Difficult to wait and wait. I hope that the Met will tell us a little more.
    Are the McCanns sleeping well?

  171. True Portugal does not have a "Royal Navy"...Portugal's navy is a Republican Navy.

    "True", it is also, well almost... a Mediterranean country (Gerry's geography is poor) but... think the glory who was Greece and Rome - the latter gave the English, Central and Northern European countries an alphabet, a language*, roads, houses, sewage systems, laws, you name it. Imagine Gerry and Kate's ancestors living in straw huts, eating with their bare hands, wearing animal skins, all covered in dirt and probably grunting instead of talking. The English still use straws to make roofs! Thatchered roofs...

    Without an alphabet and a language how could Gerry possibly have put together his "official version of events" and carry on promoting it to gullible, uninformed audiences?

    Portugal does have helicopters - that's where Gerry Lewis lied again, but we are by now used to it, aren't we? :c

    "About 50% of English is derived from Latin — directly or otherwise (e.g. from French)". The percentage is much higher when it comes to technical, legal and scientific names (...)



    ...as Gerry puts it (Leveson enquiry).

    Police are investigating reported sighting of Madeleine McCann in Nerja

    By h.b. - Apr 17, 2012 - 10:13 AM

    The request to investigate has come from Portuguese policeMadeleine Mccann - Photo EFE

    The police are investigating a clue which puts Madeleine McCann in Nerja. The Judicial Police Commissioner-General received the request to verify the information from the Portuguese authorities.
    Diario Sur reports it’s understood the request came by e-mail and arrived some ten days ago.

    Portuguese investigators received the Nerja clue and they want to confirm it with the Spanish colleagues. A witness said they saw a girl who looked by Madeline in Nerja.

    Madeleine McCann has been missing since May 2007 and since then there have been many sightings of her across Spain, although this is the first time the Costa del Sol has been mentioned.


  173. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2130995/Madeleine-McCann-Lookalike-spotted-Nerja-near-Malaga-Costa-del-Sol.html

  174. I see there has been another reported sighting of a Madeleine lookalike, this time in Spain. Bang on time just before the Court case. Surprise, surprise! Of course, it would have to be leaked to the media first to inform the 'abductor', so then he will have plenty of time to move her elsewhere.

  175. I believe the evolution of a Language is dictated by the way it is used by the people that speak it. I can understand a nation deciding to change the spelling of certain words in its language if these words are no longer pronounced the way they are spelled, but I find it ridiculous to change the spelling of a word even though you still pronounce the word the way it was written in the past. There is more than one form of English, there is the original English of England, there is American English, and there is Canadian English. There is no complete uniformity of spelling, yet these countries interact culturally and economically without any difficulty. The spelling of words has not changed in England for over 300 years; the Americans have altered the spelling of some words to reflect the way they are pronounced. I as a Canadian sometimes spell certain words the way the Americans spell them or the way the British spell them, with regard to these words both spellings are acceptable. And of course some words are unique to the Canadian culture. I just think that something like this should not be rammed down people's throats, there should be a referendum.

  176. Today i watched the 6 o'clock news of the BBC and I learned about a crime, something with fire. The mother of the criminal is convicted to one year and 8 months prison, for helping him and for obstruction of the police work, by not telling the truth.
    If Justice in England is convicting a mother who has chosen to protect her son, what will Justice do to Tapas 7 in case they don't tell the truth, during this revision?
    The revision is costing an awful lot of money to the taxes payers, during a terrible economic crisis. If they still did not go to the police, they are monsters and I hope they will lose their jobs, not only Gerry.
    Not social at all, no consideration with the British people.
    I pray England will punish them for their irresponsibility and lies.

  177. Como e tudo tao previsivel. Nao tardou a colagem do nome de Goncalo Amaral a um caso que nada tem a ver com ele.
    Ou nao fosse Rogerio Alves, o advogado de Pereira Cristovao no caso do Sporting.
    E uma vergonha, a forma como se usam assuntos nao relacionados para conectar pessoas e manipular a opiniao publica.
    Claro que Rogerio Alves, para defender Pereira Cristovao, vai esmifra-lo na esperanca que este revele algum podre de GA ou algo que possa ser usado contra ele no caso Maddie e MAC.
    Espero que Pereira Cristovao nao se deixe manipular porque ainda acredito que alguem o pos nesta situacao(relacionada com o Sporting) para o poder usar como escudo para outros casos. O caso Maddie, ja revelou tanto golpe baixo feito no escuro, que nada me surpreende.


  178. Guerra "I find it ridiculous to change the spelling of a word even though you still pronounce the word the way it was written in the past".

    Could you kindly give us some examples based on the official "Acordo" for I have not, so far, seen anything too dramatic in this Acordo - I am still at it though... See link below.

    Oh! by the way @153, the Brazilians don't write "pacto" as "pato" - they write as we (Portuguese) do: PACTO.

    Let us keep "tribal loyalties" aside, look at the Acordo objectively and try to come up with strong, specific arguments not just false examples such as pato as pacto (untrue). So far what has bugged me are some changes in the accentuation, others on the other hand are useful.

    Remember: "Criticar é fácil. Fazer é difícil"

    http://www.portaldalinguaportuguesa.org/acordo.phpe difícil"



    Anon 177 who wrote "The mother of the criminal is convicted to one year and 8 months prison, for helping him and for obstruction of the police work, by not telling the truth."

    A fair point yours but, you have to remember the McCanns' friends are mostly VIPs who are under governmental protection as we have seen along the years...

    Firstly, at the very start, by the involvement of Gordon Brown's (then British PM who dispatched his head of Media Monitoring, Clarence Mitchell, to spin for the McCanns - after the latter great success with the "Iraq HAS weapons of mass destruction" campaign/excuse. Mind you, Mitchell now says it was Tony Blair who sent him, not Gordon - same thing though...

    Secondly by David Cameron (if we ignore the pressure exerted by the British Ambassador and other diplomatic side-kicks since) who in an unprecedented move sent in Scotland Yard to "review" the case with the obvious intent to beatify the McCanns' and denigrate the Portuguese PJ which, of course, has now been diplomatically coerced to "co-operate" with Scotland Yard. Biutiful!

    Trust me, the McCanns are fully safe and protected and "don't you dare to opinionate otherwise" - you can almost hear Carter-Ruck saying in a low, sinister tone of voice...

    :d It's a no-brainer



    Anon 178 "Claro que Rogério Alves, para defender Pereira Cristóvão, vai esmiúça-lo na esperança que este revele algum podre de GA ou algo que possa ser usado contra ele no caso Maddie e MAC."...

    ...E a Lift Consulting intimamente associada com a Burson-Marsteller do "Rato Mickey", porta-voz dos "Mecannos", por detrás dos bastidores a sorrir.

    Não sei bem se o Pereira Cristóvão (amigo pessoal de Gonçalo Amaral e vice-presidente do Sporting) será estúpido ao ponto de se deixar enrolar pelo Rogério Alves (Presidente do Sporting!) mas não me surpreenderia mesmo nada se o ultimo estivesse "por detrás" não só do caso deste suposto pagamento do Pereira-Cristóvão um arbitro mas de um outro caso noticiado aqui, nomeadamente o da infiltração ("hacking") da conta do "Facebook" do mesmo...

    Senão, recapitulemos...

    Primeiro temos o Gonçalo Amaral (co-ordenador da investigação) "naturalmente" difamado via caso Joana/Metodo3/McCanns' Fund cash/ Aragão Correia e agora temos o Cristóvão Pereira, ex-investigador da PJ e do caso Maddie associado ao primeiro.

    Temos também o Marinho Pinto (outro presidente da OA) a defender o Aragão-Correia, a Isabel Duarte, advogada dos McCanns' a defender o cujo dito, e agora, surpresa-das-surpresas um outro advogado dos McCanns - Rogério Alves a defender um homem da investigação...

    ...TUDO, a meu ver, só para "Português e Inglês ver" QUE não existe qualquer conspiração em tudo isto! Acreditem se quiserem mas a estratégia faz sentido, não?

    Demoniza-se a investigação (ou sejam os investigadores) e, ipso facto, beatificam-se os McCanns e sua "entourage" de gatos pingados e aldrabões. Um plano de fazer inveja ao MI-6 e/ou a CIA. Pense nisso...

    E possível que o Cristóvão esteja atento a jogada... embora duvide... pelo simples facto de ter escolhido o Rogério Alves para advogado mesmo sendo este Presidente do Sporting! OK! Talvez exista aqui um interesse mutuo - um e presidente, outro vice-presidente, excepto no caso do Rogério Alves existira certamente um interesse triplo!

    Rogerio Alves, de resto, ha muito que tem "cadastro na opinião publica"...

    "Lima de Carvalho, arguido no caso da Universidade Independente (UNI), revelou hoje em tribunal que o dinheiro da UNI serviu para financiar uma campanha política do PSD, a eleição de Rogério Alves para bastonário dos advogados e pagar viagens de deputados."


    Sera possível que o Pereira-Cristóvão não estivesse estado atento a jogada e enfiado um barrete XXL ??? Bem possível!!! :o

  181. The McCanns, Gerry in particular, are masters at deceit and at psychological subtleties. He is a sociopath of the highest degree, helped along by his freemason buddies at high-level. I have seen this from day one. It is only the last few days I have been intensely reading all the non-mainstream info on these 2, and the whole thing reeks of a coverup, the motivation for this probably child-abuse of more than one kind. The British press is highly liable for perpetuating the lies and manipulations of the facts. But lucky for us, there is google and people who put out the truth. You have to dig a little for it, but it's there. These 2 people are guilty as hell.


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