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New episodes of the Judicial war with Maddie's parents: Gonçalo Amaral goes on the attack

“I suspect that my books were destroyed”

The new source of conflict between the former Judiciary Police inspector and the McCann couple revolves around the devolution of the book written by Amaral. The courts annulled the injunction pending over the work, and now, the former inspector claims back his 7500 copies of “Maddie – The Truth of the Lie” whose trustee is the legal representative of the McCanns in Portugal.

by Carlos Saraiva [Director of “O Crime”]

“O Crime” – The Court of Appeals has decreed the book copies (Maddie –The Truth of the Lie) that were apprehended should be returned to you. Do you already have them in your possession?

Gonçalo Amaral - The Lisbon Court of Appeals has decreed that my book and my opinions did not violate the privacy rights of the McCann couple, the parents of the missing child, wherefore the injunction was peremptorily refused.

Did the judicial ruling transited in rem judicatam [become a matter of record/final]?

The decision of the Court of Appeals did not allow a recourse. Even so, the distinguished lawyer [Isabel Duarte] of the couple managed to delay the transit of the judicial ruling, which occurred in November 2011, following a decision contrary to the McCanns issued by the Supreme Court of Lisbon. They have been selling a “pig in a poke” and I am beginning to doubt the McCanns are aware of the decisions of the Portuguese courts. Perhaps they continue to pay without knowing the outcome.

Why weren’t they returned yet?

I doubt the books still exist. In fact, it should be recalled the McCanns’ lawyer has always affirmed that those books would never be put on sales again. Exactly from where does that sureness come… I have no idea. I only know that lawyer and her clients do not abide by the decisions of the Portuguese courts, which can be a clear indication of their character, or, at least, of their behaviour within the Portuguese legal system. Allow me to remind you that, due to my suspicions that those books were destroyed, I have denounced the situation to the Public Ministry [Attorney General's Office]; currently taking place at the DIAP [Department of Investigation and Penal Action] of Lisbon is a criminal process for improper clearance or destruction of objects placed under the public domain (Article 3551 of the Penal Code), abstractly punishable by at least a sentence of up to five years in prison, where the suspects are the McCann couple and their illustrious lawyer.

Of how many copies are we talking about?

In question, approximately 7 500 book copies.

When they are returned, will you re-market them again?

Those books or a new re-print should be already on sale. The book publishers “Guerra e Paz” will know more about that issue.

At what stage is the civil proceeding the McCanns have against you?

We are at a pre-trial hearing stage. Presently, my new lawyer has been “touching” in a process that was halted and that has stirred some panic in the opposing side.

One of the strongest arguments of the accusation alleges that Gonçalo Amaral became enriched with the book's author rights. What is your reaction to this claim?

If someone wants to talk about “enrichment”, they should think firstly in the parents of the missing child, in their family, in their support “staff” and in their illustrious lawyer. In the latter case, it would be important for the aforementioned lawyer to state how much has she earned and what are her prospects regarding future gains, not to mention the other lawyers, the private detective agencies and PR companies [all seemingly hired by the McCanns' private company].

Do you have any expectations as to the result of this lawsuit?

The only expectation that I have is that we are going to win the action, since there are no facts or material facts to support the claim. The action of the McCanns is inept. It is this that causes a great despondency in the illustrious lawyer, who felt the need to proceed with a campaign of disinformation and slander against me. She should not forget what she has been saying, because she will answer for that in court2.

As you well know, the Prime Minister David Cameron, has ordered a re-evaluation of the investigation in England regarding Maddie’s disappearance. How do you assess that decision, admitting that the English will hardly have access to the investigation in Portugal?

The decision of that Prime Minister has been twisted. The McCann couple has spoken of a re-examination of the child’s “sightings”. When, in fact, what is known is that Scotland Yard, who were appointed to re-evaluate the whole investigation, has set aside the pseudo-sightings, focusing instead on the investigation process that remains archived. Elements from the Scotland Yard have been working with an investigative [Judiciary Police] team from Oporto (Oporto because Algarve and Lisbon have already been involved), and what is known is that the “affair” is not going well for the McCanns.

The Maddie case, one can say (it’s not a secret) that, it disrupted your career in the Judiciary Police. What sorrows do you have concerning that?

I do not agree with that! The “Maddie” case happened at a stage of my life when I was already tired of saying “yes”. Just and only that.

Where you naïve?

Not at all. I left the Judiciary Police by my own initiative and with my head held high, I worked in there for almost thirty years and I had a successful career with an immaculate track record. Let the detractors attempt to denigrate my career, because, we will soon talk.

So far, the clues gathered by the private detectives that are searching for the child, even the ones that become mediatic, were revealed as useless, and have probably caused more confusion in the case. What is your opinion?

The private detectives, in general, were more concerned in creating false stories about the Portuguese investigators [Judiciary Police officers] in charge of the case, or in creating bogus sightings. The McCann couple should have the courage to disclose all the reports spawned by those sleuths and then we would understand what has been the purpose of the fund that was created to find the child. That should be very interesting. In fact, let me remind you of the performance of the [Spanish] detective agency “Método 3”. Those men have fabricated several sightings. At some stage, around Christmas of 2007, they went as far as to say the child would be home by that same Christmas. Also around that time they have attempted to create a link between the Madeleine case and another case [Joana Cipriano]. They actually went on to “contact” a lawyer/psychic to make that connection. Such character [Marcos Aragão Correia] was in fact the first to affirm publicly that Madeleine was dead – a statement which triggered considerable media attention. Subsequently, he went on to search for the [child’s] body in the dams of Algarve.
Today one may, or may not, be bewildered to know that the very same illustrious lawyer who is defending this gentleman in an action that I have made against him for qualified defamation [180º to 184º of the Penal Code], a crime for which he is on trial at the Court of Faro, is the very same lawyer of the McCanns.
Let us stop here and reflect a little. Let us recall what the McCanns have stated when I expressed my opinion which implied the child was dead - that I was, according to them, undermining the searches to find her. Now, I will ask you or any other citizen for that matter, this: What could be the reason for the McCanns’ lawyer to defend a person that manifests the idea - an idea which he has expressed publicly - that Madeleine is dead? Furthermore, what was the motive for “Método 3” to contact the lawyer/psychic? Surely, that was not done with the intent to find the child alive.

Do you still believe if one day we will know what happened, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that is?

One day, someone will find a solution that is both, politically and diplomatically correct.

in O Crime, March 1, 2012 | Nº1544, pages 12/13, paper edition only | In Portuguese at Maria's blog, obrigada. [Thank you note: To M. for the precious contribution in the translation]

1 Penal Code | Book II - Special Part | Title V - Of the Crimes against the State | Chapter II - Of the Crimes against Public Authorities | Section III - Of the Violation of Public Injunctions
Article 335: Improper clearance or destruction of objects placed under the public domain
Those who destroy, damage or impair, totally or partially, or, in any way subtract from the public domain to which is subject to, a document or any other movable object, as well as something that has been seized, withdrawn or subject to an injunction, is punishable with imprisonment up to five years, if a more severe penalty is not applicable by virtue of another statutory provision.

Screenshot dated November 12, 2010 of an ‘Isabel Duarte’, quite possibly the McCann's lawyer, as a member of one of the most vile and defamatory forums “Justice 4 ALL Madeleine McCann Family” where the members persecute and harass Gonçalo Amaral, other Judiciary Police officers and any member of the public who opposes the McCann couple's version. Forum who has also as a member the Madeira lawyer/psychic, Marcos Aragão Correia, who goes by the nick handle of “Leonor lawyer”.


Gonçalo Amaral goes on the attack

New episodes of the Judicial war with Maddie's parents
  • The Complaint for the alleged destruction of 7500 books
  • The Review of the evidence
  • The Work of the private detectives


Supreme Court turns down McCanns' request
18 Mar 2011 - The Supreme Court judges refused the request for an “exceptional review” of the Appeals Court’s decision, which overturned the injunction that had been filed by Kate and Gerry McCann.The counsellors’ decision may be appealed to the Constitutional Court, but that will have no suspensive effect, which means that Kate and Gerry McCann will have to return every copy of Amaral’s book that they possess. If they do not comply, they may even incur in a crime of disobedience.

Maddie Case: McCanns lose another legal complaint
16 Apr 2011 - The Public Ministry of Portimão rejected a complaint made by Isabel Duarte, the lawyer for the McCann couple, which accused Gonçalo Amaral of giving false statements to the Social Security in order to obtain legal support. The Public Ministry considers that Gonçalo Amaral did not commit any crime.

McCanns appeal to the Supreme Court to forbid Gonçalo Amaral’s book
10 Nov 2010 - The McCann couple has appealed to the Supreme Court of Justice against the Appellate Court’s decision to overturn the ban on the sales of Gonçalo Amaral’s book “Maddie – The Truth of the Lie”, the lawyer that represents the parents of the child that went missing in the Algarve said today.

Lisbon Appeals Court Decision on the McCann Couple Injunction
24 Oct 2010 - This is the English translation of the full text of the Appellate Court decision that recently overturned the ban on Dr. Gonçalo Amaral's book, “Maddie - A Verdade da Mentira”, which has been commonly known to English-speaking people as “Maddie - The Truth of The Lie”

The McCanns' Injunction: Quotes by the Defence Lawyers
24 Feb 2010 - The following quotes come from notes taken in loco [on spot] at the 7th Civil Court, at Palace of Justice in Lisbon, on the day when the closing arguments were presented by the defence lawyers of the four entities targeted in this case and by the McCanns layer.

The Temporary Injunction: Granted on September 9, 2009
4 Feb 2010 - This is a translation of the text of the Civil Court ruling that granted the temporary injunction on Gonçalo Amaral’s book, ‘Maddie – The Truth of the Lie’, and the corresponding DVD. It was issued on the 9th of September, 2009. (...) It should also be recalled that this injunction was granted exclusively based on the evidence that was provided by the Applicants. The Defendants were only allowed to oppose the injunction after it had been granted.

Gonçalo Amaral in Court: Witnesses defend that book results from the Investigation
13 Jan 2010 - The defense witnesses sustained this Tuesday, at the trial about the prohibition of the book "Maddie - The Truth of the Lie" that the thesis of the former PJ Inspector Gonçalo Amaral regarding the McCann couple involvement in their daughter's disappearance resulted from the police investigation.

Censure back in Portugal: Court Bans Gonçalo Amaral Book & Film
9 Sep 2009 - The civil court of Lisbon accepted a restraining injunction by Gerry and Kate McCann and ordered to take from the market the book "A Verdade da Mentira", written by Gonçalo Amaral, which defends the thesis that the parents are involved in the Homicide and disappearance of Madeleine McCann.


  1. my goodness, Kate's desease is contagious.Stupidity, and Isabel Duarte got infected too.It is really possible that the books are destroyed and the McCanns will have to pay Amaral. Ten, eleven euros per book, that's why Kate is writing a new one.
    At least it keeps her busy.
    No time left to go down town and to buy a new ring.

  2. If this is true, now I understand why the McCanns are delaying the trial.

  3. If they are destroyed, I hope Isabel Duarte has gotten a guarantee, that the McCanns would pay her in case it would go wrong. Because somebody got to pay those books.
    I don't see the McCanns paying her. They are used to get money, not to pay.

  4. What a news! And how many times I've said here that I believe in Evil.
    There goes Isabel Duarte, her carrier, her money, her good fame and her job.
    For the sake of the McCanns.

    I read she is one of the best lawyers in Protugal. Can you imagine the worst?

  5. If the books are destroyed, I hope Isabel Duarte will be disbarred or suffer another heavy punishment! She was the legal custodian of those books, but that did not entitle her to do with them whatever she pleased, not until a court said so. Plus, she is to this day in comtempt of a court's order, she and her clients were ordered by the court to hand over the books to their rightful owners (Mr. Amaral and the publishers) and she did not comply with the decision. Naive me, I thought that comtempt of court was a serious offense...it seems not, because nothing happened yet, despite Mr. Amaral's official complaint to the court!

  6. Boa tarde!

    Muito obrigada pelas duas notas; pelos posts relacionados; por todas as ligações e explicações.

    Super ( aproveitei qq " coisita". Acho que sabe, Joana. Muito obrigada.

  7. I reckon the McCanns are sweating big time. Usurpers and imposters in the extreme. How dare you mislead the good people in this world and take their generosity for you're own pecuniary gain. You are disgrace. I hope you and/or your mercenary agents read Joanna's blog so that you can see the contempt with which you are held. SHAME ON YOU.

  8. When Amaral said that he lawyer has been touching on a process that was halted that causes the other side to panic he must be referring to the archived files. His new superb police lawyer surely must be specialised in defending police work and thesis.
    No wonder the mccanns are shitting themselves from frights.

    I hope ID gets her just desserts for her stupid behavior. Even if her stupid clients are malicious she is their counsel for crying out loud. Who's the lawyer - she or they? She should know better than to collude with them. Not knowing when to draw the line with clients is a dangerous game and she of all people should know better and has only herself to blame if she gets burned in the process of playing with fire.


    Madame Duarte at Rosiepops? Not possible. Wait! If Leonor's lawyer is, then everything is possible. My God!!! Can't these relatively well educated people realize they are posting their thoughts in a blog for the homeless?

    Sorry! I am being a bit obnoxious here. Rosiepops is the nicest of "bigots" (quote) and a "magna cum laude" graduate from Oxford University. She is also a distinguished blogger and "collage" author. Her award winning "patchwork" is on sale at Amazon. She has recently been sighted outside her local Tesco store asking for "some change".

    "Every little bit helps! Thank you!" :o

  10. De nada, eu é que agradeço M., um beijinho

  11. If Isabella and her clients have burnt the books they should be charged with criminal damage. They were only custodians of them until it was settled that they be returned, the property was not theirs to do with as they pleased. This would be a serious offence in UK and compounded by the fact they were ORDERED by the Court to return them.

    I hope Portugal takes the same action against them. A stretch inside seems appropriate for others to take note if they also are thinking of ignoring the Courts. Otherwise justice will break down completely.

  12. WYPIWYG (What You Pay Is What You Get)

    Anon 4 "I read she is one of the best lawyers in Protugal. Can you imagine the worst?"

    I think the name is Portugal not PROtugal.
    "Protugal" :o

    Now seriously, I have to leave my chauvinism aside here - I am from Kazakhstan ...

    All I can say is, Madame Duarte has to be good. I mean, how else would an average lawyer manage to do what she did so far?

    True, Madame lost the appeal, but then it is far more difficult to buy or seduce senior judges. Also, bear in mind that she somehow managed to get all of Amaral's assets and property confiscated years ahead of a court decision, thus effectively preventing him to contract a good lawyer to defend himself. Also, it takes a lawyer with considerable influence in the Portuguese justice system (remember she is close to "Photoshop" Pinto - the Head of the Bar) to refuse to acknowledge the orders of an appeal court with total impunity.

    The legal system in Portugal (and not just "PROtugal") is closely interwoven with its ideological and political infrastructures. These for some reason believe they have to pay some sort of psychological tribute by showing some subservience to Britain. Old habits die hard...

    That aside, there are two types of Justice in the Western world: one for the average Joe Bloggs and another for the very rich. What you pay is what you get.

    Think Amanda Know and Rafaelle Solecitto. They got away with murder didn't they? What about Rudy Guede? He did not? Why was that?

    WYPIWYG :d

  13. Joana "Marcos Aragão Correia, who goes by the nick handle of “Leonor lawyer”.

    Your link is correct but the link Balão-Correia placed at Pops (in which he thanks Isabel Duarte) is misleading as indeed you would expect from the medium-lawyer when his psychic antennae get wet...

    Dr. Balão is reported to spend his days in total darkness, in a sensory-deprivation floatation tank, desperately attempting to improve his psychic skills (if any).

    He has yet to recovered from being caught cold, by his senior colleagues: Brian Robertson and Simon James. All the more credible since they were not being paid by Método 3 - nor Gonçalo Amaral for that matter...

  14. what a silly person Isabel Duarte must be to do the mccanns dirty work and bring disgrace on herself,must be loads of money in it for her, i just hope she is NOT being paid out of Madeleines money,she is a disgusting person to try to bring a good man down.

  15. In England if you didn't do as you were requested by a court you would be in contempt of court. Has Portugal got a a similar charge? Surely defying the court should be accountable somehow?

  16. Finally information about the Met's work in the case. Till now we had no idea about it.
    Amaral is reliable, we can believe him.
    Things are not going well for the McCanns. I can't believe, too good to be true.
    100 of shots in the feet,couple!



  17. "Scotland Yard have been working with an investigative [Judiciary Police] team from Oporto (Oporto because Algarve and Lisbon have already been involved), and what is known is that the “affair” is not going well for the McCanns." (G. Amaral)

    Personally, I believe Amaral is being over-optimistic here. The reason SY is working with Porto's PJ is probabbly because where they feel they can get more sympathetic treatment in the north of the country than in Lisbon or Faro.

    This may have to do with the British centuries-old, semi-colonial, ties with the area (e.g. Port wine interests) and partly, with the antagonism between the city of Porto and the capital. What I see here is the old British divide-and-rule approach at work.

    I very much doubt Scotland Yard is conducting an independent review. Anything that could suggest the parents were involved in Madeleine's disappearance is a no-go area. Cameron would have made that clear. If in doubt, think Clarence Mitchell, Leicestershire Police, FSS...

    Now that SY has found a sympathetic crowd inside the Portuguese PJ (Porto's) they would have gained access to areas of the investigation they would otherwise be barred from and will exploit them to their advantage. Wait until you read the "review"...

    The review, of course, will be published to denigrate the original Portimão PJ investigation and most importantly, to help dry-clean the image of the McCanns - two distinguished British citizens high up in the ideological tree.

    The Porto PJ, on the other hand, will only be too happy to see their colleagues, the "moors" from Lisbon and Algarve covered in synthetic mud, forgetting all along they too are Portuguese :t:t:t

  18. @17.if what you say is true then i hopethe pj stand up to be counted
    why on gods earth should they be made the scapegoat, what i have read of the files they done a very good job and if sy produce a whitewash then who are they covering up for????.

  19. @17, I concur completely with you on this. I don't think this would go ahead if there was the possibility of any other conclusion other than "mistakes" in the initial investigation. That has been my belief from the beginning and it hasn't changed with the passing of time.


    @ In England if you didn't do as you were requested by a court you would be in contempt of court. Has Portugal got a a similar charge? Surely defying the court should be accountable somehow?

    My perception is that there is, but in order to implement it, you would need to take it to court and that costs money.

    Isabel Duarte on the other hand, has a multi-million fund to back her actions so she is more concerned with the PR, the psychological impact of the hold-up than the consequences.

    There could be a fine after months, may be a year or two of expensive court proceedings and the fine could be risible. £10K, £20K? Another £10K costs? Peanuts for The Fund.

    I believe Madame Duarte is on the record as saying "I will only return the books if I am forced to do it" or words to that effect.

    The lady is not for re-turning :o

  21. @20 the link for that comment is actually given above in the text at [Isabel Duarte], quote: «Gonçalo Amaral's book is not yet available on the market. “And it won't be”, stated Isabel Duarte.“I am the trustee of the book and whilst I am not forced to return it, I will not do it in any way, whatsoever. This while there isn't a final definitive decision.”»

  22. @17 I understand why you say what you do, but I so hope you are wrong. I was going to post YIPEE after reading Js post and all GA said....but your post brought me back to down to earth. We all know SY were send there to whitewash and conclude. The biggest mystery about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann is why have the parents been allowed to get away with their behaviour? Note I did not say her death and body's disappearance, so I cannot be sued. The mystery to be solved seems to be much bigger than that poor, poor child's life.

  23. If this interview is genuine Snr. Amaral is clearly optimistic about the outcome of the lawsuit against him, and about the way the SY review is going, far more so than he has been in the past. However it seems there are those who believe that this experienced, battle-hardened policeman is deluding himself, that he is determined to look on the bright side regardless of the facts, and regardless of his previous terrible past experiences with the case.

    What a good job we have contributors on this site who presumably have a much more intimate, realistic knowledge of what is going on behind the scenes than he has.

  24. Anon 17
    Good try, but I prefare to believe Dr Amaral then a friend of the McCanns!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Joana at 21

    Isabel Duarte.“I am the trustee of the book and whilst I am not forced to return it, I will not do it in any way, whatsoever. This while there isn't a final definitive decision.”

    That's it Joana. I knew she had said something along those lines. My headlights lights were pointing in the right direction...

    OK. She won't hand it back until there is a final decision. This presupposes she knows more about Law than the senior judges, and since these do not work for free either... unless someone takes her to court on that account, nothing happens. Sending the bailiffs in right now would be counter-productive...

    At any rate, the final decision is likely to happen soon (fingers crossed) and if that is favourable to Amaral, as indeed it should, the McCanns' will have to pay compensation for that as well. I start to feel sorry for them... Wait...whatever the decision, it will not be final!

    The McCanns backed up by a multi-million fund (now fattened up with the global rights and proceedings of the book) will appeal against the decision and there will be at least two appeals possible. The appeal proper and the appeal to the appeal if we discount a third - the appeal to The European Court of Human Rights. Give it another three to five years. Ten in the worst of scenarios.

    This is the one reason I avoid Justice like the plague. I DIY it instead (if and when required) as long as it does not involve death, of course - death by accident, death by murder, death by life, death in general.

  26. Thank you so much for all your work over the years bringing us the news the UK media will not go near.

    GordonD, Edinburgh

  27. I already mentioned this on the previous thread, but will do so again because it may be an important consideration.

    There are people who have been working hard on the creche records and who bring up some very interesting points as to whether Madeleine actually attended the creche on the 3rd May, or even directly before that date.

    Since the Judge refused the request to allow Gerry McCann's text messages dated before the 3rd May to be used, (being as that is the date supposedly Madeleine vanished), might it now be possible in the light of new information to convince a judge that the disappearance of Madeleine could have happened prior to the 3rd May, and if this was accepted as a possibility, those text messages could be classed as valid to be used by the investigators if need be.

    It may be they are of no importance whatsoever, but then again only the investigators can know that, and they had previously requested their release.

  28. If this investigation did turn into a whitewash, and SY ignored the sniffer dogs, then we must conclude there is something very rotten in the state of our top police force.

    Not that SY are not already under a suspicious cloud with the scandal involving them and the Murdoch press, and throw their chumminess with Cameron into the mix, now we even have journalists attempting suicide, the investigation is so intense.

    If the sniffer dogs in this case are passed over as irrelevant, then it must be questioned as to whether there is a Masonic connection involved. No cop worth his salt would ever ignore those dogs, they are trusted and respected by police forces the world over. So what excuse could SY possibly have to ignore them?

    Murdoch is a top Mason, SY is said to be full of Masons at the top level, Cameron and Brown are Masons, so where does that leave Gerry McCann. Should there be a big question mark as to why there was help and millions of tax payers money spent on behalf of the McCanns, when for the rest with missing loved ones there is nothing.

    Are the McCanns also going to emerge from this smelling of roses?

    There will be an outcry from those who have been following the case if it is perceived to be a whitewash, then the Masonic connection may be something to ponder.

    We continue to follow this, and we shall see, and hopefully they are working without restrictions placed on them from those higher up.

  29. 17, you again, wishful thinking!
    It is what you want, isn't it?
    Get a life!

  30. McCann Files also published this article above. Amaral's comment on the SY will probably pressure Tapas 7 to come forward with the truth.They have no other choice than to tell it unless they prefer to continue being seen as suspects and as people who have the same sexual tendences as Payne has. This kind of rumours is still going around based on the fact they are doing everything to hide what really happened to Maddie. I believe that instead of protecting the McCanns,they are protecting themselves.

  31. Anon 17

    Não sei em que mãos serao melhor para a Yard, se as do Almeida Rodrigues em Lisboa ou as do Baptista Romão no Porto - se e que eles ainda andam por lá.

    Quem parece andar por lá ainda, e o Conselheiro Fernando José Matos Pinto Monteiro, Procurador-Geral da República. E curioso notar que este parece ocupar também, o cargo de Juiz Conselheiro do Supremo Tribunal de Justiça.

    O ponto a que eu quero chegar é este: qualquer decisão para facilitar a vida da Scotland Yard em Portugal, terá partido dele. Penso.

    Ora, sendo Pinto-Monteiro o Procurador Geral da Republica e natural que esteja debaixo da autoridade do Presidente da Republica, o Prof. Dr. Cavaco e Silva - um anglófilo logo um pro-McCanns' (...)

    Do Presidente da Republica ao Primeiro-Ministro (Passos Coelho) e ao Camarão (David Cameron) vão dois passos vassalos (...)

    O nosso amigo (17) poderá muito bem ter razão... Mesmo assim, estou mais inclinado a acreditar no Gonçalo Amaral - trata-se de um homem que (ainda) esta por "dentro" da organização.

    Se a ida para o Porto terá sido para evitar qualquer tipo de "resistência passiva" que a Yard iria encontrar, tanto em Lisboa como em Portimão/Faro, lá vão encontrar ainda mais (penso). Os "tripeiros" detestam barretes de todo o tipo, e muito mais se forem azuis e vermelhos.

    Claro que a Yard vai chegar de pezinhos mansos, tal como a policia de Leicestershire chegou, vai extrair toda a informação que lhes interessar (pro-McCann) mas isso já nos sabemos - e a PJ muito mais...

    Qual e problema?

    Desde que a Yard não falsifique ou roube paginas do processo oficial, tudo bem. De resto com Portugal e a Gra-Bretanha na União Europeia, seria impossível evitar a intrusão da Scotland Yard. Portugal deveria ter feito o mesmo - no caso do Nicolas Bento, por exemplo, no próprio caso Maddie. Revistar a casa deles em Rothley por exemplo, etc. (se os Ingleses fossem nessa!) Portugal não o fez, mas a tendência da ideologia em Portugal sempre foi esta - baixarem-se, re-baixarem-se, sem se aperceberem que quanto mais o fazem mais o símbolo do cobre se lhes vê. Talvez o tiro lhes saia pela culatra. Pela posição nunca se sabe!

  32. I wonder if the Scotland Yard is investigating the sexual behaviour of all the Tapas.
    That is really necessary in order to protect their children.

  33. Who Exactly are you @17 ?

    Mr Amaral has very close friends and former colleages all the way to the top of the Portuguese pj and doesnt make statements of this nature unless he knows them to be credible.

    Remember its the mccanns and mitchell who are the lying spinners for the past 58 months and NOT Mr Amaral.

    So who exactly are you ? Not the through the teeth liar surely !!?
    Comprende 18,19 and 20.


  34. The “vestiges of a simulation” by John Blacksmith at the Blacksmith Bureau, quoting two paragraphs but do read the opinion article in full:

    «(...) Five years well-funded adventurism by the couple, the crazed chiaroscuro of SAS men, paedophile rings, private jets, the Vatican, Metodo, the committee rooms of the House of Commons, moustachioed fugitives, moored yachts with waiting baby-buyers, lost wallets, dying suspects and the rest, all created by that artist of futile melodrama Gerry McCann, have failed to serve their purpose: do anything possible to muffle or drown the message of the window facing the world until it can be written off as “old news”...

    (...) That is why Amaral, whatever his merits and faults, was and remains rightly furious at the eventual failure of the investigation to look through “the window facing the world” at these vestiges of a simulation and, indeed, its lame surrender when confronted with the Seven’s outrageous refusal to return to Portugal. Instead the investigation dropped the shutters on the window, turned away and succumbed to the childish mass delusion of the “world-wide search for sweet missing Maddie”– until it ran into the sands, as illusions, helped on by the cowardly evasions of creatures like Menezes, always will.»

  35. @28 i think this case goes far above masons ,also remember not all masons are in it just for themselfs ,masons are surposed to be honest upright law-abiding ,im sure that some would be outraged by gerrys conduct some may even want him to resign from being a mason ,masons dont like the craft to be brought into disrepute

  36. Apparently Isabel Duarte has also sent as "right to reply" to the above newspaper, just like she did to the two previous GA interviews.

  37. @33, I understand that he may be getting information from colleagues and hopefully they are looking at the files and not just the subsequent sightings. But after listening to the evidence that is coming out in the Leveson inquiry with regard to some officers in the MET, I have concerns that perhaps the MET may not have the integrity or neutrality one would expect. And you will notice I did put the word mistakes in quotes.

  38. The McCanns have complained a long time about lack of suport from the British government.Read Kate/s book, please and watch their interviews.
    Read again Cameron's letter to them. And where is Theresa May's letter which she wrote them om May the 12th? The McCanns never commented it.

    The interviews they gave when the book was launched were very ofensive to Theresa and Cameron. Cheeky.They are riff raff people.
    Amaral would not have commented that it is not looking good for the McCanns if he was not sure of that.
    He has gotten too many bad experiences to make such a statement.It must have some foundation.
    I don't mind if there is contra information on this blog.There has always been everywhere for nearly 5 years. One more, one less...
    It is good for us,the contra information, to analyse how far the McCanns' panic is getting.
    They lost their power already after the files were shelved. But they still kept insisting on being a pain in the anus of the British governement. And the British government wants to get rid of them now.They are fed up of the McCanns and who isn't?
    Speaking abbout corruption in the Scotland Yard: if there is, they were never hiding a murder.Besides it is a very large organisation, this could happen.
    Gerry refered to historical facts because they are scared of the archived files.Scared of the reconstruction which they will be obliged to take part in because they are not arguidos anymore.No rights to stay home.
    Tapas 7 must be fed up of them too. They got in difficulties for a crime they didn't commit.

  39. Anon 32

    Some people have said that if there had been swinging going on amongst that group then nobody should make reference to it, as that is their own business.

    I personally have always believed there was a strong possibility of jealousy connected to whatever happened to Madeleine, since jealousy can lead to anger and frustration, and may erupt in revenge, even violence. No matter how sexually sophisticated some people may regard themselves to be on the swinging scene, it is not always possible to suppress jealousy, and at times this has resulted in murder.

    Nothing should be ruled out since a child has gone missing, with strong indications of death having occurred in the holiday apartment she was staying at, and not a peaceful death in bed either.

    The focus ought to be returned to the immediate friends and family who were there at the time and had access to the child, and not allow them to dictate the date and time of Madeleine having gone missing, and distract attention away to some monster who came in the night and took Madeleine off with him to a far distant land. Is Jane Tanner's changing story really believable? Yet, it does serve to give them all an alibi.

    I hope the questions of swinging if relevant, and paedophilia, are asked and not allowed to be swept under the carpet, as in the case of the LP keeping the Gaspar statements concerning suspected paedophilia for months before releasing them, then only after being requested to do so.

    These people ought not to be passed over for scrutiny because they are doctors. So what if they are doctors, I doubt that any of the rest of us would have been allowed so much rope, and then refuse to return to cooperate with the investigation of a missing child by using some banal excuses.

    Do they see themselves as being too important to even do that? Or do they have something to hide that they don't want the investigators to discover? Surely they were not all too busy to do everything they possibly could to help find the missing child of their friend? If it had been our child that had gone missing and our friends refused to assist in this way, would they still be our friends?

    I doubt it.

    All aspects of the case should be investigated, even swinging, if that was suspected to be part of the scene.

  40. Joana 34

    I did read John Blacksmith's article in full, and can only say he has to be one of the most brilliant writers around. The two paragraphs you quote above are just WOW!!! mind blowing eloquence and right on the nail.

  41. Hello Joana,

    I hope you don't mind me posting the following on your site. It was written in response to a comment on Sky Blog Martin Brunt's Madeleine Blog. The characters allowed per comment box are few hence my comments tend to span more than one. On this occasion it would have been ten. Before completing posting, the deletions began. Either Sky or someone reading (and reporting) is not in favour of free speech or of hearing the truth of matters.

    Thank you.

    Had a quick read at the Blacksmith article, will read again. He is saying pretty much what many contributors here and on other sites have said for much of the last 5 years.

    He is so right re Snr Goncalo Amaral he has faults as we all do.

    However, for Goncalo Amaral back then when he headed the investigation and still now, it is Madeleine, what became of the child and bringing those responsible for the crimes committed against her that drives him on, and it cannot be understated, this has been at great cost to him on various levels. Takes courage and immense integrity to do as he has - Not many of his like in a dozen prepared to take on the might of the McCann team, which we know has been funded by the unsuspecting public!

    We all know too the stories told by the McCann party, simply don't add up. 'Simulation' is used by Goncalo Amaral. 'Staged' being the opinion of ‘top ‘ forensic chap- Barclay was it? ‘They are hiding something’ by John Stalker the well known now retired ex British detective. And we can see why they would use these descriptions.

    Nothing in the article is new to us, nothing we have not considered.

    What is different now though is that people are coming out and voicing their thoughts more robustly. The fear of being ‘Carter Rucked’ has somewhat dissipated as we realise that the McCann couple and their friends, the stories they have told are not only becoming more widely known, but more widely acknowledged as not being truthful or possible.

    There is a much greater acceptance that it is not possible for the events of the night Madeleine disappeared to have happened as her parents and their friends would have us believe and as stated in their police witness statements.

    People are more prepared to question, stand up and be counted, and that has to be good for Madeleine and all children vulnerable to neglect, abuse and indeed ‘cover-ups.’

    The abuse of children/crimes against them is always covered up by the perpetrators. There are also those who are it seems happy to aid and abet in this too. Shocking but it happens. The child has to have no voice. Some forget that children are little people with the same rights as adults but unfortunately it is to adults they look and rely to be protected from harm, and some adults are not up to carrying out their duty of care. Others quite simply abuse.

    I don’t doubt for a moment that recent events, Pat Brown visiting Portugal, Snr Amaral’s latest interviews will have the Team on their toes. If there is one thing we can be sure of in this case, when confronted with honesty, that which they fear most, every attempt is made by them to silence whoever dare cross them, who express in any way what is truth.

    One of the comments made by Blacksmith is one I have lodged on this blog many times – that how is it possible for Gerry McCann or his wife Kate to NOT remember which door they used to exit/enter the apartment? To me this is impossible, just as it is impossible for McCann to have been concerned over the bedroom door being wider open, knowing they had left the patio door unlocked, yet toddled off out again leaving their children vulnerable, if not more vulnerable as there was every chance, according to his story re that bedroom door, that if his children had not got out of bed and opened it, then someone else had been in the apartment and did just that. He didn’t bat an eyelid, give a second thought to his beautiful children who he said he was lucky to have.

  42. cntd

    Ironically the actions of both parents does not in any shape or form demonstrate that they felt lucky at all to have these three beautiful children, quite the opposite in fact! The children were ‘cramping their style.’

    And on that holiday at least, those children could not be considered by any stretch of the imagination to have been lucky to have Kate and Gerry McCann as their parents.

    As for McCann couple and their friends, their refusal to assist police? Rather says it all. How these people live with themselves, wake up each day, look at their own children, growing, happy healthy, and knowing that if not for them, Madeleine if alive and being held by someone, may have been found, or at least it be discovered what happened to her. They took that ‘chance’ from her.

    I wonder do any of them, any one of this bunch ever look at their own and spare a thought for Madeleine, how they ‘cheated’ her out of a childhood, a life?

    They go between saying they hope she is with someone who is caring for her, to their belief she is alive and being held by paedophiles. No matter which they believe/d they were not prepared to co-operate with police to allow further investigations along those lines or any other! Hung the child out to dry!

    Not a parent in the land who would not question their actions in this regard, which can only be described as unforgivable.

    Her parents, they started the ball rolling by the neglect, and that is what it was. Absolute negligent behaviour on their part! No, ifs buts or maybe’s about it!

    The McCann Team from the beginning has been going 'all balls to the wall' in their campaign to self protect. I think it might just be running out of steam. Let us hope so.

    And back to Blacksmith, in complete agreement with his following statement, something as I have said struck me from early stages:

    'And it is well known that for information analysis purposes the first statement is always the most reliable in describing actions, rather than emotions or states of mind. Gerry McCann had told the police flatly that he went into the apartment by opening the locked front door with a key and had then signed and attested the truth of his statement having had it read back to him in English.'

    Yes, it is all too clear that Gerry McCann has lied re which door he entered/exited by on the evening his daughter was reported as missing.

    How could he possibly forget?

    This man who had been so concerned over the bedroom door being more widely open? He remembers to the nth degree how far he left this door open. Yet he is at sixes and sevens with regards which door he exited or entered the apartment!

    Not forgetting that in the documentary made by the McCann couple, Gerry in re-enacting his movements on the night the child disappeared/'his check' of the children, McCann enters by the front locked door, using his KEY.

  43. If Gerry looked down and saw how beautiful she was and how lucky, etc, while the shutters were still shut, how come Kate had difficulties to see Madeline when the shutters were already open and light was coming from outside?

  44. if Madeleine used to go to the parents bedroom during the night, any door could be on a different position. If Kate searched for her through the whole apartment, she admits Maddie could have gone to another room.

  45. A.Dubliner at 33. "So who exactly are you ? Not the through the teeth liar surely !!? Comprende 18,19 and 20."

    You remind me of a certain couple - any opinion that contradicts their own "official" version of events gets their Celtic temperament seething with rage!

    Thalla a chluiche le do deideagan!


  46. Anon 29 "17, you again, wishful thinking!
    It is what you want, isn't it? Get a life!"

    If you don't like freedom of speech and opinion ask for political asylum in Kinshasa. This is a Portuguese blog.

  47. @ 31 Talvez o tiro lhes saia pela culatra. Pela posição nunca se sabe!

    :c Boa! Boa!

  48. Lamentável o português ser tantas vezes negativo sobre si mesmo. Já havia percebido isto nos comentários no Correio da Manhã em 2007, 2008. Lá comecei com exclamações como "força PJ!"dando apoio à polícia portuguesa a qual estava sofrendo com este caso.
    É claro que esta revisão agora vai dar certo. É a primeira vez em que a Scotland Yard entra oficialmente no caso.
    Se a notícia é negativa, deparamos com comentários negativos, se é positiva, também.
    É um hábito desagradável do povo português. Portugal é um grande país, com uma grande História e grandes capacidades.
    Vamos fazer uma forcinha para pensar positivamente.

  49. Personal comments attacking other commentators (and other bloggers) will no longer be published. This is not the place to discuss petty matters. My suggestion for those who wish to keep quarrelling - instead of focusing on the post above and in the case at hand - is to sign with your own name instead of hiding behind anonymity and exchange your emails, and/or continue such arguments at another space.

  50. @37


    I agree that jealousy is a strong emotion and has without question been one of the route cause of crime/murder in particular.

    The relevance of 'swinging' re the Madeleine case I am not sure it exists. But agree that if there is evidence of this and it can be in some way related to the actions of any member of this group (jealousy aspect) in a way that it could be proven that it then resulted in harm coming to Madeleine then of course that as with all else should not be swept under the carpet.

    With respect of 'jealousy perse' I have read that Kate McCann was jealous of the actions of her husband in that he is said to have paid, in her opinion, too much attention to some female or other. Whether true?

    If so, I could then see in her frustration at this, becoming angry, having thereafter to deal perhaps with a crying child/ren who was seeking/needing attention, becoming less than patient/understanding with the child. Striking out, not with the intention to seriously injure but being heavy handed and a tragedy occurring.

    It is not what I believe happened, but I do not rule out the possibility.

    The Gaspar statements were indeed held back by LP.

    It would seem in some quarters Ms Gaspar is regarded as the devil incarnate and for anyone mentioning this name or the content of her statements, they too on particular blogs, are to be demonised.

    I think the relevance of those statements is/was for the then investigation to decide. I imagine the full content and the implication was not made public. But agree once more, no matter how distasteful a subject how unsavoury it is, if there is any relevance, it should not be passed over, absolutely not, it would be failing this child.

    We know paedophiles exist, the pain and suffering they inflict on our children - the McCann's have said they believe a paedophile ring are responsible for the disappearance of Madeleine, she possibly still in their hands - Yet they and their friends refused outright to assist police in their investigations/reconstructions.

    Personally, I find THIS more than distasteful. All of them parents of young children, it is quite beyond understanding.

    Had this been my child. Without a doubt they would no longer be my friends, and I would have no hesitation in making it known to the world in any way possible what they had done to my daughter.

    But the McCann couple cannot do this, they cannot cut loose the friends for a number of reasons which I won't go in to here - suffice to say for the moment - because they have publicly condoned the actions of the tapas group! On televised interview, Gerry McCann openly stated, and this but months ago, that he was in agreement with their decision to refuse to co-operate.

    Does that sound like the father of three beautiful children, feeling proud and lucky to have them? A father desperate, prepared to leave no stone unturned, who would do anything to have his daughter returned to him?

    Would that 'proud papa' not have condemned these people who claimed to be his friends, for refusing?

    He didn't, his wife didn't either. On radio interview, she too 'condoned' - leaving us to wonder why!

    She went a step further though, stating she prays for the abductor. For those who have done their utmost to find the child she shows contempt, but for the abductor, she prays...would make one think she knows his identity, that he is someone close!


  51. I read a couple of nights ago a comment where it was stated the release of the Gaspar statements was wrong, as it would have a terrible effect on the children of the tapas group. It might do, and that would be terrible for these children.

    However some I am sure will argue that the statements no matter that they are viewed as 'not nice'...they are part of the 'process'...

    I have the very same concerns re the McCann twins.

    If we are to suggest the police witness statements might cause these children to be taunted at school, the point the contributor made, then it would seem more than fair to say that Sean and Amelie McCann are more at risk of this happening to them.

    Their mum Kate McCann penned 'Madeleine' demonstrating an utterly astonishing lack of thought for Sean and Amelie what school friends might say, how they would feel.

    Just awful for these children.

    Katete and Gerry McCann had a choice re this book...such poor judgement. Never, in my opinion should it have hit the shelves...

    They said it was written for the twins. Had Kate the need to put 'something' in writing for her children, something private for their eyes alone would have been, more wise. Lodged with a solicitor for safe keeping until such times as they reached an age where they were able to understand. But it was all about the money. Seems it is their master!

    And let us not forget, Kate and Gerry McCann raised a legal action against Snr Goncalo Amaral, claiming his book, written in Portuguese, not available in the UK would cause harm to Sean and Amelie?

    'Madeleine' available in several countries, her face peering out from all bookstores, their parents promoting this book on television/radio magazine interviews...would not?

    It brings me to ask - Where is Lady Justice Hogg while all of this goes on? Is she not Madeleine's legal guardian, responsible for all important decisions in relation to this missing child, the person who is said will act in the child's best interests?
    Does she consider this book, in Madeleine's best interests, or any of the legal actions to be in Madeleine's best interests, or the use of the Fund monies donated by the public to search for the child, being used for these legal actions - is that in the best interests of the child?

    Did the McCann couple consult with Lady Justice Hogg in this regard or did they disregard her position? If so, why did Justice Hogg not intervene, she cannot be blind to what the McCann's do?
    What powers is it then that Justice Hogg has, if it is not in making these important decisions on Madeleine's behalf?
    At 37 - You say these people ought not to be passed over for scrutiny simply because they are doctors. Agree absolutely with this point, but there are times it does seem that they are 'untouchable'
    Big question is why?


  52. 48 A Scotland Yard já esteve oficialmente a trabalhar na investigação em cooperação com a PJ, bem como a Interpol, a Europol, e outras autoridades estrangeiras. Veja aqui no fórum The Maddie Case Files. A "revisão" da Scotland Yard é um exercício dispendioso e absurdo, resultante de uma jogada política do David Cameron - para os leitores do The Sun; se não tiver sido mesmo, em face do que tem vindo a público no inquérito Leveson, fruto de um acordo qualquer com a imprensa do Rupert Murdoch. Para mim esta "revisão" só faz sentido, se servir para reabrir o processo que continua arquivado, de forma a que a investigação da PJ possa prosseguir e desta vez sem quaisquer influências diplomáticas, barulho mediático, spin do casal McCann, avistamentos falsos e/ou pressões políticas.

  53. I guess this couple were not Doctors:


  54. I'd like to know when the public are going to get some protection from the McCanns, and their begging bowl?

    It was never officially proclaimed that Madeleine was ever abducted, but these characters are allowed to go around brainwashing the public into believing she was, aided by the media, the Courts, and LP cops having a direct link to their Fund of all things. They have even been allowed to issue photofit type pictures of the 'abductor' on the news as if they are the police themselves, and send off their 'own' detectives on trips abroad to question so called suspects. Funny, because I always thought it was illegal to have your own police force in the UK, but perhaps the McCanns are proving that not to be the case.

    It beggars belief they have been allowed to do this, and we should be bloody angry about it. How much money have they managed to obtain for their Fund so far? Is it thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions? Who the hell knows!! Meanwhile, the real cops have stood by and watched and said not a word.

    No wonder so many of the public have fallen for the 'abduction' scenario hook line and sinker, and sent their hard earned dosh off to the McCanns for the supposed search.

    Meanwhile, the McCanns are doing everything possible to prevent the public from learning the outcome of the investigation and the belief of the investigators that MADELEINE DIED IN THE APARTMENT. They don't want even a slim chance for the public to have an informed view of whether they should give their hard earned money or not.

    Still the begging bowl goes out and the brainwashing continues. It is utterly disgraceful it has continued so long and no official intervention to tell the McCanns to either PROVE the abduction took place, or back off and allow people who say otherwise, to say it without legal threats or hindrance.

    If they can't prove it they should say that and then see if anybody would be willing to give. No doubt some still would, but no doubt either that most wont, because they are not so stupid and their own kids are needing shoes and bread on the table, and these McCanns are well able financially to use their own money for any supposed search.

    Now that would be interesting to see.

  55. It is the first time that a Portuguese authority talks about the involvement of the Scotland Yard with the PJ, Amaral.
    I'd never heard it before.
    And I hope he will hurry up in order to get his money for the books and for the payment of the costs of the process. And before Kate buys another golden ring.
    They have to pay him and she can starts writing a third book.

    By the way, where are the McCanns? Mitchell? Not a word?

  56. Maybe it would be a good idea if Amaral would ask a public prosecuter to oblige Isabella Duarte to show the place where she is keeping the books.
    He could tell him he is doubting about the way she treated them.

  57. No. 12 - don't be so critical of your fellow posters (pot calling the kettle black, I think).

    "Think Amanda Know and Rafaelle Solecitto. They got away with murder didn't they? What about Rudy Guede? He did not? Why was that?"

    Who is Amdanda Know?????

    Not everyone has a university degree in typing, we all make mistakes sometimes when typing in a hurry.

  58. Why have the mccanns and tapas never been arrested??????? Pure and simple ladies and gentleman ......the CHILDREN.....the children are the the victims in this circus and the poweful ones at the very top are doing everything possible to make sure there lives are not destroyed....as sad as it sounds but that is the reality of it,they will not allow the twins lives and maybe that of the others to be destroyed, this was the process put in place from the very start....

  59. ''The decision of that Prime Minister has been twisted. The McCann couple has spoken of a re-examination of the child’s “sightings”. When, in fact, what is known is that Scotland Yard, who were appointed to re-evaluate the whole investigation, has set aside the pseudo-sightings, focusing instead on the investigation process that remains archived. Elements from the Scotland Yard have been working with an investigative [Judiciary Police] team from Oporto (Oporto because Algarve and Lisbon have already been involved), and what is known is that the “affair” is not going well for the McCanns.''

    This is one of the most profound statements of recent times in the investigation of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann

  60. Joana at 49

    I entirely agree but once you have allowed a rather uneducated (personal) comment directed at another e.g. A. Dubliner's, than the target (#20 in my case) should have the right of reply. As far as I know Article 37 of the Portuguese Constitution applies. Incidentally "the right to freedom of expression is recognized as a human right under Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and recognized in international human rights law in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR). Article 19 of the ICCPR states that "Everyone shall have the right to hold opinions without interference".

    Anon 20

  61. @ 45

    You are so right. It amazes me how so many people do not seem to be appreciating its significance.

  62. Joana, I don't know what is going on but I notice that some comments of mine were not published, although I didn't write any thing that could harm this blog.
    As far as I remember, I wrote about Amaral's books and I wrote that re-opening of the files will cost time because the SY has a lot of work to do and to analyse.

    What is going on?

  63. And Joana, I remember too that I wrote my opinion why the SY might be working with the PJ of Oporto. Not published by you.

  64. Joana at #52

    I could not have phrased it better! That's exactly what I think.

    Why do we need a review if we already have an investigation? My position would be (both as head of the PJ, PM or President of the Republic who by the way let us not forget is, I am told, an Anglophile from the Thatcher years) as follows:

    Dear Scotland Yard

    Thank you for your communication. All information you require is in the PJ Files which for your convenience, and that of the public at large, has since been published on the World Wide Web.

    If you do come up with new, relevant information, do let us know, and we will re-open the case.

    Incidentally, if you could convince the McCanns' and their friends to attend the reconstitution of the events (so-called time-checks, window, doors, abductor sightings, etc.) on that fateful night, we would be grateful. Such reconstitution would be crucial, since certain important details of the case could then be clarified.

    Yours faithfully

    Cavaco e Silva (President)
    Passos Coelho (Prime-Minister)
    José Maria de Almeida Rodrigues
    (Director of Judiciary Police)

    What we have instead is the Portuguese PJ falling backwards to facilitate things to Cameron (McCanns).

    We must not forget that British Police withheld important case information (as Anon 39 aptly points out above e.g. Gaspars') and for all we know, the now extinct FSS analysis and conclusions were probably flawed.

    In my humble opinion, Scotland Yard should not be allowed anywhere near the PJ. The PJ does not need a foreign police force to supervise their work - particularly when you consider the number of missing children in the UK compared with those in Portugal (fact).

    This in my humble opinion, sorry to say, shows considerably subservience of Portugal to Britain and what is even more sad is the PJ hiding this from the Portuguese media and its people. If some of us now happen to know the Yard is "revising" the work of the original investigation and supervising the work of Porto's PJ is thanks to Dr. Amaral coming forward with that info.

    I will try to think positively (as our friend at 48 suggest) but I have difficulty is seeing this association (Yard/PJ) as a symmetrical one - I am open to educated persuasion though...

    Consider the following exchange:

    Portuguese Journalist addressing Gerald McCann:
    "And who should do or is going do that review?" or words to that effect

    Gerald McCann: "Whoever is more qualified to do it!" (brief smirk)

    In my perception this signals the McCanns' image of the Portuguese as incompetent (if that suits them), a view David Cameron probably shares (if that suits him).

    Reference: the impromptu media conference video clip outside the court in Lisbon featured in this blog.

  65. @62/63 - First of all, as you can imagine I'm not here 24/7. Regarding you non-published comment(I suppose it was one for the previous blog post, without signatures it's hard to understand what belong to whom) do take a look at the comments policy - it's my prerogative to accept or not links to other blogs, particularly when I'm translating the same article that you were quoting, an article which had some mistakes in the translation, and therefore at your quote. An article that was translated above, correctly, for your convenience.

    @60 aka 20 - You already had your "right to reply" at @45 and now again, I fail to understand why you are quoting our "blog disclaimer": «All the statements, opinions and comments made on this blog are done on a matter of public interest and under the right of freedom of speech as stated in Article 37 of the Portuguese Constitution, Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights and UN's Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.» Are you following Isabel Duarte' steps and her distorted "rights to reply"?

    Thanks to the above commentators for reminding me the importance of having people sign in their comments. From now on, if anyone wishes to share their views here in this blog, they will have to sign with Google [Gmail, Google+ or blogger], or with LiveJournal, or Wordpress, or TypePad, or AIM or OpenID. The anonymous choice is no longer an hypothesis. Good night to all, Boa Noite.

  66. dagama @64 A brilliant letter, bravo! - it's a pity that you're not one of those gentlemen, they lack what you have. As to the rest, I have to agree with you. Though Amaral's reference to SY's work in the above interview is encouraging, history, that is, the past 5 years of this case tell us differently. We can but hope to be proved wrong.

  67. «(...)Issuing a warrant against him in 2005, the ICC in The Hague said Kony was responsible for 12 counts of crimes against humanity, including murder, sexual enslavement, rape and inflicting serious bodily injury and suffering.

    They also levelled 21 counts of war crimes, including murder, cruel treatment of civilians, intentionally directing an attack against a civilian population, pillaging, inducing rape and forced enlistment of children.

    But despite the fact that Kony holds the top spot on the ICC’s most-wanted list he remains an obscure figure to most people. This is what the campaigners have vowed to change, making him as well known to ordinary people as Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein or Manuel Noriega. They have targeted 20 celebrity opinion-formers, including George Clooney and Rihanna, and 12 US policy-makers for supporters to lobby.

    This determination to use all means, up to and including emotionally charged moral blackmail, to get their issue to the top of the agenda is reminiscent of Bob Geldof’s tactics in Live Aid or Gerry and Kate McCann’s campaign to get all of Europe searching for their daughter.

    The group’s approach has been welcomed by Save The Children, which has a long-standing presence in Uganda.

    “Anything which continues to pressurise world leaders to bring Joseph Kony to justice is to be welcomed,” says Brendan Cox, the charity’s director of policy. “

    Joseph Kony’s crimes against children are well documented: murder, recruitment of children as soldiers, mutilation and rape. This viral film shows that even though Joseph Kony is in hiding his crimes will not be forgotten.” In particular Cox praises the campaign’s adept use of the “viral” phenomenon. (...)» in The Express http://www.express.co.uk/features/view/306903/Can-a-video-really-defeat-Africa-s-barbaric-child-army-

  68. "Elements from the Scotland Yard have been working with an investigative [Judiciary Police] team from Oporto (Oporto because Algarve and Lisbon have already been involved), and what is known is that the “affair” is not going well for the McCanns."

    In reading the above one can conclude that Mr. Amaral believes or knows that Scotland Yard is conducting a proper investigation.

    "One day, someone will find a solution that is both, politically and diplomatically correct."

    That is an odd answer. He says that a solution to the case is restricted by the necessity of it being politically correct. What this statement leads me to believe is that Mr. Amaral has resigned himself to the prospect that, because the McCann couple is protected by the British establishment, they will never be prosecuted for their crimes against Madeleine and the trusting public that has financially supported them. Therefore, any conclusion by Scotland Yard which implicates the parents will not be accepted by the British establishment. So what is a politically and diplomatically correct solution? I would guess it would be a solution that would provide a finality to the case without anyone being brought to justice. A formal declaration that Madeleine died at the hands of some paedophile who has since passed away. Let's hope someone doesn't come up with that solution before the proceedings against Mr. Amaral end.

    I would just like to make some comments with regard to people such as "rosiepops" whom are referred to by some as "black hats." It is pointless to reason with these people because if the facts don't uphold their prejudices then they will ignore them. What happened to Madeleine is of no importance to them. What got them interested in the case in the first place was a couple with connections to the British establishment who was publicly disseminating stories that affirmed their prejudices. The fact the mainstream media and the British establishment was saying: you are right; your prejudices are correct; made them feel proud, important. As I write this I cannot help but be reminded of an English person who once commented that her sister stormed out of the room when she tried to tell her about the facts of the case that the British media kept from the public.

  69. Brilliant work Joana , I just hope it's not going to waste, you deserve a medal, and Madeleine more than anything deserves justice.goodluck ....

  70. Guerra at 68

    Excellent posting. Were have you been amigo? Long time no see. Welcome back!

    A. Reader

  71. #Joana @ 65 "@60 aka 20 - You already had your "right to reply" at @45 and now again, I fail to understand why you are quoting our "blog disclaimer".

    Because, dear Joana, your blog disclaimer happens to quote the Constitution of my Republic. A mere coincidence. The quote was not directed at you but at my attacker - obviously. I don't know what the Irish constitution says but I know what mine does. As long as "uke" knows, fine.

    Uke = term used in Aikido to denote "oponent, partner".

  72. Any news on the books yet?????


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