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Radio interview with National Deputy Director of the Judiciary Police Pedro do Carmo

The Judiciary Police (PJ) guarantees that there are no new evidence regarding the disappearance of Maddie McCann, to prompt the reopening of the case.

The clarification was given ​​to Antena 1 by the National Deputy Director of the PJ, Pedro do Carmo, who explained that the PJ team of investigators from Oporto was established one year ago, working in collaboration with the British police.

The goal is to re-examine the elements of Investigation that began in 2007. Diligences will only be made if and when proven that they are necessary.

Jornal de Notícias advanced this morning that the English and Portuguese police have not set aside a possible reopening of the process.

Voice Over [VO]- At the moment, this is what the Judiciary Police guarantees: there are no new elements that may lead to the reopening of Madeleine McCann's process, said to Antena 1, Pedro do Carmo, National Deputy Director of the Judiciary Police.

Pedro do Carmo [PC]- “So far, nothing new was conveyed to the National Directorate, regarding the appearance of new elements that could substantiate the reopening of the process.”

VO - The investigative team of the Judiciary Police was constituted one year ago. The goal: To re-analyse all the elements of the investigation started in 2004 [sic], the work is mainly a ‘desk’ job where new diligences will only take place if proven necessary, stated Pedro do Carmo.

PC - “We are taking a fresh look, that only distance in time allows for, and also with the physical distance of a team that is based in Oporto. A team that never had any previous contact with this investigation.”

VO - Four years later, after the case was archived, the investigation data are being re-analysed with a fine toothed comb by the British and Portuguese authorities, the idea was initiated by the Judiciary Police.

PC - “The constitution of this task team came from the National Directorate of the Judiciary Police, independently and actually preceding the creation of the Metropolitan Police team.”

VO - On this fresh look to the McCann case and to the PJ itself, questioned if mistakes or if anything remained to be done, the National Directorate declined to make further comments.

in Antena 1, March 9, 2012

This translation is provided as a background to the soon-to-be published transcript of the program broadcast by RTP Informação on March 12, 2012, called “Blind Justice”.


  1. All I read here is that its a cover for what really is going on,,, Thank you Joana for this and your hard work.
    But something is telling me that this guy has been wheeled out to carm the waters imo.

    Gina UK

  2. "The PJ team of investigators from Oporto was established one year ago, working in collaboration with the British police".

    Hmm! this part is very interesting I thought that the British Police were only brought in last May??? so the Brit polds were on the scene befor Cameron gave the OK! its obvious that the UK/PT Police have never stopped investingating this case.

    It dosen't matter what they try and say to try and put out the fire imo this case is full on, no matter what Pedro do Carmo says, his hand has been forced imo.


    Hi guys! This is a bit off the mark admitedly but just for the Portuguese readers/writers of this blog or indeed British citizens resident in Portugal who are in-the-know.

    Who is Isabel Costa Peneiras? A woman who describes herself as "mandataria" of Gerald and Kate McCann and and writes letters for Portuguese newspapers on behalf of the usual suspects?

    Is she "Lift Consulting" or someone new in the scene living off the Fund's donations?

    I googled her out but nothing is popping up...

    Incidentally, Ms. Peneiras reading of Amaral's interview for "Nova Gente" is absurd to the point of being laughable.

    Of course the McCanns' have not frozen a single cent of Amaral's assets - if you can believe that, that is :c

    Of course the McCanns' never asked Amaral to divorce - in order to sort out how much money they would get from the sale of their home IF they won...

    Of course the McCanns never paid Metodo3 to pay Aragão-Correia to assassinate Amaral's character.

    Of course the McCanns' never paid "Photoshop" Pinto for writing what he did for "Expresso" and those "Photoshop-ed" images of Leonor Cipriano "shiners" that went with it.

    Of course not....pass me the bucket please, I am in "Carnage" mode...

  4. Its obvious that the mc canns are still being protected and will continue to be unless someone comes forward that has nothing to lose .whoever you are please talk now before you lie frightened on your deathbed and have to face your god '''

  5. In short, Pedro do Carmo said: "leave us alone!"
    Such a lot of work and no corrections to be made.No leads.
    Very good, Mr. do Carmo. We wish all of you a peaceful space in order to work well.
    We can't wait!

  6. "PJ team of investigators from Oporto was established one year ago, working in collaboration with the British police."

    You know what? This is what I think actually happened:

    After consulting with Lift Cons. it was decided to bring the date back slightly as not to coincide with David Cameron's orders to the Yard.

    This way the Portuguese public is reassured their authorities are not playing second fiddle to their former colonial masters (well, almost).

    Cameron ordered it in early May 2011 (12th I think) now Carmo is saying they have been working on it for a year - well, 10 months to be precise. I mean who would argue about eight weeks or so?

    Carmo is not lying but he is not telling the truth either. The truth would be:

    "The Portuguese PJ started co-operating with the Yard as soon as they were ordered by David Cameron to do so - naturally having sworn allegiance to the Queen of England (rather than to the citizens of Portugal) we immediately obeyed and are now under Scotland Yard's/ David Cameron's orders.

    So, the Portuguese wanted a re-opening of the process, we gave them a "review" - which sounds the same but is not the same. Who cares? People are gullible anyway!

    Naturally, we (PJ) will ensure no incriminating evidence whatsoever against the McCanns will ever be found or at any rate mentioned in the "review" final report. We will make sure that won't happen.

    We do not wish to embarass our British masters and will ensure their laundry is properly cleaned. We will burn Dr. Amaral at the stake instead. Thank you."

    In other words, the review is tied up with the trial to try and reverse the appeal judges favourable ruling towards Dr. Amaral. Hopefully the judge will think:

    "Oh! If the famous (and corrupt) Scotland Yard is giving it a shot that means they don't believe the child died in apartment 5A as evidence seemed to suggest. Amaral must be defaming them, then!"

    :h Good night and good luck!

  7. More of the same exasperating bla,bla,bla!
    In my opinion, all those diligences that were planned, but never came to be because of the premature closure of the investigation, (Mr.Amaral's and Mr. Ribeiro's) should be enough to reopen the case. Those diligences were certainly important, they need fulfilling, the reconstruction to begin with.
    How can an incomplete investigation be archived and remain archived as if it has explored ALL "avenues"?!

  8. no new evidence to prompt the reopening - however this does mean old evidence can't be used to reopen (and there's plenty old evidence - the Portuguese cowards need to grow some!)

  9. £125.000 MISSING FROM THE FUND?

    Could someone reading please help to clarify this for me? Mr. Smethurst, are you there?

    According to the Guardian newspaper the "News of the World" newspaper (now extinct) gave or paid the McCanns' £125,000 to help in the search for Madeleine. I have been checking the Companies House records and I don't see this entry in the company's books. Am-I missing something?


  10. Interesting that the PJ had this team well underway BEFORE the Mcs letter to Dave appeared on the front page of the Sun. Now, did it appear on the front page of the Sun AS A CONSEQUENCE of the said news from Portugal?

  11. Cameron chucks the UK tax payers money around with gay abandon and keeps telling us we have to take austerity measures because there is no money to spare. So here he is giving millions to this 'review' supposedly requested by the McCanns and manned by dozen of investigators.

    Portugal has already spent millions previously investigating this case until it was shelved, and I doubt they have money to burn either. So where has the money come from for the Portuguese 'review' which began before we were even informed the UK were doing a 'review'? Why have there been two sets of people working on this 'review' if there have been no more leads, and nothing is progressing?

    Over a year of doing this, that is a lot of money, time and effort, and there are all those other missing people cases not getting a fraction of the attention or money spent on them. It is not making sense, after all those people working on it, and all the money spent, they have nothing new. So are they now just sitting around twiddling their thumbs hoping for a lead to come in? A new sighting perhaps so they can go chasing off to some far flung place to check it out?

    Are the dogs going to be completely overlooked? The Smith sighting passed over in favour of Jane Tanner and her ever changing bundleman sighting?

    What are they waiting for, a confession. If so, dream on.

    There are many people watching, and who have been following this case from the get go. The investigators should know that, and a whitewash will not wash with them. They will be seeing something very dirty indeed.

    One of the things the McCanns tried very hard to do was to get access to the rest of the Case File which is confidential. Did they, or those working for them, ever manage that?

    It would be interesting to hear what Dr Amaral has to say about this.


    "A legitimate professional review of the Madeleine McCann case would start with the evidence & a crime reconstruction, not with bogus tips."


    I guess that answers Rogerio Alves recent comments on Radio Renascença - the Portuguese catholic station.


    Rogerio Alves is another of the very expensive, "designer" lawyers working for the McCanns' in Portugal - a close friend of Marinho Pinto - Head of the Bar, also known by his nickname "Photoshop". Salaries and expenses handled by The Fund (probably).


  13. It could be a cover for what is really happening, the last thing wanted is the Press hot on their tails. Don't know what to make of it
    Mr Amaral did say no hope of a reopening yet. I do trust if anyone can get the case reopened it will be him.
    It is a national disgrace to both the UK and Portugal that a Doctor and half a Doctor can hold so much power. And they have no regard, or love for their own flesh and blood who never asked to be born, she is now out of her parents reach, they can hurt her no more.

    Mary Liverpool UK

  14. @11 "It would be interesting to hear what Dr Amaral has to say about this."

    I think so too but I don't think he can talk about it frankly. The best Amaral could do in his recent interview (published here) was to pretend the PJ are doing an independent job and take as much psychological advantage of the assumption as he could.

    Amaral (if I remember correctly) suggested the PJ had come up with material that may not entirely please the McCanns' ("official version" of events) or words to that effect, but that must have been just to try and rattle them.

    The McCanns' don't get rattled that easily. They didn't blink an eye with any of the "48 questions", much less now they are off the hook, have a global, multi-million PR and legal team behind them and David Cameron is on the bandwagon.

    For all I know, they could be in the Queens' honours list in a couple of years. That's the next level of their dry-cleaning operation, I think.

    I don't think the McCanns' would blink an eye EVEN if presented with CCTV evidence of their involvement (if any) in the autopsy of Maddie - "there is an innocent explanation for anything..."

    Amaral probably knows what the PJ review stands for. He certainly knows what the PJ stood for WHEN he was there. One reason he left.

    Out today on: http://www.mccannfiles.com/id232.html

    Who is Isabel Costa Peneiras?

    The name is PEREIRA not Peneiras - peneiras (sieve) can also mean "vain" in Portuguese! :o

    You were referring to "Jornal da Região", right? She is probably a lawyer paid by Lift Consulting, for what she does is PR, really.

    Lift Consulting and Isabel Duarte et al work in tandem, I think. They are both part of the McCanns' international, damage-limitation operation. The end justifies the means.

    A. Reader

  17. Like I said above, imo the case is already reopened, in all secrecy, No British media, no McCanns, no insults, no pressure on the police.
    Let them work in peace.
    Amaral explained that the review was not busy with pseudo sightings, etc.
    By now, the Met must have read everything they had to read and they must have selected what is important.
    It is a huge lot of work but worthwhile.
    My opinion is also that Home Office and Cameron want to get rid of the McCanns and of their compulsive obsessive insistences. They are like an octopus.Besides very impolite towards Cameron. If the British government doesn't get rid of the couple they will all get sick of them and they perhaps got already.
    In November 2010 the McCanns started with their petition to the government and the Yard started their work on March 2012, in silence.
    Stupid couple who could not stay quiet, after Brown had liberated them from trouble.

  18. Read and understand Mr. Pedro do Carmo, one gets the impression that the investigation of Amaral is obsolete and no longer seem to count in this new perspective, just this version of the removal remains! It is very strange to continue in that direction!
    Where, Was this a strategy for a more thorough search of another investigation by Amaral, in complete silence, leaving family Mac Cann reassured ...

  19. @anon 4 WHY would the mcs be protected ??? big big question that ,why would 2 nobodys in the medical profession have so much pull ? neither of them have any thing going for them ,he comes across as arrogant ,she seems unable to string a sentence together properly ,both are only from working class back grounds ,b4 this happened they didnt come across as being that well off ie needed to dip in to the fund to pay the mortgage and even the holiday was a bit of a poor do ,seems very strange that some 1 with so little going for them gets so much surport

  20. Well I must say I am delighted that there is "no new evidence". What, no more eggmen, swarthy gypsies, or Beckham lookalikes? There have been times when I feared that was all this review might be looking for. (So what became of the eight "promising" leads that SY police took away in 30 files from the offices of Metodo 3 I wonder?)

    I am sure there is quite enough "old" evidence in existence to keep the police happily occupied.

  21. 14, according to what I remember, Amaral did not refer to material but he said : there are things in the files that will not please the mccanns.
    Maybe the hair, who knows a statement...

  22. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-14846456

  23. Devem ter enviado um carregamento de Skip para a lavandaria chamada PJ Porto.
    Quantas entidades de topo ja reviram a investigacao, comecando por Paulo Rebelo e acabando nos juizes que libertaram o livro de GA? Isto para nao falar nos milhoes que pelo mundo fora,atraves da Internet ou nao, mostram que leram e digeriram as Files da PJ. Todos sao unanimes na morte da crianca dentro do 5A. Todos fecham o crime dentro daquelas paredes e de quem a elas teve acesso. Todos acreditam que a reconstrucao da noite do crime, no local, com as pessoas envolvidas vai esclarecer as mentiras e inconsistencias contadas a policia.
    Onde esta esta reconstrucao a serio? Devia ser o primeiro passo desta revisao, se isto nao fosse mais uma cena de carnaval fora de tempo, logo este ano que nem houve direito a tolerancia de ponto.
    Agora vai um computador reconstruir uma cena com um programa desenhado para encaixar horas, minutos ao milesimo, de modo a tornar possivel aquilo que Paulo Sargento ja demonstrou ser impossivel de viver por gente real, num cenario real.
    Provavelmente a PJ de Portimao e de Lisboa, recusou fazer este trabalho de lavandaria. Sobrou a do Porto, que e mais flex e onde ainda nao sao conhecidos nomes, particularmente. Nao sao o A, B ou C, sao a PJ Porto, uma coisa sem cara e por isso presta-se bem a um servico de limpeza.
    Espero estar a cometer um erro no meu julgamento. Sobretudo porque uma pequenina luz se acendeu nos UK com a prisao de Rebeka Brooks, a amigalhaca de Cameron.
    Espero que tudo isto nao seja um processo de peeling para melhorar a imagem dos Mccann e deixar definitivamente sem justica a filha que perderam na PDL. Mas enquanto nao vir este grupo de 9 na PDL a fazer a reconstrucao, nao acredito em nenhuma revisao, em nada serio.
    E vai haver reclamacao se resolverem nao aceitar o impresso. Basta do Estado andar a gozar com gente honesta e a alimentar o ego destes pais que tem dinheiro para pagar a advogados de luxo mas nao se dignam a mostrar a policia como foi o ultimo dia/noite da filha.

  24. Bravo @25, partilho inteiramente o que disse.

    Quem ler o processo percebe o que falta fazer, e que só não foi feito devido à falta de cooperação do Grupo, chamado de Tapas 9. Não é preciso uma "revisão", alegadamente de um ano, aliás nem sequer de um mês, para chegar a essa conclusão. Diligências essas que só podem ser feitas com o processo reaberto. Por isso a pergunta é, o que é que a PJ anda a fazer? A guardar vacas? A fazer show-off? A gastar o dinheiro dos contribuintes em coisas inúteis? Ou abrem o processo, para que a investigação seja feita ou então param de gastar meios e fundos que podiam ser aplicados em outros casos de crianças desaparecidas, que não são inglesas, nem tem uma Scotland Yard, e um fundo de milhões de libras (usado em advogados e RP's essencialmente) por trás. E cujos pais provavelmente ficariam mais agradecidos que o casal McCann.

  25. “So far, nothing new was conveyed to the National Directorate, regarding the appearance of new elements that could substantiate the reopening of the process.”

    I don't understand the despondency or the cries of "whitewash!"

    After almost a year of 'reviewing' the evidence in this case, IMO the quote above is good news. No credible leads have been discovered that weren't followed up in the original PJ investigation or since the case was shelved (i.e. 'leads' provided by the string of McCann PIs).

    The finger is solely pointing to the only part of the investigation that was incomplete when the case was shelved - curtailed by lack of cooperation and political intervention - the McCanns and Tapas7.

  26. A wholly frivolous comment - I put Joana's post @26 through an online translator and the first few sentences produced a gem to rival 'Pants of Ganga':

    "The one who to read the process realizes what lack to do, and what only was done due to the lack of cooperation of the Group, called of Slaps 9."

    Tapas 9 = Slaps 9 :D :o

    According to http://free-translation.imtranslator.net/lowres.asp

  27. Good morning querida Jilly, that is why you should never trust machine translations :) I can translate the above comments made in Portuguese, just give me a few minutes. big hug and beijinhos xx

  28. E bem vergonhosa Joana, a forma como nos insultam e gastam os nossos impostos. A minha esperanca e que isto seja tudo para ingles ver e nao haja um unico centimo alocado a esta revisao, porque de facto nao ha nada a rever que ja nao tenha sido 'n vezes' revisto por gente muito competente, em diversos paises e diversas linguas.
    O Estado, ou alguem em seu nome, anda a gozar connosco. Na mesma semana temos noticias de esquadras da PSP onde nao ha tinteiros e por isso nao e possivel tomar nota das ocorrencias. Esquadras sem carros de patrulha porque nao ha verba para fazer a manutencao ou substituir uma frota que e obsoleta. Policias que se aliam a criminosos porque dizem alguns, com os salarios de policia e a terem de pagar fardas e armas, nao conseguem sobreviver. E anda a PJ Porto a gastar verbas num unico caso em que os directamente interessados nao mexeram uma palha para cooperarem com a policia? Isto e revoltante e deixa Portugal mais uma vez, numa posicao subalterna, subjugado aos ventos que sopram de uma certa Inglaterra. Mais uma vez, Portugal e objecto de chacota internacional... comparado a paises terceiro-mundistas onde a corrupcao compra tudo.
    Os pais sabem bem o que aconteceu a filha e todo o esforco que fizeram foi para esconder essa realidade do mundo a quem pediram dinheiro para pagar advogados sem etica nem escrupulos, cujo unico objectivo eram os honorarios chorudos que receberam e recebem e o protagonismo que os media lhes dao. Quanto e que o RA, a ID e o MP tinham de pagar as TVs pelos minutos de publicidade que esta palhacada lhes proporciona? Eles e os pais foram os que mais exploraram a crianca e mais ganharam com a situacao. E em Inglaterra repete-se a jogada com Mitchell, Carter-Ruck, etc.
    Nos portugueses, so queremos que seja devolvida dignidade ao policia e as pessoas que tiveram a coragem de enfrentar a realidade e expor a verdade, sem se deixarem manipular. Um Estado que nao defende a honra da policia que o serve, e um Estado decadente, moribundo.
    Depois, queremos os nossos impostos aplicados naquilo que garante a nossa seguranca e a de quem nos visita. Queremos uma policia eficaz e com autoridade nas ruas, para travar a onda de violencia que nos atemoriza. Queremos uma PJ independente, invulneravel, incorruptivel. Nao um grupinho de palhacos a brincar ao faz de conta. As aparentes vantagens que Pedro do Carmo apresentou para justificar a PJ Porto, sao na realidade balelas e desvantagens. Se nao estiveram la, se nada sabem, nao podem avaliar com exactidao. Nao presenciaram os truques para evitar perguntas embaracosas. Nao fizeram interrogatorios onde por vezes o comportamento e mais revelador que a palavra. Nao foram insultados nem perseguidos para sentirem o motivo e o impacto dessas atitudes. Portanto, qualquer trabalho de revisao que possam fazer, e puramente academico. Nada que um estudante de Direito, de Jornalismo, de Psicologia ou de Criminologia, nao faca com competencia e paixao, em uma semana.
    BJs, anon 25

  29. Confusing isn't it? Rebekahs newspaper, via contact with Cameron drags in the Met to apparently develop the Maddie cover-up. But now the Met have arrested Brooks for 'perveting the course of justice', for being involved in a different cover-up! With all this corruption and these corrupt relationships surely “something’s gotta give”?

  30. #28,
    How funny, made me smile...it seems it was translated by a brasilian "machine"! "Tapas" is a coloquial brasilian word for slaps, good old portuguese from Portugal "estaladas",or "bofetadas", meaning slaps in the face.
    It reminds me of some instructions booklets from domestic appliances "made in China" where one can always be sure to find such "gems".

  31. Joana,
    I too say BRAVO to post #25 and to yours post #26!

  32. JillCL "I don't understand the despondency or the cries of "whitewash!"

    Well dear Jill I do, and understand your bemusement too.

    What you are saying is, a review might find elements which warrant a re-opening of the case. Fair enough, except you are assuming this is an impartial review. I doubt it is.

    Why? Because it was initiated by Scotland Yard at the request of David Cameron on behalf of the McCanns. That simple.

    By all means, do let the Yard review the case but keep the PJ out of it. If I was in charge of the PJ I would simply give the Yard the photocopies of "all" archived material - except for any "aces" - and would charge the Yard/ The Fund for the photocopies plus administrative costs.

    Pedro do Carmo now tries to limit the damage to the country's self-esteem by saying the review was the PJ's initiative and started well before Cameron's request - if you believe that!

    Well, I am Portuguese and I don't believe that, but you may if you wish. We will simply agree to disagree - not that I disagree completely with you. You may have a point but I think you are being overoptimistic.

    For SY to order an investigation is tantamount to say they think the Portuguese investigators are stupid and didn't know what they were doing by blaming the parents (untouchable British citizens) in the first instance - which by the way has been the McCanns' "cover-up position" all along and one (after being heavily carter-rucked) that is now subscribed by the media at large.

    "Mickey Mouse" Mitchell PR strategy is working (like it did during the Iraq War) and what's more, it has managed to get a Conservative prime minister on board - if we close our eyes to the fact that the Portuguese PM is probably in it as well. I am quite sure Cavaco e Silva the President is. He was an admirer of Margaret Thatcher and an Anglophile at that.

    Look at it from an ideological point of view (...) We are all embedded in prevailing discourses. Ideology floats in the ether like an episteme - in the sense defined by Michel Foucault. Tribal loyalties and history tend to colour proceedings - some more than others of course, depending on the pecking order. Some of us don't believe in cheap compromises in Life - or with History for that matter.

    Wish you a good day. I invariably find your comments intelligent and I am not saying this one is stupid.

    A. Reader


    The other thing that irritates me is that the McCanns' request to their PM may have been done in PR desperation after their recent court set back with their prime target (Amaral) and in anticipation that it might influence the judge in the final trial in a manner that did not work with the appeal judges. That is, in my view, the strategic objective of the exercise.

    The McCanns' probably know Madeleine cannot, will not be found. Affirming that professional opinions such as Amaral's deter people from searching for Madeleine is a ploy. Do they think everyone is stupid? Obviously, it would help to dry-clean their image of neglecting parents (to say the least) if the Chief Co-ordinator of the investigation paid for their peccadilloes instead. Certainly it would improve their self-esteem - in detriment of others admittedly but, you know, for personae like the McCanns' the end justifies the means.

    Have a lovely day.

    A. Reader

  33. "no new evidence"_____________________the old one is enough!

    the blanket, the drugged hair,

    let the PJ and the Yard alone!

  34. the mccanns are not being protected at all. the time they were protected is past tense.

  35. @25 translation

    They have probably sent a full shipment of Skip to the launderette called PJ Porto.
    How many Top bodies have already reviewed the investigation, starting with Paulo Rebelo and ending up at the judges who freed GA’s book? This not to mention the several million people around the world who have read, through the internet or not, and have assimilated the PJ files. All of them unanimous in the death of the child at apartment 5A. All of them point to a crime between those walls and to those who had access to them. All of them believing that the reconstruction of the night of the crime, in situ, with the people involved would clarify the lies and inconsistencies told to the police.

    Where is the real reconstruction? That should be the first step of this review, unless this is an out of season Carnival, exactly in this year where there wasn’t a day-off.

    Now a computer will reconstruct the scene in a software designed to fit the hours, minutes to the millisecond, in order to render possible what Paulo Sargento has already demonstrated to be impossible to be done by real people, in a real set.

    Probably, the PJ of Portimão and of Lisbon have refused to do this whitewash. The PJ of Oporto was what remained, something that is more bendable and where names in particular are not yet known. They are not A, B or C, they are the Oporto PJ, an amorphous and faceless thing and therefore fitting well with a cleaning job.

    I do hope that I am making an error of judgement. Specially, now when a little light was lit in the UK with Cameron’s pal imprisonment, Rebeka Brooks.
    And I hope this is not a peeling process to better the McCann’s image and to definitely leave without justice the daughter they have lost in PdL. But, unless I see this group of 9 in PdL making the reconstruction, I will not believe in a review, in nothing at all.


    And I will reclaim if they don’t accept that tax form. Enough! Enough of the State mockery of honest hard working people, of feeding the ego of this parents who have plenty of money to pay up to luxury lawyers but who are unwilling to show the police how was the last day and night of their daughter!

  36. @26 translation

    Bravo @25, I fully agree with what you said.

    Anyone who reads the process realizes what steps remain, and were not done simply due to the lack of cooperation of the Group, dubbed the Tapas 9. You do not need a “revision”, allegedly with one year, indeed not even of one month to reach that conclusion. Diligences that can only be taken with the process reopened. So, the question is, what exactly is the PJ doing? Milking cows? A show-off? Or spending taxpayers' money on useless things? Either they open the process, so the investigation can continue or else they stop spending man-power and resources that could be applied in other cases of missing children, who are not English, nor have a Scotland Yard, nor a millions of pounds fund (used on lawyers and PR's mostly) backing them. And whose parents, would likely be much more grateful that the McCann couple.

  37. Note: @37 last paragraph, third line should be: "pay up luxury lawyers" without the "to".

  38. There is no need to whitewash the McCanns because for the UK they were already whitewashed in 2008, when the process was shelved and they lost their status of arguidos.No suspects anylonger, as innocent as angels.

    And they remain innocent till now, at the eyes of the British public.

    But being whitewashed in 2008 was not enough to get rid of them because they continued and will continue persisting on demandig the British government to search for and to find Madeleine.

    That is the British government's problem.

    The only efficient solution is to definitely get rid of the couple, by sending the Yard to Portugal for a review and, later, to request the PJ to reopen the case.

    If the UK don't take such a mesures, they will be annoyed by the McCanns every day, they will annoy every new prime minister, every new Home Office minister, till Apocalypse.

    Whitewashing is not an option anymore and it was not necessary. It happened in 2008 and it did'n help.

    According to Amaral, the evidence is in the files.

  39. Muitos agradecimentos, querida Joana. Beijinhos.

    And that sentence almost exhausts my knowledge of Portuguese! :h So again, in English, MANY THANKS for all your hard work on the translations that you and your fellow fluent Portuguese speakers have so generously shared over the last 4+ years.

    In this UK information desert (almost every media article on this case is a McMirage) your blog has been/is a trustworthy oasis for anyone seeking Truth & Justice for Maddie McCann, aged 3.

    (p.s. Where have all the flowers gone?...or is it just my PC?)

    A cyber-bouquet of flowers and a BIG thank-you!

  40. A. Reader @34

    As a fellow Portuguese I am inclined to agree with most of what you so fluently expressed. You may have missed an important point though; Portugal, whether we like it or not, is now fully "embedded" - to use your own term, in EU legislation and it would have been difficult (read: impossible) not to co-operate with Scotland Yard's review. They do have the right to review the case as this involved two British VIPs.

    In fact, you have to admire the British for rallying in defence of their own sheep (black or white). We, Portuguese, didn't have the guts to do such when it came to defend one of our own VIP civil servants (Dr. Gonçalo Amaral). We (read: They) even allowed a bunch of Portuguese "designer clowns" to fatten their bank accounts with The Fund's money to assassinate the man's character!!!

    All we can do now is to sit back and endure the show (comedy of errors) bearing in mind the drama is being played in Tarkovski time (think: "Stalker")- which is even slower than Michelangelo Antonioni's (think: "Red Desert"). Patience and forbearance is of the essence. Good things come to those who wait...

    Luso gal

  41. The question in my mind remains the same. Why are the McCanns being protected? What do they know that could cause two countries to cover up a terrible crime against a helpless child? The McCann's motive have always been self-protection. But why are others protecting them?

  42. I do not believe there is to be a whitewash
    Scotland Yard and the PJ know the Mccanns have access to the best lawyers in the land who will search out every technicality to achieve a not guilty verdict should this ever get to a court room - which i hope i am wrong it never will, because the prosecuters, CPS etc know who they are up against - without a whistleblower or a body i fear a mystery this case will remain.

  43. Hey! Who removed the "brakes" from the comment box? I was checking my grammar and spelling pressed "preview" and presto! there it went errors and all! The system didn't even check if I was a robot! Damn it! This could damage my image! I want compensation! I am complaining to Carter-Ruck! :f


    This is a bit aside admitedly but I have been wondering for some time how Kate McCann's expression has become over the years so much more dramatic - to the point of producing tears on demand (The Liverpool interview for example). Initially she came through on camera as some kind of expressionless Egyptian mummy. OK that could have been the medication (if any).

    This morning, I was sitting at the university library browsing a book some student had left behind on the desk. It was entitled: "Sanford Meisner on Acting". Engrossing.

    It never occurred to me that when an actor cries (or laughs for that matter) he is tapping into some powerful memory that made him/her cry in the past. A memory that could be totally unrelated to the script, to the pressent moment!

    Say, as an actor I might be able to tap into a memory I have of my childhood when my beloved dog "Bobby" died say, or when my first girl friend dumped me for an alpha male with a six-pack...

    This is what actors do, they tap into powerful memories of their own and then put the script on top. Meisner calls this "the preparation".

    It suddenly occurred to me that Kate McCann has taken drama lessons! Jane Tanner as well. The latter tear-shedding performance in that documentary (link below) was quite moving - if you didn't know she was a cheat that is.



    "Sanford Meisner on Acting" by Sanford Meisner and Dennis Longwell with an introduction by Sidney Pollack. Vintage Books.

  45. 40, you could be right. It's logical what you're saying.

  46. @46 The 10 Tell-Tale Signs of Deception

    The Words Reveal

    Paul M. Clikeman, Ph.D., CFE

    «Suspects and witnesses often reveal more than they intend through their choices of words. Here are ways to detect possible deception in written and oral statements.»


  47. Mike James is a Brit journalist living in Germany,his website mentions something he was told in 1986 by Norman Lamont regarding certain members of the labour party.Operation Ore springs to mind.Mike James is mentioned in faked Abduction.

  48. @ 42, 2nd paragraph - Exactly - why is Portugual allowing a decent man (GA) to be slaughtered ? I have never understood this.

  49. I have often wondered why a group of actors did not do a reconstruction of the terrible night when Maddie disappeared.
    Now, even better, the idea of reconstruction the events by a computer programme is superb.
    Interested people all over the world could enter a competition, with various solutions to the timetable, sites of bloodspots, dogs, Jane Tanner sighting, Smith family sighting etc.

  50. Have Portuguese people forgotten they used to have an empire too? Call me naiive, but I thought the British and Portuguese used to be allies. We're all on the skids now financially, so what's to be gained by reference to inferiority and servitude to the Brits? Portuguese people surely don't believe that.

  51. Anon @14 "The Mc Canns don't get rattled easily"

    The mc canns looked pretty rattled to me when asked proper questions outside the Lisbon court in Jan 2010 and very rattled when Gerry got up during an interview taking off his mike in a strop.
    Every interview they are asked questions that they dont like they get rattled and batt their eyes non stop including all over scratching etc ,So I fail to see how you can honestly say they dont get rattled or batt an eyelid ,quiet the opposite imo.


  52. #52,
    Allies?! Only on the surface, it was not at all an equal balance, we (portuguese) were "allies" as long as we served the british interests and would not get "ideas" and start stepping out of line...we were more a sort of lackeys that equal status allies.Do some research on the subject of "Mapa Cor-de-Rosa", (the Pink Map) and you'll see what I mean...


  53. To Anon @49.

    "Michael James, an English patriot, is a blacklisted and surveilled former freelance journalist resident in Zionist-occupied Germany since 1992 with additional long-haul stays in East Africa, Poland and Switzerland. He advocates a Leaderless Resistance to destroy the Soviet European Union and is actively working towards a free and independent England."

    Sounds like he's got it all sorted, then? Not saying there's no smoke without fire, but it would need a much more reliable source of evidence than this.

  54. A Dubiner at 53:

    "The mc canns (sic) looked pretty rattled to me when asked proper questions outside the Lisbon court in Jan 2010 and very rattled when Gerry got up during an interview taking off his mike in a strop"

    What I wrote was:

    (a) "The McCanns' (sic) don't get rattled that easily. They didn't blink an eye with any of the "48 questions".

    (b) "I don't think the McCanns' would blink an eye EVEN if presented with CCTV evidence of their involvement (if any) in the autopsy of Maddie"

    Outside the court they didn't look that rattled to me (given the media scramble). In fact they looked rather cool through out bearing in mind they are not androids. At times they did look like programmed robots. Turn left-turn right-ignore that question-lift up the photocopy-answer that-leave.

    In the interview for Spanish TV (I assume you were referring to) Gerald had what seemed to me like a "strategic flare-up". Kate on the other hand remained "fast asleep" - as it were.

    Incidentally, in case you missed it, I was looking at the qualitative and quantitative dynamics of a given non-verbal indicator in a statistical context. I was not looking at exceptions to the rule just for the sake of being picky.

    I stand for what I wrote.

    Anon 14

  55. According to the words of her Diary Kate McCann does not appear to have been able to cope very well with her kids. I doubt she is as calm as she would like to have thought.

  56. Anon @ 56
    No I didnt miss it!
    The mc cannns (just like the dogs) have given non verbal indicators without exception through out this process, rattled twitching ,scratching ,hand holding/squeezing and whatever other non verbal indicators you care to think of.
    I Too stand for what I wrote.


  57. A.D. at 58

    Your fast-food-like appreciation of my comment, may have led you (unfortunately) to ignore factors I had taken into account, namely the cline of instantiation, the location along this cline of individual(s), culture, socio-economic status, institution(s), situation-type, and context of situation within context, and of text types, registers and codes within language, statistical abstracts and other variables from both verbal and non-verbal data in the example(s) given.

    In reference to surface processes of instantiation you opted to articulate “views” which perspective rely on the momentary nature of the process of instantiation itself.

    In other words, your semogenesis is based on an hypothetical cline of instantiation which give ditto processes a highly distorted account of the semogenesis sub-factors at play both in the verbal and non-verbal spheres.

    The concept of Gestalt is completed ignored by you, leading to a topological interpretation of systemic data in terms of lapsus typology alone.

    You may stand for what you wrote but I am not sure that is a confortable position to stand but... as long as you feel confortable, by all means...

    :d Keep kool maan!

    Zé Malho


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