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Virtual reconstitution tests witnesses’ version

Timelines submitted by the Tapas 9, handwritten in torn child's book (alleged to belong to Maddie)

The software of the English will be used to supply further clues to the investigation

by Nuno Miguel Maia and Óscar Queirós

The Scotland Yard possesses software designed to reconstitute, in a virtual way, the facts that have been reported by the various witnesses who have intervened in the process of Maddie’s disappearance.

The existence of this tool may be important to find new leads, in order to solve the case. The versions of those involved may be crossed referenced, and after the data is processed by the software, one can understand what adds up – and what does not.

In this software, one can insert photos and the description of the apartment, including Maddie’s bedroom, drawings or photos of the entries, routes to the restaurant – and a description thereof – where the parents and friends were dining, their table and the localization and position of each person.

The software will also receive the statements that everyone has made and will be making (the English will hear the McCann couple’s friends again), as these people may recall facts, as small as they may be, and even add objects that may give their descriptions more veracity.

From there on, the investigators may reach more precise conclusions, which, very often, belies the testimonies that have been described in their statements.

Connection chronogram

It should be recalled that, during the 14 months of the investigation, a diligence for the reconstitution of the facts with the participation of Kate and Gerry McCann and their friends was not performed1 due to the lack of agreement and “availability” concerning the date that was set by the PJ. The Public Ministry eventually forgo the execution of that step. This is considered by many to be the major lapse in the investigation.

The reconstruction without the presence or the cooperation of arguidos or witnesses has been performed by the Judiciary Police for several years. However, in a more “handmade” approach. In Portugal, and due to the lack of more sophisticated means, like the software used by the English, the PJ uses what is described as a “connection chronogram” [timeline], creating frames with photographs, drawings and witness statements and statements from the arguidos.

Recently, an official of the British police declared that the time has not yet come to speak again with the McCanns and friends and that they are “breeding the ground” to achieve that.

Citing police sources, the British press reports that “rigorous translations” of the Portuguese process are underway, with a particular zeal regarding the statements of the friends of the couple, “so there is an absolutely certainty of what was stated (by them) and its significance.”

in Jornal de Notícias, page 3, March 10, 2012 | Online paid edition | Translation by Astro/JM

The Cancelled Re-enactment in Volume XVI of the process - The emails exchange between the Tapas 7 and the Judiciary Police declining participation in the reconstruction of the day when Madeleine McCann disappeared.


  1. ''However, in a more “handmade” approach. In Portugal, and due to the lack of more means, like the software used by the English, .....

    Oh, I love sophisticated

    Take for example firstly, the dogs DISMISSED! OK the forensics didn't support the dogs noses, but nevertheless DISMISSED

    Why do sophisticated, time consuming computer software, to carry out what the PJ have always wanted A RECONSTRUCTION. But this was DISMISSED as un-necessary by the Group & JW and it would appear the McCanns only really wanted a 'TIMEWATCH' actor type reconstruction to appeal for witnesses, rather than to 'test' the alibis.

    Yet, here we go again another bite of the cherry cake called sophisticated IT software

    So if that doesn't FALL the right way, will that be also DISMISSED

    When all that is and was always required, was the group of nine plus JW, probably a few others to reconstruct the nights events

    But no, we will waste more time, with sophistication, which could equally be DISMISSED, as it wasn't REAL

    But it might take someone (PJ\MET) one step nearer interviewing the McCanns and the group of seven. One step nearer! Don't suppose the McCanns really have been interviewed in their 'mother' tongue

    You would think these people would have been beating the door down years ago, to get this over and done with (reconstruction) but suppose the face to face confrontational interview with Robert Murat was a bit daunting.

    Then it's full circle, why did the McCanns not exercise their arguido rights to KEEP THE INVESTIGATION open? Was it because the next step would and should have been RECONSTRUCTION.

  2. Here's hoping they conclude Jane Tanner's supposed sighting very dodgy indeed, when there is no other witness to say she was ever there at all, and take into account the Smith sighting to be much more important, where there were a number of witnesses to testify to the sighting of the man carrying a child that night. According to Mr Smith, a man looking very much like Gerry McCann too.

  3. What is happening with the trial of Jane Tanner for calumny? Is this still about to take place, has it already taken place, or what? Why is everybody so secretive about this? I don't doubt if Dr Amaral had been charged with such an offence it would have been all over the media by now. So why is this being kept quiet about? To be charged with such an offence surely means there is suspicion that the person is a liar. Maybe the SY investigators should take note.

    I can't believe I am the only one who wonders what on earth is going on and why we are being kept in the dark about this.

  4. Whatever comes out of the review will not/cannot harm the McCanns' EVEN if they were to find Madeleine's body - it would be a different matter if she was found alive but you can trust Eddie The Dog that she won't. Just an hunch.

    If they found Madeleine's body what would that prove? That would only prove she was dead. IT would bring the circus to a halt, admittedly, but I doubt it would be enough to incriminate the parents.

    How would the PJ connect the burial site with the parents, say? By means of some forensics? Some DNA found on the body? No way! They were in daily contact with her it is only natural there were traces of them on the site (if any).

    Drugs traces? The "abductor must have given them to the child you see...". Like Clarence Mitchell has warned from his top PR pulpit:

    "There is a wholly innocent explanation for any material the police may or may not have found."

    In other words there is no evidence the McCanns' teams cannot de-construct particularly with the British Government on their side!

    ONLY a confession would do and for that we would have to wait another 40 years even if an eternity is more likely. Assuming they did it they would never disclose that for the sake of the twins. Obviously.

    How else would one explain their insistence in a review, to have the Yard on the case?

    Having survived the forensics in general and the dogs in particular they must be pretty sure by now they can never be caught. We are dealing with very intelligent people - and not just two of them. We are dealing with several teams of highly trained and professional characters.

    I am not saying I am 100% sure the McCanns are guilty. For all I know they could be innocent except I don't see how. Kate's soap memoirs didn't do it for me. I stopped reading it when she laughs off Eddie & Keela (the dogs) as "not very scientific". I am sticking with Gonçalo Amaral version of events. It is more rational and it fits the forensics - even if these were "inconclusive" or "made inconclusive". It is like Putin "winning" the presidential elections in Russia. Everyone knows the elections were rigged and the results manipulated.

  5. reply to no.4
    ''How would the PJ connect the burial site with the parents, say? By means of some forensics? Some DNA found on the body? No way! They were in daily contact with her it is only natural there were traces of them on the site (if any). ''

    Rather like the samples found in the spare wheel well of the car, it can't really be explained how they got there. But of course the samples could not forensically as it panned out prove anything.

    But.... strange things happen, like alerts on 'Cuddly Cat' by the dogs, but again dog's noses can't be used as evidence

    Then.... there's the matter of the strange disappearance of the red cuddly blanket on M's bed.

    My feeling is if the red blanket and Madeleine are together, then neither will ever been found.

    Again, to thrown a spanner in the works, what abductor takes a child and doesn't wrap them against the cold and been seen! PS just a reminder the red blanket was recorded on the forensic photos, of course.

  6. Aonon 5

    Is it a 'red' blanket? I always thought it was a pink blanket. Where did you get the idea it was red?

  7. Mitchell and Mccanns have been busy with the Express,the Express asks "where is Madeleine" they should ask Mccanns and Mitchell where Maddie is,that is the only way to get the truth.They must be very busy to finish another story for the police investigation. This time the police should be honest and find and question those who really know what happened to Maddie and stop more stories from the Mccann team.


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