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A Voice for Madeleine - Petition Update

Portuguese Judiciary Reviewing the Madeleine McCann case

A special unit of the Portuguese Judiciary Police from Oporto are reviewing the Madeleine McCann case performed by the initial teams from Algarve and Lisbon, they are working in partnership with United Kingdom's Scotland Yard who are also making a parallel review of the whole Portuguese investigation, of the English authorities case files who worked in cooperation with the Portuguese Police, and of the work of the private detectives hired by the McCann couple. However, the said reviews have not, so far, lead to sufficient evidence nor to new leads that could force the reopening of the process that was archived by the Portuguese Public Ministry back in July 2008. It is important for the Portuguese institutions and people targeted in this petition to know that, we, the public and tax payers from both the UK and Portugal, demand that the costs of those reviews bear fruit, and that only the reopening of the process, and thus of the investigation is considered as a successful outcome.

Criminal Justice Petition - A Voice for Madeleine

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Video made by Mike Hardy in 2007

Uma Voz por Madeleine · A Voice for Madeleine · Une voix pour Madeleine · Eine Stimme für Madeleine · Una Voz por Madeleine · Een Stem voor Madeleine ·

Each time someone signs the petition, a message in Portuguese will be forwarded to the Portuguese authorities and politicians mentioned on the petition. Take Action: make your voice heard by those who matter!


  1. Maddie case: With an estimated total of over £8 million, paid by UK & Portuguese taxpayers, the Reopening of the Investigation is obligatory! http://www.change.org/petitions/a-voice-for-madeleine

    Remember that this is not an ordinary petition, each time someone signs it it, a direct message will be sent to the Portuguese authorities and to Politicians, thus creating public pressure for the Reopening.

  2. Both, Yard and PJ know what they are doing. The Yard would not have gone to Portugal and the PJ would not have joined them if this review would not have a future. It has, imo.

  3. I'm really proud of Portugal, its capacity, its culture, its everything.
    I just love that country. Of course the process will be reopened and I enjoy thinking how ofensive the McCanns were and now they will pay back.
    I't is a good idea asking for the reopening although I believe this is also the Home Office intention, not only the PJ's.

  4. The Home Office does not have any jurisdiction in Portugal, only the Portuguese Public Ministry can reopen the process, and that, subsequently, will restart the investigation by the Judiciary Police. The PJ team from Oporto, according to what its National Deputy Director Pedro do Carmo said on RTP, has been reviewing the investigation of the first two teams from Algarve and Lisbon for the past year. So far nothing?

    But a review is meaningless and a waste of resources, when what needs to be done are the diligences, rendered unfeasible mainly due to the lack of the cooperation of the Tapas 9, and I would venture due to a certain lack of braveness from certain quarters within our magistracy not to mention by certain politicians... The former, Tapas 9 uncooperativeness, was the reason why the process was archived.

    Four years have passed since then, the case needs to be reopened, not reviewed.

  5. Joana, it started with a review and both police will judge if it is worthwhile to reopen the case. It is, we all know. From review they will jump to diligences because it is a crime against an innocent child.
    We know very little about what is going on. The Met are longer than a year in Portugal and we had no idea that was happening.After the review is done, they will select elements that remained not done or not clear enough and the PJ can reopen the case.
    Many things have to be explained: the pink blanket, the sport bag, the inconsistences, Madeliene's (drugged) hair and who knows the Met have more information from the UK. It can not be that such a lot of money is spent in order to achieve nothing. We have to be patient. Portugal has denied for a long time that the Met were involved in the case. Don't forget the PJ are still fed up of that media circus, and they are careful.They have to be.
    And the Home Office and Cameron must be fed up of the McCanns too. The UK must find a way to get rid of them, with their compulsive, obsessive behaviour, ofending the British government, not only the PJ. Once and for all, amen "let us get rid of them!"
    The intention of sending the Yard to Portugal is to solve this problem.
    I believe that there was already an agreement among Portugal and the UK before this whole thing started: "let us reopen the case, starting with the review".

    Of course a review is necessary before the case is reopened. It is a cold case.

  6. By the way, if a judge orders Tapas 9 to make the reconstruction, they will be obliged to go to Portugal.They will be witnesses, not arguidos.No special rights.

  7. Yep...and I believe in Santa Claus too! I meant, the Scotland Yard too!

  8. They can ask, as they did trough their lawyer in 2007, to be constituted as arguidos. Which, if (big if) the investigation reopens, is what they will probably do before even setting foot in Portugal.

    As to the Met/NSY I would advise you to google search "hackgate", "bribegate", "phonehacking" and "leveson".

  9. The first petition is to require the tapas 9 coming to this reconstruction! Why this has not been done systematically as required by any investigation?
    I never understand why they were asked their opinion,Cat it's still a missing child, that is an obligation and not a proposal, why is there so much laxity in this matter! Macs Cann are like thorns ... ?

  10. I think that by now the U.K. public are only too well aware of the widespread corruption and incompetence at the Met, which is why the latter cannot afford to mess this one up. When so much money, and so many resources have been thrown at the case at a time of economic hardship, if the Yard don´t come up with a conclusive and satisfactory result the reputation of this once highly respected institution really will be in tatters, beyond repair, the British taxpayer will explode and, incidentally, the Mccanns will be left no more free of suspicion than ever they were.

  11. Guys, I have bad news. I was already suspicious that this PJ review was nothing more than an exercise in PR, thus the re-start of the 2010 campaign "A Voice for Madeleine". This was mainly due to watching Pedro do Carmo, stating that Oporto's PJ special unit had been working on a review for the past year.

    Last night, a TV show, that I'm about to start translating, has confirmed that said costly "review" exercise, is based exactly on Scotland Yard's motives - I'm afraid that both we, the Portuguese, and you, the British people, are just financing vain and meaningless PR exercises from both our police forces.

    Keep signing, sharing the petition, we must pressure the Portuguese authorities for the case to be reopened. http://www.change.org/petitions/a-voice-for-madeleine

  12. Officially there is nothing against the McCanns right now. The PJ can consider all of them as witnesses and that is what they will be. They can ask to be declared arguidos but a judge can refuse it. I read somewhere that re-interrogating Tapas 9 is on the Yard's planning and it will probably happen after the ground work is ready. I think before they arrive on number 8 and 9(the parents), at least one of Tapas 7 will have told the truth already. None of them wants to be seen as suspect in a crime they did not commit.
    Speaking about Leveson, it is regretful, but the Met have around 53.000 employes, working in that organization, it couldn't be that all of them are corrupt. Besides they are not all by themselves in this cold case. They are in Portugal working with the PJ.
    Phone hacking is a serious crime but far less serious than a murder. A little girl that depended on her parents' protection, who had no idea that death exists and who has no future and who will always be 3 years old.
    The PJ would not be spoiling their precious time and money if they had no guarantee that this could open the process.
    I suspect they have already the evidence otherwise they would not have started with the revision. According to myself everything is already ready.
    But they have to follow all the proceedings required in a cold case.

  13. oh no,joana,that is bad news,what in the hell is going on with sy and pj to deny justice to Madeleine,we have all read the files and the statement of the main people and we can all tell they have NOT told the truth so WHY cant sy and the pj SEE it as well.still onward and upward we cant let Madeleine down like her parents and their friends and sy and the pj have.
    EVERY ONE PLEASE,PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION NOW.you never know it could make a difference,but if we dont try we will never know.

  14. Just signed the petition - come on peeps, we can`t just sit by and do nothing.

  15. I've always believed the Maddie fell from the window while trying to see her parents at the tapas bar. Whether that was inside the room or out of the window into the flowerbed I'm not sure, but traces of blood were found in both places.
    It could have been that she fell into the room, found by one of her parents and moved out into the flowerbed to hide her body temporarily. This would explain the blood at the foot of the stairs also.
    The question that has always bothered me is, who, other than the McCanns would have gone to so much trouble to cover this crime up? Not an opportunist kidnapper, of that I'm sure.

  16. surely someone who knows the truth has the courage to speak out. as people get older they think differently about their wrong doings and find it very hard to live with the knowledge that they could have done things differently in certain situations.speak out now and free yourself of the burden of lies.do this for madeliene .reopen the case now .....

  17. Joana, where did you watch that TV show you are writing about?

  18. I am confused by all this at times things seem to be going in the way of Justice than bang the Maccanns have the upper hand again. If after the Libel trial( if it ever comes to court and the Maccanns turn up)
    nothing happens I think we should all shut up shop and forget Justice.
    Both the UK and Portugal don't want it.

    Jacinta UK

  19. So Joanna, why is Dr Amaral so upbeat then, if it is all PR ? I don't understand.

  20. Joana Morais - I'm afraid that both we, the Portuguese, and you, the British people, are just financing vain and meaningless PR exercises from both our police forces.

    Corretomundo! That is what I have been saying all along. Portugal should never ever have obeyed David Cameron and got involved in this charade just to prove a point they have already made. Portugal is not Scotland.

    They want PR? Pay Burston-Marsteller and Lift Consulting for it! Don't ask us. We have no fund(s).

    Zé Malho

    PS I can only hope they are not going to burn Amaral at the stake just to placate the McCanns' guilt. That would be a double-bummer!

  21. Don't lose faith in what is going on. They can't fool all of the people all of the time. So be positive and believe in justice for a little girl who deserved better. Shame on the McCanns and their low principled friends.

    They make my blood boil, however, if so many high profile people get caught by law enforcement don't think for one minute that these two blaggers won't be. Justice will prevail.

    The Rooster

  22. I signed the petition "One voice for Madeleine" long ago! Is this a new petiton? Those like me who signed the original petiton can sign this one too?
    Sorry, Joana, I am confused!
    Thank you,


  23. @No, it's the same. I don't think you can sign it again, but if you share it among your friends that would be a great help :) Thank you.

  24. hi,joana,can you tell me if the mccanns can stil, even after all this time, ask for the case to be re-opend if so WHY are sy and portugal doing a reveiw costing taxpayers all this money when there is no need.

  25. Perhaps Dr Amaral has some words of encouragement regarding this because it is becoming very confusing, and some people are getting disheartened.

    I personally can't see how any good cop who wants to solve the case can ignore the dogs to go chasing around looking for an 'abductor', when there is no evidence whatsoever one ever existed, except for the Smith sighting, and even then the guy was said to be a Gerry McCann lookalike, therefore pointing right back at the McCanns, and the dogs with the blood and cadaver scent.

    I reckon there is spin and bluff going on, with the usual puppet master behind it.

  26. @26 They had a legal deadline to do that in 2008, and didn't request for the reopening nor did they cooperate fully with the police requests in order to prevent the archival. At this moment, after 4 years, they can't simply ask "Hi, Mr Attorney General, can you please open the process?"

    However, it is in their power to force a reopening of the case, they can do the reconstruction of the night of May 3 2007, and ask their Tapas friends to do the same. Or Kate, can bring into the process the questions she never answered. Or anything with material substance that could be considered has having a significant weight, and the investigation to their missing daughter would continue.

    Tax-payers money, man power, resources that could be used to find other missing children in both countries, would not be wasted!

  27. Pedro do Carmo must know what he is saying. A review? OK, this is possibly better for the PJ otherwise millions of journalists will knock at their door, all the time.
    The UK will re-start criticising Portugal, the sardines munchers, etc,etc,
    How long did it take before the PJ officially admitted that the Yard was there, for the review? An year.
    If Amaral is optimistic, he must have a good reason to express himself on an optimistic way.
    We would love to know what is going on but it is still impossible.

    I have the feeling that they are already busy with an investigation, that the process is already secretely open, in silent, that a judge or a public prosecuter made an exception by reopening it in all silent because the police need peace in order to work well.

    Can you imagine the McCanns on all of the TV channels: "WE are the parents, we need to know". Sightings here, sightings there, writing the Home Office every day, asking for audiences, playing the role of victims?
    The day they find out the process is re-opened, the police will be lost.
    The police have to be ready with every detail before they announce the process is open.

    Remember when the rogatory letters were about to be sent to England, the McCanns bombed the police with millions of sightings, in order to delay them?

    Now, the police will do everything to avoid this again.

  28. @20

    I share your bewilderment. If this is all about a whitewash why wasn't the case allowed to wither away years ago through being denied the oxygen of publicity, as have so many other unsolved cases?

    If it is just a PR campaign who, or what is benefiting from it? I don`t really understand its purpose (unless it is simply a very expensive way to keep the McCanns happy). After all, the announcement of this review hardly endeared Cameron to the British taxpayer, nor do the McCanns seem especially grateful or excited.

    Sometimes the best PR campaign is silence and inactivity: why disturb a hornets` nest unnecessarily?

  29. Joana

    Why do you think it's a PR stunt? SY nor PJ would admit to this.

  30. Joana reference your 12. You will be aware that two people close to our Prime Minister have been arrested this afternoon in the hacking scandal. Just suppose they turned Queen's Evidence, and it emerged that said PM's advisers had been given details via hacking of phone negotiations over the coalition negotiations at the time when the Libdems were negotiating with Labour, where would we be then?

    In a lovely play on English words, the prime minister has in the past been horse riding with the two people arrested today, an activity known as 'hacking'!

  31. I'm not going to follow this case anymore,the McCann's are home & dry,but i do believe that one day the truth will come out,after all friends sometimes fall out,and then loyalties change,then we'll find out where Madeleine is.In the meantime wherever Madeleine is resting God bless her, poor little mite.

  32. Yes I agree, something just dosen't sit right with this, I think Dr Amaral is too happy at the moment for all this to have been just PR spin, Hmmm for some reason someone suddenly wants to shut it up,why I wonder possible to stop a media fight, or is somebody on over time to quash everything that has got out!!!!

  33. Blood down the stairs and on the flower bed?
    Where did you read that?

  34. Just had a thought (and thank you so much for indulging my off topic thoughts) ...

    What if, the reason there was so much activity around/in 5A pre and post "abduction" on May 3rd, is because that level of traffic was needed to account for the same people/level of traffic before May 3rd in that apartment.

    Hope that makes sense, certainly does to me.

  35. Pat Brown on Sunday...

    "...I don't think we are seeing progress; I think we are seeing spin."

    Well Pat after what we have heard today.....you are one clever lady!!

  36. Thank you Joana for the reply,so really the ball is in the mccanns and tapas pals court,so why dont they just do the reconstruction,they have their statements to look back on ,so its not that they would,nt remember that night,seems to me the mccanns and tapas pals DO NOT want Madeleine found at all.hmmmm

  37. Just a thought,could robert murat have the case re-opened seeing as he was a arguido as well or would he have to have new evidence?

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    Alternatively, at 'Account Settings' choose 'Close My Account'.

    Have a good day, and stop spamming this blog. Thank you.


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