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Carlos Anjos: English mistake

Opinion article by Carlos Anjos, president of the Portuguese Commission for the Protection of Crime Victims, former head of the Judiciary Police Union

The head of the investigation into the disappearance of Maddie states that the English police has found 195 new investigation opportunities. Nevertheless, he was not capable of presenting a single new piece of evidence.

From everything that he said, there is nothing of true interest for the investigation, the only thing that stood out was a photograph with the "supposed" present looks of the little girl, 5 years after her disappearance, which was obtained through a computer program.

It should be said that this technique has never proved itself effective, and that the results obtained from it, when it was possible to compare them, have always demonstrated major differences from the real person.

But if we believe that presently Maddie looks like that photo, then the vast majority of the 195 new leads are misleading, because the people who said they saw the girl, based themselves on the photographs from when she was aged 3 and not on this one, that only became known at this moment, thus they are mistaken. The fact is that nobody knows how she will look today, in case she is alive.

In the absence of evidence, what was left was the pressure to reopen the investigation, direct it towards the crime of abduction, and clear the parents. Once this path comes to an end, the job will be done.

in Correio da Manhã, 27.04.2012


  1. the parents and i use that term loosely will never convince the majority of people that they are innocent in concealing the death of madeleine. we know the truth and we also care more about that child than they ever did ..karma is on its way ...

  2. He's said what everyone else is thinking

  3. Thats about it, they want to clear the parents - £3 million to do that. But rest assured it will not work, they cannot silence the silent majority who do not believe the child neglecting McCann's - remember this, if there was an abduction, then the McCanns caused it anyway.

  4. Yes, very well said. 195 opportunities in Saudi Arabia, among gypsies, in Buenos Aires...let the Yard investigate them.

  5. Redwood made his intentions obvious that this is about clearing the McCanns of suspicion, and not a serious investigation into what really happened to Madeleine. No investigator, worthy to be called that, could ever ignore those dogs and want to get themselves sidetracked chasing up bogus sightings. 'Sightings' that will go on and on for years, and a total waste of time, manpower, and money.

  6. Everyone is assuming the 195 things are sightings - and I don't think they are. SY are not that stupid.

  7. Anon 6

    No, they are not all sightings, some of them are from psychics as well.

    So what were all the millions the McCanns were sent supposed to be for, if not for investigating such things? Why don't the McCanns use it, book money and all.

    Why should the tax payers be expected to pay millions more to chase all over the world on the basis of very little except somebody says they saw a child that looks like Madeleine.

    These are not the kind of 'leads' Portugal needs to restart the case. They know what they are doing and what they are waiting for.

  8. Carlos Anjos is simply brilliant! He speaks with great assurance. Saw his recent interview on TVI with Julia Pinheiro and was impressed. He speaks with great assurance and clarity. I am a relatively newcomer to this case so I didn't know much about him - only vaguely.

    What he writes here, whether ID, the Portuguese Carter-Ruck, likes it or not, is the truth, nothing but the truth. It is simple and it explains.

  9. The pathetic parents said they want "the search for Madeleine reopened". Of course they want that: they just succeeded to keep a 30+ force and > 3 million £ devoted to the hunt of their ridiculous sightings and not finding the truth about what happened. Now if the Portuguese police join that hunt,and not the hunt for the guilty ones, they can comfortably rest on their responsible but now also rich a$$e$ being sure the world is on a ghost chase and not looking at them.

    When will there officialy, by a media institution or Sy or PJ asked: help us get started again bring yourself and your friends to PdL for a reconstruction.

    The McCanns don't want the case to reopen, they want everyone to look somewhere else.

  10. so, Carlos Anjos seems to be saying, that these so called 195 leads, ONLY consist of possible sightings and so not LEADS at all!!

    in other words, probably 195 people paid by the McCanns via their pretendy investigators, to CLAIM they saw some kid resembling Maddie.

    sheer madness wasting my own money (as a UK taxpayer)and yet there isn't enough money in the NHS to pay for the proper licenced injection that could save my sister's sight. The NHS will only pay for the slightly cheaper, unlicenced, and so far, ineffective injection.

    This case has really opened my eyes to corruption in the UK. when I watched the TV interview, I was so angry and frustrated that I actually felt physically ill and couldn't even sleep that night.

    How can this be happening in the 21st Century? It MUST mean that Gerry knows something that the leaders of this country want to hide at all costs. Literally at all costs.

    Aunty Anti

  11. Anti Aunti, There is obvious corruption at the very top, when it was revealed a couple of weeks ago by undercover journalists with their secret recording, that for a quarter of a million somebody could have a private dinner with Cameron and request whatever they like, and would no doubt get it by the sound of it. The money was supposedly for Conservative Party Funds.

    Did Murdoch bung Cameron such money on behalf of the McCanns to get this 'review', with only the 'leads' the McCanns want investigated, and no notice paid to the investigation carried out by the PJ or the work of the dogs, and which will result in the desired effect of a whitewash for the McCanns and blame on Portugal for having a useless police force?

    By the way, take note, they are ALL MASONS. Blair, Brown, Cameron, Murdoch, so perhaps they did it for free, as it is in their creed that they help one another.

    This should all be investigated by an independent body of people, though I doubt anything would come of it, because there is so much corruption, it is hard to trust anybody, even SY, as they have recently also been proven to have corruption at the top.

    Who on earth can we trust in the UK any more, if we can't even trust the cops?


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