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Defamation of Gonçalo Amaral by Marcos Aragão Correia and António Pedro Dores starts today at the Court of Faro

Joana Cipriano (pictured top-right), the eight-year old who was murdered 
and whose body was horrifically mutilated by her own mother and uncle

The lawyer [and self- proclaimed psychic] Marcos Aragão Correia and the university professor António Pedro Dores start being judged today at the Court of Faro for the alleged defamation of the former inspector of the Judiciary Police inspector Gonçalo Amaral, after two postponements of the first court session.

The former inspector who investigated Joana's disappearance, Leonor Cipriano's daughter, has sued both for publicly alluding to the alleged torture that Leonor was supposedly subjected to in a questioning.

Aragão Correia, Leonor Cipriano's lawyer, alleges that the courts have already proved that his client was tortured, however the Public Ministry has kept the accusation within the scope of the defamation process made by Gonçalo Amaral. The lawyer also recalls that Gonçalo Amaral, within the scope of the alleged torture of Leonor Cipriano [convicted along with her brother João for the homicide of her eight-year old daughter ], was declared guilty of the crime of false deposition and sentenced to a year and six months of suspended sentence.

Marcos Aragão Correia requested as witnesses for his defence the current head of the Portuguese Order of Lawyers, António Marinho e Pinto, the former director of the Odemira penitentiary Ana Maria Calado [in the five PJ inspectors trial it was alleged that inmates could have beaten Leonor Cipriano]. The trial should have started in February but was postponed to March 29 due to a legal expedient made by António Pedro Dores, professor and chairman of the ACED.

On March 29 the court postponed again the initial trial session for today because Gonçalo Amaral requested to be heard by video-conference, according to an explanation given by a lawyer who is intervening in the process. Absent from that session was the Madeira lawyer, Marcos Aragão Correia, who made an identical request to the court which forced the trial to be postponed for a second time.

in Correio da Manhã, April 18, 2012

Marcos Aragão Correia absent from the trial
Trial for the alleged defamation of Gonçalo Amaral started without the presence of the former PJ inspector and the Madeira lawyer

The trial for the alleged defamation of Gonçalo Amaral started today at the Court of Faro, after being postponed twice, without the presence of the former inspector of the Judiciary Police and the lawyer and arguido Marcos Aragão Correia.

In the court session scheduled for today only one of the arguidos appeared, António Pedro Dores, professor and president of the ACED.

According to the Court, Gonçalo Amaral refused to give his current address, giving as his residence the address of the PSP of Olivais headquarters in Lisbon.

Lusa News Agency, April 18, 2012

«The case shocked the country in the late summer of 2004.

Little girl Joana Guerreiro, aged 8, had disappeared from the village of Figueira, near Portimão. Her mother Leonor Cipriano gave the media many interviews where she lamented her daughter's disappearance.

Only a few days after the Polícia Judiciária started the investigations, Leonor and her brother João Cipriano were arrested for homicide. But the story would unravel with even more macabre details. The uncle confessed that he cut the girl into three pieces but never revealed where the body was hidden. As a matter of fact, until today Joana's body hasn't been found, which leads the defence lawyers to still entertain doubts about the child's real destiny.

In this report, João Cipriano, who remained silent throughout the entire trial, broke his silence and gave RTP a written interview. The Polícia Judiciária inspectors who took care of the case also speak out for the first time about one of the most complex investigations that the police force ever faced. (...)»

in Cipriano Case: Without a Trace of Joana (with video & transcript)


Leonor Cipriano’s lawyer confesses to lying to obtain a confession

‘Spanish detectives asked me to arrange for evidence against Gonçalo Amaral’

Leonor Cipriano’s lesions weren’t all caused at the same time

Leonor Cipriano changes her statement and says that her daughter was killed by the uncle

Joana Case: Crime of Rape Ignored to Save Money

Marcos Aragão Correia accused of defaming Gonçalo Amaral

Addendum to the Criminal Process for Defamation Against Marcos Aragão Correia

Cipriano Case: PJ Inspectors Accused at Faro Trial

PJ Inspectors enticed to betray Gonçalo Amaral

Cipriano case: Forensics launch doubt on photographs

Supreme Court of Justice - 'Joana case' ruling - Part I


  1. May the esteemed Mr Amaral win!

    Is this why there has been another "reported sighting" in the British press?
    Did anyone stop the child or adult with her? Or take a photograph?

    Hey ho - same old spin.

  2. @anon1
    Yes, I too wondered if the 'sighting' was related to the above but there are several current news items for their PR team to bury. And of course there is a book to sell.

    1) Amaral v Correia

    2) The Susanne Pilley murder trial. Gilroy sentenced to 18 years in a no-body murder case where cadaver dogs made positive alerts.

    3) Martin grime the dog handler in the McCann case is currently testifying in the US in another no-body murder case, that of 2 year-old Bianca Jones. Grimes was contracted by the FBI & flown from the UK to work on the case. His cadaver dog Morse hit in the father's apartment & car and also childs blanket.

  3. Yes, while many contributors to the UK Daily Mail yesterday (17th April) were on the lines of "may Madeleine be found soon, poor child," there were several who were more sceptical. Many criticised the announcement of the 'sighting' and pointed out that
    a) no one konws what the girl would look like now and
    b) the beaches of Spain would be full of fair-haired British girls, as it was half-term holiday!

  4. All the best to Dr Amaral. Looking forward to a speedy and successful outcome for him. He has been vilified for too long for performing his job. There should be justice for him and an end put to this.


    ...and the triggering of counter-PR activity by Clarence "Mickey Mouse" Mitchell of Burson-Marsteller (UKGB) - a close business associate of Lift Consulting (Portugal). Stand by for more...

    "Mickey Mouse" is of course, the McCanns' spokesperson and, least you forget, Tony Blair's media spinner who masterminded the "Iraq has weapons of mass destruction" campaign to justify another "oil war".

    "Mickey" is not a mere "spokesperson" for the McCanns'... he is an expert in "Reputation Management" (tailor-made specialized PR) who runs the "beatification" campaign of the McCanns' and no doubt an adviser to the McCanns' Madeleine business Fund.

    Predictably enough, DTNs (Diversion Tactic News) appeared in the London "Evening Standard" yesterday with more Maddie sightings innuendo :a


  6. Se a Leonor apanhou de socos até ficar preta, apanhou pouco.Se foi o caso, pena não ter apanhado mais.
    A figura materna deve ser a primeira a proteger a criança. Fico abismada de mães poderem ser assim. Mas muitas são. Coitadinha da Joana.
    Povo que não presta.

    Iara Gomes Pereira

  7. @2 "His cadaver dog Morse hit in the father's apartment & car and also childs blanket."

    The stupid father forgot to enlist Mickey Mouse as a spokesperson. Mind you, I don't think he would have been able to afford Carter-Ruck or a similar legal outfit in the US. If only he had hired Bill Burton! (spokesperson for Barack Obama)

    It didn't occur to him to set a Fund immediately afterwards did it? The father was stupid and got what he deserved.

    Meanwhile, others will go on telling their own story ad nauseam with total impunity. That's the law of compensations...

    PS Was the killing also accidental? Some kind of knock-out slap that went wrong? Just wondering...


    Dr. Amaral you don't even need luck! All you need is Justice!

    I hope Balão-Correia gets the shakes - I mean, the shackles... :o

    A. Reader

  9. To #3 above

    If that was PR then the news seemed to have started by a much smaller (and less conspicuous) news outlet.

    It would have been much easier for a PR agency to buy a small outfit to publish the pre-emptive news rather than London's "Evening Standard".

    All was needed afterwards was to alert the Standard for the news published in Spain...

    I think this is how counter-PR media activity must work. They do it in the less conspicuous way possible and then like a virus it spreads "matter-of-factly".


  10. 3@ no journalist believes that Maddie is still alive but they can not tell what they believe. Carter Ruck around the corner...
    They have to wait as long as we have to wait too.
    This new sighting has probably to do with next May the 3rd and to do with the SY work. Everybody knows thay are very near to a decision, not to a conclusion, because they have the conclusion already, sinds 2007.
    The question now is a)when to take the decision 2) where to take the decision and 3)how.
    The police action can not have any holes and I believe they got their own lawyers to advise them.
    I believe everything will be 110 % prepared before the Yard call Tapas 9 for an interview.Judges will have been warned, reservation of tickets to Faro will have been done( at least 2 one way tickets), baby sitters to the children will be standing by,bags packed...
    The police know what to do.
    Extradition of killers don't suffer any obstruction in Europe.
    Police work together, of course.
    At least the McCanns will go to Portugal as witnesses, not as arguidos.
    Obliged to go, they can't refuse, it is against the law.

  11. @3 "may madeleine be found soon, poor child...", I don't know who wrote that, the paper or a reader.
    If that was the complete sentence, I would miss: "...be found soon, alive and well..."
    no alive and well as far I understood it.

  12. Boa tarde!

    Começar, começou. O MAC não foi mais uma vez e GA deu como morada a Esquadra da Polícia da zona onde vive actualmente.Indicou como domicílio a esquadra da PSP dos Olivais, em Lisboa.

    Será que o Tribunal de Faro não comunicou para a Esquadra?

  13. Olá boa tarde MC, obrigada pela informação, ainda não vi nada, estive a traduzir e estou fora de PT - vou ver o que encontro. um beijinho

  14. Só diz isso. Vou colocar as ligações. Um é do DN Madeira, logo o 1º



    O texto é igual e o " recusar-se " não é bem assim.

    Eu faria o mesmo, já que se pode, GA não é tolo. Ainda lhe aparecia o MAC Barragem a pedir jantar.

    Bj.º e tudo de bom

    Eu mesma............ não vou fazer o log in pois demora mais.

  15. What date is the Amaral/McCann Libel trial set for Joana

  16. @15 As far as I know there's no set date yet, it could happen in late April, June, July or later this year, if - and this is a big if - the McCanns really go forward with their legal action. In my opinion they've lost all the basis to make their claims when they lost the successive attempts to ban Gonçalo Amaral's book, to silence him, ban V&C Films documentary, and when they lost they attempts to silence a whole TV channel. All the other actions that they're taking against various personalities from the Portuguese public life, journalists, Portuguese Citizens, are likely to fail on the same grounds that their injunction flunked in all the Superior Courts.

  17. Dr Amaral Sir

    Very best wishes to you.

    Go get 'em

    An English Lady

  18. Acho muito bem que o Dr. Amaral NÃO revele a sua actual morada, para evitar que "alguns fanáticos" fiquem com ideias...
    Ainda bem que deu a morada de esquadra, para sua protecção e tranquilidade e também do seu idoso pai.

    Vitória e força para si, Dr. Amaral!


    Joana at 16 "All the other actions that they're taking against various personalities from the Portuguese public life, journalists, Portuguese Citizens, are likely to fail on the same grounds".

    We were not aware of that! I thought "Mickey Mouse" Mitchell and the British Government, had only advised the McCanns' to sue the key figure - Gonçalo Amaral, who dared to offer an alternative view to the McCanns "official version" of events!

    So, those news vehiculated last year that they had sued Hernani Carvalho - the journalist, and Prof. Paulo Sargento - the Portuguese academic expert in forensic linguistics, were true after all. Jeeesus!

    Have they tried to sue you as well?

    The McCanns', their multi-million legal and PR outfit pose a genuine threat to the Portuguese Constitution!

    What is needed NOW is a Portuguese millionaire or two with a love of their culture, people and History to come forward with financial support to fight these aliens!

    That failing, someone ought to organize a proper defence fund - advertise it on the media, go out in the streets with collecting tins (as they do in Britain)- try football stadiums before and after a match!

    Inform! Inform! Inform! Otherwise the Portuguese Constitution ends up being flushed down the McCanns' dirty toilet!

    Wake up Portuguese and British* people! Wake up!

    *Thinking here of Tony Bennett who has also been lined-up for crucifixion by the "Sin-agogue"...

  20. Estimada MC

    Acerca da não comparência de Gonçalo Amaral em tribunal... eu penso que será pelas mesmas razoes do "Balão". Mora longe. Logo se um tem o direito a comparecer "virtualmente" o mesmo tem o outro. Simples.

    Quanto ao endereço, e preciso não esquecer que as acções dos "Mecanos" tornaram Gonçalo Amaral (anos antes de qualquer julgamento ou decisão de inocente ou culpado) numa pessoa sem meios.

    Forçado (psicologicamente) pelas acções dos "Mecanos" a abandonar esposa e filhas menores, Gonçalo Amaral agora não tem casa! Dorme em casa do pai e/ou no sofá de amigos... mas voltando ao arrestamento de todos seus bens pela ID - serviçal dos Mecanos... isto a meu ver, e já por si um grande infringimento dos direitos humanos do homem. Se se retira a uma pessoa todos os meios antes de qualquer julgamento para impossibilitar a defesa do mesmo, que tipo de justiça (ou circo) temos nós em Portugal?

    :e Revoltem-se escravos!

  21. Dear Joana would you kindly keep us up-to-date with the developments in Faro? Much obliged! Is Marino Pint attending?


    Creio que já se sabia que o Dr. Gonçalo Amaral não iria estar fisicamente presente no julgamento provavelmente para poupar nas passagens, comida e pensão. Pelo menos na Santa Casa da Misericórdia em Lisboa sempre tem sopa de graça. Não esquecer que todos os bens do Dr. Amaral foram arrestados pelos McCanns' com a intenção de impedir que ele se defendesse(diz-se). Como a Justiça Portuguesa foi nessa, não faço ideia. Um cheque ou dois, calculo.

    Por outro lado não percebo bem porque o distinto médium ira estar presente só em espírito. Certamente que para ser representado pela distinta advogada Madame Duarte - a advogada dos McCann (cobra na faixa de £1500/hora, consta) teria de ter dinheiro para avião privado e um "5 estrelas". Sera pelo medo e pela vergonha no caso de perder? Espero bem que sim! Um traidor a soldo destes pais de meia-tigela que abandonaram a filha a sorte devia mais era ter vergonha na fronha!



    For those unfamiliar with MAC's arguments we suggest you read the comments provided below by a practising British lawyer, who (surprise! surprise!) is also being hounded by the multi-million legal apparatus of the McCanns' in Britain - the "sinister" Carter-Ruck ensemble.

    Important to bear in mind that Marcos Aragão Correia was, by his own admission, paid by Metodo3 - the McCanns' former rent-a-cop outfit in Spain and is now represented in court by one of the very expensive lawyers working for the McCanns in Portugal - Madame Isabel Duarte. Please read on. Link below.


  24. Posters on the Panorama website are suggesting that Mr Amaral did not attend the hearing as he is in hiding and avoiding the case as he knows he can't win. I suppose we will just have to await further developments, to see how true this is or not.


    @ 24 "Mr Amaral did not attend the hearing as he is in hiding and avoiding the case as he knows he can't win."

    Which posters? There are no posters on the Panorama website (...)

    At any rate by the same logic, Aragão-Correia would be scared s**tless! He is not attending either (...) but I would not be surprised if things turned against Gonçalo Amaral.

    For a start Aragão Correia's lawyer is no more no less than the meritorious Isabel Duarte - one of the McCanns' expensive "designer lawyers" in Portugal - charging about £1500/hour some reckon, and money talks...

    Add to that the fact Marinho Pinto, the head of the Portuguese Lawyers Order, was in the past instrumental in manipulating a court into "criminalizing" Gonçalo Amaral and is now, believe it or not, a star witness for the McCanns' in their £1 million+ defamation gambit against Amaral (...)

    If the McCanns' were able to engage the favours of the British government from the very start - adding to that the recent involvement of David Cameron/Scotland Yard... then anything is possible.

    My only hope is the Portuguese minister of Justice, Paula Teixeira da Cruz who abhors Marinho Pinto's street-seller antics will be alert to any gross misconduct of justice, still... ministers come below prime-ministers and we all know there is political subservience at play in this case.

    When Amaral was found guilty last time everyone knew there had been a gross misconduct of justice but the sentence stood or "the target was hit" - as Aragão Correia - "the McCanns' errand boy", put it.

    The whitewash (via the denigration of the PJ investigation headed by Gonçalo Amaral) could be total! If in doubt watch the Burson-Marsteller BBC Panorama "reputation management" programme on the 30th...

    Until then...


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