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Gonçalo Amaral interviewed by Judite de Sousa


Judite de Sousa [JS]: Here in the studio I have Gonçalo Amaral, the inspector of the Judiciary Police that has lead the investigations five years ago in situ to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. Good evening, Gonçalo Amaral.

Gonçalo Amaral [GA]: Good evening.

JS: In your opinion what causes Scotland Yard to, suddenly, ask the Judiciary Police to re-open the process and to categorically state that there are 195 new opportunities to investigate?

GA: Well, we have to understand the timing, understand the moment... Yesterday was the 25 of April1 it's important because it's the day of freedom and democracy is celebrated in Portugal, and a foreign power, or someone from a foreign power is telling us: "It's like this, reopen it!". It's important. We are a few days away of the sad anniversary of the child's disappearance, a tragic moment... We are one year after that team started their investigation, where they've spent millions of pounds; they have been questioned back in England about that. To say that they have 195 opportunities of investigation - I have to ask, why is that? Why do they still have 195, why don't they have only 5?

JS: How do you explain that number? 195 avenues of investigation?

GA: They speak about sightings, about visions by mediums, in things that were produced, various things that have been produced over the years and well produced regarding those sightings, now the English police has to pass the ball to the Portuguese police and we are left with the onus and expenses of investigating. It is important to reopen the process, nobody should doubt that, but to reopen the process without limitations, the way they want to limit us.

JS: What are the limitations they want to impose on us?

GA: They want to impose an abduction. Actually they speak about two possibilities, that she could be alive or dead. And that is what it is.2

JS: No, Scotland Yard say that...

GA: No, Scotland Yard affirmed that the child could be alive or dead.

JS: ... she could be alive.

GA: Or could be dead. Don't forget the "could be dead". It's about 50% chances. And that is the real sadness. It's been five years and we still do not know what happened to this child and it is our fault. It's ours!

JS: Ours? Of whom?

GA: Of our Justice system, of our Attorney General who allowed this investigation to be shelved. In September 2007 we had reached certain conclusions, they were interim conclusions, and a criminal investigation needs to be concluded. It needs to be finished. The investigation was never allowed to arrive at an end. It was important to understand if the conclusions we had arrived at then could, in the end, be proved or disproved, be or not different - that is how a proper criminal investigation should proceed.

JS: Why, in your opinion, did the Portuguese General Attorney's Office decided to archive the process?

GA: Because we are Portuguese and they are English - as simple as that. We are small and they are big. This is what is happening right now.

JS: Then, do you defend the thesis that there were political pressures?

GA: There are no doubts about that. Just recently our current prime minister was in England, he held talks with David Cameron and spoke or was told (about this case)3. It would have been important for our prime-minister to speak first with those who were involved in the investigation in order to have a better understanding of what happened…

JS: But it becomes difficult for those that are viewing and listening to us, to comprehend for what reason the political power in London or a police with the prestige of Scotland Yard are so focused, committed on this case, five years later, particularly since the process has long been archived in Portugal. What do you think is the true motivation behind this review?

GA: Do you really believe that they are focused, committed? They speak about a 28-man squad, from the Scotland Yard... Allow me to inform you that it is just a metropolitan police of a city, of the city of London. Here in Portugal the investigation was done by the Judiciary Police, a much higher rank police, with jurisdictional competence for the whole country, which is not the case of the Metropolitan police. Let's be clear about this, we [Portuguese Judiciary Police] are what we are, but maybe we can be equally or even better than they are - that is the issue. Now, concerning those 284 police officers, they investigated (the case files)5 and arrived to the conclusion: "We have 195 hypothesis of". Well, the question is why do they still have 195? Why not just 5? Don't you see?

JS: So you think that they say 195, just as they could say 10, 15, 20, 200, 300?

GA: They have to justify the money they have spent. It would have been better if they had said only five. That would have been meaningful, it would mean that they had closed the range of possibilities. To say that they have 20, 30, 40, 195, 200, 300, 400... Look, of sightings by psychics, dreams by mediums, we had hundreds, dozen, thousands of those, take your pick. Now facts, indicia, all that is in the report made in September of 2007 put together by the Judiciary Police and by the English police - let's not forget the fact that it was the local police where the McCann couple lives that was working with us, not the Metropolitan police. Here we have the Judiciary Police that has the national competence to investigate criminal cases, for a good reason... Therefore that that was established [in the report] at the time cannot be refuted. Why are they asking us to re-open the case now? It's important to re-open the process but as Dr.Rogério Alves [McCann couple lawyer, mentor of their legal strategy in Portugal] said recently "there must be solid facts" to re-open the process. He knows very well that when the process is reopened, one step will immediately ensue, and that is the reconstruction of the facts [events of May 3, 2007]. And that reconstruction of the facts, that may be useful or not for those who were suspects, has to be done, it's the first step that needs to be done in proceeding terms in Portugal. And that didn't take place...

JS: Gonçalo Amaral, so you defend that the process should be re-opened?

GA: Yes I do, I have always defended the re-opening 6, actually it's something the McCann couple never defended, only recently, after two or three years, they've started to defend a review of the sightings - and that is what is being done. The re-opening of the process in Portugal, with all the indicia that are contained in the process, it was never defended by them. Note that when the process was archived in 2008, there were three suspects: Robert Murat and the McCann couple. Any of the three could have opposed to the process archival, some received 500.000 pounds of compensation from the British media whilst others kept quiet. Why? Because it wasn't their interest for the investigation to carry on, but the investigation needs to go on.

JS: You are talking about the child's parents?

GA: I am talking about all of them, of all those that were considered suspects.

JS: Do you maintain that...?

GA: The investigation needs to go on. If someone stopped, someone as an arguido, as a suspect, for example in the case of Robert Murat, if he believes, due to his own personal motives, that he doesn't have to advance with a request asking the re-opening of the investigation - he received a compensation from the English newspapers - that's fine.

JS: You maintain the belief that this child is not alive?

GA: I have one opinion. Just like that gentleman [Andy Redwood] has one opinion, "I have one opinion", he said, "that she is alive", I have the opinion that she is dead. I have the right to have my own opinion. I and other police officers, I and other [forensic] technicians, and my opinion is an opinion based on facts, unlike his who I don't know if it is based on evidence, or if it is based on pseudo-sightings, or where it is based exactly. I wrote a book where I underlie my firm belief and the facts that support my opinion, that gentleman said "we've looked at this [the process], and it's like this"... but he doesn't explain the reasons.

JS: And do you also maintain the belief of the parents responsibility in the cadaver's disappearance?

GA: Notice one thing, a criminal investigation has its own dynamics, we begin at a point and we bring it to an end. By September 2007 we had reached certain conclusions, and it would have been necessary to validate those conclusions, to advance or not in that path, we had to carry on with the investigation. That is a criminal investigation. Then someone says "you have to stop the investigation" and no progress was made since. What is left is what was made known in the process and in my book [Maddie, The Truth of the Lie]. And was expressed in the book because we were accused of several things, I was accused of several things, and that book came out in my defence. By the way, let me tell you that the book copies were formally returned today, finally after several years [7.500 book copies were seized after a McCann couple injunction].

JS: And it's going to be placed again in the bookshops.

GA: I believe so, yes. People have the right to read the book...

JS: Gonçalo Amaral, what are...?

GA: Now, those were conclusions arrived at a determined moment of the investigation, they are not final conclusions. They are interim, and people have to understand that.

JS: What should be the Oporto's Judiciary Police team line of investigation if the process is re-opened?

GA: Oporto's team has no chance of investigating the process, the events took place in the Algarve, as much as they wish, as much competence they have, they can't - they're too far away from it [as to time, crime scene/terrain and circumstances]. It's logical that it is important for someone to be distanced, in terms of location and time, but they don't stand any chances, they really don't, because it all took place in Algarve. Either the investigation is made by the Algarve or between the Lisbon and Algarve Judiciary Police, or is investigated in England as it should be. In fact, the English police, Scotland Yard have the money to support the costs, they can spend an extra few million pounds and investigate what happened to a British subject, that is, Madeleine McCann, of English nationality.

JS: Gonçalo, explain me one issue. In your point of view, what are the reasons that led the National Judiciary Police Directorate to send to Oporto the Maddie McCann case?

GA: The reasons? They were justified by Dr. Pedro do Carmo, because of the distance, because of the geographical distance, the distance in terms of people, but in terms of competence...

JS: And what do those reasons tell you?

GA: In Lisbon, for example the former DCCB7, the current National Unit Against Terrorism have much more experienced people - I'm not talking about competence - but much more experienced people in the area of abductions, kidnappings, disappearances and so on, than Oporto has. Oporto only has...

JS: So, you don't understand that decision?

GA: My colleague, that I know very well, Dr. Helena Monteiro, has a big case, the case of the young woman from Lamego, that disappeared there and later appeared close to the motorway connection to Régua8, it's an important case but the young woman was dead, she had been there for a month, and they could have located her with a GPS, but well...To state that they have a great experience [in missing people cases] it doesn't make much sense.

JS: But are you saying that your colleagues from Oporto....

GA: They are very competent, have no doubts about that. They are police officers, they are competent, they are criminal investigators, they are competent.

JS: But you don't believe that they can solve this case?

GA: Too many pages. Too much indicia, too many things that need to be read, and sometimes it's difficult to read 9.

JS: Gonçalo Amaral, what happened to your team? To the persons who worked with you during the investigation to this case?

GA: They are being persecuted, case by case, they are being persecuted. The last case was with my colleague, Ricardo Paiva 10, who was a target of an entrapment, an entrapment at facebook [social site], and Dr. Pedro do Carmo immediately stated that he had violated a number of duties, etc. It's interesting because Pedro do Carmo....

JS: One question...

GA: Allow me to conclude, in terms of disciplinary processes Dr. Pedro do Carmo was the person who had to make a decision, and immediately before any investigation is made to that incident, he stated that Ricardo Paiva had violated the secrecy of, a series of duties, and we have to ask, why does this happen? Why does someone, a deputy director of the Judiciary Police, comes to the public, on his tiptoes11, speaking against him [a colleague]? It's because they are witnesses. Ricardo Paiva is one of my witnesses in the process the McCann couple have against me, and why do these directors, these people who are now directors - at this moment they are representing the Judiciary Police, but they are not the Judiciary Police - the Judiciary Police has a history, beyond these directors...

JS: Let me go back to the point that you just made, what you are saying is that your colleagues that remain active, in the Judiciary Police, are being persecuted?

GA: There are no doubts about that.

JS: Inside the Judiciary Police?

GA: Inside the Judiciary Police.

JS: They are suffering retaliations?

GA: They are suffering retaliations, simply because they worked with me. I can't go to the police, I can't contact anyone because immediate retaliations follow. That has happened before. Therefore I limit myself to the life in my neighbourhood, it's a pretty neighbourhood, very close to the EXPO, where I lived for forty years, and now I'm back again.

JS: Did this case ruined you?

GA: It didn't ruin me per se, I live through this moment of crisis like all of us are. I am surviving, and will continue to do so. I will go on with calm and serenity.

JS: Gonçalo Amaral, thank you so much for coming here tonight to 'News at 8'.

GA: Thank you, good night.

1. 25 of April is the commemorative date of the end of the dictatorship in Portugal in 1974, known as Carnation Revolution.
2. Meaning: whether or not it is of value.
3. PM Pedro Passos Coelho met British Prime Minister David Cameron at Nº10 Downing Street in London on 18 April 2012.
4. Operation Grange team comprises 28 detectives and seven civilian support staff.
5. The "195 new leads conclusion" was announced to the world in a BBC Panorama show broadcast last week, after one year of reviewing the Judiciary Police investigation case files, the "work" of dubious quality and unknown results done by the several private detectives (Kevin Halligen, Metodo 3) hired by the McCann couple and the work by the English police in cooperation with the PJ. According to the UK media the review has cost UK taxpayers two million pounds so far and there is not a foreseeable deadline for its conclusion.
6. Gonçalo Amaral wants to reopen Maddie's process May 4, 2009 and Amaral and former policemen are investigating the “Maddie” case April 30, 2009
7. Direcção Central do Combate ao Banditismo (DCCB) da Polícia Judiciária, that is the 'Central Directorate of Fight Against Crime' or 'General Anti-Crime Directorate' of the Judiciary Police substituted by the Unidade Nacional Contra-Terrorismo (UNCT) that is the 'National Unit Against Terrorism'.
8. Read: 'Special Unit from the Judiciary Police found Carina'
9. Perhaps a reference to «She is consumed with the hunt for her daughter, every day she will spend 3 hours reading documents, looking for the vital clue which will answer the question that has tortured her and Gerry for 21 agonising months.» in Mirror tabloid, Jan. 31, 2009 or more likely, to the record analysis and read of the whole process that has dozens of volumes, thousands of pages and to the moment of its archival by the two prosecutors related to the case, all made in 20 days, between the 1st of July and the 21st of July of 2008.
10. Read: McCann affair: PJ Inspector caught in internet trap March 10, 2012
11. Idiomatic expression "pôr-se em bicos de pés", literal translation "to stand on tiptoe", meaning someone who talks too much about an issue that they know nothing about, or someone who seeks attention/notoriety without having the full facts in their power.

in TVI, Jornal das 8, 26.04.2012 | First published on April 27, 2012 - Republished on May 10, 2012

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    Obrigada. Não há nada como ser uma "expert"!

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  4. As an Englishman I fee it my duty to make sure the people of Portugal know that many of us - the man and woman in the street in the UK - do not believe the McCann fairy tale.

    No matter what our political masters manage to do, the fact is that there is no evidence that any abduction took place.

    From the McCann's own claims we know that there was no opportunity, unless the story that for some reason everyone helped the McCann's check their children, yet the McCann's helped no one look after theirs is not true. The MCann's are forever trapped between their own lies. If they didn't check the children then there would have been opportunity. If they did, then there was no opportunity.

    However, the dogs do not lie and in any other case their reactions would have been accepted. The child died in the apartment, probaby concealed in the flower bed when Wilkins met McCann.

    Let them spin their lies and waste millions, it will do them no good. You cannot fool all of the people all of the time.

  5. Custa-me imenso assistir ao calvario que este homem está a passar. Oxalá um dia eu assista à vitória da verdade!

  6. the stupid and evil mccanns think they have got away with their crime ,what they should know at their age is THERE IS A PRICE TO PAY FOR EVERY WRONG DOING IN THIS LIFE .THEY WILL PAY NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT ...

  7. I thought that documntary was very anti McCanns.

    Redwood never said there was an abduction,

    Sandra "what about the dogs, Gerry?" was interviewed, and allowed to say that the people of Portugal believe Madeleine is dead, and believe Amaral's theory
    Noone contradicted her statements

    They even showed the dogs alerting to Madeleine's death - noone refuted what was found, and it may be the first time many viewers actually saw that footage!

    Redwood never actually answered a question directly.

    To me it was a way of Panorama telling the truth without actually spelling it out.

    Because of that Panorama programme, some of my friends who believed the Mccanns, now think they are liars.

    I think the programme did the McCanns a lot of harm. GOOD.

    I believe there is now much hope for Amaral.

    aunty Anti

  8. It was clear from an interview with AR on ITV on 27 April, when asked why he believes Maddy is still alive, he was unable to give a rational factual answer to that question. He stumbled. Forensic Linguistic analysis would conclude that his rational mind does not believe that is the case. One possibility is that he has to say it because he s required to do so.

  9. aunty Anti

    Any program that can dismiss the work of the dogs like Panorama did, and not even mention their alerting to blood and cadaver scent, stinks to high heaven, because that was a damnable lie told for a start. Gerry McCann will be pleased.

    As for the rest of it, just another stinking PR attempt to whitewash the McCanns via their 'abduction scenario', courtesy of joker Redwood, all perfectly time for the release of Kate McCann's book.

  10. My own review of this case.

    May 2007 it became a media circus, caused by Murdoch an his empire.
    His empire dominated the happenings, attacking Portugal and black mailing the British government: they had to help the McCanns.A terrible time for the PJ. Millions of news papers were sold every day, good for the empire business and for other papers.And then we got the McCanns as suspects, again millions of sold out papers,news on tv channels etc, till the McCanns engaged Carter Ruck and the storm finished.It was at the beginning of 2009.

    News about Madeleine case became boring and uninteresting.

    In my opinion, the Murdoch empire stimulated the McCanns to ask the government for a review. Kate and Gerry started to insist and to persist on it since November 2010, supported by News of the World,Sun and by Murdoch.With such a powerful organisation backing them, they felt safe. In 2011 Kate published her book with the support of the Sun, she became the woman of the year in the UK.

    But Murdoch realised that the story had gotten boring, he pressured Cameron to send the Met to Portugal, and we got a whole new story.
    Again millions of papers sold.

    I wonder if the McCanns were happy with Cameron's decision.
    I bet they didn't expect that.

    The media are nobody's friends, never been. They want to sell, that's all.

    With the Scotland Yard taking place in the review, the media will again make money.

    But will they, the Met, accept a pressure of Murdoch for some reason?
    Murdoch deciding to save the McCanns at the last moment?

    Are we already near to the climax of this saga?

    But it is possible that the next tsunami will be the truth, a trial, and millions of sold out papers, if Murdoch agrees with it.

    My feeling is that Andy Redwood is a honest man. But will he survive a Murdoch storm?

    I can't believe that all of the 37 Met men are corrupt.
    I believe in abuse of power.

  11. Anon 10

    No, all the Met men working on this case aren't corrupt. Unfortunately, they are not the ones leading the investigation, they are the ones merely taking the orders.

    What they really think about it we will never know as they have to play follow the leader.

    It is the PJ who are showing they always were the professionals in all this, refusing to be led by the nose by the McCanns, and even when Dr Amaral left the case, drawing the conclusion that Madeleine died in the apartment.

    As for Redwood, what a let down this SY man is, ignoring the work of the dogs, blood, and cadaver scent, in favour of chasing the McCann's elusive 'abductor' who according to the McCanns supposedly broke the shutter to get in through the window, or maybe to get out, or maybe not at all, and then cleaned the place up after him, and obligingly washed the curtains. That is besides spiriting away a blue bag the McCanns say never existed, although the dogs had alerted to the place it had been caught on camera the night Madeleine supposedly disappeared.

    Not to mention the McCanns hire car the dogs alerted to, with the very bad smell that was hard to get rid of, and the Smith sighting of a lookalike Gerry McCann carrying a lookalike Madeleine towards the beach area that night.

    And so it goes on, so much more, and yet Redwood is willing to chase on regardless, pushing the leads the McCanns want pursued.

    Redwood has already shown those who have been following this case that he is not on top of it at all, yet there he goes, promoting the 'abduction scenario' for the McCanns. From the McCanns point of view, very obliging no doubt.

    From the point of view of all those PJ who put so much effort into solving the case, it must be utterly disappointing and disheartening that this SY guy who calls himself a professional investigator can ignore the real investigation in favour of flimflam.

  12. The only reason Redwood said Maddie is still alive is because the McCanns will sue him if he says she is dead.

  13. Compare the logic and clarity of Amaral with the clueless Redwood. Anyone can see the McCann's want the case opened on their terms only to close it again with a conclusion that absolutely exonerates them....closure for the family. Portugal, you must FIGHT back!

  14. Eddie and Keela as well as the Gaspar couple's statements are abolute tabus for the English police. Why? By the way, have they interviewed all the Tapas and confronted them with their lies and inconsistencies. Shall I guess?

  15. No 9..

    I agree with your comments, I remember reading that the death scent found on Kate Mccanns clothes and cuddle cat were due to her dealing with a number deaths in her work before the holiday !!!!

    Surely to God this would be easy to investigate than the hundreds of supposed abductor/s.

    I had high hopes that Redwood would solve this case but I am now of the opinion it will never be solved.

    I feel that the PJ have been treated dreadful by our media and our Police.

    I suppose in the near future there will be t shirts etc for sale to find Maddie and promote a few more millions for the fund.

  16. Redwood clearly stated in one interview that parental involvement can be excluded and that this is a conspiracy theory. He also stated that it was a stranger abduction.

    This leaves no room to wriggle about and clearly also excludes the fear of a libel suit or he would have phrased it otherwise. This is a point of no return for him and the investigation and there will be no truth coming out of Britain or this investigation ever.

    We can hope for the Portuguese, it is the last hope we got, certainly not the plods from the Yard.

  17. GREAT MAN! Such dignity and serenity in the face of adversity!
    An example to us all!


  18. Cara Maria (MC),
    a uma "ladra" assim tão querida perdoa-se tudo!

    Com admiração e estima, um abraço (extensivo à Joana e Astro),


  19. Sorry for the delay to all non-Portuguese speaking blog readers, my last day in Paris, loads of things to do before I leave. Will continue the transcript as soon as possible. Thanks for your understanding.

  20. Joana - you`re such a treasure doing all this work for us non-Portuguese speaking people, thank you so much.

    I can`t speak Portuguese but still watch GA`s interviews and notice how relaxed he is, without ever having to raise his voice or exaggerate a point.

    In all the many people I know in UK, friends, family, colleagues, there is only one who believes the McCanns and I must say she only has superficial knowledge. Even friends that merely read the press still don`t believe the abduction story. The press are fanning the flames of a rift between our 2 countries and I just cannot understand why. Is it really just to sell newspapers or is there something more sinister behind this?

  21. If SY fail to solve this case, they have achieved no more than the PJ whom they dare to criticise.
    There is no doubt in my mind that their failure to investigate the dogs findings further is a sure sign the outcome of their review was predetermined.
    What did the dogs find that warranted a forensic investigation? The results of which were said to be inconclusive in proving the sample's of blood and cadaverine came from Maddy. Who else could they have come from? No one else was dead or missing?
    If from rotting meat as has been suggested. Why was this in the lounge, bedroom wardrobe, flowerbed and hire car rather than in the kitchen or dustbin where one might expect to find it?
    Never forget, the dogs found evidence of blood and death, who's other than Maddy's could it have been?

  22. Joana: tem mail com a transcrição completa mas a ouvir primeiro para ver o que não está bem .


  23. I can`t believe SY have fallen for the TM story. AR gives evidence as the timeline the T7/GM gave them and says there is a window of opportunity ! But you can`t tell me that any copper in this world, let alone a supposed crack squad, would not be immediately suspicious of a parent who is supposed to be in shock, merely an hour or so after his daughter has gone missing and who he claims has been abducted, would have the clarity of mind to remember and write down a list of supposed checks. No way, and the coppers must know this - if not, they are either idiots or pretending to be idiots.

  24. No matter that some people may think Madeleine died by accident in the holiday apartment, it is my belief she was KILLED there by somebody. If this is so, then there is A KILLER on the loose, and no amount of excuses that may be made for that person, or the reason they did it, can ever take that away. Also, if that person could kill once, they are very dangerous, and could certainly kill again, and other young children are in danger because of that.

    Once the cadaver dog had alerted to a death in the apartment, the case should have turned into a murder investigation, and should be reopened as such. What an injustice for Madeleine that certain people want it all swept under the carpet and closed.

  25. Dr Amaral saying 'They want to impose an abduction' just about sums it up.

    The McCanns 'abduction scenario' brainwashing now continues with the blessing of SY, and is becoming more sinister as they will no doubt attempt to use it as extra ammunition against those who disagree with them.

    As for Redwood, the man is not fit for purpose, if his purpose is really to find out what happened to Madeleine, having demonstrated he is nowhere near on top of the information surrounding this case, and by dismissing the work of a top notch cadaver dog like Eddie, it shows there is something very rotten in the state of SY itself.

    No cop worth his salt would ever ignore alerts from a dog like this, who has been proved correct each time on the hundreds of occasions he has been used.

    Perhaps the demanding, manipulative, and domineering McCanns will eventually succeed in making it mandatory that all people wear badges saying we support and believe the McCanns, and if not, we can expect a letter from Carter Ruck with dire threats, or even a visit from SY themselves, handcuffs at the ready.

    Disgusting and sick farce to stifle free speech that this is turning into, it would not surprise me at all.

  26. Joana, your site preserves my sanity. It reminds me there are other intelligent, articulate people out there who will not accept this scandal; who understand how important this really is. I'm beginning to think that the exploitation of the British people (and Madeleine McCann's memory) will be Murdoch's darkest hour.

  27. Very sadly, I had relectantly come to the same conclusion of anonymous (above). Studying past cases of British missing children, of course CLASS- ie white professionals all- made the case more important to the police abrosad and here. In my experience, police officers are always reluctant to think that professionals, living in a georgeous new mansion, must be right and someone must have abducted that poor child.
    I wholeheartedly agree with anonymous (above) that dogs do not lie- they are mostly correct, because they are not human with conflicts of interest.
    Unless those dogs had been offered a treat secreted inm in the boot of the car, they did what they were trained to do- only that.
    Okay- the famous case and judge's comment "why didn't the dog bark?"-an old murder case- is one factor. That is, the dog is a dog.

  28. The only reason I found for the huge support McCanns have been received since May 2nd 2007 from media, from certain rich uk people and the government itself and from diplomatic corredor must have been related with something that cannot be from public domain. Whatever may have happened to Madeleine worth the silence and agreement from a certain group of persons that have a huge interest to keep this subject in a private domain. One has to understand what kind of service is available in OC, how many from the guest list have been there before and how many from the same list have been sending money to the Fund. One good review it would be to know where were exacty every guest between May 2nd and May 3rd. Credit cards, phone records, cameras would be useful. I'm not surprised to know this information was not available for police eyes....


    Anon 28 "The only reason I found for the huge support McCanns have been received since May 2nd 2007 from media...must have been related with something that cannot be from public domain."

    You may be right, but I would add to the equation the dynamics of British ideology and cultural hegemony (...) as Antonio Gramsci aptly pointed out "nationalism is the most insidious and powerful of all ideologies" - a point the "mass masters" never miss...

    Also, you have to bear in mind who is behind the "reputation management"...Clarence "Mickey Mouse" Mitchell, no more no less.

    Who is Clarence Mitchell?

    Former head of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown Media Monitor unit. The latter sent him to Portugal to spin for the McCanns' after his success in helping to propagate the lie Iraq had weapons of mass destruction in order to justify another "oil war" and, some cynics say, win contracts and money to the ailing British economy - which is where your theory would fit(...)

    "Mickey Mouse", the McCanns' spokesperson is now (surprise! surprise!) the head of Burson-Marsteller UK - one of the most prestigious "reputation management" agencies in the world - closely associated with Lift Consulting in Portugal. Together they are perfectly capable to get Hitler a Nobel Prize for Peace (if he was still around) let alone turn water into wine or an accidental death (say) into an abduction.

    Whether they will be able to influence the Portuguese justice system remains open to speculation but the McCanns have already secured as lawyers and/or witnesses:

    Rogerio Alves - former president of the Portuguese Lawyers Association...

    Isabel Duarte - recent candidate to the Portuguese Lawyers Association...

    Marinho "Photoshop" Pinto - actual president of the Portuguese Lawyers Association.

    And have succeeded to some extent to assassinate the character of Gonçalo Amaral and Ricardo Paiva - a PJ officer closely associated with the initial investigation and a key witness for Gonçalo Amaral...

    The sums involved must be astronomical but who cares? The Fund pays...

    Just an opinion. No allegations made.

  30. How many more years will the Mc Canns try to fool people. If they really loved Maddie they would tell the truth. They hold the last peice of the puzzle


    R.F.Wilson writes from London:

    "The way things are going Madeleine McCann could soon become a worldwide franchise with a turnover that may rival that of the Elvis estate.

    Let’s face it, never before has child abduction been commercialised to an extent as it happened with Madeleine. Many thousands of children have vanished in the past, with no hint of what could have happened to them, but never have grieving parents become international celebrities, with their own staff and, more importantly, with the full backing of the media.

    It’s as if the man from downstairs himself is orchestrating this whole campaign, letting the crusade to find Madeleine to run on and on, with money coming in as if out of nowhere.

    The last portion of the tearful parents plugging their cause came in a video made to mark the fifth anniversary of Madeleine’s disappearance, with Kate and Gerry telling the world that their younger twins who were only two when their sister vanished, telling them that when they grow up they will help in the search for her.

    It’s a great line if you think about it but there’s only one problem with it: just like many times before the couple avoids mentioning the fact that they left their small children alone. Not a word of regret or remorse. Just weepy words about their pain of losing their child.

    And it might have been acceptable, to be honest, if not for one sinister side of it; as you read these dozens of Scotland yard detectives are involved in trying to establish whether the Portuguese police missed something during that initial investigation five years ago at the public’s expense. Supposedly around 200 ‘leads’ have been uncovered missed by the clumsy local cops that might help find Madeleine.

    But even with such an impressive tally of leads the Portuguese authorities refused to re-open investigation citing lack of any new facts. And that obviously takes the gloss off the Scotland Yard investigation.

    Unfortunately for the McCanns, the public mood is not on their side. In fact, if not for the PC brigade’s effort to turn them into ‘martyrs’ they would have struggled now to raise a single penny.

    Most people are obviously irritated by their stubborn persistence to turn their own misdemeanour into some sort of heroic devotion to their daughter.

    Any reasonable person would be asking him or herself: how come the couple got away so lightly for abandoning their small children that night?

    And why is it that social services have not taken the twins into care, considering that their parents have broken the law, both in Portugal and in Britain?



    "JS: Why, in your opinion, did the Portuguese General Attorney's Office decided to archive the process?

    GA: Because we are Portuguese and they are English - as simple as that. We are small and they are big. This is what is happening right now."

    I always thought that and now to convince me further I see Passos Coelho - the Portuguese PM in a subservient visit to his Conservative counter-part in London - ostensibly to discuss the economy, the British loans (and their exploitative interest rates) and shhhh... the re-opening of the Maddie McCann case on a strictly "sightings and abduction-only" basis.

    "The argument dear Passos..." says Cameron rubbing his right hand on Coelho's trousers, "is all here in this BBC/Burson-Marsteller "McCannorama" preview! Listen to our prestigious Scotland Yard... Oh! forget all those allegations of racism and corruption in the force; don't mention those 150,000 children that go missing in England every year (2007 figures) - no one is perfect!"

    "But..." says Passos Coelho..."we only had 34 missing children in Portugal in 2007! How come you guys got 150,000! Are the parents here killing their own children and eating them for breakfast? 150,000! Jeesus!"

    "Shut up you twit or we cut off your credit!" Shouts Cameron (...)

    Oh Dear! :o

    Shouldn't Passos-Coelho instead, be allowing the PJ to re-open the case on the basis of witness contradictions and down-right lies alone?

    For all we know from the OFFICIAL PJ files, such move was likely to be followed by a warrant to have the McCanns and their friends, back in Portugal for a reconstruction.

    Chances are they would all end up, at the very least, charged for abandoning their children to their fate. And this is forensic dogs aside. Dogs' don't lie...

    Let the McCanns' designer lawyers and allies in Portugal (e.g. Marinho "Photoshop" Pinto Head of the Bar) wriggle their tails out of the McCanns' charade if they can...

    The thing is, Portugal needs sterling in their coffers and if the McCanns' "Fund" can afford the £1000+ per hour of Portuguese designer lawyers and the expensive consultancy, marketing and PR fees of Lift Consulting(PT) fine.

    Come on Coelho! Awake the historical giant within. Stop the McCanns' using the Portuguese flag as their a** cloth.

  33. The only one telling the truth is Goncalo Amaral. And the dogs. The poor twins what a sad life for them. They did nt ask to be born into this mess. It needs to be sorted before it ruins their lives. They should have a normal life the Mccanns should tell the truth. whatever that is.

  34. There are so many ways to look at this case that I couldn't even begin to start, unless I was A. miller who has the patience to do so.

    But here's an angle. If Amaral was happy with the Met, the McCann's would be suspicious. The only thing they have at their disposal at the moment is money, PR and some dodgy media connections. Thankfully the media connections are dwindling.

    The PR is making some serious mistakes, or so it would seem, eg taxi driver but it could be argued that Clarence is 'acting on instructions', those instructions are very informative, are they not?

    The 'sightings' are also informative, there could be convenient links, (back to the McCann's I would argue) plus some clever people on other forums have spotted the shennanigans in the media and logged a record that is difficult to argue against.

    So, interesting times I reckon.

  35. Reply to post 4
    Well said. I think the McCanns are complicit and for some reason, maybe we will never know why, they have been protected. Their confidence and arrogance in that knowledge makes them use their daughter as a money-making scheme. I suspect that Freemasonry or some such group rushed in to help so now cannot admit their mistake. It's rumoured that ex UK PM Gordon Brown assisted in that. Maybe he has regrets but at the time he was desperate to be 'liked'. It does not take 'psychic' and 'telepathic' abilities to work out what many of us can 'see' and that is that it's highly likely that Madeleine's fate involves her parents.

  36. Sort of related issue, Andy Coulson to give evidence at Leveson inquiry in half an hour. Read 'Coulson owned News Corp shares while at No 10' http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/ios-exclusive-coulson-owned-news-corp-shares-while-at-no-10-7717645.html , 'Cameron's secret summit with News Corp' http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/ios-exclusive-revealed--camerons-secret-summit-with-news-corp-7717644.html and also 'UK's Cameron braces for Rebekah Brooks' testimony' http://is.gd/57bCSW


    Joana on note 5

    I draw your attention to the fact that the Express keeps changing the numbers of staff involved in "Operation Grange" - "Operation Lair" would have sounded much better and in line with the McCanns' rent-a-cop theory :o

    Here* they say the number is 37. In the link you provide they say it is 28+7.

    * E.g. "Mr Redwood said his 37-strong squad is now a quarter of the way through a painstaking examination of 40,000 pieces of information".



    The Daily Telegraph, on the other hand, puts the figure as "more than 30"...

    "He confirmed his team of more than 30 officers involved in the case had been out to Portugal seven times"

    So to be precise, we have somewhere between two to three dozen PG Tips Yardies lazying on this STRICTLY "sightings-only" review.


  38. I do wonder whether AR is following a strategy designed to lull the McCannics into a false sense of security. "I know there was an abduction, I know M is alive and I will help you find her." Then, when they are relaxed, "we need to do a reconstruction - this is how we will find the abductor". At that point, the McCannics will have no choice but to co-operate. Let's hope this is part of a clever strategy and not just the actions of a very foolish policeman.

  39. It would not surprise me if the McCanns don't help contribute to the fall of Cameron and his Government, not that he isn't doing enough of that himself, as more and more information of his underhand dealings are brought to light.

    As a politician he should know by now that no 'favours' of the kind he is doing for the McCanns, at the behest of his 'very close friend' Rebekah, is sensible. In fact, it is idiotic. The McCanns were prime suspects in a criminal investigation, and if the case is reopened there is a very good chance they will be again.

    They were never 'cleared' of anything, because they were never charged due to insufficient evidence so far, and because the investigation stalled thanks to them and their friends refusing to cooperate with the answering of questions, and doing a reconstruction. As a Group they certainly weren't putting themselves out to rush back to Portugal and do everything possible to help find Madeleine, and nobody should forget that. Yet they can certainly get themselves back there to attend trials, or to make their accusations against Murat, which subsequently turned out to be false.

    As for Redwood, well what can be said about him except he may lead to the Met being renamed 'Idiots Incorporated'. His skill as a serious 'investigator' so far is quite unbelievable. If only somebody would ask him outright if he is also a Mason, then maybe that would fill in a few blanks on this guy.

  40. Mark Harrison suggested using dogs and gave a very useful report to the PJ. Why do we never hear from him? Has Deadwood spoken to him about his report and his suggestion that the police may be looking for a dead child?

  41. There are some truly diabolical people involved in this dreadful affair, and Goncalo Amaral, who is on the side of truth and light, is having to suffer for that, as many good people have had to do before him. Please don't think that the people of Britain believe the McCann fairytale - there are many many of us who have the utmost contempt for them and their hangers on. I am personally disgusted with the Met, but still hope that this may all just be tactics and they are really working to find justice for Maddie. I think I may be hoping in vain, though, on the evidence of the past couple of weeks.

  42. Small point of clarification just for the record. Mr Amaral says that his squad of policemen were superior because they were national police,whilst the review team from the Met are only regional police. We don't have a national police force in the UK. All the police are regional. Doesn't reflect on the competence of either - just a point. :)

  43. @40, you are very much on a hurry. The Yard is reviewing the 195 possibilities now.
    After they classifie all of the 195 as impossible, they will start with the second part of the files, the British part.
    And then they will review the PJ's part and the dogs belong to that third one.
    It is a REVISION and the Yard has to follow a line.

  44. The Daily Mail has shown that the abduction story involving a German couple was a load of rubbish as a Swiss couple have now come forward saying it was them on holiday with their own daughter.So mitchell and Mccanns have bought two lie stories again.They just after the money.Maddie died in the flat.

  45. I was watching a ballet video tonight, Rudolf Nureyev and Margot Fontein. I had to think of Madeleine who will always miss all of the wonderful things of ballet, music, peintures. It is painful to realise that she left this life at a such young age.Even if she does not know she is missing, we know she is missing life.
    I hope she died very quickly, not suffering much.If there was blood in 5a and in the car, I pray her death went fast.

  46. Rebekah Brooks will be interrogated by Levenson tomorrow, Friday.


    I am reminded of the immortal words of Gonçalo Amaral spoken during another of his appearances on Portuguese TV, translated by Joana Morais and published here on this very blog.

    Oh! by the way... you may or may not be surprised to learn the tabloid Sun a month later, copied and pasted his very words from here. Ask Antonella Lazy, sorry!...I mean, Lazzeri...

    Anyway, this is what Gonçalo Amaral had to say:

    "...if we could abstract ourselves of the name of the child that disappeared, of the child’s parents and just look at the facts, in an objective manner and move forward with the investigation, facts would speak for themselves...".

    This translation was published by Joana Morais and first appeared on this blog on the 2nd March 2012:


    Now, more than a month later on the 5th of May, this "churnalist" from the "The Sun" (think Murdoch/Cameron link) uses exactly the same words, but fails to attribute the source. Nice standards! Tell that to the PCC!


    Anyway, I digress. I was reading today's London Evening Standard when I came across this short, book review:

    "The working class used to be respected and admired. But now, says Owen Jones, the opposite is the case. He compares two incidents to explain what he means.

    When Madeleine McCann, the daughter of two doctors, disappeared, what followed was a huge media fanfare and a large reward was offered. But what happened when Shannon Matthews disappeared? Something starkly different..."

    Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class
    by Owen Jones
    (Verso, £9.99)

    Antonella Lazyieri can be contacted at the address below. Please let her know copying without attribution is not very nice - to put it mildly...


    And Antonella, in case you are reading, here is a song which I suspect was written just for you - enjoy...


  48. Joana at 41

    Elsewhere in this book Cameron is reported to have e-mailed Rebecca, soon after the all shebang came out into the public domain (hacking stuff), letting her know not to worry so much about it or words to that effect. I can't find the article right now but perhaps someone here will correct me.

    For all I know Cameron could have said exactly the same thing to the McCanns'. Get the gist?

  49. How much influence did Brooks have over Cameron?

    THE updated biography of David Cameron, by Francis Elliott and James Hanning, says that in May 2011, as a favour to Rebekah Brooks, the Prime Minister controversially asked Scotland Yard to open a review into the Madeleine McCann case.

    This extraordinary claim calls to mind a fascinating exchange in the Commons a few days later, when Tory MP Sir Peter Tapsell asked Cameron: “Now that there is to be a full investigation into the abduction or murder of Madeleine McCann, is there not a much stronger case for a full investigation into the suicide or murder of Dr David Kelly?” Cameron replied: “On the issue of Dr David Kelly, I thought the results of the inquest that was carried out and the report into it were fairly clear, and I do not think it is necessary to take that case forward.”

    The trouble is there has never been an inquest into Dr Kelly’s suspicious death. Had Mrs Brooks shown an interest in that case, would Cameron have been willing (or able) to re-investigate it?

    Evening Standard, May 10, 2012 - paper edition, page 16- Online here http://is.gd/xtFwQe

  50. Anon 43

    With a true 'revision' anybody with any sense would start at the beginning.

    Deadwood has already pronounced Madeleine was abducted, and it was a stranger abduction. If she also happened to be dead now, then as far as he is concerned the abductor did that also.

    Dream on if you think otherwise, but you will be waiting a long time as the McCanns have this guy eating out of their hands. Deadwood has had his orders from Cameron, courtesy of his dear friend Rebekah who 'call me Dave' was phoning at least ten times a day.

    She will have made it clear to him what was required, no matter it is costing the tax payers millions. It is an absolute disgrace that he is interfering in a criminal investigation in this way, and the sooner we see the back of Cameron the better.

  51. @48 David Cameron 'texted Rebekah Brooks before she resigned over Dowler affair'
    New biography throws spotlight on closeness of relationship between PM and former Sun editor

    David Cameron privately sent Rebekah Brooks a message of support as his government was publicly condemning her newspaper group for hacking Milly Dowler's phone, it emerged last night.

    In the week before she resigned as chief executive of News International over the targeting of the missing schoolgirl, the Prime Minister texted Mrs Brooks last July to tell her to keep her head up and that she would "get through" her difficulties, according to a new biography of the Conservative leader.

    Days later the Prime Minister sent an emissary to explain to Mrs Brooks that he could not back her publicly because of the political pressure caused by the scandal, according to authors Francis Elliot of The Times and James Hanning, deputy editor of The Independent on Sunday. (...)


  52. @50 The Prime Minister’s instruction to the Metropolitan Police to review the Madeleine McCann case is in breach of the draft protocol that is supposed to protect the operational independence of the police

    avid Cameron has instructed the Metropolitan Police to review the case of Madeleine McCann. This is in response to an open letter in The Sun and is entirely predictable in terms of the “pulling power” of News International on Government policy.

    However, his intervention drives a coach and horses through the draft protocol issued by the Home Office designed to preserve the operational independence of the Police which says:

    “The operational independence of the police service, and the decisions made by its operational leadership remain reserved to the Office of Chief Constable and that Office alone.”

    Whilst no-one doubts the desirability of doing what can sensibly be done to find out what has happened to Madeleine McCann, I can imagine that the senior leadership of the Metropolitan Police are not exactly happy about this. It again embroils their officers in a high profile investigation, where the chances of success are unclear, and which will divert limited investigative resources away from other matters.

    Lord Toby Harris blog, May 13, 2011 http://www.lordtobyharris.org.uk/the-prime-ministers-instruction-to-the-metropolitan-police-to-review-madeleine-mccanns-death-is-in-breach-of-the-draft-protocol-that-is-supposed-to-protect-the-operational-independence-of-the-poli/

  53. I have always wondered why they chose the SY to do the review. Because if anything was found that required action, even in Britain, they would not have jurisdiction.
    Was indeed the choice to not discover anything culpable British even made before they chose a review team? It surely looks like that.

  54. "on May the 12th Madeleine McCann would have been 9 yars old... will
    be 9 yeas old"... (Redwood)

    Redwood did not ask to cut his mistake off the video and he was obviously aware of it.
    It was broadcasted with his mistake and I believe he said it on purpose.

  55. @41 I get the gist.
    But the difference between Rebekah Brooks and the McCanns is that Brooks has power and the McCanns depend on power.
    They can be crashed at any moment because nobody needs them.

  56. @42

    Glad you pointed that out.

    (The Met is) "the largest police force in the United Kingdom by a significant margin, and one of the biggest forces in the world........The MPS also has significant national responsibilities" (Wikipedia)

    I'm a 100% behind Amaral, but I don't think this disparaging comment about SY was one of his wisest.

    That said, it is because The Met, for all its shortcomings, is generally well respected by the British as a pretty formidable organisation, that their apparently donkeyish behaviour over this particular case is so perplexing
    and disappointing.

  57. Leveson with Rebekah Brooks just started http://www.levesoninquiry.org.uk/hearings/

  58. @42 What Amaral states is clear, he doesn't say superior, but that the PJ has jurisdictional competence to investigate crimes in the whole country unlike for example the GNR, or PSP, and thus he is correct when he states «Here in Portugal the investigation was done by the Judiciary Police, a much higher rank police, with jurisdictional competence for the whole country, which is not the case of the Metropolitan police.»


    «The Judiciary Police is the primary police agency of criminal investigation in Portugal, designed to combat serious crime including organized crime, terrorism, drug trafficking, corruption, economic and financial crime. The Portuguese Judiciary Police is integrated into the Ministry of Justice, acting under the guidance of the Public Ministry.» in http://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pol%C3%ADcia_Judici%C3%A1ria_%28Portugal%29

    «The Metropolitan Police Service (...) is by far the largest of the police services that operate in greater London (the others include the City of London Police and the British Transport Police). The Royal Parks Constabulary have now become part of the Metropolitan Police Service.» http://content.met.police.uk/Site/About

    «In addition to policing London's streets, the Met has various specialist units dedicated to reducing all aspects of serious and specialist crime.

    The intention of Specialist Crime Directorate is to place a renewed emphasis on working collaboratively with communities, boroughs and partners to identify effective solutions to serious crime problems. We are dedicated to providing a highly skilled and professional service to Londoners and visitors to London.»

  59. The dogs detected blood and cadaverine, Where did it come from if not Maddie?
    Rotting meat? In the bedroom wardrobe and car but not in the Kitchen where you might expect to find it.

  60. Does any of you know if Rebekah Brooks still has any power in the UK?
    And Murdoch?

    it is possible she had an affair with Cameron and it would not be of our business.
    But if he had an affair with her only to get favors, it is bad.
    But preferable with him than with the over-weighted Brown.

  61. Imo, this review doesn't appear to be a genuine Met police investigation into Maddie's disappearance at all. And I don't believe that was ever their modus operandi. Scotland Yard have effectively taken over where Metodo3, Halligen & Edgar and Cowley left off - 28 Met detectives employed by the McCanns and funded by the public - taxpayers money ('forcible donations') - to check fake sightings, feed the media and spout PR. We're told this review could take another three years or more and according to Met Commissioner, Bernard Hogan-Howe, there will be no limit on time, manpower, or public money in the quest to find 'closure' for the McCanns. How about solving the case? The truth is SY have got absolutely nothing to support anything Redwood said, because if there was anything remotely important it would surely be acted on immediately. Scotland Yard will waste as much public money as they want, for long as it takes until people forget. Or, they'll find another village idiot, like Barry George, to pin it on.
    I wonder how SY 'forensically' examined the timelines. Does that mean 28 detectives looked at them very, very closely indeed (lol)? Did SY stretch the timeline themselves or has someone changed their statement... again. As the timelines stand, an abduction was impossible. There was not enough time for an abductor to get in; drug all three kids; manouvre round the beds & cots; open the window (as a red herring); exit the building and, after all that, get spotted by dad's friend. The abductor, holding his victim in outstretched arms, walked straight past dad. At the very moment the elusive abductor was making off with her, dad was standing there chatting to another friend about his decision to leave his kids alone. Doh!

  62. I was watching some of the video of the Brookes woman giving evidence and was gob smacked to learn that besides the McCanns wanting the 'review', which she obviously knew she could get for them, she asked them if there was anything else they wanted. What????

    No way is Deadwood going to go near anything to do with dogs, blood, cadaver scent, lies told by the McCanns, Mr Smith's account of the Gerry McCann lookalike carrying a child on his way to the beach area, or anything else that throws suspicion on the McCanns, because Deadwood will have been given his orders. After all, isn't that exactly what the McCanns want, and Rebekah knew she could get it for them courtesy of her good friend Cameron. It is a damnable disgrace, and I hope Cameron is brought down because of it.

    Deadwood will be issuing orders and informing the media of his doings as he continues chasing around after the big bad abductor, with more and more 'leads' popping up 'til the end of time.

    Meanwhile, the McCanns will carry on with the begging bowl, begging for yet more money as they are constantly down to their last quarter of a million or so, don't you know! Ah, poor them. This, while we are paying for the 'review' as well, and nobody will think of asking the McCanns to hand the money over for that will they, as they bleat and beg on.

    How can anybody possibly doubt Dr Amaral saying there has been political interference in this case, when we are seeing here the ease with which certain people can get top politicians to do whatever they ask, and break the rules for them.


    (4) It is pretty clear, this is a "strictly sightings-only" review, instigated by "Mickey Mouse" Mitchell, read: Burson-Marsteller.

    The McCanns' don't want the process to be re-opened as one of their VIP lawyers in Portugal makes it clear for he knows any re-opening of the process MUST start by a reconstruction and as Amaral aptly puts it:

    "That may or may not benefit those who were/are suspects" - or words to that effect.

    The McCanns' posse hopes, by means of brute legal force and PR, change their actual position from potential suspects to victims of an abduction and they want the Portuguese to help them do that but will they?

    (5) It is evident "dark forces" not just PR and "reputation mangement" are at play in this case.

    Note for example the harassment and entrapments of those who worked with Amaral in this case - not to mention the Joana Cipriano case which the McCanns' (via Metodo3/Aragão Correia) managed to bring together.

    Further proof of the latter is in the fact Isabel Duarte - the McCanns' lawyer, is now defending Aragão-Correia and/or that her close associate (Marinho Pinto) head of the Bar, is also a central witness for the McCanns' after succeeding, almost single-handedly, in "assassinating" the image of Gonçalo Amaral with Photoshop-ed "evidence".

    The grapevine says the sums involved must be astronomical but of course we make no allegations besides, whatever the outcome, these would be covered by The Fund.

    (6) As for the chances of either PJ Porto or the Metropolitan Police of London ever solving the riddle Amaral says (in a rather whimsical tone):

    "There too many pages. Too many indicia, too many things that need to be read, and sometimes it's difficult to read (between the lines)" - or words to that effect.


    Redherring's statement was nothing but PR to denigrate the work of the PJ and take the heat off the real culprits - two parents (if we forget their friends for a moment) who abandoned their children to their fate.

    As a political manouevre is not a bad move for smart toffee Cameron, as it polarizes British public opinion against the Portuguese.

    Anything that makes people feel "we are better then them" is good for politics. Think Margaret Thatcher and the Falklands war. It's all about IDEOLOGY.

    Antonio Gramsci explains the "the distinction between political society (the police, the army, legal system, etc.) which dominates directly and coercively, and civil society (the family, the education system, trade unions, etc.) where leadership is constituted through ideology or by means of consent." (Wikipedia)

    That's about it.



    "Questionada como é que David Cameron assinava as mensagens escritas por telefone no inquérito sobre as práticas da imprensa britânica, Brooks sorriu.
    "Às vezes ele assinava-as com LOL - Lots Of Love - até que eu lhe disse que o significado [da sigla] é Laugh Out Loud, e então ele não a usou mais", contou...
    Rebekah Brooks continua a prestar testemunho no chamado "inquérito Leveson", nome do juíz nomeado em Julho do ano passado para averiguar a "cultura, práticas e ética" da imprensa e as suas relações com políticos e a polícia."


    Penso que isto pode ajudar a esclarecer o relacionamento entre os McCannos'/Clarence Mitchell/Burson-Marsteller/David Cameron/Murdoch-Brooks'/Andy Redherring/Scotland Yard...

    E depois a nossa PJ agora vai e coloca o processo a disposição da Mafia...

    Passem-me o penico! Vou vomitar!

  65. The daily papers have made two stories that vare not true,first the taxi driver was wrong and the second the German family was wrong it was not Madeleine the woman saw and it was not a German family it was a Swiss family with their own daughter,how many more times will Mitchell find some more lie stories.All the people are fed up,the Mccanns should come forward and speak the truth.Mr Cameron could have stopped all this and told Portugal to open the case,look what they have done to Portugal and Britain,they just after the money.Most people believe Maddie died in the flat. Germany.

  66. It would be interesting to know what Dr Amaral's reaction is to this revelation that is was the very good friend of Cameron's, and right hand gal of Murdoch, Rebekah Brooks, who got this 'review' for the McCanns, and it only took a day. A little word in the ear, and a few veiled threats to have Ms May as front page news, and he gave in like a lamb. The McCanns got their way, and the 'review' was granted. Exactly what the doctors ordered, and its business as usual for the cash to come rolling in for the McCanns and their Fund.

    What a diabolical farce these people are making of justice.

  67. Prezada Joana

    Porque isto não foi mencionado em seu blogue

    Gonçalo Amaral recusou-se ontem a fornecer a sua actual morada à juíza do Tribunal de Faro, alegando ter “recebido ameaças de morte”. O ex-inspector da PJ foi ouvido no julgamento de Aragão Correia e António Dores, acusados de difamação.

    (Correio da Manha 03/05/12)

    A verdade da mentira Nao A mentira da verdade

    Os meus melhores cuprimentos


  68. Earlier today,I happened to switch on the tv while that Rebekah Brooks was speaking about the McCs. I almost spilt my cuppa. Confirmation (if any were needed) of yet more dubiously motivated pressure put on Britain's political elite by equally dubious media people in this case.

    Apparrently, Mrs Brooks threatened front page negative publicity for the govt. if the PM refused a 'review' of this case. Call-Me-Dave duly obliged! Eh gads!

    These are tin-pot tactics we British used to chuckle at, over pints of warm beer down the pub. 'Could never 'appen'ere', we'd say, 'not in this cradle of democracy; 'er Majesty's green and pleasant land'.

    The main BBC, news, however, seemed more concerned that Cameron signed his texts LOL, which he thought meant lots of love, (allegedly). Oh didums, how dad-like and cute.

    Not so cute- the web of corruption and deceit at the highest level of all parties.


    How she threatened David Cameron "to put Theresa May on front page every day until she opened review into Madeleine McCann'. She doesn't call it a threat though. She calls it "persuasion"...



    “In the spring of 2011, we met a team form News International…”

    They (McCanns) only agreed to a serialisation once News International said they were prepared to spearhead a drive to re-energise the search for Madeleine”.

    They agreed to a serialisation in The Sun and the Sunday Times.

    The week the book was published was ‘nerve-racking’ but ‘the daily coverage was helping to re-engage hearts and minds in the U.K.


    The Sun then printed their ‘open letter to the Prime Minister’, although “We hadn’t wanted to challenge him so publicly…”

    Susan Hubbard came over to look after the twins whilst we were dealing with the publicity, she “took charge of Madeleine’s birthday party in Rothley…”

    “Our gift to our daughter was a marathon day of intensive interviews and press conferences in London...”

    The Prime Minister ’phone back the same day, although “We hadn’t expected a response to the open letter for several days at least, if we got one at all…”

    “Oh my God! Finally help was coming. Happy birthday, Madeleine. Other than hearing that she had been found, there could have been no news sweeter to my ears…”

    “I hold on to the fact that we, and the search, are in a better position than we have been in for a long time”.

    Then a reference to the McCann Team:

    “A police review of Madeleine’s case is under way…

    Our own capable and experienced team remains on standby, ready to respond if and when it is needed…”

    “I have no doubt we will be able to sustain a high profile for Madeleine’s disappearance in the long-term”.

    These short extracts were initially posted by Tony Bennett under the 'Fair Use' provisions of the Copyright Act.


  71. @54 "I believe he said it on purpose."

    May be Andy Redherring' mouth was positioning itself to tell the truth except he has strict orders not to. However chances are this was just a lapsus linguae - a Freudian slip.

    It is important to remember this is a "strictly sightings-only review" which objective is to denigrate the Portuguese PJ on the McCanns' behalf.

    Please remember that... It will keep you in good stead...

  72. Wrote the below in April 08 - and must admit I'm none the wiser 4 years on - isar


    I tried to come up with a work of fiction that comes close to the shenanigans down Luz way...
    not an easy thing IMO: the closest I got:

    Mulholland Drive/David Lynch

    which one critic described thus:
    It isn't a conventional narrative, but then who is to say that a story has to go from beginning to end ?
    It was almost as if it were on some kind of loop, where the narrative could go on forever'

    and another critic says:

    The movie is hypnotic: we're drawn along as if one thing leads to another but nothing leads anywhere, and that's
    even before the characters start to fracture and recombine like flesh caught in a kaleidoscope.

  73. Was not it that the Met were already in contact with the PJ before May 2011?

  74. Today it would have been Madeleine's birthday, she would have become 9 years old, still having a whole life to live. Just starting and she finished already, five years ago.
    Born out irresponsible parents, selfish and narcisist, her life was taken and God and Tapas 7 know how.
    I hope the Levenson inquire will not be a new reason to scare the 7 friends. They have to come forward with the truth.

    Is Kate lauching her new book today?

  75. No British paper is talking about Madeleine's birthday, today. Neither about Brooks about the McCanns(I missed it).
    I can't believe it. I wanted to believe the Met, I thought they were serious.Where will this end?
    How come the PJ are helping the Yard? What a nightmerrie.

    What a corrupt country. But I still hope the Met has chosen the right way,after News of the World crashed.

    It can not be that all of them are corrupt.

    I remember Gerry talking on May the 12th last year, thanking Cameron.
    He was really shocked with the idea of the Yard. Short later Mitchell said that the revision would have to start from July 2008.
    And Gerry said that mistakes in the past were well publicised( a revision of PJ's files will not be necessary). This all means that they feel at risk.

  76. If the ill educated woman on the street is still under the misapprehension that the Mccanns are innocent, we would need to understand that because they have only been fed the lie.

    Brooks on the other hand would have known all about the depths of the investigation.
    So Newscorp is their backer and the reason that we don't see the payment for the serialization of the book is because it probably went directly to Carter Ruck to do their ongoing libel. Or there was not a set aside amount but just an agreement that they would take care of all those pesky bloggers And Brooks being in the news world would know about Tony Bennett and those others pursuing justice and simply call in favours to gag them.

    Rebekka Brookes, Clarence Mitchell, Rupert Murdoch, I hold you complicit in concealing the death of a child.

  77. 57 Scotland Yard's formidable reputation is now becoming an historic entity, like many forces. Think Kenneth Noye, Daniel Morgan, Stephen Lawrence murders. In the Lawrence murder, there are now calls to re open the case because of police corruption and the Met has recently been subjected to a torrent of allegations of corruption, incompetence and racism. Shame on them!

  78. I don't doubt there are cops in the UK who are also gob smacked at what they are seeing and hearing.

    They wont have dismissed the sniffer dogs out of hand, and they are not all like Deadwood, the obedient talking head, taking his orders to go chase 'leads' on behalf of the McCanns, like the unquestioning robot that he is.

    When the truth comes out, and it will, what a load of mindless idiots they will all look. Nobody will ever be able to take the police seriously again.

    This 'review' should be stopped now before it goes any further chasing phantoms on behalf of a couple who themselves refused to cooperate with an investigation which has already cost the Portuguese tax payers millions, and is now costing the UK tax payers millions more. Meanwhile, they themselves are raking in millions with their begging bowl and bleating they never have enough money. For what? For what? Where have all the millions they have already received gone?

    The media can only dish out so many of these 'sightings' before the public will be well and truly sick of it all, and well and truly sick of the McCanns, as many already are.

    I don't doubt the public are ready to read Dr Amaral's book, just like a breath of fresh air blowing through this case that sets the record straight, dogs, Gaspar statements, Smith sighting, and all, and especially as it is a book the McCanns attempted to ban, and a book based on the truth of the investigation, and not lies and flight of fancy.

    The truth has a ring about it that is irresistible and always eventually wins though. Just look at the JFK Conspiracy and the way the US Government tried to cover that up. They may have fooled people at the start, and they still continue to attempt this, yet most people don't believe them any longer because the facts about Harvey Oswald don't fit their version that he acted alone, if at all.

    Poor McCanns, I could almost feel sorry for them!

  79. I agree with 78 entirely. The McCanns quickly lost control of the agenda and are no more able to reveal the truth than the police or politicians. However, Kate's book is littered with clues and I wonder if part of her wants the truth to come out, Either that or it warns others of what she knows. There is nothing mysterious about some people she refers to!


    You can almost hear it from the horse's mouth...

    (1) So now we know... a hundred ninety-five leads equals zero! :h

    If we discount the recent pseudo-sightings, all others are probably based on little Maddie at the age of 4 - which means they are all obsolete by now.

    Are the "celebrity" cops suggesting the PJ should waste their time, money and resources on cold trails and PR exercises for the McCanns? Really?

    If the "new" leads were so hot, no doubt the Yardies would have followed them themselves and get the credit, non?

    (2) Why Porto's PJ and not Lisbon or Algarve's PJ?

    This was a typical English move; a well-known historical pattern of theirs. The famous "divide and rule" strategy on which their Empire was built. The thing is, the empire may be long gone but their ideology, and the cultural hegemony that goes with it, still lingers in the ether as an episteme**.

    That said, I must admit it was a good strategy in terms of PR or "reputation management" - medidate just 5 minutes on Clarence "Mickey Mouse" Mitchell views and on the Leveson Enquiry and that should be enough to open your doors of perception.

    Redherring's outspoken statements expose the Yardies bullying strategy and furthermore, help to ground the fiction that the initial PJ investigation was driven by flippant cops. Redherring's views are really the same as balabols* such as Tony Parsons or Antonella "Lazy" Lazzeri. Intrinsically racist!

    Now, for Portugal to play along with the Yardies and allowing a "strictly sightings-only" review that goes against the findings of their own investigation, they tacitly accepted the role of maids necessary to laundry the McCanns' tarnished (and smelly) image but by doing so the PJ are covering themselves in (more) ridicule...

    True, had they not accepted such a subservient role, they would have been accused of boycotting the "review", which would have been just as bad for their image abroad but at least that would have left their dignity (and that of their citizens) intact.

    A piece of advice for Pedro do Carmo here:

    " Quanto mais se agacha mais o Cu (simbolo do cobre) se lhe ve..." - which roughly translates as: "the more you lower yourself the more you expose your rear"...

    (3) Scotland Yard is a local, metropolitan police force. Not a national police force such as the PJ, which means they do not have the same resources - let alone intimate knowledge of the terrain, circumstances, etc.

    Scotland Yard does have some global reputation but most of it courtesy of the fictional writings of Sherlock Holmes/Conan Doyle. Doubts? Let us have a quick look at the facts:

    In 2007, there were up to 150,000 missing children in the UKGB compared with 37 or 47 in Portugal which gives you an hint to the British Police "laissez faire" attitude in this area.

    What has suddenly triggered them into a Maddie's frenzy is a subject for conspiracy theorists.

    Now add to all this, the allegations of corruption and racism in the Met. Andy Redherring "conclusions" in terms of Discourse Analysis, are nothing but prejudiced Ideology in disguise. Ethnical bias if you prefer.

    If there were 195 leads, Redherring should have passed them to the PJ not to the British media! In the end it all boils down to ideology and "reputation management" - obviously.

    The history of the Portuguese PJ goes back to 1945. It is only now (2012) the British are thinking of creating something similar. Smart move! Learning from the PJ? or is it the FBI?


    * balabol = Russian for someone who talks bullshit (Urban dictionary).

    ** Episteme = "the historical a priori that grounds knowledge and its discourses and thus represents the condition of their possibility within a particular epoch...being parts of various power-knowledge systems." (Foucault)


    Patricia @ 67 "Gonçalo Amaral recusou-se ontem a fornecer a sua actual morada à juíza do Tribunal de Faro, alegando ter “recebido ameaças de morte”.

    O que e que a leva a supor o contrario?

    Repare como Aragão-Correia primeiro "aparece" em cena pago (como ele proprio admite) pelo Metodo3 - policias de aluguel dos McCann..

    Repare como o padrinho dele (Marinho Pinto) escreve um artigo para o "Expresso" com "evidencia" "Photoshop" acusando a PJ (inc. Gonçalo Amaral) de tortura...

    Repare como a principal testemunha do Gonçalo Amaral (Pereira Cristóvão) foi recentemente vitima de uma campanha de difamação via Facebook...

    Repare como Marinho Pinto agora aparece como testemunha central dos McCann depois de ter praticamente assassinado em tribunal a imagem do Gonçalo Amaral no caso Leonor Cipriano que ele em primeiro lugar, como jornalista, ajudou a associar com o de Maddie.

    Repare como a advogada dos McCann (que cobra mais the 1000 Euros/hora) aparece agora como adovogada de Aragão Correia...

    Ja chega?

    Bem, tendo em atenção que Goncalo Amaral, com todos os seus bens parte confiscados e/ou congelados graças as acções dos McCanns se vêja agora obrigado e viver em casa do pai - uma pessoa já com uma certa idade... eu se estivesse no lugar dele fazia o mesmo porque e assim...

    Normalmente a Mafia quando não consegue aquilo que quer atraves de coacção, ameaças e/ou e "relações publicas" recorre ao assassinato...

    A Mafia neste caso poderá ser o MI-6...

    Leia a historia recente do espião que aparaceu fechado dentro de um saco (sem qualquer pista) para perceber melhor com que tipo de gente o Gonçalo Amaral se meteu ...


  82. Isar at 72 "Mulholland Drive/David Lynch"

    Who would you attribute the deceiver and deceived roles to in the McCanns saga? Just curious... Gerry and/or Kate? Mind you if there was any truth in this metaphor Kate starts to look more like the guilty part AND being deceived for that...no allegations made though...


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