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Gonçalo Amaral's book 'Maddie, The Truth of the Lie ' was returned to the publishers...

....After being taken from the market in September 2009

The book «Maddie, The Truth of the Lie» by Gonçalo Amaral was returned today [yesterday] to the publishers Guerra e Paz, after being taken from the market in September 2009 by a judicial decision following a legal action taken by Kate and Gerry McCann.

In a press statement, Gonçalo Amaral's literary agent, announced today [yesterday] the return of the books by Isabel Duarte, the lawyer for the McCann couple.

«This is an important moment for the recovery of the full right to the freedom of expression of Gonçalo Amaral, who suffered an unjust restriction of those rights for the past years» reads the statement from the agency, which also highlights that the decision of the Court of Appeals of Lisbon was finally obeyed.

On the 19th of October of 2011, the high court judges overturned the decision made by a first instance court that forbade Gonçalo Amaral's book sales, book in which the former Judiciary Police inspector defends the thesis of the involvement of Kate and Gerry McCann in their daughter's disappearance.

The trial hearings of the injunction made by the British couple, that was decreed temporarily on September 9, 2009, took place in four court sessions at the Civil Court of Lisbon in January 2010.

Another legal action where Gonçalo Amaral is also targeted by the McCann couple, where they claim 1.2 million euros for alleged statements that the couple consider defamatory, will take place on September 13, 2012 [the first session].

A judicial source told today to Lusa News Agency that the trial that was scheduled to start on February 9 of the current year, will proceed on 14, 20 and 21 of September, at the 1st Circuit of the Civil Court of Lisbon, at the Justice Palace.

As coordinator of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Judiciary Police of Portimão, Gonçalo Amaral joined the team of investigators that tried to find out what happened to Madeleine McCann.

Kate and Gerry McCann always claimed that Madeleine was abducted, they were both constituted as arguidos [formal suspects] in September 2009, but they were taken that status for lack of sufficient material evidence that could support the hypothesis of the alleged accidental death of the child that was advanced by the police investigation.

The Public Ministry [Attorney General's Office] ended up archiving the process, that can be reopened if new [and credible] data surface regarding the disappearance of the child.

in TVI24, 26.04.2012


A Publinédita, enquanto agência literária de Gonçalo Amaral, presenciou em 26 de Abril de 2012 a entrega à Guerra e Paz Editores, por parte da Dra. Isabel Duarte, dos exemplares de A Verdade da Mentira até agora ao cuidado dessa advogada.

A Publinédita congratula-se com o cumprimento de uma decisão judicial que constitui um importante momento de afirmação do direito de expressão de Gonçalo Amaral face à injusta restrição que o Autor tem vindo a sofrer, nos últimos anos.

Também o público tem sido privado de aceder livremente à leitura de A Verdade da Mentira, documento indispensável para a compreensão do caso do desaparecimento de Madeleine McCann. Segundo informação recebida da Guerra e Paz Editores, muito em breve o livro voltará a estar disponível para os leitores.

De Gonçalo Amaral encontram-se já nas livrarias os restantes dois livros do autor, A Mordaça Inglesa (sobre as questões éticas e políticas levantadas pela proibição que feriu a difusão de A Verdade da Mentira) e Vidas Sem Defesa (sobre o desaparecimento, rapto e abuso de crianças em Portugal) – ambos publicados pela Planeta Manuscrito.

Lisboa, 27 de Abril de 2012

Mário Sena Lopes

Press Statement

Publinédita, as the literary agency of Gonçalo Amaral, witnessed on April 26, 2012 the return to Guerra e Paz Publishers, by Dra. Isabel Duarte, of the copies of the book The Truth of the Lie, that were so far in the care of that lawyer.

Publinédita welcomes the fact that a judicial decision was obeyed, which constitutes an important moment of the affirmation of the right to freedom of expression of Gonçalo Amaral in face of an unjust restriction that the Author has been a target of in the past years.

The public was also deprived of freely accessing and reading the The Truth of the Lie, an essential document for a better understanding of the case of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. According to information received from Guerra e Paz Publishers, very soon the book will again be available to readers.

From Gonçalo Amaral there are already in bookshops the two other books from the author, The English Gag (on the ethical and political questions raised by the ban that forbade the book Maddie, The Truth of The Lie) and Defenceless Lives (on the disappearance, abduction and abuse of children in Portugal) - both published by Planeta Manuscrito.

Lisbon, April 27, 2012

Mário Sena Lopes



    What will come of Dra. Isabel Duarte from disobyeing three senior judges orders and holding on to the books all this time?

    Will her clients now have to pay compensation to Gonçalo Amaral and prosecuted for trying to deprive him of the financial means to defend himself in a case where she represents the posse?

    Will she be struck of the Lawyers' Bar records and prevented from exercising law in Portugal?

    Deported to Kazakhstan where she would be probably feel more at home - just a little joke :o

    What will happen?

    Probably nothing, bearing in mind Dra. Isabel Duarte is an employee of the all-powerful McCanns - the couple best known for abandoning their children to their fate while out drinking and socializing with other couples and ending up barked at by two of the foremost forensic dogs in the world - Eddie & Keela...

  2. The McCanns appear to plan their moves like a military campaign, so pardon my suspicion that the return of these books was planned to happen AFTER the Panorama tripe which was so obviously pro McCanns, and the promotion of their 'abduction scenario' and Kate McCann's book, and the doing down of Dr Amaral and his book.

    I do believe they are so afraid of that book, and not because it will supposedly stop people searching for Madeleine. For a start, there are the Gasper statements, which the general public are not yet aware of, and will no doubt be a revelation to the readers.

  3. One has to remember Carter Ruck don't operate on a day to day, week to week or even month to month basis. Its more like year to year. They will always act in their Clients best interest.

    * The libel trial against Goncalo Amaral has been postponed to 13th September 2012 provisionally.
    * They delayed returning the Books to the latest possible day.

    It is unlikely that Goncalo Amaral will risk the publishing and/or the sale of his Books until after the result of the Libel Trial in case it should go against him.


    The McCanns have gained time at the cost of Goncalo Amaral.
    He has/will have been unable to present his thesis to the general public and has also been unable to receive any monetary gain.

    with your permission Joana:


    "While my firm is not instructed in the libel proceedings instigated in Portugal by the Claimants [Drs Gerald and Kate McCann] against Goncalo Amaral, I understand that...the case is proceeding to a full libel trial, and that a provisional date of 13 September 2012 has been given for the trial".

  4. Get this book printed into english and i will buy 1000 copies and distribute throughout ........it will spread like wildfire trust me...im sure im not alone

  5. How do we get copies? Why doesn't someone distribute it free in the UK?

    Why can't we stop the State from whitewashing the McCanns?

  6. Anon at 5

    We could write to the Home Secretary, also to Scotland Yard, and register our disgust for Redwood and his disregard for the UK dogs, the best sniffer dogs in the world, who have never been wrong in all the cases they have worked on, and according to their indications Madeleine died in the apartment. That a SY Officer could ignore them is unbelievable.

    Redwood has shown straight off he is not fit for purpose by not including the McCanns or their pals as potential suspects by declaring his support for their 'abduction' scenario, though there is no evidence of this whatsoever.

    It is very hard not to conclude from the get go that this is nothing but a WHITEWASH on behalf of the bleating McCanns who could very easily get the case reopened if they would return and cooperate with the investigators, and the whole lot of them are colluding with it.

  7. The truth is all in the book get it out in the UK and watch the public mibds change. They are petrified that his book gets printed into english....if it does everybody should buy asmany copies they can afford and get posting...........if the spineless media cant or wont print the truth then we will.............

  8. Did anyone notice the threat yesterday by Isabel Duarte that the more books that are sold the more damages they will seek From GA when they go to court in September. Utterly shameless and contemptible - she is well - matched with the moneygrubbing McCanns.

  9. I hope Isabel Duarte has to pay for keeping the books longer than she was suppost to.I think she has done herself down by representing the mccanns,but then some people do any thing for money,
    blood money at that.

  10. Here in West Yorkshire England most people are blindly defending the McCann´s. I am English but I lived abroad for many years, however, have been living in West Yorkshire for the past year and a half now.
    I was stunned at the aggressive reaction of very good friends over here when I defended Amaral´s right to speak out. Not one of my friends had read the official police reports or in fact anything which contradicts the McCann´s declarations. I was told to shut up or I would end up in prison! I then posted on my wall on facebook a couple of links on Pat Brown´s theories and also Amaral´s theories based on facts taken from the official reports. I was once again told that all this material was nonsense, that if I wasn´t careful I would end up in prison and Amaral was evil and should be hung, drawn and quartered for what he is doing to Kate and Gerry. They did not read any of the material I posted and said they would not either but felt they had the right to dismiss it as nonsense without even knowing the contents. I really do not understand what is happening in this country and what has happened to the freedom of speech. I feel like everyone is brainwashed by the media and it is really quite upsetting.


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