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Maddie: English police wants to "impose abduction theory"

In an interview to TVI, Gonçalo Amaral defends the reopening of the process, but without limits

Gonçalo Amaral defended that the investigation process into the disappearance should be reopened, yet adds that the English police wants the reopening, but with the imposition of limiting the investigation to the abduction theory.

"They speak about sightings, about visions by mediums. A lot of things have been produced over the years and well produced and therefore the English police has to pass the ball to the Portuguese police and we are left with the onus and the expense of investigating. It is important to reopen the process, nobody should doubt that, but to reopen the process without limitations, the way they want to limit us", the former Judiciary Police inspector explained.

"They want to impose an abduction", he stated in an interview to TVI.

Gonçalo Amaral further said that the fault of not knowing what happened to Maddie yet is ours. "It's been five years and we still do not know what happened to this child and it is our fault. The fault of our justice system, of our Attorney General who allowed this investigation to be shelved", he said, justifying the fact because we are "Portuguese and they are English, we are small and they are big. That is what is happening."

"The investigation was never allowed to arrive at an end", he stressed, admitting that he has no doubt that there was political pressure.

Concerning what happened to the English girl, Gonçalo Amaral stated that he has his opinion. "In my opinion, she is dead."

Lastly, the former inspector further accused the Judiciary police of internally persecuting his colleagues that remain by his side.

in: TVI24, 26.04.2012


  1. I've been so wanting to trust the MET..but it's not looking good at the moment.

  2. Mr Amaral I will always support you all the way,
    However, I start to think it is banging your head against a wall of bricks. Yes this people are supported by the government, it is embarrassing to live in a country where justice for a little girl will never be done, this open the doors to abuse in the higher social status.

  3. as a taxpayer in northern Ireland which is part of the UK i insist that this case is reopened and the money that that is being spent by the British goverment should be used to help finance Portugal into the conclusion of this charade...kate god bless madeliene

  4. to goncalo amaral the truth will be known stay strong you have much support ...

  5. Força Gonçalo Amaral e Ricardo Paiva que está a ser perseguido.

  6. No wonder kate said the latest photograph reminds her of the twins and herself its probably a photo of herself at nine think about .

  7. Is this true, that British taxpayers have paid £2 million already, and the investigation is only a quarter of the way through, and all SY are looking at is the fake abduction and ignoring everything else? I thought Blacksmith was close to Amaral, and he seems quite optimistic that everything is on track.


    GA said: "English police wants to "impose abduction theory"

    We know that "Big Rock". It's all part of "Mickey Mouse" Mitchell's Burson-Marsteller "reputation management" strategy.

    If they can gag, denigrate and destroy you, then the PJ, then anyone with an IQ (preferably with a fat bank account) that dares to hold views contrary to the McCanns' "official version" of events (Hernâni Carvalho, Paulo Sargento, Tony Bennett, Pat Brown - the list goes on...) then they would have upheld the "official version" of events. Simple.

    One has to admit their "reputation management" has, so far, been excellent - had not it had been for the Internet and the Age of Truth...

    The things one can do with a multi-million "fund"...

  9. The Daily Mail today printed that as there is no evidence to the contrary, therefore, Maddy is alive. This view ignores the evidence of the British cadaver dogs. There is still no independent evidence of an abduction, after five years, and a partial review by the British police, no credible sighting. So it follows there was no abduction, doesnt it? No matter what politicians try to impose, there are no thought-police and people are able to think for themselves. The PJ and Portugal must stand for what they believe in for the sake of truth and humanity.

  10. Judging by the spin of the last couple of days, Amaral's beliefs appear well founded. It's never mentioned by the media that the parents could have had the case reopened at any time during the past four years, but they've steadfastly declined to do so. IMO, interference from the UK destroyed the original investigation and now it seems that the British are, once again, putting pressure on Portugal and this time it's to reopen the case but only on terms agreeable to the parents. The Met/Scotland Yards's reputation is currently at rock bottom anyway but to think they could go so far as attempting to manipulate a sovereign country in the case of a missing toddler (in order to protect certain adults) is not just outrageous, it's frightening.

  11. Well its' all been a whitewash, using the theory MMc is still alive, say no more

  12. I watched the Interview and I understood that the Met are basing themselves now on the privete detectives of the McCanns.
    It could be that the Met started commenting the first theory, that Maddie is alive. And they will continue later with the PJ investigation.And the British one. They only analysed 25% of the files till now. Ok, it is possible that they will officially come to the conclusion that there is no evidence that the child is alive.
    And then they will continue with the serious files, at least the PJ's and the British's. Logically speaking, I think a police starts from the positive side of the possibilities: ALIVE, and not from the quality and competence of the detectives.
    Because those privete ones are extremely...you know!Redwood was honest when he told that they only had studied 25% of everything.
    There is still a lot to come and I re-started to trust the Met.
    Probably they have chosen to started from the impossible, because they know Maddie is dead, they will analyse the gypsies, harems, North Africa,paedophiles, etc, eliminating what is not true(everything).
    There is still 75% to come.
    The proof that I could be right is on the fact that we still didn't hear the Mccanns, nor Clarence Mitchell.
    They could have shown their happyness, the Met convinced of an alive child.

    Redwood couldn't say: "None of us believes that she is alive, we all know she is dead".
    He had no choice but to say that some believed that she was still ok.
    I think the PJ knew already on the 3rd that Madeleine was dead.But they could not say it.

    This review will happen by elimination, eliminating what is not possible or not true.
    We have to wait.

  13. Força Gonçalo Amaral.
    Tu es voz dos indignados.

  14. Of course they want to impose an 'abduction', just like they have been imposing their brainwashing abduction scenario on the UK for the past five years.

    The case should be reopened, but not as the McCanns wish it, it should be reopened where it left off, and the McCanns and their Tapas pals requested to do a reconstruction, and Kate McCann answer the questions asked of her. Then spin on that McCanns, let us see you spin on that when the public realises you wont cooperate with the investigation into the disappearance of your daughter, just like you refused to before.

    All the very best to Dr Amaral. We are certainly getting the picture as to what this SY 'review' is really about.

  15. A BIG thank you dear Joana for translating and bringing us this not unsurprising news. We're treated like mushrooms here in the UK: Kept in the dark and fed........well, you know the rest. :t

    Força Dr Amaral! :t

  16. I belatedly noticed this interview was translated by Astro. It's good to 'see' you and a BIG thanks to you too. :t

  17. Redwood: "...June the 12th Madeleine would have been 9...will be 9..."

    Thank you for showing us you believe the PJ, Mr. Redwood.
    Thank you. A great compliment.

  18. Goncalo Amaral will go down in history as a man who refused to bow down to those who would allow lies to be declared the truth.

  19. Scotland Yard? Men from the Met ? Boys in Blue?

    :c :c :c

    Total Laughing Stock!

  20. I am @18,

    "would have been 9...will be 9..."

    A Freudian slip or on purpose?
    Was that a message to us all? Because rarely people immediately correct Freudian mistakes or they don't even notice them at once.
    There was a distance between the two sentences.
    Did Redwood want to warn us that the abduction theory will not last long? That the Yard know that she is dead and believe it?

  21. Bravo Mr AMARAL,you are a real (ex)policeman. What game is redwood playing at????.didnt he look at the tapas 7 statements,didnt he read the smiths statement,didnt he read the GASPARS STATEMENTS.the ccanns and tapas are ALL liars and if he cant see that then he shouldnt be in the job he is supposed to be doing,ABDUCTION MY AR**.

  22. the big question is why would the govt go to such lengths to protect 2 low ranking doctors ,the only thing i can think of is its something to do with gerry being a member of COMARE,i see his name no longer appears on the members list .what ever im sure its a case of not who or what he is but what he knows

  23. Don't miss the latest video interview with Pat Brown on this! Little Morsals has published it:

  24. Okay, SY want to go with abduction - it will be interesting to find out who the abductor turns out to be. They cannot possibly start this review, re-open the case then come up with no-one can they? And if they decide it is someone who is no longer living (or whatever other excuse) then we will need to see that they have recovered Madeleine (living or deceased) won't we? That might be tricky! Unless they are 'tipped off' about her location then neatly frame someone...in which case she will be deceased. This 'alive' scenario is a tad far-fetched any way you look at it.

    I asked before about this - does anyone know? Will K & G automatically become arguidos again if the case is re-opened?

    If SY are only 25% through the files, how can they possibly make any conclusions about what happened? It is wreckless and unprofessional. Would they really do that? Or are they just giving one final push on the abduction theory to enable them to rule it out completely?

    I feel sorry for people who beleive the McCann spin, so gullible. Or perhaps they just actually don't care! They just read the papers then move on. Isn't it a shame that those who do care are asked to put their hands into their pockets and hand over money? Fund, wristbands, books......sigh

  25. http://www.cmjornal.xl.pt/detalhe/noticias/opiniao/carlos-anjos/erro-ingles

  26. One can tell a lot about the good character of a person if they take responsibility for their actions, which Goncalo Amaral does.

    But I wish he would defend himself a bit more on TV and say exactly why the investigation was sabotaged and by whom. He is taking the blame for something he did not cause. There was nothing he could do about the media, political interference or the manipulations of his bosses.

  27. So the mccanns are to speak next week? Why not today? Are they awaiting SY's transfer of this credible information to the Portuguese and for word to come back the case is being opened? or could it be because they have arranged some sort of huge press conference to grandstand at?

  28. Scotland Yard's Andy Redwood seems to be collaborating with the McCanns, not the PJ. This explains why KM is able to update her book with details of the 'investigation'. Why is anyone surprised when we've seen 5 years of unbelievable machinations in this case, and added to that, the Leveson inquiry has so clearly demonstrated the corruption that exists within the upper tiers of Scotland Yard, politics and the media - all in each others pockets and rotten to the core - and those in the lower ranks know it. At the moment one of our 'finest', John Yates, formerly known as 'Yates of the Yard', is in Bahrain working hard to crush its people; Rupert Murdoch has finally admitted a cover-up re phone hacking and Jeremy Hunt is exposed as 'Murdochs Minister'.

    There are many honest hard-working people in the Met but the remit for this review was not decided by them, it was decided at the very top. If the Met team do not have the official go-ahead to thoroughly investigate every avenue then there is nothing much they can do - they have to follow orders and can't simply do it off their own bat. Just as David Cameron decided what the terms of the Leveson inquiry would be, he also decided the terms of this review and imo those terms are to forensically squeeze an abductor into the window of opportunity, at all costs.

    Andy Redwood is not a fool, he is a highly experienced officer and the only reason he can be allowing himself to be portrayed as a fool - on a par with Edgar & Cowley - must be that he is following a narrow remit set by his superiors. Redwood appeared on tv again this morning, all in the name of McCann PR - I'm just surprised he didn't hold up a copy of the book - at this rate he'll soon be a celebrity himself, with a place on the FindMaddie board and an invite to No.10.

  29. JM: bom dia. Já foi a 2ª parte do jornal via tal link-web transfer. BJ.º


  30. This cover-up is farcical if it weren't so serious. Why is the age enhanced Maddie image released primarily in the UK if the child went missing in Portugsal? Are we fooling the British public?

  31. If I understand correctly, there was a period of 3 months after the filing of the report where the McCanns had the ability to keep the Portuguese investigation active?

    Could they still have the case re-opened, simply by coming forward and offering to help the investigation, by answering outstanding questions?

  32. If anyone is still in any doubt about what Gonçalo Amaral has said in this interview, the extract below should remove any doubt. It's from the first few seconds of a McITV (think Keir Simmons!) video of DCI Redmond's statement to the media:-

    "We are satisfied, as are my senior detective colleagues, that this is a criminal act. A stranger has taken Madeleine from her apartment."


    Redmond said they are only 1/4 of the way through around 100,000 pieces of evidence (after a year!) so I don't believe he had any grounds on which to make such a definitive statement at this stage. However, IMO it's quite obvious why he did: The ONLY possibilities he and his team will consider is whether Maddie was murdered after the STRANGER abducted her or whether she is still alive and being held captive somewhere. That's Redmond's remit and that's what he's out to prove. Even if he has to jemmy it, hammer it and knock it into shape, he'll make the stranger abductor story fit.

    Please, please Portugal, don't dance to the UK's tune. Stand firm against this demonic corruption.

  33. According to Panorama, it seems that News of the World put pressure on Cameron, in order to involve the Met in the case.
    Does any of you remember if the McCanns offended the Murdoch concern and Murdoch shot back?
    Or is that a new way of selling papers, everybody curious how far the Met is going, day by day?
    Could Murdoch have regretted his support to Kate and Gerry, after he heard the girl was dead?

  34. There must be so many people behind the scenes: journalists, policemen, backroom staff in lawyers' offices, whatever, who are fully aware of what is really going on here, I can't believe every man Jack of them is a complete idiot or has been bribed. But so far not one whistleblower has dared to come forward, we can only hazard guesses as to why. Who knows? Maybe one day conscience will get the better of one of them. There should be nothing to fear in telling the truth.

    In the meantime, Nick Davies (of The Guardian), you have, alongside others, shown incredible courage and persistence in outing some of the corruption at News International, at the Yard and among their political connections. You have managed, after a long struggle, against much resistance, to inflict a few wounds at least in the hide of an all-powerful dragon and the British public is indebted to you.

    So how about having a go at this one now?

  35. I believe Redwood may have already been told by the Portuguese that this evidence is not credible enough to warrant reopening the case, I think this round of TV shows may be to try and force public opinion against the Portuguese and to try suggest they are being obstructive.

  36. This bleating on about 'leads' needing to be followed up by the PJ sounds more of the same we got from Isabella in Court accusing the PJ of not following leads and they should hand them over to the McCanns, which the PJ subsequently did, only to have nothing come of them.

    It is all a load of PR, to try and distract from the findings of the dogs, the apartment, and the people surrounding Madeleine.

    Yet the McCanns should realise that truth has a way of escaping, and the funny thing about truth is that when people hear it, it makes sense and fills in a lot of questions.

    By the way, I hope the PJ and Prosecutors in Portugal are aware that in the UK, the alerting of dogs to cadaver scent is being taken into consideration in prosecutions, and subsequent conviction, even though no body has been found. Perhaps Portugal would like to reconsider their decision to allow the same.

    Also the question must be asked yet again, if it was not Madeleine who died in the apartment, then who was it, since there has been nobody ever reported having died there, and the cadaver dog alerted as it was trained to do.

    The same goes for the McCanns hire car. Are we to believe it was a mere coincidence he alerted there too? Do the Portuguese usually drive around with dead bodies in the backs of their cars? Of course not. So if not Madeleine, where did the cadaver scent come from?

    The Redwood guy must think we are all idiots and should turn a blind eye to all this, though I doubt the rank and file SY guys are buying it at all.

    Millions of pounds of tax payers money spent on a farce at the request of the McCanns, who should have been told to keep their noses out of an official police investigation to begin with just as the politicians should. The McCanns were suspects themselves, and if the case was reopened they might still find that to be the case officially.

  37. @anonymous 35

    I'm afraid Nick Davies has already been canvassed on the McCann case, in an exchange of emails. He is firmly in the 'Maddie was abducted by a stranger' camp (whether he believes it or not) and he will brook no other explanation for her disappearance, in spite of being aware of strong evidence to the contrary.

    Heartbreaking and tragic as the death of a 3 year old child is, IMO what's being covered up here is something much bigger.


    The key to the the publicity surrounding Madeleine McCann's Mystery - and please note people have been carter-rucked by calling it a "mystery" (e.g. Tony Bennett) and not an "abduction" which is the McCanns' "official version" of events... the key to this on-going circus - what Clarence Mitchell calls "reputation management", is "Mickey Mouse" himself!

    He was the former head of Tony Blair's/Gordon Brown's Media Monitoring Unit ("Iraq has weapons of mass destruction" kick-side spinner) and he is now director of Burson-Marsteller - the global PR and "reputation management" outfit closely associated with Lift Consulting (Portugal) - the McCanns' official spokespersons in Portugal (...)

    What we have in this case is "reputation management" at a "governmental" scale never seen on the planet (if we except Iraq's WMDs) paid by what one expert suggests (Enid O' Dowd, FCA) a FRAUDULENT fund with millions to spare:



    The mind boggles! Still, according to Dr. Goncalo Amaral this is just what might be happening.

    GA refers to Passos Coelho speaking with David Cameron about the case and ignoring those who were there and in the know (PJ). Really? He also talks of the harassment of PJ elements involved in the investigation. Oh! Dear!

    The subservience showed by Portugal to Her Majesty, The Queen, is an embarassment to the Portuguese - a people with more than 900 years of History! Enough is enough!

    PS OK Passos Coelho may have just been playing his diplomatical, subservient role, but he might be in the know. Certainly the senior judges who cleared Amaral were (...) which is what matters in the end...

  40. Jilly at 38 " IMO what's being covered up here is something much bigger."

    IMO as well...

  41. The McCanns have spoken!

    Irish Independent, 27 April

    Madeleine McCann parents: Portuguese refusal to reopen inquiry 'shows no sense'


    Former Home Secretary Alan Johnson is urging more political and diplomatic interference and says Theresa May should telephone her counterpart in Portugal.

    To my sisters and brothers in Portugal: Please don't be offended by this birdbrain's remarks about you being resentful of the McCanns (I'm only surprised he didn't add, 'jealous'!) because here's a reminder of his cringemaking love-in with fellow McSycophant, Fiona (aka Phoney) Phillips at Labour's Annual Conference:-


    Please feel free to use my pink puke pail.

  42. FRIDAY, 27 APRIL 2012

    An Appeal from John Blacksmith

    As we wrote this week we have a situation where the police are carrying out their work without the continual interference by interested elements using the media which did so much to wreck the first investigation.
    This situation, as we also wrote, is relatively new. Until late last year spin was still being used in the UK by an anonymous source acting for unknown interests claiming to know the reasons for the Yard officers’ visits to Barcelona. Somebody has stopped that for the time being and the media are largely accepting the normal conventions of behaviour applying during an important investigation.

    Due to the anniversary of the child’s disappearance there is, of course, a blip in the amount of publicity which in due time will die down. Kate and Gerry McCann will no doubt wish to go on giving interviews to the public for the foreseeable future as is their right, although I think their own lawyers will be urging care and restraint on them for the good of the justice system and, of course, to avoid any possibility of fuelling tension between Britain and Portugal which might, once again, interrupt the investigation.
    I believe this relative freedom from anonymous briefing, character attacks and other attempts to influence the course of justice is worth fighting for, whatever one’s opinions as to the eventual outcome of the inquiry.

    As a result I would make this appeal. If any UK resident reads in the UK press material based on information clearly provided by a spokesman or other professional source anonymously which purports to have information about the activities or progress or conclusions of the Scotland Yard team which have not been given by Scotland Yard itself in public statements then I would ask them to take the following action.
    After considering carefully whether such a report really does meet these criteria, and bearing in mind the police workload, can you send a brief note including a link to the material to the Andy Redwood team at the address on their website or by email – in the body of the email and not by attachment. Any communication should be as radically short as possible: it is the link we want them to look at, not our views on the case. Identification would probably be better than anonymity but it is not critical, as long as the material is accurate, linked and sent in good faith.

    This will be of very considerable value to the investigation, first of all in identifying if their own team is leaking selectively in this year of Leveson; secondly for the team to identify the likely beneficiaries of such spin; thirdly to assess what the reasons might be for such an attempt to interfere with the investigation in the UK. It may well be that such material might play a role in complaints about specific media or Reputation Management organizations.
    I appreciate that due to recent public statements by the Yard people might be uneasy about the investigation. Forget that. This is our investigation by our police, not the prime minister’s: to believe and say otherwise is losers’ talk. Of course initiatives may take place to influence the investigation that will never reach the media but I repeat we have the power in our hands to kill off the disgraceful use of the media by anonymous sources that first perverted and then destroyed the original investigation. Help us do it!

    And please use the social media to circulate this appeal. Thanks.

  43. Madeleine was abducted from the apartment Scotland yard are correct . What they have failed to mention to the masses is this . She was abducted from the apartment after her death .

  44. @42 Bingo! It looks like the McCann's are about to lobby for the case to be reopened in Portugal!

  45. Based on the fact the dogs found traces of blood and cadaverine which was processed by Forensic services Birmingham, there had to be a death. Or are the dogs findings pure fantasy? In which case, what were Forensic service's investigating/reporting on?
    Although dna results were reported to be inconclusive to have come form Maddy under British and Portuguese law, they would have been conclusive under the laws of other countries.
    So, who did these dna trace's come from if not Maddy? That is the question that needs to be answered before anyone can assume Maddy is still alive.

  46. I think this Review is what those of us who wanted Justice and Truth for Madeleine always thought it would be.

    What we wouldn't accept by PR and persuasion we will be made to accept and swallow by Government decree.

  47. @46 "What we wouldn't accept by PR and persuasion we will be made to accept and swallow by Government decree."

    I understand the point you are making but you forgot the Internet is still alive and kicking even if Johanna, the gifted criminal profiler of
    http://unterdenteppichgekehrt.blogspot.co.uk/ fame
    seems to have been the last victim of Carter-Ruck's global tentacles...

    The McCanns' posse cannot touch servers in the US though...not for the time being...the Truth may have to live in the sewage for a while but ultimately we all know where the main stream media will end...

  48. Anon 42 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hgjd0S7QSLE

    Compelling evidence of what's going on backstage - "plenty of tears being shed" as Mickey Mouse Mitchell says...oh dear! :o

  49. @44,Looks like the mccanns and tapas7 will have to do the reconstruction (if mccanns get thier own way again), in saying they want it reopened, is all a BIG BLUFF by the mccanns ,they do not want re-opened,other wise it wouldnt have taken them 5 years to asked.
    just a thought ,perhaps this is what redwood wants,but for the mccanns to ask.

  50. At 23 - 07.12

    Yes, it has got to be something to do with what he knows, whether Comare, Operation Ore or any other agency that has been hiding unscrupulous individuals and unscrupulous actions. I`ve always thought it highly suspect that an ex-PM and his wife were in contact with them by phone soon after the disappearance. KM referred to this in a name-dropping way to give herself credibility but I`ve always doubted it was just about giving their condolences, more likely panic and sorting.

  51. On the absence of any evidence....she is dead. A dead corpse is easy to conceal and keep iout of Public eyes. An alive child is very difficult to keep and hide for 5 years, specially when she is known even on the most remote corners of the world.
    Redwood is the clown of the last episode on that circus. He must have negotiate a huge transference to his bank account or a royal retire to give the face to that shame, because after that he will be reduced to nothing and will regret to have crossed his life with McCann's. They destroy everything they touch. See where is Brown and Blair now

  52. The only reason the McCanns and Clarence Mitchell have got away for so long with this spin is because they know there is never any official come back from Portugal. They say and do as they please!

    If Portugal used an English speaking spokesperson to addressed what these characters are saying, the McCanns would have to shut those great big mouths of theirs, and Clarence would be seen for the spin doctor he is, and the 'lying through every tooth in his head' he was accused of.

    The public should be reminded it was the McCanns themselves who refused to cooperate with the investigation. It was the McCanns themselves who refused to have the case reopened when they knew they could request it, if and when they eventually decided to cooperate.

    The UK public should be reminded of the findings of the blood and cadaver dogs, and the real reasons suspicion was/is on the parents.

    It would only take a few sentences and the UK media would pick it up and run with it, and the McCanns would be seen in a far different light from the one they have spent all these years trying to push on the public as poor, hard done by, them, and their 'abduction' scenario would be down the pan.

    While there is silence on the part of Portugal the McCanns will continue with more of the same.

    I don't think the media have a personal axe to grind in printing stories from the McCanns, it is just that they are not getting any contradiction from Portugal. They want to sell news, and the McCanns will provide them with that, yet the McCanns must realise by now the media can turn on a sixpence, and though they may seem to be the darling of the press today, that support can be washed away in seconds.

    I hope those in authority in Portugual will wise up to these characters, and the effect this constant barrage of denigration is having on the image of Portugal to the people of the UK, and decide to speak out against it very soon.

  53. @43 well said, as I have mentioned before abduction just means taken away, live or dead. I wonder who took her away and to where?
    Btw, Some good comments on the Irish Independent article.

  54. @43 well said, as I have mentioned before abduction just means taken away, live or dead. I wonder who took her away and to where?
    Btw, Some good comments on the Irish Independent article.

  55. @44

    "@42 Bingo! It looks like the McCann's are about to lobby for the case to be reopened in Portugal"

    Yes I think that's what all this activity is about. We know they could have had the case reopened at any time just by making a formal request and agreeing to participate in a reconstruction and answering any questions. They will never do that but they want to hoodwink the public into believing that that is what they wish.

    IMO, the aim is to force the reopening of the case but with a guarantee from Portugal that only the abduction scenario is investigated, followed by a final report from the PJ stating that Maddie was abducted - case closed. Did the Portuguese already know, before Panorama was broadcast, that Redwood wanted them to reopen the case but only as one of abduction and did they reject his request? Does that account for Redwood's several media appearances this week? He seems to be attempting to create a media storm in order to bulldose Portuguese authorities into reopening the case but only on SY terms.

    Redwood knows that if the Portuguese don't comply it will cause further damage to their country and it's a win win situation for the McCanns. They will either get the case reopened on their terms or, if not, they will say that they campaigned for years to achieve a reopening but PT let them down again - victims forever.

  56. I started thinking what the implications are of Scotland Yard publicly supporting the abduction theory in light of the abundant circumstantial evidence that points to the parents being involved in the disappearance of their child, what can we deduce? Well, if the British government and England's police are capable of this, then is it not possible that evidence was withheld or altered by English authorities that would have incriminated the parents? Think about it, it is a logical deduction that one can make. And I bet that many professionals involved in law enforcement around the world, who have followed and analyzed this case, have made that same deduction. Therefore, in the eyes of of those professionals Scotland Yard has severely damaged its mythical reputation; and the evidence keeps mounting that England is a corrupt society.

    Let's say that the Portuguese authorities decided to re-open the case, despite the dire economic situation in Portugal; let's say they solved the mystery, found Madeleine's remains and tied the parents to the crime. Taken into account the way Britain has conducted itself in this matter, would you be certain that they would hand over the parents to be tried?

    My computer crashed when I tried to first post this comment, so bear with me if it appears twice.

  57. @ 33 Was that Dr. Amaral's comment?

    at the quote Madeleine McCann parents: Portuguese refusal to reopen inquiry 'shows no sense' unquote
    My opinion: I could very well imagine Portugal by now says: OK Britain wants to sanctify these serial child neglectors (and maybe even worse). Good, go and do that but please keep them there and prevent them from ever vacationing with us again. We will not spend one more centavo on them. period.

  58. Another scenario, based upon what we already know: 1) McCanns must know more than they admitted publicly about what really happened. 2) They have something to hide, although not necessarily about the possibility that they killed Maddy, or she died by accident. 3) They are still very resolute in finding Maddy. So my question is, why are they still that desperate to find their daughter, if they really know she was already dead. After all, they are clear now, not facing any prospect of prosecution.
    So my question and suspicion is, could it be that Maddy was abducted not by strangers but by someone they know? But they are too powerless to ask for her release?

  59. What is the point of spending time and vast amounts of money following these leads when we all know she is in Nerja?

    The lunatics have taken over the asylum.

  60. @54, my thoughts exactly

  61. The McCanns , ( if they are really innocent of any crime commited against Madeleine ) IMO , should now ask Portugal to reopen the investigation themselves . Why are they so frightened ?

    They must answer all of the unanswered questions along with their friends the tapas 7 . These unanswered questions have lead many people to believe that they are NOT innocent . If there is still suspicion that they have commited the act of concealment of Madeleine's body they must be charged on the circumstantial evidence alone and then let's see if their clever expensive lawyers can pursude the jury to find them not guilty as charged . This is the only possible way they might get closure .

  62. Redwood has got to be joking when talking about 'stranger abduction' when there is plenty to focus the investigation right there on the McCanns and those surrounding Madeleine, including those Gasper statements which did not arrive until far too late, especially as the information contained does not appear to have been given the amount of scrutiny it deserves, being as there is a missing child, and the lady doctor had dire concern for Madeleine with respect to one member of the group in particular on learning she was missing.

    Do the investigators really buy Jane Tanner's supposed sighting of the 'bundleman' which conveniently gives all her pals an alibi, when she can't even prove she ever did that check she makes much of.

    The PJ should certainly not cave in to the demands of Redwood and the McCanns so as to investigate their unproven 'abduction scenario'.

  63. @44 Yer I bet, I will not hold my breath


    Guerra at 57 "Well, if the British government and England's police are capable of this, then is it not possible that evidence was withheld or altered by English authorities that would have incriminated the parents? "

    Very perceptive remark Guerra. I had not thought of that...

    A. Reader

  65. IMO SY are most certainly entertaining another form of "reputation management". After all, SY havent had the best of press just lately, mmm come to think of it, the press (one particular organisation we all know) hasnt had the best "reputation management" just lately either.

    The McCanns have also suffered with "reputation management".

    See a common denominator here....

    The press and the attempt to reputation manage, possible??

    Dunno, just a thought, maybe Rebecca Brooks would like to make an appearance, afterall she must surely feel left out considering in her first public enquiry meeting she was telling all we would find out "next year"...

    Well next year has arrived luv and Britain is waiting, not the government, not sy, not the mccanns, BRITAIN. I was always taught to be proud to be British how bout the truth now

    No more spin, no more motionless spokes people, no more armchair detectives

    justice for maddie thats all i ask

  66. All areas should be under investigation not just abduction. Why is this not happening?


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