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Met Police: Detectives believe there is a possibility that Madeleine McCann is still alive

Madeleine McCann Age progressed to age 9 - Copyright to Teri Blythe

Detectives from the Metropolitan Police Service conducting the investigative review into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann are releasing an age progression image of her as we approach her ninth birthday on 12 May.

The image has been created in close collaboration with the family and is being released ahead of the fifth anniversary of her disappearance on 3 May. It shows how we believe Madeleine would look today.

The release comes as detectives announce that as a result of evidence uncovered during the review they now believe there is a possibility Madeleine is still alive and are appealing for anyone who is able to provide direct information as to her whereabouts to contact the team.

The investigative review commenced in May 2011 under the leadership of the then commissioner, Sir Paul Stephenson. A murder team within the Homicide and Serious Crime Command was tasked to conduct the review and is led by Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood acting to Detective Chief Superintendent Hamish Campbell and Commander Simon Foy.

Work of the team involves close collaboration with a senior investigating officer from the Policia Judaria [sic] and detectives have been to Portugal several times.

Throughout the course of the review officers have been in close contact with the McCann family who have been assigned a Family Liaison Officer as is standard in accordance with national family liaison policy.

The review team are in a unique position in that their task is to compile and review material from three separate strands - the Portuguese investigation, inquiries by UK law enforcement agencies, and the work of private investigators/agencies.

Officers are now methodically going through that material which they believe amounts to around 40,000 pieces of information equating to approximately 100,000 pages.

The intention is to identify from that material investigative opportunities which we will then present to the Portuguese authorities who retain primacy for the investigation. Officers have so far identified around 195 such opportunities within the historic material, and are also developing what they believe to be genuinely new material.

The objective of the review team is to work with the Portuguese authorities with a view to having the case, which has remained closed since 2008, re-opened in due course.

DCI Andy Redwood said: “From the outset we have approached this review with a completely open mind, placing Madeleine McCann at the heart of everything we do. We are working on the basis of two possibilities here. One is that Madeleine is still alive; and the second that she is sadly dead.

“Based on the former we are releasing the age progression image today with a specific appeal.

“If you know where Madeleine McCann is now or you have new direct information/evidence about what has happened to her then please contact us.

“The second point of appeal today is in relation to those who were at the resort of Praia da Luz between 28 April and 3 May 2007. If you were either on holiday or in residence in the resort during this period, particularly in the vicinity of the Ocean Club, and you have not been spoken to by police either here or in Portugal then please call us on 0800 0961011 if you are within the UK. The number for non-UK residents is +44 2071580 126. Alternatively if you do not want to speak to us directly you can contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”

in Met Police site, April 25, 2012

MetPolice on Twitter

Video Appeal from the MET
uploaded yesterday to youtube

More from Andy Redwood

Clarence Mitchell on the MET's whitewash of his clients


  1. the whole shit is starting again. sightings, sightings, sightings.

  2. I've just been listening to the President's speech to commemorate the Revolution of 25th April, 1974. He mentioned the negative image of Portugal that has been spread around in other countries, an image which has little to do with the reality. Surely he must, at least in part, have been thinking of the lies printed in the British media since 2007 at the behest of the McCanns and their powerful friends.

  3. Former Home Secretary Alan Johnson calls for co-operation from the Portuguese. Let's hope they remember how much help they got from Frances Kennah at the Home Office-zilch!
    All the political parties would feel the fall out from this, if the truth ever emerged and would make the current Jeremy Hunt/BSkyb scandal look mild by comparison,
    A plague on ALL your houses.

  4. We never hear about ANY other children who have disappeared since Madeleine went off the planet. How three million pounds is being wasted on this 'review' is a mystery. But I noticed that the Met said 'a reopening' is possible - a valuable next step up in this sad farce, and something the McCanns don't want.

  5. Redwood sounds like a naughty schoolboy promising he will try hard, knowing he may fail the exam. Don't let a career as Waking the Dead inspiration perish on the political altar, saving other people's careers.

  6. 37 police men whitewashing?
    Ideal husbands in the household. Everything so clean!
    How can the S Y think she is alive! A worthless police!

  7. The question is: Who is going to do whom a favor? And why? Amazingly, there is another official comittee at work in a different European country, dealing with a similar case. Their investigations have led to informations received from various official sources with regard to the Maddie case also.Even though the investigation is not concluded yet, and not made public, that much can be said already: Their findings contradict the latest claims of Metropolitan Police and implicating high-ranking politicians with both cases. Seems, someone from these circles needed to extinguish a flame before it could turn into a huge fire?

  8. Don't lose heart, it could be the calm before the storm, I trust the PJ and Mr Amaral,they may have to lull the Maccann's into a false sense of security. Its not all over yet. There may be a big surprise to come.
    I am watching the little girl giant tonight, and forget all bout the Maccanns. And their big giant lie.

    Mary liverpool UK (land of the Giants)

  9. It's all over the Daily Mess and the Scum.
    Fifth anniversary in a couple of weeks, let's have a few sightings and a new appeal for cash as the ghastly duo are short of money.
    I wish the UK cops would grow a spine and throw these two criminals in jail where they belong.

  10. Evidence that she is still alive and the Portuguese police agreeded with the interview?
    What a nightmerry!

  11. er...no...he siad there is a chance she is alive and sadly a chance she might be dead.

    Very different.

    If ther is a chance she is alive then it behoves the to say so and release the picture etc.

    The dead bit they can investigate in the background.

    Met taking charge now, even the PR and search, so McCanns no need for money for fund...

  12. The question I would like to ask him is 'what about the dogs you numpty'. This is supposed to be a top notch SY police investigator?

  13. Joana, it seems Panorama will be today, 7.30pm British time.

  14. http://sicnoticias.sapo.pt/pais/2012/04/25/policia-inglesa-exige-reabertura-do-caso-maddie-as-autoridades-portuguesas

    Será verdade, ou mais uma vez a montanha vai parir...um rato?!(como na precipitada e falsa notícia do JN de há uns tempos atrás, anunciando a reabertura do caso)
    Cá para mim, a MET vai "passar a bola" para o meio-campo português...saem assim a cheirar a rosas, mostram ao público que cumpriram a parte deles, encontraram "pistas" a ser investigadas, mas infelizmente não podem fazer mais, está fora da sua jurisdição, compete à PJ, etc., etc.,...agora está nas mãos do MP português decidir se reabre o processo, os brits fazem como Pilatos, lavam as mãos do assunto. Depois, se o processo não for reaberto pelo MP português, quem fica mal no retrato são os "mauzinhos e incompetentes" dos portugueses, que negam aos "pobres pais" a tão desejada "closure"! Com toda a pressão política(mais do que provada e evidente) enredada neste caso desde o 1º dia, e o envolvimento de grandes "figurões", é mais do que certo que o caso NUNCA será reaberto, e a MET deve estar ciente disso. Se tudo ficar "na mesma como a lesma", aos olhos do mundo a culpa será única e exclusivamente da justiça portuguesa...UK-1 / PT-0 !!!

  15. It was obvious that Diana was killed.
    And even the French had a verdict that it was not an accident.

    David Kelly was murdered but guess what -

    Why do we think that we will arrive at the truth about anything with the vampires in control.
    The mere fact that Clarence Mitchell was involved in this case and the Soham murders runs shivers up my spine.
    Such a blatant liar and no space for truth.
    Huntley is probably innocent and is the patsy for some high party pedophiles.
    Murat was meant to take that on but it backfired.

    I have said the most sincere prayers for truth to emerge for Madeleine.
    It really looks like it is over.

  16. I was wondering what is happening to the court cases involving Sr Amaral and Tony Bennett, that seems to have gone so quiet and so low profile as to be flatlined.

    I think the Met announcement is more PR than anything concrete, the item is just so full of ifs, buts and maybes.

    What is the PJ view on it all? The whole McCann scene has faded from the Media apart from the odd blips I mean sightings which come to naught anyway

  17. So SY believe that Madeleine could be alive, which can only mean that they have some idea of what happened to her. So what is reputed to be one of the most professional, experienced police forces in the world is alerting an abductor that they could possibly be on to him/her. And now that said police force has let the cat out of the bag, even shown us what the victim might look like, what is said abductor going to do now with said victim? One thing is certain: at best he/she won't stay put to make it easy for them to be found, and he will do his damnedest to make sure she looks as unlike that image as possible. And at the very worst......?

    And now, after five years, those who were in the vicinity the week Maddy disappeared are being asked to get in contact with police - presumably there are still some around who were so busy wining, dining and sunning themselves that week they never heard about her disappearance or just forgot to get in touch.

    This whole affair is fast turning into a farce. Someone, I think, is being taken for a ride. Trouble is I can't yet make up my mind who that is.

    Interesting - just watched that video again. Redwood stresses that people who were in Praia de Luz at the time should get in touch if they have not spoken to the Portuguese or British police - is he deliberately excluding private detectives and the McCanns own Investigation Line?

    This business is fast turning into a farce. Someone is being taken for a ride here, trouble is I am not quite sure yet who it might be.

  18. I think we might have consider that this case is not is clear as you think. How can everyone be in on it?

    Could Madeleine still be out there, somewhere, living?

  19. @8, Mary from Liverpool, we love you.
    I also want to believe it will be all right.

    It is possible the Met are investigating all of the aspects of the files, alive or dead.
    They can not only choose for one side of the investigation.They have to be neutral.

  20. This is the lead story on CNN, here in USA. No doubt this will lead to many more sightings of "Madeleine" and perpetuate the myth that she did not die in that vacation apartment. When the McCann's told us that Cooperman was "Madeleine's probable abductor" we knew that their search for her was nothing but a sham.


    Hmmm...this is a much better photo-kit than the one published in the Sunday Express recently.

    There are indeed resemblances which means we won't be getting as many "sightings".

    It is unlikely they will find a "real-looking" Madeleine because the facts of the investigation tell us so...still... good luck to Burson-Marsteller reputation management programme as long as they don't go on wrecking other families and individuals with their multi-million gags...

  22. The McCanns have always wanted to get their hands on the information the LP had, and even attempted unsuccessfully to do this by taking them to Court. They also they wanted to get hold of the information in the confidential Files in Portugal that were not released to the public.

    Has this been their opportunity to do this at last?

    I PERSONALLY WOULD NOT TRUST ANY OF THESE TOP COPS NOT TO DELIVER TO THE MCCANNS ALL THEY ASKED FOR, DIRECTLY ON THE ORDERS OF CAMERON, and I doubt very much that Theresa May would ever have gone along with this 'Review' except ordered to by Cameron. After all, the McCanns have been bleating on long enough about it, and 'Call me Dave' does so like to oblige certain people, and throw his pal Clarence into the mix, and there you have it.

    As for those people who think Cameron is trustworthy, do they actually read the news coming from UK about the corruption surrounding him. He is getting himself every bit as despised as Blair and Brown ever were. Many in his own Party would like to seen the back of him already because of this. There is really not a pick between any of those Prime Ministers who have given aid and assistance to the McCanns.

  23. Is the Met seriously expecting Portugal to reopen the case and waste even more €millions reinventing the wheel? How much is it already costing for the PJ team in Porto?

    Andy Heywood claims the Met is 1/4 way through many thousands of pieces of evidence, which has already cost the British taxpayer £2m. Does this mean we have to fork out another £6m to complete this charade?

    PR-opaganda is a very lucrative business in this recession!

  24. Oops, of course I meant Andy Redwood, not He[a]ywood.

    No matter, they all appear to be cut from the same grubby cloth.

  25. I am delighted that SY and the PJ 'are working towards a re-opening of the case'! Redwood seems confident that they have a few leads....I look forward to that happening! Will the McCanns automatically return to Arguido status then? That wouldn't do their image in Britain any good (if the press decide to publicise that of course).

    I agree with a previous poster: Redwood, I think, is appealing to witnesses who contacted the private detectives....they probably want to sort out fiction from fact. The lead that the private investigators had which made them confidently announce years ago that 'Maddie would be home for christmas' must be very interesting to the SY & PJ (Hahahaha). Or was that a Clarence Mitchell statement?

    If this is a whitewash I think there will be a massive public backlash towards Cameron's government for wasting money in these times of financial woe. The review is only a quarter of the way through? So another 3 years to go...and what, another £2m per year?..not going to sit well with the british taxpayer - perhaps the McCanns should use their fund towards it. Or are they still paying private investigators?


    "Mickey Mouse" Mitchell, Director of Burson-Marsteller and the ex-suspects spokesperson was this morning on LBC Radio (London) doing what he does best - spinning...

    This man speaks as if he was the King of Obfuscation. Well, he is. He earn that title years ago by help promoting Tony Blair's BIG lies on Iraq.

    You should have heard "Mickey Mouse" chanting his usual mantras! "There is not a shred of evidence that Madeleine came to any harm" and all that Jazz...

    I couldn't help but send the following letter to Julia Hartley-Brewer - the presenter. Please read on:

    Dear Julia

    I am utterly surprised LBC is apparently supporting Burson-Marsteller's/David Cameron/Scotland Yard's "official version" of events!

    Since when Clarence Mitchell, former head of Tony Blair's/Gordon Brown's Media Monitoring unit ("Iraq has weapons of mass destruction" kick-side spinner) and now director of Burson-Marsteller - the global PR and "reputation management" outfit closely associated with Lift Consulting (Portugal) is the person to give a fair opinion on the Madeleine McCann case?

    If you read the official PJ files you will learn (as I and others did) that the overwhelming circumstantial evidence points to the possibility the child died in the apartment NOT that she was abducted. The latter has become known as the McCanns' "official version" of events.

    Add to that the obvious lies and contradictions of their friends - which includes one obvious false sighting and the framing of Robert Murat by Jane Tanner - awaiting trial (...)

    AND let us not forget that it all happened because the parents consistently left their children alone in the apartment when they were out "boozing" with their friends, leaving a back door (patio's) open for their convenience. This back door had easy access from a public road. So much for the abduction theory.

    Let's air other opinions such as Dr. Gonçalo Amaral's - the McCanns' nemesis and Chief-Co-ordinator of the investigation, Pat Brown - the famous North-American criminal profiler and/or Tony Bennett - to quote but three already gagged by the powerful legal apparatus of the McCanns' (Carter-Ruck charges as much as £1500/hour) and Rogerio Alves and Isabel Duarte in Portugal - another two very expensive "designer lawyers" probably being paid by the Madeleine Fund business. Incidentally, Portuguese lawyers, unlike Isabel Hudson of Carter-Ruck, are NOT "no win-no fee" opportunists. They get paid either way. Where is the money coming from?

    Any fair interpretation of the investigation facts, any diversion from the McCanns' "official version" of events, is invariably libelled even when Dr. Gerald McCann states to the Leveson Enquiry that he is not against freedom of opinion and has no qualms with theories. He is not walking his talk, is he?

    I am sorry Julia you are misinformed and as a consequence misinforming listeners.

    I do sympathize with your caution for had you courted the FACTS you might have ended "carter-rucked" but you could at least have declined to open the door to Burson-Marsteller's chief "reputation manager" (...)

    No animosity implied.
    Have a nice day.

    Official PJ Files here:


    Madeleine Fund research (written by Enid O'Dowd, a chartered accountant living in Ireland and an NUJ member), here:


  27. 14) se a montanha parir um rato, Portugal vai parir um gás na direção das autoriades inglesas.

  28. If Maddy's alive, what did the dogs find? I'm sure even bad dogs don't imagine blood and cadaver fluid. Forensics did confirm the blood and cadaverine was real, just couldn't confirm it was from Maddy.

  29. Andy Deadwood is not going to allow the truth to get in the way of a good whitewash. As Gerry said, Madeleine's case did not get a 'Met-type response'- well here it is. So much for the met.

  30. @17

    Have to agree with you ! But what about the freaking dogs ?


  31. "Met Police: Detectives believe there is a possibility that Madeleine McCann is still alive" - but Met Police detectives also believe there is a possibility Madeleine McCann is dead.

    195 "material investigative opportunities" but without saying anything further about the nature of those opportunities they have identified for investigation.

    Does the material now pooled in one central location include all the work pertaining to the various private investigators used, including the work of Kevin Halligen? Will that correspondence show just why these 'crack PIs' were hired and what exactly they were being asked to do?

    Who knows: there could be many twists and turns to this review.

  32. :i WELL, WELL, WELL...

    "Met Police: Detectives believe there is a possibility that Madeleine McCann is still alive..."

    What else where they expected to say? What else did you expect to hear, bearing in mind the orders were issued by David Cameron within 24 hours of Murdoch's "Sun" publishing the McCanns' Letter to David Cameron? :h

    The Yard obviously had strict orders to look solely into the possibility of an abduction not to question witnesses and circumstantial evidence implicating the McCanns' and/or their friends. Obviously.

    What we have in this case is propaganda on scale never seen on planet Earth since the II World War (think: Joseph Goebells). 195 leads "proving" Madeleine McCann is/was still alive! :c Thought you would say that or something along those lines. The number took me by surprise though but I guess that is how "reputation management" works.

    Interesting to see what the PJ's diplomatic reaction will be.

    To re-open the investigation is not in itself a bad thing as it could lead to the truth; the problem is whether the PJ will be restricted to look solely for evidence of an abduction as Scotland Yard's, no doubt, was (...)

    I can only hope the victims of the written on stone, "official version" of events, will be able to walk out of the kangaroo courts, with their dignity and finances intact - thinking here of Gonçalo Amaral, Tony Bennett not to mention Pat Brown...

  33. Is this the end of the fund then ? I would have more respect for SY if they told people that leaving your children alone to fend for themselves is not a good idea.

    How many thousands, indeed millions of pounds have been wasted because these parents put their own enjoyment before their children's safety, and THEN blame the PJ for not finding her.

  34. Redwood was given Terms of Reference:

    1)Maddie was Abducted
    2)Get evidence that fits above.

  35. Lots of very sceptical comments on the Yahoo news site. Interestingly (you can click on thumbs up = approve or thumbs down = disapprove on that site)overwhelmingly the comments are disapproving of the McCanns antics. I'm suprised their goons haven't (yet) either put the frighteners on Yahoo, or flooded the site with their paid keyboard monkeys...

  36. Thanks for the information at 7. Any clues as to which country and are any Lordships involved I wonder?

  37. "Interesting - just watched that video again. Redwood stresses that people who were in Praia de Luz at the time should get in touch if they have not spoken to the Portuguese or British police - is he deliberately excluding private detectives and the McCanns own Investigation Line?"

    No. 17, I was thinking the same thing when Redwood said that. Is SY appealing to people who contacted the McCanns direct line or their private detectives to now get in touch with the Portugese and British Police should some important information not have been passed on to them, for obvious reasons. Hmmmm.

  38. I really would not be surprised if a live "Madeleine" is found in the very near future , looking quite similar to the new age enhanced picture which has just been released. Won't be the real Madeleine because I believe she is no longer with us.

    Just a thought. I think the current situation could be preparing us for 'Maddies' appearance.


  39. Whether it's the McCann case or any other controversial subject, and regardless of how much information there is available to indicate a different scenario, those who question the official line are immediately dubbed 'conspiracy theorists'. Disbelievers are labelled as 'nutters' or worse, simply for doubting what they're fed by the media and powers that be, but sometimes it turns out that they got it spot on. In 2011, at the time when the Murdochs were trying to secure the all important BSkyB bid, many so-called 'conspiracy theorists' questioned the governments role in the negotiations, believing, as they did, that the government was in collusion with NewsCorp. Doubters (or conspiracy theorists if you like) were convinced that Vince Cable's replacement, Jeremy Hunt, was chosen not as an adjudicator but as a facilitator - they feared his role was to ensure that the Murdochs clinched the bid they were so deparate to get their hands on. Well, those doubters are vindicated and Hunt is wriggling - but that theory is the lead story on every media outlet today. Sometimes things just stink and should be questioned.

  40. What a piece of ' sh...t' that aged progress (Madeleine 9). She looks like a old ugly teenager, near to the twenties.
    Now we have a Madeleine with brown eyes and an almost imperceptible coloboma, made in closure with her family. From what I know, the eyes color didn't change over the time and a coloboma so strongly evident on her first picture released by her parents, didn't fade when she grows up.
    Any journalist with ' b...s' to ask Andy Redwwod how is it possible to change physical characteristics, known in science world, as the few, like DNA, that never change?
    In Maddie fantastic world, everything is possible. From abductors with a egg face to a victim that changes physical unchangeable facts, showing where our taxes are being wasted and why this people deserves no respect from the public.
    How can SY be connected with so ridiculous stories and let them going on, as a carnival? This case will be the end of SY. The British investigators involved on the review are the latest clowns on that circus. Thanks God, that the Portuguese are out of the last episodes.
    Wonder, who they are searching with that picture.

  41. If she could be alive, why....

    "The investigative review commenced in May 2011 under the leadership of the then commissioner, Sir Paul Stephenson. A murder team within the Homicide and Serious Crime Command was tasked to conduct the review and is led by Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood acting to Detective Chief Superintendent Hamish Campbell and Commander Simon Foy "?

    Was it because before starting the review, SY had already read what is in PJ files( released and kept in secret) since they had all information available since minute zero, according to Amaral?

    Who they want to fool now? Are they going to sack the previous British officers involved in the investigation? They cannot have it both ways- the Portuguese incompetent and the British very competent. Was a joint investigation. Let's see what are they going to do with Stuart Prior, who one day said, that for much less evidences then what they found on Maddie case, he arrested British citizens in UK... That happen, before Mccann's runaway to Uk. Because after Sept 2007, he became the Tapas 9 post office, changing emails with Tapas 7 who were working on a strategy to avoid the reconstruction.
    What a double faced figurines, are all that British investigators, who have no shame to expose them and their country to the ridiculous.
    That case, is not a domestic issue, made to feed the little brain of the Sun and Daily mail readers. That case, become global and crossed the all planet, like the September 11. Any mistake, Mr. Cameron, will be the end of the reputation of UK police and the all Uk System. Don't forget, millions of people across the world, were fooled by the parents and gave money to a Fund we all know, is a HHHUUUGE FRRRAUD. The world is watching the behavior of UK on that case.

  42. I watched Panorama.

    I can't believe Murdoch was behind the revision.Unbelievable.
    This could definitely be a whitewash.

  43. Pior não podia. Murdoch por trás da revisão, governo inglês obedecendo.

  44. We tried to create a timeline that would show to the nearest minute when Madeleine was abducted.


    Well we may have tried too hard, we were worried, stressed, no one had worn a watch, we may have inadvertently narrowed the window of opportunity, the timings could be out.

    By how much?


  45. There is a "possibility" that I shall win the jackpot on Euromillions this week.
    They are playing with words.
    But hey... the weather is dreadful in UK at present. There might be some reliable (lol) leads to follow in the Caribbean, Hawaii, Polynesia ...

  46. There is corruption going on inside the Scotland Yard.
    They need to keep it secret, no media. That's why they "believe" that Madeleine is still alive. Afraid of Murdoch.

    On Guardian(I think) I read a Jim Gamble's comment that a person that knows the truth and that is not anylonger a friend of the guilty one, could come forward with the truth now.

  47. How much did this Panorama production cost? However much, it's yet more taxpayers money - in the form of license fees - down the drain. Richard Bilton actually told an outright lie on air by informing the viewers that the dogs alerted to DNA. I have never witnessed such overt dishonesty, manipulation and corruption as that which exists in this missing child case. They're all afraid to tell the truth, even about the most basic details of the investigation. Its absolutely astonishing.


    @32 "Interesting to see what the PJ's diplomatic reaction will be."

    I suspect these "198 sightings" which, according to the incompetent* and corrupt** Scotland Yard would justify a re-opening of the case, are in the PJ files already and as such have already been discredited. Who is Scotland Yard to say otherwise???

    It seems the Yard is now telling the PJ to re-open the case. Not a bad thing in itself, the questions are:

    (a) Will the PJ review ALL the evidence so far in relation to both hypotheses (abduction and/or death in the apartment)?

    (b) Will the PJ prove the McCanns' systematically left their children alone and by doing so abandoned Madeleine to her fate (if she was abducted, that is)?

    (c) Will the PJ summon witnesses, etc. or will they just do as Scotland Yard had to to - look exclusively for indications of kidnapping or abduction?

    The latter would turn the PJ into another PR outfit for the McCanns' supporting their "official version" of events and this avoiding the question of what really happened(...)

    (d) The list could go on...

    * Incompetent in the sense that the number of unresolved cases of missing children is far, far superior to those in Portugal. Google and you shall find the figures.

    ** Corrupt in the sense that the Yard has been plagued with allegations of racism (indeed telling the PJ what to do amounts to just that) and collusion with Murdoch media empire which by the way is in the origin of this review in the first place. Cameron ordered Scotland Yard to look for evidence of abduction (only) within 24 hours of the McCanns' letter being published by the Sun - a Rupert Murdoch newspaper (...)

  49. Andy Redwood (transcript)

    We are rapidly approaching the 5th Anniversary of Madeleine’s disappearance on 3rd May next Thursday and also coincidental to that on 12th May Madeleine would have been 9 years old, will be 9 years old. And so as part of our appeal we have produced an age progression image carefully completed by a forensic expert within the United Kingdom in close collaboration with Mr and Mrs McCann, a genuine image of what we believe Madeleine looks like.
    The task is vast and my terms of reference are clear that what we are seeking to do in a unique position, is draw three key strands of information together, UK Law Enforcement material, Portuguese Law Enforcement material, and private investigator material, that has largely been gathered through companies employed by Mr and Mrs McCann.
    I will estimate at this stage, and we are about a quarter of the way through the process, that we’ll have somewhere in the region of 40,000 pieces that could come to around 100,000 pages, but we’re approaching it in a systematic and logical way, and today why we are here is specifically to appeal for information around her being alive. And so what I would ask the public to assist us with is if you know having carefully looked at this image, if you know where Madeleine McCann is now or you have information as to what has happened to Madeleine McCann then please make contact with us.


    It is always difficult in this case to decide who is kidding who, the press or the McCann couple? Each in their own way used the other for their own gain and neither of their actions or aims having Madeleine at heart or benefiting the missing child in any way.

    The Scotland Yard review seemed to offer some hope that maybe just maybe the case would be looked at carefully, honestly and with integrity, though I think for most, there was and still remains the underlying feeling, a niggling little voice whispering ‘whitewash.’

    After today’s revelations we are left wondering again who is kidding who, this time around - McCann’s or Scotland Yard?

    I haven’t had time to catch up on all the news today re the Madeleine case, but managed to read a couple of the articles, reports which would leave the reader to believe that the Met are in fact stating it is their belief that Madeleine is alive.

    I read also a couple of the quotes by Redwood and I did listen to Redwood speak, transcript of video clip included.

    If we listen to what Redwood has said, and it seems to me that he has chosen his words very carefully indeed, he tells us they, the Met are approaching the case systematically and logically.

    Approaching his words in the same way, leaves me to believe that, as one would expect, SY are looking at all possibilities as to what became of young Madeleine. One of those possibilities being that she was abducted, and is perhaps still alive. The exercise today by way of an' appea' is as he states, ‘the Yard exploring this particular possibility.’ For this purpose, they have had produced the age progression image and speak of the child as though alive.

    “Specifically to appeal for information around her being alive” He said.


  50. Interesting too is that he tells us a year since the start of this review, they are only about a quarter of the way through the process! So still a very long way to go, and still many avenues, to be looked at, witnesses still to be heard, including I will wager the group of persons who holidayed with the McCann’s.

    Today yes, Redmond dealt with the possibility of the child being alive, and the appeal reflected this, but he has not for a moment ruled out other scenarios that is, that she was abducted and is now dead, or that some other fate befell the child causing her death. These are ‘possibilities’ quite obviously yet to be explored!

    "From the outset we have approached this review with a completely open mind, placing Madeleine McCann at the heart of everything we do. We are working on the basis of two possibilities here. One is that Madeleine is still alive; and the second that she is sadly dead," he said Wednesday.

    One report states that the Met said, having looked at the timeline, there was opportunity for the child to have been abducted, or as I prefer to say – removed – from the apartment. Of course there was! No matter who removed the child, a stranger, someone closer to home, or one of the tapas group, there was opportunity within the timeline given. There has to have been. So no real revelation!

    What the Met have not said, or at least not to my knowledge, is that the 'window of opportunity' was at the time the McCann couple have stated it to be! Nor have they said that the person responsible for removing the child was not someone close to her.

    With three quarters of the information yet to be reviewed, with tapas group yet to be interviewed, presumably also a reconstruction of events still to be undertaken, I will remain hopeful that the review will lead to a re-opening of this case, the culprits, those who committed crimes against young Madeleine McCann be caught and brought to justice, be it (a)her parents, their friends, in a cover up of an accident the child may have had in their absence, while they dined out, which they did, night after night leaving her and her brother and sister so vulnerable, unprotected,(b) child wandering out of the apartment and meeting her fate, or (c) a stranger abducting the child ( which in my opinion is highly unlikely.) I will remain positive also that the Yard see what is before them, the evidence!

    Before any hope of justice for Madeleine can be served this case must be re-opened.


    “But ultimately, the decision around reopening is for them, it is a sovereign decision for the Portuguese authorities. Obviously what we seek to do is to bring them the best quality information to assist them in making that decision.”

    Sadly that seems a long way off. Redwood and his team have clearly not uncovered any new credible leads, not as yet uncovered any quality information else surely they would have already presented to the Portuguese Authorities.

    There is a child if alive whose life depends on new information being found and acted upon at soonest, who depends on all involved co-operating with police authorities.

    Hard to believe that from some quarters this has not been forthcoming, yet this is a tragic fact of this case. The McCann friends did not fully co-operate with police.

    Let us hope they will find it in their hearts to do what is right for Madeleine, speak with Scotland Yard, and hope too that the McCann couple this time around do not condone any possible refusal by their friends, but encourage them to fully co-operate.

    In the meantime, while we wait for the conclusion of this review - which may be a long time coming, if every ‘quarter’ of the process should equate to 1 year- the cynics among us might wish to ponder the timing of this SY appeal?


  51. 46, this person could even be david payne.

  52. This new Madeleine so called sighting is all over the press.

    I tried to post a comment on a french forum under an article about it, and they did not post it. I tried several times, including writing the same with different words and shorter but still, they wouldn't publish.
    Then i replied to another comment, quite shortly, and that they did post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    my point: are we gagged about this, even in France???

  53. DCI Forest Gump solves the Maddie Mystery, "I ain't a smart man ya know, but ahm tellin' y'all, Maddie could be alive... or she could be dead".

  54. Well, that will be the last Panorama show I watch and the last BBC show - in fact I might not bother paying my TV licence when it's due for renewal. The very LEAST they could have done with MY money and everyone elses would have been to include ALL the information that is out there (NOT JUST IN THE UK MEDIA). What an absolute joke.

    Why is Portugal accepting this trashing? It's all worded very carefully but the insults are there.

    What a complete waste of time and money when there are GENUINE abductions that need investigating.

    It is the McCanns who have to live with the truth and also those they hide behind. I wish them good luck with the CIVIL case against Mr.Amaral - they will need it - Portugal knows what justice is.

  55. Kate and Jerry are out walking around Pria Da Luz at 8am on the morning after Madeleine's 'abduction' looking in rubbish bins etc and presumably ranting at what t*ssers the Portuguese police are....

    Kate: Oh, Gerry, it's hopeless. We've been searching tirelessly this last 10 hours and not a shred of evidence to help us understand what happened to our beautiful little girl...

    Gerry: Mmm. Well, I wasn't sure if I should tell you this but...

    Kate: Yes...?

    Gerry: Well, you know last night....?

    Kate: Go on....

    Gerry: Jane said she saw someone carrying a sleeping child the same age as our Madeleine away from our apartment while I was standing in the street talking to whassizname...at exactly the same time as she must have been 'abducted'

    Kate: For f***s sake Gerry, why didn't you tell me this 10 hours ago??!?!?

    Gerry: I didn't want you to worry, petal.

    Kate: Oh. I see. Well you're such a darling Gerry. Mwah.

    They continue searching in rubbish bins...

    This utterly unbelievable account of Gerry's not getting round to telling Kate what would have to be the single most important piece of information possible until the next morning tells me all I need to know about these two and their stories.

    Think about it - then read Kate's ridiculous account of it. It's madness.

  56. Where is Clarence Mitchell?

    I wonder if Cameron and the Met realise that "living with the abductor" means that British authorities will not get rid of the McCanns.

    They will continue persisting on asking for help. What a stupid police.

  57. Clarence Mitchell can now retire from being the PR spokesman/spin merchant for the McCanns. They now have SY doing it for them, all for free.

    Hey folks, forget the 'ludicrous' cadaver dog alerting to a death in the apartment, don't you know MADELEINE IS STILL ALIVE, but don't forget to keep posting the money to the Fund, you can put it straight in an envelope and address it to the McCanns, and it will still get there!

    Gerry McCann who has worked so hard to have the dogs ignored must be laughing his socks off.

  58. @53, I fear that this is the same case of my grandmother.

  59. Why aren't the McCanns reacting on this good news? Excellent news?
    They are again protected by Murdoch and they don't show their gratitude.
    Very strange. It looks like they are not trusting the Yard.

    If it is the case, join our club!

  60. ? did richard bilton really say on air that the dogs reacted to dna?

    if so this is a huge step in what dogs can be used for and how does he know the dog alerted to dna? maybe he asked them like gerry asked the pretty reporter from portugal to 'ask the dogs', if only we could, i wonder what their answer may be?

    this needs more looking at and an email to the sniffer dogs handlers for clarification.

  61. This will still take some more three years, Tapas 7 will be living in an eldery home.
    Where are the thankful McCanns?

  62. Plod of the Yard

    A year gone and 2 million spent
    To get to the bottom of where Madeleine went
    Redwood, there is no evidence that an abduction took place
    This is simply an exercise in saving face
    So, whitewash and cover up while you can
    It will not change the fate of Madeleine McCann

    A simple reconstruction would show an abduction was not possible in the time frame
    It would save taxpayers millions and show who was to blame
    But Cameron and his backers have told you to cover it up and make it go away
    Show the Portuguese as stupid and lazy and keep the British public from having their say
    DI Redwood we are not all as thick as you think we are
    We’ve had 5 years of lies, deceit and bullshit so far
    Scotland Yard’s reputation for honesty and integrity has long gone
    Many bent coppers and dodgy goings on

    Explain the dogs Mr Plod,
    Put your tin of whitewash down and do the job
    This is to discover Madeleine’s fate,
    Not to be a PR man for Gerry and Kate

  63. No Reason to Reopen McCann Case: Portugal

    Lisbon, 26 April 2012

    Portuguese authorities have no new evidence that would give them cause to reopen an inquiry into the disappearance in 2007 of the British youngster Madeleine McCann, police said Thursday.

    “There are no new elements at the moment that would allow for the reopening of the inquiry,” Pedro do Carmo, the deputy head of the criminal police department, said.

    More details soon



    If this report is correct, so much for DCI Redwood & Isabel Duarte's claims on Panorama (henceforth abbreviated to PR) that 190+ leads were ignored/missed!

  64. sorry for linking joana please forgive me but heres the transcript of the program from panorama xxxx

    keep up the good work



    Last Sunday the Express published an "age progressed" photo of Madeleine produced by "US experts, who work with police forces tracing missing people...using FBI forensic computer techniques." (quote)

    Have a look below:


    So, that's the FBI version.

    Following this, some commentator on this blog remarked the photo did not resemble Madeleine's parents at all! The McCanns' "reputation management" (sic) team must have read it for two days later they came up with a photo of Madeleine that does present some resemblance to the parents.

    The question is:

    Which photo should we, the public, rely on when we are out and about on the streets looking for Madeleine? Could you kindly fax the "McCanns' Team" in Belgravia and ask them to clarify? Thank you!

    On Monday, I saw five Madeleines that looked like the FBI version. Last night, after reading/seeing this, I went out but could not find a single Maddie that looked like the Scotland Yard's version...

    OK, it was a bit late in the evening and the streets were deserted still... it would help to know which Madeleine should we look for: The FBI's or the Scotland Yard's version? Which is which?


    Andy Redwood looks remarkably like Gerry McCann and has traces of an Irish accent - I was about to report the "sighting" to the police but then I realized the police is no longer looking for Gerry (and Kate) McCann but for the daughter! What a mess! :h

  66. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/madeleinemccann/9228670/Madeleine-McCann-Portuguese-police-refuse-to-reopen-case-saying-there-is-no-new-evidence.html

  67. @50

    Sadly, Andy Redwood didn't play his cards so close to his chest at his news conference yesterday. He clearly stated that he believed Madeleine was abducted by a stranger. How can he come to that conclusion if, as he admitted on the Panorama programme, that SY have only gone through 25% of the available information?

    The McCanns wanted a review - not a reopening - in order to create a central point for all data - so they could gain access to the withheld PJ files. It seems to me, with the added bonus of Redwood's 'stranger abduction' comment, that they've got exactly what they wanted, as Redwood states, "The task is vast and my terms of reference are clear that what we are seeking to do in a unique position, is draw three key strands of information together, UK Law Enforcement material, Portuguese Law Enforcement material, and private investigator material, that has largely been gathered through companies employed by Mr and Mrs McCann". Isn't that precisely what the McCanns demanded?

    Predictably, the PJ took yet another bashing last night and Amarals contribution was cut to an apology. Paulo Rebelo was the PJ Co-ordinater for the last eight months of the investigation, longer than Amaral, but curiously his part in the investigation was not mentioned. The general impression given, was that the PJ are collectively useless and the Great British Met, (having cracked it without even having to bother reading all the files) are riding to the rescue. I doubt Stephen Lawrences' parents would agree.

    Last year the Prime Minister, David Cameron, following pressure from his friends at News Corp, virtually posed as a PR agent for the McCanns and just in time for their book publication too. Apparently Cameron was acting in a parental capacity but needless to say, he's not quite so paternal toward Ben Needham and Katrice Lee. This year we have a senior Scotland Yard detective, who is supposed to be open minded and truly acting in Madeleine's best interest doing exactly the same thing and just in time for the paperback too.

  68. Quote from transcript: '...on 12th May Madeleine would have been 9 years old, will be 9 years old.' It's possible that Redwood's use of the past tense indicates (to those who pick up on these cues) a belief that the child is dead, and that he does not say it that way by accident. He immediately 'corrects' himself to put Madeleine into the present tense, as the line of enquiry he's currently speaking about, professionally and with accompanying integrity, is the possibility that she may be alive. He refers to the McCanns throughout as Mr and Mrs rather than the Drs McCann...this may be meant to indicate to the viewer that the parents are being viewed like any other witnesses/victims/suspects in a crime, as ordinary members of the public, rather than being accorded special status due to their profession/connections, etc.

    General observation - It is very likely that criminal profilers and psychologists are involved in the investigation, and that only a very little of what is going on is being laid out on the table. SY is only a quarter way through the documents, and therefore, we are meant to assume, only at some similar stage in the investigation, though this may not be the case. The appeal to holiday-makers for information, the tip-toeing round what the dogs are actually trained to signal to (cadavarine/blood) seem to be an invitation to the viewer to take seriously the thoroughness of the investigation, in following all scenarios and not dismissing the possibility of abduction, despite widespread internet claims that the British police had concurred with the Portuguese findings in the initial investigation. They are putting aside all other possibilites (dogs etc) while they look at the possibility of stranger abduction. That's not to say the other possibilities do not still exist, or that they are being considered less likely, only that all possibilites are being given equal consideration. If, at a later stage, it could ever be claimed that the British (like the Portuguese, allegedly) had only ever been interested in the parents as suspects, that would not augur well at any trail, in the case of them being involved, and of them ever being charged. If too much weight was given in the programme to what the dogs actually signal to, it would seem to pre-empt the possibility of the police believing that Madeleine could still be alive, which they do need to be seen to be taking seriously in order for the investigation to be credible in everyone's eyes. Personally, I think SY is acting both professionally and strategically in considering the abduction scenario, in getting the confidence/support of the family through the progressed age image, and of the public, so many of whom believe in 'bungling Portuguese cops' etc. They are probably also hoping to draw out those who may hold information('this is not going to go away, we will get to the bottom of it, so why not get it over with?' etc) It's very unusual for the police to appear on TV like this, and it's invariably strategical when they do - IMO they are not doing this for entertainment purposes, or because David Cameron or the Murdochs have told them to, but because it is in some way necessary to the investigation at this point, to say those things, to make some breathe easier, and to unnerve others. If SY says it is not[currently]looking at the parents, except as victims, it certainly turns up the heat for people who may know more than they have so far said, or who may not have told the truth the first time round.

  69. continued...

    In a few months, SY may well announce that after having given serious weight to the possibility of stranger abduction (as witnessed by Panorama), and after having investigated 'the leads', etc., they have to conclude that they now believe it's unlikely that Madeleine was abducted by a stranger, or that she is still alive (point at which what the dogs actually signalled to may be allowed to become significant?)... heralding the next stage in the 'investigative review'. It's all strategic, IMO - SY are not without integrity, whatever their critics might want to believe.

  70. RIPM at 62

    Your poem is spot on revealing what a nonsense this costly 'review' on behalf of the McCanns is, and if the cop in charge can ignore the scent of cadaver permeating the case, then what a dud he is. Well done.


    @57 "Gerry McCann who has worked so hard to have the dogs ignored must be laughing his socks off."

    You mean Carter-Ruck? The problem with the compelling dogs' evidence is that it cannot by itself, be accepted as evidence in a court of law but their consistent barking in different places are nonetheless powerful signposts - a BIG index finger, pointing in the McCanns' direction and telling us "they did it!". Unfortunately for Carter-Ruck and the McCanns' you cannot sue a dog only a human (s). Pity.

    So the McCanns "Reputation Management" team headed by "Mickey Mouse" Mitchell has to discount the dogs evidence as "preposterous" - at least that's what one of their very expensive Portuguese lawyers had to say on the McCanns' behalf - a certain Rogério Alves, ex-Head of the Portuguese Bar.

    Remember Gerry's immortal words delivered with a smirk? "Ask the dogs Sandra*!" It says it all.

    *Sandra Felgueiras - a Portuguese TV anchor.

  72. @64 Thanks but this. This is a rather "neutral" transcript from Panorama DATE: 19:11:07..wait until you see the transcript from the more recent McCannorama which is more of a vehicle for McCanns/Murdoch/Cameron/Scotland Yard propaganda or "reputation management" as "Mickey Mouse" Mitchell aptly calls it.

  73. Open letter to all
    Have faith
    Every coin has two faces - the one we are being shown/can see and the one we cant

  74. #67 "Andy Redwood...clearly stated that he believed Madeleine was abducted by a stranger. How can he come to that conclusion if, as he admitted on the Panorama programme, that SY have only gone through 25% of the available information?"

    Because Burson-Marsteller is probably paying him to say so? :o

    Get the gist below...that's how they do it...

    Andy Coulson (Clarence Mitchell look-do-alike) "faces accusations of paying the police for information, as outrage grows...". Old news admitedly, but still pertinent...


  75. #73 "Every coin has two faces - the one we are being shown/can see and the one we can't"

    Very true. But what happens if people are denied to see, and indeed describe, the other side of the coin? Then we have a coin with just one side - what we call a "white wash"...

  76. @ A. Miller at 50

    Brilliant, informative, thought-provoking stuff.

  77. @ 68/69

    Thank you - a great post.

  78. Well if Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood from SY said Madeleine is still alive we must believe it, after all he must have done a reconstruction with mccanns and tapas friends and gone over thier statements with a fine tooth comb and couldnt find anything amiss then he is the best copper to be on the case.
    and yes im taking the pi**.
    the mccanns must be jumping for joy having SY on thier side,SHAME THEY WOULDNT HELP MADELEINE GET THE JUSTICE SHE DESERVES.

  79. If Redwood were really serious about getting this case reopened and finding out the truth, then he would be encouraging the McCanns to return to PDL to do a reconstruction, yes, even at this late date, and Kate McCann to go answer the questions put to her regarding her missing daughter.

    That is the point at which the case was shelved, and it would have been very difficult to have continued without the cooperation of the people who were the main players at the time, and it would be now.

    Redwood surely knows this, yet he is harping on about yet more 'leads' to be followed. The PJ already spent too much time following so called 'leads' and red herrings, all turning out to be bogus. In fact, too much time was lost on that, with the investigators being pointed in the wrong direction looking for an 'abductor' who was conveniently supplied by one of the friends of the McCanns.

    How about Redwood starts by asking this case be restarted where it should be started, and that is where it ended, back with the McCanns and their pals, and the truth about what really happened that night.

    As for Redwood ignoring the dogs, and the blood and cadaver scent in the holiday apartment, and pronouncing that Madeleine may still be alive, well what can be said about that, except perhaps to quote what John McEnroe often shouted when playing tennis,'YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS'!!!

    No cop worth his salt would ever discount those brilliant, never been wrong yet, dogs, EXCEPT OF COURSE THOSE IN THE PAY OF THE MCCANNS OWN POLICE FORCE who have already done so, so it has to be questioned what is Redwood up to, except acting as a PR for the McCanns.

    Sorry, Mr Redwood but it is hard to trust the agenda you purport to have as regards this case, and that it is another agenda entirely you have in mind.

  80. this is no reconstructed photograph .this is more likely to be kate at nine years old ...

  81. I doubt very much if Redwood and his colleagues are interested in getting to the Truth I expect their real remit is to get the case re-opened as "abduction by a stranger".

    This past year smacks of a paid sabbatical since they were addressing their review as though "the abduction took place in the UK". Enough said.

  82. The sad thing of all is little maddie is still missing a child who is depprived of her whole family---why has this happenned to a innocent little girl? thier are some people who are pure evil who never except responsabilty for thier own actions in this world.I will say this no matter what people say everyone has the right to have thier own theries of what happenned without getting sued if the world revolved around 1 oppinion nothing would ever get solved.i think the key to all the answers lay in the cloth toy before it was washed look behind the eyes of the toy.....


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