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Panorama or McCannorama?

Madeleine: The Last Hope?

The man leading the UK police hunt for Madeleine McCann has spoken for the first time about “solving it” and having the “best opportunity” yet to find the little girl who went missing from a Portuguese holiday apartment five years ago next week.

Det Chief Insp Andy Redwood, speaking to BBC Panorama – Madeleine: The Last Hope? on BBC One, Wednesday 25 April at 7.30pm, says:

“I am satisfied that the systems and processes that we are bringing to this set of circumstances will give us the best opportunity to find those investigative opportunities that we can then present to our colleagues in Portugal.”

DCI Redwood says that his team of 28 detectives and seven civilian support staff are handling a huge number of reports and documents from Portuguese police, UK police and private detectives.

“Our initial estimates in terms of the amount of material we are facing is that it will be somewhere in the region of 40,000 pieces of information,” he says. “There is, ultimately, a process of us turning every single piece of paper over and interpreting and analysing what is contained within them.”

Asked by reporter Richard Bilton if the mystery of Madeleine McCann’s disappearance could be solved simply by reappraising documentary evidence – “of a piece of paper that you’ve got downstairs” - DCI Redwood says: “Anything is possible, and clearly, within that material, the answer could lie.

DCI Redwood is the senior investigator on Operation Grange, based at Belgravia Police Station, which was established last May when Prime Minister David Cameron responded to a plea from Madeleine’s parents to hold a UK police review of the case. He asked the Home Office to use a special contingency fund to finance a review by a homicide team from the Metropolitan Police.

So far, the review has cost taxpayers two million pounds. Officers have made two trips to Spain and visited Portugal four times, most recently last week. As Madeleine disappeared in Portugal, Portuguese police remain the lead agency and DCI Redwood and his team report to a team in Porto. But in one exchange in his interview with Panorama, he says that his team in Central London aims to solve the mystery.

“We are here in terms of seeking to bring closure to the case. That would be the ultimate objective and is our ultimate objective.”

Richard Bilton: “What does that mean?”

DCI Redwood: “Well closure means establishing what has happened to Madeleine McCann.”

RB: “Solving it?”

DCI Redwood: “Yes, solving it, of course.”

He says that one big advantage that Operation Grange has is that for the first time it has access to all of the available evidence - and has it all in the one place.

“We are drawing together information from three separate sources,” says DCI Redwood. “The legal enforcement bodies within Portugal, the UK enforcement agencies of which the police are the main part, and also and unusually the private investigation world which as we know is an element that was used by Mr and Mrs McCann in the search for their daughter."

Pressed on why he thinks this is unique, DCI Redwood answers: “Because at no time before have those three elements been drawn together in one place. And so what we’ve done over the past number of months is to bring to one place all those pieces of the jigsaw.”

Panorama also interviews former Home Secretary Alan Johnson MP, who criticises the initial Portuguese investigation of the daughter of Kate and Gerry McCann.

“It seems to be disgraceful,” says Johnson. “It didn’t seem to me that they had had the benefit of a proper police investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine.”

Johnson was the first Home Secretary to carry out a feasibility study into whether the Metropolitan Police could review the investigation. He met Madeleine’s parents and says: “I was enormously sympathetic to their case. All the stuff that appeared in certain tabloids suggesting they were the guilty party, you know it’s very difficult under that kind of saturation coverage not to start believing in some of those theories. But by the time they came in to see me I was absolutely clear that they were the victims in all this.”

Johnson calls on Prime Minister David Cameron to launch a 'charm offensive' on the Portuguese government, in the face of public opinion which is said to be against the McCanns.

“Now a bit of diplomacy can ensure that you do get the co-operation you need from Portugal and we do get to the bottom of this.”

Panorama also interviews Goncalo Amaral, initially the lead investigator for the Portuguese Policia Judiciaria, who was removed the case after he made outspoken criticism of British involvement in the investigation. He admits to mistakes, saying:

“It’s a fact that our investigation had its faults and lost a lot of time, lots of time. And a lot of things didn’t get followed up. And I’m just as much to blame for that as anyone else.”

Since leaving the police in 2008, Amaral has written a book and presented a DVD about Madeleine’s disappearance, in which he makes allegations against her parents. He is now being sued by Kate and Gerry McCann.

Isabel Duarte, the civil lawyer in Portugal who acts for the McCann family in their libel action against Amaral, says it's not a popular fight.

“I feel alone because I don’t feel support, not in public opinion. I have friends that don’t want to talk to me about the case because everyone believes in Goncalo Amaral. Everyone believes that I am defending a father and mother that have killed their daughter and got rid of the corpse.”

Portuguese police were forced to admit that they were also conducting a review of the Madeleine McCann case as a result of Panorama’s investigation.

After discovering that Operation Grange was working in tandem with a Portuguese review, Panorama asked Portuguese MEP Ana Maria Gomes to make enquiries. She discovered that a review of the procedures followed in the investigation was taking place. It was being conducted by officers in Porto in Northern Portugal, well away from the Algarve, where Madeleine went missing and where original investigators are based. However, it has been kept under wraps in Portugal.

Meanwhile DCI Redwood tells Panorama that despite Portuguese public opinion being against the parents of Madeleine, he is finding no hostility from the Portuguese review team and if the case is to be reopened, it’s up to the Portuguese.

“My engagement with the Portuguese is with the police officers sitting within the review team in Porto. Those officers are engaged, they are open, they are working with us collaboratively and I’ve not encountered with them any of those views.

“But ultimately, the decision around reopening is for them, it is a sovereign decision for the Portuguese authorities. Obviously what we seek to do is to bring them the best quality information to assist them in making that decision.”

BBC Panorama – Madeleine: The Last Hope? will be shown on Wednesday 25 April at 7.30pm on BBC One.

in BBC One, April 24, 2012

Teaser Video

Note that none of the recent futile and costly exercises paid by the Portuguese and English tax-payers or the previous costs supported by the public in the past four years would be needed if the McCann couple truly wished to see the process reopened by the Portuguese Public Ministry - that is the only authority that can decide if there is sufficient evidence to reopen an archived case - so the criminal police, the Portuguese Judiciary Police, can carry on with the investigation to Madeleine's disappearance.
The McCann couple or any of their 'Tapas' friends could have (and still can), since the process was archived in July 2008 pending better evidence, provide new data or information that would oblige the Public Ministry prosecutors to reopen Madeleine's process. They could, for example, re-enact the night of May 3, 2007 as requested by the Portuguese Police or one of the former arguidos could answer those 50 police questions officially, instead of re-writing a book defaming certain officers of that same police force and the Portuguese people.
It should also be recalled that this is not the first time that English authorities, specifically Scotland Yard, have cooperated in this case. Scotland Yard, NPIA, Leicestershire Police as well as other international police authorities worked in close cooperation with the Portuguese Judiciary Police in the initial investigations in 2007/2008, despite the several curious delays, political interferences and obstructions, and have apparently reached similar conclusions. In fact, and according to the former British Ambassador in Portugal, Alexander Ellis, it was the "English police that developed evidence against the McCann couple".
As to the former Home Secretary Alan Johnson blurbs on the police's work and the alleged role of MEP Ana Gomes as a 'producer' for Panorama, well, their actions speak for themselves. We all know that it was political interference and an unparalleled media circus (prompted in great part by the McCann couple PR's, like Clarence Mitchell) that 'killed' the initial investigation, perhaps politicians should refrain from making further factious or xenophobic comments and allow cops to do their job... At least when (and if) the case reopens.

Update via Ian Burrel, assistant Editor at The Independent on Twitter

«Panorama tonight to claim that News International pressured David Cameron into new Maddy McCann inquiry, quoting No10 insiders»

«Panorama says News Int lobbying of Cameron over McCann inquiry began "before the worst excesses of phone hacking were known"»

«The McCann inquiry followed p1 in The Sun with letter to Cameron from McCann parents. So more pressure on Govt over Murdoch relations»

«Within 24hrs of Sun p1 McCann letter, Cameron approved inquiry - Panorama's No10 sources saying he "acted as a parent". Coulson was in post»

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  1. hmmmmmmmmmm another whitewash

  2. 2 million pounds for that ridiculous whitewash blah-blah of Mr. McRedwood and Mr. McJohnson? Oh please!!!

  3. It's disgusting to see how they highlight only those discourse lines that fit into their picture, twisting facts and truth shamelessly.

    It's absolutely sickening! I really hope there is something such as hell, where they will burn, burn, burn! They can scape law and justice on Earth, but they will pay in the end, all of them, the McCanns and those helping them with this farce.


  4. Well it's all very Gung Ho and the British are coming, isn't it?

    Can just see the Scum rallying us Brits to get behind the McCanns.

    Obvious now there's not a hope in hell of justice for Madeleine coming from the UK.

  5. Hi Joana

    A bit late in the day for Scotland Yard to step in and want closure on the case, wouldn't you say!

    Why did they not work with Dr Amaral 5 years ago !

    A complete whitewash if you ask me.


  6. I agree I don't really like the tone but a case could be argued that any court case in Portugal would be difficult due to McCann's arguing prejudicial media (and Amaral's book?)

    So a charm offensive in Portugal might not be such a bad idea. That's pretty much what's been done in the UK re pres and Leveson.

    If as Redwood says, this can be wrapped up by the end of the year, I don't see how there is enough time for charm offensive, unless Panorama is the start. And unless, it is the handover of 'evidence' to Portugal that is by the end of the year, with Portugal taking time to make a decision which could take us into end of next year for any trial.

    Too many ifs and buts...

    Not looking forward to this programe, will probably need a hat to bite on while watching it!

  7. The 'Panorama' series is one of the BBC's anachronisms.

    A recent programme on a subject that should have caused a a huge outcry, alleging sabotage of rivals to Sky tv by companies associated with News Corp, caused ripples for a few days, and that is all.

    This programme, whatever it says, is not going to change anything, and the truth is that money in lawyers' pockets speaks far louder than television these days.


    As far as I know, for a long long time, nobody, but nobody, outside the rarefied world of blogging, has been allowed to express even the slightest hint of the possibility of such a preposterous notion, not even to refute it!

    How deliciously ironic that it should be released into the ether for the consideration of the hitherto carefully protected British viewer by the McCanns' own lawyer.

  9. of course there will be no mention of the gaspers statement in the program

  10. Short ago I read Panorama would be at 8.30 pm and now I read 7.30.

    Joana, please, can you tell us at what Greenwich time it will be?
    Thank you!

  11. Thanks Joana,

    Lets hope this review is not a whitewash, not sure what to make of all of this, the fact that GA gets a chance to speak is a good sign.

    Lets hope this programme mentions the dogs and death on Lady Kates clothes, Gerry's slip ups and the Tapas lies, wont hold my breath though.

    Praying this is NOT a whitewash.

  12. I really don't think I will bother watching Panorama - same spin, different show. Johnson...what has any of this got to do with him? He WAS home secretary and he believes the McCann story - that's it. How draining, more reputation management.

    'forced to admit they are conducting a review as a result of Panorama's investigations' ??

    Why do David Cameron & co need to work a 'charm offensive' and use a bit of 'diplomacy'?

    I hope GA mentions his books and that the McCanns are only bringing a CIVIL case aginst him now ;-)

    IMO this episode of Panorama was only ever to justify to the public why the government is spending millions of pounds on a review even though the McCanns have their own fund....blaming so called bungling Portuguese investigators bla bla etc.....oh and the upcoming book release!

    The TRUTH is never to come out.

    Any updates on Cameron and Katrice Lee's case? Or perhaps Ben Needham? Any review team been set up for them yet? I'm guessing the answer is 'no'.

  13. This is the whitewash now unfortunately lets be honest SY and the goverment are all as corrupt as each other, i really would like to know why so many people are protecting the disgusting Mccanns, i will never fall for any whitewash of the Mccanns to me they are guilty of neglecting children(at the very least)

  14. Panorama or McCannorama? Good question.

    After reading what some of the input of this program appears to be containing, it certainly sounds like it will be McCannorama, and they will be starting off with the foregone conclusion of the couple being innocent.

    Would SY ever dare turn round and say it was the parents who were involved after all, when they are appearing in a program that allows concerns to be raised that the McCanns were wrongly blamed and are still being victimised.

    What kind of thing is this anyway, when you get the cop in charge appearing on a TV program like this?

    Are we going to hear about the sighting of the Smiths of the man carrying the lookalike Madeleine that night? The same man that Mr Smith was eighty per cent certain was Gerry McCann?

    Are we going to hear about the alerting of the dogs in the holiday apartment, and the McCanns' hire car, and their possessions?

    If neither of these two elements are mentioned, and not in a dismissive way, then the whole thing stinks.

    Needless to say we wont be hearing about the Gaspar statements.

    I hope I am wrong, but I am not holding out great hopes, just more of the same PR for the McCanns, courtesy of their well placed pals.

    Obviously for the millions of viewers who know very little about this case they will be able to put one over on them, but for those who have followed this case for a long time and know far more, it will be sickening if this is the case. Yet maybe it is only the millions they want to placate and reassure they are doing a tremendous job getting to the 'truth' of the matter, and that 'truth' will not include the McCanns being involved at all.

    We already know we have corruption in our Government, and SY has had its share of that, being in each others pockets, along with the media. It is so hard to trust any of them any more.

  15. Martin Brunt/Met news today:

    Now I am understanding the importance of 'time' both to Kate and Amaral, and now met saying there was enough 'time' for Madeleine to be abducted.

    Get it...timeline a crock of sh*te

  16. Own goal by Isabel Duarte by declaring that the Portuguese public (and even her friends!)are in the main behind Amaral. This will encourage UK citizens to research the case(not through UK media -they will find nothing there - they are running scared of CR)and discover why Portuguese opinion is so and draw their own conclusions.

  17. We now also have Martin Brunt tweeting that SY believe Madeleine is still alive. Whitewash.

  18. Anonymous 8 said ""Everyone believes that I am defending A FATHER AND MOTHER WHO HAVE KILLED THEIR DAUGHTER AND GOT RID OF THE CORPSE."

    As far as I know, for a long long time, nobody, but nobody, outside the rarefied world of blogging, has been allowed to express even the slightest hint of the possibility of such a preposterous notion, not even to refute it!

    How deliciously ironic that it should be released into the ether for the consideration of the hitherto carefully protected British viewer by the McCanns' own lawyer."

    Great point.

    I am so demoralised by the media whitewash that's been going on so long... that I have to stand back and remind myself calmly that if these people are responsible for her death (and I strongly believe they are) then there is no way that it will remain secret forever, no matter how thick the paint is.

    The fact is that if they are responsible, then there is a cover-up involving the whole (or most) of the Tapas group. That alone vastly multiplies the likelihood of someone giving way and telling the truth at some point.

    I have to reassure myself with this logic or else I'd go mad.

  19. That corrupt Alan Johnson has no other choice than saying the McCanns are victims.
    He knows the truth, better than we all know, he has to continue protecting the parents.
    He can't suddenly change his opinion, till the answer comes.
    I trust Theresa May, Cameron and the Scotland Yard.
    The British police were also pressured by the Gordon administration and it is not the case anymore.
    Joana, you write about "developed imformation"about the McCanns: was it not "developed evidence"?

    Tapas 7 were lying and they gave up changing their statements, afraid of being sued by the Ocean Club, Robert Murat, etc.
    They lived with the idea everything was resting in peace, till Theresa May asked for the SY to again get involved in the case.
    This time with the right approach.
    The Met are free to do it.
    If England does not accept the truth, the McCanns will contuining being a pain in everybody's ass.

    If Portugal agreeded with the revision it is because the police see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  20. It is not on in the Northwest of England till Monday, April 30th, because of a programme about the titanic giants in Liverpool at the weekend,one tall story of a little girl to another.
    You will get it on BBC Iplayer.

    Mary Liverpool UK

  21. Does the airing of this Panorama program mean SY has finalized their revue of every single piece of information? The 40,000 pages of PJ file's, various private investigator reports, the sightings, the evidence and re-interviewed the tapas 9 and other witnesses.
    How so? in such a short time and have now managed to condense their findings into a 30min TV program.

  22. If they fudge this and discount the forensics, there can be no hope any more for any integrity in the British police.

  23. Perhaps we will get answers - finally.

  24. From what I have seen from the released Panorama extract it looks like this program is more a way of saying Dr Amaral should not be believed because Madeleine may still be alive, therefore do not buy his book (which was written so he could make money), and people will not bother to search either, and as for the libel case against him, it is perfectly justifiable because hey, here is SY themselves saying Madeleine may still be alive!

    Such perfect timing for the McCanns prior to the libel trial because it is surely prejudicial against Goncalo. This stinks to high heaven.

    Dr Amaral should make a statement, and make it clear there is 'stand alone' evidence that Madeleine is dead because his supporters must surely be getting really disheartened by all this damnable spin on behalf of the McCanns.

    By the way, I can just imagine that cop guy in Masonic regalia, and before the usual protests against there not being any Masonic involvement, all I can say is that there are a damnable lot of them around, starting with Blair, Brown, Cameron, Murdoch, and the top brass of SY is known to be steeped in them, need I go on, too many bloody Masons by half, and we all know their reputation for doing favours for each other.

    Then we have the cop going on about wanting to get 'closure' for the parents. Sure they want 'closure', by it being officially announced they are in no way responsible for the death or disposal or Madeleine, and that is probably exactly what they will get.

    Each day we get yet more revelations of the corruption in high places in the UK. It is sickening when we can no longer trust those in authority. So many of them are really not fit for purpose.

  25. MCCANNORAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Don't you just want to slap that Andy Redwood guy's face when he says he HOPES they can solve the case for the family!!!!!! He looks like a weak puppet!
    It's UNBELIEVABLE! How will anyone every trust the english police force again if they come up with nothing when clearly everything is there for everyone to see!
    Don't these people have a brain? Or selfrespect? Or a tad bit of sense of ridicule?

  27. Redwood should be very, very REDFACED !!!

  28. Propaganda in support of the McCanns once again unfortunately . They have to keep on repeating that the McCanns are INNOCENT . to justify why they haven't been charged with , at the very least . NEGLECT and ABANDONMENT .


    Anon 14 "Are we going to hear about the sighting of the Smiths of the man carrying the lookalike Madeleine that night? The same man that Mr Smith was eighty per cent certain was Gerry McCann? Are we going to hear about..."


    @24 "From what I have seen from the released Panorama extract it looks like this program is more a way of saying Dr Amaral should not be believed because Madeleine may still be alive, therefore do not buy his book (which was written so he could make money), and people will not bother to search either, and as for the libel case against him, it is perfectly justifiable because hey, here is SY themselves saying Madeleine may still be alive!"

  31. The Giants have been taken off the TV tonight in the Northwest of England and replaced by the special panarama white-wash show .

  32. Of course it was going to be a whitewash. The only reason the McCanns were ever protected was not because what THEY are, a bunch of mediocre doctors, but because they involved from the very beginning people who are -one way or the other- important, and who don't want to look stupid. This conning couple always reminds me of the street beggars here: they kick and scream and make you look bad, so most people give. They have perfected this street technique to a T, and will never go away. The Camerons, and Mays and pinkies realized that, and have given them what they want so they'll shut up, or at least not embarrass them anymore. They will embarrass all the children's protection organizations where they will demand to be made the champions of children's protection. The world on his head: 2 pathetic parents who created the perfect situation to get their children be harmed, who still put their own interest over that of their surviving children, who will sacrifice all and everyone to get the attention they so strongly crave, will be in the world's face forever.

    I just hope that the Portuguese and British justice system are able to do real justice and damn the McCanns in the coming trials of Tony Bennet and Dr. Amaral.

    As for me, I withdrew my support for the Centre for Missing Children a long time ago, when they gave Gerry a platform for his "us victims" act. I will not support any childcare organization anymore as long as these promoters of neglect are going unpunished.

  33. Okay, so they think Maddy may still be alive? I dread to think what her life's been like this past five years. Although there's always the chance its been better than what she may have had with her parents.
    But, if alive, what did the dogs detect? Even a second rate dog couldn't conjure up that which isn't there.

  34. Well - Dr Amaral could sue the BBC for that.

  35. All the information under one roof at a police station in Belgravia. Is it only me who senses a burglary or fire coming on their?

  36. Having now seen the programme, one thing struck me forcibly: not once did that creepy Andy Redwood refer to finding Madeleine alive. That left me wondering if, despite all his wishy-washy jargon, he actually has a better idea than we dare hope of what happened...

  37. The important information that should be constantly repeated is the alerting of the CADAVER DOG to the death scent in the holiday apartment, and the hire car. Why is this being swept under the carpet?

    People can understand that simple fact, and there are not many who will not realise that whatever the McCanns say about an abduction, there was a death in that apartment, and because no other person has ever died there, and there is a child missing, they would put money on it that the cadaver scent is connected to Madeleine.

    That the McCanns are getting away with attempting to dismiss the work of the dogs without contradiction is beyond belief, and any police who are ignoring those dogs cannot be genuine if they are saying Madeleine may still be alive and they want to find her. The police use and trust the sniffer dogs constantly, and those particular dogs who were taken to the crime scene Madeleine vanished from, are the best in the world, and never been wrong. So why should they be in this one particular case? Of yes, of course, because Gerry McCann says they are, and he is such a believable person isn't he.

    I really am ashamed of the British police when I see things like this happening, and they are bowing to political pressure and not objective investigation.

    What should be an investigation into a missing child is being turned into a farce with people contorting the evidence to try and whitewash the parents from being considered suspects at all.

    Meanwhile, the expensive spin that has been at work in this case continues.

    By the way, as to whatever happened to Madeleine having been the result of an accident, why should that be the case either? Was Madeleine immune to having been murdered? An accident could easily have been covered by the McCanns, something more sinister couldn't, and that should definitely not have been ruled out.

    I think the Portuguese, were they to have requested outside help, would have been better to call in the FBI who would have at least been impartial. I doubt but this Cameron instructed Scotland Yard will come to but one conclusion after all the time and money spent, and the McCanns will get the closure they requested.

    I am still hoping that Portugal will fight back against this disgrace and distortion of the truth.

  38. All the McCann-orama white-wash show said to was ,

    " Come on people throw more money into the Madeleine fund the coffers are getting low " .

  39. Joana,

    Why do you allow comments like @33 on your blog but do not post any comment supportive of Madeleine being found alive?

    Gary, London

  40. @39 Madeleine was found alive? Call Sky News or any other of Murdoch's media hacks, better yet call Clarence Mitchell don't ever bother to warn SY.

  41. So we now read that the British police believe that Maddie is still alive and was abducted,is this the conclusion they were told to end with. The British government and politicians should not have been involved in this Mitchell who once worked for the BBC is an expert in this kind of thing and told them what to do.We are surprised that Mr Cameron listened to Mitchell and Mccanns instead of instructing the Portuguese to open the case and find the real truth.They could start by asking Mr Smith (who was left out of the program)what he saw.They will never find Madeleine alive,we believe that she died in the flat,and they know it.



    I felt the programme was so, so, biased that by the time Richar Bilton was spinning about the "inconclusive" blood spots, showing footage of the dogs and ever so careful to avoid mentioning the alerts from Eddie, the cadaver dog, my guts were churning. Anything (and there are plenty on record) that could possibly incriminate the McCanns' was carefully left out.

    It was also plain clear that it was all about denigrating the Portuguese investigation and targeting, of course, the PJ ex-Chief Co-ordinator (Amaral). They even, somehow, managed to get him (out of context) stating it was all his fault - Jeeesus!

    Interesting how they place Carlos Anjos', not to mention Sandra Felgueiras', statements totally out of context! completely distorting what they actually think and fully in-line with Burson-Marsteller/Lift Consulting "official version" of events...

    Also, as a Portuguese, I felt greatly embarrassed by the presence of the obese Marinho Pinto - Head of the Bar spouting his rhetoric. Who is paying him and how much? Some may wonder. I make no allegations but I have the odd feeling he will have the same fate as Isabel Duarte - according to her now even her friends avoid talking to her. Good! That's how it should be.

    "I suppose when you pocket the money, then have to pay for the corruption - the ancient Lusitanian soul is not for sale." - an old man from Restelo is reported to have said.

  43. I am late making this comment because at the time of the Panorama episode my internet was down. But now I need to let off some steam. I was shocked by the bias of this programme which was very 'economical with the truth' indeed. It referred to the sniffer dogs alerting to 'DNA' which could be as innocent as a strand of hair, when actually the dogs were trained to detect blood and dead human bodies which is much more sinister - and the dogs have never been wrong. Amaral was asked if he feels comfortable making money from the book he wrote about the case whereas it would have been better asking the Mccanns about the money they have made. The well-meaning public have donated money to their fund which they spend on legal fees to sue anyone who is bright enough to question their version of events. Amaral's reputation was tarnished when he was taken off the case and he wanted to clear his name, which he has in my eyes. He reminds me of a Portugese Columbo as he goes through the evidence and explains his hypothesis using common sense - blood and death was detected behind the sofa (which had been moved) and death alone was detected in the cupbard = she had an accident falling off the sofa and died and the dead body was taken to the cupboard - just common sense! I am worried now I have made this comment that my IP address will be traced and men in black will come to silence me.

  44. I just want to understand why it is that all the people who run these websites about the McCanns think they have the authority to do so? It seems evident that the level of education and actual understanding of how research and evidence works is not present in any of the people that run these sites and make these outlandish comments? Tony Bennett seems to be the only person that has any kind of tertiary education and he's got alterior motives, but the rest of you just come across as nuts. You are just re-quoting old, disproven 'theories' and there is actually nothing in the any of the police files - nothing at all - that proves the McCanns are guilty of anything, so why are you doing this crazy stuff? The stuff in the police files are 'theories', and none of the ones that implicate the McCanns have been proven, and in fact most have been disproven. Do you also think that the world is flat?

  45. There is no evidence that there was ever a death in the McCanns apaartment, and the reason that appears to be no evidence of an abduction is easily explained. There are other cases where child abductors have got away with crimes, through leaving no forensic evidence. They are often people with a background in science, foresncis, law enforcement or certain strands of medicine. They are brilliant criminals who really do understand how 'not to leave a trace'. The sad thing is that they always strike again, and fool people like most of the commentators on this site that the parents had something to do with it, by opening windows for no real reason so that the parents will come across as liars. You people are like the Portuguese police. You can't look beyond your own narrow theory in order to see the true level of sinister manipulation and where it actually comes from. If the McCanns were capable of what you are suggesting, there would be other things in their lives prior to this. Psychopaths don't suddenly start their criminal lives in their late 30;s as the McCanns were when Maddie disappeared. And nine psychopaths just don't go on holidays together! You people have no understanding of the criminal mind at all, and no understanding of what an enormous ride you've been taken on! It's not Kate and Gerry who are taking the world for a ride! it's a clever criminal mind with a serious history in crime- He has graduated to this level of crime now, but this is not where the criminal 'begins'. You people are just not very bright! Sorry, but it's the truth. I couldn't care less whether the McCanns are guilty or innocent, and I have better things to do than join 'pro' or 'anti' McCann sites. I just happen to know that the basis for this entire website is wrong. You have been sucked in! Don't you get a simple notion such as a sophisticated criminal opening a window to frame a parent? To have the police look at the parents instead of themselves? tut tut tut--- you people are precisely the kind of minds that these kinds of criminals rely on to get away with murder.


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