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Portuguese Judiciary Police: "News of the sighting of Madeleine in Spain are utterly False"

Courtesy of ABC.es, inside report at the Unidad Central de Homicidios y Desaparecidos de la Policía Nacional [Central Unit of Homicides and Disappearances of the Spanish National Police]

The Spin Origin
A Malaga newspaper, DiarioSur.es, reported a new, and timely sighting of a Madeleine McCann look-a-like. The journalists Juan Cano and A. Checa, who clearly never read the investigation case files nor have any idea of when the McCann couple started the private limited fund and Madeleine's name and eye trade mark company, wrote the following:

The police investigates a new lead that places Madeleine McCann in Nerja
The General Judiciary Police Commissariat received a request from the Portuguese authorities to verify that information

by J.Cano/A.Checa

A clue sent by the Portuguese Police places the girl in Nerja. The Luso [Portuguese] investigators have sent that information to the their Spanish counterparts who have already started to work on it in order to check its reliability, according to what SUR was able to establish.

The communication of the authorities from the neighbouring country arrived to the National Police Corps [Cuerpo Nacional de Policía] about ten days ago by an email with detailed data made by an informant, who claimed to have seen in Nerja a girl with a strong physical resemblance to Madeleine, whose whereabouts are unknown since May 2007.

The investigation is being handled by the Unit of Specialized and Violent Crime Unit [UDEV] of the General Judiciary Police Commissariat, the same squad that investigates, among others, the case of Ruth and José, the two siblings who disappeared on October 8, 2011, in Cordoba .

The agents have already begun to take steps to check this new lead, “as we do with all the more or less reliable information that arrives on Madeleine”, says one source from the Judiciary. The UDEV has a file of pending matters in a 'dossier' with all the data that is available to them about the case of the child.

The Investigation in Spain
Not surprisingly, since her disappearance, «numerous» communications from individuals claiming to have seen the child in different parts of Spain have been made. Nor this is the first time that Malaga appears on that map. Another source that we've consulted said that months ago another information that also placed the girl in Axarquia was discarded.

Madeleine's trace was lost on May 3, 2007 in a hotel complex in Praia da Luz where she was staying with her parents, Kate and Gerry and her twin siblings. The British family was spending a holiday in the Algarve along with three couples, five children and the mother of a friend.

While the couples went out for a drink on the premises of the tourist resort, they took turns to check their children, that were asleep. That night it was Kate who, while visiting the apartment, found Maddie's bed empty only with the the child's teddy bear [sic, Cuddle Cat]. The bedroom window was open.

Process Archival
The disappearance had, probably, an unprecedented media coverage until that moment. The photograph of the small child, then aged three, went around the world, resulting in a flurry of leads of her whereabouts.
During the following days, the Algarve was screened by land and sea in search of the girl. Then the investigation moved on to the interrogations. After investigating several suspects, between them the parents, the Portuguese police released the suspects and archived the case in July 2008 in the absence of progress [The Public Ministry archived the process, not the PJ]. Kate and Gerry remain convinced that a man took her. On the night of May 3, a friend of the couple saw a man with a child in his arms, his sketch was widely disseminated through the media, without success.

When the process was archived, the McCanns launched the Madeleine Foundation [which in fact was started by the former solicitor Anthony Bennett and has nothing to do whatsoever with the McCanns Limited Company aka the Fund] in order to start a web site, a 24 hours call centre to receive eventual tips and hire an investigating team. In 2011, the family published a book in which they speak of the tragedy they have to live with in order to collect money so they can continue with the search.

in DiarioSur.es, April 17, 2012, 13:37 GMT

The Facts
PJ denies the existence of a new lead regarding Maddie's whereabouts
An official source of the PJ told Radio Renascença that the news about the Portuguese authorities having given leads about the appearance of the girl in Spain have no basis whatsoever.

by Celso Paiva Sol

The PJ categorically denies the news published in the Spanish paper “Diario Sur”,
according to which the neighbouring country’s authorities are investigating a new lead, allegedly provided by the Portuguese police, about the whereabouts of Madeleine McCann.

An official PJ source told Renascença that the news do not have any basis and are utterly false. According to “Diario Sur”, the new lead arrived at the Spanish authorities ten days ago and reports that a girl with physical similarities to Maddie had been seen in the city of Nerja, close to Malaga.

in Rádio Renascença, April 17, 2012, 17:23 GMT

The Regurgitated Spin in the UK media
And a Team McCann press release with slight variations

«Last night the McCanns’ spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: “They are aware of this report and remain pleased that the police are co-ordinating and following up any leads where necessary.”

He added that they were unable to discuss any operational details relating to police inquiries.»

«McCann family spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: “Kate and Gerry are aware of this particular report from Spain. It was absolutely right that the police investigate any potential lead.

“Kate and Gerry remain very grateful for the co-operation of the police in the search for Madeleine.”»

«Yesterday sources close to Maddie’s parents Kate and Gerry said they were following developments closely.

They added the pair had no plans to travel to Spain until investigators had examined the information further.»

search results via google

Update April 20, 2012
Now we know where the McCann spin started: Maddie Sighting in Nerja by 15 minutes seeking fame teen boy, article by pro-McCann hack, Jerry Lawton

A BRITISH holidaymaker has claimed he saw Madeleine McCann in the Spanish resort where police are searching for her.

Student Billy Sousa, 18, was having lunch with three pals in a bar overlooking a beach in Nerja on the Costa del Sol when a girl he believes could be the missing youngster walked past.

One of his friends shouted: “Oh God, she’s the spitting image of Madeleine McCann.”

The girl, who had dark blonde hair, pale skin and looked “seven or eight”, was with a 6ft, stocky, Middle Eastern man in his 40s with dark hair and stubble.

Billy said when the man saw they had spotted him he tugged on her hand and pulled her away.

But the pals did not report the sighting because the pair vanished before they could get a photo and they thought they would be laughed at.

This week Billy discovered police were searching the resort and passed his information to officers.

He said: “I just wish we’d done something about it there and then.

“There was just something so odd about this pale-skinned, English-looking girl walking along the beach front with a man who was of an entirely different race and appearance.

“The girl was looking around as though she was lost or didn’t know what was happening.

“I got a really good look at her face. She looked just like Madeleine. She was older obviously, but the features were identical.’’

Madeleine disappeared from her family’s holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal, on May 3, 2007, days before her fourth birthday.

Billy, from Portsmouth, was having lunch outside the Olas bar on or around July 18.

He added: “I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She looked like all the pictures I’ve seen of her. The man she was with looked like he was fairly poor, not a drifter but not a rich man.

“One of my friends thought he saw a woman with them but I didn’t. I was too focused on the girl.”

Spanish police swooped on the resort this week after a tip-off from colleagues in Portugal.

Madeleine’s doctor parents Kate, 44, and Gerry, 43, are monitoring the investigation. Their spokesman Clarence Mitchell said the couple were grateful for any help in the search.

in Daily Star, April 20, 2012


  1. Read as well: Maddie in Malaga... another hoax sighting? What a shame that the latest 'sighting' of Madeleine appears to be another hoax. I have deja vu... or should that be Lehja vu? In quotes and reports echoing many previous sightings, we have what we can assume is Clarence Mitchell on and off the record... (...)

  2. The McCanns are not even yet again arguidos and the shit re-starts.I'm sure no police are reading this trash.
    This is good news in the sense that authorities in the UK and Portugal have to be smart and careful at the moment of taking the parents to Portugal.
    Obviously the Mccanns are behind the news. The amount of news will increase till after Maddie's birthday.

  3. I've followed the case from the start and I think today's Suzanne Pilley verdict is the most significant development to date. Gerry McCann is quoted as saying that Cadaver Dogs evidence is unreliable, unsafe and inadmissable. Well today a man was convicted of murder by a British Court - despite the absence of a body or DNA - due to evidence provided by cadaver dogs alerts in the boot of the man's car. This is a first and sets a British legal precedent. Cadaver dog evidence is now safe, reliable and very much admissable in a British court. If SY and PJ are not aware they should be made aware. There is now more than enough evidence to issue an arrest warrant.
    Is the recent hoaxed sighting an attempt to detract from this very significant development.

    Angelo Del Montello

  4. 2@ not till Madeleine's birthday. This probably has to do with the Yard, more than it has to do with Maddie's birthday or with May the 3rd.
    It is excellent that Mitchell makes positive comments about this ,people can read how unreliable he is.

    Maybe this is only lack of news.We will get an avalanche of them till next month.

  5. On other news, related to a missing child cold case:

    PM promises to look into Katrice Lee case

    THE father of a British girl who went missing in Germany 30 years ago wants the Prime Minister to meet with her family as he did with the parents of Madeline McCann.

    David Cameron promised to look into the case of Hartlepool youngster Katrice Lee, who disappeared from a British Army base in Germany in 1981, during Prime Minister’s Questions today.

    It comes as Spanish police received a report of a possible sighting in the Costa Del Sol of missing youngster Madeline McCann, who went missing in Portugal in 2007.

    Katrice’s family have battled for the Military Police to release files relating to the two-year-old’s disappearance for the past three decades.

    Now her dad Richard Lee, from the Stockton Road area of Hartlepool, says Mr Cameron should meet with Katrice’s mum, just as he did with the parents of Madeline McCann.

    Mr Lee, 62, said: “What I would like to see that Prime Minister do is at least give Katrice’s mother an interview.

    “If Maddy McCann’s parents can go and see the Prime Minister then Katrice’s mother should be able to as well.

    “There seems to be a two-tier system with missing children, those who have and those who have not.

    “And I don’t say this to be nasty or bitter, but the McCanns have spent millions of pounds on their campaign.

    “They’ve had better treatment and better media coverage.

    “We haven’t been at this for four years, we’ve been at this for three decades, and I think the way that this family has been treated is despicable.” (...)


  6. Other news on those "unreliable" ERVD and CSI dogs, as alleged by the former arguidos(suspects) Gerry and Kate McCann in numerous interviews and book.

    Baby Bianca Jones Case: At hearing on murder, abuse charges, tot's sister says dad hit her

    «(...)Lane, 32, who was charged last month with first-degree felony murder and first-degree child abuse in connection with Bianca's disappearance, was in 36th District Court in Detroit for a preliminary examination Tuesday before Judge Ruth Carter. He faces life in prison without parole if convicted of the murder charge.

    (....)Martin Grime, a forensic canine expert, testified that he traveled from England and arrived Dec. 4 in Detroit with two English springer spaniels: Morse, who specializes in victim recovery, and Keela, who detects human blood.

    Grime said Morse detected a human decomposition odor in a room where Bianca slept at Lane's house as well as on her blanket and car seat found in Lane's car.

    "The dog's final response is vocal," Grime said. "He barks, and as the dog searches, their behavior changes and they become more intense."

    Morse searched inside and outside Lane's house in the 19300 block of Mitchell on Detroit's east side, Grime said. "There was an immediate change of behavior."

    Grime said Morse was able to pick out Lane's car, which was parked among 31 others in a lot. The other cars in the lot did not get a response from the dog.

    Grime said his dogs did not detect a decomposition odor on the clothing Lane was wearing the day he was taken into custody, which was the same day Bianca disappeared. He also said that a body starts decomposing immediately after breathing stops. (...)»

    in Detroit Free Press, April 18, 2012

  7. Thank you @3

    Cadaver dogs used in Suzanne Pilley murder probe
    Suzanne Pilley David Gilroy is charged with killing Suzanne Pilley in Edinburgh or elsewhere in Scotland

    The Suzanne Pilley murder trial in Edinburgh has heard how police used dogs which had been specially trained to find evidence of dead bodies.

    The cadaver dogs searched the offices where she worked with David Gilroy, who denies her murder.

    The springer spaniels identified three areas of interest in the office's basement garage, and two areas in Mr Gilroy's car boot.

    Ms Pilley's body has never been found. The trial is adjourned until Friday.

    Defence lawyers said the large number of forensic tests which had been carried out had failed to find any substantial evidence linked to the accused.

    David Gilroy, 49, denies seven charges including murder. He is accused of killing Ms Pilley either in Thistle Street or elsewhere in Scotland(...)

    in BBC News, 23 February 2012 http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-edinburgh-east-fife-17142957

    How cops closed the net on calculating killer David Gilroy

    (...)Officers carried out SIX different searches of remote Highland forests, a vast network of unclassified roads and tracks, and divers scoured Gare Loch.

    Police even asked tourists to hand over any photos they had taken in the area on May 5 to help them crack the case. Cops also scoured the basement of the Thistle Street office block in the capital where Gilroy killed Suzanne.

    And they analysed mobile phones and computers of staff at Suzanne’s work. They still couldn’t find her body.

    But after the cadaver dog detected her scent in Gilroy’s car boot, police could link all the evidence together.

    And prosecutors were able to make a strong enough case to take Gilroy to court(...)»

    Murdoch's SUN - Scottish version, 16 March 2012 http://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/scotsol/homepage/news/4198306/How-cops-closed-the-net-on-calculating-killer-David-Gilroy.html

    Edinburgh court allows television broadcast of killer's sentencing
    David Gilroy was jailed for life for murdering ex-girlfriend Suzanne Pilley and secretly dumping her body

    A man who murdered his ex-girlfriend and then secretly dumped her body has been jailed for life in rare televised court proceedings on Wednesday.

    David Gilroy, 49, was sentenced to a minimum term of 18 years for killing Suzanne Pilley, a book-keeper, in May 2010 after she ended their illicit affair.(...)

    in The Guardian, April 18, 2012 http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2012/apr/18/david-gilroy-jailed-murder-suzanne-pilley

  8. @3, than let the McCanns be convicted in England. Judged where there is the greatest possibillity of millions of years in prison.
    If Portugal does not make it, try the UK.
    But the corpse will be found, mark my words.It must be somewhere in Praia da Luz. I bet th PJ know where it is and is waiting for an opportunity to get it.After the investigation is reopened.

  9. ah!ah!ah! Os McConhos só dão tiros nos pés!!! Deve ser da proximidade do encontro no Tribunal Cível de Lisboa. Quem tem McCú tem McMedo!

  10. Será que o principezinho da Espanha é parente dos McCanns?
    Ele também deu um tiro no pé.

  11. With time things change - people change, technology advances and legal firsts are achieved.

    All these trials without DNA, without bodies and with cadaver dog hits must be slightly unnerving for the guilty huh?

    Mr Lee is spot-on! His daughter Katrice deserves the same attention from the British Government. Every missing child deserves this attention. Shame on the government. I am interested in what Mr Cameron will do next regarding this matter.

  12. More and more lies being told by the British press as ordered by Clarence Mitchell. Sadly, the farce will never end as they MUST keep alive the myth that their daughter is out there still when the fact is, as they well know, she isn't.
    Even more disturbing is the fact that the media in the UK do as they are told without question in this case.

  13. Joana @ 5

    'Now her dad Richard Lee, from the Stockton Road area of Hartlepool, says Mr Cameron should meet with Katrice’s mum, just as he did with the parents of Madeline McCann.

    Mr Lee, 62, said: “What I would like to see that Prime Minister do is at least give Katrice’s mother an interview.

    “If Maddy McCann’s parents can go and see the Prime Minister then Katrice’s mother should be able to as well.

    “There seems to be a two-tier system with missing children, those who have and those who have not.

    “And I don’t say this to be nasty or bitter, but the McCanns have spent millions of pounds on their campaign.

    “They’ve had better treatment and better media coverage.

    “We haven’t been at this for four years, we’ve been at this for three decades, and I think the way that this family has been treated is despicable.”

    Richard Lee is correct and states what has, for the past 5 years, been glaringly obvious to everyone. There most certainly is a two-tier system in missing child cases and a two-tier system in every other area too - including the law - which people are becoming increasingly more aware of. Even when there is an event to help other parents the McCanns can be relied upon to gate-crash it and grab the attention from more needy people - but the media is responsible for allowing them to repeatedly do this. Since you posted the article in the Hartepool News, only two other media outlets have picked up on the Katrice Lee case - very, very short reports on ITV & Portsmouth News sites. Neither give any details of Katrice's case and unsurprisingly Richard Lee's comments are completely ignored, as anything which might be vaguely negative to the McCanns always is.

  14. @12, that is why the UK is doing everything to get rid of the McCanns.That is why Cameron and Theresa May asked the Met to get involved in the case, spending millions. They have to go living behind bars.
    Tapas 7 will definitely come over with the truth, if they still didn't.
    They also need to get rid of the couple. And than a trial, a conviction.
    Maddie's body exhumated, evidence she broke the back part of her head, that she died twice, without help, no ambulance, no hospital.
    A certain person of the group could come forward with the truth, proving she did not die of sex abuse, like several people in the Netherlands are saying.
    It's better to admit "I am a lier" than to tell "yes, I am a paedophile".


    I answered @2 but I meant @12.


    I first read the news two days ago in the London's "Evening Standard". The following day they were spread all over the "Daily Express" front-page.

    JH forum tracked the news to: http://www.typicallyspanish.com/news/publish/article_34387.shtml (time stamp: 10:13 AM)
    However it seems the story first come out some 9 hours earlier (time stamp 01:37) from:
    And from there it went "viral"...

    Could it be that the PR ("reputation management") agencies first feed some inconspicuous, discreet "sardines" the "news"! The news are then (naturally) picked up by the mainstream "sharks" in the UK who then spread them to a gullible readership thus helping to maintain Burson-Marsteller's "official version" of events alive...

    OK. May be it was all pure coincidence and this is nothing but conspiracy theory still... it is all vaguely reminiscent of good old Joseph Goebbels - the Nazi, isn't it?

    I draw your attention to the documentary "The Century of the Self".

    Meet the founder of PR. The man who made Mickey Mouse's Mitchell "champagne living" possible and how the war on Iraq was - thanks to Mickey's spin, "necessary"...


    Want to know more about what become of Iraq thanks to governmental spinners like "Mickey Mouse"?
    Read "Imperial Life in the Emerald City". An eye-opener written by the National Editor of The Washington Post.


  17. #3 "Cadaver dog evidence is now safe, reliable and very much admissable in a British court. If SY and PJ are not aware they should be made aware."

    I appreciate your sense of duty to Justice but the thing to remember in this case is the McCanns are untouchable. If in doubt ask Carter-Ruck.

    Want to know more evidence of why the McCanns' are innocent of any wrong doing (including abandoning their children to their fate)?

    Ask the head of Burson-Marsteller - the "reputation management" expert known as "Mickey Mouse" Mitchel.

    No animosity implied towards the gentleman. I understand "Mickey Mouse" is how Clarence Mitchell is know in alternative, independent, journalistic circles - and not only.

  18. Anon 8 "But the corpse will be found, mark my words.It must be somewhere in Praia da Luz. I bet th PJ know where it is and is waiting for an opportunity to get it.After the investigation is reopened."

    Well, you are not the only one who thinks that. It seems the famous American criminal profiler Pat Brown, thinks the same...

    See here:


  19. The difference between the 'missing Madeleine' case and many others who are missing, is that in the case of those 'other missing' any help offered would be to genuinely try and find a missing child who went missing for various reasons and could still be alive or dead.

    In the case of 'missing Madeleine' there was already a police investigation with investigators coming to the conclusion that Madeleine was dead, so it is not so much about searching for her, as focusing on how she died and who is behind her death and disappearance from the apartment.

    It was a case that was shelved awaiting an official reopening. According to Dr Amaral it was a case the McCanns themselves wanted shelved. It certainly doesn't sound like they wanted any SY to go wading through all the previous facts and circumstances, even that 'stand alone' evidence the PJ have, if they even wanted them involved at all, and then end up getting the case reopened.

    Their request was for a 'review', presumably concentrating on the various supposed 'sightings' of a living Madeleine, not for a 'reopening' of the case. Strange, when most other parents would be pleading, if not begging, for a 'reopening' and continued investigation. Yes, most parents certainly would be asking for that, but not the McCanns. It will be interesting to know what they will say if a 'reopening' is what they get after all their bleating on about a 'review'.

    Will they then be trying to tell us it was a 'reopening' they wanted all along? If so, then why did they simply not ask for that in the first place? After all, according to them, and what they keep telling the media, they have already been 'cleared' of all charges. Really? Is that so? So what was their problem?

  20. Yes @ 13! There is absolutely nothing on Sky News or the BBC News website about Mr Lee either. Disgraceful! Why is that? Why are the McCanns and Co. not offering this family support and some limelight? He did afterall, offer support to them in the beginning. They have no problem gatecrashing and taking - what exactly have they given ? To anyone ?

  21. Happy birthday Joana.

    Un Fuerte Abrazo.

    Sandra Ryan. X

  22. Looking back over images I have kept over the last years, I came across one where Kate is holding a child's storybook front cover face out when entering Praia De Luz Church.

    Title: We're going on a Bear Hunt. In summary;

    Long wavey grass

    Deep cold river

    Thick oozy mud

    Big dark forest

    Snow storm

    Narrow gloomy cave

    Could there be a connection with phone ping triangle, Budens forest & river?

  23. Well of course the "sightings" are false. How could a dead child possibly be in Nerja.

    Who is fooling who ?


  24. I thought the Maccanns were stressed out, looking for Maddie the only thing they were looking for last Saturday were goals for Everton, they were at Wembley for the FA cup semi final. How the hell do they get tickets (Kenwright I suppose) Anyway Everton lost no luck were the Maccanns are

  25. Muchísimas gracias querida Sandra, besos xx


    Thanking Sandra @21 for the tip!

    Wishing you a wonderful day! I cannot give you Aragão-Correia on shackles today but... may be tomorrow...as for the McCanns' we shall have to wait a bit longer. They are playing at "hard to get"...


  27. Re Katrice Lee

    Here is a short interview from ITV News yesterday (local tv - Tyne Tees) with Katrice Lee's father (scroll half way down page to view). He makes no reference to the McCanns but that's probably because he wasn't permitted to or otherwise it was edited out.


    His mode of expression is straightforward and sincere and as far from Gerry McCann as it is possible to be - no smirking, scratching, twitching, double blinking or eye-popping at all.

    ITV News

  28. The Mccanns would've known about this programme months back which might explain why they are not doing any anniversary interviews this year. They know they don’t need to as this programme will generate huge publicity (I'm sure there will be nothing in it that's detrimental to them. It's probably just a precursor to the whitewashed review):

    Five years ago this week, Madeleine McCann disappeared from a family holiday apartment in the Algarve, Portugal, and has never been found. Her parents, Kate and Gerry, are adamant that their daughter was abducted by a predator and persuaded Prime Minister David Cameron to order a review of the case by the Metropolitan Police. Here, the senior UK investigator talks to Richard Bilton about how he is working collaboratively with Portuguese police and explains why he believes he has the best opportunity yet to establish the facts.

    Reporter Richard Bilton

    Editor Tom Giles

    Producer Joanna Burge

    30 APRIL 2012 8:30pm - 9pm BBC1

    Repeat Thu 3 May 2:05am BBC1


  29. I don't think we should forget WikiLeaks revealing that UK cops were putting a case together against the McCanns. Whoever these guys were they wont have gone away or forgotten, even though the case was shelved, the cops do pass on information to each other.

    Dr Amaral thought there was enough there to proceed, and so did these UK cops by all accounts. Something or somebody interfered with that, and the case was shelved which is what the McCanns wanted, but at the end of the day the cops know what they know, and as Dr Amaral says 'they (the McCanns) know that I know'.

    Over the years the McCanns have verbally flailed at various people, the PJ, Dr Amaral, the LP, Theresa May, mainly because they could not get their own way. Now they have apparently got what they wanted with the 'review' though whether it was the kind of 'review' they actually wanted or not, they are having to grin and bear it.

    There is a saying 'be careful what you ask for', and it might just end up applying to the McCanns.


    (1) Denigrate key PJ individuals (e.g. Gonçalo Amaral and/or Pereira Cristovao). Done! (almost)

    (2) Try to involve the PM and SY in the above project as to target the whole PJ investigation. Done! (almost)

    (3) Keep alive the "official version" of events by a sustained media campaign of Madeleine's purported sightings. (on-going).

    (4) Make use of top lawyers to upheld and sustain the "official version". (on-going)

    :o That's all folks!

  31. If the McCanns think Madeline is still out there, why don't they go searching for her out there, before April the 30th?
    Where fucking is this out there?

  32. 28, what is the use being pessimitic, again I read whitewash. Tragic, such a mentality. For the UK, the McCanns were already whitewashed in 2008, they continued presenting themselves as innocent angels.
    There was no need to whitewash them, spending such an absurd amount of money.
    For the UK they are innocent victims, Uncle Ruck and Clarrie protecting them.
    I believe the Yard is doing excellent work in order to tell what they already believed since 2007, and were not allowed to talk about it because Uncle Gordon needed Murdoch and his power.
    Cameron and Theresa May are good and corageous people.

    Before stating that Panorama will be a whitewash, wait for that interview
    and try to judge it AFTER its broadcasting, please.

  33. Mccanns on Panorama. If this is what we pay our TV licenses for then count me out. What an absolute liberty. They are making a laughing stock of every fee paying licence payer in the UK. What the hell is the BBC thinking. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

  34. Madeleine: The Last Hope? - Panorama

    Five years ago this week, Madeleine McCann disappeared from a family holiday apartment in the Algarve, Portugal, and has never been found. Her parents, Kate and Gerry, are adamant that their daughter was abducted by a predator and persuaded Prime Minister David Cameron to order a review of the case by the Metropolitan Police. Here, the senior UK investigator talks to Richard Bilton about how he is working collaboratively with Portuguese police and explains why he believes he has the best opportunity yet to establish the facts.

    Cast and crew

    Richard Bilton

    Tom Giles

    Joanna Burge

    Mon 30 Apr
    8:30pm - 9pm

    Thu 3 May


  35. Comment to @32 on the soon to be broadcast McCnorama Show- Just imagine if the interview was given by a senior Portuguese investigator - it would be non-stoping spin against the lack of propriety of the Portuguese police senior officer: "how dare he give an interview and break the judicial secrecy", "those sardine munching Luso cops are a disgrace", "Call Lord Leveson", Clarence Mitchell would say "something utterly ludicrous and lurid allegations" bla, bla, bla "poor McCanns that's so unfair" but I guess since the Cop is British then it's okay and proper!

  36. Why should somebody of the Scotland Yard give an interview on the BBC about the revision?

    I don't see the point, unless everything will be ready before the 30th.
    Not only the review but also the mesures that the police are about to take or already took before Panorama is shown.
    Or no mesures.

    It could be that something will happen within a few days and the Met is prepared to explain it on tv, after it happened, of course.
    Police never talk about investigations, never tell much and suddenly, in the middle of their work, they show up on BBC?

    And the interview will take 30 minutes! It is a lot, if police work is not yet ready and no mesures will be taken.

    But what could happen within a few days?

  37. Are the police waiting for the coincidence, in order to make the reconstruction?

    May the 3rd 2007 was on a Thursday, May the 3rd on 2012 will be on a Thursday too.

  38. 31@ your "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH" makes me think of Gerry who by chance is not liking Panorama on next 30th.

  39. 33, Joana, I am the comment to 32 and I meant it with my heart.By the way I was commenting 28, which you did not post.
    I see the involvement of the Met in Maddie's case on a different way, other than 28 sees it.
    It is not that we are the good guys and England the bad guys.
    Myself I really believe the team that are reviewing the investigations are good people.If they were bad, we would already have watched Amaral warning us.

    @28, try to believe things are going much better than they used to.
    There is a great hope that the truth will be known.
    I hope the interviewed of the Scotland Yard will say a lot of positive things. Positive for Madeline who deserves a decent grave.

  40. The offenses suffered by Portugal were made by the British media, Clarence Mitchell and the McCanns.
    Not by any police force, as far I remember.
    I really hope this interview on BBC will enlight a lot for the public.
    But I wonder why a police man accepted to be interviewed by a tv channel
    when we still don't know any results of the review.
    Unless he is intending to tell something very important.
    Or is he accepting to talk just because May the 3rd is approaching?
    Strange, very strange and why not before the 30th?
    If he knows already what he is going to say, he can say it immediately.

  41. Check out the latest news section on mccannfiles, transcript of the paper reviews and see what Eamon Holmes said! The mccanns maybe complicit in these stories.

  42. Goncalo Amaral Libel Trial - provisional date 13 SEPTEMBER 2012

    Post by Tony Bennett on Thu Apr 19, 2012 4:57 pm

    «I have today been served with new papers by Carter-Ruck in connection with the committal-to-prison trial on 9 and 10 May [start: 10.00am prompt, Wednesday 9 May].

    Amongst the papers supplied is an on-the-record statement by Carter-Ruck Partner, Isabel Hudson, and I quote:

    "While my firm is not instructed in the libel proceedings instigated in Portugal by the Claimants [Drs Gerald and Kate McCann] against Goncalo Amaral, I understand that...the case is proceeding to a full libel trial, and that a provisional date of 13 September 2012 has been given for the trial".»


  43. @32
    "Tragic. Such a mentality"
    I had to laugh when I read your comment but I do agree with you. I'd much rather be optimistic but where this case is concerned, I just can't help but feel very pessimistic indeed.
    The BBC must have been innundated with questions about the identity of the UK senior investigator because it has now changed the wording on its website to this:
    "Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood, the senior UK investigator, talks to Richard Bilton about how he is working collaboratively with Portuguese police and explains why he believes he has the best opportunity yet to establish the facts"
    What is he going to say? Certainly nothing that even so much as hints at the McCanns possible involvement. That only leaves the abduction story to discuss doesn't it?
    This programme is due to be aired on the 30 April and again on the 3 May, the fifth anniversary of Madeleine disappearance. The Mccanns have already said they are not doing any interviews and it just makes me wonder if this is all PR orchestrated to, once and for all, enforce the abduction story.
    I'm sorry for such pessimism and I really hope I've got it all wrong.

  44. :e BRAAAVO!

    Anon 27 "as far from Gerry McCann as it is possible to be - no smirking, scratching, twitching, double blinking or eye-popping at all."

    :o Well put!

  45. The sighting of little Maddie in Nerja. K&G are on record as saying that if people are led to believe that their daughter is dead no-one would be looking for her (refering to Dr Amarel's book)

    Well, this is obviously untrue as per the headlines in the papers this week. Someone thought they had seen Maddie. Just a thought!


    @39 "I really hope this interview on BBC will enlight a lot for the public."

    You hope...but don't forget Clarence "Mickey Mouse" Mitchell used to work for the BBC - that's how he got to be Director of the Media Monitoring Unit at Tony Blair's Central Office of Information (...) Remember Iraq "HAD" weapons of mass destruction and all that Jazz? Biutiful!

    The program is vitiated from the start! Do you really want to know how British journalism ticks or are you afraid to ask? Read "Newspeak In The 21st Century".


    "The media responses, collected in Newspeak, are an exposé of the arrogance and servility to power of our leading journalists and editors, starring Andrew Marr, Alan Rusbridger, Roger Alton, Jon Snow, Jeremy Bowen and even George Monbiot. Picking up where the highly acclaimed and successful Guardians of Power (2006) left off, Newspeak is packed with forensic media analysis, revealing the lethal bias in "balanced" reporting.

    Even the "best" UK media - the Guardian, the Independent, Channel 4 News and the BBC - turn out to be cheerleaders for government, business and war."

    "Panorama"??? :o

    I can almost hear "Mickey Mouse" Mitchell teaching his former colleagues on the BBC how to keep the program in line with Burson-Marsteller "official version" of events and avoid being carter-rucked like other British media outlets were or the Chief -Coordinator of the investigation is about to be (they wish).

    Wake up people! Put your "tribal loyalties" aside and wake up! The BBC is a British government channel! Which means Cameron, Scotland Yard et al.

    It's all PR, PR, and more PR - "reputation management" as Mickey Mouse calls it. That's all that is...


  47. @ 40 "The McCanns' may be complicit in these stories."

    May be? That's for sure! By McCanns' I mean Burson-Marsteller of course - Clarence Mitchell's "reputation management" global PR apparatus.

    I start to see some logic in what @30 wrote above under "BURSON-MARSTELLER/LIFT CONSULTING OPERATIONAL GUIDELINES THEORY... it's "conspiracy theory" alright... :h

  48. @19 Brilliant stuff! I couldn't have phrased it better!



  50. #24,
    Yes, it seems that football has always been more important than Madeleine. For Gerry, when it comes to football, the "search" for Madeleine takes the back seat...a flagrant example of this was that time when the PJ took Gerry to the PJ headquarters because they were waiting for a contact with someone who claimed to have information on the case, and while everyone else at the premises was tense and anxious Gerry was so laid-back, sucking on a lollypop and checking the UK's footie results in his laptop! Mr. Amaral describes this scene in his book.
    Incredible, eh?!

  51. @38
    "I see the involvement of the Met in Maddie's case on a different way, other than 28 sees it.
    It is not that we are the good guys and England the bad guys"

    I don't see it in the way you think and I believe there are good and bad in both countries. The way I see it is this; imo the McCanns (through their connections and those of their friends) set out from the beginning to influence the most powerful and wealthy individuals and organisations in the UK and abroad - the ultimate networking campaign - which served to build up a wall of protection around them. All those they targeted fell in line because a) they thought they were helping a missing 3 year old and b) they automatically assumed that the parents because of their background and connections were 'people like us', so worth the effort. Even those organisations that are there to protect children refused to comment on the children being left in an unlocked building on their own, though they could've done so in a sympathetic way. When Gerry McCann was made a suspect in his daughters disappearance he was allowed to carry on working in an NHS hospital although others have been suspended for much much less - I can only think that influence played a part.
    Apart from the fact that such double standards regarding child protection have been in our faces for the past five years, anyone can see that the abduction story - as the Tapas 9 tell it - wasn't possible yet it is still faithfully adhered to and even though a little vulnerable girl has vanished it has now got to the point where no one - especially those in the publice eye - dare question any of the nine people who were on holiday with her. If it were suddenly broadcast that the McCanns were complicit after all, the fallout would be huge and for that reason I don't believe that will happen. A few years ago it emerged that the UK government covered up a catholic priests' involvment in a terrorist attack. He killed several people including an eight year old girl. However, he never faced justice because the government was afraid of the consequences if his actions were revealed to the public. There are definitely people in every society that, for various reasons, whether it be politics, power, influence, money etc, are above the law and the authorities are prepared to cover-up for them if it suits their agenda. The McCann case has drained Portugal and the UK, cost a fortune to both countries, destroyed people professionally and personally, frightened countless parents and small children and used police resources around the world and unfortunately, imo, the Met are probably there to find a solution - make it go away but without the scandal of exposing the McCanns.


    Probably same FUNDing source (...)

    Follow the link below... quite an eye-opener!


  53. Billy has come forward to tell his 'story' nine monthes after the event - just in time for the 5th anniversary & release of the paperback. He thought he would be 'laughed at' last summer but that's obviously no longer a worry to him. What an absolute farce. By the way his full name is Billy Sousa Hughes. His mother's name is Elisabeth Sousa De Abreu and his father's name is Ian Hughes. Silly Billy must have talked to his parents before he decided to get himself splashed all over the tabloids. I wonder if the Hughes family know anyone from the 'Team'.

  54. 41) Joana,September the 13th and why so late? Ah, because they will be living already in Portugal!
    The McCanns never hesitated on suing people and if they are so sure that they are right there is no need to delay.
    This is a proof that they are aware of the fact that they are lost.They lost their battle.They are now in a very narrow corner. Perhaps some Tapas people told already the truth to the police, the couple knows it, that's why they gave up Amaral.
    Somebody called the attention to the fact that the only Tapas that were running through the streets of London were the McCanns themselves.
    No extra Tapas present like there were in previous running.
    I have the feeling they came forward with the truth because they can not continue hiding a crime.
    Of course they commented the facts among each other and I believe that at least Kate told the Paynes what really happened.
    I believe that four of the Tapas were not made arguidos in 2007 because England put pressure on Portugal: those four would have told the truth instead of accepting being suspects.
    Now I believe they all will be part of the trial, as witnesses.
    What a disaster. Doctors and a lawyer hiding a killing or even a murder!

  55. 32, the McCanns will be not on Panorama.
    The Scotland Yard will be on Panorama, read the text again.
    It will be a very dangerous approach. That Yard has definitely something to tell otherwise he would not have accepted the invitation.

  56. @39 and others.

    Personally I think it's a good thing Redwood is speaking on Panorama.

    In the programe blurb we are told that the McCann's are "adamant" that Madeleine was abducted.

    I hope that Redwood throws out enough ambiguity to make the Tapas think that maybe not all is going according to McCann plan.

    That might shake things up a little bit.

  57. "We told them everything" Kate says, emphasis on "them" and "everything", to the interviewer while in Brussels, Belgium, early April - 10th - 2008.

    "Them" being the Portuguese Police. It was an adhoc, impromptu, interview, before or just after promoting amber alert "on stage" (:

    I can't find it now, whooshed...

    Back to "them" being the portuguese police being told "everything".

    I wonder how those who had been involved in the "everything" felt about the fact that if the case went ahead in portugual, this 'everything' would no doubt come out.

    April 2008, McCann's were arguidos, 21st July 2008, the case was archived and arguido status lifted. McCanns know how to keep the pressure on.

    From beginning to archive, the McCanns provided an incentive to prevent the case going to court.

  58. Richard Bilton is an excellent BBC journalist and besides very handsome.
    He will interview the man of the Yard and I'm expecting very good 30 minutes.He is the one who interviewed Jane Tanner in November 2007, also Panorama.I'm sure the questions will be very intelligent and to the point.

  59. What can we expect from Panorama next 30th? The facts were already established in Portugal, four and a half years ago.
    I hope this cop will tell something new.

  60. Have you seen the new age progression photo in the Express, by US experts?

    Madeleine is supposed to be eight in that photo!

    Is it just me?

    The girl looks eighteen or twenty-eight going on middle-age!

    US experts in what?


    Lady Joana Morais at 41

    Am-I trying to get libelled by the famous McCanns' Carter-Ruck associate attempting to cash in big time (no win/no fee) on the ex-suspects existential predicament? Goddess forbid!

    It is just that I detected two elementary mistakes in just eight lines she wrote to Tony Bennett (another of the McCanns' prime targets) quoted by Joana Morais above:

    She first writes Drs.Gerald and Kate McCann (correct) but then writes "Goncalo" instead of "Gonçalo" (1) and "Goncalo Amaral"(2) instead of Dr. Gonçalo Amaral.

    :o Oh Dear! The time the Romans wasted teaching these people the Roman alphabet and the rudiments of Justice now in the hands of Britannia's mega-rich! European Court of Human Rights appeal, pending (...)

    Until recently, I thought it was the same in Portugal, but then the Portuguese Appeals Court presided by senior, no non-sense judges, overthrew the McCanns' "defamation gambit" as preposterous. Braaaavo!

    More of the above to come, we hope - starting with the on-going trial of "ET" Aragão-Correia - the Metodo3/McCanns' contactee AKA "The Dam-ned Man".

    BTW "The Dam-ned Man", is represented in Court by the meritorious Dra. Isabel Duarte - one of the McCanns' "designer lawyers" in Portugal. Interesting also to note that her long time colleague, Dr. Marinho Pinto - Head of the Bar, is throwing in his over-weight (or is it the towel?) on behalf of the McCanns. "Biutiful"! That's what Otelo Saraiva de Carvalho, hero of April's 1974 revolution in Portugal, would call a patriotic gesture!

    On lighter note, I draw your attention to "Cheques Flying About Like Autumn Leaves" - a new Fado by Camané .



  62. I was thinking about Amaral's documentary whrere he refers to sedation and falling down. And on a interview in 2008(BBC), Kates talks about an evil crime "somebody taking your child out your bed".
    Maddie's bed was not used on May the 3rd.
    I wonder if she was put to the parent's bed, heavily sedated, before she fell down,or was thrown down the stairs. I wonder if the sedation happened in order to avoid any screaming or any crying, attracting the attention of the neighbours.
    Being heavily sedated, she could not walk till the top of the stairs and she certainly could not scream.
    Was she thrown down?
    Did Gerry go playing tennis in order to have an alibi, showing everything was ok?
    Did he go down stairs, watched the street, left and right, and warned Kate that nobody was coming by? Because it was a huge risk to throw her downstairs when a person could be passing by. And then he left to the court.
    The disappearance of the body went on such a perfect way that it could have been premeditated by both parents.

  63. The Sunday Express have now decided that Madeleine was abducted in their statement "the little girl who was so cruelly taken from her parents" or was this again a new idea from Mitchell,are they afraid of a coming court case.

  64. Amaral's Libel Trial is delayed till September, god! The McCanns gave up the whole suing. They know they lost and their lawyers need time to prepare their defense because I expect them to be arrested at any moment.
    My hope goes to to the support that the Met will give to the PJ, encouraging them to reopen the process. If the PJ accepted the review, it is because they were encouraged enough to reopen the case, otherwise they would not have done it.Waisting time and money to achieve nothing?
    I wonder what that senior Yard will tell.
    By the way, I sent an email to Panorama suggesting Richard Bilton to refer to the words of that ambassador, which Wikeleaks published.
    I got an automatic reply that they read my email and that they get hundreds emails every day.
    I bet they are getting millions this week.

  65. Richard Bilton, the Reporter of the upcoming McCann Panorama programme and the Producer, Joanna Burge worked together on "My Big Fat Fake Wedding":-


    It would be good to think they are now working together on "My Big Fat Fake Abduction".

  66. 32@ it is not the McCanns who are coming on Panorama but somebody of the Scotland Yard.

  67. Tony

    " It will be alright in the end ."

    So the saying goes . If it's not alright now it's not the end .

    Absolute torture making you sweat like this . Many blessings .

  68. @51 brilliant post - cover-ups go on and on. This cover-up is global. North American and UK journalists are complicit and one wonders how it can operate. Is it all fear of legal comeback? Then why is it so in the "land of the free"? Cover-up on this side of the pond is just as bad as in UK. Nancy Grace, Oprah, newspapers all either report the PR line or stay mum on the issue.
    Please keep them out of Vancouver and off Kits Beach!

  69. Anon 51 "I don't see it in the way you think and I believe there are good and bad in both countries. The way I see it is this; imo the McCanns (through their connections and those of their friends) set out from the beginning to influence the most powerful and wealthy individuals and organisations in the UK and abroad - the ultimate networking campaign - which served to build up a wall of protection around them."

    Very lucid, perceptive comment. I take my baseball cap to you. :d

  70. #Always look at the bright side of life!#

  71. Quite some time ago it was revealed, in a reply from a UK authority to an enquiry made by somebody regarding this case, that a person close to the McCanns had already come forward with important information, but that person had made it quite clear they would not speak again about this matter. Not only that, but that information was to be kept under wraps, because for it to be revealed would mean it resulting in great diplomatic harm between the two countries.

    What that was about exactly, I have no idea, but it does question the possibility the UK authorities already know what happened to Madeleine, and maybe, as in the case of the Gaspar statements, which were kept under wraps for many months until they were actually 'requested' by the PJ, this information may also be sitting there, waiting for an official request from the Portuguese authorities to be, albeit very reluctantly, handed over.

    It is my betting that somebody has spilled the beans already quite some time ago, and the UK Government are going to have to find a diplomatic way to go about things if the information is ever to be revealed without a great deal of blame being attached to them. It is also my betting that it was done at the request of somebody in very high authority, and not by the police themselves.

    I doubt very much that Panorama will be revealing anything very much except what is already the perceived scenario after years of the 'abduction' brainwashing by the McCanns and their pals, but I live in hope.


    #70 "Always look at the bright side of life!"

    h: People do, quite independently of who has switched on the flood-lights...that's problem...



    Contacts at the end of the short video!

    :t Joana, where can we leave messages of support to Gonçalo Amaral - the Portuguese freedom fighter?


    Jill Havern forum alone had by the 18 April 2012 received no less than three hundred forty two (342) visits from the BBC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Do you doubt? Check the "screen-shot" evidence here:


    My hunch was they were doing research on behalf of their former employee Clarence Mitchell/Burson- Marsteller...

    What for? Well, perhaps to find out which common sense questions must be addressed and subsequently discredited in favour of the "official version" of events but I make no allegations.

    It's a "Macnorama" alright* :o

    * Full credit to Joana for coining the neologism

  75. Devout Catholics ?

    Why sue the very people that are trying to help find their daughter ?

    Why are they so intent on ruining the lives of Tony Bennett and Goncalo Amaral? Devout Catholics would not be intent on ruining lives, would they ?

  76. 60, that is a terrible photo. Very badly done.

    What about "no win no fee"? Is is still not yet decided?

    And is Kevin still in London?

  77. I hope Redwood will not get the flu.

  78. 51 Good analysis. Now ask why the same seems to apply in the USA as far as coverage is concerned.

  79. The fall out will eventually happen 51, but it may take some time, when key figures have gone and confession time seems attractive to someone with a conscience.
    History will not be kind and a lot of people will suffer for a prolonged period waiting for the inevitable.

  80. Don't think the Panorama programme will be too revealing. The BBC have stated on their website that the Met Police guy will simply reveal why now is a good opportunity to solve the mystery:



    Tabloids in Britain are alight with a new (US "crack team") photo-kit of Madeleine. In my opinion it does not look at all like her (nor does it have the mother-father combination looks that you would expect). Could it be another of "Mickey Mouse" Mitchell/Burson-Marsteller marketing devices to increase the number of false sightings and thus keep the "official version" of events alive? I wonder...


  82. Joana, for the people abroad who don't catch the BBC 1, is it possible that we can watch the video?

  83. Even when they were still arguidos, the McCanns let themselves be interviewd.
    And now, that it is only a question of review, we will not see them.
    Not even calling attention to Kate's Errata.
    They regret the pressure they put on the government, don't they. I wonder which lawyer will be capable to save them in the future.
    A death in Portugal,hiding a body, a fraudulent fund in England, being neglect, irresponsible...
    It is a lot.
    I pray for no forgiveness, no extra favors only because they are doctors.

  84. What an interesting piece on the forthcoming Panorama programme in today's Telegraph. It actually states the truth for once:
    "Madeleine was nearly four when SHE WENT MISSING"; The official inquiry was
    formally SHELVED in July 2008", and "Goncalo Amaral, the former detective who led the original case before being removed after criticising British involvement" (not "sacked" for incompetence!) has apparently contributed to the programme.
    And no comment or contribution from the McCanns?

  85. @43, "I'm sorry for such pessimism and I really hope I've gotten it all wrong."

    43, I'm happy to tell you that you got it all wrong.

  86. Since I heard about the Yard on Panorama, my clock started walking back.
    Time does not go by at all.April the 30th will be my Queen's day.It will take much longer than a regular day normally takes.

  87. Andy Redwood, the chief Met Police who is heading up the enquiry, has said that he is looking to 'get closure for the family'. Oh dear! So much for an open enquiry! Looks like they are working for the McCanns, know their conclusion before starting and reverse engineering it. Yet another British whitewash.


  88. The recent disappearance of six year old Isabel Celis in the States, is a case with eerie similarities to the disappearance of Madeleine. Child reported missing by the parents, who claim the child was taken from her bedroom while asleep. Open window, screen removed, the mother is a nurse, both parents described by their friends as salt of the earth. And there supposedly was a cadaver dog alert in the the house. The police are not ruling out anything.

    What I found interesting is how Nancy Grace, who is reporting on the case, supported one of her guests claims that Cadaver dogs are unreliable because they can hit on finger nails or skin which is constantly shed by humans. I was surprised she held such beliefs. She also asserted, based on her experience with her own kids, that a child can sleep through anything and could easily be removed from a house without a whimper. I'm curious to see what ensues.

    Maybe, the case against Mr.Amaral is being delayed so that the Met can formally exonerate the McCann couple. However, even if that were to happen; I still think that they would not win their case.

  89. I'm dreaming of the moment when two Met detectives come at

    Gerry's hospital, followed by two Met police in uniform, Gerry is at a reunion with other doctors, both detectives come inside of the room and one says:
    -Doctor McCann, can you please stand up?- Gerry stands up and the detective says:
    -Doctor McCann, I'm arresting you for being suspect in the death of your daughter Madeleine McCann, concealing of her body, obstructing police work, fraudulent fund. You have the right...etc

    handcuffins, Gerry is brought to the corridor, starts walking,
    and leaves the hospital between two Met police in uniform.

    Cameras, cameras, cameras!

    I repeat the Portuguese police words:

    "It's coming, it's coming!"

  90. Guerra at 88 "Maybe, the case against Mr.Amaral is being delayed so that the Met can formally exonerate the McCann couple."

    Guerra THAT is for sure. Scotland Yard has just ordered the PJ (diplomatically you know) to get cracking at the hundreds of "bona fide" sightings "they" have gathered, thus uphelding the view "the parents have always had - Clarence Mitchell just now spinning on LBC Radio (London).

    It's all down to the PJ's "incompetence", you know - and a super-nova fart that got into the dogs noses and triggered their assertive barkings :o

    Another detail: The Burson-Marsteller/BBC "Macnorama" program has been re-schedule in some UKGB areas to the 25th April - Portugal's Freedom Day. Again, a mere coincidence...


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