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Portuguese Public Ministry: "No request to reopen Maddie's process was made"

No request to reopen the process relative to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann has been received by the Public Ministry.

Both the Portuguese Public Ministry [Attorney General's Office] and the National Directorate of the Portuguese Judiciary Police maintain and support the position that there are no grounds to reopen the investigation.

“The process can only be reopened only when there are new and credible facts [evidence]. Mere hypothesis are insufficient”, said the Attorney General Pinto Monteiro recalling that there were “thousands of sighings” of the child that were proved to be false.

Pedro do Carmo, the National Deputy Director of the Judiciary Police told Público that, so far, “there are no new elements that could substantiate the reopening of the process”.

Pedro do Carmo advanced that the process of Maddie's disappearance, at the time with almost four years old, from the apartment where she was spending holidays with her parents and siblings, in Praia da Luz, is currently being re-analysed together by the Scotland Yard and a special unit from Oporto's Judiciary Police headed by the superior inspector coordinator Helena Monteiro.

According to the British media, the British police revealed yesterday that they have detected 195 “new avenues of investigation” of the so-called Maddie case.

in Público, April, 26 2012


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  1. Contrary to what Andy Redwood wants us to believe, they're not collaborating very well are they? Perhaps Redwood should read all the information before he says anything else, though I do believe that yesterday he did the job he's probably paid to do and that is to promote the McCanns story - so really no need to read the files I guess.

  2. No reopening. No new evidence. The 192 pieces of info obviously irrelevant. If a PJ detective spouted the same nonsense as Scotland Yard's Andy Redwood on national tv, and was contradicted the very next day, they'd be an absolute laughing stock - keystone cops, bumbling idiots etc.
    Was the whole thing just PR for the McCanns afterall?

  3. Reply to poster of 2
    Yes, it was.

  4. Just been on the radio Portuguese Police refuse to reopen the case even though she is still alive. Its blame the PJ again in the UK.
    The programme last night was to clear the Maccann name and to blame the PJ mind you Robert Murat did'nt help unless he was well edited.

    Mary Liverpool UK

  5. (No 2) I feel the whole thing is just PR but for once not in a bad way. I feel there is an establishment led effort to improve the public image of the mccanns - I honestly think there is a flip side to what we are being shown

  6. Dear Joana, can you tell me, what happened to unterdenteppichgekehrt?

  7. Did I miss something in yesterdays statements?

    Did someone say that the Portuguese had been asked officially to open the case?

    Redwood did mention that future new lines of enquiry may enable them to work with the Portuguese to have the case re opened.

  8. I think that the review probably came about directly as a result of News Corp pressure, and of `Cameron playing to the tabloid gallery as ever. i very much doubt the UK cops have any stomach for it. It is an empty exercise: no reconstruction suggests it is not serious. Meanwhile, the cops say it's 50/50 she's alive or dead, and the media say "She's alive!" Pure comedy. This case is dead. Unfortunately

  9. They (McCanns greater inner circle) are all like the conning couple themselves: they could not speak the truth if their lives depended on it.

    Or that of Madeleine for that matter.

  10. Anyone else think Redwood and MET look like plonkers now?

  11. @7 The McCanns spinned that they want the case to be "reopened" using last night's MET/SY own spin/whitewash of the couple. From which one can understand MET/SY can't solve Madeleine's case, and are now sending the "hot-political-potato" back to Portugal, just to make sure the PJ looks "inept" and "bungling", for the millionth time. If the McCanns and MET/SY really wanted to have Madeleine's process reopened they would have requested that to the only authority that can reopen an archived process, the Portuguese Public Ministry. The McCanns could, allow me to emphasise this, since 2008 have forced the Public Ministry to reopen the process if they had done the reconstruction of the events of May 3, 2007 that was requested by the Judiciary Police or if Kate McCann offered herself to answer the 50 questions that she refused to answer. This an other actions could be taken today and they would have sufficient weight and would without any doubt force the PGR to reopen Madeleine's process.

  12. being reported in the UK that SY are to ask "more formally" for a reopening

  13. Anon 6 "what happened to unterdenteppichgekehrt?"

    Good question! I was about to ask the same.

    I would say she has been carter-rucked but since that sounds like conspiracy theory, it could be her blog has been hacked and all of its excellent content deleted. Fortunately I have kept her main postings including the de-construction of Jane Tanner so-called "sighting".

    Thanks to Kate's best-seller and the donations to their millionaire company fund, the McCanns' are systematically eliminating all dissident voices not in-line with their "official version" of events which they consider "defamatory" - even after Gerald McCann has told the Leveson Enquiry he has nothing against free speech and theories about what happened (...)

    Carter-Ruck, the McCanns' legal henchmen, usually go for people with lots of money (or at least sufficient funds to cover their £1500+/hour rates) or otherwise for fluent, intelligent individuals with or without vast sums of money - such as Johanna in Germany, Tony Bennett in England, Pat Brown in the US, etc.

    The McCanns are also after Hernani Carvalho - a top Portuguese journalist and Prof. Paulo Sargento even if the head of Gonçalo Amaral remains their main target - both psychologically and financially (another 1,2 million Euros for the Fund, hopefully...)

    It is a miracle Joana Morais has, so far, not been targeted. Well, if my memory helps she has reported being threatened by Carter-Ruck at least once...

    Carter-Ruck has had the nerve to target Twitter so don't be surprised.





  14. Why should Portugal reopen the case on the strength of a supposed 195 more 'leads', when they had to shelve it previously, with or without political interference, because the McCanns and their pals refused to cooperate with the investigation first time round. That is where it should continue from if it is restarted, unless somebody decided to come clean with the truth of course.

    If Redwood was really serious about getting this case reopened he would be using his time and our money better by advising and encouraging the McCanns and their pals to return to Portugal to do that requested reconstruction, and Kate McCanns to answer those 48 questions she refused to answer regarding the disappearance of her daughter. Or are we supposed to forget about all that?

    These aspects of this case also appear to have been (conveniently for the McCanns and their pals), overlooked by Redwood, along with the cadaver scent in the McCanns holiday apartment and hire car.

    Yet he wants the PJ to go haring off down the garden path playing follow yet another bogus lead to add to the hundreds of others they wasted so much time and money on. Sorry, Mr Redwood, but there is no way you are going to end up helping find what happened to Madeleine by carrying on like that.

    The first investigation was halted before it was even finished, and there was still much to do, but it was scuppered by the McCanns and their pals, not because the PJ were inadequate. Until the McCanns and their pals cooperate it cannot be reopened. They know that, and so must you, and you must think we are fools to have forgotten this.

    However, we know the McCanns wont cooperate, so can only conclude they don't want the case reopened. That is logic, surely you must agree.

  15. Dear Joana, Do you know if it is possible that the PJ could state very clearly to the UK media that they will reopen the case if the McCanns cooperate, by Kate McCann answering all their questions, and they and their pals returning for a reconstruction.

    I believe it is only then that the UK will get the message that it is the McCanns themselves who are stopping this investigation. Until then they will spin the 'ineptitude' of the PJ for all it is worth to them, and bleat on for the sympathy vote.

    I even read one comment in the Mail asking if the PJ have something to fear by not reopening the case, as if it is THEY who are hiding something!!

    This farce must stop, and the truth be told.

  16. Apparently Martin Brunt has tweeted the following:


    #McCann Scot Yard says its "seeking a more formal way" of asking the Portuguese authorities to investigate the 195 Eades it has identified.

    #McCann Issue of reopening investigation in danger of turning into a diplomatic row with Portugal Att-Gen dissing Scot Yard.

    It does look like this could turn into a huge row. Scotland Yard haven't produced anything new, yet they want Portugal to reopen the case on the basis, or so it appears at the moment, of Redwood's opinion. If the two forces are collaborating with each other, then how has this descended into total chaos so quickly. Portugal's reputation has already suffered a heavy blow as a result of this case, so I doubt they will bow to pressure.

  17. There you have it, what I suspected all along, a public declaration by Scotland Yard supporting the abduction theory. And not only that, they go even further by stating their conviction that Madeleine could still be alive. Not quite reporting back to Cameron and saying, "we found nothing" is it Blacksmith?

    How carefully thought out, Mr. Cameron promoting the sale of Mrs. McCann's first book with his announcement in the Sun newspaper, and now Scotland Yard basically providing all the material for Mrs. McCann's second book.

    I really don't understand why the Portuguese authorities indulge the English. Late yesterday I was flipping through channels and I caught the tail end of a report on the latest PR endeavour by SY for the McCanns. It ended with Jane Valez Mitchell asking her guest why on earth had the PJ declared this wholesome couple to be suspects. Her guest replied that it was because they believed that the parents had drugged Madeleine, to which Ms. Mitchell retorted, "Nonsense!"

    How naive I had been all these years, believing that these type of programs did their own investigative work and formed their own opinions. The reality is the opinions they express can be yours for the right price, much like someone paying for a time slot to air their advertising. And I see that Sandra Felgueiras is hosting such a program, the woman turns my stomach every time I see her.

    Is it possible that we are going to see a member of Scotland Yard testify on the McCann's behalf something which was denied to Mr. Amaral?

  18. Well I think it has all just been a PR exercise after all- a very expensive ego stroke to the parents, ( and I hope finally we all get closure from them)but its a clear as the David Kelly reports - lots of money spent achieving absolutely nothing for the victim - and lets not forget that Madeleine is the true and in my view the only victim of her parents carelessness.

    Hopefully things do go on behind the scenes and its not all an expensive wallow for the parents...and they learn to say thankyou to the UK taxpayer for their generosity for funding their foolishness

  19. @ Guerra at 17

    :q Absolutely!

  20. Anon 16 on Martin Brunt tweets #McCann Issue of reopening investigation in danger of turning into a diplomatic row with Portugal Att-Gen dissing Scot Yard.

    The BIG diplomatic row will be when the British government will attempt to dictate the outcome of the trial of Gonçalo Amaral in September which is really an assault on the pos-1974 Portuguese Constitution...

    Worth reminding Scotland Yard that Portugal has been an independent state since 1139 (if we discount the decades the crowns of Portugal and Spain were joined in the 15th century.) and it is unlikely it will change its status just to please the McCanns "official version" of events (...)

  21. guerra,

    You are absolutely right. It would be no surprise at all to see SY spouting tripe at the upcoming trial on behalf of the sainted McCanns, contrary to what we were told previously that they could not appear at such trials, when it was Dr Amaral who needed somebody to testify on his behalf.

    As for the McCanns wanting this case reopened, no, no, no, it is the exact opposite they want, and they must surely know the PJ are not going to be sidetracked yet again by bogus 'leads' which could go on into infinity, so it wont get reopened on that basis.

    The PJ must make it clear to the media they will reopen the case only if the McCanns and their pals cooperate. That will be sure to get the public to sit up and wonder why the McCanns wont play ball, though it is definitely in their court when it comes to a reopening.

    Maybe then the light will dawn on the public that it is the McCanns who are hindering the investigation, just as they did before it was shelved, and as the McCanns keep saying there is no evidence against them, or evidence of any harm having come to Madeleine, what is the problem why Kate McCann wont answer questions about the disappearance of her daughter, or they go and take part in a reconstruction?

    Most people with missing loved ones would jump at a chance to do whatever it takes for the opportunity of an investigation. Yet not the McCanns.

    The public should be reminded of this.

  22. I've always known our great british institutions were well up for a bit of corruption. But I always thought they were good at it. In truth, they're bloody rubbish - and still they get away with it: a mock indignation, a nice suit, some slick editing, and bob's yer uncle, as they say.

    bob the bluebird

  23. have you ever seen people look so happy nine days after their child was abducted not normal..

  24. If the mccans want the case re-opened WHY dont they consent to do the reconstruction.thats the only question that NEEDS an answer,so why are the british media not asking them,i have come to the conclusion that it is the british press that make or break a case,the sad think is that its a mere baby that is being sacrificed with this "the mccanns are innocent" sort of headlines.
    YOU CANT come to the conclusion that Madeleine is alive when only a tiny fraction of the prossess has been supposedly looked at,WHAT SORT OF GAME IS REDWOOD PLAYING HERE???????

  25. If Maddy's alive the dogs found blood and cadaverine from who?


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