1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

International Missing Children's Day 2012

May 25, 2012 - International Missing Children’s Day, is a day set aside to commemorate missing children who have been found, to remember those who have been victims of crime, and to continue efforts to find those who are still missing.

Every day, all around the world, children go missing, and unfortunately, some are taken by those they trust the most: parents and family members. It is estimated that at least 8 million children worldwide go missing each year, that is 22,000 a day.

This year special relevancy was given to the European telephone number for missing children, 116 000, one of the first practical measures adopted under the 2006 EU Commission Communication ‘Towards an EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child’. A video campaign to raise public awareness of the hotline was launched and supported by each of the 16 Member States that have implemented the 'Dial 116 000: The European hotline for missing children' directive and by several Children related NGOs. Other activities and conferences have taken place around Europe.

European Commission Vice-President Viviane Reding, the EU's Justice Commissioner said: "The International Day of Missing Children is essential to draw attention to the plight of all missing children and their loved ones. As every year, the European Commission is supporting the International Day to make sure we remember children who have gone missing, today and on every other day of the year. As families and children travel more and more within the European Union, we need phone numbers that are known by everyone and are the same whether you are calling from your home in Austria or your holiday destination in Spain."

She added: "In 2012, the European Commission made €3.6 million [£2.8 million] funding available for the proper set-up and functioning of 116000 hotlines and child abduction alert mechanisms. Despite the funding boost, progress is far too slow: 10 Member States do not yet have an operational 116000 hotline. On 22 May, Vice-President Kroes and I wrote to these Member States to call on them to make the 116 000 hotline operational as soon as possible. This hotline can save lives. Member States should take the matter seriously."

Vice-President Neelie Kroes, responsible for the Digital Agenda added: "I urge every parent or carer to keep the number 116 000 within reach. 82% of Europeans have never heard of this life-saving 116 initiative. That is a shame that national governments must work with the European Commission to fix, to make Europe a safer place for all children."

Video Directed by Bernardo Camisão, produced by Webbit Films for MCE - Missing Children Europe

116 000 SOS Criança
The Instituto de Apoio à Criança - IAC [Institute of Support to the Child] could be considered as one of the pioneers of the 116000 pan-European effort. In 1998 IAC started a Child Hotline, SOS Criança, as a free, confidential and anonymous service to support children, teenagers and their families in Portugal. The SOS Criança goal is to provide solutions and specialized help, from psychological to juridical support, for children that are at risk, that are mistreated and/or sexually abused, runaways, lost, neglected, injured or otherwise missing children, children marginalized at school, with parental conflicts, that feel rejected and have suicidal tendencies. IAC also provide reports and studies with several information and data on these issues.

On May 24, 2004 the SOS Criança Desaparecida [SOS Missing Child] hotline 1410 was created by IAC in the scope of a protocol with the Ministry of Home Affairs, cooperating with law enforcement and the judicial authorities in the case of missing and/or sexually exploited children.

In September 2007 Portugal was the second European country, after Hungary, to adopt the 1116000 EU directive. IAC was the first Portuguese NGO to handle the 116000 phone calls with the support of mobile and landline operators and judicial authorities.

Infographic of IAC statistical report between the years of 1989 up to 2011

Since 1988 until today, SOS Criança received 74.500 phone calls, of which 10.719 received a special follow-up. The Psychological Service provided by IAC has supported 985 children and their respective families continuously. 4.747 appeals have been made by e-mail. SOS Criança Desaparecida [SOS Missing Child] responded in total to 357 cases, and IAC's School Mediation to 17.263 students. 3933 cases were revalued to assess the quality of the intervention.

Still, according to the 2011 report, August was the month when most minors [minors are considered legally as such until they are older than 18 years old in Portugal] disappeared, the general secretary of IAC, Manuel Coutinho, explained that concentration of disappearances as "summer adventures". In second place is the month of March, a month that according to IAC has another explanation "It's the time of year when Easter school reports are published. Those disappearances are related with the fear of academic failure".

Of the 39 cases - minus two than in the previous year - 28 situations were solved because the minors either returned home or to the institutions, voluntarily or taken by others. 32 cases were first time runaways and 7 were repeat runaways.

The Judiciary Police numbers do not coincide with those of IAC "because they don't include some types of disappearances, like parental kidnaps", stated IAC's general secretary. The Judiciary Police page shows 6 Portuguese children under 18 who disappeared between the years of 2005 to 2009, two foreign children under 18, one of them disappeared in Portugal in 2007, and information related to 8 Portuguese children or teenagers, who are now adults, who have disappeared between the years of 1987 to 2006.

EU-wide Child Abduction Alert System
Portugal implemented the Child Abduction Alert System in June 29, 2009 [read background info here]. The decision to activate the “Alerta Rapto” [Abduction Alert] belongs to the Attorney General's Office, who is responsible for directing the criminal investigation and the representation of the minors, assisted by the Judiciary Police, who have the responsibility of carrying out the investigation.

Since June 2009 the Judiciary Police and the Public Ministry coordinate the “Alerta Rapto” Cabinet Crisis, but until today the mechanism, which involves Alerts on television, radio and other suitable means, has never been activated in Portugal. Since its implementation no disappearance has had the minimum common criteria for launching a cross-border alert.

European Child Alert Automated System (ECAAS)
In January 2011, with the support of the European Commission through the Daphne Programme, an automated system for child alerts, ECCAS, was launched in order to enable law enforcement in partner countries [Cyprus, Greece, Italy and Portugal] to quickly notify the public when a child goes missing and ask for their assistance.

Other Portuguese NGOs partners to the Child Abduction Alert System and/or 111 6000 Hotline
Portuguese Missing Children Association - APCD [Associação Portuguesa de Crianças Desaparecidas] - provides specialised support to the families of missing children, recently signed a protocol of cooperation with the Portuguese Judiciary Police.

Portuguese Association for Victim Support - APAV [Associação Portuguesa de Apoio à Vítima] - provides specialised support to victims of every type of crime and/or victim's families.

Missing Children Europe
Missing Children Europe is the European Federation for Missing and Sexually Exploited Children, which represents 28 non-governmental organisations from 19 EU Member States. These 28 NGOs work every day to prevent and fight the sexual exploitation of children and assist parents and investigators confronted with the disappearance of a child.

One of the objectives of Missing Children Europe is to represent its Members before the European Union. As the Schengen area expands and geographical borders fade away, with the increasing importance of the Internet and in a world where travel becomes quicker, easier and cheaper, the problems related to the disappearance and sexual exploitation of children must be dealt with on a European scale for solutions to be effective.

The representative capacity of Missing Children Europe has been recognised by important international institutions, like the European Commission, the Council of Europe, the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and the Hague Conference on Private International Law.

116 000 map of Europe

116000 European Network Project
The 116000 is the European Hotline Number for Missing Children which was created in 2007. The legal framework for 116000 hotline implementation is the Directive 2002/21/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of March 7th, 2002 on a common regulatory framework for electronic communications networks and services (the Framework Directive), followed by European Commission Decision 2007/116/EC of February 15th, 2007 on reserving the national numbering range beginning with ‘116’ for harmonised numbers and for harmonised services of social value.

Up to now, the 116000 hotline is operational in 16 European countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, France, Greece, Germany, Hungary, Italy, The Netherlands, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, and in the United Kingdom [partially] while the objective is to extend its implementation across Europe.

More information on other 116 numbers.

Other European Numbers
The emergency number throughout EU countries is the 112, following Directive 2002/22/EC – (Universal Service Directive). The EU number 112 was established in 1991, as an additional emergency number to help Europeans travelling abroad in the EU. In most countries, it has yet to replace familiar national numbers and will not displace the traditional 999 in the UK and Ireland. The 112 number can be called free of charge and is reachable from fixed and mobile phones anywhere in the EU.

The 112 number in Portugal is connected to an operational centre managed by the Police, who receive the call and after knowing what type of emergency it is, transfer the call to the right type of organisation - medical emergency services, police, fire brigade, criminal police, etc.

For Reference

EU Commission Decision on reserving the national numbering range beginning with ‘116’ for harmonised numbers for harmonised services of social value February 15, 2007

Towards an EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child, Strasbourg July 4, 2006

Directive 2002/21/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on a common regulatory framework for electronic communications networks and services (Framework Directive) March 7, 2002

Studies and Reports from Portuguese Authorities or NGOs

IAC Relatório Estatístico 2011

SOS Criança - Relatório Criança Desaparecida 2009

DGPJ - Sistema de Alerta Rapto de Menores em Portugal - Protocolo

Manual de Segurança Infantil da Associação Portuguesa de Crianças Desaparecidas 2011

Lista oficial de pessoas desaparecidas, incluíndo crianças e adolescentes no site da Polícia Judiciária

Lista de crianças desaparecidas no site da Associação Portuguesa de Crianças Desaparecidas

Studies and Reports from British Authorities or NGOs

Missing Persons: Data and analysis 2010/2011 was produced by the UK Missing Persons Bureau while it was under the NPIA
«All police forces in Britain provided at least a figure for the total number of missing persons incidents recorded in the financial year 2010/11. The figures provided by police forces indicate that overall around 327,000 missing persons incidents were recorded in 2010/11; around 288,000 in England and Wales and around 39,000 in Scotland.

This means that police in Britain recorded almost 900 missing reports every day, or that someone was recorded missing by the police around every 2 minutes.

Some individuals may be reported missing more than once and the data collected from police forces, when adjusted for instances of individuals going missing repeatedly, indicates approximately 216,000 people went missing in 2010/11.

Data from police forces also indicates that 28 police forces in England and Wales recorded at least one unidentified person, body or body part found during 2010/11, with a total of 424 found in England and Wales. The vast majority of these (around 80%) were found in the Metropolitan Police area. The link between missing people and unidentified cases is important as the UK Missing Persons Bureau uses details from both kinds of case to help match unidentified people, bodies and remains to missing person reports.»

Rees, G (2011) Still Running 3 – Early findings from our third national survey of young runaways (London: The Children’s Society)

Home Office (2011) Missing Children and Adults A Cross Government Strategy

UK Missing Persons Bureau | Justice Committee
"It is estimated that approximately 200,000 people were reported missing in Britain in 2009–10 and approximately 2,000 may have been missing for more than a year. As of September 2011, the UK Missing Persons Bureau has approximately 5,500 outstanding missing persons and approximately 1,000 unidentified people, bodies and remains on its database."

Translations of Portuguese Press Articles and Blog posts related to Missing Children
A Selection

Investigations to missing people never expire
January 3, 2012

SOS Criança Report: 41 Children went missing last year August 11, 2011

1100 children and teenagers missing in 2009 January 17, 2010

Never Leave Children Unsupervised September 8, 2009

Algarve children’s refuge hides British shame September 7, 2008

Portuguese Child Alert System in Action June 29, 2009

24 children returned home May 25, 2009

Freedom and Children's Rights April 25, 2009

EU praise for Portuguese resolution in missing children cases February 20, 2009

Children: Portugal is an example for the added value of the European number for missing children February 18, 2009

Missing Children 2007 December 27, 2007

Related to the McCann couple propaganda and their attempt to hijack the EU Child Alert System and the 116000 Hotline Number

Kate McCann hails missing children 'lifeline' as Europe-wide reporting hotline is launched at Downing Street reception in Daily Mail, May 24, 2012

EU Child abduction alert system to be adopted in the UK April 4, 2010

"The 'Maddie Alert' was launched by Kate and Gerry McCann" states Edward McMillan-Scott in his site October 2009

British Media: How lies are spun, grown and perpetuated July 7, 2009

Portuguese Child Alert System in Action June 29, 2009

McCann inspired written declaration on emergency cooperation in recovering missing children to be formally adopted August 28, 2008

Euro Boost for McCann Campaign April 30, 2008

Portuguese police accuse McCanns' spokesman Clarence Mitchell of 'lying through his teeth' in London Evening Standard April 14, 2008

The McCann's in Brussels: The Movie April 11, 2008

McCanns angry over Madeleine leak BBC News, April 11, 2008

'Tapas Seven demanded private jet and 5-star hotels to return to Portugal for Maddie reconstruction,' Portuguese police claim in Daily Mail, April 11, 2008

Parents of Madeleine McCann Ask for EU-Wide Alert System for Abducted Children in Fox News April 10, 2008

El estremecedor relato de los padres de 'Maddie' [Spanish Telecinco exclusive with extracts from the McCann couple statements «Maddie said, 'Mummy, why didn't you come when we were crying last night?'» ] April 10, 2008

Written Declaration: Introduction of an EU Child Rescue Alert by Kate and Gerry McCann [power point presentation], April 2008

116000, the single EU hotline number for missing children is NOT a McCann Idea April 9, 2008

McCann abduction hotline idea in Press Association April 9, 2008«The parents of missing four-year-old Madeleine McCann are in the process of setting up a dedicated information hotline that will be available across Europe for when police suspect a child has been abducted.

Kate and Gerry McCann and their team are believed to have already reserved the hotline number - 116 000. It has yet to go live. The couple are visiting Brussels as part of a campaign to bring in a dedicated alert system for abducted children.»

Kate upset after being asked to take part in reconstruction in The Express April 9, 2008

Portuguese detectives to quiz 'Tapas Seven' in London about Maddy's disappearance in Daily Mail, April 9, 2008

PJ arrives for last 'round' in England… and Maddie's parents go to Brussels April 7, 2008

Tenerife 'Maddy sighting' in The Sun April 5, 2008

McCanns call for child alert system in MSN UK News April 4, 2008

Ingleses já sabem tudo sobre missão da PJ em Inglaterra in JN [British already know all about PJ's mission in England], April 4, 2008

McCanns to visit European Parliament next week April 3, 2008

MEP[Edward McMillan-Scott] to meet McCanns over child-snatch alerts in Yorkshire Post March 22, 2008


  1. Thanks for reminding us, Joana. In our hectic days we tend to pass important events. And this one should make us pause and reflect: Do we do our best to assure our children are safe?
    We know that some haven't done that, with the catastrophic results that the media so well reminds us almost on a daily base, for the last five years.

  2. Desta vez o oportunista Gerry McCann nao fez nenhuma corridinha com aquela TShirt exibindo o rosto da filha, que nele fica tao ridicula.... Sabemos porque.... Nao havia outra organizacao a assinalar a data e a pedir donativos, a sombra da qual podia enganar mais uns otarios e pedir para o Fundo. Portanto correr explorando a desgraca da filha, e ser remunerado por isso, seria demasiado evident. Por outro lado, suar so para lembrar que a tragedia de desaparecerem criancas e real e nao receber dinheiro em troca, e sacrificio que o Dr nao esta disposto a fazer.
    A Brooks tb devia fazer parte do grupo que em outros locais se dedicava ao hobby que levou Estes turistas a PDL e ao OC- o Swing.

  3. The Express reported that Mrs Mccann viseted No 10 to support the missing children fund of europe,how can she do that after leaving her own children alone every night on holiday in a strange country.We don,t think Mr Cameron was very pleased,there was no report in other papers or on the television news,We think this was all Mitchells idea, the Mccanns should not have any such job until it is clear what happened to Madeleine,because they were involved.There were so many clues we believe she died in the flat.There should be a full investigation.

  4. The new CEOP site (www.missingkids.co.uk) is a good thing if it helps other kids but unfortunately the whole event has already been hijacked by Mitchell, the McCanns, Lady Catherine Meyer and PACT. The PACT charity is clearly a McCann clique. How long will it be before Kate McCann is officially announced as a patron or trustee?
    Meyer’s ambition is to be chief of an organisation similar to NCMEC which is headed by her friend, and PACT trustee, Ernie Allen. Meyer says, “We wanted to see a national centre for missing children like there is in America". However, the only child whose name she seems to remember, and the only child that is prominent on the PACT website, is Madeleine McCann. Meyer says, “Getting a child’s picture and information out about them is vital. I have met Kate and Gerry McCann several times and I know they believe that. I think they feel lucky in some ways that there has been so much publicity about Madeleine“. No kidding! Meyer and the McCanns use each other very well indeed. Meyer and her gala attending ‘charitable’ cronies are obviously of the same opinion as PM David Cameron; they don’t believe that all children (or all parents) are worthy of equal attention or expenditure. Kerry Needham says: “I thought, ‘What about me?’ When I asked for help I got nothing. I wrote to David Cameron begging him to help and the letter I got back was cold. I have never thrown anything away but his reply went straight in the bin. David Cameron made me feel like I’m not good enough,” adds Kerry, who runs a fencing supply company. “It’s devastating after I’ve battled so hard.”

    This latest round of publicity was orchestrated by PACT’s newly appointed press officer and McCann PR man, Clarence Mitchell. It is clearly a cynical and calculated attempt (using International Missing Children’s Day and the missing kids website) to launch Kate McCann into a new career as an ambassador for missing children and in the process, rehabilitate free-loader Lady Catherine Meyer.
    It’s all about cronyism. The charity sector really does need a good shake out.


    To mark International Missing Children’s Day on May 25th, the charity PACT (www.pact-online.org) announces the launch of a brand-new Missingkids website, redesigned in collaboration with the police agency, CEOP, which will take operational control of the site.

    The Founder and Chief Executive of PACT, Lady Catherine Meyer, said:
    “With over 140,000 children going missing in the UK each year – more than one every five minutes – I am delighted to announce this major breakthrough in PACT’s decade-long campaign to reform the way we tackle this tragic issue.

    “With the re-launch of the Missingkids website, and CEOP’s taking responsibility for missing and abducted children, we finally have the tools to bring hope to those whose children have gone missing or been abducted. The important thing now is to raise public awareness of the website. This is why, thanks to the support of ICAP Charity Day, PACT is producing hundreds of posters with media space donated by Clear Channel. It has also commissioned a fleet of specially branded black cabs to drop off and pick up guests at a No. 10 Downing Street reception to mark International Missing Children’s Day, to be hosted by the Home Secretary, The Rt Hon. Theresa May.”

    Matthew Dearden, Chief Executive Officer of Clear Channel UK, said: “It is a privilege to be in a position to help PACT whose great work makes fundamental improvements in child protection policies and practices. With some 140,000 children going missing in the UK every year, Clear Channel’s nationwide portfolio is perfect to support this inspiring campaign to raise awareness of missing children. We are very proud to be supporting PACT’s essential work.”

    For further information contact:
    PACT: Clarence Mitchell – clarence.mitchell@bm.com 0207 300 6342/07500 975517
    CLEAR CHANNEL: Elaine Bailey – Elaine.Bailey@clearchannel.co.uk 0207 478 2941

    Notes to Editors:

    International Missing Children’s Day, first marked in the USA in 1983, seeks to raise awareness of the phenomenon of missing children by commemorating the many thousands of children who go missing every year; sending a message of hope and solidarity to grieving families; and celebrating those children who have been found and safely returned home.

    PACT (Parents and Abducted Children Together) is an international, non-profit organisation, registered in the UK and the US. It was founded in 1999 by Lady (Catherine) Meyer, wife of the then British Ambassador to the United States, Sir Christopher Meyer.

    PACT’s initial mission was to fight parental child abduction across frontiers by raising awareness of a growing, but little-known, problem and by advocating solutions. Today, PACT has broadened its mission to include all missing children.

    PACT has spent years fighting for a better and more coherent response the growing problem of missing and abducted children at home and abroad. It has been a driving force behind major changes to policy and practice in the UK, France and the US. All PACT’s work is targeted on one goal: to find answers to the tragedy of the tens of thousand of children who go missing or are abducted every year.

    Note to Picture Desks/Broadcast Planning Desks:

    The fleet of London taxis displaying the new Missing Kids website logo will be driving around Westminster during the No 10 reception, as well as delivering guests. To express interest in taxi filming opportunities please contact Clarence Mitchell on the above numbers/email address.


  6. Yes, to 3, there is never any mention of the traces of blood behind the sofa in the apartment, signalled by the dogs - who also traced the cadaver smell.

  7. I believe that there are more missing friends and colleagues of the McCanns than missing children in Europe.

  8. Mais uma vitima da familia que a devia proteger -neste caso a mae. Falo da adolescente alema libertada na Bosnia depois de 8 anos de escravatura.

  9. Hi Anonymous (post 3)

    I was disgusted to hear that Kate McCann was invited to Downing St to support the missing childrens day. However I was more disgusted to see photographs of the Home Secretary Theresa May and the Duchess of Gloucester, shake Kate McCann's hand.

    These people know full well that Madeleine is missing because of the cruel behaviour of Kate and Gerry McCann, yet they're shaking Kate McCanns hand. I don't know how they could bear to be in the same room as this vile woman, let alone shake her hand.

    The McCanns were very shrewd when they involved Gordon Brown and other high profile people in their charade. The McCanns know that there is little chance of them being prosecuted, because if they are there will be a huge scandal which will involve members of the British Parliament, members of the British Police and other high profile people.

    All these people have publicly supported the McCanns, knowing full well that they unconvicted criminals.

    I'm praying that the McCanns lose their lawsuits against Tony Bennett and Goncalo Amaral and I am praying that these two men, take out lawsuits against the McCanns and win.

  10. @9, who told you that the McCanns were invited to Downing street 10?
    They are pushy people, they invite themselves. Kate invited herself to go to that cathedral when Charles went there too, hoping he would at least break a royal wind towards her, which he didn't.

    You could follow how pushy they were, asking for a review, something they were sure would not happen hahahahahahah!
    And it is happening hahahahahahaha!

    At this moment the Met are concentrated on the TRANSPARANT part of the files, that is why they are analysing all of the ghosts manifestations, clairvoyants, etc

  11. Money laundering, arms deals, business and political connections are often behind large scale cover ups

  12. The McCanns have taken over from Brooks, holding politicians and police in check. At least I know who can be trusted or can't in this saga of corruption; which will eventually emerge in Watergate proportions when we see the eventual re-emergence of courageous, investigative reporting. There are some people out there already whose consciences are paining them and who know the full story.
    It will be told in the fullness of time and to those who value their reputations at the expense of truth and justice, remember, this is a temporary situation and won't hold forever. soime of us will make sure of that.

  13. Did Teresa May wash her hands thoroughly after this encounter with evil?

  14. Blacksmith Bureau blog has written some very good articles, but has always resisted what many of us are convinced of- a massive cover -up. I wonder if his view will alter after the "Downing St Debacle" as I will always remember it?

  15. As well as CEO of PACT, Catherine Meyer is also a National Treasurer for the Conservative Party and has known David Cameron for many years.

    Looks like the telegraph articles re Meyer's salary have been deleted - not something they'd want the public to read when they're trying to up their game and highlight the paypal button.
    I expect the articles were carter-rucked before the recent Mitchell-generated publicity effort hit the media.

    Like Clarence Mitchell, Meyer also harboured a desire to become an MP (as the following 20011 article states)

    15 MAY 2011



    Sir Christopher Meyer, the hard-working ex-ambassador who tirelessly chaired the Press Complaints Commission, [Lol] has rushed to the defence of his wife in a letter to The Daily Telegraph.
    Catherine Meyer had been accused of "paying herself" a surprising amount of money from the child abduction charity she runs, PACT, but the letter, from the charity's trustees, says that in fact her pay was decided by the trustees (of which her husband is one). Trouble is, their clarification of the accounts only highlights how charities often spend as much money on themselves as on good causes.
    Last year PACT raised £97,805, of which Mrs Meyer and her assistant were paid £45,531, almost half the total revenue. "Donors give their support... because they are inspired by her leadership and record of success," says the letter, though Mrs Meyer never did succeed in her bid to become a Tory MP in 2004.


    Michael Ezra,

    May 31st 2011

    A charity is often a very good cause. Whether it be assisting the aged, abused children, mentally handicapped, a repair for a local place of worship, cancer research, starving kids in Africa, or a plethora of other causes, we can understand why someone is shaking a tin for loose coins or requesting a cheque, a standing order payment or a prize to be auctioned or raffled to raise funds for the charity. If we have not heard of the charity, possibly because it is small, but the cause sounds reasonable and those associated with it include the great and good, then we may make a donation without much further investigation. This could be a big mistake.

    I bring to your attention the charity PACT: Parents & Abducted Children Together. The website of the charity informs us that PACT “works with the government, the police and other NGOs to improve the way in which missing childrenís [sic] cases are handled, so that they can be rapidly located and retrieved unharmed.” Abducted children: a fine charitable cause. Tesco is associated with the charity. Among others, the trustees of the charity include the author Barbara Taylor Bradford, a former head of Special Branch in Northern Ireland and Sir Christopher Meyer, former British Ambassador to the United States. This is not all because the patrons include both Cherie Blair, wife of a former British Prime Minister and Laura Bush, wife of the former American president. A very credible selection of people.

    Those that donate money to charity, however wealthy they are, have limited funds to donate. A donation to one charity means a smaller or no donation to another. If asked by a friend or acquaintance for a donation to PACT, a charity founded in 1999 by Lady Meyer, the wife of Sir Christopher Meyer, one might have done so in the belief that their donation was doing good. But was this really the case?

    As the accounts of the charity show, in 2010 income was £97,805 and expenditure, £80,491. In 2009, the income was £28,445 and expenses £87,640 leading to a loss, even after taking into account unrealised investment gains, of over £50,000. When we look at expenses we can see that over £49,586 of expenses in 2010 related to the salaries of Catherine Meyer (Lady Meyer) and her administrative assistant. The Daily Telegraph understands that nearly 70 percent of that money was related to the salary of Lady Meyer. In 2009, expenses directly related to the salaries of Lady Meyer and her assistant was £63,877. It is quite easy to see why the charity lost over £50,000 that year. Donations to the charity seem to have done more to pay the Chanel-clad Lady Meyer her salary and expenses than they have done to assist abducted children.

    People set up or involve themselves in charities for all sorts of reasons and not all of the reasons are necessarily altruistic. Improving social standing, developing contacts or trying to secure a knighthood might be included as to a reason for involvement. Donors to charities understand that this is case but do not begrudge such side benefits if the charity is hugely benefitting from their efforts. Donors to charities also understand that a charity might need to employ professional staff who need to be paid. What they do not expect is that the big-wigs at the top of the charity, the so-called great and good, are paid.

    It makes a mockery of giving to charity if the charitable donations are going to a person who can use the funds to purchase more Chanel suits, designer clothes that the donors cannot afford for themselves. When a beggar on a street informs us he is “homeless and hungry” and requests a donation, he might not be telling the full truth about his condition, but at least he is being honest as to who is to be the recipient of the donation.

  17. Published BY Matthew Steeples. 2011

    I am Matthew Steeples and having seen this I thought I should explain how I came to be involved with a charity that turns out to be a sham. I met Lady Meyer with mutual friends in 2004. She was charming and polite and I had no reason to doubt her or her motives. She had just returned from Washington, where her husband had been an ambassador at a most interesting time in history. She was a good conversationalist and well versed. He had interesting tales to tell. She told of the problems she’d had “recovering” her children. When she explained what, she claimed, happened, I thought “how awful” and felt her plight. She mentioned she was having a fundraising ball at The Dorchester and asked if I would like to come. I attended along with friends. Between us we spent £1500 on a table.

    I now cannot comprehend why I then continued to believe this lady and her nonsense for six years, but sadly I did. I supported Lady Meyer’s events initially just by attending, but invited her to a dinner I gave above the Ferragamo showroom in 2005 and at this point she persuaded me that I should become more involved.

    She asked me to get involved in fund raising for PACT. I should have asked to see PACT’s accounts. I did not and there is no excuse for that. It is a lesson I will take forward with me and I urge others to do the same. Do NOT donate to a charity without knowing that the majority of funds raised actually goes to the cause rather than on salaries. Over the following years I, without charging the charity a single penny and believing that Lady Meyer did the same, I helped organise:

    PACT with STARS, Ralph Lauren, 25th May 2010; PACT Barbecue, Firehouse, 10th July 2010; PACT Emilia Wickstead Fashion Show, Papillon, 23rd April 2009; PACT Speed Dating, Firehouse, 20th November 2008; PACT Speed Dating, Stanza, 7th February 2008

    At most of these events, the majority of attendees came from my address book and those of my friends and so to did the majority of donations. My friends were also duped by the supposedly charming Lady Meyer and her infectiously enthusiastic manner. They handed over cash, paintings, prizes and gave time to create drawings for another fundraiser. They gave up their time, they wrote letters supporting PACT and most of all they believed in Lady Meyer and her cause. They, like me, wanted to support missing children. In addition, Lady Meyer took advantage of my personal connections to help her in other ways. She was determined to forge herself a new career and I involved her in a project I had been approached about. Strangely the people who I was dealing with pulled out after meeting her. I think I now know why. Though she now states “I used to earn a whole lot more in the city”, in relation to her charitable salary, this successful company didn’t want anything to do with her.

    At Christmas in 2009, the Meyer pair had nowhere to go as the Eurostar was cancelled and their planned trip to Paris couldn’t happen. I invited them into my home for the day. In the six years I knew them, never did they invite me to dinner in their home and I can only think of a couple of occasions where I was a guest at a lunch or dinner – and I wonder now who really picked up the bill.
    The first cracks came in April 2009 when a good friend had a very public row with Lady Meyer. Letters were exchanged and I told this individual how wrong he was. It was me that got it wrong though and for that I again apologise to my friend.


  18. ……Cont

    I helped come up with the idea for the “PACT with Stars” event for International Missing Children’s Day in May 2010. I became so heavily involved in this matter and probably spent two-three days a week on it for over 7 months. I did not charge a penny for this work. The majority of the committee were friends of mine. The majority of the personalities who contributed drawings were friends or contacts of mine. The majority of donated prizes were given by my friends. Some were worth hundreds of pounds, some were worth many thousands of pounds. All were given to support missing children and given in good faith. Our time and donations were not given to support salaries. I apologise to all who I asked to support this.

    During the weeks running up to the launch of “PACT with Stars” at Ralph Lauren’s Fulham Road store, I became increasingly suspicious of the motives of the Meyers. The event went from being about charity to being one about the Meyers. The press interviews were about Catherine Meyer in the main rather than focusing on the charity. Ralph Lauren, who seem so generous to the “Chanel-clad” one, took precedence over all other participants. “We cannot offend them,” Lady Meyer said. We now know why.

    As the day of the launch grew ever closer, Sir Christopher’s focus was exposed when asked about one particular interview. He said “We must do the interview, Catherine. It’s good for OUR profile.” At this point I finally realised what this “charity” was about. In one sentence he summed it up perfectly. PACT was a vehicle for the profile of the Meyers and now we know it was also a source of income for them too. How stupid I had been not to realise I’d been hoodwinked for so long. I did not, at that stage, though, know where the funds raised would end up.

    A year has passed since the “PACT with Stars” event and during that year, though I told all who asked about what went wrong, I did not talk to the press. It is Richard Eden of the Telegraph’s Mandrake who is to be credited in exposing this story. He is the one who generated a story that has run for over a month in both his paper and the Independent and in both of their letter columns. The one thing, though, that really exposed the scandal of a charity that pays some 50% of income to its founder and her assistant and considerably more in expenses were that charity’s very own accounts.

    A common misapprehension, however, is that I gave Richard the story and this must be corrected. I did not do this. If I had done such, I would openly admit it as I am incensed about what has been exposed. I did, however, give a comment in the Telegraph’s second piece and it is indeed me and my friends who have written many of the letters about the scandal. For the Meyers now to go about having their stooges attack me and Twitter barbed remarks that are extremely offensive only shows what an own goal they’ve truly scored.

    I am sad that the efforts of so many to raise funds for missing children, encouraged by me, have been exposed for having not benefitted them. This is a charity that brings charity in general into disrepute in a most shocking manner. I stupidly fell into the trap of believing that just because they had what seemed like a good background, Lady Meyer and her husband had a good motive in all they did. I am a fool for believing such.
    I unreservedly apologise to my friends for having involved them with this sham.
    Matthew Steeples (@daSteepsSpeaks) gives background to his meeting Lady Catherine Meyer and subsequent involvement with PACT

  19. The following article reports Cherie Blair stepped down as patron of PACT. However, she has recently returned. What (or who) induced her to return? The article has been deleted from the Telegraph site.


    Cherie Blair steps down as a patron of Lady Meyer's charity

    Cherie Blair steps down as a patron of Pact after figures showed the lion's share of its income was going to its employees

    Mrs Blair’s name is no longer on the list of patrons on the charity’s website

    By Tim Walker

    9 Jan 2012

    Without any fanfare, Cherie Blair has stepped down as a patron of the charity Pact which is presided over by Lady Meyer, the wife of Sir Christopher Meyer, formerly Our Man in Washington.

    Mrs Blair’s name is no longer on the list of patrons on the charity’s website and Catherine Meyer tells Mandrake: “There is no comment I wish to make about this”.

    The former prime minister’s wife chose not to speak out in defence of Pact when Mandrake disclosed last year that all but £9,500 of the money received in donations by Pact, which stands for Parents & Abducted Children Together, was paid to Lady Meyer, who is the chief executive, and to one member of staff. The latest figures from the charity showed that Lady Meyer, who is also its president, and her employee were paid a total of £49,586. Lady Meyer received almost 70 per cent of that sum. Pact’s income from donations was £59,056 and it received a further £38,234 in grants.

    The Meyers and the Blairs had enjoyed a close relationship, but it had become strained after the publication of DC Confidential, a memoir by Sir Christopher which was less than flatttering about Tony Blair’s government. Sir Christopher’s appearance at the Chilcot Inquiry, when he said that a year before the Iraq war Blair had “signed in blood” a deal with President Bush to overthrow Saddam Hussein — a charge that the former prime minister denied — led to a greater froideur.

    “We are doing a huge amount of work for very little salary,” Lady Meyer said in response to my story last year. “I used to work in the City and earned much more.”


  20. Are we going to end up with them being honoured with the titles of 'Sir and Lady' McCann do you think?

    What a farce of a whitewash it all is, when this pair would not even cooperate with the official investigation of their missing daughter, and have been allowed to do and say what the hell they like, and nobody in authority picking them up on it. Quite the reverse in fact. Thanks to their pals at NI, the authorities are now aiding and abetting them with their 'abduction scenario', and quite ignoring the blood and cadaver scent, and the numerous other things that are not adding up with the story the McCanns and their pals have told.

  21. it realy is on par with gary glitter being invited to champion children's charity's

  22. http://uk.news.yahoo.com/leveson-hear-gove-may-023913708.html

    Theresa May denies influence from NI....

  23. Do depoimento de Blair se deduz 'quem governa os UK e Murdoch'. Nao interessa nada o voto dos eleitores ou a mudanca de partidos. No final e sempre Murdoch quem dita as regras.
    Humm...isto faz-me pensar nos milhares de libras que tao facilmente passaram para as maos dos Mccann, sem recorrerem a um tribunal ou contestarem o obvio- a falta de provas para o rapto, que por si so legitima qualquer artigo que questione a versao dos Mccann. Murdoch nao da esmolas a pobres e nao e o tipo de personagem que vai a jogo para perder dinheiro. Portanto, a entrega destes milhares de libras so pode ter tido por base um negocio rentavel para o grupo de Murdoch. Exclusivos, fabricacao de noticias de tempos a tempos com todos a cooperarem e a assinarem por baixo. Deste modo, os milhares passados para o Fundo seriam recuperados e o casalito ficava feliz e contente porque A Lazz com a bencao de Brooks seria a 'sopeira' de servico.
    No reino da Mcc-mitchelandia reina um silencio absoluto que por si so grita mais alto que milhares de trompetes. Estao 'a ver em que param as modas'. Ou seja, ate onde o LEV ENQ vai ou se deixa levar. Ate quando a opiniao publica vai aguentar esta charada...Esta mais que provado que os juizes deste tribunal sao parciais e estao ali para lavar a cara de alguns. Se assim nao fosse ja tinham la chamado o Mitchell e lancado uma investigacao ao Fundo Madeleine que e uma fraude tao grande quanto a de alguns bancos que ja levaram gente para a prisao, um pouco por todo o mundo.

  24. Hello Anonymous (post 10)

    As far as I am aware it was only Lady McMuck, who went to Downing St., Lord McMuck, was probably working one of the three days, he now works in a week. I read that Lady McMuck, had been invited along with Clarence Mitchell. In one of the photographs that I saw, Clarence Mitchell is standing behind Lady McMuck, who is in the throes of meeting Holly Valance.

    I would love to know what was behind the smile Holly had on her face, as she got ready to meet Lady McMuck.

  25. Joana,
    Please forgive me for using this method to contact you. As a regular visitor to Portugal and follower of your blog, I am concerned to note that in the last few days I have been unable to connect my computer to your site. I am presently using another computer to do so. When I type in your address http://joana-morais.blogspot.com, my computer immediately changes this to http://joana-morais.blogspot.co.uk/ and no connection is possible. Grateful if you can offer any advice on this and apologies again for using this comment section.

  26. See another opinion on DC et al:

  27. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2151521/Derby-house-Police-given-time-question-Mick-Maire ad-Philpott.html

    The pair remind me another pair that becomes an inspiration for the evils. The crime is not similar but the behavior could be easily compared: walking holding hands to fool the police and the community. Fake tears to simulate a fake grieving, a fake pain. A lot of words endorsed to everyone else to thank police, nurses, etc. Not a single word dedicated to the children that lost their lives, not even to the one they used as a marketing while announcing that his organs will be donated.
    That time, no Mitchell around, no politics to interfere with police investigation. The pair was arrested and police ask friends, family, the community in general, to keep their feelings and their possible support to the parents aside and bring to the police all the information that could help the police to understand how the fire started. The police says... " in memory of the 6 children ". Is it the same police from the same country, where Maddie investigation is being reviewed? Why we never heard the police asking the Tapas 7 and all others involved in the cover up, to come forward and deliver information in the memory/ respect of Madeleine?
    Watching the video of the Philpott recalled my memory to what is in PJ files- GNR reporting the Mccann's bending on their knees in a praying position, trying to fool the police with a pain and a grief they were never able to show later.
    Parents could be good actors to save their skins. Is a question of survive.
    The shameful Daily Mail put at the end of the story that bizarre sentence " comments are not allowed for legal reasons". Heh! Heh! The main reason is not the father of 17 children from 5 woman's plus his latest wife... Mccann's ghost around with an email from Carter- Ruck, I believe. It is inevitable the connection of the two cases...regarding the behavior of the parents and the police attitude. I can imagine the comments regarding the pair from Rothley. Poor Madeleine... The British police doesn't care about her memory.

  28. So the McCanns are a cheaper version of the Meyers, as Karen Matthews in turn tried to be a cheaper version of the McCanns?
    Meanwhile, there is a current case in Derby, England, of parents who may have burnt some of their children to death in a housefire.They managed to give one of those heartfelt police appeals on TV.
    How many of such appearances have turned out to be false? Parallels can be drawn...

  29. @17

    I am so sorry it took you so long to find out about the Charity Cheaters.
    Anyway that's what I call them here in South Africa.

    The donation given to a certain Mrs Perlman in the 70' and 80's for feeding the hungry African Children never got to them at all, especially the starving children in South Africa in the squatter camps.

    Mrs Perlman at that stage drove a very, very expensive Mercedes Benz as did her numerous sidekicks and all took very large salaries.

    She was a greedy woman, with no thought of helping the poor at all, but was constantly in the news of all our Newspapers here, especially the Sunday Times. She was after all only a glory seeker.

    So at this stage of my life I do not contribute to any Charity whatsoever, because even in the case of the African Countries to the north of us, where the childen are starving, USAIDS and the like give food willingly. This food never reaches the poor. The government of the day takes this food and sells it on the black market.

    So yes if a beggar comes to my office door, I will give him a loaf of bread, and that is all.


  30. I wrote the Leveson Inquiry asking them that in case they interrogate Brown too, if they can ask what was his role on the Madeleine case.
    Calling the PJ to ask if Amaral was already dismissed...

    I request you all to do the same.

  31. Joana, ja temos saudades dos vossos posts. Espero que esteja tudo bem e que esta ausencia nao signifique um desistir de Madeleine e da procura da verdade.
    Um beijinho e muito obrigada pelo tempo e trabalho que voces tem dedicado a nos, vossos leitores, e a defesa das causas das criancas. Este blog tem sido uma verdadeira fonte de inspiracao e informacao.

  32. Reading the jill havern blog, I am interested to know who is madeleine and who is Ellie? Are there any pix to compare? Were they substituted? Also who is the daughter of Rev Hubbard, who didn't want to star in the McCann movie (touted as a reconstruction? Which child belongs to whom and, in the end, the McCanns gave Madeleine to the British courts as a ward!!!

  33. Can anyone tell us what has happened to mccannfiles.com it was always an interesting read.

  34. @32 see jill havern, but still no reason given for no updates.
    Not many updates here either :(
    re cover-ups and murdoch, maybe something went on at the Murdoch/Freud villa near PdL and the McCanns are able to strike a deal - just wondering...

  35. Can anyone tell us what has happened to Joanas excellant site, this blog was so upto date with everything, and now it is like the marie celeste!!!

    George UK

  36. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/arts/books-and-media/does-a-3-e-book-on-karla-homolka-represent-a-new-wave-of-journalism/article4372566/
    Please see how one journalist has circumvented the general situation of Gagged News Reporting.
    Where are you Joana? I so miss your blog, but I am sure you must be reading the entries. No Joana, no Nigel, without any explanation...

  37. Don't think I've ever read such a detailed article re Jersey and H.G.L


    in a national newspaper, could be wrong though...

  38. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/4285908/Inside-the-twisted-minds-of-the-Madeleine-McCann-child-snatchers.html

    Looks like the McCann's and Tapas are about to be re-interviewed by the met...

  39. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/4408124/Detective-Maddie-McCann-may-be-alive.html

    More pro McCann bullshit from the SUN. The McCann's are VERY well connected!

  40. miss you Joanna
    hope you are OK
    aunty anti x

  41. If McCann's had their 'plants' in the newspaper & television media, as well as their budding wannabe 'journalists' in 2007, many of which have built careers on the McCann's I would bet.

    ...why not apply the same approach to blogs? If they were happy to propagate lies & truth in equal measure, using the people who trusted them, family, then why not any other potential messengers?

    I'm not trying to insinuate owners of blogs but the make-up of the people who comment,then again, Bren was an interesting switch. So who knows.

  42. Hi, Joana!
    Hope you are well. So long no any news and this is really sad. I've got one here: http://uk.news.yahoo.com/police-probe-madeleine-grave-theory-215231168.html. Telling "Police Probe Madeleine 'Grave' Theory
    By Martin Brunt, crime correspondent | Sky News – 13 hours ago".
    The news are from Martin Brunt but for some reason not on skynewsblogs. I fond it checking email on yahoo. Strange. All Martins blogs about Madelein are dead. I think killed be "pinky".
    Please update dear Joana! It's still very important!

  43. Well after todays disgusting news that kate mccann has joined MISSING PERSONS AS A AMBASSADOR,I KID YOU NOT.
    portugal the ball is in your court now, so please, please, reopen this case and get the mccanns and the tapas pals to do the reconstruction.


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