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Maddie case opens war between PJ and the Public Ministry

Portuguese Attorney General Fernando Pinto Monteiro and the National Director of the 
Portuguese Judiciary Police José Almeida Rodrigues

by Felícia Cabrita and Margarida Davim

The Oporto Prosecutor has doubts about the legality of the team that was created by the PJ. He has informed [Attorney General] Pinto Monteiro about the case.

The Judiciary Police (PJ) created a team for the Maddie case, with officers from Oporto, without informing the Public Ministry [Attorney General's Office]. The situation is generating discomfort, because it is seen as a dissimulated way for the PJ to reopen an archived case, which can only be reopened with new evidence and under the decision of the Public Ministry.

SOL was able to find out that the district attorney general of Oporto, Alberto Pinto Nogueira, has formally questioned the North Directory of the PJ, in order to find out for what reason officers from Oporto were drafted to investigate a crime that happened in the Algarve. The magistrate reminded the PJ of the fact that the competence to open or to reopen an investigation lies with the Public Ministry and not with the Judiciary Police.

Attorney General did not know about team

Pinto Nogueira also wanted to know who authorized an investigation that mostly resembles an inquiry into what has been done by the team that initially dealt with the disappearance of the little English girl. This is due to the fact that there is no legal framework whatsoever for the creation of this team.

Therefore, all of the magistrate’s doubts – he only found out about the existence of this team through the media – have been sent to the Republic’s Attorney General (AG), Pinto Monteiro.

The AG’s office has said that he didn’t know about this new PJ team either and that he shares the doubts that have been raised by Pinto Nogueira, asking to be kept informed about the Judiciary Police’s replies.

After having been confronted with a communication from Pinto Nogueira, João Batista Romão, the head of the PJ’s North Directory, forwarded the district attorney general of Oporto’s questions to the Judiciary Police’s National Directory. Pedro do Carmo, the joint national director, then explained to Pinto Nogueira that this team is not performing new investigations into the case.

Pedro do Carmo told SOL the same, repeating that “the team is not investigating, it is analysing collected data”. And despite stating that both the prosecutor in Portimão who heads the process and the district attorney in Évora know about the existence of this team, he admits that “it wasn’t even necessary to inform them, they only had to see the news in the papers”.

As far as SOL was able to find out, Pinto Nogueira, after receiving clarification from the PJ, made it clear that all responsibility, including financial responsibility, that would be originated by this new team would be taken into account by the district attorney’s office.

Nonetheless, this is an issue that Pedro do Carmo equally devalues: “These are PJ officers, the Judiciary Police pays their salary, obviously”. Nevertheless, the joint national director does not explain if this team is exclusively working on the Maddie case, if there is a deadline for this work or even how many officers it is composed of. “These are operational issues that can only be defined by their coordinator, Helena Monteiro”, he says.

Pedro do Carmo further assured SOL that the new team is not evaluating the information that has been collected by the Scotland Yard – where a team of 37 policemen collects and analyses tip-offs concerning the whereabouts of Madeleine McCann, through an initiative of the English prime minster, David Cameron.

Pedro do Carmo stresses that “what is being done is the re-analysis of what was investigated by the PJ at that time”. It remains unclear whether or not the analyzed material includes the 195 new leads that the Scotland Yard says it has about the case: “Only the English Police can speak about that. These are two independent teams at work, although there is permanent communication”.

Different goal in the United Kingdom

Nonetheless, the goal seems to be quite different in the United Kingdom, where Andy Redwood, the inspector who leads the English team, has made it very clear that “reopening the investigation is the only way to find out what happened to Madeleine and to close the case”. Last week, the Scotland Yard announced these 195 new leads and publicised a portrait of how Maddie might look today, five years after she disappeared in Praia da Luz.

Nevertheless, nobody has explained what this profusion of leads is composed of. The McCann couple’s spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, says that these pieces of information result from an analysis of approximately 1200 pages of information and that “all of the material has been sent to the Portuguese authorities that have allegedly only analysed approximately one quarter of what they received.

Rogério Alves, the McCanns’ lawyer in Portugal, says he also does not know the contents of these investigative possibilities. “One can only speak about the relevance of each one, with deep knowledge of them”, he argues, adding that he is still waiting to receive all of this material. With caution, the jurist recalls that “one can only ask for the reopening of the process if there is a very concrete piece of evidence”.

Deposition by French couple is one of the leads

At that point in time, Rogério Alves assures, the family will not oppose a reconstitution of the night of the disappearance – “I have been to the process once already, saying that the parents would be available”, he says – but he will not request it, either. “So many years later, of what interest could a reconstitution be?” – he questions.

SOL was able to find out that one piece of information that was sent by the English police to the PJ is one more deposition by a French couple on holiday in Nerja (Spain), who reported that they “spoke to a man on the street who had indicated that Madeleine was being kept nearby by an adoptive mother”.

Even with vague leads, Maddie’s parents are determined not to let the story die. This Wednesday, Kate and Gerry held a press conference in London, which was attended by 50 journalists from all over the world. The couple used the opportunity to publicise what they believe to be their daughter’s new image – who will be eight years old if she is still alive.

“There is a real possibility that Madeleine can still be found alive”, Kate McCann stated in an interview to Lusa [news agency].

Kate launches new book

The McCanns did not wish to use their meeting with the press to talk about money. But the spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, believes that “sooner or later it will be necessary to resume the raising of money” for the fund that was created in 2008 [ Madeleine’s Fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned was incorporated on May 15, 2007] to finance the search for Maddie.

According to a report from D&B – a company that performs financial analysis -, Madeleine’s Fund, Leaving No Stone Unturned, presently only has a net capital of 125 thousand pounds. The fund once owned over one million, but the money that comes in is less, as each year goes by, and in 2011 general expenses reached almost 27 thousand pounds.

Mitchell ascertains that “the donations from private people are less and less” and that nowadays the fund lives from the money that the couple and their friends received as compensation from libel suits that were filed against newspapers. That value is increased by the author’s rights from the book that was written by Kate McCann, which Maddie’s parents’ spokesman asserts “has sold quite well”.

In order to keep money flowing into the fund’s coffers, Kate will launch a new version of the book on Thursday – this time, as a paperback – with “one more chapter, in order to update the information”.

Five years after Maddie disappeared in the Algarve, Clarence Mitchell, number 10 Downing Street’s former communications advisor and a former BBC journalist, is still working for the McCanns “full time, with the agreement of the communications company” that presently employs him.

Gerry is still working as a cardiologist at Leicester Hospital, where he returned to in 2008. But Kate never worked in medicine again. Her days, Clarence Mitchell explains, are dedicated “to taking care of the twin children and working on the campaign to find Madeleine”. Maddie’s mother’s agenda includes working with organisations that are dedicated to finding missing children and “meetings with the authorities”.

The McCanns have also often returned to Portugal. Their last visit was on the 10th of April, when Gerry and Kate went to Praia da Luz. Mitchell does not wish to reveal details about what they did there. On their passage through Lisbon, the couple had breakfast with Rogério Alves, in order to be informed about the course of the lawsuits that are still under way in Portuguese Justice.

Murat left Praia da Luz

The person who does not wish to hear about the case anymore is Robert Murat, the Englishman who lived in Praia da Luz who was the first arguido in the process, after a journalist [see Robert Murat was accused by two British Journalists] from Sky News launched suspicions about the man who was always around the media that were covering the case and offered his services as a translator.

Nowadays, Murat does not live in Praia da Luz anymore. He has moved into a house in Lagos and does not want to speak to journalists anymore. His lawyer, Francisco Pagarete, assures that the Englishman “has never worked again”. In 2008, the British subject received compensation of approximately 750 thousand euro, paid by four English media groups that were accused of libelling him.

Another person who has not returned to work is the inspector who headed the PJ’s investigation, Gonçalo Amaral, who refuses to make a statement this week. “I do not take part in celebrations. I will speak later”, he told SOL, two days after he went on TVI [evening newscast] to devalue the 195 leads from Scotland Yard. “It is very easy to collect leads from sightings and mediums”, he commented.

Lawsuits in the courts

The McCanns’ lawsuit to receive 1.2 million euro compensation from Gonçalo Amaral starts in September.

Five years after Madeleine McCann disappeared in Praia da Luz, the lawsuits that were generated by the media confusion surrounding the case are still dragging through the Portuguese courts.

On the 13th of September, the lawsuit that was filed by Kate and Gerry McCann against the former Judiciary Police inspector, Gonçalo Amaral, starts to be tried. The parents of the little English girl that disappeared on the 3rd of May of 2007 take Amaral to court in order to prevent him from writing or commenting about the case again, but also to demand compensation in the amount of 1.2 million euro over what they say are the damages created by the book “The Truth of the Lie”, written by the former policeman.

The first sessions – which have been scheduled for the 13th, the 14th, the 20th and the 21st, at Lisbon’s 1st Civil Court – will be used to hear out Kate, Gerry and their friends. Nevertheless, it is not certain that the English people will come to the Campus of Justice for their depositions, as until now they have almost always chosen to testify through video-conference.

Appeals Court agreed with Gonçalo Amaral

This week, Gonçalo Amaral’s book – which explains the alleged involvement of the parents in Madeleine’s disappearance - returns to the bookshops.

The books that were edited by Guerra & Paz have been in the McCanns’ possession for years. But the Appeals Court ended up agreeing with Gonçalo Amaral’s appeal and overturned the injunction that had led to the seizing of all of the book’s copies.

The main lawsuit, which is taking its course at Lisbon’s 1st Civil Court, also already includes an Appeals Court decision that is favourable for the former Judiciary Police inspector. “There is a sentence that places Gonçalo Amaral’s book and comments within the scope of freedom of expression”, his lawyer, Fátima Esteves, explains.

Lawsuits against newspapers with no end in sight

The lawsuits that oppose the McCanns and the Portuguese newspapers also remain undecided. “There is no court decision yet”, Kate and Gerry’s lawyer, Rogério Alves, summarises.

The lawsuits that were filed by Robert Murat – who was an arguido in the disappearance – against the newspapers ’24 Horas’ (already extinct), ‘Jornal de Notícias’ and ‘Correio da Manhã’ do not have a final decision either. “The lawsuits are still ongoing”, says his lawyer, Francisco Pagarete.

in: Sol, 04.05.2012, paper edition, available online next week.



    That's what Gonçalo Amaral said in a recent interview to Judite de Sousa in the "8'Clock News".

    Amaral elaborated by saying that in his opinion Porto’s police does not have much of chance (of solving the riddle). These events took place in the south of the country and they are in the north.

    In spite of their competence and good will, Porto cannot possibly have any kind of advantage, simply because they were far removed from the scene – not just in terms of terrain (geography and demographics) but in terms of time and circumstance.

    Theoretically, it is not a bad idea to have a team which is detached (far) from the events (both geographically and in time) but ultimately they have no chance because they were far from the epicentre of events in the first place.

    Furthermore, he added that Porto sole expert was his ex-colleague, Dra. Helena Monteiro, who dealt with a well known case; the case of the girl from Lamego that went missing and was then found dead on the road access to Regua.

    "That was no doubt an important case", he added. "They found her dead in the very place she had been laying for more than a month until they eventually located her with the help of a GPS device and that was that.

    Now, to come and say they have greater experience..."

    Elsewhere on the same interview Amaral commented:

    "Porto’s police does not have much of chance. These events took place in the South of the country and they are in the North. So in spite of their competence and good will, they cannot possibly have any kind of advantage, simply because they were far removed from the scene – not just in terms of the terrain (geography and demographics) but in terms of time and circumstance.

    Theoretically, it is not a bad idea to have a team which is detached (far) from the events (both geographically and in time) but ultimately they have no chance because they were far from the epicentre of events in the first place."

    I particularly liked the byte when Amaral refers to the process Porto's PJ have in hands as:

    "There are too many pages, too many indicia, too many things to read... and sometimes it is difficult to read in between the lines (enigmatic tone). That is what I think..."


  2. The farce continues.

  3. I cant believe we are still being allowed to place comments on the Met facebook page!!

  4. So, now Rogério Alves is the McCann lawyer in Portugal, again?! What happened to Isabel Duarte? Did she crawl under a rock, shaking and shivering, because, as she admitted, the portuguese people think her clients are the devil and even some of her friends shun her for representing them...?

  5. Boa tarde!

    Mesmo que leia este artigo em português ( on line amanhã) não vou entender. Aqui, com alguma dificuldade, devido ao meu não inglês, lá fui tentando perceber. Unhhh mas amanhã também não entenderei.

    P.M. faz-me lembrar o caso do J.M. do 50% no dia do Trabalhador, pois também nada lhe disseram.

    Tenho comigo o vídeo e a transcrição da entrevista de GA com JS. E lembro-me de alguém , que foi mencionado, se ter colocado em bicos dos pés para afastar R.P. a última vítima de mais uma cilada.

    Lembro-me também que GA é alvo de violência já que todos os Seus Amigos são perseguidos e, devido a isso não contacta com ninguém da Equipa da PJ que tentou investigar o caso.
    A denominada investigação interrompida, jamais por culpa própria.

    Que há homens, por acaso da pj ,que se vingam de outros da PJ.....

    Depois, a PJ do P. famosa pelo tristíssimo caso de C. F. , com as coordenadas do telemóvel desde sempre detectadas e resgatada 1 mês e tal depois.........

    Portanto, amanhã quando ler on-line vou continuar a não entender. Vou esperar pelo que GA terá a dizer, caso o deixem porque liberdade para falar, também ainda não a tem.

    Edição em papel completa disponível online 3ª-feira

    Mas óbviamente, agradeço imenso terem comprado o semanário e terem traduzido.


    Well, as Gonçalo Amaral told us in a recent interview, the re-opening of a process in Portugal MUST start with a reconstruction of events - which is something the McCanns' and their friends never fancied - afteral they had already done that in the cover of that famous exercise book before briefing the PJ about the "official version" of events. That, as we all know, has since been upheld as the "truth" by the brute force of Carter-Ruck and other *VIPs working for the posse.

    Now, one of their designer lawyers in Portugal (Rogerio Alves, ex-president of the Lawyers Association who in the past has been accused of corruption) now says his clients would not mind a reconstruction, adding before finishing: "but of what use would that be after so many years?"

    So what we are witnessing here is an illegal, surreptitious re-opening of the process (strictly sightings-only) to please the English (...)

    I can't help thinking the order must have come from Passos-Coelho, the prime-minsiter - David Cameron's "errand" boy in Portugal...



    Disclaimer: No prizes for the correct answers...

  7. Can this case get more crazy?!

  8. Confusion is best according to Gerry McCann. Well he must be well pleased at the moment then.

    Surprise, surprise, the McCanns are down to their last one hundred and twenty five thousand quid, so have to plead for yet more money. What a bloody farce this is. Have they actually spent a penny of their own money on this 'search' of theirs yet? How about flogging that big house of theirs instead of asking people with far less money than them to contribute. It is sickening to see this go on, and I look forward to the day when justice is handed out because I have no doubt it surely will be.

    All the very best to Dr Amaral, and may you succeed in your quest for justice.


    Why should Porto's PJ waste so much time checking all pseudo-sightings of Maddie and "marking" the work of their colleagues, just to please the "Foreign Office"?

    The Yard are already reviewing the so-called sightings of Madeleine so couldn't the Portuguese PJ instead (preferably Lisbon's or Algarve) concentrate on the search for any potential burial site very much like Pat Brown - the famous American criminal profiler, did recently?

    For a résumé of what Pat Brown accomplished in just a couple of days, see here:


    How much more could the PJ accomplish if only they had governmental permission for doing so (...)

    I have just e-mailed Pat Brown's article to the Portuguese PJ here:


  10. They are really the reverse King Midas, isn't it: anything related to them turns into shît.

  11. Com que então trata-se de uma iniciativa privada do Dr. Pedro do Carmo o qual, como o Dr. Gonçalo Amaral esclarece na sua recente entrevista para o Jornal das 8, "esta na PJ mas não e da PJ". Percebi.

    Como empresário em nome individual (tosse) eu sou a favor das "iniciativas privadas" para combater a depressão económica. Demais, se for preciso enviar dinheiro para o Porto para as "Super Bock" e, se for caso disso, uma geleira extra, o Fundo paga (se pagar).

    Ah! E agora já que estão com as mãos na massa (passe a expressão) não se esqueçam de levar os cães de ferias ao Algarve e manda-los farejar bem todas aquelas áreas nos arredores da Praia da Luz que sugere a criminologista Norte-Americana, Pat Brown...

    Quem sabe, pode ser que descubram alguns ossos que não sejam de galinha...

    Senhores e senhoras! Mais uma salva de palmas para o Dr. Pedro do Carmo. Universidade de Cacilhas?

  12. This reminds me: "Divide to conquer", betting on stage mo.o and not on the back stage one!
    Thank you for all your work fighting for Justice to be done properly!

  13. quote..Gerry is still working as a cardiologist at Leicester Hospital, where he returned to in 2008. But Kate never worked in medicine again. Her days, Clarence Mitchell explains, are dedicated “to taking care of the twin children and working on the campaign to find Madeleine”. Maddie’s mother’s agenda includes working with organisations that are dedicated to finding missing children and “meetings with the authorities”.unquote..

    well i want to know WHAT organisations.so i can make sure i dont give them any donations,im not going to give if they have kate working for them as she certainly is not a mother any one could be proud of,when she couldnt even answer the 48 quesrions to help find Madeleine.Im am disgusted that any one would want her to help them find missing children.....

  14. This is really tiring. Everytime a new noise around the case.

  15. Well, well, who have we to blame for this debacle ? Team McCann, NSY, David Cameron, certainly not Theresa May. Old Davie boy went right over her head. She, the only person with COMMON SENSE!

    Who gave the Oporto police instructions to carry out this ridiculous, and yes, ridiculous instructions to review thousands of wasted man hours on a case that has so to say already been solved.

    RIP Madeleine. Your parents are trash !


  16. Other news: According to DN http://is.gd/ust81V McCann couple no longer have private detectives working for them.

  17. @3 Rogério Alves is the mentor of the McCann couple lawyers' team in Portugal since 2007, when he was the head of the lawyers order, read here http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2012/03/breaking-news-maddie-case-could-be.html

    Carlos Pinto de Abreu was their defence lawyer when they became suspects, no longer working for them.

    Isabel Duarte, is the McCann couple media lawyer, or libel lawyer as the UK media calls her.

    Besides this lawyers acting as lawyers, they've also enlisted the support of the current head of the lawyers order, Marinho e Pinto, read here http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2012/03/blind-justice-maddie-case-review-is.html and here http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2012/01/mccanns-libel-action-marinho-pinto-is.html

    The current head of the lawyers order is going to act as their witness in the forthcoming trial.

    Marinho e Pinto is also the "godfather" of Marcos Aragão Correia, another lawyer, and self assumed (alleged) psychic who was a pawn in the McCann case.

    Aragão Correia's purpose was to establish a connection between the murder of Joana Cipriano and Madeleine's mysterious disappearance, which he did with the help of Método 3, the Spanish detective agency hired by the McCann couple in 2007/08

    Read here http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2009/02/detectives-hired-by-mccanns-want-to.html here http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2008/10/leonors-lawyer-received-money-from.html and here http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2009/05/leonor-ciprianos-lawyer-confesses-to.html

  18. @13 Noise is what the UK media spins on behalf of the McCann couple.

  19. What is wrong with the UK?
    Only 165 ghosts? Probably because of the crisis. Such an expensive police, the Yard, and concentrated on visions and ghosts.
    I must say, a very little amount of them, considering it happened five years ago and specially considering the revision is in England.
    I would expect many more paranormal happenings.

  20. É melhor o Amaral permanecer calmo a este respeito e esperar uns tempos antes de comentar.

  21. There are enough problems in this case, the police don't need more.
    Let them review everything in peace, without extra difficulties.
    It had become a cold case and review in cold cases are normal in every country. I understand the Mr. Roger Alves thinks that a reconstruction would be useless and his opinion is a reason too to reopen the case.He represents the McCanns and I believe they asked him to fight back, no reopening.

  22. "07/05/2012 12:27
    Kaz said... 2
    I cant believe we are still being allowed to place comments on the Met facebook page!!"

    It keeps us quiet for a while but when the penny drops by then everyone will have made some gains, sympathy,kudos,money etc.

  23. Yes, the Porto PJ really must be very "experienced" im missing persons cases...let's see...there's the case of the beautiful young girl, dead in her car for a whole month, who they could have found since the first day of her disappearance, and I can think at least of another case, the one of another young girl, Rita Slof Monteiro, missing since June 2006, and whose case has been terribly mishandled by the "very experienced" Porto PJ...so much so that her parents filled a judicial process against the portuguese state!


  24. Joana, #16,

    My goodness, it seems like we're living in Sicilia or Regio-Calabria! What a sinister web!

    Thank you!

  25. Errata:

    On comment #1 two paragraphs were unnecessarily repeated and as such the reader mind have found her/himself in need of a "Rennie" afterwards. Here is the more digestible version of the same:


    That's what Gonçalo Amaral said in a recent interview to Judite de Sousa in the "8'Clock News".

    Amaral elaborated by saying that in his opinion Porto’s police does not have much of chance (in solving the riddle). These events took place in the south of the country and they are based in the far north.

    In spite of their competence and good will, Porto cannot possibly have any kind of advantage, simply because they were far removed from the scene – not just in terms of terrain (geography and demographics) but in terms of time and circumstance.

    Theoretically, he said, is not a bad idea to have a team which is detached (far) from the events (both geographically and in time) but ultimately they have no chance (because they were far from the epicentre of events in the first place).

    Furthermore, he added that Porto's sole expert was his ex-colleague, Dra. Helena Monteiro, who dealt with a well known case; the case of the girl from Lamego that went missing and was then found dead on the road access to Régua.

    "That was no doubt an important case", he said. "They found her dead in the very place she had been laying for more than a month where they eventually located her with the help of a GPS device and that was that.
    Now, to come and say they have greater experience..."

    I particularly liked Amaral's byte on the same interview in which he specifically refers to the files Porto's PJ have in hands:

    ""There are too many pages, too many indicia, too many things to read... and sometimes it is difficult to read in between the lines (enigmatic tone). That is what I think..."


  26. If the McCanns got one million pounds from the Sun last year and Kate sold her book wonderfully, where does come from their need of resuming their begging for money?
    Are clothes and rings that expensive in England? What are they doing with the money of the fund?

  27. Joana, It is reported again in the UK press today that the McCanns are saying that they hope the PJ re-open the case. Laying aside the fact that the McCanns could apparently ask for this themselves at any time, if the PJ are forced to re-open, will this mean the inevitable postponement of the libel trial sine die, because the case will again be sub judice, and evidence presented at the libel trial might compromise a future successful prosecution?

  28. As we, the British tax-payers, are now paying for Scotland Yard to investigate why do the McCanns need more money in their fund? By the way many thanks for keeping your site going Joana, I do not pop in as often as I would like caring for my mum takes up most of my time now but you keep me up to date. I am now off to read a bit of Pat Brown, looks interesting. I spent many happy days in Portugal and think people over here are fools to say they will not visit because of what happened to Madeleine - Daily Mail don't print my comments though! x

  29. All the people fed up with Mccann story that they miss Maddie very badly,it is not true they know she is not there,they happy with those two.Maddie must have been very unhappy,that poor girl.The taxi driver didnt speak the truth,those people with Maddie would not have a taxi and they would have covered her.How could he see her bad eye,they would not have let him near her,that is another lie they bring forward.Why does Mr Cameron feel sorry for Mccanns and collect tax payers money for them.He should listen to the people who speak the truth and not listen to lies,he should feel sorry for Maddie she died in the flat and they know where she is. Germany.

  30. I believe Madeleine died in the apartment just as the cadaver dog alerted to, and wasn't it Gerry McCann himself who said something about 'a moment of madness, an accident'.

    I don't believe the death of Madeleine was a 'moment of madness' or an 'accident' as I believe whoever killed her formed the 'intention to kill' prior to the killing, and in criminal law that might only have taken seconds to form, yet is still classed as 'murder'. If the person is not classed as 'insane' then 'madness' is no defence to that.

    Whoever killed Madeleine, is A KILLER, AND IS STILL DANGEROUS, and they know who they are, and what they are. The killing should not be dressed up as 'accident' or 'moment of madness' to excuse it.

    A KILLER who has previously killed a child may do so again. That person has not yet been brought to justice. For the safety of other children they must be caught and dealt with.

    For those in the know as to who the killer of Madeleine is, it is absolutely irresponsible and downright dangerous to turn a blind eye and cover for that person, because they are still dangerous until caught.

    The person in the know must end this by contacting the police immediately, because given certain circumstances the killer can kill again any time, and the stress and fear playing on the killer's mind that they may be caught any time, will be adding to everything else. They may even feel a bit safer at certain times, but who knows what is around the corner waiting to erupt.

    'The Mark of Cain' will weight heavily on the killer and give them no rest until the truth is revealed. The person in the know, even with the best of intentions, is doing them no favours at all, as the stress on someone who has already exhibited an inability to maintain control, which resulted in the death of a child, can mean they may burst forth yet again at ANY TIME into unrestrained violence resulting in death.

  31. The McCanns asked for a transparant review and that is why the Met are concentrated in ghosts.

  32. So, my reading is that the McCann's et al will be encouraged by the Met to offer to do a reconstruction in order to get the PJ to reopen the case.

    After all, that's what they all want, reopening...they - Met & Mccann's - said so, in due course of course. I'm sure the Met have told the McCann's they will do everything in their power to make sure it happens and I'm sure the McCann's will oblige the Met. (:

  33. Acc to Bild (a German tabloid) the latest sighting amounts to nothing.

    They traced the German family down - who explained that the 2 curly haired children were children of friends - and the blonde girl is their own first born.

    Also - the mystery of the reg plate seems revealed : BE does not stand for Beckum/Germany but Berne in Switzerland

    -where Karsten's family live



  34. slightly off topic, but Yahoo news shows that Maddie's face (last photo!) has been used to advertise holidays, but most IMPORTANTLY comments are allowed.
    Nearly every comment refers to Madeleine's death and her neglectful parents.

    aunti Anti

  35. Espero que Amaral por enquanto espere o andamento do caso antes de fazer o próximo comentário. Acho que a PJ mesmo deve responder e justificar a revisão.
    O Mal que os McCanns são deve ser escrito com letra maiúscula. Acredito no poder do Mal e eles me fazem lembrar o filme Rosemary's Baby.

  36. @2 Are SY testing the water? I think so.

  37. Not much collaboration then. The circus we've seen over the last five years is just a huge reputational management campaign for the parents benefit and not because Madeleine McCann is - as some people say - more important than other children. In fact, Madeleine is treated by those supporting Team McCann as far less important than other children - they don't seem to care what happened to her. Even Scotland Yard detectives appear more invested in doing PR for the parents than finding out what actually befell the little girl. If Madeleine had been any other child her fate would have been the top priorty, not her parents reputation. The Met, and their ludicrous 195 leads, have only succeeded in instigating another round of meaningless sightings, with innocent people in other countries suffering harassment. Judging from Scotland Yard's farcical effort so far, they are not credible - why on earth should anyone believe a word they say?
    If the review does not go back to the beginning and interview all those involved then it is a waste of taxpayers money, and a sham. What about the tapas 7 - why have they always hidden away, what do they know and were they involved? I suspect that as the review was demanded by Cameron's pal, Rebekah Brooks, it was never meant to be a genuine investigation, rather a Mccann ploy to get their hands on info they had no previous access to. At least the Portuguese police concentrated on investigating the child's fate and, imo, got it right - the mistake they made was treating the tapas 9 with kid gloves for far too long.

  38. With regard to the Porto review, what I still don't know is: when did the review commence, and who ordered the review. Is it that difficult for journalists to obtain the answers to those simple questions? From the sound bites I caught on RTP International, I was led to believe that it is a common practice in Portugal to review unsolved cases and that the reviews were usually conducted by officers in different jurisdictions in order to bring a fresh perspective. I also heard that officers from Scotland Yard had only been to the Porto headquarters a few times. And when they did show up, great care was taken to keep the Scotland Yard officers away from the Portuguese officers for fear that they would contaminate the Portuguese review. After reading this article, I don't know what to believe anymore.

    The parents have always been available for a reconstruction knowing full well that it wouldn’t be much of a reconstruction without their Tapas friends, who don’t want to take part because they ostensibly don’t believe it will help find Madeleine. But I’m sure if the McCanns can get Mr. Cameron to cooperate it should be no trouble in convincing their friends to attend.

    Of course more money is needed for the fund, who is going to investigate the 195 leads? Scotland Yard, doesn’t want to do it, neither does the Portuguese police, assuming they haven’t already. Am I becoming a psychic or is all this too predictable?

    I see that Mr. Redwood’s disclosure that his mind is only open to the abduction hypothesis and his ever increasing public role in supporting the McCanns is severely testing the faith of many English citizens in their institutions. There is a sense of desperation in those who are running out of ideas on how to put a positive spin on the questionable, to say the least, conduct of the British hierarchy that has been evident for the past five years. However, some still persist by calling upon their imaginative powers to once again attempt to explain away the absurd. They maintain that the Scotland Yard review is impartial; the argument seems to be that Mr. Redwood is a self serving simpleton and that the supposedly 30 or so officers continue to work earnestly behind the scenes to get to the truth. Although, this time it seems that their arguments are meant more to convince themselves than others.

    After observing the behaviour and affirmations of Mr. Redwood, it’s rather difficult not to draw conclusions with regards to the review. Putting aside his blunt declarations which are self explanatory, what do you think are Mr. Redwood’s intentions that when asked whether the Portuguese review was first or if the Portuguese launched a review after they found out that the English were conducting one, he replies in a coy manner that he is not going to divulge that? And isn’t Mr. Redwood fortunate to encounter an interviewer who fulfills his objectives by knowing the proper questions to ask? What is the uninformed public supposed to conclude about the Portuguese investigation when Mr. Redwood keeps repeating that Scotland Yard is approaching the case with an open mind? After five years of the absurd, I can only fathom two possibilities, either England is corrupt or the country is being governed by people who..., in the interest of being polite, let's just say people who are not very astute.

    Portugal is going through an economic crisis; but I didn’t realize how dire the situation is until I saw the likes of Mr. Marinho Pinto, Ms. Isabel Duarte, and Ms. Felgueiras prostituting themselves internationally for the McCanns.

  39. 38, guerra, Redwood (the Yard) has to start from the abduction theory, the possibility that Maddie could still be alive.
    They impossibly can start from her funeral, wherever she might be buried, if she is. After the 165 opportunities have being eliminated, they will start with the second part: the police information along the last five years.I don't know if it includes Tapas 7, new statements, specially those Tapas who wanted to change their statements in September 2007. And if it includes Kate and Gerry too.
    We have to understand that they start reviewing leads to an alive child, followed by leads to a dead child.

    It is a review, not a new investigation.

  40. Gonçalo Amaral's book "Maddie, A verdade da Mentira" back on sale at Guerra e Paz book publisher's site http://www.guerraepaz.net/conteudo.aspx?caso=ecommerce&lang=pt&id_object=2401&name=MADDIE Available in bookshops on May 15.

  41. «British Prime Minister David Cameron’s links with former News International executive Rebekah Brooks are under scrutiny amid revelations he was in close contact with her in the week she quit. The British Prime Minister, David Cameron, texted Rebekah Brooks in the week she quit as News International’s chief executive over the phonehacking scandal to tell her to keep her head up, it has been claimed in an updated biography of him.

    In a sign of his closeness to some of the most controversial News International chiefs, Mr Cameron is said to have told Mrs Brooks she would get through her difficulties, just days before she stood down.

    It is also alleged he agreed to meet her at a point-to-point horse race so long as they were not seen together, and that he also pressed the Metropolitan Police to review the case of missing Madeleine Mccann in May last year following pressure from Mrs Brooks. (...)» leaks from Cameron's biography written by political journalists Francis Elliott and James Hanning. Story here 'UK's Cameron braces for Rebekah Brooks' testimony' http://is.gd/57bCSW

  42. Perhaps Rebekah Brooks is not the only one who put pressure on David Cameron for a review. No surprise that Kate McCann wants to affiliate herself with PACT, a charity which was originally set up to help locate kids of parental abductions. Catherine Meyer has personal connections within the Tory party (and police) including Cameron.

    January 2011


    Is he [Christopher Meyer] still plugged into the government? He knows people, he replies, but it is Catherine who has the contacts and has known David Cameron “since he was a tiny little MP”. She is politically active, both as a Conservative party treasurer and through Pact, the charity she set up in 2000 to locate missing children after her two sons were abducted by her estranged German husband. The main focus of her work is now the government and police; Meyer admires her tenacity and sits on her board.


  43. Gerry McCann and his connections to top Masons like Blair, Brown, Cameron, and Murdoch, should be investigated, plus whether Redwood is also a Mason, as the Met is crawling with them?

    There are thousands of people with missing loved ones who don't even get a second glance or chance of help of any kind from the authorities, and they truly are left to their own resources to attempt to search for them.

    Yet along comes the McCanns, who already have been given millions by the public so they can investigate for themselves, and millions also spent on a previous investigation, and a little word in the ear of Cameron, by Cameron's 'good friend' Rebekkah, who is also the best pal of Murdoch, and it is a done deal to use millions of tax payer's money to go chasing here, there, and everywhere on 'bogus' sightings, and physics and dreams, all so the McCanns can have their 'review'.

    This was totally unnecessary anyway, when they themselves could have requested the case be 'reopened' by saying they were willing to go back to Portugal, and answer the questions they refused to answer, and do a reconstruction. Something that anybody with a missing loved one would have jumped at the chance of doing if it meant the reopening of the case. Why is nobody asking THEM that question? Why is Cameron pandering to these people at OUR EXPENSE?

    I can't be the only tax payer who wants to know what the hell is going on here.

    Is there a Masonic connection?, and are favours being done for fellow Masons? If so, it is a disgrace. A disgrace to the tune of millions of pounds and taking up the time of officers who could be putting their time, and our money, to better use.

    Wasn't it Gerry's brother who said Gerry had a few favours to call in. I hope this is not the sort of thing he was referring to. It really should be investigated, and if there is a Masonic connection between these people, SY included, it needs to be brought to light.

    As for the extent of concern regarding corruption about this subject of Freemasonry in high places in the UK, please take a look at 'The Scottish Law Reporter' of Sunday, July 24 2011' with the title 'Declarations of Freemasonry membership a must if Leveson Inquiry into phone hacking is to have any credibility says Scots justice campaigner'.

    This points out there are already several MPs raising concerns about Freemasonry in high places, and the extent of it. Freemasonry is rife amongst politicians, police and the judiciary. Murdoch is a top Mason himself. It has to be of concern that there is a possibility of corruption when there are people in such high positions, and given that one of the main rules of Freemasonry is that they help fellow Masons.

    As for this McCann case, there seems to have been far too many Masons around ready and willing to help, but it is the ones at the very top who are of most concern, and beg the question as to the extent of help given to the McCanns, and as Dr Amaral has said there was political interference in the case, and we know that Brown was close to the McCanns, and the question should be asked, were any strings pulled for the McCanns previously, because it sure does seem like strings were pulled to get them this 'review', courtesy of Rebekkah and Murdoch.

    I hope this Masonic link is going to be investigated because the fact that Cameron has intervened in a criminal case in this way, which is a big no no, and something Theresa May would not have got involved with, besides spending millions in tax payers money, begs the question of JUST WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?

    There should be no 'special favours' of this kind done, or a SY cop making pronouncements that Madeleine was abducted by a stranger, when by his own account he has not even got through the information on the case, and especially as the best trained UK dogs who alerted to blood and cadaver scent in the holiday apartment, and who have NEVER previously been wrong, are being completely ignored.

  44. Theyve got to clean McCanns image because he is in line eventually to work in government as a minister of health or something similar. This has been on the cards for some time, that is why dear old Dave , who is rapidly losing favour jumps for mccann, buddys all together. As for Redwoods comments on this case, he´s either been told to lay off or he s not very clever.I remember the yard used to be the best, what happened. The McCanns still go on milking the Madeline cash cow, why do they keep returning tp PDL, reason ..Madeleine she is there somewhere. And these neglectful greedy parents carry on with everyone wiping their noses for them. They disgust me, with all their crap lies. They know they are running free and have the upper hand, or so they think.
    Dr Amaral is a hero, a solitary figure fighting for justice for Madeleine, at great personal loss, and has never begged a dime. Bet you anything the mccanns mortgage is well paid off by now, they should even be involved with this review, its supposed to be secret.
    Ex suspects manipulating the show once more. Out with PM. Dave.and give SY a kick up the backside to remind them that investigation means just that. Lets have some justice , and soon.. for the sake of that child.

  45. Perhaps Rebecca Brooks wants justice for Madeleine. Or she got irritated with the McCanns. How does that journalist know that she was the one who put pressure on Cameron?
    Maybe it is not true at all, it is just a sensational story.
    I believe Cameron really wants to get rid of the McCanns and if Brooks'story is true, he is happy she put pressure on him.

    As I wrote here before, it is possible that News of the World motivated the McCanns to persist being a pain in Cameron's ass, the McCanns did it, and Brooks caused their disaster on purpose.
    Maybe it was the original plan: five years protectedd by the UK and now the truth!
    The intention was to sell more papers because the Maddie story had become boring.The story resusitated and it lives again.

    As far as I understand, everybody is a Mason, Sint Peter, Sint Paul, Columbus, Barrabas...and the Lord, Himself.

  46. This whole review business becomes more and inexplicable if all it is going to do is work on the abduction theory. What is the point of all this effort and expense which has met with so much criticism? To clear the McCanns's name once and for all? It will never do that, because every time the case cames to the forefront of public awareness more mud gets churned up, and unless a genuine abductor is found the parents will never be free of suspicion.

    So why did Rebekah Wade, The Sun, the PM etc. push for it? If this is simply an attempt at a whitewash they and Scotland Yard are simply making fools of themselves, it is all so ludicrously inept. No, as I see it one is left with only one rational explanation, incredible though it may be. Is it possible that they are all so deluded as to believe, against all the circumstantial evidence, that a genuine abductor is still out there, waiting to be found?

  47. Joana, where is my comment about Rebecca Brooks and my opinion that the UK protected the McCanns during five years and she could want justice?


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