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The Maddie Case

Opinion article by José Braz, former director of the Judiciary Police (PJ) of Lisbon*

The PJ direction decided to re-open, without warning the Public Ministry [Attorney General's Office], the investigation [review] to the Maddie Case.

It is very hard to understand the reason why 13 pending process, relating to missing Portuguese children, do not deserve equal treatment and effort.

Similarly we cannot also understand the appointment of a team from the North directorate for a case that took place in the Algarve [South Portugal].

Could that be because of their unparalleled effectiveness in the resolution of similar cases, in its area of ​​competence? [Sarcasm, the Oporto PJ failed miserably in Rui Pedro's case, a case that has 14 years, a case that never received 10% of the resources of the Maddie Case]

Surely, it can't be for reasons of good management and of rational rentabilization of resources that have forced turning upside-down the existing rules in matters of the territorial jurisdiction!

What is true is that this expedient does not intend, in essence, to investigate anything but only to satisfy slavishly the intolerable pressures and external interests, anticipating and counteracting skilfully the media outcry that this case raises recurringly.

But do these directors even imagine the deleterious effects that their excesses cause in the professional pride and motivation of those which - give daily their best to the great institution that is the PJ - are, thereby, 'awarded' with certificates of inferiority.

in Correio da Manhã. May 8, 2012

* José Braz left the PJ along with several directors, superior coordinators and criminal coordinators like Paulo Rebelo (on an unpaid leave) in January 2011 due to severe budget cuts, dissatisfaction with the end results of Justice after the criminal investigations are completed or are archived prematurely, and mainly because of their disappointment with the institution.


  1. Why is this person saying the investigation was REOPENED by the PJ??? I thought that only the Public Ministry and the PGR had the power to do any REOPENING! Shouldn't he have said the PJ are making a review of the case...?

  2. Investigation in the sense of a review, thus the square brackets with the word review, although it could be also the case that he knows more than you and I and indeed there is an investigation, which if true, isn't to the McCanns but to the work of their colleagues from Lisbon and Algarve, the second and first teams, respectively. And yes, only the Attorney General has the power to really re-open the process.

  3. Is it possible that Rebekah Brooks'statement about the McCanns was Carter Rucked, immediately when they understood what she was saying?
    And that's why no paper is talking about i?

    The McCanns don't want people in the UK to know about their deep friendship with her and also not to know where their power come from.
    They don't want to be associated with corrupt people (ugh!), they are proud to be the only corrupt people in Britain.

    Pity that they are Cater Rucked: the Sun would have sold millions again today. Who knows Brooks told it on purpose in order to sell more.

    Innocent people in Britain know now how corrupt the McCanns are.

    And where is the new book? Even Find Madeleine.com is not talking about it.

  4. @3 Don't be silly. Go to Google.com type or copy/paste the following: "McCann" and "Brooks" and "Cameron"

    Select news on the left, bingo! Over 4602 news articles on the threats issue. Including in The Sun, though they seem to find it very hard to publish just the facts.

    Besides both Brooks statement, transcript and video are available at the Leveson inquiry site.

  5. @4 Joana, not everybody has gotten the facilities of internet.
    Most people hear the news through the radio or tv.
    News in papers is always welcome.

  6. Joana,I just sent you my reply and I have to explain some more.The papers are commenting the "lots of Love" and LOL, they commented Coulson,etc, but no word about the McCanns and Rebekah.
    I think every tabloid journalist would have like to write about that revelation and I'm sure that all of the eventual comments are carter rucked. It was not even on tv.And then we will have to analyse why. Brooks herself even enjoyed telling it but I'm sure the McCanns didn't like it at all, otherwise they would have used it for more propaganda.People around them may not being appreciating the way the couple achieved help from the Yard. Blackmailing the PM,spending a lot of British money.

    I noticed that Rebekah did not excuse herself, saying that she feels very much concerned about Madeleine and that she thinks Madeleine has to be found.

    If the Sun would have put Brooks and the couple on the front page, telling (on Madeleine's birthday) the way things went,and what Brooks told, the paper would have been sold by millions, even if very many people knew it already.

    And I believe it was her intention: statement on the 11th, millions for the Sun on the 12th.
    But it did not work.

  7. And the Brookes video at the Leveson enquiry is worth a look. Apart from her polished performance (perhaps slippery is a better description!) she certainly dressed-to-impress in a very demure (but short) outfit, and seemed quite amused at times going by the occasional smirk on her face.

  8. Danie Krugel has just resurfaced along with his 'quantum sniffer machine' http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2010/01/mccanns-danie-krugel-and-quantum.html on a new youtube video uploaded last night http://www.daniekrugelfacts.com/

    An interview with the media spinner, Clarence Mitchell, titled [sarcastically?] 'Being Clarence' at http://www.gorkanapr.com/news/article?news_articles_id=11396

  9. Joana at #8

    My intuition tells me Daniel Krugel is for real and his "quantum sniffer", as you put it, may be telling us something. Three comments:

    1) Krugel believes Madeleine is dead. So does Pat Brown as her recent search for Madeleine's body in PdL and outskirts suggests. Gonçalo Amaral - the expert along with his British colleagues believe it as well.

    2) The good news is, Daniel has a hair brush with Madeleine's hair that could possibly be used by the PJ for forensic analysis if they decide to re-open the investigation. The hairs could then be analyzed for drugs (say) in a reputable laboratory other than the UKGB - in Germany, say.

    However, given a multi-million fund and millionaire supporters aplenty (including royals), a powerful legal and scientific expert team not to mention the media, the PR and political connections of the McCanns', there is not much point in sinking more money into the investigation - the McCanns' posse would ensure they would never be found guilty in a Portuguese court of law. I doubt the PJ would EVER re-open the process. They would be too naive if they did.

    Also we are assuming here Daniel Krugel would be willing to part with the brush and, most importantly, Gerry McCann gave him Madeleine's hair brush - which would have been a dumb thing for a suspect to do.

    The brush a suspect would give Krugel would have been one used by all the family so no conclusive results could ever be extracted from it. This is conspiracy of course. Gerry did point out the brush contained hair from the (live) twins (...)

    3) If my suspicions above are correct, then there is not much point in using the hairs from the brush as samples because if the instrument does what he says it does, it will pick up not just Madelein's location signal but their parents and the other children. Obviously.

    This could be the reason why Krugel suspects the body has since been moved...the instrument was picking up several other DNA holographic patterns contained in the brush hairs...the father, the son and the Holy Ghost, as it were.


    A. Reader

  10. Jose Braz can't be the only one wondering what is going on as regards the Madeleine McCann case. The whole 'investigation' or whatever it is now called, has been turned into a farce thanks to this so called 'review' called for by the McCanns, rather than a 'reopening' which they could have requested.

    The fact that this 'review' was granted by the Prime Minister because of threats made concerning the Home Secretary, and resulting in the Met now doing a PR job for the former suspects McCanns, only adds to the farce of it all.

    The McCanns were asked if there was anything else they wanted besides the 'review', by right hand girl of Murdoch, Rebekah Brooks, who is also the 'very good friend' of the Prime Minister, so what else did they request? Could it have been complete access to the Files, both in UK and Portugal? Because if so, there is no doubt that Rebekah could have got that for them also.


  11. To Post 3 Re Rebekah Brooks - McCanns - Leveson

    AND.... BBC News cut early to the weather forecast! I missed a few minutes as by the time I switched over to SKY NEWS that line of questioning was finished. Changing the subject - I know that people are skeptical about telepathy and psychics; Researchers like Rupert Sheldrake in the UK and many others scientists worldwide have discovered through experiments that we all have this innate ability. I am a writer, blogger and a therapist. I've had these experiences, though I would not call myself 'a psychic'- 95% of them are frauds anyway. I've blogged about my experiences including some thoughts on the McCann case. On 20th February this year I was dreaming about Madeleine McCann and I heard a voice telling me something about Gerald McCann's actions on that night, I wrote it down and I've now told several friends and others. In that dream I also heard another name - unknown to me. Yes - it could have been coincidence but as much value as any other 'psychic' information I'd have thought? But the pity is that UK Investigators are only looking at 'psychic' leads which support the Madeleine abduction theory - not the Madeleine tragic death, theory.

  12. When they went on holiday why didnt they take Madeleine to her grandmother to look after her as she had said that three children was too much to look after.Why did they leave the door open at night,there must have been a reason.The waiter said they did not check as often as they said,most people believe that Maddie died in the flat and they know it.All the clues were spoilt by all the people in the flat,Maddie was missing the day before.Mr Cameron could have stopped all this nonsense and opened the case to bring out the truth,but he didnt do it,how can people trust him with the tax payers money.

  13. http://sol.sapo.pt/inicio/Sociedade/Interior.aspx?content_id=49337
    Parece que a Isabel dos abutres e as ralações publicas dos mccans passaram pela secção dos comentários para deixar uns piropos ao Amaral.

  14. Obrigada MCX, já lá deixei um comentário. um abraço

  15. No one will disagree I am sure with Jose Braz' observations - the difficulty in understanding - as he said, why pending cases relating to missing Portuguese children have not received in Portugal the same level of attention, investigation, financial backing, as that of Madeleine McCann. The parents of these children, how must they feel that they are not treated equally?

    Similarly in the U.K. the parents of missing children/persons must be questioning why David Cameron deemed Madeleine's case as 'special'
    more special a case than that of their missing loved ones?

    No child is more special than another, though arguably to their parents they are. We all understand this.

    But what is difficult to understand is what makes the 'case' of one missing child more special than another?

    These parents must also have wondered how Cameron seemingly overnight quite magically discovered he had a spare £3.5m of UK taxpayers money tucked away in his 'special case fund' an incredible 'find' which he could make immediately available to the McCann couple, re-directing in the process 30 + Metropolitan police officers from whatever was at that time their current duties, to form a team to review the Madeleine case. A huge amount of financial backing, and a MASSIVE team by any account.

    Thank heavens though for little girls, even those who didn't grow up in the most delightful way, one of whom, Rebekah Brooks has for us members of the public solved the above mystery - seems she too has magical powers one of them being - 'Persuasion!'

    Leveson Inquiry

    Brooks: And, and, and, and, the Sun and the Home Secretary clearly thought it was a good idea too because I'm pretty sure it wasn't a long campaign it wasn't like Sarahs law you know like over ten years, I think it was quite short.

    Counsel to Inquiry: Yes, it didn't take very long as Government yielded to your pressure, didn't they? It took ALL OF BUT A DAY!


    Indeed - All of but a day! And what a difference a day makes!

    Cameron didn't think Madeleine's case more special than any other, not in the most obvious meaning of special - threats, pressure, corruption made it "special" in an altogether different sense of the word.

    Obvious question now is why would Cameron kowtow to Brooks? One the taxpaying public would like answered!


  16. cntd

    Jose Braz:

    "What is true is that this expedient does not intend, in essence, to investigate anything but only to satisfy slavishly the intolerable pressures and external interests, anticipating and counteracting skilfully the media outcry that this case raises recurringly."

    How true, and the same it seems can be said UK side, the Metropolitan police, they too are simply satisfying a demand, not truly investigating (reviewing)this case.

    Jose Braz:

    "But do these directors even imagine the deleterious effects that their excesses cause in the professional pride and motivation of those which - give daily their best to the great institution that is the PJ - are, thereby, 'awarded' with certificates of inferiority."

    Once more how true. I would suggest though that they do know the effect this has on those officers on the ground who give of their best on a day to day basis, the question is - Do they care? Seems that those who make these decisions on Portuguese side too either don't care or are subject to 'persuasion.' Persuasion being the new 'threats.'

    DI Redwood's recent reporting on the Review made him look a complete and utter fool. Clearly he had not uncovered any new leads, or evidence to establish that Madeleine had been abducted. Yet he appeared on daytime tv, Crimewatch, gave press conferences stating just that. Not much more foolish could anyone in his position have looked! There is no question, in my mind at least, that this man too is subject to, if not persuasion, instruction!

    Unfortunately for all the officers involved, this extends to them also, they get tarnished with same brush, it is damaging for them.

    Does anyone believe that 30 + Metropolitan police detectives reached the conclusion that Madeleine McCann was abducted by a stranger, yet they could not provide a single reason, piece of evidence to substantiate this? They have been scouring the same police files the PJ had, the same police files the Leicestershire Police were privy to, and neither reached that conclusion...

    The best Redwood could come up with his thoughts on case - Madeleine may be dead. Madeleine may be alive. At a cost of £2m thus far brings new meaning to 'a penny for your thoughts.' even taking inflation into account.

    The Police Judiciary,the Metropolitan Police Officers,the Leicestershire officers all who are currently, and have been involved previously in this case, good men I am sure, but they are officers, police professionals, not through choice who have drawn the short straw in being tasked to the Madeleine case.

    It is clear to one and all now that there is much more going on in the McCann case than meets the eye.

    How terribly tragic for this missing child.



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