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The McCann couple banned book returns to bookshops

«There are no axes that can cut the roots of of Freedom. 
The Portuguese can again read the banned book.»

The Forbidden Book Returns to Bookshops

The Portuguese can again read «Maddie, The Truth of the Lie»

«Maddie, The Truth of the Lie» returns tomorrow[today], 15 of May, to the Portuguese bookshops. For longer than two years the book was banned in our country. The book could be read in France, in Spain, in Holland, in Germany, in Denmark, in Italy. But not in Portugal. That banning was a disgrace that the Portuguese civic majority refuses and rejects.

Better later than never, as from tomorrow it is liberated and the Portuguese can read «Maddie, The Truth of the Lie», the book in which Gonçalo Amaral relates in a concise and objective manner that which, in his understanding, contributes to the material discovery of the truth and helps the fulfilment of justice in the case of the disappearance of the English girl.

But it wasn't only in Portugal that the book was banned. It was also in England, the alleged fatherland of freedom of expression, of that freedom of speech that fills the mouth of Hyde Park [Speakers' Corner reference], where a thick cloak of silence struck the book. In a straightforward manner, in the English language, no British citizen can access what inspector Gonçalo Amaral told about the investigation, about the steps that were taken to ascertain the truth. The investigation of Gonçalo Amaral only reached the British citizens through the filter of a British press that was based on the most appalling and xenophobic prejudices.

Recently, Gonçalo Amaral wrote the essential: «Maddie was last seen at 17h30 on the 3rd of May of 2007. At that time everything that could be done was done and we were able to establish that it was materially impossible for her to have been abducted. Unfortunately we were unable to discover her whereabouts.»

No citizen, anywhere in the world, may want something else than to see this case solved. Gonçalo Amaral's book had and continues to have the merit of being the most objective assessment than has been done to date on the case. «Maddie, the Truth of the Lie» is a book about an investigation: it presents data and facts, as well as the interpretations and the relevant questions which, under law, can be made ​​from the events that took place.

The facts that are facts are in this book that the Portuguese can now read in freedom. A freedom that the British do not have.

Guerra & Paz Editores [Book Publishers],
Lisboa, 14 de Maio de 2012

Volta às livrarias o livro proibido

Os portugueses podem voltar a ler «Maddie, a Verdade da Mentira»

«Maddie, a Verdade da Mentira» volta amanhã [hoje], dia 15 de Maio, às livrarias de Portugal. Durante mais de 2 anos o livro esteve proibido no nosso país. O livro podia ser lido em França, em Espanha, na Holanda, na Alemanha, na Dinamarca, em Itália. Mas não em Portugal. Essa proibição foi um vexame que a maioridade cívica dos portugueses dispensa e rejeita.

Antes tarde do que nunca, a partir de amanhã está livre e os portugueses podem voltar a ler «Maddie, a
Verdade da Mentira», o livro em que Gonçalo Amaral narra de forma clara e objectiva aquilo que em seu
entender contribui para a descoberta da verdade material e para a realização da justiça no caso do
desaparecimento da menina inglesa.

Mas não foi só em Portugal que o livro foi proibido. Também em Inglaterra, alegada pátria da livre expressão, dessa freedom of speech com que Hyde Park enche a boca, abateu-se um espesso manto de silêncio sobre o livro. De uma forma directa, em língua inglesa, nenhum cidadão britânico pode aceder ao que o inspector Gonçalo Amaral disse sobre a investigação, sobre as diligências que foram feitas para apurar a verdade. Ao cidadão britânico, a investigação de Gonçalo Amaral chegou apenas pelo filtro de uma imprensa inglesa que se baseou no mais lamentável e xenófobo dos preconceitos.

Recentemente, Gonçalo Amaral escreve o essencial: «A Maddie foi vista pela última vez às 17h30 de dia 3 de Maio de 2007. Nessa altura foi feito tudo o que se podia e conseguimos demonstrar que era materialmente impossível ela ter sido raptada. Infelizmente não chegámos ao seu paradeiro.»

Nenhum cidadão, em qualquer parte do mundo, pode desejar outra coisa que não seja ver este caso resolvido. O livro de Gonçalo Amaral tinha e continua a ter o mérito de ser o ponto de situação mais objectivo que até hoje foi feito sobre o caso. «Maddie, a Verdade da Mentira» é o livro de uma investigação: apresenta dados e factos, bem como as interpretações e as interrogações pertinentes que, à luz do direito, podem ser feitas a partir dos acontecimentos ocorridos.

Os factos que são factos estão neste livro que agora os portugueses podem voltar a ler em liberdade. Uma
liberdade que os ingleses não têm.

Guerra & Paz Editores,
Lisboa, 14 de Maio de 2012

Other Book News

In the last quarter of 2012, scheduled for December 4th, a new book by investigative Portuguese journalist Paulo Reis will be published, titled 'The McCann War - A Detailed Analysis of the British Media Campaign against the Portuguese Police and Portuguese authorities', in the original 'A Guerra dos McCann - Uma análise detalhada da campanha difamatória desencadeada pelos Media britânicos contra a Polícia Judiciária e as autoridades portuguesas'. Two language versions, English and Portuguese will be available, other languages will follow later. The book, according to the author, Paulo Reis, is a thorough analysis of the role of the press and media in England, since the very day when Madeleine disappeared to the present. Several never written before stories of the complicit behaviour of the UK media and the McCanns spokesperson, media spinner, Clarence Mitchell will be told.


  1. I am in the UK but want to buy both of these books. Please can you let us know where they are available as I'm sure I won't be the only one.

  2. Sure, I will, as soon as they are available in English. At the moment you can grab a copy in Portuguese of one of the 7.500 banned books by the McCann couple - it's a piece of history - in Portuguese at Guerra e Paz book publishers' site http://www.guerraepaz.net/conteudo.aspx?caso=ecommerce&lang=pt&id_object=2401&name=MADDIE---A-VERDADE-DA-MENTIRA or alternatively at Fnac http://www.fnac.pt/Maddie-A-Verdade-da-Mentira-GON%C3%87ALO-AMARAL/a223131

    Meanwhile, you can also read the unofficial translation to English of 'Maddie, The Truth of the Lie' http://frommybigdesk.blogspot.com/search/label/The%20Truth%20of%20The%20Lie%20Chapter%201 and watch the documentary 'Maddie, What Lies beneath the Truth' that was never broadcast in the UK based on the book and in the investigation here http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2009/04/censored-in-uk.html

  3. Thank you Joana. I am anon 1. I have read the English translation and watched the video but as you say, this book is a piece of history so I would like a copy of the original banned book. It would be wonderful to have a copy signed by Dr Amaral and I would be willing to pay more for it. I will also buy the English version when available.

    There is nothing like banning something to make it more prominent. I'm sure this book will have to be reprinted many times to fulfil demand. I hope Dr Amaral benefits financially from this.

  4. Joana, thank you, like many other UK poeple I suspect, I want to buy the printed book in English so that some royaltes go to Dr Amaral, so that it is visible that people want to purchase it, and so that I can by numerous copies to disctibute and leave in piblic places...

  5. Rebekah Brooks, former News Int chief exec and friend of the PM, charged with perverting course of justice during phonehacking inquiry. https://twitter.com/#!/TimesCrime Sean O'Neill from The Times

  6. Rebekah Brooks to be charged with perverting the course of justice

    Former News International chief executive and her husband to be charged in phone-hacking inquiry

    Rebekah Brooks, the former chief executive of News International, is to be charged with perverting the course of justice, the Crown Prosecution Service said on Tuesday.

    Brooks, who was arrested in March by Scotland Yard officers investigating phone hacking, is the first person to face charges in the major criminal investigation into hacking and allegations of bribing public officials.

    Her husband, Charlie Brooks, the racehorse trainer and friend of the prime minister, is also to be charged, the CPS announced.

    They will be summonsed to court where the charges will be formally laid.

    The charges are the first since Operation Weeting began. Scotland Yard has budgeted for three linked inquiries to run to 2015 at a cost of more than £40m. The CPS is still studying four more files which have been passed to them by detectives investigating phone hacking, leaks and alleged bribes to the police.


  7. Charging announcement in relation to offences of perverting the course of justice against Rebekah Brooks and others


    Alison Levitt, QC, Principal Legal Advisor to the Director of Public Prosecutions, oversees CPS decision making, and all potential prosecutions, in relation to the ongoing phone hacking investigations and other related matters.

    Miss Levitt said: "This statement is made in the interests of transparency and accountability to explain the decisions reached in respect of allegations that Rebekah Brooks conspired with her husband, Charles Brooks, and others to pervert the course of justice.

    "The Crown Prosecution Service received a file of evidence from the Metropolitan Police Service on 27th March 2012 in relation to seven suspects:

    Rebekah Brooks;
    Charles Brooks;
    Cheryl Carter - Mrs Brooks' personal assistant;
    Mark Hanna - Head of Security at News International;
    Paul Edwards - Mrs Brooks' chauffeur who was employed by News International;
    Daryl Jorsling and a seventh suspect - both of whom provided security for Mrs Brooks supplied by News International.

    "All the evidence has now carefully been considered.

    "Applying the two-stage test in the Code for Crown Prosecutors I have concluded that in relation to all suspects except the seventh, there is sufficient evidence for there to be a realistic prospect of conviction.

    "I then considered the second stage of the test, and I have concluded that a prosecution is required in the public interest in relation to each of the other six.

    "All seven suspects have this morning been informed of my decisions.

    "They are all due to answer their bail at police stations later today. When they do so, they will be charged as follows:


    Rebekah Brooks between 6th July and 19th July 2011 conspired with Charles Brooks, Cheryl Carter, Mark Hanna, Paul Edwards, Daryl Jorsling and persons unknown to conceal material from officers of the Metropolitan Police Service.


    Rebekah Brooks and Cheryl Carter between 6th July and 9th July 2011 conspired together permanently to remove seven boxes of material from the archive of News International.


    Rebekah Brooks, Charles Brooks, Mark Hanna, Paul Edwards and Daryl Jorsling conspired together and with persons unknown, between 15th July and 19th July 2011, to conceal documents, computers and other electronic equipment from officers of the Metropolitan Police Service.

    "All these matters relate to the ongoing police investigation into allegations of phone hacking and corruption of public officials in relation to the News of the World and The Sun newspapers.

    "Following charge, these individuals will appear before Westminster Magistrates' Court on a date to be determined.

    "No further action will be taken against the seventh suspect.

    "May I remind all concerned that these six individuals now will be charged with criminal offences and that each has a right to a fair trial. It is very important that nothing is said, or reported, which could prejudice that trial. For these reasons it would be inappropriate for me to comment further."


  8. Yes I am somewhat surprised she is to be charged, but perhaps they had no choice given what has been revealed. However, she has a lot of friends in high places and NI behind her. Murdoch will fight tooth and nail to make sure she walks away from this.

    Just reading the story in todays Sun about the Medium and noting that they won't print any comment that shows them to be hypocrites. I did point out that if the story was so bad, what were they doing printing it, plus I also said that they were keen to promote the hundreds of calls mediums made to the Crimewatch program, but it seems that they're only keen on those that don't say she is dead.

    Lets see what they print about Brooks, you could be sure that if it was the Editor from any other paper they would be having a field day over it.

  9. Great news that Dr Amaral's book is once again available, and also the book by Paulo will soon be available in English.

    The more books that have a chance to inform the UK public of the truth of the Madeleine McCann investigation, and the cover up of that information by the media, the better. The McCanns will be running around in small circles trying to stop them all. Pathetic attempts to deny freedom. They are wasting their time.


    As for Rebekah Brooks and Co, I don't hold my breath as so many at the top appear to be corrupt, and it is getting hard to trust anybody these days, but hope that she, as at least one of them, sees the inside of a cell. That should remove what looks like a self satisfied smirk that must have been put there by knowing she can get whatever she wanted from those in Government.

    An utter disgrace that the McCanns' 'review' is turning out to be, and at the tax payers expense to the tune of millions, and granted by Cameron because of the use of intimidation and threats by these characters.

    When are they going to be charged over that, and when is Cameron gong to be given the order of the boot for giving in to them, and contravening the rules about politics interfering in a criminal investigation.

  10. jesus, this can't be true. Too good! Next stap: do the same with Tapas 7.

  11. As you know it's almost impossible to post on Martin Brunt's blogs now, so I will be repeating my comments here:

    Today I left this comment on the blog:


    "Good morning all,

    I have to agree that Amaral could have done better, if he hadn't been hampered from day one.

    And if those 195 leads are anything like the camping site sighting or the taxi-driver one, then we've all been there and done that.
    If the PJ were running around checking those again, they'd be a laughing stock. But it's the British, so it's OK."

    Wonder if this comment will appear?

    On another subject, if the Mccs got half or one million for their book a year ago, where did all that money go? The tabloids are mentioning the fund is down to 125 thousand again. Are litigation fees and injunctions draining the fund? Or is it something else?


  12. @8 That guy refuted Sun's article today on BBC, on twitter https://twitter.com/#!/derek_acorah/status/202324894313218048 and now he is on the media claiming “I have been stitched up by a paper run by Rupert Murdoch.” http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/liverpool-news/local-news/2012/05/15/derek-acorah-slams-the-sun-for-madeleine-mccann-reincarnation-misquotes-100252-30972184/#ixzz1uw16MpJo

    Related: «THE TV show that has spooked millions with its footage of hauntings and poltergeists is today exposed as a fake - by one its own stars.

    Resident parapsychologist Dr Ciaran O'Keeffe has sensationally lifted the lid on the ghosthunting series, Most Haunted ... and claims that the public are being deceived by "showmanship and dramatics."

    He accuses the show's medium Derek Acorah of hoodwinking viewers by pretending to communicate with spirits and obtaining information about locations prior to filming.

    The Mirror has also obtained unedited footage which appears to show presenter Yvette Fielding and her husband faking 'paranormal' occurrences such as ghostly bumps and knocks.(...)»

    http://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/spooky-truth-tvs-most-haunted-563082, 28 Oct 2005

  13. So, Rebekah Brooks - the woman responsible for intimidating David Cameron into handing over £3.5 million of taxpayers money for a "review" - is charged with three counts of perverting the course of justice. How times change. As DC would say: 'LOL' (lots of love).

  14. Tapas 7 is also going to the toilet every minute of the day.
    Who knows Brooks tried to pervert the Met and to get the files against the McCanns.She must have done something to protect them.
    I hope she will get at least 10 years of prison.

  15. I've just listened to Acorah on radio merseyside he denies telling the Scum newspaper that he believes Madeleine is dead . What's the Scum thinking about today printing a story saying that a medium believes Madeleine is dead . Is Brooks taking the McCanns down with her ?

  16. Many thanks Joana for the informations!

  17. Hey! I have just copied and pasted Paulo Reis' book blurb and e-mailed to the Leveson Enquiry (and the major Brit papers).

    Who knows these gentlemen might have the dignity to examine the writings of "churnalists" like Antonella Lazzyieri and Tony Parsons. I suspect that now that R. Brooks is heading to prison she could do with the company of the likes of Antonella"Lazy" and Tony "Arse-ons".

    I have not read the book but I suspect it would make a good starting point for a Leveson Enquiry.



  18. Scotland Yard recently announced that they are looking at 100 psychic leads that were originally reported to Crimewatch in 2007 (but ignored). Bizarrely, Scotland Yard, The Sun and the rest of the media reported these leads as though they could be important evidence. Now the media is throwing up its hands in horror because a psychic has allegedly said that Maddie is dead. Seems only psychics that say she's alive will be tolerated. I don't take anything Acorah says seriously but neither do I believe that Maddie is alive. That's because, in my opinion, a dozen alerts by cadaver and blood dogs, carries far more weight than anything psychics have come up with.
    And what about pschic lawyer, Marcos Aragão Correia? As I recall, he was connected to Team Mccann and their detectives Metodo3. He had visions that Maddie was dead and, in 2007, dredged the Arade Dam for her body - in front of the world's media. There were no complaints from Team Mccann.
    PS Good to see Amaral's book on sale again. Is the above article, a statement from Guerra e Paz?.

  19. Myself I believe Brooks got the McCanns' phone hacked, to use against them when she would need it.
    There must be information in the hands of the Yard. The Sun must be singing a little more softly now.They are paying, aren't they?
    No ilimited power anylonger.

  20. 15#"I've just listened to Acorah on radio merseyside he denies telling the Scum newspaper that he believes Madeleine is dead."

    :c That way he gets paid both sides! The Sun on the one hand and The Fund on the other.

    Now, seriously, what he actually says on his website today is:

    "You will no doubt be aware that I have been quoted in the media as making a statement regarding the still missing Madeleine McCann. My beliefs are private. What is appalling about this is what The Sun have done by putting this story on the front page and causing anguish and misery to Madeleine's parents. This can only be described as irresponsible journalism."

    So I suspect he offered that view privately, NOT for publication. Note the use of the expression: "My beliefs are private" in his press release. He does not deny it categorically. Does he?

    Whatever you might think of Derek he is for real! I have met the man back in 1994 in London. He was not that well-known at the time. A "spiritualist" friend led me to him. He told me things no one could possibly have known including stuff I had completely forgotten.

    This included a childhood friend that had died whom I had not seen for a number of years and believed was still alive! He was rather young after all! Later I found L. had died from leukaemia. That information was NOT in my mind at all so that was quite eerie.

    He told me the information was passed on to him from Spirit - coming from my father in Spirit, to be precise. I don't know whether to believe the latter but he was certainly spot on.

    I believe he accessed my own mind's records there and then even if he believed the information came to him from Spirit. I am still at a loss to understand how he found out about L. - the dead childhood friend as THAT information was not in my mind at all! It was only weeks later I found out he had been right. L. Had died the previous year.

    In Madeleine's case, whether the information came from his "contact in the Spirit world" - a certain Sam, OR directly from the minds of the McCanns (one, the other, or both) I am inclined to believe he is right.

    If you don't believe him I suggest you hold your judgement until you meet him or someone just as good. Hearing is believing.

    Thank you for your attention.

  21. Put yourself in Derek's shoes.....You either deny it all or face the wrath of the McCanns' and end-up being carter-rucked........

  22. According to the Daily Mail, Derek Acorah is going to Portugal and will visit apartment 5A. Wonder if the Mail will pay for the trip.
    What's the betting Acorah will come back hollering at the top of his voice, "Maddie's ALIVE". After today's Sun "outrage" and the abuse he's been subjected to, he wouldn't dare come back and say otherwise. This story also puts the cosh on any other psychic who has the temerity to say the child is dead - Scotland Yard will just have to scrap those 100 psychic leads... unless they are about a live Maddie of course. This case couldn't get any more ludicrous. The rest of the world must be laughing its socks off.
    Note: Cadaver dogs are more reliable than psychics.

  23. I alredy own a copy, but will by another at least two more, for friends. Please, those who can afford it do the same, BUY, BUY, BUY! This book needs to be sold out, this will show hom much Mr. Amaral is appreciated, believed and supported by the public!

    As for the Brooks woman, I wonder if she will get some friendly messages of support from Cameron...

  24. @20 Precisely, it's Guerra e Paz Editores press statement, received it yesterday but only had the chance to translate it and publish it today.

  25. @26

    Thanks Joana. An excellent statement. Glad to see Guerra e Paz answering back.

  26. Derek Acorah should not try and backtrack on what he said, just for the sake of public opinion.

    He would be proved right in the end if he stood by it, though of course it would be absolute proof that the psychics can get it right if one of them actually were to say where Madeleine was buried, and she was found.

    I have seen this happen with a woman psychic in the US, who was always proved right, but sadly she died some years ago.

    Personally, I would like to see the case reopened where it left off, and the dogs taken round to the McCanns' property in Rothley, which is what should have happened previously when they had the opportunity. Why were the McCanns given a pass on having their place searched, when Murat and his family had their property searched, and garden included?

    Cadaver scent can be detected by the dogs for a very long time after a body has been in a certain place, and then removed.

    The investigation was never completed, and the appearing of the held back Gaspar statements surely should contribute to the focus being on those in the Group surrounding Madeleine at the time of her vanishing.

    What a mindless circus this 'review' has turned into where anybody who wants five minutes of fame can now come up with some 'sighting' or other, or can dream a dream and have it investigated at the tax payers expense, all for the sake of PR for the well heeled McCanns, who, although they have been given millions, are not turning any of it over for this purpose, plus no psychic saying Madeleine is dead will be given the time of day.

    All courtesy of the McCanns' scumbag sleazy pals at NI, twisting the arm of Cameron, and the Met having to fall into line and do their bidding also, with the Deadwood cop coming out and saying Madeleine was taken by an abductor and could still be alive on the basis of these so called 'sightings', and totally ignoring the dogs who are indicating something very different happened to Madeleine in the apartment where the vanishing took place.

    No doubt all this is music to the ears of the McCanns, still laughing all the way to the Bank as their begging bowls rattle on.


  27. Today:


    15 MAY 2012

    Derek Acorah in sick ‘Maddie dead’ claim

    TV medium has outraged McCanns by insisting Madeleine is dead


    But it was all so different 11 days ago:


    4 MAY 2012

    COPS probing the disappearance of Madeleine McCann are reviewing calls to Crimestoppers from psychics, it was reported today.

    Detectives are understood to be going back to listen to information initially dismissed because callers said they were psychics or had dreamt about the case.

    Around 100 such calls were made to the crime-fighting hotline in the first few months after she vanished.

    The information will be entered on databases for the first time.

    Sky News crime correspondent Martin Brunt said: “It’s probably unlikely to be of value but it should be put into system and sometimes it will connect or corroborate information that’s already there.”


    Perhaps Derek has connected to the dogs and has thereby corroborated information that is already there.

  28. Their latest accounts are out and show £177k turnover and half a million loss, what happened to the money from the book serialisation. Panorama also mentioned they got a million from Murdoch for the story.

  29. Writer at 22. Derek may very well be 'for real'. It is 'the paranormal' in all is aspects, whether from mediums or anything else supernatural that is NOT FOR REAL... It is all fanciful and provably false... often merely co-incidental, and all to do with a persons 'beliefs'. There is NO EVIDENCE BASE for any of it ... It is all tosh, whether the claimer believes it or not! That goes for so-called evidence from dreams too... tosh, all tosh... I can't believe any serious person, let alone a policeman, gives any of it it any kind of credence... unless they believe there is a possibility that the psychic is in fact a liar, or is deluded or mentally ill, and committed the crime for real...

  30. @24 "According to the Daily Mail, Derek Acorah is going to Portugal and will visit apartment 5A"


    I wonder if Derek Acorah will come up with the same information as his distinguished Canadian colleagues Brian Robertson & Simon James did.

    They sensed Madeleine McCann had died in the apartment in a manner that almost matches Gonçalo Amaral and his PJ team theory.

    Furthermore, they seemed to imply the parents know what happen.

    Well, may be they are not just prepared to tell the world. They have another two children to bring up.

    If I were in their trainers I don't think I would either. I would be running marathons for the rest of my life! - both literally and metaphorically. :p

    Anyway, I was referring to that program broadcasted by Portuguese TV earlier this year and published here - on this blog:


  31. generalenquiries@levesoninquiry.org.uk

    May I suggest commentators here recommend the book (see above review) by Portuguese investigative journalist Paulo Reis to the Leveson Enquiry, namely on how the British media (and now Scotland Yard) has attempted to denigrate and assassinate the character of the Portuguese investigators on behalf of the McCanns or at any rate of those on their pay roll - shadowy figures like Clarence Mitchell (Burson-Marsteller/Lift Consulting), Rebekha Brooks (Murdoch empire), the role of "churnalists" like Antonella Lazieri and Tony Parsons (among others), Aragão-Correia, Marinho Pinto, the list goes on...

    I have personally written to the Leveson Enquiry drawing their attention to the above. My suggestion has been acknowledged. Full text of reply below:

    Dear XXXXX

    Thank you for your email which has been received by the Leveson Inquiry Team.

    You will appreciate that we have received a very large number of emails since the Inquiry was announced. Please be assured that all emails are read and considered by a member of the Inquiry Team.

    If you have written in with an query, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

    If you have submitted evidence or information to the Inquiry, we will consider your submission in more detail and come back to you if we think it would be helpful to have any additional information.

    Kind regards,

    The Leveson Inquiry Team


    For press enquiries please contact John Toker at:
    john.toker@levesoninquiry.gsi.gov.uk or by phone on 020 7947 7816 or 07860 678 864

    For all other queries, please contact:

    The postal address for the Inquiry is:

    The Leveson Inquiry
    Royal Courts of Justice,
    WC2A 2LL

    For telephone queries, please call:
    020 7947 7361


  32. surprise surprise...
    Rebekah Brooks' PR is Bell Pottinger:


  33. Re Derek Acorah - his sory is also being reported in the Daily Telegraph: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/madeleinemccann/9266260/TV-psychic-Derek-Acorah-Maddie-is-dead.html

  34. Amaral's book is no longer banned in Portugal. What's there to stop Guerra & Paz publishing an English version and selling it in Portugal? I guess nothing.

  35. The McCanns Guardian Angel is charged with crimes.
    What is going to happen to them now? Who will dare to protect them in the future?

  36. the Brooks fiasco has made me really giggle. Oh I hope she gets her come-uppance. I always knew there was a God!
    can't wait for Dr Amaral's book in English.

    Joanna, you keep us so well informed. I can't thank you enough for opening my eyes to the abundance of corruption in high places.

    Aunty Anti

  37. http://www.leparisien.fr/faits-divers/disparition-d-antoine-les-gendarmes-se-rendent-a-marseille-15-05-2012-2001341.php

    Disparition d'Antoine : les gendarmes se rendent à Marseille
    Jean Marc Ducos | Publié le 15.05.2012, 12h24 | Mise à jour : 12h35
    Des gendarmes de la cellule Disparition 63 qui enquêtent depuis quatre ans sur la disparition du petit Antoine, 6 ans, à Issoire (Puy-de-Dôme) sont actuellement à Marseille dans les locaux de la police judiciaire. Le petit Antoine, 6 ans, a mystérieusement disparu en septembre 2008 de son domicile à Issoire (Puy-de-Dôme).
    La mére d'Antoine, Alexandrine Brugerolles de Fraissinette a été arrêtée ce matin à Lauris (Vaucluse) avec son compagnon Sébastien Ribière dans le cadre d'une affaire de meurtre d'une femme de 38 ans en juin 2011.
    Ce sont des écoutes et des surveillances électroniques de la gendarmerie qui ont permis à la police judiciaire d'identifier tous ceux qui avaient un lien avec la victime battue à mort dans son appartement. Ces surveillances menées par la gendarmerie ont révélé aussi un bien étrange comportement du couple.

    Le petit Antoine, 6 ans, a mystérieusement disparu en septembre 2008 de son domicile à Issoire (Puy-de-Dôme).
    EXCLUSIF.La mère du petit Antoine interpellée
    Jean-Marc Ducos | Publié le 14.05.2012, 21h06 | Mise à jour : 15.05.2012, 09h35
    ARCHIVES. Le 24 septembre 2008, à Issoire, la maman d'Antoine, Alexandrine Brugerolle de Fraissinette (à droite) et son compagnon (deuxième à gauche) quittent la gendarmerie avec deux enquêteurs après leur audition. Tous deux ont été interpellés mardi matin dans le Vaucluse.
    Alexandrine Brugerolles de Fraissinette, 27 ans, la mère du petit Antoine, 6 ans, mystérieusement disparu en septembre 2008 de son domicile à Issoire (Puy-de-Dôme), a été interpellée ce mardi matin, dans un village du Vaucluse où elle réside désormais. Son compagnon, Sébastien Ribière, 33 ans, a lui aussi été arrêté par la brigade criminelle de la police judiciaire de Marseille, parmi une dizaine d'autres personnes.
    La PJ enquêtait depuis un an sur le meurtre d'une femme de 38 ans, battue à mort dans son appartement de Marseille en juin 2011. Son cadavre avait été retrouvé une semaine après son décès, nu dans sa baignoire. Selon nos informations, Alexandrine Brugerolles et Sébastien Ribière, qui vivaient à l’époque des faits dans les Bouches-du-Rhône, étaient en contact étroit avec la victime, impliquée dans un trafic de stupéfiants et qui servait de «nourrice» à des revendeurs. Ce sont des écoutes téléphoniques qui ont permis de remonter jusqu’aux suspects interpellés ce matin. La mère d’Antoine et son compagnon ont tous deux été condamnés dans le passé pour trafic de drogue.

  38. Rebekah Brooks can experience now what it is to be persecuted by the media.
    She can experience what she did to the PJ, Portugal and specially to Amaral although what is happening to her now is right.
    What she and Murdoch did to Portugal was not.

    She is now the prey, not the hunter anylonger.
    Learnig your lesson, darling?

  39. Thank you Joana for all the information you post!

    Congratulations to Goncalo for fighting his case and the end result is a win for him.......please let everyone else embroiled in a McCann battle be as strong and determined! If I am correct they have never won a case yet - they have all been settled out of court.

    With RB now charged, I wonder if she feels let down and if she will drop some bombshells of her own. Could be interesting....! Maybe she will use some more 'persuasion'.....'LOL'

  40. I watch Most Haunted and Derek Acorah for a good laugh at the way the team work themselves up into an hysterical frenzy. No ghosts are ever seen, but it is a study in peer influence and the way that hysterical behaviour is contagious. It's just a piece of harmless entertainment, only believed by the credulous and it makes money for all of those involved. Unlike the McCann saga, at least the team are working for their money!

  41. What we need is for some top UK cop or politician to stand up and call for an end to the farce of having the Met chasing around after these 'leads' on behalf of the McCanns, especially as those at the top of the police force MUST KNOW about the dogs, blood, and cadaver scent in the apartment, and the suspicion of the involvement of the McCanns. That they are allowing the media and the McCanns to manipulate the case in this way is unbelievable.

    This expensive farce of a WHITEWASH which was coerced out of Cameron by threats from people who are themselves associated with a criminal investigation for perverting the course of justice, should be STOPPED IMMEDIATELY, and a bill for the amount paid already by the tax payers sent to Murdoch.

    The Portuguese authorities should also realise that the reputation of Portugal has well and truly being dragged in the mud by these characters.

    How can they remain silent on this one? Are they aware of the damage being done to the reputation of Portugal by the pro McCann machine? Vindictive in the extreme.

    I doubt the McCanns will ever forgive the Portuguese for being taken in for 'questioning'. After all, how dare anybody ever have doubted the word of these saintly ones. The McCanns believe they are above the common herd, and should not be treated the same as other suspects in a criminal investigation.

    Since then we have all been seeing the kid glove treatment these characters have been accorded in the UK, flowers and all, and even while they were 'arguidos', but then not everybody has the ear of Prime Ministers and sleaze bags controlling the media!

  42. #39 " Le 24 septembre 2008, à Issoire, la maman d'Antoine, Alexandrine Brugerolle de Fraissinette (à droite) et son compagnon (deuxième à gauche) quittent la gendarmerie avec deux enquêteurs après leur audition. Tous deux ont été interpellés mardi matin dans le Vaucluse. "

    Do the news suggest to you, the same could happen with the McCanns' - if they were as guilty as the forensics indicate and the dogs' state, that is?

    "Euston! We have a problem..."

    The McCanns' are not French and most importantly they are not "small fish" - they are not sharks either (...) they are what people like toffee David Cameron, the PM, would call "professionals" - and as such treated as elite by the higher echelons of political power in the UKGB.

    So, if we leave aside:

    (1) The McCanns' political connections (Cameron/Scotland Yard "pseudo-sightings review").

    (2) Royal connections (Mike Tindall/Martin Johnson).

    (3) Media connections (e.g. Murdoch/Brooks).

    (4) Millionaires' back-up (e.g. Brian Kennedy, Richard Branson).

    (5) A toped-up promotion & letigation fund. The Find Madeleine Fund biz.

    (6) The McCanns' personal fortune (book copyrights plus defamation payouts) well into millions figures by now.

    (7) The best lawyers in the UK and in Portugal charging at the whooping rate of up to £1500/hour.

    These include: Carter-Ruck (no win no fee opportunists), Isabel Duarte, Rogerio Alves et al(paid upfront at the rate of £1000 plus/hour).

    (8) The best witness money can buy "free" e.g. Marinho Pinto - President of the Portuguese Order of Lawyers - already instrumental in assassinating the character of Gonçalo Amaral almost single-handedly - with a little help of "Photoshop" software and his "nephew" Aragão Correia - Medium, Ufologist and the lawyer of Leonor Cipriano (convicted child murderer).

    (9) Two of the top global PR/reputation management agencies on the planet - namely Burson Marsteller and Lift Consulting, both in the McCanns' pay roll unless they are working for free which is most unlikely.

    (10) A team of experts, forensic scientist's reports and "independent" analysts in stand-by, capable of de-constructing any theories that might implicate the McCanns' in their daughter's demise.

    (11) Do I need to go on?

    How can we possibly start to compare one case with the other, I respectfully ask?

  43. E-mailed Antonella Lazzieri of the reputable tabloid "The Sun"...

    ... about her stealing (copying and pasting) material from this blog. I mean the blog isn't mine so I shouldn't have done so but what the heck I am a reader! Guess what? The fish-and-chips eating lady replied!

    A very concise reply it was too, and I quote:

    "PiXX off!" :h

    This should give you an idea of the power tabloids (think they) have.

    They think they can copy+paste (steal) with impunity from the free-press without even the courtesy of an acknowledgement of what is after all, the source of "their" highly paid work - inglourious basterds! - as Tarantino would have put it.

    You know what? I don't fee sorry for Rebekha Brooks being burnt at the stake. Pity Antonella is not making her company - not yet, anyway.

    Sorry! Please carry on...

  44. Fill That Cupboard!

    Make a difference today! Help us save these poor people and Send Them A Sighting, a genuine, nutritive and life-saving truthful sighting of the poor wee child today! Please, please put something in the cupboard for these victims.

    :c http://blacksmithbureau.blogspot.co.uk/search?updated-max=2012-05-15T19:57:00%2B01:00&max-results=1

  45. oooooooooooooooo i'd love to be a little fly on the wall of the mccann househole right now, as for the toilet paper the tapas must be getting through .......the truth will come out and justice will be served on a innocent child......bravo Mr Amaral bravo..

  46. I was reading earlier on the 'Himself' site that it was NI that sponsored the police event where Gerry McCann was Guest of Honour and given a standing ovation. Rebekah Brooks was also there at the time. This means that right from the start these people had taken the McCanns under their wing and the spin was already rolling.

    What chance did truth have in the face of all that money and power at work on behalf of the McCanns? Murdoch and NI had the various UK PMs in their pocket all along, and could dictate virtually whatever they wanted from them, as exhibited recently at the Leveson enquiry regarding the Met whitewash McCann 'review', on the orders given to Cameron by his very good friend Rebekah Brooks, via the use of NI threats and coercion.

    Portuguese investigators did not stand a chance in the face of all that. It is a damnable disgrace and there should be a full enquiry into this.

  47. A Brooks incorre numa Pena que Pode ir de 10 anos a prisao perpetual?... Se assim e e se for realmente condenada ( o que eu duvido), valeu a pena o servicinho que andou a fazer e os cobres que arrecadou e ajudou a arrecadar.
    Agora vai jogar os trunfos que tem, e devem ser muitos, para se livrar da situacao e a investigacao vai terminar como muitas outras....vergonhosamente comprometida. O gado miudo vai para a prisao mas os cabecilhas continuarao de fora para gerir e assegurar que os segredos de muitos continuam bem guardados.
    Alguem acredita que os McCann, Mitchell e o embaixador ingles nao foram alvos de escutas? CLaro que foram. Se calhar cada um deles foi Mais escutado que as outras vitimas todas juntas, atendendo a que desde Maio 2007, esta e a historia que melhor vende nos UK.
    Alguma coisa, as escutas revelaram que prende o grupo aos tabloides de Murdoch. Uma vinganca pelos milhoes de libras que tiveram de lhes dar e de dar a Murat, ou um negocio bem montado e lucrativo para ambos os lados ja que o Plano era um rapto que perdura no tempo e legitima a eterna procura de alguem que eles sabem onde esta e portanto, ao contrario da policia, Podem controlar os acontecimentos.

  48. I pray Theresa May and Cameron are doing everything to motivate the Yard to work well with the PJ.
    I pray there will be a revenge and even that The Sun will be crashed by some scandal.
    It seems that the contact between the Yard and the PJ had started already some months before the McCanns'letter was published and Rebekah didn't know it, neither did the McCanns.
    It was not a case of LOL, was it? Cameron did not love her that much, did he?
    It is even possible that the Portuguese revision was happening in Porto in order not to attrackt the attention of Rebekah. Who would think of Porto? It could have been an agreement with the Home Office too.
    Working in peace, no media, no pressure.
    I still don't believe the McCanns ever meant to have the Met involved in the case. They meant to make smoke and mirrors and they didn't expect Cameron's reply. We can see Gerry's face expression, thanking Cameron for the favour(Sky News, The Mcanns defend the Prime Minister's decision).

    I also believe Rebekah did not tell them how far she was going, blackmailing Theresa and Dave.I could see it on Gerry's face, on Sky News.
    Quenched, not the arrogance he(and Kate) had shown the day before, when the book was launched.
    Since "they got what they wanted", we never saw them back in the media, excepted for on May the 3rd,short ago, where they said they believe Maddie is being taken care by a couple.No word about Kate's book, not even on Maddie's birthday.
    Gerry seems to have said on a interview in Spain, that he understands people who commit suicide.He said that after the Met had started the revision.
    Who talks about suicide, after having gotten such a wonderful support from the British government? The best British police helping Madeleine?
    That is why I believe that they never meant a revision, they just wanted to make more noise, motivated by Rebekah and by Kate.

    I also notice that it is Kate who holds Gerry's hands, not the other way around. He does not make any movement towards her.This makes me suspect that it was Kate who insisted on the review, not Gerry and he realises in which serious trouble they are now. And Rebekah lost her power, her friends and she is now busy with herself and with her future trial.The McCanns are past time for her.

    I admire PM Jay and judge Leveson who dared to ask about the McCanns.

  49. @45, So Lazzeiri, the lady who wants us to believe she is a journalist, a wordsmith, a scribe, a litterateur etc, replies with that ever so eloquent phrase, Pi** Off.

    She seems to have mastered the profanities module on her media studies journey very well. Perhaps though, she should consider a refresher on the ethics module if she is forgetting to acknowledge a source within her work.

  50. #47, I wish that you may be right, but I fear there have been so many false dawns in this case to be optimistic - still hoping though. If the protection did all come from the NI connections, let hope now that the NI scum now have more important things to worry about - like their own skins - that the backlash will start.
    Interesting observations #51. I wonder if Kate - of whom there was originally speculation about mental imbalance - has covinced herself, or ben convinced by GM, or tranqillizing drugs, that her version of events is true. That would be convenient for him. When the s*** hits the fan, he can play the 'protecting his fragile and metally ill wife' card, as well as his 'protecting the twins' card in mitigation. Maybe his adoption of that body language is in anticipation of needing that defence - ie 'look, I was trying to pretect her, was unaware that my body language betrayed my real feelings about what she did'
    The more I think about it, the more i feel that his plan b is to play the innocent loving father and husband caught up in an atttempt to protect his remaining family, and he and his birth family will be ready to throw Kate to the lions.

  51. "Dark Dealings of News International, The Prime Minister and the McCanns"


  52. Anon 51

    Please realise that these people are all pals together, even Leveson who is a guest at Murdoch family parties, and he has already confirmed his belief in Court that Madeleine was taken by an abductor, and that anyone who says differently is some kind of conspiracy nut. How pleased the McCanns must have been to hear that!

    There will be no cavalry riding in carrying the banner of truth from the direction of UK politicians, UK judiciary or UK police, and unless the message that Madeleine is no doubt dead can be got through to the public by way of the media, or the written word, the McCanns will be free to carry on with their begging bowl.

  53. At last someone clarified the question of the McCanns evading the "reconstruction" of events for me. It might do the same for you. Please read on...

    "We can compare what they (Mitchell/McCanns'/Tapas) say they were going to do, with what they actually did...

    Far from being any sort of myth, the evidence shows a clear pattern of events.

    (1) From September 2007 until the turn of the year...

    ...the Three maintained effusively that they and the friends wanted to co-operate in any reconstruction requested by the police. And they knew perfectly well, from the police and their own lawyers, what an official investigative reconstruction, as codified in Portuguese law, involved.

    (2) After January, however...

    ... the idea of the reconstruction began to change into reality. The Portuguese saw both it and the prior rogatory UK interviews as a unity: the McCanns were not involved in the latter because their arguido status gave them the right to silence but the seven friends would be intensively questioned about what they did on the night of the disappearance. And then a reconstruction – which arguido status did not exempt the couple from – would test the credibility, even possibility, of all nine's supposed actions on May 3.

    (3) In April the parents were given until the end of the month to come to a decision on participating. Their tone changed and the excuses began. In the last few days before the deadline expired the couple made it clear publicly but sotto voce that they would not go.

    Most of the Seven also declined although until their interviews were leaked – how very unhelpful for them – their refusals were kept strictly secret. But we are not concerned with them here. With those decisions the reconstruction was out and the investigation was effectively at an end.


    * Thanking JM for the tip

  54. Anon 51

    Maybe it should have been Kate McCann's medical records that were released to the investigators.

    It is to be wondered why she would leave a diary around for the investigators to find and read telling how difficult it was for her to control the kids. That sounds a far cry from the stories of the angelic kids who go straight to sleep, which they have since come out with.

    Was a defence of some kind being set up with that 'diary', just in case it was needed?

  55. I was just reading on forum about a poster who had emailed Antonella Lazzieri mentioning Jersey to her and Ms Lazzieri reply to that was, that she was in Jersey with Eddie where he signalled loads and all that was found was a piece of coconut shell.

    Well my first reaction to that was, that instead of doing her job Ms Lazeieri must have spent her time in the pub, but then again I thought no that can't be right, that suggestion is usually only leveled at the Portuguese police.

    So I have come to the conclusion that NI must be a very progressive employer and are happy to employee visually and hearing impaired journalists, as how else could Ms Laazzieri explain why she missed the multitude of teeth and bones found in exactly the places the dog indicated.

  56. What was all the fuss about? Banning books? Why?

    I mean.. was it not the Chief Constable of Leicestershire Police who gave Mrs Justice Hogg (High Court/Family Division) on July 7 2008 the following reason not to disclose to Kate and Gerald McCann ALL of Leicester Police's documents regarding the disappearance of her daughter as per their request?


    (quoted from Kate McCann's "blockbuster" and signed by the assistant chief constable of Leicestershire Police)

    I mean, isn't this in essence what Gonçalo Amaral writes in his "I will tell it as it is" book?

    So, why does Gerald McCann and his side-kick Clarence Mitchell keep saying: "there is no evidence whatsoever that Madeleine came to any harm" IF their own police say there is? Will you please answer the question?..

    I mean, aren't Portuguese judges aware of such basic facts or are they too being paid by The Find Madeleine Fund Biz?

    Please donate to Goncalo Amaral Defence Fund instead! At least you know you will be doing fundamental human rights a favour...


  57. @45, So Lazzeiri, the lady who wants us to believe she is a journalist, a wordsmith, a scribe, a litterateur etc, replies with that ever so eloquent phrase, Pi** Off."

    Yes indeed, and I have the e-mail to prove it. Here it is:

    On 11 May 2012 15:55, xxx wrote:

    Hi Antonella! It looks you have been caught copying and pasting! Naughty! Naughty!



    From: "Lazzeri, Antonella"
    Date: Fri, 11 May 2012 15:56:28 +0100
    Subject: Re: You have been caught copying + pasting!

    Why don't you pXXX off!

    OBS. In all fairness she does not write PISS OFF! She leaves the reader to infer that. This explains in part Lazyeri's "lorry driver" approach to journalism.

    Also my e-mail to her contained (attached) a transcript of the offensibe bytes. Stuff she copied from Joana Morais' blog without attribution...

    See here:

    and here:

    Now compare the following passages in both Joana's posting and her article when she quotes:

    “In this case, if we could abstract ourselves of the name of the child that disappeared, of the child’s parents and just look at the facts in an objective manner and move forward with the investigation, facts would speak for themselves!”

    Also, a couple of paragraphs below:

    “There is no point in saying that the child is dead, or that the child is alive.

    “What we need is to work the investigation and carry it out to the end, something that was not done.

    “The investigation of this case can be considered as an unfinished investigation that needs to be completed.”

    It is also important to note in this context Rebekha Brooks own admission (Leveson Inquiry) of the deal the Sun struck with the McCanns' - namely that they would promote their case if the McCanns' gave the Sun the serialization rights of Kate's "blockbuster" book. OK, it was the Sunday Times in the end, I think. Sorry, I am not into fiction.

  58. The sad truth is no one involved in this charade will confess unless perhaps a Prize for Telling the Truth is introduced by the Nobel Academy.

    Wait! No! That won't do either! Money and celebrity status no longer appeal to the couple and their friends. They have had enough of it. Think donations, books, media and TV royalties, performances/appearances on the world's media stage, politicians support, Pope support, Murdoch's little favours (was it £1 or half-a-million?), "defamation" payouts past and pending, Leveson Inquiry appearances, etc. Who needs more money prizes and status?

    The Nobel Prize for Telling the Truth would not appeal to the couple. Just an hunch. No allegations made.

  59. I really hope that the UK are aware of Brooks, the Sun and the McCanns.
    I hope the McCanns lost all of the few friends they still had.

  60. Slightly off subject. I recently watched BBC's 2007 Panorama Documentary (available on Youtube) and compared it the recently aired Panorama. The 2007 Documentary is relatively open and impartial and looks at all avenues of enquiry. The recent documentary is very biased in comparison. The older documentary is probably pre Carter Ruck? Interesting how the BBC has become very guarded, inhibited and possibly frightened over the McCann affair.

    The old documentary showed an interview with Murat's Mum and Aunty (in the presence of Murat himself). Interestingly Murat's mum accused several of the Tapas friends of being downright liars. Perhaps the BBC wouldn't air something like this anymore.

  61. Was not the Murdoch concern that saved the McCanns of a process in Portugal,putting pressure on Brown to help them? And Brown demanded Portugal to dismiss Amaral and to archive of the investigations?
    I found Kate and Gerry's statements at the Leveson inquiry, where they criticise the News of the World and News International, after having gotten so many favours. They could attack News of the World now, because it became tash and it could not help the McCanns anymore.Why not attackin only other papers?
    And I have a theory:
    In my opinion The Sun refused to back Kate with her new book, after what they did to their concern, that's why we didn't hear anything about it.
    It let the McCanns down and they deserve it. Not even a short news about Madeleine's birthday.
    And Rebekah Brooks told very clearly "the McCanns won" speaking at the Leveson.She said it on purpose and it was a revenge, imo.
    She could have said: "We felt that Madeleine had to be found, the little girl, and we put pressure on Cameron".

  62. Was Kate ever on sedatives? Are there any medical records that could prove this? Where the same sedatives administered to the children? Where these sedatives too 'heavy-duty' for children? Could Madeleine's death have been due to an overdose of these adult sedatives? I honestly doubt Calpol's somniferous properties.



    @58 "a poster who had emailed Antonella Lazzieri mentioning Jersey to her and Ms Lazzieri reply to that was, that she was in Jersey with Eddie where he signalled loads and all that was found was a piece of coconut shell."


  64. Both The Sun & The Times had serialisation rights to the book. At the Leveson Inquiry Rebekah Brooks said she couldn't remember exactly how much News International had paid the McCanns for the book, but she did confirm that it was between £500K & £1million. A reliable reporter stated that the Sun gave them £500K, so it's more than likely they picked up a similar amount from The Times. £1million in total. In addition, they've received several payments from News International in the past.

    All in all, the amount NI has paid out to the McCanns must rival that paid to the Dowlers for hacking Milly's phone. Why has NI forked out so much to the McCanns?. Some have speculated that it’s because NI hacked them and there is a two way deal going on to keep it under wraps. That would explain a lot but if they were hacked I doubt NI learnt anything about Maddie's disappearance because the McCanns were made aware of phone tapping/hacking very early on, and imo would never have discussed details on the phone. But I do remember stories appearing in the media about Russell O’Brien & Jane Tanner going through breakdowns. Given the tapas7 (and those around them) are an abnormally tight-lipped bunch - they don’t even mention Maddie - I wonder if NI got hold of that story, or something similar, by hacking.

    It certainly is possible that the McCanns have got something of that nature on News International.

  65. Re: Antonella Lazzeri
    This ‘journalist’ is either a pathological liar and/or she is has no respect for her readers and is prepared to lie to them to promote her own agenda. In the following article she clearly states that the McCanns have demanded the case be reopened. Not once have the McCanns asked for the case to be reopened. Even now, after all the recent publicity generated by the review, they have still failed to do so.


    5 MAY 2012

    by Antonella Lazzeri


    “At least they can take comfort from one of his [Goncalo Amarals] other assertions — that the truth about what happened to Madeleine will only be learnt if the Portuguese police investigation is reopened.

    It is something they have demanded for nearly four years.”


  66. Brooks shot her self in the foot imo and now after her admitting that it was her that forced Cameron into Scotland Yard doing a review....and now she has been charged lets hope (spineless) Cameron GETS HIS OWN BACK by making sure that SY do a proper investigation and bang the mccanns (and Brooks) up.

  67. The ugly Antonella Lazzeri will be found out for what she is very soon.

    George UK.

  68. @ 70 "The ugly Antonella Lazzeri will be found out for what she is very soon."

    This is not a beauty contest my friend. Let's not get too personal :d

    This is about the duty of a journalist to report what it is and not what she thinks it is or is being paid to say it is (McCann/Brooks/Murdoch £1 million deal)...

    I have just checked Eddie's performance at the Haute de la Garenne (@66) and I must say I was truly impressed. This dog is for real.

    What the hell was Novella, Patella, Lamella, Rubella, Varicella, Flagella...Antonella!!! Antonella Lazzeri talking about? Tell that to Rosie Popps! We are not that gullible!



  69. Why do so many people who associate themselves with the McCann saga suffer a downfall in some way. Gordon Brown, Richard & Judy (TV presenters), Metodo 3 detectives, and the silent Cowley and Edgar, Kevin Haligen, former Home Secs. Jacqui Smith, Alan Johnson, News International, The News of the World, Rebekah Brooks, and Cameron has slipped up too. The curse goes on and on.

  70. thanks for the comment on the nobel peace price????????

    last years winner was none other than barack obarmy who won the prize whilst drone bombing innocent civilians, not much of a prize in my eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. Regarding Eddie at Haute La Garenne in Jersey, someone posted the reults fron Shefield University on this site,which analysed the bone samples and dated many to within aperiod it the sixties. I presume this is genuine information and nobody has discussed or explained these reults in the media.
    Could they be re published here?

  72. 72@ like I wrote here before, I believe in Evil. It exists and many times they show up not in the shape of a goat but disgised in attractive human beings. That is Kate and Gerry's case.I associate them to Satan and this association started already in 2007.
    There are people who don't believe in Satan but must people do, like I do.
    Fighting Satan is not easy but Good wil win.
    I wonder if they will ever sell their home in the future.I'm sure Satan's spirit will remain there.

  73. @65 ive always wondered if the sedatives theory was started by the mcs themselves to cover some thing more sinister ,remember gerry was blogging away from early after she disappeared ,so he could very easy go on other websites anonymously and start the sedation theory ,even if she had been sedated and died what reason would they have to dispose of the body?? all they had to say is she must have took it her self ,tragic accident , giver n his connections im sure that thats all it would have been seen as ,the only reasons would be 1 premeditated ,2 she died as a result of physical assault but that dosnt emplane how the rest of the group are involved or she died as a result of sexual abuse or had been abused ,that might explane the gaspers statement

  74. @73 "thanks for the comment on the nobel peace price???????? last years winner was none other than barack obarmy who won the prize whilst drone bombing innocent civilians, not much of a prize in my eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    Are you sure you haven't caught the same bug as the McCanns'? The so-called "racist" virus? This is what actually happened (as reported by the Guardian):

    "Speaking from the White House's Rose Garden, Obama confirmed that he would accept the award, but said he would not view it as "a recognition of my own accomplishments".

    "I will accept the award as a call to action, a call to all nations to confront the challenges of the 21st century," he said.

    Obama was awarded the prize "for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and co-operation between peoples".

    To gasps from those assembled, the Nobel committee chairman, Thorbjoern Jagland, said "only rarely has a person such as Obama captured the world's attention and given his people hope for a better future".

    "His diplomacy is founded in the concept that those who are to lead the world must do so on the basis of values and attitudes that are shared by the majority of the world's population," the citation said.

    The committee said Obama, who only took up the presidency in January, had been acknowledged for his calls to reduce the world's stockpile of nuclear weapons and working for world peace.

    "Obama has as president created a new climate in international politics. Multilateral diplomacy has regained a central position, with emphasis on the role that the United Nations and other international institutions can play."

    Obama will donate to charity the $1.4m (£880,000) cash award that comes with the prize...."


    Very much like Goncalo Amaral cannot be "right" because he is Portuguese some think Barack Obama should not have been awarded the Nobel because he is black. It really boils down to that, I am afraid.

    The truth is Gonçalo Amaral may be right and Barack Obama is obviously a force for good in a way no other president of the USA has been. Simple.

  75. #65, the question of sedatives and medical records...if they exist (and they must, everyone goes to the doctor every now and then)they were kept under lock and key! The PJ requested the medical records of the McCanns and children and they were never delivered! Why? I wonder what is in those records regarding one of them or all of them that could not be revealled...?

  76. @70

    No, I wouldn't describe Antonella Lazzeri as ugly. She is just an ordinary looking middle aged woman in her mid-fifties with a daughter of about the age that Madeleine McCann would be now. It doesn't matter what Lazzeri looks like though, its what she writes that counts and from what I've read, I don’t believe she has any real interest in knowing what happened to the missing child. If she did she wouldn’t lie. For some inexplicable reason (a personal connection to someone involved, perhaps) her sole agenda is clearly to sell the parents version of events to her readers but she undoubtedly holds those same readers in contempt and uses her position on a national newspaper, to deliberately mislead, manipulate and lie to them.

    This week, the paper she works for, The Sun, published an article repeating Derek Acorah's comment that Madeleine is dead. The Sun feigned outrage and the McCanns were, predictably, said to be 'sickened' despite the fact that they were quite prepared to deluge the Portuguese investigation with psychic leads themselves, together with any other old rubbish, including Daniel Krugels crackpot device. But they weren't prepared to do the right thing by their daughter; that is, to answer questions, co-operate with the police and return for a reconstruction and, contrary to Antonella Lazzeri's deceitful assertion, they have not asked for the case to be reopened.

    If you take a look at the link you will see an article from The Sun, dated January 2011, written by Antonella Lazzeri. There are three artist impressions of supposed sightings of the missing child. In one picture, a man drags 'Madeleine' along a road; in another the abducted child gives him her 'tuppenceworth', and in the third he twists 'Madeleine's arms behind her back and holds a gun to her head. When I first saw those picture I assumed they were an attempt at black humour by some lowlife on the internet, but they were commissioned by a journalist on a national newspaper - Lazzeri - she even manages to lower the tone at The Sun. The images depict a misshapen, miniature adult, in need of a bra, and are an absolute mockery of the missing three year old toddler. You'd fully understand if the McCanns were horrified and sickened by those images but, incredibly, there wasn't a peep out of them.


  77. @71 Haha I wasn't refering to her beauty never in a millon years, I was refering to her biased writting.

  78. Anon 72...Yes you are right, I believe there is alot more missery to come to alot of people, including the "old" Ms A Lazzeri, Yuk!

  79. @76

    Are you sure that Kate and Gerry's medical records were also requested? I recall Madeleine's records were but not those of her parents.

  80. 72@
    Evil exists. Influence of bad spirits exist.

    76@ according to a Spanish forensic psychologist, Kate was suffering of a depression in 2007/2008.

    I don't know where he did get that from but I would not be surprised if it was true. Maybe consequence of the second pregnancy, we don't know.
    Post natal depression can take years and it can even last forever.
    The lack of emotion of Kate could be a side effect of medicines.

  81. every journalist in the UK at least knows of there guilt and still they are spineless to act.....what a vile existance they live

  82. I hope News of the World hacked the McCanns phones and also Tapas 7's too.
    Those hackings must be in the hands of the police now.
    The police will come forwad with this news.

  83. @71 "What the hell was Novella, Patella, Lamella, Rubella, Varicella, Flagella...Antonella!!! Antonella Lazzeri talking about?"

    Fine list of nicks but you forgot Salmonella, Favella and Zooxanthella not to mention Mortadella! "Mortadella" Lazzeri?

    Biutiful! :o

  84. @ 70 "The ugly Antonella Lazzeri will be found out for what she is very soon."

    I don't think she is ugly. Her "crash inflated cushions" are just a wee too big to have a close conversation with. Worst! They might affect her performance in her copying+pasting job! Reduced downwards visibility, you know...

    In this particular article photo (plagiated) her "ring buoys" make her look as if she is heading to a replay of the Titanic disaster in Praia da Luz! Oh! Dear!

    Nothing surgical dis-enhancement couldn't fix, though......

    :o Sorry! Am-I being too obnoxious here? Just offering my opinion as a professional beauty consultant.......

    Madame D'Ovary

  85. I am @80 and my opinion is that the siblings are still at risk. The irresponsible Gerry is not doing anything about that.
    If something happens to the twins, it will be also his responsibility.

  86. @82 sorry but i dont believe the police will ever say there is any news, scotland yard are as corrupt as politicians are. infact isnt Scotland yard full of masons? well if true we know they protect each other that is proberly what Gerry Mccann got help from. years ago i truested our police and especially Scotland yard i grew up respecting them as that was from my parents, that is before the internet i may add when we only relied on the media and press for news, oh how times have changed now i can find out a LOT more via the internet and realise what a corrupt country i live in it makes me so sad we are not Great Britain infact i am ashamed to be British after this Mccann's protection.

  87. Este crime tem os papeis todos invertidos, o que por si ja diz muito sobre a inocencia de quem a policia suspeita.
    Quando a PJ quis/ precisou de aceder aos registos medicos, bancarios e telefonicos dos envolvidos, foi-lhe negado.
    para mim, esta revisao inglesa para Portugues ver, tem so 2 objectivos. O primeiro e passar para a mao dos McCann e seus advogados toda a informacao arquivada nas files da PJ que estao em segredo de justica. O segundo, e na posse dessa informacao lavar, ainda que precisem de muita lexivia e muito peeling, a cara do Casal.
    Vamos ver se na terra de Camoes, ha bravura e firmeza para pelo menos uma vez dizerem NAO e reduzirem toda a revisao de Redwood, ao mais pobre exercicio de " spelling e translation" que alguma vez aconteceu na Patria de Shakespeare.
    Ja que o casalinho deixou 48 perguntas sem resposta num momento em que essas respostas eram cruciais, porque ha- de a PJ responder a pedidos 5 anos depois, quando o advogado dos interessados nao se coibiu de usar esses mesmos 5 anos na TV para dizer que e tarde para fazer qualquer reconstituicao. ...
    Depois de inumeros avistamentos e um desfile de testemunhas e suspeitos, a investigacao nao passou do mesmo ponto e dos mesmos suspeitos: os pais e Murat e a total ausencia de qualquer indicio que aponte para rapto.
    Murat que se diz inocente, porque nao reabre a investigacao para provar essa inocencia? Prefere conviver eternamente com a sombra de uma suspeita e deixar que os filhos crescam sabendo que sobre o pai paira essa sombra... Estranha decisao para quem ate ja lucrou com a tragedia da crianca e nao mexeu um dedo para processar Quem o colocou nesta situacao. Se mexeu, esta a ser muito low profiler comparado com o ruido feito por quem o evolveu na historia. Por isso, muitos hums, errs e pauses, mas acho que GA estava na pista certa Quando a PJ atribuiu aos 3 o estatuto de suspeitos..

  88. This is taking very long, very long indeed. I hope the ground work is ready and the 165 leads(possibilities) are beyond the ground work.Ghosts, paranormal happenings, sightings, visions...
    I wish Redwood could tell us how long this could take and when finally will they start with the PJ files.
    I suspect they are already studying the PJ documents about May the 3rd.

  89. What I found really interesting on the last Pseudo-articles from The Sun, related with that circus, are the pictures of Madeleine chosen by them. Almost all news, decorated with Madeleine old pictures. Not the ones which we all know, are genuine, like the one from her passport, but the most controversial and probably so fake as her abduction: The last picture around the pool and Maddie with coloboma.
    Maddie with coloboma has a face that didn't match any of the other pictures or videos available from Madeleine. I will be not far from the truth if I think that picture was made with a lot of photoshot, like a catalogue. That was the perfect girl the Mccann's dreamed with and because of that, they used her as a good market plot. The real Madeleine was far from that beauty girl. If not, during this 5 years, the media will be inundated by other beautiful pictures of lovely Madeleine in many different angles and occasions. The best they have done, with all bad taste associated with it, was Maddie lollita. Then, the first picture( Maddie with coloboma) must be fake and delivered with the main purpose of confusing the guests and the workers of the OC, who could not recover from their close memory a face they have not seen. And off course to be absolutely sure that with that face, the real Madeleine has no chances of having been spotted by an inconvenient witness.
    By publishing that old pictures of Maddie, when a fresh 9 years old is available and widely publicized, the Sun says a lot about the credibility of the message they are trying to pass, regarding Madeleine. The girl is reduced to an object used by all that characters to play the game that best suits their business at each moment.

  90. To #79, from #76,

    No, sorry, I can't say for sure that the parents medical records have also been requested. I assumed they were, because in his book, Mr. Amaral mentions that when the investigation started he and his crew desperatly needed all the information they could get their hands on, about the couple. Things like their personnal and profissional backgrounds, Mr. Amaral writes (rough translation):

    - "It is urgent to know who this couple and their group of friends are, which problems they might have in England, if they had ever abused/mistreated the children; did any neighbour, relative or friend ever notice an improper behaviour? What are their professions? Do they work on that profession? Do they do it full time?
    Has any member of the couple suffered from depression? Did the couple enjoy a healthy relationship? Are they involved in any serious dispute/litigation? Does someone wish them harm? Why?"

    Mr. Amaral says he contacted with Glen Power, the british liaison officer in Portugal (from the UK Embassy?)and asked that gentleman to pass the PJ's requuest of information to the UK. Of course, the investigation waited and waited, and Mr. Amaral was hopeful that the delay would be due to the big amount of information that had to be collected and that soon he would receive a "dossier" with it all.
    From this I assumed (maybe wrongly) that the medical background of the family might be part of the information requested, because a medical condition, depression, was mentioned.

    It is known now that this request was never fulfilled by the UK, and that the only information submitted came very late and scarce, and only concerning the financial status of the group.

  91. According to Find Madeleine, the errata book Madeleine is available now, in paperback.
    The Sun is not talking about it at all.

  92. @90, abrir investigacão custa horrores e o quê Murat deveria provar? Desde os cães no apartamento e no carro, todo o mundo já sabe que os McCanns são os culpados, ninguém mais se lembra do Murat. A revisão vai confirmar que ele é inocente e que a Tanner, O'Brian, Rachel e Fiona mentiram.

  93. My hope is that we are all being fed a line, so the guilty ones are not put on alert. In fact if the corruption is so wide spread certain people may have been put into certain positions just to see how they perform. If they are innocent then they will perform in a truthful and honest way, if they are guilty they will try to steer the investigation in the opposite direction. There may even be some acting as agent's provocateur making it look as though things are going one way when they are going the opposite.

    I am of the belief that the powers that be are well and truly sick and tired of being dictated to or threatened from certain quarters and are out to get them all in one fell swoop. Like a stack of dominoes if one link is missing then the chain is broken and will stop, make sure you have the breaks covered then the chain will go all the way to the end.

  94. Lord Peter Mandelson before Leveson today. Will he be asked about News International obtaining the Operation Ore list (Private Eye Magazine 2011)which had the name of a Petere Mandelson on it. He was questioned about this by a Times journalist, but said it wasn't him but someone of the same name. How did NI get the list, how much did they pay for it, who sold it to them and are any of the Met Police operations attempting to find our who obtained this explosive list? Surely Peter Mandelson will want NI to be taken to task for this?
    Op Ore was an investigation into paedophile activities on the internet, led by Jim Gamble.

  95. I don't think there will ever be the information requested from the UK until the case gets officially reopened as a MURDER INVESTIGATION, and it is made clear to the public, via the media, that because of the alerting of the dogs especially, and other suspicious behaviour on the part of certain people, that this is the case, and the focus is on Madeleine having died in the holiday apartment.

    That would bring them up short, and no more messing around with the McCanns dictating to everybody how the investigation should go.

    Also, it should be made clear that the people surrounding Madeleine at the time she vanished all need to be definitely cleared of any involvement in the death of the child in the apartment. Yet so far, because Jane Tanner's account of seeing a man with a child is so vague and flimsy, and is loaded with the possibility of self interest, being as it alibis her husband, it is not as reliable as the McCanns would like to make out.

    Jane Tanner was never seen to have gone to do that check at the time she says. In fact, quite the opposite, the people who were around at that time say they never saw her at all, and that includes another witness besides Gerry McCann and Wilkins. Was she wearing a cloak of invisibility or something?

    She should have been seen if she had been there, yet she wasn't. Her timing and sighting needs to be scrapped, and the case restarted with what is verifiable, and that includes the sighting of a lookalike Gerry McCann carrying a lookalike Madeleine on his way to the beach area, at a time when there was no independent witness to confirm that Gerry McCann was present at the Tapas table.

  96. Hi Joana,

    I am a psychologist very interested in Madeleine McCann case. I am trying to get the original PJ files in DVD. Where can I get a copy of them?

    Many thanks in advance.

  97. Psicón, you'll have to request a copy of the process at the appropriate place, at the PGR [Attorney General's Office] http://www.pgr.pt/
    Alternatively you have unofficial translations of the case files available at The Maddie Case Files http://themaddiecasefiles.com/ This is the only site where the Portuguese files are translated, verified, and corrected, it's an ongoing work by volunteers, Portuguese nationals and other citizens from around the world with a good command of the Portuguese language.

    best regards, Joana

  98. 95,
    Os McCann e os amigos tiveram ajuda de gente ligada a comunidade inglesa residente na PDL ou nos seus arredores. Isso e uma certeza tao forte quanto o que os caes farejaram no 5A e no carro alugado. Entre 3 de Maio e o dia em que eles alugaram o Renault ( se nao durante os 3 meses que antecederam a vinda dos caes) o corpo esteve em algum lugar. O lugar nao podia ser de facil acesso a policia ou ao publico porque corriam o risco de ser acidentalmente descoberto por buscas ou por um cao. Portanto so sobram propriedades privadas, vazias ou nao, que necessitavam de um mandato de busca e fortes suspeitas para poderem ser investigadas pela policia. A pressao mediatica e a manipulacao politica, impediram o trabalho sereno da policia que tenho a certeza, brevemente levaria a descoberta do corpo ou a perceber porque apareceram os fluidos no Scenic. Tambem era demasiado arriscado usarem o Scenic como despensa para guardarem o corpo. O Mais provavel e ter sido contaminado Durante o transporte do corpo desde o local onde esteve guardado ate ao destino final.
    A analise das files da PJ e a analise dos testemunhos e participacoes de alguns figurantes que apoiaram abertamente os McCann e que se pensava serem inocentes espectadores tocados pelo drama, tem demonstrado que ha uma forte possibilidade destes personagens nao estarem na historia por acaso, mas devido ao facto de todos se conhecerem se terem voluntarizado para deliberadamente debitarem testemunhos na
    policia que sustentavam a tese de rapto e assim ajudarem a confundir a investigacao. Enquanto a Pj perdia tempo a investigar estes testemunhos, os Mccann e cumplices ganhavam tempo para calmamente estudarem os cenarios que melhor os ajudavam a livrarem-se do problema.
    Textusa, goste-se ou nao do seu olhar acutilante e incisivo, tem feito um trabalho notavel no desmascarar de alguns destes personagens.
    Nao sei se Murat ajudou ou nao os McCann. O que e certo e que ele e Gerry se sairam muito mal na justificacao de nao se conhecerem. Nenhum dos 2 convenceu. Tambem nao me convenceu a barraca que a Mae montou para fazer um trabalho paralelo e marginal ao da policia, para tentar saber Quem sabia o que. Algum motivo forte, que nao Tera sido apenas a denuncia de alguns Tapas 7 e de uma jornalista, levou a Pj a constitute-lo arguido. O facto dos caes nao terem detectado nada, nao significa nada em termos de inocencia ou culpa. Significa apenas que o corpo nao passou por Ali. O que nao quer dizer que nao tenha facultado ajuda. Os McCann ja provaram que nao Sao estupidos. Sendo medicos, sabem bem os cuidados a ter com as pistas forenses, portanto nao levariam a filha para um lugar proximo da cena do crime.
    O certo e que Murat a ser inocente, deveria processar ruidosamente Jane Tanner que o colocou nesta situacao de eterna suspeicao e reabrir a investigacao. Se for inocente, todo o processo lhe custa "zero" ou uns cobres que tera de gastar no advogado.
    A nos portugueses, depois do que se gastou na investigacao inicial, a reabertura Sao " peanuts" se ela significar forcar os intervenientes a fazerem a reconstituicao. Pessoalmente, nao percebo como e que legalmente eles Podem recusar o requisito da policia oficial, num processo que esta por resolver e onde a vitima continua por encontrar. Imagine-se que a vitima esta viva e as maos de predadores sexuais que a torturam, como os pais querem que o Mundo acredite?... Como e que eles Podem atropelar o trabalho da policia ao recusarem a reconstituicao e nao serem criminalmente responsabilizados por isso? A recusa devia devolver-lhes imediatamente o estatuto de arguidos.

  99. Anon 97

    I have read there was at least a couple of names of UK Labour Government Ministers on that list. Obviously, once again we have somebody in a high position intervening on behalf of certain others.

    Once the media can obtain information like this, what power they would hold.

    We have seen an example of their 'arm twisting' revealed at the Leveson Inquiry which told how easy it was for NI to get the whitewash 'review' for the McCanns, by using threats to put Theresa May on their front pages for days on end, so this sounds like second nature to them, and it took 'all of a day' to accomplish it.

    The Government, the media, the police, and throw in the judiciary for good measure, it is getting hard to trust any of them. How many of them are open to blackmail, or to doing 'favours' for friends, or to taking bribes?

    Add 'paedophilia' to the mix, and some of the top people are very vulnerable indeed. Is this why we are left wondering where common sense has gone when there are so many crazy decisions that don't add up?

    Meanwhile, children continue to be sexually abused, and murdered, by vile paedophiles, and we don't really know the extent of it, and no doubt ever will whilst there may be who knows how many people in positions of power willing to facilitate these evil acts by covering up, or participating themselves.

    Would paedophiles who get themselves into positions of power promote other like minded people to positions of power? Daft question really!

  100. Only now catching up with the latest, the latest at Leveson too - the revelations by Brooks, her methods of ‘persuasion’ oh who am I kidding, let’s call a spade a spade, the threats divulged - Cameron really should be more careful the company he keeps, but oops too late he has joined the murky world that is McCann where all have a problem separating the truth from the lie…but is that not what Sr Goncalo Amaral has always maintained, been telling us all along?

    No wonder they live in fear of him!

    Took a little trip down memory lane and it appears 5 years on nothing much has changed…

    Since time Madeleine McCann was reported as missing (‘abducted’ her parents claimed though no evidence of same has been found by either the Portuguese police authorities, or by the Metropolitan police in their thus far year long Review by the 30 + strong team of detectives to substantiate their claim) much has been written by media, discussed by the public on forums and internet blogs regarding the case.

    The opinions on the McCann couple, the case in general, many and varied. More specifically there are those, who will defend them unconditionally, vehemently. No matter what information is brought before them, be it absolute fact, evidence of lies, differing accounts in police witness statements given by the ‘holidaying party’ ever changing versions by the McCann couple themselves, highlighted in magazine interviews or detailed in the now infamous ‘Madeleine’ penned by Kate McCann and of course not forgetting the ‘straight from the horses’ mouth’ t.v. interviews by Kate and Gerry McCann where the original tale is always subject to embellishment. Nothing at all it would seem will change the minds or position held by those who support the McCann couple.

    Often I have pondered as to why this group would behave in this way.

    Why would they defend the abuse of the three young McCann children? And make no mistake, for the McCanns to leave three under 4 year old children alone in and unlocked apartment while they went out with friends on five consecutive nights, is abuse. The abuse of children takes many forms, the treatment meted out to the young McCann children being but one. The right of these children to be cared for and protected as far as is humanly possible was not met by the McCann parents. They failed all three of their children, Madeleine paying the highest price for their neglectful conduct.

    Never have I or will I be able to understand why the actions of the McCann parents is acceptable to this group. When we consider also that Kate and Gerry McCann stated that Madeleine, on the morning of 3rd May 2007 told them over breakfast that she and a sibling had been awake and crying the previous night, crying for mummy and daddy to attend to them, to comfort them. When we consider also the parents did not answer the cries of these babies. Truth be told, from where the McCann couple sat in the bar wining and dining with friends it was much too far from the apartment where the children were left
    ‘home alone’ impossible for them to view fully the unlocked door, let alone notice if Madeleine had chosen to exit the apartment in their absence, out of earshot also of any crying child.


  101. cntd.

    For anyone who cares at all about the welfare, safety and protection of children, the details, full horror of the vulnerable position these wee ones were placed by their parents’ hits home. Seems not to be the case for the aforementioned group of persons, this section of the public are happy, not only to overlook how the children were treated, the fear and upset the little ones experienced alone and crying in the apartment, which absolutely was avoidable, should not have happened, but with the greatest of ease they are prepared to dismiss the blatant lies and inconsistencies, in so doing failing Madeleine. Their behaviour as baffling as that of the McCann couple, who knowing the distress they caused their children the night previous to Madeleine disappearing, meted out the same treatment once more. Why would any loving, caring parent do that?

    Clarence Mitchell’s thoughts on the McCann style of child care? They mounted the best ‘checking system’ they could “given the lack of resources available to them at the time.” Unbelievable!

    Two parents, healthy fit young medics, not a single reason why one the other or both could not look after the children, what better resource could there be?

    The McCann’s have said many times that from where they sat in the bar they could see the unlocked patio door of the apartment. Said to demonstrate how ‘close’ they were? To make the point that should an intruder have entered by this route they would have been sure to notice or, both perhaps?

    From my window at home, I can see clearly the entry point to various business premises, however, to reach them on foot - quite a different ball game. Not a straight route, not as close as they would first appear viewed as the crow flies. Therefore being able to see an entry point, doesn’t necessarily indicate ‘closeness.’ And to notice if anyone enters or exits any of these premises, I would have to watch closely, diligently without interruption so as not to miss. The darkness of late evening too hinders the view.

    So are the McCann couple suggesting when sitting in the tapas bar they never at any time took their eye off the ball that at all times either one or both of them their gaze was fixed on that patio door? And that in late evening they could still see clearly through the darkness?

    For a moment, let us forget the ‘alleged intruder.’ Why? Well according to the McCann couple they never gave any thought whatsoever to the danger/possibility of someone entering the apartment which they claim they left unlocked, they felt it safe, or as Kate said they never gave any thought to ‘someone, taking a child from their bed.’

    A quite astonishing statement to have made, that as parents, they never considered the possibility or dangers of a stranger having open access to their sleeping children?


  102. cntd

    Assuming this to be true, being able to view the patio door would not then be of immediate concern to them or of concern at all, if, as they say, they were not expecting an unwanted visitor. I would suggest therefore that in respect of intruders, they paid little or no attention to observing the door during their meal.

    Being able to partially view the patio door of the apartment, which Clarence Mitchell their PR described as being on ‘a fairly remote corner of that particular resort’ from their position in the tapas bar has in fact (a) no relevance or bearing on ‘distance’ between the two points, and most certainly had no bearing in respect of the safety of the children inside, who if crying could not be heard, and (b) the McCann couple having had no concerns whatsoever in respect of intruders entering and harming/ snatching one or all three of their children demonstrates also that they felt no need to observe the ‘unlocked’ door.

    So whether they could view this door from a distance of 100/200/300 or 500 metres as crow flies or otherwise, made not a hoot of difference to the safety of the McCann children.

    To continually state that they could see the patio door from where they sat, therefore done merely to give the impression of closeness, that they monitored the patio door that evening, that it was closer than it was, ‘like dining in their back garden.’ Simply a means to justify vindicate in some way their neglect of the children.

    The ‘distance’ and ‘intruder’ issue both out of the way – What of the children?

    They, the McCanns may not have given any thought to someone entering the apartment, extraordinary as it may sound, but this is what they state and stress at each and every given opportunity - their reason for being so lax with the protection of their children was that they felt it “safe.” But surely they gave thought to Madeleine being able to exit through the unlocked door? Surely they gave thought to the child who was prone to waking in their absence doing exactly that, crying, looking for mummy and daddy?

    The answer to that one is a ‘yes’ and a ‘no.’ It would be out of character would it not for the McCann couple not to have at least two versions?

    On one hand they tell us Madeleine would not be able to open the patio door. On the other, we are told that the door was left unlocked for this very purpose – for Madeleine to leave and go look for them should she wake while they were out dining..

    We know they were not on the ‘look out’ for intruders the thought didn’t cross their mind. If they were keeping a watchful eye on the apartment from the tapas bar, what was it they were looking out for – Madeleine leaving?

    I doubt very much the height of the shrubbery, hedgerow surrounding this apartment would have allowed for them to see the child had she upped and left. Apart from all other obstacles, she was not tall enough to be seen. Doubtful too that they would have been able to see in the dark and from such a distance to establish whether the door had been slid open and left in that position by Madeleine, unless of course a breeze caused the curtains hung on the inside at the patio door to billow and blow through to the outside? Where have I heard that one before?


  103. cntd

    Begs the question if they didn’t closely observe that door – Was it because there was no need for them to as they knew the door was not unlocked? Or, were they already aware of Madeleine having had an accident and knew for sure she would not be leaving through the patio door?

    The McCann couple tell us that on at least one evening, Madeleine came to their bedroom during that holiday to tell them one of the twins was awake and crying. We know too that Kate McCann stated on discovering Madeleine to be missing that she looked for her in the bedroom where she and Gerry slept as she thought the child may have woke and gone there.

    Knowing this, would these two medical professionals have taken the chance, gambled with the lives of their children, created a scenario where a stranger could enter and a waking child could leave, head out to the dangers the street held for one so young? I think not!

    In daytime in order to protect their property they would lock the apartment when going out for the day. Why would they then leave it unsecured in the evenings with their three children alone inside? This feeling of Praia da Luz being so ‘safe’ they claimed to have had, did it not apply in daytime? Did they only expect an intruder, burglar to strike in daytime?

    When a tale makes no sense, doesn’t have a ring of truth, it is generally a lie. Leaving their children alone in an unlocked apartment night after night, I suggest is exactly that! Further, Gerry McCann’s first statement to police where he made clear that he and his wife entered the apartment by the front locked door, using the key to gain entry, when checking their children supports this. Again points to why they would have no need to have monitored the patio door, of no concern to them as it was not unlocked. They knew, or thought they did that Madeleine would not exit it for this very reason. No need to observe it during dinner.

    Madeleine, a child days short of 4 years of age would most certainly have had the strength and ability to slide open an unlocked door. What we must ask though – Was she able to negotiate the locking mechanism? Quite possibly, depending, the system! I know of children much younger who are able to slip the locking catch on patio doors!

    Not unreasonable to give thought to this possibility and the potential consequences of this having happened. Yet the McCann couple will not entertain this. Will not entertain any possibility other than an ‘unknown’ person having entered the un/locked apartment, and removed the child at around 9:15 pm? That is the ‘working hypothesis’ Mitchell tells us of the McCann private investigation. Gerry McCann however tells us ‘a thesis without evidence is meaningless.’

    Brick wall time. Big problem, the Private Investigators have found no evidence of an intruder/abductor. The Metropolitan police currently reviewing the case have no evidence of an intruder removing the child from the apartment, and the original police authority investigating, the PJ in Portugal found no evidence of abduction either – only the fingerprints of Kate McCann found on the window/window area confirming she did at some point open/close or press her hand against that glass at during her stay in the apartment, but when…?


  104. cntd

    The changing accounts by the McCann couple make it extremely difficult for those following the case those who look at it logically, fairly, to believe in them.

    To state they left their three under 4 year olds in a holiday apartment, on five consecutive nights, some of those nights the patio door being left unlocked, but they don’t know which nights they left it unlocked, and to not be able to recall with any certainty which doors, windows, shutters in the apartment in ANY of the rooms were un/locked is incredulous. We can only take from this that they did NOT check before leaving the children. What type of person not only leaves children so young alone, but doesn’t bother to ensure the apartment is secure, be it the windows the shutters the doors in ALL rooms?

    To not recall immediately when asked which door they left by on the evening Madeleine disappeared, or to not recall immediately which door they entered by on their checks, quite frankly is NOT believable. Yet the McCann couple expect the police and the public to “swallow” this!

    Gerry McCann changed his police witness statement on this count, first he tells police he, and his wife Kate on their respective checks entered by the front locked door, then hey presto Kate entered by an unlocked patio door!

    If they could not remember when first asked which door they used on that night, a matter of utmost importance, should have been uppermost in their minds – the safety of their children – and something, that I am sure all will agree is IMPOSSIBLE to have forgotten, how can anyone then be expected to believe pretty much anything else they have stated, as clearly he was not being truthful regarding the entry/exit point when checks were being carried out. And for them to state they left their children, alone in an apartment without checking window/shutter/door locks in any room, cannot remember whether they secured the apartment, added to the fact they were happy to leave these children night after night quite clearly shows they are not responsible persons to have children in their care, or rather, were not acting responsibly on that holiday.

    I don’t for a moment believe the McCann children were neglected at home in the UK. I don’t for a moment believe that if McCanns went out to dine in the UK they would have left their children home alone. And I don’t for a moment believe that on such outings the McCann couple would not be able to remember if later asked, in whose care they left their children, or by which door they exited their home, entered on their return, front, side, back, patio whatever.

    I therefore, don’t for a moment believe that their memories failed them in this regard when on holiday in Praia da Luz! Impossible for them not to know which door they used, impossible too for them not to remember who read the children bedtime stories, who tucked the children in, and who was last to see them before leaving that night. Yet their accounts are conflicting, on this and most everything else.

    Why McCanns threw all caution to the wind, placed their children in danger when in Portugal is anyone’s guess, but for sure they did. There is no getting away from this fact, keeping the children safe was not the priority of this couple and tragedy struck.

    It is almost certain that Madeleine had an accident in the apartment, resulting in her death, concealment of the fact taking place.


  105. cntd

    Why would they lie in such circumstances?

    This is perhaps where the public, most I think would be able to come up with an answer. They panicked. Fear of losing their twin children, their careers, being incarcerated, losing their “lives.”

    Odd as it may seem, I believe that had they come clean, despite the obvious neglect, failure to protect their children, that people would have understood to a degree, been appalled of course at their actions in leaving the children, but sympathetic towards them for any tragedy that this might have led to.

    As it now stands they can rely only on the section of the public who would if instructed by them to “jump” would ask how high, such is their loyalty to the McCann couple. Sadly in doing so they too fail Madeleine, she is lost to them.

    If ever this couple should appear in a Court of Law charged with involvement on any level/count in the disappearance of their daughter, these very same people who support the lies and the neglect, will I have not a single doubt declare that they, the McCann’s were ‘fitted up.’


  106. cntd

    Those in this group, have no qualms whatsoever about labelling others ‘McCann Haters’, anyone, anyone at all who has the intelligence to recognise that much is wrong in this case, anyone who questions the lies and inconsistencies; the use (or misuse?) of the monies donated to the Madeleine Fund; the £m’s spent on dodgy private detectives; cost of failed legal actions raised by the McCann couple; expensive lawyers, both in UK and Portugal; the vast sums of money paid to other bodies for their protection, in the form of Carter Ruck, their PR man Clarence Mitchell for his attempts at painting white, that which is evident to most, black or a very dark shade of grey.

    Mitchell is paid to deceive, to misinform, mislead the public, not something he or the McCanns should be proud of or comfortable with but clearly they are. There is a fine line between lying and misleading, but the end game is the same to deflect from the truth! This may be acceptable practice when working in the world of politics, but despicable in the case of a missing child.

    And of course not forgetting the UK media deceitful, economical with the truth, when reporting -no, not reporting on the case, ‘writing’ shall we say, as reporting involves honesty, integrity, balance, the fair mindedness to inform and present their readers with both sides of a case, an argument, in order for them to form opinion. Not attributes possessed by our ‘reporters’ here in the UK, the truth not a concept familiar to them, that is, at least, those who have written about the Madeleine case. The victim, in this instance, young Madeleine Beth McCann, deserves nothing less than that the truth and nothing but the truth be put in print.

    Thus far this has not happened. The McCann PR Mitchell has seen to that. It appears to me that her parents and those in their employ are not advocates!

    The loathsome Lazzeri who lies with such apparent ease, the wild imagination of Donal MacIntyre so far off the mark he is on another planet, and not forgetting the manipulative Murray, who without having the Madeleine case to write about would be seeking employment… The ‘truth’ none of them able to recognise, not if it jumped up and bit them on the bahookie!

    They should all hang their heads in shame. Journalists/reporters they are not.

    And poor old crime reporter Martin Brunt of Sky, his heart I’m sure in the right place, but so difficult to report on crime when he himself is subject to it, being forced to report on this case a noose around his neck and with one hand tied behind his back, criminal! If the knots were untied or loosened a little one can imagine how different the short blogs he writes would be.


  107. cntd

    Discovering the truth of what became of young Madeleine Beth McCann and seeking justice for her not of any great concern to these people, not the section of the public previously mentioned, those online, who defend the indefensible, not the money makers, who have cashed in on Madeleine! The £500.00 per hour legal eagles, the dodgy private detectives hired by the McCann couple, and the PR merchant that is Clarence Mitchell, whose tales have been more incredulous more unbelievable than those told by the McCanns themselves, he who carries on regardless with the sham knowing the public have his ‘number.’

    Casting a weather eye runs both ways!

    The task of salvaging the tarnished reputations of this couple who neglected their children, who were less than co-operative with the investigating police authority, who have been less than truthful, has proved too much, Mitchell is out of his depth but I am sure he does not care, the carrot to continue his quest, the cash!

    All of those responsible for “spending” Madeleine’s £millions need to take a long hard look at themselves… but that is not going to happen. They have all dived so deep into the mire now happily ensconced in their new found home with their new found family the McCanns they too, now living, not the good life, but the lie!

    To report only one side of a story and to lie in the process attempt to deceive the readers/viewers one has to ask why? What makes these people tick? What is it the McCanns and their “associates” fear? If they have been entirely honest, played no part in the disappearance of Madeleine they would have no need for others, the likes of Lazzeri to lie on their behalf. They would not fear the UK public being made aware of the monies they lost from the Fund, would not fear the public being aware of the failed legal actions, at great cost to the Fund, the monies squandered, the monies paid to fraudulent private detectives which caused the degree of depletion Madeleine’s Fund has suffered under their direction and management. They would not fear the public knowing that their latest legal action resulted in another loss, for them and the Madeleine Fund,with the banned books belonging to publishers Guerra and Paz and written by Goncalo Amaral being returned to the shelves. And they would not fear this book, an English version being made available in the UK, for the public to read and decide for themselves.

    Such is the arrogance of this couple, the audacity of them to believe that they could dictate to the world what we can and cannot read. These persons, who remain informal suspects, persons of interest in the disappearance of their daughter that they could imagine for a moment they held a power so great that they could order the banning of a book by way of controlling others, keeping from them the facts of the police investigation into the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine…


  108. cntd

    The money in the Fund donated in the main by the public to assist them in a search for this child has enabled them to buy for themselves all the protection they feel they need, numerous sets of lawyers in their employ, in UK and Portugal, PR persons to manufacture stories in the press to paint them in a good light whilst in the process, creating stories condemning all others, those who sought to find this child who had no other agenda but to do so, their names blackened.

    ‘Madeleine’ a rather crass piece penned by Kate McCann another exercise in self- preservation and protection, in the main about Kate herself, little about Madeleine and a lot dedicated to the condemnation of all things Portuguese, their police, their people, in fact anyone at all who has questioned any aspect of this case.

    Describing in her book the first Portuguese police officers on the scene as Tweedledum and Tweedledee, and referring to another the family liason officer as a F…ing Tosser, further making derogatory remark in describing an elderly British lady who lived above 5A who had offered assistance. Not many escaped the crazed, nasty and scathing comments by the mother of Madeleine, Sean and Amelie!

    This she deems fit for us to purchase and read, but not the book by Goncalo Amaral, a true account of the Portuguese police investigation..?

    The book was written she said for her remaining children, 7 year old twins Sean and Amelie.

    If this woman is wise cares anything at all for these little ones, she will see to it that this piece of utter nonsense,sensationalism, spiced for the sake of it, is never read by these children. It is staggering that she put pen to paper, more so that she claims it is for Sean and Amelie. Poor kids! In light of Rebecca Brooks performance at Leveson, her statements exposing the many untruths…I see trouble ahead!


  109. cntd

    As for young Sean and Amelie what lies ahead for them, their lives forever changed by the selfish actions of their parents?

    They never got to know their sister, they cannot possibly remember her yet it is evident that they have been fed stories of her ‘abduction.’
    Rather than protect these youngsters from the media, the McCann couple in interview speak of them, announce to the world that they the twins are going to slay the alleged abductor. Always these twins it seems are ‘at the ready’ waiting to beat the hell out of the guy should he make an appearance! If they are not going to fly around the world, sword in hand to slay the creep, they have according to their parents some equally dangerous instrument to hand, baseball bats whatever item pops into Kate's head when being interviewed... Kate has been telling us these stories for the last five years.

    Time to leave these little ones out of it protect them. When they say they want to find the abductor and punish him in whatever way they are able to articulate this at age 5/6/7/ it should be kept private.

    What they say in their young years regarding Madeleine, when with their family, within the confines of their own home should remain there. It’s harmful and certainly by no means healthy or helpful for these youngsters to be exposed in the media in this way. They are only little kiddies reacting to what they have been fed by their parents.- wanting to slay the ‘monster’ who they have been told took their sister. It is terribly sad that as a result of what they are being fed this is their thoughts.

    For the McCann couple to speak with the press about these kiddies, allow headlines such as…

    ‘As The Twins Get Older Their Desire to Help the Search for Their Sister will be even Greater’

    to promote their campaign, is quite frankly, wrong on all levels, completely irresponsible!

    Similarly, comments in the following vein by Kate McCann where again the twins are “used”

    “But obviously as they get older their understanding gets greater and their desire to find their sister becomes even greater.”

    “I have no doubt that if there comes a time when Madeleine has not been found and Sean and Amelie are of an age, maybe teenagers, they will want to help us and carry on the search.”


    If the truth of what happened to Madeleine has not been discovered before the twins reach an age in adulthood where they are able to fully understand, and have lived their lives until this point in her shadow, they may not want to spend their young or later adult life searching for the truth, for the sister they never knew. They may choose to move on not let it continue to be the focus. I hope they do as life is for living and for the living.

    Sean and Amelie are not responsible for the neglectful conduct of their parents which resulted in the disappearance of their sister, and their young lives, especially their ‘teen’ years as suggested by Kate McCann absolutely should not involve them having to try and put right the wrongdoing of their mother and father. A burden, a weight no teenager should have to bear.

    These kiddies have suffered enough.


  110. We are very disappoiuted in Mr Camerons dealings with the Mccann case in that he should have insisted that Portugal take over and organise a reconstruction. He knows that Mccanns and Mitchel have bought so many stories that are not true.If he listens to them how can the people trust him with the country. It looks like he is not sorry for Madeleine who most people believe died in the flat.

  111. cntd

    As for the book the content in parts distasteful being written for Sean and Amelie? I can only conclude that the woman is deluded if she thinks the public (other than those who appear unable to think for themselves) cannot see that money is her master and that the book was written solely for this reason.

    The Fund in trouble, in my estimation clearly ill managed, the dirty deal had to be done. To this end, Kate McCann got into bed with News International. Ah the things we do for love – of money! Later at the Leveson Inquiry Kate accused NI of raping her mentally! Ouch!

    And 5 years on a long list of those who have “worked” for the McCann couple, Justine McGuinness, Esther McVey, Jon Corner, Dave Edgar, John McCann, Kevin Halligen, Metodo 3, Arthur Cowley to name but a few.

    Reads like an episode of ‘Where Are They Now’

    If I was able to offer the public advice it would be to NOT donate to the Madeleine Fund. The online accounts are not transparent much of the detail has been left out, not for public view. Seems they will take your money, but not tell you what happened to it, on what it spend! Kate's book most definitely, and by their, own admission sold phenomenally well raising a considerable sum, and there is a £3.5m Review paid for by the UK taxpayer. £m’s from this fund already spent in the short space of 5 years, half a £million of which they paid to a fraudster! McCann begging bowl should if they have a moral bone in their bodies be now be tucked away in a cupboard never to again see the light of day.

    As for Detective Inspector Redwood what more can be said about this man that has not been said already? I think by now it will have dawned on him that he has been passed the black spot!

    Sr Goncalo Amaral who has throughout what must have been a most difficult time in his life, acted with decorum, always courteous, professional I congratulate for not bowing to the demands of the McCann couple, not allowing them to bully, silence or control, fighting for what is his right. In this I support him. The decision of the Court was the right one!

    In McCann world it is money, power and contacts they use to manipulate, spread their version of “truth” not caring who they harm in the process.

    In the real world the honest truth transcends all boundaries it cannot be bought and paid for!

    So very happy to hear that Maddie A Verdade da Mentira is back on sale!


  112. PACT have changed their homepage again. The girl at the window has gone and (no surprise) has been replaced by the age-progressed image of Madeleine McCann. PACT claim on their site that 140,000 kids go missing in the UK every year but guess what? The ONLY child to feature on the page is Madeleine McCann - a girl who went missing in Portugal.
    There is no reference to any other children, including the two kids who went missing abroad, Ben Needham and Katrice Lee. Their main concern is obviously reserved for one child. 'PACT' is an appropriate name for that organisation, in more ways than one.

  113. The welll know TV personality Clement Freud helped the McCanns in July 2007 (this came to light after his death in 2009) by cooking them dinners in Praia da Luz where he had a holiday home . His son Matthew is married to Elisabeth Murdoch Rupert Murdoch's daughter . How convenient !

  114. 21/05/2012 09:34

    Bill said... 96

    My hope is that we are all being fed a line, so the guilty ones are not put on alert...


    Hi Bill,

    I echo your thoughts and sentiments! Would it not be wonderful if this was the case.

    When DI Redwood, did his rounds recently, reporting on the Review the Mets findings thus far, he astonished most I imagine. Was Redwood doing what you suggest in your comment - throwing a line, or was it a whitewash? Initially gave the benefit of the doubt, but as he continued his rounds had to conclude - whitewash! You say the guilty may steer the investigation in another direction. Redwood has gone down the abduction route. If the guilty steer in the opposite direction...death in 5A and concealment? We can live in hope eh?

    Veering off ever so slightly, I have to say, if anyone has 'steered' in relation to Madeleine's disappearance, it started with the McCanns/tapas bunch when they announced to media in UK - before any official investigation was able to get underway in Portugal - that Madeleine had been abducted! For good measure they threw in an abductor also, courtesy of Jane Tanner, one (of several) she made earlier of course! But how was that for a stroke of luck, the case being solved before it got started! Nature of crime and culprit, a male, established almost instantly! Fine bit of driving, steering, sorry detective work by tapas bunch!

    Funny though how no one else saw this man. No one ever coming forward to claim the then 'reward' either. And no amount of £m's spent on PI's has resulted in any clue whatsoever as to who he may be or his whereabouts.

    I might be a tad cynical, but could this failure by the PI's to solve the mystery, catch the culprit be due to the McCann private investigation tackling only abduction by a stranger, this stranger being a figment of their friend Jane's imagination? No, I'm being ridiculous, abduction the 'working hypothesis' according to Clarence Mitchell, I'm sure Edgar took this seriously! Maybe though if he had dipped his toe in 'death by accident' he may have got a result. But how could Edgar slip that one by them? Tried his hand when he said the abductor may have been a woman - slapped down for that one! He made up for it though when making the documentary, said it didn't matter which side of road Gerry and Jez stood. Back in Gerry's good books!

    Perhaps Met will put aside a few bob from the £1m remaining, call in police psychiatrist,order a thorough search Tanner's head! Might be money well spent. Then again might come up empty! Love to see that one itemised on the Met's financial breakdown of costs!

    On a more serious note. The recent events at Leveson, the revelations, indicate that there is no level to which these people will not stoop, how far reaching the deceit and corruption.

    Can anyone now really, hand on heart, believe in these people? Believe a word the McCann couple might say?

    It seems the Madeleine case is about more than a missing child. Follow the money...


  115. In 1999 a 16 yeas old girl was raped and murdered in Holland, strangled and her throat was cut.

    For 13 years people were convinced she was murdered by a foreigner, probably a muslim, because it happened not far away from a asylum centre.
    And Muslims are the scape goat of Europe.

    With new developping in the forensic science, the police found out through the DNA of the killer,that he is a West European, 100% white, and a hair found in the mechanism of a gaslighter found in the bag of the victim has the same DNA of the murderer. And that means she knew him.

    This brings me hope. I hope the inconclusive blood of Madeleine's will be test again with better results.
    It is known already that the hair with no roots found in the Scenic proves that it was Medleine's and that she took sedatives tot the last day of her life, something that the McCanns denied.

  116. Well said Bill @96.....just my thoughts, why would SY give the culprits the heads up.

  117. two former scotland yard detectives and One currently employed scotland yard detective arrested on suspicion of bribing another s/y detective and the two former s/y detectives working for risk management !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is all looking more like a complete series of the twilight zone films.

  118. So Clarence Mitchel is PR and Media Adviser to PACT, Parents of Abducted Children Together? A job for life? then who is paying his fees and expenses?

  119. It matters nothing that Scotland Yard detectives are reviewing the information. or that other enquires dig the dirt on many, many people, Madeleine will not receive Justice from Portugal,
    For it was the justice system in Portugal that was responsible for removal of an honourable man Goncalo Amaral from the case, and then ensured that the McCann’s were provided with a police escort to the airport where they received VIP treatment to exit the country before they could be charged with any crime. The case was then closed and will remain so until the justice system in Portugal re-opens it which we all know will never happen.
    There will I fear never be justice for a little girl and her parents will continue to blame all but themselves.
    Letter from Iberia

  120. One thing is clear if the McCanns hadnt left their children alone, this would not have happened. They and only they provided the window of opportunity. They and only they are responsible for what ever happened. There is no evidence of an abduction,not yesterday,today or in the future, this has been proven by police investigations.
    Their behaviour is not of grieving parent , more of people hiding something, no normal distraught parents would sue everybody who disagrees, or pay publicity agents, extradicion lawyers and so on.
    They have to remain innocent for Gerry is on a promise of a job in government and we know that gerry will tread over anyone to get what he wants, he has already been descibed an an unemotional shark who gets his own way.
    Dear McCanns the only person i have pity for is Maddie, you are the cause of her destiny and one day it will come back on you and I hope it is Dr Amaral who bites you. There are many you dont fool, there are some you do by manipulating them with the old photos of Madeleine , which now are no good to anyone. Stop your cash cow business and get a conscience, cos this wont go away.

  121. A Miller,

    As usual a very interesting, well summed up, posting. Just one thing I can't see having happened though, and that is that Madeleine died by accident.

    If Madeleine had died by accident by falling behind the settee, the McCanns would only have needed to wait until the morning and say they found her then, and she must have died whilst she was sleepwalking during the night, and they themselves were asleep. End of! Much sympathy for them, and they would then have taken her home for burial.

    As for the theory that some people have that she died by a drug overdose, if that was the case, then why didn't the cadaver dog alert to cadaver scent in her bed, because surely that is where she would have died if she had been given something to make her go to sleep.

    Yet the blood and cadaver scent was behind the settee, and the body was missing. Why?

    Was it absolutely necessary to hide the body because if it had been seen, it would have been obvious that Madeleine certainly did not die by accident of any kind?

    This investigation should be a murder enquiry, and I doubt the truth will ever be discovered until it is.

  122. What happened to the dear old UK, where our police were trustworthy and respected. What happened to equality, educated doctors?? get rich through tragedy (they caused it remember) And the poorer get shownup without help, and theirs was a real abduction.
    Masons,friends in high places, prime minister,manipulation and lies all smell the same, corruption...Show us SY what our finest true police are like, dont accept the manipulation. Be heroes for the sake of MBM

  123. To our prime Minister, Mr David cameron, "TRH" I will not use, please give your country a reason to believe in you and your Government, please do not allow the shadows to bury the truth, you are a father yourself and I do believe a good man, therefore, believe in Madeliene Mccann an inoccent little girl.

  124. I believe medical records can be released when a crime is proved, not before. They can be necessary during a trial.When a person is only official suspect, medical records remain secret, at least for the public. We are public.

  125. Anon 116, Interesting. What a small world it is.

    Lord Leveson, who was appointed to head the Inquiry by his good friend Cameron, and should by rights recuse himself from the Inquiry being as Cameron is also to be questioned, was also a guest of the daughter of Murdoch when she gave parties.

    It was Leveson who, when the McCanns were giving their 'evidence', reinforced the McCanns abduction fairy story as fact, and anybody who said otherwise as conspiracy nuts. Now, how the hell would he know what was truth, and what was not, when it comes to the Madeleine McCann case. Could it be that it was because the McCanns had told him their version, and he had absolutely believed them without question, which is a very stupid thing to do, or was it somebody close to Murdoch who had given him the McCanns' version of the truth and he had taken it on trust. As a judge, he should really have to explain.

    As I already said, what a very small world it is, especially where the McCanns are concerned.

  126. I am 118 and I go back to the same issue.

    Which one of you could try to find out if it is possible to get more out of those inconclusive samples. After 5 years, it is very well possible.I've tried internet but I did not get an answer to my question.

  127. #124 wrote:

    "If Madeleine had died by accident by falling behind the settee, the McCanns would only have needed to wait until the morning and say they found her then, and she must have died whilst she was sleepwalking during the night, and they themselves were asleep. End of! Much sympathy for them, and they would then have taken her home for burial."

    What if there was something wrong with Madeleine's body that would be revealled in a possible authopsy...? What if Madeleine had been subjected to some horrible practices during her short life, let's say paedophily acts or regular administration of sleeping medicines? Those would be evident in a post-mortem examination, and of course they just could not afford to risk such an exam to happen! Even if it was an accidental death an authopsy had to be avoided at all costs, and the only way to assure it would not happen is the absence of the body.
    Just my opinion...

  128. News International now own Kate and Gerry McCann ltd.

    Its the price everybody has to pay who allows Murdochs mafia to do them a favour. Every e-mail or text they ever sent will be held as insurance to use against them if they ever stop obeying orders. Why have the Murdochs ordered the release of communications to Leveson Inquiry which damage Cameron and Hunt? Is it because they failed to deliver BSKYB? Why has Murdoch volunteered to reveal information damaging to Met Police officers? Is it because they failed to protect Rebekah and allowed her arrest? I would rather owe Don Corleone a favour than Uncle Rupert.

  129. #122,

    Yes, but Portugal acted like that because of unbearable pressures from...the UK! One can argue, oh well, they gave in to pressures because they wanted to, they have no backbone, they could have stood their ground and said NO! Uh, uh...easier said than done, "beggars can't be choosers", right...? Portugal is just a small, poor and economically weak country in the European map, it depends on the good will of those who lay the economy rules. Do you think Portugal would dare to "desobey" any orders coming from "the masters"?! "No way, José"!
    Sad, and it makes my blood boil, but that's the world's reality for you!

  130. Good afternoon @ 124

    Thank you.

    Interesting that you feel Madeleine's case should be a murder enquiry.

    May I ask what leads you to believe the child was murdered and who do you suspect of committing this crime if indeed you do?

    On Sky Blog a retired police officer who once contributed there made the point that if the case had been treated as a murder inquiry, that the investigation would have then been handled in an altogether different manner. Not an expert by any stretch of the imagination but I imagine that for the police to have done so they required some form of evidence which indicated that murder was the nature of the crime committed against Madeleine. It seems the evidence gathered up until the time the case was shelved pointed to an accident in the apartment. Perhaps in time if the investigation had been allowed to progress, the status would have been changed to that of 'murder' who knows?

    But certainly agree that had it been deemed a murder inquiry as the retired officer said it would then be handled in a quite different way.

    Agree too, that for most of us, our thinking is that had Madeleine had an accident in her parents absence that it would have been simple, honest the right and only proper thing to do, for them to admit to this and in so doing they would almost certainly have gained a degree of sympathy from the public despite them having neglected their children. For most of us we would not I would imagine, be thinking though of waiting until morning before admitting to any accident, but rather in terms, of reporting immediately any type of accident which may have caused the child's death. Doing, what to most would come naturally on discovering our child having been harmed in any way.

    The difference here I think is that the McCanns and their party had spent night after night out boozing while ALL of their little ones, ALL babies or toddlers were left alone in these apartments. In the main this party consisted of medical professionals. I think both these factors, the neglect of the children over a number of nights, and their professionals backgrounds could have contributed to them not acting as most of us would in such circumstances - that is, reporting/seeking the necessary assistance of whatever nature from police and medical authorities.

    Madeleine was, at almost 4 years of age the eldest of the children in the group who were abandoned on a nightly basis by their parents. Pretty frightening to imagine it possible that they could do this but they did, all of them. And I think too sometimes, due to the circus the parents and their hired 'help' have created around the case, we forget just how awful it must have been for these kids, especially the McCann children who we know DID waken on more than one occasion when their parents were out at the bar. And Tanner's child too, who we are told was sick that evening, and on checking they found the child had thrown up. Beggars belief they would have left a sick child alone. We somehow forget the gravity of what the McCanns did, that it is child abuse, neglect, and a horrifying crime. The creation of the abductor served its purpose to this end also, diverted attention from the original crime committed against the child - the neglect!


  131. We all quite naturally assume that as they are medics they would do what was 'right' but perhaps it was exactly this fact that would cause them to go down the route of concealment as they felt they had too much to lose. Apart from losing Sean and Amelie (which would almost certainly be the outcome in such circumstances) their careers were, at least that of Gerry McCann of utmost importance to them. As far as my impression of him, he would not at any cost allow anything or anyone to stand in the way of this, or any plans/hopes he had of furthering his prospects in medicine and perhaps in Government too. That, in my opinion was not an option for him.

    And for us to say that they as medics would have helped the child (I believe one of the tapas made comment in this regard in respect of resuscitation of the child) I don't doubt for a moment they would have attempted to give medical assistance, had the child been found alive. And who knows they may have done exactly that, but the medical assistance administered came too late to save her life. We just don't know.

    What we do know is that the evidence thus far points to an accident of some description having occurred in Apartment 5A.


  132. cntd

    I found it interesting your point re the theory out there, that the child may have been drugged, given an overdose of 'something' intended to make her sleep, and your thoughts that if this was the case then cadaver would have been found in the bed and not below the window. If she had been administered something, shall we say quite powerful for want of a better description then yes I would have to say that most likely she would not have gotten back up from or out of bed, so would most likely if dead, she would have died in that location. But I don't believe she was given any such thing. Just my personal opinion, though like other theories it cannot be ruled out. Just cannot see them doing this or as medical doctors making the gravest of errors by getting the dosage wrong!

    I think it more possible that the children were given something to aid sleep, one of the type of children's medicines, but not something which perhaps would render them comatose for the entire evening through until next morning, perhaps given so that they would nod off a little quicker to allow the parents to be able to leave at the time they wanted to, so as to meet up with their friends. If this was the case then Madeleine could quite easily have stirred gotten out of bed to go get mummy or daddy. When she found them not to be there, she then went to the window area having climbed on the sofa to look out for them, a fall follows..? It is possible too that the child woke and took a dose of 'something' from the items her parents had in their first aid kit so to speak, which Kate McCann I believe said she kept in her bedroom out of harms way. But was it? Madeleine it seems when she woke would head straight to the bedroom of the parents, something she did both at home in UK and Portugal, as children do, when they wake in the night, either call out for mummy and daddy and when their call not answered, they might go to their parents room. If Madeleine did this on that night..? If either, they were given an 'aid' the effect of which lasted but a couple hours before Madeleine stirred, or Madeleine took something herself, then this is where it possible for a 'medicine' and a fall both to be contributory factors in the child's death, and demonstrates how it possible then for her not to have necessarily died in her bed.

    If I am understanding you correctly, and apologies if I am not, you ask why it would be necessary to remove the body in relation to an accident. If they didn't want it to be discovered that Madeleine had an accident in their absence reason then for removal and concealment. Or, if the child died as a result of an overdose/overdose which led to an accident, then this would have more grave consequences in relation to the crimes committed against the child, no longer, child abandonment with an accident occurring in their absence, but 'drugging' added to the charges resulting in the child's subsequent death. In either scenario the authorities when establishing cause of death would have uncovered this.


  133. cntd

    There are other theories too that Madeleine may have had a knock or fall on a previous day the symptoms only 'presenting' on 3rd May 2007 resulting in a fall and eventual death in 5A ? Kate McCann did say that Madeleine was not her 'usual self' when she caught up with the children at tea time on the evening of the 3rd (but then she also said that she asked Madeleine at that time how she felt about not having been asked to the beach with the other families. Oh what a cruel thing for a mummy to say to her wee girl. Could be that that had something to do with Madeleine not feeling quite right!) So tired was the child it seems that she asked to be carried back to the apartment. Kate obliged. Now whether this is another one of Kate's stories intended to bolster her and Gerry's other story - that their three kids, on that night, were too tired to go play at the tennis courts - as they had done, it seems every other evening, as had the other kids in the group, is anybody's guess is. If the child had been injured in some way, previous to the 3rd, her being out of sorts, her tiredness could well have been symptoms presenting. But again, one would have to wonder at these parents, medics not picking up on any signs, or if they did, why would they go out and leave kids alone if one was unwell....Ooops did Tanner and O'Brien not to do exactly that? Madeleine being out of sorts, as tired as Kate stated, too tired to play by early evening, that's pretty tired... But hey, immediately after tea at the creche Madeleine, Sean and Amelie were up for crisps, cookies, treats and milk according to Kate. So perhaps the children, Madeleine not so tired and out of sorts as Kate first thought!


  134. cntd

    There is a film, ~Freedomland with the lead roles, Julianne Moore and Samuel L Jackson where a doting mother, raising her child alone, a 4 year old boy, reports her son as having been abducted. She tells police he was in the back of her car when it was car jacked. Transpires this is not the truth of matters. She had met a man who became her boyfriend so to speak. She has no one to babysit her son so decides, rather than pass up the chance of a relationship, she will give the boy one of these children's medicines so that he will sleep in the evening and allow her to have time with the friend. It begins a pattern, the mother who up until this time has been devoted to the child, throws all caution to the wind regarding his safety, gives him the medicine every time she meets with this man. There inevitably comes a time when 'luck' if you like runs out for her, on one evening, she returns to find her wee boy lying under the dining table. He had in her absence, got hold of the kiddies medicine and taken it, overdosing resulting in his death. There he lay the medicine bottle beside him. She calls the boyfriend and together they remove the child and take him to a place where they bury him. She now reports him as having been abducted in the car jack. There the lie begins.

    Not dissimilar to that of the McCanns, not the storyline perse - but in as much as, it was only a matter of time before their luck ran out and something tragic happened to one, two or all three of their children. But they clearly thought night after night out at the bar with their friends was worth risking their children's safety, their lives.


  135. cntd

    Whilst all theories can be looked at, and some can be considered more likely than others, for me I believe the most simple is the most obvious. They left their children unattended. At some point during that time period Madeleine did indeed have an accident which resulted in her death. And a plan to conceal same was concocted and carried out.

    There are too many 'red herrings' created by the McCann couple: The open window and shutter. The unlocked patio door. The tired children who didn't want to play, and the even more tired Madeleine, too tired to walk from the creche area where tea was served, back to the apartment. The note at the reception desk which 'might' have been seen by the alleged abductor alerting him to the fact the children were on their own. The children crying the night prior to the disappearance of Madeleine, which Kate thinks may have been the alleged abductor disturbing the children causing them to wake and him to abandon the abduction. The mysterious stain on Madeleine's pyjamas which they could not identify (load of nonsense a mum a GP who could not identify what the alleged stain might be) the implication being that this was caused by an intruder. Tanner conveniently coming up with with an abductor and Oldfield even more conveniently checking on these kids that night which he had never before done, but oops he forgot to make sure that they were all present and correct. And of course we cannot forget Gerry, some time later in the little documentary with his friend Corner, suggesting the twins were drugged. Funny the twins sleeping soundly that evening didn't seem to bother them at the time!

    If these twins were given something to enhance sleep, I would suggest it was done by the parents so that they could not witness the removal of Madeleine from the apartment. The parents could not risk these kids being able to 'talk.' And as we now know from Kate, in the recent interview in Sweden, they are to her surprise, recalling events which took place before the 3rd May 2007!

    But then in another of Kate's stories she tells us of how she was surprised to learn that the twins could speak as well as they could, she hadn't previously noticed!

    The 'clues' they are created to persuade the public of an abduction, they read like the script of a hammy made for tv murder mystery, so obvious are they.

    Mitchell? Well he has a wholly innocent explanation at the ready for any evidence which may be found which could implicate the couple. Funny that, cannot say I noticed psychic powers listed on his profile. Could be Kate and Gerry have told him what he can expect to 'crop up' so that he can, to quote Clarence 'shape the story' before press release.

    With regards Mitchell, as Nellie (Hilda Baker) would say 'he knows, you know!'

    And that is the shame of this case, that so many 'know' things are not right, but are happy to take the money, run and stay schtum!


  136. A miller,

    I already stated why I think the case should be reopened as a murder investigation. Basically, I think an ''accident (when the kids were left by themselves) could easily have been accounted for by the McCanns, so they would not have any blame attached to them whatsoever. Easy to alter the time of when they had found her to next morning.

    Also, when the information contained in the Gaspar statements was passed on to the PJ by the LP, (even though the PJ themselves had to request it), that should have certainly been enough to keep the case open and to carry on with the investigation. It would appear to have been swept under the carpet, even though the lady doctor was so concerned when she heard of the disappearance of Madeleine she had to go inform the police of her concerns.

    That certainly should have been enough to keep the investigation well and truly inside that group surrounding Madeleine.

    This case has been derailed by the McCanns and their pals refusing to cooperate with the investigators, and them pushing constantly the 'abduction' scenario which has no basis whatsoever, given the facts and circumstances, especially those excellent dogs and their alerts in the apartment, etc.

    Also to be considered is the length of time needed for cadaver scent to develop for a cadaver dogs to scent it. There has been experimentation done on this and the earliest for the best dogs (which was used in this case), is about an hour and a half. Much longer for those not as good. Therefore not enough time lapsed for the scent to develop from 9pm when Gerry McCann said he saw Madeleine alive and well at 9pm until 10pm when Kate McCann gave the alert.

    No, there are many things that do not make sense. A reopening please Portugal, and a murder investigation, and no chasing here, there, and everywhere for a phantom abductor, until those who were directly in contact with Madeleine have been totally cleared of any involvement.

  137. @26/05/2012 11:58
    PEARL said... 131
    News International now own Kate and Gerry McCann ltd.

    Whilst I have become resigned to the fact that no matter what happens, however many Inquiries, Reviews, Investigations, the McCanns will always come out squeaky clean. This is becoming worse than a farce simply because it exposes all the corruption underlying those running the UK. But if what you say, that NI now "own" the TM then there is hope, that one day one of them will simply crumple under the burden. Madeleine may have been the only victim but the weight of lies will inevitably become too much. I live in hope!

    Many thanks A.Miller for your posts.

  138. Hi again @124 /139


    I already stated why I think the case should be reopened as a murder investigation. Basically, I think an ''accident (when the kids were left by themselves) could easily have been accounted for by the McCanns, so they would not have any blame attached to them whatsoever. Easy to alter the time of when they had found her to next morning.”

    I do agree absolutely, if treated as murder, the investigation would have taken a different course.

    My point was, and as I say, I am not an expert on such matters, not by any stretch of the imagination, but, would not the police have had to have something which they classed as ‘concrete’ to lead them to believe a murder had been committed, other than suspicion, which the PJ may or may not have had in this regard, before heading down this route?

    I don’t know at which point (when there is no body) a missing person case becomes a murder inquiry. We do know that this does happen as an investigation progresses, police are able to determine whether they believe it to be due to foul play and change status to that of murder inquiry. The recent case here in Scotland, of missing person Suzanne Pilley being the perfect example. But every case is different I am sure, and perhaps the PJ at the time did not have enough “evidence” to change the status from missing person to murder inquiry. Whatever the reason for it not happening I cannot claim to know. As I also said, perhaps if the investigation had been allowed to progress, in time this may have happened. I simply do not know.

    As I stated also, in my opinion, any “normal” parents on discovering their child injured or dead would act appropriately, through love and concern for their child by, reporting and seeking immediately the assistance from the proper authorities who deal with such matters. The fact that they had left their children unattended, to most would not be a matter for consideration at that point in time, only thoughts of getting assistance I would imagine. They would act with urgency in contacting emergency services.


  139. cntd

    I appreciate what you are saying in as much as if their intention was to remove blame from them for any accident, they could easily have, rather than fake an abduction or report any tragic accident immediately, wait until morning to do so and then pretend they only just discovered the child lying there…

    Where I think we disagree or rather are not thinking along same lines is that I, and it is only my personal opinion, do not see that having waited until morning, to report a death would have helped remove the blame of leaving the children unattended or any blame for accident.
    More exactly - If we are to assume this is what happened, that she had an accident during the time she was left unattended, and the McCanns were to attempt to pass this accident off as having happened during the night when they were sleeping - that might just have proved impossible.
    The authorities, quite possibly, most probably could blow this one out of the water by establishing with ease an approximate time of death? Again, not an expert, so do not know how precise this procedure is or what factors contribute to either aiding/hindering a time of death being established, like a body in water for a long time etc. But I suspect, in this instance if we are talking a pretty straightforward case in this respect, I would think establishing a time of death would not be a problem.


  140. cntd

    If it was established she died between hours 9 -11/12 midnight for example, how would McCann couple explain away the fact they had not noticed this on their checks of the children? By saying they listened only?

    Their statement also to the regularity of the checks would require to be altered. On returning to the apartment when the evening’s festivities were over, how would they be able to explain away, not having noticed their child was lying injured or dead? By saying they did not look in on the kids before retiring for the night?
    Either way, if an accurate time of death could be established, they were snookered if they were going to try and pass off, convince the police that they had returned home, and not noticed their child lying on the floor, before themselves popping off to bed… or say that death must have occurred, at some time after they retired for the night.

    Would the McCanns with their medical background know this? Was it easier for them to, fake abduction, in so doing removing this element – the chances of time of death being established?

    And, there may also have been another reason why they did not want to report the death of their child either at the time of discovery or next morning. Examination might have uncovered the type of injuries that could not have been sustained through a fall or similar type accident which a child could have had, but perhaps revealed injuries, which could be attributed to a child having been struck or of a sexual nature which I think is what you are inferring by your mention of the Gaspar statements?

    Bear in mind in this scenario – reporting an accident next morning - the timeline of events (as we know them as stated for the purpose of the McCann abduction theory) may then have been quite different, perhaps no check by Oldfield at 9:30 pm being included or that of Kate McCann at 10pm. Would they have been deemed unnecessary to the telling of the story? A different time also given as to the time they returned to the apartment that evening, more in keeping with previous nights, and of course they would have to state a time they retired for the evening, still not having noticed their child lying dead or not having heard her get up during the night.

    So for this reason – a time of death most probably being able to be established - I don’t believe, for them to have waited until morning before reporting a death would have removed the neglect issue more likely to have shown them to have acted in a way so as to deceive police authorities as to time of death, throwing up all sorts of suspicions and questions being asked, their “game” would have been up in jig time…



  141. cntd

    You say:

    “Also, when the information contained in the Gaspar statements was passed on to the PJ by the LP, (even though the PJ themselves had to request it), that should have certainly been enough to keep the case open and to carry on with the investigation. It would appear to have been swept under the carpet, even though the lady doctor was so concerned when she heard of the disappearance of Madeleine she had to go inform the police of her concerns.”

    I’m unclear as to the timing of Gaspar statements being forwarded to Portugal but I am aware there was delay on the part of the UK. As to why or who made the decision they were not “enough” to keep the case open as you say..? Who it is you believe swept it under the carpet?

    An individual reporting their concerns in any particular area, are not always, on investigation necessarily proof of any wrong doing, and the investigating authority will decide what relevance if any they have to the case in question.
    I do believe that Ms Gaspar acted responsibly in reporting her suspicions and did so for no other reason than her concern for missing Madeleine. I think it despicable of those who condemn this lady for doing so.

    Astonishingly these same people, some of whom do not believe the chap Payne capable of committing the crime of paedophilia, accuse Ms Gaspar of being “responsible” in a rather confused attempt at shifting blame from the parents to her. If they believe in Payne, his innocence, how then can Ms Gaspar be responsible if Madeleine was not assaulted in this way, for not reporting sooner, years earlier at the time of the holiday in Greece, was it? Doesn’t make sense! They cannot have it both ways.

    That said, had Madeleine been assaulted in this way, the responsibility still not hers but that of the perpetrator/s. Ridiculous of any to even hint or suggest otherwise!

    Again, whilst I appreciate where you are coming from, the Gaspar statements the possibility of the crime of paedophilia still does not prove a murder took place. It could be a reason why the body if Madeleine had an accident, had to then disappear. I understand that. But it does not prove murder, and whether it was sufficient for any investigation to become a murder investigation/keep it open, I am not sure, I really would not know, really depends on what was the bigger picture as far as the investigation was concerned.

    You say with regards this:

    “That certainly should have been enough to keep the investigation well and truly inside that group surrounding Madeleine.”

    I think the investigation, after ruling out other suspects, was very much still concentrating on those in the holiday group, perhaps not from the angle of paedophilia or murder, but certainly concentrating on the group.


  142. cntd

    I quote you again:

    “This case has been derailed by the McCanns and their pals refusing to cooperate with the investigators, and them pushing constantly the 'abduction' scenario which has no basis whatsoever, given the facts and circumstances, especially those excellent dogs and their alerts in the apartment, etc.”

    No argument on that one, agree entirely. I believe they faked the abduction, or attempted to, failed miserably in as much as many can see through this, but successful in that they had the financial means and backing of influential people to perpetuate this.
    As to cadaver, not sure I am following your thoughts on this one, but that is due to my lack of knowledge not your thoughts on this subject so will have to pass and apologise for doing so.

    And to your final thoughts were you say:

    “No, there are many things that do not make sense. A reopening please Portugal, and a murder investigation, and no chasing here, there, and everywhere for a phantom abductor, until those who were directly in contact with Madeleine have been totally cleared of any involvement.”

    For certainty much is awry in this case. Those in the McCann party had a moral duty to co-operate and refused to. There are no words to describe persons who would do this when a little girl is missing, well there are, but not words suitable for print on Joana’s blog!

    Good to speak with you.


  143. @139 i totaly agree with you ,i believe she was already dead on the night of the 3rd and most of the group was aware of it thats why they agreed on this silly checking story .why else would they have gone along with it ?they hadnt bothered all week to check the kids ,as has been shown the nocturnal welfare of the kids was low on there priority's .the 1 and only night they do check on them is the night she disappears ,how strange is that ?.kate shouting "thieve taken her" also implies she know who took her ,it would be more normal to say somebody or some1

  144. I'm shocked with Murdoch's power and with the way his papers play around with politicians.
    I don't see much diference between the Soviet Union and the UK.
    This is a scandal. Tabloids ruling a country like the UK. I hope the Leveson Inquiry will help the Met to work well, no corruption.
    That Coluson, Colson whatever his name is, got arrested today for perjury.
    Uh uh uh, are Tapas 7 worried?

  145. A Miller,

    I don't think it is possible to give a time of death with complete accuracy after a few hours have gone by, and given that Madeleine supposedly had the 'accident' between the time of 9pm and 10pm, then if the McCanns had returned home abut 10.30pm, and 'gone to bed', and then said Madeleine had been found the next morning, it would not have made any difference, and an accident is an accident, and would have been proved to be so. Very tragic, but that would have been the end of it.

    The Gasper statements have been 'swept under the carpet' in the sense that nothing much has been mentioned about these publicly. We are still being trotted off down the 'stranger abductor' route, with the McCanns, and now SY, leading the 'search'. Most people have never even heard of the Gaspar statements, more is the pity, as there might be other people out there who would come forward to add to that information.

    The body of Madeleine was removed from the apartment for a good reason. What was that reason? 'Accidental' death does not make sense to the necessity to hide the body, when an accident could so easily have been explained away for what it actually was simply by changing the time of the discovery, even though the parents were not there when it happened.

    A reopening by Portugal, and making it clear to the public that the case is being investigated as a murder investigation because of the suspected death of Madeleine in the apartment, and no chasing around searching for a phantom abductor, could bring about much needed information from certain people, and the possibility of a very different outcome by discovering what really happened to Madeleine.

    As for Payne and the Gaspar statements, maybe a further questioning is needed, and also requestioning regarding the remark of his that the McCanns' fridge had broken down in the holiday apartment. Strange, but the McCanns left that information out, though there was a widely held belief that a fridge had been replaced. So what was all that about? Perhaps Dr Payne would have elaborated if he had been asked further questions.

    Also, what happened to the information he wanted to give regarding the disappearance of Madeleine, but requested it be kept off the record. Is that information sitting there with the LP awaiting the PJ to request it, just like they had to request the Gaspar statements to be sent on to them?

  146. The gasper statements...have they been silenced?? If that was me i would b shouting from the rooftops......the most damning evidence pointing to paedophillia and the police do nothing.........nomal for the police in the UK to act this way.....they know, the journalists know. .....accidental death and the body got rid off because they knew something far worse would have been found on the body......

  147. I'm writing this again.

    I wrote the Leveson Inquiry with a request in case they interrrogate Brown.

    What was his role in the Madeleine case and can he explain his call to the PJ, asking if Amaral was already dismissed.

    I ask all of you to write the Leveson Inquiry too, with the same questions.

  148. The brilliance of the McCanns campaign has been the story of partial neglect and its almost total acceptance. The Tapas dining was a hoax. If they had totally neglected and not checked, they would have been prosecuted; if they had watched over the children constantly, it could never have happened. The only window of opportunity occurs if there is a checking story with a time gap opportunity.
    I'm sure the witnesses to dining/checking would not have survived a closer cross examination, which would have happened if the case had not been shelved.
    Still waiting to see photos of the BIG ROUND table, as opposed to the long, oblong one or small patio table we see on various blogs.

  149. For twice I wrote the Met with some ideas. There was that special site Operation Grange, which you could use to write them.
    I searched for that site last evening and it seems that it disappeared.
    One can find information about Madeleine on a general blog of the Met.
    And you can use the general address of the Met.
    I believe that the world population became a pain in the ass of the Scotland Yard, with angry messages about the McCanns, specially after Redwood said he believes Madeleine is alive, and it was too much for them.
    Millions and billions of messages of protest, who can stand them?

  150. I found a video with Martin Brunt, September 2007, where he tells the police concluded that Kate is responsible for Maddie's death because of something she said when she was interrogated as witness.
    A witness is obliged to answer.
    I knew she would say something stupid. And that is why she did not answer the 48 questions later.
    If she would have answered them, whole Rothley and Liverpool would have been behind bars now, including the twins.

  151. 153

    Do you have a link to the video with Martin Brunt please?
    Concerning Martin Brunt, it is not longer possible to comment on his blog...could be that somoeon on sky.com delets most of the comments concerning the Maddie case.

  152. Anon @148 accidental or experimental overdosage of sedatives spring to mind as a valid reason to conceal the body ?

  153. 'The body of Madeleine was removed from the apartment for a good reason. What was that reason? 'Accidental' death does not make sense to the necessity to hide the body, when an accident could so easily have been explained away for what it actually was simply by changing the time of the discovery, even though the parents were not there when it happened.'


    Hi Anonymous 148

    Firstly may I say if as you suggest an accident could have been 'explained away' then there would be no need whatsoever to change the time of said accident. Simply contact emergency services immediately on discovering the child injured or dead.

    If you are suggesting, so as to remove the issue of neglect, blame on the part of the McCann couple, that an accident could have been 'explained away' by making false statements by way of misleading the police authorities as to the time they discovered the child lying dead on the floor, there we part company!

    What were they to tell police? That they didn't notice, when they returned to the apt, that their child was lying dead on floor, and they just popped off straight to bed or, were they to say, the accident occurred whilst they slept?

    For reasons I gave previously, namely - time of death being determined - I really don't think the latter would have gone to plan.

    We are told that Madeleine was prone to waking in the night and when she did she headed to her parent’s bedroom, as children do.

    Feasible to say that in the absence of her parents she may have woken, gone to their bedroom. On discovering they were not there, then gone through to the sitting room, climbed on the settee/chair/piece of furniture to be able to look out of the window in search of them, a fall causing fatal injury.

    For the McCann couple to invent such a story as you suggest - the child having an accident, resulting in her death whilst they slept - I believe would have presented many more difficult questions than they would have been able to provide credible answers for...

    If the child had woken, gone through to the parents’ bedroom - as would be normal for Madeleine - and if they were there to attend to the child, how and why then was an accident able to happen? She would have had no need to go climbing on the furniture, to look out of the window in search of mummy and daddy?

    If for some reason they had moved the body in any way, or to another location within the apartment so as to stage a scene of accident away from the window area, this would be easily established by police.

    Having the body, would I think, have allowed the investigation team from very early on, to prove what really happened, where it happened, determine time of death.

    An accidental death you say would not have necessitated the need to have the child’s body removed from the apartment?

    Neither would it necessitate the need to pretend the child was found at a time later than she might have been! That is, to you or I, but to the McCann’s it may just have been?

    If we are to assume that Madeleine died in 5A, and to assume also that the parents found the child, and thereafter removed her body/arranged for someone to carry out the deed, then it stands to reason they, for whatever reason felt it necessary to do so.

    The reasons for this to have happened may be as you seem to be inferring, that something more than injuries sustained in an accident would have been found had the child’s body been examined. As I stated in my previous reply to you, I don’t disagree that this possibility exists.

    However, and this is where we once again part company. I do not rule out, a straightforward accident as being a reason which could have caused the McCann couple to conceal same.

    The removal of the child’s body from the apartment does not have to have been for any more sinister a reason, than she died as a result of a fall during the time period her parents were out at the bar.


  154. A three year old who we know was prone to waking in the night and heading to her parents’ bedroom to seek comfort or at other times, to waken them, to alert them to the crying of one or other of her young siblings (the couple have confirmed this in televised interview, that they were made aware by Madeleine of her distress and that of her siblings at being alone in the apartment, yet they chose to leave them AGAIN) discovering them not to be there, could perhaps have led her to look out of the window in search of them.

    To report an accident which caused the death of their child, as having happened when the children were alone in an unlocked apartment while they wined and dined at a local bar, would not have been received well by any section of the public. McCanns would have had to accept full responsibility for the child’s death, and the neglect of not only Madeleine but that of Sean and Amelie. We must not forget this was not a ‘one off’ this was the fifth night these children had been neglected in this way.

    To have continually and consistently placed their children’ lives in danger – by creating an unsafe environment and leaving their children alone in that environment I believe left a tragedy of some description only to time!

    This couple played Russian roulette with their children’s safety, took a risk and lost, their luck ran out!

    They are negligent, no ifs, buts or maybe’s!

    To have reported an accident immediately, the McCann couple would have been charged in law for crimes committed against these children, and punished accordingly. For two medical professionals, the end of their careers and life as they had known it, a future most likely without Sean and Amelie, for a considerable time at least I would imagine.

    In my opinion, not the type of risk they were prepared to chance. It was one thing to risk the safety of their children night after night, risk the life of any of their children being taken in their absence in whatever form, accidental or otherwise, but quite another, chancing THEIR freedom, THEIR lives being taken from them.



  155. cntd

    To report a child missing, abducted, would somewhat take the heat from them… yes of course, the neglect issue would still exist, but the anger of the public would be tempered, the evil abductor the one to blame, not the ‘poor’ parents. Public anger not directed at them, but aimed at the alleged abductor.

    The public could overlook the appalling neglect of the children, left alone five evenings during that holiday.

    They could ignore that the little ones had been awake afraid and crying, no mummy or daddy to attend to them to comfort them.

    They could ignore that the door to the apartment was left unlocked.

    Ignore that, as stated by the McCann spokesperson, the apartment was located at a remote part of the resort.

    They could ignore ALL– if there was a bad man out there!

    And many did just that, ignoring too the evidence which pointed to the fact, that ALL was not right in the telling of the McCann tale of abduction.

    Of the two scenarios, perhaps the parents thought ‘abduction’ best.

    It would gain public sympathy (and we know it has) remove’ blame’ from them to a degree. It also allowed for the ‘possibility’ of the child being ‘found alive.’ This we now know too is pretty crucial to the Fund! Doors, in terms of their careers would remain open to them. The chance of being able to have Sean and Amelie remain in their care, for them not to be prosecuted for crimes against the children increase more greatly in their favour in this scenario.

    So yes, I can certainly see why they would perhaps choose to stage abduction rather than report an accident. I don’t believe that anything more sinister need to have happened for them to have taken this course of action.

    An accident reported as having happened in their absence, a child’s life lost through sheer neglect, the magnitude of which would then have been the focus – five nights of terror for these kiddies, front page news, would have destroyed any chances of them staying as a family unit, not being prosecuted, and most certainly would not have had the public rallying in support of their actions.

    The media would have reported this from an altogether different angle. The evil abductor, the poor parents, replaced by the poor children, the evil parents!

    As it stands at present, no one but no one in the media has highlighted what the McCann children experienced, the neglect at the hands of their parents throughout that holiday.

    Is that not astonishing?

    I think for the McCanns, staging abduction, gave them a way ‘out.’

    A. Miller

  156. cntd

    Whilst I do not at all rule out the possibilities you are suggesting, and agree entirely with you that the case, if treated as a murder investigation, would have taken a different course, further agreeing that indeed many questions have been left unanswered by the McCann couple and their group of friends due to the lack of co-operation they afforded the investigation, and which need to be addressed, hammered out – a reconstruction of events also crucial. I do believe based on the information to hand, that Madeleine died of an accident in 5A and not as a direct result of anyone physically harming her on the evening of her disappearance.

    If further investigation had been allowed (the current Review by SY not in any way a gauge to what happened) perhaps evidence to suggest something other than an accident would have been uncovered. We simply don’t know.

    I believe these children were well cared for, not mal-treated at home in the UK in any way. And I believe also that her parents have grieved, and still grieve her loss.

    What I don’t believe is that they have been honest with the investigation. That is clear as day!

    I don’t believe that the group as a whole knew the true situation initially on that night, believing perhaps that Madeleine had wandered off and would be found quite quickly, but certainly, I would say, at least two did know, and are co-conspirators. The others perhaps, naively, thinking by agreeing to the timeline that they were protecting their acquaintances, the McCanns from being accused/charged of child neglect. Protecting themselves also, as we must not forget they all treated their children badly.

    I would say also that it was not long before realisation set in that something was very wrong, but by then, in their minds, too late to backtrack. They all had much to lose. For the wives whose husbands had gotten themselves more heavily involved – Oldfield for example, on discovering his involvement – does his wife come clean, or risk losing all that is dear to her/them - each other, their children, their lives as they had enjoyed until this point?

    Some say that so many persons would not have stayed quiet. I believe they could quite easily depending on what they had to lose. I don’t believe they all knew beforehand what became of the child, but most definitely it soon became apparent to them. Once this tragedy ‘touched’ them and theirs, they would do what they considered necessary to protect their own. If that meant staying schtum, that is what they would do!

    A. Miller

  157. I have grave reservations re the McCanns ever being brought to justice for the part they have played in their daughters disappearance, even if that extends only to child neglect, but I do not give up hope that those who have harmed this child in whatever way, will one day see the inside of a jail cell and wake to its walls for many a long year.

    It would I believe take for one of the group to have an attack of conscience and confess before this will happen. But they have the same to lose now as they did back then, so chances of this happening pretty remote I would estimate.

    Some say Kate McCann is the weakest link. I beg to differ! Of them all, I would say she is the strongest, the least likely to give in to any kind of pressure. It is not her physical appearance which determines her strength, as some have voiced. She is not frail in this respect, not at all, just naturally a slim woman. She has though I would say the mental strength to continue with the charade, more so than Gerry, whose angry testosterone filled outbursts show him not to be strong but a feeble weak character, whose life seems to have been that of a spoilt demanding individual, never earning respect of others but using his professional position to demand respect, and getting away with it.

    Kate by far the strongest mentally of the two. Sometimes those suffering mental instability are stronger in their determination, than those ‘more sane’ shall we say!

    They have both, whether we like it or not, played a blinder with their tale of abduction.

    They have at all times too, played to their audience, the gallery, put in performances some might say worthy of an Oscar nomination.

    Sickening, cringe worthy to behold, but nevertheless, performances!

    If selling a book is top of the agenda – for Kate,a Gok Wan style makeover, a fancy frock,a dash of lippy, and the obligatory 'heels' the order of the day, a huge grin reserved for her public thrown in.

    When looking for public support or sympathy, for an appeal of a different nature, a visit to Leveson Inquiry for instance, out comes the type of gear not even your granny would don, the woolly cardies, the dowdy hairy looking skirts which I am sure would have you itching all day long, and not forgetting the dark and dreary duffle type overcoats of which she seems to have an entire wardrobe! A dowdy range Paddington Bear would shun! The flat uncombed hair, the frown, finishing the get up! In Princess Diana mode, she will lower her eyes and tell us of how Goncalo Amaral, the PJ, the people of Portugal, witnesses, the media, the Portuguese police as a whole and anyone else in her sights have treated her badly.

    If anyone expects this lady to crack, think again, in the words of Maggie Thatcher– the lady’s not for turning!

    Let us not forget either, her words when speaking of a press statement she and Gerry made on 14th May 2007:

    "Gerry AGAIN gave a great PERFORMANCE."


    This couple by their own admission were performing back then, and are by all accounts still performing now. I think they, unlike Madeleine, will not be disappearing from our screens any time soon, whilst there is money to be made, it is my opinion that this pair will be treading the boards for a long time to come!

    Regards 148

  158. The McCanns will be certainly be brought to justice. Wait and see. We hear bitter little about the Met and it is the way they found to survive the eventual pressure of the McCanns. Although I believe Kate and Gerry lost the power that they had years ago. News of the World does not exist anymore, Rebekah Brooks is in difficulties, even the Sun stopped talking about the couple.
    I'm certain that the British media are waiting for their turn to come up with the truth, specially the Express concern.Revenge. A truth they all know since 2007/2008.
    I don't believe that the Met are searching for spirits for more than a year. I believe that when they started the revision they knew already the truth and Redwood's words were only a performance to calm down the McCanns and Mitchell.
    The last thing a police do is to tell what they are doing.
    The McCanns are not in title to complain about the Met. As I wrote here before, they asked for a TRANSPARENT review, and the Scotland Yard immediately started to check on all of the ghosts, continental and insular.

  159. From a serious trouble to the next. Madeleine died in the apartment, her body was hidden, parents are still suspects, the fund is fraudulent, the Met got involved in the case, DNA tests have improved and... the twins are getting older.

    Instead of getting better, their life is getting worse and worse. What will happen to Sean and Amelie in the future? They will keep searching for their sister, they will have a restless life, they will feel the responsibility of finding her (at least two in the family with responsibility), what a hell of life.
    People around them will tell them what happened to Madeleine and it seems that they are doing it already. At first they will not believe it but slowly they will observe their parents attitude and reactions at home and they will start to wonder if it is true.
    This will start very soon because the public around them can't wait to tell them. It will be a new disaster in the McCanns life. Something they didn't realize when they called the police that night.
    How can they live under such a pression.Years and years of tension, who can ever cope with such a situation for such a long time?

    Imagine the twins coming to the conclusion: "Mummy and dad lied to us".
    "Yes, darlings, we look like aunt Jane!"
    This is going to happen very soon. One can not isolate his own children of the world.

  160. No doubt the McCanns have let british pay heavy price. Many cheating cases in the recent years...

  161. I understand the Gordon Brown will be giving evidence on the Leveson Inquiry next monday, june 11th.
    It will be during the morning(see the Guardian)
    I request those who are reading this blog to write the Public Ministery asking why was he interested in dismissing Amaral from the investigation.

  162. Joana, you have a very good contact with Nigel Moore of the McCann Files.
    Perhaps you can find out if everything is ok with him. He has an excellent site and we hope he will continue doing his wonderful work.

  163. Most people believe that what happened to poor Madeleine she must have been having a very sad holiday then something terrible must have happened to her.She wanted to go with her father to tennis,she wasn't allowed and was very upset and cried so her mother took her to the flat,she was crying and calling her daddy.The lady above the flat heard her crying for a long time,we think her mother gave her something to quieten her down,perhaps it was too much and she still cried so maybe her mother lost her temper and pushed her against the settee which caused an injury which made blood stains by the wall,she waited till her husband came home.They found that Maddie had died and they cleaned the carpet.The next day they took Maddie to hide and passed Mr Smith on the road,he spoke to them but did not get a proper answer and looked the other way and went to the seaside. The next day they went to the priest and told him what had happened.Then they hired a car to take Maddie to hide her. The dogs found this out,there was no abduction.It's time the police opened the case and found the truth and questioned the tapas seven. So Mr Cameron you should not listen to Mitchell and the Mccanns but find out the truth and satisfy the taxpayers. Germany.

  164. Leveson Inquiry

    no questions about Brown's role on the Madddie case.

  165. I am 153 and I found out the video I spoke about is probably carter rucked, after my comment was published here. I could not found it back.
    Brunt is saying that the police found out it was Kate who accidentelly killed Madeleine because of something she said during the interrogation short before(as witness).

  166. Joana, a great honour: the McCanns are following you every day.
    The video where Martin Brunt is outside the building of the PJ in Portimao, with a lot of people around him, and where he is telling the PJ concluded that Kate is the perpetrator, disappeared immediately after you published @ 153.
    There must be a lot of disappeared videos since 2007.
    I hope the PJ kept all of them.

  167. I have the strong feeling that Kate will end up by telling the truth

  168. repeating: I have the strong feeling that Kate will end up by telling the truth, not because it will be her intention but because of her stupidity.

  169. test There was another video with a male journalist of Sky News, where he tells the parents were suspects(arguidos) of killing their daughter.
    I believe that video was made short before Brunt told about Kate being the perpretator because what she said during her interrogation as witness.
    Both videos disappeared now from youtube.

    Now I am convinced that Kate will be the one who will tell the truth, against her own will, of course. And against Gerry's will.

    Let us wait till the Met gets far enough to start questioning Tapas 9.
    They will catch Kate, no doubt about it.

  170. Sean and Amelie are now old and rich enough to have their own laptop. Many primary schools use already internet with their pupils.
    For sure there will be little older children that will show them the way to find out about Madeleine.At the age of 8 they will find stories about their sister. I believe that even adults will show them many articles about her death.
    It is impossible for the McCanns to carterruck the whole internet.

    There must be a lot of people in Rothley that are irritated with the costs made by the Met(over the 2 million pounds) because the McCanns and Tapas 7 refuse to tell the truth.

    How dare they to force such a terrible expense, payed by the British population.

    This could result on letting the siblings read about the truth, as much as possible.

  171. I found the video of the Sky male, telling both parents were suspect of killing their daughter. "Gerry McCann declared arguido".
    But the one with Brunt telling about Kate's mistake is not back on internet.

  172. Again I found a video where one can see that Gerry is not holding Kate's hand.
    "Gerry McCann&Kate McCann Nov 2010 UTV(1)" Ireland?

    She is holding his wrist. That tender hand in hand is over.
    He is obviously taking distance from her.
    That was also very clear on their Globo interview: Kate on a hurry to hold Gerry's hand.
    After all, she caused Maddie's death, not he.

    Also when Gerry thanked Cameron for the introduction of the Met in the investigation, they were not hand in hand.

    It is even possible that Gerry's relatives turned their backs to Kate.

  173. Today Mr. Jay of the Leveson Inquiry asked Cameron about the visit Rebekah Brooks payed to the Downing street 10, on May the 11th last year and she seems to have spoken to two gentlemen, about Madeleine McCann.
    It was on the day Kate launched her book.And Cameron's letter to the couple appeared on the Sun on the 13th.
    Very well done. By publishing the book, the whole issue was exhausted, after 4 years of repeating the same story, with little variation.
    New stories about the case would barely bring up money, specially after Kate's book being largely sold.

    And Rebekah decided for the betrayal: now a complete new story with the truth, Madeleine is dead and the parents are involved, garanteeing more four years of tension and speculations.

    Cameron obeyed her and he engaged the Met.
    Because it is more than obvious that the Murdoch concern used the McCanns in order to make money.
    I even believe Rebekah manipulated the parents in order to publish that letter. (Did I read or heard that Rebekah wrote that letter herself?)

    The Sun didn't back Kate's new book.They lost their interest in the couple and I wonder who is helping them now. I think nobody because they will not bring any money, unless Portugal reopens the case.
    And the public are fed up of them, spacially knowing now that they were backed by Murdoch.
    And that they cost the UK already more than 2 million pounds simply because they refuse to tell the truth and because Rebekah ordered a review.

    She is Evil herself.

  174. What is wrong with McCannfiles?

  175. @67, you wrote that you remember stories on the media telling about breakdowns of Tanner and Russel O'Brian. Can you remember when this was published and what did the media say?
    Somewhere I read that a Tapas 7 couple had splitted up sometime after the case started.Too much pressure, I think.
    It is a fact that after the first BBC Panorama, we never saw Jane back and O'Brian disappeared already immediately after May the 3rd.
    He had declared that he was in his apartment with his vomiting daughter and that was it.

    O'Brian was not even on that group photo made after the Express payed them for libel.

    At least we know now that not the whole UK are paedophiles.A few of the Tapas are, but not all of them. Murdoch was behind the McCanns'power.

    Will Payne dare to come forward with the truth, even after the Gaspars'statements?

  176. It is very well possible that the Yard interrogated Kevin Hallingen about the McCanns. He still did not leave the UK.

  177. Hello Joana,

    I was wondering if you would grant permission for me to highlight here that Jerome Webber the Sky Troll/bully has lodged a comment on a site using the ID 'Adult Miller.'

    As most know Adult Miller is the ID I used when commenting on Sky Blogs. As most know too, I no longer post on Sky Blogs and have not done so for several months.

    On the very rare occasion I make comment elsewhere, and it is a rare occasion if I do, I sign off/post using 'A.Miller' as I do here, and not as Adult Miller.

    Should any comment appear on any site, Sky included under the display name of Adult Miller, be assured I am not responsible for lodging same.

    When it was brought to my attention today that 'someone' was posting under Adult Miller, immediately on looking at the site it became clear who that person was - Jerome Webber.

    His actions are not only malicious but that of a rather weak, flawed and cowardly individual. The purpose behind his action to mislead others.

    Webber was on this site under one of his many ID's - Mahatmacoatmabag.

    I noted also that he is posting on this site under another of his ID's - SNAFU.

    I lodged a comment using 'A.Miller' commenting on the blog topic firstly so as to allow me to then bring to the attention of the blog owner that the comment shown under the display name of Adult Miller was in fact NOT lodged by me.

    My comment was edited before being displayed and disappointingly the owner sought not to include that the comment by Adult Miller was not in fact lodged by me.

    I have again posted and at this point in time my 2nd attempt at rectifying this matter is 'awaiting moderation.' We shall see if it is allowed.

    I would like to say also that the content of the post which Webber has lodged under the ID Adult Miller, does not reflect in any way my thoughts/opinions on the McCann case or that of the Phillpots.

    There is something quite seriously wrong when an individual feels the need to resort to this type of shameful behaviour.

    The link to this comment is as follows:


    The comment I lodged which is awaiting moderation:

    (A.Miller Your comment is awaiting moderation.
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    Hello again,

    Sorry to see you edited my last comment.

    I would hope that in the sense of fair play and integrity you would not disallow me to clear up what is an obvious and blatant attempt by “someone” to mislead your readers into believing that I lodged the comment displayed on this board under the ID of Adult Miller.

    Adult Miller is the ID I once used on Sky Blogs and which I am known by. However I do not and have never used this anywhere apart from Sky.

    Just to be perfectly clear.

    The comment here by ‘Adult Miller’ was NOT lodged by me. The content, does not in any way reflect my thoughts/opinions on either the McCann case or that of the Phillpots.

    Thank you
    A. Miller


    To conclude the following are just some of the many ID's the coward that is Jerome Webber posts as:

    The many ID's of Webber:

    Son of Paladin
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    Tuff Luck
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    from http://www.youtube.com/watch?hl=en&v=aGFpVN2xwXU
    Beau Geste

    And not forgetting that the sad and sorry individual is now using 'Adult Miller.'

    I fully appreciate you may not wish to include this comment on your blog Joana so will understand perfectly should it not appear.

    Kind Regards

  178. The Video of "The Truth of the Lie" is being shown again now the ban has been lifted on the book on You Tube and Twitter


  179. So now we learn there is a 'secret file' on this case, the contents of which will be a disaster for relations between Portugal and the UK, if they were ever to be made public.

    Quite some time ago it was revealed that somebody close to the McCanns had contacted the UK authorities with information about this case, but had made it clear that they would refuse to mention this information again if asked about it, and it was this information that was said to be kept under wraps because of the damage it would do to relations with Portugal.

    Now we have some South African guy coming along saying Madeleine is buried in Murat's garden, and all eyes are distracted from the 'secret file'.

    The information contained in that 'secret file' needs to be revealed because it sounds more and more likely that it contains the solution to whatever this is all about.

    As for something being kept 'secret' in this day and age. The McCanns should realise there is no such thing, what with whistle blowers, Wikileaks, and all. That 'secret file' should not be forgotten about, or knowledge that it exists be allowed to be swept under the carpet.

  180. Hello Joana,

    Was speaking to a friend earlier today who mentioned she had read my post listing the ID's of Sky Troll. I had posted this comment and then gone off on holiday. Only now have I discovered that you very kindly allowed it.

    My friend did point out that I had omitted to list '...' the ID he uses most. She thought that funny! LOL

    Thank you so much.

    Kind Regards

  181. Scotland Yard to ask Cameron if he wants to keep looking for Madeleine McCann

    As was predicted, when the Olympics have gone, and no sharks have been spotted in the Thames, Madeleine McCann will return to the news cycle.

    Justin Davenport, tells Evening Standard readers that “Scotland Yard is to ask Prime Minister David Cameron if he wants to continue funding an inquiry into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann”.

    Well, Dave? As a dad, you have to find her. Dave was seduced by his pals at the caring Sun.

    Met Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe is seeking a new commitment from the Government on financing the “investigative review” of the McCann case.

    Police say that so far the Government has provided an open cheque to fund the review, which has included the cost of translating police documents and witness statements as well as the cost of officers travelling to Portugal and Spain.

    A team of 28 homicide detectives and seven civilian staff are engaged in the full-time review and so far it is thought the inquiry has cost about £2.5 million.

    Foolish to stop now. Keep going. We all crave closure. The Met represent the best chance of achieving a result. Lee Rainbow is on the case…

    Says Mr Hogan-Howe:

    “We are still reviewing a lot of material. It is a significant amount of money and we have quite a lot of officers tied up in this. There will be a point at which we and the Government will want to make a decision about what the likely outcome is. The Prime Minister agreed to fund this. We have not had any pressure to say you must stop spending more than x amount, we have received a lot of support. But by Christmas I would want a very clear view of what work is outstanding and what timeline there is for that.”

    Can the review go on forever at such a cost?

  182. Madeleine McCann is spotted more often because she’s missing, says detective.

    WHEN we read that a German tourist has spotted Madeleine McCann on a flight from Ibiza, we wondered why he din’t shout out her name or take a really clear photograph? Still, he did his best. And the Olive Press, which broke the story that was picked up by the Daily Mirror and the Sun, says he did ok. In “Detective praises reporting of ‘Maddie’ sighting in Ibiza”, we read of former Met officer Ian Horrocks. We’ve heard from this expert before. He’s “praised the quick thinking of reader Frank Bode“.

    German businessman Bode was so convinced he had spotted the youngster with a German family on the flight from Ibiza to Munich a fortnight ago that he contacted police, the family and the Olive Press, after taking a photo.

    Sure. But it wasn’t her. And then we get this belch of logic:

    Horrocks believes that the longer Madeleine has been missing, the more likely it is that people will spot her.

    The longer she is missing the more likely it is that people will think they have spotted her. No? Because if she’s spotted – get this, detective – she’s no longer missing. He then reasons:

    “It has previously been said, ‘Who is going to openly walk out with the world’s most wanted child? This was clearly relevant in the days, weeks and months following her abduction but, as time has gone by, whoever took Madeleine is likely to be more confident about taking her out in public.”

    So. What about all those sightings of her in those months? And they have they become less frequent with time? Madeleine McCann’s not been spotted in Morroco for years.

    Psychic healer Carol Everett then puts the tin lid on the case:

    “I can’t say that it’s her, but it certainly fits. A German family with two other children.”

    Is that the same Everett who told us she “saw” Jo Yeates being attacked by two of a group of five men after she rejected their offer of a lift? Could be…

    The paper then concludes:

    Madeleine’s mother, Kate McCann has previously claimed that no matter how many years go by she would never fail to recognise her eldest daughter. “I know I would, I just know that if she came in here now I would know it was her.”

    So. No. Madeleine McCann was not a plane from Ibiza.
    this article appears on Anorak, you may wish to comment on it


  183. Any news on when the book will be translated? Hoping the high profile libel case (when the Mccanns lose it) will be good publicity for Amaral's book, lers hope it gets more sold!


  185. The Jimmy Saville & BBC scandal has pushed the search for the truth as to what happened to missing Maddeleine McCann from the 'back burner' to the 'deep freeze' of the news. I read recently that her parents have paid off the last remaining private detectives who were supposedly looking for her & it goes without saying that the detectives at Scotland Yard who were supposedly reviewing the case are now working on the ever increasing demands of the Saville & pals investigation. Poor Maddeleine you are gone / disapeared, but not forgotten by those of us like myself who seek to learn the truth of your disapearence.

  186. On Sky news today ( 28/11/12 ) the Actor Hugh Grant twice mentioned the McCanns as 'victims' of press intrusion in the same manner as the family of Millie Dowler. I am not aware that the McCanns had their phones hacked or were the victims of a press campaign against them , quite the opposite in fact, the McCanns have had nothing but co-operation from the press & the help of the media has made them rich celebrities. I can not think of one valid reason as to why they were invited to give evidence to the Levenson inquiry since they are beneficiaries in a big way from media support in the UK & still have the media doing their bidding

  187. From reading reports about the Levenson inquiry it has been revealed that those invited to participate like Kate & Gerry McCann, have received Payment for their appearence, accomodation in London, transportation & other Out of Pocket expenses, all paid for by the Taxpayer. Considering that the McCanns were never hacked, harrased or stalked by the press, I find it puzzling that they were invited to give testimony before the inquiry. It seems to me that they have been wrongfully included in the Taxpayer Funded Gravy Train without any justification.

  188. On Sky News today ( 01/12/12 ) talkig about the Levenson report, Gerry McCann urged the Prime Minister to “do the right thing”.
    Does he mean end the taxpayer going nowhere fast open ended review by Scotland Yard into his daughters disapearence which has cost over £3 million so far ?
    Or does he mean Muzzle the Press so they dare not speculate as to the fate of his daughter or why he & his wife refused to answer the questions of the Portuguese Police ?
    Gerry McCann , Hugh Grant & JK Rowling are Labourite Trojan Horses, whipping up public opinion to Muzzle the Press, the next step in the implimentation of an EUSSR Police State

  189. Yet another Christmas passes without the fate of missing Madeleine McCann being known. As we approach the New Year, 2013, let us hope she will be found alive & well as speedily as possible & if not let those who harmed her be brought to swift jusice. Amen


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