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Maddie, again

The Maddie soap opera continues with the greatest minds of global wisdom dictating judgements. The week started with declarations from a former homicides detective, an Englishman, who took the opportunity to show his rare professional résumé, and from there conclude that the British girl who disappeared in the Algarve was alive, though, he stressed, had not been captured by any paedophile ring.

by Francisco Moita Flores, University Professor

The news caused a stir in several countries, and the man failed to explain himself properly, or on what grounds he supported the lengthy tirade that is nothing more than a replica of other similar tirades that reach the newspapers cyclically.

The news was still hot when suddenly a South African businessman, I imagine with the help of a device of his creation, searched the terrain of the only suspect that the PJ had an eye on and assured that the girl was buried there, in that very specific spot, inasmuch as his machine is so perfectly rigorous. So much so, that it does not even warrant animal bones or another human being. It must be Maddie. The device says everything. And then it came, the version of the death, amongst the screams of indignant outrage of the suspect and the child's parents demanding for more excavations in the garden.

It is known, no one could have failed noticing as the investigations were accompanied by a massive world-wide media circus, that the garden was thoroughly scrutinized for several days by Portuguese forensic scientists, who found nothing.

In any case, so that these doubts are wiped out, I see no harm in excavating again at the location where the 'georadiologist'/businessman claims the girl was buried. Digging is good. At least, it opens the appetite.

By the way, I have received various letters, coming from the whole country, of witches, psychics, sorcerers or merely suspecting characters that have provided multiple destinations for child. If the English Spin Doctor on this case needs further publicity of the bad work of the Portuguese police, I can look them up and send them.

The Portuguese psychics would then get guaranteed global advertising, tosh or twaddle, at least it would be our 'witchcraftery' to get the laurels of the headlines.

in Correio da Manhã, July 8, 2012, online edition


  1. Although all attention is now on Murat's garden, why aren't the Portuguese demanding to know what is contained in the McCann 'secret file' held by the UK authorities, who dare not release the information for fear of damaging relations between the UK and Portugal.

    Does the file contain information regarding the true circumstances of this case, kept under wraps at the behest of a former Minister, whilst the Portuguese have gone ahead spending vast amounts of time, money, and resources in solving it?

    Who is the person close to the McCanns who was said to have given the UK authorities information very early on, but had warned would not repeat the information again if asked? That information was said to have been something kept under wraps for fear of damaging relations between the two countries.

    Is the Madeleine McCann mystery there ready for the solving, just waiting for the Portuguese to DEMAND to know what information that 'secret file' contains?

    If this turns out to be what has happened, then no wonder relations between the two countries would be strained. Yet that is a chance that should be taken so as to finally put this matter to rest.

  2. Thank you for coming back, Joana. We all missed you. I had difficulties with some blogs which send posters away in case those posters have different ideas others than they have themselves.
    They can be rude and they can treat us on a nasty way.
    I'm happy you accept other people's ideas and that has to do with freedom of expression for all of us and not only for them.
    Nice article of Moita Flores, I enjoyed it.

    Any idea what happened to Nigel Moore? He must be tired of this case and taking a break. If he is, I understand him.

  3. It is known that Gerry was unemployed for one or two years, I think one year. That was after he went back from an European country where he worked as cardiologist. I forgot which country. When I commented it with an English lady she thought it was odd for a cardiologist, such a long time without a job, in England.
    She works at a medicine laboratory and she knows the medical world.

    Could it have had connection with what is told on Goodqualitywristsbands blog? And that's why he was absent for a long time?

  4. Gerry Mccann em casa sem fazer nada um ou dois anos? "A preguiça é a mãe de todos os vícios"

  5. Does anyone know what has happened to mccannfiles.com it was always a good read.?

  6. @ 2 and 3

    Indeed McCannfiles is an excellent source of reference. Not long now before it is back in business.


  7. And again, the very wise Francisco Moita Flores 'nails it' in the most succinct of ways.

    I take my hat off to you Sir!


  8. Kate McCann new envoy for missing people?


  9. Kate McCann to launch nationwide campaign to find missing people http://www.missingpeople.org.uk/missing-people/latest-news/kate-mccann-to-launch-nationwide-campaign-to-find-missing-people

    Kate's Mission for Missing People http://www.missingpeople.org.uk/missing-people/about/kate

    Kate McCann becomes ambassador for missing people http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/features/4420309/Madeleine-McCann-mum-becomes-ambassador-for-missing-people.html

  10. Birch's story has raised the possibility of, and claimed that Maddie is dead and buried. A story that has been kept out of the UK press. Now another story has been released to firmly bury it, that of Kate being shoehorned into Missing People to raise her credibility.

  11. A Martin van Wyk has made statements about Birch but I couldn't help remembering that there had been another Van Wyk in this case in the early days

  12. Just seen the Sun -Breaking News- courtesy of tapas 7 buddy Antonella Lazzeri - Mrs McCann has been chosen as an ambassador for the Missing People charity. I know this country is deeply corrupt but this news really takes the biscuit. All these bods involved in the "Missing" charities are a cabal and the charity business as a whole needs to be seriously looked into. I'll certainly never give a penny to a missing charity again. Mrs McCann must have decided against joining the other lot at PACT - they're all connected anyway but the connections at that organisation are just too suspect.

  13. Ambassador for the missing Tapas 7, that is what is happening.

    Murat and his mother are British, maybe they can sue Birtch under the British laws, like the McCanns tried to do with Amaral.
    Asking for millions, billions and zillions.

    Brazil is already saying the corpse is in their garden.

  14. The news that Kate McCann is to be an ambassador for missing kids has been timed to perfection. These plans have been in place for some time but now is definitely a good time to bury bad news. Apparently she was on tv this morning (I didn't see it, so don't know if it's true) stating that Scotland Yard informed her in advance of Stephen Brice's revelations regarding Robert Murat's garden (friends in high places, eh). As she is a newly appointed ambassador for missing children will she now do something to find Maddie i.e. ask for the case to be reopened, answer the PJ questions and return for a reconstruction?

  15. Could TM be behind the Birch story to give weight to their notion in a forthcoming court case, that people will not look for a live Madelein if discussion to the contrary is allowed? However, both SY and the PJ have already announced that she could be dead, so what's the point.

  16. Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into Missing People as an ambassador. Priceless.

  17. Stephen Birch is about to be exposed as an alleged fraud and an alleged backstabber. I don't know who or what TM is; but I can assure you Stephen Birch is working alone, although that was not how it was meant to be. He was allegedly going to ....

  18. Yes, Martin van Wyk had made statements about Stephen Birch. There was another van Wyk (not related) that showed an interest in the search for Madeleine: Andre van Wyk.

  19. This decision demonstrates just how well connected the McCanns really are. Regardless of what people think of the abduction story, the choice of Kate McCann as an ambassador is frankly - in anyones book - beyond belief. Predictably, her first job as an ambassador is to launch a money begging campaign - but to be fair, she does have a lot of experience in that respect. According to KM it's a good time as the olympics are coming up (should have guessed - the Mccanns are always ready to exploit everyone and everything)
    What a dreadful, grubby shower run the UK: charities, banks, politics, media, police - utterly rotten to the core.
    As for the people involved in this charity, I'll bet none of them ever even check the website to see who is actually missing - they wouldn't recognise a missing child if they tripped over one. For them it's all about image, kudos, connections, charity balls and dinners (that should suit the McCanns down to the ground).
    If the Missing People charity cared one iota about missing kids, Kate McCann is the last person they'd have chosen to represent them. Their charity has lost all credibility.

  20. Kate never searched for Madeleine and now she will search for other missing people. In 2007 they stayed home, they jogged, they walked on the beach, they gave interviews, they went to the church.

    Something is about to happen, I believe. New interview to Redwood?

    "- All of the ghosts are innocent.195 of them are haunting around, none of them is Madeleine telling us where she is".

  21. Dear Joana

    I hope you won’t be offended by my film noir take on the ongoing saga recently posted on
    Yahoo in response to ‘Is Stephen Birch for real?’ but it’s a case of my wicked sense of humour getting the better of my judgement yet again

     Are any of them for real? The more this saga continues the more I feel I’ve wandered into Hollywood la-la land or Nordic noir (Wallander etc)

    At the centre the parents who may or may not harbour a dark secret, a group of friends all keeping mum in more ways than one, the old biddy who lives upstairs and may have seen more than she’s telling, a priest who’s going round with a haunted look in his eye, the bent cop with a chip on his shoulder, the lawyer who thinks he’s the knight in shining armour, the amateur sleuth who thinks he cracked it though cracked may apply more to himself, the faithful hounds swiftly on the scent, the press hot on the trail and all this against a background of Freemasonry, friends in high places pulling strings, Government corruption, calls and conferences, politicians and lawyers embattled on human rights and lawsuits a plenty.

    As someone said ‘You couldn’t make it up’ but how long before Hollywood gets in on the act?

    Soap opera – absolutely bang on but are any of them going to come clean?

    Cordial regards
    Promotor Veritatis

  22. I don't know what is happening regards the criminal charge against Jane Tanner for 'calumny', but am suspicious this attention to the 'body in the garden' is aiding her defence by throwing suspicion back once again on Murat as 'the abductor', which would of course reinforce and aid the statement Jane Tanner was charged with having made falsely against him, when she pointed at Murat saying she was 'absolutely sure' he was the bundleman, though she never got to see his face, before she then changed her mind saying it wasn't him after all.

    Does anybody know if this case is still going ahead, because Clarence Mitchell was on TV very early on defending her, so presumably the case was going to proceed to trial.

    Why is there always so much secrecy about these case, except if the McCanns want people to know, so then the media can show up when they claim their 'victory', which happened when the judge gave them the injunction against Dr Amaral's Book and the documentary, plus those disgraceful Draconian conditions imposed along with it.

    Why are the media and the McCanns missing when the judgement goes against them, as when the injunction was lifted?

    Do the McCanns have advance warning of the judgement for this to happen, and should we take heart that there is silence in this case against JT as nothing has been said since?

    Or, is the fact that the emphasis is now back on Murat as 'the abductor' an indication that this case is about to go to trial, and as the media attention grows and points to this man once again, JT therefore has a very good chance of walking free of this charge.

    I personally believe there is a very devious, crafty, mind in all this, always wanting to be at least three steps ahead of the game, with plenty of red herrings to spare and use to advantage.

  23. Interview with Kate McCann, Ambassador,Missing People.

    Programme – ‘Good Morning’
    Tuesday 10th July 2012
    Presenters: Philip Schofied/Holly Willoughby
    Guest: Kate McCann

    Holly: Right, over the five years since her daughter Madeleine disappeared whilst on family holiday in Portugal, Kate McCann has had first-hand experience of dealing with the pain and heart break of having a loved one go missing.

    Phil: Whilst the search for her daughter continues Kate is about to help launch a brand new initiative which will hopefully help find some of the thousands of people who go missing in the UK each year, and Kate is here now to tell us all about it. And we were just saying you don’t do many of these things on your own do you?

    Kate: I don’t, usually I have Gerry next to me, you’re right.

    Phil: Well, this is a big, a very big launch, and the launch is tomorrow, the biggest billboard campaign in British history. So how is it going to work, what is it?

    Kate: Well basically it’s a 12 week nationwide campaign and the Outdoor Media Centre which is kind of the trade body for all of the outdoor media owners, so all of the people who own billboard space in your cities towns and your public transport, they’ve teamed up with the charity Missing People. Basically it’s to try and find missing children and adults, so starting tomorrow across these screens there will be featured one child and one adult per week. So there will be a photograph, the location, time, when they were last seen and a number 416000 to call. And the idea is we know that outdoor advertising works and we know that publicity is crucial to help finding missing children, and it works and that’s why it’s…


  24. Good Morning Interview cntd.

    Holly: But not only that, it’s a speed thing as well and because these are screens it can be updated quickly can’t it?

    Kate: Absolutely. The response time to change an appeal if needed if more information comes in and they need to change it, if a child is found and they need to put another appeal up quickly they can do that pretty much instantly.

    Phil: Well there are 250,000 people go missing each year in the UK, thankfully the majority are found. But the heartache for the families whose missing member of the family hasn’t been found is extensive and on- going isn’t it? Obviously this is something that you know?

    Kate: It is, it’s erm I mean not only obviously do you go through the pain and anxiety and fear you have that relentlessness and uncertainty of not knowing, and that doesn’t go away.
    Phil: And so… and so this is your first official role as Ambassador for Missing People?

    Kate: It is yeh!

    Phil: And so there is a great feeling that this open-loop technology this… the ability to update screens very quickly will help certainly when it comes to resolving a case… because there is always good news, the girl who was due to feature prominently in the campaign has been found, which is fabulous but a new child obviously is very quickly going to become the focus of that campaign. It’s not just children either though is it?

    Kate: No it’s not, it’s, vulnerable adults who go missing as well. I think primarily or largely it’s going to be children that are featured but there will be adults too.

    Holly: So I guess the idea is that, if you see one of these billboards in your town centre just stop and look...

    Kate: Absolutely.

    Holly: Because you never know you might hold the key or some bit of information to help find that person?

    Kate: That’s right, and I think everyone can play a part, and it’s estimated that 10 million people will actually see these boards. You know obviously we’ve got the summer coming up, we’ve got the Olympics, and I guess yeh, please stop, take a look, you know it’s cliché but one person can make a difference.

    Holly: I saw all the tweets on National Missing Persons Day, and the charity were tweeting every 30 minutes a picture of somebody that had gone missing and it was going on throughout the day, and I thought it was brilliant, but two people were found that day.
    Kate: That’s right, two teenagers were found, yeh.

    Holly: So it just goes to show actually this works.

    Kate: It does work and I mean you can speak to the experts in the States and they can give you example after example. It really does work and as I say everybody, everybody can help.

    Phil: Is there any chance that this would, that this campaign if it is successful here, will be extended throughout the rest of Europe?

    Kate: Well certainly it is an initial 12 week campaign but I think it probably will continue. It may become more regionally based. I’m not sure whether it will extend to Europe, it would be fantastic if it could, or if there are any other companies that could come forward, cos, you know, basically the Outdoor Media Centre have, you know, they are putting £1m towards this campaign and we do need people like that, companies, organisations in order to make initiatives like this happen.


  25. Good Morning Interview contd

    Phil: You also are active on many fronts because you have launched the European hotline as well for missing people, you launched that in May. How has that gone?

    Kate: Very good from what I’ve heard so far. There’s been a lot of erm new people come to the number whether it be by phone, or email or to the website which is encouraging. They’ve had a lot of calls, an average probably of about 130 calls per day, each day, just to that number alone, obviously the other numbers are active at the moment. But it just shows really how a campaign can… ye know…

    Holly: Really help… And I guess having that sort of network of countries all working together, again that quickness and that response is what is so important in that situation?

    Kate: It does, I mean it’s a simple number, one number to remember, erm and wherever you are in Europe in those 16 countries that so far have the number, ring that number and you will end up, you know if it’s not the right place, you’ll be put through straight away to the right place.

    Phil: We were saying about the effects of a missing person on a family, this sort of far reaching explosion that goes, that goes out throughout the whole family this ripple effect. I was reading in the paper this morning that you were saying, that your own two children Sean and Amelie, that they still, take an interest, in the fact that other people take an interest in what you have gone through.

    Kate: Yeh, I mean as a family member who has a loved one missing, I mean it’s so painful and I think you need to know… you feel helpless… but you need to know, that there’s other people helping too! I mean it just gives you great hope and strength and there are so many families out there in similar positions and, you know, this campaign itself will help all these families.


  26. Phil:What about…what about you, because DCI Andy Redwood, who’s leading the review of the evidence in your case, said his team, were developing ‘genuinely new information’ what are you aware of, where is…where is the case now?

    Kate: Obviously I don’t know all the information. I know new information has come in that needs to be followed up and obviously there is a lot of information that’s come from the files from the review as well. We are at the stage really that we are hoping for the case to be re-opened, so there isn’t really any change from where we stand since May.

    Phil: But the Portuguese officials… because in April the Portuguese Attorney General appeared to rule out the re-opening of the case, is it still a case of persuading them or getting them further on board?

    Kate: Oh I hope so, I think we felt we needed to allow more time for people, to...to…you know for the authorities to…to look at the evidence really before they made a decision.

    Phil: It’s one of those things, that you wonder when you read the newspapers, and you think I wonder how helpful this is to the family because at the centre of every big newspaper report there is a family that is going to be reading it and maybe not wanting to see it, and there was the evidence from Stephen Birch who spent £40,000 on a scanner, took scans of the Praia da Luz area and said that he found a void underneath there, are you aware of all of that?

    Kate: Yeh, I mean ya know the Met let us know about it in advance of it hitting the newspaper. I guess ya know there was no credibility to it, I mean, who is this person at the end of the day, ya know so…
    Holly: You have your own campaign this summer, don’t you and this is the luggage tags?

    Kate: Well, I mean we’re just carrying on basically on what we’ve been doing last few years really. When people go on holiday in the summer, we’re saying, please ye know take some posters take some luggage tags. As you know we had a new age progression produced, launched in April.

    Phil: Yes this is it here (picture shown)

    Kate: You know and it’s the same basis really for this campaign, it’s so important to get an image out there. Ya know as I say there will be 10 million people view the images that go up in these billboards, same with Madeleine the more people that they reach you know, the greater chance of finding that child.

    Phil: As we said, tomorrow is the big launch, it’s the… as we said at the very beginning, the biggest billboard campaign in British history and as Kate was saying, just take a couple of minutes to look up and see whether or not you recognise or can help any of the people that will appear on these billboards. And thank you very much indeed.


    During interview images of Madeleine, 5A, surrounding area and Portuguese Police searching scrub land were shown.


    1. You missed out the Wow by the lovely Holly..most important.

  27. Poster @ 12 said "this news really takes the biscuit"

    Lol, that's what my neighbour's just said to me.

  28. This is McCann in today's Telegraph, "We are really pleased with the way the Scotland Yard review is progressing, It's in good hands. But what we need is for the Portuguese police to reopen the case. That is crucial."

    They could have had the case reopened at any time during the past four years but did nothing. In fact they could've prevented the shelving of the case in 2008 by appealing the decision but again, they did nothing.

    They really are the most sly, manipulative and mendacious couple I have ever come across. Missing People has chosen this woman as an ambassador.

  29. Kate needs a terrible lot of attention and it must be tiring for Gerry. She needs to be in front of spot lights, calling everybody's attention. Sometimes she makes me think of Diana, who manipulated the British media. Kate seems to have an empty soul. Beautiful clothes, beautiful jewels, needing being admired.

  30. Can anyone else see where some of this might be heading, the ambassador criticism?...to everyone 'picking' on Kate...she was alone, on the telly, this is a lone appointment, abandoned by Gerry (:

  31. ...Clarence Mitchel seems to follow Kate McCann around...PACT, Missing People, spooky...

  32. ...one upside to Kate being preoccupied with 'lending her support' to Missing People is that it's kept her occupied, keeping her out of everyone's hair, and making it difficult for her to organize mischief (:

  33. Kate McCann – Ambassador, Missing People

    Ahead of the launch tomorrow of the Missing People Billboard Campaign came the announcement that Kate McCann had been appointed Ambassador.

    It is said there is no such thing as bad publicity. I think this is one occasion when we can safely say this is not the case.
    Kate McCann’s appointment though much publicised today has been even more heavily criticised with many of the public making their outrage and disgust at this decision by Missing People known by various means.
    Though this must have been in the pipeline and decided upon quite some time ago, the eleventh hour announcement ahead of the launch of the campaign suggests that a backlash of this nature was expected, that Missing People, those involved in the Campaign knew that it would be controversial.

    Only time will tell, to what degree this appointment will affect the charity financially or otherwise! Early indications online show that it is could have catastrophic effect with many already having made known their decision to withdraw support.

    Kate and Gerry McCann did abandon their children for five nights in a row in an unlocked apartment. They knew Madeleine and her baby brother had been awake and crying the night previous to her disappearance, alone, afraid, yet Kate and Gerry McCann chose to abandon them again.

    It was only a matter of time before tragedy struck in whatever form. They played Russian roulette with their children’s lives. They are indirectly to blame for whatever happened to this child, quite possibly more directly involved also.

    We know also that the couple did not go out and physically search for this wee girl in the week following her disappearance.
    It does rather beg the question- Who in their right mind, whether you believe Kate and Gerry McCann guilty of playing any part in their daughter’s disappearance could have acted with such appallingly poor judgement as to choose Kate McCann for this role, when there are so many other more fitting candidates.


  34. cntd

    Persons disappear, go missing for various reasons.

    Madeleine McCann vanished without trace due to her parents’ neglectful conduct, and there is still much doubt as to whether they are any further involved in the crimes against this child.
    Madeleine’s case is quite different in one respect from I would imagine the thousands of missing persons listed on Missing People. Many of the young people have left home due to abuse of one description or another by their parents, close family members.
    Madeleine too was not treated as she should have been by her parents either, but she was not of an age to do something about it.
    The McCann children, on that holiday were treated heinously by their parents. The suffering young Madeleine and her siblings endured those nights they woke afraid and crying for mummy and daddy abhorrent.

    A charity like Missing Persons who do so much good, for them to have demonstrated such lack of judgement in appointing Kate McCann ambassador, quite beggars belief.

    Let us put it this way – Those children, young persons who have gone missing because they were ill-treated at home in whatever way – How do you think they would answer if asked what THEY thought of Kate McCann, a mum who did what she did to her three children abandoned them, left them alone in an unlocked apartment an unfamiliar environment, in a country foreign to them, scared witless. A mum who admits she did not bother to go out and physically search for her missing daughter. A mum who, when Madeleine told her she had been upset at being alone, ignored the child and walked out and left her again?

    Do Missing People believe for a moment that any of these young people will consider Kate McCann is any better a parent, than the horribly cruel abusive parents, family members from whom these young persons fled? Do they really think Kate McCann fronting this organisation is the face these youngsters want to see? Most likely they will view her as they do their abusers, as the enemy!

    More thought when making the decision to appoint should have been given to these youngsters!

    Many of those missing have been abused in ways you or I cannot possibly begin to imagine, they leave home because they want the abuse the fear the pain to stop. They must dream of being loved and cared for. Dream that somehow, one day that will happen, someone will care enough for them, to keep them safe to protect them from harm.

    It takes tremendous strength for these young people to pluck up the courage to contact an organisation such as Missing People.

    Let’s hope Missing People do some soul searching, and pluck up even half the courage of these kids, and do what they know is the right thing – for those missing, for this organisation in relation to the appointment of their new Ambassador.

    This latest in the circus that is McCann is a worrying development when we consider how far reaching, the areas they are now invading. I think it is clear to most that this appointment was engineered and by whom!


  35. Jane Hill:

    I’ve spoken to a lot of people over the weeks, local people who have given up a lot of time, you’ve talked about the support they’ve given you. I met people who didn’t go to work for more than a week because every day they were down on the beach searching the streets. Did you as a mother Kate just sometimes think I’ve got to go and be out there with them, I want to go and just physically look as well?

    Kate McCann:
    (A pause) (a tut) (sighs) I mean I did (tuts again) (pause) I mean we’d been working really hard really apart from the first 48hours as Gerry said are incredibly difficult and we were almost non- functioning I’d say but after that you get strength from somewhere and we’ve certainly had loads of support and that’s given us strength and it’s been able to make us focus really so we have actually in our own way…it might not be actually physically searching.


  36. If you object to Kate McCann being appointed Ambassador for Missing People you can sign the Petition here.

  37. http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/kate-mccann-should-not-be-an-ambassador-for/thank-you


  38. Stephen Birch alleging that PJ will reopen the case, and that he was "invited" to return to Portugal http://soundcloud.com/567-capetalk/stephen-birch-update Readers should be aware that Birch's "investigation" was allegedly based on Martin van Wyk's one, who was in Portugal back in October 2007, and was already pointing to Murat's garden. Mr. van Wyk "investigation" on its turn had apparently its origin in an unnamed psychic reading or medium vision. And had apparently the "McCanns blessings".

    Refs. http://truthformadeleine.com/2009/12/another-south-african-madeleine-finder-arrives-in-portugal/

    Meanwhile a petition was started:

    «Today 10th july 2012 , The missing persons charity informed the public that Kate Mccann has been appointed Ambassador of this wonderful Charity. We the undersigned , believe that until such time as the case of Madeleine Mccann s disappearance is concluded, such a role is inappropriate. An Ambassador is someone who would highlight the importance of working with the police and promote sharing imformation, as is standard procedure with any missing person cases. We feel Kate Mccann can not expect people to do what she refused to do herself.we feel this appointment is going to be detrimental to the charity in donations by members of the public.»

    Petition http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/kate-mccann-should-not-be-an-ambassador-for/
    FB group here https://www.facebook.com/groups/248543201924054/ Comments here https://www.facebook.com/missingpeople.uk/posts/436584009697805

  39. Kate McCann as an ambassador for missing children! How does one keep a straight face at that one?

    As for Promotor Veritatus' description of various people involved with this case, and the 'bent cop with a chip on his shoulder', which of the ex cops hired by the McCanns is he referring to specifically?

  40. Confirmed, Murat is going to sue Birch for illegal trespassing www.cmjornal.xl.pt/noticia.aspx?contentID=95A5909C-E685-4F90-82D3-09F350018FD8&channelID=00000010-0000-0000-0000-000000000010

  41. McCanns urge Prime Minister to review the case.

    Well, an Agatha Christie's story is happening on Youtube, demamded by the McCanns.
    I'm talking about the video (see youtube) "McCanns urge Prime Minister to review the case", May 2011, where Kate is saying "if you are a prime minister, you have a responsibility"...
    The title on youtube is still the same but that video is gone.If you click on it, you get direct contact with Sky News.

    Let us watch around. The story "Ten little niggers" of Christie's is repeating itself in the Madeleine case.Videos disappear without any traces.
    Carter Rucker is very busy threating everybody.And for free.

  42. The McCanns are not well connected.
    They are pushy people, they try to force everybody to help them.

  43. Kate became Ambassador for Pissed Off people, the Tapas 7.

    Where are they?

  44. So both Clarence Mitchell and Kate McCann have jobs in the same organisation, Missing People. Incestuous? If it's a private limited company, with charitable status does that mean they can pay themselves what they like, as long as the charity wider interest rules are met? More for the Mccanns?

  45. @44 No, Mitchell is working at PACT, and Kate at Missing People. This two charities work together, from time to time. And PACT, along with Jim Gamble's CEOP (who is no working at PACT as well), and ICMEC, did indeed help boost the McCanns' image, lending the couple some credibility, in return they got some great and free publicity coming from the already established media circus, established by Maddie's high profile case. If you check CEOP's youtube site, you'll find that most videos are about the McCanns Fund campaign than anything else. PACT chairman, is coincidentally, the wife of Sir C. Meyer, a figure that has appeared in this saga, at key times, he was the chairman of the PCC (Press Complaints Comission) in 2007 and has allowed for that ethical code to be breached several times, without sanctions despite the huge number of complaints, of journalists that were completely racist and xenophobic, as was the case of Tony Parsons series of articles (Up your Senõr, Daily Mirror) and Simon Heffer (Boycott Portugal, The Telegraph). His wife, Lady C. Meyer was involved in a scandal related to the misuse of Pact's donations last year http://hurryupharry.org/2011/05/31/a-charity-a-lady-a-scandal/ and http://dasteepsspeaks.blogspot.pt/2012/01/mighty-fine-journalism.html Charities are a business, we're talking about charities that channel million pounds.

  46. Kate was always inside of her home, for 5 years. I believe she probably will have to go to an office, to work on her new job.
    Let her go and Maddie's case will be solved on a faster way.
    She will say dozens of stupid things a day and her colleagues will notice them.
    She stayed home for such a long time because Gerry feared her stupidity. Freudian slips, Freudian slips.
    Let us wait and see.

  47. So let me get this straight then. Only the instances where psychics and dreamers claim Madeleine is alive are investigated. All others, even those whose dreams and psychic visions have turned out previously correct, if they say Madeleine is dead, and especially if they say she is hidden in the property of the McCanns, are ignored.

    The McCanns have got it all sewn up in their favour then, and the investigation can look everywhere except look at them! How on earth can we take those SY cops seriously. They are ridiculous and idiotic to run an investigation like that, and deserve all the criticism they get.

    What good conscientious cops who see this craziness going on must think, one can only wonder at.

  48. It is not easy for certain people constantly wondering if someone will do a 'WikiLeaks' and reveal what is contained in the 'McCann Secret File' which the UK Authorities have. Information said to come from a person close to the McCanns who said they will refuse to say more on the matter if asked. This information said to ruin diplomatic relations for UK with Portugal if revealed.

    What with the Gaspar Statements needing kept under wraps from getting in the mainstream media, and now that 'Secret File' containing devastating information regards this case, it can't sit easy on the mind, especially in this day and age when it is so difficult for anything to remain a secret.

    As the saying goes 'something has got to give'. It will, and the contents of that File will leak out since too many people now know it exists, and the Portuguese especially should demand to know the contents NOW since they have put a lot of time, money, manpower, and effort into the solving of this case.

    They deserve for this game of hide and seek to end, and reputations restored from the lies of the UK media and those pulling their strings.

  49. The only way I can see a body buried in Casa Liliana back drive is IF someone (guess who) thought it to be a good idea to bury the child there - particularly since the property had already been searched by the PJ with electronic equipment, forensic dogs, etc.

    Birch alleges Madeleine was buried there the very same night she died - that is BEFORE the police searched the premises but that is just his opinion. His equipment could not have told him that...

    Even if Birch's equipment was more advanced than the PJ I doubt the forensic dogs would have missed it. They didn't missed it at the apartment 5A after all the cleaning, did they?

    The body (assuming there was one...) would have to be buried there AFTER the police search. Obviously.

    Let us now suppose Murat invites multi-million sponsors to dig the place up privately (and a team of journalists to film and witness the proceedings)and Madeleine's body is found there...


    WHO would the main stream public suspect of burying Madeleine there in the first place? Robert Murat, the parents or someone else?

    You tell me...

    Which brings us to my theory that IF Birch's assertion was found to be true then the child could only have been buried there AFTER the police had searched the property.

    There could be ONLY two motivations for doing so.

    One: to make sure the body would never be found. This would keep the abduction theory alive for ever...

    Two: to incriminate Murat should it ever be found.


  50. Who opened a door for Kate McCann at this Missing People Charity ? I believe Trish Cameron arrived here a year before !



  51. The McCanns need money and Kate needed a job. her book didn't bring much up because a writer gets only 10% of each sold book. And they were used to be millionairs.
    Besides Kate wants to be close to police issues because she wants to control what is going on.And to influence the police.

    Sometimes I wonder if Madeleine's death had the purpose to make the McCanns climb higher in the English society.England has very sharp castas, climbing is very difficult, even if you are a doctor.
    Their accent is not the best you can hear and being friends with David Payne is not the best propaganda.

    High class people will not accept them.It is not a flexible society like the American society.

    They can continue pushing around but they will not make it.

    Even becoming name droppers they will remain who they have ever been.Riff raff people.

  52. @

    It’s actually Amaral and before you throw a wobbly check out the amaralfiction blogspot complete with Madonna-like pose of Kate.. I’m only surprised the pix of Amaral wasn’t given a Pinocchio nose.


    Could you fill me in on two matters please?

    Who’s the juiz de instucao involved in this case? Havent’come across any mention of him/her and seems to be keeping a remarkably low profile.

    What’s going in Faro? This trial has now been running for nearly three months and it’s only two months before the next one is due. The last I read (CdM) was that Leonor Cipriano had given testimony in court but nothing more recent than that.


  53. A. Miller no. 34. A very good post, but also I would like to add the children/young adults who ran away from home if they were living in poverty with no proper food or home environment if the parents were alcoholics or drug addicts, or smoke or gamble away their benefits. How would it look to them, a woman who has been indulged all her life, lives in a very expensive house and made £millions from her missing daughter, fronting a charity for all those missing children who had to look for a better life away from home.

  54. Yesterday, an official representative of Missing People posted the following comment; “I have worked for Missing People as a family representative for 2 years. I totally support the appointment of Kate McCann, having met her and worked beside her more than once I know she is a genuine person and a grieving mother. Yes, they left the children in the evening but under the particular circumstances, being in a closed resort, being close by and checking regularly, that's something many other parents would do too”.

    This charity exists to highlight the plight of missing people. However, one of its own representatives blithely dismisses the fact that three toddlers were left unsupervised as, ‘something many other parents would do too’ even though one of them vanished as a result. As a representative of a missing persons organisation, the representative's first concern should be the missing child. It's clearly not her job to excuse actions that contributed to the missing child's 'abduction'. In addition, the representative states the McCanns were staying in ’a closed resort’. That is not true, and it’s frankly absurd that the Missing People charity could be so completely ignorant of the circumstances under which the world’s most famous missing child disappeared. The Ocean Club is spread over a large area and is not an enclosed resort– that’s why a listening service was not provided. The apartment building where the children were sleeping is on a street corner, with a car park at the front and a public footpath at the back – this is the vulnerable situation they were left in and the reason one of them is now missing. The adults of the group were dining within the only ‘closed’ area of the resort - a secure gated complex that housed the tapas bar, pool and tennis courts - the children were left outside in an unlocked apartment.

    The misleading comments from Missing People’s official representative regarding Maddy's disappearance, the charity’s choice of ambassador and censorship of valid criticism completely discredits them. Kate McCann's appointment was probably a long planned publicity stunt designed to rake in more donations. The problem is, Missing People don't seem to have much regard for the public they’re appealing to.
    Missing People should also do themselves a favour and stop trying to scare people into parting with their cash by hyping up the problem of missing children. No one believes their ridulously inflated figures.

  55. Kate's narcisism is pathological. Her need for attention too.
    Imo she is unstable.
    But I am fed up of unstable people.

  56. Thank you for the correction and info, Joana. Post 44

  57. What a kind, gentle face the man in the above photo has. Honesty and decency shine through. Contrary to the face of Gerry McCann which somehow always makes me think of a shark.

  58. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/07/06/madeleine-mccanns-grave-found_n_1653768.html

    Criminal profiler Pat Brown, author of Profile of the Disappearance of Madeleine McCann, said she expects little from Birch's independent investigation.

    "In my opinion, nothing will come of this," Brown said.

    According to Brown, Portuguese police have already searched the property in question and found no evidence of a grave.

    "Birch ... claims to have ground radar scans showing a burial site on ex-suspect Robert Murat's property, which is just a long block away from the McCann's vacation home in Praia da Luz. He says the police have asked him for more information, which I believe to be merely a polite formality as Scotland Yard has steadfastly stated they believe, against all odds and evidence to date, that Madeleine McCann is likely alive [and] living with a family who wanted a child," Brown said.

    Brown is also critical of the overall investigation into the little girl's disappearance -- an investigation that has reportedly cost authorities more than four million dollars.

    "Scotland Yard detectives have spent a year pouring over thousands of meaningless tips while never bothering to re-interview the McCanns or their friends," Brown said. "The case would be best served by the McCanns requesting the case be reopened and returning with their friends to Portugal to allow the Portuguese detectives to finish the investigation properly [and] to do [a previously] requested reenactment, to eliminate themselves as having any involvement in the disappearance of their daughter."

  59. http://www.thedrum.co.uk/news/2012/07/10/kate-mccann-launch-digital-billboard-campaign-find-missing-people-across-uk

  60. @58, which Brown? Gordon?
    Where did you see that?

  61. Oh, I see:

    Pat Brown! Sorry!

  62. The whole world wants to know what happened to poor Madeleine,the Mccanns say she was kidnapped but there is no proof of that,a man seen carrying a child was Mr mccann according to a witness Mr Smith,he was going towards the sea where in early days a couple said they saw a small boat and someone dropped something into the sea.We wish they would come forward and clear this up.In the beginning they all said they would never find her was this because they knew where she was.We believe Maddie died in the flat,all the"7"witness stories were all lies it is time someone in Britain brings out the truth.Mr Cameron could have stopped it and opened the case to bring out the truth but instead he listened to all the lies.Now the Mccanns are looking for a job and forgetting all about poor Maddie so long as the money comes in.Everyone believes that Maddie is dead and that is the truth. Germany.

  63. @52 "What’s going in Faro?"

    My understanding is that the public prosecutor now realizes that since Amaral has already been tried and found "guilty" there is no case of defamation. Final decision however is meant to come out on the 17th (July) I think.

    BTW it is important to note that Amaral was found "guilty" on the basis of alleged "Photoshop-ed" evidence provided by the McCanns' star witness: Marinho Pinto - Head of the Bar. That should give you an idea of the McCanns' influence in the Portuguese Justice system....................

  64. @63, not in the sea. The sea would bring the body back and besides they would have to hire or to buy a boat, attracking the attention.
    There were signs that the body had been frozen before it was put in the Scenic.The safeste way is to burie the body, somewhere.
    I believe the PJ know where the body is hidden and they still didn't tell it for some reason.
    If Moita Flores immediately knew that there could not have been an abduction, the PJ knew it too.

  65. I have evidence that the McCanns deadly regret their insults towards Cameron, last year, when Kate launched her book.

    In their worst nightmerries they could not expect the Met to get involved in the case.
    They were making smoke and mirrors and they did not mean to get a revision done. And certainly not by the Scotland Yard.

    They are now cleaning up Youtube, changing some videos.

    Too late,guys. You both irritated the British government and the British government shot back.

    For the Murdoch concern you don't mean anything anylonger unless you get arrested now. You can again be on the front pages.
    You will be, of course, but it will cost some time.

  66. I think Stephen Birch is genuine in what he states he believes, he has put himself at some risk by going public. He is analytical and has a clear objective. Part of that has been publicity that the child may be dead. It seems strange that the PJ haven't reportedly isolated his supposed grave site. There could be surface forensics whatever is in there. It may be they know what happened.

  67. Re the latest Malarky of Birch, Wyke, McCanns

    a) claim is that Wyke et al were in touch with McCanns via email? correspondence during their 'investigation'

    b) plan to disclose results of investigation according to Wyke was for september this year

    c) Birch has implicated McCann's in the burial, a 10th tapas doing a favour for McCann's, and excluded Murat

    d) On July 6th 2012 three videos released/uploaded two by Birch, one by McCann's. It would be interesting to see times as well as dates, which came first. Video by McCann's message:


    You think you got the stuff

    You're telling me and anyone

    You're hard enough

    Listen to me now

    I need to let you know

    You don't have to go it alone"

    The lyrics have been edited for the video

    Probably a connection too far, but wouldn't be the first one I've wrongly made.

    The key thing is what information did the McCann's supply to the SA investigating team, how much did the McCann's know about the direction the investigation was heading, and how could they NOT know?

    Birch said he hadn't spoken to the McCann's (initial video) but Wyke team says different. I think Birch is either a McCann or 'enemy' plant, he pretty much scuppered the plan for September but to whose benefit?

    ....and why would the team let someone new (Birch) keep all the investigative material including passport in their safe four years into the investigation.


  68. Millions have been spent and we're still on the first step.

    Madeleine is either alive or sadly she is not.

  69. Surely it's obvious that Stephen Birch cannot reveal publicly the details of why he has chosen to search the ground where he did. Nor can he reveal why his burial timeline seems to contradict other evidence. These can only be revealed to the police and it is for them to decide on their veracity, because people may be implicated if the details were known and that is a matter only for the proper authorities if damning evidence is found.

  70. How can the McCanns survive all of the pressure that they are suffering from hundreds blogs.
    It must be Hell on Earth. Missing their daughter, knowing that she is dead, scared of the police, losing friends, Gerry being confronted with colleagues, every day, and a bad atmosphere at home.

    And people are telling the twins that Madeleine is dead.

    They must be exhausted and we can see it on Kate's face.
    Children nowadays are much brighter than we used to be, when there was no internet yet.They develop themselves much faster.

    What a mess, what a mess.

    I hope the Met will come up with a new information.

    But the twins are still at an age when they believe their parents.

  71. There will certainly be a reconstruction of May the 3rd, that is for sure. I expect Tapas 9 to be warned at the last moment, short before they will be brought to an airport. Tickets already booked by the SY, the police at the door of each home, at the same time and there they go. There will be police baby sitters at their home till relatives arrive to take care of the children.
    I expect the reconstruction to take place in the middle of the night, after the PJ have changed the lamps around 5a. There will be lamps with the same power that they had when Madeleine died and before the McCanns made their documentary.
    The reconstruction will probably happen during a night with full moon.

    The Smiths will be present.

    Great, Great!!!!!!!!

  72. Anon 57 ... I agree - and IMO one can judge a lot from a face, its something inate in us for survival. If you take a look at all the individuals` faces that back the Mcs, they are indeed a pretty dodgey looking lot who would be more at home in a criminal underworld gang.

  73. I can understand that Nige of McCann Files is tired of such a lot of work he has done. And I understand he needs a break.
    But it does not mean we are not missing his blog.
    He is the heart of all of the information.

    Please, come back, Nige!

  74. The last official news that we had from Operation Grange was last April, about the 24th, when Andy Redwood gave several interviews.Or was it on the 28th?
    I noticed the the Yard talks about that operation once on a 3 months, since May 2011.
    I hope we will get news at the end of this month, it will be 3 months after Redwood was interviewd.
    Let us hope the Yard has something new to tell us.Not again ghosts and dreams. We are longing for facts.
    Jim Gamble believes we will get to know what happened to Madeleine within his lifetime. I wish him a long life but who says we will have it too?
    Speaking about long lives, they just discovered a nazi in Budapest, 97 years old and I pray Gamble has always voted on Labour.

  75. I just watched an old video, Sky News, and at the same time its subtitles, something that the computer provides by hearing the words that are being said.

    I read about the inspector Cholera Rebelo (Paulo).

  76. Very soon the twins will know the truth and they will find out that the parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts lied to them. That they were treated like idiots. They will never trust their families anymore.And Kate being the perpetrator and Gerry concealing the body on the beach, and later transporting it in the car, this will be a terrible shock for the siblings.The same car that was used by the family in order to travel around in Portugal.

    Their trauma will be huge and I wonder if they will ever forgive their parents, when they grow up.

    The tragedy is getting worse and worse and I hope the police are watching the McCanns because I fear they can become dangerous to their children, solving Madeleine's mystery on a terrible way.

    Sean and Amelie have the right to continue living, even if their parents are involved in her fate.

  77. Hurrah, Nigel Moore of McCannfiles is coming back!

    We missed him, didn't we?

  78. Isn't it genuinely awful, that the Sun Newspaper is still linking Madeleine's name with the worst possible connections. I don't need to name the connections but it's quite disturbing. Then remember, that's exactly what her parents did in 2007.

    Paedophiles, murderers, gypsies, any sort of (perceived) lowlife, is how she will be remembered, so far. Spotty people, I mean really, it's not funny, it's actually quite sick. Why do they do that.

    Then her mum talks about her genitals in her book....

    Sorry but I have to say it as it is, it's twisted and I don't understand how Kate McCann is so easily accepted by the mainstream, even Missing Children.

    It's like a Sun headline on Ground Hog day.

  79. Re Company sponsoring media wide Missing People, the company providing 1 million missing people advertising also own the equipment: Digital Outdoor Media Equipment which has Stephen Alexander Goldstein as a Director who is also Director at Shirley Golf Course in Solihull B90.

    Probably nothing but could be something

  80. More McCann news?


  81. Many times I wonder how Kate's parents are doing. We could follow them at the beginning of the case, completely believing their daughter and son-in -law were telling the truth. Most parents are like that. I feel such a terrible sorry for them. By now they must know the truth. It must have been a schock to them when they read the files, specially the Gaspars. And also that Gerry was convicted for children sex abuse in 2002( Good Quality Wrists Bands, and I don't know if it is true).But I think it is true otherwise Gerry would have sued that site.
    Mrs. Healy never expected the parents to leave their children all alone during 5 nights, a sign they did not know Kate and Gerry well. If that was a surprise for them, the rest could be true as well, something that they did not realise at that time.
    Mrs. Healy aged a lot.
    And the McCanns continue being friends with the Paynes which must be a knife in the Healy's hearts. The siblings at risk.

    What a schock for the grandparents.

  82. I really can't believe that the Home Office has 3,5 million pounds for the review and that 2 million was spent in ghosts, dreams, etc.
    I believe that the review is much further than they are telling and that they are keeping it secret. It seems that the Yard made already the reconstruction of May the 3rd with softwares and that has nothing to do with spirits and premonitions.
    There must be a lot going on. They got to finish that before Home Office runs out of money. The 195 leads could be inside of the files.
    By the way Redwood said the answer could lie in the files.

    That's what the PJ always said.

    And Jim Gamble said that he believes we will know what happened to Madeleine during his lifetime.
    That means that he knows it already and the rest too

  83. Thank heavens McCannfiles is not carterrucked.
    I was afraid that that was the case.
    But Nige guarantees us that everything is just fine. I hope he will come up with news from the Scotland Yard. We have the right to hear from them. Maybe McCannfiles can manage to find out how things are going.

  84. Cadaver evidence, scratching of ears in interviews, unanswered questions, witness STATEMENTS, the gaspers, paedophile links, this stinks of a catholic cover up, belng a catholic enables anyone to commit a crime go to church ask for forgiveness and BINGO your forgiven, they have been covering dispicable acts for decades, we know they knew of priests buggering boys and they did nothing, this is just childs play to them....the irish catholics being the worse for this....its a Huge cover up, you just cant brush aside all that evidence without the protection of a gigantic organization.......who you ring on the day and ask for protection? The masons?

  85. @54

    Flawless critique of the MP representative's poor judgment. Of all people we would expect those connected with missing young people to be aware of the role of parental responsibility in the fate of young children. But guess what? Once again, we find this isn't the case.

    From the responses to the whole McCann saga you'd be forgiven for thinking that the world breaks down neatly into two groups: those who think it's ok to leave your kids the way the McCanns did and those who don't. We think that anyone working for MP would be in the latter camp obviously.

    But one thing I've learned is that it isn't as simple as that. What I suspect is that, in reality, we have all taken some risks on the basis of our own selfishness. You know the kind of thing: smoking while driving (yes, even with the window open), leaving them for a day with a friend's mother we didn't really know too well so we could go out partying... driving too tired and falling asleep with them in the car.

    The difference is whether we admit we selfishly took those risks and whether, when faced with someone else doing it, we make what they're doing alright or not. For me the two groups of people can be characterised as:

    • I minimise what the McCann's did because I currently still take those risks myself but can't admit to myself that when I do it, it's because my selfish needs take priority over the safety or wellbeing of my kids


    • I hold the McCann's responsible for their selfish risk-taking because I no longer take those risks myself and accept my own responsibility for what I used to do

    The uncomfortable question I sometimes ask myself is this: what if, in my time, I hadn't been so lucky? What if my selfishness HAD cost the life of my chid? Would I have been any more able to admit responsibility for my actions than the McCanns?

    Thankfully, I never had to find out - but it was by luck, not by my own doing.

  86. It remains a mystery why the McCanns have a choice in all this. They have lost a child and they make the decisions ? What has happened to the job of the law, the prosecutor who should want to know how, why they returned to UK without their 4 year old child. The UK is looking more and more like a banana republic.

  87. Can someone tell us what is happening with the most important matter of Stephen Birch please and his claim about finding Madelein's remains?

  88. The McCanns' Guardian Angel, Rebekah Brooks, has been charged today of the crimes of phone hacking.
    At least she did Madeleine a favour, short before NOW crashed: she "persuaded" Cameron to involve the Yard in the case and to ask for a revision.
    This was for sure a trap to the McCanns instead of helping them.
    The Yard can't go back anymore.
    At least the Murdoch concern did something useful.

  89. Reply to
    Promotor Veritatis,
    comment 21.

    From your insightful Film Noir bird's eye view of the affair, it even looks like the whole darn theing had been, y'know, cooked. Episodes of Scooby Doo and Murder She Wrote are written. D'you think they all have the same work agent, who is going for broke in this affair? (One feels sorry for the Portugese police then, but only if they're excluded, while that's surely better for them than inclusion.) Perhaps they do all have the same agent, but perhaps they don't know they all have the same agent, who tells them different things.

    While, I hate to joke, and there isn't any fun or disprespect intended to be shown in this comment. It's merely a comment at comment made.

  90. In response to
    Anonymous, comment 23:

    Schofield: "Kate is about to help launch a brand new initiative which will hopefully help find some of the thousands of people who go missing in the UK each year, and Kate is here now to tell us all about it. And we were just saying you don’t do many of these things on your own do you?

    Kate: I don’t, usually I have Gerry next to me, you’re right."

    Whew. What a question. Was he wondering what reaction it would provoke in Kate? Kate can answer about TV appearances, but surely the question suggests other things.

    Consider this, could the question legitimately be seeking the answer,

    "No, without the charity, I've only gotten round to doing one thing like this before now."

    But, Phillip seemed to suggest, though, such a question and answer, or, in a more analytical, reductive answer to Kate's, for her to say:

    "Well, there's been only one, Phillip, and I didn't do it all by myself, you know, it wasn't just me".

  91. Re. the Good Morning - Kate interview, comments 23, 24, 25, 26.

    Here Kate appears to be saying now, the Portugese authorities having had time to examine the case, the McCanns want it reopened, distinct from a previous time when perhaps the McCanns thought they police would have jumped the gun.

    So, are the reports that the Portugese authorities have been willing / very likely to reopen the case but only on request from the parents of Madeleine, all nonsense?

    Or can it be that the McCann's have not been told of the apparent request business? Very strange.

  92. I think maybe the McCann's for a little while have begun to conceive of the likelihood of being accused formally, of being "caught" as guilty.

    I have a feeling, while it's what they fear, they think it's kind of going to happen anyway.

    Perhaps that explains the Ambassador for Missing Children position. Has the activity been upped for a reason?

    They really need sympathy and help, the McCanns.

  93. I still wonder why Amaral told about the Gaspars an Yvonne Martin on his book.
    If Madeleine died victim of sedation and of a fall, and Kate seems to be responsible for her death, accidentally or otherwise, what does the Mallorca incident have to do with her death?
    There must be some connection, otherwise Amaral would not have told it. Or was Amaral's intention to tell what kind of friends the McCanns have?

    The greatest mystery is the fact that the Paynes were the only ones with a monitor and that is odd.
    Did Payne have a monitor in order to claim himself innocent?

    Is he directly or indirectly involved in the death?

  94. We have been reading articles by Stephen Birch and his search for Maddeleine,why didn't Murat give them permission to dig and open the drive to find the truth,it looks that maybe he had something to do with Maddie.The whole lot looks so suspicious,we believe that it was Mr Mccann who was seen by Mr Smith carrying Maddie towards the sea,the dog went from the flat to the sea.We think there is something odd and the British government want to close the case and bring it to an end.Why do they not open the case and find out the real truth.Even the British people believe Maddie died in the flat and they were to blame.We feel sorry for Maddie and what she has been through.We hope we hope Mr Birch is a honest man.

  95. There is a girl of 11, Tia Sharp missing from New Addington, South London, since Friday lunchtime 12 noon,3rd August.People are asking why no Amber Alert has been used and that the Olympics have taken precedence in the headlines. But I am amazed that Kate McCann hasn't already jumped on the bandwagon as she has been appointed (by who? not us!) as the Missing Children's representative. Hmmmmm......

  96. Last year, June the 13th, the McCanns were interiewed in Ireland, on occasion Kate launching her book. It was on the day Cameron's reply was published on THE SUN.
    One can see that interview on Regrets and Ramblings. When I watched it forr the first time, I was shocked how much older and nervous both looked, only 24 hours after they had been seeing on the in the UK, when they looked very well.Today I again watched that interview and I was surprised how well Kate looked at that time, in Ireland.
    Because last May, 2012, we could see how she aged in one year time.
    In August 2007, interviewed by Jon Conner, she was a perfect shining star, on BBC breakfast 2008 (9?) she looked perfect and young.
    Those were the days when they did not have any help from any police force in the UK.

    Even launching her book, in the UK,she looked well.

    How come she became a little old woman, in 12 monthes, when we all expected her to look even better than she did short after Madeleine disappeared? Why that, knowing the Met are doing everything to find Madeleine, believing she could be alive? There is hope, there is youth, but probably not for Kate.

  97. There are parallels with the McCann and Tia Sharp cases. We have to thank cadaver dogs in each case. Also, the ineptitude of Scotland Yard in the Sharp case. Britain has Keystone Cops too!

  98. Pperhaps Nigel Moore could call the Met and interview one of them.
    Faked Abduction managed to talk to them.
    Could you please try, Nigel?

  99. In the UK, Winnie Johnson died today without knowing where her son was buried. A scandal.Did the Ambassador for Missing People, Kate McCann, contacted the murderer, trying to persuade him to tell the location of the body? I would expect her to have done it.
    Or at least did she visit Winnie Johnson?
    But I understand she hates talking about secret graves. It is not her hobby and we have to bring up some respect for her decisions.
    Speaking about graves, I pray Maddie is haunting Tapas 9 all the time.

  100. In Sweden, a journalist asked Kate about the beautiful weather that day, about their first time in Sweden, what was Kate thinking of.
    Kate replied about the weather, etc, and not what the journalist expected: _ "I'm restless, looking around, searching for Madeleine who could be right now in these streets".
    Kate missed the point.

  101. Hiding a suspicious death, hiding a corpse, no decent funeral, "recognizing" Murat, obstructing police work, false statements, destroying the Ocean Club's employés, a fraudulent fund...


    You will all pay for what you have done !

  102. On the interview of a Chilen TV I read the PJ asked the McCanns "why have you spent 25 days without a car and hire one exactly one day before you left to see the Pope?"
    Myself I had thought of that.
    I did not see the answer.

  103. I hope the Scotland Yard is reading your blog, Joana.
    On that Chilean interview ( one week before having be made arguidos) Gerry says:
    "Our families are giving us tremendous support..."
    No support from Tapas 7 who were there and knew the parents were innocent?

    Gerry: "When I arrived there(5a) and Kate told me..."
    Wasn't Kate the one who ren to the restaurant, shouting Madeleine was abducted, and Gerry was there, sitting among his friends?
    Gerry's version tells Kate was in the apartment and he was the one who arrived there.

    The word "told" above does not show much panic.
    Could he being thinking of the moment he came back from tennis and had learned that Madeleine was dead?

  104. It seems relatives of the McCanns spreaded around that the PJ made the parents suspects in order to hide their own incompetence.
    I pray the PJ will remember that when they start re-interrogating the McCanns.
    Don't forget it, PJ.
    Let the UK and the world see how competent you are, one of the best of the world.

  105. @95 I have always wondered why with the accusations leveled at David Payne he has not come out to declare himself innocent of the accusation of pedophilia. What innocent man would not be outraged at such a claim. There is no more heinous thing to be accused of than pedophilia yet this man keeps silent when the suggestions of inappropriate behavior by him are all over the Internet. Have Social Services "dropped by for a cup of tea" yet as they did with the McCanns. What is wrong with UK child protection when a parent suspected of pedophilia and parents suspected of killing a child are asked no questions by their local authorities.

    Someone has some influence with those in authority.

  106. boa noite
    eu quero partilhar um caso caricato que aconteceu no hotel onde trabalho ha 16 anos na pequena ilha de Jersey canal da mancha.
    O hotel em causa oferece de servico de baby sitting aos residentes
    do hotel,o que consiste em a crianca estar a dormir dentro do quarto e a baby sitter permanecer do lado de fora do quarto,e sempre que a crianca chore ela de imediato telefona para os pais que se encontrao no bar ,dois pisos abiaxo,que de imediato se dirigem para la e entao acalmar a crianca.
    Acontece que neste dia a baby sitter estava sentada no lado de fora como sempre,e um colega de trabalho que tinha comprado uma maquina fotografica naquele mesmo dia ,estava a mostrar e a gabar da tal compra que tinha feito e que levou algums meses para angariar fundos.
    A mae da crianca entretanto chega e ve a baby sitter e um gajo com uma maquina fotografica nas maos, entra no quarto euforica pega na crianca ao colo,que estava a dormir,aperta a crianca contra si e desata a chorar.
    E chamado o gerente que vem com prontidao para saber qual era o motivo para tanto rebulico.
    chegado ao local tenta acalmar a senhora que estava isterica a chorar agarrada a crianca.
    depois de a senhora se acalmar o gerente pergunta o que aconteceu
    e a resposta da nobre cliente foi que como a baby sitter e o gajo da maquina eram portugueses queriam fazer o mesmo que fizeram a madeleine mccann e raptar a crianca inclusive ja tinham a maquina fotografica para tirar fotografias,porque foram os portugueses que raptaram a madeleine mccann.
    isto so mostra o que os jornais engleses implemetaram nas mentes do subitos de sua magestade.

  107. I still feel confident that one day soon some whistle blower will have had enough of the cover up in this case, and will tell what that 'secret file' held by the UK authorities contains. It is said to be information given very early on by someone close to the McCanns, but that person has said they will refuse to say any more. It is also believed that if the information were to be released, it would injure relations between the UK and Portugal.

    When it comes to misplaced 'loyalty' and the truth, I am betting there are people around who would always opt for the latter.

    When that happens, something very nasty is going to hit the fan, and there will be a lot of explaining to do, and deservedly so, since the UK Government should never have involved itself in a criminal investigation, WHICH THIS STILL IS, nor should they be doing 'favours' on behalf of their newspaper pals which is costing the tax payers millions.

    Nevertheless, when that information comes out the media will no doubt have a field day reporting it all, and there will be great shame and embarrassment on the part of certain people.

    I think we should not forget that 'secret file' as being the key to unlocking what this case has really been about, and should try and stop their attempt to continue to hide it under the carpet.

  108. 106, we don't know if authorities have approached Payne and Gerry about that issue. But it is possible that the Gaspars are not the only ones who went to the police with similar stories about both of them.
    It is even possible that both are known by the police, that's why they are not suing any of the Gaspars.
    Besides, suing for sex delict, it would attract extra attention to both men.
    Goodqualitywristbands.blogspot.com has an article telling that Gerry was convicted for children sex abuses in 2002.
    It is very much possible that that is true otherwise he would have sued that blog, demanding millions of pounds.
    If he didn't it is because it smells fishy.
    On her statemnt, Mrs. Gaspar tells about her suspicions about Gerry towards a certain little girl, who was 2,5 years old at that time but that part of of her statement disappeared short after the PJ released the files.I believe Gerry demanded the disappearance of that part, using Carter Ruck.
    But that part exists.
    I've read it at least twice, on different occasions.

    What kind of life did Madeleine have at home, the poor little girl?

  109. 107, que horror de caso. Espero que o gerente do hotel tenha dito a verdade para aquela senhora. Ou será que ele também não sabe?
    Os McCanns são uns desaforados. Mas a verdade está chegando.

  110. boa noite
    eu sou o 107
    no dia seguinte o gerente depois de ter falado com todas as partes envolvidas foi falar com a cliente,e explicou que tudo nao passou de um mal entendido,que as pessoas em questao erao jente honesta com mais de 10 anos de casa cada um.
    mas a cliente disse que nao se sentia a vontade e optou por passar o resto das ferias noutro hotel

  111. It would be interesting to know how the Express newspaper got onto the information about the 'Secret File' being kept under wraps by the Home Office.

    It is believed to contain detailed conversations (by whom?) with the Met Police concerning 'sensitive details' about the case, which would be of 'specific detriment' to UK's relations with Portugal if revealed. This was said very early on to have been information supplied by someone close to the McCanns, and the case.

    Why wasn't this information passed on to the PJ to begin with, whether or not the person who had given it had said they would refuse to say any more?

    Are the Home Office awaiting a request from Portugal for it to be passed on, just as in the case of the Gasper statements held by the LP, when the PJ had to request they be sent to them after they had been withheld for months.

    If Portugal do request this information, are the Home Office going to tell them 'sorry we can't let you have it because it will damage relations between our countries'. If so, what would Portugal make of that crazy answer, except I would imagine, to demand to know even more so why that would be!

    Now the PJ are surely alerted to the fact that such a 'Secret File' exists, maybe they should send in a special request for that information. After all, the case involves a criminal investigation into the disappearance of a child, so what do the Home Office and the Met think they are playing at? Surely relations between the two countries will be even worse if they do not release the information if they request it.

    I hope the existence of this 'Secret File' is reported by the media in Portugal, as the Portuguese have spent a lot of time, money, and resources on this case. They deserve better than a fobbed off excuse.

    What answers does that 'Secret File' contain, that is the question?

    Please PJ, if the Express newspaper can ask for the information, albeit they were refused, you have far more right than them to know, so as to help bring closure to this case for all concerned, and especially for Portugal.

  112. I'm very irritated how things are going. Just have read an article on McCannFiles, Evening Standard, where I understood that Operation Grange is running out of money(who isn't?), they need more for the future and they are planning to talk to Cameron at Christmas!!!!!!!!!!! They seem to need more money.
    It took them 12 months to tell us "she is either alive or sadly she is not", it cost 2 million pounds, and after 15 months they tell us they will have a talk in December, and that they need extra money, and they want to know if their time is limited. Everybody needs extra money in December, not only the Yard. My jesus, how long is this going to take? I expected Tapas 9 getting arrested at any moment and it does not seem to be the case.
    At least it does guarantee Jim Gamble a long life.

  113. The Danish police said that most people in Denmark believe that the mccanns were involved in Madeleines disappearance.We hope they do not listen to the british government who are on their side or the truth will not come out.They should speak to Mr Amaral if they want to find out what really happened.Poor Maddie we all think she died in the flat.The British government should not have been involved.Dont they feel sorry for how that poor little girl suffered.

  114. I hope the existence of this 'Secret File' is reported by the media in Portugal


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