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South African businessman challenges Robert Murat

“He should allow excavations at the site”

by João Mira Godinho

Stephen Birch, the South African that guarantees to have found indicia that Madeleine McCann is buried in Robert Murat's garden, challenges the Briton: “If he has nothing to fear, he should allow the place to be excavated”

In statements made to Correio da Manhã, Birch ensures that, after ​​the hole is made in the terrain, “everything would be restored” .

“That would clear all doubts”, argues the South African, that by means of a georadar machine detected variations in the subsoil in an area of Murat's garden, in Praia da Luz. The place is, according to Birch, in “the area of a cement pavement, that was added after the child's disappearance” in May 2007.

The challenge made by the South African businessman comes after the McCann family's lawyer defended that the authorities should investigate the leads provided by Birch. “The family does not investigate. What the family expects is for the police to take a position on this matter, to verify the site," said the lawyer Rogério Alves, who defends Kate and Gerry McCann, to CM.

Meanwhile, to substantiate his theory, Stepehn Birch uploaded a video where he appears analysing, with the georadar, the terrain of Murat's villa in Praia da Luz. The businessman shows, in the divulged footage, the results obtained by his private investigation and explains what led him to conclude that Maddie is buried in that garden. In the video he shows an image obtained with the georadar at the terrain “where it is clear that there is a cavity, bellow the driveway, and in that cavity is an object”. The “image shows that the soil was disturbed with a spade”.

in Correio da Manhã, July 8, 2012, online edition

Read as well a more thorough transcript from an interview given by Birch to a South African Radio, at Brenda's blog.


  1. he does not say why he picked Murats garden.
    only reference to Murat was JT sighting was
    described as "towards" Murats.
    now if Murats name had not been brought into it
    surely the correct description of the JT "sighting"
    would have been "towards a number of properties and land,sea etc.
    makes me believe that he gives credence to JT.

  2. If this is presumable, the McCanns are the ones who have to request the reopening of the case. Perhaps the Met are already ready with the revision but as they haven't gotten any power to reopen it, thay are using Birch to make noise for them.
    This could be a strategy, obliging the McCanns to re-start the whole thing. It is also possible that Porto is already ready with their revision. If the parents really want to find Madeleine, dead or alive, they have to request the reopening of the case.
    Re-starting it, Tapas 9 have to come to Algarve for the reconstruction.

  3. If Stephen Birch can get into the garden so easily to do his 'investigations', then how easy would it have been for others to have got into the garden to bury a body there. An obvious place to hide one really, being as the garden had already been searched and given the all clear. Although I doubt very much there is a body there, this has certainly placed attention back on Murat, and away from the McCanns and that 'secret file' on the case that is being held under wraps by the UK authorities for fear it would damage relations with Portugal. We should not let that be swept under the carpet and forgotten.

  4. After the police dig Murats garden up,SY ought to pop round rothley palace and dig their garden up,after all fairs fair.

  5. Gosh, Murat's property is build up on a ruin, a Roman villa, and next we will see Kate dressed up in Cleopatra and Gerry in Caesar, going to Praia da Luz. I hope they will be received by many cobras, at the Faro airport.

  6. JM..........

    Enviei-lhe mail e DMs (twit) e um link .

  7. Reparei agora que não é necessário ver DMs ou gmail.

  8. This is the London lawyer whom Stephen Birch has employed, bigging up Andy Coulson back in June 2007:-

    The Guardian - The right man for the job: Andy Coulson's appointment as Tory press chief has sparked a predictable outbreak of sniffiness - but it's one of David Cameron's cleverest moves.


    This case is so 'incestuous'.

  9. Hi Joana......do you know......is Nige still on the Bahamas?

  10. The McCanns seem to have commented that Birch words are lies.
    It is the first time the parents don't want to follow a lead.
    And it is the first time I believe the McCanns.Lies, of course because they know the body is not in Murat's garden.
    And we know it too.

  11. Querida Maria a @6 e @7, obrigada, ainda não tive oportunidade de ler, a propósito leve as traduções que quiser :) Amanhã faço as duas peças que faltam, a do CdM de dia 5 e a da JP com o GA do mesmo dia. Com sorte o circo acaba. Hoje, sopas e descanso, um beijinho

    Dear Jilly @8 So glad to know that I'm not the only one to find that Promiscuity rhymes with Coincidentally, at least in this case. Imagine that, Andy Coulson, the same guy that recruited Clarence Mitchell for the Tory comms. The same guy that was arrested and charged with perjury in Murdoch's hacking scandal. ;) beijinhos xox

    KC @9 I didn't even know he was there, hope he is having a great time. xx

  12. @ 4
    Yes an excellent idea. All former arguidos should have their gardens dug up :C

    Apparently the McCanns can have the case re-opened by making a written request. Does anyone know if the same applies to Robert Murat?

  13. Can someone contact Stephen Birch and ask him to take his machine to Rothley? Of course he will have to stake out the joint for a few days to ensure the McCanns are not at home but if he finds an anomaly in their garden, I'm pretty certain they will co-operate and agree to having it dug up.

  14. Who is Birch working for? He is adamant the grave was dug just after 9 pm on the night of 3 May and Madeleines body was placed in it just after 10 pm. His claims completely discredit all those professionals involved in the search as well as the cadaver dogs.

  15. quote "What the family expects is for the police to take a position on this matter, to verify the site" unquote

    Let's start with holding the McCanns responsible for all the financial consequences of their actions. After all, whatever happened, it could only happen because they failed in their parental duties. So every time they demand an action paid for by society let's give them a bill first and act when they have payed it.

    That'll shut them up.

  16. Unbelievable to read the suggestion that ground inspections -including digging if necessary- may not have been undertaken in this case. Interesting also that the Portuguese legal authorities (I'd suppose the acting magistrate) has not voided the entire case: According to Gonçalo Amaral, the inconsistencies recorded on file mount quite enough to not only archive the case -i.e. The case is deemed as inconclusive to bring charges agains anyone- but also to declare it "void" if it is found that Portuguese forensic practices have either not been completed or have been followed in such a way which may imply perjury or attempt to corrupt the course of justice. At this point I'd suppose the Portuguese magistrates should still have the power to open an investigation on the proceedings of the case and bring the necessary people before Justice if it can be verified that such attempt to corrupt the course of justice has been made.

  17. Hi Jo, good to see you back. With reference to your comment #11, in response to #9, I haven't been anywhere. I think it's supposed to be a joke. Ho. Ho. Ho. I have no idea what 'on the Bahamas' means but it sounds painful for both me and the Bahamas, so something I would ordinarily seek to avoid. Maybe it's street slang for something. Whatever. For those interested in the site, I have started trying to piece together the last few months and the site will be updated slowly over the forthcoming couple of weeks. No conspiracies involved in lack of updates - just lack of time and an unfortunate train of circumstances.

  18. Welcome back Nige :) Missed you, beijinhos xx

  19. @17 Nige,

    It is wonderful to see you're back! I have to admit I thought you had been gagged (:b). Hope that everything is now going well for you personally and that you can keep your informative site updated (:q).


  20. Great News
    Nige @17 I and many others appreciate very much your site, Thank You.

  21. @17 woke you up eh.........Nige. ;-))

  22. @Nige

    twas probably just a roll call ;)

    good to see you around

  23. Perhaps Birch has a hero complex and is trying to inject himself into the story for fame, fortune and personal gratification. If his machine is correct then the dogs are wrong, the police are wrong, the Smith sighting is wrong. The forensics are wrong, the profilers are wrong. Everyone is wrong except him.

    Wasn't Murat's garden dug up and examined thoroughly in the weeks after Maddie disappeared? Birch wants recognition and to get rich of his "invention".

  24. Hoping that the Stephen Birch's 'burst' into this #McCann affair is real and that it is going to shake the daylights out of Kate and Gerry and their so-called Tapas friends, that we will see a positive shift in that each one of T9 are escorted back to Portugal and this case is back with Portugal and the PJ, show-up the weak SY for brainless, wishy-washy attitude, a reconstruction without the interference of Dave Cameron & his Government.

  25. Pensez vous que le jardin de murat va être fouillé? il devrait l'être.....on ne peut laisser un doute comme celui ci,et peun importe la manière dont les "preuves" ont été récolté..combien de temps prend la justice portugaise pour prendre ce genre de décison? 3 mois? comme pour fouillé l'appart 5a? en france, ils ont détruit l'entrée d'un restaurant pour moins que ca..et tout le monde a trouver ca normal....pourquoi murat ne porte pas plainte pour diffamation???

  26. It is interesting to see that it seems the Portugese police will reopen the case if the McCann's make a formal request (after not having answered their questions).

    When the British police repeatedly claim to be depressed that they are not receiving the aid they want, that there are only a small handful of Portugese working on a review from the Lisbon vicinity, it seems this is the time that the national police squad can politely say to the McCann's "We wish you very much to request the case in Portugal be reopened, for everyones' benefit".

    While, it seems that some people writing online seem to know that the Portugese police are aware that Madeleine McCann was killed in appartment 5A during peadophillic or ritual abuse. One wonders if the British police can be of a position to assure the McCann's, considering that, they will not pressurise them to request the case to be reopened.

    It's quite involved. I wonder what the British police think, genuinely, if they actually went for a fully genuine investigation. Whatever happened, there are so many anomalies with the McCann's, and perhaps the British police seem not to want to go against them, so one wonders.

    Perhaps the Portugese police are - and have long been - waiting until after a British investigation, if they are to reopen the case themselves without request. Perhaps they thought 3 or so years ago that they might be able to make a case against the McCann's, but to wait, that it would depend upon what the British police do, knowing they would come.

    Perhaps the Portugese police know others to be involved, but cannot break through even the McCann's or their friends, and so have given up.

  27. Any further news on this? Seems to have been on the news one minute and no update.

  28. Both the British goverment and Portuguese goverment are preventing the corpse of Madeleine McCann being dug up.The Portuguese police were caught by British intelligent officers planting DNA 25 days after Madeleine went missing in the hire car of Gerald Patrick McCann creating a diplomatic crisis--Both country's shut the case prematurely to avoid facing an emabarrising situation.Madeleine McCann lies buried beneath the Murat rear gravel driveway- Please view YouTube video Stephen Birch Madeleine--many thx Stephen D.Birch(Cape Town, South Africa

    Lastly my company Birch Organisation is committed to spending millions of rands in the future and informing people worldwide of this autrocity.

  29. What's the problem in digging up the site to see if Madeleine is there. The only embarrassment to the British and Portugese Government is if Stephen Birch is right.


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