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Analysis by Moita Flores: 'English police admits abandoning Madeleine McCann case review'

Frames taken from the video


Júlia Pinheiro (JP) - So, the British police admits to abandon the investigation relative to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. [ref. English police willing to abandon Madeleine McCann investigation] The Met Commissioner [Bernard Hogan-Howe], responsible for the process, stated to an English newspaper that until the end of the current year the (English) government should decide if the investigation should continue or not. It is a curious issue. I have with me, here, Francisco Moita Flores and Paulo Sargento. Hello, good afternoon. How are you both? What do you think Francisco?

Francisco Moita Flores (FMF) - Good afternoon. This is very strange.

JP - Very strange, isn't it?

FMF - In fact, I think this is too strange, you see, in England, everyday, children go missing. I wouldn't go as far as to say everyday, but at least many times per month, children go missing...

JP - At least every week children go missing.

FMF - ...Like in Portugal, where some also disappear, and as we know there aren't as many as those who go missing in England. This investigation, is an investigation made to a process that was already investigated. What the Scotland Yard is doing, and what the English police is doing, is an investigation to the investigation that was done by the Portuguese Judiciary Police.

JP - Yes, and in that they have already spent close to 3 million pounds.

FMF - It was not the police that invested in there [in the review].

JP - Who was it then?

FMF - Those who invested are always the same.

JP - Right.

FMF - That is, it's the government that handles the money, so they can find every possible solution that exists for the Maddie case. Even though the solution, for them, is always one and the same: "The child was abducted", and thus "Let us see where did the Judiciary Police failed", so "We can can find the abductor". They don't consider alternative hypotheses. Therefore, what is taking place, and I understood that from the first public appearance of the English inspectors [ref.DCI Andy Redwood], is that there is a sort of exam, an oral and written examination to the process investigated by the Portuguese Judiciary Police. What is also true is that everything that they have "found" at the time, the numerous leads [ref. 195 "leads"], clues and similar, were all leads that had been previously investigated [or dismissed] by the Portuguese Police, leads that had already been cleared up.

JP - Without results.

FMF - What I fear, or rather what I would be afraid of, if the Portuguese authorities turn a blind eye, is that a new whitewashing operation is being prepared in this case. And the whitewashing operation results in something similar to this: "the child was abducted", "there aren't any other hypotheses", the issue of involving people connected to the child is "vile", they are all "good people", "it had to be a Moroccan or a Portuguese" - it has to be someone whose complexion is a bit darker than average, that has performed the abduction. "Those poor people were just on holidays", "good people" and so on. To disturb them or even question them is indeed an "insult". Well, that is perverse, because it reveals that millions are being spent in order to whitewash people's images [reputations].

JP - But doesn't the idea of closing the investigation come as an attempt to put an end to the case, even the English people are tired...

FMF - The process is archived, the only one who can reopen the process is the Portuguese General Attorney's Office. Everything that they are doing is an investigation to a process that is archived!

JP - Exactly, so they are spending several resources of the British government, in...

FMF - They are lucky not have the IMF in there.

JP - At least not yet. [laughs/ref. See Portugal and the IMF] Let me speak with Paulo Sargento, who has been following the case attentively since the beginning. What do you think?

Paulo Sargento (PS) - This has an hidden agenda behind it, as usual. When news, precisely like this one, appear in the British media they have an hidden agenda. About a month ago there was a first call to arms, now...

JP - But what this man stated now was "let's close this", "it will not really come to anything".

PS - What that man stated is nonsense. It means nothing. They're going to close, they're not going to close. First of all, they don't have any sovereignty to...

JP - To close anything.

PS - Precisely. As Francisco said and very well. I fully endorse what Francisco said, they don't have any sovereignty. [ref. Maddie Case review is “A mendacity for the sake of the English”] Secondly, what they did was a review of what the Judiciary Police had done. So, nothing that they have done so far matters at all. What matters is what we are going to have in September, on the 13th and 14th and then on the 20th and 21st. Those are the final hearings dates of the trial of the main action of the McCanns against Gonçalo Amaral. [ref. The McCann couple demand 1,2 million euro from Gonçalo Amaral] It's important for them to keep the story in the spotlight. These are news without any real interest, like rehashing again the 195 leads, it's just pure stupidity, pure media junk to keep the story in the spotlight long enough to reuse it later on in terms of image [i.e. PR strategy]. This is what is happening, it's better that the Portuguese realize that, and by the way, the English people as well. This is what is taking place, nothing else.

JP - What's written there [points to the UK newspaper being shown on the TV/ref. 'Yard chief suggests Madeleine probe may be wound down'] in the title...

PS - The "Scotland Yard" usage is to give the impression of an argument from authority.

FMF - And respectability.

PS - And respectability. Exactly.

FMF - At least it's more respectable than the English government [ref. UK PM's ex-media boss, friend to face charges for hacking].

PS - That's true. Do you remember about two months ago when David Cameron forgot his daughter in the pub?

FMF - Exactly.

PS - This seems to be recurrent in the English. So, people should use some discernment and understand that this is nothing more than a media strategy to put the focus back in the McCann couple, in this case targeting Portugal. What they want now [with the upcoming trial] is to build up their image.

JP - So, it has to do with a specific agenda.

PS - Without any doubts.

FMF - There is an essential error that the Scotland Yard could present - something that I've always considered a serious mistake in the process, and I don't mind giving this contribution to the Scotland Yard: What was the reason behind the protection given to the McCann couple and friends by the Portuguese Judiciary Police, immediately at the beginning? Why were they shielded? Why was there concern in addressing them before the situation that was taking place? [ref. Kate McCann forces political pressure] I know that some colleagues of yours, journalists, hold a 'beatified vision' [i.e. a quasi veneration] - "Oh, those poor parents", "Oh, those poor friends", "They are all good people, drinking red wine glasses and had nothing to do whatsoever with the child that was sleeping 200 meters away", "Those wicked cops!" - that is a sanctimonious and moralistic view that has nothing to do with the police procedures when handling problems of violence and homicide, where everyone is treated equally. And where the first suspects are the ones closest to the victim.

JP - Only yesterday we spoke about that Spanish case [ref. Unexpected twist in mystery over missing Spanish children], where a former colleague of yours said that at the beginning they always have that feeling of not involving the parents, and then...

FMF - But there isn't any other way, the victims, particularly children, and also other victims, are generally produced by those who are closest to them. This doesn't mean that the parents are guilty, it could be by those who had access to the house. And then it also emerged, another mistake that was made and that... - actually, firstly, let me place these questions [still regarding the political pressures]: Why? Where there any phone calls insisting that the parents shouldn't be disturbed? Where there any superior authorities that said "don't touch those people"? And the Portuguese Judiciary Police should tell the truth, they should tell the truth. Where there calls from the embassies? Where there phone calls directly from the directorships of the Judiciary Police?....

PS - Ambassadors where there immediately.

FMF - Ambassadors where in there. [ref. McCann Case: Freedom of Information Act on John Buck former Ambassador] Where there calls from the English government? They should answer these questions. They know what the answers are. It's not worth it to be silent.

JP - For the sake of clarity.


in SIC, Querida Júlia - Talk show segment titled 'Análise de Moita Flores', Broadcast on 29.08.2012

Dr. Francisco Moita Flores - Former Judiciary Police Inspector, University Professor, Criminologist.
Dr. Paulo Sargento - University Professor, Forensic Psychologist.


  1. now I have to believe it is a whitewash, something I refused to believe till today. England is made of 50% paedophiles and 50% of corrupt politicians.
    I wondered why Redwood was not talking to the media and now I understand why Hogan-Howe did it. Who knows Andy did not agree with the whitewash and he refused to talk to the press.
    They are making fools of each other in that f...... England and I wonder who is pressuring Cameron right now.
    Because the British politicians lick everybody's ass in order to get more votes and they continue living their lives with their stinky mouths.What a bad breath must be around in number 10.
    I agree that the PJ are not planning to reopen the process and they will not.
    Corrupt inferior people, it is what they are.

  2. If anyone had doubts, here's another spin, rehashing the 'Olive Press' ridiculous story » The Sun says: Maddie ‘is with German family’. The 5/6 year old blond girl, who is clearly not Madeleine, has her face splashed in a huge photo (620x877 wide). Who cares about (other) children privacy rights, just as long as the McCann farce can continue.

  3. @1, Joana, I just read the article you mentioned.I believe it is Maddie, still traumatized.After 5,4 years she still did no learn German, the two boys are strange. yes, it could be her.
    I regret that man did not describe her pyjama and and the light shadow of a tea stain.I'm sure the Yard will find her.

  4. Joana,
    This farce will continue untill the authorities in Portugal reopen the case and issue a European arrest warrent for the McCanns to be returned to Portugal for questioning.
    Untill then the McCans will continue to insult all the people of Portugal

  5. Scotland Yard ready to wind down Madeleine search
    by Brendan de Beer
    30-08-2012 09:13:00

    Scotland Yard detectives have admitted for the first time they might be ready to reduce their efforts in the search for Madeleine McCann.

    Bernard Hogan-Howe, the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police has revealed that Scotland Yard is ready to wind down the search for Madeleine, who has been missing for over five years.

    Reports over the weekend stated that Mr Hogan-Howe was looking for new commitments from UK Prime Minister David Cameron, indicating that British police could have reached the limit on how long they are willing to spend investigating the case. (...)


  6. Very interesting article, I have always felt that only a 'swarthy' abductor would suffice, and it is the blatant racism in this case that I have always found so offensive.

    However, I should add that most English people don't abandon their children to go out drinking, and the myth flouted by the mccanns and their celebrity supporters that this is something we all do, has irked since day one. That they found support for this blatant neglect, and in my opinion, very cruel form of parenting, is shameful.

    I have done several blogs on this case if anyone is interested. Good luck Goncala, I hope justice prevails.

  7. Looking at it from another angle.
    What if they discovered such explosive evidence that they need to get advice from the PM as to what to do for the best, since it could very well involve quite a few of his "friends".
    They wouldn`t breath a word about this until a decision was made.
    In the meantime spill out something to prepare us for the whatever.

    I do not see how so many unanswered questions about this case can be just swept away leaving the clan smelling of roses.

    If this should be the outcome & no court case to answer to, something is so seriously wrong in our country & it can only get worse.
    I am disgusted.


  8. I just watched Amaral's video on Querida Júlia,and he really lost weight. We have not seen him for a very long time, the difference is big.
    Problably a very severe diet, I hope it was, or perhaps a vascular problem and he has to keep his weight low. Doctors in Portugal are excellent, very much responsible, very much willling to do everything for their patients.As foreigner I experienced some of them last year and I was impressed.Belgium


    This is information given them early on in the case by a person close to the McCanns, who then said they would refuse to say any more if asked.

    The said information, recently enquired of by a leading UK newspaper (how did they get hold of the knowledge that such a 'secret file' existed?), was said to be of such importance to the case that it would damage relations between UK and Portugal if it was revealed. What the hell can that be about, what can possibly cause such damage if revealed!!! Are they in fact covering up for a certain person or persons high up and using the diplomatic stuff as an excuse?

    How on earth can the Portuguese turn a blind eye to this?

    Do the Portuguese really believe it would damage relations, or might this just be an excuse to stop them asking? Surely it ought to be more damaging to relations that they are keeping the information hidden.

    Or, do the Portuguese not even know about this 'secret file' on the case kept by the Home Office?

    This is a serious criminal investigation into the disappearance and probable death of a little girl. How can anything justify a cover up of information that could solve the case?


    The tax payers of Portugal and the UK have paid enough money for this case, and they deserve answers and to stop the UK playing these silly so called diplomatic games.

    Meanwhile, the reputation of Portugal has been dragged in the mud by certain people who will no doubt continue until stopped.



  10. How can this be a whitewash,dont forget Dr Amaral,(and others) he knows you know,
    and i cant see him sitting on his hands and let this go.
    By the way,welcome back joana.

  11. If scotland yard are reducing there effort to find Madeleine,do you think that THEY know and an arrest is in the near future.

  12. What a nightmare. I wish the PJ would not receive the Yard anymore.
    Since I watched Moita Flores on Querida Julia, I have no choice than to believe that the Met are playing with Portugal's feet.
    And the PJ are accepting it? And where is Andy Redwood, who vanished as efficiently as Maddie did?
    Why extra whitewash if the McCanns were already officially clean of suspicion of murder? Or at least no clear evidence?
    I believe Cameron is behind that giving up, not the Scotland Yard.
    Police people are idealistic, imo, but their power is limitted in the UK.
    The Sun must be behind the pressure that the British government is suffering now.

    And we can forget about a honest report at the end of this year.

  13. @2 On what grounds do you believe the photo to be Madeleine McCann's? The melanin deficient hair? Fair enough but... what about the nose, the lips and the ear lobe? These are NOT Madeleine's! One can see that even through the blur. This is either the Sun's salesmanship, PR or both.

    You do know how the Sun connects with the McCanns' (and David Cameron/Scotland Yard)don't you?

    Wake up darling! The programme is nearing the end...

  14. Maddie McCann parents’ £1m bid over ‘lies’

    Published: 1 hr ago

    THE parents of Madeleine McCann are hoping to win a £1million libel payout this month from a former cop who claims they lied about their daughter’s disappearance.

    Goncalo Amaral, 55, was the police boss who led the initial search for Maddie after her abduction in May 2007 in Praia da Luz, Portugal.

    He went on to write a book sold worldwide in which he claimed her parents covered up her death from an accident or overdose of sedatives.

    Kate and Gerry, both 44, from Rothley, Leics, said the slurs left them “totally destroyed”.

    Their lawyer, Isabel Duarte, told The Sun: “We reasonably expect compensation for the dreadful damages this book has brought the family.”

    The case is due to start in Lisbon on the 13th.

    Any damages will go towards the hunt for Maddie, say the McCanns.


  15. @11, I wish you were right but I fear you are not.from the beginning I believed in this revision, I was the most positive on Joana's but I also lost my trust. Cameron is again under pressure and he is pressuring the Yard. I don't understand how come the PJ are keeping contact with those worthless police.
    I remember an incident in the years 80, Thatcher time, when England playied football in Sweden. When their supports came to the harbour to leave to the UK, the Swedish captain refused them on board and they had to return home by trein.England organized a trein trip,sent a train to Sweden, the British were put in it,doors locked from outside, and the trein left.In Germany the trein was allowed to stop in order to change the machinist and the locomotive (or only the machinist)and there was armed army at the station. The train continued its route to Holland, where it only was allowed to stop at the Hook of Holland harbour.The harbour was occupied by a part of the Dutch army, in order to protect it.

    The trein went inside the boat and they left to England.

    Those primitive people are playing with the PJ's feet now.
    They are the worst people of Europe.

  16. I don't expect the McCanns going to Lisbon, being present at the trial. They are cowards. If they even did not burie their daughter propely, they will not be present at the tribunal.
    Afraid of demonstrations.The PJ are again spending money with them.

  17. Giving up the revision it means that the McCanns will continue being a pain in the ass of the British government.

  18. I wish Kate and Gerry would go to Portugal now and that they would give interviews telling their opinion about the whitewash.
    They certainly will not admit it.
    I wonder if Tapas 7 will testifie in Lisbon because they are the only witnesses in the case.
    I bet they refused it and that intrigues me.I have to think of Jim Gamble's words "relationships change".
    To me the McCanns lost them since the Yard got involved in the case.
    But if they woud have been interrogated by the Met in the UK, somebody would have recognized them and would have told the media.

    We did not hear anything about that and I fear that the Yard did not get in touch with them.
    Murdoch's wishes.

  19. I think that Portugal must be having a good laugh at scotland yard,all that money they have had to do the job and zilch,nothing.
    What scotland yard needed to to do was GET THE MCCANNS BACK FOR THE RECONSTRUCTION(sorry for shouting)and bingo case closed with Madeleine getting the justice she so desperatly deserves.
    After this shambles would any one trust the british police ever again.

  20. There must be somebody somewhere in the UK who is prepared to give an interview about the last developments of Operation Grange.
    Where is Andy Redwood, why does not go in front of the cameras, explaining what the Met mean with those words?
    Can't he tell us how far they have gone till now?

  21. "Looking at it from another angle.
    What if they discovered such explosive evidence that they need to get advice from the PM as to what to do for the best, since it could very well involve quite a few of his "friends".
    They wouldn`t breath a word about this until a decision was made.
    In the meantime spill out something to prepare us for the whatever"

    Hi Poster 7.....

    Spot on ! Am I the only one out there who believes that this case may involve the sexual abuse of a minor and possible murder of that child?

    Was Gerry McCann investigated for child sex abuse offences in 2002?

    Why did Yvonne Warren Martin ask for Leicester police to check child abuse files for anything on David Payne? Did she know Payne?

    Did David Payne phone The Metropolitan Police Child Abuse Team On May 4th 2007 at 23:13:41 for 100 seconds?

    Why did Leicester police hold back from Portuguese police the Gaspar statement ? this statement alleges paedophile bahaviour within that group of individuals.

    It's my opinion what Katerina Gaspar witnessed was David Payne making sexual gestures towards Madeleine and on a previous occasion
    his own child.

    Sofia Leal is telling us all when she says " we would not invite paedophiles into our circle of friends".

    Why have Kate & Gerry McCann both got files on a child abuse register?


  22. Hi Joana, I have done a blog to support Goncalo in his forthcoming trial. I wonder if you would be kind enough to pass this on to him, and possibly re-tweet it to your followers?


    @14 Unfortunately for "tabloid" Lazzyeri, Union Jack die hards, the enterprising McCanns' and their "get-rich-fast plans", September 2012 will be their demise. Kaput!

    The Supreme Court has already decided on Amaral's favour so if a minor, "biased" court was to decide otherwise - bearing in mind the operatic stage presence of "the autocratic cockerel" (M. Pinto), the case would then go all the way to the no-nonsense European Court of Human Rights.

    The McCanns' golden-eggs brand "Madeleine", would then risk to loose a substantial amount of the millions they have made with their doctored, Burson-Marsteller and Lift Consulting version of events. Just an hunch.

  24. I don't expect the McCanns will show up in Lisbon,this month. They don't want to be confronted with the media, being filmed and loosing the process. They know they will loose.

    I would like to hear the McCannfiles opinion about the Scotland Yard right now. I don't remember to have readen any comment that it is a whitewash. I hope Nige will write here what he thinks about that. He has a very sharp insight in issues and besides he comes from the UK, he feels better what British people are expressing.
    Do you think the Met are doing a whitewash, Nigel, or do you interpret that new message on a different way?

    Is there at least a match at the end of the tunnel is there not even an end?

  25. We cant understand whats happened to madeleines case,its time they did something about it,or is the government afraid of the Mccanns and what might come out.Mr Cameron could have stopped it a long time ago but he listened to lies and who else was involved.He should have listened to the right person,Mr Amaral and Mr Smith who was a trustful witness and could have solved the case.What a government they have in Britain,the people must worry about who they can trust today.Many people in Britain believe Madeleine died in the flat,the police should be honest and truthful there has been so many lies in this case.

  26. We again have to wait till Christmas because I suspect that The Met are working together with Metodo 3, the investigation office who promised to bring Madeleine back at Christmas of 2007.
    Moita Flores is obviously irritated with the way things are going in England.
    I hope the PJ will not reopen the case. They would make themselves again ridiculous at the eyes of the world.
    I really suspect Madeleine's death was not an accident. It was premeditated, imo. And Gerry went to play tennis in order to find himself an alibi and to publicly demonstrate that everything was ok.
    That was the moment when the tragedy happened.I don't believe in an overdosis killing the child.If she bled, it was something more violent. The use of sedation could be in order to calm her down and to let her sleep and the police seem to have the proof that she was always sedated. She was not an easy child to live with, imo,
    and it was necessary to clear her away, imo.
    Kate did not succed to let he live with a relative and the parents followed Plan B.

  27. Do the Met need advise from Cameron ? Isn't the Judiciaire Power a separated organ from the Executive and can't they decide all by themselves?
    "Mummy, what shall I do now?" "Which leads will I follow now?"
    "Darling, follow all of the leads in Uganda!"
    Sometimes I doubt whether the revision is taking place. They know it is no use, the PJ will not reopen it, the Met have more work to do than that.

  28. A variety of comments:

  29. If the Yard didn't have any intelligent thing to say, that man could have better kept his mouth. Telling us that they are studying every of the million pages and that they need money, it is not an information at all. I better have Redwood, saying she either alive or sadly she is not. In December we will get again a rubbish statement of the Met, that they are still translating all of the pages, etc,etc and slowly they will convince us to forget the whole case.I'm happy the PJ is refusing to re-open the case.That is the best that they can do.

  30. Moita Flores fears that the PJ will whitewash the parents but he should not be afraid of that.I think they are analyzing everything in order to be ready when a new, great lead comes.
    Myself, I'm convinced that the Yard is doing a whitewashing. They started with the intention to solve the case, achieving the truth, but something happened and they had to change their goal.
    It is a scandal but it is what it is.
    Again Murdoch behind the whole thing, Cameron under the pessure of The Sun. That means that the British government will never get rid of the McCanns, they will remain the eternal pain in its ass.

    If the Met would have interrogated Tapas 7 last year, this revision would have cost 10 pounds to the tax payer. It is a scandal that Tapas 7 don't come forward with the truth. Britain in economic problems, people loosing their jobs and the Met will again ask for money.It is a crime but all of the Tapas are used to crimes, one more, one less, who cares? They are irresponsible people.

    It would be great if all of the patients of the Tapas would refuse to accept them as doctors, a boycot, unless they would collaborate with the police.
    Or it would be greater if The Sun would approachs Tapas 7, pressuring them to go to the police otherwise...
    The British media must know a lot about each of them, I'm sure of that.
    There is always trash in nearly everybody's life, it would be wonderful to pressure them.

  31. Have the McCanns also been abducted? We haven't seen them for ages!

  32. @12 -13-14

    On the subject of the Sun here's a link explaining why 'Lying in it' for a long period of time is bad for your health.


    Sandra Ryan.

  33. I wonder if the Met found something in favor of the McCanns which can be used in Lisbon this month. I'm sure they didn't otherwise we would have heard about it. Millions of pounds and they still did not change the PJ's conclusion. They need more money and it is a scandal, like I said here above.
    This revision will take years and years, very boring for all of us.
    I hope we will watch a video with the McCanns in Lisbon, we can see
    how Kate is looking now.

  34. If the McCanns don't come to Lisbon for the trial, it will mean that they are scared of the Met's outcome or even scared of the PJ's revision. Otherwise they would show up.
    If they are avoiding Portugal, it is because they are guilty.
    But it is too late to avoid Portugal, since the Met are involved in the case and someday an extradition could happen and it will happen.
    Both police forces can not demand their arrest before everything is perfectly ready, all questions already answered, enough evidence to bring them to justice. I hope the Met will not get tired of the revision and that they will do useful work, helping the PJ.

    Will at least one of the Tapas be a witness in Lisbon in September? Did the McCanns ask him or her to come over and to witness that they are innocent? The McCanns have at least 7 witnesses who can declare that Madeleine just vanished and that the parents are innocent.
    They are the best that the McCanns have. Till now we didn't see any of them stating against Amaral.

    If both police get far enough in the revision, we will see Tapas 7 becoming suspects of collaborating with the McCanns, hiding a crime and helping hiding a corpse.
    They will all end up in jail.

  35. If there is enough evidence that Madeleine could not have been abducted, the Yard can concentrate itself on the Tapas and on the McCanns. I don't know if it, in case of a revision, the Met have the right to interrogate Tapas 9 or if that right is only the PJ's. In this case the PJ will have to re-open the case, officially, and I don't see them doing it.If they are fed up of the UK, I can understand them.
    I don't see this case being re-open in the next years unless Tapas 7 would be prepared to come forward with the truth.
    But if they get the chance of continuing hiding it, they will certainly do it because they fear to be sued by Murat.
    I hope if Murat sues them, in a next future, he will do it through Carter Ruck, asking for a terrible lot of money.

    Let those stupid Tapas 7 become poor, like they deserve.

  36. It is possible that the Scotland Yard knows already what happened and they don't want to waste their time and the Home Office's money.
    They have to finish their report, that will take as long as the review took. Writing a report demands a lot because it has to be perfect, leaving no doubts about a conclusion and presenting the evidence. That is going to take time.
    And after presenting it, there will be the request to opening the investigation and the question is if the PJ will do it. Because the PJ will have to analyse the whole report, to check on every detail before they request the opening to an Attorney General, who will read the report, analyse it too and who will allow or not the opening of the process.

    This will take time!

  37. My jesus, imagine that somebody of the Yard will talk to the tribunal in Lisbon, through Skype, and confirm that the child is dead!
    Or at least show evidence that she is dead. I don't know if the police have the right to say it or if it depends of a judge.
    Imagine, imagine, imagine!

  38. Hi Joanna, hope you are well. I would be really interested to hear what the mood is in Portugal with the forthcoming trial?

    There is much support for Dr. Amaral here, and hopefully justice will prevail.

  39. jM e SL:
    Para mim da que pensar os 50 livros mais lidos em 5 cinco anos , que vem no expresso .

    O prémio Nobel e quem nos sabemos. Uma estatística realizada pela empresa que quer ver a RTP2 eliminada.
    Preparação para os outros receberem mais dinheiro?


  40. I hope Amaral will sue the McCanns. They have to pay for all of the costs that Amaral made and for ruining his life, whilst he did his duty: to inform the public that Madeleine is dead, that she used sedatives, their best friend Payne is a paedophile and that Gerry did not mind about his obsceen gests towards the girl and continuetd keeping contact with the Paynes.
    I hope the Yard will state on that process.

  41. http://www.parentdish.co.uk/2012/08/23/police-to-dig-up-land-on-kos-where-they-believe-ben-needham-was-buried/


  42. How long is this still going to take before we hear about the Met's conclusion. I expect the report being ready at the beginning of December, already translated for the PJ.
    And the PJ will have to correct it, of course. Redwood said that the Yard was going to Porto once a month. Maybe bringing the work that is already ready. They have to discuss if they understood everything well, they have to correct it, they have to agree that everything is ok, before the Met deliver the first part of the work to the Home Office. The Home Office will have to read it and to decide if they are prepared to pay more,to continue the revision.
    A horrible lot of work.

    And Portugal will probably say no to the re-opening.

  43. Again a good article od the Blacksmith Bureau, McCannfiles.
    It is also my question: is at least Kate coming to Lisbon for the trial? Certainly not. She could witness against Amaral but she is less stupid than we think.And she is a coward.
    The unfair attacks that the McCanns made against the PJ are still in the Portuguese minds.
    They will pay for it.
    And why aren't Tapas 7 coming over to testify against Amaral?
    They are the best witnesses that the McCanns could have.They were present at that tragic night.

    But Tapas 7 vanished as fast as Maddie did.Also cowards.
    But they will also pay for their lies.

  44. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2199146/British-toddler-taken-care-abandoned-drunken-teacher-parents-Portugal.html

    I'm speechless!

  45. In my opinion, the PJ have always known that it was not an abduction, already from the first moment when they visited the apartment.They waited for 12 hours before they started interrogating the group and it was too late: the ambassador, the media, the consul, all of them were already there and the pressure had started. I believe that the PJ immediately knew that the child was dead and that her body was concealed. They continued "investigating" an abduction, whilst they observed the McCanns.It was difficult to prove that Maddie was dead, especially because all of the Tapas stated that they were all innocent and besides Tanner had seen the abductor. If you have 9 people lying the same story and no witnesses telling otherwise, it is difficult.
    From the beginning the PJ knew it was "a badly told story" but where to start, if Brown and Blair were behind it and Socrates was licking their boots? Murdoch, a half-jewish, if he is not a 100% jew, who knows, better than we know, what a violent death of an innocent child means, and that a little holocaust could have happened in 5a? I would expect Murdoch to know the world better than most people do, I would expect him to fight for justice for Maddie and not only fighting to detect all of the henchmen of WW2.
    Madeleine, the little Anne Frank of Praia da Luz, she had the right to live and she lost her life,on a violent way, like Anne did.

    Justice for the jewishes, no justice for Madeleine?

  46. I wonder if the McCanns will have the courage to be present at the trial. I don't think so.
    And will Isabel Duarte defend them, all by herself?
    I don't think she is easy of expression. Rogério Alves is better.
    She may be very competent, knowing how to use the law, but maybe she is better by committing to paper what she intends to say, instead of improvising it.
    I think most lawyers commit everything to paper and they read it

  47. I'm longing for the day when Tapas 7 will be processed for being accomplices to a murder, to a concealing of a corpse, to allowing Murat's life being destroyed and to allowing a fraudulent fund.

  48. @15 Not all Brits are like the McCanns and many of us are very angry about this case and the parents' behaviour. While the UK has certainly produced its fair share of vile idiots, we are by no means all bad and it is no more fair and right to denounce us all as "primitive" than it is to assume that the good people of Portugal are all like Leonor Cipriano. I wish Goncalo Amaral well in his case and hope that justice prevails, for him and for Madeleine.

  49. PLEASE! READ! One more MADELEINE in Portugal http://uk.news.yahoo.com/girl-two-abandoned-portugal-102602689.html

    Will be the same outcome? The story is so similar!

  50. On Youtube
    "Madeleine McCann- help me to believe this time "
    it is the title of that video.
    It strikes me that Maddie has blond hair and sometimes pretty dark blond.
    A question of dye, at a such young age?

  51. @ 9, secret file and since that person shared it with the Home Office,or with someone else, it is not a secret anymore.
    We have to abduct Assange out of that Embassy, perhaps he can help us. A person close to the McCanns...who could them be?
    The McCanns don't have many people close to them anymore and it will not be difficult to identify the mysteryous person.
    I don't believe it could destroy the friendship between the two countries. That is a excuse not to have to tell it.
    This secret could have been told by one of the Tapas, who is fed up of the case.
    Who knows david payne told the truth. I have the feeling he will if he still didn't.

    Tapas 7 are about to become arguidos, imo, their photos will be in all of the front pages. And the story will start over again.Again speculations whether they are all paedophiles.
    It is better that they go to the police as witnesses of a crime and not as suspects of paedophilia.

    Maybe the danger of this story is that Brown's Home Office knew about the death and held all of the information, allowing Portugal spend a huge amount of money and allowing Murat's life being destroyed.It would be a scandal, Britain doing that to a friend, following Rebekah Brooks'orders.

  52. Again a new article Blacksmith Bureau (McCannfiles). It refers to its doubt about Kate's sanity and about her viciousness.
    I'm glad it is saying that because it is what I believe about her.
    I even think that she dominates and manipulates Gerry, in her fragile appearance.
    And again my old question: was it an accident?

    It seems Mrs. Fenn was interrogated for a second time. Somewhere I saw a photo of 24 Horas, telling it.
    Which one of you can confirm it?

  53. The McCanns never meant to get a revision of the investigation neither meant that the PJ would do it or even that the Met would be involved in the case.
    Otherwise Kate would have written a very different book.
    She continued insulting Portugal, writing from her safe warm nest when things looked so guaranteed. She could even insult Cameron and Theresa May by demanding them a lot of responsibility in the case: "If you are a prime minister, you have a responsibility..."

    I love thinking of that.

    And I hope the judges in Portugal read her book.

  54. Instead of Marinho Pinto as witness for the McCanns, why not Tapas 7? They were present that night.

  55. The McCowards will not show up in Lisbon.

  56. Marinho Pinto licking the McCanns' boots and I'm sure it tastes good. I mean for him. Not for us who take distance from servilism.
    I suspect he has not very many friends and people who are impopulair have no other choice than to be servil, in order to belong somewhere.He will state for himself and not for the McCanns.
    He needs popularity, he is jealous of Amaral and all of the other people who are often cited on newspapers.He is jealous of the great detectives who worked in the investigation.
    He is the type that attachs himself on well known people because he needs to be incensed.
    He will make himself ridiculous and it is his choice.

  57. I pray the judge has read Kate's book and that he can see how evil she is, with her lies.
    What makes me extremely happy is that she didn't expect the Scotland Yard getting involved in the case, like I wrote above.Writing about the f...... tosser, yes, she must regret it. Because she is depending now of all of the f...... tossers in Portugal and she regrets she wrote what she wrote.
    Too late to change it.
    By now they must be shitting bricks and they don't even dare to go to Portugal and to be present at the trial.
    Isabel Duarte will handle everything all by herself, no support from the suffering couple.

  58. We heard the sad news of Mrs Amaral about her husband we feel very very sorry,we hope he will win the case that starts this week.You in Britain call Mccanns doctors? are they all like that in Britain.The British government should shame themselves and get the case opened and bring the truth out.In Germany we believe Madeleine is dead without reading Amarals book,the book has nothing to do with it they are just after the money.How can people trust Mr Cameron if he dose not believe the truth.Portugal should investigate and deal with this case themselves.Mr Amaral is a honest and truthful man.They have made enough money from lost Madeleine already.Poor Madeleine. Germany.

  59. Avoiding a showdown with Amaral?(McCannfiles) No, they are afraid that the revision is ready .
    Imagine the PJ behind the airport door, waiting for them.
    I bet that is the reason.
    In my opinion they will never go back to Portugal, not even to visit Madeleine's grave.
    A day out in London also not because the Yard is the metropolitan police, it will be easier to catch them.
    But if the Portuguese justice demands for their arrest, it will happen, anywhere in the world.
    They don't have to be in Portugal nor in the UK for that.
    I think the revision is not yet ready, I mean, the report of the revision. In April I read that it would be ready late in the year.
    And this is the longest year of my life.

  60. @11, yes, the S Y knows the answer
    and so do we.

  61. If the Amaral v Mccan case has been postponed yet again until January do the Mclawyers think that the UK review will give them some advantage? But how can it when it is not the official credible investigation? Only the Portuguese one has that credibility. So what's the game? Are they scared?

  62. @37, and imagine if somebody of the Tapas will come forward, through the Skype too.

    And speaking about a holocaust in 5a: holocausts were not found out in Turkey 1915, nor during the nazi regime, and certainly not in Bosnia.
    Holocausts happen every day, at homes of aggressive and cruel parents, where the children are intirely depending on them.
    Those are the worst sacrifices, not the ones that happen in a war.

  63. @61, Amaral's lawyer is undergoing surgery and I hope he will recover well and soon(McCannfiles).
    I remember when lawyer Cabrita postponed the trial in 2009 and if I remember it well it had to do with the Mexican flu.
    He had been seriously ill and he had to avoid such a tough flu. He was right.
    And I know what illness he had had.Tough.
    Now this new lawyer is also ill.But it looks like that he will recover in three months.
    I hope he will, in first place for his own sake and then for the sake of his professional life.

    I continue believing that the McCanns have a pact with Satan.I believe in Evil and I believe that Evil is present near us, disguised in handsome, charming and well presented humans.

    That is what that couple are.

  64. We will get to hear the conclusion of the Met probably before Amaral's trial happens.

  65. The Sun is not yet taking full profit of the massacre in France and what is wrong with Murdoch?
    I expected front page news, online, criticising the French police like they did to the PJ.
    But perhaps they are publishing on paper edition, about the "croissants munchers" .

  66. Kate and Gerry McCann hate Goncalo Amarel with a vengeance; it seems they have more hatred for him than for the paedophile they think robbbed them of Madeleine. Very strange that!

  67. Assisting an offender,

    that is what Tapas 7 did.

    Shame on them.

  68. on rupert murdoch:

  69. @66

    EXACTLY! That says it all!

  70. If the British police are abandoning the revision, it is because they have the answer. Police and perpetrators have one thing in common: they never tell the truth.
    Spending such a lot of money, over the 2.5 million pounds,and giving it up half way? I don't believe it.
    It would irritate the British population.
    My opninion is that the Yard will suggest to stop reviewing the case because it is solved already.Who knows they stopped it already.They accepted the PJ's conclusion.Now they have to write and to finish their report and to agree with Portugal when they finally will reopen te case.
    Because if the PJ are doing a revision, it is because they are intending to do something with it, not only to dust the files and to put them back on the book shelves.
    The McCanns must be trying to work behind the scenes, something that they always did.
    This time they will not make it.

    The revision is already too far, spending money is already too far.
    The Yard can not go back.
    By the way, I believe that going back has never been the Yard's intention and if the PJ are accepting receiving them in Porto(once a month, according to Redwood) it is because they made an agreement of solving the case.

    This time it is not a whitewash.

  71. Se O Marinho Pinto e testemunha a favor dos Mccann, quer dizer que estava no OC na noite em que a crianca desapareceu?
    Se nao estava, que autoridade tem o seu testemunho? Mais um que vai inventar/mentir para agradar(que melhor conjugado o verbo agradar na pessoa e circunstancia, significa 'rechear a sua conta bancaria').
    Se estava no OC... atendendo a que aquela semana teve uma afluencia anormal de clientes e nannies ( nao habitual para a epoca do ano) e que por isso muito se escreveu sobre as motivacoes que atrairam tantos clientes, que 'NACO' coube ao MP no alegado jantar?

    Pois isto lembra-me um crime mal resolvido nos States e o comportamento bizarro de um advogado de defesa: OJ Simpson- escreve-se agora que o seu advogado de defesa tera cosido uma luva que foi encontrada com sangue na cena do crime. O par estava em casa de OJ. Com a luva cosida, a mao de OJ deixou de entrar. O resultado todos sabemos e todos sabemos que os advogados sao capazes de tudo, ate de se dedicarem a costura. O que nao fazem por uns dolares/Euros e alguns minutos de antena.

  72. On the McCannfiles you can see a photo of Gerry's, on the beach and it was taken in dark, on May the 7th.
    Obviously it was taken by the PJ. This proves that the PJ started to suspect the parents already from the first second. But they acted that they believed that it was an abduction.If the PJ photographed that, they must have filmed the exhumation of the body too and they must know where it was taken to.I believe that the corpse was exhumated by friends, when the McCanns left to Rome.Maybe, on that night photo, Gerry was showing his friend where the body was and where he had to dig, during the time that the parents would be away, having inviting the media to come with them.This friend must be Tapas 10,11 or 12, whom Moita Flores talked about.

    Now I am nearly 100% sure that Maddie is not yet buried.I believe she is in a freezer in Praia da Luz, wrapped in her pink blanket.

    I think her body could be for nearly 100% preserved.Perhaps that friend exhumated her during the McCanns'absence, he put her down in the boots of the car short before the parents came back from Italy.
    But that does not explain traces of a frozen body in the vehicle. Probably she was frozen at least twice, the first time after she was taken from the beach to an address and again moved to another one and it was when the corpse left traces of freezing.

    If Maddie is still in a freezer, and it is what I believe, it will be much easier for a pathologist in case of a post mortem.


    Those of you who thought Stephen Birch's "found Madeleine remains!" scoop was a Burson Marsteller/Lift Consulting manoeuvre ahead of the McCanns' vs. Amaral soap could be right(...)

    Have a look at this link and tell me what you make of it - the last three paragraphs in particular (...)



    Update - man claims to have found remains of Madeleine Mcann

    About a month ago, John spoke to Stephen Birch, who claims that after a 15-month independent investigation that he has found the remains of British toddler Madeleine McCann.

    Birch, a Cape Town businessman made international headlines with these claims, five years after McCann inexplicably disappeared while on holiday with her family in Portugal.

    He told John that he travelled to London, met with his lawyer and hired a ground penetrating imaging device.

    He then travelled to Portugal and from the scans he “illegally” took of the area believed to be the ground in which her remains are buried, he says there is proof that it is indeed true.

    Birch joined John on the line from his Cape Town offices with an update.

    He says that there is progress and that there is a major cover-up by both the British and Portuguese police.

    He says that DNA evidence was planted in the vehicle hired 24 days after McCann's disappearance to frame her parents. He says that he has been liaising with investigators and investigative reporters in Lisbon and that together with them, he still believes that they have significant evidence to determine.

    He says that he has a letter from the Portugese Prime Minister stating that they have checked the piece of land Birch claims Madeleine is buried under, however, he claims that even the Prime Minister is involved in the cover-up.

    Guest: Stephen Birch
    Position: Property Developer

    FOR #23

    The "autocratic cockerel"? :c I understand Pinto means Chick in Portuguese. I just had a look at the minute "motor-mouth" chick and I thought (given the growth hormone) he would make quite a cockerel! Oh dear! I should have been wearing the incontinence pants!
    :c ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah


  74. Anonymous said... 63
    I continue believing that the McCanns have a pact with Satan.I believe in Evil and I believe that Evil is present near us, disguised in handsome, charming and well presented humans.
    That is what that couple are.
    11/09/2012 03:49
    I think you are not too far away from the truth. I think Madie died in consequence of freemasonic evil rituals performed upon his body. Please Google "Freemasonic child abuse".

  75. Could it be that all of the Yard police and translators, who are working for the Operation Grange, are suffering of dislexy?
    It is taking such a terrible long time.
    I just read on McCannfiles that Amaral is ill and that the Maddie case caused it, after all.
    Well, if he got ill because of his book, telling the truth, the Scotland Yard has to hurry up with their conclusion, in order to help Amaral getting better.
    It is absurd that he became ill because of his honesty.
    And I agree that the McCanns have a pact with the Devil.

  76. The curse of the McCanns.

    I pray they will be damned like they deserve.

    So much destruction around.

  77. Hi 21, I am 7.
    You are not the only one to believe that child abuse in the worst possible form is the very foundation of this disgusting case.
    To me it is the only thing that gives such a reason for so many people in top positions to jump on this massive cover up.
    Whether or not Masons are involved beats me but so many people with such a lot to hide at all costs looks to me like the embarrassment of a lifetime if it ever came to light.
    Which reminds me, didn`t someone a long time ago go to the investigation & beg for certain things to be kept secret?
    All in my opinion, of course.

  78. Last time that Findmadeleine.com was updated was last May the 25th.
    What is wrong with the McCanns?
    Nothing new to tell us? Probably scared to death.

  79. It is known that jewishes born after 1945 and being brought up by their parents who experienced the nazi regime, have difficulties to live a normal life because of the pressure that they suffer, directly or indirectly, from the parents.
    They are clung to their parents history, they feel somehow guilty of their misfortune although they know they were not even born during the holocaust.Talks at home and among jewish friends remain the same: antisemitism and the war, even if the parents avoid the subject, the children just feel what they feel and what they suffered.
    They don't liberate themselves from the parents past lives.
    No psychologist can ever help them to ged rid of that.
    And that is what the McCanns are doing to the twins: letting they carry a heavy bundle of which they will not get rid and making them slaves of the idea that they have to search for their sister. That idea is already planted in them, even if the McCanns are now trying to let them think on a different way, they will not succeed.

    The "search" for Madeleine went too far, Kate and Gerry destroyed already the siblings'lives and there is no way back.
    How many lives do Kate and Gerry still intend to destroy?

  80. We see the McCanns now less than we saw them when they were arguidos.
    During that time they were living safely in the UK and the police that was investigating the case lived abroad. Brooks was protecting them.

    Things changed, the new police are their neighbours hahahahah! and it is not very nice, is it?

  81. Mais um episódio da telenovela sul africana, desta vez com direito a carta do primeiro ministro.


  82. No. 1

    I think you are going a tad over the top with your assertions - 50% paedophiles and 50% corrupt politicians.

    The majority of us blogging on here are Brits and definitely not on the side of the McCanns!

  83. Moita Flores is wrong - the review is not abandoned. But I doubt very much if I am allowed to say that, no matter how obvious it is.

  84. On Blacksmith Bureau there is the last article that is really a stroke of luck to me.
    Very well analysed and may God bless that person who wrote it.
    I have so much hope that things are going like he explained.I believe they are. And I have the intuition that soon, very soon, the Met will finish their report and I hope that the translation into Portuguese will not take very long.
    A computer is a practical thing, it is easy to correct a text and easy to find translations of words. It goes much faster than it used to go decenias ago.Besides, the detectives of both police can get in touch with each other through Skype or something similar to it, they can solve their doubts by easily talking to each other, or sending messages to each other which can be read at the same time at both sides, while both sides discuss its contents . What a wonderful world!

  85. If Black Smith Bureau is reading this:
    Where did you see the article where Amaral talks about about "it is not going well with the McCanns"?

  86. Anonymous @84

    I absolutely agree with you. I hope everybody here reads this article and all the others that Blacksmith has written recently. As far as I am concerned he is one of the very few people talking sense with regard to the current state of play.

  87. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2206007/British-couple-arrested-abandoning-child-drunk-exonerated-Portuguese-social-workers.html

    Hello Joana, could you tell me a bit more about this case,I only get the british junk part of the story and I know for sure there is more to it! I'm soo tired of british press using anything that might discredit the portuguese police and now the social services even if its all lies and having possible neglecting parents on their television programs?!! Many thanks,VC.

  88. Yes, it is true.
    Andy Redwood said long ago that Madeleine was abducted by a stranger and we did not see the McCanns singing hallelujah! Redwood's words meant that the McCanns are innocent and why didn't they show their relieve? Not a word of gratitude, no interviews...
    No prayers thanking God that they can keep the twins because they are not the perpetrators.
    Odd, very odd.

  89. I'm hoping for an Amaral interview, a new one telling how things are going.
    Perhaps Blacksmith Bureau can get in touch with him.

  90. We are nearly in October and I hope the Yard will keep its word: the report coming "late in the year", whatever they mean with that "late".
    Could it be October?
    As I said it before, this is the longest year of my life. Many times Amaral comments some containts of documents, before they are published. Let us hope this time he will do it again .
    But conclusions of the Yard will not be nice for the McCanns.I wonder if England has the right to arrest them, own iniciative, of if they need a request from Portugal.Madeleine was a British citizen, it is possible that they can arrest her parents.

    In case of murder, all of the countries help each other.
    Justice comes on the first place.
    The McCanns can better come forward now instead of being arrested in public, seen by dozens of people etc, although we all would love to see them wearing handcuffs, walking down a street.

    They deserve it!

  91. There is a person that once on a while posts here and who has indirectly contact with police people of the Met.That person wrote here long ago, perhaps last year, "the McCanns are finished".
    Well, I would like to hear more from that person, maybe he/she has more to tell us now. This secrecy and mystery irritate me a lot.
    I believe that Tapas 7 have been approached by the Met and this time
    I believe they told the truth.The Met must know under which circonstances Madeleine died and why and where her body was hidden.
    That lawyer who told a Spanish paper that at least two Tapas wanted to change their statement, commented about people "close to the McCanns"who were doing nothing for them.
    I suspect David Payne, the McCanns'closest friend. If that person(Payne?) wasn't doing anything for the McCanns it is probably because it was not an accident.
    But unfortunately the Gaspars's statements were made public and it is possible that he will not come forward with the truth.
    He is lost anyway, he already has a bad name, telling the truth would help to clean it up a little bit.
    I wonder how he walks around every day in the hospital where he works, being recognized by everybody.
    he feels unhappy, doesn't he?
    I don't believe he learned his lesson. By the first opportunity, he will make obscene gestes again.

  92. Where are Mr & Mrs McCann these days? Do they still want us all to look for their daughter because they haven't said so.
    British public opinion is changing towards the McCanns, slowly but surely people are realising something is wrong with what they want them to believe. No public support = no donations = no fighting fund = no Team McCann. How awful!!!

  93. "Time the enemy in the search for an abducted child."
    They immediately knew it was an abduction.
    And they took 41 minutes to call the police.

  94. Stephen Birch is onto something in the opinion of other geologists (Huffington Post US version). He doesn't have all the answers but what he says is that the McCanns and Murat don't seem to want to excavate Murat's back yard in PDL, a small area easily replaced. That says enough doesn't it? What's there? Presumably Mr Birch will do it for free and replace it if nothing is found. No stone unturned?

  95. #9 and #51,


    I don't think the "revelations" made by someone close to the McCanns or a family member is what is in the "secret file", and the reason why it has to be kept secret. I believe it has to do with the dialogues between Socrates and Gordon Brown that must have happened and that lead to the dismissal of Mr. Amaral from the case, and it is all about shaddy business and economic interests between the two parts.

    The story about the family member's declarations to the police is very interesting, but I believe it relates to an entirely diferent matter, not to the diplomatic relations between Portugal and the UK.
    I have often thought about that issue, and it is my belief it is behind the reason why the police included the #41 question put to Kate by the PJ:

    "41. Is it true that in England you even considered handing over Madeleine’s custody to a relative?"

    How/why would the PJ include such a question in Kate McCanns' questioning unless they had information that suggested it was true? It could only have come from direct information by the concerned relative, I suppose, and I don't see how this would require a "secret file" or how it would be reason to make the diplomatic relation between the UK and Portugal go sour!

  96. @ 79, you are so right. I too have read papers on the effects of Jewish victims of WW2 and how it affected their children. My parents grew up during WW2 in England. My mother talked so much to me about the war and the effects of the bombings that I often felt I was there too even though I was born after the war. The effect is profound. You are right about what the McCanns are doing to their children. They are creating a life of obsession for the twins. In a documentary I saw about Ben Needham his sister, who was born after Ben's disappearance said her whole life had been shaped by the search for Ben. The McCanns are selfishly programming their remaining children so that will always have someone on their side when people stop believing the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the world.

  97. John Blacksmith is excellent, speaking about analyzing and reasoning everything about the Maddie case.
    And Martin Roberts deserves the same compliment.
    I really, really hope the judges in Portugal are reading all those blogs in order to make up their minds when the McCanns will be judged during a trial.With so many people in favor of the PJ,in this case in favor of the truth, analyzing every point of the story, it will not be difficult to the prosecuter to make a list of good arguments against the parents.
    The Portuguese public prosecuter will get help from everywhere, from Portugal and from abroad.
    I wonder how many lawyers will be there, at the McCanns'side and it will not be easy to them.

    A whole continent in favor of Maddie, in favor of justice, good god!...

  98. Why do not the police excavate the area where Stephen Birch scans show something is buried? Other people, geologista agree. Are not police seeking a blue bag, and a pink blanket? could it not be there? http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/09/20/madeleine-mccann-update_n_1898023.html The photos are interesting

  99. Which one of you can explain me...

    on the last Mandeleine's photo, at the swimming pool, one can see a popcorn attached to her right ear.
    What is that?


    This is a far shot I know but; I was wondering whether the recent fire - which completely destroyed Portimão shopping centre - the town at the epicentre of the "McCase", had anything to do with the "McCurse"? Some believe that by pontificating with these two characters, Portugal has open itself to all kinds of demonic influences. In case it went unnoticed, it happened on the 23td, close to the day a Portuguese court should have come up with a decision on the McCann's versus Amaral farce. This is not the sole tragedy associated with what some have described as "the curse of the McCanns'". Troika issues aside, other disasters have since hit Portugal (e.g. Madeira) and individuals associated with the case have since died or are gravely ill. Anyone for exorcism? Pinto? Isabel III?


  101. Mccanns and Mitchell have found a new witness and a new backup story for an abduction.How much did it cost for the witness to come forward.To us it does not look a honest story he also comes from Britain.Any holiday maker staying in those flats could go there for a smoke.Wehave not heard from them for a long time until this new story.Most people do not believe Maddie was taken but she had an awful time in the flat and died there.Mr Mackenzles story does not prove anything,perhaps he is a friend of them.The fund must be getting short of money thats why they find new witnesses.Mr Cameron should have sorted this out a long time ago,can you trust him?

  102. Graham McKenzie statement : Maddie McCann case files


    Volume 15

    Page 3903

    Crime-stoppers Bureau

    Force : Leicestershire

    Date: 16/09/2007


    Kidnapping McCann ** Caller Removes Anonymity**

    Caller involved in search on night of Madeleine McCann’s disappearance.

    Caller name: Graham McKenzie

    Mr McKenzie states that:

    On e hour into the search by holiday makers of the hotel and surrounding areas, about 23.00 hrs, Mr McKenzie approached the McCann’s apartment from the bushes at the rear of the apartment.

    He was searching the gardens. He did not know it was the McCann’s apartment.

    He saw Mr Gerry McCann standing alone in the doorway at the rear of the apartment talking on his mobile telephone.

    Mr McCann was looking our over the swimming pool and did not see Mr McKenzie.

    Mr McCann was absolutely distraught telling the person receiving the call that he feared “she (Madeleine McCann) had been taken by paedophiles”.

    He does not know who the person receiving the calls was but presumes it to be a family member.

    Mr McKenzie recognises Mr McCann from being in the same holiday complex at the same time.

    Mr McKenzie cannot remember what Mr McCann was wearing at the time. Mr McKenzie is willing to give a witness statement and be contacted by police on his home telephone number above.

    He is giving this information now after reading about the McCann’s telephone records being checked, in the Sunday Express dated 16/09/2007.

  103. Graham McKenzie statement : Maddie McCann case files


    Volume XV

    Pages 3907 - 3908

    Surname : Mackenzie

    Forenames: Graham

    Occupation : Company partner

    Statement date: 06-12-2007

    Earlier this year we went on a family holiday in Portugal. At the time we only had our eldest son ***** and (my wife) was expecting ****. We had booked with the travel company Mark Warner to stay at their resort in Praia da Luz. We flew out of Gatwick on the 28th April to Faro.

    We were staying at a self-catering apartment at The Ocean Club Resort. During our stay we used the child care facilities during the day and when we picked ****up we would chat with the other parents but other than that we pretty kept ourselves to ourselves and just enjoyed our time relaxing together.

    There was a couple we got to know in a nearby apartment, their names were **** and Raj Balu. We also chatted to another couple, his name was Neil but I don’t recall hers, they had booked for two weeks but left the resort early.

    The apartment on one side of us was vacant, throughout our stay, an Indian family moved into the one the other side part way through our stay. I do not know their names but they had a daughter who was about three years old.

    During our stay we had seen the McCann party when the children had tea together and also when eating at the Tapas bar in the evenings. We had not really had anything to do with them other than the odd word when the children were all playing together after tea.

    On the night of Madeleine McCann’s disappearance we could not get a table at the Tapas bar and decided to get a takeaway from there and have it at the apartment. (My wife) went to collect it at about 8.30 while I stayed with ****.

    It was later that evening around 10 – 11 that I heard a commotion on the complex, I decided to go out and see what was going on. I walked round a saw a group of people gathered. John Hill the resort manager was there with some of the Mark Warner staff. I heard that a little girl called Maddie was missing, at that point I did not realise which child it was. John Hill was organising a search of the complex as it was thought that she had wandered off at that point in time. I let (my wife) know what was going on and went to join the search. I went to search the area around the back of our apartment where there is a little garden with a big palm tree in the middle. I was looking in the shrubbery and the little gardens to the apartments.

    I worked my way around the area, eventually coming around the back of the tennis courts and up towards what I now know to be the McCanns apartment a couple of hours later. I was looking in the little gardens on the poolside of that block, I was in the end garden when I heard a male voice, he sounded distraught his voice cracking with emotion. I looked to see who I now know to be Gerry McCann stood above me on the balcony/patio about 3 metres away speaking on a mobile phone. I cannot recall his exact words but I got the impression that he was speaking to perhaps a family member or someone he was very close to due to the nature of his conversation.

    He said something along the lines of there being Paedophile gangs in Portugal and that they had abducted Madeleine. I was so shocked by this, having originally thought that she had just wandered off.

    I had looked up by now and we actually made eye contact, his conversation did not change at all when he realised that I was there. I felt as if I were intruding on a private moment and so I left the garden at that point. I had overheard only a snippet of it. It was only then that I realised whose child it was that was missing. I went back to the apartment to tell my wife what had happened, had a drink and went out again. There were lots of people just standing round looking, the police eventually turned up later in the evening. There didn’t seem to be any real organisation of the searching and I eventually went back to our apartment for the night.
    (continues ...) http://themaddiecasefiles.com/topic78.html

  104. (conclusion)
    We went to the Millennium restaurant for breakfast the following morning, they were handing out flyers with her photograph on. Everyone was very, very upset.

    The following day we saw Kate McCann when she came to collect the twins from the crèche at lunchtime, she was distraught and broke down sobbing.

    We didn’t have any other involvement with their group for the remainder of our holiday and flew home on the Saturday. On the day of our departure we had to move out of our apartment and Mark Warner gave us another to use during the day until we left.

    It was across the road from the McCann’s apartment and the public balcony overlooked the side of their building and the road. You could actually see the front and back of the building from that view point. I noticed on the balcony that there was a pile of cigarette butts as if there had been someone stood there for some time smoking. I thought that was odd , and it could have been someone watching the McCann’s apartment to monitor their comings and goings.

    It was when I heard that the police were trying to pinpoint telephone conversations made in the resort that I decided to get in touch about what I had heard.


    5 years later, after the butts were investigated and dismissed http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/347692/Maddie-McCann-may-have-been-watched-from-balcony-witness-tells-Yard after story was rehashed at the Olive Press (pro McCann stance) on August 9, 2012 http://www.theolivepress.es/spain-news/2012/08/09/missing-link-overlooked-in-the-madeleine-mccann-case/

  105. 24 Sep 2012
    Daily Star

    MADDIE COPS THREW AWAY VITAL CIG CLUE New witness in blast at police

    Stairway balcony vantage point McCanns’ apartment Witness Graham MacKenzie’s apartment

    MYSTERY: The crucial buildings in Praia da Luz

    by EMILY HALL A KEY witness in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann reckons a handful of cigarette butts may have held the answer to the case.

    Holidaymaker Graham MacKenzie has just been re-interviewed by a British cold case team going over witnesses’ original statements.

    At the time he told Portuguese officers that he believed an abductor may have used a stairwell overlooking the flat where the McCann family stayed.

    But a pile of cigarette ends he demanded be tested for DNA were swept away and thrown in a bin.

    Mr MacKenzie believes someone used the stairwell near his own apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal, as a vantage point.

  106. A teenager, who was with her family at Ocean Club, saw Gerry McCann and Jeremy Wilkins talking, the night Madeleine disappeared – but she didn’t saw Jane Tanner or a man carrying a child. The girl wasn’t in the list of guests, as their presence at Ocean Club wasn’t registered with the management. Father and daughter have been in Portugal, recently, to help Policia Judiciaria in the reconstruction of what happened the night of May 3 and to give a formal statement to Police, according to a source close to the case.(....)

    The teenager went out for a cigarette, around the same time Jane Tanner said she saw a man carrying a child. She only mentioned what she saw to her family latter, because she had also to confess the reason why she was there. Since the beginning, Police had some doubts about Jane Tanner [sic] statement, as Jeremy Wilkins, a tennis partner of Madeleine’s father, told them he only saw Gerry McCann near the apartment. (....) Paulo Reis http://www.gazetadigital.net/

  107. @98, I suspect that Madeleine's body is wrapped in the pink blanket and that the blue bag is her coffin.And I suspect that eventual clothes that the parents used to clean up the apartment are also buried with the corpse. Or maybe not, they are buried separately, far away from the corpse.
    it is even possible that the monitors belonging to the rest of the Tapas are also buried somewhere, on the beach.I don't believe that they went abroad without monitors.
    If the bag is Maddie's coffin and if she is wrapped in the pink blanket, it will be very easy to incriminate the parents, if one finds her buried body. On this case, she might have been buried only in pyjamas. But why did the blanket and the bag disappear?
    Only to remove Maddie from the beach, to the boots of the car and to burie her somewhere else, in the bag and wrapped in the blanket?
    No, the bag and the blanket have a function but not under the earth, on a field.
    Probably in a freezer in Praia da Luz or Lagos.
    Sometimes I suspect her to have been buried in the basement of Father Hubbard's home in PdL.Or in his freezer.If that happened, the PJ know it.
    An Edgar Allan Poe story.

  108. @ 99 It is not popcorn. It is and elastic tied around her hair which is plaited.

  109. @Exorcim@100
    Hi companion, you write about the curse of the McCanns. I've written several times here about Evil.
    I'm convinced that the McCanns have a pact with Satan and I believe that angels took Madeleine away from them, liberating that little innocent girl, who needed protection.
    It was a terrible death but she is freeded of her satanic parents.
    Those things exist.
    I pray the Devil will haunt them every moment of their lives.Their hell started here on Earth and everybody will enjoy watching it.
    Read this, Kate and Gerry, see how we all wish you a worse life than you have had till now.
    You will pay, demonic couple, you will pay for all of the evil you brought around.

    May Satan sleep beside you every night, may he touch you, may Madeleine's ghost continuing living in your house, may you hear her moaning in pain, like she did at the last moments of her life.

    may Haeven curse you both.

  110. A Maldição dos McCanns
    The Curse of the McCanns

    Verý soon we will get this best seller, all over Europe and especially in Britain.
    The writer will send them a copy which they will read in jail.
    They will pay for what they have done to Luz, to the Algarve, to the employés of the Ocean Club, to Father Pacheco, to Robert Murat, to the PJ and especially to Goncalo Amaral and his family.

    I want them to face up the police, on a public place, being watched by as many people as possible, being filmed, arrest being broadcasted on all of the tv channels of the world, being sued by the British papers which told the truth about the Maddie case, being sued by Murat and by Tony Bennett, by the Ocean Club and by Luz and by Goncalo Amaral and his family and Gerry being dismissed from his job.

    If they were corageous enough to lie and to sue around, I expect them to be corageous enough to face up the law.

    But will they?

    Or will they cowardly commit suicide?

  111. I can't help feeling that SY are going to come up empty handed and close the Review stamped "No Further Action" which, I believe is exactly what the TM want. I think the fanfare and fundraising has gone as far as it's going to. They home and dry as regards any further action being taken, after all we know people sent SY any information they had, so the TM have seen it and surprise, surprise, it doesn't amount to much and what it does amount to can be overcome, remember Clarry said they could explain anything that was found or not found!

    It's run it's course, they can slow down, which they are doing, relax a little and eventually everyone can go about their business safe in the knowledge that SY have declared - Move along, nothing to see here, move along.

  112. It seems that Ironside has died.
    Very sad indeed.

  113. #100 Talk about exorcism!

    Paulo Reis seems to be the latest victim of the McCann's Curse - if we ignore the Portimão fire and the recent passing of "Ironside" - Textusa's collaborator. Spooky, hein? May be it is all a coincidence.



    Time to slow down...

    I had a health problem that kept me away for almost one month. I'm back home, now. But it will take some time until I'm able to work as usual.

    The book "The Mccann War" will be the main "victim" of this health problem. I can not have it ready on December. And now, I can not set a new dead-line, yet.

    The only thing I can do is wait and see if, little by little, I can be back as soon as possible... (Paulo Reis)


  114. Former BBC presenter Clarence Mitchell joins Swanswell’s Board of Trustees

    Swanswell’s further strengthened the team responsible for governance and strategic direction by welcoming former BBC presenter Clarence Mitchell to its Board of Trustees.

    Quote startSwanswell believes in a society that’s free from problem alcohol and drug use – it’s a big challenge and it won’t happen overnight but with the right support, it’s achievable and I’m excited by thatQuote end

    (PRWEB UK) 28 September 2012

    The national charity, which wants to achieve a society free from problem alcohol and drug use, officially announced the appointment of the experienced journalist and media professional at its general meeting on 21 September 2012.

    Clarence is currently the Managing Director and Practice Chair of UK Public Affairs at Burson-Marsteller, a leading global public relations and communications firm. He’s also the official spokesman for Kate and Gerry McCann.

    Clarence brings with him a wealth of experience. Previously, he was the Director of Media Strategy and Public Affairs at Lewis PR and was the Head of Election Media Monitoring for the Conservative Party in the run up to the 2010 General Election.

    These positions followed a consultancy role at Freud Communications and two years as the Director of Her Majesty’s Government Media Monitoring Unit for the Cabinet Office, providing media support to the Prime Minister’s office and other government departments.

    In addition, Clarence spent almost 20 years as an on air reporter and presenter for BBC News, taking in radio and network television including BBC News 24 and BBC World.

    Speaking of his appointment, Clarence said: ‘I’m delighted to be joining Swanswell’s Board of Trustees and to be working with such an innovative organisation, offering exciting and effective services to those who are affected by substance misuse.

    ‘Swanswell believes in a society that’s free from problem alcohol and drug use – it’s a big challenge and it won’t happen overnight but with the right support, it’s achievable and I’m excited by that.’

    He will join an already very experienced Board of Trustees. New Chair, Rita Stringfellow, said: ‘We’re delighted to welcome Clarence to our Board of Trustees and we’re certain he will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the organisation.

    ‘We’re incredibly proud of the dedicated team we have at Swanswell – from the Board of Trustees to our day-to-day management team, frontline and support staff, who all share the same commitment to help people change and be happy.’

    Ms Stringfellow moves from her previous position as Vice Chair to replace Mick Wells, who has stepped down as Chair after serving a term of 10 years on the Board (eight of which were as Chair). Swanswell trustee James Watkins becomes Vice Chair.

    Ms Stringfellow added: ‘We’d like to thank Mick for his many years of dedicated service to Swanswell.

    ‘He’s overseen many positive changes to the organisation over time and has helped Swanswell continue to build on its reputation as a trusted and effective provider of substance misuse services.’


  115. Eddie, the ERVD dog (Enhanced Victim Recovery Dog trained to detect cadaver and blood scent) that alerted to Madeleine's cadaver has died. RIP Eddie

  116. Linda aka Ironside, @MyNanny25, SteelMagnolia lost her fight to breast cancer, she passed away on the 5th, 2012. RIP Linda


  117. #114 "Swanswell believes in a society that’s free from problem alcohol and drug use".

    Bearing in mind the number of bottles consumed that night, not to mention "some white white" the couple drank (by their own admission) before heading to the "Tapas" bar for some more, surely that must be seen as alcohol abuse, non?

    Add to it the pills photographed inside the apartment and the allegations of the Mc-children being "stoned" with "Calpol" if not worst...

    Clarence Mitchell, no doubt, is acquainted with the issue; I give him that. The problem is if he goes into "reputation management" mode, instead of actually addressing the problem (...)

  118. @115 Eddie, the ERVD dog (Enhanced Victim Recovery Dog trained to detect cadaver and blood scent) that alerted to Madeleine's cadaver has died. RIP Eddie

    Could we give us the link!?

  119. Poor dear Eddie! Sad news...
    He must have been about 12/13 years old by now, according to newspaper articles I've read in McCann Files he was 7 in 2006.
    I have also read somewhere that he was no longer working, he was "retired", Martin Grimes is using new dogs in his work now (not sure about Keela though, she was only 16 months old in 2007).


  120. Such sad news about Ironside, a great loss to the fight for truth in this case, and a great loss to her family and friends.
    My condolences to all.
    God bless you, Ironside, rest in peace.

  121. If Eddie has died that is utterly tragic and a terrible loss, not only for those close to him, but for all those who want to see justice done. A truly wonderful, impressive, dog, and like Madeleine, gone far too soon.

  122. Joana, if you will allow me, I would like to post here a "get well soon" message to Paulo Reis.
    -I wish you a speedy and complete recovery from your health issue, Mr.Reis, get plenty of rest, do not speed things up, the world needs you at 100% shape! God bless you!

  123. I hope John Blacksmith reads your blog, Joana, because I have a request.
    Can he please write an article about the risk Tapas 7 are taking by not telling what they know?
    That they can better be part of this mess being witnesses, not being suspects?
    They will be declared suspects, that is for sure.
    What is the use to help the McCanns now, if they could not prove that it was an abduction and that both police know that it was a death?


  124. an increasing number of people and animals connected with the case, including maddie herself, have died. I really looked forward to Ironside's posts. RIP all of you.

  125. The McCanns need a lot of money to pay their lawyers in the future.

    Why aren't they selling interviews to every tv channel and to every paper?
    They could get millions, if they wanted it.
    They are free to talk, they are not arguidos anymore, I don't believe they know what is going on at the Yard. The police are keeping everything secret.
    Maybe the media are not prepared to pay them anymore. Economic crises in the UK and why should they?

    The couple must be very worried about their financial future.
    A trial, being sued, paying lawyers, no jobs, an expensive house, siblings growing up...

    And are they prepared to financially help Tapas 7?

    The answer is


  126. Well ... I saw and read your latest posting: The DA notice served on you by lawyers Bindeman's (spelling... sorry) with the key names (known already to very many people interested in this case) redacted (blacked out). Who made you take it down again? I know Blair abused the older D notices over the Dunblane affair, but I expected better of Cameron. Whose advice is HE taking!? British DA notices are gentlemen's agreements not having legal force even in the UK! Newspapers and other media proprietors jointly agree not to publish some things 'for security reasons'. Such notices, as far as I know, DO NOT HOLD FORCE for foreign journalists, in foreign countries, not using British ISPs! Who is trying so unreasonably to intimidate you, Joana? Did you maybe think discretion is the better part of valour until you have clarified the position with a lawyer? Portugal is not a colony of the UK!.... Or is it just a mistake, and the posting is being modified and will return later? Amazed UK Lusophile onlooker.

  127. I put a posting on here: it hasn't appeared yet going on about D Notices and having them slapped on. I still think they should not be relevant outside the UK, but looking into it further, I see it is all old news from 2009 ... the era of the McCanns hiring of the useless Metodo 3, useless Dave Edgar and co and useless H.E. an ex policeman and ex spook, fired from his job for shop lifting when under pressure. Nothing much special there, I feel... I just didn't look hard enough... It is all online. Sigh...

  128. How can the McCanns continuing carrying on with their lives when internet is full of articles and comments about them?
    And not very positive ones.
    They are very strong people, it seems that they never break down.
    I would have become insane, under such a pressure.
    The only explanation is that they are both psychopaths, no doubt about it.
    Kate really broke down only after the Met got involved in the case.In 2011 she was looking well, much better than in 2012.
    Her suffering is coming from her horror of being arrested, not from the fact that Maddie is dead.
    In the first years she was really looking well.

    Not selling interviews, McCanns? What a pity!

  129. Joana

    Would you be so kind as to pass onto Dr Amaral best wishes for his birthday.

    Best regards to you and thanks.

    An English Lady


    "Mark Bridger, a man known to the family of missing five-year-old April Jones, is currently being questioned by police in connection with her disappearance...

    Sky News reporter:

    "How do those interviews [of a suspect] go?"

    Graham Wettone [Sky News Police Analyst]:

    "It can be very difficult. People don't ordinarily tell you what you want to know. You have to ask them questions and as we've seen before in other cases they can make 'no comment' interviews.

    They can actually just sit there and say nothing. It takes a very hard person to sit there in a case like this and actually say nothing at all but they can just sit there and say nothing. Very difficult for the interviewing officers."


  131. We feel sorry for the little girl April who is missing,we can see that the poor mother is very upset about it. Mitchel say it is the same as Madeleine but we do not think so, we believe she died in the flat.Poor Maddie must have suffered,this is not the same as there is no proof that she was taken but we are told that there was proof from the dogs that she died in the flat.They were quick to say that this was a similar case but it is not.Do they try to find a different story again to show people that Maddie been kidnapped. We hope the police will get to the truth of both these cases.

  132. Levenson and disinformation. Again no one mentions Carter-R... who maintain a stranglehold on those who cannot afford to combat them:

  133. The McCanns must be shitting bricks, after England charged April's perpetrator for murder, abduction, concealing of the corpse, obstructin of police work.
    The corpse is not found yet but he is alredy behind bars.Fine, it could not go better.
    We don't know what evidence the police have but we know that Jane Tanner does not live in Wales, that the News of the World does not exist anymore, the Sun is a little careful, and Brown is gone.

    No message from Kate, our dearest ambassador for missing people?

    I believe that the McCanns know already what is about to happen.

  134. I have the suspicion that the McCanns escaped to somewhere and if they did the police know where to.
    The arrest in Wales, even if the police has not found the corpse yet, it is no good news for them.
    And where is Kate with her support to the family with a missing child? Isn't she ambassador for missing people?

  135. Could the British police being already preparing the public for other charges without the body? And Joana, can the British police charge the McCanns for murder or manslaughter, even if the crime happened abroad? Any idea?
    Would it depend of Portugal?
    I have an idea: charge Tapas 7 for complicity in a crime, suspecting them of murder and they will come forward with the truth.

  136. Long ago I read a comment of David Payne's where he said something like "in my worst nightmaries I could not imagine it would go that far", something similar.
    Who can help me finding that article?


    " We know for a fact that in nearly all cases a murder victim and the perpetrator are either related, or known to each other.

    Indeed, that's why our clear-up rate for murder is so high – consistently around 90%: because, frankly, you don't need to look too far for the likely culprit. Most murders are "self-solvers".

    That reality is also true for child victims of murder – most children are at risk from their parents, carers, step-parents or someone known to the family of the child.

    On average since the early 1970s, only six children per year have been abducted and murdered by strangers, and while that is still six children too many, this sad statistic is put into perspective when we remember that two children a week are murdered within the home."

    Source: The Guardian newspaper (UK)

  138. Thank you for not giving up on Kate and Gerry
    and please donate to the new fund,
    leaving no wallet unturned.


  139. http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/blog/2012/oct/09/jimmy-savile-tabloids-bbc-allegations

    Jimmy Savile: 'Why didn't the tabloids nail him' Very good article, there are some pertinent points that could relate to how the McCann's have operated in the media.

  140. ...if Jimmy Savile can be exposed despite all the vested interests in keeping his name profitably (charitably & BBC) alive, then the McCann's have no chance, they must know that now.

    The April case also must make them very nervous.


  141. The UK is in an economic grave situation andI wonder if Tapas 7 are aware of it. The reason that the Scotland Yard is spending a huge amount of money in the Madeleine's case is their responsibility.
    How dare they to do that to their compatriots who are paying taxs to support their country. Immoral people, all of the 9, profiteurs enjoying protection from high placed people and accomplices of a serious crime against a little child.
    Will they continue keeping their mouth shut, costing more and more money to the British population, and if they do, what is behind Madeleine's life and behind her death?

    Why no baby-sitter for any of the children, who systematicly were left alone, every night, and what was the goal of their- being-left-all- by -themselves?
    All of the Tapas were irresponsible and the UK are litterally paying the costs.
    It is costing a terrible lot of money and they could not care less.
    I wouldn't be surprised if, at Christmas, the Met would not yet have finished the review, depending on more money.
    On the other hand, I have the feeling that they have a conclusion already and they will stop as soon the conclusion is published.
    The conclusion will be the same of the PJ's, of course, and who knows they will know the details of the tragedy.

  142. I can't get through the comments' 'capture' code below - so you are missing comments.

  143. The question I would like the UK police to answer is, if they can put such great store on the findings and indications of cadaver dogs in all other criminal cases, they are then able to simply ignore the cadaver dog in the case of Madeleine McCann? Especially, this particular 'best in the world' dog who has worked on hundreds of cases and never got it wrong.

    Until that question is answered, how can this case progress, because it is hard for those seriously following this case to get passed the UK dogs that were brought in and their findings indicating death in the apartment, to believe that Madeleine is even still alive.

    When is somebody in the UK police going to officially address this question?

  144. Joana, for goodness sake, is there any new interview about the case?
    Perhaps Amaral is willing to talk about it on a TV channel or to a paper.
    If you have his address, ask him, please. You can interview him, through the telefon.
    He probably knows how far the PJ are at this moment.There are other people on other blogs who are also interested in news.
    Not again "she is either alive or sadly she is not", "she is at school or sadly she is analphabet", "things are going well for the McCanns or luckily they are not"...

    Something new, please.

  145. Birch has just decked his cards...the hand looks like a McCann deck plant...no surprises there :) Wait long enough and they (Mc's) always give themselves away.

  146. ...Birch has been open about how he will give misinformation so the McCann's are in a gyroscope of confusion :) no doubt he will claim his (outrageous) comments re Amaral and related cases are part of his strategy. The guy is a McCann plant. Kate said in her last OFM statement in inverted commas "or maybe there's a time and a place".

    I would like to be wrong because it keeps interest going but the real interest is Bennet vs McCanns. Maybe that is the point of the Birch/McCann distraction?

  147. The McCann's seem to have friends across the globe...

  148. In the forthcoming Mccann v Bennett libel trial, the Mccanns cannot show that either Mr Bennett nor anyone else has "harmed the search for Maddy". The PJ headed the search for Maddy, and they shelved the case because of the lack of evidence, not because of Tony Bennett's comments. Many people have said that Maddy may be dead. The head of the Scotland Yard Review team. The PJ witnesses in court in Lisbon at the Amaral book hearing, Dr Amaral himself, Pat Brown, even the Mccanns themselves said they are not so naive that they don't realise this. The cadaver dogs, Martin Grime showed evidence of a corpse. Even Stephen Birch believes he has found Maddy's grave in Praia da Luz. No person if they thought they saw Maddy would say they would not report it. There have been supposed sightings. The Mccanns have to reason to say that the public have actively been searching for Maddy since the week of her disappearence because it is not their job to do so.Any rational person knows that Maddy may be dead.

  149. Anon 136

    Telegraph article 11 Sep 2007


    David Payne, 41: Senior research fellow in cardiovascular sciences at Leicester University. Helped run the Find Madeleine campaign after May 3.

    Like his wife, he has never given an interview but broke his silence last week to say: "We know they didn't do it. One of our party saw Madeleine being abducted. We were waiting for something to happen but didn't in our worst nightmare think it would be this."

  150. Joana, I am very happy with the democratic principes in your blog.
    You accept different opinions and publish them.
    Short ago i wrote a comment on a blog, talking about the twins are living at risk.
    Nearly immediately I got a reply that what happened to Maddie was a one-off happening, twins not at risk. The ownor of the blog wrote a coment too, agreeing with the first protest: no risk to the siblings.(I suspect both posters are the same).
    Then I wrote the blog back, where I cited One Minute for Madeleine (CEOP): "keeping this secret... and increases the risk to other children".

    Even the CEOP agrees that the twins could be in danger.

    But that blog did not publish my argument.
    One day later I wrote the blog asking for "my CEOP comment" and it was not published.

    I don't think that that blog is democratic.
    You have to post what they agree with and what pleases them.
    A different idea that does not suite them is immediately rejected.This happened to me before.

  151. @148, thank you for answering me. So well organized, able to reply my question, you could be Nigel.

    Yeah, the worst nightmare,I believe.

    They all underestimated the PJ and they probably learned their lesson. The whole story ren out of the Tapas hands and it became a mess.

    Like Gerry said somewhere, he expected the story would last 6 weeks and it would finish.
    Beautiful, it didn't.

  152. This posted on Yahoo news today Ref Ben who went missing 30 years ago while on holiday on Kos

    I was in Kos on holiday when Ben went missing and I remember this poor family searching frantically, putting up posters, stopping tourist and asking if there had been any sightings.
    As opposed to the McCanns who walked along the beach hand in hand, employed a PR and makes loads of money out of desperate situation-disgusting.
    My heart goes out to Kerry and her family, I would like to hope there is good news so they can have closure, but there have been many leads over the years that always end in disappointment.


    "David Cameron faced fresh charges of a cover-up last night after avoiding questions for the fifth consecutive day about a cache of private emails between him and Rebekah Brooks."


  154. Mr. Justice Tungehat is a wonderful man.I adored his arguments and it is obvious he is in favor of justice for Madeleine.
    I wish Mitchell would tell us what the McCanns'opinion is about Tungehat's arguments.
    They are not happy, are they?
    And I still wonder where are Tapas 7 now.
    I've read Payne's comment (@148, above) and he sounds shocked.Maybe he was believing the British media and the McCanns, about the incompetence of Portugal, and he didn't expect the McCanns being made arguidos, which made him also a suspect.

    We never saw him back.

  155. Why did the LP delay in sending the Gaspar statements to the PJ (the PJ having to eventually request them)? Thereby leaving no time for these to be investigated to the max before the case was shelved? How many other people might have come forward with information if these statements had been made public at the time?

    There was implied paedophilia amongst that group of people, and a child goes missing, and yet these statements were not deemed important enough to send on to the Portuguese investigators?? What other information might the LP be holding on to, waiting for it to be requested? Yet it is impossible to request such information unless the PJ are informed such information exists.

    It is a disgrace when so much points to the death of Madeleine in the apartment, and a possible murder case.

  156. 24 four hours after the alarm was raised, Gerry spoke to the media, "words can not describe"...
    He read his speech by torchlight at 10pm of the Friday.Dark and late in the evening.I wonder why he didn't wait till daylight, who knows the PJ would have found Madeleine.
    In my opinion, Gerry atracted the media and the public attention to himself because something else would have to happen at that moment: the replacement of the body, done by someone of the Tapas and that someone had to leave the resort, unoticed, towards the beach. But because a paper publicised "a badly told story" some hours later, on Saturday, I believe the police were already watching the friends.They must have expected that something was happening at that moment. Going to Fatima and to Rome could also mean they were hiding something, probably again the corpse.The day before Rome, they rent the Scenic.

  157. 11 September 2007 @148

    "We were waiting for something to happen but didn't in our worst nightmare think it would be this."

    This was said around September 11th 2007 by David Payne.
    At that moment the poor guy had no idea that his nightmare would be much and much worse than their worst nightmare.

    The Gaspars were not yet known by the PJ neither by the public.

    It must have been a tremendous shock for him when the story came out.

    False statements, hiding a murder, being accomplice to the crime,allowing Murat to be declared suspect, allowing his life to be destroyed and after all that... being seeing as being a paedophile.

    Did you learn your lesson, filthy darling?

  158. The McCanns started suing Tony Bennett in 2009, when they in their worst nightmare, would not think the Met would get involved in the case.They crossed all of the boundaries possible, attacking people, even attacting Cameron and Theresa May, with the guarantee that News of the World, The Sun and Brooks would always be there, protecting them by blackmailing around.
    They acted as a spoiled child till things dramaticaly changed in May 2011.

    Who would ever think that N of the W would disappear, Brooks would be involved with the Law and the Sun would loose their interest for the Mccanns?

    The Judge sent the McCanns to a regular libel trial where statemens, evidence of abduction, dogs work will be demanded.
    Hah, hah, hah!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I agree with Jim Gamble on the Australian Panorama: Perpetrator, come forward!

  159. Birch showing his true face, a Mccannguy. I read the letter he endorsed to Tony Bennett in Textusa blog. McCann's and their crew, desperate with possibility of having the case reopened in a full trial judged by a jury.

  160. Joana, where are you? Have you lost interest? Have you thrown in the towell? Brilliant work so far - but we seem to have lost you the last few months.

  161. Knowing,as we do ,that Carter-Ruck monitor all public commentary just thought I would say ,it is time to advise the tapasniks to lawyer up- its only fair ,they should be properly represented when the significance of the cadaver dogs gets reported sensibly in the UK media-TICK TOCK

  162. I remember a video where Gerry tells he expected the noise to take about 6 weeks and it would calm down(Edinbourgh?). Probably he guaranteeded Tapas 7 that it would be ok after a certain time, maybe 6 to 10 weeks. But the story continued and they had become slaves of the Murdoch concern. Very soon they felt that it was impossible to get rid of the British media.News in the UK were distorted and I don't believe the McCanns were calling or e-mailing Tapas 7 telling about their concerns and the group remained uninformed. Only Fiona, O'Brian ad Rachel went back to Algarve in order to "identify" Murat, in June.
    The PJ were keeping everything secret, no possibility to find out what was going on.
    That is why it was a shock to the Paynes especially because they, Payne, Oldfield, O'Brian and Tanner were about to become arguidos. After Gerry had promised them, I guess, that the story would not take long. A kind of Ben Needham story, whose parents are not doctors and in a time that Rebekah Brooks was not working for the News of the World yet. It went different with the McCanns.

    I think Tapas 7 believed in the incompetence of the PJ, they underestimated Portugal and they got their invoyces. Now they have to pay them.

    If Tapas 7 don't come forward with the truth, they will be made formal suspects and they will spend a horrible lot of money in their defense, during the trial, and ending up on losing.And certainly landing behind bars.
    If they come forward in time, their role in the trial will be the role of witnesses to a serious crime.

    I have the feeling that at least one of them came forward with the truth because they must be fed up of this story.

    Something else: Many times I warned on blogs that the siblings are living at risk. But some people desagree with me because they believe that Madeline's death was a one off crime and it will not happen again.
    I'm not the only one who thinks that there is a huge risk to them.
    Even the CEOP (One Minute for Madeleine) fear the same.
    At a certain moment the voice says "keeping ...a secret... and icreases the risk to other children."
    And Martin Brunt said at that time: "Whoever took Madeleine could strike again".

    I hope Tapas 7 listened to that video.
    The CEOP are a police and they must know more than we know.

  163. if i got to my room and found my little girl missing i would scream like a foghorn and wake everyone up--i would be hystericle --call police straight away-- answer all thier questions --then i would never leave that place till i got some answers- i would be day and night searching myself i would never go bk home i would camp there i certainly would not go to interviews because i would not be able to talk for crying i would only work with the police i would trust the police who were dealing with it nothing would get in the way of me finding my little girl nothing i would tell police everything about us if i knew it would help the progress to find her so for goodness sake wake up and get real and stop blaming the police and take on responsability for everything -----

  164. Does anyone have any news of the Tanner Murat legal dispute?

  165. Could it have been that Maddie's body was hidden because she had old bruises on her skin and the parents feared suspicion of death by accident or murder?

  166. I always wondered how come that Madeleine was wearing a dress on her last photo, a chic dress, if she went sailing during the morning and according to a Tapas she played tennis in the afternoon.
    On the tennis photo she wore a short and on the afternoon photo Gerry wore a swimming suite and Sean wore a short.
    That dress combined with sailing must have been very cold for her and not practicle.
    And that dress is strange, at that moment of the day, especially when one compares it to Gerry's and Sean's clothes.

  167. ATTN http://www.strandnews.co.uk/strandnews_service/

    is a news court agency which has released false information about Tony Bennet to the press (Mirror have printed it) stating that Bennet has accused McCann's of being responsible for Madeleine's death and concealing her corpse. Bennet has never claimed this. Someone should take a look into StrandNews....

  168. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-490254/McCanns-hiding-big-secret-police-chief-claims.html#ixzz1TmAMkE6B
    Am I wrong? Isn't this the first newspaper report in a while to question the McCanns?

  169. Hi, dear Joana!
    Please advice where to get some news about the Madeleine case. Looks like every blog about Madeleine is frozen. Savile case has frightened pinky & Co.?
    ANY NEWS?! Please!

  170. What has happened to Madeleine its about time the truth should come out,most people believe Maddie died in the flat and some of the Mccann seven know where she is.The government is to blame for it to spend more money on this case.Mr Cameron is to blame he does exactly like Mr Brown did he does not listen to the truth,he could have opened the case,how can you trust him,he should have told Portugal to open the case and find the truth but instead he listened to the lies.Mr Smith could have told what he saw,but has he been frightened .We have read that Mr Mccanns father lives in Ireland.The lady in the flat above the holiday flat heard Maddie crying for a long time andthey were both in the flat,what did they do to her. That poor girl must have suffered very much. Germany.

  171. Hi Joana! I trust you are enjoying your "maternity leave" :d

    I thought some of your readers might like to know Dr. A.Bennett has just come out with the news (6/11/12) that MAC - the medium from Madeira, is set to play a leading role as a witness in the soap-trial of Dr. G. Amaral scheduled for January 2013 at the "Palace of Puppetry" in Lisbon.

    Has anything transpired on your side?

    We know, thanks to you, that MAC is the godchild of operatic Pinto (the Bar manager) who also features as a witness for the "McVitties" - probably to intimidate the jury (assuming the same is not "hand-picked" in advance by himself) and to offer legal support to his long time friend and associate, Madame Labelle Duarte - the "McVitties" legal maid in Portugal. Small world indeed.

    Cynics are saying there could be monies exchanging hands under the table; lots of money, which given the depth and width of the McVitties' Fund, should surprise no one. This is of course pure speculation. I mean, can witnesses in Portugal receive money from the plaintiffs, under the table or otherwise? Of course not! (cough).

    The question remains.....

    Will Portugal live up, once more, to its image of a vassal to the Queen by allowing a couple of child neglecters bent on "reputation management" to get away with the character assassination of Dr. Amaral?

    I have just been reading all about medium MAC. I am rather impressed. Some of your readers might too:


    Kind regards

  172. http://frommybigdesk.blogspot.pt/2012/11/frank-beck-time-to-revisit-case-of.html



    Rotten, rotten, rotten british society!!!

  173. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2229808/David-Cameron-ambushed-astonishing-list-alleged-Tory-child-abusers-live-TV-Philip-Schofield-accidentally-showed-millions-viewers.html

    Once again, more rotten apples in british society, not just on the Labour side(previous comment with links with information on Greville Janner and others), but in Tory too!

    God help our children, God help us all!


    "The Portuguese State has been condemned, Thursday, by the European Court of Human Rights, for violating the freedom of expression of two Portuguese citizens...".

    I wonder what will happen early next year after a potentially corrupt, subservient court in Lisbon will allow the McCanns' to further assassinate the character of Dr. Gonçalo Amaral as part of their global "reputation management" campaign.

    A campaign, you will recall, led by Clarence Mitchell's marketing company Burson-Marsteller and its close associate in Portugal Lift Consulting (...)

    Wonder also how their "designer", multi-million legal team led by Carter-Ruck in the UKGB and served by Isabel Duarte and associates in Portugal will perform in a totally independent Justice system?

    Will, for example, "Photoshop" Pinto be penalized for perverting the course of Justice?

    :d Fingers crossed.


  175. Till now no news from Operation Grange and it is possible that they are waiting for the green light from the PJ. The Met police must have already their conclusion, they must have gotten it long ago, but I believe that the last preparations must be complicated. Both police can impossibly shout "she is dead, her body is concealed, Tapas 9 are involved in it" without taking the next step:"the process will be open".
    Because the whole world knows that she is dead, it is useless repeating it without taking any mesures.
    Everything has to be ready,authorities in Portugal have to agree with a trial, I believe it is the reason why it is taking so long!

  176. @175, yes, I also believe that the final decision lies in the PJ's hands. It is very well possible that the delay is due to the PJ's decision and the Scotland Yard's report is already ready. And then they will decide together, the Yard takes Tapas 9 to the airport, they can make the reconstruction on the same night, in Praia da Luz.
    The Ocean Club will be empty, no mess around, oh, how I would adore to be present at that moment.
    I think Tony Bennett's leaflet will help the Yard a lot.And so many ideas in so many blogs.
    For a couple of times I received automatic answers from the Met, where they tell that every day they receive a lot of e-mails about this case, they read all of them, and if they consider an issue important, they will get in touch with the writer.

    The McCanns can not escape anymore. And what an unhappy idea to call the media, that night.
    I had a good idea about which I wrote to the Met and to the PJ and which could prove the cry incident did not happen.

  177. Anon 172

    We have a similar (as it were) case in Portugal (Casa Pia). Unfortunately the powers that be framed the wrong man (a veteran TV presenter) in spite of comprehensive evidence the man is innocent.

    An appeal was recently heard by the Portuguese courts which decided to uphold the guilty sentence on the grounds such will be conducive to "social peace" - which means:

    "If you fail to convict someone then making him/her pay for the guilty is a must - whether there is evidence or not" (for the sake of "social piss").

    Mind you, such legal subtleties do not apply to UKGB citizens. Of course.

    The man has subsequently appealed to the European Court of Human Rights which by now must be pretty fed-up with the Portuguese justice system.

    I understand Portuguese courts have just been found guilty of yet another blunder by the European Court of Human Rights (#174)

    I also understand Gonçalo Amaral case is already queuing up pending a forthcoming, corrupt decision.

    I shall never understand how the McVitties got away with it in the first place but I suspect their famous biscuit may become too hard to chew come next year...


    Gonçalo Amaral is now working with the American criminal profiler Pat Brown on THE definitive book on - you guessed it! It should become a monster best-seller. Wanna be fiction authors likely to feel worst than cockroaches on speed include K. McVittie and her mentor, J. K. Growlings.


  178. Does any of you agree with the theory that the Scotland Yard is waiting for the PJ's green light?
    That is possible.
    The Met police can not come forward with the answer before the PJ agree with it.
    I hope it will not take much longer.
    I'm tired of it.

  179. Hey ho ... I wish I were as sure as 175 and 178 that anything will come of the paper sifting by SY, because that is what it will have been. I suppose they will have reviewed all the Portuguese police reports, despite the fact that they also looked at the nonsense stuff like psychics non-evidence, and private detectives' bumf. Surely they can use the same kind of deductive skills they would have used if this had happened in the UK! Fingers crossed. Positive or null result, I too am fed up with waiting.


    @178 "Does any of you agree with the theory that the Scotland Yard is waiting for the PJ's green light?"

    Anything is possible but... when you analyse the circumstances surrounding the initiative and the Yardmen statements so far, you cannot help thinking the Yard "review" is nothing but an offshoot of the McCanns' "reputation management" marketing campaign.

    Think: Clarence "Mickey Mouse" Mitchell/Burson Marsteller/Lift Consulting at work behind the scenes.

    The function of the Yard's review may well be to denigrate the PJ investigation, very much like the McCanns' character assassination of "Big Rock" Amaral serves the same purpose.

    :d British ideology and cultural hegemony rules the waves...

    Consider for example that Andrew Coulson (government spokeperson, a "brother in arms" with Clarence Mitchel - the McCanns' spokesman) has been charged today (20/11/12) for "making illegal payments to public officials". Rebecca Brooks too. Interesting hein?..

    Ms. Brooks was, of course, David Cameron's media darling, instrumental in publishing the McCanns' ultimatum to the British PM ("Sun") which forced the toffee leader to order a fit-to-wear Scotland Yard's "review" possibly to discredit the original Portuguese investigation. What else?

    This, you will recall, was before G. Amaral "defamation" trial was about to hit the stage - a coincidence called "reputation management". Its intent? Possibly to influence the Portuguese courts accordingly (...)

    In conclusion:

    I am afraid SY is not waiting for a green light from the PJ and there is no light at the end of the tunnel either.

    The recent reluctance of the Portuguese to even check Murat's mother's property following Stephen Birch's "findings", suggests just that. The PJ know it is only "reputation management".

    Furthermore, you should know the Portuguese investigation is constrained by the lack of "conclusive evidence" capable of successfully confronting the McCanns' powerful political and legal entourage, not to mention their global "reputation management" teams.

    Still in doubt? Wait to see the "reputation management" fireworks just before the McCanns' versus G. Amaral trial hits the stage in January next year...

    The show will go on and on.
    :d Long live Madeleine's Fund!

  181. The Mccanns' Guardian Angel is facing new charges. And who could expect that things would change that fast and totally unexpected? Their world is completely up side down since the Met police got involved in the case and short after News of the World and Rebekah Brooks got in trouble.
    Imo The Sun will not take any risk to protect Kate and Gerry again.It would not sell any extra penny anymore.
    Kate's book was the end of story, no new news, police are keeping their mouth.
    The Mccanns are all alone on a desert, waiting for their process.Because nobody will help them.

    13 years ago a 16 years old girl was found murdered on a field in Holland. During 13 years police were fighting to localize the perpetrator. The population were convinced that she was murdered by islamic foreigners who use to live near the crime scene. Because of new developments in DNA science, the murderer was arrested Sunday: a Dutch farmer, going to church every week, and having a good name. The police test was based on localizing relatives of the perpetrator, men belonging to his family and they had already evidence that the murderer lived not far away the crime scene and that he had relatives around. The Killer himself delivered his own DNA to the police because he had no choice.

    I hope that science will find the 4 missing alleles in Madeleine's DNA. It is already 5.5 years ago and science is improving evey day.

  182. @177 scoop

    Pat Brown joining forces with G. Amaral? Surely the outcome has to be an authoritative volume - THE definitive book, as you put it, on the so-called Madeleine mystery. Pretty mysterious for us but pretty straightforward for the forensic dogs.

    I do hope Ms. Brown finds a publisher in the US. Unlike publishers in England their American counter-parts won't give a hoot about Carter-Ruck threats.

    :o "Take it to a US court! Liiiimeys!"

  183. I can't think of the schock of Tapas 7 when, on 13 May 2012, they went to the cantine and saw the front page of the Sun, with Cameron's reply. Or they maybe saw it before, earlier in the morning.
    Or they got a call from other people, telling them. It must have been a terrible schock. I believe that the McCanns were already called by The Sun, the evening before."Congratulations, you made it!".
    What a shit, what a shit.
    Somewhere Kate said she did not expect any answer from the PM or maybe it would take very long to get it.

    But our lovely Rebekah Brooks decided to solve that problem and she put pressure on the Prime Minister.

    An ambush for the McCanns! After the book was published, Rebekah knew that the issue was exhausted and she had to find a way to sell more papers in the future: a Met police investigation, a trial.

    A journalist is nobody's friend.

  184. Somebody above wrote about an Amaral's new book, something that is new to me. He is probably also waiting for the PJ's green light.I don't think he is writing about general issues but hopefully about the Madeleine case.
    Since I came up with the idea of the green light( it was me!), I became more patient with the Met. It is probably not their fault.
    But I regret the fact that burocracy in Portugal takes a terrible lot of time, years and years, if not centuries.
    I hope the Maddie case will be an exception.Within some weeks we will have Christmas holidays, then holidays of all of the judges, public prosecuters, police, then Carnival, etc, etc.

    How long is this going to take?

  185. mr bennett is and has done fantasticly well with the Lee Balkwell case under extreme pressure and must be applauded, i doubt him not one iota in this case.....both cases take extreme courage where others have bottled it.....goodluck to each and all..exposing paedophilia being the most closed orginisations in the world is not easy...


    In the wake of the Leveson enquiry Cameron (Cameron is a Scottish name) speaks out on behalf of the McCanns' (McCann is a Scottish surname).

    One wonders if Clarence Mitchell has anything to do with it (Mitchell is a Scottish surname).

    "Mickey Blue Eyes", formerly a spinster for Tony Blair/Gordon Brown PM (both Scottish) is now the McCanns' spokesperson. Remember "Iraq had weapons of mass destruction" and all that jazz? The "truth" boils down to spinning. Seemingly.

    Mitchell is now head of Burson-Marsteller - the global "reputation management" outfit closely associated with Lift Consulting (Portugal).

    Where was I? Oh! yes... governmental support for the McCanns'...

    I understand Amaral is a Portuguese name and so is Pinto, Correia, Duarte et al.

    What is interesting to note here is whereas the Brit pack immediately rallied in defence of the "poor parents" (child neglecters) their Portuguese counterparts either lowered their trousers to Gordon Brown and/or Cameron or came down like fratricidal hyenas on top of Amaral - the Chief Co-ordinator of the investigation. Interesting to say the least...

    Either this is a genuine show of a cultural inferiority complex or the Portuguese have a tremendous skilful will (Assagioli) and will have the last laugh.

    Let us all sit back and enjoy while Burson-Marsteller/Lift Consulting go for broke hoping to influence the Portuguese judge on behalf of their clients come January next year - the McCanns vs. G. Amaral showdown!

    Source: BBC Radio 4 News on 29/11/12

  187. Hmm, wait... not sure. After hearing him on the BBC an hour or so ago, my perception is although the Camarão has, in the past, spoken on behalf of the McCanns, today he has come out admonishing against any press regulations (...)

    May be the toffee's mind is changing in tune with Scotland Yard's - as far as the McCanns' are concerned that is. No deciding evidence one way or the other (cough).

    Whether the celebrity couple is guilty or innocent that remains a matter of interpretation of the facts of the investigation. Surely by now the Camarão ought to know that ...


  188. Gerry Mccann was interviewed re Leveson report conclusions on the BBC Today programme 30.11.12. available on the BBC Radio 4 website. It seemed prerecorded. The kidnapped word and abduction mentioned perhaps controlled by C Mitchell. The interviewer described the press reports that Maddy's body was stored in a fridge was 'ludicrous', as was that forensic evidence was found in the hire car. Gerry rubbished the reports that they hid the body for over 22 days until the car was hired. Gerry seemed very nervous when he mentioned Cameron PM, and that he would not allow statutory regulation of the press, which Gerry said he wants. The interviewer asked 'if the public are on your side, as you say, then why are you worried'. He then said the twins are eight years old and he is afraid of what they will find when they access the internet, and what they will have to face in the future. He reveals that it is really the internet that he fears not the current press? Is that his agenda to spike the internet?


    Today (30 November) in the wake of the Leveson Enquiry final report and ahead of the McCanns' forthcoming trial in Lisbon, the celebrity couple is all over the media desperately trying to influence the British prime minister.


    They want Cameron to heed to Leveson's final recommendations but Cameron is against gagging. Indeed, what for?

    The rich and powerful already have the likes of Burson-Marstellers, Carter-Rucks, Isobel Duartes and other equally reputable reputation management and law-making DIY justice outlets...

    Are they hoping Cameron will be able to influence Passos Coelho - the Portuguese PM, to help the McCanns' get a favourable "reputation management" decision come January 2013? I refer here to the forthcoming McCann's vs. Amaral shown down at the Palace of Justice in Lisbon.

    Hold tight "Big Rock" Amaral! Whatever happens I suspect the McCanns' will crash come Strasbourg. The European Court of Human Rights does not give a hoot about Lord Leveson or David Cameron's nor does it accept cheques under the table (...)


    PS Does anyone here know when Pat Brown's hardbound book on the case in collaboration with Amaral and other experts on Madeleine's demise will be published in The Sates? I can't wait!

    Surely that will be the final nail in the coffin, or pin in the ass if you prefer, of you know who.

  190. Has the Daily Express put a warning shot across the McCann bows with this story about Kate's book repeating Murat slurs and Jenny Murat's forthcoming book. If Mccann bites the press perhaps they will bite McCann back.

  191. Link to Daly Express article 2/12/12

  192. @175 you are correct this is just what is happening Scotland Yard are waiting for the green light from Portugual....and it will not be long.


    I hope so too. Things definitely look good for "Big Rock" Amaral.

    Two London property tycoon brothers have just sued the Serious Fraud Office (read British Government) for a whooping £200 million plus for what was essentially a miscarriage of Justice.

    In my perception "Big Rock" Amaral is in an identical position vis a vis the Portuguese Justice system which has allowed the wealthy McCanns' to put him on the dock on the grounds he is "damaging the search for Madeleine".

    What the McCanns' with their wealth, their political connections, their multi-million legal and reputation management teams have done to G. Amaral is above despicable.

    How the Portuguese have allowed the McCanns' media show to set up tent in their own territory, beggars belief.

    It is not just the McCanns' they should be coughing up millions in compensation to Mr. Amaral. The Portuguese government too!


  194. Burson-Marsteller strategies never cease to amaze me...

    Now, Gerry is seen to be attacking David Cameron for not following up on the Leveson's report and gagging the press. That would serve them right - particularly come January if the decision in the Amaral trial (or Bennett for that matter) goes against them...

    On the other hand, it is possible Gerry has been advised by Burson-Marsteller to give the impression that he/they do not have a secret arrangement with the PM - very much as they had none with Rebecca Brooks (cough).

    Perhaps they no longer have an agreement with the PM or wish to...

    :d Wonder why...


  195. Joana on behalf of Tony Bennett could you kindly republish the note below? Thanks a million...

    BTW I am acting on my own initiative not his.

    Also, I don't give a hoot about Lord Leveson. For instance, I am not aware he took into account the treatment of G. Amaral, the Portuguese Ambassador (Santana Carlos) not to mention the Portuguese people in general by their partisan press and he has no excuse for I e-mailded him to remind him of it, still...

    I welcome anything that curbs the McCanns' arrogant, feudal (I mean colonial) attitude...

    Tony Bennett:

    "I know Leveson recommends a more effective, rapid 'right of reply', and I agree with that; the press have printed falsehoods about me, and it's certainly not nice.

    But what Leveson, and the celebs, and the McCanns want is the government being directly involved with press regulation, they want MPs to pass new laws curbing the press - and that's the thin end of the wedge.

    Goodness only knows what they would want to cover up if they got these new powers as a result of Leveson - as it is, many important stories go unreported because of fear of our oppressive libel laws.

    Thank you all on here for signing my petition. If you click on this link:


    my petition is currently the TOP trending petition with 75 signatures in the last hour

    THANK YOU ALL - and

    PLEASE LET SOMEONE ELSE KNOW ABOUT IT: http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/42582

    Further reference:


  196. Feliz Natal e um excelente 2013 para vocês Joana e Astro. Espero que esteja tudo bem. Já temos saudades dos vossos posts.

  197. see todays sunday mail about t.haligen because the extradition to usa is said to take place this week

  198. I found Gerry's interview on BBC Radio 4. He sounds stressed, somthing that was not necessary because the Yard will find Madeleine. Few words about Maddie and the rest about himself and his worries. He fears a future with the twins who are already able to read. He still did not demand a controll over the internet but he will, in case Cameron crosses the Rubicon.
    What a mess.

    And I'm sure that Tapas 7 told already the truth to the Yard. They don't want to be made arguidos. And they are right!



    ... tais como o ilibamento de culpas a Gonçalo Amaral) pela Justiça Portuguesa (para não falar do Carlos Cruz) e Anthony Bennett (pela Justiça monárquica do Império Britânico). Que as sentenças se expressem em termos de milhões de Euros de compensação para as vitimas da "limpeza a seco" ("gerência de reputação") dos McCanns' - para todos aqueles que a dupla tem vindo maquievelicamente a utilizar como bode expiatórios dos seus próprios "crimes"(*)

    (*) Na opinião preliminar dos investigadores da Policia Inglesa e Portuguesa.

    Que traidores como o MAC, o "Photoshop", a "Madama" e seus afiliados sejam totalmente desacreditados pelo publico Português e metaforicamente "enforcados"!

    Concentre-mo-nos então no Natal e na reentrada desta nova orbita! Atenção a ausência de gravidade e aos cintos de segurança!

    :k Otelo

  200. does anyone agree with me if you extracted all the s@{t out of blacksmiths spoutings - you could bury him in a matchbox.



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