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English police willing to abandon Madeleine McCann investigation

by Márcia Oliveira

The Chief Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police has suggested that the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine is exhausted.

Bernard Hogan-Howe, chief commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, also known as Scotland Yard, will question the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, if he is going to continue to fund the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

For over a year, Scotland Yard has been re-investigating the case at the request of Cameron. According to British newspaper "The Telegraph", the operation involved 28 homicide detectives and seven civilians. And so far, the new investigation has cost the state 2.5 million pounds (3.1 million euros).

Now, Hogan-Howe prepares to ask for a new commitment on investigation funding, in comments that suggest there may be a limit on how much time the police are willing to spend on the case.

"We are still reviewing all of the material. It is a significant amount of money and we have several employees attached in this case", he said, noting that "there will be a time when the government will have to make a decision" - that is, whether or not it wants to continue with the operation.

"The prime minister agreed to fund this investigation. We have not had any kind of limit on the money that we spend, we have received a lot of support," said Hogan-Howe, quoted by British newspaper "London Evening Standard". However, the chief commissioner of police states that "until Christmas I would like to see very clearly what work is needed and how long we will have to do it."

In April this year, Andy Redwood, from the Homicide and Serious Crime Division at Scotland Yard, said he believed Madeleine McCann was abducted by a stranger and could be alive. "We sincerely believe that there is a possibility of her being alive", he stated.

Madeleine McCann disappeared five years ago in Praia da Luz, in the Algarve, when sleeping alone with her younger twin siblings, while their parents dined at a restaurant near the apartment they had rented.

The case was investigated for 14 months by the Portuguese Judicial Police, having been filed without results.

In May last year, the English executive decided to fund all the steps of a new investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine. "The government hopes that Scotland Yard can bring a new perspective to the case and will provide the necessary financial support for this", an official State communication stated.

At the time, David Cameron wrote a letter to Kate and Gerry McCann, parents of Madeleine, promising them that he would try to help find her.

The McCann couple, who were made arguidos by the Portuguese judicial authorities in July 2007, continues to blame the Portuguese police for not solving the case.

in: ionline, 25.08.2012


  1. F... England. Why don't they interrogate Tapas 7?

  2. I've gotten an idea.

    Instead of asking for more money and time, the Met could ask for a reconstruction in order to innocent the whole Tapas 9.
    The public believe the McCanns are involved in the disappearance and a reconstruction could prove they are not.
    After proving the whole Tapas 9 have nothing to do with the crime, the Met could archive the revision waiting for better times.

    It is important not to give up or to ask for more money and time but to prove that Tapas 9 are innocent. That is what we, public, are waiting for.

    If the police find evidence that they are completely innocent, they can concetrate themselves on abductors, in the future.

  3. This can't be true. I really don't believe it.
    2 and a half million and not further than she is either alive or sadly she is not?
    And giving up now?

  4. Politics at play here. The Met have looked at the evidence and agree with the Portugese conclusions, but cannot say publically as it makes Cameron look bad for setting up the new enquiry, with all the time and cost involved.

    The McCann's meanwhile continue to stew in the strange false world they've created, wondering when they'll make a mistake that blows up in their face.

    Next thing you know, someone will prove Lance Armstrong was cheating all along. Hold on a minute....

  5. The whole 'review' has been an expensive farce of a whitewash with the cops taking their orders from News International and the McCanns as to the line of enquiry to follow, especially they should concentrate on psychics, dreamers, whatever, but they should not look at the McCanns and their pals, and certainly NOT AT THE FINDINGS OF THE DOGS. Did Gerry himself tell them to disregard the dogs? Unbelievable, the best dogs in the world are alerting to the child having been dead in the apartment, and they ignore them in favour of fairy tales and flim flam.

    They are an utter disgrace of a police force, and I am ashamed to say they are the UK police force. May God help us!

  6. Maybe the Met police want a decision from Cameron as to whether they should reveal what they have found as a result of their expensive investigation, namely that there is no evidence whatsoever of stranger abduction, or even the possibility of such. Presumably their instructions were to find an abductor, as the great British public are thought to be unprepared to discover the admittedly unpalatable truth about what must actually have happened. If this is the case Cameron can rest assured that the majority of the British public have already concluded that something deeply disturbing happened to this little girl and he need have no fears about letting the police tell us where their investigations have led.

  7. forget all this nonsense - it was always going to be a whitewash - the uk police are bought as is the government and ngo's - they are all linked as they are the "better" people of the world and therfore above the laws of the commoners.

    Follow the truth and stop winding yourself up with this rubbish - your on your own as its always been - the truth can only be outed by people coming together - we need a spring !!<<<it can be done

    anyways what happened about the steven birch scans ? they looked genuine and needed confirmation regardless of the trespass issue - i notice its been reported the uk police are applying for funding to dig up an area where Ben Needham was reported missing.

    come on folks ...what do you do for truth - when clearly the establishment is against it ?
    any ideas?

    the truth is all the evidence says madeleine is dead and the parents, Tapas, some family and friends, some police ,some government, some media know it and are involved in some erie going ons in covering it up......thats the truth - now send me to prison for saying it i really dont give a monkeys ..carter muck i know you can get my ip address - lying establishment.....which can be proved...i ask you one question ...WHY?


  8. The recent sad case of Tia Sharp in London points up several parallels.
    The words of the last person to 'see' the child were believed. He invented an entire scenario of Tia going out shopping alone and disappearing.
    In no time, t-shirts with the Tia's photo were produced (i.e. marketing savvy.)
    A local search was begun, involving 80 officers and local people.
    Tearful TV appeal (by the murderer.)
    60 sightings of the girl were reported throughout the UK (without any prompting.)No trace on CCTVs.
    Sniffer dogs eventually found her body hidden in the loft.

  9. @6, that is what I think. I believe the Met are already ready with their revision, they were already ready before they started.

  10. I would like to read a comment of Nige Moore, here on this blog.

  11. Last April I read somewhere that the Yard would come up with a report "late in the year".
    If they pointed to a time,to a date, it is because they knew it was possible and they even knew the answer to the mystery.

    My opinion is that they knew already what happened to Maddie, they have evidence and they find useless to continue spending money and time checking on sightings and ghosts.

    The Yard detectives would feel insulted if they had to act they were still believing in an abduction. And wasting time and money.

    I think they will approach Cameron and Theresa May and say: "We have the answer and the evidence. Do you want us to continue the revision, uselessly spending more money? Or do you accept us to stop here and take the necessary mesures against the perpetrators?"
    I believe that is what is happening now.
    Or it happened already. I even suspect they interviewed Tapas 7 and who knows they told the truth.
    And where is our dearest Clarence?
    I can't believe the famous Scotland Yard gives up half way an investigation that was already ready.

  12. Andy Redwood (ITV Daybreak, April 27 2012 )

    Dan Lobb: Do you believe she is still alive?

    Redwood: Yes, I do.

    Dan Lobb: Why?

    Redwood: I believe she’s still alive because, at the beginning of this case…it’s a huge privilege for us at the Metropolitan Police to be part of this investigation…er, investigation review. Is that we came with a completely open mind.

    We were untouched by anything that’s gone before, and, as part of that, two key elements of it is to go: one, Madeleine is alive and the other is, sadly she’s not...and in relation to her being alive, yes, there is a real possibility that she’s alive.


  13. 'Ask The Dogs, Sandra!'

    «Gerry McCann: I can tell you that we have obviously looked at evidence about cadaver dogs and they are incredibly unreliable.

    Sandra Felgueiras: Unreliable?!

    Gerry McCann: Cadaver dogs. Yes. That’s what the evidence shows if they are tested scientifically.»


    Canine expert (Martin Grimes) can testify on cadaver scent in Bianca Jones case, judge rules

    Detroit — A canine expert whose dog allegedly detected a cadaver scent in the home of a missing toddler will be allowed to testify at the murder trial of the girl's father, a judge ruled Friday.

    Wayne County Circuit Judge Vonda R. Evans made the ruling after attorneys for D'Andre Lane spent more than two hours trying to discredit the relatively new scientific method. Lane is charged with first-degree murder and child abuse in the death of his 2-year-old daughter, Bianca Jones

    "I believe the evidence offered is sufficient to go forward. The people should be allowed to demonstrate to a jury that your client was implicated in this particular murder," Evans told the defense. "I think your argument is to weight as opposed to admissibility."

    The court Friday also denied a defense motion to halt proceedings in the case while the state Court of Appeals evaluates efforts by Lane's attorneys to have the case tossed out. The attorneys said they also plan to appeal Friday's ruling.

    Two forensic canine experts testified Friday before Evans ruled to admit at trial the potential evidence, which is key for prosecutors in the case against Lane.

    Danian Woodson, an attorney for Lane, tried to argue against the cadaver dog evidence. But Evans cut her off and denied the motion.

    After the hearing, Woodson said the alleged evidence is "not admissible, not relevant, highly prejudicial and should be excluded."

    Lane has claimed Bianca was in the back seat of his 2004 Mercury Grand Marquis on the morning of Dec. 2 when he was approached by armed carjackers near Brush Street and Grand River.

    The vehicle was found shortly after, but the child was not inside. Her body has not been found.

    Forensic canine expert Martin Grime testified Friday and at Lane's prior preliminary examination that he brought in his victim recovery dog, Morse, two days after the girl went missing. He said the dog detected a cadaver scent inside Lane's car, on the child's blanket and car seat, and in the girl's bedroom and Lane's home.

    Grime said the dogs detect only the generic scent of human decomposition. The dogs, he said, cannot determine identity, age, race, gender or the rate of decomposition.

    Grime testified in court Friday that Morse has never had a false positive response, and that testing done just prior and after the dog worked in the Jones case was successful.

    "I believe that the testimony, his conclusion is based on principles and methods that have been in place for several years," Evans said of Grime.

    Also Friday, Rex A. Stockham, a special agent for the FBI who oversees its forensic canine program, said the agency has been studying the science for about a decade.

    The FBI began testing contract and volunteer teams for the human scent detection program in 2008, Stockham said. The agency has three full-time dogs working in the country.

    The dogs are tested annually to ensure they meet best practices standards. Morse has only been tested one time, Stockham said.

    Prosecutors allege Lane beat the toddler to death with an 18-inch stick with a towel wrapped in duct tape at the end over a potty training incident.

    Lane's attorney, Terry Johnson, contends Lane did "spank" the child with the stick, but that there was no evidence of child abuse or murder since the girl's whereabouts is unknown.


  14. Danish Head of Homicide on the Maddie Case: The parents' explanation doesn't quite add up

    By Birger A. Andersen
    Monday 20 August 2012, 07:37

    One of the most experienced homicide detectives in the Danish police force finds it entirely reasonable and natural for the Portuguese police to suspect the parents of four-year-old Madeleine McCann of being involved in her disappearance five years ago.

    This is revealed by the former head of the Flying Squad's Homicide Section, Police Inspector Bent Isager-Nielsen in his latest book "The Homicide Detectives", which will be published next week.

    "The police have been criticised by the McCann family and the British media for having interviewed Madeleine's parents at great length and for having said that they were suspects. Here I have to say that I agree with the Portuguese police," writes Bent Isager-Nielsen, who is currently Chief Detective at Copenhagen Vestegn Police.

    The Madeleine McCan case has become one of the most spectacular disappearance puzzles after the little girl disappeared from a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz in the Algarve, southern Portugal, on 3rd May 2007. It took place while her parents had allegedly left the girl and her two younger siblings asleep in the evening in order to dine alone at a nearby restaurant.

    After some months of detective work the mother of the girl was officially charged and subjected to an 11-hour interrogation by the Portuguese police. It was suspected that the parents had accidentally killed their daughter by giving her too much sleep medication and had subsequently attempted to cover up the facts by pretending that their daughter had been abducted.

    In spite of a reward of over 23 million kroner the case has still not been solved.

    "There are all sorts of different types of parent, but there is something mysterious about their explanation that they had left the children asleep on their own while they went to a restaurant. I have no idea whether they killed Madeleine or whether she was indeed abducted, but for any police officer the parents in such a case shoud be obvious potential suspects," says Bent Isager-Nielsen.

    In the book he emphasises that he only knows the Madeleine case from the press; and the experienced head of homicide is not unaware that the Portuguese police apparently made a number of mistakes during the fruitless preliminary investigations....


    Do you think the parents had anything to do with Madeleine's disappearance?

    56% - Yes, they have behaved suspiciously

    44% - No, the Portuguese police were amateurish

    Translation from McCann Files

  15. Somewhere Redwood said that the Yard was meeting the PJ once a month and this means that the review/investigation was going faster than they were telling.I really don't believe that the PJ would again accept a humiliation. If they are working together it is because there is light at the end of the tunnel.

  16. A thought occurred to me upon seeing the headlines that the Sun had gone ahead and published pictures of Harry naked in Las Vegas.
    The comments were gloves are off showdown between Murdoch and the Queen.
    Immediately my mind came up with an association that this had something to do with the Madeleine case.
    Let us face it - when the truth comes out about this - it will be the greatest shock to the British public. It has to be kept under wraps at all costs.
    We all know they were hacked, and the people high up know what info was gleamed in the hacking.
    So in the light of the Met saying no sign of an abductor the day after the naked shots were aired I am hazarding a guess that Murdoch was blackmailing. Like come on guys you give the truth on this story and the main players I can bring your kingdom to its knees because Harry nude is nothing compared to what we have on the royal family, the prime minister and everyone else in the sordid pit.

  17. anon@12 redwood answered yes there is a real possibility that shes still alive.this merely repeated what he had said before and avoided answering the question as to why he thought she was still alive...dan lob should have then said but why do you think she is still alive

  18. Your Sunday Lies
    (expect more of this to come from Team McCann in the following days)

    Man believes he saw the missing girl on a flight to Germany
    Was Maddie in Ibiza?

    A German holiday maker has claimed he saw Madeleine McCann aboard a flight from Ibiza to Munich.

    Frank Bode, 42, was returning home to Germany earlier this month following a five day break in Spain when he caught sight of a girl that immediately reminded him of the missing toddler.

    “My intuition told me that the girl, who was around seven to 10 years old, could be Madeleine",Bode told the Olive Press.

    “She didn’t seem to fit in with her family. Her father was clearly German as were her two brothers, both around 10 to 12 years ole, but her mother appeared to be British.

    “They were all speaking German except for the girl who I clearly heard speaking British English.”

    He continued, “The two boys were touching her strangely and the girl seemed totally out of place - nervous, stuttering, just not normal. And her mother, who bore no resemblance to the girl, was a strange woman and didn't talk the entire trip.

    I was never very interested in the case, but by instinct told me something was up, and I'm almost never wrong about these kings of things," added Bode, a sales manager for a currency printing company. (http://de.linkedin.com/pub/frank-bode/8/566/90 and https://www.facebook.com/frank.bode)

    “I took a photo and showed it to some of my friend who agreed it could definitely be Maddie.”

    Bode was so convinced the girl on his Lufthansa flight was Maddie, who disappeared from Portugal in 2007, he immediately contacted the British Police.

    “The woman at the hotline said it is on file, but that’s all she said. I’m mainly interested in the family getting the photo, but it’s difficult to find a channel through which to contact them.”

    When the Olive Press contacted British Police about Bode’s report, they said: ”At this time we cannot find any record of his information.”

    found at http://jillhavern.forumotion.net/t5500-yet-another-cracker-from-olive-press

  19. What a farce. It looks as if Cameron is going to end up with egg on his face yet again - whatever they might think about the McCanns the British public are not going to look kindly on such a pointless waste of money. Presumably Cameron was bullied into this by the Murdoch press, but now the Met. have decided there is no point in carrying on with such a pointless and expensive exercise any longer - unless, perhaps, the terms of reference are changed.

  20. It took the keystone cops how many searches of a 3 bedroom house to find Tia ?? 6 I think but no one was to blame...the execution of jean charles menezes-keystone cop blunder, useless beyound words

  21. mojo the reason that carter ruck will never bring charges against any one writing here is that it would give a great publicity to the blog and that the public would know what you are saying. They dont want that

  22. anon @7 this farce will continue until those involved in maintaining it. probably among those reading this now... will realise that out here the nutters of the internet as gerry calls them are not going to let this go and have more than enough brains to battle on and when the first domino falls the whole lot will come tumbling down as well

  23. If Redwood thinks there is a good possibility Madeleine is still alive, then whose cadaver does he think the best cadaver dog in the world was alerting to, being as there has never been a reported death in the apartment, and the dog only ever alerted to items associated with the McCanns?

    The police worldwide trust and rely on these dogs in all other cases, so why should the McCann case be the exception?

    The truth is no cop worth his salt would ignore those dogs, so obviously, there must be something lacking in the investigative skills of Redwood if he can, or should we look for another reason far more sinister.

  24. LMAOFL, all this time, all this money and not one swarthy suspect? Well that should say something, doesn't it?

    I bet they have come to the point even they can't deny it anymore: the pathetic parents are somehow involved. ISO investigating the conning couple and their friends they now hope the PM will say: "enough is enough" so they still get away without any decent investigation and the only investigation they should have done: re-interview Tapas 9 and do a reconstruction will not be funded.

    What a disgrace for Scotland Yard. At least the Portuguese Investigators are vindicated.

  25. Take a reassuring look at Blacksmith today: http://blacksmithbureau.blogspot.co.uk/. One particular gem:

    In Portuguese law libel claimants have to prove their accusations: Kate and Gerry McCann will finally have to demonstrate their innocence of involvement in the child’s disappearance in court if they are to win their case. To prove libel they will have to show that the prosecutors’ report, the one that has been so useful to them, is wrong.

    Please God, this case will go ahead next month. At long, long last will we have heard the last of those self-pitying whining voices? I do hope so.

  26. In my opinion, the Met are already ready with their conclusion, which is the same conclusion of the PJ's.
    Perhaps they added more evidence to the PJ's, information that was found in the UK. Even new statements of Tapas 7 because at least Tanner, O'Brian wanted to change theirs in September 2007 but they were scared of the political lobby around the McCanns.They don't have to fear anything now and I believe that all of the Tapas 7 gave a statement before the Yard told pubicly that they were intending to give up the revision. It would not be wise to spread such a news around before they would be ready with the Tapas.
    I believe everything is ready and that they are writing a report of the work that was done.
    If some Tapas confessed that the child is dead, there is no need for the Yard to continue the revision.
    Next step: the reconstruction and the McCanns' confession.

  27. Wasn't written somewhere that the Met wanted to prove something that they believed that happened?

  28. I think the Yard talked already to the Home Office and to the PJ, they decided already their next step, everything is safe and guaranteed, the Yard has the answers to their questions and I believe they even talked already to a public prosecuter in Algarve.
    In April it was said that the Met had new evidence which suggests they had old ones too. Or at least an old one, otherwise they would not have said the word new.

  29. If the Yard gives up the revision, the Mccanns will again start being a pain the the ass of the authorities.
    The British goverment will never get rid of them.

  30. I think SY may well be asking the govt whether they should stop investigating because they have reached a conclusion and it's a waste of time to carry on if they're unable to do something about it. Was their remit to prosecute? If there is a cover up then the parents are probably untouchable.

    If SY need to end this due to their lack of options to proceed, they're not likely to be saying there's no evidence, rather that there's no evidence...yet. They may well be asking whether they can either carry on and do their job properly or they can 'stop because funding was withdrawn' as it's a blameless ending to the investigation.

  31. If I was to hazard a guess as to the two things in life Gerry McCann, dislikes intensely –

    (a) Dogs (cadaver in particular)
    (b) Detectives (Portuguese in particular)

    If I was to hazard a guess as to the two things for which the McCann couple are most widely known –

    (a) Child neglect (one of their children vanishing without trace during a period of neglect)
    (b) Lies (examples of which I believe can be found in interviews given, and contained in the book ‘Madeleine’ penned by Kate McCann)

    It is interesting that the McCann couple have gone out of their way to dismiss the findings of the dogs, not only in the case of their missing daughter, but very much more widely. ‘Unreliable’ Gerry describes these highly trained animals. Yet, curiously he and his wife Kate felt the need to come up with reasons by way of explanation as to what the dogs, in the case of their missing daughter, could possibly have alerted to. Why the need, if the dogs were so unreliable?

    More curiously McCann couple suggested the dogs alerted to Kate McCann’s clothing as she had dealt with, during the course of her duty as a part-time General Practitioner, and just before leaving for Portugal, several patient deaths.

    If these dogs are as unreliable as Gerry suggests – why would they then pick up on this scent of death?

    Gerry seems to be telling us therefore that dogs are able to pick up the scent, just not in the case of his missing daughter.


  32. cntd.

    When it comes to detectives though, well that is a whole other story.

    How well Gerry and Kate “like” a detective, quite clearly is dependent on how the detective views the case.
    As far as one can tell, the more hopeless, dishonest, and incompetent, they are, the more the detective is favoured by the McCann couple.

    The McCanns thus far have employed various private detectives all of whom fall into one or more of the categories mentioned.
    Metodo 3 being the first. Paying to them £1/2m for nothing really! They are a company not experienced or known for searching for missing people, which begs the question- Why were they employed at all to search for Madeleine? What was the McCann couple thinking about when they hired Metodo? Some might say –‘not Madeleine.’ And it certainly looks that way.

    Metodo promised they would have Madeleine home by Christmas of 2007. Indeed!

    Once bitten twice shy comes to mind. Surely next time around they would ‘check out’ any private detectives they were considering paying vast sums of money from the Fund set up and made up of donations by the public, to search for the little girl. What could be more important at such a time, than to know that who you were taking on board for this job was honest, experienced in searching for missing persons, of the highest integrity, and could get results? One would check and double check the credentials and background of any such person.


  33. cntd.

    Enter Kevin Halligen

    Kevin Halligen, a criminal wanted by the FBI was their next choice of private detective, employed to search for Madeleine. How they did not know he was a criminal wanted by the FBI, really doesn’t figure. How is this possible?

    This guy too received a sum, much in the same region as Metodo, and, of course, he too did not deliver. He wasn’t even searching. Just taking the money! When news of this broke, Clarence Mitchell McCanns spokesperson (who also is highly paid) said that they had been very happy with Kevin Halligen, his performance! How can this be?

    What was it the McCann couple were so happy with?

    Did Halligen provide them with crucial information which would lead them to Madeleine? Did he come up with any clues? No! So why were they so happy? The guy had taken Madeleine’s money, he didn’t produce Madeleine.

    It was evident to all at this stage, that this child did not stand a chance of being found, or what became of her being discovered, coming to light, if her parents continued to fail in their efforts to seek out and employ competent and honest private detectives.
    Difficult to comprehend how this could be the situation when McCanns have such a formidable legal team behind them, professionals from all walks of life on their payrol, and yet, two dodgy private detectives at this stage had basically been allowed to rip Madeleine off to the tune of £1m from her Fund!



  34. cntd.

    Next up, and still in the McCann employ, we have retired British Detective Dave Edgar.

    We can see that the first two private detectives were no more than criminals/attached to criminal elements. Making a fast buck the only thing on their minds, and this they did successfully.

    Would it be third time lucky for missing Madeleine? Would her parents and their team get it right this time around? Had they learned a lesson, to check out thoroughly any future private detective before forking out another £1m? Were they prepared to do their homework? One would have hoped so. They owed it to Madeleine to do exactly that.

    A couple of years down the line, Edgar, managed with ease to fail as miserably as his predecessors. Not coming up with a single clue as to what happened to the child.

    He has speculated in much the same way as any member of the public might do, but other than that, zilch from the former British detective. His only success is that he has managed to remain on the payrol longer than Metodo and Halligen, and one has to wonder why!
    It could be said that of the three, Metodo, Halligen and Edgar, that Edgar was, who the public saw as Madeleine’s saviour, that his approach to ‘investigating’ his skill and experience, and of course, hopefully his honesty - he was after all the regaled retired British detective, and much was made of this, ‘his being British’ as though this placed him above all others – would lead to finding the child.



  35. cntd.

    Sadly for Madeleine, it made not a jot of difference. If anything, Edgar has been the most disappointing for exactly the very reasons, that the public had high hopes.

    We expect criminals like Halligen, charlatans like Metodo 3 to take the money and run. We don’t expect it of the Edgar’s of this world.

    Edgar, misled the public in the part he played in the production of ‘Madeleine Was Here’

    He suggested she was in a lair in Praia Da Luz, which he could not reach and conveniently therefore he would be unable to search. He speculated also that she was taken on a yacht which arrived in Barcelona and that she might then have been transported to Australia. Oh and he forget to question anyone in Barcelona in this regard. Didn’t make contact with Port Authorities. Oh dear!
    Perhaps to top it all, he questioned during a televised press conference the credibility of the police witness statement, given by the McCanns main witness, their friend Jane Tanner, who claims to have seen a man walking off with the child, or at least a child that could have been Madeleine.

    Edgar, in his role as private detective, searching for Madeleine Beth McCann has performed no better than Metodo3 and Halligen, and perhaps at greater financial cost to the Madeleine Fund?



  36. cntd.

    But these types of detectives, the ones who lie, cheat, mislead, take Madeleine’s money, they are not questioned by the McCann couple as far as we can tell. McCanns were happy with Halligen, according to their spokesperson Mitchell - that was until the FBI caught up with him – Halligen, not Mitchell!

    And they must be happy, extremely happy with the work of Edgar as he is still around, still being paid. Still with no clues, no real theories, no searching where he said the child could be found.
    The three aforementioned private detectives, Gerry McCann appears to have no problem with.

    So what kind of detective is it then that Gerry doesn’t like?
    The kind who disputes the story told by the McCann couple when they say their child was abducted?

    The kind who challenges the events as told by this couple and their friends of the night Madeleine vanished?

    The kind who through vast experience on the police force, knows that something is much wrong in this case, who, based on the information the investigating authority gathered, does not believe the child was abducted?

    The kind who is brave enough to speak out in this regard?

    The kind who must be silenced at all costs!



  37. cntd.

    Take a moment and think about it. The three private detectives, as previously mentioned have been paid huge sums, must border on £2m if we are to include the couple of years Edgar has been paid, on top of the £1m paid to the first two.

    To date individually or collectively the private detectives have been unable to produce any evidence of abduction, discover anything of value which could lead to Madeleine or what became of her.

    There has been no public condemnation of the unscrupulous detectives, by the McCann couple at the loss of the monies paid to them, which was donated by the public to help find Madeleine.

    No condemnation of these same people who quite literally robbed the child of her money, but more importantly robbed her of possible chances of being found.

    There is no condemnation by the McCann couple of the failure by the costly detectives to SOLVE the case of missing Madeleine.

    And her parents we are told by their spokesperson, are ‘happy’ with the work done?

    Should we be asking why such failure makes them happy?

    The Portuguese Police investigating the crimes against young Madeleine Beth McCann however, have not been met with such same understanding by the McCanns!

    It would seem, that those “working” FOR Madeleine, who have her interests at heart,have not to be afforded the same consideration as the crooks, who, robbed and failed the child.


  38. cntd.

    We are at an interesting juncture now.

    McCanns wanted a review of the case, or so they have said repeatedly over the past few years. Not a re-opening, but a review.

    With the underhand shenanigans, by Rebekah Brooks – “persuading” David Cameron to see to it that this happened, the review was launched.

    Suddenly, overnight, Cameron discovered that he just happened to have access to a special fund, with a special amount of money - £3.5m - just sitting waiting for that special case to come along for him to spend it on. How lucky was that for the McCann couple.

    That special case, Cameron was persuaded was that of missing Madeleine McCann.

    He was not saying that Madeleine was any more special a child than any other who has gone missing, but saying that her case was MORE special.

    I’m sure the parents of other missing children would not agree that Madeleine’s case, or Madeleine for that matter was any more special than the case surrounding their child’s disappearance or their child.

    Cameron failed to explain what made the Madeleine case more special, more in need of this special funding, other than the threats by Brooks that is! But hey, that sure in hell makes a case stand out. Rupert Murdoch’s right hand man threatening the Prime Minister of the UK! The threats, Brooks prefers to refer to as ‘persuasive methods.’

    So far the Metropolitan police having reviewed the case to some degree have failed also to solve it. The best they could do was to say that Madeleine may be alive or may be dead. That there is a possibility a stranger took her.

    As there is no proof of any stranger having entered the apartment, or any evidence of anyone other than the McCann couple having been in the apartment, no forced entry, stands to reason that it would be fair to say that it is equally as possible, if not more so, that Madeleine could have been removed from Apartment 5A by someone closer to home that there was no stranger involved.

    It would be fair to consider that whatever happened to her is more likely to be what is believed to be the case by the investigating authority in Portugal - she had an accident in the absence of her parents…

    ‘Madeleine may be alive, Madeleine may be dead, a possibility she could have been abducted by a stranger.’

    Before the first penny of the £2.5m was spent anyone anywhere in the world could have made this statement with the greatest of confidence that they would be right, the child is either alive or dead!

    Only difference is that the public would not have been as remiss as Redwood and would have added also that the possibility she was abducted by a stranger has an equal and opposite – she may have been removed from the apartment by someone known to her.

    The Review is no more than a farce.

    The Met are simply another body that has been drawn into the murky world of lies and deceit that surrounds missing Madeleine. Statements like those by Redwood, making them look rather less than mighty!

    They know that the Portuguese police did not fail, that they did investigate thoroughly, that, the findings of the Portuguese that Madeleine most likely died in holiday Apartment 5A are not the conclusions of a bungled investigation, but the truth of matters.



  39. cntd.

    Between the devil and the deep blue sea which way do the Met and David Cameron go from here?

    The British public now know that Rebekah Brooks is the one responsible for twisting Cameron’s arm up his back forcing him to agree to the Review.

    We know too that the unsavoury character that is Brooks has been charged by police with phone tapping.

    We always knew that there was no SPECIAL fund, just sitting waiting for a SPECIAL case to come along giving dear Dave the opportunity to flash some cash courtesy of UK tax payers.

    And we all know that there is not another penny in the coffers to fund indefinitely or otherwise the Madeleine case, from this or any other special fund. And if Dave tells us there is, then questions must be asked as to why these monies were not made available (prior to Brooks threats) to help the McCanns if this case was so special? And why did it take for Rebekah Brooks to open Cameron’s eyes to how special the Madeleine case?

    More importantly he must explain to the UK tax payer and the parents of all missing children why these funds were not made available to them in the past and why they are still not available to them at this present time. Explain to them why they are LESS special.

    Cameron has dug himself a hole so deep by getting into bed with the McCann couple of that there is no question.

    And the McCann couple when the plug is pulled on this sham of a review by the Met, will the Met receive the same treatment from them as the Portuguese police, condemned for not solving the case, or is the Metropolitan police to be given the same consideration as the criminal detectives the McCanns have employed and revere?

    Will they resort to their cry – ‘We are the only ones searching for Madeleine,there is no law enforcement searching for her?'

    Mitchell will no doubt at this moment be shaping stories for publication, one to suit either scenario depending on Dave’s decision, as to whether to further fund or not, the farce.

    Of one thing I am sure. The Met do not disagree with the Portuguese Police. What they say publicly and what they know to be true are quite different matters.

    They must know too, that the Smith sighting is crucial. And knowing this, it follows they do not believe this child was abducted by a stranger as the McCanns would have the world believe.

    The Portuguese police I believe have indeed solved how Madeleine was removed from 5A. I believe too that the Metropolitan police are in agreement.

    I have yet to speak with a police officer who believes in the abduction theory presented by the McCann couple.

    Hogan-Howe has thrown down the gauntlet – it’s over to Dave…



  40. cntd

    Andy Redwood:

    “We are here in terms of seeking to bring closure to the case. That would be the ultimate objective and is our ultimate objective.”

    Richard Bilton: “What does that mean?”

    DCI Redwood: “Well closure means establishing what has happened to Madeleine McCann.”

    RB: “Solving it?”

    DCI Redwood: “Yes, solving it, of course.”


  41. What were the McCanns' comments to this news? Anyone on the know?

  42. @24 rose m.

    Agreed, the Portuguese police are vindicated, but never should they have been put in such a position, where this was deemed by some as necessary. A position brought about by the two main suspects in the disappearance of a child! Of course they are not now formal suspects, but nevertheless they remain unofficially the main suspects in the disappearance of Madeleine, their daughter.

    It is sink or swim time for Cameron and the Met. And I suspect that Hogan-Howe, the Met are not planning to go down with
    HMS McCann!

    The reconstruction with all of the McCann party participating, is, as Goncalo Amaral said absolutely necessary to any further investigation.

    For Madeleine's parents and their friends to refuse to do this, there are no words...


  43. One of the T7 told a blatant and provable lie.She knows it and now SY know it too.

  44. I agree with comment #3, all that money spent just on going through papers/documents...?!

  45. If the Met stop with the review, without any conclusion, it will definitely be good news for Jim Gamble.
    His eternal life will be guaranteed.

  46. Why are the McCanns not protesting against the possibility of stopping the review? Where are they?

  47. Let us hope that the book by the Danish former head of the Flying Squad's Homicide Section, Police Inspector Bent Isager-Nielsen, "The Homicide Detectives", which will be published next week, will be available in the UK and in English.

  48. Anon 21,

    and that is the reason they will back off attracting attention to the Gaspar statements, which they don't want to risk ending up in the mainstream media in the UK if they do start throwing threats around based entirely on that.

    The last thing they want is for that information to reach the public at large, in the UK in particular, (are there other people out there who would come forward with similar information?). The attempt to stop this was evidenced when a small newspaper outside UK made reference to it, and was immediately threatened by CR and they backed down, which they should not have done, as they were quoting from an official source in the public domain. There is nothing to stop that information being reported, or maybe David Payne would like to try by suing the Portuguese authorities, or even the Drs Gasper if he thinks otherwise.

    The statement by a fellow doctor on a previous holiday with the McCanns and their friends is quite disturbing, when the lady doctor felt such concern at the disappearance of Madeleine, and what she had seen and heard, that she had to go report it to the UK police. Unless we know definitely what has happened to Madeleine we should all be troubled by this account. So why weren't the UK police, who simply sat on it? Were they busy helping the McCanns and their pals even then by dragging their feet on this?

    Shame on the LP that this information wasn't passed on to the PJ immediately, and not until the PJ had to request it for themselves. The LP should be made to give an account as to why that was, and whether they would have been willing to lock it away for ever. Were they doing a favour for somebody?

    Now this whitewash of a 'review', chasing psychic visions and dreams, and willing to look anywhere but where the attention should be, and that is with the people closest and surrounding Madeleine at the time, whose statements did not tally, and would not even return to do a reconstruction of that night, nor the mother answer the many questions asked of her.

    There can't be many people who have been following this case who are not absolutely sick and frustrated by what they have been seeing happening, and now this 'review' costing millions of pounds of tax payers money spent on reinforcing the McCanns' fairy story abduction, and ignoring the warnings from the dogs, and the Gaspar statements, plus the Smiths' statements of a man seen that night carrying a lookalike Madeleine towards the beach area, which Mr Smith said looked very like Gerry McCann, and the rest of it that is being swept under the carpet, in favour of psychic dreams and visions, and an alive Madeleine seen here, there, and everywhere.

    All the very best to Dr Amaral and the others standing up to these people, and refusing to back down with their account of the truth of the findings of this case based on the real investigation.

    Shame on the Met for allowing themselves to be manipulated into this whitewash of a 'review'. They now appear like a joke Police Force, not to be taken seriously. So much for their involvement with the McCanns!

  49. I would like to know whether any of the LP Officers were/are members of the same Masonic Lodge as Gerry McCann or friends of the McCanns.

    That applies also to the Met/SY police who have been running a farce of a review of this case, investigating psychics, dreams, and all such nebulous 'information', on behalf of the McCanns, who don't appear to have even been on the horizon as suspects as far as they are concerned.

    When are the UK police going to get serious about this case and concentrate on the unanswered questions already raised in the genuine investigation carried out by the Portuguese Police who pulled out all the stops to bring the culprits to justice, and were blocked at every turn, and still are.

  50. It is time the police do something about Mccanns they should tell them that if they want Madeleine they should search themselves,it is their own fault that they went out every evening and had a good time and left the door open in a strange country.If the police want the truth they should open the case and properly investigate it,no whitewash and separate all concerned and interview them individually.They always like to sit together and give each one a nudge.The taxpayer wants to see a proper result to this case.We never have seen a case like this before.The government will have another case like Mccanns with someone hoping to make money like they did.

  51. A few words of Mr. Hogan-Howe's and we have to live with this alms till December, waiting for the next one.
    I understand that secrets have to be kept otherwise the McCanns can escape. The organization of this investigation must be a terrible lot of work and every police of the Yard got to be very reliable.
    After five years we are not very much further than in 2008.

  52. I have no doubts that these two are the greatest charlatans of our times but they will walk. The Met/Scotland Yard have shown that they have no appetite for this case. It is either beyond their capabilities or they have been instructed to turn a blind eye.

  53. How can the McCanns live under such a terrible pressure. 99% of internet has no positive word about them. People are convinced that Maddie is dead and that they are involved in her death.
    How will they ever explain the twins that they were lying to them all the time?
    Maybe they will say : "You both were too little to stay behind without parents. We did it for you both."

  54. The British government is made up of wieners rosewater, they creep for everyone they see in order to get votes.
    I vomit them.
    It is happening to the Yard what happened to Amaral and to the PJ.
    I believe the Yard wants to carry on with this case but Cameron must be again under pressure.
    F... them all.

  55. Is Andy Redwood already dismissed of the investigation and did he also get a job in Faro? Why is he not giving an interview?
    Last April there was an evidence that could solve the case and now the Met are giving up the revision.
    The Yard is under pressure, isn't it? Because I don't believe they are giving it up because they think it is the right thing to do.
    My last hope is that they have the answer already and they know it is useless to continue checking on rubbish.

  56. Hogan-Howe used the word exhausted,completey empty, when refering to the investigation and he wants to ask Cameron if it is necessary to continue the revision.What the Met could get out of the files, PJ and British Police,they got.
    It is possible that we jumped to negative conclusions since we still have bleeding scars, gotten in 2007/2008.
    I think Hogan-Howe did not mean giving up the case but he meant that the Yard has already the answer to the mystery, which was not a mystery anymore in Portugal since September 2007.
    Since the answer is already known, further revision would be useless and expensive, UNLESS Cameron demands to do the rest too.And he pays for it.
    The Met have now the answer and the evidence and they are giving up the rest of the useless investigation.
    Their goal was to solve it and it is solved.
    I expect a report "late in the year" like the Yard promised in April.
    And I believe they quizzed Tapas 7 and their new statements could be telling the truth.

  57. We again will have to wait more three months in order to get fresh news. At the end of November they will tell us they still have a huge lot of documents to be translated, that they have good contact with the PJ, that the PJ are either happy or sadly they are not,etc, etc, that they are putting one pound of sugar in their tea, solving it. I know it by heart.
    What tiring!

  58. I've been reading about Martin Grime and one of his present dogs(Morse)have been working on the case of a missing child in the USA. The dog sniffed cadaver scent on some of the child's objects and inside the car and house of the main suspect, her mother's boyfriend. The findings of the dog will be accepted in court...eh,eh,eh..."ask the dogs, Gerry!"

    (there's a post about this in Anna Andress's blog, "From my big desk")

  59. http://videos.sapo.pt/R6SWMJmfFvSnKq0JbQy7

    13/14 e 20/21 ?


  60. @A Miller

    Thank you for your insightful posts - will you write a Book ?

    I too believe the SY Review will be White paint - slosh, slosh!

    I think no matter how much we state the inconstancies and contradictions, dubious sightings and the "dogs" they will keep coming up with reasons not to investigate further. They will walk and those that question the veracity of their statements will just have to shut up and go away.

  61. http://mariacpois.blogspot.pt/2012/08/comentarios-de-fmf-e-ps-revisao-e-o.html
    transcrição apenas com FMF e PS

  62. Thanks again A. Miller ,your observations are always "spot on"!Great pity ,due to our PM,s eagerness to "please" his friend Rebecca,he agreed to the white wash, I mean "review" ,one minute he,s bleating how,due to the mess our economy is in we will all have to "tighten our belts" for a long time,but there is a £3.5 million I can make available,to help the MaCaans ,get the result they,ve demanded for the last 5 years !!!!!

  63. Who believes Madeleine was abducted and who believes Madeleine died in the McCanns apartment and the McCanns covered up the cadaver scent? The latter is the conclusion that both Goncalo Amaral and Chief Inspector Tavares de Almeida came to.

    Personally I believe Goncalo Amaral and Chief Inspector Almeida, were correct when they reached the same conclusion. If Madeleine had been abducted, her parents along with most of their Tapas mates, would have searched for her, the minute her mother raised the alarm that she was missing. They would have searched for Madeleine, in case the abductor had dumped her.

    The remainder of the group could have taken all the children to the McCanns apartment and called the GNR.

    This is what happened and this is why I do not believe Madeleine was abducted. The McCanns along with some or all of their mates, went back to their apartment and using the blank pages of one of Madeleine's sticker books, sorted out their timelines.

    The McCanns also began to make phonecalls that they deemed important, with the exception of the GNR. One of the phonecalls they made, was to their high profile media friend Jon Corner. He made sure the story was put out in the British media.

    The GNR was contacted at 22:40 and when they arrived at 23:00hrs and the McCanns saw them, Gerry got down on his knees and started wailing, Kate got on the bed and started screaming and banging her head against the headboard of the bed.

    The McCanns lied as soon as they were questioned, they lied when the said they locked their apartment and they lied when they said the shutter was jemmied.

    A poster put the lies the McCanns told throughout the case, on a forum and they amounted to 181. If the McCanns played no part in Madeleine's disappearance, they wouldn't have told one lie let alone 181.

    I don't need to state anything else on here about the McCanns behaviour, because what I have stated so far, should be enough to show why I believe Madeleine was not abducted.

    I would love to know the opinions of those who believe Madeleine was abducted and how they reached that conclusion.

    N.B. Kate McCann was asked if she had wanted to join the locals, who were searching for Madeleine. She said she wanted to, but for the first 48hrs, they were completely non-functioning. Their behaviour within the first hour of Madeleine's disappearance, shows they were very together, when they did what they deemed was important, in their apartment.

    Kate McCann now states in her book, that she and her husband went out searching for Madeleine at around 4am. She says no one else was searching. If this was true, she would have seen the GNR, the locals and anyone else who stayed out all night looking for Madeleine.

    Even if Kate and Gerry McCann did go out searching for Madeleine, at 4am, it was too little, too late. The time they should have searched for Madeleine and would have searched for Madeleine, if they played no part in her disappearance, was when it was discovered that she was missing.

  64. If it was a whitewash, the Yard would have found a way to show the McCanns' innocence, that is why I believe it is not.
    And I think that the Yard has already interrogated a lot of people, including the Tapas, before it was telling they consider to stop the review.
    If they consider it,and if they suggest that the investigation is exhausted, it is because they have enough evidence.
    It must be really boring for any detective to read rubbish, whilst they know already what happened.
    And if it is exhausted, what is the use to continue?
    Till now they still did not contradict Portugal.
    The only thing that worries me is the safety of the siblings.I even hope that the MCCanns will not jump in a river because I want them to be brought to justice.
    The only positive for them now is that the siblings are older than 7 and not 2 years old anymore. They will survive better than they would have done, 5 years ago.

  65. The thing is,the McCanns requested a review. If there was any way that that would "backfire" on them they would never have asked for it,would they?Anon@52 puts it well.

  66. I suspect SY came to the same conclusions as the PJ - that the scant evidence points to parental involvement but that there's nowhere near enough to build a case. Would be interesting if the review included looking at potential money laundering

  67. If the PJ is also making a revision, it has a goal for the PJ themselves. According to a Portuguese lady on Panorama The Last Hope,the goal is to clean up their name abroad. An official communiqué to the media abroad would mean nothing.
    "Ladies and Gentlemen,
    We were right: Madeliene died in the apartment and her body was concealed by her parents". Who would care?
    My opinion is that their revision means that they intend to reopen the case, they must have enough evidence now and that they will bring the McCanns to justice. They would not spend a lot of money only to arrive to the conclusion that they were right. They know they were right.They keep saying they will not open the case in order to avoid millions of reporters at their door, to avoid pressure from the UK media,pressure from everywhere.
    By now the PJ must have the necessary evidence, I believe they continued their investigation after the files were shelved, they never talked about it and that is right.

    Working together with the Met, they must know a huge more now because I believe the British police watched the McCanns and their former friends hahahahah! and they found out a lot more.

  68. Long ago I read here (a comment) that Olegario de Souza had said: "It is a crime against an English(person), committed by an English and planned in England".
    I wonder if he ever said that because it is a very serious thing to say.
    Can somebody confirm this to me? Did any of you ever read or heard those words?

  69. According to Paulo Sargento, in this video http://videos.sapo.pt/R6SWMJmfFvSnKq0JbQy7 the trial against Gonçalo Amaral - the main action by the McCanns - will take place on the 13/14 and then at 20/21 of September.

  70. I have just watched Mr. Amaral in today's Julia Pinheiro show in SIC tv channel and I was shocked to see how thin and tired Mr. Amaral looks! I fear for his health, I'm so angry at "you know who" for destroying the life of a good and honourable man!
    God bless and protect Mr. Amaral!

  71. Hogan- Howe was boasting about unlimited resources being available. Tia Sharp went missing and cadaver dog indications found her. The uk media panicked and kept referring to the dogs as "specialist ". There will be an investigation into the Tia Sharp debacle,dogs will be discussed in detail and the mccann case may well be mentioned. The Met and Hogan-H dont want to be tagged as idiots who always ignore Cadaver dogs ,hence the panic desire to close down the review. All the editors who used to whitewash the Mets reputation have either been sacked or arrested or both due to the hackgate scandal. Redwood has failed to find a plausible bogeyman patsy that his nervous colleagues would be willing to back. Policemen have been disgraced and forced to resign and are being held to account for behaviour in cases where they felt they would never be challenged-officers like Redwood are more difficult to find.

  72. heres a thought for you all here to ponder.

    I notice some here drawing parallels with the Tia case - how can parrallels be drawn from media/police reports when the Mccann case has demonstrated how they LIE - how can anything be believed anymore on even "concluded" cases like the shannon matthews etc

    by the way i believe there are more people involved in those 2 cases than the individuals who are been pointed at.

    the uk is that corrupt now and you better believe it - i suspect if you looked closely at those cases you would find many anomalies also.

    it begins to show you why this case is so hard to expose - its the tip of te iceburg and would be the beginning of the end for the UK government and law enforcement.


  73. I wish I could go to Lisbon and watch the McCanns during the trial.
    But they are cowards, they don't want to be in front of the cameras at the moment that the judge reads the verdict.They will hide themselves back in the room, hiding themselves from the public.
    I hope the judge remembers that the McCann family said that the PJ made Kate and Gerry arguidos in order to hide their own incompetence.
    We have to write the judge, reminding him some of the insults.

  74. I believe that the 'secret file' the Home Office have on this case that is being kept under wraps for fear of damaging relations between the UK and Portugal, is the very thing that will bring the person or persons responsible for what happened to Madeleine to justice.

    It will eventually be made public, and whoever is being protected must surely know that. The saying 'there is no rest for the wicked' is so true, as is the saying 'confession is good for the soul'.

  75. #69 did you si Amaral on SIC TV recently? When was dat? Day & prgram? could you give us the link please? Gracias!

  76. In Portuguese law, is it for the McCann`s, who are bringing the action, to prove they were defamed and caused to be distressed or is it for Goncalo, the defendant, to prove that he didn`t defame them?


  77. @69, I fear for your health too.
    There was no Amaral on Julia!

  78. @76 Actually, Gonçalo Amaral was on Júlia Pinheiro talk show yesterday, as you can see from here http://is.gd/V9drxH The video isn't uploaded yet http://sic.sapo.pt/online/sites%20sic/querida-julia/videos

  79. The Review was ordered before the hacking scandal really broke and the Met Commissioner who set up the review resigned. The poisoned chalice has been passed to someone else, who may not be prepared to drink from it.

  80. Gracias Joana, me gusta ver Amaral asi, muy guapo :g

  81. To Anon 16

    My thoughts were: Harry just buried Maddie.


  82. what is happenning to this world? money money dam money that is what it is all about media dam it things get out and it is a obsticle getting in the way of cases of missing children stop it all for goodness sake what u do is u knock on your nieghbours doors and u ask u look with your eyes u watch all this crap of oh i will sue u if u go in my garden good people will say feel free to turn every stone if it means finding maddie stopping things only confuses the case makes it harder for the investigaters do u want to find her then wake up ask and look to each person u see and live nest to that will cost nothing !!!

  83. Whats so hilarious about the McCann case, is that they spent 5 year's critisisng the Portugese police for not solving the case, and now the Portugese public can critisise the English police for not solving the case for ever, hahahahaa!

  84. Since all this corruption and cover up is taking place in the UK , The Chief of the Portuguese Police force should apply for a judicial warrant to interrogate the tapas 7 and the parents in Portugal under Portuguese Law and it will save a lot of time and money because once and for all people will KNOW what happened to the poor child . The Tapas & and the parents , once tried , convicted and found guilty , the whole lot of them will squeal on the Politicians and police officers from the UK who harboured them in the UK to escape justice . The Portuguese Government should apply for a European warrant of Arrest for the parents and the Tapas 7 . It will save the UK Government millions of unnecessary wasted pounds and the case will be solved . The people around the world are not stupid they know how the parents were helped by the labour government to flee from Portugal . How many parents would smile like Cheshire Cats on live TV if the lost their child 9 days ago? It was the money generated from the fraud fund and the lies spun by the learned "spin doctor" or "professional Liar" in common sense terms , that made them smile , thinking how they are getting away with the whole fiasco . If it were a normal family from a council flat in the uk , and were found to abandon their children to go a drinking spree with their friends , the parents would have a case to answer , so let common sense , law , and justice prevail for once and get the Tapas 7 and the parents to answer the questions put to them by the Portuguese Police , maybe on live TV ?


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