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McCanns ask for extrajudicial settlement

They were the ones who took him to court for defamation and asked to suspend the judgement in order to negotiate. On the eve of the trial of Gonçalo Amaral, against whom they filed a complaint, the McCanns asked to negotiate.

by Hernâni Carvalho

Not often the accusers ask to negotiate before a trial, but in this case it was so. TVmais found that, on the eve of Gonçalo Amaral's trial, the McCann couple lawyers proposed a meeting in order to reach an extrajudicial settlement [out of court].

In court, Madeleine McCann's parents demanded from Gonçalo Amaral (see box*) a compensation of 1,2 million euro for alleged defamation. Now it's them who propose an extrajudicial settlement. TVmais also learned the lawyers for the defendants have accepted a meeting to take place within the following 20 days.

As all parties have agreed, the start of the trial, scheduled for the 24th of this month at the 1st Civil Court of Lisbon, “has been suspended because the parties are trying to reach an agreement”, said a judicial source to Lusa News agency. All witnesses have already been notified of the suspension of the hearing.

Now follows a period of six months, after which, if there is no agreement, the hearing will be scheduled and the trial will start.


This trial was supposed to have started twice and was postponed as many times.

In this action Kate and Gerry McCann further claim for the protection of rights, liberties and guarantees and in order to secure the amount they claimed, the McCanns asked for the seizure of Gonçalo Amaral’s assets. To understand how he interprets the step taken by the McCanns, we contacted Gonçalo Amaral, who told TVmais “the eve of every negotiation is the most unsuitable moment to speak”. Until the close of this edition we were unable to talk with the McCann couple.


The process is taking place at the 1st circuit of the Civil Court of Lisbon. Madeleine McCann's parents demand 1,2 million euro for alleged defamation. The defendants are Gonçalo Amaral, former coordinator of the Judiciary Police and author of the book “Maddie, The Truth of the Lie”, the book publishers Guerra & Paz, Valentim de Carvalho who produced a documentary based on the book, and TVI, who have broadcast it.

Book Unbanned

With a legal proceeding made by the McCann couple, the prohibition of the book and documentary “What Lies beneath the Truth”, which present Gonçalo Amaral’s theory of the involvement of Kate and Gerry McCann on their daughter’s disappearance and hiding her cadaver, was provisionally ordered on the 9th of September of 2009.

However, the Appeals court and the Supreme Court of Justice had favourable decisions benefiting Gonçalo Amaral, as it is explained in the ruling of the Appeals Court of Lisbon ( transit in rem judicatam on 22/11/2010), and in the decision of the Supreme Court ( transit in rem judicatam on 13/09/2011) rejecting the appeal made by the McCanns.

As we published at the time the courts decreed for the book trustee [Isabel Duarte] to return the books to Gonçalo Amaral and to the book publisher. And so it happened (26/04/2012).

The Madeleine McCann case

Madeleine McCann disappeared on May 3, 2007, from the apartment 5 of the Ocean Club, a tourist resort in Praia da Luz, in the Algarve, where she was enjoying a holiday with her parents and twin siblings. At that time Gonçalo Amaral was the coordinator of the Department Criminal Investigation of the Judiciary Police of Portimão. Kate and Gerry McCann remained in Portugal until they were made ​​arguidos [official suspects of a crime], in September of that same year. Then, they left for England with the twins. The process was eventually archived for lack of evidence in July 2008, although the Public Ministry admits the reopening of the case if new data (just like the Law states regarding any closed or archived process) about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann emerges.

in: TVmais, 24.01.2013 (paper version)
En Español aquí» Hasta que se sepa la Verdad

Gonçalo Amaral, quoted the following, by the Brazilian philosopher Paulo Freire (author of Pedagogy of the Oppressed) on January 19th: “If our option is progressive, if we are in favour of life and not death, of equity and not injustice, of correctness and not of fatalism, of the coexistence with the other and not of its denial, we do not have another path but live fully with our choice.”

Excerpt from 'Querida Júlia' talk show, broadcast by SIC on 23. 01. 2013

Hênani Carvalho (HC) - The McCanns, Madeleine's parents, as you know, sued Gonçalo Amaral for defamation. On the eve of the trial they asked for an extrajudicial meeting with the various defendants. As you know the defendants are the coordinating inspector Gonçalo Amaral, TVI, Valentim de Carvalho and Guerra & Paz. They asked for an extrajudicial meeting. I wrote about that this week on TVmais.

Júlia Pinheiro (JP) - The issue is today on the news-stands.

HC - Exactly. The extrajudicial meetings close to the trials are common, but usually it's the defendant who proposes...

JP - The defendants, right?

HC - ... a solution out of court.

JP - Not the one that accuses [plaintiff], right?

HC - Let's see if this meeting will end in something, if it doesn't, at least it bought someone time, whomever that someone is.

JP - So, what do you think? Is this a delaying tactic, to win time?

Lower Third - 'McCann couple orders the suspension of the trial against Gonçalo Amaral'

HC - So far... the beginning of this trial has been postponed about two or three times already. The fact that all parties have agreed [on the extrajudicial meeting requested by the McCanns] led the judge to agree with the suspension of the trial, so everything will start in six months time with either an extrajudicial solution or with the trial.

JP - Unfortunately, without knowing anything about Maddie McCann. That's the issue that doesn't move forward, it doesn't progress anymore.

HC - About that, there is something that we do know, she disappeared from Praia da Luz, that night, from that apartment.

JP - And she was never seen again. Let's move to...

HC - She was seen various times.

JP - Recently I haven't seen anything about the sightings.

HC - There was another one, just a few days ago she “appeared” [ref. Brazilian Hoax/Daily Express].

JP - Really?

HC - Yes, but I have had enough of that championship [circus].


  1. Huge congratulations to Sr Amaral for holding his nerve at such cost to himself. He deserves so much respect for everything he has done. I pray that everything will turn out well for him now, and justice will be secured for Maddie at last.

  2. thank you joana,the mccanns have LIED FROM DAY ONE,just hope Mr Amaral is not too lenient with them as they have put him through hell,seems to me the mccanns do NOT want thier followers to know they have BOTTLED IT,all VERY quite in the mccann camp.

  3. It should be Goncalo sueing the McCanns for £1.2 million - in fact all the money in the world would never make up for what they`ve done to this good man, who only wanted justice for their daughter.

  4. I want to be optimistic, but time and time again over the past years leads me to different conclusion.

    What has to be remembered the McCanns have NEVER, so far stepped inside a court room to air their dirty washing. Although far from centre stage v Amaral, there is the matter of Mr Bennett, sadly a McCann's sitting duck, as far as any personal appearance in court by Mr or Mrs McCann is concerned, it's merely a rule of law.

    All so far, that has been settled out of court has been to the ADVANTAGE of the McCanns. We might have had Mr Mitchell standing on the steps outside the Grand courts of London, but nothing went on inside, before a judge.

    Although, again fellow followers of the case, just remember what went on be for Lord Justice Leveson, Brooks, Cameron & May in Alzheimer's mode. Oh! the poor darlings

    IMHO for this to advantage Dr Amaral professionally, morally and if he is so lucky to have a financial compensation for loss of income, yet alone anything else - I'll eat my thick winter woolly socks, happily.

    I can't rejoice that this is coming to any conclusion because I feel in my bones, all it not as it appears.

    Equally apart from any OUT OF COURT settlements at any level, this may just be a delaying tactic hoping for a bunny to be pulled out, very obligingly from the MET operation Grange bag.

    aka missypuddleduck

  5. @Meadow,please, please, have belief in Mr Amaral,do you think he doesnt know what the mccanns are and how vile they can be,but you must remember Mr Amaral KNOWS more about them that we do,and if sy and pj go for an abduction do you really believe that Mr Amaral would let it go at that.Mr Amaral has lost a lot through the mccanns but he has TRUTH on his side and if it goes t**s up we will hear more about the mccanns and their lies.

  6. Senhor doutor Amaral,
    caríssimo senhor,

    Por favor descasque os McCanns, exija um dinheirão e depois mande-os às favas.
    Também temo uma cilada mas ao mesmo tempo creio que o senhor sabe o que faz.
    Abração da Rosita

  7. Are they obliged to wait 6 months or can they solve the case as soon as they want?

  8. If the McCanns thought they could win and be awarded over a million, they would have gone ahead.

    It has been easy for the McCanns to try and silence the world when it has not been their own money they have been using to attempt to do so.

    Are their financial backers even thinking they are now going too far, or has the money from the Fund really dried up?

    They could always sell that house of theirs if they want to continue this game of 'sue'. No? Thought not.

  9. The lawyers for the defendants (sic) have accepted a meeting to take place within the following 20 days.
    I'm very disapointed with you Gonçalo, if this is true. I bought and read the book and you are not following the examples you described in the book.

  10. Meadow, agreed. Goncalo Amaral has withstood appalling intimidation from Team Mccann without caving in as they had anticipated. Instead it is the McCanns who have had to capitulate which is good news indeed. However, as you say, you never know what games these people are playing but on the other hand, no one is more aware of their dirty tricks than Amaral himself.
    Yes, we've seen the sham that was Leveson and we know how those in positions of power operate in the UK - endless deceit, manipulation, obsfuscation & cover-ups etc. But at the heart of all this is a three year old vanished toddler, and the parents story does not add up. In the current climate of overwhelming corruption in the UK (much of which involves cover-ups of horrific abuse of the most vulnerable kids) will 30+ Met officers from Operation Grange all agree to forget the fate of this missing little child in order to protect her parents? Why would they do that - so the powers-that-be, such as politicians, are spared embarrassment??? Maybe, but I'm not convinced as I believe most police officers are decent people - it's those at the top (of every institution) that are corrupt.

  11. 'Maddie' police review was example of political interference
    Nov. 27 2012

    by David Henck, Frederika Whitehead and Hui Shan Khoo

    London's first chariman of the Metropolitan Police Authority said the decision to review Madeleine McCann's disappearence in Portugal was an example of political interferene. Lord Harris told Exaro: "It was not immediately apparent that this was the case where there was any remit for the Metroplitan Police. Whatever happenned did not happen in London. "There was no particular connection. The McCanns do not live in London. It was simply a decision by the prime minister to review this case"

    Cameron is accused of bowing to pressure from executives at News International (NI) in May 2011 to order the Metropolitan Police Service to review Madeleine's case. (....) http://www.exaronews.com/articles/4731/maddie-police-review-was-example-of-political-interference

  12. Meadow @4 "... apart from any OUT OF COURT settlements at any level, this may just be a delaying tactic hoping for a bunny to be pulled out, very obligingly from the MET operation Grange bag."

    You do have a point here friend but when you read the terms spelled out by the Appeals Court you are in no doubt they are not favourable to the McCanns at all!

    Even if the Met pulls out a bunny - it could only be a corpse. Dogs don't lie! Not those many times anyway.

    Anyway, please read what three (3) senior Portuguese judges had to say:

    "it is written in the final dispatch that “(…) despite the fact that the national authorities took all measures to render their travelling to Portugal possible, due to motives that are unknown, after the many doubts that they raised concerning the need and the opportunity of their travelling were clarified several times, they chose not to show up, which rendered the diligence impossible to perform.

    We believe that the main damaged party were the McCann arguidos, who missed the possibility to prove what they have protested since they were made arguidos: their innocence towards the fateful event; the investigation was also hindered, because said facts remain unclear (…)”."


    "What is certain is that since the start of the investigation there were incongruent and even contradictory situations concerning the witness statements; the telephone records of calls that were made and received on mobile phones that belonged to the couple and to the group of friends that were on holidays with them; the movements of people right after the disappearance of the little girl was noticed, concerning the state in which the bedroom from where the child disappeared from was found (closed window? open window? partially open window?) etc., and the mystery would only become even thicker due to the clues that were left by the already mentioned sniffer dogs.

    The Appellate Court Judges,

    Francisco Bruto da Costa
    Catarina Arelo Manso
    António Valente"


    Full text here:

  13. Peça (m) a Mike H. no FB porque acabei de copiar e googlar em não inglês para ele.

    Comprei a revista propositadamente.

  14. Please look at the information available on line about the amount of corruption within the Met exposed within the last few years.

    They used to have an excellent reputation, but no more. How did this happen?

    If they come out with more reinforcement of the McCann 'fairy story abduction', and ignore the top class doggies who worked on this case, which no cop worth his salt could ignore, then what is there left to say!


    So, the Macs did it!

    What probably will happen now is; although the McCanns' may be willing to dish out £1 million plus to their nemesis (I have always thought this is why Kate decided to write that book and raise some money to pay for the compensations ahead...) the posse will now try to prevent Amaral from disclosing the amount of compensation paid and/or for talking more about the case.

    Whether Amaral will bite that is somehow a mute point.

    Although he has been made destitute by the McCanns' legal actions against him (both this one and, we suspect, the one related to Leonor Cipriano which aimed at destroying his character prior to this trial) Amaral does not need the McCanns' millions.

    Amaral is now in "Terminator" mode...

    Important to remember the McCanns' have taken from him his reputation, his job, his livelihood, his wife, his home, his car, his bike, his family, his reputation, his weight, the list goes on...

    Also, I understand Amaral is presently collaborating with the famous American criminal profiler Pat Brown, on THE DEFINITE BOOK on the case, which is bound to be a huge success world-wide.

    Mr. Amaral, aka "Big Rock", I respectfully take my baseball cap off to you, brother!

  16. @10 More good news indeed! It's pay day I suppose!

  17. It is a wise move. It might save the couple a lot of money and a lot of bad press (things that there were never mentioned before and are not in the PJ Files might have come to light).

    What Amaral has to watch for now is the conditions the McCanns' will try impose on him along with their massive payout (surely this will be well above £1 million!).

    Conditions such as: "not to disclosed the details of the agreement between the parties"; "not to comment further on the case"; "not to print more copies of the book", etc.

    I can only hope Amaral will, in due time, throw up a party in Lisbon's EXPO where all his supporters will be invited to attend!

    :t:t:t Hip! Hip! Hurrah! :s:s:s

  18. If this is a portugues case then i dont see why every one is worried about sy,they cant change what the the pj know about the case, or are you saying the pj are corrupt and that they will fall over to please sy.There can only be one verdict going by the official pj files. guilty

  19. Many thanks for responses, it's good to have healthy objective conversation. Yep .. my nerves are on edge! There is a lot going on at the moment even if the media is silenced << note SILENCED, no silent.
    The last year in the UK with or without the Leveson inquiry has open my eyes. We do not live in such a open democratic society as I once thought. The deception to the population who believe they are not manipulated is worse, than living under a regime where you know you are force-fed propaganda, lied & cheated to.

    aka missypuddleduck

  20. If the it doesn't reach the Court then the PJ and SY will be free to obfuscate the facts (because of pressure from the British and Portuguese governments)and archive the case as a unsolved abduction. If it goes to Court and many facts are exposed then the PJ and SY will find it difficult to simply archive the case. This 6 month suspension has placed the PJ and SY in a dilemma. It is my view that PJ's and SY's remit is to garner evidence to show an abduction and to archive definitively. They can't do this whilst this case is suspended. They are now playing a waiting game.

    Also, slightly out of context: who is this independent witness who also saw a man carrying a small child and confirms the Smith sighting? His name is 'George P' - no more is known .. or is it?

  21. Sorry for the delay, been working till now, on with the translation.

  22. There's obviously a breakdown in communications between the Portuguese media and the UK's because this current news hasn't reached any UK editors desk, the recession must have affected them so badly all their mobiles and computers have been cut off!!

    Shame on the lot of them.

    To me Amaral has nothing to loose by hearing what McCann's are going to suggest (although I doubt he had any choice in the suspension issue) considering that the Judges proviso on the six month limit is very clear, no agreement and it goes to trial.

    AMARAL has been separated from his family, had his reputation and pride put in question, been insulted and judged by journalists in the UK that had never even met him and his worldly goods frozen.

    No small matter.

    If all of this had happened to a man with less determination and pride that man would have folded long ago but against all odds AMARAL hasn't.

    I think Amaral has the will and the determination to see this thru on his terms and we all know what those terms are, he's been consistent in his beliefs of what still needs to be done.

    I can't see that changing whatever the McCann's may dangle in front of him.

    Like all of you I want to get to the truth of what happened to MADELEINE and Amarals object is just that, he wants to get to the truth, he's put everything that's important to him on the line to find out that truth, whatever that may be.

    McCann's on the other hand have muddied the waters to such an extent and surrounded themselves with the type of people that don't emanate trust let alone people of integrity or honour and willingly allow someone like a Clarence Mitchell to speak on their behalf says it all to me, I wouldn't let him within 100 miles of me let alone allow him to speak on my behalf. Enough said.

    Sandra Ryan

  23. Annon @ 1803

    Suppose what one means by independent, is either McCann or part of the T9 holiday group. Therefore the Smith family are independent, as regards another witness - not to my knowledge, but of course who says the PJ released all the information

    What has always been the ''unknown'' is the number of witnesses in and around PDL that night who can CONFIRM SEEING NOTHING, a sort of negative positive! Except the Smiths and that was in the opposite direction

    Always worthy to remember that the Smiths stepped up to the mark to confirm, the man they saw was definitely NOT Robert Murat, since they knew him from previous holidays to the area..... the rest i.e. stepping of the plane is history, of what happened next (sadly not a lot)

    When JT allegedly saw the abduction in progress, she was in the same road with JW and Mr McCann. JW IMHO has always been the three wise monkeys, followed closely by the T7. I never understood JW's statement, he was in and around the area for approximately an hour, if someone had been studying the area, he might have spotted them

    Time changes nothing to alter the sequence of events that makes no sense

    aka missypuddleduck

    Nice to hear Pat's back on the case :)

  24. @ 4 meadow


    I understand your caution when it comes to the McCann couple they are devious, despicable, underhand. Some might say evil. There is no question, if, at any point before this matter is settled, that they are able to get back on track and cause Sr Amaral further harm - they would relish the opportunity, they would not hesitate to act.

    But as @5 said - With the exception of perhaps Tony Bennet, there is no one who knows better than Sr Amaral how malicious and nasty are Kate and Gerry McCann. He knows who and what he is dealing with.

    For them to want to 'deal' now suggests they are most probably at their MOST desperate, their MOST dangerous too - when they have nothing to lose, or EVERYTHING TO LOSE? Despite this recent good news for Sr Amaral, McCanns will, behind the scenes, be doing the usual - wheeling and dirty dealing - with the low lives with whom they associate. But he will know this too.

    McCanns are mercenary - they want money, lots of, and they'll take it wherever they can get it, be it at the expense of good and honest people. It doesn't matter to them whose lives they destroy in the process, as long as they get their way. It would take something pretty big though for them to pass up the chance of ripping someone off to the tune of £1.2m (especially when that Fund is looking less than healthy, and the bills for all those fancy lawyers still to be met) – and something even bigger for them to not be able to dust the floor with Sr Amaral , as they have been promising their supporters they would.

    So – What’s the deal?


  25. cntd

    As far as they are concerned there is one person, and one person only who stands in their way, who can prevent them pulling off what they started in Portugal the night their little girl was removed from Apartment 5A.

    The libel action against Sr Amaral was not all about money, though that too (they were hell bent on harming Sr Amaral, his wife and daughters, ruining this family financially, leaving them with nothing) nor was it about what they consider to be their "good name" and most definitely as in the case of Sr Amaral's book, it had nothing whatsoever to do with damaging their imaginary search!

    At its core was their need to SILENCE SR GONCALO AMARAL, to destroy him. They set out to make that happen, and were it seems, until now, prepared to do whatever it took to accomplish this – So what changed?

    They do not strike me as the type to back down simply because they felt there was a chance they might lose and wanted to save face – these people don’t care about such things – their arrogance knows no bounds, they would have had Clarence spin their way out of a case lost – I Could be on the wrong track, but I reckon it has to be something more than this – something of great importance and enormity for them to even consider dealing with the man Kate McCann hates with a passion, who she wishes harm – the man who knows what she did in Portugal!

    Time will tell.

    Until then, I applaud Sr Amaral for the way in which he has acted and conducted himself throughout this long process in what must have been at times harrowing and soul destroying for him to hear the lies the couple spouted about him, the untruths their friends in the press printed about him.

    Despite all, he has stayed true to his beliefs, never allowing himself to be baited by the appalling behaviour and distasteful tactics of the McCann couple.

    He will not ‘sell out’ to the McCanns, be gagged by them, so as to protect them from any wrongdoing on their part coming to light, in any deal.

    He will not let down himself, his family, or little Madeleine. Too many close to her have done so already!

    They do however ‘owe’ him, and big time – but can money ever give back what they took from him?

    So for now I congratulate Sr Amaral send him every good wish, hope that he is taking a little time to celebrate, and hope that this ends in a way that he would wish.

  26. I've just read Mercedes blog which states:
    "The defendants are Gonçalo Amaral, former coordinator of the PJ and author of the book "The Truth of the Lie", the publishers Guerra & Paz, who published it, Valentim de Carvalho, who produced a documentary based on the book and TVI, which issued it".

    Presumably this means that the McCanns will not just be negotiating with Goncalo Amaral but also with Guerra e Paz, Valentim de Carvalho and TV1. If this is the case he is not alone.


    Something must have happen that forced an experienced and most expensive team of lawyers' (Isabel Duarte and Associates) to make such a detour. I am entertaining a few passing thoughts on this which, if I may, will share with you here:

    (1) The gambit may have had to do with Amaral's health or that of his lawyer but I sincerely hope not. I would call this "the hyenas' stratagem" proper.

    (2) The judge chosen to preside over this case may have turned out to be an experienced and independent judge that ID and her team knew could not be bought or influenced as others before might have been.

    (3) Ever since the Appeals Court and (then) the Portuguese Supreme Court has thrown out the McCanns' ulterior arguments, Isabel Duarte (ID) knows the defamation case is lost. Full stop.

    She has no arguments left, not least because Kate McCann has written a book herself about the case that defames Amaral and others (...)

    (4) Since ID knows the case is irreparably lost and a massive compensation pay-out looms in the horizon for her clients, her team has all to gain from postponing the trial under the guise of an "out-of-court" settlement.

    (4.1) This way she and her team will, hypothetically, gather vital intelligence such ...

    # What kind of compensation figure is Amaral's team thinking of? Five, six, seven or even eight digits?

    # Which arguments does Amaral have for such estimates (in order to work out counter-arguments)

    # Others

    All of these (above) can be made of use later if the case goes to court as indeed is likely to be.

    It will also serve for the McCanns' to decide whether they will have to sell their Rothley home or not - as indeed they wanted Amaral to.

    The out-of-court strategy itself, is essentially femenine (seductive) in nature and, as such, likely to have been the brainchild of ID.

    :o "Talk to me darling! I know I have been a bit bitchy sweetheart, but I will make it up for you IF you tell me all about it" (smack!)

    She knew Amaral's team was bound to bite, for she knows his victim is undergoing severe self-esteem problems not to mention others of a more biological nature, as a direct result of the legal actions and financial constraints she has imposed on him over the past few years...

    (5) Meanwhile, the McCanns' reputation management teams (both in Lisbon and in London) along with Scotland's Yard "Dry Cleaning Operation (a.k.a "Grange") will go on painting the town yellow and green.

    (6) No doubt (as Meadow above and others suspect) the Yardies will come out with material that will (attempt) to throw further "doubt" into Amaral's Occam's Razor (sharp) Theory.

    (7) The overall idea is, on the one hand, to attract public opinion (particularly at home) towards the McCanns' "official" lame version of events - now being sponsored by their own PM and his elite (albeit corrupt) police, and...

    (8) And, on the other hand, to influence the Portuguese judge their way should anything "dramatic" happen via the Yardies - particularly bearing in mind Portuguese senior judges view of the McCanns' character and that of their friends. See below for details.

    (9) Other more controversial possibilities come to mind...


  28. Anon 23/24

    What you have written about the McCanns wanting to silence Dr Amaral reminds me that he said of them 'They know I know'.

    One day soon, hopefully everyone will also know.

  29. I'm neither a fan of the McCanns or Amaral - both parties leave me cold and I've never bought into the childish pro/anti circus

    Bennett, I detest - but that's a different matter altogether

    IF - it turns out that Team McCann approached Team Amaral to engage in extra-judicial talks about coming to an agreement

    (and not vice versa)

    Then I expect Team McCann to explain themselves about this to their real life supporters (as opposed to anonymous blog supporters) BEFORE a copy of the Daily Wail hits the doormat in middle England -with the news)..

    and explain themselves very publically - as they have done thusfar -whenever the wind was blowing their way

    Otherwise this would be the game changer for Team McCann - if they still give a hoot about public opinion

    Seems only fair - and fairness has been in very short supply in this saga of egos - on all sides


  30. I'm pretty sure that this http://justice4mccannfam.5forum.biz/f55-goncalo-amaral-wife where Mad Marcos and Isabel Duarte were/are? members is one of the reasons for the McCanns to have asked to settle out of court. What happened in that forum was illegal, and even the lawyers could be disbarred.

  31. In 2008, one year after Madeleine's disappearance the PJ requested the TAPAS NINE return to Portugal for a reconstruction. They REFUSED. The Official Find Madeleine Facebook page has posted the following on their site this evening:

    'Official Find Madeleine Campaign: A year after Madeleine's abduction, Gerry and Kate requested a reconstruction, but the PJ refused. They have asked numerous times too for the case to be reopened'

    How on earth are they able to get away with such blatant and provable lies? Gobsmacked!

  32. Anon 19

    Though the name of 'George P' does not sound familiar, if I remember rightly there was a mystery? witness that Dr Amaral had thought important enough to have brought back to PDL, but he was taken off the case just before he had time to do this.

    Who that was, who knows? It would appear there is still much that was not revealed in the File.

  33. isar, the McCanns have had since the middle of this month to "explain themselves about this to their real life supporters" - the best they did was to try to deflect this news with the Fund Blood Money story (again) and the Brazilian hoax.

  34. @21 "There's obviously a breakdown in communications between the Portuguese media and the UK's because this current news hasn't reached any UK editors desk, the recession must have affected them so badly all their mobiles and computers have been cut off!!"

    Yes! I know what you mean. This morning I sent a copy of this article to:

    The Times
    The Independent
    The Guardian
    The Daily Telegraph
    The Daily Mail
    The Daily Mirror
    The Sun
    The Daily Express
    The Evening Standard
    London LBC Radio
    Etc. not forgetting our dear friend Tony Parsons - the journo.

    So far, not a word! They are probably saving themselves for what Scotland Yard has to say next ...

    Well we already know (thanks to #11) what Lord Harris, London's first chairman of the Metropolitan Police Authority has to say about them but... they are not listening are they?

    The real question might be: who are the McCanns' really?
    Gerry McCann in particular?

    Who are they, what secrets do they know, that forces the British government to cover their backs? I don't think ethnical prejudice against the Portuguese alone explains it.

  35. Panics, that is the only thing we are sure of.

    My opinion is that Amaral(his lawyer) was intendig to tell more on that trial of tomorrow.

    Possibly the pressure on the McCanns is coming from the involvement of the Met police in the case. They can not attack the most famous British police, "the fish and chips munchers". And it is better that they pay the defendants now, before the fund money finishes.
    Because they have to pay a lot of people: Murat, because they allowed him to become arguido, the Express because that paper didn't lie, because of the PJ's defamation, because they obstructed the police work, because Kate lied about and insulted Mrs. Fenn after her death, she insulted Father Pacheco, people of the Ocean Club lost their jobs because of the "abductor", the fraudulent fund cheating on good people, they even insulted Cameron.
    And paying everybody's lawyers and assistents.
    Selling their house ( if they manage it) will not be enough.

  36. If Amaral accepts this agreement it is because the PJ will come up with the rest of the truth and he knows it.
    It is not necessary for him to fight back anymore, all alone, as a former police man.
    He is leaving this task over to officials, police, Atorney General and Judges. A Justice force.
    Amaral knows he won the war, there is no need to shoot.
    And the McCanns know it too.

    Kate and Gerry must know already that the PJ have evidence and that they are lost.

    I expect serious steps at any moment.

  37. I hope this is not take as long as the Letter of Fatima took.
    And that the process will have more contents than the Letter had.

  38. Good morning and what a healthy and intelligent debate, yes we know comments are vetted, but nevertheless it's objective.

    Let us please, for one moment just remember MADELEINE, how often this little person get's actually overlooked. What really did happen to her. My only lasting feeling for this child lingers with the witness statements of Mrs Fenn, regarding the prolonged crying on the Tuesday evening.

    A child's life-time is just such a small snap and window of time. An opportunity to enjoy them for their trust, innocence, boundless love and enjoyment.

    To Brenda Ryan
    ''To me Amaral has nothing to loose by hearing what McCann's are going to suggest (although I doubt he had any choice in the suspension issue) considering that the Judges proviso on the six month limit is very clear, no agreement and it goes to trial.''

    Then next question has to be to the board, is there actually another bite of the cherrycake if the Team McCann doesn't get what it wants: £dosh & confidential\gagged silence with little expense, and that is to totally withdraw from their case.

    Second bite of the cherrycake!!
    So, the Q is Can the McCanns on failure to get the settlement THEY want, since I'm sorry Sr Amaral's concerns\needs doesn't enter their equation & way of thinking IMHO - totally walk away and back out of the case, or can the Judge now order it to continue?

    I'm trying to find my way through the current smoke\fog screen, but one thing is quite clear IMHO the McCanns can't control in Portugal the way they do in the UK. They haven't got a whole bevvy of Portuguese lawyers, PRs gurus, hangers-on and press lapping at their feet. Is that really the issue? They lack confidence.

    My problem is, WHY? And why now?

    aka more puddled than duck ;)

  39. here's the disconnect for me:

    Team McCann have accused Amaral of hindering the search for Madeleine with his assertions

    IF Team McCann now seek an extra-judicial agreement with said Amaral
    then they've changed the script for good

    For that would imply Team McCann does not disagree with some/all of Amaral's views on the case - does it not?

    The sooner the PR machine behind Team McCann explains this - the better IMO

    Too much fog already


  40. I too would like to send my good wishes to Goncalo Amaral - you have stood fast while others have shown disrespect but you never wavered. May all go well for you and thank you for your strength and determination to seek the Truth.

  41. I hope this will not take 6 months, again too long.

    Prezado doutor Amaral,
    por favor peça a indenização agora, antes de os McCanns acabarem com o dinheiro do fundo.
    Demorando muito, eles não terão dinheiro para pagar os danos que causaram. Eles estão fugindo das própria obrigações.

  42. That the McCanns ask to give up the trial and to reach a settlement, it is a confession.

    They must have been informed how far the revision has gone.
    Their own request, hahahahahahha!

    very good!!!!!!!!!!!

    And I fear more and more for the twins.

  43. Anonymous 37 what is the letter of Fatima,

  44. Regarding Witness 'George B' NOT 'George P'. He is a vital witness and there are enough clues to locate him. If he can confirm the Smiths sighting then this surely is enough to reopen the case.

    Taken from the jillhavern website:

    The pizza girl

    During this time, on 6th May, Michael Wright says he met a girl from Liverpool. He says he bought a large quantity of pizzas from a ‘pizza shack’ on the beach of Praia da Luz; the girl serving the pizzas was from Liverpool. She apparently told him that her father, known as ‘George B’, had seen a man carrying child during the very early hours of 4th May in the resort, the day after Madeleine ‘went missing’. Michael Wright apparently didn’t know if ‘George’ had been spoken to by authorities.

    This possible ‘sighting’ of Madeleine was for some reason never mentioned by the McCanns, although they many times referred to the ever-changing and unreliable claimed sighting by Jane Tanner, and to another, at around 10.00pm on the evening of 3rd May, by a man from Ireland, Martin Smith.

    A number of questions have been raised about this ‘sighting’ of ‘George B’. For example, did ‘George B’ report this ‘sighting’ to the Portuguese police? If so, it should of course be in the police files. If it wasn’t reported, why not? As Michael Wright was advised by the girl of this ‘sighting’, did he run and tell the McCanns? - and did the McCanns then contact the police?

    Let us look at this another way. Suppose you're out there helping your close relations Kate and Gerry after the tragic abduction of their daughter. You go down to the beach on Sunday - just three days later - and go and get some pizzas. The girl there tells you that her father saw someone carrying a young girl on the night of 3rd/4th May. So - what do you do? You might, for example: (a) immediately ’phone Kate and Gerry to and tell them of the lead, or (b) contact the Portuguese police immediately, or (c) contact the UK Police immediately, or (d) ask the girl to make contact with the father so you can speak to him? But - no. Apparently Michael Wright does none of these things. He did nothing and apparently only mentions it to the police months later.

  45. @25

    Concerning Guerra & Paz -Valentim de Carvalho,

    Are the above part of the defamation action along with Goncalo, or just the action that seeks a definitive ban on the book and DVD?


  46. The former, the McCann action that sought to ban the book and DVD went to the Supreme Court, Gonçalo Amaral, Guerra & Paz and Valentim de Carvalho filmes won - see links in article above. The current action is for alleged defamation - but since the McCanns lost their previous action, they also lost their legal fundamentation (reasoning) and argumentation.

  47. Will this disgusting couple manage to gag GA once again? This time may be forever! At least I hope GA will demand a public apology, published in english and portuguese newspapers.

  48. To aka more puddled than duck @38.

    You had me puddled there for a moment when you quoted from my post and addressed me as Brenda Ryan, not someone I have ever been mistaken for and that's a fact.

    I'll take it as genuine mistake.

    Sandra Ryan.

  49. Anon 44

    For the most part the McCanns have steered well clear of mentioning the Smith sighting.

    After all, why would they want to be issuing one of their photofits of a Gerry McCann lookalike, when Mr Smith says he is up to eighty per cent certain it was Gerry McCann himself carrying the lookalike Madeleine on the way to the beach that night.

    As for the 'George B' sighting of a couple carrying a child in the early hours of the morning who darted off down a path when caught in his headlights, it is strange that more was not made of that either, and why no description of the couple.

    Yet why would that be directly connected to the Smith sighting, unless he also said the man looked like Gerry?

  50. Sandra Ryan, humble apologies brain in bottom gear there for sure

  51. Hi Joana @46

    Have I got this right Joana? Guerra & Paz, Valentim de Carvalho & TV1 were only involved the the court hearing related to the book ban. They are not defendants in this libel trial and therefore will not be involved in the negotiations - Goncalo Amaral alone will be negotiating with the McCanns - is that correct? Sorry, I was confused by the above paragraph from Mercedes blog.

  52. from the article above:


    The process is taking place at the 1st circuit of the Civil Court of Lisbon. Madeleine McCann's parents demand 1,2 million euro for alleged defamation. The defendants are Gonçalo Amaral, former coordinator of the Judiciary Police and author of the book “Maddie, The Truth of the Lie”, the book publishers Guerra & Paz, Valentim de Carvalho who produced a documentary based on the book, and TVI, who have broadcast it."

  53. The Portuguese legal system is often a mystery to us in the UK, so it's sometimes difficult to understand the process. Talk on one hand is that the Mccanns have approached Mr Amaral and asked for a settlement and on the other hand, that in fact it is Mr Amaral that is the one who has asked for the settlement.

    Some sites are commenting that the only reason the mccanns have approached the courts to ask for a suspension is because they were the ones who brought the action, so they are the only ones allowed to legally ask for it's suspension and it is nothing to do with them asking for a settlement.

    Who knows what the truth is, but I think it's such a shame that time and energy is being used up in protracted legal actions, rather than been put into finding out what happened to Madeleine.

  54. The McCanns asked to settle out of court not the other way around.

  55. apologies for being behind the curve - did Martin Smith sadly die in the interim (I think Pamela ??? did also )? Just worried about Martin S and George B - we need them for when the McScams are eventually.

  56. Has it every occured to any of you posters that if the McCanns thought they would lose they only needed to drop the case...end of story....but negotiations are going on....which I suspect means Amaral has approached the McCanns to do a deal???


    I think the Macs' will be more than happy to pay, assuming it is peanuts - something up to, but not over £100K.

    More would be tantamount to admitting guilt. Even "Mickey Mouse" Mitchell would have difficulty in explaining that!

    There could be as well, as someone already suggested, a strategic reason why the Macs' decided (in the wake of the Appelate Court decision) to publish their best-selling, pulp fiction book...

    Namely to foot the compensation bills ahead without having to sell their house in Rothley or bother their fellow Scot benefactor Brian Kennedy yet again.

    Kenneddy, let us not forget, is worth a whooping "£3250m fortune", not exactly peanuts.


    For all we know, good old Brian may, after all, have been footing the bills all along! Which may be the reason why you don't find the exorbitant fees charged by the Macs' crème de la crème lawyers and reputation management outfits, mentioned in their company books.

    Coming back to Amaral...

    The Macs' particular interest in "Big Rock", is pretty-ugly obvious.

    Amaral was the Portuguese top-cop who had the nerve to arrest two of Her Majesty subdits and in the process expose the truth of a lie - that was a no-no for their inflated egos! The reason why (I would argue) they made a point to come to Lisbon just to see Amaral on the dock.

    Remember the Macs' cold, calculating faces with their predator nickel eyes smirking at court proceedings! There is a picture of them somewhere...

    I also remember the subservience of the Portuguese authorities, allowing two former suspects on a limbo, to enter the court through a set of doors reserved (exclusively) to magistrates! Everyone knew immediately the audience was a scam! It all had been arranged for the Macs' benefit. And so it was.

    I hope this does not turn out to be the Portuguese version of the Jean Paul De Menezes affair. Remember? In the end the assassins walked out of court Scot-free and the victim's family given a few coppers in compensation for the killing.

    I really don't see why Portugal has the need to be subservient to Britain but there you are. Could it be because they think their economy depends on British investments in Portugal - so-called neo-enslavement programs?

    I doubt! British companies operating in Portugal are probably doing a "Starbucks" on the Ministério das Finanças! Check them out!

    Anyway, by paying "some" compensation (not too high, not too low), the Macs will add more points to their claim that they have been victims of an incompetent police and a backward, Third-World Justice system, and that will be that - wait and see how the "reputation management" goes...

    :o Meanwhile... Cameron will be on the phone shouting orders to his Portuguese counter-part - remember the toffee parentally reminding the Portuguese PM to face the photographers in Downing Street?..

    :o Meanwhile... Scotland Yard's Dad's Army lookalikes will go on promoting the "official" version of events by muddling the waters as much as they can or, as much of Porto's PJ will allow...


    Note how the Brit media pack was quick to release news of Scotland Yard in Portugal to conceal, or counter-act the REAL news of the Macs' now wishing to settle it out of court with "Big Rock".

    Mind you, had the journos done so, Lord Leveson might have come down to Parliament Square on his gown, his nightcap still on, to chastise them!

    We could go on with conspiracy theories but what for? This case is now CLOSED. We more or less know what happened. All it needs now is a pay-out. A monumental pay-out!

    A payout for G. Amaral and a payout for A. Bennett - the ones who truly held the bull by the horns and ultimately stopped the bullsh*t!

    Thanks also to Joana, Astro and all unsung heroes who kept the pressure on and without whom this last development would not have been possible.

    God bless all!

  58. All unravelling now. Just waiting for the British press to do the decent thing and report the facts of this sinister case. That would be a first. Best wishes to Sr Amaral. My thoughts and prayers are with you for all you have suffered. Vindication will come soon. To those who have lied and perverted the course of justice - your time is coming.

  59. They asked for a extrajudicial settlement to gain time. PJ & MET are very close to discover the abductor. In the following days will be extraordinary news on the case.

  60. Read as well: "They just don't get it" at The Blacksmith Bureau

    « (...)Leaving aside the couple's role earlier in the investigation, at all the subsequent crucial junctures of the affair the parents have either lied or deliberately misrepresented or muffled events to deceive the British public about the interrupted investigation.
    On August 2 2007 they began the calculated lying about the police activities against them which form the core of Amaral's claims.
    In summer 2008 they deliberately misrepresented the Portuguese archiving summary which had confirmed the Seven's refusal to co-operate with the inquiry and the McCanns' failure to "demonstrate their innocence".
    In January 2009 they secretly commenced the silencing and libel actions against Amaral while lying on the greatest possible scale that they were in Portugal for different reasons.
    In 2010 the Portuguese courts demolished their human rights claim against Amaral and one of the three legs of their libel claim. There was no media statement from the McCanns.
    In January 2013 the McCanns accepted defeat in their libel claim but refused to make any statement or answer any questions about the matter. (...)»

  61. If Team McCann came knocking on Amaral's door

    to seek an agreement

    then their PR army might better explain to the 60 million or so British tax payers, who finance Operation Grange, why that is so.

    Team McCann has a PR machine akin to a Bentley
    Amaral has a mere noddy car

    With every minute Clarence et al - keep silent on the above conundrum

    They lose credibility

    Or are there certain facts that can't be spun?

    Precisely because they've spun themselves out of orbit - over 6 years?

  62. 58 They can't just drop the case without punitive consequences - google "litigância de má fé", other accusations would certainly follow.

  63. Hey @59 cogito! :) The name is Jean-Charles de Menezes not Jean-Paul, what? Thinking of Sartre? I was in London at the time. I know the area well. Yes, a few coppers that's all Jean-Charles family got. He stayed dead of course. Hope same does not happen to Goncalo and his family at least he has the advantage of being alive.

  64. @61 "They asked for a extrajudicial settlement to gain time. PJ & MET are very close to discover the abductor. In the following days will be extraordinary news on the case."

    Are they as close as Eddie & Keela? I would be surprised!

    Even if that was the case it would have NO impact on this case and/or the amount of compensation the McCanns' will have to dish out.

    Remember the relatively recent case of Amaral vs Aragao-Correia? The guy in connection with the McCanns'- rent-a-cop-Metodo3-Leonor Cipriano-Photoshop-Marinho Pinto-Isabel Duarte?

    Well, Aragao-Correia and another lawyer (Pedro Dores) were sued for defamation by G. Amaral and both got off the hook quite easily because the Portuguese judge determined both culprits (Correia and Dores) had acted on the assumption that what they were saying(about Amaral) was true...

    By doing so, the judge may have opened a precedent in Portuguese law!

    Even assuming Amaral lied in his book - which he could not have done because he is quoting from the Official PJ Files and expressing the opinion of the PJ preliminary report itself! The law would be still on Amaral's side as long as he believed he was telling the truth!

    Furthermore, if an abductor was "found", invented or paid for, the abductor would have to prove s/he was the real thing!

    He would have to have with him or know the whereabouts of Madeleine's body (dead or alive) and we know from the dogs and other circunstantial evidence, she is most likey to have died in Apartment 5A. The dogs simply could not have been wrong those many times in those many places! Believe what you will!

    As for the McCanns' argument that the book hindered the search for Madeleine that is a poor argument for which there is no empirical evidence.

    What we do know for sure is that "any publicity is good publicity". So given the amount of books Amaral has sold the Madeleine Fund, Ltd. should in fact be paying Amaral for all the publicity he has given to their case!

    As for the rights of the McCanns' or their children (clever move) to a good image, that has to be seen against Amaral's own family and childrens' rights! Again the McCanns have no case.

    This is all common sense when you come to think of it and you have to be very stupid or very arrogant or both, to believe that by the sheer force of money, political connections and legal expertize you can change the obvious and prove otherwise!


  65. Is it true,Joana? Did Martin Smith die? I can't believe it.
    Pamela Fenn is dead, I know, she was an eldery lady, but not Martin, I hope!

  66. Meanwhile, what is it that was told to the UK authorities by someone close to the McCanns, yet is kept under wraps so as not to damage relations between the UK and Portugal!! The UK media has even enquired about this, but were refused answers.

    Have the UK authorities known all along exactly what really happened, and are so afraid of what will hit the fan if the truth comes out, and that certain people in high positions will be left with egg on their faces for taking the decision not to inform Portugal.

    If so, shame on them, and Portugal ought to be DEMANDING to know exactly what this is all about, and to hell with the consequences, as this case has already cost much in time, money, and man power, not to mention the vilification of certain people and even Portugal itself, and so much damage has already been done.

    Has there ever been a case like this, and so much political involvement? For what? For why?, and from the get go why did Prime Minister Brown phone these people on numerous occasions, even enquiring whether Dr Amaral had been removed from the case yet as they wished, and still it continues, with 'favours' done for the McCanns at the cost of millions.

    No expense has been spared for these two.

  67. #65 Jean Charles de Menezes that was it. Thanks! Yes! I must have been thinking of Jean-Paul Sartre.


  68. @58, I think that the negociations have to do with money that the McCanns have to pay Amaral for the damages they caused him, financially and morally. Libel.
    It will be a huge amount, I hope.

  69. Team McCann has successfully run the agenda for six years

    Kate wrote 'that' book

    Now they go cap in hand to Amaral?

    Considering Kate & Gerry always rammed it down our collective throats that the search for Madeleine was paramount - and Amaral was obstructing that search..

    It appears disingenious that they now plead to their nemesis.

    I too pay for the folly that is Operation Grange through my taxes

    I too demand answers from Team McCann

    just answer the 48 questions woman - that'd be a start


  70. @61, how do you know about "extraordinary news about the case"?
    Wishful thinking of truth?

  71. Well it sounds to me as if GA may choose to settle, a result which makes a good deal of sense all round. He doesn't have the money for the case - if truth be told, neither do they. Such matters can drag on for years in Portugal, endless appeals etc. Tavares de Almeida's case has only just been concluded after what, about 13 years? And he is expected to appeal too. So as bitter to swallow as all may find it, an agreement between the parties is the best way forward. However Mr Bennett is clutching at straws, thinking it will save him - it won't.

  72. Joana, se percebi bem, as indemnizações em Portugal são mais esmolas do que castigo.
    Percebi bem?

  73. Please see

    McCanns vs Tony Bennett hearing at the Royal Court of Justice. The Strand. London.
    Likely taking place Feb 5 beginning 10 30 am.

  74. Joana, is Amaral obliged to wait 6 months before he demands his money from the McCanns or can he decide this settlement as soon as he wants?

  75. @44, the Letter of Fatima,

    I can not record it very well but it is known that the Virgin Mary appeared to three young sheppards, in 1917, in Fatima and she told them three secrets. The third secret was kept in a letter, probably not written by the Virgin herself, who came from Palestina and whose maternal language was Aramaic, not current in Portugal at the beginning of the last century, neither current nowadays, if I am not mistaken.
    Somebody else must have wroten it.

    According to the wishes of Our Holy Virgin, that secret was kept unknown till the beginning of this century, when the Vatican (I think) revealed its contents.

    Those were the wishes of the Virgin.

    More or less 83 years before the world learned about the secret and what I hope is:

    that the secrets that the PJ know will not take that long to be revealed.


    I reiterate my opinion the McCanns' have known all along they would loose this case. By "all along" I mean ever since Amaral's case was sustained by the Appeals court.

    This is, you will recall, when Kate McCann decides to write her book - possibly with the intent to pre-empty sales of any eventual publication of the "Truth of The Lie" in England and to have their case heard on their home turf ahead of Amaral's.

    Now that their book sales are dwindling, the time is about right. Well, give it another six-months.

    No doubt Kate expected it to be a best-seller that would help their clan to meet Amaral's counter-compensation claims when the time came - "top up Madeleine's fund", as she put it.

    All very well, the only problem now is if the accused all decide to push the compensation barrier well over the 1,2 million barrier! What happens then?

    I don't think Amaral and the others have much choice. They would have to accept what the McCanns' have to offer or pursue them in court and we have already seen how difficult (or even impossible) that is.

    Even if the court demands the McCanns' to dish 2 or 3 million what will happen if they refuse? What can the interested parties do next? Issue a warrant for the arrest of the McCanns' assets in the UK? Talk to Carter-Ruck about that!

    What will Clarence Mitchell say? "Our case is very much on course!" Of course not! That was then! He will say something along the lines:

    "Unfortunately given the nature of the Portuguese justice system (cough) was not possible to do justice to our case but we will appeal and if this unjust decision is not reversed we will go all the way to the European Court - we will leave no stone unturned!"

    The Lazzieris of the tabloid world in the UK will go commando!

  77. On McCann Files there is a letter of Tony Bennet's, very good.
    He is pointing to the fact that the McCanns are measuring with two different measures.

    One for Amaral and a different one for him.

  78. @58,hahahahha, you wish,as blacksmith wrote.

  79. Good morning.

    No no no, I can't go with the flow. Yes I want to. I want to see an outcome.

    The actions of the PR machine are also rather akin to the British Royal family. SILENCE. And you only put on your best public show, when you are fully in control.

    They are buying time. And perhaps the only way to BUY time, is the six month delay for a period of settlement out of court. But it is NOTHING IMHO to do with settling, and certainly NO WAY to the advantage of Sr Amaral. TM Utopia would be a settlement\award of £zillions, apology and subsequent gagging IN THEIR FAVOUR. It isn't going to happen and well they know it. So as I've posted previously, why now? They are bloody laughing!!!

    I have followed the Blacksmith site always. I like my conversation straight and up front, wysiwyg, the satirical twist now & again leaves me cold and so does the jumping ship occasionally. Currently I don't know what to make of the posts, I do understand however, it's several contributors. I like to think Blacksmith has his finger on the pulse and is accurate in his assessment at the level of gagging in the UK press on this one subject.

    When you have lived this saga, you have seen the request for REVIEWS turned down by home secretary, after home secretary. Remember when May's final refusal was met with FLUFFY-TALK retort from TM. Then what? Big front page slash in the Sun, letter to Cameron, meanwhile Brooks wheeling & dealing with McCanns for serialization of the MADELEINE, then WOW .. guess what £3.5m MET review. Then in front of LEVESON inquiry you have the about turn\Alzheimer's moment when May said something like it was always our plan.

    And you think the McCanns don't walk and water?


    aka Puddleduck

    PS: I can't rest on this matter - we have been here before, waiting on the McCanns next - WILL THEY WON'T THEY moment.

  80. Bom dia!

    Bom, vou fazer uma "cópia" do vídeo!

    Cópia, ditado............. maus tempos vindos da XXXXXXXXXXX que escrevinhava tanta coisa da vida privada e pública de GA.........

    Andava à procura do dito vídeo e, não o apanhava ou estaria muito bem disfarçado.

    Obrigada, JM e Astro.

  81. Just read Tony Bennett's letter to Carter-Ruck regarding the consequences of this news upon his own court case. Just feel very concerned that he is at a big disadvantage due to defending himself in UK where he has been vilified by the Press and if convicted will be used by the establishment and media to send out a message to individuals not to interfere in justice unless you can risk losing many thousands of pounds.

  82. @76,

    the rogatory letters took nearly as long as the Virgin's secret.

  83. Good afternoon Meadow (#80)

    May I comment on your comment? You could have a point. To be honest I have thought about it myself but then thought I was being unnecessarily pessimistic.

    Yes! There could be other reasons why the McCanns' lawyers pulled a pre-emptive surprise. I can think of two or three now:

    (1) To gather intelligence on what Amaral's team is up to, what trumps, what sort of compensation are they seeking, etc.

    The McCanns' lawyers KNOW their wealthy and influential clients are bound to loose this case no matter what, particularly after an Appeal AND Supreme Court decisions favourable to Amaral.

    The other thing is, the actual Portuguese Minister of Justice (Paula Teixeira da Cruz) does not see eye-to-eye with the bombastic Marinho Pinto - Holy Cockrell of The Portuguese Lawyers Association and (surprise! surprise!) a witness for the McCanns' and set piece in the process(es) against GA.

    Same, by the way, applies to his godchild: Marcos A. Correia. Both must be fuming now, unless of course this was their suggestion - I mean, Holy Cockrell's suggestion - his godchild is an imbecile!

    Trust me, the minister would not allow any corrupt decisions on her turf i.e. any decision favourable/paid for by the McCanns'.

    (2) Scotland Yard may have recently expressed doubts about the McCanns' innocence and they may be about to announce the closing of the review.

    A development (they may have thought) that could weight heavily on the judges, even if this trial has nothing to do with the McCanns' guilt in the disappearance of their child (for which they are obviously responsible) but with the fundamental rights afforded to Amaral by the constitution of his country, vis a vis him in the process "damaging the search for Madeleine" and denying the McCanns' family the right to a good name.

    The fallacy of this argument is, that any court decision favourable to the McCanns' would be infringing the rights of Amaral's children too, quite aside from his constitutional right to express his views - which, by the way, are those of his team and of other British experts.

    (The Batata @ 66 has fluently commented on this point and I am not going to elaborate further).

    (3) Indeed, it could be as you suggest... just a device to see if anything pops up in the mean time. Anything that could be used as ammunition against Amaral. Anything Scotland Yard might create, construct or invent from the PJ Files that will throw further doubt into his reputation.

    We know for sure Scotland Yard "review" is nothing but "reputation management". That the decision has come from toffee Cameron after Rebekha Brooks seduced him into it . Clarence Mitchell, himself in intimate terms with the latrines of power in The Commons, could have been an instigator too but, that is besides.

    (4) Finally it could all, as you suspect, have been a gambit from the Macs' lawyers and at the end of it they will say:

    "Well, we offered "Señor Amaral" the possibility to settle out of court. All he had to do was to admit his guilt, to apologize for the damage he has done to the search (cough) and the pain he has inflicted on the Macs clan; to promise not to talk more about the case, and we would have paid the poor, starving bastard all legal fees and expenses and that would have been that. But Mr. Amaral is a proud man, and one with a criminal record (we ourselves made sure he got one) and he refused, so..."

    I find such hypothesis far-fetching and I am reminded of William of Ockham's admonition:

    "Numquam ponenda est pluralitas sine necessitate." - AKA "Occam's razor".

  84. The suspension of the case may have some bearing on TB's full libel case - IF it ever comes to that. But it will have no effect on his hearing in two weeks time. That is for contempt of court, and the judge has already made it clear that all he will be looking at is if he has broken his undertakings.
    By continuing to write as he has done to Carter Ruck, he is compounding his problems. He would be better just to keep quiet publicly and press for the full libel trial to go ahead. I doubt he will, again because of the financial implications.
    I still think both GA and the Mccanns have much to gain and little to lose by trying to come to a settlement.


    Isabel Martello (Carter-Ruck private) says:

    "I understand that the trial, which had been due to take place in January 2013, has been postponed at the request of the Claimants' lawyer, to allow the parties to explore whether a settlement may be reached which gives the Claimants sufficient vindication and protection in the future".

    Santos Oliveira (Amaral's Special Forces) states:

    "...Your (Mac) clients' Portuguese lawyer wrote to him and to the Civil Court, on or about 8 January, with these proposals:

    1. To adjourn the trial for 6 months
    2. To seek a settlement with Dr Amaral." (quote/unquote)

    :h I am con-fused!


  86. Anon 67

    If that is true about Martin Smith then very sad news indeed, though still hoping this not to be correct information.

  87. Tony Bennett
    Yesterday at 9:12 pm

    "...yes, confirmed to me a couple of days ago - and the very important point is that Snr Santos e Oliveira told my contact that this letter from Isobel Duarte, dated around 8 to 10 January, came completely out of the blue - just as he was busy with last-minute preparations for Dr Amaral's trial of his life and then...suddenly...from the McCanns...can we please settle...can we please have an adjournment...

    No wonder there's nothing about this dramatic move on the McCanns' 'Find Madeleine' website, nor any word from the McCanns' mouthpiece for the past five-and-a-half years, Clarence Mitchell.

    I understand he is ill at the moment.

    It is invariably DEFENDANTS who ask for a settlement.

    It is almost never CLAIMANTS. It doesn't take an Einstein to work out that the McCanns' negotiating position and bargaining power has reduced measurably since the start of the month. And that's probably something of an understatement." (quote/unquote)

    Reference: http://jillhavern.forumotion.net/t6355-letter-25-jan-2013-to-carter-ruck-and-the-court-about-that-proposed-settlement-with-dr-amaral-is-this-now-an-abuse-of-process#139286

  88. If it is fact that the McCanns asked to settle out of court, I can see that they wouldn't want to 'air' this news to their supporters or the wider public in general. However, I think it very unwise for them to refer to 'legal rumours' and threaten to ban anyone 'spreading rumours and innuendo' on their Find Madeleine Facebook page. Once their true supporters realise they have been lied to, it is only a matter of time before those same supporters will question what else they have been lied to about...

  89. 88 You mean, we need to choose between the famous Carter Ruck who purposefully mistranslated an interim injunction valid only for the Portuguese territory and abusively used that "mistranslation" to shut sites, ban books from world wide editors and online shops, and to silence certain media, the Carter Ruck who also defended Trafigura, the company that dumped toxic waste in the Ivory Coast in 2006, killing and maiming tens of thousands human beings in the process and between the well respected lawyer firm Santos de Oliveira & Associados? That's an easy choice.

  90. Anon 87

    No doubt, being a solicitor himself, and having dealt on behalf of various people in Court, Tony Bennett knows exactly what he is doing by writing that letter to CR, and by informing the Court of the latest development in the case of the defamation trial of McCanns Vs Dr Amaral and others, which does have an overall bearing on his case, especially if it did go to a libel trial.

    As for Dr Amaral, and that request from the McCanns for an out of court settlement, and all of them, as you say 'having much to gain and little to lose if they reach a settlement', there is no way the McCanns would want a settlement from Dr Amaral that did not include money and silence, unless of course, which is looking ever more likely, they know damn well they will lose and end up being counter sued, and having to pay out quite a large amount to all the Parties concerned.

    In which case Kate McCann needs to be churning those books out faster than fast before that house of theirs becomes up for grabs.

  91. If Martin Smith had died, we would have read it somewhere.
    I don't believe this rumour.

  92. #34 wrote:

    "The real question might be: who are the McCanns' really?
    Gerry McCann in particular?

    Who are they, what secrets do they know, that forces the British government to cover their backs? I don't think ethnical prejudice against the Portuguese alone explains it."

    Maybe a particular activity they all engage in...? A very peculiar lifestyle that although not illegal is socially frowned upon, so much so that those involved in it, particularly those who are considered as "pillars of society", cannot afford to have their "activities" exposed.
    (no,not paedophilia...think of a musical style and a very lively dance)

  93. About the "secrets of Fatima", for those interested:



    (and lots more to be found about it, just google for it)

  94. @93

    'In which case Kate McCann needs to be churning those books out faster than fast before that house of theirs becomes up for grabs'


    Oh please lord NO! Did she leave someone out of the first one, someone she failed to be 'angry' at!

    Let's see she hated the elderly Mrs Fenn, loathed the police from any force - they smoked, drove too fast, wore informal clothing and never offered her a coffee - didn't mind paedophiles being locked up in comfortable conditions as long as they didn't hang around shopping areas, despised the British social worker who offered her assistance, her twins were a bloody nuisance, hated Goncalo Amaral with a passion, deserted God,and wanted to kill Robert Murat... What a nutjob! Oh and she didn't want to sleep with Gerry - but we can forgive her that one - who in their right mind would?

    The world is not ready for another book of lies from this demented female! On upside, some entrepreneur if inclined could make a 'killing' selling sick buckets! Or, Kate could give one free with every book purchased.

  95. #88 "You mean, we need to choose between the famous Carter Ruck who .... and the well respected lawyer firm Santos de Oliveira & Associados? That's an easy choice."

    Thanks! You mean Santos de Oliveira, then? He is not saying much though, so we have to assume Ms. Martello added the rest for the sake of "reputation management".

    I still think that this could be a delaying tactic. They know they have lost the case, so all they can do now is to postpone Pay Day.

    Six months? That will be, what? July? I think trials in Portugal are not held during the Summer so, we are effectively talking about late September. Nine months. The proverbial gestation time.

    The other thing is, Isabel Duarte is a staunch supporter of the McCanns'. She genuinely believes her wealthy and infamous clients are innocent of any wrong doing! Even of abandoning their children to their fate! I have heard her holy cockrell* who is also a key McCanns' witness, expressing such view on prime time TV!

    Things being so, it could turn out Madame Duarte is hoping Scotland Yard may come up with Madeleine alive which, for those of us who have dogs, is a rather preposterous hope but you know...

    ... "your neighbours lawn is always greener than yours". You have only to watch Isabel Duarte body language when she is standing next to the McCanns. If you were to change the dress she is wearing to a black one and put a white apron on top, you would think she was the McCanns' maid not their lawyer! Pathetic really.

    Meanwhile Isabel, will make other equally preposterous demands on her compatriot Amaral, such as "generously" allowing him to walk out of the negotiations Scot-free (literally) if only he undertakes to apologize to the McCann clan and promise not to utter a word about the case ever again. Fat chance!

    Goncalo Amaral would never accept such terms. He is a wounded man. A man who lost his job because of the McCanns'(practically), who had his character assassinated, who was robbed of his reputation, of his livelihood, and even lost his home, his wife! No doubt he wishes to be completely vindicated! He is probably in a kamikaze frame of mind right now. I know I would. It is his own soul and that of his country that are at stake here.

    Fax the McCanns!


    * "Her holy cockrell" in this context means the president of her professional association (OA), nothing else! Thanks to @86 for coining the term. It suits a Pinto!

  96. Heavens, this is taking ages. I have the impression that I was born following already this case. Is there anyone that could tel us some more?
    "Justice works in silence" which turns to be very boring. Guessing, guessing, no conclusions, how tiring for us all.
    The world is full of leaks excepted at the PJ.
    I hate secrets, I hate silence, I hate delays.
    Sometimes I consider giving up the whole story and go looking for another murder, somewhere else.
    Really very irritating.

  97. My hope is that Alves and Duarte are already preparing the defence, they don't have to feel irritated with the delay.
    It is already nearly 6 years of discussions, suppositions,insults, articles, interviews, books and we are no centimeter further than we were in 2008.

    "They know I know."
    Know what, Amaral, for goodness sake?!

    Who is coordenating this review, that it is taking so long? The Virgin Mary?

  98. Correct me if I'm wrong:

    the first PR experts on the scene (within 24 hrs) at Luz were

    Bell Pottinger - allegedly on behalf of Mark Warner - themselves ever so image conscious - bad for business this child disappearing malarkey

    You can't get better at spinning than Bell Pottinger ('better reputations - better results') - they managed the 'scene'

    It went downhill a tad when Team McCann criticised Mark Warner for not having a 24/7 creche service.

    Exit Bell Pottinger - enter an army of lawyers and the ex-head of the Media Monitoring Unit - Clarence Mitchell.

    No stone unturned - indeed - where PR matters were concerned

    Shame Team McCann did not lavish such attention on physically searching for their first born


    rant over almost over...

    Gerry DID answer the 48 questions

    Kate did not

    They are husband and wife and were both at the scene - on that night

    do the maths - I think it's tabula rasa for the McCanns


  99. A thought -

    The Madeleine case, a case thus far of a Missing Person (not an abduction - a missing person) What I wonder are the chances if it is re-opened, that the information that results in this, allows also for the status to be changed to - Murder Investigation. Permitting also, one would imagine a quite different type of investigation.

    Just a thought - investigations do get stepped up a gear depending on what is discovered as they progress...

  100. Good morning and thanks to Joana for keeping the blog going. Its very objective and most of all readable.

    reply 16th Jan No 86

    Thank you. How fortunate for the McCanns to find firms of lawyers who all manage in a very similar way. The last thing they want is a negative front page splash - and yes they would weave a settlement to their advantage if they can walk away from Sr Amaral with their reputation in tact, AM gagged and little expense. The road they have traveled is long and they are not certain what they will find at the end. But this is gamesmanship. Libel and this type of law is all about reputation and the £.costs of keeping a lid on a situation. But for Sr Amaral and his family he needs a very loud & clear, but positive outcome. On the other hand TM might think a mutual gagging & the status-quo is worth striving for.

    How many trips have the McCanns been making to Portugal in recent months - amazing how they travel incognito! Without a trail of media. Like it isn't happening.

    Will we indeed have to wait six months
    > will Bennetts case prompt AM to back off (Hope & think not)Is TM using this to demonstrate their might. Don't suppose they need to turn up in court
    > will SY\MET\Grange pull a rabbit out of the bag - which might strongly support abduction and AM be totally wrong

    Wait and see, again!

    Reply @ 88
    How small the world is in everything McCann, I'm I right in thinking that Trafigura was where MASTER SPY\ child FINER ''Halligen''was involved and has now been extradited after 3 years to the USA for fraud?

    The strange bed-fellows of these people make for even stranger reading. Whether it's Halligen or Mitchell.

    Thanks you everyone


  101. @88 "the trial, which had been due to take place in January 2013, has been postponed at the request of the Claimants' lawyer, to allow the parties to explore whether a settlement may be reached which gives the Claimants sufficient vindication and protection in the future".

    Yes! it could have been that .... some kind of psychological move to unsettle Amaral's team (by asking him for enough vindication and protection) but this would have been essentially to gain more time and inflict more pain and starvation on Amaral.

    The McCanns no longer have a case. Does this nut honestly think the court would be favourable to the McCanns' after an Appeals Court and then a Supreme Court's veto? No way!

    One must bear in mind this statement was issued by a Carter-Ruck lawyer on the eve of a cowardly and unhumane onslaught on Tony Bennett's freedoms, in order to justify and avoid cancelling the proceedings. We can only hope the conservative judge in charge will be able to see through the ploy. Fingers crossed.

  102. I wonder why Goncalo Amaral didn't just say no to the McCanns.
    If he had done so, the libel trial would have gone ahead, the McCanns would probably have lost and Goncalo Amaral would have been awarded personal compensation and also had his legal fees paid AND there would have been a restoration of his assets and ability to earn a living. Maybe also a reconciliation with his wife, who knows?
    Now, he has to see what the McCanns come up with and then wait 6 months even - unless I'm wrong here- he does not agree with their proposals. And even if he does agree, there will still be a 6 months wait until the freezing of his assets can be overturned.
    Why has he chosen this route I wonder, when he must surely want his day in court with the McCanns?

  103. The Curse of the McCanns' strikes again!
    Many die and many more injured in a coach accident in Portugal today!

    The British media may not have commented on recent court developments but their collective unconscious was certainly on the ball today. The BBC was quick to report on the disaster! They informed its listeners immediately! Many McCann supporters (the majority of the UK) may have felt somewhat vindicated as a result.

    This phenomena, you will recall, has happened before in Algarve (tornado) and Madeira (torrential rain) timed under similar circumstances causing many victims and great devastation. We need not mention the individuals associated with this case that have died since (...)

    The theory here is that a deeper level of consciousness The British Collective Unconscious interprets any development against the McCanns' as "acts of war" against its people. We must never forget the British are a vengeful and aggressive culture bent on World domination! You need only to look at their on-going history to see that.

    By making concessions or even engaging with the McCanns', Portugal has opened its doors to EVIL! The sooner this business with the McCanns is dead and buried the better. I think.

    For the scientific basis of this argument see here:

    "A meta-analysis has shown that intention can affect a wide range of living organisms, including their healing. Moreover, studies have demonstrated that a group can significantly influence the eye or gross motor movements, breathing and brain rhythms of a different group. Although the effects were small in scale, ordinary people, who were trying remote influence for the first time, consistently produced them. The EDA studies succeeded 47% of the time and the studies in general had the intended effect 37% of the time, in contrast to an expected 5% chance success rate. Distance seemed irrelevant, with effects extending even into outer space, during a space mission."


    Moini S.

  104. PS Just for the skeptics.

    I have just "googled out" the town where the accident happened. In happened in the Beira Alta province of Portugal where I understand Goncalo Amaral was born. There, is the "signature" of the M-Field (M as in Mind).

    May the blessings of GOD be with you all people. Protect you all from all Evil. Et amen!

  105. @ 91

    ' Once their true supporters realise they have been lied to, it is only a matter of time before those same supporters will question what else they have been lied to about...'


    that particular train has left that particular station already


  106. Miscalculation

    Kate & Gerry created the PR monster that is 'Team McCann'

    one wristband at a time

    they are both intelligent peeps - having got 'carried away with it all' - is neither excuse nor reason

    Kate's book was about Kate - emotional incontinence - albeit lucrative

    We, the great unwashed, care not a flying fig about your romantic relationship with Gerry

    We would however, quite like to know what happened in Luz to

    MADELEINE - your daughter

    You may decide to illucidate us from a posh roof top restaurant in London about this matter or from your back garden.

    Either way - public credit for you has pretty much evaporated

    Explain now - why you are giving in to Amaral - which bits of his
    observations are true then?




    I am detecting a lot of anti-British press feelings here. These are understandable but may reflect poor judgment.

    Dr. Martin Roberts on this count hits the nail in the head when he writes:

    "The press, for their part, having experienced the nature of the McCann Rottweiler, are unlikely to repeat their error. Once bitten, twice shy. The newspapers have ever since been noticeably coy in their coverage of the pair and events surrounding them..."



    "There is currently some indication that the McCanns are seeking 'vindication' from Dr. Amaral.

    Whether that might take the form of a million or so euros is unclear, but should the McCanns vs. Amaral proceed to trial, and the McCanns lose, then it will be the author who is vindicated. And what a can of worms that would open up!" (quote/unquote)


    * Ms. Isabel Martello of Carter-Ruck is quoted as saying: "I understand that the trial, which had been due to take place in January 2013, has been postponed at the request of the Claimants' lawyer, to allow the parties to explore whether a settlement may be reached which gives the Claimants sufficient vindication and protection in the future".


  109. Hello #67. I am not Joana Morais (I wish!) but I may be able to help you on this.

    I can confirm a certain Martin Smith (medium, ufologist and paedophile) has hanged himself in a Manchester prison.

    This Smith however was not the same Martin Smith who (allegdly) saw someone resembling Dr. Gerry McCann carrying a child resembling Madeleine in the back streets of Praia da Luz around the time the child was found missing. It was another Martin Smith.

    Incidentally, to date there is no reality-testable proof that Dr. G. McCann was indeed with his friends at the so-called "Tapas Bar" at that time even if he claims he was.

    I hope this helps. The bill for my services has been e-mailed to you. £50 only. Thank you.


    If you can believe that, that is! This is what Tony Bennett has added today to his previous comment (with some irony, admittedly):

    "I have quoted from an AFFIDAVIT of Isabel Martorell***, NOT from a letter.

    [The letter in Portugal was sent by Isabel Duarte on or about 8 January 2013].

    What I have quoted from the Affidavit is verbatim and leaves nothing important out regarding the proposed settlement.

    * It is ADMITTED by Carter-Ruck that the McCanns, via Isabel Duarte, wrote to Dr Amaral and to the Lisbon Civil Court, two weeks ahead of the final trial, asking for an adjournment

    * It is CLAIMED by Carter-Ruck that this is to enable the parties to try to reach a settlement

    * It is ASSERTED by Carter-Ruck that the McCanns seek a settlement which "gives the [McCanns] sufficent vindication and protection in the future".

    That's it.

    No more than that.

    EXCEPT THAT IT REMAINS TO BE SEEN whether or not, having themselves having sought an adjournment, the McCanns can now extract a settlement which gives the McCanns 'sufficient vindication and protection'.

    The McCanns WERE asking for COMPLETE vindication, and 1,200,000 euros (I make that £1,010,760 at the current rate of exchange - see NOTE).

    They have changed their position.

    Thet are now merely seeking SUFFICIENT vindication.

    I am not sure how they could be 'protected' from Dr Amaral's facts and his hypothesis, given that Amaral's book has been back on sale in Portugal for 2 years and 3 months, has been translated into nine European languages, is on sale in 32 countries, and is freely available in an English translation on the internet.

    Unless, that is, Dr Amaral agrees that:

    * his book be banned again

    * his book be no longer sold in any of the 32 countries where it is now being sold, and

    * he uses his best endeavours to remove all English translations of his book from the internet.

    NOTE: Every time the value of the euro goes up against the pound by one-hundredth of a cent, the value of the McCanns' claim against Dr Amaral goes up by £120. Or down by £120 for every one-hundredth of a cent the euro falls against the pound.

    The McCanns have done really well in the past few months because the euro has recovered from a low point of 77.82 euros to the pound to 84.23 euros to the pound.


    1. the case does go to trial, and


    2. the McCanns win, and


    3. the Court agrees that the McCanns are entitled to what they claim, viz. 1,200,000 euros damages, THEN the McCanns will have gained a handsome £76,920 during the past few months, due to the euro's recovery.

    That could give the Find Madeleine Fund a much-needed boost." (quote/unquote)


    *** Dude (#88) - the name is Martorell! not Martello! :)


    "Yet now, just two weeks away from the beginning of the final trial of the action, as Snr Santos e Oliveira and Dr Amaral were completing their extensive preparations for that trial, it now seems clear that your clients are unwilling or unable to prosecute their claim and are suing for peace.

    A claimant seeking to settle a case is most unusual - and I suggest, with respect, that the prospects for your clients achieving any of their goals in this very expensive litigation have as a result, without doubt, receded significantly.

    The prospect of your clients succeeding in banning Dr Amaral's book must surely now be rated as negligible. As you know, in the Court Documents submitted in this action, I have pointed out that Dr Amaral's book has been:

    * read by many in Portugal, with over 200,000 copies sold,

    * has been translated into 9 European languages,

    * is available to read in over 30 countries, and

    * has been translated into English (albeit without the publisher's consent) and is available at several places on the internet (as you and your clients must be aware), and

    * has been allowed by the top two courts in Portugal to go back on sale, consistent with Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

    The primary facts and arguments on which I rely for all my publications about the reported disappearance of Madeleine McCann are essentially derived from Dr Amaral's 220-page book, 'The Truth About A Lie'.

    His conclusions (as set out above) can be freely read and discussed in many countries and in England. Your clients have been powerless to stop its widespread distribution, yet you are pursuing one individual, myself, for doing no more than what thousands of others are also doing, namely, repeating Dr Amaral's central three allegations.

    Your clients have tried to sue him for libel, but have failed after 4 years of litigation to do so, and their prospects of succeeding look increasingly remote......." (Tony Bennett)

    Full text at: http://jillhavern.forumotion.net/t6355-letter-25-jan-2013-to-carter-ruck-and-the-court-about-that-proposed-settlement-with-dr-amaral-is-this-now-an-abuse-of-process#139286

  112. McCanns V Amaral...The Next Round

    December 09, 2009 7:36 PM - Written by Martin Brunt

    Kate and Gerry McCann will launch their libel action against former police chief Goncalo Amaral in Lisbon on Friday.

    They want a permanent ban on his book The Truth of the Lie, in which he challenged their version of events the night their daughter Madeleine vanished in May, 2007.

    And they want around a million pounds in damages, money they say will go to the Madeleine Fund to support the continuing search for her...


    Joana, came across this on your site - got me wondering about Brunty, has he commented on the latest news, would anyone know?

    Thank you

  113. Those who have followed this circus from its inception will understand my being cautious about celebrating what appears to be good news. Yes, it could very well be that this latest manoeuvre by the McCanns is because they have reconciled with the fact that they have no case against Mr. Amaral and that it is in their best interest to end the process in order to mitigate their losses. If this is indeed what is happening, I wonder how the McCann’s representatives will approach these negotiations. Surely they must know that they have to at least compensate Mr. Amaral for the lengthy period of time that he was deprived of his assets which had been seized to assure the prospect of a future pay out to the couple. Will they test Mr. Amaral’s mettle, by substantially reducing the amount of damages they are seeking or is this a dangerous ploy? Perhaps their best approach is to make an initial conservative offer to compensate for the damages they have inflicted on the man. No doubt they will attempt to muffle by any means possible the details of any compensation awarded to Mr. Amaral. Or, maybe it’s not what we think; it could be that this is just a delay in the hope that in the future, circumstances will be more propitious to corrupting justice. We'll just have to wait and see.

  114. I find it difficult to grasp the notion that this entire escapade has been sustained all these years because two ordinary English citizens, with the aid solely of their acquired wealth through a fraudulent fund, are able to control the worldwide English media, that the actions, to the McCann's benefit, of high profile people can somehow be explained as a need for these people to enhance their own image by associating themselves with a couple of self created celebrities. It just doesn't make sense.

    When I read the following:

    "In summer 2008 they deliberately misrepresented the Portuguese archiving summary which had confirmed the Seven's refusal to co-operate with the inquiry and the McCanns' failure to 'demonstrate their innocence'."

    I think to myself: in a case of this renown is it possible that no journalist personally verified the archiving summary? Did they just accept the McCann's representation; a representation of a case given by a couple who were the official suspects in that very case? Is it that simple, you pay off the editors and the journalists have no say or is it just plain ignorance?

    And what explains the immediate unprecedented interest by the British government in the disappearance of a toddler overseas, the opportunity to gain political brownie points? Why were the warnings by England's ambassadors to Portugal regarding the veracity of the McCann's version of events not heeded? Were politicians just hedging their bets? Not even the McCanns being declared suspects in the disappearance of their child stopped politicians from facilitating and joining the parent’s pilgrimage to the European parliament, and as a result giving more credibility to their endeavours to deceive the public. Is it because the media did such a good job of convincing British politicians how innocent the McCanns were and how inept the PJ were or was it just that these politicians had hoped that some of the celebrity status of the couple would rub off on them? And how do you explain that the date that Mr. Rebelo was given to come to England to witness the questioning of the McCann’s comrades, is the very date that the McCanns leave England for Brussels? Is this just another of many coincidences?

    Mrs. McCann had the audacity to address a letter to Mr. Cameron, in the Sun newspaper, asking for the case to be reviewed. And who would have guessed that Mr. Cameron, on the eve of Mrs. McCann's book release, would publicly consent to Mrs. McCann’s wishes? We later found out that Mr. Cameron did not do this on his own initiative, but that he succumbed to the "persuasion", (something I predicted had happened) of one of Mr. Murdoch's favourites, Mrs. Brooks. Was Mrs. Brooks paid for her services? What was her motivation? Had Mr. Cameron been “persuaded” to call Mrs. McCann's bluff or had he been persuaded to knowingly or unknowingly promote the book and further polish their image?

    And then you have the man leading the Scotland Yard review doing public relations exercises for the McCanns, making numerous talk show appearances and starring in a documentary; has anyone seen anything like it anywhere? What was that all about? Was he being paid by the couple or is this just another person seeking the limelight, perhaps an acting career?

    Why would Mr. Leveson refer to the PJ case files as fluff? Was this is true opinion of the content of the files after reading them or was this just another example of someone trying to be popular?

    I see that some are now theorising that Mrs. McCann's book was written with the main objective of generating funds to compensate Mr. Amaral. That's strange, from all accounts, (I have never read the book myself), the book is filled with vitriol toward the man, and some say that he among others is libeled. Was this just rash behaviour on the part of Mrs. McCann or was she confident that no lawyer in England would take up any case against her?

    As you can see there are so many questions to be answered.

  115. Joana/62 - thanks for drawing attention blacksmith bureau - they just don't get it, brillliant stuff, says it all i suppose

  116. @105 There are 3 other defendant parties besides Gonçalo Amaral.

  117. NHS doctors Kate and Gerry McCann: 81 Lies and counting

    By Estelle on the 3 arguidos

    "81 LIES"

    They lied about the checks (every hour then when that wasn’t received well changed it to every half hour)

    They lied that they were performing the checks themselves (then it became known other men in the group were also checking on the McCann kids)

    They lied even after that in the TV interview when Kate says she discovered Madeleine gone ‘on one of my checks’ – it was the only check she made that night.

    They lied about the distance from the apartment to the Tapas bar

    They lied that you can see the apartment from the Tapas Bar

    They lied about whether they actually saw Madeleine with their own eyes or just listened at the door (as did their friends)

    They lied about who checked and when (changing their stories)

    They lied about who remained at the table all evening and who was absent

    They lied that leaving 3 children all under four years old alone at night ‘at the time was not irresponsible’

    Their friends lied about seeing Murat there that night (as incoming and outgoing phone records placed him consistently at home)

    They lied about Bundleman.

    Tanner lied about when she gave Bundlemans details to the Police (changing the date)

    Tanner lied about the description of Bundleman (changing the height and appearance) Wilkins & Gerry or Tanner lied about that check when they were all in the same place but never saw each other.

    They lied that the door was locked and changed it to unlocked when it was not well received.

    They lied that the door was closed, then it was open because of ‘danger of fire’

    They lied about the shutters being jemmied or forced

    They lied to friends, family and media when the called them that night telling them of an abductor who had broken into their apartment

    Gerry lied when he said there was no way Madeleine could have gotten out of bed and then said she must have wandered off.

    Gerry later lied in his blog saying the twins must like their new cots because they were asleep by 7:30pm which was very unusual, and yet the twins were asleep by 7:30 on the night of May 3rd allegedly.

    They lied to friends, family and media in phone calls that night saying the Police had not shown up when they were already there.

    Kate lied to Mrs Fenn saying the Police had been called.

    They lied saying they had called the Police when it was in fact Mark Warner

    They lied when they said it felt so safe and then said they knew they were being watched.

    They lied to family, friends and media on the phone that night when they said nobody was doing anything when in fact locals, holidaymakers and staff were all helping search.

    They lied when they said they were all searching when Kate and Gerry were hitting phones until midnight

    Tanner claims she knew nothing of the disappearance until another friend knocked on her door.

    Gerry lied when he asked for a priest claiming not to know where the church was.

    They lied as to what time the Police arrived

    They lied that Cuddlecat was Madeleine’s favourite toy and then that it was a present to be given to her on her fourth birthday.

    They lied saying they would cooperate fully with the investigation

    They lied saying they would not do anything to hinder the investigation

    They lied that the fund was going to be a charity.

    They lied that the fund would help other missing children and families of.

    They lied when they said they didn’t know Murat.

    They lied when they said they would stay in Portugal until their daughter was found.

    They lied when they said they were going to learn Portuguese.

    They lied that it could not possibly be Madeleine’s blood in the trunk of their hire car....

  118. They lied about the crime scene, about how many people came into the crime scene, walked around and contaminated it, again making investigation much harder and destroying much evidence according to detectives.

    Gerry lied about the existence of the tennis bag.

    They lied about going to sue media companies.

    They lied about the film deal.

    They lied about sacking Justine McGuinness and her subsequent departure.

    They lied about returning to Portugal for questioning voluntarily and now will only do if their Arguido status is lifted. They have also appointed General Pinochets extradition-fighting lawyers.

    Gerry lied about his faith. They lied to the local catholic priest (who now claims he was deceived by the McCanns) and then deserted him for the Anglican reverend instead and never, ever took confession apparently.

    They said a lie detector test would clear them and now refuse to take one.

    They lied for months saying they were not suspects in the disappearance of their daughter and were then both made formal Arguido / suspects under Portuguese law.

    They lied about the possibility of sedation and then claimed ridiculously that perhaps the Abductor had sedated all 3 of their children before making off with Madeleine.

    Gerry lied about Kate’s ability to cope with three children on her own when her own Parents and her own diary say different.

    They lied about the amount of alcohol consumed that night. In another lie about cooperating they refused to provide their mobile phone records to the pj. Kate explaining away the scent of death of cuddlecat because she took the child's 4th birthday present cuddly toy to work and exposed it to contact with 6 dead people.

    They lied how everything had been so normal up till May 3rd when it is now known that Mark Warner staff had received complaints from other holidaymakers because of their home alone children crying and seeming in distress. This also brought Mark Warner staff looking for the McCanns on the night of the 2nd and insisting they attend to their distressed children.

    They lied about 90 minute tennis lesson with several versions of the story being put out by official sources within the McCann Camp They and at least one friend lied about Madeleine’s last meal on May 3rd.

    They lied about the abductor entering through the window and then changed it to the patio doors.

    Matthew Oldfield lied about his check on the McCann children changing his story not once but twice. Kate lied about physically searching for her daughter but then admits to not have done so in a tv interview.

    McCanns claim they were the first to arrive to tapas on May 3rd, Rachel Oldfield claims they were the last to arrive.

    Despite being in Rome and Madrid and claiming to be spending the rest of the week quietly at home in PDL with the twins, the hire car in it’s first week clocked up over 500 miles.

    Gerry lied about his checks on the children in the apartment, at first having claimed to have entered several rooms later then claiming the abductor must have hiding in the apartment while he was there.

    Gerry and O Brien have lied about their locations when holding a mobile phone call together on June 10th as verified by phone records and pinpointing.

    Jane Tanner has changed her statements, arrival time at tapas, direction of travel, checking times for night of May 3rd.

    Najova Chekaya who joined the tapas 9 at the table at 9:30 states nobody left the table until Kate went to check putting Oldfields, O Briens, Tanners and Gerry McCann's statements into question"


    Now add the last 5 years of lies.

  119. «After nearly five years from Maddie's disappearance, do you believe the case will be reopened? Do you still defend the reconstruction?

    It is very difficult for the case to be reopened in the near future, it's all a matter of political will. However the decision of the civil process, may play a role in creating that political will. In the case of a reopening of the investigation, the reconstruction will always be one of the first steps to be taken, there is no doubt about that.

    Does the couple have feelings for vengeance against you?

    I don't know if they nurture feelings of vengeance on me, everything points that way. They prey on me to silence uncomfortable voices.

    The dispute that opposes them against you will end when? Is it a high price to pay because you didn't found their daughter or because you have said that probably they were the negligent ones?

    They were negligent, you need only read the archival dispatch made by the Public Ministry and recall the facts. I have nothing to pay to the McCann couple, but they do, they should have already acknowledged publicly the commitment and efforts of the Portuguese investigators in their search for their daughter, often leaving behind their own families and children. They are rich and still ungrateful.

    Where have you gone to get the strength to continue life?

    To my daughters and to the values that I defend, among them, it is always worthwhile reiterating, justice and truth.

    Do you have feelings of revenge at those who destroyed your life, like the McCanns?

    I do not have feelings of revenge because I understand the couple is doing a “headlong rush”, for example, if the process where Madeleine's disappearance was investigated had not been prematurely archived, the reality would be different. However, the moment will come when the damages caused to my family and to myself will have to be accounted for and reimbursed, there is no doubt about that.

    Gonçalo, you have lost everything you had. How have you survived?

    I have survived with my retirement pension, or rather, with part of it, even because the company that I created after my retirement from the Judiciary Police has been ruined by the McCann couple. I do have projects for my life that do not depend on that couple, but since I know they do seek to destroy me I will not reveal them here.

    Who was and who is now Gonçalo Amaral? Do you continue to fight for what you believe?

    I am a Portuguese man like any other, with flaws and virtues, I have always placed my family above all, despite having constituted family twice. I live for my daughters and for the happiness of those who are near me, it is enough to know that the other is happy for me too be also happy. I defend the values that life has ​​instilled in me, and yes, I am stubborn in defending those values​​. A democracy only makes sense if there is justice and truth, if a man has value beyond the State, there are not neither should there be reasons of State which place in question those principles.»


  120. @Batata The last MET/PJ Porto meeting was not routine. And there are other signs all of you including Joana must see. The case will be solved very soon. Yuka.

  121. I did not enjoy reading the comment trying somehow to connect the terrible accident of the bus in Portugal and the Mccann case, some lunatic sense about a curse and so on. It's complete madness and disrespectful to the victims and their families, because, as far as we know none of them had any connection whatsoever with the McCanns! Someone immediately grabbed the chance to say it happened in Gonçalo Amaral's native district, reinforcing the notion of doom... as a matter of fact, it happened in Sertã, BEIRA-BAIXA, not BEIRA-ALTA, the province where G. Amaral's family comes from.

    Some mental sanity urgently needed, PLEASE!

  122. #101, Isar,

    between Alex Woofall (Bell Pottinger, on behalf of Mark Warner, and who, by the way, statted to the media he never heard the McCanns mention any suggestion of abduction...) and Clarence Mitchell there was Justine McGuinness.


  123. Reference has been made to the British psyche. The Bull-dog breed? Is that how we are seen elsewhere, pushy the end justifies the means. Perhaps, I don't know since it's a rather introspective study of oneself.

    But there is some explanation of the public & media response to all things McCann and a certain strange parallel and void that the McCanns filled, or at least the angelic picture of MADELEINE.

    And that is Princes Diana. The Express in particular had some sort of obsession that she should be on the front page, both in life and in death day after day. They all but dug her up, just to see what dress she was buried in.

    Obsession! but obsession with what (British doggy lovers) THE GREAT UNDER DOG! (those perceived as being less fortunate, than oneself)

    See the parallels between Di & TM

    McCann come for working class (another great British) obsession CLASS but they made good, university educated and doctors - at senior level

    And there you have the classic British drama. Rags to riches.

    Whether Leveson, the pussy-footing Cameron\Brooks\May saga or Blair or Brown, the common factor being Brooks & Murdoch. Media control, who is the master, who is the puppet?

    And like what shall call another classic British phenomena TITANIC, who will go down with this ship?


  124. Where are the McClaimants and Claimants Mitchell?
    No news?

  125. Still nothing in the UK press..interesting!

  126. Joana, or anyone else who knows, if the 4 defendants refuse to accept settlement with the McCanns, do they have to wait for 6 months for the Libel Trial? Or is the 6 months the maximum time the judge has allowed for them to try and reach a settlement?
    Sorry for so many questions, just trying to understand this strange situation.


    Guerra: "I see that some are now theorising that Mrs. McCann's book was written with the main objective of generating funds to compensate Mr. Amaral."

    Hi Guerra! Good to hear from you! Excellent analysis, as usual! :) I was the one who come up with that theory....

    Yes, I believe the idea to write the book arrives around the time the McCanns' loose in the Appeals' Court and we hear one of their expensive lawyers (Duarte) admitting that it would be difficult to have the decision reversed. She was right, of course.

    She did cash in some more with the proceedings' fees but, that was that.

    At the same time, we heard Amaral (himself a lawyer) stating that the McCanns' were bound to loose their libel case because the arguments and legal context were the same; semi-colon.

    "Mickey Mouse" Mitchell on the other hand boasted: "their case was very much on course!" which was true, but so was the "Costa Concordia"...

    You will remember the "rationale" given by Kate McCann to write the book was her daughter's SLR FUND (Search, Litigation and Reputation-management) was nearly depleted.

    So, given the timing of events my hunch feeling then, was:

    Hers, is a decision designed to cover for the possibility (certainty in fact) that with this set-back there would be massive costs and counter-compensation claims ahead (from Amaral and his publishers).

    Now, I suspect the McCanns' negotiations will be aimed at insuring that all expenses will be covered by the "SLR" Fund without them having to sell their house or ask "uncle Kennedy" for another blank cheque. Of course this is all speculation but, when the time comes for the McCanns' to pay, ask yourself this:

    With which money have they managed to do so? the "SLR" Fund of course!

    In my perception, writing a book further damaged their chances of any vindication against Amaral in court. Why? Because she is accusing Amaral of writing a book that defames her and then proceeds to do exactly the same or worst! True to say, writing a book had the advantage of allowing her to have the first word on their own turf (UK) ahead of their nemesis.

    Now, did they think Portuguese judges were corrupt? Yes and no! That's when she saw they were not as stupid as she thought, that she decides she better start providing for the massive pay-outs ahead!

    Now, the more they delay Pay-Day the better for them - not just in terms of exchange rates (in case a miracle happens) but of RM or PR.

    The payout will be undisclosed (you bet) and Amaral must promise not to comment further on the case (I doubt). The case has now entered the phase of damage contention or "reputation management".

    In any case, the McCanns' will probably be looking at the chess board and think this is a draw.

    (1-1) Amaral had them in a police station and made them suspects. The McCanns had him in court, found him "provisory guilty" (an anomaly on Portuguese Law) and had him gagged (at least for a while).

    (2-2) Amaral wrote a best-seller about them. They wrote a best-seller about "him".

    (2-3) They made Amaral homeless and attempted to destroy his reputation (via Marcos Aragão-Correia with a little help from his godfather Marinho Pinto)!

    (3-3) The problem now, as the song goes, is: "The winner takes it all..."

    In terms of reputation management it has been quite a success for the McCanns! A very expensive operation admitedly but then, who pays for it? You? Me? Of course not! The SLR Fund does!

  128. # 121/122 THEY LIED!

    Clarence Mitchell will not appreciate your use of the tense. He calls it reputation management!

    We must never forget that the prestigious spokesperson was the one most close to Tony Blair's assertion that "Iraq had weapons of mass destruction" we, therefore, must respect his wit...

    ... And his responsibility for the deaths of countless innocent lives and the on-going chaos in Iraq (and Middle-East)if it were not for his "reputation management".

    PS This was an excellent summary by the way. I am keeping a copy of it for future reference, if I may. Thank you. Muito obrigado!

  129. No twitter não estão a conseguir ver o Blog........... em UK. Eu vejo!


  130. Anon 112

    After reading that, it is very difficult to imagine that Dr Amaral would ever give in to the demands of the McCanns.

    The McCanns may be trying to buy time and silence, but are ultimately wasting their time as more books based on the truth of the OFFICIAL investigation will continue to come out, and will alert people to beware giving money to the McCanns.

    Much as they would like to, the McCanns cannot silence the world.

  131. Fortunatelly the settlement will only depend on Amaral and his companions, not on the McClaimants.
    It will be a question of choosing between Yes or No.
    gerry is a scott and those people are mingy. I don't see him prepared to pay much.

    I suspect the parents want to delay this process as much as possible for an unknown reason.

    But if they refuse to pay the amount their victims ask for, the victims can ask for the trial.
    And it can happen within a short time.

  132. I like this idea of the SLR Fund, but if you follow the excellent FUND.LTD analysis on the Mccanfile site, you will notice the book was written and very much needed to keep the FUND.LTD alive in order to carry out SLR activities! oh and awareness and searching.

    Just to avoid confusion when writer above said uncle Kennedy you of course mean ''Everest' since there is also an Uncle both Brain Kennedy. Although we don't hear so much about Uncle (Everest) Kennedy following the non-did\we didn't we fall out over the Halligen PI! expenditure for which Kennedy (Everest) was topping up.

    On the issue of money, the current published audit for 2011\12 didn't show a particularly healthy balance £500k at it's level of expenditure. But it does seem to have a mysterious 'feed' account, quasi restricted \ unrestricted ... whatever that means. But to the crunch, books close again for 2012\13 for tax purposes at the end of March, just weeks away. And it's the balance NOW not a year ago, for that we have no idea. And you can imagine that the McCanns just like AM did take measures to protect assets, so other family members don't suffer.

    It's balls in the air, AGAIN.

    I don't care a toss about the money, it's been thrown around like confetti. It's another side of the British public THROW MONEY AT IT - as a measure of OUR CARING. Except the public should know by know THESE FUNDS never bring good, they divide families and communities, time and time again.

    April Jones missing since October brings another measure of VALUE to a child's life and measure of support for the family £diddlysquat! - last count I knew of before Christmas about £50k and it's a REGISTERED CHARITY.


  133. Is there any possible way to determine whether a D-Notice has been issued to mute the British Press from reporting this?

    I can think of no other reason that they would cover the McCann's libel case in such detail up to this point and to now refuse to publish the out of court settlement request. All the major news outlets in the UK have been notified, yet not one word has been written regarding this significant development.

  134. I too am beginning to wonder at the motive behind this approach to Mr Amaral's lawyer. Some sort of "ploy" I feel. Mr Amaral and his team need to proceed with care and shouldn't trust anyone.

  135. I am wondering if the real reason the McCanns want Dr Amaral silenced is because he made mentioned in his book of the Gaspar statements, and the obvious suggestion of a paedophile connection WITHIN THEIR OWN GROUP OF FRIENDS to the disappearance of Madeleine.

    Dare they even allow it to be mentioned in Court?

    If this is the case, they are between a rock and a hard place, either carry on suing Dr Amaral and risk it being mentioned in Court, or sit back and let his book be published in the UK and people finding out anyway and drawing their own conclusions.

    Maybe they think it would be better to try and contain it in Portugal, and hope it will not come out in a trial.

    No way would they ever want that can of worms opened by the UK media.

  136. Scots are NOT mingy! I am a Scot and resent that remark. Most Scots are friendly, generous people. Don't let two people cloud your judgement of the entire country.

  137. 115 No one in the UK divulged the news about McCanns loosing at the Appeals Court of Lisbon in 2010, nor at the Supreme Court in 2011, nor that they delayed the delivery of the books to their rightful owners till April, 26 2012, one day after the second McCannorama farce was broadcast. So far, and more than a week has gone by since it was first published in the Portuguese media, no media in the UK has published that the McCann couple asked the four defendants for an extrajudicial meeting to settle matters out of court. Not even a mere distorted press release in sight.

    129 The latter, but I'll try to get a more complete and informed (based in law) answer for you.

  138. Joana, @140,

    I believe the British media are gagged by Carter Ruck.
    I also believe they would love to publish about the settlement.

  139. Its not about the money it about how shit scared they are that Mr Amaral will bring things up that he knows about the case and them that is not in the public domain at the moment.

  140. @128,must be a treble d notice on this case now;-)but dont worry we have the internet and portugal to let us know whats happening

  141. Hi Jo #140. The first defeat for the McCanns at the Appeals Court in Lisbon, in 2010, was covered by a number of media outlets i.e. Guardian, Sky News, Sunday Express, Daily Star, Sun. The second defeat at the Supreme Court was reported but only by the Sunday Express (included an interview with Sofia). But since then, you're right, not a sausage. Not even a chipolata.

  142. Joana thanks for all your hard work over this case

    just a thought is it possible to "break" this news by adding to the madeleine mccann wikepedia page

  143. I stand corrected, thank you Nige :) Mr. Mitchell must be busy grilling cervelats in Davos.

  144. When I read D Notice,my mind took me right back to when a previous PM ,put one on Operation Ore,which managed to "cover up" one of his aides involvement ,and conviction re, paedophilia?????so I wouldn,t put it past the current person in his position to do the same!!!as his past "connections" with RB might be best kept under wraps!!!OMG ,what a mess!!!What is REALLY REALLY wrong is ,once again money and power dictating who gets convicted of a crime,and who doesn,t!!All IMO of course Joana,but ,once CM resigned from his" very nice thank you" job,to become "spokesperson"for the MaCaans,you really have to say WHY when Madeleine could have been "returned" the very next day.Someone whith mega mega bucks has one hellava "secret to hide for him to take this debacle on.

  145. Joana, my compliments for the fact you did not ask Nige to back what he wrote above. If he can prove it.
    In some other blogs he would have gotten in trouble, even if he was doing his best to inform that.

  146. #123 Psicon. Hi there friend! I suspect you may in the grips of a "cognitive dissonance" crisis, but that is besides.

    The last MET/PJ Porto meeting was not routine? Because SY said so, or because you say so?

    What kind of meeting was it then? Final? Well, it could well have been but no one, so far, has passed wind on that. Just you.

    There are other signs we must see?
    You mean "other signs" as in Astrology, or "other signs" as in Semiotics?

    I have just read a comment some smart alleck posted at: #130 ("SLR Fund Applications"). What this layman wrote made sense to a doctor but, let me know what YOU think.

    As for your enigmatic assertion that "the case will be solved very soon" I can only smile and agree with you but... to be honest... I am starting to feel impatient for you already said that a few days ago... has your source (if any) told you "how soon"?

    A week or two? Six or nine months?
    Is there any chance you could be more specific without blowing your source (if any)?

    Anyway, while you/we are waiting, let us have a look at the "critical circumstantial evidence" Scotland Yard refuses to look at or eliminate; which is understandable, since what they are doing is not police work but "reputation management" and that may be one reason the PJ is not taking them seriously. Who does?

    Even Lord Harris (London's first chairman of the Metropolitan Police Authority) has been quoted as saying that "the decision to review Madeleine McCann's disappearance in Portugal was an example of political interference." (quoted at #11 above)

    Anyway, here is a video of the "critical circunstantial evidence" the Yardies are desperately trying to bury. Have a look (link provided) and tell us what you make of it as an insider:


    Yours truly
    U. Batata (Dr.)

  147. Yes, Kate aged a lot. Who wouldn't?
    Nobody can live with such an enorm feeling of guilt. It must be terrifying. Besides she had the unhappy idea of pressuring the British government to find Madeleine.

    Somewhere I read that that attitude could point to an endurend psychose, it seems no one can convince her to shut up.
    She is out of balance, imo. And as far I believe, she could be paranoic.That is my opinion.

    Gerry must know much more than others know and it is his responsibility to save the twins, before a new disaster could happen.

    Responsibility? Certainly not.
    An unexistant notion at the McCanns home.

  148. Where are Tapas 7 gone and why aren't they openly supporting the McCanns?
    Seven witnesses to their innocence and not a word?

  149. Hi Meadow! (#135)

    Good evening! I wrote the byte about the SLR Fund. In answer to your comment: "the book was written and very much needed to keep the FUND.LTD alive in order to carry out SLR activities!"...

    I have to agree - as long as we understand S stands for Search, L for Litigation and R for Reputation management. Litigation includes of course legal fees and compensation "pay outs". This will probably be their first pay-out and a truly memorable one at that. Fingers crossed.

    My take on the fund comes from the only through and intelligent study I have read about it.


    Funny you should refer to the very competent Enyd O'Dowd in reference to the SLR Fund. That is where I got the idea from and I quote:

    "The auditors passed the questions to Clarence Mitchell, the McCanns official spokesman. I exchanged emails with him and finally received the following email:

    I have now been authorised to issue the following brief statement from Madeleine's Fund in response to your approach:
    ............... mumbo-jumbo...................................
    I appreciate that this does not directly address your specific questions but this is all that the Fund wishes, or needs, to state at present. I hope it is helpful nonetheless.

    Kind regards,

    Clarence (Mitchell)

    So I am none the wiser, but more puzzled as to why the official spokesman is not facilitating what his clients claim they want – the ‘highest standards of transparency.'(Enyd O'Dowd)

    For someone like me who studied Semiotics and Critical Discourse Analysis at university level I cannot help but to laugh at "Mickey Mouse" Mitchell's reply to Enyd.

    Meadow, I was referring to the Kennedy with "da" money - obviously. See here:


    My own view of the British is that (many) are indeed very caring. You must not pay attention to the odd anti-British rant in here. By the same token you must not pay attention to Tony Parsons xenophobic rants about the Portuguese on his quality paper (cough) "Daily Mirror". It's all round reputation management.

    Yes, there are many children out there missing which is quite a tragedy particularly if you happen to be the mother of them (or indeed the father) which again begs the question:

    Why have the McCanns' been chosen (as it were) by the British establishment as some kind of ideological export?

    What's next? An OBE to the victims of the Portuguese justice system? A knighthood?

    BTW see if you recognize the face of a royal in the Fund's picture (McCannFiles link above).

    Be well Meadow
    Bye now.

  150. # Where'r your Tapas gone?#
    (#Tapas gone?#)
    # Far, far away #
    #chirpy chirpy cheep cheep#

  151. They do still support the Mccanns and a couple have done fund raisers for missing people charities. I'm sure they want to be able to live the rest of their lives without having other people's foolish opinions rammed down their throats at every turn so they do what they do quietly.

  152. Amaral cannot succumb to any McCann deals or else he'd be labelled a hypocrite. Amaral only a few days ago quoted the philosopher Paulo Freire (as stated above in Joana Morais' article):

    “If our option is progressive, if we are in favour of life and not death, of equity and not injustice, of correctness and not of fatalism, of the coexistence with the other and not of its denial, we do not have another path but live fully with our choice.”

    If he is to adhere to this philosophy then Amaral must fight on. He cannot compromise justice for self gain. He cannot even settle for an apology from the McCann's in exchange for his silence. This will only massage his ego and again justice is not served. He is danger of being labelled a narcissist as well as a hypocrite if he does not fight on.

    I know this sounds harsh as Amaral is financially destitute and in a position where financial settlement is tempting. However, if he doesn't fight on it will plague his mind for the rest of his life.

  153. What is an extrajudicial settlement (in Portuguese law)?

    An extrajudicial settlement is an agreement in which the parties agree on compensation for lost profits, or for damages, within the framework of civil liability, outside the Court. It is made by the representatives of the parties and must be ratified to have juridical value.

    All the bellow answers may vary according to what was specified and requested by the parties and to what was ratified, at the time, by the judge in charge of this process.

    If the four defendants refuse to accept settlement with the McCanns, do they have to wait for six months for the Libel Trial?

    No, if the four defendants and claimant fail to reach an agreement the case will return to the status of civil action and the decision of when to start the proceedings will be made by the judge.

    Or is the 6 months the maximum time the judge has allowed for them to try and reach a settlement?

    The six months period is the maximum (in this specific case depends on what was established/see above note); however it can be extended if all parties agree on said extension and if the judge also agrees to that.

    Can the McCanns on failure to get the settlement THEY want totally walk away and back out of the case, or can the Judge now order it to continue?

    See above for the second question and,

    Article 116º of the CP states, in case the claimant “renounces” or “withdrawals” the complaint:

    1 - The right of complaining cannot be exercised if the holder (claimants/complainants/plaintiffs) has expressly renounced to it or where if it has practiced acts from where that renunciation can be inferred.

    2 - The complainant may withdraw the complaint, as long as there is no opposition from the defendant, until the publication of the 1st instance court ruling. The withdrawal prevents
    the complaint to be renewed.

    3 - The withdrawal of the complaint concerning one of the co-defendants of the crime [fill with McCann allegations] benefits the remainder, if there is no objection from these, in cases where
    they cannot as well be persecuted.

    According to the law there is pecuniary liability in certain instances, [Article 515º of the CPC and 83º of the CJC] ex. If the complainant ends the process by forfeiting or by unjustifiably refraining from making the accusation; or if it is defeated in the process that was requested by him/her [in this case the couple]. There are also other punishments regarding the legitimacy of the complaint, ie, if the complaint is manifestly not justified or clearly without foundation.

    Further note:

    In civil law the right to complaint is of up to three years after the knowledge of the practice of the fact, not of the occurrence/fact itself. A complaint under criminal law has a deadline of six months after the knowledge of the fact [Article 115º CP].

  154. Reply to @ 156, regarding the T7

    RIP Madeleine

    ''so they do what they do quietly.''

    That sort of lingers doesn't it. Shall we add JW to that one as well.

  155. If Amaral acccepts the settlements, it should be also under the condition of publicising the whole story on all of the British news papers and TV channels(I mean the McCanns'request), giving up the trial and Amaral's victory.
    Otherwise he should not accept it.

  156. Thank you for finding that information for me Joana.

    I really hope Mr Amaral and co defendants refuse the McCanns advances, i really can't think of anything they could offer that any of them would accept.

    I can only think they want everyone gagged and i do not believe Mr Amaral would concede that after fighting for his freedom of speech all this time., and all it has cost him.


  157. @meadow

    I don't recognise the Royal. But either way it doesn't matter. They are all corrupt/corrupted by who they associate/associated with.

    The reason the McCanns are supported is the people surrounding them.

    The reason the McCanns don't want the libel trial to go ahead is because certain facts will be exposed in Court that will be reported by Portuguese Press As has already been said. In turn it will hit the Internet and all the world will know. The McCanns have tried to find out what is in the files that have been withheld from them. They can have it but only in a Court of Law.

    There is no problem with funding per se. There never has been. The Fund started to help the search for Madeleine but it has now morphed into "aiding the family". There is no need for them to sell anything, not even their house. The costs involved in "the cover up" are paid for by those "in the cover up".

    As will any compensation/legal fees etc. that accrue.

  158. McCann's press release in May, 16 2009 - H w many lies can you spot?

    McCanns To Sue Portuguese Cop Over 'Slurs' Sky News

    The parents of Madeleine McCann are to sue former Portuguese police chief Goncalo Amaral for defamation.

    Kate and Gerry McCann are to take action over comments made by the man who previously led the botched inquiry into Madeleine's disappearance.

    In a statement, they said: "We - together with our three children Madeleine, Sean and Amelie - are taking this legal action against Goncalo Amaral over his entirely unfounded and grossly defamatory claims - made in all types of media, both within Portugal and beyond - that Madeleine is not only dead, but that we, her parents, were somehow involved in concealing her body."

    The couple, from Rothley, Leicestershire, said they are taking action because his claims that Madeleine is dead are hampering the search for their daughter.

    They want a gagging order to prevent further publication of Mr Amaral's "deeply offensive" book The Truth of the Lie.

    The McCanns also want to block broadcast of his TV documentary and publication of his "disgraceful thesis" that they were involved in their daughter's disappearance.

    The statement continued: "The primary reason for our legal action is simple: to stop any negative effect that these absurd and deeply hurtful claims may be having on the ongoing search for Madeleine.

    "We can no longer stand back and watch as Mr Amaral tries to convince the entire world that Madeleine is dead.

    "Nor can we allow this blatant injustice to Madeleine, with its obvious risk of hindering our attempts to find her, to continue.

    "Mr Amaral's entirely unjustified claims have not only brought indescribable devastation and suffering to our lives, they have hugely compounded the already immense pain and anxiety we have endured since Madeleine's abduction."

    Mr Amaral was in charge when Kate and Gerry McCann were made arguidos, or official suspects.

    He was later removed from the case after speaking out against UK officers and he then retired.

    Madeleine disappeared two years ago in Praia da Luz, Portugal, while her parents dined in a nearby tapas bar.

    The couple recently marked the second anniversary with a PR offensive incorporating renewed appeals for information into Madeleine's disappearance.

  159. I think that there can be two aspects in this requesting.
    If Amaral choses to take them to court and they lose again, the media in the UK can use their lost by saying that Portugal is still a fascist country, that (former)police agents are protected by the judges, that the parents were victims of corrupt authorities, etc etc.

    If he accepts the settlement and demands the truth to be publicised in the UK -the McCanns are the claimants- perhaps it could be better in order to open British eyes and to prove Amaral is correct in his allegations.

    What is the best way to let the McCanns lose?

  160. I agree with 160. Mr. Amaral should insist as part of the settlement that the McCanns go to the UK press and admit they asked for a settlement because they knew they could not win the case.

    However...Mr. Amaral has been financially destroyed by this harassment by the McCanns so only he can decide how much more he can take both financially and mentally.

    Buy I think the McCanns reign of terror is coming to an end. They will go to jail.

  161. The photo line up for the TM's FUNDltd is Mike Tindall, I'm not sure he was the Royal squeeze then, but now of course married to Tara Philips, the queens grand daughter. You'll not see him step out of line now.

    The bandwagon rolled on in 2007 with many jumping on. Are they still on board, or will they go down with the Titanic !

    Like those that surrounded this case, all remain silent. One might say united we stand (quiet) divided we fall (dare to speak)


  162. @ Meadow at 162 "I don't recognise the Royal..."

    I give you two cues:

    (1) He is a rugby player
    (2) and his married to the daughter of Princess Ann - sister of Prince Charles, father of the celebrity princes.

    How "da L" does he get to be at the launching of The McCanns (S)LR Fund?

    Was the dude there on Her Majesty's Service or on his own initiative?

    See photo here (at the top of the article):


    I understand the McCanns have also sued for damages the journalist above (Hernani Carvalho) and Prof. Dr. Paulo Sargento who not long ago had an interesting exchange with the McCanns' "Rottweiler" on the "O Crime" newspaper.

    What came of these processes. Has the McCanns' "Rottweiler" settled out of court with them already?

  164. #155 "I'm sure they want to be able to live the rest of their lives without having other people's foolish opinions rammed down their throats."

    My dear, the "Tapas" lied. All in general, Jane Tanner in particular. That much was made explicit in the final dispatch from the Public Prosecutor.

    As long as the McCanns' go on with their global "reputation management" campaign, as long as they go on trying to silence experts (and other people with money) that speak out against them, they will be in the public domain. They will be criticized.

    The only way out for them is to come clean which I don't think they will because, as one of them admitted (David Payne), they have made "a pact of silence".

    "Pacts of silence" normally lead to "pacts of noise".

    They should have stuck to the truth, nothing but the truth but instead they immediately set out to pervert the course of justice.

    Pray for them the case does not re-open; because if it does, some will be arrested for perverting the course of Justice. Just an hunch.....

  165. @162

    I agree absolutely. As I said in previous comment, the Fund is not looking healthy, not healthy enough to meet cost of legal actions, all legal fees, and most certainly not enough to cover any 'pay-outs' regarding libel. So who picks up tab?

    Whoever it is paying for McCanns to run amok in a bid to silence some, - prevent the public knowing the truth, I would suggest has/have something they need kept hushed up too - and not necessarily directly relating to Madeleine vanishing without trace!

    As to the Fund, in the beginning of course the public donated in the belief that this would help find Madeleine, but it was not too long before the Fund and those operating it, drove it down a different road with everyone involved, but Madeleine, benefiting from it!

    The wealthy persons too who were prepared to back it, who genuinely wanted to help, who had felt sorry and were sympathetic for the McCanns soon wisened up and withdrew their assistance. Most understood it was better to keep a distance from the McCanns, and their Fund!

    Those who haven't, I would say, are as much, up to their necks in this mess as the McC's themselves! When it is obvious things are not as the McCanns claimed - how could they not be? No right minded person would continue to back this fiasco!

    And the latest that they are wanting to 'deal', no matter the reason - it proves they were not confident to go forward on the arranged date.

    For a couple who have accused someone of what they have - as per the reminder kindly posted @163 - and taking into consideration also the length of time since they instigated this action against Goncalo Amaral - it has to be something 'pretty big' something which is of great concern to them for to now, not be 'ready to go' at the drop of a hat, to not be prepared for a case, which they started, had years to prepare for, and knew well in advance of the date of the Hearing.

    Their reason can only be to benefit them in some way, as they certainly are not offering Goncalo Amaral any favours, McCanns don't do olive branches, and we all know Madeleine is never in the equation, any deals are to save the necks of the duo, and those who also have an interest in matters being hushed up. All of those with something to lose!

    Obviously I do not know Goncalo Amaral, but what I have come to know of him through this case, I would bet that he will never be ready to deal with McCanns if it means that any matter in relation to their guilt at whatever level is to be buried forever, if it means that Madeleine whatever happened to this child has to be buried too!

    That said the McCanns do owe this man - big time. I do hope that there is a way that this can happen, without involving a deal which aids the McCanns to continue in the quite despicable way in which they have been thus far. A way that is best for Goncalo Amaral, one that he is comfortable with.

    This libel action is not as straightforward as most. Not simply a case of 'he said/she said.' Right let's agree an amount the one having told nasties, coughs up!

    It has another crucial element, at the heart of it there is a little girl who vanished after her parents abandoned her, to go out for dinner. A little girl who should have been cared for, and allowed a life, her childhood with her siblings but due to the reckless actions of her parents - this was cruelly taken from her.


  166. cntd

    It is not as simple as- 'he said this,or that', so now must pay for it, so much more to it than that.

    For one of the parties, it is the truth of what became of Madeleine that is of greatest importance, that it be allowed to be made known.

    For the other- It is about preventing that truth being made known.

    Interesting from the quote above:

    "We can no longer stand back and watch as Mr Amaral tries to convince the entire world that Madeleine is dead."

    The entire world would like the opportunity to decide for themselves, they can no longer stand back and watch while the McCann couple attempt to convince them that their child was abducted, and is alive and well, living in her lair!

  167. From what Joana has so well explained at 158, it would appear to be possible therefore that if Dr Amaral and the others completely reject whatever the McCanns are proposing, THE CASE COULD BE BACK ON AGAIN IN A FEW WEEKS, and not the six months we were expecting.

    Please correct if this is not so.

    For this case to have dragged on for so long, and Dr Amaral having his assets frozen in the meantime, is something that needs sorting as soon as possible, and I hope he receives great compensation for having had to put up with that for a start.

  168. Missing Abroad appoints ex-Met Head of Homicide and Serious Crime

    "Missing Abroad is delighted to announce the appointment of another key advisor. Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) Commander Simon Foy retired recently and immediately agreed to join us as a special police advisor."


    "The investigative review commenced in May 2011 under the leadership of the then commissioner, Sir Paul Stephenson. A murder team within the Homicide and Serious Crime Command was tasked to conduct the review and is led by Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood acting to Detective Chief Superintendent Hamish Campbell and Commander Simon Foy."


  169. 'Detectives believe there is a possibility that Madeleine McCann is still alive'

    Yeah sure!, and those dogs who worked the case are just a phantom of the imagination, never to be mentioned again!

  170. From Stop the Myths

    Posted by Pedro Silva » Tue Jan 29, 2013 9:01 pm

    MADELEINE McCANN IS A REAL, LIVING, FINDABLE CHILD, all efforts are based on this.

    Pedro Silva

    Poor Pedro he doesn't know that K & G said they stopped searching back in April 2012, there is no effort unless Pedro is out plodding the pavements looking for Madeleine!

    Where has Pedro been for past year?


    News have arrived at our big desk (cough) that ex-commander Simon Foy, Fuy or Fosse (?) has recently been given a tacho* with "Missing Abroad" - a retired folks, professional, official organization that purports to find or "review" British citizens missing abroad.

    We understand this specialist organization (as it were) has no saying in the "140,000 plus children that going missing inside the UK each year" - according to Lady Catherine Meyer**.

    What do we make of this "news" development?

    The same we make of the on-going Scotland Yard "review" of the Madeleine McCann case.

    When a prestigious (albeit corrupt) police force is drafted by a toffee prime minister to do "reputation management" instead of police work, they cannot help but to become the laughing stock of the Internet world - the last bastion of freedom of speech and opinion on the planet.

    Well, may be Mr. Foy, Fuy or Fosse (?) will have the good sense of starting by eliminating crucial circunstantial evidence such as the one illustrated in the YouTube video below... but of course, he won't! - that's the job of Andy No Brainer's Reputation Management Department.


    In my opinion, these news in themselves, are nothing but "reputation management" to send G. Amaral the following subliminal:

    "You better settle out of court quickly for we are about to produce Madeleine alive! Booooo!"

    G. Amaral, who is the kind of retired inspector Scotland Yard cannot afford in a million years (too smart, too intelligent, too Portuguese) must be entertaining a smile before he dishes out the cards and calls off the shots once and for all. End game.

    Keep trying dudes...

    * "tacho": Portuguese for "gravy train"
    ** Lady Catherine is married with Sir Christopher Meyer, of bad memory. This Siree was at the time of Madeleine's accident or "abduction" in charge of the Press Complaints Comission. That was a time, you will recall, when Portuguese people - from their embassador to their judicial police, were frequently abused, insulted and misrepresented in the British press (still are today). A fact which was completely ignored by Lord Leveson in his so-called enquiry, in spite of several remindings from Portuguese journalists, diplomats and members of the public.




  172. :c The McCanns' rottweiler!

  173. IMO - Madeleine stopped being at the centre of the case -

    once book and film rights were being discussed and agreed to

    (and I really don't care by which 'camp' those deals were done, they're all as bad as one another)

    T'was the moment Madeleine became a commodity and a political football

    Apart from the sad disappearance of Madeleine, this to me is the most depressing aspect of the case

    Stepping briefly on that soapbox:

    'In the battle between moral instincts and mercenary ones - money wins everytime'

    Stepped off now

    Sleep well


  174. @ 175 in the absence of a body and/or a documented confession by perps hitherto unknown - backed up by evidence as to how they did IT...

    a live Madeleine is in fact still findable

    there ends my discourse in logic


  175. How can the McCanns continuing living with such a weight on their shoulders, how can they survive it, having thousands of people against them and who are demanding for justice?
    They don't know where to start or where to continue fighting back.
    Their stress and tiredness must be undescribable and I wonder if they regret the moment they decided not to report the death.
    I bet Tapas 7 do.
    What do Tapas 7 have to do with Madeleine's death?

    I think that the McCanns thought that the story would be similar to Ben Needham's and that the public and journalists would forget it after 6 weeks.

    Nope, we didn't and neither did the media.

  176. @179

    A live Madeleine or a dead one, a corpse/cadaver is in fact still findable! The point being made was not that she is not findable, but that there is NO EFFORT to do so!

    Logic tells me if they don't seek they will not find!

  177. Four top London libel lawyers now lined up to crush pensioner #McCann http://jillhavern.forumotion.net/t6387

    this is what you call intimdation,bloody disgusting.
    I hope Mr Amaral does NOT give the mccanns a chance to shut him up

  178. Anon 181

    A search for a 'cadaver' is not even being mentioned, as we are assured by the McCanns, who have the loudest voice in this, that there is no evidence that Madeleine came to any harm, so therefore the public should look here, there, and everywhere, for a living Madeleine.

    Well, they would say that, wouldn't they. Yet those who worked on the case say something different based on what they discovered.

    As for searching for a 'dead' Madeleine, the property of the McCanns in Rothley was never searched. WHY was that? When Murat and his family had their property turned upside down, even the garden was thoroughly searched, so they were obviously looking for a dead Madeleine.

    If the case is reopened, a search of the Rothley property of the McCanns should not be overlooked, as Gerry McCann was back and forth between PLD and Rothley before they returned to UK.

    Which of us, if we had a beloved child who died abroad, would not want that child returned home, and if anybody could do it, the McCanns certainly could with all that was available to them.

    Who would ever believe that Madeleine may have been there all the time? Not many would! All the more reason to look there first.

  179. #167, (in connection with #162):

    "@ Meadow at 162 "I don't recognise the Royal...":

    I give you two cues:

    (1) He is a rugby player
    (2) and his married to the daughter of Princess Ann - sister of Prince Charles, father of the celebrity princes.

    How "da L" does he get to be at the launching of The McCanns (S)LR Fund?

    Was the dude there on Her Majesty's Service or on his own initiative?

    See photo here (at the top of the article):

    What are you on about??????

    What royal, married to the daughter of Princess Ann??? If you mean Mike Tindall, the husband of Zara Philips, daughter of Princess Ann, then you are way, way, way off mark! LOL! If you're going to launch yet another rumour/conspiracy theory, this time with royal links, at least check the facts and who's who, make some proper research, for goodness sake!
    The man in the photo you mention (in McCannFiles), I suppose you mean the third man from the left, IS NOT Princess Ann's son-in-law, he's a former rugby player (well, you got the rugby player part right...), he's Martin Johnson, who has Leicester connections, as he played for the Leicester Tigers.

    You reminded me of that brasilien guy, who supposedly sent the MET a photo of Madeleine with her "abductors" somewhere in Brasil, which quickly was exposed as a hoax, as it was revealled the photo was from the evacuation of the Ibiza airport in 2007, after a bomb threath!





  180. Joana @158
    Obrigado pela informação.
    The number 3 of art 116 is interesting. However the claims against each of the four arguidos are different (perhaps overlaping in some cases) which means the plaintiffs may choose to drop some claims and maintain others.

    This could be a strategy to isolate Amaral and concentrate their fire power (read their depleted fighting fund) into a single arguido or could simply mean that Isabel Duarte no longer believes she can win this case (Courtesy of the appeal's court decision) and is trying to save herself and her clients from a huge public embarrassment.

    In any case, the backtracking of the plaintiffs at this particular moment is interesting to say the least. The McCann's could have waited a few more days and propose an in-court settlement during the preliminary (public) hearing.
    In civil cases judges ask the parties involved if there is any chance of a settlement before the beginning of the trial.
    The fact that they are attempting a settlement far from public eyes can only mean that Isabel Duarte is trying to avoid a public trial and the huge costs and media exposure that it entails.
    I can't help but thinking that the McCann's, perhaps ill advised by Isabel Duarte have bite off more than they can chew.

    As for back suing. I think Amaral has better chances of suing the Portuguese State (which has already been more or less sentenced in the appeal's court decision) than to successfully prosecute the McCcann's for litigation in bad faith. Time will tell I guess. The law does work in mysterious ways ....

    bijocas ....


    @181 "The point being made was not that she is not findable, but that there is NO EFFORT to do so!"

    There is no effort by the parents to find her body - seemingly.

    There has however, not long ago, a bona fide effort by the American criminal profiler Pat Brown. To my mind (if we except the searches done by the police) hers was the only pragmatic, empirical search to date, if we discount the techno-crancks Stephen Birch and his "ground radar" and Daniel Krugel's and his "quantum sniffer".

    Although I can give some credibility to Krugel's technology (on the basis of its prior achievements) I cannot help but to think Birch is either working for Burson-Marsteller or is completely deluded or both.

    Birch suggested (or rather his "ground radar" did?) that the PJ (or the Portuguese government) buried Madeleine's body at Robert Murat mother's property (under the very nose of her German shepherd dogs? yeah! yeah!).

    Birch fails to explain why the PJ, or the Portuguese government, would have done so and not announce the finding instead? What would they have to fear or hide?

    That they, the PJ, had accidentally killed Madeleine when they left her unattended at the station while boozing at the nearby Carvi Seafood restaurant or the Ocean Club's "Tapas" bar?

    It is indeed suspicious the McCanns' insist in finding the abductor and their daughter alive when they, themselves, have admitted she could be dead.

    The fact they have not searched for Madeleine's body (or even thanked Pat Brown for doing so) beggars belief.

    To me this means, they may be trying to impose a view on the general public which is not the true one. The all circus transpires of "reputation management".

    The fact that the British prime minister has bought into it and ordered Scotland Yard to dry-clean for the McCanns' only darkens their image further - particularly on the World Wide Web were reputations are made - and destroyed.


    "The hotline service is an 0845 number which can be expensive for those calling on a mobile. Such numbers are popular with commercial organisations; they generate profits for the organisation as they get a percentage of the charge made to the caller. They are also inexpensive to run for the organisation.

    An 0800 number would be more logical for an organisation searching for a missing child as such lines are generally free or cheaper for the caller than other numbers... I would have expected the Board to consider this option so that there would be no financial deterrent to the public phoning in leads to the Fund hotline." (Enyd O'Dowd)

    Reference: http://www.mccannfiles.com/id429.html

  183. @ 173 "Missing Abroad appoints ex-Met Head of Homicide and Serious Crime"

    Is this the charity or related business, Dr. Kate McCann is embassador for?

    If so, Pat Brown has written the following about her appointment: "unfuckingbelievable!". The "french" is hers! See below:


    Given the timing of Mr. Foy's appointment perhaps we can say as well, or not so well, this is "unfuckingbelievable"!


    I do not condone nor criticize Pat Brown's use of the vernacular.

    David Cameron is right now being grilled by the British tabloid media for telling Angus Robertson of the Scottish National Party: "WILL YOU F**K OFF!"

    Dr. Gerry McCann please note!



    Talk about the Queen's connection at the launching of the SLR Fund! I've just read this update:

    "By Tony Bennett
    Tue Jan 29, 2013 at 9:41 pm

    News Update

    I have just finished reading the McCanns' lawyers' 'Skeleton Argument', which runs to 15 pages.

    Up until now, I thought I was just up against:

    Isabel Martorell, Partner of Carter-Ruck and her support staff, including an Assistant Solicitor


    Adam Tudor, Senior Partner of Carter-Ruck


    Jacob Dean, barister.

    Apparently these already mighty legal resources are not considered strong enough to overwhelm me.

    So, at the hearing on Tuesday 5 February, Jacob Dean will merely be the Junior barrister in the proceedings.

    The McCanns have also appointed a Senior barrister to lead their case to imprison me...

    Adrienne Page, Queens Counsel"


    Who the hell is footing the McCanns' collossal legal bill in the UK alone?


    Definition of Queen's Counsel is:

    "Queen's Counsel is a status, conferred by the Crown, that is recognised by courts. Members have the privilege of sitting within the Bar of court... the award of Queen's or King's Counsel is known informally as taking silk, and hence QCs are often colloquially called silks. Appointments are made from within the legal profession on the basis of merit rather than a particular level of experience."


    So what this means is the lady at the service of the McCanns' is not connected in anyway with the Queen herself. It mereley means the lady is pretty good and carries "above senior" status.

    One wonders how much she charges per biting-minute

    She must be some sort of predatory shark in legal waters who, in the past, has maimed and killed all (at least most) of its oponents in court. Truth is relative, you know...


    Thank God for the SLR Fund!

  187. If a child/member of your family is missing the people you should phone immediately are your local Police Station. You do not need to phone a Charity only to be told to phone the local Police. Charities do not find missing people. You can pay them to advertise a missing person but they don't actively go looking for them. They are the "middle men" scamming money from distressed people!

  188. Mcx I agree with everything you wrote, except with not countersuing the McCanns, it's far more easy to bring proceedings against the couple than suing the PT state for the gross failures to protect one of its citizens and for archiving a case when there are obvious pending matters in the process, mainly due to the McCanns and Tapas 7 lack of cooperation (not forgetting the lack of cooperation of two successive HO secretaries, and the meddling and interference of three English PM's and aids).

    The McCanns arrested Amaral's assets; persecuted him in an attempt to discredit his good name, honour, ultimately to humiliate him; forced the Amaral's divorce; the Amaral's children suffered immensely due to all the distress; by freezing Amaral's assets as a measure to secure the absurd amount of 1,2 million euro they effectively attempted to leave Gonçalo without means to financially support his defence and to leave him without any hypothesis of working; the harassment and illegal intrusion of his family private life is evident in an obnoxious pro McCann forum where two Portuguese lawyers connected to the McCanns are or were members; the persecution of Amaral and public figures that spoke about the case in the printed press or TV breach ERC codes, thus evidentiating the non-stop attempts to silence and gag said persons; the abusive use given to an interim measure with effects only in the Portuguese jurisdiction by Carter Ruck who successfully scared Amazon in taking not only Amaral's book but also Pat Brown's book about the case; Kate's book in itself is liable to be sued for libel by numerous people and institutions; and so on...

    Amaral, Guerra & Paz, Valentim de Carvalho and TVI have in their power to counterclaim the McCanns, and I sincerely hope they, together, can afford the time and legal expenses to take the vindictive and narcissist couple to court.

    beijokinhas, Joana

  189. Read as well: Exclusive to mccannfiles.com

    Enid O'Dowd analyses the accounts of Madeleine's Fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned Limited for the year ended 31 March 2012

    «It is relevant to state here that Dr Kate McCann, a director of the Fund, made a commitment in her book Madeleine (p.138 Irish paperback edition) that 'from the outset everyone agreed that despite the costs involved, it (the Fund) must be run to the highest standards of transparency whatever it cost'. This was a clear commitment that from May 2007 when the Fund (limited company) was established, that transparency was paramount. My earlier report found a distinct lack of transparency. Were the 2012 accounts more 'transparent' than the earlier ones? Not in my opinion.

    The 2012 accounts were received in Companies House on 9th January 2013 after the latest filing date (31st December 2012); a fine of £150 applies. I commented in my earlier report on the consistent pattern of filing close to the legal deadline and how this did not tally with Dr Kate McCann's public commitment to transparency, especially when the audited accounts and other financial information are not on the official website www.findmadeleine.com.

    The accounts for the year ended 31st March 2012 were signed off by directors Edward Smethurst and Brian Kennedy on 21st December 2012, and by the auditors haysmacintyre on the same day. There is therefore no logical reason why they were not filed on time. The optics of late filing for such a company which seeks donations from the public is surely something the board would consider. I can only say the reason for the late filing is a mystery to me. (...)»

  190. # Joana 193

    I think Mcx @185 suggests what he does (my assumption) because he may be aware ( as we all are) of the difficulties (and astronomic cost) of counter-suing the McCanns - be it in Portugal or in the UK.

    That said, the court can dictate the McCanns pay all the costs incurred but I am not sure it can determined an amount of compensation to pay to Amaral, on the basis of income lost, etc.

    Surely the Macs know that! They have made sure they had top speed forward but that the reverse was just as fast to get them out of trouble as soon as they get into it.

    Amaral can sue them afterwards but if the McCanns' feel it is too much (anything above £100K, say) they won't pay. Wait! Probably they won't wish pay at all! Not a penny! For that would be tantamount to an admission of guilt and that is not what their "reputation management", their "official version" of events is all about.

    They will refuse and refuse and appeal and appeal and appeal. Amaral will get nowhere.

    May be what Amaral should do is merely to accept the court's decision which will pronounce the McCanns' arguments as fallacious -as indeed the Supreme Court has already suggested. That alone will clear his name...

    It will clear his name but won't affect the McCann brand name that much. They will simply put the defeat down to "the incompetence of the backward Portuguese justice system". Wait and see what "Mickey Mouse" Mitchell has to say.

    Amaral can afterwards make some money to keep himself afloat by writing that tell-all book Pat Brown told us about.

    Personally, I would not accept one penny from the McCanns. It is truly a pity (and a measure of subservience) that the Portuguese did not try to have them (and some of their friends) in court for perverting the course of justice and abandoning Madeleine to her fate.

    That much could have been proved and would have muzzled them from the start but ... so much for missed opportunities and political correctness "para Inglês ver" ...

    As for any legal action in the UK, that would be prohibitive, unless they had the back-up of a Portuguese citizen of the financial stature of Belmiro de Azevedo say, but we know the Portuguese do not have the same herd instinct of the British.

    See what happened to Amaral... how the Portuguese elite allowed him to be thrown to the lions and humiliated in court, in Portugal, by two medical, British, child-neglecter's - that is how it goes in post-Renaissance Portugal.

    If you sue the McCanns' in Portugal I suspect (as Mcx does) that nothing will come of it. The McCanns' only respect Portuguese law inasmuch as they can use it for their own advantage (very much like their government does with the European Union) and that is that.

    On the other hand, if you tried to sue the McCanns' in the UK you would have to face the might of Carter-Ruck. We are talking about hundreds of thousands of pounds in lawyers' fees alone. May be.

    Ask Pat Brown or wait to see what happens to Tony Bennett soon. He will get Justice in the end but will have to wait years until the European Court of Human Rights looks into his case.

    Finally and to the point, I simply do not see how Amaral can sue the Portuguese state for what happened to him. On what grounds? Your friendly "legal adviser" MCX did not explain that, nor could he, I suppose ...

  191. Joana, Astro, is there no way for you both of finding out what is going on in Porto?
    Is there no journalist around that could be spying for us?
    This is taking much too long.

    What a country is Portugal!
    justice works in silence,
    the law does work in mysterious ways...
    the public is getting tired, isn't it?

  192. Bom dia!

    No semanário O_Crime hoje:

    a manipulação que lançou a Scotland Yard atrás de uma falsa pista no Caso MADDIE.

    https://www.facebook.com/ocrime.jornal ( mas tem nada, para se comprar...... )

    Falam no singular mas sabemos que toda a situação é plural.


    ( já sabe quem é........ )

  193. The McCann have cleverly deflected so much to being all about THEM and THEIR hurt feelings, and the hindrance with the 'search' for Madeleine.

    Yet what about THE PROTECTION OF THE PUBLIC from this pair?

    The McCanns have been allowed to go around selling their 'abduction story' for years, having the public give them MILLIONS on the strength of it being TRUE. The media have also aided them in this brainwashing, willing to repeat everything Clarence Mitchell (their spokesperson) has been telling them to give out to the public. This is the same Clarence Mitchell the PJ said 'lies through every tooth in his head'. Poor, unsuspecting public, and no warnings allowed to be given!

    At the same time the McCanns have done everything possible to prevent the public from finding out that the OFFICIAL INVESTIGATORS believed Madeleine was dead, AND HAD EVEN REQUESTED THEM TO HAND OVER THE BODY.

    Several years later, and after the brainwashed public had been giving money to the McCanns for all those years, Kate McCann then writes a book denigrating the whole investigation, and the investigators, no doubt aware the truth will eventually come out, but wanting to put their slant on it, and hoping the public will still believe their version and the money still flow in, and so it continues.

    Yet I say again, WHAT ABOUT THE PROTECTION OF THE PUBLIC who have handed over so much money already to this pair?

    Aren't they allowed to hear the true version as to what really happened during that investigation, and the conclusions reached, and why they were reached, so the public can make up their own minds whether to give more money to this pair.

    It is a disgrace that old age pensioners and even small children have innocently handed over money to these well heeled characters, merely on the strength of the McCanns' say so of an UNPROVEN ABDUCTION, and more than likely quite a few people have gone without a meal or other necessity to do so.

    Meanwhile, the McCanns live in the lap of luxury in their big house with their rich benefactors backing them, and have continued to attempt to stop any voice that contradicts their 'abduction story' by using intimidating threats of litigation.

    Before the McCanns be allowed to go around peddling their 'abduction story' and requesting money, they should first have had to PROVE THAT MADELEINE WAS ABDUCTED.

    Can they do that? No? Thought not!

    Until then their attempts to sue people who stick to the OFFICIAL INVESTIGATION VERSION ought to be chucked out of court, because the people they are attempting to silence are serving to ALERT THE PUBLIC TO BEWARE OF INNOCENTLY HANDING OVER MONEY TO THE MCCANNS.



    #197 "I simply do not see how Amaral can sue the Portuguese state for what happened to him. On what grounds?"

    On the grounds that IF the McCanns' had been charged with perverting the course of justice and abandoning their children to their fate, Amaral would not be in the situation he is in today (as has been for the past few years) nor would the McCanns be defaming him and Portugal as a matter of routine.

    Also Marcos Aragao Correia and Marinho Pinto - the "Holy Cockrell", should be investigated for corrupting the course of justice. How exactly does the "Holy Cockrell" obtained those "photoshop" pictures to incriminate Amaral? Who paid him besides the weekly "Expresso"? How did his godchild find himself as the lawyer of Leonor Cipriano? How much did he exactly receive from Metodo3 - the McCanns' former rent-a cop outfit? How do they both end up as McCanns' witnesses in the trial against Amaral?

    These are serious questions that ought to be investigated by the PJ - instead of wasting time and resources "reviewing" a case only "para Ingles ver".

    Portugal should be taken to the European Court of Human Rights for falling to provide justice in this case (i.e. arresting and sentencing the McCanns' and some of their friends) in spite of all the implicating evidence provided by Amaral and his team AND then allowing the suspects to defame Amaral in court!

    Do you follow? This was a double, gross miscarriage of Justice!

    First the McCanns were allowed to walk out of the case Scot-free and then Amaral allowed to be charged by the suspects! It is unfuckingbelievable!

    Amaral may have a case in the European Court of Human Rights indeed. Let's wait and see what he does, but I would agree with you that he will probably be better off (in terms of justice, finance and public opinion) writing that DEFINITE book on the case with a little help from Pat Brown and be done with it.

    Fax Law and Justice! Fax theMcCanns!

    Joana! you can now concentrate on other things and leave the blog for posterity. This case is practically closed. Only needs a finishing touch now and then. The True Portuguese (and that includes the historical giants) as well as the peoples of the Earth, have an eternal debt of gratitude to you and Astro for keeping the Truth afloat!

  195. Why is it assumed that Jes Wilkens is a reliable witness? What was in his stroller?


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