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Scotland Yard in Porto for Maddie

by Joaquim Gomes

The Scotland Yard team that is responsible for the British investigation to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann is at the Judiciary Police headquarters in Porto to «evaluate the current status» of the case - the SOL learned.

The British officers arrived today to Porto and are currently in a meeting with their counterparts from the Judiciary Police.

The reopening and re-analysis of the "Maddie" case - missing for nearly six years - was initiated 10 months ago, by the National Direction of the Judiciary Police who nominated a special team led by Helena Monteiro, a superior chief coordinator of criminal investigation.

The British authorities expect that eventual new data to be collected by the special PJ team, allow for the process to be formally reopened by the Attorney General's Office.

After an initial investigation led by Gonçalo Amaral, the case went, still at the PJ of Portimão, to Paulo Rebelo, the current director of the Judiciary Police in Lisbon, but without any practical solution.

Madeleine McCann disappeared on the night of May 9(sic) 2007 from an apartment in a tourist resort in Praia da Luz, in the Algarve, she has not been found so far. At the time, Maddie McCann was nine days away of her fourth birthday.

in: SOL, 21.01.2013

Note: In a story run by the daily newspaper Diário de Notícias, basically reporting on the above SOL article, the journalist alleges that an unnamed judiciary source said the meeting between the Judiciary Police in Porto and the Scotland Yard Officers is a "routine meeting". That does not in any way invalidate the strong possibility of a formal re-opening of the process by the Attorney General's Office.

We all hope the process is formally re-opened, as opposed to a futile review costing over 3 million pounds so far (just in the UK), since there are still pending and critical issues, like the reconstruction of the events of the night when Madeleine disappeared that was requested by the Judiciary Police in 2007 and was never rendered feasible due to the clear refusal of pivotal witnesses or the hearing of witnesses, like the Smith family, that can help establish the truth about Madeleine's fate.


  1. let's hope they don't let Madeleine down

  2. :e OOPS! Tell me this has nothing to do with the news of the trial postponing! Tell me this it is not another Burson-Marsteller/Lift Consulting/David Cameron joint manoeuvre!

    In any case, we may found out pretty soon what Porto's PJ has been up to and which side are they on - signalling perhaps the degree of concurrence of the actual Portuguese government with the Con-Libs in the UK.

    :p Oh dear! Prepare to eject!

  3. Why do even the Portuguese journalists write that Gonçalo Amaral led the investigation when they should know that any PJ investigation is under the authority of judiciary and there are no lead detectives.

  4. Please join Facebook page "The Madeleine McCann Controversy" - the more exposure in Britain the better - since the press are doing nothing!

  5. Interesting news, but the wording is quite specific, it could be that the PJ did not do their job properly (I do not believe this), apologies for being pedantic, used to be a legal secretary. However, feel we will know for sure within days. Will the investigation starting on a search globally, or nearer to where it all began? In these harsh economic times, do a police force really want to invest millions in a wild goose chase? The Portuguese people have had enough of this pair, the Lift consultancy firm, and the book (especially) did not help. It was insanity for them to have come this far - I am sure the sackings have begun - imagine the fall out from that? I doubt anything could keep the next few days under wraps. Especially with the timing of Tony's case next week. Interesting times.

  6. I'm nervous.
    Sol is publishing what the PJ told the media, which does not have to be the wholy truth.
    There can be more things that are not told.
    Prepare your bags, McCanns! you are about to leave!

  7. Could this be the reason the McCanns caved in to Amaral?

  8. Will the SY team be presenting to the PJ the most recent "lead, the photograph mentioned in the Sunday Express, supposedly taken in Brasil back in 2007, of Madeleine and 2 of her "abductors"...? According to the Sunday Express, the photo was sent by a portuguese speaking man from Brasil (really?! a portuguese speaking man in Brasil?! Now, that must be hard to find!) to the Yard, which has taken this photo seriously, even asking the newspaper not to print it in the article! Now, guess what? Some clever people did some research and were able to establish that that photo was from some news about a bomb scare in Ibiza airport in 2007, showing lots of passengers leaving the airport on foot.
    Even weirder, Pamalam (from gerrymccannsblogs) received two emails on the subject, from the brasilian guy, possibly by mistake, thinking that Pamalam's site was the McCanns site, he identifies himself as Luiz Carlos Moreno, a real estate agent from São Paulo. The mails were destined to a certain Mark Draycott, who it seems, is connected with a security company based in Leicester!
    This Luiz Moreno is in Linkedln, and from his photo there he could very well be one of the man seen with "Madeleine" on the photograph, the one on the right, the bald one!

    What a crazy hoax! And the Sunday Express fell for it, and alledgedly also has the Yard!



    (this is being discussed in Jill Havern's forum too)

    1. eu sou o verdadeiro Luiz carlos Moreno, Joana Morais e Ben Thompson, são dois covardes que espalharam mentiras a meu respeito pelo mundo afora. eu faço uma investigação seria para o resgate de Madeleine mccann, a mais de 10 anos, e hoje eu ja sei que sequestrou madeleine mccann, e para onde a levaram

  9. To no. 7, I read a snippet on here (I think)the other day, I cannot remember the exact wording, but it predicted what is happening now.

  10. Scotland Yard, London's metropolitan police comes to Portugal to assess the work of the national police force - biutiful!

    I wonder if the PJ in the past has had the same privileges concerning the Leicestershire police besides those rogatory letters that took ages to be dealt with...

    A few words of caution to those in power in Portugal:

    "The more you lower yourselves the more you expose your behinds..."

  11. And what exactly do the UK review team consider to be new data I wonder! hopefully not those hundreds of leads 'a la Redwood', lets hope were spared any more commentaries from him , Im still wondering if the choice of Redwood as a spokesman was deliberate, puts me in mind of "The Fall Guy".

    Lets put Redwood on the front line, no way will anyone with a brain believe a word he says, keep the public talking about him and their minds off what were doing, job done!

    I live in hope that was the plan!

    That said, I do wonder if both review teams, UK and especially Porto are content reviewing an INCOMPLETE investigation.

    Hard to imagine a team of serious top cops in Portugal being given thousands of pages of another Police Forces investigation into a missing child to review and not questioning that huge chunks of important information in that investigation are MISSING and knowing why there missing.

    There is no way on earth that these reviewers haven't questioned how valuable a chunk of unresolved issues are missing from those files,

    I'll bet the words failed RECONSTRUCTION has crossed their minds many a time.

    To me, both review teams could eventually be faced with the same obstacles that the original investigators had and they too won't be any nearer finding those "new and credible leads", lets hope any new data discussed involves a push to get the original investigation COMPLETED.

    Sandra Ryan.


    We all hope that this case is re-opened, that the main and key witnesses co-operate fully with the police who will investigate. How would it look if, second time around, they did not, assist police fully as they should, more especially when a £3.5m Review was granted them? It would not go down well with the police or the public. So if this case is re-opened, it will do the McCann couple good to remember this, to remember Madeleine.

    To remember also Gerry McCanns words:





    The above is a blog entry by Gerry McCann from March 2009.

    It raises many questions, not least that he urges the public to remember Madeleine as a REAL, LIVING AND FINDABLE little girl.


  13. cntd

    Of course she is a real little girl what other kind is there? Of course we cannot say she is not findable but what we can say is that it is not for sure that the child is alive that she is the living and findable little girl McCann instructs us to remember her as.

    He tells us that we know why "we" must keep going. Is this 'we' referring to he and Kate McCann or to the public in general? He asks also that we don't give up on Madeleine.

    But what exactly does that mean?

    It is natural to hope that a missing child will be found safe and well, but it is also natural, based on the knowledge we have of the circumstances relating to how the child came to be missing, that we will consider this not to be the case. It does not stop us hoping that we are wrong in thinking along these lines but realistically the circumstances of the disappearance have to be taken into account and applied. This is what police do, and in the case of missing Madeleine, there appears little hope that the child will be found alive. She may be found, her body, but realistically, not found alive.

    McCann asks us to imagine a little boy or girl out there HOPING AND WAITING to be found.


  14. cntd

    I have considered this many times.

    Whenever I think of the three McCann children on 5 consecutive nights being left alone in the unfamiliar apartment, upset and crying, HOPING AND WAITING for mummy or daddy to come tend to them, to comfort and cuddle them, to assure them all will be okay, to not be frightened. Just the thought of them, or any child in such circumstances, experiencing such fear, makes me weep. I could not for a moment leave any child in such distress, the thought of doing it to my own does not bear thinking of.

    So how is it that the McCann couple were able to do so, FIVE nights in a row? They tell us their daughter Madeleine told them she, and one of her baby siblings had been crying in their absence, yet they left them alone again that very evening. They knew of their children’s distress, and it did not deter them from going out to dine with friends leaving their children alone and afraid.

    I have also considered many times, that the McCann couple said they believed their daughter was being held by paedophiles.

    Can you IMAGINE a child, Madeleine, in such terrifying circumstances HOPING AND WAIING to be found, the urgency, and yet her mummy, daddy and their friends, refused to help police with the investigation to find her?


  15. cntd

    They were asked by Portuguese police to take part in a criminal reconstruction of the events of the night the child vanished, the friends refused. Their excuses for doing so, so petty, selfish, thinking only of themselves, not a single thought for the REAL, LIVING, FINDABLE LITTLE GIRL who was in the hands of paedophiles, her parents, condoning and agreeing with their friends in their refusal to help the police with their inquiries. Kate McCann did so in radio interview and Gerry McCann in televised interview.

    How can it be that in such horrendous and horrifying circumstances, this child's parents could choose their friends over their missing child, in essence that is what they did! Their friends’ fear of facing the police, having to face facts, coming face to face with the truth on returning to Portugal concerned them more than the fear their daughter Madeleine would be experiencing in the hands of the paedophiles

    Can you IMAGINE the mother of any missing child refusing to answer questions put to her by the police, when she believed her little girl was in the hands of paedophiles? Can you IMAGINE any mother acting in this way no matter with whom or where her missing child was?

    Knowing or suspecting our child has been taken by a paedophile would without question have us going out of our mind, not a single thing we would not do in the hope that it would lead to a safe return. We would co-operate with the devil himself if we thought it would bring our child home and unharmed. Yet the McCann couple, their friends, did NOT go all out to do everything in their power which might have given Madeleine a fighting chance. So much they could have done in an effort to bring home safely their daughter, the daughter who they ask the public to remember, as a REAL, LIVING, AND FINDABLE little girl.

    They all, every one of them made the decision NOT to act in Madeleine's best interests. The FINDABLE little girl was not going to be given every possible chance of being FOUND.


  16. Refusing to assist police with the investigation, is not suggestive of people, parents who believe their child is in the hands of paedophiles, a child HOPING AND WAITING To be found by her mummy and daddy. Neither is it the actions of parents who are thinking of their little girl as LIVING AND FINDABLE!

    It is the McCanns/their friends refusing to help police in their investigation, which makes Mr. Gerry's statement of 'out there' being a REAL, LIVING, FINDABLE LITTLE GIRL - as having no ring of truth!

    It is Kate McCanns words in 'Madeleine' which compounds this.

    Much as I have tried, I cannot think of a single reason as to why if the parents are innocent of all involvement in the child's disappearance that they and their friends would refuse to help her. No matter how one tries, it is impossible to understand such callousness, such cruelty, in both leaving their children to fend for themselves and then not to co-operate with police when one of their children, due to the negligence of the parents, vanishes, never as yet to be traced.

    Yes Mr Gerry asks us to imagine a little boy or girl who is 'OUT THERE' HOPING AND WAITING for their mummy and daddy to come find them, take them home...

    I IMAGINE Madeleine, Sean and Amelie alone in the dark unfamiliar holiday apartment, the unlocked door, their crying, three little tots HOPING AND WAITING for their mummy and daddy to call to comfort them in their time of need.

    I think of Madeleine, if alive, as McCann said, in the hands of paedophiles, HOPING AND WAITING for them, her parents to find her, and I never stop IMAGINING, wondering what in heaven’s name possessed them as the parents of this missing child, and their friends also to choose NOT to assist police, NOT to help Madeleine?

    I guess only THEY know the FULL reason behind such a cold and callous act why they would leave Madeleine 'out there' HOPING AND WAITING to be found.

    IMAGINE Mr Gerry and Mrs Kate, how your daughter would feel to know that at that point in time, you and your friends, WROTE HER OFF, gave up on her, left her 'out there,' HOPING AND WAITING.


  17. cntd

    'The British authorities expect that eventual new data to be collected by the special PJ team, allow for the process to be formally reopened'

    Difficult to imagine also, that the Metropolitan Police could reach any other conclusion in this case, than that of the Portuguese Police - but we will see.

  18. The McCanns are lost, aren't they?

    Finally something is about to happen. I hope they and Tapas 7 will have no chance to escape.
    I believe that Tapas 7, or at least some of them, have told the truth to the Met police.
    And I believe the PJ has evidence of the death otherwise they would not have accepted the involvement of the Scotland Yard in the case.
    It would have been no use and waste of money.

    They are ready and preparedd to catch those filthy people.
    I hope all of them will arrive in Algarve as witnesses and not as arguidos.

    I fear for the twins' lives. How will the parents tell them that they lied all the time?

    Their lives are in the hands of the Met police. They have to be saved before the bomb explodes.
    They have the right to live.

  19. My idea is that the PJ told this news to Sol for some purpose.
    Till now, we had not much idea about what was going on. Or no idea at all. Carlos Anjos'words was a great support to us, when he said that the Yard had still not find any leads that contradiced the PJ's work.
    That was an announcement, imo, preparing us for better days, which we all deserve.

    And now we learn that the Yard arrived in Porto yesterday, something the PJ were not obliged to tell also because I believe they have been several times in Portugal in all silence.

    This news has a purpose, probably not for us but for the McCanns and for Tapas 7. Or for their accomplices.

    Joana, are you also unable to fall asleep? Me too!

  20. Many thanks as ever. Wherever this case now goes, since it must be seen that the MET has\or is fast coming to a close, and\or running out of money - the alleged £3.5m+ comes a time when no government can keep throwing money at something, with no conclusion in sight.

    Then we come to the WHAT IF, Portuguese authorities re-open the case? What if indeed, there is NO point in them attempting this, unless they are assured of the co-operation, that they didn't seem to get before. Let us recall how much the UK paid the Leicester Police £1+ and the co-operation that seemed to be apparent, but scratch away and you see the frustration of the Rogatory interviews & the late submission to the enquiry of the Gaspar statements, with no apparent analysis\investigation. Yet alone their failure to secure the return of the British witness to partcipate in a reconstruction, NOT BCC CRIME WATCH STYLE - but how the Portuguese prefer actual witneses reenactment.

    So, WHAT IT, this is reopened there has to be, surely
    particularly the statement of the Smith family
    answering if only lip-service the refusal of the 48 Questions to Mrs McCann.

    As much as the British tax payer has coughed up huge sums of money, both directly as extra police budgets & from the donations. It has to be remember EQUALLY the Portuguese have also spent large sums of money. And there comes a time, when a line has to be drawn.

    And for all the money by ANY means at the McCanns disposal, all the private detectives and razmataz they have not come up with one positive sighting or clue.

    Except of course the very ambiguous sighting by their friend JT: who saw the abduction taking place in front (behind) Mr McCann and JW as they stood talking in the road. Yet within minutes anotoher friend FAILS to notice her missing from her bed.

    Slight recap for anyone not familiar with the case.

    Yes it could have been a stranger abduction, but .... really ^above^

    Meadow aka missypuddleduck.

  21. response to Rosalina Hutton

    It has to be remembered that this case was subject to a REVIEW when Sr Amaral stepped down from the case & the new officer took over. There would have been further review\s to summarize the case & shelve it.

    And always remember the SAFETY NET in place, that each Arguido had the right for the case NOT TO BE CLOSED.

    The six week period came and went and followers of the case were blown out of the water that the McCanns did NOT exercise their legal right, but allowed the case to be closed\shelved.

    aka Missypuddleduck

  22. Is it the case that the man who sent the "Brazil" photo/ e mail is not necessarily named as his e mail address states? my own e mail is a mix of my family names, does not confirm my identity at all.
    In other words, is his name something else entirely?

  23. Reconstruction, shouldn’t that be reconstructions? For a start there’s three different versions of the timeline (two produced during the search) to cater for, then there’s the version relating to Oldfield’s first statement in which he carries out his first check after all assembled at table (refer to first two timelines), not forgetting Dianne Webster’s statement where she categorically denies passing Oldfield on his way up to carry out his first check as he claims in his second statement (refer to third timeline). Then of course there is Webster’s “remembered” version of events which she recants in her rogatory telling how she forgot to point out how she did in fact pass Oldfield on his way up. Let’s not forget the McCann’s contributions of locked doors, unlocked doors, doors half open as usual, doors slightly ajar, curtains closed, curtains open, twins drugged, twins not drugged, twins drugged again (I’m not sure what their current stance is at present) and of course that troublesome window, was it used for egress. exit, both or was it just a red herring to give the abductor a head start allowing him to be 400 metres away 40 minutes after snatching Madeleine from her bed? There’ll have to be at least three versions of the reconstruction for O’Brien alone, one for the first timeline which he wrote, one for the second timeline which he wrote and one for the third timeline which was written by the group (minus Dianne Webster) to account for all the glaring omissions in the first two. Then there needs to be a version for Jes Wilkins’ account of events, in which he points out that Jane ‘x-ray eyes’ Tanner didn’t walk past him as he chatted to Gerald, obviously this version leaves Gerald without his much needed alibi for the Smith sighting!
    I could go on but before I leave here’s a piece of advice for DCI Andy Redwood, one of the Met’s finest. If you’re going to lie to camera take lessons off Kate McCann first she really is a dab hand at it!

  24. I just hope the pj DO NOT cave in to the sy team,

  25. That brasilien guy, Luiz Carlos Moreno, the real estate agent, if it's him who is behind the photo hoax, has, according to his Linkedin profile, some business links with real estate organizations in Portugal. Remember Murat...? He too is in the real estate business. Now, add to that coincidence the fact of Marcos Aragão Correia, the "psychic" lawyer, now is living in Brasil...
    all the makings of a beautiful conspiracy theory...or maybe not a theory at all, just pure unashamed conspiracy!


    It seems to me if this case is to be re-opened (and I don't mean a Yard-led dry-cleaning operation on behalf of David Cameron and the celebrity couple) the latter would, at the very least, be charged with "child neglecting with dare consequences" and some of their friends with "perverting the course of Justice".

    BUT...I suspect what is happening behind the scenes is the PJ telling the Yard:

    :k "Look here! They were lying! Look there! They were lying! Look up! They were lying! Their neighbour upstairs heard! We know they left their children alone as a matter routine! For all we know they may even have drugged them (in order to be confident they would not cry their lungs out when they were out boozing). Look at the dogs here! Look at them there! Look ..."

    and the Yard goes:

    :j " Schhhh! Shut up you PJ idiots! That's not what the "Camarão" wants! This is a white wash! Comprende!?

  27. No cop worth his salt would ever ignore the work of those dogs in this case.

    If they have, the word to describe what is happening has got to be 'whitewash'.

  28. The Body of MADELEINE MC CANN lies buried beneath the Murat driveway, and the team intends to prove it....Stephen D. Birch (South Africa)

  29. Hope so, justice for Madeleine, that's all this should be about not about publicity for ANYONE else. That's all anyone ever wanted, was TRANSPARENCY which so far has not happened.

  30. Thrilled to be getting news,at long long last,that there might be "light at the end of the tunnel"!!!! Hopefully there will be no further obstacles thrown in the mix ,by the higher up people who so desperatly want this debacle shelved for eternity!! When I think of the way Lord Justice Leveson fawned over them at The Leveson Inquiry,I still feel my hackles rise,but ,in fairness to him,hes in no way the only "celebrity" whose been taken in by them and of course their spokes person,speaking of him,he,s keeping a low profile re the libel case etc isn,t he.PS I,ve missed you Joana,hope you are well!!

  31. Mr. Birch that farce has lasted long enough - you should have been taken to court for illegally trespassing a private property and also for defaming the Portuguese police and Portuguese prime minister. Enough said.

  32. What will they do if they re-open the case? Surely, they will only do this if they have significant new evidence. It's not enough to suspect that the Tapas 9 were involved even with a full review of the evidence.

    The case is in Portugal, if they believe the Tapas 9 were involved they would have to extradite them to Portugal. The McCanns and their friends will fight this in court and claim that they're being persecuted and there is no evidence against them.

    I for one would love to see this matter properly investigated with the Tapas 9 and other witnesses, questioned under caution, there houses searched, their computers taken and searched but unless SY have jurisdiction, this will never happen, so they'll be able to hide away, carry on with this farce of an abduction and all we'll be able to do is watch from the side lines.

    Let's keep our fingers crossed though!!!!!!!!!!!

    On another note - doesn't anyone else think that Kate's announcement that the money had been transferred to the fund, have something to do with the settling of the Amaral case - i.e. getting rid of the money before she had to pay it over!!! It smells of a McCann scam

  33. Thanks for everything you're doing, Joana. I have always believed in justice prevailing in the end and I am hanging all my hopes on that phrase being truer now more than I've ever wished it to be. Sometimes the search for truth can be a long road with many twists and turns, mostly created by evil, corrupt, sociopathic and desparate individuals.

    When these same people and organisations you expect to follow the path of seeking absolute truth use disinformation, deceit, corruption, bent politicians, bullies, propaganda, smokescreens and any other tool to prevent justice, one has to wonder what kind of awful world we're living in to put up with such despicable and sick tools, lies and behaviour.

    Where Machiavellian attitudes, government corruption and other sinister forces like Freemasonry are allowed to fester with such major force and power, regrettably the truth of the lie and successful cover-up of same will always be the order of the day.

    I am therefore unable to share the enthusiasm and positivity of others when they hope for a transparent, open and honest re-evaluation of the evidence. Evidence that clearly points to those that know they are guilty. Because of their sociopathic tendencies, lack of feelings and of any remorse, these despicable individuals have been able to maintain a facade of deceit and lies all the while the general public, the sheeple are so easily taken in by them.

    In itself, the mere fact that the media, a major player in all of this inhumanity and injustice we have had to contend with since Madeleine's 'disappearance', in collusion with witnesses who have refused to answer critical questions and to explore ideas by submitting to the simple act of a re-creation of events that led up to her 'disappearance' have directly contributed to killing off all further lines of inquiry.

    This is what disgusts me the most. The media, the gullible and ignorant general public and the 'unwilling' witnesses have all been complicit in the horrendous fact that none of us will ever discover the truth.

    I have little to no faith in either the Portuguese or the UK Police in seeking the truth for the sake of little Madeleine. That said, you never know and I truly hope I'm proved wrong and that finally, justice will finally be done after all these years.

    My fingers are cross but my heart remains heavy and suspicious.

  34. Hei! #26, if you're talking to the PJ it should be COMPREENDE?!, not comprende, that's spanish, castellano, ok?

  35. Stephen D. Birch lookalike at #28:

    "The Body of MADELEINE MC CANN lies buried beneath the Murat driveway, and the team intends to prove it..."

    Which team? Manchester United, F.C. Porto, S. Yard or PJ? Please clarify.

    The Yard, is trespassing on Portuguese judicial territory and so where you dear Sir but OK you did it for a worthwhile cause, except some don't think it was the cause of Truth.

    What would you tell cynics who suspect you may have been paid by Burson-Marsteller/Lift Consulting (the reputation management global experts on the McCanns' payroll) to stir-up things in support of the couple "official" version of events, hein?

    I can give you several plausible reasons for doing so, except they are too obvious.

    I am aware that the technology you used, was the same used by the PJ before and the results were zilch. Are you suggesting the PJ's technicians are less savvy then you are (an amateur)? You seem to be underestimating Portuguese intelligence. I wonder why?

    Even assuming your equipment was more advanced, or that the corpse (if any) was brought in at a later stage (which you don't believe it did) one cannot help but to smile at your apparent lack of IQ.

    Looking at the kind of evidence you present, one is at a loss to see a skeleton, a skull or indeed anything suggestive in there at all! But, fair enough. I am not a "radiologist". You could be right (cough).

    So, let us assume this was the case. I would still be at a loss to understand how you can make the defamatory inferences you did from the kind of inconclusive data you presented us with, unless you had an ulterior reason for doing so.

    ... OR simply decided to do so, in which case that should be enough to have you on a straitjacket and taken to the nearest psychiatric facility for evaluation.

    Incidentally, have you heard of a certain Daniel Krugel? South African inventor? You do seem to have a lot of creative minds down there - it must be the "rooibos" tea. Sorry! I digress...

    You did? Good! Are we then to believe your technology is superior to his or that his inferences are wrong and yours right, or both?

    You mean the child was buried where he says it was and then brought to Robert Murat's mother property to incriminate him or even better the PJ. I see...

    Are you sure you have not been eating the wrong type of mushrooms lately?

    Now seriously, if you could put me in touch with your contacts in the UK and tell them I have an idea that might completely turn public opinion in favour of their official version of events, I would be grateful (49% for you my friend!).

    I also have another idea that would prove exactly the opposite and change reputation ratings accordingly. The problem is G. Amaral cannot afford my services. Lately, he cannot even afford a meal (...)

    Do keep us entertained!

    Esteves (Dr.)

  36. Hei! #26, if you're talking to the PJ it should be COMPREENDE?!, not comprende, that's spanish, castellano, ok?

    :d Hey #34! I know what you mean but the bimbos can't tell the difference! They use "compreende" whether you a Spaniard, an Italian, a Greek or indeed a Lusitanian demi-god. It is essentially a derrogatory term meaning: "Do you get it stupid dago!?".

    I used it in that sense to convey the underlying British/Yard patronizing, if not downright racist attitude towards the Southern branch of the Human Race. I suspect you missed the irony...

    You need to read more of my plays...

  37. The Sun - Exclusive By TOM MORGAN

    DETECTIVES reviewing Madeleine McCann’s disappearance were back in Portugal yesterday.

    The trip — said to be their fourth in recent months — was to meet officers in Porto as part of their probe into failed attempts to find her.

    Officers declared last year that Madeleine “could still be alive”.

    A source said: “Police have been out several times, this would be the third or fourth trip.”

    But Scotland Yard insisted it was only the latest of “several routine meetings”.

    The Met review squad sparked fresh hope last April by releasing an age progression pic of what Madeleine would look like as a nine-year-old.

    The youngster, of Rothley, Leics, vanished from a holiday flat in Praia da Luz shortly before her fourth birthday in 2007.


    Not once the word abducted is used.

  38. Anon 25 - you`re right IMO - Luiz Carlos Moreno, as per his linkedin profile has a strong connection to Portuguese estate agents and their access to empty properties. Why was he given the name of a Mark Draycott (who could be D.M. Draycott who lives round the corner from the Mcs old house in Queniborough and has a security business and debt recovery business)? Luiz obviously thought he was contacting the Mcs via this Mark Draycott. Estate agents is the connection. Interesting that Luiz has a Czech passport.

  39. "We are working on the basis of two possibilities here - one is that Madeleine is still alive, and the second that she is, sadly, dead. - Andy Redwood, April 25, 2012

  40. Did SY even bother to contact the Smith family as to what they saw that night? Somehow I am rather doubtful about that. After all, the McCanns wouldn't want them to do that as it is not helpful to them at all, and isn't this 'review' said to be for their benefit so they can have 'closure'.

    Now who in SY would dare step out of line when they have been issued with an order like that from above, and risk abuse, ridicule, and vilification, not to mention the loss of their job.

    As for the doggies, well, best not to mention them as it might do damage to the 'abduction' story the public have been brainwashed for years into believing.

  41. #36,

    No, I did not miss the irony, I just do not like irony that much, it get's on my nerves, and sometimes it feels like a put down on others. Come to think of that, that's the intention of people who always resort to irony to express their thoughts, a sense of superiority over others, isn't it...? That's what just happened here, isn't it, when you immediately assumed I did not get it...?

  42. Joana Morais and all you other vultures out there. This is your sickness. You all need to look in the mirror and ask yourselves why, after all this time, you still live your lives around this case. What makes you people think you know more than the investigators in this case? You cannot accept that if you were even marginally correct, the McCanns would have been charged and gone to trial. There is no evidence for your theories that exist only inside your sick imaginations. And even 'if' you were one percent correct, what kind of lives do you people have; what kind of nasty little lives- when you devote most of your time to defaming people in a case where, regardless of what you 'think' you really do not 'know'. You were not there. Even if I thought the McCanns were guilty (which I don't)- But if I did think they might be guilty, I would still never do what you people do- Because I would know that I might be wrong. Doesn't that bother you? That you might be wrong? Surely you must see that?? You can't be crazy enough to think that you MUST be right? And just knowing that you might be wrong- Why don't you have a conscience about that? Doesn't the fact that you just 'might' be spending your lives poisoning the net with your truly vitriolic, nasty words, bother you? More to the point- Doesn't it bother you that it is now 2013, and you are still obsessed with this case because you have nothing better to do with your lives? Come On! You should at the very least stop kidding yourselves that you want 'justice' for Madeleine McCann! If you think she's dead, then why don't you go and do something worthwhile for living, abused children? I will tell you why- Because you don't care at all about children- Not Madeleine McCann or any other child- You just want ATTENTION. And that is why you focus on this one child- because she is better known than any other missing child!- But none of you spend ANY time on other missing children, because they wouldn't get you the 'fame' you think you have! Some kind of fame- Not one of you people has any kind of authority in the real world. You know NOTHING about this case, and you are not experts in anything, That is why you spend hours and hours in unpaid time focussing on something where all the other nasty little morons in the world who would never be taken seriously in life- can 'agree' with you - on the net! What a truly horrible and meaningless life you must all have.....

  43. Anonymous 39.

    What else is there apart from alive or dead?

  44. @40.ahh the smith sighting,funny how the mccanns have not ask for a photo fit pic of the man the smiths saw,wonder why.

  45. @11 Sandra Ryan

    You are spot on it is an investigation that is incomplete, an investigation which Sr Amaral said - 'MUST BE RE-OPENED AND WORKED TO THE END.'

    As you say, huge chunks missing, not least a reconciliation.

    An investigation where key witnesses failed to assist, including the parents. An investigation which the parents could have prevented being shelved but chose not to engage in the process.

    How many parents of missing children, are there I wonder who choose NOT to co-operate with police, and choose NOT to keep the case open?

    But they do however, continue to ask the public to be vigilant, and ask them also for their money, for a Fund which is now NOT searching for this missing child. They continue also to ask the public to believe the child is alive - perhaps so that the public will keep donating?

    I don't see how the Met, if all in this Review is above board, can possibly reach a conclusion regarding what most likely happened to Madeleine other than to be in agreement with Portuguese police.

    How could they not see through the very simple, obvious, and basic things - The McCann Story of Abduction - which absolutely does not add up - As Goncalo Amaral stated - 'RIGHT AWAY THE LIES STARTED' and they sure did.

    If the Met was to ignore these lies, changes in stories,and everything else about this case which does not add up, which the Portuguese have proved do not add up, so cannot possibly be the truth of matters, and they, the Met then proceed to conclude Madeleine was abducted - then we will know for absolute sure how far the corruption in this case extends.

    An absolute fact:

    Oldfield's story does not add up.
    Jane Tanner's story does not add up.
    Diane Webster's story does not add up.
    David Payne's story does not add up.
    Fiona Payne's story does not add up.
    Rachael Oldfield's story does not add up.
    Russel O'Brien's story does not add up.
    Kate McCanns STORIES don't add up.
    Gerry McCann STORIES don't add up.

    If there is anyone out there who can hand on heart say that they believe it is possible for the McCann couple to remember how far open they left that bedroom door, yet BOTH cannot remember which door they entered/exited the apt on that night, cannot remember whether they used their key or not, whether they locked the doors or not - cannot remember which night they changed the routine and cannot explain why they changed it, if they believe that Gerry McCann really left those children after checking on them knowing someone had to have been in the apartment to have opened the bedroom door, then those people are lying to themselves,and one must ask why anyone would do that. Why anyone would deny an innocent child the justice which should be hers?

    By defending the lies, and that is what they are doing, they are horribly failing this child and all others.


  46. I truly do not get it, why people would act in this way. Bury their heads, deny what is as clear as day. Why they will NOT acknowledge the obvious lies - which they can listen to on any of the interviews given by the McCann couple - and pretend otherwise? What would make persons support the lies of the parents!

    I can only think they are afraid of where the truth might take them - afraid that they may learn that the lies are not innocent - but told to cover something tragic! Something they just don't want to accept that these people, the McCann party, who they do not know, and who for some strange reason they hold in high esteem, are capable of.

    Truth is, all of us, if we find ourselves in a desperate situation, are capable of things we would not normally do. No matter whether we are the school cook, or the cardiologist- rich or poor.

    I would have to say, in circumstances such as those of the Madeleine case, a cardiologist with a team of medical professionals to assist,would be very much better equipped in many ways to conceal a crime than most others.

    Which makes one wonder all the more why some are so reluctant to acknowledge what we know absolutely to be lies,and reluctant to acknowledge that this group of people, like any other are capable of doing what they feel they have to when faced with what they feel is a desperate situation.

    Finding their 3 year old child lying injured, possibly fatally, having left her on her own, in the way that Madeleine and her brother and sister were - might just have resulted in these parents, acting in a way they themselves would beforehand, never have thought possible.

    And perhaps it is the fact that they are medical professionals that they were able to steel themselves for what was to come.

    I don't think there are many who believe the McCanns murdered their daughter, most though based on the facts believe she was not abducted, that the group know exactly what became of her.

    It is interesting, that the supporters are happy to ignore the lies. If they really thought they were innocent lies - they would defend by giving feasible, plausible explanation for them, but they don't. They can't. Just like the McCann party can't! - So they just choose to completely ignore them. Pretend everything the McCann party has said has been truthful in content.

    One thing in this case we can be sure of though - CONSISTENCY!

    CONSISTENTLY they have lied - CONSISTENTLY they have given more than one version of accounts, covering various aspects.

    The supporters, never question this either! Makes one wonder which account it is they believe?

    Pretty impossible for the Met not to notice the various accounts etc But possible they won't act on the obvious?

    Very best wishes to you.

  47. It would have been interesting to know which member of the Tapas group, besides Kate, it was that also had an item of clothing alerted to by the cadaver dog.

    One of the Smith Party said that the man carrying the lookalike Madeleine that night was wearing light coloured trousers 'WITH BUTTONS DOWN THE SIDE', and lo and behold there appears to be a photo of Gerry McCann early on wearing similar trousers with buttons down the side.

    Was the Smith family member ever shown the photo for comparison, and did the cadaver dog ever get a chance of a snifter at them?

    Too much political interference by far in this case as it should never have been shelved with so many questions unanswered, and so much left undone, like a search of the McCann property in Rothley.

    How did the McCanns manage to avoid that when Murat and his family had their property and gardens searched inside out, and upside down, and yet Gerry McCann and his family and friends had been back and forth between Portugal and UK on numerous occasions.

    Meanwhile, it is hard to believe it will be anything but a whitewash that SY will be pushing, and a complete waste of even more of the tax payers money.

  48. SUN at @37 "as part of their (SY) probe into failed attempts to find her."

    :d Notice the patronizing, preposterous, subliminal wording of the Sun's journo... "failed attempts to find her"...

    Well... the PJ DID find out what presumably happen to the child - that much is clear from their preliminary report and Gonçalo Amaral's book!

    If only FSS had not bungled their laboratory analysis, if only they had not destroyed all forensic samples...

    If only the PJ had been smart enough to send the samples to an independent laboratory elsewhere in Europe OR simply stuck to their own conclusions.

    (Portugal is an independent country. It does not need the opinion of rich, heartless, "technologically evolved" barbarians with only one objective in mind: Global Domination).

    If only the dogs findings were accepted in Portuguese courts as witnesses. In the USA they have been...

    If only the McCanns did not stand high up in the ideological ladder of their tribe (medics), had a lot of money at their disposal (theirs and The Fund, Ltd.), had the support of their parochial media, their retrograde government and their "Dad's Army" police not to mention their multi-million, global, legal and "reputation management" teams (...)

    If only the Portuguese authorities were not so much in awe of a bulldog without teeth. Wake up for Christ's sake!

    :o "Failed attempts to find her!"
    :e Pass me the spittoon!

    PS The journo could have meant: "failed attempts to find her body!" in which case I apologize. Hello Dominic Mohan are you there?

  49. #41 :a I am sorry I made you feel stupid but you did ask for it, did you not my friend?

    The comment was not directed at you but at Scotland Yard and the PJ, besides you should not have corrected me on my "Latin" since you now admit to have understood my irony in the first place...naughty! naughty!

    Now, if you are asking me to dumb down my comments or change their style in order for you to feel more confortable, my answer is "NO!".

    You have deliberately stepped on an argument that was not yours merely to correct my persona on a trivial detail. Why would you do that? To show off your superior knowledge of Linguistics? Come on!

    :a May I politely ask you to "get a grip" elsewhere? Thank you ...

    # 36

  50. :k FAX SCOTLAND YARD - Part I

    “Eddie” marked (signalled) cadaver odour:

    • in the McCann couple’s bedroom in apartment 5-A (from where little Madeleine disappeared) in the area next to the wardrobe;

    • in an area next to the living room window that has direct access to the street, behind a sofa;

    • and in an area of the same apartment’s garden.

    The dog “Eddie” again marked the signal of cadaver:

    • at the “Vista do Mar” villa, which was rented by the McCann couple after Madeleine’s disappearance, in the area of a wardrobe that contained a soft toy that had belonged to the little girl;

    • on clothing that belonged to the applicant Kate Healy, Madeleine’s mother;

    • on the outside of the Renault Scenic vehicle with the license plate number 59-DA-27, that was rented by the McCann couple after the disappearance, next to the driver’s door;

    • and on that vehicle’s key/card.

    The dog “Keela” detected residues of human blood:

    • in the same living room of apartment 5-A, which had already been signalled by “Eddie”;

    • after the floor tiles that had been signalled during the first inspection had been removed, she again signalled the spot where the floor tiles had been;

    • on the lower part of the window curtain that had already been signalled by “Eddie” before;

    • on the inside of the boot of the Renault Scenic vehicle that had already been signalled by “Eddie”;

    • and in the door storage compartment on the vehicle’s driver’s side, which contained the car key/card;

    The dogs’ indications cannot be used as evidence in court, but in multiple cases they provided precious help in terms of collection of evidence for the Scotland Yard and the FBI, with positive results.

    These indications were later not corroborated by the British forensics lab that was chosen by the investigation, but they were enough to constitute the applicants, Madeleine’s parents, as arguidos in the criminal investigation that was performed over her disappearance.

    (part 1/2)

  51. :k FAX SCOTLAND YARD - Part II

    "In possession of that new data, and crossing it with the data that had been collected before, the Portuguese authorities - the Public Ministry and the Judiciary Police - tried to perform a reconstitution of the facts, they did and tried everything, but due to the lack of availability of the McCann couple and their friends, who did not show up, said diligence could not be performed and those facts still remain to be clarified.

    Concerning that matter, it is written in the final dispatch that “(…) despite the fact that the national authorities took all measures to render their travelling to Portugal possible, due to motives that are unknown, after the many doubts that they raised concerning the need and the opportunity of their travelling were clarified several times, they chose not to show up, which rendered the diligence impossible to perform.

    We believe that the main damaged party were the McCann arguidos, who missed the possibility to prove what they have protested since they were made arguidos: their innocence towards the fateful event; the investigation was also hindered, because said facts remain unclear (…)”.

    In any case, the fact is that the indications that were mentioned above were sufficient to make the McCann couple arguidos.

    The subsequent collection and production of evidence, namely the forensics evidence that was collected and treated in laboratory, weakened that conviction and thus the couple stopped being arguidos.

    What is certain is that since the start of the investigation there were incongruent and even contradictory situations concerning the witness statements; the telephone records of calls that were made and received on mobile phones that belonged to the couple and to the group of friends that were on holidays with them; the movements of people right after the disappearance of the little girl was noticed, concerning the state in which the bedroom from where the child disappeared from was found (closed window? open window? partially open window?) etc., and the mystery would only become even thicker due to the clues that were left by the already mentioned sniffer dogs.

    The Appellate Court Judges,

    Francisco Bruto da Costa
    Catarina Arelo Manso
    António Valente"



    (part 2/2)

  52. The current SY/Met team and the British Government want to reopen the process formally just to archive it as an abduction, dismissing all the conclusions the PJ and the S.Y./Leicestershire officers arrived during the only official investigation, coordinated by Gonçalo Amaral.

    “From everything that has been exposed, it RESULTS from the Files THAT:

    A) the minor Madeleine McCann died in apartment 5A at the Ocean Club resort in Praia da Luz, on the night of the 3rd of May 2007;

    B) a simulation of an abduction took place;

    C) in order to render the child’s death impossible before 22H00, a situation of checking of the McCann couple’s children while they slept was made up;

    D) Kate McCann and Gerald McCann are involved in the concealment of the cadaver of their daughter, Madeleine McCann;

    E) at this moment, there seem to be no strong indications that the child’s death was not the result of a tragic accident, yet;

    F) from what has been established up to now, everything indicates that the McCann couple, in self-defence, doesn’t want to deliver the cadaver immediately and voluntarily, and there is a strong possibility that it was moved from the initial place of deposition. This situation may raise questions concerning the circumstances in which the death of the child took place.

    (Page 2601 of Processo 201/07.0 GALGS)

  53. How long is this still going to take?
    Any hope for us who are dying to hear from the PJ?

    I understand that we can not hear much before Tapas 9 are taken to Algarve, for the reconstruction.
    Many public prosecuters and judges will be involved in their leaving to Portugal. Everything has to be ready including their luggage.
    Twins somewhere safe.
    I expect them to be taken in the middle of the night.

    Although I hope that it will happen at the presence of Gerry's colleagues, at the hospital
    and on the patio of the school(Kate.)

  54. Anon 51

    The wording of Page 2601 of Processo 201/07 0 GALGS which you reproduced above ought to be printed by the media WORLD WIDE to inform the public to BEWARE before giving money to the McCann Fund.

    How the McCanns could continue to attempt to sue Dr Amaral for defamation given what that says is beyond belief, when he has faithfully recreated the facts and circumstances of the official investigation in his Book.

  55. Joana, I have some email correspondence between myself and Operation Grange that I would like to ensure gets copied through to Helena Monteiro. Do you, by any chance have an email address for Ms Monteiro, or for the special PJ team in Oporto? Many thanks. T x

  56. Joana, Further to my last comment, providing it is not published, I can provide my email address to you. Many thanks. T x

  57. @55/56 The general contact for Porto's PJ is directoria.porto@pj.pt

  58. @ 43

    I am not a vulture, nor am I seeking fame (as you can see from my Anonymous post).

    I am interested in a case that has been rammed down my throat by the British Media for 6 years that, quite frankly, makes no sense to me (it may make perfect sense to yourself and others of course).

    I will make up my own mind what I believe and do not believe.

    How do you know that I am not interested in other cases of missing children or abused children? You don't.

    I do not believe everything I read in the papers, nor do I believe everything I read on internet blogs. I questioned the story of The McCanns simply because it changed. The door was locked/ the door wasn't locked. My own opinion is that if the truth is told, how can it change? The truth is the truth.

    I would like to discuss points that favour the McCanns aswell but I genuinely don't know of any. A little girl was missing from a holiday resort, she had been left unsupervised (regardless of wether she was looked in on at intervals - she WAS left unsupervised). Why? Because her parents were dining out. These aren't disputed. So why would I not wonder what else may have happened other than an abduction?

  59. Joana, @ 57- many thanks - emails now forwarded to the Oporto PJ. Assistance greatly appreciated. T

  60. Anon 42

    You sound genuinely distressed that anyone could believe anything other than the story the McCanns tell.

    Unfortunately for the McCanns, there are also the circumstances and FACTS discovered by the OFFICIAL INVESTIGATION, carried out by both Portugese and UK investigators working together in PDL at the time, and that is something very hard to dismiss for those wishing to know THE TRUTH about what really happened to Madeleine, and they are therefore certainly not 'vultures' in following this case.

    The information posted by Anon 52 above cannot be overlooked in favour of blindly going along with the McCanns 'abduction scenario', for which there is no evidence whatsoever, and their friend Jane Tanner's 'sighting' of 'bundleman' has changed with the telling, so as to have very little, if any, credibility, at all.

    If you really cared about justice you would dig a little deeper instead of believing all the PR issued on behalf of the McCanns by their spokesman Clarence Mitchell (who was said to 'lie through every tooth in his head', by the investigators).

  61. @ 42

    I have always been curious as to why those who support the McCann couple refuse to acknowledge where there are blatant lies in this case. You will not have to look far on the internet, listen to any interview given by them, read the rogatory letters for instance to know this is true. Please make the time to do so, just as you have taken the time to comment here. It might actually have been wise to become informed before making comment?

    Never would I myself try to influence anyone or attempt to persuade anyone who supports the McCanns not to do so. They are free to make their own choices, and if that includes ignoring truth, sticking their heads in the sand in relation to lies of which there are many from the key players in this tragic case, then so be it. I much prefer my time and energy to be spent on Madeleine trying to understand what became of her. Not on persons, that even if proof positive was presented to them of the guilt of the parents, in this or any other case, they would still shout - 'its a set up.'

    That is the last thing missing children need, for their abusers to be protected.

    Equally I will never allow others to dictate to me what I may or may not discuss or what views/stance I should take.

    What I do find difficult to understand though is why some, like you have done here, behaved in an unacceptable manner manner, and cannot put their point across without abusing those with differing views?

    Most of all I cannot fathom why, when a little girl is missing, whether dead or alive, that people will blindly support a story by the parents when quite clearly there is no evidence to support and more importantly there is proof of untruths!

    That does nothing to help this little girl or any other missing child when people are prepared to brush the truth under the carpet.

    But as I say - that is your choice, it is you who has to live with it!

    If we were all to adopt this attitude never challenging, never fighting for what is right,then perpetrators of not only criminal acts would have free rein to do their worst in society...the vulnerable, the innocent would suffer.

    Madeleine McCann is an innocent, she was vulnerable, she was only 3 years old, she has suffered, may still be suffering, a little girl so cruelly abandoned. Someone has to speak out for her. You may not wish to, but others do, and that is their choice. They have the freedom to do so and thank goodness for that!

    Please by all means make your views on the case known, come and join the discussion, put your points forward and correct any point where either myself or others have got it wrong as you suggest we have in your comment. Any correction will be welcomed, acknowledged. If I personally have stated something as fact and it is not so, then I am more than happy, will appreciate for any error to be corrected.

    Coming here to abuse others is not the way to go about your business.

    You have been more than rude to the contributors here, and seem so angry, that gets one nowhere, a calm and measured approached is far better way of being taken seriously - but please do take note, something you may wish to reflect upon - Joana Morais very generously allowed you your view despite the unsavoury and abusive content. What you have allowed fester, she has allowed you to get off your chest...

    Now that you have, perhaps you would care to discuss the case,and not make personal comment? I for one would be happy to hear what you have to say in this regard, on any aspect of it that you may wish to speak of. You clearly have followed it as long as the contributors here? Would I be correct then in saying you too have devoted a lot of your time to Madeleine case, taken, as keen an interest as we have?

    I note you say that we 'don't know, that we were not there'

    A point to ponder - Kate McCann was not there either - how does she know?

    Or, perhaps she was!

  62. @ 42

    I forgot to ask - what is your view of the latest news re the suspension of the libel case?

    Why do you think the McCanns requested this?

    Do you think if the case is re-opened,there will be a reconstruction?

    How do you think it would look if the McCanns and their friends refused a second time around to co-operate with police in this regard, in view of the UK taxpayer footing the bill for this current Review?

    Do you think it would be wrong of them not to answer police questions in any future interviews should the case be re-opened?

    And one that has always puzzled me. Kate McCann said Madeleine could not open the patio door.

    Fiona Payne said Kate told her the patio door was left open for Madeleine to get out?

    What do you think? Who do you think is lying, because one or other or both are?

    Read rogatory letters - and they were not recorded by vampires!




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