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McCanns former detectives, Método 3, arrested for illegal spying

“It is a ridiculous suggestion to claim Método 3 are paying witnesses to change their story”
- Clarence Mitchell, the McCanns spin doctor, 13 December 2007

“The Spanish detective agency Método 3 is reportedly costing the fund 2,000 a day”
- in The Independent, 30 November 2007

“We know who kidnapped her. We believe she is in an area not very far from the Iberian peninsula and north Africa. And we have a fairly certain idea of who she is with.”

- Francisco Marco, head of Spanish detective agency Método 3, 14 December 2007

“As for the Spanish detective, the theory he comes up with is that of a crook, a crook without conditions to be taken seriously. Because he denies the first rule of criminal investigation, which is not to believe in absolute truths and he considers as an absolute truth that the little girl was abducted, he knows who the abductor was, and where she is. Well, this is false. And this is so false one realizes it's a way of making money and not of bringing us the truth.” - Francisco Moita Flores, 18 November 2007

The Spanish detective agency hired by the McCanns to find their missing four-year-old daughter Madeleine understandably wants to prove that it is earning its hefty fees but the trickle of evidence allegedly involving Robert Murat begins to whiff of a stitch-up. To justify its monthly 70,000 euros, Método 3 needs to get results – any results at all - and appears to have selected Robert Murat as its best bet. The disappearance of Madeleine McCann was a nasty business from the beginning and now it’s getting nastier.”  in EuroWeekly News, 13 December 2007

«Police officers on Tuesday searched the Barcelona and Madrid offices of Método 3, the now-defunct private detective firm at the centre of a political spying scandal in Catalonia. Investigators, including two anti-corruption prosecutors, were seen bringing out boxes of confiscated documents from the buildings.

The agency's owner, Francisco Marco, and three other detectives at the agency were arrested on Monday. The entire case has rocked Spain's political foundations after recordings surfaced of a 2010 lunch conversation between the head of the Popular Party in Catalonia, Alicia Sánchez-Camacho, and the former girlfriend of one of the sons of the region's ex-premier.

The ex-girlfriend, Victoria Álvarez, informed Sánchez-Camacho about Jordi Pujol Ferrusola's alleged money laundering activities in Andorra. Pujol Ferrusola is a son of former regional premier Jordi Pujol Soley, who served from 1980 to 2003.

Two of the suspects, Julián Peribañez and Alex Borrequero, who are still in custody, told investigators that they recorded the conversation "on the boss's orders" at the La Camarga restaurant in Barcelona. The ruling Catalan nationalist CiU bloc has organized a special squad of investigators and court personnel to help those politicians or other citizens who feel that they may have been spied on.» Extract from El País, 19 Feb. 2013

70.000 Euros for Madeleine's search

Método 3 grew with high-profiled media cases; their enemies label it as «scam agency» and now it's going to be a consultancy agency

by C. Morcillo/P. Muñoz

Each time a new chief of police arrived to Catalonia, one of the first invitations he would receive was that of Francisco Marco: a letter to invite him to have dinner at the restaurant “La Camarga”, which has been the hub of operations [spy activities] of the detective agency Método 3, near to its headquarters. The current police chief, Eugenio Castro, politely declined the invitation, however his predecessor and some of the previous ones shared table and cloth with the influential Marco, with a degree in Law and an expert in self-promotion. One of his mottoes is “let them speak about us, whether good or bad”, says one of his former colleagues.

Marco took to practice that popularity and in recent years his agency was a reference in the media, particularly after the parents of the British girl Madeleine McCann who disappeared in Portugal hired them to search her. Their hypothesis was that a paedophile ring had kidnapped her and in pursuit of that idea, according to the same sources, they charged about 70,000 euros [close to that amount per month], with continuous trips to Portugal, Morocco and Britain.

Ghost expenses

“It was a scam. They said they had fifteen people working on the case but no, there were just three. They made up invoices for hotel expenses and allowances for four people in the neighbouring country [Portugal] and only one person travelled there, who in addition didn't speak a word of Portuguese.”

Along with Madeleine's case - of which nothing was ever found - the fame reached Método 3 with the advent of the former secret service spy Francisco Paesa, who was “found” in Paris, after being presumed dead [he had published his own obituary].

Monitoring the vice-presidents of FC Barcelona and the involvement, which has yet to be clarified, of espionage of the current president of the Community of Madrid, Ignacio Gonzalez, are also included in the curriculum of this agency in which “thousands and thousands of euro have come in and no one know where they are”, says a detective who knows Método 3 track record.

Severance pay

The agency was created by Marita Fernández, the mother of Francisco Marco, in 1985. She had worked has a saleswoman for an Argentinian detective when she married her husband, a criminal lawyer. Since then they have lived years of success and constant commissions - although nothing to do with the 20,000 reports that were said to be destroyed by the director of Método 3 - to the point of giving work to other agencies and individuals (they subcontracted) and then signed themselves those jobs. Their wide list of staff included an accountant, and in recent years, a former policeman heading the IT department.

Juan Carlos Ruiloba was the chief of the Technological Crime Prevention unit at the Judiciary Police of Barcelona. Shifting to a second activity, he began working for Marco where he claimed he was very well paid.
A little over a year ago, when the agency started to be less the buoyant businesses that it had been, Ruiloba left Método 3. According to sources related to the investigation, part of the money that he was owed was recovered with electronic equipment. Last week this former police officer turn to his former colleagues at the Judiciary and handed material, supposedly “sensitive”. He had waited over a year to do so.

Out of hand investigations

He was not the only police officer connected to Método 3 director. In fact, during many years it was a common practice to resort to certain professionals, such as the Forensic Science Police [Lab], in order to do specific tests, particularly when they did not have any other means at their disposal.

The agency no longer exists officially since last November, in fact its director has several pending labour disputes with former employees. However Marco, with a curriculum and voluminous list of customers, was already converting their business into a security consulting firm, outside the police control to which detective agencies are subject.

Método 3 has also been inspected - inspection in the offices of detectives are annual - however he has eluded comfortably both administrative and criminal penalties. In 1995 his father, his mother, him and a brother were arrested for illegally tapping businessmen. In that case it was revealed that they had investigated the governor of the Bank of Spain, Mariano Rubio, and his wife Carmen Posadas. The investigation was filed.

In 2011, during a routine inspection, the Police detected serious irregularities, despite the proposed sanction, which arrived to Rubalcaba's Home Office - his brother has an excellent relationship with Marita Fernández - it was also unsuccessful.

In May last year the agency number two, Elisenda Villena, was arrested during the “Pitiusa Operation”* - in which hundreds of detectives and intermediaries were charged. The agency log book - mandatory where clients and those who are investigated are recorded, as well as the dates of the jobs carried out - disappeared, because it was lost in a “flood”, Método 3, again, was not penalized.

in ABC, 20 Feb. 2013

* “Pitiusa Operation” - A Barcelona court found complaints of professional intrusion crimes, bribery, disclosure of secrets and money laundering, with the majority of those arrested being detectives and private investigators, who bribed officials to obtain and sell confidential data to third parties.


Detectives Hired by the «McCanns want to Frame Gonçalo Amaral
Método 3, the Spanish detective agency hired by the McCanns, tried to convince Leonor Cipriano's Lawyer to change the course of defense. The agency operational wanted to make of Gonçalo Amaral - the former coordinator of the PJ of Portimão, responsible for the investigation to the disappearance of Madeleine and Joana, the main target, through the intersection of the two cases.»

‘Spanish detectives asked me to arrange for evidence against Gonçalo Amaral’
« The lawyer who cooperated with Método 3 makes surprising revelations - Maddie’s parents divined their daughter’s death - Satanic societies and secret services involved in the Maddie Case - McCann detectives asked me to get proofs against Gonçalo Amaral'»

More Metodo 3 "witnesses" : Lawyer Claims Madeleine Raped, Murdered and Dumped
«Marcos Teixeira Aragão Correia, a lawyer and a PND member , says that criminals from underworld contacted him on 6th May and that gave him details about Madeleine's rape & murder. He further claims that he had given this information to police who ignored it.»

Maddie Case: Scotland Yard discredits Spanish investigation
«The investigators of Scotland Yard, who are again working in the case of Madeleine's disappearance, came to the conclusion that steps taken in recent years by the Spanish detectives hired by the McCann couple have helped very little or nothing at all towards the discovery of what happened to the girl.»


  1. Oh dear,what a shower,but the mccann s were very happy with the work they did,hmmm

  2. Let's face it, Metodo 3 did a superb job for the McCanns with all that misinformation/disinformation reinforcing their 'abduction' scenario. The money donated by the public for the 'search' must have been rolling in.

    As for them being into 'money laundering' well, naughty, naughty them. Who would ever have believed it! Just like Kevin Halligen, who turns out to also have been 'allegedly' into money laundering, besides being a specialist in electronic surveillance, yet the McCanns reckon they were happy with the work he actually did for them, even if it did cost £500,000 according to the McCanns, of which Halligen says he was only ever given £300,000.

    So what work exactly did Kevin do for them? Perhaps Kevin will one day tell us.

    Where on earth did the McCanns find these people, costing the Fund hundreds of thousands, and non of them even experts at finding missing people?

    More to the point, WHY did they choose THEM when there are plenty of people around who really are experts.

  3. Where did all the money really go?

  4. Oh dear

    We already have 'doing a McCann' in the urban dictionary = (Neglect) Doing a runner leaving ones children in danger.

    The name McCann will now be synonymous with all things morally offensive, with crooks of every description coming out of the(ir) woodwork, dodgy detectives, fraudsters, more unsavoury characters than one can shake a stick at!

    It cannot have been coincidence that every time they sought a private detective agency for the SEARCH for poor wee Madeleine, they just happened to choose CRIMINALS - who took their money, or Madeleine's money, and did nothing for it? More importantly, her parents doing NOTHING ABOUT IT!

    Just doesn't happen - not when you have the support and backing financially and otherwise that this pair have.

    And there they are, instead of chasing the bad guys,taking legal action against honest, decent individuals like Goncalo Amaral, T. Bennett...

    When it comes to McCanns it has always been a case of 'follow the money.'

  5. Can anyone explain me how come the McCanns hired the top libel lawyers in the UK and sort of good libel lawyers in Portugal (not forgetting Pinochet's extradition lawyer), and the worst dodgy detectives - Método 3 and Kevin Halligen - arrested for fraud, illegal spying and money laundering charges? What was the point of hiring this prone to criminal activities detectives if not, knowingly, having the intent for them to commit illegal acts at the time the PJ investigation was still ongoing.

  6. It all goes to show that how ever much somebody may think they are being clever and getting away with their criminal behaviour, they will eventually trip themselves up, and then it will all come pouring in on them.

  7. McCanns lost £450k with Método 3 & nearly half a million pounds with Kevin Halligen, why didn't they make a police complaint?

  8. The McCanns, and their hiring of crooks Metodo 3 and Kevin Halligen, and all that money involved, much of it donated by the kind, unsuspecting public, thinking they were giving it for a search for Madeleine.

    What a damnable stinking mess and rip off it turns out to have been, as these characters are now being exposed for the dishonest people they are.

    Meanwhile, the McCanns are spending yet more money trying to silence anybody who attempts to inform the public to beware believing the McCanns 'abduction story' as a fact, which it is not, and thereby warning them not to be so quick to hand over their money to the McCanns.

  9. Did'nt kennedy hire metodo3,now how would he know a company like this????.do you think the mccanns will sue

  10. @8.all crooks together.
    justice for Madeleine.

  11. I told you before the best way to hunt down McCanns will be through their connection with other crimes (like this one) and not for the main crime done on May 2007. No matter how higher McCanns support goes they will never have a huge and strong organization behind them as Amstrong did. So, is not a great discover to say that McCann won't have a long life as Amstrong did. They know that. Mark my words!!!

    Welcome back. We love to read you!


  12. Dear Joana

    With today's judgment against Mr Bennett,is he allowed an appeal or to take the case to the European Court of Human Rights?

    Just when I thought that this country couldn't sink any lower - makes me ashamed to be British.

    An English Lady

  13. Judgement http://www.bailii.org/ew/cases/EWHC/QB/2013/283.html

    Sentence ruling: Guilty of Contempt of court, 3 months in jail suspended for one year, unknown court proceeding costs to be paid by Tony Bennett to the McCanns and Carter Ruck(?) http://www.bailii.org/ew/cases/EWHC/QB/2013/332.html

  14. English Lady, I honestly don't know, perhaps if he hadn't sign the undertakings, at the same time he was almost forced to sign them from what I gathered...

  15. Man sentenced over McCanns claims

    A retired solicitor who published claims that Madeleine McCann's parents caused her death has received a suspended jail sentence.

    Mr Justice Tugendhat said 65-year-old Tony Bennett deliberately flouted legal undertakings, given in November 2009, not to repeat allegations about the couple.

    He said his conduct was so serious that nothing less than a custodial sentence of three months suspended for one year would reflect the harm he had done.

    Finding Bennett guilty of contempt of court, the judge added: "I am sure that he intended to allege that the claimants are to be suspected of causing the death of their daughter, and did in fact dispose of her body, lie about what happened and covered up what they had done."

    The judge, at London's High Court, said he was satisfied that Bennett, of Harlow, Essex, was in breach of the undertakings in each of the 13 representative instances before the court - out of 153 publications complained of. He was not asked to make findings in relation to the other alleged breaches.

    He commented: "It is essential for the rule of law that injunctions and court orders be obeyed. It can't be an answer that the person who is giving an undertaking or subject to an injunction can ignore it with impunity while it is in force."

    Bennett, who was ordered to pay the costs of the litigation, apologised to the court. He added: "I recognise the distress I have caused on a number of occasions to the claimants. I would like to apologise to them for that distress."

    The judge said that Gerry and Kate McCann, who have not attended court, had suffered injury to their reputations and feelings and resorted to legal action not to punish Mr Bennett - but to put a stop to his repeated conduct. He agreed with lawyers for the McCanns that Bennett had played "cat and mouse" with them by complying with the undertakings some of the time. "He was testing them with false or disingenuous assurances and demands for explanations to which, as a member of the public with no responsibility for law enforcement, he was not entitled."

    Later, Clarence Mitchell, the McCann family spokesman, said: "Kate and Gerry McCann brought these committal proceedings very much as a last resort. Mr Bennett has pursued an incessant campaign against them, repeatedly making false accusations against them, and ignoring the fact that the Portuguese authorities confirmed there was simply no evidence to implicate them in the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine.

    "In 2009 Mr Bennett gave solemn undertakings to the High Court not to continue this campaign, but he has gone on to breach these undertakings on well over 100 occasions. Concerned for the effect that Mr Bennett's campaign may have on the ongoing search for their daughter and the likelihood of new leads coming forward, the McCanns concluded they had little choice but to seek the court's intervention. Contrary to press reports, Kate and Gerry McCann did not bring the action to punish Mr Bennett or to send him to prison, but simply to get him to stop." He added: "Kate and Gerry McCann are pleased with the court's decision today and hope that it finally marks an end to Mr Bennett's campaign against them. The McCanns continue to focus their efforts on the ongoing search for their daughter Madeleine."


  16. http://politica.elpais.com/politica/2013/02/19/actualidad/1361305698_294651.html

    "Paquito era capaz de lo mejor y de lo peor. Aunque cobraba precios astronómicos, podía encontrarte a un defraudador escondido en algún país centroamericano. Pero a veces, sobre todo cuando se metía en temas políticos, sus informes dejaban mucho que desear”, comenta una persona que ha trabajado durante años con Francisco Marco, el director de la agencia Método 3, detenido por estar en el epicentro de una presunta red de espionaje en la política catalana."

    "Marco afirmó en una entrevista que la niña( Madeleine Mccann) seguía viva y que la encontraría en menos de seis meses. Siguió una pista que situaba a Madeleine en Marruecos. Pero no dio con ella."

    "Eso es muy de Paco: promete cosas que luego no puede cumplir”, opina un extrabajador de Método 3 que le acusa de “vender humo” a los clientes y fabricar “trajes a medida”. “Se adaptaba a lo que le pedían: si creías que tu socio era un corrupto, él cuadraba el informe para que lo pareciese”."

  17. 'Kate and Gerry McCann are pleased with the court's decision today'.

    I bet they are, this pair who could not even be bothered to cooperate with the official police investigation of their missing daughter, and skipped back to the UK when requested to remain for further questioning, and then got themselves lawyered up.

    Of course, they didn't think that looked suspicious at all!!

    As for trying to silence people who dare to say what the OFFICIAL INVESTIGATORS said, namely that they came to the conclusion 'THAT MADELEINE DIED IN THE APARTMENT' and even requested the McCanns to hand back the body, they may have managed to silence Tony Bennet, but that official investigators' conclusion is there on public record as the truthful account of the investigation, and people would be wise to take note, rather than hand over their money blindly to this pair and their 'search' for an 'abducted' Madeleine.

    According to the McCanns they have already handed almost a million quid for the 'search' to the crooks Metodo 3 and Kevin Halligen, presumably from donations made by the public, and then not even contacted the police about these fraudsters. Yet they continue to spend even more money to chase down people like Tony Bennet and Goncalo Amaral for repeating what is already in the public domain???

    They have got to be kidding!

    The public should be warned to beware handing over any more money to them before getting an INFORMED OPINION of the outcome of the official investigation, and what the official investigators concluded, (which the McCanns don't want them to hear about as they try to ban books about this), and which concluded there was NO PROOF that Madeleine was ever abducted in the first place, and Madeleine had died in the apartment.

    The McCanns talk as if they had already been on trial and found innocent. There has been no trial SO FAR, and not enough evidence to bring charges against anyone YET.

    May that evidence turn up soon so that we all can discover what really happened to Madeleine in the holiday apartment.

  18. Thank you for this report from the "independent.ie. etc.

    The only words they missed off the end were "in the Ukraine"?

  19. Thanks @16 saw the article yesterday, had to make a choice between translating the above ABC one or that one, will try to do that translation as well.

  20. Dare the McCanns come out publicly and state what crooks and fraudsters Metodo 3 and Kevin Halligen are?

    If not, why not?

    Surely an apology and explanation is needed to be made by them to the public who donated all that money, and for their hiring of these shady characters in the first place.

    What about an investigation as to how it all came about, and exactly what 'work' they did for them that was so satisfactory to the McCanns they don't even want the money back.

  21. The McCanns wined and dined several nights in a row. They have admitted that.

    The children were unprotected apart from the odd 'check-in'

    Madeline 'disappeared;, type of crime unknown.

    Evidence of abduction, NONE.


    Indications of something happening in the flat, by the use of specialized dogs.YES.

    Neglect of 3 children, undeniable.

  22. http://uk.news.yahoo.com/madeleine-mccann-man-jailed-over-claims-135107307.html#KwP0AmR
    Please look at the comments!

  23. Are the Tapas willing to come forward before a new disgrace happens?
    I fear for Bennett's life.

  24. I regret that tonny Bennett was not very smart, by not obeying the judge's orders.

    We can only blame Bennett for what he has done to himself.
    Regretful but correct: the Judge was right, unfortunately.

    And what happened to the revision?

  25. Oh, the great Spanish detective agency which would bring Madeleine back home to spend Christmas with her lovely parents and siblings!...Madeleine never came home, however the McCanns were pleased with this agency's hard work...as they were with Halligen.
    A very early plan to hire expensive lawyers and take legal action against people who cared about their daughters fate, in order to silence them, and at he same time, pretending they were actually hiring detectives to search for their daughter, a lot of money would be needed.
    Of course only dishonest "experts" like F. Marco and K. Halligen would go along with such a farce.
    When some people sense the smell of money they will do, or pretend to do whatever you would like them to do; in this case,to pretend there's a search for a litlle girl.

  26. Anon 24

    Tony Bennett was exercising his right to free speech, saying nothing that is not already in the public domain.

    The judge was wrong not to have heard the revision case first, and then made a judgement on whether Tony had been doing wrong in the first place.

    The circumstances of why Tony signed the undertaking were made under duress where he felt he had no choice.

    It is an absolute disgrace, yet no more than can be expected in UK nowadays when certain people are able to get the media in their pockets to help brainwash the public into believing an unproven statement of 'abduction' of Madeleine, and we even have a Prime Minister pressured by a member of the media, by threat of blackmail, to give them what they want on behalf of the McCanns, which is the 'review', so as to bring 'closure for the McCanns', no doubt ending up reinforcing their version of the abductor dashing off into the night with Madeleine.

    As for those unmentionable dogs, well, they were a figment of the imagination don't you know, and after all they are 'notoriously unreliable' according to Gerry McCann, but then what does he know since he also says there is no evidence at all that harm has come to Madeline, even though she is missing, and no doubt there are idiots out there who will actually believe him.

    It is getting impossible to trust anybody in authority in the UK nowadays, as all appear to be connected to each other in some way, attending the same dinner and cocktail parties, playing golf together, members of the same Masonic Lodges with Masons pledging to help each other. To what extent exactly?

    Corruption being exposed on a daily basis, even in SY, and paedophilia said to have been covered up by those in high places.

    That is why it is so important that freedom of speech for the individual and the media should NEVER be allowed to be taken away, and is worth fighting for.

    In fairness to Tony Bennett that gag imposed on him should also be removed, since he is only saying and questioning what thousands of others are also saying about the Madeleine McCann case, AND NO DOUBT WILL CONTINUE TO DO SO UNTIL THEY GET THE ANSWERS AS TO WHAT REALLY DID HAPPEN TO MADELEINE.

    Stay strong Tony, those answers will come.

  27. Anon 23, what he said in Jill Havern forum worries me too:
    Tomorrow (Wednesday) I have an appointment with the Manager at the Parndon Wood Cemetery and Crematorium in Harlow, where I shall - whilst I have the money to spend - purchase a 2'6" x 6'6" Council lawn grave plot for £950. So I shall be busy tomorrow. At least they still use Imperial measurements for these things.

  28. Anon 27

    I noticed that too, and it is worrying.

    Do the judiciary realise the amount of stress they place on people with the constant waiting, and then delays, and then back and forth even after the court case whilst they are still awaiting the final outcome.

    It must be an immense strain, and it is about time something was done to speed up the process as it is far too long.

  29. POST 17 @15.57

    "The public should be warned to beware handing over any more money to them before getting an INFORMED OPINION of the outcome of the official investigation, and what the official investigators concluded, (which the McCanns don't want them to hear about as they try to ban books about this), and which concluded there was NO PROOF that Madeleine was ever abducted in the first place, and Madeleine had died in the apartment"

    You are so right. The media have aided and abetted this scam and denied the public the opportunity to make an informed decision when parting with their cash, by deliberately withholding information concerning the investigation into Madeleine's disappearance. It has gone along with the abduction despite not a shred of evidence and a cataloque of red flags:

    i) The parents and friends ever changing stories, refusal to cooperate, refusal to reconstruct, answer questions, and the sheer impossibility of abduction as they tell it.

    ii) The parents propensity for hiring frauds and incompetents to search for their daughter whilst hiring the best lawyers in the world to save their own skins

    iii) Almost a dozen alerts by sniffer dogs cannot be ignored (it's preposterous to suggest the dogs got it wrong a dozen times)

    And that's just for starters.

  30. It is surely part of the three-million poundsworth of Scotland Yard's investigation to look into the misuse ( or waste?) of so much money by Metodo 3 and Kevin Halligen.
    Both these grey areas have been left out of the picture so far and the McCanns, who rush after anyone who crosses them, are strangely neglecting to sue or ask for any accounting details.

  31. Doesn't anyone question why the above news, regarding Método 3 arrest, hasn't been published in the UK? A major scandal in Spain that has been covered world wide? Also there was a complete blackout on the out of court settlement asked by the McCanns - what's going on?

  32. Scotland Yard here's another one for your 195 leads, quick UK press publish this!

    'Strange but True: Burnley psychic in hunt for missing Madeleine McCann'

    Mr Warne is convinced that Maddie is alive and well, but knows nothing of her early life.

    “I know she is at college in Minnesota. It is a reddish brown building with several storeys.I have never been there, but I can see it.”


  33. 27, I am @23 and I think that the visit of Bennett's to a cemetery was an attempt to influence the Judge. Most people who intend to commit suicide hide their thoughts.Perhaps he is intending to, perhaps he isn't. It is tragic but as a lawyer he should have known the risks that he was taking.
    He acted as a spoiled child, at home and at school. And he shot his own foot.

    After being gagged, Amaral kept his mouth for a long time till he was freeded.

    I agree with the very most things Bennett wrote but I must confess I have lost a lot of respect I had for him. He really disappointed me, what a pity.Such a lot of work that finished in a 300.000 pounds invoyce.

  34. Joana, if it would not be for you and Astro, I would have given up this story.

  35. Tanta peninha que nós temos do Marinho Chávez Pinto, hipócrita!

    O Conselho Superior da Ordem dos Advogados instaurou-me um processo disciplinar com base numa participação de um advogado de Coimbra chamado Orlando Maçarico. Aparentemente nada de anormal nisso. Este é o sétimo ou oitavo processo disciplinar de que sou alvo desde que assumi o cargo de bastonário.

    Esta é também a sétima ou a oitava vez, desde 2008, que esse advogado faz participações disciplinares contra mim. E, tal como esta, nenhuma das anteriores se referiu a factos que tenham a ver com o próprio participante, pois nunca sequer me referi a ele direta ou indiretamente. Todas as participações que ele fez contra mim relacionavam-se com outras pessoas. O que tem de espantoso (mais) este processo disciplinar é ter sido instaurado por eu ter criticado a ministra da Justiça num programa de televisão, chamando-lhe barata tonta. Os aliados da ministra dentro da Ordem dos Advogados são, de facto, incansáveis e, incentivados pelo aparente marasmo de uma classe que tudo parece disposta a suportar, julgam não haver quaisquer limites para a indecência. Vejamos.

    O advogado delator começa por dizer que as minhas críticas à ministra revelam "pobreza de espírito". Depois, afirma que essas críticas permitem perscrutar o âmago da minha alma, onde só se vê - garante - "lodo e lama e orgulho jactancioso". Seguidamente afirma que eu sou um "reincidente na incivilidade" e que, com as minhas críticas, fiz o que não faria um qualquer "pífio e latrinário jornaleiro". Acusa-me ainda de ausência de "qualquer escrúpulo de decência e de elegância moral". Devo precisar, segundo o Dicionário da Língua Portuguesa, da Porto Editora, o sentido das palavras "pífio" ("desprezível", "vil", "reles") e "latrinário" ("que se cria nas latrinas", "imundo", "repugnante", "sórdido"). Não sei se a palavra "jornaleiro" foi usada com o significado de "trabalhador a quem se paga o jornal" ou a quem se paga à jorna ou ainda como referência ambiguamente achincalhante ao facto de eu ter sido jornalista.

    Seja como for, o advogado delator permitiu-se bolçar essas injúrias para - pasme-se - impedir que o (meu?) "egotismo", enquanto "sintoma ominoso das piores loucuras individuais", "conspurque, ainda mais, a advocacia e o que resta de advogados portugueses" (sic). Afirmou ainda que fez a delação porque as minhas críticas à ministra da Justiça e o local onde foram produzidas constituem "representação de um uso do poder fáctico de acesso a auditórios como instrumento de humilhação, mas também impressão digital de caráter". Curiosamente, nem o advogado delator nem o órgão que acolheu a infâmia da delação indicaram a norma do Estatuto da Ordem dos Advogados alegadamente violada com as minhas críticas.

    Não me espanta que haja advogados que digam que o bastonário da OA é pior do que um "pífio e latrinário jornaleiro" e que afirmem que só veem "lodo e lama e orgulho jactancioso" na alma do presidente da OA. Também não me espanta que o escrevam em peças dirigidas ao supremo órgão jurisdicional da OA. O que espanta é que este órgão aceite essas injúrias sem a mais leve hesitação, como se de factos se tratassem e instaure procedimento disciplinar contra o injuriado.


  36. @ 33

    I think you're being a bit harsh on Mr Bennett who may have tried to inject a little humour into the outcome of the judgement he knew he would be facing. Remember, when he appeared in court he said he would have a tooth brush in his top pocket in case he was sent to prison. I think it's admirable that although he knew what his judgement would be, he still mustered up a tiny bit of humour to lighten a dark area in his life. He has done what is far above what any of us will ever do for Madeleine to help flush out the truth of what happened to her.

  37. Anon 33

    Kick a man when he is down eh, and maybe feeling like he has not much left. Kate and Gerry would be please to read that.

    Tony Bennett did his best to alert people to what was really going on, and has paid an unfair price for doing so.

    No chance you would ever put your head above the parapet for fear of getting it knocked off is there!


  38. From Madeleine to anti-ETA death squads, spy row agency was in demand

    Método 3 spied on leading Catalan politicians, including region’s former interior chief
    Police search offices of Método 3 as political spying inquiry widens
    Catalan PP leader files charges against detectives who spied on her
    Catalonia spy case company has dossiers on judges and politicians

    "Paquito was capable of the best and the worst. Although he charged astronomical prices, he could find a fraudster hiding in a Central American country. But when he got involved in political matters, his reports left a lot to be desired," says a former Método 3 employee of ex-boss Francisco Marco, who was arrested this week along with three of his detectives -- Julián Peribáñez, Álex Borreguero and Elisenda Villena -- in the midst of a political espionage scandal in Catalonia.

    Método 3 was founded in 1985 and went bust last October after a checkered existence. One of its most famous cases was the hunt for Francisco Gaesa, a spy linked to the GAL government death squads set up to combat ETA in the 1980s. Gaesa faked his own death but Método 3 located him in Luxembourg in 2004.

    The agency also participated in the search for Madeleine McCann, the British girl who vanished in the Algarve in 2007. Her parents contacted the agency to seek its help. In an interview, Marco said he would find her within six months. "That is very like Paco; he promises things he can't deliver," says the former employee, who accuses Marco of "selling plots on the moon. He would adapt to what he was asked for: if you thought your partner was on the take, he'd tailor the report so it looked like he was." Indeed, Método 3's adaptability has allowed it to work with parties across the political sphere but its relationship with the Popular Party (PP) is particularly strong.

    In 2008 the PP in Barcelona contracted Marco to ascertain whether a former police chief had been injured by a rubber bullet during celebrations to mark the Spanish soccer team's European Championship win. Without any proof, the agency reported he had lied. Marco also located 20 million euros stashed in an Isle of Man account in the name of Juan Antonio Roca, one of the key figures in the Malaya corruption case. The agency was behind the dossiers compiled on four former FC Barcelona vice presidents during Joan Laporta's reign. The intermediary was Xavier Martorell, then security chief at the club, a former police chief and now director general of prisons who is accused of ordering surveillance on ex-Catalan interior chief Felip Puig. The firm's name has also been linked to a political espionage case in Madrid involving high-ranking PP members and former Civil Guard officers.

    In 2009, Método 3 was involved in trying to disprove a case of torture against four members of the Catalan police. Using a hidden camera, detectives filmed a witness in the case accepting money to give false testimony about an invented assault carried out by the four suspects.

    Método 3's political operations mainly involved trawling databases and tracing wealth, says the ex-employee. The recording of Catalan PP leader Alicia Sánchez-Camacho was an "uncommon event," the sources state.


  39. @ 23 @ 27

    I haven't read T. Bennett's words, but I don't for a moment believe the man is about to take his own life. Why ever would he? And most certainly not over people like Kate and Gerry McCann, goodness gracious me, no!

    I would think the point he is making is that he is seeing to, a very important aspect of life, which we all must do - make arrangements for our death - so that our family is not left with a financial burden.

    This he is doing before he has to hand his hard earned cash to the greedy, seedy and despicable pair that are the McCann couple.

    A very wise and honourable man to do so!

    Unlike you, I have not followed T. Bennett closely, mostly seeing his name pop up on forums, and mostly mentioned by not very nice people, speaking of the man in the most derogatory of fashions, comments which I would not dare, out of respect for Joana, Astro their readers repeat here.

    The very same derogatory and filthy names/comments they would apply to you or, I indeed to anyone who questions the McCann couple and their fairy tale of abduction.

    T. Bennett may have acted foolishly if you like, in breaching the undertakings, which he agreed to, or arguably that he was forced to agree to, but he is not a fool, nor is he the nasty fellow the Team McCann and their supporters would wish the world to believe.

    He is not that different from you or I, or anyone else who has spoken out for Madeleine Beth McCann, who has each in their own way, tried to highlight, bring to public attention, that much is awry in this case, that it is corrupt to the core.

    He did what all decent people seeking truth and justice for this child have done - spoken, of how we do not believe the McCanns story, only he did it in a more public way, a way in which he became more noticeable.

    T. Bennett put himself in the McCann line of fire for the sake of THEIR daughter, to discover the truth of what became of the child - and it is obvious to one and all that the account they have given, is certainly not that!

    A young child could read the police reports and all else and spot the differences instantly.

    There was not a chance this man was not going to become a target of the McCanns that he would not take priority over their so called search for Madeleine. Silencing people from speaking the truth is very much more top of the agenda.

    As long as whoever is protecting the McCanns, and as long as the money keeps flowing in to the Madeleine Fund, they will always be there trying to stem the flow of truth reaching the public in general, and the UK citizens in particular.

    As they try to plug every hole in their dam of damn lies, that is, every leak, with legal action after legal action, twice as many will spring up.

    That is the life they have ahead of them - a lifetime of burying lies, plugging holes.

    We can only hope that one day soon the dam bursts completely, and that can only happen if people keep asking the questions. The questions the McCann couple have spent £m's of publicly donated money trying avoid


  40. cntd

    This is where Joana and Astro, Nige at McCannfiles, Dr Martin Roberts, Blacksmith even, Jill Havern, Pamalan site all of these people, and many more, thank heavens for them, their work and effort to bring us the news those in the UK would not otherwise hear.

    So yes, T. Bennett could have played a more clever game when it came to the undertakings, but sometimes passion for what we believe in takes over.

    I believe this man was, and is so passionate about discovering the truth of what happened to a little girl, left alone defenceless, vulnerable, left night after night in an unlocked apartment, open to every imaginable danger – to stranger danger – danger from within the group that was this holiday party, and the dangers any young child faces left to their own devices be it at home in familiar surroundings or in such terrifying and unfamiliar surroundings as the McCann children were placed.

    Gerry McCann do remember when he saw that bedroom door open, when he said he was positive was satisfied that his children had not moved out of bed, that Madeleine had not moved a muscle from the position he left her, simply walked back out of that apartment straight back to the pub.

    He did not stop to think well if the kids did not open the bedroom door someone must have come in through the unlocked patio door and opened the bedroom door.

    Does that sound like the actions of a parent who had left a patio door unlocked?

    It does not. It sounds as though the patio door was locked, else McCann would have panicked at the thought of someone having entered 5A at the thought of someone having been in with his 3 beautiful children. He did not.

    He simply thought Madeleine had gotten out of bed as the twins must have been crying again.

    It sounds like a parent who is telling lies to cover up the reason why their daughter disappeared.

    His police witness statement – 'He simply thought Madeleine had gotten out of bed and wandered through to his bedroom to avoid the noise the twins produced – CRYING!

    That is not the actions of a parent worried about their children, to not even consider that someone had come in through that supposedly unlocked patio door, and it is not the actions of a caring, loving parent to have abandoned his kids to go back to the bar knowing someone must have opened the bedroom door. And he KNEW, admits by this statement, that he and his wife Kate McCann were very much aware that Madeleine did get woken at night by the twins crying.

    This, please take as a gentle reminder as to why T. Bennett and others are fighting for the truth as to what happened to this child – as what we have been told by the parents – quite frankly and simply does not add up.

    I believe Judge Tugendhat understood this also, but he acted in the only way he could, reaching the only decision that he could in this case of Contempt of Court. And not a case anything to do with the innocence or guilt of Gerry and Kate McCann regarding how they came to act so recklessly towards their three young children on that holiday, resulting in their eldest child losing the life she had known.

    No, that day in Court has yet to come. And it will come.

    You say you have lost respect for T. Bennett? That is such a shame.

    I had not followed him closely as I said, but after playing a bit of catch up - I find I have the greatest respect for all that he has done.

    We may not all agree in the way went about his business, but we cannot deny it was with good heart, good mind and soul for all the right reasons.

    It was for the sake of this child, who seems to have been so easily forgotten by those who should care most, and who should have cared most, on that holiday, for her safety, and the safety of all of those little children who were so cruelly abandoned by all of the parents involved.

    Those same parents who have been hiding away for the past almost 6 years, those same parents who REFUSED to assist police in help finding Madeleine.


  41. cntd

    It could be argued that if T. Bennett was at fault in any way, it was that he underestimated what I consider to be the absolute evil the McCann couple are capable of. They will do whatever it takes to protect themselves, of that there is no doubt.

    Do not ever forget that this was a Contempt of Court case.

    Judge Tugendhat had no choice but to rule as he did. It was a judgement we all expected.

    This was not about the INNOCENCE of the McCanns we must make NO mistake here.

    Judge Tugendhat knows that only too well and I am sure if it had been, the result would have been quite different.

    The difference between T. Bennett, and you or I, is that he put his head above the parapet, had courage, he was prepared to stand up and be counted.

    T. Bennett went the Extra Mile for Madeleine!

    I wish him well and very best wishes to G. Amaral for when he next meets the

  42. We, tax payers in the UK and in Portugal, have the full right to know what is going on and how far the revision has gone.
    It is absurd that we are being treated like idiots.
    Both police received so much support from us, why treat us like that?

    It is our money that they are spending.Both countries in financial difficulties, needing to economize and both police burning money without any results.

    The Met police are worthless, incompetent, really a scandal.

  43. Just to say, Joana, thankyou for allowing freedom of expression in this sad, and desperate, case of a disappeared infant ( and the lives she touched )

    I cannot find any other outlet ( even the web sites/forums that purport to support debate and open discussion are no longer taking 'new members' )

    Good luck, and best wishes in your quest for the truth, and justice

  44. At 39 Yes Tony Bennett deserves respect for his intentions and his passion. Very unfair in my opinion that he has to pay deliberately hiked-up legal expenses, deliberately introduced I suspect with the intention of bankrupting him by people who believe that the only power is money. Maybe they are right in that respect. Lots of people (me included) who are frightened about being able to make ends meet keep quiet when they feel their opinions are controversial. Under these circumstances you have to consider action very carefully. I have written to PM and Home Secretary about this case and received standard replies. I have never written to politicians before, so how exactly did that help - it didn't. This is exactly what the McCann's have been allowed to achieve in the UK, they have the upper hand over (mis)information and propaganda. I am a great believer in charitable giving but how I wish that no-one had ever given to the Madeleine Fund.

    I will always care about Madeleine and want to know what happened to her. I also care about what is happening to her siblings. I hope that truth and justice will emerge and have accepted for some time now that I don't have the means to make a difference for Madeleine. Hopefully remembering her and caring about her count for something. I work for a fostering agency in Leicestershire and just hope that there are other children I have made a difference to.

  45. Hopefully, since the influential voice of TB has finally been silenced, people all over the world will begin looking for Madeleine, and she will soon be found. Isn't it a shame that for all these years he has harmed the search for the child with his negative prattle? After all, finding a missing child must take precedence over the right of one man to express his misguided opinions.

    Forgive the sarcasm, but this is ludicrous.

    Perhaps polygraphs taken by the all of the people present for that vacation would be a more effective means of inspiring people to look for Madeleine. After all, finding a missing child should take precedence over all of the adults' own comfort.

  46. From what I have seen of the SY guy who appeared on the breakfast shows telling people that Madeleine may be 'alive or dead', these SY characters are having to defy logic to proceed with this 'review' they were ordered to do by Cameron, on behalf of his pal Rebekkah who threatening Theresa May with a kind of blackmail if he would not obey, all so as 'to give closure to her pals the McCanns'. Crazy or what!!

    An outright bloody disgrace, having SY men chase after psychics, dreams, and all,(but presumably only the ones that don't point close to home), done at the request of the McCanns, who appear to have been in charge instructing the cops what they want done, yet no mention of the dogs, and blood and cadaver scent in the apartment.

    Gerry McCann certainly wouldn't want the dogs included in the 'review', or if so, they must be immediately dismissed as being ludicrous and 'notoriously unreliable' according to him, and after all, the SY guys undertaking this review have had their orders that this is being done for, and on behalf of, the McCanns.

    If they come out with the conclusion that an abductor fled into the night with Madeleine, thereby giving the 'official' go ahead for the supposed 'search' and Fund to continue, and no warning to the public to beware giving their money to the McCanns due to the OFFICIAL INVESTIGATORS having concluded that Madeleine died in the apartment, there can be no confidence left in our police whatsoever, and it will be a very sad day as their reputation will for ever stink to many who have followed this case.

  47. I completely concur with Anon #39-41 - Tony Bennett was simply making proper arrangements in purchasing his burial plot ahead of the disgusting McCann couple taking everything he owns. What an incredible amount of evil they have done, even beyond covering up the death of their poor little daughter - two marriages destroyed that we know about, and two fine men brought to the brink of nervous breakdown and bankruptcy just because they are public-spirited enough to care about the fate of a little girl they didn't know. And what is even more worrying is whether the twins are really being fed all that bulls**t about the search for their sister and the man with the poorly head who took her - if these stories the McCann couple are so proud of relating are true there will be a special circle of hell reserved for them which all the money and tabloid support on earth will not be enough to extricate them from.

  48. When I think of the McCanns the word 'vindictive' springs to mind in their pursuit of Dr Amaral, for his daring to attempt to alert the public to the truth of the official investigation, yet they are not, curiously enough, 'vindictive' when it comes to going after the fraudulent Metodo 3 and Kevin Halligen.

    These characters, who have taken so much of the money (almost a million pounds by the McCanns accounting) from the Madeleine Fund, promising great results, yet then turned out to be a bunch of crooks and con men.

    Quite the contrary, the McCanns say they were pleased with the results of the 'work' of these crooks.

    Maybe the McCanns would like to be character witnesses for them at their trials then?

    It simply beggars belief!

  49. Even if the PJ would have come up with the results, it would not have saved Tony because it was a question of obedience. That is the problem.
    Very serious indeed. If the McCanns get arrested today, it will make no difference at all. Really very sad.
    I wish him luck.

  50. Finally the @guardian picked up the story about the McCanns former detectives arrest http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2013/feb/26/barcelona-spy-agency-pique-shakira no mention that they were hired by the couple, all in all, a poorly written article by Giles Tremlett.

  51. Also in the Express, http://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/380363/Pep-Guardiola-spied-on-Gerard-Pique-and-other-Barcelona-players again nothing on the McCanns.

  52. 'Sitting pretty' http://blacksmithbureau.blogspot.com/2013/02/sitting-pretty.html

    'Time and Tide' http://www.mccannfiles.com/id232.html

  53. Didn't SY already say that what they had been given by Metodo 3 was worthless.

    So surely even they must be wondering why the McCanns were satisfied with the 'work' these con men fraudsters did for them, and why the McCans aren't going after them to try and get the money back.

    If the UK newspapers print this story of yet more vast sums of money being given to yet more fraudsters by the McCanns, the UK public who have given money for the supposed 'search' for Madeleine will be outraged, especially as the McCanns are making no attempt to get it back.

    How is the story being kept back from the public finding out about this?

    Is this yet more help by the media to stop the public from being informed to beware giving money to the McCanns?

    It is a bloody disgrace.

  54. McCanns and Amaral fail to reach settlement
    by Brendan de Beer

    The parents of missing British girl Madeleine McCann and a former PJ police inspector have this week reportedly failed to reach agreement on an out-of-court settlement.

    The defence team of Gonçalo Amaral told Lusa News Agency that court proceedings are back on track after the two parties failed to agree terms.
    Kate and Gerry McCann sued Amaral for 1.2 million euros in damages, and the case was put on hold due to an apparent attempt in January by the McCanns to reach an out-of-court settlement.

    The case centres around the publication of a best-selling book by Amaral, The Truth of the Lie, which was later transformed into a television documentary shown on national television.

    It was reported last month that more than 1.2 million euros was made from Kate McCann’s book about her missing daughter.

    “Income from the book has significantly improved the position”, of the funds’ accounts, its directors said this week, who added: “This will continue as a result of publication in other countries and the release of the paperback.”

    Madeleine’s Fund climbed to around 2.5 million euros in the immediate months after her disappearance in May 2007, but in 2009, Gerry McCann told The Portugal News, “We are in danger of running out of money by the end of the year.”

    While the Fund has admitted it has scaled back following UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s creation of Operation Grange, it revealed that it still pays for “a 24-hour, 7 day a week telephone line to receive and capture information from around the world which may assist the investigation while also supporting a small investigation team, including a Portuguese speaker to help with the above and with campaign activities.”


  55. I understand that Bennett has a chance (McCann Files), on May the 2nd.
    Let us wait. Maybe the process will be re-opened before.
    Although I fear Judge Thunderhat will still refer to lack of obedience.
    But if he gives Tony a chance, it is possible that there are other possibilities.
    And Gerry has to hurry up with his Levenson's idea.
    It is like Gerry is carrying water in a sieve: the Scotland Yard in the case, the PJ making a revision, Cameron not willing to cross that Rubicon, Bennett getting a second chance, no agreement with Amaral, with the perspective of getting a tougher trial...
    Imagine Amaral with the evidence...

  56. I won't ask you if Brendan de Beer is correct when he says it was the McCanns who wanted to pull out of the libel trial at the 11th hour ( although I'm sure you know Joana )

    Very wise of Amaral to keep his powder dry

    I hope he continues to keep his own counsel ... that is the way to get them

  57. I am really hoping that we will get some news from the Yard or from the PJ. This is taking such a long time. And I don't understand well what Tony Bennet wrote on his tweet. What does he expect that will happen on May the 2nd. Which one of you can explain it to me? If he manages not to pay that monstruous invoyce, who will?

    I hope the McCanns and they can learn how to spend money.

    By the way, I wonder when finally there will be a trial Amaral versus McCanns.

  58. Kevin Halligen is said to have been an expert in electronic surveillance. It has since been revealed he is an alleged fraudster and money launderer in prison awaiting trial.

    The McCanns, according to them, paid him £500,000 for the 'work' he did for them, though he says they only paid him £300,000 which was not enough to even pay the team hired to do the work.

    Also, according to the McCanns they are satisfied with the 'work' he did for them, though it hardly seems he could have done the work intended because he had not the money available for the team.

    Whatever, if he really did do 'work' for them, are SY aware of what that 'work' was, and why it would be worth the £500,000 which the McCanns say it cost?

    Surely if the McCanns thought it was worth all that money to aid the supposed search for Madeleine, SY would indeed find it of interest, or how could the McCanns justify the payment of such an enormous sum.

    As for the difference in the amount the McCanns say they paid Halligen, £500,000, compared to what he says they paid him, £300,000, which is £200,000 less, surely that would be easy to confirm or deny.

    Or was the work paid for in cash!

  59. The silence about the money-trail (Metodo and Halligen, and the two detectives whose names I've forgotten) is amazing. Scotland Yard just have to 'follow the money' - after all, that was how
    Al Capone was rumbled and arrested.
    Meanwhile, there are still some bits of evidence that the Portugese Justice Dept still have; and translated editions of Sr Amaral's book are available world-wide. The wall of secrecy has a couple of holes in it by now.

  60. Investigation of the fund and of possible money laundering via Halligen and M3 will make a good starting point and might initiate the inevitable bursting of the dam soon. Somehow I feel several loops tightening. Maybe the U.S. and Spanish investigators have already insights and deliver information to the U.K. authorities, thus obstructing the whitewashing by SY. Any criminalist with half a brain knows what's going on in the United Kingdom. All imho.

  61. If the McCanns really want this case REOPENED why don't they and their Tapas pals go back and do a reconstruction? They have certainly managed to get themselves back there to do other things, like attend trials and accuse innocent Murat.

    Or, how about the McCanns also say they will COOPERATE and answer ALL QUESTIONS the investigators ask them this time.

    All this talk of a REVIEW is neither here nor there if the case remains shelved, and is merely a distraction, and a costly, time wasting one, at that.

  62. There is a new Martin Roberts on McCann Files with which I don't agree: the eventual participation of Robert Murat in the disappearance.
    Roberts does not reffer to the crying incident on Tuesday, the cleaning lady on Wednesday and the lack of evidence at Murrat's home.
    Besides if there was any participation of him in the case,he would not have offered to be a translater and Tapas 3 and Tanner would not have "recognised" him.
    Tapas 9 would never have attracted the attention to his existence.
    Unless the plan was to put him in difficulties and the death was premeditated.
    Too complicated and who cried on Tuesday?
    Where was the body when the cleaner came? In the sport bag and in the closet? It could explain the dog barking at the inside of the closet.
    Murat is not Tapas 10.

  63. I apologise for not looking things up right now, but wasn't the cleaner turned away ?

  64. Robert Murat, when asked, said clearly that he did not previously know the McCanns.

    Gerry McCann, when asked, sort of hinted that maybe or maybe not he knew Murat. Why not simply answer 'yes' or 'no'.

    Gerry McCann said 'confusion is best', and that answer of his is nothing if not confusing, and certainly did its bit to have people running round in circles wondering whether Murat was indeed involved.

    I would believe Murat any day contrary to what Gerry McCann says, and it seems to me there are people out there who still want to stitch up Murat, even though he was absolutely ruled out by the investigators.

  65. Im am sure i read somewhere that Robert Murat could have asked for the case to be re-opened being an arguido,after what was said about him,(although he did make a lot of money out of it)i would have done, just that to prove the mccanns and their tapas friends were lying,makes you wonder why he didnt.

  66. good news, again a Madeleine sighting.

  67. Who are the people that are responsible for the revision? The same investigators who are still investigating the John Kennedy's assassination?
    What an efficiency and what a competence!

    Joana, please, you live in Lisbon, you must know how to find Amaral.
    You could interview him!

  68. @62, the lady cleaner cleaned the apartment on Wednesday the 2nd, the McCanns were present, they left the apartment short after,while the lady continued the cleaning.

    According to the normal plans of the Ocean Club, the celeaning of the garbages always happen on Thursdays, but on Thursday te 3d the cleaner had so much (unexpected?)work to do that he lady had no time to go to 5A. I hope the police found it.

    Which one of you can help me to find an eventual statement of a man who saw a couple in Lagos, at 4 or 5am, carrying a child.

    On the 4th Kate said to Yvonne Martin: "my daughter was abducted by a couple".

  69. Police confirm Madeleine lookalike sighting
    By Poly Pantelides Published on March 3, 2013

    A LOOKALIKE of missing British girl Madeleine McCann who disappeared aged three during a family holiday in Portugal six years ago was recently spotted in the village of Xylofagou in Famagusta, police yesterday confirmed.

    “Police headquarters informed us on February 20 that a member of the public had sighted a girl, roughly aged 10, who looked like Madeleine,” Famagusta police spokesman George Economou said.

    The girl was one of three children with a British family who were renting a holiday apartment in Xylofagou, Economou said. But by the time police were informed about the sighting, the family had already left their holiday home and were thought to have left the country, Economou said.

    Daily newspaper Politis found out about the case this week and police yesterday confirmed the story.

    “This person has looked at a lot of pictures of Madeleine on the internet and thought (the girl he saw) was the same one,” Economou said.

    But when police checked in with the owner of the holiday apartment on February 20, they were told the family had left roughly two weeks earlier, Economou said.

    Soon after the British couple left the Xylofagou apartment, an arrest warrant was issued to their name after the owner of the apartment reported some items were missing, but Economou said their understanding was the family had already left the country.
    Authorities have given the couple’s details to INTERPOL.

    A number of false sightings of Madeleine have taken place around the world, with one of the latest one being in New Zealand where a DNA investigation showed the lookalike was not Madeleine.

    Cyprus Mail

  70. They are rolling out these bogus sightings thick and fast.

    Why not wait until they find Madeleine, if she is able to be found, before informing the public and compounding the intrusion into the lives of innocent families caught up in this.

    Not satisfied with the taking of DNA, we now have such a family being publicly accused of being thieves!

    This is all going way too far.

    Meanwhile, the McCanns are being aided by the UK media in not allowing the public to be informed of the official investigators' conclusion THAT MADELEINE DIED IN THE APARTMENT, so they can then make an INFORMED DECISION as to whether or not to continue handing over their hard earned money to the McCanns without question.

    Kate McCann's attempt in her book to be dismissive of the investigators and the dogs, certainly cannot be classed as 'informing' the public of the truth of the investigation.

  71. If Metodo 3 spied as diligently as they searched for Madeleine, the police got to free them.
    It is against the law to arrest innocent people.

  72. If Metodo 3 spied as diligently as they searched for Madeleine, the police got to free them.
    It is against the law to arrest innocent people.

  73. If Carter Ruck is doing a vast amount of work for the McCanns, free of charge, how come they to the idea to send a bill to Tony Bennet?

  74. If I understood it well, it seems that a Portuguese Judge decided that the trial would be public, not behind close doors (Blacksmith Bureau) and that's why the McCanns tried an agreement with Amaral.
    And now we are having all kind of sightings, maybe made up by the media, maybe inspired by the McCanns themselves.
    It is Obvious that they are scared.
    A public trial would be wonderful and who knows Amaral will come up with more information.

    When finally will the PJ call Tapas 9 for the reconstruction?
    Where is the obstruction? In Portugal, in the UK?
    If the trial will be public, Tapas 7 will be lost too.

    Duarte can ask O'Brian, Tanner, the Oldfields and Mrs Payne to witnesse in favor of the McCanns.
    Or the Judge or public prosecuter can do it.
    They will be obliged to go.

  75. This is taking terribly long. It is boring, so boring that the media are again making up stories.
    We haven't gone further than July 2008, a few differences: nowadays it is possible to find DNA in a hair without roots, Madeleine took medicines till the last day of her life, she died in two different places.

    And who can tell us where we can find a statement of a man who told he saw a couple, the man carrying a child in his arms. It was in Lagos, about 5am of the 4th.
    That could explain Kate's words to Yvonne Martin on the morning of the 4th: "my daughter was abducted by a couple"

    There were rumors about a couple being the abductors, at the very beginning of this story.

    It is possible that that man recognized the McCanns, when he saw videos o TV. Where is his statement and what is his name?

  76. "A number of false sightings of Madeleine have taken place around the world"

    FALSE sightings! For once, some true words in the media!

  77. I read this as meaning that the villa owner discovered some items had apparently been stolen by the UK family, that the arrest warrant was likely to be ineffective since the family had left Cyprus, so the owner played the Madeleine card to get Interpol's help in tracking them down? This technique could catch on. Next time I'm stopped for speeding, I shall say that I was following a car that had a girl who looked just like Madeleine in the back.

  78. Holy Lies, it seems that the Yard asks for DNA and further investigations on new sightings!
    Perhaps it is a good idea to report sighings around, the police will hurry up with the conclusions of the revision, in order to get rid of the McCanns.
    Now we will have millions of them, like we had before the rogatory letters arrived in England.
    Delay, delay, delay...

  79. sickening this rubbish. we all know these sightings are set up.
    lets just take the article above ..
    "Headquaters" inform a sighting on the 20th feb to the Famagusta police.
    Famagusta go to the holiday apartment on that day the 20th feb.

    They learn the family left 2 weeks ago through the owner of the apartment.
    Well that mean headquaters were informed around the 6th of feb at the latest of the sighting? (or possibly earlier)
    so apart from the simplicity of tracing such a family ...why did it take atleast 2 weeks to report the sighting from headquaters to the local branch.


  80. Stuff. #McCann want Metodo 3 to replace PJ http://bit.ly/174UHET Clarence Mitchell told journalists . . . (Paulo Reis 2007) oooxxx


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