1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

No more Fake news!

In less than a month we had three Madeleine sightings, one of which was echoed by the parroting world media. Three sightings of dubious origins, three sightings that coincided with, at least, one major development of the McCann couple quest to stifle free speech and now, of a press already threatened by archaic libel laws.

co·in·ci·dence (k-ns-dns, -dns)
1. The state or fact of occupying the same relative position or area in space.
2. A sequence of events that although accidental seems to have been planned or arranged.

For those of us who have followed this case since 2007 coincidences abound. So does spin, purposely published at calculated times to mislead or suppress information. A tactic used often by what has become known as 'Team McCann'.

On January 18, 2013 the vast majority of the Portuguese printed press published a Lusa news agency press release stating the that “The trial that opposes the McCann couple and Gonçalo Amaral, in which Madeleine’s parents demand a compensation of 1.2 million euro over alleged defamation by the former PJ inspector, has been suspended due to an attempt to reach an extrajudicial agreement.” This wasn't reported in the UK.

On January 20, 2013 the Express' James Murray, published 'Madeleine McCann kidnap photo shock', claiming that “Officers were happy for us to describe the potentially key evidence which shows a healthy fair-haired girl aged three or four in pink trousers, a green top and a blue hat (...) The photograph was allegedly taken in Brazil in June 2007 (...) The man suggests paedophile Raymond Hewlett, who died of throat cancer, aged 64, in Germany in 2010, was involved with others in the abduction (...) We can also reveal the man has been in contact with Isabel Duarte, Kate and Gerry McCann’s civil lawyer in Lisbon (...) The Yard may send the picture to FBI imaging experts in America for an opinion (...) This week the Yard is expected to ask detectives in Brazil to interview the man before considering whether to fly him to London.”

On the same day, Pamalam, who received an email by the man in Brazil, and Reggie Dunlop (member of The Maddie Case Files), found out that the 'Madeleine McCann kidnap shock picture' was indeed taken in June 2007 but in Ibiza, Spain. It was a picture from Associated Press, that had been published in a BBC news article illustrating the passengers being evacuated from Ibiza's airport after an anonymous bomb threat. I translated the email for Pamalam's site, and it was obvious from the first line, that it was a hoax by someone who had used news reports online to fabricate a story - motivated by money, publicity or something else is anyone's guess.

James Murray, Isabel Duarte, the McCanns, the Yard team, all of them had the same email, with exactly the same picture. None of them thought of tracing back the origins of the picture? None of them thought the wording in that email was bizarre, to say the least. Or did they? It seems other newspapers around the world were wiser, this story wasn't regurgitated anywhere else, except in the 'O Crime' Portuguese weekly tabloid who totally forgot to credit Pamalam and Reggie for debunking the Brazil email hoax.

On January 24, 2012, the journalist Hernâni Carvalho confirmed the “McCann couple lawyers had proposed a meeting to the other four defendant parties in order to reach an extrajudicial settlement.” This step taken by the McCanns was surprising and at the same time it was not. The implications of this out of court settlement, independently of what is to be agreed upon, can be quite damaging to the McCanns' quest.

A small recap on the McCanns legal actions in Portugal

The McCann couple successfully banned Mr. Amaral and his publishers, Guerra & Paz, book titled 'Maddie, The Truth of the Lie' with an injunction in 2009, that also prohibited the commercialization and broadcast of a documentary 'What Lies beneath the Truth', by Valentim de Carvalho and TVI channel respectively - demanding them to “collect, for destruction, all the books and videos that are still left at points of sale or other deposits or warehouses.”

In that process the McCann couple demanded for Gonçalo Amaral to be forbidden of “citing, analysing or commenting, verbally or in writing, on parts of the book or of the video that defend the thesis of death of the third Applicant or of the concealment of her body, by the two first Applicants”, also prohibiting the “reproduction of any comment, opinion or interview, where said thesis is defended or it can be inferred” and of “publishing statements, photographs, or any other documents that are allegedly connected to said book and video or said thesis”.

That injunction was overturned in 2010 by the Appeals Court in Lisbon mainly on the grounds of “the right of freedom of expression of thought that is constitutionally consecrated and furthermore the fact that the statements and facts that were published in the book are the mere reproduction of solid data that is part of the investigation that was started at due time, and that said statements and facts are even part of the investigation’s archiving dispatch that was signed by a Prosecutor of the Portuguese Republic.”

The books were only returned on April 25, 2012 the same day that BBC Panorama broadcast in the UK another biased documentary featuring DCI Andy Redwood as 'Clarence Mitchell'. It was never broadcast in Portugal.

In a parallel legal action in 2009, the McCanns asked for 1,2 million euro as compensation from Gonçalo Amaral. Another injunction was ordered, this time to secure the amount asked by the McCann couple [an astronomical amount based on what they said were Gonçalo Amaral's profits from the book sales royalties], freezing all of Amaral and his family assets, leaving him without any means, professionally and personally, to defend himself in court. A citizen's project 'Citizens for the Defence of Rights and Freedoms Project Justice Gonçalo Amaral', PJGA for short, was started to help Gonçalo Amaral regain his right to freedom of speech, followed by the creation of legal defence fund used exclusively for the payment of his judicial expenses.

In 2010, the McCanns asked for Gonçalo Amaral and his wife, Sofia Leal to execute a separation of assets - only possible with a divorce - in order to attain, besides his book authorship rights and half of his retirement pension, Gonçalo Amaral's part of the family house in Olhão. The marriage of ten years yielded to the pressure in February 2012.

Almost one year later, supposedly during the first week of January 2013, the McCanns, in an extemporaneous decision proposed an extrajudicial settlement to the same man, considered by the McCanns in their economic-with-the-truth book and in multiple interviews, to be their nemesis. Kindness of heart? I think not.

The McCann's out of court settlement request has not been published nor divulged in the UK.

Instead we had another coincidental story (re)surfaced in 'The Southland Times' [bylined by Brooke Gardiner] on the 4 of January 2013, republished from the 6 of February 2013 in the UK media, then reproduced world wide in the following days. That was the New Zealand sighting of a Madeleine look alike that had already made the news back in March 2010. A 2007 sighting of that same girl had already been dismissed by the New Zealand police in that same year (2010).

In February 6 2013, the McCanns lawyers in London, Carter Ruck, took a retired solicitor, Mr. Anthony Bennett to court for breaching an undertaking forbidding him of repeating, commenting, or giving his opinion on the Madeleine McCann case. Mr. Bennett has been, like many of us, trying to divulge and inform others about what is in the Judiciary Police case files to a misinformed public in the UK. For that, he now faces a possible jail sentence or/and a fine that will deprive him of his possessions. The ruling will be given on the 21st of February at the Royal Courts of Justice, the case of the McCanns versus Mr. Anthony Bennett can be followed here.

New Zealand Maddie sighting spanning 2007 - 2013

The picture of the New Zealand girl that was published in 2010 was taken from the Judiciary Police/Portimão's prosecutor process [not available in the case files released to the public in 2008], and was included in a 2000 pages dossier allegedly consisting of hundreds of “Maddie sightings around the world” and “psychic visions” previously ruled out from the PJ investigation. That dossier was distributed to the UK media in late February - early March 2010 by the Portuguese prosecutor in charge of the Maddie case process, upon...

Just a few days earlier, Isabel Duarte, the McCann's lawyer, in an impromptu press conference at Lisbon's Pálacio de Justiça talked about dozens of “shocking photos” [implying of a paedophilic nature] gathering dust in a dossier that had “never been followed” by the Judiciary Police team. Another theatrical attempt to distract the public about what had been said inside the court room, validating Gonçalo Amaral's thesis and book - a thesis shared by those who were involved in the investigation. Or was it an attempt at informing the UK journalists - vultures as Kate McCann described them in her book - present there that such a dossier existed? Some of the dossier pages have been published since then in the UK media with the usual xenophobic adjectives used to describe the Portuguese police.

At the time Gonçalo Amaral said, “These sightings, that are being talked about, almost always came from the English police, if they are so important, as some people are saying now, why weren't they investigated by Scotland Yard? After all, the little girl is a British citizen” and once again, as he has done since the process was archived in 2008 “The important things is not going around talking about sightings, saying that the little girl was seen here and there, the important thing is to reopen the process. The truth is that after I left Portimão, nothing more was done, the process was archived by the Public Ministry half way through, many diligences remained to be carried out, and that is what now allows for all sort of speculation.”

The dossier of “sightings” and “visions” are probably part of Andy Redwood's “195 leads” claims. The Portuguese Attorney General said at the time that the “new leads” uncovered by Scotland Yard were nothing more than “mere speculation”. Rightly so.

The New Zealand girl's family, after being forced to give their daughter's DNA to Scotland Yard, in order to establish what had already been established in 2010 - that she is not Madeleine McCann - can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Hopefully. On February 12, 2013 the New Zealand police released a 4th statement, which concluded: “Given that there is conclusive evidence that their daughter is not Madeleine McCann and has no connection to Madeleine McCann, it is only right that she and her family are entitled to a level of privacy that most of us enjoy. The family has asked that their privacy continues to be respected and do not want any contact from media.”

Other children were not so fortunate.

Bouchra Ahmed Ben Aissa, Tea Dedic, Leone Drpic, Nicole A'Hern, Carolina Santos, Sjanneke Hofstede.... How many more? And in the name of what exactly?

It seems as many as necessary to perpetuate the charade. As we can see in the following section.

'Мадлен Макканн' and the new McCanns self-appointed spokesman

Today, 15 of February another spin was created and regurgitated by the UK press [with extra spin sauce here] and Portuguese press. The origin? Graham Perry [Грэхэм Перри], the new self appointed McCanns spokesman.

It seems Mr. Perry belongs to the infamous HTFM [Help to Find Madeleine] organization that back in 2007 attempted to mass delete several youtube videos, used the murdered child Mari Luz Cortés in a poster and in mass-mailings without her parents consent. In brief, an organization whose volunteers, some at least, do a mix of astroturfing, cyberbullying and harassment online.

Graham Perry's comments can be found in the internet, everywhere where Madeleine's name is mentioned, ranging from the kind “raising awareness” to more abusive and odd comments. One thing is certain, Graham Perry is obsessed by Madeleine McCann as he himself admits.

According to Lifenews(dot)ru, Mr. Perry contacted Mr. Victor Yankov, community manager of a volunteer organization named “Find Missing Children”, presenting himself as an official representative of the McCann family.

Bare with me, it's a google translation:

A McCann close family friend from England contacted our volunteers. He asked to resume the search for the girl in Ukraine and Russia, and to make a special Russian-language guidance [poster], said the “Find Missing Children” community manager Victor Yankov. We have updated the guidance and distributed them to our Russian counterparts. He [Perry?] got in touch with us after one dying man confessed [Raymond Hewlett never confessed to having kidnapped Madeleine, he would be the perfect patsy, no doubt!] to have participated in the kidnapping of the child, which means that Maddie is alive and can be found in our countries.

Enters Graham, “Hello, I'm from the UK. My name is Graham Perry, a spokesman for the McCann family and a coordinator for the Find Madeleine, who coordinates the progress of the investigation. I'm sending you a picture of Madeleine for guidance in Russian. I'm sure it will be very helpful for Madeleine and her family.” Watch out, Clarence.

He adds, “I translated leaflets in all languages ​​because, according to her father, Gerry, she can be in any corner of the world, including in Russia.”

Lifenews(dot)ru then adds, “according to Mr. Perry, there is a big possibility that Maddie now has another name and may not speak the native language (...) Volunteers quickly contacted England and promised to make it available in the two countries (...) The association “Find Missing Children” in Russia have also confirmed that the search for the child has already begun (...) Activists were asked to connect to volunteers from all over the country for distribution and posting of orientations with photos of Maddie six years ago and a portrait composed by experts, suggesting how the girl might look now (...) Madeleine McCann can theoretically be anywhere in the world, but the family asked the Russian and Ukrainian volunteers to be more active. It is possible that the girl is located in the territory of the Russian Federation and Ukraine (...) in 2007 the police [what police?] version considered that Maddie was kidnapped by a gang of Russian paedophiles, however, it is not confirmed. British police recently made a portrait of the girl with the age-related changes. Experts suggest that now Maddie should look that way.”

Really? Little blonde girls in Russia?!
No more fake news! No more spins. Enough.


  1. Well,i think its about time portugal did the right thing and re-open this case,after all they were the ones that shelved it with out
    getting a re-con done before the mccanns scarpered back to england.

  2. «Without the media inventions the McCanns could never have struck it rich with the fund, of which they are the direct beneficiaries, as the articles of association and mortgage payments prove. The public donated in millions because of the fluffy-bunny way the media portrayed this essentially unknowable pair of loners time after time after time. Can anyone believe that the public money would have been showered on them if the press hadn’t turned the affair into a cuddly fiction?

    How much gold was showered on the Needham family after their son Ben went missing in the 1990s? Almost none. The difference in media coverage was the only reason for that, despite the subsequent attempts of journalists to claim that the internet was the cause of the McCanns’ bounty. The internet? The only place where the press fantasy was exposed from day one but nobody was listening?

    Crime does pay

    And of course, internet or no internet, the only possible way the supposed details filling out the bunny portraits and backing the McCanns’ version of events was by the UK press deliberately breaking Portuguese law and acting in criminal collusion with the couple. The McCanns never dared to breach the law alone; they always used accomplices to feed their near-constant drip-drip of feeds in their favour to the British public and the most willing criminal accomplices, completely corrupt and with no possible public interest defence, were the journalists, and not just tabloid journalists like Leaky Lori either.

    Look once again at the performance of the Times journalist David James Smith, as demonstrated on the indispensable McCann Files Here. Almost a half of the supposedly secret police evidence concerning the disappearance was given illegally to Smith, despite the constant outright lies of Kate and Gerry that judicial secrecy prevented them speaking. Which half? The half that favoured the McCanns, of course. Hold your nose and vomit bag and read this piece of stinking dishonesty from Smith and his McCann informants about their law-breaking in an article built from their snide leaks.

    “From the beginning the McCanns had been warned by the PJ that they could not speak about the details of the investigation or the circumstances of Madeleine’s disappearance. The "secrecy of justice" laws prevented anybody involved, including all police officers and witnesses, from talking about it to the press or anyone else. Both Gerry and Kate were meticulous in observing this rule.”

    The stench still wafts off the page. And what did the press achieve in the long run? Nothing. The British press, that hardened bunch of cynics, have been left helpless and wounded by their creation as he leads the pack against them. » in full here (Brilliant!)

  3. joana,i am 1,and i have signed the petition.

  4. The press have kept the mccanns out of jail and stopped a a 3yr old little girl called Madeliene getting justice,just hope they are all proud of themselves.

  5. The dogs indicated that Madeleine is dead, otherwise who else died in the holiday apartment previously. Answer, nobody did.

    That means it should be a cadaver they look for, so what are SY playing at, willing to chase these bogus sightings of an alleged living Madeleine all over the world, whilst ignoring any real search for a hidden cadaver that could bring results.

    It does not inspire any confidence that they ignore the dogs in favour of psychics, and presumably only 'psychics' who point away from certain people in this case. What do they do with the psychic reports that point to Madeleine being found much closer to home? Have they had their orders to bin them?

    The case should be reopened, and the first search conducted be the property of the McCanns in Rothley. How the McCanns got a pass on that being done, when Murat and his family had their property searched, is beyond belief.

    Especially as Gerry McCanns was back and forth between Portugal and UK a number of times early on, and before they skipped back to UK permanently when awkward questions started to be asked which Madeleine's mother refused to answer. Sorry, but Kate McCann writing a book years later attempting to address that refusal is not good enough.

    Why aren't the McCanns on the doorstep of the PJ begging for the case to be reopened, questions answered, and all?

    It is a disgrace that the McCanns who did not cooperate with the official investigators, and were 'arguidos' themselves, are now dictating to others as to how and where this so called 'search' be conducted, the lives of people and their children being disrupted by DNA tests now, and the people requesting they please be left alone.

    The case is also being allowed to have attention focused away from PDL and UK to all four corners of the Earth. Is anyone going to take responsibility for this case and stop this?

    Meanwhile, the attempted search for the 'cadaver' carried out by the original official investigators, now appears to have been shoved under the carpet, along with any mention of the blood and cadaver dogs, in the hopes they will be forgotten about, and the McCanns 'abduction fairy story' for which there is no proof, continues to be churned out as a fact.

  6. It really is about time that the police put some pressure on the macs, they are swaning around in their Rothley Towers rolling in the money given my many less fortunate. Gerry mccann walks around with his bad smell expression.They manipulated the press for money, but then complained about the press at the Levenson Inquiry. The book is the most pathetic piece of writing i have ever seen. it is neither consistant nor well written. Another thing just to screw money out of the gullible public who offered their help. The police should toughen up on them or are they possibly being manipulated by the mc canns. They are the most dispicable example of
    Parents i have seen.using their own daughter as a cash cow. One day, hopefully soon

  7. Thank you @1/4 :) Public pressure needs to be made, whilst I don't doubt the process will be re-opened by the current PGR, the sooner the better. Enough of Team McCann spins, they need to come back with their Tapas friends and cooperate with the Portuguese police.

  8. More fool the press to have gone along with the McCanns and their boy Clarence, willing to print everything he told them to, but don't underestimate them.

    They are really a bunch of sharks swimming around waiting for that first taste of blood, and then they will be in there and no mercy.

    The McCanns know this, and only those with NOTHING TO HIDE can feel safe swimming in their waters.

  9. All the spin has to stop; it's getting pretty annoying (as if it wasn't already)....
    What's the problem about coming to Portugal and answer some questions?

  10. Unfortunately they will keep the fake news rolling to the bitter end and the press will continue to publish it.

    That great British institution and protector of paedophiles and child abusers everywhere, the BBC, has given the charlatans a guest slot on the Andrew Marr show on Sunday. Presumably this is to give them another opportunity to discuss their unwavering efforts to gag the media. Fellow Scot and ex-BBC Radio Scotland presenter, Eddie Mair, will be standing in for Andrew Marr, so I expect they'll get an easy ride. Mair worked for 'BBC Scotland, first as a downtable sub-editor in the Glasgow newsroom and then as a presenter on Radio Scotland's evening news show. Pretty soon, with an AM shift on Good Morning Scotland and a PM stint presenting the flagship Reporting Scotland'

  11. Well, only about eleven years to go before young women will be stopped and have to give DNA samples to prove that they are not a grown-up Maddie.
    The new crop of New Zealand-to-Russia sightings are getting ridiculous. Soon the sightings will have used up all the countries in the world and any go-ahead teacher will be able to use them as a visual aid for spicing up geography lessons.
    On a more serious note, however, the spots of blood on the walls of 5a and the blood traces between the floor-tiles under the sofa have fallen out of sight. A nosebleed (as Gerry excused it) does not spread that amount of blood, not from a small child. If Maddie had had such a serious nosebleed, they would have been totally right in calling for an ambulance. the fact they did not tells its own tale.

  12. This probably has nothing to do with Amaral but perhaps with the opening of the process. The McCanns were already searching for a settlement.

    When the rogatory letters were about to happen, millions of sightings showed up in every corner, delaying the PJ's trip to England.
    They are now trying to delay the Yard's conclusion and its participation in the case.

    Who knows the case is about to be reopened or who knows the McCanns are not behind those new sightings.

  13. Take a look at this.

    Graham Perry commented 11 months ago

    I'll send this to the Home Office - ICE - FBI - MEPIC . I did actually ask MI5 about arresting Goncalo Amaral - for child EXPLOITATION = Madeleine McCann is an innocent child and Goncalo Amaral - has been EXPLOITING her for way too long. ( One can never tell what MI5-MI6-might actually do - THAT KNOCK - KNOCKING - ON - G.A's DOOR - SUCH FUN - SUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    MUST SEE! - Support for Gonçalo Amaral in Libel Trial v McCanns SUSPENDED at McCanns request!

    by HiDeHo4•5,528 views

  14. The McCanns will be found out very soon, just one thought Rebecca Brooks must be sitting on her phone hacking to watch her back when she comes to court , that poor child some one somewhere must open the case again.

  15. "The Search" was never about Maddie. The McCanns have never searched for her. Their search is for £$€£$€ to keep their sorry ar$e$ out of jail. This latest publicity stunt is no different to all their money-making stunts that precede it.

    Just like Capitalism has to constantly find new markets to survive, so the McCanns are moving into Russia and the Ukraine. It's no secret that there's a burgeoning rise in millionaires and billionaires in the former Soviet Union and the McCanns want a piece of it!

    This week Russia....next week China?

  16. Have signed it this morning, Joana.

  17. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/as-oscar-pistorius-weeps-in-the-dock-lawyers-insist-he-is-no-murderer-8496555.html

    From Comments Page

    Anjali • 42 minutes ago

    Oh for heavens sake.

    Pistorius did not think an intruder had chosen his house to come 'spend a penny!'

    This poor girl had been in his house for hours. They had been arguing. Neighbours have come forward as witnesses they heard the screams.

    She was behind (locked?) bathroom door. Suggests very much that she was either trying to escape him, or that she thought the argument was over.

    Pistorius having other ideas, deciding to shoot her when she was in bathroom through closed door - hence the reason for being charged with the PRE-MEDITATED murder of this young woman..

    So a mistake? Yeh right! A mistake, 4 shots, to head, arm, chest and pelvis.

    Someone suggested he was shooting off the lock of the door - I think one shot would have done that. Trouble is he cannot use this as his defense if he is claiming he thought an intruder was in his home. Best place for intruder to leave him in locked bathroom. Pistorius would only have had to phone police then.

    In SA unlike US, they cannot simply blast an intruder to death for being on the property (Pistorius would know this) they have to be able to prove the intruder was a threat to their life. That's going to be pretty impossible too.

    Echoes of Madeleine McCann case

    Pistorius phoning friends family before police
    Pistorius planting the seed of an intruder.
    Pistorius claiming his 4 shots was a mistake.

    McCanns phoning friends family before police.
    McCanns planting seed of an intruder.
    McCanns claiming their 5 nights of neglecting the kids was a mistake.

    Both victims being 'taken out'

    Miss Steenkamp - by a bad bullying bastard with a gun.
    Madeleine- Taken out of the apartment by a bad bastard also.

    In each case the priority seems to have been self protection - get out a story to their benefit, before contacting proper authorities.
    Of course innocent until proven guilty but such overwhelming evidence against this guy - and think about it too - not simply murder charge - PRE-MEDITATED!

  18. Please keep in mind the information kept under wraps by the UK authorities regarding the McCann case, which they have said would damage relations between the UK and Portugal if ever revealed.

    The information was given by someone close to the McCanns who has said they will refuse to say more, and even a newspaper in the UK has tried to get Government authorities to reveal what this is, but have been refused.

    It is about time Portugal requested/demanded this information be given them so as to stop wasting time and money on this case, even if it did 'damage relations' between the two countries.

    What the hell is going on with this case! Has there ever been anything like it before, that even the UK Government has got involved on behalf of such people as the McCanns.

  19. Like yourself Joana, I knew within a few lines that the Express article was a hoax and wondered why on earth the Express ran with it on the front page. Even if it got past James Murray, it then had to get past his editor. The Express have already had their fingers burned with this case.

    For the police, there must be a paper trail leading back to the source of these sightings, unbelievable if they are not being investigated.

    I do not see how this farce can continue. The fact that the McCanns will not, or cannot, stay away from the media keeps the abduction story under the spotlight, and it really does not stand up to close scrutiny. Whoever is at the helm of this particular sinking ship, is quite crazy.

  20. And so it goes on and on. To-morrow the Sunday Marr programme, no doubt with as much a tight agenda as the very able Paxman who certainly didn't show any charisma when up against the well oiled TM PR machine & agenda. So I wouldn't waste my time to watch the programme since it will not divulge anything new about either the McCanns or what happened to Madeleine. The TM PR exercise is to front what now appears to be a topical and a worthy cause (last year!!)the British media.
    Here we have a passing bandwagon hi-jacked by TM rather than the passing bandwagon that hi-jacked TM - that has to be a first. So congratulation to the Hackedoff campaign you have been re-assigned with a new leader and a new cause.
    Leveson really had a couple of paths to follow, but I really wonder how many of the under-paid, under-privileged UK public really understands highly paid individuals being paid off with even larger amounts to have their dirty washing aired in public which really never either titillated or was informed.

    The case remains unchanged:
    Children left night after night. Madeleine disappeared. Ambiguity of witness statements.
    The legal right of the McCanns to have continuance of the case WAS NOT EXERCISED
    I see no point in Portugal opening this case, until the McCanns and their friends REQUEST: answer the questions and agree to reconstruction.

    But have the British media, press in particular really sat back and hid under the nearest rock? Withdrawn into their shells? Have they, honestly? Did they really believe the Brooks\Suns front page splash letter\Cameron\May saga and £3.5m+ REIVEW only for Brooks basically to be kicked in the teeth by everyone at the Leveson inqury. I for one believe Brook's probably thought she acted both in the interests of her employers and McCanns to secure the METs £3.5m review with her interventions but there in front of Leveson time and time again made to look insignificant. Nice one - hope Brooks is very forgiving, she's a youngish woman and never got where she did suffering fools I'm sure.

    What is the saying 'revenge is a dish, best served cold'

    Sorry if this has come up twice, I timed out on my internet connection.

  21. Bela bofetada com luva branca! ( the 'O Crime' Portuguese weekly tabloid who totally forgot to credit Pamalam and Reggie for debunking the Brazil email hoax.) Além de que tudo era copiado e já ultrapassado há vários dias..... Que vergonha para quem "fez" aquele dossier .........


  22. http://www.dn.pt/inicio/globo/interior.aspx?content_id=3056840&seccao=Europa&page=-1

    Método 3 "Mccaneando". Pode ser que seja desta que sejam desmascarados e se descubra que préstimos fizeram aos Mccann: procurarva filha não foi...procurar avistamentos, talvez.

  23. Gerry McCann on Andrew Marr Show

    'Madeleine and her safety is often treated with complete contempt'

  24. «Kate is hoping for a “special 2013” and the couple want the Yard to continue investigating because they believe this offers the best chance of finding their daughter.

    If the Yard announces in May that it has taken its review as far as it can go then the McCanns will have to consider how they will relaunch their costly private ­investigation» in http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/378198/McCanns-to-appear-on-BBC-One-s-Andrew-Marr-show

    No mention of doing the reconstruction or answering the police 48 questions in order to reopen the case. Another farce. Perpetuated by the yard as well.

  25. Kate & Gerry McCann - BBC Andrew Marr Show - Feb 17th 2013

  26. Joana, this is taking time, isn't it? I'm tired.
    Not even an interview to Amaral to comfort us. Perhaps it has to do with the McCanns refusing to go to Algarve, for the reconstruction.There could be an order to oblige them to go. But they have 1000 lawyers and the PJ will depend on a Judge in England. But the whole Justice in the UK knows that it is a death or even a murder case.

  27. You can't underestimate the power that the McCann PR machine wields. IT appears to be an insuperable force. It has the British media wrapped around its little finger. It acts like a dark political force (probably because within it operate political figures)and able to 'bury bad news'. The possible 'bad news' could be spored from the concurrent court cases in Lisbon and London. It appears obvious that the PR Machine has been placed in overdrive recently (further sightings in New Zealand, Russia and interview on BBC1) to pre-empt or 'bury' bad news. And so it has been. Hardly any news on the recent court cases has been aired in the UK. Followers of this case have discerned a pattern emerging. Whenever someone or an event threatens 'Fortress McCann' the PR Machine airs its heavy artillery.

    Strange that the McCanns have been afforded all this power. Wholly different to the Needhams or the Chamberlains (Dingo case) all those years ago.

    Angelo Del Montello

  28. The McCann's are now desperately courting public opinion in case they fail to win either court case. They would want public backing for any appeal they may need to make along the lines of "It must be wrong to have the opinion that Madeleine could be dead when there are still so many new sightings emerging". Not everyone remembers that this is just constant re-churning of old news.

    Unless I find out why they hold so much power in this case, I will wonder about it forever. The reason they have been given so much leeway by the authorities is clearly closely linked to what happened to their daughter. Find out one and the other will be crystal clear.

  29. Are they allowed to declare Madeleine dead at any point in the future? and if so, do you think they will? What implications will it have either way?

  30. They courted the media when it suited them of course and they still never turn down an opportunity to appear on tv shows and glean publicity wherever they can. Such hypocrites!

  31. @30 «When a person dies in England and Wales it is usual for the death to be registered and for a death certificate to be issued. This certificate provides legal proof that the person has died. However, a death cannot usually be registered if the body of the deceased cannot be found. This means that those left behind have to find other ways to prove the death of the missing person so that they can deal with the deceased’s property and affairs. As there is no general procedure under which a missing person can be declared to be dead for all purposes, the question of whether a missing person has died may have to be decided in a number of separate proceedings.
    It is sometimes believed that a missing person will automatically be
    declared dead after 7 years. This is not correct. An individual is assumed to be alive unless the contrary is shown. If the individual has been missing for over 7 years, and there is no evidence in that time that they may be alive, then a court may, in the absence of evidence to the contrary, assume that the individual has died. However, if an individual has disappeared in circumstances where there is strong evidence to suggest they are dead (e.g. victims of mass disasters/air crashes etc.)then the court may deem them to have died much sooner than 7 years after their disappearance. The court’s decisions are therefore dependent upon the circumstances of the individual and the manner in which they disappeared.» http://www.soca.gov.uk/about-soca/library/doc_download/398-ukmpb-presumption-of-death-procedures

    a) The McCanns never filed a missing person report in the UK with their eldest daughter's name;

    b) The McCanns made Madeleine McCann a Ward of Court (http://www.mccannfiles.com/id130.html);

    «The McCanns' lawyers take Leicestershire Police (LP) to the High Court to force the release of police information. However, the legal bid is withdrawn after LP agree to release 81 pieces of information (note: not files) out of a total of over 11,000 pieces of information held. The released information relates to phone calls made to the McCanns' solicitors and passed on to the Leicester control room at the start of the inquiry.

    During the Hearing it is revealed that Madeleine became a Ward of Court, on 02 April 2008, as the result of proceedings which started on 17 May 2007.»

    c) The McCanns used Madeleine's name in all the legal actions taken in Portugal as the 'offended party' since that date;

    They won't declare Madeleine dead as long as they can perpetuate the farce and get more money for their private company, aka 'Madeleine's Fund: leaving no Stone unturned Limited'.

  32. If the BBC insist in supporting these two, I shall reconsider payment of my TV licence. It is an absolute disgrace and a complete and utter contempt for the BBC to show their support. They are taking us all for idiots!!

    For goodness sake, SY you have seen the files, DO SOMETHING!

    An English Lady

  33. @29, the McCanns are not holding any power in this case. Maybe they asked to be interviewed in order to pressure the public or the authorities. The BBc has a lot more to do than to interview them.Do you think that Radios and TV channels are happy with thir request? NOt at all!!!!!

  34. If Madeleine HAD died by accident behind the settee, then what would have stopped the McCanns saying they found her the following morning, reporting it then as an accident which happened whilst they were all asleep, and Madeleine sleep walking.

    It would have been accepted officially as the genuine accident it was, and not associated with the children left alone the previous evening.

    The McCanns could then have taken the body back for burial, and end of.

    Instead of that, the child is missing with dogs alerted to a death in the apartment, and investigators concluding Madeleine is dead.

    Why was it so important for the body to be hidden from view?

    What would the body have revealed that it must be kept from the eyes of the authorities ?

    As for Madeleine having died of an overdose of sleeping medication, surely if she was left sleeping in bed she would have died there with the dog alerting to cadaver scent there. Yet it didn't.

    All indications are that Madeleine died behind the settee.

    I ask again, if this was a simple accident why the urgent need to hide the body, when the explanation she died in the night whilst they were asleep was so readily available?

    This case should be reopened as a MURDER INVESTIGATION, especially as there were suggestions of paedophilia amongst the group made by a very concerned fellow doctor friend of theirs upon learning Madeleine was missing.

    Why was this information kept back from the PJ for so long by the UK police. Why did the PJ themselves have to request it?

    Why was it not sent on to them IMMEDIATELY the UK received it?

    Surely an important question that needs to be answered, as in the case of a missing child this information would be seen as VERY IMPORTANT by investigators, but yet the LP kept it back?

    As it is, there was hardly time for the PJ to investigate it before the case was shelved.

    What other information might the LP have kept back, not willing to hand over until requested by Portugal, and how can Portugal request such information if they have no idea it even exists?

    What really did happen in that holiday apartment? Until the investigation is reopened as a murder investigation, and the concentration which is being focused on the 'abduction' run around search for a live Madeleine ended, will we ever know?

  35. Oh round and around we go, the only way to stop this charade is for the Portuguese justice system to re-open the case and issue a European arrest warrant against the McCann’s on some pretext of child abandonment or something similar, place them on trial in Portugal.
    Letter from Iberia

  36. my hope is that the SY and the PJ are being confronted with the McCanns legal rights that they eventually could have, and which protect them to go to Algarve.

    I believe the police are ready with everything and my opinion is that Gerry (BBC) is looking very nervous, a sign that he is not dominating the review.

    They re-started with their smoke and mirrors(new sighting), which could mean that they fear to be declared arguidos, again.

    They are a pain in the ass of the SY now, asking for DNAs.

    What comforts me is the fact that Kate and Gerry make enemies everywhere, irritating people around.
    I wonder what kind of colleague he is at the hospital.

    I don't thing he is very much loved by them.

  37. now I understand the new sighting, Gerry on the BBC insisting on a Leveson Law...
    The McCanns and Amaral did not achieve an agreement and there will be a trial.
    I hope Amaral will come up with more evidence that can be used during the trial.
    And I hope for an interview to him.

  38. The young girl in New Zealand is entitled to compensation and a public apology from the McCanns. Under what rights, what laws, are they entitled to force people to give DNA or demand half of someone's family home!!!!!!!!
    They flabbergast and disgust me.

  39. What happened about the CRIMINAL charge that was brought against Jane Tanner for making up the account of her seeing Robert Murat? Has that been dealt with? If so, what was the outcome?

  40. I cannot lie this whole affair as deeply affected me ....and i dont think i will ever be at peace until the truth is out and justice is completed for Madeleine.
    The fact is however with the more time that has passed the scandal has become more twisted.. and with the players involved - the effect of the truth would be deadly. (I sometimes think people get lost in the spin issues that they dont really sit back and soak up what has gone on with this case enough)
    You know im a very cynical guy nowadays and yes possibly cuckoo to the likes of blacksmith's jibberings .....but if people cant see the cover up with its magnitude aswell as its reach ..well what can one say?
    All i know is that the players will not escape justice and this will haunt until resolved - power in the world is changing just like in this case.

    keep with it ....it aint over yet!


  41. I hope you dont mind me butting in but I am furious with Graham Perry, I keep getting mail from him claiming the Portuguse Authoritys has abducted Madeleine which is not true, If I get anymore odd mail i will be going to the police myself, i have no idea where he pulled me from, but i find him very scary...

  42. Here is a copy of just one of the many emails received from Graham Perry to my site in 2011
    Plus my one and only reply
    Cheers Pamalam

    Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2011 21:01:31 +0100
    Subject: Fwd: Tye a Yellow Ribbon for Madeleine - 3rd May 2007 - Portugal
    From: gperry.*****
    To: pamalam@hotmail.co.uk; investigation@findmadeleine.com; ice.dhs@service.govdelivery.com; fbi@service.govdelivery.com; support@govdelivery.com; AskDOJ@usdoj.gov
    CC: custserv@the-sun.co.uk
    Graham Perry
    319 *****
    CM *****
    Mobile *****
    United Kingdom
    I want more than anything on this Planet is for young sweet innocent Madeleine McCann, to be found safe and well and back home with her true family. Admittedly I feel so much empathy towards Madeleine's plight I would adopt Madeleine myself. But that's my own problem. What I will say in reality is I will always help to campaign "AWARENESS" - for Madeleine on Kate and Gerry's behalf.
    Here is my big issue:- The Portuguese Police have in my mind given both Kate and Gerry McCann a very bad time and Goncalo Amaral and his lover Tony Bennette are continuelly giving the McCann family a very bad time; with no real worthy evidence to back up their claimes. It is my personal belief that Goncalo Amaral is in some way connected to Madeleine's disappearence. (Corrupt Police persons do exist)!
    Could somebody find out if Goncalo Amaral has a middle name?


    Hi Graham

    You are obviously very young and much uninformed about the Madeleine case.

    It is very commendable that you are raising awareness about Madeleine, but I must stress that you must raise awareness about true facts only.
    It is unacceptable to make false accusations and libellous remarks about anyone involved in the case.

    I am sending you 2 links so that you can familiarise yourself and others about the true facts of this case.



    Please feel free to pass the recommended links on it will help with people’s education about the case.



  43. The man is deranged, of the same ilk as Marcos Aragão Correia.

    @42 Send his email provider a complaint for unsolicited emails, if that escalates file a complaint with the police for harassment. Check legislation in your country first.

  44. 70.000 euros gone to Metodo 3, it makes me think that the cause of Madeleine's death couldn't have been a simmple accident.
    I never thought that such a lot of money would have been spent with those gangsters.
    The desper of the McCanns to hide a terrrible death or even a murder.
    They have always known that it was wasting money but they had to show their innocence.
    Perhaps Metodo 3 was a cover up to what they were intending to do later: sending money to Kevin Halligen in Washington, everybody would believe in the parents'good intention.
    But the money sent to Kevin had another goal, imo. Kevin had the order to transfer it to a McCann's bank account in the US or Canada and Kevin didn't.
    Why didn't the parents sue Kevin ?
    Because he had evidence of the goal of the transfer?

  45. 70.000 euros gone to Metodo 3, it makes me think that the cause of Madeleine's death couldn't have been a simmple accident.
    I never thought that such a lot of money would have been spent with those gangsters.
    The desper of the McCanns to hide a terrrible death or even a murder.
    They have always known that it was wasting money but they had to show their innocence.
    Perhaps Metodo 3 was a cover up to what they were intending to do later: sending money to Kevin Halligen in Washington, everybody would believe in the parents'good intention.
    But the money sent to Kevin had another goal, imo. Kevin had the order to transfer it to a McCann's bank account in the US or Canada and Kevin didn't.
    Why didn't the parents sue Kevin ?
    Because he had evidence of the goal of the transfer?

  46. 'Graham Perry' does indeed sound two pennies short of a shilling. He also sounds not very bright... and he cannot spell. Nonetheless, such histrionic and deluded persons can cause a lot of distress and trouble to normal souls. Well done Pamalam for your kindly, sensible and measured response.

  47. Im trying to send you a photo of him, you will find this to say the least a little bit scary, he has three profiles one has a photo but he will deny its the same person despite he has added himself as a friend on all 3 links is there an email address i can send this over ?

  48. @48 You can use the contact form here http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2006/10/contact-us.html Mind you that whilst researching for the above article - his name has hyperlinks to his online presence - I did find one picture of him, but it's not the role of this blog to expose people's faces unlike other blogs of McCann supporters, who even post pictures of what they call Antis with their children, taken without consent from facebook profile pages. I imagine you are @42(?), please follow the advice given at @44. Thank you for reading the blog.

  49. Im wondering if Graham Perry and Brian ladd (brians dreams) are one person ?

  50. I wonder where the money to continually fund lawyers is coming from? Is it Branson still or Rowling?

    Was there indeed a Tapas 10th?

  51. Adice has now been followed, thank you ever so much I couldnt help mention this i often visit your page but i dont like to keep posting and being a pain, I would just like to say I admire your work and all efforts which you put in....



  54. @51,there must have been a Tapas 10, who provided the freezer and found a room(perhaps) somewhere to keep Maddie's body.Without Tapas 10's help, the mcCanns would not have made it.
    None of Tapas 9 could have bought a freezer without attracting the attention of the public. They needed somebody else, from the UK and not a Portuguese. I believe it was a relative of Kate or Gerry's.And that person was not in PdL on May the 3rd.I believe he/she came to Algarve the following day.Possibly he rent an apartment in Lagos and the McCanns had a coppy of the key. If that happened, the PJ know.In my opinion, the PJ started mistrusting Tapas 9 from the first second.The best solution would be starting with putting pressure on Tapas 10,who by no must be very unhappy with the happenings around the case.

  55. @8, dear Joana, thank you for encouraging us by telling you believe the case willl be reopened.

    You and Amaral live in Lisbon and it is possible you have heard something from him.I wish I would also live in Lisbon.
    Would he trust me as well?
    It is not important. What is important is the fact that you are optimistic. You must know something.

  56. heres a good question ...the case is re-opened, the truth emerges .....how many people do you estimate have committed crimes that are prison sentences ?....9 ? 10? 20?
    what would the truth show ? have government's - policeforces, media institutions...child protecting institutions all followed the correct protocols?
    this is what is protecting the mccanns - the answers to these questions!

    when the truth is out - it will be the tip of the iceburg to the corruption that networks throughout europe.


  57. There is a very interesting article on Anorak re Gerry's ideas for press freedom:


    I'm still watching and waiting for the truth to come out.


  58. Sorry, but as someone reading this blog for the first time, you people seem to be nuts. You seem to spend all your lives on this subject and trying to 'find out' who your detractors are, and all this 'stuff'. And I have noticed that you are all anonymous bloggers like me! Who in their right mind would put their name to all this nonsense... Joana must want an awful lot of attention, but I've also read that her translations are not good at all and not realiable.

  59. Joana- I just read elsewhere on the net that you are bitter because no one, other than the craziest of McCann hater/nutcases listens to you anymore? Even your 'fans' are sick of you because you bignote yourself and claim to be a journalist! Only the true LOONIES take any notice of you now. Give it up Joana. You are SUCH a giveaway. When someone doesn't like what you say you RANT at them, and accuse them of being 'fake'.?? Who is the FAKE here Joana? A filmmaker lol!! A writer --lol !!! A translator --- lol !! The TRUTH- You are a PORTUGUESE PEASANT.

  60. My God Joana Morais! You really need to go and see a psychiatrist. What kind of horrible human being spends their life doing THIS? You don't make the odd nasty comment; you devote your entire life to being cruel! You can't honestly think that people believe you when you say you are doing this for 'justice'. If you cared about vulnerable children you would be helping them, instead of using Madeleine McCann to get ATTENTION! Everything you have ever written about that so called 'fake' Portuguese journalist who ripped you off, applies to YOU! Only YOU are a bigger FRAUD because you do no research at all, and are so ignorant that you think knowing how to speak and write in 'different' languages, makes you a 'translator!.' And, on top of it, when anyone dares to challenge you, you attack them and accuse them of having a fake ID. YOU are the FAKE Joana Morais- You are NOT a writer or a translator or a film maker ("?? LOL!) And why don't you attack your anonymous 'supporters' for their fake ID,s??? Or can someone be 'anonymous' so long as they agree with you? Go and get some help for your BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER- That's what you suffer from and your pathological need for attention at any cost makes you dangerous.


    That's what they do for a living - champagne living, that is!

    REPUTATION MANAGEMENT is not just about "Mickey Mouse" coming on stage to say a few sympathetic words on behalf of the celebrity couple or to inform us that "Iraq has weapons of mass destruction" or still, most unfortunately, the Costa Concordia hit a drifting iceberg in the Mediterranean, as it were. There is much more to it!


    Also, we must bear in mind LIFT CONSULTING (Portugal) is a company closely associated with Clarence Mitchell's Burson-Marsteller.


    Burson Marsteller, in case we have forgotten, "operates 67 wholly owned offices and 71 affiliate offices in 98 countries across six continents" - only (...)

    There are far more "coincidences" (lobbying) around the brand name "Madeleine" than we can possibly imagine! And we haven't seen nothing yet (...)

    According to one source and I quote:

    "The might of Burson-Marsteller (and their associated legal teams) is now intensely focused on the outcome of the McCanns' versus Amaral trial!"

    It seems the defeat of Amaral is of critical importance both to protect Madeleine's brand AND her negligent parents' reputation supported by a doctored version of events which contradicts the facts of the investigation. Whatever.

    So, we can expect an on-going stream of "MARS TELLERS" (FAKE NEWS) until "the target is hit".

    :o The all farce would be hilarious if it wasn't so serious and the potential consequences (for Amaral if not for the Truth) so dire.

    Further information on E-FLUENTIALS:


    Further reading on DIRECT IMPACT:


    For further reading on CROWDVERB:


    CrowdVerb personnel:


    Asks "Crowdverb" (think Clarence Mitchell/Burson-Marsteller) and then proceeds to explain:

    "Our product listens to millions of diverse pieces of raw data from sources beyond common “social listening” platforms. It identifies and quantifies emotional intent behind public conversation giving marketers a valuable tool to quickly adapt to changing public sentiment."


    :k He is looking at you kid...


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