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Leonor Cipriano condemned to seven more months in jail for false accusations

Expresso cover in 2005, Leonor Cipriano "torture" article 
written by Marinho Pinto the current head of the bar

The Court of Faro condemned today Leonor Cipriano to seven more months in jail for making false accusations in the process which incriminated five Judiciary Police officers of the crimes of aggression and torture.

This jail sentence is added to the 16 years that the arguida is serving for the murder of her daughter Joana - who disappeared from the village of Figueira, in Portimão, on September 12 2004 - and of which she has served about half.

According to the court, it was proved that Leonor Cipriano lied about the way in which the officers had beaten her, having presented in trial different versions of the facts that took place during the questionings to which she was subjected to, in 2004, after the crime.

According to the judge who delivered the judgement today, despite not having taken oath, the arguida in the quality of assistant to the process, was warned that she could not misrepresent the truth, at the risk of being punished and if she had done it, she did it "because she wanted" and in a conscient manner.

The court considered the illegality of the act committed takes on a "grave aspect" and is "above average", given the long sentence the arguida is serving, the seriousness of the facts, the quality of the arguidos [the five PJ officers accused by Leonor Cipriano] and the media coverage of the case.

"It is crystal clear the arguida misrepresented the truth [lied]", states the ruling, which highlights the several contradictions relative to the manner in which she alleges she was beaten and to the agents that were present in the interrogation room where she alleged to have been attacked.

The possibility of a suspended prison sentence was dismissed because the court considered that, despite the long jail sentence that the arguida is already serving, she continued to show disrespect for the rules.

The court also added that it would be "naive" to believe that a "mere threat" of imprisonment would contribute to the "recovery" of the arguida, who was waived today of appearing in court to hear the reading of the judgement.

The contradictory statements about the aggressions that she was a target were made between 2008 and 2009, at the time of the trial1 of the inspectors who investigated the "Joana Case", which resulted in the condemnation of two of the five arguidos in that process.

That court gave has proven the aggressions even though the identity of the attackers was never established.

Gonçalo Amaral, the former coordinator of the Criminal Department of Investigation of the Judiciary Police of Portimão was absolved of the crime of omission to denunciate [failing to complaint] and condemned to one and a half year for the crime of false statement, with a suspended sentence for the same period time.

The inspector António Nunes Cardoso was condemned to two years and three months for the falsification of a document, with a suspended sentence of two years.

The former Judiciary Police inspectors Paulo Pereira Cristóvão, Leonel Morgado Marques and Paulo Marques Bom, who were accused of having tortured Leonor Cipriano during the questionings2 at the headquarters of the PJ of Faro, were all absolved.

In jail, Leonor Cipriano is attending the 9th grade of school and has still as an activity the placement of labels in fruit cases, the court said adding that the detainee does not receive visits from friends or family.

Leonor's brother, João Cipriano, is also serving a 16 years jail sentence for the crimes of homicide and concealment of a corpse.

in Lusa news agency/TVI, April 2 2013

1 - Leonor Cipriano's lawyer at the time of the trial against the five Judiciary Police inspectors was Marcos Aragão Correia who had a pivotal role intertwining the Maddie and the Joana cases; the Lawyers Order head of the bar, Marinho Pinto, timely requested for the order to become assistant for the accusation and was represented by Rodrigo Santiago, thus annulling the possibility of asking Marinho Pinto to testify in relation to the Expresso 2005 "torture" article pictured above.

2 - Leonor Cipriano had already confessed to her crimes on October 13 2004, and was accompanied by her lawyer at the time, Célia Costa, during the questioning before the alleged aggressions on October 14 2004 took place.


ab) at a certain point in time, due to a motive that has not been exactly established, both arguidos started, conjointly, to successively hit minor CC on the head, prompting her to hit her head on the wall’s corner, being visible that she bled, from her mouth, her nose and her temple, due to the hits against the wall, which also caused the minor’s fall and her death, thus ceasing the arguidos’ activity;

ac) traces of blood from the minor remained on the living room’s walls and floor, on various spots, and also near the entrance;

ad) the arguidos ensured that CC was dead, verifying that she neither breathed nor reacted, and then, not wanting to be held responsible over their daughter’s and niece’s death, decided to prevent said death from becoming known to others;

ae) therefore, they soon decided that they would have to ensure that the existence of any signs in the house of what they had just done could not be verified, that the minor’s body would never be found and that, preferably, everyone would be convinced that the minor had been taken by a third party;

af) therefore, arguida BB remained at home, washing the wall and the floor that had signs of blood from CC, as well as the spot where the minor remained slumped after death, using a mop and its bucket to do so.


aah) the arguidos managed to disturb the investigative activities and prevented the mortal remains of minor CC, whose life they took, from being located;

aai) the aforementioned activities were carried out by the arguidos under concerted efforts and intentions, in a deliberate, free and conscious manner, fully knowing that those behaviours are punished by law;

aaj) therefore as far as taking the life of CC, their direct relative (daughter and niece), is concerned, which they did by employing force, taking advantage of the fact that she couldn’t defend herself (taking into account her age and physical built) and using force in the full knowledge that, considering the vital area in which her body was hit (the head) repeatedly and violently, prompting the minor’s head to hit the wall, they could take her life away from her, a consequence which they accepted, still not ceasing their activity;

aal) not seeing as an obstacle the circumstance that the minor depended on her mother and was a direct relative of both, and should be defended instead of victimised by them;

aam) in the same deliberate, free and conscious manner, and knowing that such behaviour is punishable, they carried out the above described action of cutting CC’s body, demonstrating total insensibility, knowing full well that, in this manner, they offended the communitarian respect that is due to the dead, acting with the purpose of CC’s body never being found again, hiding it in a location that is not appropriated for the effect, in order to try to avoid responsibility for her death;

Extracts from Supreme Court of Justice - ruling on the Homicide and concealment of eight-year-old Joana Cipriano's body, 20.04.2006 [in Portuguese here]


  1. Scotland Yard squad hunting Madeleine McCann costs £6,228 a day Daily Star Sunday

    by Jonathan Corke

    THE British police hunt for Madeleine McCann has cost at least £3.8million.

    Scotland Yard has been investigating Madeleine's 2007 disappearance in Portugal since May 2011.

    And figures obtained by the Daily Star Sunday show the probe is costing around £6,228 a day.

    The vast majority is being spent on wages, with 38 staff currently working on the inquiry, which is called Operation Grange.

    As we have previously revealed, ­Detective Chief Superintendent Hamish Campbell, who led the Jill Dando ­murder inquiry, is overseeing the probe.

    He has 28 detectives working for him, along with three of the UK's top cold case specialists from the Metropolitan Police's Murder Review Group.

    There are also six members of police support staff involved.

    The figures we have obtained suggest the cost of the investigation, which the Met describes as an "investigative ­review", is rising.

    For 2011/12 the cost, which is being met by the Home Office, was £1,929,354.

    The figure for 2012/13 is £1,869,933 but this does not include January to March of this year. And based on daily costs over the past few months, the total bill is now likely to be well in excess of ­£4million.

    The Met is recovering the cost, which includes thousands spent on flights to Portugal, from Home Secretary Theresa May’s department on a quarterly basis.

    With the backing of Prime Minister David Cameron, she has asked the force to carry on the probe.

    Madeleine, of Rothley, Leics, was just three when she vanished from a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz.

    Earlier this month it emerged the police in Cyprus had alerted Interpol after a Briton claimed to have seen a girl who looked like Madeleine in the holiday resort of Ayia Napa.

    But there has yet to be any positive news regarding the sighting.

    Madeleine's parents Kate, 45, and Gerry McCann, 44, remain hopeful their daughter can be found.

    After the Portuguese police shelved their probe, the couple had to rely on private investigators in the hope of a breakthrough.

    But following high-level diplomatic talks with the Portuguese authorities, in 2011 the Metropolitan Police agreed to review the case.

    And the force has told us it still has a large team involved.

    In responding to a Freedom of ­Information request, the Met said: "A major investigation team is assigned to Operation Grange.

    "This is made up of one detective chief inspector, three detective inspectors, five detective sergeants, 19 detective ­constables, six police support staff.

    "The MIT is assisted by three murder review group officers.

    "Staff numbers are open to change depending on the needs of the ­review.

    "The MIT also continues to work on its existing outstanding ­homicide cases."

    It also confirmed that Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood is the senior investigating officer and that he is "supervised" by ­Detective Chief Superintendent Campbell "who has oversight of this investigation".

    in March 31st 2013 http://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/view/306549/Scotland-Yard-squad-hunting-Madeleine-McCann-costs-6-228-a-day/

  2. Thank goodness for this news, if she'd got away with a suspended sentence I think I would have lost the will to live.

    Enough is enough!

    True justice for this woman should have been to serve her original 32 years, I doubt shes ever had a single moment of remorse about the murder of her own child but I bet she's had more than a moment of remorse when she realised that she'd been used by Aragão Correia & friends! and landed herself 7 extra months imprisonment.

    The way I see it, Cipriano was used by a far more clever and crafty liar than she is.

    You can bet your life Correia won't have lost any sleep over her recent conviction in far off Brasil.

    No way José.

    I see this news has made all the major papers in Portugal but it wont see the light of day in the UK, any mention of the tangled web of underhand methods with connections that lead right to the McCann's door are deemed NOT to be in the UK publics interest to know.

    Whoever believes that load of bull can think again, and don't tell me that the UK's crime correspondents are happy sitting on information that goes no further than the editors desk.

    Thank you Joana for the translation.

    Sandra Ryan.

  3. @2 Sandra Ryan

    Excellent post, summed up perfectly.

    This woman is evil. She took an innocent child's life. She together with another, TORTURED and murdered her own child there can be no sympathy for scum like Cipriano.

    That said, sadly on some sites she is being supported by the very same people who support the McCann family!

    Why does that not surprise me?

    Do we really think these people would support Cipriano were it not for their idols the McCanns?

    What goes around comes around and quite simply the plan to use Cipriano to target others failed!

    People lie when they have something to hide, when they have reason to, generally to save their own sorry skins, and in both cases there are liars coming out the walls, all with something to hide and conceal - the truth of matters!

    It is time our children, the young and innocent are not cast aside, forgotten so as to protect the wrongdoers, those who harm them!

    The name Cipriano and McCann will be forever linked, they now cannot be separated, and it is of their own doing.

    The public not being able to think of one without the other - and not for the reasons the supporters would have wished (though how in hell they could support someone like Cipriano is beyond the understanding of decent people.)

    The case of the McCanns missing daughter Madeleine having echoes of that of little Joana Cipriano, their names, the cases now entwined, associated with: missing/murdered/tortured/abused/abandoned children - dishonesty and lies.

    Not the link the supporters had hoped for but when we aim to deceive in an effort to make others believe an untruth, it is not always what we achieve - and in this case it has come back to bite some bottoms.

    As for Cipriano, if she falls a thousand times and bumps her nose, I won't shed a tear!

    Cheers Sandra @2


  4. A step forward as far as justice is concerned, but until the wholly unjust conviction for perjury is overturned then it is not complete justice.

    However, some comfort is the fact that all those who knew she was lying, but ignored it because they needed a stick to beat Mr Amaral with, now know they can't use that stick to beat him anymore.

    Shame on you all!

  5. Joana, I just have one doubt (and from what I've heard and read in blogs others are asking the same question too), in the article, when it mentions the sentences given to the PJ inspectors does it mean this trial or the previous one(s) in 2009? Did this trial (2nd April 2013) also reavaluate and confirm the sentences given to the inspectors in 2009? I suppose not, but by the way the article is written it is confusing. If this trial only judged Leonor's multiple and discrepant statements and concluded she lied about the whole thing, then what consequences will it have on the sentences of the PJ inspectors? If the court says she lied then the inspectors were wrongfully convicted, were they not...?

    Thank you, Joana


  6. It should have been seven more years for the cruel mother from hell, not seven months.

    As for the SY 'review' of the Madeleine McCann case, what on earth could be worth spending all that money when the answers are already there before them!


    Is there anyone in Portugal - journalist, law-man, private investigator or police organization with enough guts and sufficient executive power, to investigate the role of Aragão - "The Merdium", and his operatic godfather - "The Pint", in this facsimile affair?

    I was thinking of "Expresso" but, on second thoughts, given the paper's editor Con-servative, pro-Mac stanza, and their expertise in "Photoshop", it would be unlikely - even if this meant their redemption!

    In the end, it all boils down to this:

    The poor gets hit with the full force of the Law. The rich and influential - child neglecters, killers or otherwise, walk away Scott-free...

    :n It's a dummy bravo!

  8. Thank you Joana for sharing this good result,especially for Mr Armaral.I now await the SY reveiw bringing us the long awaited TRUTH of Madeleines "disappearance" all those years ago,becauseI am sick sick of the reporting on this case.

  9. Roseanne, blame it on the lazy Lusa journos who just copy/pasted the extra bit from the end results of the previous trial (2009) without adding any information as to the consequences of Leonor being convicted for making false accusations - but I did try explain that in the notes bellow the news article. And yes you are right, the two PJ inspectors were wrongfully convicted and their sentences will hopefully be overturned soon, or as soon as possible since we're talking about Portuguese justice. There are still other issues, as pointed by dagama and myself in this blog, regarding the roles of certain people in this affair, which need or deserve to be fully investigated and taken to court.

  10. A hunting we will go, a hunting we will go,
    Hey ho to Portugal we the Met will go, a hunting we will go,
    They say it’s really not that far
    From 5A to the tapas bar,
    Please do not, doubt, or you’ll have to beg Gerry’s pardon,
    For he said, it was just like dining in his back garden,
    A hunting we will go, a hunting we will go,
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    Said Clarence Mitchell with a straight face
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    We believe Shape-shifter was his middle name,
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    Jane though should never forget or fret…
    At the time of her story, she had not heard of the Smith’s sighting as yet
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    Hey ho to Portugal we the Met will go a hunting we will go.
    Has Gerry got a touch of alzheimers,
    The door to enter, He doesn’t know what side of 5A ‘twas,
    He went in through the back and out through the front,
    Or out and in through front or was it the back?
    Whatever it was sounds like a bit of an act,
    If farce is your cup of tea, Gerry McCanns antics are something to see,
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    Kate knew immediately Maddie had been taken,
    Well a jemmied shutter, she couldn’t be mistaken,
    But then the story all fell through,
    The jemmied shutter story just WASN’T true,
    Oh dear Lord what was our Kate to do?
    Oh yes, an unlocked patio door…to the rescue…
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    Now Doctor David the ‘Pact’ Payne saw three little angels,
    Sean, Amelie and Madeleine bathed and ready for bed,
    Not forgetting Kate McCann fresh out of the shower, with towel on her head
    The sight of this too much for the man,
    As it seems he forgot why he went out of his way
    To, pay a visit to Kate at 5A on that fateful day…
    A hunting we will go a hunting we will go,
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    A hunting we will go, a hunting we will go,
    Hey ho to Portugal we the Met will go a hunting we will go
    Matthew Oldfield the man who said he hated going running
    Seemed as fascinated with Kate as Gerry’s mate Payne,
    He tagged along for an 8 mile hike on foot that is, not on a bike,
    He must have been chasing super fit Kate’s charms all the way,
    A non- runner like Oldfield, tackling 8 miles in one day?
    And defeat at the end, not something most men would relish,
    What would make Oldfield put himself through a task so hellish..?
    Why would he go running with a woman he said he didn’t know?
    Was there a specific place they needed to go?
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    Russell O’Brien that old multi- tasker he can wash bed sheets
    Just like his partner Jane…only very much faster…
    Like Gerry though he has a problem with keys and doors and very much more…
    It’s that old memory loss again, they all lost it in Portugal like never before,
    To be plagued with such a problem in their line of work is a cause for concern,
    This man thought he took Oldfield’s keys and checked his kids in the apartment,
    Poor old Oldfield inside as sick as pig had never been over the door…
    O’Brien’s short term memory loss as severe as that of Gerry McCann…
    For patient safety hope their employers check this out as soon as they can!
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    With all these doctors in their little group you fools said she…
    ‘Do you really think if Madeleine was ill or injured we wouldn’t know what to do?’
    It is that exact reason, oh simple one that to conceal a death is made easy for some…
    Think on this Rachael…
    Super- duper docs cannot save a life if beaten by the clock, if not there on time…
    And like everyone in life capable of committing a crime…
    So no we’re not all as stooped as you’d like to believe us to be
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  12. A hunting we will go, a hunting we will go,
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    Friend Fiona infamous for daubing in her pal Kate to police –
    “She did, she brought it up and that she, I mean, this sounds awful in retrospect”
    Yip it does Fi, telling cops Kate said she left the door unlocked for Madeleine to get out
    Not the way to gain Kate and Gerry’s respect, but hell they forgive abductors
    So you should be okay, to remain Kate’s BF for life you’re still in with a shout…
    But Fi and Kate on this matter tell a different story, like listening to Jackanory
    Which one of them is lying, which one telling, the true story?
    A hunting we will go a hunting we will go,
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    A hunting we will go, a hunting we will go,
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    £6,000 a day is that not a lot the UK taxpayer doth say,
    To get out of this bunch the truth, surely there must be an easier way,
    Than to pay for TWO YEARS:

    ONE Detective Chief Inspector,
    THREE Detective Inspectors
    FIVE Detective Sergeants,
    NINETEEN Detective Constables,
    SIX Police Support Staff,
    And not a Turtle Dove, milk maid or a Partridge in a pear tree in sight!
    Only milking be done is of the public for the Fund.
    The Portuguese police did the investigating this is only a review,
    After TWO YEARS have the Met not a clue?
    Hard to believe when those files tell the whole sordid story,
    Of the lies and deceit of the night a child named Madeleine tragically lost her life,
    When SEVEN other tots were treated just as badly as Madeleine,
    No parents there to care for and protect them keep them free of harm,
    Not a single one now or then prepared to stand and be counted and that is their shame,
    If the Met have any integrity, David Cameron too, they both know, the right thing to do…
    Throwing money at this investigation should not be to appease some quarters,
    This child lost her life it should not be in vain those responsible for ALL crimes against her
    Have to be brought to justice…this can never happen again…
    To say she is alive or dead as the Met have done,
    At £6,000 a day that really doesn’t cut it, they know what’s in those files and they know the parents weren’t checking as they said…
    The Met know who has lied as do the rest of the world
    Time they came out in defence of this lost little girl.
    A hunting we will go a hunting we will go,
    So many clues been left around, won’t be long till the perps are found,
    We’ll catch the perps, the silly twerps,
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  13. It is a small penalty for the damage caused to all the detectives, especially who has been and always will be a dangerous target to beat : Gonçalo Amaral - the man who refused to corrupt the truth and did not bow himself to the system. Gratefully, today all enlightened people, have long realized the web that connects this case to the Maddie's file and to a group of unscrupulous persons well known. An attempt to discredit the Portuguese police investigation and justice and earn a good bucks. In the early days we saw several persons taking the ride of the fame opened by the "McCanns window of opportunity" to promote their business and their image. Today they regret for being too dam naive. In fact they were used as they should have been. No more no less. In the meantime more will be revealed to US soon. Open your heart and keep your eyes wide open !!!


  14. From Roseanne (#5),

    Joana, thank you for your answer to my doubts, let's see how long it will take to undo the injust sentencing of the PJ inspectors, and also, let's see how the media will deal with it...strange that no one in the media made the logical connection between the two facts and asked the right questions about it, as we bloggers do!

    Thank you for your excellent work,


  15. Dear Anonymous, of the 'hunting we will go' poem. Well done, as you appear to have everything covered there.

    Just wishing it was you who was heading this SY 'review' instead of the chap with his comment 'Madeleine could be alive, or she could be dead', who is.

    Perhaps you should send your poem to him to give him a reminder in case he has been deflected too far off course by hunting for an elusive, non existent, 'abductor' on behalf of the McCanns and their abduction 'fairy story'.

    I am looking forward to apologising profusely if I am wrong about him.


    :n Anon 10-12: Braaavo! Braaavo!

    :d All we need now is the music!

    :m Andrew Lloyd-Weber, are you reading?

  17. Surely Joana Anon 10-12 (and I am not being paid to write this, in case you wonder) surely deserves a posting of his own as a guest!

    Provisory title: SKETCH FOR AN OPERA.

    Author? I don't know! I have no idea! Shall we call him/her Shakes- Pear? Shakes-Melons? This guy is brilliant!

    :o Oh dear! I shouldn't laugh so much before dinner. It doubles my appetite and I am trying to loose weight!

  18. Still no white smoke on the PJ's roof. Neither on the Yard's. I believe the revision is being made by elimination of the impossible till they arrive back at Tapas 9. I remember an article where an Yard inspector said that they wanted to prove what they believed that happened.
    If he said that it is because they trust the PJ's investigation and the conclusion.

    This is costing a lot to the British tax payers. I hope Tapas 7 will lose their friends, after the truth is published.

    It is April now and I expect an interview at least from the Yard although they are not allowed to tell much.
    We, public, have the right to know what is going on.
    I hate secrecy.

    Who knows the reconstruction will be made next May the 3rd.Although full moon will be on April 25th, the reconstruction could be done on the 26th.

    No interviews to Amaral, nothing, we are living in darkness.

    May the 3rd would definitely have a psychologic influence on Tapas 9.
    Probably it would help.

  19. Question: What was it that David Payne wanted to tell 'off the record' about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, when asked if he had something he wanted to add to the statement given by him when interviewed back in the UK by the UK police?

    Question: Regards the fridge that Payne mentioned had broken down in the McCanns' holiday apartment, was he ever questioned further about this, and about what had subsequently happened to that fridge?

    Question: Was the further 'information' Payne wanted to give, yet not be included in his statement, ever sent on to the PJ? Or, like the Gaspar statements, was it held back awaiting a request from the PJ for it? If so, did the PJ ever have time to request it before the case was closed?

  20. How I would like to see this woman to feel a glimpse of humanity and finally talk about the destiny of her daughter's body...All these years weren't enough for that, so seven months more won't affect her that much, I guess.

  21. @Anon 18 -I was fascinated by the fridge item, but don't remember all the details now, but it was in the second flat the McCanns were in, after moving from 5A. The landlord said he didn't know what was wrong with the fridge -and Gerry had replaced it. No trace of either how the creditcard-less Gerry bought a new fridge, or how the old one was disposed of.
    Food for thought?

  22. April and maybe we will hear from the Scotland Yard. Nearly 6 years after Maddie's death and no solution yet. Are we anywhere?
    I expect interviews around the end of this month or at the beginning of May.Will the McCanns show up? A new book?

  23. Anon 20 Not sure exactly which apartment Payne was meaning, yet it did seem he was meaning the one that Madeleine vanished from.

    The PJ were hunting high and low at one time for a fridge/freezer of some kind because the forensic samples of body substances they had obtained indicated storage in such, and Dr Amaral has also spoken of this.

    David Payne should have been questioned further about this fridge incident, but what is written in his statement does not indicate that he was.

    I believe certain dogs did lead investigators to a fridge a few doors away from the holiday apartment, in an unoccupied apartment. Fridges switched in some way?

    Yes, those credit cards which the McCanns denied having when they did have them, may have been of great interest to the investigators.

    I don't know how the McCanns can get away with such a bare faced lie when asked this question directly by the police. Not many people would dare to do that, but they must think they are above it all and can do whatever they like and just walk away.

    Obviously, they were right!

  24. I don't believe the McCanns ever used their own fridge in Algarve in order to hide the body. They found a fridge somewhere else, maybe in an apartment hired somewhere in PdL, by one of their relatives.

    And about Kate saying to Yvonne Martin that "my daughter was abducted by a couple": Kate wanted to contradict an eventual statement of the Smiths.
    Short after somebody "saw" a couple carrying a child near the beach, in Lagos.

  25. Anon 24

    Regards the sighting of a couple with a child who darting off down a path when caught in the headlights of a car early on the morning following the alert that Madeleine was missing,(also when Kate and Gerry were said to have been out and about searching, which seems like the only time they were out together doing this!), why was there no further description of what exactly the man had seen?

    Strange there was no description at all as to what the couple looked like? A child was seen being carried, but also no description.

    Car headlights can often pick up quite a bit of detail shining out like a torch in the darkness.

    Or has this been deliberately held back for some reason?

  26. Hello anonymous 19.

    Question: What was it that David Payne wanted to tell 'off the record' about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, when asked if he had something he wanted to add to the statement given by him when interviewed back in the UK by the UK police?

    My thoughts are that Payne was asked to respond to the Gaspar statements, a questionnaire was put to him and he made a written statement in reply which he will have had to sign, so not 'off the record' per se.

    Question: Was the further 'information' Payne wanted to give, yet not be included in his statement, ever sent on to the PJ? Or, like the Gaspar statements, was it held back awaiting a request from the PJ for it? If so, did the PJ ever have time to request it before the case was closed?

    Considering the length of time it took the UK police to pass on the Gaspar statements, my impression of what DC Marshall is stating to Ricardo Paiva leaves me in no doubt that the PJ were informed of the contents of Payne's written statement.

    Could be that Payne gave a voluntary response of an accusation made in the UK against him on an matter prior to the PJ's own investigation on the proviso that his written statement stayed in the possession of the UK police.

    I could also be wrong but those have been my thoughts as to why this particular statement is missing from the DVD.

    I think the Gaspars put their trust in the UK Police to pass their information on with no proviso's at all.

    They got that wrong!

    13-Processos Volume XIII, Pages 3909-3915

    To: Ricard Paiva

    From: DC 1756 Mike MARSHALL

    Ref: David Payne

    Date: October 24, 2007

    Sandra Ryan.

  27. I am convinced that Tapas 9 was followed by the PJ, since the first moments, after the police realized that there was no sign of a breaking.They are not stupid.But the pressure from the UK had already started, News of the World putting pressure on the Labour, they wanted to sell papers. And so very many of us, the public, believing that politicians were black mailed because they were all paedophiles! Even if Tapas 7 or 6 are not paedophiles, they will not get rid of the stamp they got on themselves. Most people I met think that paedophilia is the most important reason that saved the McCcanns.

  28. Kate used to go to Luz, visiting the Hubbards and going to the church.
    As far as I know, she and Gerry only went back to Portugal in June 2011, when Kate launched the translation of her book, some days after the Met police was involved in the review.
    Sometimes I wonder if the body is buried in the Hubbard's house, in Luz, perhaps in its basement.A safe place, better than any other place in Algarve. Burying in the church would be risky because it is a public place. If the Hubbards home is the case, they can not be happy with the Scotland Yard.
    Not only Tapas 7 are in trouble, but the Hubbards could be too. Those are speculations of mine, I'm not saying that this happened.
    But the most logical solution would be people that the McCanns could trust and besides a protestant minister is obliged to keep secrets, the same as a priest. But is his wife also inviolable? I don't think so.
    If my theory is correct, the McCanns put a lot of people in serious difficulties, not only Tapas 7.
    And I don't see Kate and Gerry helping any of them, financially, in case the PJ reopen the process. The Hubbards can get financial support from their Church, Tapas 7 can start washing dishes in pubs.

  29. That above gives hope to all of us. And I still hope that DNA tests have improved, since 2007. As a matter of fact they did.Will science identify the missing alleles? It is already possible to extract a complete DNA out of a hair without roots.

  30. That above gives hope to all of us. And I still hope that DNA tests have improved, since 2007. As a matter of fact they did.Will science identify the missing alleles?

  31. @ 11

    Matt Olfield went running with Kate and he hated running? why, where did they go, what day?

  32. Anon 29

    Wasn't that the day Kate McCann says she was bitten by a dog. To account for the bloodstained shoe print maybe? He would then have been able to verify this for her?




  34. Portugal in a terrible financial situation, the PJ spending a horrible lot of money in the review and the irresponsible Tapas 7 refusing point blank to come forward with the truth.Look at the millions that the Met police has spent till now, because of the Tapas'silence. How can they all be so irresponsible, costing such a huge lot of money to the British people.They will be hated by the whole country, specially by their colleagues and friends.

  35. #23 wrote:

    "Yes, those credit cards which the McCanns denied having when they did have them, may have been of great interest to the investigators."

    It is bad and serious enough that Gerry lied to the police, but it is even worse that his lie(s)were supported and reinforced at the highest level by the UK authorities in their shameful reply to the PJ's request of finantial information of the couple:

    The McCanns' bank accounts
    'Secret' accounts of Kate and Gerry, 02 February 2009
    'Secret' accounts of Kate and Gerry Correio da Manhã

    "Madeleine: The British have never shown them"

    "No record of a current bank account is held," said the English about Madeleine's father, adding that "there is no record of credit cards or loans." And the same for the mother of the girl who disappeared on May 3, 2007 at the Ocean Club apartment in Praia da Luz. The only information is about the bank where the mortgage of the McCann's house is held. They also refer that there no arrears or defaults registered."

  36. I have no faith in SY i'm afraid.I think the McCann's are home and dry.I hope i'm wrong,but i can't see the McCanns's ever facing justice,too many heads would roll.

  37. It seems that Amaral wrote a new book about the case. Probably not yet published because he is waiting for news steps of the PJ's.
    That new book must talk about things we still don't know. He can not talk about it before the PJ do. Secrets, secrets, I can't wait!

  38. The Hubbards "remembering Madeleine", all the way from Canada:


    This case is full of coincidences, all quite innocent, of course...
    The Hubbards are from Canada, and just happened to be placed in the Luz church exactly when Madeleine vanished, and the MCanns have family in Canada...


    Joana #9 wrote: "There are still other issues, regarding the roles of certain people in this affair, which need or deserve to be fully investigated and taken to court."

  40. It seems that the Hubbards left Portugal last year. Was it when they watched BBC panorama The Last Hope and found out that the PJ was also busy with a review? Were they afraid of being made arguidos? Was not there an interview to Amaral where he said "The Anglican (or British?) priest staged everything" ? Good Lord, Mrs. Hubbard aged a lot too (McCann Files). Scared to death? She does not have the excuse of keeping secrets. She is obliged to tell what she knows.
    Come on, Met police, go and interview her, please. Possibly they don't want to cover up anything anymore, they could be in trouble.Scotland Yard + PJ+ blogs = trouble.

    And by the way: who is taking care of Maddie's grave?

  41. Anon 37

    We now have Kate McCann saying she forgives the 'abductor'. Yet the hatred she has heaped on Dr Amaral apparently knows no bounds, and he was certainly not responsible for the disappearance or harm of Madeleine.

    Dr Amaral does say though that 'they (the McCanns) know I know', which must be very hard for anybody if they have been telling lies to live with.

    I have no doubt that one day the truth of what really happened to Madeleine will get revealed, and shocks all round as the media will be merciless, no matter how much certain people have attempted to shut them up.

  42. :c "PEIXEIRADAS" PINTO" !!!

    Nome a condizer! Mar...marinho...peixe...peixeiro...peixeiradas...

    Quanto ao sobrinho, quis dizer "merdium" ou "medium"? E que "merdium" sugere "excremento" em Latim! E preciso cuidado com a língua pois o padrinho do "Merdium" (passe o acordo ortográfico) e um "peixeiro" formado em Direito (Cúimbra) com alguma influencia no Mercado da Ribeira! :o

  43. 31

    dont know about oldfield & kate mccann running but heres a funny running story


  44. I understand that the Hubbards come from Canada and went back to their country. Somewhere I was reading that hey left Portugal on May 12th last year.
    In my opinion,it is more than Obvious that decision was caused by BBC Panorama The Last Hope, which was broadcasted at the end of April 2012, in which we learned that the PJ admited doing a review.
    "Let us fuck off", tenderly said Mrs. Hubbard to her loving husband.
    "Yes, darling, let us all fuck off, crossing the Atlantic as fast as possible", which they did.
    They escaped, didn't they, and who is replacing the Canadian reverend?

    I don't think that the Hubbards knew that Madaleine was not abducted.
    They thought they were sent to assist the parents and the McCanns manipulated them after they arrived in Luz.
    At that moment, May the 6th, only Tapas 9 and the police knew that Madaleine was dead.
    And I believe that the Hubbards left Canada on the evening of the 5th, a night flight, Lisbon, Faro.
    It is also possible that their coming to Portugal was a coincidence, unless the crime was premeditated.
    Too short time to prepare an emigration, especially if you have children.And even if you don't have any.

    Once when Kate went to Luz, Amaral commented: "She came in order to visit the girl's grave".
    And she always went to Luz around November the 2nd, All Souls Day.

  45. So we now read in the Express that Kate Mccann would forgive the person who kidnapped Maddie,if you believe that she was kidnapped,there was no proof of this.It is time they stopped Mitchell and Mccanns from writing stories they cannot prove and the police did their job and sorted this out with the seven.How much longer is this going to take.What happened to the friend who made suggestive movements with his finger in his mouth and they were quiet for a little while.When Maddie was crying for one hour what had happened to that poor girl,we are told there was blood behind the sofa and on the wall,something terrible must have happened.Most people believe she died in the flat. Britain.

  46. Kate is forgiving the abductor. She puts presents on Maddie's room and in socks of Maddie's, at Christimas.
    How can Gerry allo0w the siblings to live in such an abnormal circonstances, if it is true what she is telling.
    Is she sick or is that a peformance for the media?

  47. For anyone having to live with having told whopping big lies it must be hellish thinking that every day, at any moment, will come that knock on the door. No matter how much such a person may think they have crossed every 't', and dotted every 'i', they also know there may be something they have simply overlooked, or they may be betrayed and wham, the game is up.

    Stress, and then some, in that tangled web.

  48. Could it be thaat Kate is again threatened through internet and can the police find out who did it?
    After almost 6 years of disappearance, who would threat her now?
    Longer ago there was a bad taste joke about shooting her but the person excused herself short after. Are there more threats now?

    Most people who intend to commit a murder never tell it. See Boston.
    But if she is threatened, the police urge to find who is doing this.

  49. I don't believe people threatened Kate, using blogs or anything else. It is against the law.She wants to protect the siblings from the truth. Will Levenson be prepared to block everything, all over the world?
    For sake of the McCanns? By the way: where is Gerry? Is he also abducted?
    Will at least one of Tapas 7 show up in London tomorrow, in order to support Kate. If they are convinced that Maddie was abducted, they have to show up!

  50. #40,
    Might be Hubbard, but it could also be the previous anglican priest in Luz, the one who was called "on the scene" on the night of the 3rd/4th May 2007:


    "Reverend Heal was called to meet the McCann family on Friday in the wake of the disappearance."

    Here you'll find an excellent post about the priest involved with the McCann case:



    Dr. Isabel Duarte stratagem (if any) of pretending to be offering an olive branch to her fellow countryman G. Amaral seems to be working (...)

    She has managed to postpone her clients massive payout to the victim of their legal harassment (Amaral) and is keeping him waiting with his assets frozen and his stomach empty as the trial is sent back to the long waiting queue. Clever, hein?

    May be the "Spider" thought her prey had some kind of terminal disease and if her clients can wait a few months more until he dies so much the better for them - financially, that is.

    Whatever happens she will be (is) generously paid in six-figures. I am sure. Carter-Ruck low-grade rates.

    Now, in case you are part-timing for Burson-Marsteller and/or one of their legal outfits, remember this is mere speculation. An opinion. As for the "spider" nickname that is how the "madama" is known in Lisbon circles. :o


    Kate McCann running the London Marathon! That was quite an E-FLUENTIAL - particularly when a troll was planted who wanted to shot her. Not clear if with a real gun with blanks or a water pistol.

    Burson-Marsteller(UK) you will recall, is associated with Lift Consulting (PT) and is directed, by the distinguished Clarence "Mickey Mouse" Mitchell famous for the headline "Iraq has WMDs", Costa Concordia's and other equally ingenious media stunts which is what he calls "reputation management".




  53. no mccanns at the marathon? not even watching it?
    where were they?
    Kate was intending to take the siblings to watch it but probably she feared comments from the public.

  54. It seems that Kate was part of the Marathon. No Gerry, no Tapas 7, she was all by herself.( The complete mystery of Madeleine McCann).

  55. My impression is that Kate demands a lot of attention. Her last interview was not necessary. But she needs the media, she needs being seeing, being admired and being watched by the public.

  56. No photo of Madeleine's on Kate's shirt at the marathon.


    "Ordem gasta em viagens 216 mil €"


    O Conselho Geral da Ordem dos Advogados (OA), liderado pelo bastonário Marinho Pinto, gastou, em 2012, mais de 216 mil euros em deslocações, estadas e transportes, e 3189 euros em artigos para oferta."

    Perguntamos... de que "Fundo dos fundos" vem todo este dinheiro para o "Peixeiradas"?


    The Portuguese Lawyers association presided by Dr. Marinho Pinto - who triggered the defamation of Amaral (see image above) and was subsequently a key witness for child killer Leonor Cipriano (against G. Amaral)...AND... remains an influential pro-McCann witness in the upcoming McCanns' versus Amaral defamation trial...

    Has spent in "travelling expenses" alone nearly a quarter of a million Euros!


  58. One of these days it will be one year after Panorama The Last Hope. Still no news. Will we hear from the Yard of even from the PJ?
    In 2011 the McCanns took part in the marathon, together with Rachel Oldfield. In 2012, (after the Yard) only Kate and Gerry were taking part in it.
    2013, only Kate! not even Gerry.
    Long ago Fiona Fiona Payne went to Lisbon to support Kate and she even was part of the marathon and she made a speech when they received money from the media.

    This makes me think of the Agatha Christie "Ten Little Niggers", one by one disappeared, Rachel on the Radio, Tanner on Panorama,Fiona running in London, Rachel as well.
    I notice that only the women of the Tapas were prepared to give interviews or to show up.
    The men weren't and still aren't.
    Except a comment of David Payne, whee he says that he did not expect such a nightmare.

  59. I have very much the suspicion that Brown might have influenced the US not to deliver any satellite video to the PJ,it would be better for Newsw of the World and The Sun.
    But now we have Cameron and his request to the SY, and it is possible that the US delivered already videos, showing what happened between April 28th and September the 9th. That is what I pray for.
    It is about the death of an innocent child, manslaughter or even a murder, false statements, obstruction of police work...

    It will be a terrible lot of work, the Ocean Club, the tennis court,the beach in dark, the Smiths, the McCanns traveling around in their Scenic, uff! I pray this will happen.
    Maddie falling down the stairs?
    Can you imagine the big party all over the world?

  60. Anon 41

    It does seem a little odd that Kate is embracing her inner-Catholic so reverently at the moment. But then, with this couple, nothing is ever as it seems.Maybe, on this occassion, the wider plan is to 'forgive' Mr Amaral.That way they can get out of a certain court case that may prove to be a little awkward and uncomfortable for our pair of latter day saints. Imagine the headlines in certain tabloids: 'Now Brave Kate Drops Court Case And Forgives Bungling Cop'. Just a thought.

  61. Me again about the satellite pictures. The US and the UK are siblings, there is a huge possibility that the US will release the pictures around May the 3rd. Just concetrating on Praia da Luz. It will be a terrible lot of work to separate everything but if the British government don't make it, the McCanns will continue being a pain in everybody's ass. It is the only way to get rid of them.

  62. The media in the UK got also impatient but it will not help because thhe Yard depends on the PJ.

  63. I was reading some articles about Kate, where she says she does not want the siblings to grow up with the pain they have to search for Madeleine.
    How does she intend to solve this serious problem?
    The truth or continuing lying to them?
    Both options are extremely painful and I wonder how the McCanns will get rid of this mess. Kate refers to people around the twins who tell them that Madeleine is dead.At eight years of age, every child believes its parents.But children feel a lot, they can start doubting about the parents'version. Susan Healy did not doubt at all about Kate, to the point that she feared that the police had planted evidence.No doubts even when Kate told her that "Madeleine came",during the night. More than obvious that it was Maddie's ghost.
    Mrs. Healy never understood why the McCanns had left the children alone, during all those nights, she did not expect it, a sign she did not know her daughter very well, and yet she did not believe the PJ's conclusion: death by accident.

    It is now May the first and I hope that the PJ will make a decision.


    Burson-Marsteller, Clarence "Mickey Mouse" Mitchell global reputation management outfit, was today in full swing as the anniversary of M's demise approaches...

    Lift Consulting, PT (Burson-Marsteller associate) should be doing the same in Portugal, right now - non?

    Meanwhile, news have transpired that Theresa May will have to justify in Parliament the millions Scotland Yard are spending in the "reputation management search" (RMS) for the kid even if top dogs Eddie & Keela's "nose forensics" suggest the child no longer is (...)

    But Madeleine McCann's show must go on...
    "e-fluentials"..."crowdverb"..."direct impact" and other "reputation management" strategies, whatever it takes to turn public opinion (and the facts) around....

    Personally, I think, the celebrity couple willingness to negotiate out of court (with G. Amaral) was merely a ploy to delay procedures in the hope Scotland Yard comes up with some "solid", doctored evidence the child is alive and/or, as they have already done, that it was all the PJ's investigation fault :o

    The ways British ideology and hegemony express themselves should not surprise anyone with a basic grasp of Cultural Studies.

    Et amen!

  65. Cameron is sitting on a tyre now, because it seems that the McCanns visited him short ago which means again pain in his ass.

    Four and a half million pounds and David still did not get rid of them.
    The solution is putting the couple in jail as fast as possible, on a desert island, often attacked by tsunamis.
    And I fear that it will not help.

    They are stalkers.

    Let them irritate the UK as much as possible.
    The UK will feel what they did to Portugal.

  66. I believe it is the other way around. The Met police are not waiting for the PJ's green light but the PJ are waiting for the final conclusion of the Met: Madeleine died in the apartment.
    The Portuguese police will wait till the UK come up with the same conclusion. After their conclusion, the PJ will reopen the probe.
    Not before.

  67. We were told quite some time ago that the Portuguese justice system were bringing a CRIMINAL CASE against Jane Tanner for falsely pointing the finger at Robert Murat.

    Does anyone know whether this case has been dropped or is it still ongoing?

    Robert Murat must have been put through hell because of all the finger pointing by Jane and other members of her group, who subsequently changed their minds about it being him they said they saw, when it was proven it couldn't have been. Not to mention the run around and time wasting the PJ were given.

    Robert Murat's life was turned upside down, house and garden searched, and all, even his family members were put through this, and the media all the time pounding away at negative lying stories fed to them about him.

    So what happened about the criminal charge against Tanner?

    We even had Clarence Mitchell on UK TV at the time the charge was made, trying to defend her, so certainly wasn't imagining it all.

  68. We are pleased they found the three girls that were kidnapped in America.Mrs Mccann was very pleased to think that was what happened to Madeleine,but her story is different we believe she was not kidnapped but died in the flat,the Potuguese police must have lots of evidence about it,the blood in the flat,the dogs findings and Mr Smith who said he saw Mr Mccann carrying Maddie near the sea.So Maddie's story is not the same as the three girls.Mr Cameron should tell Potugal to open the case and find the truth which we in Germany believe he does not want to do.

  69. I also remember that Murat was suing Jane Tanner. Any more news on that front?

  70. I hope that Tapas 7 will be convicted for having hid a crime and having obstructed the Yard and the PJ's work.
    Such a terrible lot of taxes payers money whilsh they could have told the truth immediately after Cameron's request, if they did not want to tell it before.
    I never saw Gerry looking so old and devastaded like he looked last May the 3rd. Till short ago he looked much better than Kate.
    In my opnion, it comes from a combination of suffering, sadness and fear, a terrible fear, because Theresa May intends to continue paying for the review.
    Somewhere I read that the McCanns visited Cameron short ago, which must motivate him to continue the review.
    If the Yard does not agree with the PJ's conclusion, the British government will continue living in hell.

    This case got to be solved in order to bring justice for Madeleine and in order to get rid of the McCanns.

    I wonder if Gerry's last photo is also showing their last experience at number 10. I suspect they heard something that did not please them.

  71. Both McCanns were looking bad on the last photos in Rothley.
    A very big difference they looked when Kate launched the book.
    Sadness, depression and a terrible fear.
    Those are the worst photos I have ever seen of them.
    It goes beyond the death, the concealing of the corpse, staging an abduction, cheating people around in order to get money.
    It is the near future with Sean and Amelie, the internet, their school and the possible reopening of the process.
    The schock for the twins when they find out that the parents were lying to them.

  72. Mrs. Hubbard seems to have gone to Algarve, to pray for Madeleine and she met Kate.
    There must be something behind that trip.

  73. The Met police were planning to be ready with the report, at the end of last year. Four full months, and even more, went by and still no news. Translations, analyzing every single word, new ideas, new interrogations, that could be the case. Tapas 7 going back to Belgravia to explain eventual new inconsistences, born out their last statements in England.Relatives and friends...

    again and again.
    No holes in the case when the process will be reopenned.
    Efficiency that is it.

  74. Any news, for goodness sake?

  75. Could it be that the Scotland Yard is ready with the review and the report is ready too, and the Met are awaiting for the step of the British government's, asking Portugal to reopen the investigation?
    If that is the case, it will certainly take time to analyse the Yard's conclusion,to analyse the PJ's, to talk to the PJ BEFORE Theresa May requests the reopening.
    Because I believe now that the request will come from England, 100% according to the McCanns' wish (hah hah)and it would explain why England was prepared to spend millions in the review and it would explain why the PJ accepted the deal. The Met police not checking on the PJ's work but doing something about it.
    It is the only way the British government has to get rid of the parents and to provide justice for Madeleine.
    Not long ago, Theresa May said that the government was still prepared to continue paying for the review.

  76. What is the point of this vile blog where endless 'anonymous' morons post comments with no proof, that lead nowhere... If you want to make such serious allegations, and you really believe them to be true- Atleast have the guts to say who you really are. Joana Morais has no life, and could not translate a lunch menue, let alone police files.

  77. Joana, are there any updates about Snr Amaral? I have not read anything of him at all recently. I hope he is well and things are going well for him.

  78. I am the one who wrote about my theory that the goal of the Met police's review is the reopening of the case.
    Somebody criticised longer ago the words of the Yard,that it will discuss the results with the Prime Minister and decide what to do.
    At that moment I did not think about an eventual request to reopen the case. I believe that that is the intention of the English government: not even the Yard will request it. That is what the English government will do.
    The Met's report would be ready at the end of last year.
    If the McCanns really talked to Cameron short ago, their intention must have been to asking to let them read the report."We are the parents, we need to know!".
    Possibly they know that the reopening is about to happen that is why Gerry said the police are closer to the truth. An they are still very far because Cameron told them nothing.
    The PJ and the Yard know that there is light at the end of the tunnel, that's why they agreeded to work together.
    It is even possible that there is a bright light all the way inside of the tunnel.

  79. No news at all? when finally wil we find out what is going on?

  80. It is very often that people of the Operation Grange use the word murder, instead of homicide. I wonder why.
    They could use a team specialised in homicides.

  81. The worse it gets, the more pleased the McCanns seem to become!

  82. Now we are being told by the media that a 'middle aged couple' went into the apartment on the night of the 2nd May to comfort a crying child, and Mrs Fenn's account of the 'crying child' has also been moved to the 2nd May, which for anybody who has been following this case is definitely not what she said. She said it was the night of the 1st May that the extensive bout of crying, culminating in the screaming of 'daddy', had occurred.

    Is somebody making a deliberate effort to prove Madeleine was still alive and well on the night of the 2nd May, by introducing this account of a middle aged couple going to comfort the child, as there have been doubts raised by some people that Madeleine was even alive by then.

    Or, is there a deliberate attempt being made to draw attention away from the night of the 1st May, and whatever was going on then?

    Was there really a 'middle aged couple' who entered the McCanns' apartment, and if so, why has it taken all these years to ever hear about them?

  83. Daily Express and Star newspapers report that SY believe a Brit couple entered 5A the night before Maddy vanished to soothe her crying and want to trace them. Does this suggest they know that checking wasn't taking place? Do they expect the Tapas 7 to come forward and explain while they still can?

  84. I believe it is the other way around. The Met police are not waiting for the PJ's green light but the PJ are waiting for the final conclusion of the Met: Madeleine died in the apartment.
    The Portuguese police will wait till the UK come up with the same conclusion. After their conclusion, the PJ will reopen the probe.
    Not before.

  85. A story in the Daily Mail 25/5/13 claims that DY have identified a new suspect, a dead paedophile that the PJ failed to investigate. It's just McCann PR spin. It was first reported in August 2007 and the suspect photo was shown to the McCanns then by the PJ. Urs Von Aesch 67 shot himself in the head. Someone in the TM is desperate to take people's minds off the latest reported SY revelation that Maddy was heard crying on the evening of 2 May reported in the DE; so no checking?

  86. Ninety nine percent of these comments re anonymous.. Tha,t's because this website is run by a fat, ugly Portuguese peasant woman who wants attention. She appeals only to other peasants, who don't even lend her enough support to use their names. LOL!! Joana- you are supporting the PJ- Fat, Portuguese peasants like yourself who should go to jail for the hateful, stupid, moronic conclusions they reach

  87. wake up.....


  88. The Daily Mail have found another witness after 6 years,isn't it about time that Mr Cameron and the British police cleared this up? if they want the truth they should open the case in Portugal stop all the lies and get to the truth. Germany.

  89. Any NEWS, dear Joana? It would be so sad if THE PERVERTS are celebrating unpunished. Any hope, Joana!!

  90. There was no criminal charge against Tanner. You were lied to. Mitchell did not know one way or the other and was covering in case it was true.
    The very fact that such lies have been purposively spread, and with a very straight face, should make all of you ask serious questions about some of the players in this affair. Fat chance of that happening though.

  91. at last here for all to see ..the corruption in the uk!

    Wheres viv and her beloved MET ? she doesnt seem to say much nowadays ....in theearly days she seemed like a PR machine for them ..almost as clarence was to the mccanns...come on viv say hello ..lets hear your expert legal view.
    what about blacksmith aswell ..the man with his finger on the pulse correcting all the conspiracy nutters .....i must say ...we can see who the nutters are now lol.

    Mojo ....the lunatics are not in the asylum .....there running it !

  92. News today

  93. Does this mean that Amaral is cleared of the alleged torture?


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