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Attorney General’s Office received no request for judiciary assistance over Maddie

The Attorney General’s Office has ascertained, this Thursday, that “no request for mutual judiciary assistance has been received” from the British authorities, within the scope of the investigation that has been opened in London into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann in the Algarve, in 2007.

In a reply to news agency LUSA, the Attorney General’s Office clarified that “the obtaining of evidence, in Portugal, presupposes the presentation of a mutual judiciary assistance request, usually known as rogatory letter, whose execution has to be authorized by the Portuguese judiciary authorities”.

“The execution of the request has to be integrally assured by the Portuguese authorities, whether the judiciary or the police, as sovereign authorities that they are. The British authorities cannot act, on their own, in Portugal”, the Attorney General’s Office states.

It is added that if “their traveling to Portugal is allowed in order to assist the Portuguese authorities in the execution of the aforementioned mutual judiciary assistance request, a participation that is carried out in the role of an assistant”, the British police “cannot direct any questioning or carry out any diligence, of their own initiative, in Portugal”.

Meanwhile, the authorities in London have confirmed that there are Portuguese citizens among the 38 persons of interest that the British police wishes to question within the investigation that was opened in that country into the disappearance of the little British girl Madeleine McCann, which took place in Praia da Luz, in Lagos, Algarve, on the 3rd of May 2007.

Several weeks ago, the British press had already advanced the possibility that Scotland Yard would open its own investigation into the case, following the review that was opened in 2011 after the intervention of prime minister David Cameron.

At that time, the police confirmed that a delegation of high ranking officials from the Crown Prosecution and British detectives visited Portugal in mid-April in order to discuss the next steps to take with the Portuguese authorities.

The parents and another British citizen, Robert Murat, were made arguidos by the Portuguese judiciary authorities in July 2007, but on the 21st of July of 2008, the Attorney General’s Office ordered the suspicions to be archived, which ended the investigation.

The Portuguese Public Ministry has always admitted reopening the case if new data about the child’s disappearance appears.

in Jornal de Notícias, 05.07.2013


  1. The media in UK is full of how SY have definitely ruled out the parents and friends as suspects in this case, and that Madeleine may still be alive, and all is pointing well away from the apartment.

    If this is true, surely the question has to be HOW have they managed to completely rule out the parents and friends without completely airbrushing out the work of the 'never been wrong before, and best in the World' UK dogs also.

    What kind of police completely ignore these kind of dogs so as to do that??? Of course, this question is never asked of them in front of the camera so as to get an answer, and 'the dogs' which Gerry McCann has been attempting to ridicule and undermine all these years now appears to be a subject never to be spoken of in the UK.

    If they are ignoring the dogs then there is definitely something rotten in the state of SY! An utter disgrace which many are already concluding can only be for the sake of reinforcing the McCanns' 'abduction' scenario, which has NEVER even been proven.

    Thank you for the above information because something of the truth ought to be getting through this heap of stinking whitestuff.

  2. welcome back,you have all been missed.

    It really does not matter what sy say,its not their case.

  3. Thank you dear Joana - lovely to see you back and to hear the TRUTH of the matter!

  4. Nice to see you back, Joana. Mr Redwood seemed to state yesterday that the parents are not suspects in the announced new SY investigation in UK. Many posters believe that they will be when the 38 persons of interest are eliminated first. Others believe that the investigation will simply whitewash the parents and not solve the case. It is clear that the article here states that the Portuguese investigation was shelved at a point when the parents were the suspects. This situation still remains, and will remain whatever SY conclusions come up with unless new valid evidence is found, I presume. This I trust. Importantly, SY cannot say that the parents have been eliminated yet because SY have not yet carried out their investigation. I also remember the head of the British police force assisting the Portuguese in 2007 saying that there was no evidence to prove their innocence.

  5. It just keeps on getting more bizarre with each turn of events, again we have it reported in the uk as a completely different story to the facts.
    Against the backdrop of the recent hacking scandal with the Met shown to be as corrupt as the media - it seems nothing has changed and never will, unless we get some people who are prepared to stand up and fight these masonic chums, apologies moronic.
    Again I will ask...where is viv ? or even blacksmith ?
    What do they think of these latest developments ?
    Is it all part of the strategy by the MET to ascertain the truth ? lol ......or did all those conspiracy crackpots who said it has been a huge cover up involving the police,media,government hit closer to the truth?

    o dear!


  6. Thank you Joana. Reading/listening to reports in U.K. saying the parents and friends are not among the 38 people being followed up sounds strange to say the least. Also saying possibility Madeleine is still alive? Wonder if this is all to do with McCann's v G.Amaral case coming up in Portugal? Perhaps they think this will make him give up the fight for freedom of speech and Justice for Madeleine? UK RESIDENT.

  7. Another storm in a teacup!! Can you imagine the roggie interviews held in Portugal, with Portuguese nationals. Let them read other witness statements, write a list of questions that they will be allowed to answer (after legal advice) bla bla. CONDUCTED (one hopes in Portuguese) with the MET onlooking, hands tied behind their backs working within the formalities of the roggie interviews.
    Game, set & match. Me thinks

    Yes, I wish to see a solution to Madeleine's disappearance, but really, has the MET now finally shot themselves in the foot. Two years review £5m and now full investigation & more expense.

    Do the British (I'm British) really deserve co-operation?

    Thanks for the update.


  8. Good to see you back Joana!

    Well I hope that if ever there will be a rogatory letter the Brits are getting the same kind of treatment as the PJ got, when they requested for follow up with the Tapas.

    If you listen to mr Andy, you would think there is already an investigation going on in several places. They seem to be using the McCann technique: lie, lie, lie and when you get caught in a lie, lie some more.

  9. There is sufficient cause to issue a European arrest warrant against the McCann's to return to Portugal and face charges of placing their child in danger. Why do the Portuguese police not do this.

    Letter from Iberia

  10. Totally bizarre. These facts are overlooked by the UK detectives and judiciary who seem incapable of telling the truth.

  11. I am very puzzled by this lack of contact. Comments from UK police (the Met/Scotland Yard) are stressing close co-operation with the Portuguese authorities, or maybe they said 'the Portuguese police'. How can they not have spoken with the Attorney General's Office: firstly out of courtesy, and secondly to get their position clear if they wish to do anything at all in a country which is not their own? Everyone who knows anything much about this case, knows it will not be re-opened by the Portuguese until and unless there is some distinctive 'hard' evidence to get the AG's office to say it should be done. 'Leads', or 'suspicions', or 'persons of interest', simply do not cut the mustard. Laws and procedures in the two countries are naturally different. That was part of the trouble early on. Millions have been spent by both countries, and now it seems, even in hard times, more money is available from the UK! Why, I am not sure. We seem to have been given to understand that it is OK for our Met police to 'investigate' British citizens (as I think it always has been) and to have another look at many other characters who featured briefly in the files, who are not Brits, with help from Portuguese colleagues, to check them out... again and possibly eliminate them... again! Is the idea to eventually have a prosecution of some kind in the UK? 'It may take at least two years', has been said: quite a nice meal ticket for some of the participants! The situation gets madder and madder. The press over here may often be crazy, but some of the police statements being made here are also very odd indeed. When I hear them, I think: 'You can not be serious!'

  12. Why would Portugal authorities assist with anything related to this case after they were publicly humiliated by the McCanns and even Scotland Yard!!!??! I wouldn't spend another penny or move another rock!

  13. The direct quotes from the AG's office on procedures to be followed make perfect sense to me.

    The statement (see mccannfiles) from the Metropolitan police is worded exactly as you would expect from them.

    So far, so good, everything quoted is as it should be.

    So where did this little gem below which was included in every UK media report on this latest news come from with no other source than 'Detectives say'.

    [Detectives say Madeleine's parents, the friends the McCanns were with in Portugal and people known to the family before they went away are not suspects or people they need to investigate.]

    Was it 'The Detectives' Jasper Carrott and Robert Powell who spilled the beans, did it come from a friendly loose lipped UK keystone cop in the pub over a pint.?

    Was it a cleaner at the BBC?

    Hard to say for sure who to attribute that bold paragraph too.

    Far too bold in an unsolved missing child case to believe that it came from the Metropolitan Police themselves.

    Thank you Astro for the translation, pity the AG's office's right to reply won't see the light of day in the UK media.


  14. i found dc redwoods comment on tv yesterday very strange

  15. The great detective Colombo once said:
    "There are three things to look out for in a crime scene...

    (1) What's there now that wasn't there before?
    (2) What was there before that isn't there now?
    (3) What's been moved?

    The British press are predictable and use language to make it read 'convincing'.

    On the latest line of 'suspects':
    "Kate & Gerry welcome the new move."

    But, if you look deeper into the language what Kate & Gerry are saying is they welcome the move made by Scotland Yard on their bogus hunt for suspects because the more 'suspects they can drum up the more it deflects the blame away from them.

    There are no suspects on the run. If there were the Portuguese police would be on the case.

    What the McCanns should be concentrating on is finding their daughter. They seem to be more interested in finding 'suspects' and less energy on finding their daughter. After all, according to the McCanns and their very weak and unintelligent team, their daughter is out there somewhere.

    Yes, they are right in that respect but in the shape of a body or DNA - and we all know the Portuguese police have one half of the puzzle already.

    As Detective Colombo would say, "Sorry to bother you, Ma'm, there's just one more thing on my mind that's been bothering me..."

  16. No police force would ever refuse or impede an investigation into a missing child. If they did, then you would have to wonder what they had to hide.

  17. What on earth is going on? As a Brit it certainly feels like we are being fed a fairytale - but why? Poor Madeleine.

  18. I wonder if Kate and Gerry are among the 12 British nationals who are being investigated.

  19. I only hope parents of all british missing children will write to their MPs, picket the scotland yard offices to demand the same level of assistance , time and money to their cases. It's just amazing that so much has gone in to this case by the British police and government to look at every option bar the parents and friends.

  20. It's another one of their lies .

  21. when is the court case

  22. speechless""""""""""""""

  23. What are they waiting for to submit an International Letter of Request to enable them to persue the interesting inquires they are up to?...
    I really can't understand what's happening at the moment, if something it's actually hapening, that is....
    At the moment I'm not believing in a proper investigastion by the SY.

  24. Redwood said from the get go that SY's aim was 'to bring closure for the McCanns'. Well, being as the McCanns would dearly love all suspicion of them to be swept under the carpet, he is certainly doing that.

    How he can conclude already that those who were there that night and were closest to Madeleine can be ruled out, given the dogs and what they are indicating, is beyond belief, and maybe somebody should ask him to explain how that is possible.

  25. It's never ending.:r

  26. i hope we hear some comment from senor goncalo amaral on the latest press coverage from scotland yard.seems to me they still have tunnel vision over this case...

  27. There must be loads of comments by now put on here... but I guess there is a reason why they are not being allowed through.

  28. why do we not hear more from portugal as to their next move in this ongoing saga.

  29. Why would SY announce that the parents were not suspects before the UK new investigation began? Why is a forensic reconstruction not the first thing to be arranged by SY involving the T9? Would this not shed light on what happened? SY seems to be playing for time, why?

  30. What a barmy show are the Brits putting on?

  31. It is clear no comments will be put up here. Not sure why that is. Everyone I talk to in the UK who is interested in MBM's disappearance finds DI Redwood and co's statements on TV crazy, and incomprehensible.

    There are two opinions prevalent. 1 - The conspiracy theory: it will be an elaborate whitewash, because too many powerful people have invested in 'abduction', and will be made to look silly if the original Portuguese viewpoint (come to by British police as well, early on)is correct; either that or some powerful person is being protected/blackmailed.

    2 - The belief that Scotland Yard's bizarre statements and activities are an elaborate hoax to lull the perpetrators of deceit into a false sense of security, and that, eventually, arrests will follow.

    Can't decide between the two.

    A 3rd more cynical view still, is that the case is a nice little earner for a few about-to-be-retired elderly policemen, who get the chance to visit the lovely Algarve for free!

    I'm only writing this for the moderators to see, because this is one of the most reliable sites on the Net, and I'd like to make the point to them that we all know here that our tabloids print rubbish, because otherwise Carter Ruck will sue them for libel! MBM 'news' sells newspapers like nothing else!

    Most of all I fear that there is almost, but not quite, enough evidence to make a case stick, unless your Attorney General allows facts gathered that were ruled out previously into the mix. If only the parents had not been made arguidos, but had been questioned as witnesses! Can the AG perhaps ask now for medical details and bank details and phone records, in exchange for allowing the Yard to do investigations on Portuguese soil... probably not.


    The Symbolic Logic of it all is rather telling...

    Clarence Mitchell and the global reputation management apparatus of the McCanns (Burson Marsteller, Lift Consulting et alia) are apparently in full swing ahead of Goncalo Amaral/McCanns showdown next fall and the McCanns failed attempt to negotiate with Amaral out-of-court. Always seeking the easy way out these Macs (...)

    Meanwhile, Paulo Pereira Cristovao (key witness for Amaral) is to stand trial as well. It would be interesting if investigative journalists in Portugal found out who is REALLY behind the initiative. Not much imagination is required.

    Another reputation management stunt trial? "Simulacra and Simulation" Baudrillard style? Hmmmm.....

    I am informed the Mac Team is desperately trying to influence the Portuguese judges when their image finally comes to the crunch later this year or perhaps they are already playing for the European Court of Human Rights? Take a pick. May be both.

    Meanwhile, Scotland Yard's Gerry look-alike has reduced his "195 leads" to "38 suspects". Will anyone blame him for such small discrepancy? I doubt! One thing is for sure: Cameron's sleuth at the Yard is definitely improving.

    :o There is no biz like show-biz...

  33. The Metropolitan police are cleaning up the road, making it free to get to the McCanns. They have to clean up around before they say that nobody is left over, except for them and for Tapas 7.
    Of course they know the truth but it was a review and a review has to check on every corner.The Yard reached the last corner now, those 38, and then they will say : "we checked on everybody, it is your turn now. Just a formality, ok?"
    There are new witnesses evidence and a witness is a person that is present at a happening. They are probably Tapas 7, the group that is scared of the MP.

    We have to wait.

  34. The McCanns were impudent and they got a terrible invoyce. What a tough way to learn a lesson.They had 3 years to learn to keep their mouth and they didn't.

  35. @32 ..I think the answer is a combination of options 1 and 3.

    I think there's a blogger named viv who can explain option 2 lol

    I'm getting a bit fed up of all the discussion at this late stage in the case of the tactics regarding the MET and so on .....they have no tactics just a blatant agenda.

    Clear the McCann's and find a patsy !

    For those who cannot see the conspiracy that this case most definitely is ...then they are a lost cause, no matter how well they write or use words.....really they are lost or scared to speak what they can see, maybe for fear of losing their way of life( which will be better than your average Joes).
    For me its simple you need to know the enemy to beat it...and the cause is more important than money, status or you become similar to part of the reasons for the cover up.

    The only positive that we can take - is that for institutions to be corrupted - it only takes a FEW people networked in high positions.

    these are the people that need to be highlighted/ identified and focussed on....they can open the doors to truth otherwise ...round and round we go ......blogging, blogging, blogging and blogging.

    the names of people that are preventing the truth by blocking process or making it difficult should be out there...not departments or establishment titles......but names and profiles of who have the decisions and powers etc....the key players ...the dregs can be tracked later.

    I'm afraid that to put this fire out once and for all, you have to be prepared to get burnt along the way as some already have been.

    until the truth prevails.


  36. As long as SY ignores the dogs, they are playing into the hands of the McCanns and the 'abduction' story they have been selling the public for years (without official confirmation), and thereby not informing the public of the extent of the work of those dogs and their absolute reliability in all the previous cases they worked on. Why should the McCann case suddenly be so different that they be ignored? So, if it wasn't Madeleine who died in the apartment, then who was it?

    Until SY does mention the dogs, sorry, but it is impossible to believe they are really investigating this case as serious cops do, but merely carrying on chasing psychic dreams and bogus sightings here, there, and everywhere at the request of the McCanns, and which of course could take years given all the supposed sightings cropping up continually, plus running up the bill for yet millions more by doing it.

    For those who have been following this case and do trust the dogs, then how can it be possible to take any of this seriously.

  37. If SY really have, as they claim, eliminated the McCanns and friends from their enquiries, then they are left with one of the following options:

    1. To produce a body, with an explanation of exactly how they were able to find it.
    2. To produce a living Madeleine, who would have been able to lead them to her abductors.
    3. To produce an "abductor", dead or alive, and provide some incontrovertible evidence, in the face of much public sceptism, that that person was indeed the culprit. If said "abductor" was alive and indeed innocent, their defence lawyer would have a field day.
    4.To say, after all the hoo-hah and expense - "sorry, we don't have a clue."

    Since those are the only options I wish them the best of luck!

  38. I say ...has it dawned on anyone that the Met are having to show their true colours now ..partly because of the pending case between the McCann's and Goncalo Amaral.

    You can bet your life that the McCann's legal team will have been evaluating every way to progress their case... especially now that the strange offer made to settle out of court has passed in failure.

    What could be better for the McCann's legal team, than to highlight in court an investigation that as just been opened, the investigation has evolved from a review recently undertaken by the British police they will say.

    The review team were made up of dedicated trained police staff - sifting through all the files and investigative documents obtained. The team have expressed already that they have found 195 leads, with many persons of interest. (I think one person for each of the team off the top of my head....you get the picture anyway....lots to go on)

    The review also has quotes from its high ranking officers that will be read to the judge ... "there's every chance Madeleine could be still alive"....and so on.

    Pushing the thrust of their case ...no "evidence" of death they will protest, so anything that alludes differently to that fact ..is speculative by its nature ...therefore detrimental to a search for a "possible" living child they will argue.
    The approach will be one I feel of there's no evidence of death or there would have been a prosecution ..the case was archived and not closed so any comments/books etc should have been restricted until such a time of the case been concluded and officially closed.

    I think you get the idea of what I am saying.

    remember also everyone the case has been taken on by a privileged and honoured super-duper, whiter than white, world-class police force...who are looking at the evidence with no personal interest or axe to grind, but the eyes of a neutral police body who have had the advantage of obtaining 3 different sources of investigation material, which has never been done before !!

    My concern now is that Portugal will betray Goncalo Amaral, this man I would imagine has been through hell, not just from the pressures and attacks he has endured, but from within himself ..I would imagine the torment he has felt inside would have finished most people ..yet he has taken the attacks and moved forwards, sure I bet he has had times of despair but he is in the right, he has truth on his side and that matters...it really does, Portugal get behind your man, do not let your establishment sell him out.
    Fight for him.....im Spartacus mentality.
    honour him, support him ....fight for him.

    You see if my cynical mind is right, I think Portugal's establishment are going to stitch him up prior to his court case ...by allowing the case to be re-opened on a "special clause" they may have negotiated with the UK's Crown prosecution.

    Remember Portugal has powered people involved in the cover up - there's much at stake for both countries establishment figures, and to them one man falling is the better outcome.

    fight and keep fighting


  39. @30

    'Passing Thought'


  40. It only takes a letter from the Mccanns to reopen the case in portugal and for them and their friends to take part in the reconstruction. so why all this messsing about they said in 2010 in the video clip here that they want it reopened . So what is stopping them sending that letter?? errr if i had a child missing i would do it so it is beyond my comprehension why they are avoiding this particular avenue. maybe cause they are guilty????

  41. Life Savings (l-azzeri)

    Please do not make martyrs of people who neglected their children in such a heinous way.

    People who have been less than helpful to the police investigation in Portugal, to a mother who refused to answer when questioned by police. It was her legal right to refuse, but let us call a spade a spade - What kind of parent refuses to help an investigation attempting to discover what became of their missing child? What kind of mother behaves, liked a spoiled selfish brat throwing a right royal strop putting herself before her missing child who she and her husband claimed was abducted and being held by paedophiles? A ‘guilty one’ I’ll bet the answer on the lips of most!

    Guilty of what though?

    That has yet to be discovered. But for sure, when someone does not tell the truth, when they change their stories, suddenly have loss of memory when questioned on important and relevant issues, become evasive, bad mouth police officers, people too who went out of their way also to help, do likewise with witnesses, ‘lawyer up’ to the hilt, both in the UK and Portugal, extradition lawyers, libel lawyers and the rest at an enormous cost – sums of money the McCanns would never have seen in their lives had Madeleine not mysteriously vanished – alarm bells ring – and for those who still six years on do not hear them I might suggest that they get their ears syringed!

    For those who deliberately refuse to hear/see and more importantly refuse to speak out and question – shame on you!

    Their less than truthful accounts, discrepancies, changes to their stories are all recorded and evidenced in their televised interviews, police witness statements, Kate McCanns book, and the diary is a real eye opener…

    Please do not announce their innocence when the Met have not proven or solved this case, when the Portuguese Police have primacy and always will, when the Portuguese findings are not as those of the Met according to Andy Redwood, and when in fact Andy Redwood has stated he may not be able to solve this case but he will come up with ‘some sort of’ resolution.

    Andy Redwood, may have stated he does not suspect them the Leicestershire Police and the Portuguese do not appear to be quite of the same opinion.

    We all understand 'innocent until proven guilty' that the McCanns and or others the 38 included do not need to prove their innocence in the UK unless they are charged and are appearing in a Court of Law to defend those charges.

    Equally, without absolute proof we cannot rule anyone out. Has Redwood got that proof to rule out those he said are not suspects?

    To not be a suspect at any given point in time we must remember does not necessarily point to absolute innocence of the McCanns (or anyone else).

    Just as the McCanns had suspect status at a certain point in Portugal, did not necessarily indicate their absolute guilt.

    Redwood did not say the McCanns or their companions were innocent - he said they were not suspects.

    Suspect status can change at any point. The McCanns have experienced this and may do so again.

    Until they are found guilty of crimes against the child they can waltz around as they have been doing for quite some time now, like Lord and Lady Muck, and until Yacht Man has been found guilty, he too can continue to sail the seven seas telling everyone he is Captain Birdseye if he so wishes...


  42. 'Redwood in my opinion, could not possibly have reconciled the many lies and inconsistencies in the statements given by the McCann party, difficult then to see how they can be ruled out of anything, of having not played a part, or NOT KNOWING what became of the child, or at the very least not knowing what the truth is as to the checking system on that night and on others, especially regarding the Penn Jillette patio door, the magic one – now it’s open, now it’s not!. Difficult too, to see how the Metropolitan Police could be that far off the mark, so far from the original investigation in Portugal? That they have not sniffed out that the cadaver dogs had something very relevant to tell them. That unless there was a ‘fire sale’ of the type of trousers Gerry ‘Buttons’ McCann owns and unless he allowed a friend to borrow his, he may just be the person the Smith family saw? They saw a man who looked like McCann wearing trousers just like his, carrying a little girl, just like his daughter Madeleine! Perhaps the alleged abductor had time not only to clean the apartment but to dress in Gerry’s clothing, put Madeleine on the yacht and return the garment?

    Perhaps one of Gerry’s holiday companions, one who is not dissimilar physically to him, more so on a dark night, tried on Gerry’s pants for size…

    The ever changing stories by McCanns are for a reason of that we can be sure of, and they were not designed to help Madeleine, I would say to ‘throw’ the investigation...'

    Taken from - l-azzeri-lies-in-the-sun.com - Life Savings

  43. Portugal's got the McCanns and SY over a barrel . At last !

  44. The longer this goes on the more depressed... and cynical I get. All that money spent just for what seems like poncing around in circles... going through the motions... and Redwood making obviously nutty staements on TV. What are normally intelligent people who have followed this case with concern from the start, but with pretty much an open mind, supposed to think?

  45. It is known that Gerry McCann is hoping for a political career through your current PM, mates and all that. Head of the health services was what was mentioned sometime ago. To have this position he needs to be whiter than white, of course he never will be. Any responsible parent especially a doctor, should know you never leave such young babies alone whilst you go out on the P---. They are both guilty of severe neglect, charge them for this and the rest will follow. SY well I am disappointed in them, it stink of corruption or a cover up. Probably down to the funny handshake, Redwood has no presence he is GMs puppet.What we need is some real dedicated policemen who will not allow shark eyes to know and control all. This is an insult to the memory of a missing child.
    The only one with guts is Dr. Amaral lets support him

  46. We are becoming familiar with examples in the UK where a political decision about 'national interest' has thwarted judicial investigation - Litvinenko, the Lawrence family, the lack of an inquest on David Kelly - someone has already quoted the 'dark forces' comment by the Queen. Maybe the 'key' to the McCann case is to ascertain whether 'national interest' enters into the equation, and how. There's plenty of corroborative evidence to suggest that it does. If indeed it does, then this SY/CPS operation is a hugely expensive exercise in creating disinformation. I am by instinct a subscriber to the 'cock-up' rather than the conspiracy theory generally, but this is becoming labyrinthine.

  47. I am beginning to wonder if it is Gerry and his mate Clarrie who are giving orders to SY as to when and what they want done, like puppets being worked from the back.

    After all, just as with a military campaign, what perfect timing to have SY come out saying Madeleine may still be alive and that they are still questioning 'suspects'. Perfect timing in that it serves as ammunition to the McCanns in their upcoming case against Dr Amaral.

    Two years of the supposed SY 'review' and they come out big time with that NOW!

    Yes, perfect timing indeed, and not a mention about the excellent dogs at all, who, it would appear, can be dismissed at will by these SY so called 'investigators'. Now what cop worth his salt would ever do that?

    The truth is, it is hard to believe any cop would, unless they have been told to do so from someone they are taking orders from, and how can the McCanns and those who were with them on holiday, and knew Madeleine was alone in an unlocked apartment, simply be vouched as free from suspicion from the get go of the SY 'review/investigation'? What cop seriously investigating this would do that given the uncooperation of that lot with the official investigation, which requested them to answer questions and do a reconstruction, and they refused when a small child was missing. It beggars belief! Even people who did not know Madeleine were willing to return and do that.

    So, please tell us SY, if Madeleine didn't die in the apartment, then who did, because those particular UK dogs who worked on hundreds of previous cases had NEVER been wrong, so why should they be in this case?

    Yes, perfect timing indeed on behalf of the McCanns as far as that upcoming Court case against Dr Amaral for libel is concerned.

    Why am I somehow not surprised.

  48. Mojo at 36

    Absolutely right.

    It is sickening to see Portugal remaining silent like lambs being led to the slaughter, which is happening in the UK media thanks to this absurd SY 'review' and 'investigation', which already contradicts the conclusions of death of Madeleine in the apartment, reached by the original investigators who put a lot of work into the case, until it was shelved awaiting further evidence.

    It is hard to believe that such 'evidence' will be coming via SY since they are already making it clear they are talking about an 'abduction' and ignoring the dogs completely, and the parents are already whiter than white the way Redwood tells it.

    After all, he has already said they want to bring 'closure' for the McCanns, and closure for the McCanns would certainly be making sure that all suspicion points well away from them and their pals.

    To ignore the dogs turns this into a total farce.

    Why are the dogs not even being mentioned in the Portuguese media, or the Smith sighting, where Mr Smith was eighty per cent sure it was Gerry McCann carrying the lookalike Madeleine child that night?

    Why is Portugal even being silent about this information which is already on record in the public domain and can be spoken of?

    Have they also been gagged by the McCanns? Surely not!

  49. No 41 - how do you come to that conclusion?

  50. One might say...

    "The Rebekah Brooks/ David Cameron connection is doing reputation management wonders under the auspices of Clarence Mitchell's Burson-Marsteller - bearing in mind the McCanns versus Gonçalo Amaral showdown later this year..."

    Another might add ...

    "Whether Scotland Yard's "Simulacra and Simulation" exercises (as in Baudrillard) will throw the Portuguese judges off balance, remains to be seen..."

    I am reminded of another British PM (Chamberlain) who tried to appease Hitler by offering the Fuhrer the territory of Angola - which was at the time a Portuguese overseas territory (...)

    Hitler asked Chamberlain: "What if the Portuguese object?"
    Chamberlain replied: "When the time comes Portugal will cooperate...". In the end the Fuhrer rejected the offer and the proposal came to nothing (...)

    Let us sit back and enjoy the "political football" and see if, in the end, British political and cultural hegemony will come out on top.

    On a less cynical note, I really hope Scotland Yard can do miracles. That they find Madeleine alive and thus rule out the "controversial" findings of the two top-notch forensic dogs Eddie and Keela - except I don't think they will. Just an hunch, though.






    Lochery, Neill: "Lisbon: War in the Shadows of the City of Light, 1939-1945" (Public Affairs Books).
    (pp. 21)

  51. Another newspaper story yesterday to add fuel to the persistent rumour that Jill Dando was shot by a professional, possibly a retaliation by a Serbian hitman. Yet disturbed local Barry George, found innocent on appeal, is denied compensation because of a political decision that he is 'not innocent enough' - if politicians can can apply a greyscale to innocence, a concept that is surely black or white, how sure can we be that they are not writing the script for the disappearance of Maddy.

  52. The Daily Express have Maddie on the front page again,it is time that this government sorted out Mccanns,the British police should know that most people in Britain believe that she is dead.Mr Cameron could have cleared this case a long time ago and not listened to all the stories that have been made up,how can we trust that we will finally get the truth.Mr Cameron should listen to the people and Mr Amaral.


    One could say...

    "The Rebekah Brooks/ David Cameron connection, is doing "reputation management" wonders under the auspices of Clarence Mitchell's Burson-Marsteller - particularly bearing in mind the McCanns vs. Gonçalo Amaral trial later this year..." (trying to settle it out of court did not work),

    Another might say ...

    "Whether Scotland Yard's "Simulacra and Simulations" manouvres (as in Baudrillard) will throw the Portuguese judges off balance, remains to be seen..."

    I am reminded of another British PM (Chamberlain) who tried to appease Adolf Hitler by offering the Nazis the territory of Angola - which was at the time a Portuguese overseas territory (...)

    Hitler asked Chamberlain: "What if the Portuguese object?"

    Chamberlain replied: "When the time comes Portugal will cooperate...". In the end the Fuhrer rejected the offer and the proposal came to nothing (...)

    Let us sit back and enjoy the "political football" and see if, in the end, British political and cultural hegemony will come out on top.

    On a less cynical note, I sincerely hope that the Aleistair Crowleys of Scotland Yard manage to conjure up the miracle of delivering Madeleine alive and thus rule out the "controversial" findings of the McCanns' nemesis and the top-notch forensic dogs.

    That said, it is not quite clear to me of how the Yard magicians will pull up such trick - by means of an hologram?






    Lochery, Neill: "Lisbon: War in the Shadows of the City of Light, 1939-1945" (Public Affairs Books).
    (pp. 21)


    I suppose the Portuguese authorities will have to let the Yardies in for the sake of diplomacy but independent observers, know this "new investigation" will be all about RPMs - that is, denigrating the work of the Portuguese PJ, ahead of the McCanns' vs. Amaral trial AND trying to improve the McCanns' public image world-wide as a consequence.

    The gambit could backfire - particularly if the new Portuguese Public Prosecutor (Dr. Joana Marques Vidal) keeps her emotions in check and sees through David Cameron/Scotland Yard's intentions - quite an easy task for a woman if it were not for the presence of a male "conservative" led government in Portugal overseeing her decisions (...)

    After the British (government owned) now defunct FSS (Birmingham) destroyed ALL forensic samples pertaining to the case ("standard procedure", they said) and the findings of the forensic dogs were considered irrelevant for the "official version" of events, "hyper-reality" has taken over.

    I suspect if this case is officially re-opened in Portugal, there is a possibility the Portuguese could, at the very least, charge the McCanns (and some of their entourage) for obstructing the course of Justice and abandoning their children to their fate. That much the former Portuguese ambassador to London has suggested and the McCanns' first lawyer in Portugal has stated.

    It would be interesting to see the McCanns' multi-million £££ global team and their government suck on that for a while before taking Portugal to the European Court of Human Rights where money and governmental influences count for nothing (...)

    (The above statement is an opinion, not a statement of fact, expressed under the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º. No allegations are made or implicit by the commentator).


    "Hyperreality is a term used in semiotics and postmodern philosophy to describe an inability of consciousness to distinguish reality from a simulation of reality, especially in technologically advanced post-modern societies."

    Hyperreality is seen as a condition in which what is real and what is fiction are seamlessly blended together so that there is no clear distinction between where one ends and the other begins." (quoted from: Wikipedia)

  55. This is a name that long time readers might recognise!


  56. The judiciary assistance request letter was sent:


    The Crown Prosecution Service has written to Portuguese judges asking for permission for a team to gather evidence, with the help of local police.

    A CPS spokesman said: “We can confirm that a Letter of Request has now been sent to the Portuguese authorities.”

    It is hoped this will ease the way for officers from the UK to be based in Portugal to interview witnesses and suspects, search properties and be present should any arrests need to be made.

    Portugal will now have to reply to the UK authorities and agree to the request to gather evidence over there. However there is no reason to suggest they will refuse. The Metropolitan Police has identified 38 “persons of interest” – 12 of them UK citizens.

    Senior Metropolitan Police officers from Operation Grange, the inquiry into Madeleine’s disappearance, remain optimistic of making progress in the case. Announcing the full-blown investigation, Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood said: “It is a positive step in our hunt for Madeleine that our understanding of the evidence has enabled us to shift from review to investigation. We, and the Portuguese authorities, remain completely committed to finding out what happened to Madeleine, and everything we do is utterly focused on her best interests. We continue to believe that there is a possibility that Madeleine is alive.”

    International criminal investigations in Europe are governed by two treaties – the 1959 European Convention on Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters, and the Convention on Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters between EU States of 2000.

    Neither Kate nor Gerry McCann, both 45, nor the friends who were eating with them that night are among the 38 people identified, police said. None of the 38 is known to the McCanns. But Kate and Gerry have said they “have absolute faith in the work Scotland Yard are doing”.

    A team of 37 Met police officers and staff is now working on the case. The 12 British “persons of interest” were in Portugal at the time Madeleine vanished, and are currently thought to be in Portugal or the UK. The other 26 are believed to be in these countries or three other unnamed European nations. So far the inquiry team has gathered 30,500 documents and generated 3,800 actions that they need to tackle.

  57. Jane Tanner's DNA was found in Burgau,l down the coast, as i remember...to sharon on Jill Havern


    Dr. Anthony Bennett has recently confronted the Yard with some specific questions under the Freedom of Information Act. The Yard diplomatically declined to answer these on "logistic grounds". Nice one.

    By association, I have a question for you Astro and/or Joana - by the way is Joana back from Ganymedes? Just wondering (...)

    The question is:

    Has ANYONE in Portugal attempted to retrieve the same kind of information from the PJ?

    I mean, in a time of great economic constraints and suffering for the Portuguese people, has it transpired HOW MUCH their government has, so far, spent, having the PJ doing "the McCanns' laundry" - instead of charging them (and some of their friends) for obstructing the course of Justice AND abandoning their children to their fate?

    THAT, me thinks, would be much cheaper AND much better for Portugal's image abroad.

    Just an opinion. No allegations made.





    According to a British newspaper... Murdoch's owned, you guessed correctly... "THE spokesman for the family of Madeleine McCann will take on Britain's first Green Party MP at the next election, it was announced yesterday.

    Former BBC reporter Clarence Mitchell has been chosen as the Tory candidate for Brighton Pavilion. The seat is currently held by Caroline Lucas - a former leader of the Green Party - who won with a majority of 1,252 at the 2010 election.

    Mr Mitchell, left, tweeted: "Absolutely delighted to be selected by Brighton & Hove Conservatives tonight."(quote/unquote).

    It seems good old Mitchell not only managed to get Scotland Yard's big nose on the backside of the PJ, he also succeeded in being enlisted by the Conservatives! Jeeeesus!

    You have to give credit to "Mickey Mouse"! Even the Cons. recognize Mickeys's talent as a con... man.

    Now, we can only hope the Portuguese Public Prosecutor is wide awake and decides correctly on this case least we, Lusitanians, all go down in History as a subservient, gullible people (...)

  60. This is a bit off the subject admitedly but, come to think of it, still relates to the main posting.................

    You will recall that sometime in June this year news were out about a secret love affair at no. 10 Downing Street and I quote:

    ‘Stunned’ PM holds crisis talks over fears tryst will ‘blow political agenda out of the water’.

    Several perceptive comentators on this case (e.g. Textusa) have suggested VIP "couple swinging" could help explain the apparent cover-up or if you prefer, the impasse, that followed Madeleine's demise.

    Now... could baboon-sex-antics at governmental level help to explain the preferential treatment given by Cameron to the McCanns'? I mean, could the McCanns' have some kind of "dynamite" relating to "swinging" at governmental level IF their government ceased to support them?

    Please note, I am merely speculating here and I am not even suggesting David Cameron (or his wife) could be the "baboon" involved, this is just something that came to mind and that any wanna be inspector worth her salt should, in this day and age, consider - be it the PJ, the Yardies or the FBI.

    Also, I feel the Portuguese police might know more than they are willing to tell us (or indeed Scotland Yard) and are keeping it as some kind of "atomic weapon" should the Brits be silly enough to push them too far (...)

    Could we be in for a "sh*t hits the fan big-time" scenario?


  61. Acabo de enviar o seguinte correio-e ao Gabinete da Procuradoria Geral da Republica a/c do Sr. Lobato Ferreira (Chefe de Gabinete).

    A proposito, o endereco geral da Procuradoria Geral da Republica e este:


    Quanto mais escreverem melhor. Penso. A ideia e pressurizar a Procuradoria no sentido de esta nao ceder as manipulacoes e exigencias do Governo Britanico via Scotland Yard.

    Rascunho de texto enviado:

    "E a meu ver (e na minha humilde opinião) da máxima importância para a imagem de Portugal e a dignidade do povo Português que a Procuradoria Geral da Republica tenha o máximo cuidado com o tipo de liberdades que concede a Scotland Yard, no âmbito da re-investigação "a la Yard" da morte e/ou sequestro da menor Madeleine McCann.

    Alguns factos a considerar:

    (1) O assessor de imprensa do McCann (Clarence Mitchell) e o mesmo do ex- PM Tony Blair ("O Iraque tem armamentos de destruicao macica e outras historias) e do ex. PM Gordon Brown - que na altura o enviou a Portugal para proteger os McCanns. Devemos perguntar a nos proprios, porque?

    (2) O Sr. Clarence Mitchell e hoje director da Burson-Marsteller - empresa global de "gerenciamento de reputação" associada com a Lift Consulting em Portugal.

    (3) O Sr. Mitchell e também membro e candidato pelo partido Conservador - o mesmo do actual PM Britanico que ordenou a Scotland Yard (depois de pressionado pela amiga Sra. Rebekha Brooks e a imprensa do Sr. Rupert Murdoch) que investigasse o caso de acordo com a presunção dos pais de que a menina foi raptada (e não como a evidencia circunstancial -e forensica- sugere; nomeadamente que a menina morreu no próprio apartamento dos pais.)

    (4) Subentendemos que o objectivo da operação "Grange" da Scotland Yard e denegrir o trabalho da Policia Judiciaria de Portugal e procurar dar suporte a "versão oficial" dos pais - imposta a forca bruta da Lei pela equipa advogados da famosa (e carissima) Carter-Ruck de Londres. Veja-se por exemplo o que aconteceu recentemente ao ao advogado Britânico Anthony Bennett (...)

    (5) A Yard quer passar por cima das contradições dos pais e de toda a evidencia circunstancial num aparente "gerenciamento de reputações" orquestrado para coincidir com o julgamento do Dr. Gonçalo Amaral - talvez na expectativa de impressionar os juízes Portugueses a favor do casal McCanns e em detrimento do investigador Português.

    (6) Melhor mesmo seria Portugal re-abrir o processo e levar os McCanns' a julgamento por terem deixados as crianças sozinhas no apartamento e mentirem (obstrução de Justiça) - o que de resto se aplica a alguns dos amigos do casal (...)

    (7) Atenção portanto ao que esta em causa. Os interesses nacionais de Portugal e dos Portugueses tem de estar primeiro que os interesses de dois suspeitos Britânicos - doa a quem doer!

    Se a Scotland Yard quer investigar o caso que o faca MAS sem o apoio da policia Portuguesa. Portugal e, pelo menos desde 1140, um pais independente!

    A Bem da Nação


  62. Isn't it time for the Portuguese to release that 'stand alone evidence' and scupper this unbelievable so called 'investigation' being carried out by the SY on behalf of the McCanns.

    Surely this nonsense has been allowed to go on long enough!

  63. Joana ... Could you or someone else who is Portuguese let me know the following in your column when you can get around to it.

    1 - Are there any comments in the Portuguese press relevant to the Attorney General's receipt of the request from Theresa May for British police to be allowed to work with together with the PJ to interview, or re-interview, people in Portugal in connection with what is called over here 'Operation Grange?'

    2 - If there is still a case pending between Goncalo Amaral and the McCanns, is there a date set for the beginning of the hearings?

    3 - Do people in Portugal, like many people in Britain, think all this British new 'investigation' is merely going through the motions, expensively, on British taxpayers money, with no likely result? Are they as puzzled by it as we are? Perhaps it is not common knowledge.

    My own feeling is that if there is ever to be a case brought over the disappearance of Madeleine Mccann, the less said by police and CPS directly now about the matter officially the better. Then those charged (if anyone ever will be charged, which I doubt) cannot say: 'It has all been chewed over by the press, so there is no possibility of a fair trial.'

  64. What's happening with the civil case in Portugal - is their 6 months not up now?

  65. However irritating it may be, I hope the Portuguese authorities play along with the SY request to re-interview persons already excluded by the PJ. AFTER that has been done, then surely it will be essential to go back look at those who have currently been excluded from the investigation. As Sherlock Holmes would almost have it, when you have eliminated the likely, then you are required to go back and look at the supposedly unlikely, and then the extremely unlikely, and then the supposedly impossible... which may indeed turn out to be true!

  66. I hope that the PJ and authorities resist and repel the SY investigators who appear to want to disregard and recreate the PJ investigation, if their aim is to whitewash the McCanns. What did Mr Redwood mean by saying he wanted new 'forensic evidence?' There is already forensic evidence, that of the dogs, Eddie and Keela. Is that not important forensic evidence?

  67. When you mention Scotland Yard, in many people’s minds you conjure up this notion of a police force without equal, a police force of utmost professionalism, and investigational brilliance, a notion that, no doubt, was acquired and transmitted to others by those who read romance novels or watched movies about murder mysteries. So ingrained in some people is this notion of the fabled SY that they have convinced themselves that Mr. Redwood‘s peculiar behaviour is a ploy to keep team McCann off guard. Why else would Mr. Redwood deem it appropriate to make the rounds of the morning talk shows and to star in a documentary, pounding into our heads that there is no proof that Madeleine is dead and that the McCanns are not suspects? I’m sure Mr. and Mrs. McCann appreciate Mr. Redwood’s declarations, but don’t they find it strange that Mr. Redwood needs to keep affirming that they are not suspects, taking into consideration that it was Mrs. McCann who asked for the review? How else do you explain Mr. Redwood’s actions?

    Well, more often than not it is what it is. This review / investigation was never set up for the purpose of finding out what happened to the girl; when Mr. Redwood mentions “closure” he means something else altogether. All the warning signs that this was not a legitimate review were there: the person who asked for the review; the manner in which the request was made; the way it was launched; the timing; its focus; and of course the ever increasing media role of its leader. This review / investigation is an evaluation of the work done by the Portuguese police, more correctly stated it was set up to devalue the work done by the Portuguese police and the evidence that was collected. I recently read some commentary in Maclean’s magazine posted underneath an article entitled, “Undying hope for Madeleine McCann.” Individuals who commented how the public was being mislead, that there existed evidence that suggested there was no abduction, were aggressively criticized by a couple of posters. What these couple of posters tried to convey to the public was that the evidence in the case file was old evidence collected by an incompetent Police force, evidence that has since been disproven by the new evidence collected by Scotland Yard. And that my friends, is the objective of this review / investigation. This is what “closure” means: discredit the contents of the case files and the people responsible. It started with Leveson with his reference to the contents of the case files as being fluff, and is being finished off by SY. And if they succeed in condemning Mr. Amaral then they will have put, as they say, the cherry on the cake. Can you imagine being in Mr. Amaral’s shoes right now: you will soon be in court; being sued by foreigners for the conclusions you reached based on the evidence which was gathered during your tenure as lead investigator; in danger of being left destitute, and at this very moment there is a renowned police force from the country of those who are litigating you, in your country, telling the world that there is new evidence and that those whom you believe to have committed a crime are not even being considered as suspects; how would you feel? I wonder what’s going through his mind.

    We have been witnessing these strange patterns of conduct by the British for more than 6 years now, yet some continue to be oblivious to these patterns, they behave like ostriches, refusing to acknowledge that the British police, its politicians and media have, for some reason, been providing public relations services to a couple of malignant narcissists.

  68. Will all the Masons connected with this case besides Blair, Brown, Cameron, Murdoch, and most top SY police, who are all Masons, please stand up!

    Would that also include Gerry McCann?

    So what advice should be given to all the others whose loved ones are missing and receive very little help whatsoever!

    How much is it that has been spent so far on this latest run around on behalf of the McCanns, five millions was it! That is besides the millions the public have handed over without being able to read 'The Truth of the Lie' which the McCanns have tried hard to suppress in the UK, and is the true account of the investigation and the conclusion reached by the investigators, both Portuguese and UK, that MADELEINE DIED IN THE APARTMENT which the work of the best blood and cadaver dogs in the World, who have never previously been wrong, have also indicated.

    It is hard to take any confidence whatsoever from this so called SY 'investigation'.


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