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Maddie: PJ already has rogatory letter and prepares diligences

Inspectors will not be the same ones that investigated the disappearance

by Marisa Rodrigues

The Judiciary Police already possesses the rogatory letter in the case of Madeleine McCann, the child that disappeared in the Algarve in 2007.

It is a list of diligences that will be carried out at the request of the British police, that asked for over 30 witnesses that were already heard by the PJ to be questioned. Nonetheless, the English investigators consider that questions remained unasked and leads were not explored until exhaustion.

The rogatory letter is long and will be fulfilled by the Southern Directory, in Faro. The possible trip of a group of British police officers to the Algarve is not certain yet and will be coordinated with the Public Ministry, but it is sure that, once they are on Portuguese territory, they cannot carry out the diligences themselves. They can watch what the Portuguese police does.

The inspectors who will execute the rogatory letter will not be the same ones that investigated the disappearance. The team has already been built, but it remains unknown when the diligences will start.

The Attorney General's Office has stated more than once already that there are no indications to justify the reopening of the inquiry, which was archived in 2008, a year after the disappearance.

in: TVI, 23.08.2013


  1. Do you think this is start of a coverup or something being done at last? Thanks for translation :)

  2. I hope the Portuguese media will find out where those people are and write about it.

  3. What an absurd charade.
    Just get the bloody lot of them back to do a recontruction then go from there.

  4. I love to think that the McCanns are the reason of the Yard in their lives. They kept on insisting in a police force in the case, never believing that it would happen.Only smoke and mirrors, hah, hah, hah, manipulating around. And they can not complain, they demanded it, didn't they? Wonderful! It is like Kate's dream, that ended up in the arrival of the dogs in Praia da Luz and the parents were declared arguidos.My intuition says that Kate was the one that thought of the review, not Gerry. I think that Gerry wanted to continue living without police around him. Too late.

  5. I am believing the Portuguese have been playing the cards close to their chests and are going to come out with that 'stand alone evidence' that will shoot down the 'abduction' nonsense Team McCann have been brainwashing the public with for years now.

    After being questioned in PDL Gerry McCann is reported to have said 'we're fooked!' before he and his wife got out of Dodge quick time, although they had been requested to remain for more questioning.

    Will that eventually be 'fooked' indeed! One can only hope.

  6. Is this just another farce. It too much too hope for, for any one to nail the McCann's Portuguese justice is far too slow and the UK justice is none existent.

    This crime was with out any doubt committed in the right country.
    A Brit in Portugal can get away with anything.

  7. If this is correct and it is solved which I very much doubt, it makes the PJ seem very stupid and useless really.

    Because without Scotland Yard and St Cameron (the baby face Rat) nothing would have been done. I cannot believe that. never.

    Portugal grow a pair tell them where to go. Nail the McCann's yourself. Is Mr Amaral the only man in Portugal with a backbone.

  8. quote It is a list of diligences that will be carried out at the request of the British police, that asked for over 30 witnesses that were already heard by the PJ to be questioned. Nonetheless, the English investigators consider that questions remained unasked and leads were not explored until exhaustion. unquote

    I hope the yard also takes a look at the flimsy rogatory interviews from the Tapas 7. I wonder if the Portuguese will also let these people to be interviewed read interviews of the others. Like the Brits did with R O'Brien and his partner.

    Does anyone know if, since it is not an open case, the PJ has any power to force these people of interest to answer or even to show up?

    And to answer nr1: I think the cover up started long ago when the British ambassador prevented the PJ to get the clothing worn that day, so our normally not so squeaky clean parents could wash them. Or maybe even before that, when the British media were massive called about a girl that as missing for 2 hours.

  9. Things are heating up...or are they? Anyway, thanks for keeping the eye on the ball for us, Joana!
    Take care

  10. It's a cover up because of the political will or at least the attempt of it.
    Don't know why the McCs are that important or how they made it but I'm quite sure of the final whitewash.
    SY are making a fool of themselves and the UK is merely a poor imitation of a state of law.
    Just consider the recent confiscatories of Guardian material.

  11. Could someone in Portugal give me a better English translation of the word 'diligences'? It may be a technical legal word over here too, but I am not familiar with it. I have a rough idea of what it means, but I assure you it is NOT used in everyday English parlance.

  12. Surely the truth should be bursting to come out by now!

  13. The inspectors of the Diretoria do Sul have been handed a thankless task, interviewing these products of the vivid imagination of DCI Redwood. Thankfully, the Diretoria do Norte are those who are in possession of the true facts which will nail this case.

  14. We are very sorry that Mr Amaral has to wait for such a long time to find out what is happening in the latest police investigation. Is there not a honest British police who will bring out the truth of what really happened to poor Madeleine. Mr Cameron could have sorted it a long time ago if he had listened to the people and not to lies in this case, if he wants to straighten out this country he should listen to the people who speak the truth. In the beginning Mr Brown visited Portugal and after he returned Mr Amaral was taken off the case. Now we have that Mr Mitchell is joining the conservatives this country will never have an honest government.


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