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The English request for witnesses to be heard

Maddie case on the table

by Tânia Laranjo

The English have already sent the rogatory letter to the Attorney General's Office, asking the Judiciary Police to inquire some of the witnesses in the Maddie case again.

The document has not reached the Judiciary in Faro, but as soon as that happens, the diligences are to be carried out. The inquiry of new witnesses or the re-inquiry of others that were heard at the time of Madeleine McCann's disappearance do not put the archiving of the case at stake.

In Portugal, the case can only be reopened if the Judiciary thinks that some of the witness statements represent new evidence. One of the witnesses that the English authorities want to be heard again is a taxi driver who asserts that he transported the girl, that night, in the company of adults.

The man has already volunteered to make a statement, and should now make a formal statement at the Judiciary Police in Faro.

in: Correio da Manhã, 24.08.2013


  1. It is interesting that the English authorities want to hear a taxi driver "...who asserts that he transported the girl, that night, in the company of adults..." and yet they are completely ignoring the evidence of the Irish Smith family who claim that they actually saw a man very similar to Gerry carrying a little girl 'towards the beach'

  2. Its time that the Portuguese Justice system took the intuitive and became pro-active.
    The disparaging comments by the British public in response to the biased articles concerning the United Kingdom Metropolitan Police LEADING the NEW INVESTIGTION into the case.
    The comments by a brain washed British public are totally ANTI Portugal all suggesting that the Portuguese police together with the Portuguese justice system are incompetent.
    It is time to put the record straight utilise the so called new evidence as a reason to re-open the case, issue a European Arrest Warrant for the McCann's to return to Portugal to answer the charges of leaving their children in danger.
    Put an end to this farce, or is there some dark political reason not to bring Justice for a little girl who has been let down so badly by the Portuguese justice system
    (Letter from Iberia)

  3. It's about time Scotland Yard questioned some real witness like the T9 and the Smith family.

  4. The taxi driver said the little girl in pyjames looked like Madeleine and the woman looked like kate . And Scotland Yard want the PJ to speak to him ? Are we getting somewhere at last ?

  5. Does his son in the police have a coloboma? As he stated originally.
    Did Madeleine have one?
    Have you ever met anyone with one in your life?
    What a coincidence! 2 people in this case with this condition in the family.
    What rubbish.

  6. @JerryLawton writes: New Portuguese cop squad hunt Madeleine McCann

    Scotland Yard hope to quiz 38 people of interest.
    A police squad set up to carry out inquiries on the Brit officers’ behalf in Portugal is due to start work within days. Madeleine vanished days before her fourth birthday from the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz in May 2007, while her parents dined with pals in a nearby tapas bar.

    The newly-appointed Portuguese officers will making inquiries, interview witnesses and arrest suspects for Brit police.
    Meanwhile disgraced detective Goncalo Amaral, who headed the original investigation, faces a libel hearing in Lisbon on September 9.

    He wrote a best-selling book suggesting Madeleine was dead and her parents covered it up.
    Doctors Kate and Gerry, both 45, are seeking £1million in damages from him.
    A source close to the McCanns said: “The new investigations and the high-profile libel hearing could re-energise the worldwide search for her.’’


    Any certainty about the hearing date? Meanwhile, the Scotland Yard farce goes on.

  7. What happened with the so called investigation lead by Helena Monteiro, from Oporto's PJ? Was that "para inglês ver"? And the absurd Castela story, again? Ludicrous!

    If the McCanns and the Tapas 7 aren't questioned, their account details and other data that was requested in 2007 to the HO that were denied to the PJ by the then home office secretary and if a reconstruction in Luz does not take place then be sure of a whitewash, a final archiving dispatch that excludes all other hypothesis reached by the early investigations, lead by Mr. Amaral and Mr. Rebelo with the cooperation of the English police and of a previous Scotland Yard team, except the never proved and frankly absurd abduction.

    My best wishes to Sr. Amaral and his family, who unfortunately looks gravely ill, which is no wonder after being persecuted and harassed by the McCanns, their numerous employees and laywers, their troll cyber-bullies supporters and the obnoxious British media for 6 years. If anything happens to him, will be on each one of the vindictive and greedy hands of those people.

    Justice for Maddie!

  8. The 'Star' reported that the Amaral/McCann hearing is set for September 9. Let's hope so, and let's hope that the McCanns have to give evidence and be questioned in court. Not in cognito, no secret sessions but in open court with the press and Sky TV reporting. Anybody with press andTV contacts please make sure that they are there preferable reporting a Live transcript on their website.

  9. Coloboma- 1 in every 10,000 births

  10. I noticed the recent mention about the Portuguese taxi driver by the media who is saying he gave a lift to three men, one looking like Robert Murat, a woman who was a Kate McCann lookalike, and Madeleine, on the night she was said to have vanished. This sighing would appear to have been dismissed out of hand as not fitting into the time line as it was about 8-8.30pm.

    The taxi driver says he noticed the fleck in the child's eye, as his own child had the same thing, and that her chin was making some sort of spasm motion. Clarence Mitchell pounced on this 'sighting' as nonsense as the McCanns were at the Tapas at the time. Then the time of the sighting was changed in the newspapers to the following night so now it became acceptable to the McCanns, though the taxi driver is adamant it was the same night Madeleine disappeared.

    What ought to be asked the taxi driver is whether he actually saw the child moving at all (apart from a facial spasm which apparently can occur for hours after death), or whether the child merely sat eyes open on the lap of one of the men.

    Also, he says the woman was wearing a yellow coat/jacket, and after looking at the photo of the Party on the bus it looks like Kate McCanns is wearing a cream coloured jacket, though the colour is fuzzy. Would cream look yellowish in traffic and the night lighting?

    It is just a thought, but perhaps that sighting by the taxi driver ought not to be dismissed so readily until he answers whether or not the child actually walked, or talked, or whatever else, to prove that she could, since quite a number of people apparently don't even believe she was alive at that time.

    By the way, it is also noticeable that Kate McCann is now saying that Madeleine didn't have that obvious fleck they made so much of in her eye after all!

    Here's hoping they do question the taxi driver, and also keep in mind that Payne is a dead ringer for Murat.

  11. 7) where did you see Amaral?

  12. 1) We don't know who the British police are ignoring or not.They will not tell us anything.

  13. @10 The cabbie story is as believable as Jane Tanner's ever changing abductor's appearance.
    @11 check Júlia Pinheiro'Talk show online.
    @12 Oh, but they have, who do you think is feeding the British media and press with nonsense, already verified and dismissed and outdated info? Just take a look at Andy Redwood behaving more like a PR than a cop in multiple TV interviews since he first appeared in a documentary "BBC Panorama – Madeleine: The Last Hope?" broadcast in April, 25th 2012.

  14. Bem assisti há pouco ao programa "Nancy Grace" no canal americano HLN, e fiquei chocada com a manipulação.... rebaixaram a policia portuguesa mais uma vez, dizendo tb que a policia inglesa "reabriu" o caso porque os pobres pais não desistem (lol) , e que Gonçalo Amaral tinha sido afastado depois de 5 meses ,ganhou muito dinheiro a vender um livro " em que afirmava que a Madeleine tinha sido morta pelos próprios pais" , foi processado, e quando a apresentadora pergunta se os mccann ganharam o caso, o jornalista/investigador, disse que Sim!!!! Basicamente o programa foi uma autentica lavagem cerebral que meteu-me um nojo tremendo..Quero ver onde isto vai parar..

  15. A hearing or a trial on the 9th. By then the Met police will have been in Portugal already an I hope for serious information about Madeleine. The Met are not going there only for smoke and mirrors. There must be people out there who will be quizzed to hell and they will tell what they know. I'm hoping arrests will be made.

    By the way where is Kate? Hidingg herself in Syria where she feels much safer than in the hands of the police"?

  16. @2 (Letter from Iberia)
    Well said and so true

  17. Madeleine McCann detective faces court

    By Daily Star Reporter

    THE detective who headed the original investigation to find Madeleine McCann faces court next week over a book he wrote claiming the youngster’s parents covered up her death.

    Portuguese Goncalo Amaral, 52, is being sued for £1million in libel damages by Kate and Gerry McCann, both 45.

    The civil case in Lisbon will be adjourned on September 13 and will then continue on September 19 and 20.

    Madeleine vanished just days before her fourth birthday from her family’s holiday apartment in the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz on May 3, 2007.


    No mention that the McCanns lost the book ban at the Lisbon Court of Appeal, and the appeals in the Supreme Court of Lisbon, nor that they tried to reach a deal with Gonçalo Amaral.

  18. It is possible that the Met detectives are already in Portugal and the PJ are keeping it secret. I hate secrets.
    We don't know how many people of those 38 are living out there.
    Andy Redwood said that "new evidence" from witnesses brought the Met to the decision to start an investigation. If it is the case, what they told must be credible, otherwise Redwood would not have used the word "evidence" but"leads".

    Was there an authority who said that the Met will interrogate the taxi driver or did the media make it up?

  19. Somewhere I read that Gerry, still in 2007, had a plan or something similar that he was planning to use later that year, after the media would cool down.
    Hah hah hah.

  20. «Gerry McCann, 38, said: “One of the ideas is maybe getting all the people who have publicly supported us to come together. I don’t just mean from the UK but from different parts of the world. We want a big event to raise awareness that she is still missing.

    “We would look at high-profile people who have already pledged support. It will be some sort of focus around an anniversary, to tell people that Madeleine ’s still missing. I think it would be later this year, once media attention has dropped, to bring it back up, hopefully, for a short period.

    “It wouldn’t be a one-year anniversary, it will be sooner than that. What we’re doing at the minute has its role but doing that down the line in a few months won’t have anything like the same impact. We might have a sporting event, something arts, something music.

    "We’ve had backing from sporting people up to now. We have had backing from certain musical celebrities as well. We’ve got some other musical contacts that we are exploring, who are happy to offer support.

    “We’re not saying it would necessarily be one big concert, it might be that on a certain day they are playing her DVD.

    “What we want at the current time is maximum message out there now, about her disappearance but then just events to bring it back up occasionally just to remind people, if she’s not found.”» Gerry McCann June 3,2007, Daily Express, in full here http://gazetadigitalmadeleinecase.blogspot.pt/2009/12/gerry-mccann-speaking-on-june-3rd-2007.html

    Compare that along with timeline of the incorporation of the McCanns' private company "The Madeleine Fund - Leaving no stone unturned ltd" http://www.mccannfiles.com/id58.html

  21. Thank you nr8. How could the McCanns ever dream of that they would remain slaves of the media. Probably they thought that it would become a Ben Needham story taking no longer than 6 weeks.
    They are lost, really lost. All of the media are waiting for the next statement of the Met police's. We too.I hope we will hear from them very soon.

    11) I didn't manage to find Julia Pinheiro Talk Show and Amaral. oud you help me, please?

  22. Next September the 7th it will be the 6th anniversary of Kate and Gerry being made arguidos. I hope that we all will celebrate it with extra good news. Perhaps arrests will have be made already, confessions, corpse found somewhere.When the interrogations start in Portugal everything will go very fast. I think it will happen simultaneously, interrogations in Portugal and Britain. Arrests in both countries around September the 7th.

    "Happy birthday to Maddie#"

  23. I think the case will be reopened in the UK. Very many aspects that can be used against the McCanns and the Tapas.
    neglect of all of the 8 children
    fraudulent fund
    false statements
    obstruction of police work
    hiding a death
    eventually hiding a murder
    protecting culpits
    Tapas7 being irresponsible allowing the siblings still living with the parents

    The only escape route that Tapas 7 have is to be honest to the police, becoming witnesses instead of remaining suspects.

    Unless they are all involved in something very dark.

  24. Why would the McCanns say that Dr Amaral's proposition that Madeleine died in the apartment harms the search for her? GM said early on that they are not so naive that they don't consider that she may be dead, I believe. Mr Amaral's words are merely the documented conclusions of the PJ team investigating the case in 2007, in which a cadaver dog marked the scent of death in the apartment. There have been so many supposed sightings all over the world that nobody can claim the search has been harmed, surely?

    I hope that the journalists will all report fully and carefully the hearing and Mr Amaral's words both inside and outside court. The Sunday Express reports that the McCanns won't attend court. No surprise there.

  25. Gerry's wishful thinkig, on June the 3rd 2007. He had seen already that things were running out of the hands.He could not control the media.
    And that is the reason of Payne's comment: "in our worst mightmarre..."

    The whole noise around the case became an investigation by the Scotland Yard, allowed by the PJ.

  26. I want to hear more from the taxi driver and please remember the haste in which he was removed as been a relevant witness by no other than Clarence Mitchell quoting the timings been all wrong to the uk media.

    Of course Clarence comments were based on the position that "his" clients the McCann's and friends timings of events were correct and truthful! which as we all know were in question by the PJ.

    Furthermore the McCann's and friends did not co-operate with the PJ as requested, the timelines they had written on the back of the children's colouring books, which were taken into their police interviews and had been written by the groups own hands prior to any PJ request for such information at that stage.

    The timelines they insist were not to get their story's straight as a group.... but to "help" draw a timeline of events on the night for the PJ to analyse...these were the timelines they had written down and yet which later they were not even prepared to enact as requested by the PJ...a very simple thing to do ..validate your words if their truthful and accurate - they refused to do so.. I need say no more.

    This would lead a person of any credibility to the view that there is a "problem" with their timeline - of which any simulation would prove and they know it - the PJ did a computer simulation and it speaks for itself in regards to the feasibility of their given timeline and it don't look good for them infact it bs.

    Now back on track ...lets hear what this taxi driver has to say!

    I believe he did pick them up - can people remember the waiting jeep.. as well as his description of the girl he believed to be Madeleine in the back seat and the condition she was in?

    Just digressing to later in the case, can people remember about fluids been found pertaining to a broken neck in the apartment?


  27. On September the 4th it will be two months after Andy Redwood announced the investigation that will be done by the Met police. We aren't any further than we were that day.
    I have a theory: somebody in the UK pointed to somebody in Algarve who will be quizzed now and who will point to the parents or to Maddie's grave.Or to both.
    Possibly are Tapas 7 already officially quizzed and, if they are honest, they will do everything to get rid of this mess.
    Because it is a mess for the McCCanns, there is no need to be a mess for them too.
    Unless they are involved in the death itself.

  28. Within 10 days we will have the hearing. Perhaps we will get to know from the Met before the 13th.

  29. I believe that before every person of interest is quizzed, both police have to analyse the rogatory letter, discuss it,agree with the way they approach that person, etc, etc.,and at the same time somebody will write a report, although I believe it will be recorded too.

    The person of interest will have to read and sign it.

    Gosh, this will take ages.

  30. Chelsea Hoffman does not mince her words

    Madeleine McCann's parents can't sue away the evidence against them

    The disappearance of Madeleine McCann is the most high profile international disappearance to date -- but the evidence is overwhelming against the parents of the little girl. However, the UK is doing a bang-up job of protecting them to the point of allowing them to sue detectives in Portugal who declared them as suspects. Always concerned about getting money, Kate and Gerry McCann are suing Goncalo Amaral for a hefty sum over his claims that they may have murdered the girl (or were otherwise involved in her disappearance/death).
    It's an asinine lawsuit, to be clear, and officials are even encouraging the McCanns to avoid showing up in court -- avoid showing up in a trial that they have initiated. Goncalo Amaral famously made claims that Maddie McCann died in apartment 5A and along with other experts he made sure to produce enough evidence to back his claims up -- but Kate and Gerry didn't stay in Portugal and have notoriously been uncooperative with very basic elements in the investigation.
    Amaral is confident that he will be victorious in this lawsuit -- and hopefully he is. The evidence against Kate and Gerry McCann would be enough to lock them up in many other scenarios, but for some reason they are being coddled in the UK as the media pumps out sappy and borderline false reports to sway the public into believing this couple is innocent of wrongdoing. It's shameful and will only add to the time that will pass without Maddie's remains being located.


  31. 30 - One can find that article also on McCann files.

    Whilst the Met are busy with persons of interest, we remain persons with interest.

  32. Anonymous said...

    I can remember the mention of the 'broken neck' fluids. So what was that all about? Also, because of other forensic evidence from the car they knew the body had been frozen at some time. Or, are SY ignoring all this in favour of chasing an 'abductor' as per orders from the McCanns. If so, what with the dogs and all, it beggars belief.

    As for the taxi driver, he said the people had a buggy with them just like the one the McCanns used, as he took it out of the taxi for them when they arrived at the destination. The question is did they arrive with her in it, and then simply lift her onto the man's lap in the taxi, and then put her straight back into the buggy when they arrived, or did the taxi driver see her walking at all.

    If she was walking, talking, then I am inclined not to think that it was Madeleine because of the work of the UK dogs. If she wasn't moving, then I think this 'sighting' should be taken seriously.

    03/09/2013 13:15

  33. A blog is publicising an article written by Duarte Levy and it seems that some readers are taking him serious.
    Long ago Joana Morais published an article about him, here, under the title "A pathological lier", that he seems to be.
    I can't find it back.

    He "was present" at the Ophra show when she interviewed the McCanns, he "spoke" to the Atorney General in Achen about a suspect, he "interviewed" Kate in Rothley,he "was a journalist" for a UK paper,
    he lied about the alleles...

  34. in this complicated story if I am remembering correctly, it is only David Payne's evidence that places Maddie as still alive at Five (?)o'clock when he calls at their flat. Kate met him at the door, she had just had a shower and he goes on about how beautiful the three children are. Gerry is off playing tennis.
    BUT, especially after the testimony of the murderer of Tia Sharpe (sorry, can't remember his name)I cannot take the account of 'the last person to speak to' the girl who has, according to them, disappeared. We need a verified account of the last person to see Maddie in public. Even the nursery records are apparently vague.

  35. Home Office replies to a Freedom of Information Act request about the 'Letter to Portugal', 04 September 2013


  36. can anyone answer these questions just for better clarity please.

    1. Was Robert Murat renting/selling property in Portugal?...if so did he have access to any properties/apartments close to where the taxi driver picked up the group?

    2. Was hair/s discovered in an apartment that linked Jane Tanner / Robert Murat?

    3. Where was the location of that apartment in relation to the taxi drivers pick up point?

    4. Were any test for dna evidence carried out on the taxi drivers car ?

    5. Did Goncalo Amaral arrange for any tests to be carried out on the taxi even if they were not ?

    6.What happened about the cerebral fluid reports found at the McCann's apartment?

    thanks in advance.


  37. Mojo at 32. That had struck me too. If the date of 'the event' cannot be fixed with absolute certainty, then the taxi driver's telling comments certainly need to be looked at again. We were told thatthe PJ rejected them because the timings were wrong, and the main protagonists were elsewhere at the time... but none of that is 100% certain. I too want to know if he saw her walking, if there was a buggy, and if she was carried from it or not. I recall with clarity that he said that she sat on the knee of one of the adult travellers, that her eyes were open and that she said nothing throughout the journey. He mentioned the coloboma, and a twitching on her chin which happened occasionally. I remembered that this latter was seized upon and it was clearly said M did not have a facial twitch...

  38. From UK Sky News this morning

    The mother of missing Madeleine McCann will attend a Portuguese court for the start of the family's libel action against a former local police chief which could see them receive £1m in damages if they succeed.

    Kate McCann will be accompanied by her mother Susan Healy for the first hearing of the case against Goncalo Amaral who published a book making allegations about the three-year-old's disappearance in 2007.

    The McCanns have strongly denied the accusations and say the former detective's claims have damaged the hunt for Madeleine and exacerbated the anguish suffered by her relatives.

    Their lawyer Isabel Duarte is expected to set out the case - on behalf of Mrs McCann, her husband Gerry and their twins Sean and Amelie, now eight - at Lisbon's civil court.

    Mrs McCann, who is travelling to Portugal without her husband, could have been called as a witness but is not expected to give evidence.

    Instead, a number of relatives will appear in the witness box. They will speak about the "damage" caused by Mr Amaral's book which, they claim, poisoned public opinion in Portugal against the family and allegedly deterred people from hunting for Madeleine.

    Spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: "Kate and Gerry McCann remain very confident that they will win the case.

    "They have a strong case against Mr Amaral. The matter is now in the hands of their lawyer as it goes through court."

    It is understood Mr McCann is staying at the family home in Rothley, Leicestershire, to look after the couple's children.

    Madeleine, who was then nearly four, disappeared from her family's holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, in the Algarve, on May 3 2007, as her parents dined at a nearby tapas restaurant with friends.

    British detectives launched a fresh investigation into her disappearance in July - two years into a review of the case - and believe she could still be alive.

    The Portuguese investigation into Madeleine's disappearance is officially closed.

    The libel case will be heard today and Friday. It will then be adjourned until next Thursday when the court will sit again for two days. A final hearing is expected on September 27. The judgment is expected to be deferred

  39. follow https://twitter.com/skymartinbrunt for live updates from court

  40. I would like it very much if Joana or someone else who knows about the libel laws in Portugal (any Portuguese lawyers or similar online?) could tell me who has to prove what to whom. The UK is known as the libel capital of the world, for its mad lax libel laws. US citizens, if they have any links here at all, try to have their libel cases heard here because ours are so bonkers. I understood libel laws all across Continental Europe were more sensible, and more like the Us ones and not like ours, which urgently need changing!


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