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The PJ will conduct the questioning that was requested by the English police

English police and PJ investigate the Maddie McCann case again

Inquiry. Although in Portugal the inquiry into the little girl's disappearance was archived, the Attorney General has granted a request from the English authorities to investigate new leads and suspects. The situation is unheard of within judiciary cooperation

The Judiciary Police (PJ) will again be requested to hear suspects and to carry out other actions concerning the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, whose investigation inquiry was shelved, without a solution, five years ago by the Public Ministry (MP). The execution of a request for mutual judiciary cooperation made by the British authorities to the Attorney General's Office (PGR), who granted it and forwarded it to the Public Ministry of Portimão, that will be responsible for directing and carrying out the rogatory letter, is at stake.

The situation is unheard of: two countries that opened inquiries into the same case, and after one of them archived it, the other keeps the investigation open and forces the first one to "reopen" the investigation. The Attorney General's Office sustains that "granting the execution of the request is justified by compliance with existing legal norms within the English and the Portuguese legal orders, and it is not impeded by the fact that the criminal case that was opened in Portugal is shelved".

In an interview to DN newspaper, Alípio Ribeiro, who at the time of the disappearance was the PJ's national director, considers it to be "natural and understandable".

As far as DN newspaper was able to establish, the PJ has not received the rogatory letter yet, and only after they know what the English police wants to clarify, can the necessary means to support the detectives from the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) be adjusted. According to the MPS, "it has been requested that a small number of British investigators would be present in Portugal to accompany these actions". According to sources that are following this process, said request has not been submitted to the PJ's National Directory, but that could happen at any moment.

This investigation that the English started in 2011 and that also led to the creation of a team with inspectors from the PJ's Oporto Directory, in 2012, has had, according to the Metropolitan, "the full support of Great Britain's Government". Prime minister David Cameron, who was on holiday in the Algarve last week, expressed, at the start of the month, his satisfaction in the opening of the inquiry by the Scotland Yard. ""It is welcome because they say that there is new evidence, new leads to follow, new things to be done", he told The Telegraph.

The Metropolitan's detectives, who can only participate as observers, as any intervention in the questioning that will be carried out is forbidden for them, wish to obtain the "anticipated fulfillment" of the diligences in this manner, keeping the information right away and thus avoiding that it has to be sent through the Portuguese General Attorney's Office.

This request for mutual assistance appears following a revision of the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann that was carried out by a team of more than thirty MPS detectives.

"It was a complex task" with "true challenges", the Met Police says. The analysis and organisation of "approximately 30 500 documents" resulted in "new leads and new witness evidence". There are 12 English suspects that should be questioned.

Leads reevaluated in different countries produce no results

Investigation. The leads that the Scotland Yard is investigating to try to clarify the disappearance of Maddie McCann extend over 12 European countries, with Portugal taking the centre position of the new diligences. Nevertheless, within the British authorities' offensive, leads have been reevaluated that ended up being unfounded. That is the case of a Swiss suspect who killed a child two months after Maddie disappeared.

Ylenia was five years old when she was abducted in July 2007, in Saint-Gall, in Switzerland. Her body was found in a forest and the suspect, who committed suicide before the police could get to him, was a Swiss pensioner who at the time was a resident in Spain. The close location to the Algarve and the abduction of a child led the English authorities to search for a connection between both cases.

The Swiss police had already set the possibility aside, but after a request from the Scotland Yard, as it now happens in Portugal, they reevaluated the case.

"There is nothing to indicate a connection between the situations", Hanspeter Krusi, the spokesman for Saint-Gall police, stressed earlier this month, further informing that the result of the investigations in Switzerland had already been communicated to the English authorities.

3 questions for Alípio Ribeiro, former PJ Director

"Contributions should be seen in a positive manner"

- The Portuguese authorities could refuse to cooperate, as the process has been shelved?

- Judiciary cooperation is one of the European Union's pillars and it is within that frame that the Portuguese authorities will have to respond to possible solicitations from the British authorities. As the disappearance of an English child is at stake, it is natural and understandable that they continue to work in the sense of finding out what happened.

- This is an unheard of situation, right?

- It should always be stressed that the archiving that took place in Portugal happened due to an insufficiency of evidence and because it was decided that there was no further action to take. Any action or any clarification that the British authorities want must not be seen as a devaluation of what was done in Portugal. On the contrary, all contribution must be seen in a positive manner, as it is the reason why there is cooperation in the first place.

- But could it be assumed that the PJ has not done enough?

- The Portuguese judiciary authorities cooperate with the judiciary authorities in many other countries, on a daily basis. I do not believe that the cooperation that is requested in this particular case may cause specific difficulties and cannot or should not be carried out within the score of habitual practices.

in: Diário de Notícias, 03.08.2013


  1. Of course the blood and cadaver dogs must be airbrushed out of the situation completely being as they were pointing in one direction, and that is the direction that must not be followed by the SY who want only 'to bring closure to the McCanns'. Why does the story of 'The Emperor's New Clothes' come to mind.

  2. don't hold your breath that sy will QUESTION the McCann or the Tapas 7,after all, cant have Madeleine's getting the JUSTICE SHE DESERVES.

  3. Seems the cover-up is almost complete.

  4. what is wrong with Portugal open the case up to the fullest let mr and mrs Mccann and all their socalled friends go give the evidence this is about a little girl no matter what has happend just give the little CHILD a decent ending.
    The people including ALL the police should WANT to do their best to find out the truth about where the girl is.
    Kate and Gerry Mccann should be totally cooperative with the law go back .In the coming years when the twins have got to teenages they will be asking questions one will be is why did you do all the things you have done instead of cooperating to find our sistor no amount of reasoning will satisfy the fact that the parents did not want to go to the last place that you left us alone . WHY DID YOU NOT DO THE RIGHT THING

  5. I´m dying to know about the results of this unprecedent cooperation ... A solution has to be presented to justify all the money being spent and to find some closure at last for the poor parents, so they think...
    Let the twins grow up. Maybe they'll put the right questions to their parents, since nobody dares to ask them about anything.

  6. We are very near to the breakthrough, thank Haevens.
    Regretful, that negative comment above.
    The proof it is serious is the fact that the PJ are taking part in it.

  7. Just hope Portugal do not bow down to this elite(i know,i know,) English police,
    the pj did a sterling job and had the mccanns bang to rights right at the beginning only to have case thwarted by the English.

  8. So lets hope the Yard start with the 48questions that Kate refused to answer - good starting point!

  9. I did wonder why David Cameron was promoting Portuguese tourism.

  10. The Daily Express have Maddie on the front page again,it is time that this government sorted out the Mccanns,the British police should know that most people in Britain believe that Maddie is dead. Mr Cameron could have cleared this case a long time ago and not listened to all the stories that have been made up, how can we trust that we will finally get the truth. Mr Cameron should listen to the people and Mr Amaral.

  11. Shame on the DN for speaking to A. Ribeiro and not to Mr. Gonçalo Amaral! Mr. Amaral was the one who deserved to have his views on the subject heard and printed, not that sleazy character Ribeiro, one of the "grave-diggers" of the investigation!
    "insufficiency of evidence" and "no further diligences to fulfill" my foot!!! The re-enactement is just one of those "further diligences" who are still to be fulfilled, Mr. Ribeiro...

  12. Puzzling. The PJ shelved the enquiry, only to be opened if new evidence was uncovered. Does this mean there is compelling new evidence? The PJ's summary was unequivocal.

  13. Not sure why poster No 1 says the blood and cadaver dogs will be airbrushed out. That may be an overly cynical view. If other 'new' or rather 'second look at' actions come to nothing, and the child or her body are NOT found, it will be back to square one and... guess what will become highly significant again? This could well be a case of eliminating all the improbables before returning to the most likely.

  14. It's farcical that the British media have criticised the Portuguese Police for being 'Keystone like' and yet the British Police choose the ignore the 'Elephant in the Room' which is the cadaver dog evidence located in several locations / objects. Moreover, cadaver evidence supplied by the British Police back in 2007. The remit from the Home Office to Scotland Yard is to investigate an abduction. This obviously is not a blank canvass investigation because it presupposes an abduction. Farcical, farcical, farcical. If anyone is a laughing stock it's Scotland Yard / Home Office.

    Angelo Del Montello

  15. Are any of the English suspects the McCanns' friends ?

    DP for argument's sake ? Has the Met found something on this bloke?


  16. What happened about the Amaral-Mccann extrajudicial settlement negotiations which were to end 24 July 2013-approx?

  17. Why are SY aiding and abetting the McCann couple to ruin Sr Amaral?

  18. The Attorney General may grant any request from the UK as it pleases but since there is no active inquiry in Portugal people may refuse to be interviewed. The obligation to be a witness is confined within the individual rights established by the Portuguese Constitution. Nobody (even British nationals living in Portugal) can be forced to obey a foreign determination (inquest) even if requested by a national authority.
    Although there is an obligation to co-operate under the european mutual judiciary assistence, the fact is that the crime was committed in Portugal and Britain has no jurisdiction outside its territory to start an investigation on this sort of crimes (except under very special circumstances). And so far there is nothing that indicates that the UK has opened an investigation; they have only been reviewing documents and PRing the media to make Portugal look bad...
    If and when the SY starts where the PJ was stopped - investigating the close family and friends and all the people that got involved in the case without any reasonable explanation, when they review the activities conducted under the economic umbrella of the Fund, when they check up the dogs findings and the reason why FSS made such a mess with the forensics;...when they come up with 2 or 3 viable suspects, then they can expect collaboration from the portuguese witnesses. Until that happens, nobody will co-operate.
    We are fed up of the British Media and of being made fools by a pair of criminal parents.
    In my very private opinion SY is just attempting to pass on the "onus" of their own failure to Portugal. By now they must be being pressured to present results, and in their absence nothing better than trying to revive the media "worn out" image that Portugal failed.
    Well Scotland Yard, Policia Judiciária didn't fail, the Home Office, the previous Labor and actual UK Governments, the FSS,...the British Media, and you, the joke of the worlds polices - Scotland Yard - failed.

  19. Perhaps now there will be a reconstruction

  20. This is only an exercise to shift the blame away from the McCanns's and preferably on to the Portuguese/PJ... nothing else.
    In the process, nothing that points the fingers to the McCanns must be considered. Remember that the Tapas 7 'are not included in the list that SY want to 'investigate further'... and nor is the fact that Tanner's descriptions of the man 'she saw' changed dozens of times, for example.

  21. Never in my life, have a seen a case like this one and I've never known the police give out the information that Andy Redwood has been giving out, regarding suspects. The information Redwood gave out, regarding suspects who live in Portugal, will make them run for the hills, now they know Redwood and his team are off the Portugal,in the near future.

    Redwood has also stated publicly, that the McCanns are not persons of interest to him. I'm disgusted, but not surprised that the McCanns are not persons of interest to Redwood and his team. The McCanns have been protected by the British Government, since Gerry McCann,contacted Gordon Brown, to tell him that Madeleine was missing.

    At the time McCann contacted Brown, he should have been out looking for Madeleine and would have been out looking for Madeleine, if she had disappeared without their knowledge.

    The fact that the McCanns phoned all their contacts, instead of the police, speaks volumes. The police were contacted by a member of the Ocean Club and that was after she realised that neither of the McCanns, or their friends had contacted them.

    The police arrived at the McCanns apartment, at 23:00hrs. 23:00hrs, was the time that the British Ambassador in Portugal, contacted a senior member of the Portuguese authority, to speak to him supposedly about Madeleine's disappearance. In my opinion, I believe the real reason the Ambassador spoke to this person, was to get protection for the McCanns.

  22. Is this fiasco ever going to be concluded..Surely the met has looked at Goncalo Amarals conclusions and have many questions to ask them.Why has this not been done?Are they untouchable and if so WHY.

  23. I noticed the recent mention about the Portuguese taxi driver by the media who is saying he gave a lift to three men, one looking like Robert Murat, a woman who was a Kate McCann lookalike, and Madeleine, on the night she was said to have vanished. This sighing would appear to have been dismissed out of hand as not fitting into the time line as it was about 8-8.30pm.

    The taxi driver says he noticed the fleck in the child's eye, as his own child had the same thing, and that her chin was making some sort of spasm motion. Clarence Mitchell pounced on this 'sighting' as nonsense as the McCanns were at the Tapas at the time. Then the time of the sighting was changed in the newspapers to the following night so now it became acceptable to the McCanns, though the taxi driver is adamant it was the same night Madeleine disappeared.

    What ought to be asked the taxi driver is whether he actually saw the child moving at all (apart from a facial spasm which apparently can occur for hours after death), or whether the child merely sat eyes open on the lap of one of the men.

    Also, he says the woman was wearing a yellow coat/jacket, and after looking at the photo of the Party on the bus it looks like Kate McCanns is wearing a cream coloured jacket, though the colour is fuzzy. Would cream look yellowish in traffic and the night lighting?

    It is just a thought, but perhaps that sighting by the taxi driver ought not to be dismissed so readily until he answers whether or not the child actually walked, or talked, or whatever else, to prove that she could, since quite a number of people apparently don't even believe she was alive at that time.

    By the way, it is also noticeable that Kate McCann is now saying that Madeleine didn't have that obvious fleck they made so much of in her eye after all!

    Here's hoping they do question the taxi driver, and also keep in mind that Payne is a dead ringer for Murat.

  24. Anonymous 15/08/2013 15:02 “This could well be a case of eliminating all the improbables before returning to the most likely.”

    There are an infinite amount of “improbables,” the media could say you or I took the girl and that’s another improbable. That’s a very inefficient and expensive way of conducting an investigation. People seem to forget that the initial investigation was a joint effort between the English and the Portuguese. Leicester police officers started to arrive on Portuguese soil on May 7, 2007 and later came Scotland Yard. I’m certain that before this review / investigation was ordered by Mr. Cameron on behalf of Mrs. McCann there were officers from Scotland Yard that were already quite familiar with the contents of the case files. So, It’s not like SY didn’t know what they were getting into; they knew that what little existed in the case files pointed to the parents and their friends faking an abduction, this was the most probable occurrence. The fact that they have declared that Mr. and Mrs. McCann are not suspects, (it’s strange that they would have to do so given that Mrs. McCann was the one who asked for the review) and that they will not be interviewing their Tapas comrades is another indication that this is not a proper investigation.

    Taking into consideration the patterns of behaviour of the British hierarchy over the years with regard to this case I’m of the opinion that this was a well thought out PR exercise for the benefit of Mr. and Mrs. McCann. The timing is impeccable; launched on the eve of Mrs. McCann’s book release in England and just about when Mr. Amaral will soon be in court SY is on Portuguese soil declaring to the world that they have some 30 odd people of interest, that the girl could still be alive and that the couple are not suspects. The purpose of this review / inquiry was to devalue the work done by the Portuguese police, specifically, devalue the contents of the case file. This tactic started with Mr. Leveson and his remark that the contents of the case file were “fluff.” This is all a massive PR exercise, helped by individuals such as Mr. Marinho Pinto, Sandra Felgueiras, Jane Velez Mitchell and Nancy Grace, etc., people who do what is best for their pocket books.

  25. guerra at 24 ... I see where you are coming from, but why on earth all this bizarre fuss, and funding, and protection for a couple of neglectful two bit doctors who were, and are, nobodies. What is it all about? What is the point of it all?

  26. Anonymous 27/08/2013 12:27

    The honest answer to your question is I don’t know. That is what is so intriguing about this case. Both countries' reputations, England and Portugal, have been damaged by this case. For the naive who believe everything that is fed them by the main stream media, (I was one of those 6 years ago), Portugal’s reputation has taken a battering. For those who have followed this case closely and looked at it objectively the image of a democratic England with independent institutions has long dissipated and in these people’s eyes Portugal has revealed itself as a subservient nation with no backbone.

    Theories abound as to why England has gone to such lengths to protect the image of this couple. Some, in order not to have their world turned upside down, i.e. to reassure themselves that English society is not corrupt to the core, propose the theory that English politicians and its media were duped by a clever PR campaign that appealed to the pride and prejudice of the English, launched by a couple of ordinary doctors funded by money that they garnered from the public. They explain the immediate interest and involvement of English politicians in this case as a political manoeuvre to gain popularity by riding the wave of popularity of the McCanns. And they claim that English politicians cannot turn their back on the McCanns now because it would reveal past wrongs and thus destroy political careers. I just don’t buy it; it makes no sense.

    Personally, I think the protection afforded to this couple originates from influential people who were involved in sordid activities of which the couple also took part. Looking from outside the black box I would say this is a case of sexual scandal and blackmail.

  27. Thank you for that guerra. All very interesting. Mostly I agree with what you say. Egg on faces of bigwigs is NOT enough for me, so I think much of para 2 is most unlikely.

    Horrifyingly, para 3 is still a possibility, including blackmail of someone so senior... etc etc... but that is also difficult to fathom, because we have had changes of government, and the current one has NO interest in covering up for previous ones: quite the reverse. It could be someone extremely 'senior' outside of politics. It would be a feather in Cameron's cap to solve this case to most thoughtful people's satisfaction.

    I prefer simple answers, as I think the answer to this mystery will be, if it is ever sorted properly, which I doubt. I loathe all the xenophobia, and also the patent nonsense from the likes of Redwood. Like many others I have my favourite fairly straightforward explanation, but no proof. Occam's razor. I thought the case was fishy from the start, but then I was tangentially involved with child protection for a time. I am Anon at 25.

    Incidentally, can you give me a normal English word for 'diligences'?

  28. Anonymous 29/08/2013 14:39

    Translation work can be a pain because often there is not an exact word in the language that you are translating to that is equivalent to the word you want to translate.

    In the original Portuguese text the word is the plural of the noun diligencia, i.e diligencias, there is a circumflex accent over the "e." It basically means the tasks that have to be carried out. In the context of this article it means the investigative work that has to be done.

  29. Thank you so much for that, guerra. I had gathered something more or less along those lines from the context, but it is a word bandied about a lot in this case and it is good to have your comment which crystallizes it a bit. Thanks again from 'Anon at 25'.


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