1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

A sort of Open Letter to Mrs. Duarte - Opinion

 Daily Mail cover image, 2010, McCann's versus Amaral book banning trial

«...“Under my breath I found myself whispering, “fucking tosser, fucking tosser”. This quiet chant somehow kept me strong, kept me in control. This man did not deserve my respect. ‘Fucking tosser’…” » Kate McCann in her book titled Madeleine, on the disdain she felt towards the Portuguese police liaison officer

Never in recent years I have seen and heard such a huge flow of comments against the McCann couple libel action, the couple, their Portuguese supporters, their Portuguese lawyers.

In the past years, particularly in the last two years, we, in Portugal, have been living under a very harsh and long financial crisis, some parents have had to take their children from school, others have committed suicide mirroring Greek and Spanish parents because they are unable to provide for their families and to feed their children...

Most commentators have no idea that the costs of the investigation to the English child's disappearance have surpassed by far the total spent in all the missing Portuguese children and teenagers that have disappeared before and after Madeleine and that the latest Scotland Yard stunt while it takes place in Portuguese soil, the biased review into the Judiciary Police work ordered by David Cameron, as well as an alleged Judiciary Police investigation into the previous PJ teams investigations is being supported by the Portuguese tax payers. The total, not counting with the several families that lost their jobs at the Ocean Club or persons in the Algarve that were affected adversely directly by the McCanns continuous propaganda machine since 2007 and the subsequences to the Portuguese economy in 6 years, is now estimated well above 5 million euros. That in Portugal alone, no idea how many millions were wasted in dubious detectives hired by the McCanns' fighting fund aka Madeleine's search fund, nor what's the current UK tax payers bill of the farce performed by the Scotland Yard/Met Police team.

However, it's not the money which was spent and/or will be spent [and maybe wasted in a whitewash] that incenses the commentators, it's the fact that Justice was not blind in this case.

The McCanns "distress" as shown in a recent UK TV appearance

They all agree, the McCanns and their friends "should have been taken to court for the negligence of their children", for "failing systematically to cooperate with the Judiciary Police" when they were asked to do so, for Kate's book which has "calumnious and false statements", and above all for appearing to be "profiting" from whatever has happened to Madeleine, their 3 year old daughter and even younger siblings that they left alone, unguarded, unsupervised not one night, but several in May 2007. As someone said before, if the McCanns were Portuguese they would have gone to court at least to answer for their actions and would likely be sent to prison.

It's no wonder then even if some of the commentators feel no empathy towards 'Gonçalo Amaral the cop', they feel an immediate rapport with 'Gonçalo Amaral the brave Portuguese family man', who has single handed fought for 6 years the xenophobic British media, the despicable attacks to his character and to his family made by McCann supporters, trolls, cyberbullies and no doubt by people close to the couple, that were then echoed around the world. A man who the McCanns have targeted, deprived of his assets, whose family and friends have been under an immense distress. A man who has, despite the immense hypocrisy and lack of fortitude of the Portuguese politicians and of a country's Justice that has failed him, persisted, fighting resolutely for democratic pillars and moral values such has Freedom of Expression and Truth.


The following is a translation of a public signed comment, a sort of open letter to Mrs. Isabel Duarte, the McCanns lawyer, published on facebook, under a video broadcast by Sic Notícias two days ago where Mrs. Duarte appeared to give a mini interview [translated bellow], that epitomises the feelings of most Portuguese people, one of hundreds posted online or spoken as word of mouth.

Madam Isabel Duarte,

I hereby express the most complete contempt for the miserable job that you have accepted - if it was not for the money you even have less excuses.

You, Madam, accept to represent a couple of con artists (not to accuse them of that which I have no evidence) against a professional investigator that had the dignity to resign from his job in order to express his ideas?

Where do you, Madam, think that you live? As far as I know we are a democratic country where freedom of thought and expression are protected by law. Where does it say in our Constitution that we can not make use of these rights if they upset subjects of the United Kingdom?

You, Madam, above anyone else should know that that which you defend is placing in question rights that have claimed too many tears and blood to acquire. To defend that scum against a man who did nothing but exercise his recognized democratic rights is to shoot our own democracy. Just that, Madam, would suffice to express my utmost contempt. But there is more. Your clients, in particular that abominable woman who made in her book many vile statements and that wishes to see the detective Amaral suffering, is, in my opinion, if not suspected of filicide at least is of obstruction to justice.

Money does not pay everything Mrs. Isabel Duarte, and certainly does not pay the honour and dignity - to support those creatures is to sell your soul to the devil.

Be Happy, if you can.

Luis Miranda

*photo with Isabel Duarte and Kate McCann, by Chris Graeme/Algarve Resident

broadcast by SICN 12.09.2013

TV anchor: It started today the trial that opposes the McCann couple against Gonçalo Amaral. Kate McCann is present at the trial. Maddie's parents accuse the former Judiciary Police inspector of defamatory statements and guarantee that Gonçalo Amaral has harmed Madeleine's searches. The McCann family asks for 1,2 million euros of compensation, Gonçalo Amaral's assets were also seized, who published the book "A Verdade da Mentira" where statements were made regarding the disappearance of the child which the McCanns allege to have hindered the family's image and the investigations. The lawyer for the McCann family expects a speedy trial.

Isabel Duarte [at Palácio de Justiça, in Lisbon]: The expectations are that the trial is done as fast as possible... what is in question are the personality rights of Kate.. of Gerry.. of Madeleine.. of Sean and of.. ah.. Amelie, breached by the book that we are going to judge here. It's an action for compensation and, and, other decisions surrounding the book... Aaaand as lawyers use to say, I hope that justice is done. [smiles and laughs]

Journalist in situ: In that action for compensation exactly what does the McCann couple ask?

Isabel Duarte: They ask for a compensation in money.

Journalist: How much?

Isabel Duarte: 250 thousand euros for each of the persons involved, they are five.


  1. Even if and IF is a big word in this case, the McCanns win the war, they certainly have lost the battle.

    It will be a sad day for Portugal to turn their back on this case, I don't think they will ever do that, since Madeleine has always been central to the case and their warm hearts.

    What will Madeleine's siblings really think when they realise they were left home alone in an apartment, night after night, observed crying and the door left unlocked to be reinforced with their mothers chanting of ''fucking tosser' rather than assist with the investigation, to discover what happened to their sister.

  2. Portugal, its people will never turn away from Maddie. The judicial system didn't either, remember that all requests made for assistance to the HO were either met with denials, delays and/or farcical answers such as the financial records of the Tapas 9.

    Only the McCanns and their friends, the Tapas 7, can reopen the Madeleine McCann case in Portugal, the parents and their friends have had that in their power since the investigation was archived in 21 July 2008, an archival that happened mainly due to the Tapas 9 lack of cooperation. Have the McCanns even tried to cooperate with the PJ or Portuguese prosecutors connected to the case since 2008? To help their child and to prove once and for all their alleged innocence?! No and No. So far it has all been a big circus, an ugly and cynical one. Where's Madeleine in all this? The vindictive McCanns aren't going to find her in their multiple visits to Lisbon's and UK's courtrooms while they try to silence and gag all opposing views and media.

    «Taking into account that there were certain points in the arguidos’ and witnesses’ statements that revealed, apparently at least, contradiction or that lacked physical confirmation, it was decided to carry out the “reconstitution of the fact”, a diligence that is consecrated in article 150 of the Penal Process Code in the sense of duly clarifying, on the very location of the facts , the following very important details, among other (...) Nevertheless, despite national authorities assuming all measures to render their trip to Portugal viable, for unknown motives, after the many doubts that they raised about the necessity and opportunity of their trip were clarified several times, they chose not to attend, which rendered the diligence inviable.

    We believe that the main damage was caused to the McCann arguidos, who lost the possibility to prove what they have protested since they were constituted arguidos: their innocence towards the fateful event; the investigation was also disturbed, because said facts remain unclear.»

  3. A report of the first day of the trial can be downloaded as a pdf at the bellow link, written by AnneGuedes


  4. Madame Duarte has good company, Mr. Marinho Pinto, Miss. Sandra Felgueiras and Mr. Rogerio Alves.

    I see that the McCanns and the English media are obsessed with that "terrifying" book. The same book whose ban was overturned by the appellate court and upheld by the supreme court of Portugal. So let's say the McCanns are victorious, is this court going to ban the book once again going against the decision of the appellate court and the supreme court? It has to does it not? Do you see the absurdity of this whole process?

  5. McCann vs Amaral Libel Trial http://textusa.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/mccann-vs-amaral-libel-trial.html

  6. I am ashamed to be 'British'. This is NOT my culture, I weep for the many who are ignored-overlooked and just brushed aside for these two 'celebrities' with plastic faces. What was so special about Maddie? Well, not a lot really, according to her parents.
    They recall every moment of that fateful day- right up until the 'abduction'..Sorry, I was reading about another story regarding a family who's dog was accidentally let out of the 'dog run' at the side of their house. They were devastated, It was an icy foggy morning, the dog was running in a free patch one minute and then... The whole family including the 5 year old all told what they did, what they were wearing, they weather , the smells, a very clear picture about who was doing what and when. They all searched for days, weeks, months and even now 20 years later they all recall that heartache as if it were yesterday. And they all recall events exactly as they said the first time. It was only a little much loved much missed animal, not worth much in monetary terms, or much use to a community. But still they remember with a deep sadness of that little scruffy dog. What happened? the postman didn't close the gate properly.
    So how special was Maddie to her parents, not enough to call the police straight away because kate KNEW right away she was abducted. not enough to sit and cry and be overwhelmed with guilt, self loathing, or determination to search until they can barely walk. No none of that. In fact they couldn't even recall what they did,in what order they did it on the build up to the 'abduction'. Shameful despicable behaviour by 'loving parents'!

    Those two people were 'allegedly' the last two people to see their daughter in that hotel room alive. Strange that SY don't want to talk to them and insist they recollect again- only this time omitting the scary man with no face: carrying a child which only one person saw- Centre stage Jane TANNER! I wish the people of Portugal could sue the McCann's for their suffering. NOT TO MENTION the further suffering of the 38 people of interest, who will be chased within an inch of their lives- accusations a flying. Just like Robert Murat. At least I know what I was doing the day Maddie was declared missing...Shame their parents and friends can't. "err um err err yeah err yeah I mean um" < quoted from statements

  7. Here we go again, the bs and totally discredited Dave Edgar story about the hellish lair somewhere in Portugal from 2009 resurfaces.

    «The Ulster detective leading the search for Madeleine McCann today reveals his most chilling theories yet, exclusively to Sunday Life. Hardened ex-RUC cop Dave Edgar told us he is convinced that little Maddie is imprisoned in a hellish lair – just like kidnapped sex slave Jaycee Lee Dugard. (... ) And despite fresh leads taking his probe to Australia and Barcelona, the east Belfast man insists the golden-haired youngster is being held just 10 miles from where she was snatched in Praia da Luz two years ago.

    But he warned that the sprawling wilderness where he believes Maddie is languishing is almost impossible to search completely» http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/sunday-life/madeleine-mccann-is-in-a-secret-lair-28494565.html

    Then Mr. Edgar why didn't your clients act on that information?!

    2013, today
    ‘Portugal is key to hunt for Madeleine,‘ says the McCann family's former detective

    KATE and Gerry McCann’s former ­private investigator has told a court the secret of what happened to their missing daughter Madeleine lies in Portugal.

    Retired detective Dave Edgar led the McCanns’ small team of investigators from 2008 until 2011 when Scotland Yard launched its review of the case.

    Last week he spoke as a witness for the couple in their £1million libel action against former Portuguese police inspector Goncalo Amaral over his claims that Madeleine is dead.

    Mr Edgar, 56, who spent 30 years with the Cheshire force and lives in Warrington, said: “My job was to lead the investigation to find Madeleine McCann and find out what happened to her.

    “I discovered evidence and passed it to the British and Portuguese police. The answer to what happened to Madeleine lies in Portugal, so it is important to get information from the Portuguese public.” (...) by James Murray, Sunday Express http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/429473/Portugal-is-key-to-hunt-for-Madeleine-says-the-McCann-family-s-former-detective


    Brave Joana! You have jumped 100 points in the chart of my admiration for your work in defence of Portugal and its people. Have no doubts - Dr. Gonçalo Amaral is a modern day Portuguese hero.

    "Photoshop" Pinto pulled up just in time! A wise decision for a "burro"; unfortunately he will be known as a traitor until his dying day.

    As for Isabel III, she is already burning in the metaphorical stake of public opinion but, don't worry, she has made enough money to retire in style - Virgin Islands, I heard...

    I understand Richard Branson is adapting the master toilet of his property in Necker Island (Virgin Islands) for a "Portuguese woman to live here happily ever after" (quote/unquote).

    Disclaimer: "Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental". :d

  9. :d #4 Thank you! (very much indeed).

  10. Oops, apparently Isabel Duarte has slandered Gonçalo Amaral by stating as a fact that Amaral has hidden the money made with his book in a Sky News interview with Martin Brunt. Does anyone have the video link or can can upload it online, thank you. http://missingmadeleine.forumotion.net/t24432-isobel-duarte-interview-with-martin-brunt

  11. l-azzeri-lies-in-sun.com said duarte would be in trouble with law for comment. lazzeri might have link

  12. @ 11 dont see link on lazzeri site (Stand & Deliver blog)but he must have heard interview will look around

  13. @11 not a link but from twitter:

    martinbrunt ‏@skymartinbrunt 12 Sep

    #madeleine McCann lawyer Isabel Duarte tells Sky News she believes ex-cop Goncalo Amaral is hiding the profits from his book.

  14. If I may, my 'umble observations on the libel case so far.

    1) Kate decided (against NSY judgement) to attend - fair enough, but why did she then field such a weak team of witnesses? She was sans Gerry anyway - which tells it's own story. None of these witnesses were in Luz that night. None of them had first hand experience of the immediate impact.

    2) Where are the celebrity backers at this crucial juncture? e.g. JK Rowling (an early supporter) was in the news all week - something about a sequel to Harry Potter - had she turned up side by side with Kate in PT - this would have caused quite a media stir. A PR opportunity lost? And where was Clarence?

    3) The Sun (of all papers) - very cleverly, being aware of possible litigation - prints a 'reader's digest' of Amaral's claims. That's what I call a sea change.

    4) But generally, the reaction here in Britain re. the court case is lukewarm at best. As far as I know only Brunt (Sky) and a Telegraph journo were in situ. And they both said pretty much zilch regarding day 2.

    To the non partisan - yes they do exist, it's unseemly that grown, professional adults squabble about money.

    Rendering a child named Madeleine - a mere foot note - worse - a commodity.

    This saddens me.


  15. I find it incredible that they engage a pyschologist for their defence who suggests that the twins have to be protected from reading Mr Amaral's theory, yet Kate puts that said theory in the book she said was written, for the twins to read!

  16. I WONDER IF...

    Vasco Lourenco today, was referring to The Madama and other Portuguese traitors on the payroll of British ideological and hegemonic interests, when he is quoted as saying:

    "Vasco Lourenço, um dos intervenientes da revolução de Abril de 1974, afirmou hoje, num encontro de militares em , estar inconformado com um "país sequestrado pelo medo" e dirigido "por corruptos, por aldrabões, por pessoas sem ética nem moral".

    (Vasco Lourenço, a main protagonist of the April, 1974 Portuguese revolution in Portugal, affirmed (stated) today in a military meeting in Alcáçovas (Évora) that he is not conformed with "a country sequestered by fear", lead by "corrupt people, by con men, by individuals WITHOUT Ethics or Moral".

    :h Individuals without Ethics or Moral?

    Could he have him been thinking of mercenaries like ID, RA, "Photoshop" Pinto, Aragão "Cinto", now exiled in Brazil (thank you) not to mention certain judges who are said to have been paid by The Fund of Funds? Now, these are serious allegations!

    I am trying to find Vasco Lourenço e-mail or Facebook page to ask him that...

    :m Hold the line...

  17. Portugal look after your own, do not allow this man to be persecuted anymore. You are proud of your freedom of speech do not allow it to go the same way as the UK, where freedom of speech is no longer a luxury. Please please find this man not guilty as he does not deserve the beating he has had over the last 6 years. I am not proud to be british anymore and this case is a good example of why.

  18. If and only if GA wins, then if he has the strength and courage then I would consider counter suing the McCanns and their solicitor. Their solicitor slandered him in an interview stating they had found no money, bad move. The McCanns have cost this man his life and family as a direct result for trying to do the decent thing for their missing daughter something that they both have failed to do.

  19. The twins will be much more damaged when they read the book their mother wrote especially for them.
    It might very well be justice for Madeleine will come through her siblings.
    Imagine a question "Mummy, I am big now, tell me why you did not come when we were crying?"

    I hope Portugal will stand up and end this rampage of the McCanns.
    All my opinion of course.

  20. I would concur with Dave, that Maddie IS still in Portugal. Dead or Alive I don't know.
    Just looking at the pictures and TV interviews of this trial in silence, brings an uneasy sense, kind of eerie ambience to this era.

    If Amaral is wrong in his 'thinking' then he should be ignored as there is NO evidence (witness statements about mental anguish is NOT evidence),to suggest his book damaged anyone. Yes, I can understand Kate and Gerry being annoyed if they did not do what they were accused of, but to sue someone who wrote about it seems a bit over the top! don't you think?

    Now, If I ever had the time in my distraught grieving over my darling daughter being 'abducted for sexual pleasure and Torture, then I would sue the Gaspars, they made spurious accusations did they not? Hmmmm Interesting.
    How many peoples lives have they affected in a bad way, disgraced two nations,bad mouthed and dismised Helpful people during a terrible period in their lives, Accused innocent people...and brought disrepute to their own family. They are a poison.
    They blame everyone but themselves. Sounds like NHS Doctors!

    Miss Taken Identity

  21. Thank you for all your work, Joana, and thank you for your comment #7. This evil pair fill me with shame to be British - we will be the laughing stock of the world if they get away with it again this time. God bless Goncalo Amaral.

  22. I hope t Portuguese court sends t vile MCCanns packing,why is Portugal allowing Goncalo Amaral to be put through hell by these charlatans.The McCanns acolytes are crowing at GA's lawyer saying that they don't know if Madeleine is alive or dead.I hope & pray justice will be done for GA in libel case,& justice done in a criminal case for that poor little girl.

  23. "Libel" Trial for Dummies http://unterdenteppichgekehrt.blogspot.pt/2013/09/libel-trial-for-dummies.html

    Caso Madeleine McCann: El juicio McCann contra Gonçalo Amaral – Día 1 http://mercedessigueaqui.blogspot.pt/2013/09/caso-madeleine-mccann-el-juicio-mccann.html

  24. Mixed messages from Team McCann a plenty:

    Kate's awful, self serving book - her being the sole author - why?

    The most outspoken supporter of Madeleine - Philomena - keeping stumm for about 4 years now.

    The silence of the celebrity supporters - whatever happened to that Elton John concert/why pulled from the Vatican's website within minutes of being declared arguidos?

    Wrecked by anxiety - yet taking part in very public - marathons and triathlons - does not gel.

    I - and many others, supported K&G to the hilt - until page 129 of that book - written for Madeleine and the twins apparently. That was my personal damascene conversion.

    No more balloons or wrist bands or raising awareness please Kate - just answer the bloody 48 questions - truthfully - that would be a start.

    Compare and contrast: Team McCann grandstanding on every free daytime TV sofa for years - supported by the world's most aggressive team of lawyers and PR people. 5 million quid from the British tax payer in the middle of a recession.

    Ben Needham's mum - doing car boot sales - to raise the air-fare to go to Greece.

    But Team McCann's wheels have come off now - if the fiasco in Lisbon and the Sun's recent coverage are anything to go by.

    Good - because in this particular backwater it was always about MADELEINE - and not about bleeding TEAM MCCANN and their vanity fair.

    sorry to shout


  25. well said isar, wished we weren't 6 years too late for Maddie, for justice, watching this deplorable spectacle...

  26. Support messages to Mr. Gonçalo Amaral can be sent via this form http://pjga.blogspot.com/2005/11/contacto.html or mail projectojustica@gmail.com or at the blog on any post http://pjga.blogspot.com/

    thank you, obrigada.

  27. all that running Team McCann are doing..

    are they running towards something

    or away from something?


  28. I don't know if #17 was serious but he has a point. I can't find Vasco Lourenco's contact e-mail/Facebook page either. He does not seem to be on Facebook but he must have a contact. Surely

    Joana I wonder if you happen to know any Portuguese journalist (Hernani Carvalho?) and if so, ask him to interview Vasco Lourenco and/or Otelo Saraiva de Carvalho and ask them what they think of this "palhaçada" (clowning).

  29. This is not on topic, but I cannot find anywhere else to post re the remarks of Edgar's saying that the answer lies in Portugal. In my memory, there was once a discussion of M being transported by to Rothley, where a memorial (rosemary?) hedge had been planted. Does anyone else remember this?

  30. Anna Guedes PDF reports of Libel trial Day 1/Emma Loach/Susan Hubbard evidence at http://miscarriageofjustice.co/index.php?topic=2240.0

  31. How can the McCann team say that Mr Amarals book stopped people from looking for Maddie when they had already made up their minds from the evidence that was there. Most people had already made up their minds before the book came out that she had died in the flat from the evidence of Mr Smith and the dogs. It's a pity they have given Portugal a bad name as people will be afraid to go there. Mr Amaral has had a bad time just for trying to find out the truth and they stopped him. Lets hope the court comes to the right decision after all they can't prove she was kidnapped.

  32. I don't think anyone will be afraid to go to Portugal because of any lies told by the McCanns. I had never heard of Praia da Luz before them, but having seen parts of it as the backdrop to their amateur dramatics I thought it looked lovely and I was right. I am going there again next month! So you could say PDL has gained an extra family visiting because of them.

  33. PDL is lovely,we have holidayed for the last two years at the Ocean Club,and will do again in the future.There were many many families from different countries enjoying the sun,sea,relaxation ,the lot.I can safely say the fake abduction is just that,FAKE.I hope the libel judges see this farce for what it is,a way to silence Goncalo Amaral,and to make money from their poor childs 'disappearance'.

  34. We feel so sorry for Portugal to have so much trouble caused by the Mccanns. Mr Amaral was trying to bring out the truth of what happened in the flat but the British government did stop it. Mr Brown went to Portugal and Mr Cameron has also spoken to help the Mccanns but they have no proof. Both parties have given Portugal a bad name. The lady above the flat said she heard Maddie crying for over an hour and was sure something had happened to her. When all the people were in the flat the two little ones slept through all the noise and they listened to see if they were still alive. Mr Amaral, we have read had so many clues, the fridge, the blood stains, the smell on their clothes, in the car boot and the dogs went from the flat to the seaside where Mr Smith said he saw Mr McCann near the sea with Maddie. Ms Tanner had so many versions of her story which was not true. Will the judge please make sure she comes to the right decision. This McCann business has done enough trouble to Portugal and they always look happy in the photographs. We hope the real truth will come out this time

  35. I have just read on the daily account of the trial Emma Loach saying that Amaral's book was available in UK bookshops???
    As it has not been published in a translated paper form (i.e. not an internet version) I wonder what branch of, say, Waterstones or W.H.Smiths stocked the non-published paperback or hardback version?
    How can this be?


    Greetings Madam! I have one question for you if I may...

    Do you happen to know what kind of (rational) animal, Clarence Mitchell is? Referring here to your clients' reputation manager...

    Just in case you don't know (well, I didn't) here is a CV resumé of the bright spark.

    Incidentally, I copied and pasted it from another commentator on this blog with minor adaptations for the first person. I hope s/he does not mind.

    "Clarence Mitchell's Burson Marsteller has more than "69 offices and 80 affiliate offices, together operating in 107 countries across six continents" - including Portugal (read: Lift Consulting). Burson-Marsteller are the world's reputation managers par excellence!

    All kind of PR "coincidences" around this case spun me for a while. It seemed apparent some kind of marketing plan was behind your illustrious clients media stunts. It was only when I started digging Clarence Mitchell's Burson-Marsteller business that reality started to fall into place.

    Given Mr. Mitchell's track one wonders what kind of political acquaintances and media influences a man like him has. Was it him who found you out? Oh! I see, Lift Consulting advised. OK.OK. I understand.

    Remember, Clarence Mitchell was the Head of Media Monitoring of Tony Blair's government ("Iraq has weapons of mass destruction!") and it was Blair's successor (Gordon Brown) who dispatched him to Portugal to spin for the McCanns'. Surely enough, he quickly found out your fellow countryman Gonçalo Amaral had "weapons of mass destruction" as well!

    Lots of conspiracies have sprung out as a result of Mr. Mitchell's assignment but, probably, it was all down to Ideology (Althusser) and the fact both Gordon Brown and Gerald McCann (Gerry) were born in Glasgow.

    Clarence Mitchell however, is not Scott. He grew up in NW London (County Kilburn, I assume). His surname is derived from the Irish-language Ó Maoil Mhichíl, meaning "descendant of the devotee of St. Michael". There you have another Irish-Scottish connection.

    Not clear why, our hero leaves the Civil Service and becomes a spokesperson for the McCanns', except he may have seen in the job a way to get much needed media exposure necessary to further his career plan.

    He is quoted by the "The Independent" newspaper as saying: "Madeleine was a perfect storm: her age, her appearance, the location, the parents..."

    So we could assume it is in HIS career's interest that he keeps the McCanns' in the limelight, could we not?

    How much Scrooge McDuck (Kennedy) is paying him is open to speculation. May be the Fund pays. Who knows! You don't, do you?

    Anyway, after leaving the Civil Service and a stint as a consultant for Freud Communications, Mitchell becomes Director for Burson-Marsteller which pays him more, much more, than the peanuts he used to pocket as a Media Monitor for the government.

    Important to note in the context of David Cameron controversial Scotland Yard initiative, that Clarence Mitchell is an MP candidate for the Conservative party lead by David Cameron (...)

    Now, this makes it much easier to understand Scotland Yard's "reputation management" assignment in Portuguese territory. Your country, Madam (...)" (quote/unquote).

    This is no insinuation but are you by any chance taking strategic advice from this man? Just asking...

    I have been analysing the timings of court hearings, of your media interventions, of out-of-court settlements...small things, you know... and it all fits the pattern for "reputation management". Reality can be deceiving - can it not?

    Another thing...

    You wouldn't have £1500 I could borrow to buy a pair of Louboutin pumps with rear mirrors? Do you? You don't? Don't worry!

    Take good care of yourself Madam.

    :g Bibi

    A Portuguese soul slaving in London for the same masters as you except less well paid, of course..

  37. I start to like this judge.

    I suspected this could be another dummy on the service of Her Majesty the Queen and Team McCann but she does not sound like one at all.

    For a start she took no-nonsense from lawyers and witnesses alike and seemed to favour a hands on approach - by asking the questions she deemed necessary to get a good grasp of the McCanns' gold-digging plan.

    Some of the questions she put across to Team McCann were pretty challenging!

    So much so, that one lady who specializes in mockumentaries, believing she was there to change the course of History - like a British female version of Vasco da Gama, went deaf-dumb when challenged and (surprise! surprise!) was dismissed straight-away from court proceedings!

    The belittled "cockroach" (metaphor) immediately stood up and left the court "with her tail between her legs" (metaphor) leaving behind a pool of urine (undisclosed source).

    By the end of the second morning, the judge had probably had enough of Team McCann snobbery and conceit and decided to take the afternoon off for some well deserved "retail therapy" (metaphor).

    One could almost sense the Portuguese judge's reluctance to pay any "psychological tribute" to the British celebrities and to get on with the business of dishing out Justice instead.

    I thought Isabel Duarte's reaction (to the judge's decision not to turn up for the afternoon session) was hilarious!

    :o Watch her briefing the media with what can best be describe as a "puzzled monkey expression"! (metaphor).

    Personally, I think she can forget about her bonus. She is going to loose big time - unless the judge turns out to be an accomplished actor.

    No doubt Team McCann must have felt downgraded too and, for all I know, may have, by now, "crawled back into their holes" back in the UKGB (metaphor).

    Meanwhile, the British media in general and Murdoch's media in particular (SKY's Martin Brunt) already sensing the worst have gone deaf and dumb on the subject. "The zombies need not know!".

  38. @ 37 I concur - I go to bookshops here in the UK frequently - not once have I seen Amaral's book - but then again I might have something wrong with my eyes - because despite of 10000's of posters
    having been distributed in the UK I have only ever seen one myself - in the rear window of a passing Volkswagen camper van - circa August 2007 - somewhere near Buckingham.

    (Not the palace - the town)


  39. @37 Emma Loach lied about the books in the UK shops. She was badly prepared for her statements. It seems that after that she got upset and she left the court room.

  40. @40

    MC - Are the McCanns ashamed of what is said in the book?
    EL - answers yes.

    MC - Why?
    EL - says the public believes they had covered up and then asked for money to search for Madeleine.

    MC - The fact they are innocent didn't suppress this feeling?
    EL - says the fact they are innocent necessitates they must find Madeleine. They were more ashamed to be arguidos than because of what the book says.

    MC - In which way is it different?
    EL - doesn't answer, she is obviously upset. The judge says she may leave. Previous witness Mrs Susan Hubbard gets up immediately and follows Emma Loach out of the court room.


  41. #40 She could have been referring to the Portuguese version which would have been unsuitable for the UKGB market BUT it is possible the odd independent shop (Foyles' for example) may have stocked it in the "Foreign Languages" section.

    The fact is, the sale numbers would have been extremely low and irrelevant to suport Ms. Cockroach's subliminal statements on behalf of the McCanns. Meeh thinks.

    The other thing is, she says the idea to make her famous "mockumentary" (which Textusa so brilliantly desmistified) was hers alone (cough).

    How much the Fund may have paid for her marketing masterpiece, remains open to speculation (...)

    I think this judge is an experienced judge and Team McCann are up to a rather sobering experience.

    Of course, the British media which - aside from some initial out-of-context bravado have been deaf and mute to the proceedings, will then come out in force shouting: "FOUL!"

    The usual Burson-Marsteller's sponsored anti-Portuguese antics.


  42. #8 The lair may have been the place where Edie and Keela detected the cadaver odour. Unless Scotland Yard tackles that issue first and foremost their so-called "review" will not convince any skeptics - and skeptics, let us not forget, are growing by the millions - thanks in part to the parents sustained "gold digging" and "dry-cleaning".

  43. What's happened to Viv ?

    can anyone tell me please ...her site was Justice for Maddie &Twins ....seems to have vanished/disappeared ?

    does anyone know ?

  44. The witnesses all seem ill prepared and contradictory. Are the McCanns so arrogant and sure of success that they didn't bother to prepare for the case? They cannot win - unless Portuguese justice is as corrupt as the British establishment.

  45. #38 (17/09/2013 18:55)

    I am not entirely sure Melo e Castro is an independent judge as you have come to assume. For all I know she could have been hand-picked by MC Team - as the previous ones seemed to have been.

    One thing is for sure, the judge has, so far, interrupted and disciplined all male lawyers (including Amaral's) but overall she has allowed Isabel Duarte to weave her traps at will.

    You should know that in spite of today's gender equality, female judges are bound to be more sympathetic to other women rather than men - whether the former are guilty or not! Check out the statistics my friend.

    This judge comes through as a castrating-type of woman. Probably some kind of modern day Judith there to cut off the head of "Holofernes" Amaral.

    We might have to wait another year for the court of appeals' decision which, again, is likely to favour Amaral (mixed jury).

    Pay close attention to all transcripts of court proceedings and you will notice which side she is already leaning towards.

  46. Question for the old timers:

    according to the Daily Telegraph tonight: 'Mr Pike, who was assigned to the McCanns by tour operator Mark Warner just days after Madeleine’s disappearance'

    If Pike was assigned to G&K by MW - was Pike then on the payroll of
    Bell Pottinger???? (MW's spin doctors and damage limitation experts at the time)

    Does anyone know, pls. with a credible link?

    Ta muchly


  47. Spotted an anomaly in the Telegraph article tonight:

    Alan Pike: “She said killing herself was an option to end the trauma she was experiencing. To share that with anyone will often alarm or worry the people they live with so I think I was the only person Kate shared this with."

    Further down however:

    'Mrs McCann has written before that she was plagued by depression and suicidal thoughts after the abduction of Madeleine.
    In a book chronicling her daughter’s disappearance and the toll it took on her family, she wrote that she had an overwhelming urge to swim out to her death at sea.
    She wrote: “I had an overwhelming urge to swim out across the ocean, as hard and as fast as I could; to swim and swim and swim until I was so far out and so exhausted I could just allow the water to pull me under and relieve me of this torment.

    “I wasn't keeping that desire to myself, either. I was shouting it out to anyone who happened to be in the room. Both this urge and the expression of it were, I suppose, an outlet for the crucifying anguish. "Somehow, inflicting physical pain on myself seemed to be the only possible way of escaping my internal pain,” she wrote in the book published two years ago.
    The libel case continues

    See the disparity??

    Is it-

    I wasn't keeping that desire to myself, either. I was shouting it out to anyone who happened to be in the room.

    Or- in Pike's reported words: 'I think I was the only person Kate shared this with."


  48. I wonder if today's headlines could be one of the reasons the mccanns were keen to have the hearing made public. If you're going to push your claim for damages on the basis it made you sucicidal, then getting as much publicity and associated sympathy as you can, is probably a good prosecution tactic.

    Is this the only time she had these sort of feelings? Has there not been other interviews/articles where she has expressed her suicidal thoughts? If they are other times she has felt like this and the defendants Lawyers are aware of them, then they could have a legitimate reason to bring them to attention of the judge.

  49. We read in the newspapers about Mccanns being very unhappy and upset, this is the first time she is unhappy and upset. When Maddie first disappeared she couldn't bother to look for her and she was smiling all the time, she always talk about herself in the book and in the newspapers, is Mr Mitchell doing the story for them again? What harm did this do for Mr Amaral and other innocent people. Now where she is trying to have Mr Amarals money she says she is terribly upset and misses Madeleine very much. She realizes what did to her and is worried the truth will come out. Please Portugal be strong and find out the truth about Madeleine. Don't be soft like the British government who should be ashamed to have caused so much trouble for Portugal. We don't believe she was suicidal that was just another story,she just want that people feel sorry for her,but they don't,they just want to know what happened to poor Madeleine,what she has been through.

  50. I notice that it seems to have slipped the radar about the secrecy laws attached to this case ?
    Why has no one picked up on that ?

    I believe the judge can see, that this case will not be decided just on effect to the McCann's.
    The McCann legal team were hoping they could avoid talking about facts relating to the case ...just emotional clap trap was the strategy.
    Unfortunately for the McCann's they cannot overrule everything the defence has to say as been not relevant to "effect"
    Whilst they hide from the factual truths of the case as planned.

    The McCann's are been exposed with all their witnesses hypocrisy and lies....and now the courts have shut down temporarily ...bit strange that!

    Even the judge realises that she will get dragged into this spectacle of nonsense, if she goes any other way with her verdict than to Mr Amaral.
    I think she is embarrassed and possibly thinking of the McCann's team - Either bring me a valid case or go Home!
    (and we all now they don't have a leg to stand on in a Just world were truth matters)

    The Question is ....has she given them time to adjust their strategy by not turning up for the afternoon....its clear they are been humiliated for the treacherous Liars they are.

    I personally think the judge is worried because their are transcripts word for word been taken of the case, they were not expecting that I believe.

    If they allow this case to proceed by written statements .....then get ready for more controversy and no Justice.

    The true fight for Justice for this whole case is just beginning, its taken six years .....but NOW it really begins.


  51. Suicide.....written everywhere ...as if the victim is Kate McCann.

    I hope they are not using this condition has an underhanded tactic - to warn the judge that Kate is vulnerable and any decision against could tip her over.

    Madeleine is the Victim and nobody should lose sight of that - depression is a terrible illness......but should never obstruct truth.
    Covering up this case is no white lie ....its a Crime and insult to Madeleine McCann's memory.


  52. on friday 20 sept all the british newspapers reporting the trial mentioned that amarals book had been banned but not one of them mentioned that the ban had since been overturned.

  53. Witness MW - another Wilmslow connection.

  54. I agree No#38.
    I think team McCann are baffled as to why the Judge can just walk off as and when for whatever reason. They seem to think this is some kind of criminal trial of which they can control.

    But let's not forget they have blagged their way out of every corner they are pushed into, they are now quite used to people jumping to their every whim.

    Anyway, Grrrreat news. The trial has reached the MSM in the UK- EVENTUALLY, but OHOH... they are telling the public that poor Kate n Gerry were suicidal because of the book. They never mentioned if they were suicidal when they discovered their daughter was 'abducted' by 'gypsies' or Kind people seeking a child to call their own' or paedophiles who might rape and torture their daughter, or a master sex slave team who stole her to order. Good to know they don't get upset with just any old thing. I mean can you imagine!

    I note 2 points worth picking out- it may seem like a subliminal message:

    1. They were worried people would stop looking for Maddie- where were these 'people' to look exactly? people stopped believing their version very early on with their claims of jemmied un jemmied shutters/ being drunk and leaving kids alone/even after little Maddie asked where they were as they woke up crying every night?
    (that actually still brings a tear to my eye thinking that poor child and how she was frightened- and ignored).

    2. They were concerned he turned the public against them: They always claimed they have great support(?)- They say they lost out financially blaming Mr Amaral's book, BUT truth is: people stopped donating when they found out what their money was being used for- Jaunts abroad to 'look' For their daughter.
    So far there is no evidence against Mr Amaral just 'friends' saying they were upset and suicidal.
    I am sure they did have those feelings, what 'normal' person wouldn't? but was it a book which brought those feelings on- My opinion is; NO.

    Miss Taken Identity

  55. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2426813/McCann-children-kidnap-plots-took-place-websites-accusing-Kate-Gerry.html

    My heart is full of respect, and admiration for Mr Amaral as well as all the other seekers of truth that have stood firm for over 6 years. I was very active on the forums for the first couple of years desperately doing my bit to try and expose that "gruesome twosome" for what they are….. Mr Amaral’s book only confirmed what my gut instinct had sensed from day 1 with those two; their behaviour was not conducive with that of parents who just had their small child kidnapped….. I am engaged with my own very personal battle for TRUTH & JUSTICE right now, but I PRAY WITH ALL MY HEART that Mr Amaral finds his too…. I admire this man so much.
    Heartfelt love from an ex 3 Arguido forum member AND PROUD OF IT!!! ~ not to help justice in her need would be an impiety ~ Plato

  56. The Express have bring another story from Mccanns, Mitchel has found another witness to help them with their case, of course he is British I wonder how much his costs were. Why he comes just now with that story. They say Mr Amaral book stopped people looking for Madeleine, that is not true they have had so many since of people coming forward saying they have seen her. The police checked the stories and the people were innocent. Mr Amaral is a honest man and the court should find out who is lying and settle this case. It does not matter how many stories come most believe they will never find Madeleine.

  57. @46 "I am not entirely sure Melo e Castro is an independent judge as you have come to assume."

    Now, since you mentioned it, I am not sure either. You could be right...

    I was just considering an exchange which happen on Day 3, between our lady (MC) and Santos e Oliveira (SO) - Amaral's lawyer.

    It does look in fact as if SO is aware she is blocking most of his defence moves and is giving her the exasperating response.

    The following are the bytes I am referring to above (Day 3):

    "SO - Is it not true that the principal factor of the secondary trauma was because the McCanns were considered suspects?

    AP - No.

    The judge now explains that "suspect" is different from "arguido". "Arguido" means there are indications that will lead a person to have to defend her/himself. It's a statute created for the defence of the person. "Suspect" means a hypothesis is formed about someone.

    The judge repeats that which AP had already indicated and that was if the McCanns hadn't been investigated as suspects then they would have thought the investigation was incomplete.

    There is now a long debate between the judge and SO.

    SO says he has to insist because the witness uses too much hearsay in his responses. The judge points out that there is no need to repeat the same question over simply in order to see if the answer will vary." (quote/unquote).


    She is definitely a "domineering" type of woman - a control-freak who never misses an opportunity to lecture anyone... she is lambasting in both directions...except perhaps ID... (friends with?) hmmm...it does smell a bit already...

    You could be right. Let us wait and see.



    Sorry Joana! This comment is a byte off the mark but... just for those who may have doubts about the Clarence Mitchell/David Cameron/Scotland Yard connection and their joint initiative to denigrate the Portuguese PJ investigation.

    Reputation management at its very best!


  59. How much did the new witness get to say that Mr Amarals book stopped people looking for Madeleine when that was not true and people were still reporting they had seen her in different parts of the world which the police investigated and they were not true. After all the years they come with that story, they will never find her to bring the truth out.They should stop all the diferent stories, we believe Madeleine is not alive.

  60. @ 59 Talk about Mitchell' connection to The Cameron-Yard's Whitewash side-kick Broadway show...

    WOT about Brooks and her Kangaroo media boss?

    True to say Rebekha and her husband are friends' with the Camerons, and play SMS text-tennis - that much has been reported...

    WOT about Richard Virgin and Brian Kennedy's ass-ets?..

    ...J.K. Rolling's too, who is reported to have given a helping hand to Kate with the writing of her fictional account of Madeleine's demise and the setting in stone of the McCanns' AND the carter-rucked British media, "Official Version" of events?

    Kate "Meco" even wanted one of her supporting cast witnesses to quote from her masterpiece in court! Just as well the judge saw through the ploy...

    "May I consult my i-Pad (to quote from Kate's book "Madeleine"?)" - he asked.

    The judge said "Certainly not"! and might have thought:" You Fuc*ing tos*er!"

    On a footnote, we have to understand J.K. dislike of the Portuguese people. Her daughter is half Portuguese and the relationship with the child's father must have been rather acrimonious for her... not to mention for her husband... the Portuguese don't get very well along with robot-like people with a insert-a-coin-and-press-the button smile. Well, I know I don't!

    :h Sorry! I seem to have gone off on a tangent here...

    Am-I missing any VIBs here - very important buddies, that is?

  61. @61 - your a fool, a man/woman who divides people, because of where they are born or reside.
    you remind me of the McCann type or the Portugal characters such as Pinto.

    You think you are funny with your rubbish writing style, spitting lies out everywhere or do you think its satire.

    Your a plonker ..possibly a Portuguese one in this instance ...you would serve well in the McCann team, that been said you would be in the beta role.
    your not quite important enough ! so your not at the vib status quite yet... go and switch your radio on and listen to some music.


  62. another day, another suicide

    A SANDRA SUICIDOU-SE (desabafo)
    26 de Setembro de 2013 às 22:28 https://www.facebook.com/notes/carmen-pi%C3%B1era-de-melo/a-sandra-suicidou-se-desabafo/576989229027591


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