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Gerry McCann wants to speak in Court

Maddie's dad came to testify in the process made against the former PJ inspector Gonçalo Amaral

by João C. Rodrigues

Maddie's father is this Friday in Lisbon. Gerry McCann came to Portugal to testify in the process against the former PJ inspector Gonçalo Amaral, in which, together with his wife, they ask for 1,2 million euros compensation for damages caused by the book ‘A Verdade da Mentira’ [The Truth of the Lie].

Gerry McCann arrived at the Palácio da Justiça at 10.30am but he didn't even get inside the courtroom. First because he was not enrolled as a witness - the request was only made yesterday and it requires the consent of the lawyers who defend Gonçalo Amaral and the other parties in the process - then because the session was postponed due to the impediment of one of the lawyers.

To Correio da Manhã, Gerry admitted that the reopening of the investigation into the disappearance of Maddie by the Scotland Yard gave “new hope to the family” in solving the case.

His sister Trish was also in court, where she would testify, but in vain.

The new court session was scheduled for the 2nd of October.

in Correio da Manhã, 27.09.2013


CMTV [Correio da Manhã TV], 27.09.2013

ITV, 27.09.2013


Gerry McCann ITV interview [see here] «Gerry McCann said that he was not expecting the hearing to be delayed at a Lisbon court. He was in hoping to give evidence in the family's libel case against a former detective. The hearing was postponed because the defence lawyer had to care for his ill son.»

Libel Trial Daily Reports courtesy of Anne Guedes/UK Justice Forum [downloadable in PDF format]


  1. If he does speak I just hope he is asked the following, simple questions:

    1) Do you still maintain that Goncalo Amaral's book has had a disastrous effect on the mental wellbeing of yourself and your wife, causing you to suffer from "permanent anxiety, insomnia, lack of appetite, irritability and an indefinable fear." ?

    2) If so, do you not acknowledge that at least some of this distress could be attrubutable to the loss of your daughter?

    3) Finally, under such circumstances do you still feel able to perform your professionial duties to the high standard that is to be expected from you, and does your wife, who has talked of at one stage being suicidal, feel able to care satisfactorily for her children?

  2. Anonymous 1 -
    What very very good questions. I am going to post them onto Mr Amaral's facebook page.

  3. Meanwhile in Portugal: 30 year old woman is arrested for murdering one of her children http://www.policiajudiciaria.pt/PortalWeb/page/%7B71FB4E1A-BF3F-4C14-BECC-A91D86CC6F8B%7D

    In Spain: The adoptive parents of 12 year old girl, Asunta Basterra were arrested for murdering her http://www.libertaddigital.com/espana/2013-09-26/asunta-basterra-fue-sedada-con-un-medicamento-y-asfixiada-1276500295/

    In France: The mother of stepfather of 5 year old girl Typhaine were accused of murdering and concealing Typhaine's death in 2009 and of... lying in the media and to the world.

    «PRECEDENTS - Durant quatre mois, Cécile Bourgeon et son compagnon ont fait croire à la disparition de la petite Fiona. Ils ne sont pas les seuls à avoir mis en scène leur histoire face caméra pour mieux dissimuler l'effroyable vérité. Les caméras pour témoins. Le mensonge de la mère de Fiona devant la France entière n'est pas sans rappeler d'autres affaires. Le 24 juin 2009, Anne-Sophie Faucheur raconte aux médias avec force détails le chemin qu'elle a emprunté avec sa fille dans le centre de Maubeuge avant que la petite Typhaine échappe à sa vigilance. Son compagnon, Nicolas Willot, demande à la population de se mobiliser. Cinq mois après, la mère craque. Victime de maltraitance, Typhaine a succombé à une énième série de coups.»

    «Ils signalent eux-mêmes la disparition de leur enfant. Convoquent les médias. Puis, quelques jours ou mois plus tard, deviennent les suspects numéro 1. Le scénario de l'affaire Fiona, dont la mère et le beau-père ont été déférés devant le parquet jeudi 26 septembre, rappelle de façon troublante les cas de Marina et de Typhaine. Ces deux fillettes, mortes sous les coups de leurs parents, avaient d'abord été déclarées disparues par ces derniers. Dans le cas de Fiona, rien n'indique pour l'instant une maltraitance, mais la mère, selon ses propres aveux, a dissimulé la mort de sa fille pour protéger son compagnon. »

  4. @ anno 1
    I think your question are very good,just hope Gerry is asked these questions if he gets on the stand.
    but imo he will not be taking the stand it was bluff and blunder.


    "Kate and I know best what we have been through..." He says.
    Of course you do, darlings!

    Ah! If only you had not left the children alone, night after night...with that balcony door opened...accidents happen, you know and dogs don't lie.

    Now, Gerry... sit still... place your greedy, materialistic petty little ego aside...

    Think for a moment about the damage, the pain, the losses you have caused to one man you singled out hoping that might help to promote your "official version of events" and give you some kind of vindication or closure...Gonçalo Amaral. That's him! Sitting almost next to you...

    What made you think you deserved some kind of special treatment? Having a lot of money and VIP connections?

    They count for nothing in a European Court of Law. The World Wide Web knows Gerry! The facts are out!

    The PJ files are out!
    Martin Grime dogs report is out!
    Forget about the FSS reports. Everyone knows they were biased. They are British (...)

    AND no Scotland Yard or Dad's Army, is ever going to change the FACTS of the original investigation. Meditate on all points I have risen above... for a while...that's right!

    :p I am afraid it is pay time (for you)!

    How much Amaral is going to demand in terms of counter-compensation is anyone's guess. Give me an estimate if you like...

    Surely, you will have to compensate him for forcing him into retirement!
    For destroying his livelihood!
    For causing his family all sorts of privations!
    For ultimately separating him from his wife and children...
    For the bad press he suffered because of the reputation management orchestrated by your spokesperson and media monitoring man Clarence Mitchell...
    For all the years without proper food and living conditions...
    The list goes on...

    The way I see it, your fraudulent funds will not be enough to foot the bill. You might have to sell that house in Rothley! How much is it worth? Two... Three million? You might just make it!

    KARMA has caught up with you two.

    :g Hasta la vista!

  6. The McCann's haven't got a case at all - they have already been told once when the ban on the book was lifted by the supreme court!

    How this present libel case ever got off the ground I will never know - anyway they insist on making fools of themselves, so let them continue... because ultimately it is opening even more peoples eyes to the lies they have told and the sinister actions they have taken to avoid the truth been told.

    On a side note there own actions are taken their toll on them - no doubt about that !
    They both are reaping what they sew.

    As I have said this case will be the springboard to eventual Justice for Madeleine atlast and hopefully allow Goncalo Amaral the peace of mind he so truly deserves.

    The irony of it all, is the reflection that is now due in regards to How the British Government, police, media and so called British Child protection services have supported this couple.
    They know what's coming.

    You see they can run but they cannot hide - and every one of them can be traced - I can see in the future them all been rounded up and exposed for what they have done.

    This type of blatant corruption needs stamping out - what's the bet they all begin to scatter and find other places to live.
    I hope people get this case reported well in Canada - I suspect that will be a place some run too.


  7. Gerry's request has given this trial tremendous exposure - much more than any of the previous trials which were generally not reported (particularly in the British media). All the main newspapers, BBC, ITV and SKY are running with this. Could be make or break move by GM.

  8. The Guardian, a report written by some guy named Paul Hamilos in Madrid, Spain [Lol]

    «(...) On the subject of the accusations made against against the family, Gerry McCann said on Friday: "Kate and I know better than anyone what we have experienced and what we have been through."

    In his book Maddie: The Truth of the Lie, Amaral wrote that Madeleine died accidentally in her room and that the McCanns deliberately faked her disappearance in order to distract attention from her death. The McCanns strongly deny these claims and were cleared of any involvement in her disappearance when the Portuguese investigation was closed in July 2008.

    A month later, Amaral, 56, who was removed from the investigation after criticising British police and has since retired from the force, published the book. In 2010 the McCanns succeeded in getting a court in Lisbon to ban it, but the decision was overruled later that year, and the book remains on sale in Portugal.

    The court case has echoes of a previous trial in the UK. In March 2008 the McCanns won £550,000 in damages from Express Newspapers after what were described as "grotesque and grossly defamatory" allegations contained in more than 100 articles about their daughter's disappearance. The Express and Star newspapers ran front-page apologies to the McCanns for publishing the articles, some of which suggested the couple were involved in her death.

    The McCanns' lawyer, Isabel Duarte, submitted a request for Gerry McCann to give evidence. The defence now has 10 days to say if they agree.» http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2013/sep/27/madeleine-mccann-father-gerry-goncalo-amaral-libel-trial

  9. Anne Guedes report

    The Judge appeared at 9:50. All lawyers were there, as well as the interpreter. Dra Isabel Duarte had a new assistant. But in the audience we were only two members of the public (Astro and I), all journalists were outside waiting for Mr McCann and Mrs Cameron. Among the journalists, Martin Brunt was back in Lisbon and back was his very British sense of humour. He is literally chained to his photographer, since he holds the perch ! When the crowd of photographers suddenly rushes in a certain direction, he can't but follow.
    Back to court. Mr Amaral's lawyer made a request because his son was in the hospital (it seems the problem surged yesterday) to have a urgent surgery and the father was needed there. Dra Duarte said she made yesterday a request for the complainant G. McCann who is coming from the UK (she insisted twice on this) to be heard. This request has to be accepted by the lawyers of the defence within a few days. The Judge consulted a great amount of books and files when she was dictating to the court clerk. She found Dr Santos Oliveira's request justified and unforeseeable and stated that the adjournment had to be accepted.

    The Judge then announced that the 27th witnesses would be heard on the 2nd of October (Henrique Machado (journalist of Correio da Manhã), Eduardo Dâmaso (political analyst) and Mrs Cameron).
    From this I deduce that 1) Mrs Healy will not be heard and 2) Mrs Cameron is the last witness for the accusation, except for the bar association president, Marinho Pinto who eventually will be heard on the 19 of November.

    The last session (exhibition of the documentary and final allegations) will now be on the 27th of November.
    On the 8th of October will be heard only witnesses for the defence :
    Inspectores Tavares de Almeida and Ricardo Paiva, Luis Nunes, the head of the Central unit against organized crime, Manuel Catarino, editorialist in the CdM (who seems specialised in juridical issues) and the journalist and writer Hernani Carvalho (who is doing a PhD on criminology)

    On the 5th of October will be heard other witnesses for the defence :
    Paulo Sargento, Moita Flores, two persons related to Guerra&Paz, etc.
    On the 19 of Novempber, will be heard the last witnesses for the defence :
    Carlos Coelho da Silva (the documentary film maker), Margarida Teotónio Pereira (TVI director of international programs), etc. and possiby a witness for the accusation (?), José Viega Soares, a consultant in PR who was at the court on day 1 (the only (but me) reading a book and not consulting a smart phone) and was dismissed for that day.

    Meanwhile Mr McCann and his sister had arrived. The Judge asked to call the two witnesses first Eduardo Dâmaso and later Trish Cameron. She explained no hearing was possible if a lawyer was missing. She said she was sorry the witnesses would have to come next Wednesday. Mrs Cameron observed it was the second time.. The Judge acknowledged and apologized for this. She said this kind of circumstance, like health, cannot be anticipated and we can't but accept it. She said the court thanked the witnesses.
    Mr McCann didn't even enter the audience room.

    The Sun guy wasn't there, the one who works for 4 newspapers with 4 different identities to-day was working for 5.
    Gonçalo Amaral's car was parked behind the building. So he took another exit. The reporters saw him (I don't know how, they do have hawk eyes) and rushed.


  10. The Telegraph

    Gerry McCann frustrated after libel trial is suddenly postponed
    The father of missing Madeleine McCann has expressed his determination to give evidence at the libel trial of the police officer in charge of the case, after the hearing was unexpectedly postponed.
    The disgraced Portuguese detective accused of hampering the search for Madeleine McCann sought to ban media from the court room as a libel case against him got underway.
    Former police inspector Goncalo Amaral and (inset) Madeleine McCann's mother Kate Photo: Reuters

    By Catarina Aleixo, Lisbon

    6:34PM BST 27 Sep 2013

    Gerry McCann, 45, travelled to Lisbon with his sister Trish Cameron, in the hope of appearing as a witness in the case of Goncalo Amaral, the shamed detective they are suing for £1 million.

    But as he arrived at the courthouse in the Portuguese capital, Mr McCann was informed that the hearing had been adjourned because one of the lawyers’ grown up children was unwell.

    Mr McCann and his wife Kate launched a libel action against Mr Amaral over his book, The Truth of the Lie, in which he alleged they were involved in their daughter’s disappearance in May 2007.

    Portuguese law used to prevent the plaintiffs or claimants from giving evidence in such hearings, but a recent ruling overturned that ban.

    Mr McCann said despite the sudden postponement of the hearing he was determined to return and give evidence in the case.

    He said: “If I get the opportunity to be heard I will come back. The law has changed and Kate and I know better than anybody what we have gone through, the facts of the files and the damage that has been caused to the search for Madeleine.”

    The decision to suddenly postpone the hearing is the latest frustration for the McCann family, who believe Mr Amaral’s book badly damaged the international search for their daughter.

    Previously Mrs Cameron and Mrs McCann’s mother, Susan Healy, had travelled to Portugal in the hope of giving evidence, only to be turned away when the Judge Maria Emilia Melo e Catro called off the trial citing “personal reasons”.

    Madeleine disappeared from an apartment in Praia da Luz shortly before her fourth birthday in May, 2007

    The former police officer’s lawyer, Vitor Santos de Oliveira, applied to halt the hearing on Thursday night, telling the court his son was in hospital.

    He said: “My son is having an operation. I hope that because of this you won’t be making a hullabaloo saying that Gonçalo Amaral is holding things up.”

    Isabel Duarte, the lawyer who is representing the McCann family said: “It’s not surreal, it’s Portugal.”

    “I saw the request to adjourn this morning. The facts are that we have organised the trial and the lawyer was actually here, so I was expecting the trial today. I asked the judge to at least hear my witness.”

    Mr Amaral’s controversial book was published in July 2008 claiming that Madeleine had died in an accident and her parents had hidden her body before faking her abduction.

    The couple are suing Mr Amaral, his publishers and associated documentary makers for £1 million.

    The trial is scheduled to sit again next Tuesday.

  11. Had to check if that statement wasn't made up, it does sound a bit far fetched and not at all how a lawyer would address the court. Is the Telegraph following the Mcspin already spun by McCann supporters in various forums? That the trial isn't taking place because the judge is corrupted, Amaral's lawyer is corrupted, the whole system is corrupted and they "are ll trying to stop the McCanns court action"! : « He said: “My son is having an operation. I hope that because of this you won’t be making a hullabaloo saying that Gonçalo Amaral is holding things up.”

    Isabel Duarte, the lawyer who is representing the McCann family said: “It’s not surreal, it’s Portugal.”

    “I saw the request to adjourn this morning. The facts are that we have organised the trial and the lawyer was actually here, so I was expecting the trial today. I asked the judge to at least hear my witness.” » http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/madeleinemccann/10340640/Gerry-McCann-frustrated-after-libel-trial-is-suddenly-postponed.html

  12. No sooner had I commented that Gerry ( the controller) would be kicking himself, for not being at that trial- which was going badly for Team McCann due to self confessed troller Mr Wright reading a script- than it is announced he was going to Portugal Oh dear! were you scared ? lol

    I mentioned in earlier comments, that TM like to be in control of this situation- their delusional persona's actually believe THEY have the only answer to their daughters disappearance AND of course I concur with that, because only THEY know what actually happened- not what they tell us what happened because, the 'stranger' abduction from the hotel room is just too far fetched. Even Hans Christian Andersson would struggle selling that one.

    I could just see Gerry's face bursting with rage when Expert Troller ( monitor)(heehee) was told by the judge not to read his 'script' as replies. Oh, he would not have been happy about that one little bit- bring it on Gerry. Oh and Don't forget wee thing called evidence- sick notes from the NHS to say operations were cancelled due to your 'illness' over a book- also bring a box of lollypops to share.

    note: Mr Wright was very much aware of the devastating effects this book had on his family members, he was so worried and so concerned for their safety (they might kill themselves)- he forgot' when and where' and had to read from notes.(?) At least this time it wasn't scrawled on little Maddie's other books.

    Many thanks to Anne.G and others who are committed to truthful comments regarding this sad,sad state of affairs for Amaral , his family and Little Maddie.

    Miss Taken Identity.


    Last time he visited us, he said he wanted a review by "whoever was more qualified to do it". Probably referring to Scotland Yard but...

    ... One needs only to compare the number of missing children shelved by the Yardies with those held by the PJ, to have an idea of who is faring better - all factors remaining constant that is (...)

    This time around, Gerry "Bigot" McCann, perhaps hoping his killer, robot-like looks might impress the the lady judge (...) lands in Lisbon only hits the nose on the court's door. Soon afterwards he has another subliminal racist gem to offer a Portuguese journalist:

    João C. Rodrigues:
    "Hello. So, Gerry, I'm sure you was not expecting that?"

    Gerald "Bigot" McCann:
    "No. But, errm... we are where we are, so..." (quote/unquote)


    He means Portugal! The "Third World" - he is from the First World, you see... even allowing for the fact the English look down on Scots as "backward, loud mouths and drunkards" (quote).

    I suppose it only goes to show this trial is not about defamation or "personality rights" - as Isabel, their Portuguese maid, would have us believe.

    This trial is about prejudice, racism and bigotry. I hope the judge sees through the legalese balabol and make the Macs pay for it.

    :o "Fu*king tos*er! "

  14. What a comment to be made by Isabel Duarte ? Can anyone tell me what nationality she is?

    The good news is their cracking up and preparing for defeat.

    Is that how the Portuguese think - lol my God - I think some of the posters here obsessed with the "British" should look closer to home.

    Back on track


  15. BBC article adds more info

    « (...) Family medical procedure

    Under recent legislation, plaintiffs in civil proceedings may now testify in their own case, but it is unclear whether the change applies to this action, which was lodged in 2009, before the new law took effect.

    Mr Amaral's lawyer, Vítor Santos Oliveira, made a written submission to the court stating he could not be present because of a medical procedure involving a member of his family.

    But the judge waited until the morning of the hearing to cancel it.

    The McCanns, who are from Rothley, Leicestershire are suing Mr Amaral for claiming in his 2008 book that Madeleine was dead and her parents concealed what had happened to her.

    Mr McCann had hoped to tell the court what the couple have long argued - that the book and accompanying film have made the public less inclined to help them find their daughter.
    'I'll do what it takes'

    He told journalists after the judge's decision: "Kate and I know better than anyone else what we've experienced and what we've gone through, and the facts of the file, and the damage that's been caused to the search for Madeleine. I'll do what it takes."

    The McCanns' lawyer, Isabel Duarte, said it was important that he be heard.

    She added: "I asked because I don't have two witnesses that I have appointed, so I have asked the court to substitute the two witnesses by Gerry, because nowadays he can give evidence."

    Ms Cameron said she would travel to Portugal again to give evidence "if it's required".

    She is now expected to be heard on 2 October.

    The trial had already been subject to delays, and extra dates have been scheduled into late November.

    As part of the same case, the McCanns are also also suing Mr Amaral's publisher, the producer of a documentary based on his book, and the broadcaster that screened it.

    Lawyers for the defence are expected to argue that the book and film are not libellous under Portuguese law, and that they are based on the case files of the original criminal investigation.» http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-24303324


  16. April Jones Donations To Go To African Child
    Money donated at the funeral of April Jones will be used to pay for the education of a five-year-old girl in Uganda. http://news.sky.com/story/1146320/april-jones-donations-to-go-to-african-child

  17. @13 - I am the last person on earth to defend Gerald Patrick McCann, but there is a saying that is used in Britain "we are where we are".... my interpretation would be 'this is where we're at and there's nout we can do about it' ..... I like the interpretation in the 'Urban dictionary' :c [ http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=We%20are%20where%20we%20are ] bigoted/racist comment or not, he's still a "Fu*king tos*er! " :d

  18. The hubris is mighty. The fall will be greater. It will happen - is already happening - before our eyes. They can scarce believe their power is slipping away from them. Bit by painful bit, due to the Herculean efforts of many dedicated people, the balance has shifted and the truth is leaking out. Even Gerry McCann cannot help but leak truth on the very steps of the court house. Here he told us the truth for once - that the damage was caused by the FILES. And the truth screams out of those files from all the lies and subterfuge of that entire Tapas group. Many others have put self-interest before Truth too: those charged with fair reportage have let us down and they will see their power transfer to people like Ann Guedes and other true reporters. The newspaper industry will suffer a backlash in this country when the magnitude of this concealment hits home. All these players will be revealed in the fullness of time and fall along with the guilty. The ugly treatment of Goncalo by our press still goes on in the British press today, a press which continues to hide the full facts for reasons best known to themselves. The interests of all these adults have been put ahead of a child's life and they will not be forgiven for it. The media luvvies have vilified the truth seekers while aiding and abetting the McCanns in a story that defies all logic and insults the nation's intelligence. We all know who you are. Yes, it is all unravelling at last and I sense the denouement is unstoppable.

  19. I wonder where they got the idea for the surreal comment?

  20. Once my sister in law sued a truck driver in Massachussets, who had caused an accident nearly killing her. The hearing was more than ten times postponed, for several reasons.

  21. Not only the Mccanns witnesses are stupid. Their lawyer too.

  22. Anonymous 27/09/2013 23:06, Yes it's all about those dreadful files. It was no coincidence that Mr. Leveson referred to those files as "fluff." And it's not due to meticulous examination of the files that Scotland Yard is ignoring the McCanns and their Tapas friends in its review / investigation. You see, Scotland Yard was hired for the purpose of devaluing the contents of those files. It's how Mr. Redwood will bring closure to the McCann's torment..

  23. The poor Gerry is trying to repair his witnesses statements. My idea is that his witnesses are not motivated at all to state.
    Imo they were pressured to go to Lisbon, to helping the McCanns, They could be fed up of the case and possibly they don't want to attrackt the attention to themselves (I mean the Britons), The more they appear in public, the worse for them.
    Possibly involved in Madeleine's disappearance, directly or otherwise, this is not doing any good to their names.

  24. @13.
    You have got a deep routed hatred, to me it makes you the same as the clan of McCann's and supporters - you keep going off half cocked allowing your hatred for every British person to cloud a more balanced outlook, and your posts are exposing you has been the other cheek of an ass lol
    Listen chump....I am an Englishman and I suggest you do some research before jumping to conclusions about a nation.
    There are many who support Goncalo even though the "establishment stooges" have fed them lies non stop.
    I could go on, but will not rise anymore to your bait.....your a To**er.. period!

    Well Done Goncalo.....its game, set and Match and the English flags here are waiving for you.


  25. #16 - yes!! What a contrast, the grace of April Jones parents in their unthinkable situation, still thinking of helping other small children, compared to TM greed.

  26. When Gerry McCann speaks in court, it will be self serving words only. Surely, only evidence from a medical doctor or psychiatrist can be counted as evidence of any weight, can't it? Any fool can appear in court and say, "I have been ill because someone said nasty things about me", but it doesn't make it true, does it? Especially not when he hasn't registered sick from his job as a heart specialist, and his wife has been well enough to run marathons and appear on television. Why do they think that the public stopped looking for Maddy? There were so many sightings.

  27. Journo: What do you want to say to the judge?

    ID: Nothing (grins)...

    Gerry: (Grins) I'll answser the questions that I'm asked Martin (Brunt)

    What's that about then?


    Mojo @14: "What a comment to be made by Isabel Duarte ? Can anyone tell me what nationality she is? Is that how the Portuguese think - lol my God - I think some of the posters here obsessed with the "British" should look closer to home."

    Greetings friend!

    Some Portuguese who know the British intimately cannot help but be "obsessed" (as you put it) with SOME individuals of this human sub-species. I certainly am.

    There is no denying that such a thing as "British ideology" and "global cultural hegemony" aspirations exist, particularly amidst the upper casts of this insular culture (which include the infamous couple).

    An insightful and entertaining account of this is given in passing by the Portuguese physicist João Magueijo in "Faster than the Speed of Light" during his Ph. D. days at Cambridge University - to quote but one instance.

    Now, concerning Isabel Duarte statement, if any.

    Isabel is an Anglophile on the McCanns' Fund payroll. Someone who, in the course of her métier, gives the impression to deny her own people in support of her British clients but... you know... Portugal is a free country. She is free to vomit ad lib.

    Furthermore, her statement "It's not surreal! It's Portugal!" was quoted by a Luso-British journo, Catarina Aleixo, in her dispatch for the ultra-Conservative "Daily Telegraph". That should come as no surprise. Catarina is of mixed parentage (her mother is British) and therefore of divided loyalties.

    What you must pay attention to is to Lady Melo e Castro verdict. She is a blue-blood Portuguese of aristocratic descent, possibly hand-picked by the Minister of Justice (Paula Cruz) a sworn enemy of Marinho "Photoshop" Pinto - another one on the McCanns' payroll. Pinto called her "a dizzy cockroach" :o

    My advice to the McCanns' is: "Keep your seat belts on!"


    By Jerry Lawton/Published 28th September 2013

    Portuguese police chief Goncalo Amaral accused Gerry and Kate McCann of faking Madeleine's (above) disappearance

    Heart doctor Gerry flew to Portugal to give evidence against Goncalo Amaral.

    The McCanns are suing the Portuguese former police chief over his claim they faked the three-year-old’s abduction to cover up her death in their holiday flat on the Algarve.

    But Gerry’s showdown was cancelled after Mr Amaral’s lawyer Vitor Oliveira told the court in the capital Lisbon he had to leave immediately to deal with a family matter.

    The lawyer’s grown-up son is in hospital to have surgery.

    Gerry McCann (with wife Kate) said he is disappointed that the libel case hearing has been postponed until next Wednesday. Gerry McCann (with wife Kate) said he is disappointed that the libel case hearing has been postponed until next Wednesday

    “Obviously I’m disappointed”
    Gerry McCann

    Gerry, 45, only found out as he arrived at the Palace of Justice after taking an early-morning flight from the UK.

    As he left court the dad, from Rothley, Leics, said: “Obviously I’m disappointed.

    “My wife Kate and I know better than anyone else what we have experienced and what we have gone through and the damage that has been caused to the search for Madeleine.”

    Mr Oliveira told reporters: “I hope you are not going to make a big fuss about it and say it’s Goncalo Amaral’s fault.’’

    The hearing will now take place next Wednesday. Gerry added: “I’m looking forward to the next court date. If I get the opportunity to speak in court I will come back.’’

    He and Kate, 45, are seeking £1million in damages from Mr Amaral, 56, over his book The Truth Of The Lie about Madeleine’s disappearance in 2007.

  30. The fact that Amaral's lawyer son was submitted to urgent surgery...I mean could that be related to the so-called Curse of the McCanns or their satanic practices as some have suggested?

    Sorry, I am speculating but there are so many other coincidences but one can't help but being superstitious. Take for instance the recent spat of fires across Portugal following the Portuguese concessions to Scotland Yard or the storms in Algarve and Madeira, years ago. The people associated with the case that have died. I wonder if we were in Medieval times if McCanns' would be burnt at the stake................. .......................................................................................................

  31. Penso que admitir o Gerry Mac em tribunal para ouvir a forma como ele planeia sacar um milhão da economia Portuguesa e no minimo "politicamente correcto!"

    Politicamente correcto sendo uma "doutrina, sustentada por uma minoria iludida e sem lógica, que foi rapidamente promovida pela mídia oficial; ela sustenta a ideia de que é inteiramente possível pegar um pedaço de m**da pelo lado limpo."

  32. #8 Apparently a member of the Jill Havern forum has written to the Guardian journalist in the following terms (quote/unquote). Thanks to Jill Havern Forum for implicit permission:

    Post gbwales Today at 1:05 pm

    "I've emailed The Guardian journalist who wrote that piece above, with the following:

    Dear Paul ~

    Your report in The Guardian, “Madeleine McCann's father wishes to give evidence in detective's libel trial” (27/09/2013), contains a significant factual error in saying that the McCanns were ‘exonerated’ when the investigation was closed.

    You may not be aware that the conclusions of the interim report – by Chief Inspector Tavares de Almeida - on the shelving of the case explicitly state the following (I quote directly from it here):
    “We conclude that:
    A. the minor Madeleine McCann died in Apartment 5A at the Ocean Club resort in Praia da Luz, on the night of 3 May 2007
    B. a simulation - a staged hoax - of an abduction took place
    C. in order to render the child’s death impossible before 10.00pm, a situation of checking of the McCann couple’s children while they slept was concocted
    D. Dr Gerald McCann and Dr Kate McCann are involved in the concealment of the corpse of their daughter, Madeleine McCann
    E. at this moment, there seems to be no strong indications that the child’s death was other than the result of a tragic accident, yet; From what has been established up to now, everything indicates that the McCann couple, in self-defence, did not want to deliver up Madeleine’s corpse immediately and voluntarily, and there is a strong possibility therefore that it was moved from the initial place where she died. This situation may raise questions concerning the circumstances in which the death of the child took place.”

    It is also worth noting that the Republic's Prosecutor - José de Magalhaes e Menezes and Joint General Prosecutor - Joao Melchior Gomes, authors of the archiving report, say with specific regard to the abduction theory insisted on by the parents (and their PR team) to the absolute exclusion of any other explanation for the child’s disappearance, that (and again I quote directly):

    “Despite all of this, it was not possible to obtain any piece of evidence that would allow a reasonable man, under the light of the criteria of logics, of normality and of the general rules of experience, to formulate any lucid, sensate, serious and honest conclusion about the circumstances under which the child was removed from the apartment (whether dead or alive, whether killed in a neglectful homicide or an intended homicide, whether the victim of a targeted abduction or an opportunistic abduction) nor even to produce a consistent prognosis about her destiny and inclusively - the most dramatic - to establish whether she is still alive or if she is dead, as seems more likely.”

    Neither of these could possibly be considered as any kind of 'exoneration' - quite the contrary in fact.

    Over 11,000 pages of reports, evidence, photos and statements from the investigation were released to the public upon the shelving of the case – and you can find them all here along with many translations: http://www.mccannpjfiles.co.uk

    I very much hope you or the Guardian’s crime desk may care to look at these sometime, as they tell a very different story to the briefings of Clarence Mitchell, upon which it appears the British media depend pretty much exclusively.


  33. (2/2) Continuing "Letter to the Guardian"

    " It is also worth pointing out that it might be considered unreasonable for a person to suddenly turn up one day at court and insist on being heard (quite contrary to all legal procedure), when in fact they have directly been pursuing the litigation for over 3 years, and have had all the possible planning opportunities well in advance (and interestingly have suddenly tried to settle the matter out of court recently). In fact one might infer it to be an exercise in spinning the UK media against the Portuguese justice system and that Mr McCann might not genuinely wish to enter the witness box under oath at all, being pretty much certain his request would be refused when he made it.

    It would be good if The Guardian – a paper which I hold above all others for critical thinking, investigative journalism and integrity – were to publish a correction on the use of the word “exoneration” referring to the above direct quotations from the Police reports.

    etc etc

    For your reference, the first quote is from the report by Chief Inspector Tavares de Almeida to the Coordinator of the Criminal Investigation, 10/09/2007 (Ref: 10 Processo: VOL ,X, p. 2587 to2602 from the case files)


    The second quote is from the Legal Summary, Letter to the Attorney General regarding investigation details (Ref: 17- Processo 17 Pages 4592 to 4649 from the case files)

    http://www.mccannpjfiles.co.uk/PJ/LEGAL_SUMMARY.htm "



  34. I dont understand why Jim Gamble wasnt called as a witness for the plaintiffs, he headed up a child protection agency and is ex police and is very supportive of and close to Gerry.He invited Gerry to give a talk on child protection at a seminar. He declared publicly that , having reviewed all the evidence mccanns were innocent. He reviewed the entire case in no time at all, much quicker than the 30+ Met team. At the start of the investigation, on behalf of Leicester Police he asked all UK holidaymakers who were in PDL the same week as Madeleiene to send all their holiday photos to him so he could assist the PJ. He is in the perfect position to describe precisely the effects of the book and film on Gerry. Alan Milburn, Home Secretary during Gordon Browns premiership was much praised by Jim Gamble for his personal support of the McCanns also echoed Jims thoughts , albeit , after he left office. Yet it was David Cameron who bounced our current Home Secretary into action-all very strange. Much more credible witnesses than the ones presented thus far, maybe Ms Duarte could give Jim a call ? I am sure Gerry has his number.

  35. Joana ...can you take a look at this clip for me.


    its the footage filmed by their friend Jon Corner.

    it may be of no significance but its worth looking at.

    at.. 4.48... Gerry places a box in the boot of the Renault which we know later produced forensics as well as the dog alerts from Eddie and keela.

    Are those yellow latex gloves on top of the box been placed into the car?

    at 4.54 ..Gerry can be seen to be leaning in the rear of the car ....it looks like he possibly is wearing one on his right hand .....it maybe lighting but worth viewing.


  36. Mojo, the yellow material in the box, seen at 4:48, do appear to be of the same colour and material of the latex glove Gerry is using at 4:54. It's not something that could be caused with lighting or due to an optical illusion, it's distinctly a yellow latex glove. There could be a number of innocuous reasons for wearing them, but then again that particular footage has to be seen within the context of that day.

  37. I was actually the first person that I know of that referred to this trial as surreal. Check my comment 66 under "Kate McCann considered committing suicide." Just another coincidence I guess.

  38. The letter to The Guardian is brilliant, they can ignore it but they can never state they didnt know the truth and one day they may just be asked. The Guardian are the newspaper behind HACKEDOFF for which Gerry is the poster boy but they are forever piously criticising other outlets for poor journalism and pride themselves on their accurate investigative reporting. One day they are going to have to choose between lionising Gerry or suffering major reputational damage-as indeed are many other vociferous worshippers of the cult mccann

  39. Dr Gerald McCann suddenly decides to turn up unannounced (except to the British press) at the court, and is "disappointed" that the court is not in session that day. His sister Trish complains that it is the second time the trial has been interrupted when she had gone to all the trouble of hauling her backside over to Portugal. Wouldn't it have been polite and/or diplomatic of one or both of them to have said how sorry they were to hear about Mr Oliveira's son's sudden illness and to have wished him well? It's not even as though they are incurring any expense in travelling back and forth to Lisbon - the Fund sees to all that.

  40. @ Guerra at 36

    Everything about this case is surreal... the initial Portuguese Justice cop out was surreal; with the McCanns allowed to fly home Scott free and return later to poke fun at them. They should have served time in prison for abandoning their children to their fate. Full stop.

    Allowing Amaral to be charged by the McCanns was surreal...

    Allowing Scotland Yard to stick their noses into PJ's work was surreal - and the results will be surreal...wait to see...

    BTW If Madeleine turns up alive that won't be surreal! That will be an hologram!

    Now, if ID did borrow your "surreal" expression that wasn't strictly surreal for it may suggest two things:

    (1) She reads Joana Morais blog...
    (2) She is not happy with the judge! She shouldn't. I don't think McCann Team quite managed to buy Lady Melo e Castro.

    Let's see what "Photoshop" has to say come November...that too will definitely be surreal! :c

  41. @38 "Wouldn't it have been polite and/or diplomatic of one or both of them to have said how sorry they were to hear about Mr Oliveira's son's sudden illness and to have wished him well?"

    Absolutely! The problem is they are both racists. As far as they are concerned Mr. Oliveira's son is a mongrel - not a bulldog! Mind you! Some of Mr, Gerald McCann's photos remind me of a pit-bull but, I may be biased.

  42. 'We are where we are' is a phrase used in UK. Simply it means we are at whatever stage in our plans, preparations etc.

    Similarly one might ask of another - Where are we now?' As in at what stage are we at?

    Moving on -

    As to McCann - Watch him like a hawk. He did not crawl out of his hole and pay a visit to Portugal without having a motive for doing so. This is a game to them, team McC. McCann plays to win. Doesn't like losing. He would sell his twins his granny and his mammy if it meant him 'saving face.' Be sure of that! And don't forget Kate too said he is an unfeeling bastard. That is what they fought over in Portugal on that holiday. More to this case than meets eye.

    This latest has nothing to do with justice for Madeleine as far as McCann is concerned. He cannot even utter those words with sincerity.

    He hopes to outsmart Dr Goncalo Amaral using every dirty trick in the book, backed by every dirty liar who has lined up to help him, and he mixes with some very unsavoury people scum with money!

  43. I thought I had spotted something only to find that it has already been picked upon by others about the latex gloves.

    Nevertheless over time huge parts of the case get forgotten by people which is part of the McCann strategy.
    Can people remember a plastic bag also found close to faro airport containing a fleece, jeans, shower curtain, pencil case etc ...there were forensic matches if I remember to Madeleine.

    As horrible as it sounds to say ...I feel it needs to be said..... one could be lead to believe that the body of Madeleine does not exist as one piece.

    With all the libel case talk going on - and much of the case of Madeleine nowadays is about such..... that we forget many other parts to this case - which are getting buried under the who said what.

    Its sickeneing to think, and hard for people to imagine such things can take place - but they do.
    Sometimes certain professions can de-sensitize people, their minds become clinical at the task in hand.....certainly in the medical world.
    Can anyone remember what was said about a certain character whilst in a police station?

    The truth to this case needs to be found - and when it has been and exposed - I wonder how all the little helpers will be.

    This case is very sinister indeed - but the truth has to be found.


  44. @41 "'We are where we are' is a phrase used in UK. Simply it means we are at whatever stage in our plans, preparations etc."

    There you go again my friend! That is your interpretation, not mine. Pay close attention to the video clip, the context, if you feel uncomfortable with the paradigmatic level of the expression, that is. Gerry is not the refined spirit his qualifications may suggest.

  45. Madeline Beth McCann, is not the only British child to disappear- Some would quite rightly say her parents are distraught at their daughter having been abducted by paedophiles and may still be alive and blame and lash out at ALMOST EVERYONE for not looking for her or finding her. I need to see those pictures of them being distraught.

    Madeline Beth McCann is the ONLY British child who's parents, lashed out at everyone and blamed everyone and went to extraordinary lengths to distance themselves from ANY responsibility of her disappearance. All the other children including those murdered by those Moors beasts, and little April were all doing what children should do- go out and explore their environment- playing with friends- growing up slowly. It is still raw in those parents faces, the pain, the guilt ( even thought they were not responsible) is very sad to see and you feel a heart felt sorrow for them.

    The McCann's are different in their behavior- stand offish- deeply offended that they are questioned. The blogs, the jogs, the lies, the hiring of expensive lawyers-Government involvement- the trips, the 'fund' he taxpayers millions-AND still no 'abductor' found.

    Take a look at your self Gerry- Take a good look. Not one tear. Not one.

    The Devil is in the Detail < an old saying. I believe the best is yet to come.

    Just for the record: I never believed an abduction by a stranger ever took place, not by the lack of evidence, but by the way they conducted themselves in that first interview! AND the sound was turned down!

    I support Mr Amaral in this very, very difficult time, his family, his community, his profession his fellow countrymen as do a great many British people. We don't all read and believe MSM trash.

    Miss Taken Identity

  46. Quando entro no blog aparece-me a seguinte mensagem do Windows:
    "Deseja abrir ou guardar analytics.js de a.sitemeter.com?"
    Por norma não abro ficheiros Java Script. Será um virus?

  47. Pearl @ 34.Jim Gamble stated in June 07 that he didn't think all paedos who view child porn should be jailed,in my opinion that says all I need to know of what I think of Gamble.

  48. The problem with getting caught up with peoples display of emotions are that they cover such a wide base.

    What do I mean by that.....well the problem is that ..people are people and thus display them differently and have different thresholds in terms of their trigger.
    Its not always easy to decipher ...some people can cry through happiness as well as sadness and without context the emotion looks the same yet the reason can be polar opposites.
    Anger can be displayed through frustration with oneself as well as outwardly when a sense of wrong has been perpetrated by a third party.
    Its a minefield and very complexed and why it is important to try and not get caught up with them to much.
    It is also possible for people to act out emotions by referencing sad events that have happened a long time ago ...and not necessarily can the emotion be linked to the current event in ones life.....Actors when playing parts use such methods.

    I am no psychologist, but I think we can all agree with the point I am trying to make.

    Fortunately there is much more to this case than having to get caught up to much in that subject so I will leave it there.


  49. The trial has turned into quite a spectacle!

    I am attaching a link to a very interesting article by Dr. Martin Roberts, Wright's Folly (27.9.13) that shows MW has made a major faux pas. The English translation was not available online in August 2008 when he claims he sent it to the McCanns. In fact the online English translation was not available until at least May/June 2009 - when they decided to take action against Goncalo.

    I am sure Goncalo's legal team are aware of this, may even be why they were smiling as they left court, and I hope they pick up on it next week, as it throws suspicion on all their evidence.


  50. When the reporter asked gerry mc cann what he wanted to say to the judge and Isobel Duartes responce of "Nothing" I think she was being sarcastically truthful.
    I dont beleive for one second that gerry mccann ever wants to get on the stand and be questioned, for hes not capable of outsmarting intelligent solicitors or journalists for that matter.
    He looked very nervous in the video and kept hoping for Duarte to answer all the questions that were being asked of him if you watch the part where he says "I think Isobel is the best one to answer that question" he nervously steps backwards to let her speak which she doesnt to his dismay.
    Imo Gerry going to Portugal on Friday was a stunt to give the false impression that he was going to Testify because of the publics questioning of the fact that neither him or Kate were willing to stand up for themselves in the witness stand what were they afraid of if they were going to tell the "truth ".

  51. Was I imagining it, but didn't Ed Milliband say something about the 'innocent McCanns' in his recent conference speech? He was going on about the Tory government's unfairness to people and, for no apparent reason (except the ghost of Gordon Brown!) mentioned them. Another surreal moment.

  52. We read about the case of Mr Amaral and McCann . Mccanns and family have plenty of friends as witnesses, how can they say that the book stopped people looking for Madeleine. There has been many reports round the world of people saying they have seen Madeleine and many people have given money to find her and reported to police but still couldn't find her. People have stopped looking because they decided she would never be found. Now they are trying to stop Mr Amaral bringing out the truth. They have totally upset Mr Amaral and his family. Mr Amaral is not to blame for what he wrote in his book it is what he found from police records at the time. They are still trying to stop the truth coming out to get money from him. Mr Amaral is a honest man. First Mr Brown went to Portugal and he was taken off the case and now they stop the book what else can they find.

  53. What is incredibly sad is that the McCanns spend far too much time with their scripted media statements about who says what. Why don't they use these appearances in front of the cameras to appeal to the abductor? Instead of announcing their disappointment about not being heard as a witness.....more than 2 years in the waiting and this is the first Gerry has wanted to speak at the trial...pull the other one!! I hope he does get to speak, because no one in the court room will have been given a list of questions allowed to be asked! Kate publicly announced she could forgive the abductor. Could that not harm the search for her daughter? Why no appeals? Why not open your heart and tell everyone how devastated you are, why is it so difficult? How can anyone, even those who support them not see that this is just so wrong? Who on this earth who loves their child would ever turn around and say that the first few days were the worst? Yet they managed to go jogging. Out of sight, no one in earshot. Every day your child is missing would be the worst. Now Kate knows this is a marathon rather than a sprint - she is qualified now to say that according to her website. Comparing the search for her daughter to running and boasting about completing a marathon. Well done Kate, you are amazing...you ran a marathon....just a pity you didn't put half that effort into being a good mother to your children! It disgusts me.

  54. «Not on current evidence. As a number of my Telegraph colleagues have already pointed out, he is stuffed to the brim with Disney populism: “..if you want to know the difference between me and David Cameron”, he said on Tuesday, “here’s an easy way to remember it. When it was Murdoch versus the McCanns, he took the side of Murdoch.” That’s easy to remember, I guess. Go on. “When it was the tobacco lobby versus the cancer charities, he took the side of the tobacco lobby”. Hmmm, I think I’m getting the hang of it now. So when it was Goliath versus David, he took the side of Goliath? Wallace and the Were-rabbit. It was that Were-rabbit, wasn’t it? And – hang on – when it was Ant versus Dec, he took the side of the other one. You know. The one with the different hair. The evil one.» http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/marthagill/100238303/ed-miliband-is-getting-far-too-much-credit-for-being-cleverly-populist/

  55. Can you imagine a trial at the Old Baily \ or any major UK court, perhaps imagine a robed Lord Justice Leveson and up pops someone\witness, I want to be heard, now!

    Can anyone in their right mind, believe that at a court hearing that has been formulated over several years, can just add someone into the witness list that day, because they arrived that morning.

    Had there not been a delay last week, due to unforeseen circumstances, would we have had a very annoyed Mr McCann saying, this isn't justice. I actually think this unfortunate delay played into his hands, else he would have been made to look a right jerk!

    Instead he was given a platform, I've arrived, I've stamped my feet and I have conquered!! Now dare you, to turn me down!!

  56. meanwhile - Ceops appear to be in hot water:



  57. Soz: Ceop's in hot water - obviously

  58. Gerry turning up in Portugal was a RED HERRING, OR A PR STUNT.lets see if he has the chance to go on the stand IF HE MAKES AN EXCUSE AS TO WHY HE CANT.
    sorry for shouting but I am so bluddy angry the way the british newspapers report on this

  59. I think if gerry takes the stand so should dr amaral.gerry would then have to answer more, the judge will hear both parties. These mccanns have had it too long their own way manipulating the sentiments of others. Their suffering is not down to dr amarals book but to their own conscience. I believe whatever happened may have been an accident caused by kates mental state at the time aand caused a cover up. They have shown themselves to be selfish greedy people, this is all about them, not maddie or the twins. My support is with Dr Amaral , may he recouperate all that he has lost, he is a brave man that searches the truth for Maddie, not himself . We all must give our utmost support to him both financially and morally. Lets hope the judge is honest and can not be bought. SY needs to display a more proffesional image, not interviewing the macs or tapas 7 shows preference, the masons are at work here,even if gerry denies being one. Remember the photo of gerry reading the card on the masons floral tribute, and the illegal meeting of the tapas 7 and them at a masonic hotel, manipulationof witnesses. Same with the scripts supplied to witnesses in the current case. These witness statements should be barred as contaminated truths.
    DR amaral be strong,speak out loud,you have many supporting you .you are a brave man i admire YOU as do many
    othersThese are opinions only on the mccanns, my own thoughts are more. If the judge comes out on the side of the MC then we know tha justice does not exist.. and if SY do not not discover the truth of what happened, then justice has no rules.

  60. 'The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers'. - Shakespeare, Henry VI (Part 2 Act 4, scene 2, 71–78)

    The moment either side lawyered up on the case of a disappeared child - it turned foul.

    That very moment Madeleine became a side show. The lawyers sensed blood - like sharks do - and riches, which all those book- and TV programme deals promised.

    A disservice to the child - wherever she may be - how can one calculate the value of one's sadness for losing a child in shekels? 50 quid/5000 quid/ a million - how about a pound of flesh?

    One can't

    But once the lawyers get involved - it's a game of numbers - not lives or souls or the safety of a child.

    Good will - of the ordinary folks - both in Portugal - the UK - anywhere - goes out of the window - when corporate law firms get their grip into proceedings.

    Meanwhile Ben Needham's mum needs to do car-boot sales to get the air fare to go to Greece.

    Call that fair? I don't.


  61. It's becoming farcical. It looks like GA's team do not want the Mccann family to be heard. I'm not saying they don't, I'm saying that's what it looks like.
    There must be no more delays.
    Oh, and 'we are where we are' is idiomatic English for the current state of affairs, it has no meaning of physical location at all.

  62. And Rosalinda - there were partial translations of the book available almost as soon as it was available. PT press began to serialize it, forum members translated as they went along and I have no doubt TM also had it translated. There certainly was not a year's gap before the content was widely known.

  63. #11 "Is the Telegraph following the Mcspin already spun by McCann supporters in various forums?"

    I think your intuition is bang on! Particularly bearing in mind Clarence Mitchell, the former head of media monitoring of the governs of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown cum the McCanns' spokesperson and now a Conservative candidate in the next UKGB general elections (the mind boggles) directs one of the foremost reputation management agencies in the world - The global Burson-Marsteller (UKGB) until very recently (2013) closely associated with Lift Consulting (Portugal).

    In fact one of the McCanns witnesses in court (Claudia Nogeira) turns out to have worked for Lift Consulting and is now managing director of Plus People - a company associated with the Lift Group. Same thing as Burson-Marsteller, I think.

    How the judge accepted the opinions of a professional reputation manager in court proceedings is anyone's guess. My own guess being that the judge was not aware of Ms. Nogeira true background.

    Incidentally, I did not know any of this until an anonymous commentator of this blog drew my attention to the scam. Google the following terms and see for yourself:

    (1) Burson-Marsteller + e-fluentials
    (2) Burson-Masteller + crowdverb
    (3) Burson-Marsteller + direct impact

    :d See what I mean? For added details see also:


  64. 60/61 - Only translated extracts and synopsis were available in 2008 online [http://themaddiecasefiles.com/topic14815.html] but not the full book as stated under oath by Michael Wright. Anna Andress translation from the French book only started after its publication by Bourin Editor in May 2009 http://www.bourin-editeur.fr/auteur/amaral.html

    Also Gerry McCann could not have testified according to article 510.º of the CPP [formerly 631º of the CPP], which clearly states that «In the case of substituting some of the witnesses, the statement is not allowed without five days having elapsed from the date the opposing party was notified, unless the opposing party waives this right». And said request was only made one day before Gerry McCann arrived in Lisbon - «Dra Duarte said she made yesterday a request for the complainant G. McCann who is coming from the UK (she insisted twice on this) to be heard.» [http://miscarriageofjustice.co/index.php?topic=2417.0]

    Isabel Duarte knows the CPP and the recent law changes [http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-24303324], so unless she's incompetent, which I very much doubt, so did Gerry McCann.

    The real question is: Why did Gerry McCann came to Portugal?

  65. Anon 29/09/2013 09:45 wrote: "I am no psychologist, but I think we can all agree with the point I am trying to make."

    :h And the point you were trying to make was? A generic multi-genre RPG rules system such as presented in Polymancer? Sorry, we didn't quite get it....................

  66. @60 "Oh, and 'we are where we are' is idiomatic English for the current state of affairs, it has no meaning of physical location at all."

    Thank you for clarifying the idiomatics to Umberto Eco but I suspect it was all about paradigms and interpretation. Are you sure THAT is not "cognitive dissonance"? Just asking...............................

  67. @ 62

    because Kate and her less than convincing witnesses (none present on the fateful night) ruined all.

    ALL the Tapasniks - speaking about May 3rd (and before) coherently and in unison would have been a game changer. They did not - and that does implicate G&K in nefarious deeds - whether they like/deserve it or not.


  68. Joana: "The real question is: Why did Gerry McCann came to Portugal?"

    :h Come on! You tell us! I could tell it myself but I know for a fact you wouldn't believe me (...)

  69. 62/64/65/67 - Fair warning: «We will also not tolerate personal attacks, be it against other commentators, or third parties. Although discussions often open up new topics, please try to keep the discussion on the subject of the blog post / article. »

  70. #67 :h Why did Gerry McCann came to Portugal? That's a no-brainer! Media exposure, and a night at the races but don't you worry about the flop! He will be back.

    I understand Kate will stay behind for some more jogging practice at the Monsanto hills....................

  71. The assertion that the public stopped searching for their child because of what it believes is nonsensical. Was the public searching before the book was released? Does someone get up in the morning and say to themselves: “today I’m going to look for Madeleine.” And why would a person choose to look for Madeleine instead of the thousands of other individuals that are missing? It’s not the public’s responsibility to look for missing persons; no one is obligated by duty to do so. Why is the judge even considering this claim? Even if this issue is relevant it can’t be proven in a court of law. Knowing someone whose opinion changed because of a book or documentary does not translate to the public’s opinion as a whole being changed. How are you going to prove it, submit your own poll to the court? State statistics on how many sightings there were before and after the book?

    Stating that the book also hindered the investigation because it has convinced people that the McCanns are guilty is ridiculous. First of all I’m sure that Scotland Yard or the PJ or any police force is not going to cease their investigation because of what someone has written. I’m certain that the public in general will respond to an investigator’s questions in an honest manner regardless of their opinion on a case.

    Is the court going to hold responsible the author of a book or documentary for the irrational actions of someone because said person is claimed to have been influenced by what he read or saw? If that’s the case then you might as well ban free speech altogether. What is strange about this trial is that despite it being a defamation trial no one has touched upon the subject of libel. I do hope that the reason the judge is allowing these proceedings to take the course that they have is simply because she is patient and has no problem with the McCann entourage wasting the court’s time. If the decision goes the way of Mr. Amaral, the English media will most certainly attack the Portuguese justice system. If the decision goes against Mr. Amaral, the McCanns will have a run in the media with the story; they will make the most of it. The decision will then be overturned but never reported in the English speaking world.

  72. Correction to my comment at 63 - «In the case of substitution of any of the witnesses, the statement is not allowed without five days having elapsed from the date the opposing party was notified, unless the opposing party waives that deadline (not right)»

  73. @Rosalinda 49 and Anon 62


    6 SEPTEMBER 2008

    Q – Your English lawyers already have a translated copy and they are analyzing it. Do you intend to sue Gonçalo Amaral?
    Gerry – At this moment we are focused on what we can do to find Madeleine and not in suing anyone.
    Kate – All that I am going to say about this – because I’m not going to waste any time on Mr Amaral – is that as a professional and as a person his behaviour has been a disgrace.

  74. @73 And this a couple paragraphs before, possibly contradicting MW's statement.

    «Q – Former inspector Gonçalo Amaral remains convinced of your involvement in Madeleine’s disappearance. Did you read ‘The Truth of the Lie’, the book that he wrote?
    Kate and Gerry – No.
    Kate – Why would I?
    Gerry – I won’t learn anything from reading it.»


    Guerra @ 71: "The assertion that the public stopped searching for their child because of what it believes is nonsensical."

    Absolutely! Your intelligent comment reminds me of the famous dictum:

    "There is no such a thing as bad publicity!"

    ALL publicity is good publicity! Ask Clarence Mitchell who directs the global reputation management agency Burson-Marsteller and has built his PR career almost single-handedly on Madeleine McCanns' demise! "The perfect storm" as he puts it (...)

  76. In my opinion this couple is going for the money instead of going for a balanced family life with the twins. When do they ever get tired of themselves?


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