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Kate considered committing suicide

Maddie's mother spent her days in panic and anguish. Threats were made on the internet

by:Mariana Paiva

Kate McCann was close to committing suicide. Psychologist Alan Pike [sic, Crisis Counselor], who has been helping the McCann family since 2007, said yesterday in court that she had "dark thoughts". The McCanns demand compensation in the amount of 1.2 million euro from Gonçalo Amaral over damages that were caused by the publication of the book 'The Truth of the Lie', in which the former PJ inspector defends that Maddie died.

Kate told the psychologist that she was so devastated by Gonçalo Amaral's book that "she couldn't bear the days with the panic and the anguish that she felt".

"Kate thought about not being around anymore. She said killing herself was an option to end the trauma she was experiencing. I deduced it was an indication of how she felt rather than something she ever intended to do. Kate was unwell and shared many dark thoughts", Alan Pike said, recalling that Kate spent days crying over the injustice that had been done to Maddie by the people that should be helping her.

Yesterday, Kate's cousin Michael Bright [sic, Wright] , who until 2010 monitored the internet pages and e-mails that were related to Madeleine's disappearance, also testified. He told that on some forums there were several publications inciting to the abduction of twins Sean and Amélie, now aged eight, Maddie's younger siblings. Michael told Gerry and denounced the threats to Leicester Police, in the UK. Nonetheless, he doesn't know if anything was done. He also described the couple's suffering when they learned about the screening of the documentary on TVI. "It was horrible", he said.

Madeleine McCann disappeared on the 3rd of May, 2007, from a tourist resort in Praia da Luz, in the Algarve, where she was spending a holiday with her family.

in: Correio da Manhã, 21.09.2013


  1. Of course she was close to committing suicide as she knows that she and her husband are responsible for the lose of their daughter.

    The problem with the McCann's is that they have lied and prevaricated for so long, on so much, that they now believe their own lies.
    Letter from Iberia

  2. 29 October 2007


    Clarence Mitchell said: "It is beyond offensive to suggest Kate is suicidal. She is not."

    "beyond offensive"

    The irony.

  3. Hello Good Afternoon,

    When is a psychologist not a psychologist?

    When he is employed by Kate and Gerry McCann!

    It seems the reports in the UK press in reference to Kate McCanns psychologist, Alan Pike are not quite accurate. The man is not a psychologist!

    This was discovered when he was questioned by the defence lawyer for Guerra and Paz as to his qualifications, his profession.

    GP = Guerra and Paz

    AP = Alan Pike

    Transcript from Court:-

    GP – What exactly is your profession?

    AP - replies that he is a crisis counsellor.

    GP - asks whether he is a psychologist?

    AP - says he has some competences in psychology (psychology was one of the elements in his degree)

    GP - asks again "are you a psychologist?"

    AP - NO

    Pity it was not asked - What is his 'degree?'

    So the McCanns presented (?) this man as a psychologist when he is not qualified as such.

    Bit like saying one is a chef, because they can crack an egg in a pan!

    Pike said Mrs McCann was unwell had dark thoughts.

    Would she not have been better placed then under the care of a psychiatrist, and not a trauma counsellor (posing as a psychologist?)

    But a trauma counsellor, not qualified in such matters would hardly recognise her needs!

    Dr Gerald McCann, surely must have! Or one of their many doctor friends, friends in various fields of medicine?

    Pike said that Kate was in dark place but only he and she knew this.

    When someone is in such a dark place, it cannot be hidden!

    Do trauma counsellors continue to treat for trauma for many years?

    I don't think so!

    He may have kept in touch with the parents as a friend but he was not treating them for a trauma over a six year period!

    Had that been necessary, if Mrs McCann been in such a dark place she would have required more specialist care such as a psychiatrist.

    Her dark place:-

    a) Is she now over it?
    B) If so, how and when did she get over it, shake off her dark thoughts?
    c) Is she still suicidal?
    d) If so what treatment is she now receiving?

    What are the McCanns doing in this regard to protect their children?

    Does the children's psychologist know of this, is he being kept up-to-date on matters?

    Or did he like the rest of us, read about this for the first time in the press?

    Cheers one and all!

  4. Michael Wright's reported testimony that there was discussion on the internet forum, possibly '3As', of a plot to kidnap the McCann twins seems unlikely because the forums were moderated to remove such tripe. Somehow I doubt that there will be any screen shots or any other proof of this actually happening produced in court. Therefore it is just hearsay. As Gerry said, you can't prove a negative, so it's difficult to disprove such a story, but witnesses can be called from forum moderators to users to give the truth about this nonsense, even later in an appeal.

  5. I also say, it is horrible!
    It's horrible that the McCann chose, once again, to make the front pages of the newspapers with such damaging allegations. Where is their concern for their children emotional well being? Do they believe there is more probability of them being affected by a book in languages other than English and unavailable in the UK, written 4 years ago, than by the headlines of every national and local newspaper in the UK?
    This shows what this trial is about - money grabbing and reenactment of the victimized image. While people feel sympathy for them they won't think why the SY investigation has not produced a single evidence after more than 2 years.

  6. I'm sorry about her sufferring those suicidal thoughts, but it is surely understandable, given that she must feel inner guilt at having left three children alone in a flat, with the result that she lost her elder daughter. She also seems to have felt under intolerable pressure to keep up the publicity, I mean the 'search'. Strangely, the guilt seems somehow to have been transposed onto the policeman attempting to find out what happened to Madeleine. How can Kate McCann's previously very well publicised ongoing suicidal thoughts possibly be relevant to this case?

  7. Nothing more than a sympathy vote .

  8. When is the LIBEL trial going to start?

  9. Sounds as if Ms. Mariana Paiva is moonlighting for Lift Consulting! (PT) - Clarence Mitchell's global reputation management outfit (Burson-Marsteller) associate. Just an hunch! No allegations made!

    Clarence Mitchell, least we forget, is the McCanns' spokesperson AND the new Conservative candidate for Brighton and Hove. Small world! There you have an inkling as to Cameron-Yard's ("Fu*k the PJ!" review in course, but I digress.....................

    So, here we have a Portuguese journo writing "para Inglês ver" ("for the English to see") how she is such a good, well-behaved, Anglophile girl (...) while the xenophonic British media go bunkers for "poor Kate" and take pleasure in throwing dirt at Gonçalo Amaral... the "evil sardine muncher... the fu**ing tosser!

    :n Bravo! Ms. Parva!


  10. What a load of c...... kate snd gerry denied this when it wasmentioned before. This is all schemed all along for to use these sensational headlines when the time is right. I believe kate was unwell long befoe maddies so called abduction. I see in the recent photos published that she isnt wearing the wristband, same as cuddle cat a stage prop only. Surely family are biased witnesses, they will tell what is required. Is kate staying in the 5star hotel that gerry stays in,what is the real reason gerry never came to the court i

  11. @ 9.
    Ms Parva. Love it!! :-)

  12. The Lisbon Appellate Court decision covers all the bases, this trial shouldn’t even be taking place. The Appellate Court acknowledges that Mr. Amaral wrote the book to clear his name which he felt had been sullied by the media. The Appellate Court also talked about the right to image and good name of the McCann couple and it said that because they sought worldwide media coverage they opened the door to all types of opinion even those that were against them. The Appellate Court also could not understand how the right to a fair investigation and the right to freedom and safety can be affected by the contents of a book that was based on facts from the investigation. The Appellate court said that although the book departs from the interpretation that the Public Ministry’s Magistrates made of the facts, its conclusions are based on logical interpretations. The Supreme Court concurs.

    What really damaged the McCanns and their friends was their failure to go to Portugal and take part in the reconstruction of the events of that fateful night. Their unwillingness to cooperate with the police did more damage to them than any book or documentary has or ever will.

  13. When will Mr Amaral start his defense, and can the Maccann pair win this if they do then they are with out any doubt untouchable

  14. May 10, 2011 01:15
    Madeleine McCann's mother reveals details about child's disappearance in new book
    She says she was plagued with depression and often wanted to kill herself.
    The mother of Madeleine McCann, the young girl who disappeared during a family vacation in Portugal, has written a new book with details on the case and how it has affected the family.

    In the book, "Madeleine," Kate McCann says the abduction of her daughter four years ago caused her so much pain and grief she often had suicidal thoughts.

    "It's quite frightening when I see myself in those early days," she writes, as reported in the Guardian. "To me I look incredibly fragile and confused and lost." She says the public branded her a "cold, emotionless woman," but inside she was on the verge of a breakdown.

    McCann describes in the book wanting to flee from the horror that her life had become and drown herself in the sea.

    "I had an overwhelming urge to swim out across the ocean, as hard and as fast as I could; to swim and swim and swim until I was so far out and so exhausted I could just allow the water to pull me under and relieve me of this torment," she writes. "I wasn't keeping that desire to myself, either. I was shouting it out to anyone who happened to be in the room. Both this urge and the expression of it were, I suppose, an outlet for the crucifying anguish.

    "Somehow, inflicting physical pain on myself seemed to be the only possible way of escaping my internal pain."

    Madeleine, then four years old, went missing while the family was on vacation in Portugal on May 3, 2007. Her parents and their friends were eating at a restaurant in the holiday complex while Madeleine was sleeping in the room.

    Kate McCann writes in the book that she thinks the case began with a comment in a restaurant reservation book at the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz giving information on where the parents would be eating while the children slept, AFP reports.

    The case made headlines around the world and triggered a massive investigation, but the girl was never found.

    Madeleine's parents insist they will continue the search for their daughter, AFP reports. Proceeds from the book are intended to help pay for that.

    The book will be published Thursday in Britain. It will be Madeleine's eighth birthday.


  15. Kate: I used to wish I was dead The Sun

    Published: Today (30 April 2010)

    KATE McCann has admitted that after daughter Maddie disappeared there were times she wished she and her family were dead.

    Speaking just two days before the third anniversary of Maddie's abduction on May 3 2007 Kate revealed her agony was so great that she used to hope that her, husband Gerry and their twins Sean and Amelie would die in an accident.

    She said: "I used to have thoughts like we'll get wiped out in the car on the motorway. So it would just happen, we'd all be gone, and the pain would be away."

    She says those thoughts eventually went away saying: "What I do know now for sure is that I don't want that. Things have changed. I am desperate to be here with Sean and Amelie and to help find Madeleine."

    Maddie was snatched from a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal.

    Today an angry Kate, 41, branded the Portuguese investigation into her daughter's disappearance a "farce".

    She hit out at the fact that Portuguese cops are no longer looking for Maddie and that any new leads are ignored by them.

    Kate said: "If this was a murder inquiry there'd be an active investigation because they'd want to find the perpetrator, but as it stands we have a perpetrator who's still at large and therefore puts, potentially puts, other children at risk, and we have a missing child. So why is there no active investigation?

    "I think it's a farce."

    Husband Gerry is equally as angry that the search for Maddie has ended, saying: "Officially for eighteen months and longer, law enforcement are not pro-actively doing anything to find Madeleine, and who took her, and I just think that is fundamentally unacceptable.

    "Now we've been assured that if new information comes in it will be followed up.

    "In fact the information that's come to light during the recent court cases have shown that almost every single piece of information that's gone to Portimao, the police station in the Algarve where the investigation is based, has been treated in exactly the same manner, which is being declared as not relevant."

    In the past Kate and Gerry, from Rothley, Leicestershire, have avoided criticising the Portuguese police investigation into Maddie's disappearance.

    But as the agonising third anniversary of her abduction looms the McCanns have made it clear how hopeless they think the efforts of some of the Portuguese cops have been.

    Heart specialist Gerry, 41, said: "There have been very poor elements of the Portuguese investigation, and at the same time it's probably been one of the biggest investigations ever in Portugal.

    "So we aren't tarring everyone, there have been individuals who, for whatever reason, have seemingly not wanted to find Madeleine. That's how it appears to us.

    "So there are people who are clearly making it more difficult and there are others that in this country, for whatever motives, want to make it more difficult. There are many people who've tried to derail what we're doing along the way."

    Kate says she fears that there may be other motives which have hindered the search for her daughter.

    She admitted: "I also think there'll be some people who would be greatly embarrassed if Madeleine was found and that scares me. That scares me. That might affect their want, or not, for Madeleine to be found."

    The McCanns are planning to spend this weekend quietly at home with Maddie's twin brother and sister Sean and Amelie who are now five.

    The family will attend their local catholic church on Sunday, the day before the anniversary, to say prayers for Maddie. (...)

  16. Talking about the twins Gerry said: "Their recognition that what's happened is morally very very wrong and that their sister should be at home with them.

    "Needless to say Sean in particular talks about having an aeroplane and flying all over the world looking for 'that man who's taken Madeleine', and when he gets him he's going to rescue her and take his sword out."

    Kate says she prays that whoever has her daughter is taking care of her saying: "You just hope that somebody who is looking after Madeleine, that she is now not at harm and she's getting love and happiness. That's all I can hope for."

    She says she will never give up searching for Maddie saying: "You know in my heart I feel she's out there. I really do.

    "And that, together with the feeling that I have of this not being over, of her still being there. The hardest thing obviously is how do we find her?"

    Gerry admits that in the days after Maddie disappeared he thought the worse saying: "Early on we couldn't think of anything else but the worst case, that she's been taken, abused and killed and dumped, or maybe left seriously injured and dumped out in the freezing cold."

    Despite the fact that they regularly attend the Catholic church near their home Gerry admitted that Maddie's abduction has made him question his faith.

    He said: "If anything when this first happened it strengthened my faith. I felt that there was such support and I really felt that may have been God's work, that something good was going to come out of this. I had a lot more hope that this would lead to a relatively quick outcome."

    But he admitted that as time has gone on his belief in God has faltered saying: "I'm struggling much more now, without a doubt, I think that for one child to have been the recipient of so many millions of prayers, you think well I do have my doubt.

    "You think, well if those prayers were going to work, they should have worked a long time ago."


  17. I got to know Gerald McCann and Kate Healy on Saturday, May 5, 2007. I would describe my relationship with them in totally clinical terms. I provided them counselling help with regards to their emotional state provoked by the fact that they were separated from their daughter Madeleine. I spoke with Gerry and Kate very early in the morning on the 5th of May, 2007. Our services were requested by the Mark Warner agency. I travelled specifically to speak to them in person, and with the family and agency functionaries. Kate and Gerry had been awake for two nights when I got to know them.

    I do not remember specifically what they said about Madeleine's disappearance and I did not ask them about the circumstances in which the disappearance occurred. My purpose at the time was their emotional state. My role was not to question them regarding the disappearance or to investigate. Upon reflection however, they always referred to their daughter's disappearance as an 'abduction.'

    I would say that Kate e o Gerry were exhausted, anguished, confused, and angry for a few reasons, but namely with the lack of information. They were insecure as to how to help and with the lack of help and assistance. Their comportment did not surprise me. It was a comportment which I have witnessed a lot at times when a trauma is suffered. In my opinion, their reaction relative to the disappearance of Madeleine, as already stated above, was completely within the bounds of what one would expect of parents whose daughter was taken from them against their will.

    I was not there to judge the reaction of Kate or Gerry, but I would say that their behaviour was consistent, according to my knowledge of that which they were experiencing. I helped them deal with the situation and offered them face to face counselling on many occasions, since the day I met with them in Portugal and in Leicester. They and the rest of the family have access to a 24-hour telephone help line. At CCP we use a psychological method in each of clinical interventions that allows the patient to relive their traumatic experience, discuss his or her physical and emotional reactions and after provide counselling and support that helps them deal with these emotions in the short and long-term.

    Since the return of Kate and Gerry to the U.K., I have worked for them privately but my relationship here has been exclusively clinical in nature.


  18. Alan Robert Pike witness statement [extracts]

    ID says the issue is the effect of the Amaral book and the documentary on the McCann family.
    – Do you know of these?
    AP says he read the book and has seen the documentary.

    ID – In what circumstances did you come across them?
    AP says it was very easy. The documentary was on YouTube and Kate McCann sent him a translated copy of the book.

    AP – They received information from Portugal in the summer of 2008 about the Amaral book, the support it had, the TV shows... That created a great distress. Nobody in Portugal challenged the conclusions of the book, whereas the judge (note; he means the AG) said there was no evidence they were involved. So how could Gonçalo Amaral arrive at the conclusion he did? Nobody challenged him.

    The McCanns decided to do nothing at that time and concentrate on the most important thing which was the search for Madeleine. They hoped the publicity around the book would diminish slowly with time. But in 2009 Kate told AP about a documentary based on that book. A friend in Portugal had told her about it and said the conclusions were similar. When Kate watched the film, AP remembers she was even more devastated. He says this was the secondary trauma.

    The secondary trauma is sometimes more violent, more rooted and more extreme than the original trauma. It is more difficult to cope with. (note: this notion of "secondary trauma" will be invoked a few times afterwards by the defence lawyers, likely in order to understand it better).

    The family was disappointed and angry, in Portugal the people would stop searching for Madeleine. Kate was in such a bad state that Gerald had to quit his job for some time to care for her. In the summer of 2009 Kate was not well at all as a direct result of reactions to the documentary. She was helpless; she said she'd prefer not to be there. She was anxious (he thinks he's the only one with whom she shared), that is when the idea of an action against the book in Portugal first arose. There was an injunction, the book was banned, but even so the book was available on the internet in the UK, there was also much publicity about it consequently the doubts of their involvement had spread to the UK.

    The book surprised Kate who lived a normal life of a mother, doing shopping, driving the kids to school, chatting with other kids' parents, etc. Most people in Portugal and an increasing number in the UK were also convinced by Amaral's theory. Kate feared her closest friends would be convinced too. This also contributed to the secondary trauma. (...)
    TVI – When you referred to notes, did you mean Kate McCann's diary or book?
    AP says "both".

    TVI – Have you read "Madeleine"?
    AP says he did.

    GP – What exactly is your profession?
    AP answer he is a Crisis Counsellor.

    GP asks whether he is a psychologist?
    AP says he has some competences in psychology (psychology was one of the elements in his degree).

    GP asks again "are you a psychologist?"
    AP says no.

    GP asks which tour operator contacted him
    AP says it was Mark Warner.
    GP suggests (as her question wasn't answered) that AP consult his notes since he saw the McCanns before and after they were made arguidos. Has he notes about his sessions with Kate when she was an arguida?
    AP says that being made an arguido wasn't traumatic, but the things that were said, the way to interview them were.(...)
    GP – Can it be considered as a secondary trauma?
    AP says it is a continuation.

    GP – Do you know if the fact of being made an arguido was related to the suspicion of some crime?
    AP says he knows some facts, they weren't surprised.

    GP – What is the difference with the book?
    AP doesn't understand.

    GP repeats her question.
    AP – They were surprised with the book because the final Report said they were innocent.

    GP – Have you read the final report?
    AP says "no".

    GP – How do you know then what its conclusions are?
    AP says the McCanns told him.

  19. Mr Pike, who was assigned to the McCanns by tour operator Mark Warner just days after Madeleine’s disappearance, said: “She spent many days in tears and sobbing at the injustice done to Madeleine by the very people who should be helping her.”
    Mr Pike who works for a centre treating traumatised families, said the book published in July 2008 had provoked “secondary trauma” that can be “more profound, deep-seated and often more extreme,” than the initial shock of losing a child.
    He told the court: “Kate in particular wasn’t very well and she shared some dark thoughts with me about not being around anymore.

    “She said killing herself was an option to end the trauma she was experiencing. To share that with anyone will often alarm or worry the people they live with so I think I was the only person Kate shared this with."



  20. • 20 set 2013
    • Jornal de Notícias
    Procurador não leu livro sobre Maddie
    O PROCURADOR Melchior que arquivou o inquérito ao caso McCann, disse ontem, em tribunal, que não leu o livro de sobre Madeleine McCann, de três anos, desaparecida em 3 de maio de 2007, no Algarve, nem viu o documentário da TVI sobre o assunto.
    O procurador era uma das testemunhas arroladas pelo casal McCann, na ação cível que intentou contra o ex-inspetor da PJ pela publicação do livro “A verdade da mentira”. Réus também são a editora que publicou o livro, a produtora do documentário e a TVI.
    O antigo diretor da PJ Alípio Ribeiro também testemunhou e disse que também nada sabia sobre o livro e o documentário.
    Já Cláudia Nogueira, da empresa de comunicação “Lift”, na altura (de setembro de 2009 a 2011) a trabalhar com o casal, referiu que as notícias sobre o caso quase sempre remetiam para a versão da possível morte de Maddie e o envolvimento dos pais. Essas referências, disse, eram baseadas na tese do livro de que, segundo Cláudia, indica a morte e o e nvolvimento do casal McCann como uma certeza.
    Os pais de Madeleine reclamam 1,2 milhões de euros de indemnização por alegada difamação do ex-inspetor da PJ.
    Para hoje, está marcada a audição de três testemunhas, entre elas o bastonário dos advogados, Marinho Pinto.


  21. Shame of the McCanns Twins for Sale - 500 bucks each!

    In an earlier blog (Madeleine 6 Years Gone) I spoke of how Gerry and Kate McCann use their twins for publicity.

    At that time, back in April 2013 Kate McCann was doing a round of promotional interviews as she was planning to run in the London Marathon. She spoke of a threat made against her, said that someone wanted to shoot her (she knew at that time this was not true. The police had checked it out –there was no threat, a silly flippant throw away comment had been made, but no threat, she had nothing to worry about and she knew this.)

    Sadly for the McCann twins their mum Kate chose to give the press a ‘headline’ – She ‘feared for the lives of the twins.’

    Kate McCann had sunk lower than anyone could ever have thought possible of a mother.

    My feelings on how she was treating her twin children I made clear in ‘Madeleine 6 Years Gone.’

    I felt at that time that Social Services, some Child Protection agency should investigate the McCanns, as using their children in this way was an abuse

    I found it chilling, stomach churning that they would have used their 8 year old twins in the way that they had. To give the press such a headline which would terrify these little ones was beyond the comprehension of any sane, loving and caring person, not just parent, person, individual.

    I have followed this case to an extent, and nothing the McCanns do for money and publicity shocks or surprises me in any way

    I don’t know what happened on the night little Madeleine vanished, but there is not a doubt in my mind that her mummy and daddy do!

    Still I gave them the benefit of the doubt that having lost Madeleine they would do all in their power to protect little Sean and Amelie in every way.

    How wrong I was!

    As the years went by and they gave the press stories of what the children said or did, it became clear that they were not prepared to protect them from media but wanted to propel them into the spotlight, always in some way to benefit whatever they were plotting and planning at any given time. (...)


  22. «In September 2009, after an injunction that was filed by the McCann couple, the Civil Court of Lisbon forbade the sale of the book “The Truth of the Lie” and also the reproduction of a documentary that is based upon the book and was broadcast by TVI.

    A decision that earns harsh criticism from the Appeals Court judges. To forbid the former PJ coordinator “of expressing his opinion, by any means (in writing, interview, analysis, commentary), about what he wrote in that book, cuts off one of his rights that is constitutional and universal: that of opinion and of freedom of expression”, the decision mentions.

    The three Appeals Court judges that sign the decision furthermore consider that the sentence from the Civil Court of Lisbon violated the Portuguese Republic’s Constitution and the European Convention for Human Rights.»

  23. The Lisbon Appeals Court has given the former Polícia Judiciaria inspector, Gonçalo Amaral, reason concerning the injunction that had been filed against him by Madeleine McCann’s parents.

    In a decision that is dated Thursday last week, the Appeals Court judges have overturned the prohibition that had been decreed by the Lisbon Civil Courts, which forbade the distribution and sales of the book “Maddie – The Truth of the Lie”, as well as interviews and television reports about said book, both in Portugal and abroad.

    The McCann couple alleges that Gonçalo Amaral’s book, as well as the interviews that he gave about it, prompt “a serious and hardly reparable damage” to their family, especially to the twins, Sean and Amelie. They invoked damages to the protection of their private and family life and damages to their good name and their image rights.

    Yet, to the Appeals Court of Lisbon, “the contents of the book does not offend any of the applicants’ fundamental rights. The exercise of its writing and publication is included in the constitutional rights that are ensured to everyone by the European Convention of Human Rights and by the Portuguese Republic’s Constitution” (concerning freedom of expression and information and freedom of press and the media).

    We recall that the investigation into Maddie’s disappearance was coordinated by Gonçalo Amaral and ended up being archived, without any certainties concerning what happened to the three-year-old child. In the book “Maddie – The Truth of the Lie”, the former inspector sustains that Maddie died in the apartment where her parents were spending their holidays, in Praia da Luz, probably due to a domestic accident, on the 3rd of May, 2007 – and then the McCann couple, assisted by their friends who where on holidays with them, concealed the cadaver.

    And he alleges that he was forced to write the book in order to defend his reputation and to restore his professional honour, given the fact that at a certain point in time, he was removed from the investigation before its conclusion, through a decision from the Judiciária’s national directory.

    The judges at the Appeals Court in Lisbon compared the book with the archiving dispatch from the investigation into Maddie’s disappearance: “We do not find any mention to any facts in the book that are not also in that dispatch.

    Where the author (Gonçalo Amaral) differs from the Prosecutors that wrote the dispatch is in the logical, police-work-oriented and investigative interpretation of said facts. In that sense, we stand before the exercise of the right of opinion, namely in a domain in which the author is an expert, as he worked as a criminal investigator for 26 years”.
    “Concerning the applicants’ (the McCann couple’s) protection of private life, it is themselves who give multiple interviews and intervene in the media, offering them [the media] information that would otherwise hardly be published” and that “they voluntarily decided to limit their right to the intimacy of private life, in order to pursue higher values like the discovery of their daughter’s whereabouts”.

    Nonetheless, in doing so, “they opened the doors for others to give their opinion about the matter, in accordance to what they were saying, but eventually also in contradiction with their directions, yet always within a legitimate and constitutionally consecrated right of opinion and freedom of expression of thought”.

    The decision was issued by the Appeals judges Francisco Bruto da Costa, Catarina Arelo Mando and António Valente.


  24. Where is Mitchell? Is he going to show up in court as a witness? He was the spokeperson for the couple, the man who was royally payed and spent hours and hours with couple, defending them and spinning about every single subject that could be profitable for his clients.
    He must be a key witness for all the damages ,the book( hi, hi, ), the air, the rain, the weather in general, the death Hewlett (who refused to help them by assuming a crime he have not committed), everything that anguish and desperate poor Kate... Why is that man not called as a witness? Fears, because in court he can't lie. A lie, will let him change his status in to an arguido.
    That is the man, we all want to see in court as a witness. His absence says it all about the credibility of that trial.
    I hope, the judge is not corrupted and a pre- agreement was not made to help that bunch of liars go away with one more crime and play their victim roll.

  25. É assim que um país em crise gasta o dinheiro dos contribuintes. Esta bando está a tentar julgar o livro de novo e reverter a decisão de 3 juizes mais do supremo?
    E os media portugueses entram no vira e só publicam artigos pequenos para essencialmente, salientarem a aura de vitima da 'pobre Kate'.
    A sra farta-se de viajar, passear-se nos media em corridas e jantares para angsriar fundos e enganar a populaça. Tipico de quem quer suicidar-se. Mas ninguém lhe pergunta onde foi factualmente gasto o dinheiro do Fundo. Onde estão as faturas que provam que houve dinheiro gasto na busca efetiva da filha.
    A juiza não quer saber quantas mães portuguesas foram afectadas pelo sindrome do rapto Mccann, sem indicios, mas a preencher os telejornais 24h/ 7 dias, durante meses? Não quer saber como foi a vida dos que perder o emprego na PDL sem justa causa? Pois deveria. As reais bitimas deste caso, alem do olivia e da criança, passam a margem porque importa que reine uma fantochada. Como se o facto de reinar, lhe conferisse autenticidade para ser aceite como verdade.
    Bem Haja GA, pela coragem que os nossos governantes não tiveram nem têm. Espero que a sua coragem leve p caso até onde ele deve ir.... ' à reconstituição da noite do crime por todos os envolvidos.' Eles precisam de provar tribunal aue as històrias que foram vendendo, eram possiveis. E Mitchell deve ser o chefe da orquestra, já que aceitou ser pago para defender os interesses de alguém que não foi a crianća indefesa e s voz.
    Ainda gostava de contabilizar quantas vezes o nome de Maddie foi mencionado , em comparaćão com o de Kate ou dos irmãos. Esqueceram-se dela logo a seguir às primeiras noticias. IT IS ALL ABOUT MONEY, NOW AND THEN.

  26. So are we supposed to be shocked and horrified because the mother of a much-loved child, inexplicably whisked off the face of the earth,is depressed, traumatised, even suicidal? Does she really need to look for reasons and somebody to blame for her low state? Would she have been able to pull herself together after a while, put it all behind her and get on quite contentedly with her life as usual, if only this nasty policeman had not gone and said such horrible things about her?

  27. Article from October 2007, book was published in 24 July 2008, documentary broadcast in 13 April 2009

    'I don't know how long she will hold on for', says Kate McCann's anxious mother

    Last updated at 14:26 29 October 2007

    Kate McCann's mother spoke frankly yesterday about her fears for her daughter's health, saying: "I don't know how long she will hold on for . .. I don't know if any human can take such pressure."

    She told a Portuguese magazine: 'What mother would not go insane if they lost a child?"

    But the McCanns' spokesman was forced to deny that Mrs McCann was suicidal after the magazine headlined the article: "Kate's mother fears she will kill herself."

    Clarence Mitchell said: "It is beyond offensive to suggest Kate is suicidal. She is not.

    "She is, however, a woman under immense pressure and her mother is perfectly entitled to defend her."

    In the interview with 24 Horas, Susan Healy, 61, said: "I don't know how long she will hold on for.

    "It doesn't seem like it but she has a very strong inner force. But with such cruelty, honestly I don't know - I don't know if any human can take such pressure."

    She added: "Kate is an only child. If it was me, I'd die. But she can't let herself get so low.

    "She has to think of her family, of Gerry and the twins.

    "Sean and Amelie need their mother. But I'm afraid, I'm very afraid. I don't know how she's handling all this."

    Mrs Healy, of Allerton, Merseyside, has spoken before of her worries for her daughter's health as she has endured the six-month investigation into Madeleine's disappearance. Other relatives have told how her family ensure the 39-year-old is never left alone and prepare her favourite meals to encourage her to eat properly.

    Mrs McCann, a GP and devout Catholic, has weekly counselling sessions to help her cope, but has found it increasingly difficult to control her emotions. (continues)

  28. part 2

    The mother of three has told of "dark moments" and days when she cannot stop crying.

    Friends say she is dreading Saturday, which marks the six-month milestone since Madeleine vanished.

    The family has rallied round the couple since May 3, and Mrs Healy said she spoke to her daughter every day on the phone.

    Mrs Healy said Gerry McCann, also 39, now kept the media coverage of the case away from his wife, in case it upset her, something she said she agreed with.

    She said her daughter faced "a war" she could not win, adding: "People criticise her anyway.

    "If she cries it's because she's faking, if she doesn't cry it's because she's cold.

    "My God, there's no bigger pain in the world than to see a daughter suffer and to be accused or tried in the public square for something she did not do."

    During the interview Mrs Healy frequently repeated her call for critics to be kinder to Mrs McCann, saying she was an excellent mother.

    A friend said Mrs Healy's words had been "twisted" in the magazine's headline and added: "It's ludicrous and yet another horrible slur.

    "Kate and Gerry are stunned at such an irresponsible report and twisting of words.

    "Of course Kate is not suicidal. She has had so much to deal with but her priority is her family."

    Mrs Healy last night denied she ever thought her daughter would commit suicide, saying: "Although Kate is under the most immense pressure, she would never, ever contemplate ending her life, for two reasons.

    "One, she still wants to find Madeleine and, two, for the sake of her other two children."

    David Cameron has said he feels "desperately sorry" for the McCanns. The Tory leader, whose daughter Nancy is three, the same age as Madeleine when she went missing, told the Mail on Sunday: "It must be awful not knowing what happened to your daughter and desperately wanting her back."


  29. Kate said, "It really isn't easy," coping. "Some days are better than others. ... There's days when you think, 'I can't do this anymore,' and you just want to press a button, and we're all gone, and it's all finished, and we're all together and gone. Wherever. But you can't, you know. Just occasionally you'll have a -- if you're having a really bad day, which we do. And you can't help but think that."

    Kate constantly carries around a stuffed animal she said "was Madeleine's favorite cuddly toy, and, you know, she took it to bed with her every night, or if she was tired or not feeling very well, she always had it as a comfort. And, I suppose, it was special to Madeleine, so it's special to me, really, and I just feel a bit closer to her" holding it.

    August 2007, interview by reporter Mirna Schindler of Chile's Television Nacional, for "Informe Especial"/broadcast extracts by CBS "The Early Show", US, February 2009 http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2007/10/05/earlyshow/main3334438.shtml

  30. "Kate never did intend to commit suicide"

    Lacking support from the community and friends, the former involvement of Gerry and without her daughter Madeleine, Kate feels very much alone. "It is noticeable that Gerry feels rather better than she does about things." And yet, "she never attempted suicide" as was claimed. Both the source and Kate's own mother Susan Healy have told the magazine that. "That's absurd. You cannot begin to imagine what it takes for me to respond to that. My daughter has gone through a lot these two years past. Living's not easy when you don't know where your daughter is, my granddaughter Madeleine, but she would never attempt suicide. She loves Sean and Amelie. They're her reason for living," said Kate's furious mother. Once calm, albeit still preoccupied for her daughter, Susan Healy continues: "I cannot say things are good. I lost my daughter at the same time as I lost my granddaughter that wretched night two years ago. I shudder to think of it, the more so when it's said she's tried to kill herself."

    Nor does another source close to the family believe it: "She didn't manage to return to work, to her normal life. She's obviously depressed, but I don't believe she would attempt suicide. She's a rational mother above all who would always think of Sean and Amelie, even in those darkest moments." According to this female friend, Kate has also cut down on her own medication. "She's already given up anti-depressants. Now she takes something with the same benefit but gentler. Despite everything she's gained a little weight and is concerned to look good when she leaves the house." As to the forthcoming date of 3 May, husband and wife are most likely to remain in England with the family. Anyway, for Kate, "Returning to Portugal's unthinkable at the minute. I can't." More self-assured, Gerry McCann has returned twice already to our country. As he often emphasised, he and Kate are determined to find their daughter Madeleine, now six years old.

    Yes to Oprah

    After declining several invitations to appear on the "Oprah Winfrey Show," the McCanns finally decided to say yes to the world's most powerful presenter. The interview with the couple - part-recorded on the Friday - will be broadcast on 4 May and, according to Clarence Mitchell, spokesperson for the McCanns, "they will not be paid." "They accepted because it is a programme seen in 144 countries, which can help in the search for Madeleine." Participation in this interview programme - the most watched in the United States - is seen by many as an act of desperation by the couple in the face of the arguments that surround the Maddie case. Oprah however refused to extend an invitation to Goncalo Amaral, the former PJ inspector in charge of the case, and although he asked to be present Oprah did not wish it.

    Madeleine McCann Case Flash! magazine, 30 April 2009

  31. Is it a Libel or Emotional Distress trial? I am confused! No one has discussed during the trial anything about lies, it seems to be how it made the McCanns feel ?? How the documentary and book was more believed because it was written by an ex-detective.
    Eager to hear the witnesses for the 3 defendants (Snr Amaral, Publishers and Documentary makers). Potentially 3 times as many defence witnesses as the McCanns witnesses :c

  32. This so called plot to kidnap the McCann twins is a new maneuver by the McCann couple. Has anyone heard of this before? Has the couple or their press representatives mentioned it at any time? Is it referred to in Kate McCann's book? Was it ever mentioned by anyone from the McCann camp? Not a "good marketing ploy" but maybe a good judiciary ploy! Makes me want to vomit :(

  33. Oh A 'Crisis' Counsellor and NOT Clinical Psychologist- Oh dear! what a gaff. And they only met a 'few times'. He concluded that although Kate 'felt' suicidal He didn't believe she would actually execute any definite plan to do so- conclusion: she was having bad days, To be expected, under the circumstances. The twins now suffer further humiliation by having them dragged through the UK media. How disgusting, horrific to put young children through this. Have they NOT suffered enough?
    1. They are left alone as babies to fend for themselves in case of a fire- no escape route mapped out! They are locked in(?) this version varies.

    2. their 3 year old sister, whom they had bonded with, are told a bad man'(Too long a list to type about WHO it was) stole her from the bedroom THEY were sleeping in WHILST their parents were having a 'night out'. They will also find out that this was a regular occurrence on that holiday.

    3. They will also find out and will have to come to terms with the fact that when they woke up crying- there was no one there for to comfort them- except their 3 year old sister -Who at that young age 'challenged' her parents regarding this matter- but it fell on deaf ears.

    4.How they were left alone again with 'others' whilst their parents took on a celebrity status- under the guise of 'looking for maddie'
    setting up funds- meeting the rich and famous for their cause- but refusing to help police with their enquiries by taking part in a reconstruction.

    5. They will also find out about their parents shouted from the rooftops that there is NO evidence their sister is dead- at the same time being unable to provide any evidence of a stranger 'abduction' from that hotel room.

    6. after all that and more, they will find out that it was front page news that their mother was going to be murdered- that she was going to kill herself- that the twins lives were in danger AGAIN from strangers.
    I am deeply sickened by TEAM MCCANN and their underhand antics- It just make me even more suspicious of their behaviour and what it is they are trying to achieve.

    I believe child protection should now be brought in as these children must be living in Terror with all this going on. They are children for GODS sake.

    My Opinion: Amaral's book had NO AFFECT on these children's lives and never affected them in any way because- THEY COULD NOT READ WHEN THE BOOK WAS BROUGHT OUT! simples.

    Miss Taken Identity

  34. I rarely comment on the McCanns these days as they seem to suck the oxygen out of me. They must be desperate now to pull this ugly stunt on kidnap and suicidal feelings. Some agencies need to get round to Rothley lickety splick as this trial is a red flag to anyone concerned with child welfare.


    @32 "This so called plot to kidnap the McCann twins is a new manoeuvre by the McCann couple"

    You got it! Reputation management is Clarence Mitchell's Burson-Marsteller speciality!

    BTW I read here Clary is now an MP candidate for David Cameron's Conservatives. They must have been well acquainted, don't you think? Think Scotland Yard on-going reputation management ("review") of the Portuguese PJ work and Rebekha Brooks and husband friendship with the Camerons'.

    :h Small world! (of vipers).

  36. Until we are shown a screenshot of that forum, a full thread of comments of various posters threatening the McCanns twins as told by Mike Wright, I won't believe a word of it. That forum had people from both sides of debate, there were always mods online, if a comment of that type appeared would be immediately removed and its author banned. And another thing, we've seen how Tony Bennett was entrapped by a pro McCann in Jill Havern's forum, a so called journalist Mike Gunnill (http://gerrymccan-abuseofpower-humanrights.blogspot.pt/2010/02/express-photographer-mike-gunnill-and.html) who then sent the infomation to Carter Ruck. Moreover there have been several infiltrators in forums not only to "monitor" but to effectively disrupt threads since 2007, even to get real life details of members and post them online. The same is happening now in facebook groups where people who do not believe the McCanns stories are being harassed, and their pictures, often with their children are being posted in online blogs (http://watchingthetrolls.blogspot.com/) in an attempt to scare them from joining those groups.

    In 2007 the HTFM http://helpingtofindmadeleine.org/ was created, some of McCann relatives are said to work in close contact with that group, if not in the group, a group that has taken several actions throughout the years such as perform mass mailing spams, chain mails, etc. One of HTFM most well known actions was to massively flag all youtube videos that showed the McCanns in a bad light so youtube would delete them. It seems some members upon learning the truth about the group left and were threatened, the group works or worked like a pyramid scheme. Some people close to the McCanns remain active.

    Some of the McCann supporters forums only exist to harass those who do not believe the couple, some are extinct now, others were banned by their host for breaching their rules:

    And the following are some of their blogs:

    Most are written by this lunatic http://www.blogger.com/profile/12635426152054594934

    You can see some of these people daily on twitter bullying others under the #mccann hashtag.

    And of course, the McCanns have since 17 September 2007 Clarence Mitchell working for them, head of the government's Media Monitoring Unit till he was appointed to the McCanns. So monitoring blogs and forums was something the McCanns and their relatives, and those on their pay roll used to do.

    How do we know for sure it wasn't one of those deranged persons that forged that comment, or comments if they ever existed? Or someone on the McCanns pay roll, or on the pay roll of image consultants working for the McCanns, or a relative or friend of the couple posing as someone else? And how exactly can that alleged threat to the twins be attributed to Gonçalo Amaral's book?

  37. This is just a sick trick, another for the UK media public. As others pointed out, how will the twins react when they read the cover pages of the UK journals and/or watch the TV, and learn that their mother was contemplating suicide - though from the articles posted above it seems they could have learned that years ago from UK newspapers though the motive seems to be more related to Madeleine's disappearance rather than with anything contained in Amaral's book - and that they had a kidnap threat over the twins. Then again Clarence Mitchel and Kate's mother denied she ever felt suicidal, so... Who is lying?

    The McCanns have been using their children for publicity stunts, like the photo-shots with the twins, with the McCanns grinning at each other back in May 2007 http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-457922/Madeleine-Brown-demands-action-Portuguese-police.html and have affected likely thousands of children everywhere in the world, even used dead girls for their campaign. But this is morally despicable, they are tormenting their own children to save their neglectful asses.

    What are the Child Protective Services doing? Looking the other way?!


    #30 22/09/2013 10:48

    "(Kate) already given up anti-depressants. Now she takes something with the same benefit but gentler."

    Good point! These pills seem to appear on the PJ photos. Kate denies. Says these were not hers (...)

    It is possible these were the "sweets" Madeleine (or someone else suffering from post-natal depression?) "accidentally" left on the table for the children (left alone) to feast upon.

    Madeleine, a bright child, sees them, gives one to each of the twins (thinking these were "grown-up sweets") and must have swallowed the rest, otherwise she would not have suffered a respiratory and cardiac arrest and die.

    :m Hey! this is just an hypothesis!

    NOW, if you were the parents and "unexpectedly" found all of your children had passed out, one of them, the eldest, medically dead, and YOU KNOW you had been out boozing out with friends and abandoned your children to their fate.......

    ........ What would you do to try and salvage your reputation and safeguard the future of the surviving children?

    You would probably lie about what happen, wouldn't you? For all we know,the McCanns' would too. They lie a lot, don't they?

    The problem is dogs don't lie and because of the animals intrinsic honesty this case will always be open to speculation.

    Had the investigators been "thinking on all cylinders" from the start, they would have taken blood samples from the surviving children and see if they had traces of the very medication(s) they found on the table. Also, they should have taken samples from the parents and compare these with the children.

    Since the above did not happen, Gerry McCann (The Brain) NOW knows, nothing (in principle) can be proved against them and the "reputation management" will go on.

    They will use their money and influences to exact "vengeance" on anyone who dares to contradict their "official version" of events. Amaral is, for obvious reasons, their Nemesis and, like two rabid dogs, they will never let go of him...


    This is just an investigative hypothesis and conclusion from a wanna be private investigator. No allegations are made or implicit.

    :k Ventoinhas


    I read here the operatic Marinho Pinto, nicknamed "The Photoshop", was in court "on the McCanns' payroll" - as some ill-informed people allege (cough).

    :c Does anyone know what the buffoon said?

  40. @36 22/09/2013 13:13

    :d Brilliant investigative work! Thank you for the draft!

  41. stop it ! commenting about suicide its not relevant to the case !

    The case which Kate McCann has instigated is accusing Goncalo Amaral of Libel......that is the case that is to be judged, not the wellbeing of Kate McCann.

    Incidentally how do you think Goncalo health has been health wise ? he has suffered for doing what was his job! He has family too.

    Back on track.....not one single relevant point to the libel claim has been raised...not one!

    Don't lose sight of what this case is about people.


  42. #33 Miss Taken identity Opinion: Amaral's book had NO EFFECT on these children's lives and never affected them in any way!"

    Of course not! The problem is the McCanns' have a LOT of money and are extremely well CONnected and will fight anyone who defies their "official" version of events - particularly anyone with social status (e.g. Tony Bennett, G. Amaral, etc.) AND with some money to add to their coffers.

    They won't be offended by any opinions we might have that contradicts theirs. They won't bother with small fish. Filet-mignon, only...

  43. @41 Mojo: "Back on track.....not one single relevant point to the libel claim has been raised...not one!"

    :h With due respect Mojo, I have just raised one!

    What did the buffoon Marinho Pinto said in court? Your analysis please...

  44. Marinho "Photoshop" Pinto failed to appear as a witness for the couple, perhaps he's not as foolish as we thought he'd be. It would be terribly awkward to have to explain the Marcos Aragão Correia/Metódo 3 connection, and then the infamous Expresso photos of Leonor Cipriano which don't exist in its original format anymore, and were at the time of his article publication, when he was a wanna be journalist, under the secrecy of justice. And why the OA (bar association) intervened for the first time in the case against 5 PJ officers, some said that it was done so Marinho Pinto wouldn't have to testify. And also explain why was Isabel Duarte in his list for the OA bar elections, and what, if anything, that meant in relation to the McCann case. It would be interesting that he had betrayed Portuguese justice once again to save the English couple asses just to see that toad face swell under oath.


  45. something to consider when reading any media reports from the UK, this from Anna Guedes :«I'm back ! Apart from the BBC lady (resident in Lisbon) and, to-day a Correio da Manha girl (with photographer), there were only two UK journalists, the Sun guy who's there everyday with photographer and a guy who works for 4 newspapers... Both of them hired a British/Portuguese translator who has been contracted by other papers as well. She wrote the article for the Telegraph yesterday and was amazed by the transformations it had suffered.»


  46. So.. let me get this straight. Kate's daughter goes missing.. she doesn't feel suicidal. In fact Kate doesn't even bother to get off her behind to go look for her. Yet years later when the lead detective writes a book pointing out her Freemasonic gestures, she gets depressed and wants to top herself.

  47. Well said Mojo it matters not one jot how the Mccanns feel or don't feel. (Kate Maccann we all know is a basket case anyway) Its about libel full stop. Let Kate do what she wants let Gerry fly to the moon
    and back who the hell cares. As long as Mr Amaral wins this case I don't give a hoot for the Maccann's

  48. @38 ....may I ask how long you have followed the Madeleine case?

    The case we are discussing at present is the Libel one...which is a nonsense....There is no libel case, it should never have even gone to court.
    But it has, so where are the arguments - I haven't heard one yet, just loads of people saying Kate is not well.

    One minute when it suits she is okay - children can be removed from unstable parents so that had to be quashed at the time.
    Now it suits their Libel Case the position has changed....like their police statements ever evolving it seems.....all the indications of a LIAR!


  49. Well researched @ #36 And many thanks for that. I am extremely grateful for this blog along with the Blacksmith, McCann files and pamalam, spudguns for staying committed to seeking the truth. A lot of other forums including Yahoo and msn UK and USA were brought down by this very topic- It just will not go away- Thank goodness!

    Could I be so bold as to correct you on your claim that the McCanns have some kind of attachment to the Freemasons.

    1. McCanns are Roman Catholics- they are not allowed by the Pope to join or associate with them.

    2 The Roman Catholic church has it's own secret society equalling to the Masons they are called The Knights of St Columbus.
    Read about it or Google it. It is interesting that hardly anyone knows about the second secret society.

    My apologies Joanna if this went off topic, but I like to stick to the integrity of this site. No offence was intended @ #46.


    Miss Taken Identity


    This is the headline the Portuguese media missed. It would have sold extra (tens of thousands) of newspapers. I don't understand!

    Anyway, thank you @44 (22/09/2013 14:42) for letting us know. Much appreciated. Thank you for the link as well. I feel informed for the day...

  51. #46 "So.. let me get this straight. Kate's daughter goes missing.. she doesn't feel suicidal. In fact Kate doesn't even bother to get off her behind to go look for her."

    IMO she does not because she was on medication. I was once prescribed tranquillizers and trust you me... you could have kidnapped my cat Pixie right in front of my eyes and I would not have moved a finger, let alone a foot.

    I am not suggesting Kate was on medication! I am suggesting she looked as if she was.

    As someone here has already pointed out, there is at least one PJ archive photo that shows lots of pills on top of a table. I understand she denies these were hers (I would too if I was in her shoes!).

    Same as that BIG bag inside that wardrobe. A PJ photo clearly one yet she/they deny its existence. They deny, lie, defame and get away with it all.

    I have never heard of a case like this! Quite a soap!

  52. @ 49

    Hi Miss Taken Identity

    With the greatest of respect I must correct you.

    It is not St columbus but St Columba!

    He was a missionary priest from Ireland who came to Scotland and settled there, spreading christianity .. He was to become known as St Columba of Iona.

    St Columba was the founder of the Abbey on Iona a tiny Scottish isle.

    Thousands come from all over the world to Iona each year. And 'Iona' is a popular name for Scots to name their daughter's.

    St Columba is considered a Scottish Saint!

    There is of course the organisation the 'Knights of St Columba' in Scotland but it IS very well known, here at least, and most likely throughout the UK too. It may not be as known as the Freemasons but I can assure you they are no big secret here, with social clubs also, where all, Roman Catholics or anyone else are welcome.

    I believe in U. States they may have a ColumbUS?

    The Knights of St Columba organisation was formed in Glasgow.

    As to Gerry McCann not being a Freemason. I don't know if he is or isn't. But I would not for a moment be fooled into thinking that the either he or his wife are now or ever were devout Roman Catholics.

    In fact Kate McCanns mother said otherwise!

    As such there is every possibility that McCann could be a mason!

    As to what the Pope as you say allows or doesn't allow - presumably you are meaning what is permitted within the Roman Catholic Religion - I think we can safely say the McCanns have not followed the teachings of the Roman Catholic Faith, and certainly not in their actions of the past 6 years, most certainly not to the letter!

    They seemed to find the 'key' to Our Lord's door when it suited them!

    One only has to listen to Kate McCann when she drones on about how she doesn't blame God, or she understands he is busy with other people and their worries, and all of the other drivel in this respect, to recognise that she knows little of the teachings and lacks respect.

    As a Roman Catholic, I find her offensive in this particular regard.

    A Scot, A Roman Catholic, and with family members named after the beautiful isle of Iona

  53. @49
    Just to say - it's actually he Knights of St Columba, not Columbus, Columba being an Irish missionary on which the order was founded. Wouldn't like to tar Christopher Columbus with that particular brush! That said, I agree with your take on the sense of it being an alternative masonic set-up. The only thing I would say is that I gathered Mrs Healey registered surprise on hearing Kate had asked for a priest on the night in question, famously opining that neither Kate or Gerry were particularly religious. Given that the McCanns soon nailed their colours to the Anglican fraternity in PdL in the shapes of Mr and Mrs Hubbard, I don't think a sentimental attachment to the mores and customs of their mother religion would have got in the way of Gerry being a member of any sort of society.


    Fine! According to Andy Warhol that was her birth right but...

    ...how the hell does Lady Melo e Castro (the judge) allows someone working for global reputation managers Lift Consulting/Burson-Marsteller directed by Clarence "Mickey Mouse" Mitchell, a Conservative party candidate, to give evidence in a Portuguese Court of Law? The mind boggles!!!

    :b Pleeeeease tell me it did not happen!!!

  55. Kate Maccann a catholic now someone is having laugh.

  56. It did, and it's contradictory at best.

    Cláudia Nogueira court transcript, provided by the fantastic Anne Guedes http://miscarriageofjustice.co/index.php?topic=2307.0

    1) McCann family lawyer, Isabel Duarte, is the first to question the witness.

    ID – Why did you leave Lift Consulting?
    CN answers that the media pressure was too great and that her work in support of the McCanns was very difficult. They were very worn down.

    ID – In the course of your profession did you have access to statistics?
    CN said she had.

    ID – Do you know if at least 2.2 million people watched the documentary in Portugal?
    CN says she doesn't remember the exact number but she knows it was 50% of the audience share.

    ID asks if the attention of social communication decreased afterwards. (note: she might have meant "care for Madeleine")
    CN thinks there were thousands of news items about the Amaral book and documentary. There were about 2000 for the book and about 1000 for the documentary.
    TVI lawyers’ questions.

    TVI – Did you know that TVI wanted also to broadcast the Channel 4 documentary (Emma Loach's one, "Madeleine was here")?
    CN says she knows.

    TVI – You said the attention associated with the book didn't diminish after the publication. Was that everywhere?
    CN says she meant "in Portugal". She adds the attention was focused mainly on Gonçalo Amaral and this included the UK.

    TVI – What about the news on the governmental support for the case?
    CN – The news in Portugal were interpretations of the various facts.


    b) Valentim de Carvalho (DVD production/distribution) lawyer's questions

    VC – Before 2009, were the McCanns clients of Lift Consulting?
    CN says "no".

    VC – Did they contract Lift Consulting in order to spread their initiatives and positions?
    CN says they wanted to remind the public of the facts of the disappearance. They were trying to counter the propaganda and the theories that some newspapers were printing.

    VC says it's the first time he has heard such a thing.
    Guerra & Paz's lawyer's questions

    GP asks whether she did some research when she started to work for the McCanns
    CN says "yes".

    GP here refers to the Sept 2009 Providencia Cautelar (Injunction) that led to the ban of GA's book. She alludes to the fact there was a need for witnesses.

    GP – You spoke of over 2 million people watching the documentary corresponding to 50% of the audience share, but MarkTest's published share was 23%.
    CN says the content of some news was favouring definitively Gonçalo Amaral.

    GP – Do you have a number concerning the news on sightings which mention the GA's theory?
    CN says they're many, but she doesn't know how many.
    Santos Oliveira (GA lawyer) questions

    SO – Was your job the transmission of information (to the media) or the management of the public image of your clients?
    CN says it was the transmission of positive information about the issues concerning Madeleine.

    SO – Were all your publications published?
    CN – No, some weren't.

    SO – You said to dra. Isabel Duarte that the news concerning the book wasn't contradicted. You also said that the sightings news had a contradictory part. How do you equate all this?
    CN says that when the news was about the McCanns, it was always contradicted. When it was on Gonçalo Amaral, it wasn't.

    SO – How did you work on the news?
    CN says she translated the British news in Portuguese and adapted it for the Portuguese public and the Portuguese culture. This was her job.

    SO – Did the Amaral book not boost the debate on the disappearance?
    CN answers "no".

    SO – Did you read the book and think that whoever reads might think that GA speaks the truth?
    CN says she read the book.

    The wrong person was called, Salvador da Cunha, Lift Consulting CEO should have been the one called. minute 2:20 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6uD5ahcTvw

  57. Cláudia Nogueira http://web.archive.org/web/20100228020044/http://foodforthought.lift.com.pt/2010/02/mas-qual-liberdade-de-expressao/


  58. @52
    Tell Me about Donegal ?

    many thanks


  59. Thank you @# 52. I stand corrected, very graciously done as well.
    My point about Kate being 'devout' - it was an actual sarcastic jibe-oops.

    Everyone, was shocked to find they had access to the Pope -so quickly! It was nice of her not to blame GOD I bet he was relieved-mind you ,he could still be sued, so the Team McCann will have shares in 'heaven'?.

    The 'knights' are similar to the 'Masons'. VERY similar. I won't go off topic to discuss unpleasant things.

    No offence is implied with regards to team McCann's religious association. As some one said It is CONVENIENCE for them.

    Back on Topic: I think the Judge's head must be spinning trying to defunct the witness statements and know them to be credible. There are only two considerations for libel?

    In UK libel law - evidence must be provided by the pursuers. I must be missing something.


    Miss Taken Identity

  60. Don't we all remember the photos of Kate jogging round Pria da Luz? Smiling and healthy! Photos of the pair, almost radiant, coming out of the local church the same week. The British TV programme cameras that were left running, that captured the post-interview couple laughing to each other?
    Think of anyone you know who was going through a bad patch and compare the behaviour. Even taking anti-depressant pills do not give such a bright result.
    And, in this instant, what effect is there going to be on the twins, hearing and, in later years, reading that their mother was thinking of killing herself? Children at school will hear their own families discussing this and will mention it in class or playground - the McCanns can't close down all conversations.


    Thanks for the info and transcripts on Claudia Nogueira or "Audio Mangueira", as she is known in Lisbon PR circles - literally "Audio-Hose"... you get the gist...

    Now, the "Hose" is lying when she says the McCanns' contracted Lift Consulting!

    Lift Consulting is associated with Burson Marsteller - Clarence Mitchell's (CM) global reputation management outfit "with branches and associates in 81 countries" (quote).

    Mitchell, now a Conservative MP candidate, is the spokesperson for the McCanns, so it follows this MUST have been arranged by Clarence, not by Kate & Gerry. The fact is; the McCanns obey the expert advice of "Mickey Mouse" at all times!

    This type of evidence should not have been allowed by the judge because, had Lift Consulting been working for Amaral (assuming he had the immense financial resources the McCanns have) Clarence Mitchell/Lift Consulting would have been defending Amaral's interests!

    I suspect the "Mangueira" is not giving her time free, out of sympathy for the McCanns, as it were. The Fund is paying ...

    Public relations consist essentially of rhetoric and brand marketing. In terms of PR, there is no difference between promoting the McCanns brand "Madeleine" along with their doctored version of events or a McDonalds hamburger in the days of "Mad Cow" disease. Same thing.

    Audio Mangueira's views are TOTALLY irrelevant in a court of law - in fact threaten to bring procedures into disrepute even if we were to assume she is no longer on Lift Consulting and the McCanns' payroll! Oh! Really?

    I can only hope the judge realized Mangueira is a "trojan". I am e-mailing SO just in case he is not aware of the CONnection. This is absurd!

    Now let us have a closer look at the following bytes (Anna Guedes transcript above)

    VC – Before 2009, were the McCanns clients of Lift Consulting?
    CN says "no".
    VC – Did they contract Lift Consulting in order to spread their initiatives and positions?
    CN says they wanted to remind the public of the facts of the disappearance!"

    :m EXCUSE ME, MANGUEIRA! The "facts of the disappearance"?

    You mean the marketing of the McCanns "official version" of events which totally contradict telling circumstantial evidence, their lies and contradictions, their evasions not to mention the systematic denigration of the Portuguese people and their police of which Gonçalo Amaral is but one example?

    :e Get a life Mangueira!


    @56 23/09/2013 01:10 . Many thanks for the transcripts and the link!


    I gather Salvador da Cunha (I understand Cunha means "string puller" in Portuguese) is the big fatso macho who seems to be wearing Aragão-Correia's suede jacket? I wonder which role he plays in their relationship - if any (...)

    Wait! He seems to be rejecting the carnations a lady is offering him! What's the problem with this macho? Is he afraid of women? :o

    He does look very well fed. I wonder how much he is getting from the Fund. Any idea?

    One thing is for sure, unlike his superior, Clarence Mitchell, he will never get to be an MP for the British Conservative Party . All he can hope for is to shine Mickey Mouse's brogues. Not bad for a Portuguese public man of relations (...)


    Quoted verbatim from Anna Guedes report for Day 4

    20.09.2013 10am.

    The session starts with a request from the defence concerning a plaintive witness, the President of the Bar Association (Bastardário da Ordem dos Advogados) since 2008, António Marinho Pinto (MP) who was supposed to give evidence this afternoon.

    MP was cited as a witness in the libel writ but in January 2012 determined that he would submit a written statement, which was his privilege as "bastardário". He was however obliged to inform the Court of his intentions.

    On the 20th January 2013, MP declared his wish to waive his right to make a written submission and declared that he would be present to testify in the court room.

    At the last minute, MP let the lawyer for the plaintive, Isabel Duarte (ID), know that he had changed his mind. He now wished to deposit a written statement on the basis of his privilege.


    :d The judge said MP should have revealed his intention during the 10 legal days so lost his right because he didn't do so. It now falls to the lawyer for the plaintive to ensure that MP appears personally in order to be examined in the final allegations session."

    :c Nice try!



  64. For #57

    So, Claudia Nogueira says she left Lift Consulting because of case-related stress, yet she seems to be with Plus now, which is a firm associated with Lift Consulting (Grupo Lift) thus associated with Burson-Marsteller!

    :c Hello Mickey Mouse!

    I mean the judge cannot possibly detect all tricks Team McCann will pull but, in any case, Melo e Castro has already given the impression on not being of the gullible type. Not the kind of patsy Team McCann thought they had paid for!

    :o We may be in for a final laugh!

    Viva Portugal!

  65. In a recent Daily Mail article Rev. Hubbard is described as the McCanns FAMILY PRIEST!!! Has he been ordained as a catholic priest (and hence has to ditch mother Hubbard) or have the McCanns converted to the anglican church...?

    "Kate McCann arrives in Portugal for £1million libel trial as she comes face to face with the detective who made unfounded claims she covered up her daughter's disappearance, Daily Mail
    12 September 2013
    disappearance, Daily Mail"

    "Today, Susan Hubbard, a friend of the McCanns and the wife of the family's priest, told Lisbon's civil court that Mrs McCann had been 'devastated' by the book."

    This was the ORIGINAL article, but if you look for it now in the Daily Mail site you'll only found a re-written version of it, dated of 19 Sept. In fact, if in the McCannFiles page you click on the link to the article in the Daily Mail, you get directed to the "new" 19 Sept. article.


    "Their friend Susan Hubbard, the wife of an Anglican minister who counselled the McCanns after Madeleine’s disappearance from a holiday resort in Praia da Luz, said: ‘The thought that most people in Portugal thought Madeleine was dead was devastating for both Kate and Gerry – and the thought that was added, that they had something to do with it.’"

    Conveniently changed from "the wife of the family's priest" to "the wife of an anglican minister"...

    (I made a comment on the original 12 Sept. article, in the lines of: - "how strange for an anglican priest, Re.Hubbard, being the family priest of a catholic family...are the McCanns no longer catholics, or maybe they never were...only played the catholicism card to get sympathy from the portuguese people?")

    (Now I wish I hadn't, maybe the article would still be there for everyone to see...)

  66. This trial is surreal. It was declared to be a trial in which damages are being sought for defamation, yet the proceedings in the trial seem to indicate that libel has already been proven and that the trial is already in the compensation phase, i.e. to determine how much damage was caused to the complainant, so that the level of compensation can be determined.

    You have public figures being called as witnesses for the McCanns who provide nothing whatsoever to the court. They get up on the stand say they haven’t read the book or seen the documentary and then leave. Why were they called as witnesses? Every other witness that has testified has provided no shred of evidence to back up their claims. And then you have the judge who believes it is important to determine what effect the book had on the public, as if the onus is on the public to search for the girl, unreal.

  67. http://www.dn.pt/especiais/interior.aspx?content_id=1734254&especial=Caso+Maddie&seccao=SOCIEDADE&fb_action_ids=4699351980055&fb_action_types=og.likes&action_object_map=%7B%224699351980055%22%3A10150658725423538%7D&action_type_map=%7B%224699351980055%22%3A%22og.likes%22%7D&action_ref_map=%5B%5D#.UkCLShLgUsw.facebook

  68. We hear Mrs McCann was thinking of suicide and went for a swim in the sea where Maddie may be and will never be found. They always say she is alive how can they say that when there is no proof that she was kidnapped only what MsTanner with different stories has told them. It is most likely she died in the flat and they should have a full police investigation.

  69. In an earlier post I was wondering who the witnesses are for the 3 (GA, TVI, Publisher) but now, after reading all the mccann witness transcripts, I don't think the defendants have anything to defend - so they prob won't need their witnesses anymore. McCanns, what ARE you doing?! LOL

  70. http://www.francetvinfo.fr/faits-divers/disparition-de-fiona/fiona-marina-typhaine-quand-les-parents-deviennent-suspects_420245.html

  71. please god the truth will come out poor madeline most awful parents ever who leaves three young children alone at night in a dark place awful the should have been arrested for that alone may god forgive them

  72. Mrs McCann in the beginning thought she would kill herself we are not surprised she was going to swim in the sea. She perhaps thinks that Maddie is in the sea,they always say they will never find her.That is what the dogs did from the flat to the sea and Mr Smith said he saw Mr McCann with Maddie going to the sea. Mr Smith perhaps had a visit as we hear no more. What happened to the blood samples in the laboratory, they said they were too small, is that true? What happened to the scent in the car, they said it was from dead bodies the had been working with. Do people go on holiday in their working clothes,we would not do that, is that another lie again? Did Mr Amaral write his book because they took him off the case and they were afraid the truth would come out.

  73. Madeleine McCann's dad Gerry to face former Portuguese police chief in court in libel trial
    26 Sep 2013 20:18

    Goncalo Amaral angered the McCanns by claiming they covered up the death of Madeleine, who vanished from their holiday apartment in 2007
    Maddy's parents: Kate and Gerry Maddy's parents: Kate and Gerry
    Daily Mirror/Ian Vogler

    Gerry McCann will tomorrow come face to face with the Portuguese police chief who accused him and wife Kate of covering up their daughter’s death.

    The heart specialist is hoping to give evidence in the couple’s explosive £1m libel trial against shamed cop Goncalo Amaral.

    Amaral angered the McCanns by claiming they covered up the death of missing Madeleine, who vanished from their holiday apartment in 2007.

    Gerry, 45, has submitted a request to be heard as a witness to a court in Lisbon hearing the case.

    Judge Maria Emilia Melo e Castro must approve the request before the trial restarts tomorrow morning.

    Gerry’s sister Trish Cameron has been confirmed as a witness.

    Kate, 45, attended the start of the case a fortnight ago with relatives including her mum Susan Healy and cousin Michael Corner.

    But her plans to give evidence were scuppered when the judge failed to rule on whether she could take the witness stand.

    Gerry’s decision to apply to give evidence is thought to be related to her frustrated hopes of speaking at the hearing.

    It is believed a recent change in the law in Portugal now allow complainants in civil cases to give evidence.

    If allowed to give evidence, Gerry is expected to tell the court how Mr Amaral’s claims hindered the ongoing search for Madeleine.

    View gallery


    Madeline McCann: How saga has been reported
    View gallery

    The McCanns, from Rothley, Leics, are suing Mr Amaral, 56, over his bombshell July 2008 book ‘The Truth of the Lie’.

    They have also launched libel proceedings at Lisbon’s Palace of Justice against the book publishers and a TV channel.

    During last week’s hearing it emerged sick internet trolls had discussed kidnapping Madeleine’s twin siblings.

    The online conspiracy theorists - convinced her parents were behind her disappearance - incited bigots to back the kidnap of Sean and Amelie.

    They bizarrely hoped the youngsters could shed light on what happened to missing Madeleine.

    Kate and Gerry McCann were so horrified by the comments they contacted police in the UK who launched an investigation.

    Mr Amaral’s book was published just three days after the McCanns had their status as ‘arguidos’ - formal suspects - lifted.

    Goncalo Amaral

    Around 120,000 copies of the book were sold before it was withdrawn when the McCanns won an injection against him.

    It formed the basis for a documentary screened on TVI - the Portuguese equivalent of ITV - in April 2009.

    Madeleine was just three years old when she vanished from her parents’ holiday apartment in Praia da Luz in May 2007.

    Kate and Gerry were dining with friends at a nearby tapas restaurant when she disappeared from her bedroom.

    In his book he claimed Madeleine had not been abducted but died in an accident and the McCanns hid her body.

    He also suggested the couple cashed in £2m of public donations.

    Mr Amaral, 56, insists everything in his book is already contained in police and court case files on Madeleine which have been made public.

    The case is due to finish hearing evidence in November.

    Check out all the latest News, Sport & Celeb gossip at Mirror.co.uk http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/madeleine-mccann-dad-gerry-face-2307848#ixzz2g20rjLWM
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  74. I hope that Mrs Healy will come forward today telling the truth. This tragedy has to stop for her daughter. If she loves her grandchildren she has to protect them by telling that Madeleine is dead. The twins have to start a new life. I hope she asked a psychologist for help and that she got the right advise. If she knows that Maddie is dead, will she be prosecuted for having obstructed the police work? The same for Gerry's siblings?

    The poor twins all alone, no parents, no granny, no uncles, no aunts?

    What a selfish people!!

  75. Excerpts from: http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/evolution-the-self/201110/the-narcissists-dilemma-they-can-dish-it-out

    "It's precisely this need to be viewed as perfect, superlative, or infallible that makes them so hypersensitive to criticism. And their typical reaction to criticism, disagreement, challenges-or sometimes even the mere suggestion that they consider doing something differently-can lead to the "narcissistic rage" that is another of their trademarks. To protect their delicate ego in the face of such intensely felt danger, they're decidedly at risk for going ballistic against their perceived adversary.

    "All of which indicates just how fragile their artificially bloated sense of self really is. Given the enormity of their defenses, they regard themselves not on a par with, but above others. Yet they're mortally threatened when anyone dares question their words or behavior. Ancient fears about not being acceptable are never that far from the surface, which is why narcissists must forever be on their guard with anyone who might disbelieve or doubt them. For any external expression of doubt can tap into their own self-doubts.

    "And this is why, though they can certainly "dish it out" (by way of affirming to themselves their superiority over others), they just can't "take it" themselves. Obviously, if the child part of them was unequivocally convinced about their basic acceptability--was, that is, adequately integrated into their adult part--they wouldn't need to boast about (or exaggerate) their accomplishments, or vehemently debate anyone who took exception to their viewpoint. But it's definitely the case with narcissists that they see their best defense as mandating a good offense.

    "To sum up the above (as well as extend it), when criticized, narcissists--acutely sensitive to negative evaluation--can begin to experience anxiety or degradation. A certain shame at their non-family-bonded core may rise perilously close to consciousness. So, by way of safeguarding themselves from such never-resolved feelings of worthlessness or defeat, they're likely to react to present-day threats with contempt or defiance, or with a verbal violence frequently referred to as "narcissistic rage."

    "Another way of putting this is that, exquisitely susceptible to criticism because it endangers their frail sense of internal validation, they take great pains to devalue or invalidate the person criticizing them. To achieve such dismissal of the threatening other, they'll do everything possible to negate their viewpoint. And this can include much more than blaming or indignantly challenging them. For narcissists, when their position has been exposed as false, arbitrary, or untenable, will suddenly become evasive, articulate half-truths, lie (actually, as much to themselves as others), flat-out contradict themselves (and to a degree that can leave the other person gaping!), and freely rewrite history (literally--and audaciously--making things up as they go along). This is why at such times they don't seem adults so much as six-year-olds. And in fact, when others inadvertently trigger mini emotional crises in them, there's little doubt that, both cognitively and emotionally, they can regress to a maturity level of that age (or less)."

    By Jerry Lawton/Published 27th September 2013

    Madeleine's dad, Gerry McCann jets in to 'help find the truth'

    MADELEINE McCann’s heartbroken dad has made an 11th-hour decision to face the Portuguese police chief who accused him and his wife of covering up their daughter’s death.

    madeiline, mccann, gerry, murder, abduct, trial, libel, kate, Gerry will speak at Goncalo Amaral’’s libel trial

    Gerry McCann is hoping to give evidence at a £1million libel trial over Goncalo Amaral’s book that claimed the missing youngster died in their Algarve holiday apartment in May 2007.

    “I can confirm Gerry McCann is hoping to give evidence”
    Clarence Mitchell

    The heart specialist has asked to be heard as a witness at the hearing in Lisbon today but Judge Maria Emilia Melo e Castro must approve it before he can take the stand.

    Gerry hopes to the tell the court how the “awful, malicious lies” in Amaral’s 2008 book The Truth Of The Lie hindered the worldwide search for her and caused anguish to him and wife Kate, both 45.

    The McCanns’ spokesman Clarence Mitchell said last night: “I can confirm Gerry McCann is hoping to give evidence.”

  77. Gerry McCann to face Portuguese police chief over lies of Madeleine's abduction
    GERRY MCCANN will today come face to face with the Portuguese police chief who falsely accused him and wife Kate of covering up their daughter Madeleine’s death.
    By: Mark Reynolds and Gerard Couzens
    Published: Fri, September 27, 2013

    Daily Express

    Gerry McCann, 45, is expected to give evidence at a £1million libel trial over Goncalo Amaral’s “awful, malicious lies” that the missing youngster died in their Algarve holiday apartment in May 2007.

    The consultant cardiologist hopes to take to the witness box in Portugal to accuse Mr Amaral of hindering the search for Madeleine with claims in a book that the McCanns faked her abduction to cover up her death.

    Gerry also intends to spell out the pain and anguish the former detective’s “awful, malicious lies” have caused his family.

    Gerry has submitted a request to be heard as a witness to the court in Lisbon where the case is held.

    Judge Maria Emilia Melo e Castro must approve the request before the trial restarts today.

    Gerry’s sister Trish Cameron has already been confirmed as a witness. Kate McCann attended the start of the case a fortnight ago with her mother Susan Healy and cousin Michael Corner, but she will not be present today.

    Mrs Healy was unable to give evidence when the case was held up by a personal emergency for the judge.

    Gerry is thought to have made his request after that setback. Previously complainants in civil cases in Portugal were unable to give evidence but the law has now changed.

    Goncalo Amaral Former detective Goncalo Amaral wrote a book claiming the McCann couple faked Madeleine's abduction

    The McCanns’ spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: “Gerry McCann will be attending court and is hoping to give evidence if the court permits it.”

    A source close to the family added: “Gerry wants to make it quite clear to the judge the absolute damage of what Mr Amaral has written has done in the search for Madeleine, and the pain his lies have caused not only him, Kate and their twins but the wider family.

    “They brought the libel action against Mr Amaral way before the change in the law in July and there is some confusion as to whether the new ruling applies to them.

    “That is why Gerry is bringing his sister out with him. If he can’t give evidence, Trish will speak on behalf of Kate and Gerry.”

    The McCanns are suing Mr Amaral, 56, over his 2008 book The Truth Of The Lie. They have also launched libel proceedings at Lisbon’s Palace of Justice against his publishers and a TV channel which broadcast a documentary based on his claims.

    Mr Amaral was in charge of the investigation into the disappearance of three-year-old Madeleine for the vital first months but was removed for criticising British police.

    Michael Wright, husband of Kate’s cousin Anne-Marie, told the hearing last week that he believed Mr Amaral’s “smears” fuelled internet kidnap threats against Madeleine’s twin siblings Sean and Amelie, now eight.

    Mr Amaral denies defamation and claims everything in his book is in files which the police have made public.


    #72 "Madeleine McCann's dad Gerry to face former Portuguese police chief in court in libel trial. 26 Sep 2013 20:18"

    :o That's what they call "reputation management"... except trying to impress a Latin lady judge with Gerry's terminator, robot-like looks was veeeery stupid!

    Clarence Mitchell got it all wrong again!

  79. I say to kate McCann ,WHERES THE PROOF,and do you think that you should be looking after the twins if you really felt like committing suicide.What a loada boll***


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