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Maddie case: Former inspector's trial starts with questioning of McCanns' witnesses

Three witnesses that were indicated by the McCann couple were heard today at the beginning of the civil process trial, over defamation, of former Judiciary Police inspector Gonçalo Amaral, after a case was filed by the parents of the English child that disappeared in the Algarve, in 2007.

This information was given to Lusa agency by Isabel Duarte, Madeleine McCann's parents' lawyer, on the first day of the trial when judge Maria Emília Melo e Castro determined that there were no reasons for the audience to take place behind closed doors, as requested by Gonçalo Amaral, who attended the Civil Court of Lisbon as an arguido.

Earlier, the parties failed to reach an extrajudicial agreement within the civil case, in which Madeleine McCann's parents requested compensation in the amount of 1.2 million euro over the alleged defamation by the former PJ inspector (who investigated the child's disappearance). The trial started with the questioning of three witnesses - a Canadian and two Englishmen - who are "friends" of the McCann couple.

During this first session, the judge had to adapt the trial to the new rules of the Civil Process Code, a legislative reform that entered into force on the 1st of September.

The trial continues on Friday with the questioning of five more witnesses that were indicated by Madeleine's parents, three of them being relatives of the McCann couple.

In statements to Lusa, Isabel Duarte said that since the beginning, the McCann couple was open to reach an extrajudicial agreement with Gonçalo Amaral, but it was not possible to reach an agreement with the arguido.

Nonetheless, she stressed that the McCann couple's main goal was that the investigation into the child's disappearance was restarted, which, according to her, has already happened, without adding any further details or leads.

In a related process, the Civil Court of Lisbon decided, in January of 2010, to keep the prohibition of the sale of the book "Maddie: The Truth of the Lie", authored by Gonçalo Amaral, and of the video with the same title, based on a documentary that was broadcast by TVI.

The ban of the book and the video, which presents Gonçalo Amaral's thesis on the involvement of Kate and Gerry McCann in the disappearance of their daughter by concealing the cadaver, had been provisionally ordered on the 9th of September of 2009.

On the 19th of October of 2010, the Appellate Court of Lisbon annulled the decision of the Civil Court, after which the McCann couple appealed to the Supreme Court of Justice. In a ruling dated March 18, 2011, the Supreme Court confirmed the Appellate Court's decision.

Madeleine McCann disappeared on the 3rd of May of 2007, in an apartment in a holiday resort in Praia da Luz, in the Algarve, where she was spending a vacation with her parents and her twin siblings.

At that time, Gonçalo Amaral was the coordinator of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Judiciary Police in Portimão.

Kate and Gerry McCann, who have always stated that the child was abducted, were made arguidos in September, 2007.

The investigation was archived due to a lack of evidence in July of 2008, although the Public Ministry admits reopening it if new data concerning the child's disappearance surfaces.

in: Região Sul, 12.09.2013


  1. I wish all the best to Mr Amaral. I hope that one day we'll find out the truth about Madeleine's disappearance. As for her parents..I hope that one day they'll be punished for what they've done whether it was neglect of their children or concealment of her daughter's body. I can't understand how these people can look in the mirror, no shame, no remorse, nothing...

  2. Thank you dear Astro we were hoping to hear from you - thanks for keeping us informed of events as they're happening. God Bless Gonçalo Amaral and grant him courage and strength we are all standing beside him in our prayers.

  3. Thank you, Joana for remembering this poor child for all this years!
    More news joana, PLEASE! This "parents" should be stopped harming people.
    Mccanns are the only ones responsible for terrible Maddies death. With the group of their friends with "strange sexual preferences". Respect to Goncalo Amaral!

  4. not so long ago, they were always seen fondling each others thighs in front of the cameras, whenever they were interviewd. now it seems, he's not even in the same country as her.
    delighted to see how much she has aged!


    An aristocratic lady judge? Surely this is a bad omen for Amaral and his legal team...

    I suspect the judge was hand-picked by Madame Fox - you know witch... No wonder she is so confident of winning!

    I have the uneasy feeling this case goes to all the way to the Appeals Court. We shall have to wait another couple of years for Justice to be served to G. Amaral. Just an hunch (...)

    Its David against Goliath all over again!

    Scrooge Kennedy-McDuck... Richard "Virgin" Branson... pulp fiction writer J.K. Rollings... Carter-Muck - the most feared lawyers in the UKGB... the global "reputation management" outfits of Conservative candidate Clarence Mitchell... Burson-Marsteller(UK) and Lift Consulting (PT)... David Cameron - leader of the Con-Libs coalition... kangaroo media moguls' associates such as Rebekha Brooks - the list goes on...

    Add to the above a list of distinguished PORTUGUESE TRAITORS - prohibitively expensive lawyers to the very rich, such as: ID, RA and MP - "The Photoshop"

    How could this couple ever be allowed to fly home, Scott-free, after abandoning their children to their fate? Given all the lies and contradictions? Given all the circumstantial evidence? The mind boggles.


    You will not be alone. We already anticipate and feel the injustice that will, in a first instance, be served on you but, rest assured: we will stay with you all the way on!

    There are hundreds of thousands, millions of us on the Internet. The numbers are growing all the time, thanks to the couple "gold-digging" and obsessive "reputation management".

    Let their money, their "boutique" lawyers, their political con-nections talk. The facts of the investigation - the PJ's, not Scotland Yard's reputation management... will always remain available to all, free of charge (...)

    :t Hasta la victoria siempre!

  6. I know I should sit back and watch the case unfold, thus letting the niggles wash over me, but I cant so I will comment again.

    Take the above article....can you sense the venom from the McCann team.
    I see they have some kind of agenda with the status "arguido"...I can see the camp jumping up and down...we want Goncalo Amaral called an arguido.. like we were !.....see how he likes it!

    We can rest our minds they will all consoles themselves in the twisted way they think...... its still okay ...you know an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth mentality !

    So lost are the Mccanns camp in their bulls@>t bubble to remember that Goncalo Amaral really has done an excellent job as a policeman working on the case, looking out for Madeleine's justice and never deviating from that agenda....the fundamental agenda ALL should have.

    When the truth was in front of everyone close to the case, clearly pointing which direction needed to be followed and it WAS blatant. The cogwheels of the cover up speeded...the machine began, big cogs driving little cogs, all linked and spinning away (not like a swiss watch I may add - more like a budget one from the Pound shop) - the disgusting behaviours that began and continue increased.

    With all the S:@H flying - one man stood tall and let the investigation to the talking, never swayed from the principles of Truth and Justice and still fights for something that should have been an open and shut case along time ago.
    What a World eh!

    let Justice prevail.


    ps what is the legislative reform mentioned ?

  7. Hi Joana

    Having read a number of newspaper reports and blog posts I'm still very unclear as to what this civil case has to proove in order to find against Snr Amaral.

    I find your blog to be the most useful an accurate resource in this case and would appreciate it if you could clarify matters from me.

    Why is evidence from McCann's friends and family even being considered if the object is to ascertain what effect this publication and documetary had on the couple and children? Surely evidence such as this is second hand or hearsay. Isn't this a bizarre appraoch when one of them (Kate) is actually sitting in court.

    What does Amaral have to proove? Surely the book banning hearings have already established that his interpretation of the inquiries evidence is as valid as the prosecutors.

    Any help would much appreciated.

  8. I have just caught a quote from yesterday: "They feel shame, they feel humiliation, they feel anguish." Now are they referring the tragedy that fell on poor Madeleine because she was left homealone and was allegedly stolen, or really as they claim

    "They feel shame, they feel humiliation, they feel anguish."

    Because an officer of the law did his job and they didn't like his conclusions. I'm sure a patient doesn't want to be told he is terminal with only a short time to live, but he doesn't shoot the doctor. And in any event the McCanns and their friends had an opportunity to co-operate with the investigation and put this to rest, so why didn't they.

    I had always hoped this was the last stop for the truth or some parts of it to be made public, left to a retired policeman taking a bashing from the high mighty. Very sad.

    Good luck GA who seems to be the only person in Madeleine's corner.


  9. Portuguese media relatively subdued vis-a-vis the frantic, bigoted, partisan Brit counterparts with reports favourable to the Macs and photos and words detrimental to Amaral's character - the usual crap.

    Nothing to read in "Correio da Manhã ...Publico...Diário de Noticias...et al...

    Burson Marsteller/Lift Consulting (PT) working behind the scenes? Scotland Yard/David Cameron orders to the Portuguese government to facilitate the Macs' win? One wonders...

  10. Good Luck Goncalo Amaral.Thankfully, not everyone is fooled by the 'abduction' story.

  11. It is appalling that a man who did every thing in his power to report the truth of what happened to the poor child Madeliene is being called an aguido .The depths to which her neglectful parents will stoop is evil.they will pay a price for hatred of a good man who sought to let the world know the truth..Good Luck Mr Amaral. our thoughts are with you...

  12. I hope and pray the judges don't fall for fake Kate 's crocodile tears,like the msm do over here.joana is goncalo amaral confient.

  13. Anonymous 13/09/2013 02:15, that’s what I’m thinking. I doubt that Mrs. McCann would show up without an assured victory. It’s all about image you know. I get a feeling of déjà vu. The McCanns win, their victory is disseminated by the media worldwide. Mr. Amaral appeals wins and the English media buries the news.

    Mojo, what you are witnessing is the behaviour of an exemplary narcissist, Mrs. Kate McCann. Mr. Amaral exposed to the world the nature of her true character not the false one she has been transmitting, so he has become the object of her hate. She must destroy his reputation by disseminating lies. She must harm him. I’m sure the thought of killing Mr. Amaral has more than once crossed her mind.

    Anonymous 13/09/2013 06:50 you’re right. When the appellate court overturned the decision that had banned Mr. Amaral’s book, it sunk the McCann’s libel case against him. However, sometimes there are some strange decisions in Portuguese courts. If I was Mr. Amaral’s lawyer, I would simply read the summary made by the 3 appellate judges who said they examined the book in detail and found that the evidence presented in the book is the same as that found in the case files and that Mr. Amaral’s conclusions are valid and should be respected because he was the lead coordinator of the case. Who knows maybe Mr. Redwood will testify on behalf of Mrs. McCann and present that new evidence that refutes the old.

  14. Goncalo Amaral has used his judgement as a detective. He has seen the abduction theory is a total waste of police time. Justice will come very soon.

  15. @7.

    I will tell you what's bizarre a mixture of criminals of varying degrees bringing their gang along to sue the good guy in a court of law with no case and the full support of the British Establishments Cabal.

    Rest assure if the right verdict is not passed - this will be the beginning of a truth campaign far bigger than that of the "find Madeleine campaign" ...with some very attention grabbing events.....that cannot be covered up.

    roll on ....its only just begun and the truth will prevail whether here or later.....I promise everyone that!


  16. Kate looks as guilty as she is... Tell the truth Kate ...


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