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Maddie Case: Psychologist and criminal lawyer testify in favour of the McCann couple

Afternoon session was canceled

Only two witnesses, a psychologist and a criminal lawyer, were heard today on the second day of the trial of the civil lawsuit that was filed by the McCann couple against former PJ inspector Gonçalo Amaral, as the afternoon session was cancelled.

According to Isabel Duarte, the McCanns' lawyer, the cancellation of the audience that had been scheduled for the afternoon was due to a "personal problem" of judge Maria Emília Melo e Castro. Nevertheless, the impediment is of temporary character and does not compromise the course of the trial.

Isabel Duarte, the McCann couple's lawyer in the civil suit, over defamation, against the former PJ inspector who investigated the disappearance of the English child in the Algarve (2007), told Lusa agency that due to this unforeseen problem with the judge, the court was not able to hear the other three witnesses, all of them relatives of the British couple.

With Kate McCann and the grandmother of the missing little girl seated in the area that is destined for the public, the morning session was used to hear an English psychologist who accompanied Madeleine McCann's twin siblings after the tragic disappearance of the child from a hotel apartment in Lagos, in the Algarve.

The other witness that was heard was a criminal lawyer who helped the McCann couple in an attempt to decipher the mystery that surrounds the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, who spoke about the media impact that the public statements of Gonçalo Amaral, involving the child's parents in the disappearance, had in England.

Isabel Duarte mentioned that the following sessions are scheduled for September 19, 20 and 27, then continuing on October 2 and 8, and concluding on the 5th of November.

According to the lawyer, Kate McCann will not testify during the trial, despite the fact that the new Civil Process Code already foresees that possibility, given that the process was worked upon and elaborated under another presupposition.

The same happens with Gonçalo Amaral, who will not make a statement during the trial.

Earlier, the parties failed to reach an extrajudicial agreement within the civil case, in which Madeleine McCann's parents requested compensation in the amount of 1.2 million euro over the alleged defamation by the former PJ inspector (who investigated the child's disappearance). The trial started with the questioning of three witnesses - a Canadian and two Englishmen - who are "friends" of the McCann couple.

In statements to Lusa on Thursday, Isabel Duarte said that since the beginning, the McCann couple was open to reach an extrajudicial agreement with Gonçalo Amaral, but it was not possible to reach an agreement with the arguido.

Nonetheless, she stressed that the McCann couple's main goal was that the investigation into the child's disappearance was restarted, which, according to her, has already happened, without adding any further details or leads.

In a related process, the Civil Court of Lisbon decided, in January of 2010, to keep the prohibition of the sale of the book "Maddie: The Truth of the Lie", authored by Gonçalo Amaral, and of the video with the same title, based on a documentary that was broadcast by TVI.

The ban of the book and the video, which presents Gonçalo Amaral's thesis on the involvement of Kate and Gerry McCann in the disappearance of their daughter by concealing the cadaver, had been provisionally ordered on the 9th of September of 2009.

On the 19th of October of 2010, the Appellate Court of Lisbon annulled the decision of the Civil Court, after which the McCann couple appealed to the Supreme Court of Justice. In a ruling dated March 18, 2011, the Supreme Court confirmed the Appellate Court's decision.

Madeleine McCann disappeared on the 3rd of May of 2007, in an apartment in a holiday resort in Praia da Luz, in the Algarve, where she was spending a vacation with her parents and her twin siblings.

At that time, Gonçalo Amaral was the coordinator of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Judiciary Police in Portimão.

Kate and Gerry McCann, who have always stated that the child was abducted, were made arguidos in September, 2007.

The investigation was archived due to a lack of evidence in July of 2008, although the Public Ministry admits reopening it if new data concerning the child's disappearance surfaces.

in: TVI24, 13.09.2013


  1. Thank you Astro for your account of the proceedings so far, a fair account not available to those who read the press in the U.K. Although I was gratified to read the account of Mr. Amaral's claims in the Sun today.

  2. Joana have you heard how Mr Amaral is doing?

  3. Thanks for the updating - look forward to many more posts over the coming weeks.

    Certainly there is nothing to be read between the lines of what is happening, since it would seem NOT A LOT!

    The British media still continue with it bias reporting, if nothing else one would have expected the British persona of 'fair play' But it didn't happen in the past, so why expect 'fair play' now.

    Whatever the outcome, the McCanns will not loose. They have far too much blind support, who will never see there has to be a way to the truth, particularly in consideration of the non co-operation of Mrs McCann with the investigation (failure to answer questions) and seven of their friends & independent witness JW who failed\refused\declined to participate in the judicial reconstruction.

    Poor MA is up against a mountain which has the added might of (blind) acceptance by the British Government and appointment of the MET to further fund an investigation on the back of a £2m+ expenditure file reading session.

    What next? Can the McCanns actually walk on water. Despite the fact that they and their friends, left those children homealone for four nights. Can this really be the real world?

    Let's just hope with all the razzmatazz at the moment, there is a lucky break in developments.


  4. This site, along with the Blacksmith Bureau, are the only two where you can find people seeking the truth and not attention. So many thanks to Both hard working Bloggers!

    I personally do not know what happened to little Maddie, AFTER she was left abandoned by her family, and let's face it, She was abandoned. The parent have not ever to my knowledge, been properly questioned in depth by the MSM in the UK. Are they scared? hell no, the story is a money cow for both parties. Most stories and thesis have been covered, However, I want to live in the 'here and now' scenario we are witnessing. Team McCann did 'damage limitation' to absolve themselves from ANY blame or responsibility to the sudden disappearance of their daughter. O.K The UK taxpayers have a right to know HOW WAS SHE ABDUCTED? Will kate.n Gerry be ecstatic to find out what happened to their daughter- will we the followers of truth?.. What could that truth be? Well, it could be the SY talk to 'people of interest' NOT ARGUIDOS,SUSPECTS, just people, and what information would these people give us?. Would they admit they entered the locked apartment OR unlocked apartment, OR did they find a small child wandering alone in the night looking for her parents?- as she often woke up with siblings-babies- looking ,crying for their parents. Hmm quite a different kind of distress not brought about by a "bumbling garlic munchin cop"< quote.
    And if the claim that a book put their daughters search in danger and Mr Amaral's actions were selfish, and cruel. THEN SURELY THAT statement should be taken into context with the previous paragraph...Who put Maddie's life in danger? Mr Amaral? The 'Abductor' or The parents.
    Great to see they have 'friends' travelling to Portugal as 'witnesses' to kate n families suffering...shame they couldn't persuade the 'Tapas crew' to travel to assist the police with enquiries- and do a reconstruction. OR be witness to their 'suffering'. Silence is deafening!
    OUTCOME: My money is on 'dead paedophile is blamed for snatching Maddie from her safe bed' TO ORDER....CASE CLOSED?

    ...or, what if SY get lot's of help and the perpetrator is found and Maddie is alive. What story will she tell... Any way, whilst Kate and Friends are in Portugal perhaps they can take time out of their busy schedule-money grabbing- to look for their daughter.

  5. I hope the court WILL NOT allow witnesses to testify by written form! In my opinion it is imperative they are present in the court room, how will they be cross-examined if they're absent?! Are we going to see another chapter of the (in)famous rogatory letters?! If they are not available to come to Portugal, then at least they should be questioned via satellite (video conference).
    How timely this interruption of the court...precisely when things were not going too well with the performance of the McCann witnesses...

  6. I have always felt that from the beginning there was absolutely
    NO evidence of any abduction - just the words of one of the
    tapas group. There is however, more evidence pointing to something
    going on in the apartment and the hire car that points to the
    McCanns involvement, which I have always believed. Whatever the
    outcome, I fear it will be political between both countries and
    'who did it' will never be known for sure

  7. "Psychologist and criminal lawyer testify in favour of the McCann couple"

    These were witnesses paid for/brought in by McCann Team Inc. and Fund Associates. Were they supposed to testify against? Of course not!
    More dry-cleaning... phewww...

  8. Nice article! According to the lawyer, Kate McCann will not testify during the trial, despite the fact that the new Civil Process Code already foresees that possibility, given that the process was worked upon and elaborated under another presupposition.

    Sydney Criminal Lawyers


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