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Maddie twins internet ban

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MADELEINE McCann’s parents won’t allow their eight-year-old twins to use the internet as they fear they will be psychologically scarred by cruel slurs about the family. Kate and Gerry McCann worry that Sean and Amelie will discover vile sites about their sister’s disappearance.

They were 18 months old when she vanished on a 2007 holiday in the Algarve, and child trauma expert David Trickey told a Lisbon libel trial yesterday it was not clear if they remembered her abduction.

He was giving evidence against former detective Goncalo Amaral, who claimed in his book, The Truth Of The Lie, that Madeleine died in an accident and her parents faked her abduction to cover up their own negligence.

They deny the claims and are suing Mr Amaral, his publisher, a filmmaker and a TV company which screened a documentary based on the book.

in Irish Daily Mail (and other UK newspapers, press release unsigned), 14 set 2013

McCann monitor searches in the net

Psychologist said in court that Kate and Gerry protect their children from online published information.

by João C. Rodrigues

"The twins [Sean and Amelie, Madeleine McCann younger siblings] deal well with the disappearance because her parents did a good job. Kate and Gerry protected them from the information that was published, avoiding and monitoring searches in the internet". This was the report of the psychologist David Trickney [sic, David Trickey], yesterday in the morning, at the Palácio de Justiça, in Lisbon, at the second court session of the trial in which the McCann couple demands 1,2 million euro to Gonçalo Amaral for damages caused by the publication of the book ‘A Verdade da Mentira’ [The Truth of the Lie], in which the former PJ inspector defends that Maddie died.

The expert, called as a witness by the McCann couple admitted to have met only twice in person with Kate, Gerry and the twins, yet defended that the book may cause "depression or anger" in the future. Sean and Amelie are actually eight years old.

Yesterday in the afternoon two brother in law [sic] and Kate McCann's mother should have been heard, however a personal problem of the judge forced the postponement of that session. "Those are witnesses that can no longer be heard because they live in England" said Isabel Duarte. The defence of Gonçalo Amaral, on the other hand said that "this is a trial for the crime of having expressed an opinion".

in Correio da Manhã, 14 September 2013

CMTV, 13 September 2013

TV anchor: And we're back for the lunch hour news. The trial that opposes Madeleine McCann's parents against Gonçalo Amaral has started. The English couple accuses the former PJ inspector of defamatory statements and of creating difficulties to the searches of the child. The CMTV journalist, João Rodrigues is following this case. João, good afternoon, details about today's session?

Journalist at the hearing (J.R.): Good afternoon, it ended just a few moments ago the second session of this trial which opposes the McCann couple to the former Judiciary Police inspector Gonçalo Amaral. This is a trial in which Maddie's parents, the girl that disappeared in Lagos in May of 2007, ask for 1,2 million euro to the former inspector due to the damages caused by the "The Truth of the Lie" book publication. During this morning session a psychologist, David Trickey was heard, he explained to the court the damages that the publication of that book would have caused to Maddie's younger siblings, Sean and Amelie, who are actually eight years old. However the defence refuted that argument since the expert only met with the children once and another time with the children's parents, all other contacts with the family were made by phone. This morning we also heard as a witness an English lawyer who during the first 6 months of the case, between May and September of 2007, accompanied the McCann couple while he was in Portugal, however all statements advanced by this lawyer were also refuted since all effects that he witnessed took place previous to the book publication. This afternoon three other witnesses will be heard, friends and relatives of the McCann couple, who will try to demonstrate that the family and investigation was damaged by Gonçalo Amaral's book.


  1. Now if that Levenson had gone the way all the scum wanted it to go any website that carried any information on this case or any other that the scum want banned would be banned.
    Seeing as this is not going to happen poor Sean and Amelie aren't allowed to use it.
    Imagine as an 8 year old for the first time googling your parents names .

  2. Read as well an answer to The Sun's biased tabloid article by Anna Andress: The Madeleine McCann Case: Gonçalo Amaral's "Outrageous Claims."

    JB's new blog and opinions at The Interrupted Investigation/Libel Diary

    And brilliant Nigel's The McCann files for more news and opinion.

    More on the side bar.

  3. Joana: Yesterday there was an interesting comment on the Diario Da Noticias discussion thread. The poster using the name Luis Arriaga, made a statement that Madeleine was cremated at Ferreira do Alentejo, where there is a public crematorium. Luis Arriaga claimed to have represented Amaral in court and there is a Luis Arriaga who runs the Justice for Gonacalo Amaral campaign in Portugal. Is this just another hoax message?

  4. @3 no idea as you can imagine, can you send me the link please?

  5. The twins will learn the truth whether the neglectful parents ban the internet or not.Do they honestly think they wont eventually have access and read of their parents neglect..They do have minds of their own and will at some point hate their parents for their behavior.Maybe they will sue them for neglect ..

  6. Won't the children find out anyway in due course due to all the publicity surrounding the parents fund raising. As a result the parents will have to admit to the children that when they were very young they were left alone, sleeping in their beds in order for her mother and father to wine and dine some distance away, with their friends.
    I am surprised Kate isn't taking this opportunity to give evidence under oath. I don't understand how she can claim that the book has in anyway stopped the search for Madeleine. The fund raising continues to pay for private detectives and the British Government has committed millions of pounds.

  7. Joana, here is the link you asked for :


    Best wishes

  8. Unless the McCanns keep the twins locked up inside "Rothley Manor", they will not be able to control their access to the internet! It only takes a visit or a sleep-over in a friends/schoolmates home...the more they are controlled and restricted the more curious they will get...


    Are "the real McCoys'" afraid their own children will turn against them? That's fatal! All children invariably do. The first question they will ask (shout at them in fact) will be:

    "If you didn't kill her, why did you leave her and us alone in that dungeon night after night? ANSWER THE QUESTION!"


    BTW why is it the "real McCoys" don't sue the Portuguese Government for a failed investigation (as it were)? For what Amaral wrote in his book is all in the official files, right?

    Could that be the reason why (quite aside the "reputation management") Scotland Yard is in Portugal preparing the grounds that will be used to sue their Portuguese counterparts for er...what? 100 million?

    i (minor case) think, that would be a "faux-pas", for the Portuguese would then charge the "real McCoys" for abandoning their children to their fate (children left alone, night after night, with that back door to a public road left open) and for obstructing and corrupting the course of justice.

    There are so many lies and/or contradictions in their statements (and "Madeleine"'s book) aren't there? The mind boggles..........................................

    I have had enough of the "real McCoys"!
    Best of lack for Mr. Hero (Amaral).

  10. The Mcanns know very well that the twins will access all the information they can. What do they think they can say to them when they see the above picture just nine days after the supposed abduction and what would have been their sisters birthday.when they ask them why they look so happy.That picture is abnormal as most parents would look distraught..Explain that one Kate and Gerry...

  11. Are the twins not going to be allowed to have friends?
    How can they possibly prevent them from hearing anything other than the McCann point of view?
    At the end of the day, if they do win against Snr Amaral (shudder), it's not going to take away the books or any of the blogs or information available on the internet or anywhere else.....what is the point? Oh yeah, over £1million!

    Best of luck to Snr Amaral, I hope the McCanns are unsuccessful in their quest and I hope you remain strong.

  12. Did they really think the twins were going to be toddler forever, children grow and fast. What would be worst for them emotionally to find out the facts written on the book written by a stranger or their parents abandoning them while on 'holidays'. Come on!


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