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Quote of the Day

«They [McCanns] are claiming damages of 1.2 million euros about £1m. Money which they say, if they win, will be used to continue the search for their daughter.

Their own private detectives' investigation has been suspended while Scotland Yard does its investigation but they believe that at some stage they may have to re-start their own private investigation so that's where they say, the money, if they win it, during this libel trial will be used.»

                                                                   Martin Brunt, Live Sky News broadcast, 12 September 2013

«“It was a scam. They said they had fifteen people working on the case but no, there were just three. They made up invoices for hotel expenses and allowances for four people in the neighbouring country [Portugal] and only one person travelled there, who in addition didn't speak a word of Portuguese.”»
in McCanns former detectives, Método 3, arrested for illegal spying

«A team of private investigators working behind the scenes to find Madeleine McCann has been axed after being paid £500,000 from publicly donated funds. The Find Madeleine Fund quietly engaged the services of a US-based company which was awarded the lucrative six-month contract earlier this year.» in Kevin Halligen Extradition Saga: Red Herrings & White Elephants

«I watched a video the other day - Gerry McCann justified the spending of fund money by claiming they employed a team of private investigators that was led by one man, Dave Edgar. Turns out that the team consisted of just one man, one leader. Crowley and Edgar. And they've not been employed for months...» in The McCann Fund Farce

«Kate and Gerry McCann have used the £1million Find Madeleine fund to pay their mortgage, it was revealed yesterday.Fund organisers refused to say how much had been spent but confirmed that money donated by the public was made available for the family's living expenses.» Row as McCanns use £1million Madeleine fund to pay their mortgage

«It is relevant to state here that Dr Kate McCann, a director of the Fund, made a commitment in her book Madeleine (p.138 Irish paperback edition) that 'from the outset everyone agreed that despite the costs involved, it (the Fund) must be run to the highest standards of transparency whatever it cost'. This was a clear commitment that from May 2007 when the Fund (limited company) was established, that transparency was paramount. My earlier report found a distinct lack of transparency. Were the 2012 accounts more 'transparent' than the earlier ones? Not in my opinion.» Enid O'Dowd analyses the accounts of Madeleine's Fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned Limited for the year ended 31 March 2012



    I am informed the McCann's "boutique" lawyers in Portugal are like sharks at the very top of their chain and, as such, well acquainted with judges.

    I understand they can, to some extent, pick the judges that will suit their cases.

    This may explain why Ms. Isabel Duarte always wins - EXCEPT when her cases go to the Appeals Court. She then starts to look like a cockroach about to be stepped on (...)

    Things being so, let us look at the situation from the sunny side:

    Even assuming Amaral will loose (in a first instance) he does not have a penny left to pay, let alone a million! The Mac's have already bankrupted him! The "gold diggers" will have no option but suck on his last penny!

    :o Oh dear!

  2. O caso Maddie foi investigado em Portugal pela PJ, custou até hoje, que continua a ter uma equipe destinada para para o caso, mais de 5 milhões de euros aos contribuintes portugueses. Foi e é a investigação mais cara de sempre, ultrapassando em larga escala o montante conjunto de todos os casos de crianças e adolescentes Portuguesas. Os McCann e os amigos, os Tapas 7, desde de 2007 que se recusam a colaborar com a PJ, não fizeram nunca a reconstrução no local com lhes foi pedido e a Kate recusou-se a responder a 48 perguntas, preferindo dizer menitras no livro que escreveu. Em Inglaterra a absurda investigação da Scoltland Yard à investigação da PJ para branqueras os McCann, nem sequer os consideram a eles e aos amigos presentes nessa noite como testemunhas, já ultrapassa os 6 milhões de libras. E não nos vamos esquecer de um fundo sem contole criado pelos pais da Maddie a 15 de Maio de 2007 (!!) do qual desapareceram milhões de libras em advogados, marketing (relações publicas) e em multiplos detetives privados duvidosos, que andaram em terras lusas a pressionar testemunhas e ao que parece a tentar descobrir os podres dos inspectores da PJ, detetives que estão hoje em dia presos por espionagem (Método 3) ou por fraude (kevin halligen). E a melhor é, com duas equipas, da SY e da PJ ainda a trabalhar no caso, a desculpa dos McCann para esta soma avultada de 1,2 milhões de euros que pedem a este homem que se limitou a relatar o que se passou é "para continuar a procurar a Maddie" enquanto se recusam a cooperar com a PJ. Mentiras e mais mentiras, tudo com uma grande dose de xenofobia, hipocrisia e vingança são assim os McCann.

  3. Hmmm... that "Express" picture of Dr. Gerry McCann (above) carrying a BIG bag rings a bell...

    Let me think....

    Could it be the same bag photographed by the PJ inside that wardrobe in apartment 5A where Keela (the forensic dog) detected cadaver odour?

    "NO!" I can hear Dr. Gerald McCann shouting from afar....

    OK... may be it was not THAT bag, it was another BIG bag. There ought to be a bag, right? otherwise that BIG bag would not have materialized in the PJ's photograph? It is not like Marinho Pinto works for the PJ or does "Photoshop" for them!

    Am-I thinking correctly? Please confirm. My brain was damaged by reading too many British newspapers...the fear of Carter-Muck plus "Mickey Mouse" Mitchell's Burson-Marsteller (global reputation managers) has made it impossible for the British press to publish anything that will contradict the McCanns' "official version" of events. Money talks or in this case, money silences - the problem is: "silence contains all sounds". Sorry! I digress!

    What I wanted to ask you was:

    Would you kindly ask Dr. Amaral's lawyer if he could ask Kate to explain to judge Melo e Castro the de-materialization of that bag? Would that be possible? Much obliged Joana!

    :h Oh! Kate decided NOT to address the court! I see. Sorry! Sorry! I forgot that! (...)


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