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  1. Gerry & Kate McCann so arrogant they thought this would be a walk in the park. They thought that Dr Goncalo Amaral and the other defendants would roll over.

    They thought even though the law had changed that they did not have to bother themselves appearing at Court as witnesses in a legal action which they brought. They were going to win.

    I do not think they bargained on their witnesses messing up.

    The stunt pulled by Kate McCann on the first day was however I believe always going to happen, it was their 'opener' planned. Kate had to be there for the premiere - 'opening night' as they say. Some drama, pictures and a story for press. Poor Kate the tragic mother.

    At this point they still believed they were on a winner. She didn't have to testify, she didn't want to testify, and the their team didn't want her to either. So all was going to plan. She just had to turn up looking wounded, and say a few words, throw 'justice and Madeleine' into the mix and hey presto - her work was done.

    Gerry's performance of 27th September? Something which they had to quickly arrange.

    He no more wanted to be on the Stand than Kate did. But circumstances at the previous hearings (lousy lying witnesses for the McCanns being caught out) forced a change of plan.

    His need now and his 'hope' to appear on that day stemmed from this. They were losing, the money he saw slipping away, and a whole load of truths were now out in the open. The lies, the deceit, the threats, the stories they had instigated over the years all coming to the surface for the world to see and hear. Their hatred of Dr Goncalo Amaral, but most of all, the truth was emerging, and that had to be stopped at all cost.

    McCann was there as a plug, there to stop the bleed, patch up the injuries his witnesses had caused him and Kate.

    He didn't want to be there, but he now had to be!

    McCanns have never wanted to appear as witnesses at any hearing. Always they are comfortable making the accusations then sitting back in the audience to watch the hurt and damage they cause others. Taking delight.

    Never did they think that there was anyone who would bite back. Not allow them to damage their good name, however much they tried. And the McCanns have done more than try in respect of Dr Goncalo Amaral.

    Dr Goncalo Amaral, and the other defendants, good people, honest people, people with integrity, are biting back. Standing up to the lies and bullying, this abhorrent pair think is their god given right. They truly believe they are a law unto themselves.

    Decent people don't behave as the McCanns do, we must not forget that.

    This is not about whether you believe the McCann abduction story or not it is about truth of matters, about justice being served.

    At this stage in case, we have heard many lies from the McCann witnesses, lies which can be easily demonstrated, proven as such.

    If the McCanns truly believe they have been harmed and can prove it - why the need to resort to having their witnesses lie on their behalf in a Court of Law?

    That tells us all we need to know.

    1st September 2013 Isabel was confident of winning.

    27th September 2013 her confidence had hit rock bottom - Enter Gerry McCann

  2. Excellent comment No. 1. Well done you.

  3. Let's be clear, Mr McCann. You have said that the Portuguese Justice Archiving Report "CLEARED" you of involvement in Maddy's disappearence. Now Mr Amaral's book was not published until AFTER the Archiving Report was published. So how can you now claim that you had to "defend" yourselves from the book's suggestions, (Mrs Hubbard testimony) when you claim you were already "cleared"???

    I hope Mr Amaral's lawyer is aware of this!

  4. A arrogância deste grupinho, incluindo a advogada, é gritante. Como é que ela pode dizer publicamente que está confiante na vitória? Parece um treinador de futebol a falar. Esqueceu-se que na base de tudo está uma criança que é a principal vitima, e não apenas o desejo de vingança dos pais.
    Podemos deduzir das palavras desta espécime, que o jogo está viciado e já negociou uma vitória garantida?
    O cliente fez uma triste figura ao tentar fazer-se de vitima e culpar o tribunal ou Portugal por não ter conseguido testemunhar. Já sabia que não o podia fazer. Não fez o pedido com antecedência suficiente. Então para que foi o numero? E não houve um jornalista com t**** para o confrontar com tal facto.
    Adorei vê-lo tratar M Brunt pelo nome. Nas entrelinhas se vê as intimidades que viciam todo este caso.

  5. Vou gostar de ver a cara desta senhora, quando testemunhas idóneas e com autoridade desmontarem em tribunal as declarações feitas oficialmente pelos Tapas 9 à PJ. Falo de Moita Flores, Paulo Sargento e Hernani Carvalho. Quero ver o cerebro desta pedante a mirrar para justificar aquilo que a ciência e anos de experiência em investigação criminal, não engolem como possivel ou passivel de ser provado.
    Obriguem-na a mostrar que os clientes que representa não mentiram. Levem o tribunal a requerer a reconstituição oficial da noite do crime e convidem o Gerry a arranjar um hipotético raptor para passar a janela com uma hipotética Maddie. Afinal, é para que todo o publico possa continuar a procurar Madeleine. Ou a busca da filha, não merece o esforço da reconstituição oficial?

  6. When the Lisbon Appellate Court overturned the decision of the court which banned the book and once the Supreme Court rejected the McCann’s appeal, they knew that their chances of winning a defamation trial were practically zero. That is why the McCann entourage tried to intimidate Mr. Amaral into an out of court settlement. Mr. Amaral did not buy into their game because he also knows that in the long run they cannot win, no matter what decision is handed down by this court. The appellate court decision rendered this trial unnecessary. Even if for some inexplicable reason this court rules in the McCann’s favour, the decision will be overturned. Even if Scotland Yard makes a timely announcement that they have apprehended their man, it will not change anything in legal terms.

  7. Anon @1 Excellent tis all I need to say.

  8. @3 The McCanns claim the "search" for Maddie was damaged by the book. The "search" or rather the official police investigation had already stopped when the process was archived due to the lack of cooperation of the McCanns and their Tapas friends.

    The McCanns had a deadline of 20 days to oppose the archival of the process, they didn't. The McCanns could have requested to be constituted as assistants to the process in order to reopen the investigation, they didn't. The McCanns had 6 years to at any time reopen the process by making a number of actions that would have forced the Portuguese police to investigate what was left to do at the time of the archival of the case, they didn't.

    The Book didn't damage their private search that went on for 6 years, full of fake sightings around the world and dodgy detectives.

    The Book didn't damage the Scotland Yard/Met review of the investigation made by the Portuguese police in cooperation with their English counterparts.

    The Book didn't damage the McCanns fund - because this is really what the McCanns care about - it was the fact that they became suspects in their daughter's disappearance that damaged their propaganda and money-grubbing fund.

    Finally, the Book does not damage the McCanns personality rights, prosecutors and judges where very clear about that:

    «(...) In possession of that new data, and crossing it with the data that had been collected before, the Portuguese authorities - the Public Ministry and the Judiciary Police - tried to perform a reconstitution of the facts, they did and tried everything, but due to the lack of availability of the McCann couple and their friends, who did not show up, said diligence could not be performed and those facts still remain to be clarified.

    Concerning that matter, it is written in the final dispatch that “(…) despite the fact that the national authorities took all measures to render their travelling to Portugal possible, due to motives that are unknown, after the many doubts that they raised concerning the need and the opportunity of their travelling were clarified several times, they chose not to show up, which rendered the diligence impossible to perform.

    We believe that the main damaged party were the McCann arguidos, who missed the possibility to prove what they have protested since they were made arguidos: their innocence towards the fateful event; the investigation was also hindered, because said facts remain unclear (…)”.

    In any case, the fact is that the indications that were mentioned above were sufficient to make the McCann couple arguidos.

    The subsequent collection and production of evidence, namely the forensics evidence that was collected and treated in laboratory, weakened that conviction and thus the couple stopped being arguidos.


  9. What is certain is that since the start of the investigation there were incongruent and even contradictory situations concerning the witness statements; the telephone records of calls that were made and received on mobile phones that belonged to the couple and to the group of friends that were on holidays with them; the movements of people right after the disappearance of the little girl was noticed, concerning the state in which the bedroom from where the child disappeared from was found (closed window? open window? partially open window?) etc., and the mystery would only become even thicker due to the clues that were left by the already mentioned sniffer dogs.

    All of this is reported in detailed manner in the book that is at stake here, reproducing the contents of some of the case files, which also had an effect on the above mentioned final dispatch that was signed by two Public Ministry Magistrates.

    In the book, we do not verify any reference to any facts that are not in that dispatch.

    Where the author differs from the Prosecutors who have written the dispatch, is in the logical, police-work-related and investigative interpretation that he does of those facts.

    In that aspect, we stand before the exercise of freedom of opinion, which is a domain in which the author is an expert, as he was a criminal investigator for 26 years. (...)


  10. (...) Concerning the applicants’ reservation of private life, we verify that they themselves have given numerous interviews and intervened in the media, thus giving them [the media] information that would hardly be publicised by any other means: this includes the documentary that was produced by the British TV station “Channel 4”, which had the applicants’ cooperation and was widely broadcast in the United Kingdom and later on in Portugal (ref. Nos. 32 to 35 of the aforementioned proven facts); one should pay attention to the fact that the applicants have easy access to the national and international media, having given an interview to North American television talk show “Oprah” hosted by the well-known Oprah Winfrey, which was already broadcast in Portugal, also by SIC, on the 4th of May, 2009, and again on the 12th of May (ref. No. 40 of the same facts).

    (...) We conclude that the applicants voluntarily decided to limit their right to the intimacy of private life, certainly envisaging higher values like the discovery of their daughter Madeleine’s whereabouts, but upon voluntarily limiting that right, they opened the doors for other people to give their opinion about the case, in synchrony with what they were saying, but also possibly in contradiction with their directions, yet always within the bounds of a legitimate and constitutionally consecrated right to opinion and freedom of expression of thought.

    We do not see that the right of the book’s author, the defendant, can be limited by a right to the reservation of intimacy that suffered voluntary limitations by their holders, the applicants.

    In the same way, concerning the applicants’ right to image and a good name: upon placing the case in the public square and giving it worldwide notoriety, the applicants opened all doors to all opinions, even those that are adversarial to them.

    In any case, we understand that the allegation of facts that are profusely contained in the judicial inquiry and that were even published through an initiative of the Republic’s Attorney General’s Office, can in no way be seen as an offence against the right to image and a good name of the subjects in the process.

    Finally, concerning the damage to the right to usufruct from the penal process’ guarantees, namely the right to a fair investigation and the right to freedom and safety, we still cannot understand how it is possible for said rights to be offended by the contents of a book that describes facts from the investigation, although it parts from the interpretation that the Public Ministry’s Magistrates made of those facts, yet offering based, solidly built and logical interpretations.

    We thus reach a point where it seems to be important to stress the following: the indicative facts that led to the applicants’ constitution as arguidos within the inquiry were later on not valued by the Public Ministry’s Magistrates in order to lead to a criminal accusation, but those very same facts, seen through another prism and with another base, may lead to a different conclusion from that which was attained by those same Magistrates – those are indications that were deemed to be insufficient in terms of evidence in a criminal investigation, but they can be appreciated in a different way, in an interpretation that is legitimate to be published as a literary work, as long as said interpretation does not offend any fundamental rights of anyone involved – and we have written above already why we understand that said interpretation does not offend the applicants’ rights.»


  11. Ah, Ah, Dear ID,
    If you lost,
    Your career in Portugal is over and your clients will be forced to pay all the bills from that libel and all the damages they caused to all people they so hardly tried to gagg. From those, I highlight only two, Gonçalo Amaral and Tony Bennet. But I believe, there is more people just waiting for the final step.
    The Fund and their mansion in Rothley will be not enough to pay all the game. Maybe Mrs Hubbard, MW and all the pro witnesses, should put some money aside to help their friends go through the coming bills.


    Contrary to Isabel A. Dias opinion I am confident of you loosing, otherwise the Portuguese Appelate Court decision would not have made any sense, would it?

    Stick to jogging! All this attention-seeking is damaging your reputation.

  13. Did not Kate, by refusing to answer the 48 questions put to her by the PJ, damage the search for Madeleine? The intelligence provided if she had answered the questions, would have enhanced the chances of finding her daughter. She conceded that her refusal damaged the investigation, didn't she?

  14. Of course one would have to prove that those who read the book believed in its findings and THEN stopped looking for little Maddie, How would one quantify that?
    Has anyone, scientific analyst per say, been contacted to provide back up?

    Lol at she is going to win. That made me laugh the first time. So, anyway, this is NOT about searching for their daughter- it is about Libel- good name= Money!

    This is about their good name-v- Freedom of speech. oh,um,err. I'm not sure...

    TM have proved time and time again they are profound pathological liars,

    They have also proved beyond reasonable doubt that they find people asking 'awkward' questions to be contemptible" (f***king t****ssers)".

    They have also publically displayed their complete lack of empathy for others suffering ESPECIALLY their children! ( it is widely known that the children especially Maddie had problems sleeping even before she went on this holiday- knowing this: they left them night after night alone in a strange country- strange unfamiliar surroundings-not being able to communicate- barely English- but certainly not Portuguese in case of danger). EVEN after Little Maddie challenged them after one such episode.

    Cold, calculating, manipulative, self centered people would think this was 'normal' behaviour, and... they WORRY about their 'good name'. They lost that a long, long time ago!

    What will they win?????? Will it bring their daughter back safely-unharmed? Hmm who knows...


    Miss Taken Identity

  15. I think that the Yard and the PJ will be ready before the libel hearing is finished; Martin Brunt is talking about Lisbon allowing the Met police to collect their own evidence. This means that the Met have evidence in Portugal and they need it to start something otherwise they would not have asked for it. Are they bringing that evidence to London and I wonder what it could be. Strong enough to charge the responsible ones?
    Maybe a photo of the body, perhaps they found Gerry's missing bag and photographed every object that they found in, maybe monitors with finger prints on.
    I think that photos can be evidence too.

    Astro, thank you for your good work. You do great too.
    Joana, welcome.

  16. Thank you Anon.1 and Anon. 3 you have tilted our world back to equilibrium from being McCanntiled!

    How easy it is to be swayed from right to wrong and from Truth to Lies.

    TM are so adept at this media control that they forgot that what you say in the past will come back to bite you. It served its purpose and they may have just convinced us all but they forgot about the Internet and GA and TB who were honest and true men and would not be cowed.

    The Truth marches on.

  17. Jerry Lawton ‏@JerryLawton 3m
    Gerry #McCann flying to Portugal hoping to give evidence at £1m libel trial of ex-cop who alleged he covered up daughter Madeleine's death

    Jerry Lawton ‏@JerryLawton 1m
    Also set to give evidence at Lisbon libel trial tomorrow is Kate #McCann mum Susan and Gerry's sister Trish

  18. Good old Express ... well whatever you'd like to call it. Firm supporters of the front page splash of ANYTHING McCann and all the better if they can publish a picture of Madeleine.

    Todays topic: lst September 2013
    “Kate and Gerry do not have to give evidence so they do not need to be here. I am confident of winning.''

    Complete with and compare to:
    Express lst September (although I note: Sun 1 Sept ??)

    ''The hearing could not come at a worse time, however, as Scotland Yard detectives begin work in the Algarve to try to solve the six-year-old ­mystery of Madeleine’s disappearance. The Sunday Express understands officers have advised the couple not to attend the civil hearing.

    They believe Kate and Gerry’s presence would provoke a media circus and could seriously damage their sensitive work on Portuguese soil.''

    You have the complete two reason's & excuse why NEITHER of them, were going to go.

    So, it's so mind boggling that they did, although Mrs McCann might have been prompted to support her mother - although she's not been heard yet.

    The article implies officers, as in MET - of course that is it implies.

    So if the MET are currently working on sensitive areas of the investigation, don't the McCanns ever listen to advice. Well, that is of course if they are actually ever given any, since you have to wonder what sort of advice they get.

    And so the saga continues. If the new law applies it applies and the McCanns if they have requested, should be heard. That's the law. But they should have done it before the hearing started. If it's not retrospective this needs to be made clear, else we will never hear the end of it, if they lose.

    But I think if there is a new alignment of witnesses & witness statements, the judge should consider halting the hearing completely and set a new date, which runs consecutively so this performance can't be repeated, although it has been unfortunately plague with exceptional circumstances, but it has lost momentum.

    Again, thanks for the opportunity to discuss


  19. ESTIMADA ISABEL A. DIAS (nome fictício para garantir o anonimato)

    O que a terá levado a opinar a certeza dos Britânicos irem ganhar este jogo "fora de casa"?
    Terá sido a presença de todos aqueles VIPs convidados no Palácio - que mais pareciam um grupo uni-sexo de "joggers" e "hooligans" ?

    Achou que a juíza se deixaria impressionar, tal como a senhora obviamente se deixou, com toda aquela estrangeirada e um ou outro mercenário Português pagos pelo Fundo?

    Achou mesmo que ela iria sentir o mesmo dever de servir os Britânicos que a senhora A. Dias tão obviamente sente? Coitada!

    Ao que parece, a juíza gostou tanto dos VIPs que ate deu "ordem de marcha" a uma testemunha "surda-muda" e adiou aquela sessão da tarde dando-lhes de imediato a entender o respeito que todos aqueles "come-ons" lhe mereciam!

    A juíza Melo e Castro pareceu-nos uma Portuguesa de gema! Sangue-azul e tudo. Fica anotada para a Ordem do Infante (...)

    Não! não! Estou a laborar em erro? Então o que terá sido?

    Terá sido a decisão anterior do Tribunal de Apelação acerca deste assunto ou a esperança de que a "infamosa" Scotland Yard iria aparecer de braço dado com Madeleine ou melhor ainda, com um novo "suspeito" - um Marciano? Um Venusiano? Um extra-galáctico? Deixe-se disso!

    Por acaso desconhece que os cães não mentem? De resto nem sequer saberiam como, mas... pobres de nos humanos que só sabemos mentir, mentir, mentir e depois procurarmos equacionar tudo em termos do simulacro, de simulações e de repressões jurídicas. Irrisório, não acha?

    Tenham um bom dia e fique com Deus (ou com o Diabo). Como preferir.

  20. May 12th, 2007. Grieving parents! Heart breaking : )


  21. I believed what the McCanns had to say when their daughter was reported missing. I didn't donate to them and I didn't look for their daughter though. I didn't share any information for them either. I have spent a lot of time reading and listening to what the McCanns have said and I have changed my view and believe she wasn't abducted.
    So, I didn't look then and I don't look now. No change as far as I'm concerned and this is maybe the case for many.

    I may be wrong but I suspect the only way they could possibly try to measure the publics reaction to Amaral's book is by the donation status....i.e. it dropped perhaps? As soon as translations were filtering through, the fund income slowed down? Anyway, if it is, how can they say that without it looking bad for them?

  22. Anyone know if the Jill Havern forum is down?? Thanks.

  23. JH forum appears to be down - anyone able to access it?

  24. bonsoir tout le monde
    je suis désolée d'écrire pour vous demander quelque chose pour un autre forum : jillhavern forum n'est plus accessible, savez-vous pourquoi, s'il vous plaît ????

  25. @22/23/24 Seems to be up and running http://jillhavern.forumotion.net

  26. je vois que je ne suis pas la seule à chercher à savoir, mais merci d'avoir publié ma demande

  27. @15 To believe that the SY/MET review is actually being done to find out and bring justice for Madeleine is the same as believing in Santa Claus. Do remember that said review was ordered as a political manoeuvre, after being forced upon Cameron by Brooks. Over 5 million pounds wasted in a farcical review, that so far has only named as persons of interest people the PJ had already dully investigated and dismissed. The sooner they end the farce the better.

  28. Thank you Joana - but http://jillhavern.forumotion.net is not running in the UK! :(

  29. merci joana, il ne fonctionne toujours pas, mais de toute façon, entre vous, textusa, mac cann files, je crois que je vais pouvoir attendre demain matin !!!
    toutes mes pensées vont vers Monsieur Amaral, ce brave homme qui a bien fait de leur tenir tête aux mac cann
    en espèrant que Sy arrive à les coincer !! merci Joana, vous êtes un amour.

  30. Re J H Forum - thank you for your reply Joanna but the forum is inaccessible from UK. 'The Server cannot be found' is what pops up every time I try to access it.

  31. @29/30 I was able to log on in the forum, left a message to one of the moderators pointing to your comments. Hope they can sort the problem quickly.

  32. Thank you very much for contacting JH forum Joana. Perhaps it is just the UK populace who are not allowed access!

  33. Thank you Joana you're a real treasure!!

  34. Joana - thank you for your magic - JH forum is now running in UK!!

  35. All up and running now in the UK - many, many, thanks dear Joana, as we join with you wishing Mr. Amaral a very Happy Birthday for tomorrow as he continues in his quest of seeking justice for Madelene.

  36. Hello everyone, panic over...the forum seems to be back again. I really thought it'd been Carter-Rucked. Well, it seems to be ok for me anyway, I went into my firewall settings and clicked on restore settings. But if other people are having problems with it then it must be a forumotion glitch. Thank you Joana and everyone else for your help xx

  37. You are all very welcome :) Thank you as well Jill (@jkh) for hosting a platform where everyone is welcome to discuss the case. xox

  38. I had same problem re JH forum. Must admit I thought it was black ops. All good now. Thanks for letting admin know. Here's to Truth and Justice and a very brave man. Mr Amaral I wish you well.

  39. 350,000 EUROS DE BÓNUS? BONÉ!

    Joana, tenho o pressentimento que a Dra. Isabel Duarte não encontrou pela frente o tipo de juíza que esperava ou que lhe tinham prometido! Ou seja, um tipo de juíza que (como outras anteriores) conviesse aos interesses dos seus clientes Britânicos.

    Fartava-me de rir se os ricaços Britânicos perdessem e, o pobre do nosso Amaral ganhasse!

    Os onerarios dela por certo já cantam no banco. Só esses, dar-me-iam p'ra viver bem uns bons cinco anos - vida de champanhe, diga-se de passagem; mas o bónus, ah esse? boné!

    Estou informado por intermédio de uma velha amiga advogada, em Lisboa, que o bónus "normal" nestes casos ronda (no mínimo) 30% do valor em causa. Quer dizer que, neste caso, a Dra. Isabel Duarte receberia 350,000 Euros de bónus. Nada mau, hein?

    Infelizmente tudo indica que a Dra. ID vai perder a reforma! Pena mesmo.

    350,000 euros davam para varias bengalas de marfim incrustadas a ouro e diamantes para não falar de uma cadeirinha de rodas com Hi-Fi, Wi-Fi, TV satélite, bidé e turbina a jacto!

    Pelo menos este era o meu sonho quando me reformei. O dela poderá ser diferente. Mais refinado. Menos areado.... onde e que eu ia?................................................

    Ah! Agora não esquecer que os McCanns terão de pagar as custas do processo, mercenários, testemunhas, etc. para não falar das "compensações" a outra parte, se for caso disso - refiro-me ao nosso pobre amigo Dr. Gonçalo Amaral.

    Outra coisa Joana, sabe por acaso quem e a juíza Melo e Castro? E conhecida? Qual o curriculum dela? Não deve de ser qualquer juíza!

    Para já, não se deixou impressionar com aquela estrangeirada toda; depois deu-lhes o desprezo que mereciam; não aparece de tarde ("para dores de cabeça chegou-me a manhã!"); decide cancelar outra sessão quando a meritíssima Dr. Isabel Duarte queria que ela procedesse a todo o custo com ou sem o advogado de defesa (Querias!); manda uma testemunha Britânica, embuchada sair da sala, proíbe outra "come on" de ler e/ou fazer referencia ao livro "Madeleine" da queixosa; manda lixar a esperteza saloia do Marinho Pinto, eu sei lá!

    Puxa! esta mulher deve de ser tipo "padeira de Aljubarrota!" e eu, se fosse ao Jerri e a Keite amanhã, não levantava muito cabelo em frente dela... não vão ter de sair os dois a trote de "jogging"!

    :t Otelo

  40. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/7518361.stm

    «I hope Amarals team mention the following comments from Kate

    30 seconds in, Kate McCann appears to me to blow their current claims out of the water. Speaking of the arguido status, she says:

    ''Equally it has been devastating to witness the detrimental effect this status has had on the search for Madeleine''

    Dated 21st July 2008, and prior to the publication of Amaral's book.

    At around 1'45'' onwards she is then asked a question by a journalist, and responds ''I truly believe it has had a very negative effect on the search for Madeleine''»


  41. @15 How did you go from « Scotland Yard has spent two years reviewing the Portuguese police files and has identified 38 individuals "of interest" who they believe could be potential suspects.

    British detectives are awaiting permission from Lisbon to begin collecting their own evidence. http://news.sky.com/story/1147315/madeleine-mccann-gerrys-evidence-stalled» to «Martin Brunt is talking about Lisbon allowing the Met police to collect their own evidence. This means that the Met have evidence in Portugal and they need it to start something otherwise they would not have asked for it. Are they bringing that evidence to London and I wonder what it could be. Strong enough to charge the responsible ones?
    Maybe a photo of the body, perhaps they found Gerry's missing bag and photographed every object that they found in, maybe monitors with finger prints on.
    I think that photos can be evidence too.»

    Evidence could simply mean witnesses statements ie testimonial evidence not physical evidence as explained here http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2013/08/maddie-pj-jalready-has-rogatory-letter.html Also SY cannot act or make any questionings in Portugal, they have to sit in while their Portuguese counterparts do the witnesses questionings just like Paulo Rebelo's team had when their rogatory letters were accepted back in April 2008. «In ten days a team of Portuguese investigators will travel to England, they will attend the interrogations, as the interrogations themselves will be done by the police officers of Leicester. “We can only hear, analyse the expressions of the persons and suggest some questions that do not appear in the rogatory letter”.» http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2008/02/taxi-driver-story-and-rogatory-letter.html

  42. «@13 Did not Kate, by refusing to answer the 48 questions put to her by the PJ, damage the search for Madeleine? The intelligence provided if she had answered the questions, would have enhanced the chances of finding her daughter. She conceded that her refusal damaged the investigation, didn't she?»

    «The 48 questions Kate McCann wouldn't answer - and the one she did


    Q. Are you aware that in not answering the questions you are jeopardising the investigation, which seeks to discover what happened to your daughter?

    A. 'Yes, if that’s what the investigation thinks.'»


  43. Otelo, aonde e que uma pessoa pode comprar uma cadeirinha de rodas com Hi-Fi, Wi-Fi, TV satélite, bidé e turbina a jacto? Quanto custa uma coisa dessas, alguns 30 mil euros? Talvez haja um modelo mais barato, um que vem sem bide.

  44. The first newspaper to publish online the McCanns press release, expect its variants to get worst in the Daily Mail, The Sun, Star, Mirror, etc.

    Madeleine McCann's father Gerry to fly out for libel case

    Gerry McCann wants to give evidence in his family's libel case against former police chief Goncalo Amaral

    02 October 2013

    Missing Madeleine McCann's father will return to a Portuguese court today in the hope that he can give evidence at his family's libel case against a former local police chief.

    Gerry McCann wants to give evidence in the case against Goncalo Amaral, who published a book making allegations about Madeleine's disappearance in May 2007.

    The McCanns say the former detective's claims in the book The Truth Of The Lie, including suggestions that they hid their daughter's body after she died in an accident and faked an abduction, damaged the hunt for Madeleine and exacerbated her family's anguish.

    If successful in the case - brought on behalf of Mr and Mrs McCann and their twins Sean and Amelie - the family stands to gain around £1 million in damages.

    Mr McCann was left frustrated after flying to Portugal last week, when proceedings were adjourned because one of Mr Amaral's lawyers could not be present.

    The doctor will return to the Palace of Justice in Lisbon today, when the case resumes, in the hope that he will be allowed to give evidence.

    He will travel to the Portuguese capital with his sister Trish Cameron and Kate McCann's mother Susan Healy, who are both expected to appear as witnesses in the case.

    Mrs McCann attended the court last month on the first day of the case where she told reporters she was in Portugal to "stop the damage" she believes was being caused to the search for her daughter.

    The court has heard how she had suicidal thoughts after Mr Amaral claimed she had covered up her daughter's death.

    Psychologist Alan Pike said that after the publication of the former police chief's book in July 2008, Mrs McCann "thought about not being around anymore".

    It is not thought that Mrs McCann will travel to Portugal with her husband today.

    Madeleine, who was then nearly four, disappeared from her family's holiday apartment in Praia da Luz in the Algarve on May 3 2007 as her parents dined at a nearby restaurant with friends.

    Mr Amaral, the detective who initially led the inquiry into Madeleine's disappearance, was removed from the Portugese investigation in October 2007 after criticising the British police.

    British detectives launched a fresh investigation into the youngster's disappearance in July this year - two years into a review of the case - and believe she could still be alive.

    The Portuguese investigation into Madeleine's disappearance is official closed.

    The case, in which Mr Amaral denies defamation, is expected to finish hearing evidence in November.


  45. Today's Gonçalo's birthday.
    Just in case you want to drop him a message:

    Parabéns: Congratulations/Happy Birthday
    Feliz Aniversário: Happy Birthday
    Felicidades: All the best


    or http://pjga.blogspot.com/

  46. Happy Birthday Goncalo Amaral! I hope today is a good day and you can spend time with your family later. Feel blessed that you have all of your children and they love you. You are a good role model for them. No matter what, you stood up for truth and defended your family name.

  47. Madeleine McCann father attends Lisbon libel trial
    By The Associated Press 2:37 a.m.Oct. 2, 2013

    LISBON, Portugal — The father of missing British girl Madeleine McCann is at a Lisbon court where he hopes to testify in the family's libel case against a former Portuguese detective.

    The McCanns are seeking 1.2 million euros ($1.6 million) in damages from Goncalo Amaral, whose 2008 book alleged they were involved in their daughter's disappearance.

    Amaral was part of the police investigation into Madeleine's disappearance from a vacation home in Portugal's Algarve region in 2007, days before her fourth birthday.

    Gerry McCann said outside the court he would "listen to what the judge has to say and hope to be heard." He planned to speak last week but the trial was adjourned.

    Portuguese police closed the case in 2008 after failing to find out what happened to Madeleine.

    The Associated Press

  48. The Manchester Evening News is carrying, tonight, a bold photograph of 'The 4 world headline-makers today':


    They are:

    Gerry McCann

    and also:

    Barack Obama

    David Cameron, and

    Katy Perry.

  49. Marinho Pinto adia eleições na Ordem

    Bastonário, que não se recandidata, acusado de querer perpetuar-se no poder da instituição

    Marinho Pinto decidiu ontem adiar as eleições da Ordem dos Advogados (OA), marcadas para 29 de novembro, alegando que não foi apresentada nenhuma lista ao Conselho Deontológico da Madeira. O adiamento surpreendeu os advogados, que não poupam nas críticas ao bastonário, que cumpre o último mandato.

    "É uma manobra desesperada de uma nomenclatura que se quer perpetuar no poder", disse ao CM Vasco Marques Correia, candidato a bastonário. "A ser verdade, dir-se-á que não é possível, em termos democráticos, uma verdadeira perpetuação para além do mandato", diz também Jerónimo Martins, outro dos seis candidatos. Já Guilherme Figueiredo, que também concorre ao lugar de Marinho, diz não ter dúvidas de que o argumento do bastonário não é válido, uma vez que as eleições têm de decorrer ao mesmo tempo "para os que concorrem", avisando que a Ordem não pode paralisar.

    Marinho cumpre o segundo e último mandato, mas apoia Elina Fraga, que contestou no tribunal administrativo penas disciplinares que lhe foram aplicadas, aguardando ainda uma decisão.


  50. Sky News

    Madeleine: Gerry McCann 'Hopes To Be Heard'
    Madeleine's father arrives in Lisbon to give evidence in the family's libel trial against former police chief Goncolo Amaral.

    Gerry McCann has arrived in the Palace of Justice in Lisbon to give evidence against a former police chief accused of making allegations about the disappearance of his daughter.

    The McCanns say former detective Goncolo Amaral is hindering the search for Madeleine after publishing a book which claimed they hid their daughter's body after faking her abduction.
    Goncalo Amaral Kate and Gerry McCann pose with a computer generated image of how their missing daughter Madeleine might look now, during a news conference in London Mr Amaral has denied libelling the McCanns in his book

    Mr Amaral, who first led the investigation into Madeleine's disappearance before being removed in 2007 after criticising British detectives, has denied defaming the McCanns in his book, The Truth Of The Lie.

    Arriving at the court with his sister Trish Cameron and Kate McCann's mother Susan Healy, Mr McCann told waiting reporters: "We are here to listen to the judge and hopefully be heard."
    Kate McCann speaks with journalists after she leaves the court in Lisbon Kate McCann speaks to journalists after attending court in September

    Mr McCann was left frustrated after flying to Portugal last week only for proceedings to be adjourned because one of Mr Amaral's lawyers could not be present.

    Kate McCann attended court last month on the first day of the case where she told reporters she was in Portugal to "stop the damage" she claims was being caused to the search for her daughter.

    The court heard how she had suicidal thoughts after Mr Amaral, who initially led the investigation into Madeleine's disappearance, claimed she had covered up her daughter's death.
    Madeleine McCann Madeleine has not been found since she went missing in 2007

    Psychologist Alan Pike said that after the publication of the former police chief's book in 2008, Mrs McCann "thought about not being around anymore".

    Although the Portuguese investigation into Madeleine's disappearance is now officially closed, British detectives who believe she could be alive have launched a fresh investigation into the case.

    If successful in their claim the family could secure £1m in damages. The case is expected to finish hearing evidence in November.

  51. Estimado Guerra.

    Trata-se de uma cadeirinha experimental feita de titanium (banhada a ouro) e equipada com um motor solar de turbina!

    O assento "contour" e feito do mesmo material usado nos vai-vens espaciais. Conforto máximo. Amortecedores "Nakata De Luxe".

    Preço varia entre os modelos "Chiquita" (Urbano) e o "Pumba" (Todo-o-Terreno) - 83,232 e 102,213 Euros, respectivamente.

    NB O bidé, tal como o micro-ondas e o mini-bar, são opcionais.

    Tanto quanto sei, a Dra. ID ainda não colocou a sua encomenda ("Chiquita"?) dai o escaparate dos 350,000 do bónus que ela, provavelmente, não ira receber...

    :t Otelo


    #50 "Bastonário, que não se recandidata, acusado de querer perpetuar-se no poder da instituição."

    Ditador? O Homem nem sequer tem altura regulamentar para cumprir serviço militar!

    E preciso não esquecer que o Dr.Galito (que e amicíssimo da Dra.Galinácea) apenas procura manter os seus privilégios mais dois ou três meses na esperança de poder fazer (o que normalmente faz) no julgamentos associados aos seus clientes Britânicos.

    A Melo e Castro porem topou a jogada e deu-lhe com um cartão amarelo "size:poster" para os míopes Ingleses verem bem.


  53. Seems Gerry McCann was unable to testify according to what I'd written in this post reg. laws http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2013/09/why-was-gerry-mccann-in-portugal.html Trish, Gerry McCann's sister testified.

  54. Judge will decide until the 10th of the current month if Gerry McCann will be able to testify or not.

  55. Mrs. Healy tried to testify but was unable because Isabel Duarte, the McCanns lawyer, had already given up her as witness. Eduardo Dâmaso will testify in the afternoon.

  56. quote Mrs. Healy tried to testify but was unable because Isabel Duarte, the McCanns lawyer, had already given up her as witness. Eduardo Dâmaso will testify in the afternoon. unquote
    Oops, that will affect the relationship between K & G badly, won't it?

  57. @57,this is a plan by Duarte,she is really making herself look stupid and I don't think she is,so beware, what else has she and the mccanns got up their sleeves.

  58. We mus not get over excited imagining things are going poor Amaral's way. Money and ideology always talk louder than truth and justice. It is important NEVER to loose track of that! This is all a publicity stunt. Just an hunch.

    Isabel Duarte knows the rules. Gerry came over for other reasons and stir up publicity. Obviously.

    The media in the UK is already painting him as a victim of the incompetent and prejudiced Portuguese justice system. Let's hope the judge is immune to all this... from what we have read so far she comes through as that kind of woman. Good on her.


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