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Cameron forces investigation to the Maddie case

Exaro investigation reports (2012) on Cameron, News International and the Met review

Direct pressure from the English prime minister
Six elements of the PJ sent to investigate in the Algarve after paedophilia lead

by Henrique Machado and Catarina Gomes Sousa

The Judiciary police have deployed six inspectors to carry out inquests in Portugal, in the scope of Maddie's disappearance in Praia da Luz, Algarve, in May 2007, in the sequence of the investigation that Scotland Yard is doing in England. The decision follows a rogatory letter sent to the Attorney General's Office last month - and these inquests, as the CM found out, relate to a avenue of investigation that points to paedophile rings operating in the area of the Algarve.

The relaunch of the whole investigation results from the direct intervention of the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, which led to 'Operation Grange' conducted by the London Metropolitan Police. Portugal was one of 31 countries to receive a rogatory letter to carry out investigations.

CM asks [Poll]
Do you believe that Maddie can still be found?

"The British authorities have dispatched a rogatory letter to Portugal, that was forward from the Portuguese Attorney General to the Judiciary Police in order to be fulfilled according to the usual procedures", explained the Judiciary Police national deputy director Pedro Carmo to CM without advancing further details.

Thus, inspectors from the Directorship of the Judiciary Police from Faro were deployed to carry out inquests which may include questioning witnesses.

Scotland Yard's avenue of investigation points towards the abduction theory, in a context of paedophilia. For months, investigators have reviewed all the leads and cross-referenced all the data about the case, in order to ascertain what really happened on May 3, 2007. It was under the scope of new results that came the need to listen to about 40 people, some of whom Portuguese.

In Portugal, however, the process can only be re-opened by the Attorney General, if there are new evidence after the witnesses are questioned.

in Correio da Manhã, 4 October 2013


CMTV, 4 October 2013

Channel 4, October 4 2013
«The situation is unheard of: two countries that opened inquiries into the same case, and after one of them archived it, the other keeps the investigation open and forces the first one to "reopen" the investigation. The Attorney General's Office sustains that "granting the execution of the request is justified by compliance with existing legal norms within the English and the Portuguese legal orders, and it is not impeded by the fact that the criminal case that was opened in Portugal is shelved". In an interview to DN newspaper, Alípio Ribeiro, who at the time of the disappearance was the PJ's national director, considers it to be "natural and understandable". As far as DN newspaper was able to establish, the PJ has not received the rogatory letter yet, and only after they know what the English police wants to clarify, can the necessary means to support the detectives from the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) be adjusted. According to the MPS, "it has been requested that a small number of British investigators would be present in Portugal to accompany these actions". According to sources that are following this process, said request has not been submitted to the PJ's National Directory, but that could happen at any moment. This investigation that the English started in 2011 and that also led to the creation of a team with inspectors from the PJ's Oporto Directory, in 2012, has had, according to the Metropolitan, "the full support of Great Britain's Government". Prime minister David Cameron, who was on holiday in the Algarve last week, expressed, at the start of the month, his satisfaction in the opening of the inquiry by the Scotland Yard. ""It is welcome because they say that there is new evidence, new leads to follow, new things to be done", he told The Telegraph. The Metropolitan's detectives, who can only participate as observers, as any intervention in the questioning that will be carried out is forbidden for them, wish to obtain the "anticipated fulfilment" of the diligences in this manner, keeping the information right away and thus avoiding that it has to be sent through the Portuguese General Attorney's Office.» in 'The PJ will conduct the questioning that was requested by the English police', August 3, 2013


  1. Whatever is this case really about?

  2. «David Hughes former media spokesperson for the McCanns has just been on radio to say he worked with mccanns early on and its sad that Madeleiene could have been found if only Redwoods team had been investigating instead of PJ. He said ALL leads have come from Redwoods teams thorough ,detailed work whereas Portuguese found nothing.»

    «Jim Gamble on BBC Radio 4, stated the phone records have never been properly investigated. In an investigation in the UK it would have been done immediately, he said the phone data was collected at the time but has never been appropriately investigated,

    Gamble: "We are where we are"»


    WE KNOW "Charles Patrick Evelyn "Charlie" Brooks (born 3 March 1963) is a British socialite, newspaper columnist, racehorse trainer and former jockey.

    WE KNOW "He is best known as the husband of Rebekah Brooks, former chief executive of News International.

    WE KNOW "The couple are seen as leading lights of the so-called 'Chipping Norton set', a politically influential clique close to the leadership of the Conservative Party. On 15 May 2012, Brooks and his wife were charged with perverting the course of justice." (Wikipedia)

    WE KNOW (keep your seat belts on!) "Included in the set and among Mr and Mrs Brooks's neighbours are Mr Clarkson, Rupert Murdoch's daughter Elisabeth and her husband PR boss Matthew Freud, Carphone Warehouse founder Charles Dunstone, Blur bassist Alex James and the Camerons, by virtue of the Prime Minister's nearby constituency in Witney, Oxfordshire and home in Dean." (Daily Telegraph).

    WE KNOW Clarence Mitchell worked for Freud Communications (see Matthew Freud above...)

    WE KNOW David Cameron exchanged some 150 dubious e-mails text messages with Rebekha Brooks...


    WE KNOW Clarence Mitchell is a candidate MP for Brighton and Hove. Sheer coincidence, YOU KNOW (...)


    WE KNOW David Cameron forced investigation to the Maddie Case.


    WE KNOW, but Little RED Riding WOOD is not paid to know OR perhaps he does not want to.

    WE KNOW Ideology does that kind of thing to people let alone those inserted in the Ideological State Apparatuses!



    @2 "He (Hughes) said ALL leads have come from Redwood teams thorough detailed work, whereas Portuguese found nothing." (words to that effect)

    :j WRONG!

    All leads come from Eddie and Keela - the forensic dogs and the McCanns and their friends lies and contradictions.

    Redwood has entered the realm of SIMULACRA AND SIMULATION!

    The PJ investigation was about REALITY. Scotland Yard's IS about HYPER-REALITY!

    Two different cups of tea!


  5. #2 "Gamble: "We are where we are"

    :o And where are you?

  6. Maddie McCann was snatched by an Algarve paedo ring according to police

    Gerard Couzens [and the rotatory letter]

    «PORTUGUESE cops working on behalf of the Metropolitan Police in the UK are focusing on the theory Madeleine McCann was snatched by an Algarve-based paedophile ring, it was claimed on Friday.

    A team of six Portuguese detectives are taking statements, searching police records and making other inquiries following a British police request for help, Met Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley revealed on Thursday

    Local reports said they were working on the premise Madeleine, who was three-years-old when she vanished from her family's holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, may have been a victim of paedophile rings operating in the area.

    Respected Portuguse daily Correio da Manha, quoting unnamed sources, said: "The work of the Policia Judiciaria inspectors is based on a line of investigation which points to paedophile rings operating in the Algarve." (...)»

  7. «(...) Kate McCann wrote of her fear her daughter was kidnapped by a paedophile in her May 2011 book on Madeleine's disappearance and the search for her.

    She accused Portuguese police of covering up a series of child abuse sex cases before Madeleine went missing.

    The McCanns were first warned of an alarming number of cases in the Algarve by British consul Bill Henderson.

    When police made public their files on the case in the summer of 2008, Kate discovered five cases of British children being sexually abused in their beds while on holiday and while their parents slept in another room.

    She wrote in her book: "It broke my heart to read the terrible accounts of these devastated parents and the experiences of their poor children.

    "What these cases do demonstrate however, is that British tourists in holiday accommodation were being targeted.

    "It is so hard not to scream from the rooftops about how these crimes appear to have been brushed under the carpet."

    She has also revealed she is tortured by a belief an abuser is responsible for her daughter's disappearance.

    She wrote in the book: "When Madeleine was first stolen, paedophiles were all we could think about, and it ate away at us.

    "The truly awful manifestation of what I was feeling was a macabre slideshow of vivid pictures in my brain that taunted me relentlessly.

    "I was crying out that I could see Madeleine lying, cold and mottled on a big grey stone slab.

    "The idea of a monster like this touching my daughter, stroking her, defiling her perfect little body, just killed me over and over again."

    Three paedophiles thought to have been in Portugal when Madeleine McCann vanished were said to have been put on a list of suspects British police drew up after announcing their review.

    They included two Brits. One, child molester Raymond Hewlett, died in 2010 from throat cancer after refusing to speak to investigators hunting for Madeleine McCann.

    One theory officers were said to be investigating was that Hewlett (64) snatched Madeleine to sell her to gypsies who were apparently trafficking children to Morocco. Scotland Yard has refused to discuss him.

    Urs Hans von Aesch, who shot himself dead after kidnapping and murdering five-year-old Ylenia Lenhard in his native Switzerland, has also been put in the frame over Madeleine.

    A new Portuguese police team was mobilised to make inquiries on missing Madeleine after Home Secretary Theresa May sent an official request for assistance to Portugal's Attorney General's office in July.

    The Algarve-based officers are understood to work for the Policia Judiciaria's Faro-based southern division, the same division tasked with the original probe into Madeleine's disappearance headed by disgraced former police chief Goncalo Amaral.

    He is currently being sued by Kate and Gerry over a controversial July 2008 book he wrote accusing them of covering up their daughter's death in their apartment by faking an abduction.

    British police were expected to work along Portuguese police on the new inquiries but that has so far failed to materialise.

    Pedro do Carmo, the Policia Judiciaria's National Deputy Director, refused to discuss the work Portuguese police were doing.

    He said: "British authorities sent a rotatory letter to Portugal which was forwarded by the Public Prosecution Service to the Policia Judiciaria so it could be complied with in the normal way."



    Joana could you please ask Astro if Anne Guedes has been "carter-rucked" or equivalent?

    Her unique reports from inside the Palace of Justice have suddenly stopped! Do you have an idea as to why? She was the ONLY journalist on the planet with guts to report from there, thus single-handedly counter-acting the massive campaign of reputation management launched by the British media on behalf of the McCanns.

    She was being nominated for the Pulitzer Prize! You already are! :d

  9. O'h dear, If they were to engage on the scale described, wouldn't it appear as though the Portuguese police have confidence in the abduction theory? Setting them apart from Goncarlo Amaral ? This would surely affect his chances of winning.

  10. Maddie 'was snatched by Algarve-based paedophile ring', Portuguese paper claims as police contact ALL tourists staying in Praia da Luz when she disappeared

    -Correio da Manha says new inquiry 'points to paedophile ring in Algarve'
    -A team of six Portuguese detectives are now said to be working on theory
    -Officers now plan to make a list of everyone who was at resort at the time
    -Anyone at Praia da Luz resort in 2007 may get a call from officers
    -A £5m case review lead to a 'new theory' about to be aired on Crimewatch
    -Appeal on October 14 will be first time McCann's and Portuguese police have stood side by side since parents were named as suspects in case

    By Rebecca Camber and Gerard Couzens
    PUBLISHED: 03:14, 4 October 2013 | UPDATED: 12:27, 4 October 2013

    Portuguese police are working on the theory that Madeleine McCann was snatched by a paedophile ring based in the Algarve region, it was claimed today.

    The daily newspaper Correio da Manha says a team of six Portuguese detectives are making further inquiries based on the premise that the three-year-old from Leicestershire was taken by a professional gang working in the popular tourist region.

    The report quoted unnamed sources saying: 'The work of the Policia Judiciaria inspectors is based on a line of investigation which points to paedophile rings operating in the Algarve.'

    The theory was put forward as it emerged that thousands of tourists worldwide are to get a call from police investigating the little girl's disappearance in 2007.
    Madeleine McCann has never been seen since she disappeared while on holiday with her family in 2007

    Daily Hail http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2443057/Madeleine-McCann-Scotland-Yard-trawls-phone-records-ALL-tourists-staying-Maddie-resort.html

  11. @8 Don't know, she was threatened by Isabel Duarte's assistant on twitter, but she is a strong and determined lady, not easily scared by twitter bullies. Also waiting for her report - it takes time to translate accurately, and court reports are definitely worth the wait and care of a good translation. https://twitter.com/RicardoCAfonso/statuses/385528271687147521

  12. #9 "wouldn't it appear as though the Portuguese police have confidence in the abduction theory? Setting them apart from Gonçalo Amaral ?"

    Yes it would appear so to the uninformed. That is what Clarence Mitchell/David Cameron/Scotland Yard "reputation management" (sic) is all about!

  13. @9 it is evident that Madeleine's search carries on by two police forces, that is clearly contradicting the McCanns allegation that Mr. Gonçalo Amaral's book has hampered the search for their daughter. That is their claim.

  14. ‏@JerryLawton
    Police using data from mobile phone cell sites to track up to 10,000 people in Praia da Luz when Madeleine #McCann disappeared

    OMG! Bloody ridiculous!

  15. And is up: McCann v Gonçalo Amaral libel hearing witness Patricia Cameron http://miscarriageofjustice.co/index.php?topic=2510.msg81864#new

    «a) Santos Oliveira (GA lawyer) questions
    SO – You said the book had a big effect on the McCanns. Have you knowledge of a Petition containing some 17,000 signatures which originated in the UK in January 2008, which demanded that Social Services investigate the family about the children being left alone?
    ID tries to protest against this question, but the Judge overrules.
    TC says she heard about it.
    SO – How did the McCanns react to that? In what state were they? TC says they were unhappy.
    SO – Do you know that 70% of the UK people, in August 2007, protested against the fact the McCanns had left their children alone? TC answers "no".
    SO – Did you know the UK police indicated that the child could be dead? TC answers "no".
    SO – Why do you assume that the book is conclusive? TC Because there's only one conclusion.
    SO – Have you knowledge of the process which made the McCanns arguidos? TC says the fact they were arguidos was public.
    SO clarifies and speaks of the Attorney General’s Final Report according to which the most likely scenario was that Madeleine was dead. TC says she's aware of that.
    SO asks if the witness is aware that the closing of the case was inconclusive because of lack of evidence and therefore recommended the lifting of the arguido status? TC answers "yes".
    SO – Then why was it worse when the book was published? TC – There's no alternative in the book. It says that Madeleine died accidentally and her parents tried to cover it up.
    SO – Last week, Amelie mentioned that they were talked about at school and that previously it had never happened. Does it have something to do with this trial? TC – Yes, it does.
    ID – When you were told about the Petition against the McCanns...
    The Judge corrects – for the Social Services
    ID – What do you know was done? TC doesn't know much. She knows that measures were taken against it, they went to Court. She doesn't know much more.
    The Judge – A senhora pode ir à vida = The lady may go back to her life
    TC says she wishes to say something. She states that Kate studied the PJ files and the process and said it was very different from what is in the book.
    SO protests and ID even more.
    The Judge overrules saying that it falls to the Court to compare the book and the investigation process and she does not need the intervention of the witness to do so.»

  16. Joana ...I understand if you do not wish to post up this ....but sometimes as you have done with some of the opera links - it helps just to take a few minutes out for ones sanity.

    This is my choice - to help me through the madness we are all witnessing.



  17. Thank you Mojo, not my style of music but appreciate the lyrics :)

  18. Surely Madeleine is the wrong age for a 'paedophile ring'?

  19. "The Judge overrules saying that it falls to the Court to compare the book and the investigation process and she does not need the intervention of the witness to do so."

    So, I gather that this court does not value the decision of the 3 appellate judges who diligently compared the book with the case files.

  20. @18 Have no idea. In any case if that had happened, the "marketing ploy" of Madeleine's eye blemish - the coloboma on her iris - used by the parents propaganda machine could have warrant a death sentence to the child as stated by the former president of the ASFIC/PJ [police officers union] Carlos Anjos in RTP Prós e Contras debate on the case in 2007.


    Inspector Carlos Anjos: Just allow me to tell you something. One aspect to this case is that, when it was promoted to the media dimension — and wrongly in our opinion — when the McCann couple launched the advertising campaign for their daughter — at the time we were addressing the abduction issue — Little Maddie had a visible sign, an extremely visible sign, in one of her eyes.

    If that situation had been of a abduction, it would have been terrible for the child. Because if that child were to be sold, or something other... She was as good as... it was her death sentence.

    That matter, that day, advertising that photo, was simply the death sentence of that child.

    (Debate hostess - The parents didn't take that into account, is that it?)

    inspector Carlos Anjos: Nobody took that into account.

  21. The Met have no real interest in holiday makers phone records, what they are trying to collect are the outstanding MW holiday brochures of 2007.

    They are unable to whitewash/clear the McCanns while somebody can come forward with a brochure which clearly shows the tapas meals WERE NOT included in the package. This blows the whole McCann story out of the water.

    The package and brochure show only meals at the Millenium were included.Everything else depends on this lie and the brochures were printed long before May 07.

    Imagine the press conference when somebody stands up waving this brochure and asks how do you explain this?

  22. BC Radio 4's Today programme with Jim Gamble [former Ceop/now Pact]


    By Nigel Moore

    Justin Webb: We live in an era of big data. Increasingly everything we do is available to be captured in digital form and stored, including, of course, our 'phone calls and the places we visit with a phone in hand. Which leads the police to the view that 'phone records may hold the key to solving the case of Madeleine McCann. The four-year-old who disappeared from a holiday villa in the Algarve, six years ago.

    Jim Gamble is the former chief executive of the Child Exploitation and Online protection centre. He reviewed the case, errr... back in 2009.

    Peter Sommer is, errr... an expert on cyber security and, errm... both of them join us now.

    Errm... Jim Gamble, first of all. On the issue of... of... of this data that the police are now interested in. When you conducted your review, were you aware of it? Did you become aware of it? Wher... where's it come from?

    Jim Gamble: Well, when we carried out was... what was a scoping review, errr... looking at any, errr... areas where there may have been gaps or things that... that could have been, and should have been, done, errr... this was one of them and the report was actually compiled in early 2010, errr... by myself and... and a team, and one of the key issues that was highlighted in that was that there had been a cell dump. So, a dump of information on the relevant days, errr... captured at the time but it appeared that it had never been properly, or appropriately, interrogated. So that was part of the report that... that we placed... or I placed before, errr... the current Home Secretary.

    Justin Webb: And why had it not been?

    Jim Gamble: Well, that's a question that... that I think others will have to reflect on now. The difficulty would have been at the beginning of the investigation they may have been extremely focussed on... on what they knew on the site. They may have followed particular lines of inquiry that led them to believe they didn't need to do it. I mean, this is going back over a period of time. It's complex, it was made more complex by the fact that you had a British family in Portuguese territory - the geography made it more difficult. In a... in an investigation in the UK, I would have expected this to have been done, errr... almost immediately.

    Justin Webb: How useful, Peter Sommer, is this material, potentially?

    Peter Sommer: Well, what you get, errr... what Jim Gamble referred to as a 'cell dump' - they're called 'call data records' - what you get in them, obviously you get the phone number, you get the identity of the SIM, the identity of the... the hardware identity of the, errr... handset, you obviously get the corresponding number whether you were calling it, or it was calling you, the start, the duration, but, in particular, the location of the cell site while your phone is working.

    Justin Webb: Ahh, and you do get that, even though it's 2007? Which, I mean, it wasn't that long ago...

    Peter Sommer: Yes, it's...

    Justin Webb: ...but light years ago in terms of technology.

    Peter Sommer: It's fundamental to how, errm... GSM works, errm... errr... errr... even then they would have recorded it, errm... under the EU Data Retention Directive, errm... all European mobile 'phone companies should be retaining this stuff for a period. Here in the UK at the moment it's retained for a year by the mobile 'phone company and can then be obtained by the police, so...

    Justin Webb: Just to be absolutely clear on this, you are saying that material should be there which will link a 'phone to places. In other words, including to the... the place where Madeleine disappeared?

  23. Peter Sommer: To the place. But the other problem is you then need to link the 'phone number to a real person and that's another set of problems. Errm... If it's a regular monthly... paid monthly contract, that's probably straightforward because the mobile 'phone company will have it. If it's a 'pay as you go' SIM, it's going to be difficult, errm... bear in mind that this is a tourist area, so you've got tourists, you've got hotel workers, as well as people who live there all the time. So there's going to be lots and lots of different mobile 'phone companies and lots and lots of different, errr... countries, errm... who may know the subscription... the subscribers of the individual 'phones but may not go... if it wasn't collected at the time, they may not necessarily know who had, errr... which 'phone number, errm... back in 2007.

    Justin Webb: Yeah, that's going to be so important, isn't it, Jim Gamble?

    Jim Gamble: Yeah, I mean, to be clear, errr... the Data Retention Directive for Europe, errr... was still at a very mat... errr... immature stage then.

    Peter Sommer: Yeah.

    Jim Gamble: The fact of the matter is that this data was collected at the time. So we're not going back and trying to find stuff, you know, historically by searching though 'needle in a haystack'. Over the period, the direct period, errr... when Madeleine McCann went missing, errr... this information... there was a... a cell site dump, there was comms data captured, as you would expect. The concerns that we had in the scoping review were that it had never been appropriately interrogated and I think that's the key here. The Metropolitan Police are now going to go back and go through this and use what was contemporary data, errr... probably in an appeal to get people to come forward.

    Justin Webb: Strange that it wasn't properly interrogated way back, errm... Jim Gamble, but also strange that it wasn't after you... you conducted your review and... and... drew the attention of people, including the Home Secretary, to... to these facts.

    Jim Gamble: Well, yeah, that's something that... that concerned me when the Prime Minister announced the... the, errr... review into the case by the Metropolitan Police and the... my report had been on the government's desk for almost a year, errm... all of the... the issues that we recommended i.e. that the Metropolitan Police carry out a review because they had the capacity and the capability, the issues around cell site, the issues around other forms of data that needed to be aggregated together. But we are where we are. I think there's a good working relationship between the Metropolitan Police and the Portuguese - that's a positive. And... and I think moving forward, Andy Redwood is an extremely professional senior investigating officer and it's looking more hopeful than it has for a long time.

    Justin Webb: Very briefly, Peter Sommer, you're... well, optimistic is a silly word to use but you... you think this... this use of this data can work? It has worked in previous cases.

    Peter Sommer: Well, it... as Jim says, errm... if this was a pure UK case it would be done, errr... almost instantly. If you go into, errr... any criminal court, errm... errr... look at the evidence bundles, errr... I would think in a very large number of cases you will find that cell site data is important, errm... to building up, errr... movements of people. It's a very, very important area. The problem is the, errm... multi-jurisdictional nature of it and, errm... gap of time and, errr... all one can do is, errm... wish Godspeed to the investigators.


  24. Having read the newspaper which is ridiculous, after six years the police come with this story they had already so many message from people they have seen Madeleine the police find out about it and it was not true, now they going to ask holiday people to come forward if they know something about Madeleine. I never know something stupid like that, when peple go on holiday they enjoy themselves and don't watch other people what they are doing. Mitchell and police should open the case and find out the real truth and not listen to McCann all the time and to the British government, lets hope Portugal keep for the truth because the British stick together. We think Maddie died in the flat, dogs do not lie. Has Mr Cameron given the police more taxpayers money to investigate the story.

  25. "The Judge overrules saying that it falls to the Court to compare the book and the investigation process and she does not need the intervention of the witness to do so.»"

    ..and so that is you told Mz McCann!

    The hype about the "investigation" is reaching phenomenal heights. Regarding the phone data dump. We: the British public are going to fund up a "reconstruction of events" on a famous crime watch programme on BBC. Government funded broadcaster( tax payers) . I Already have started on the wording of my complaint because we just know it will not be based on ACTUAL timeline scrawled on a book AND they will not show ALL of Jane Tanner's photo fit pictures. So now they have the protection of the SY Who are(we are not the lest surprised) investigating-implying there was an abduction by a gang of paedophiles. Going on Crime watch and having a senior Police officer is a message being sent to say they the PJ got it wrong- this will boost TM in the short term. How good is their timing? clever!

    ... but questions will be asked who gave up little maddie to the paedophiles? how did they gain access to her why not take all three children - too good to miss opportunity by A gang -GANG of them! Someone has gone to extraordinary lengths here but not thought it through...

    The book did not have an impact on the McCanns life which was already affected by their daughters disappearance, and their involvement of it ( being the parents who left her alone)- no medical evidence of their added 'suffering'.

    The book did not have an impact on people searching for their daughter- there continued to be 'sightings' and now two police forces along with other EU forces are 'investigating'- not to mention their own Private Investigators. There is also no evidence produced to prove that individuals énmass stopped looking for Maddie.

    I wonder what it is that Rebeka Brooke- who bullied DC INTO this situation- has over the Tories and others... they know all about phone tapping after all!

    @ 18 .. the wrong age for a paedophile ring would be 16= legal age. But I get the feeling you were not asking that question.

    MissTaken Identity

  26. ID – When you were told about the Petition against the McCanns...
    The Judge corrects – for the Social Services
    ID – What do you know was done? TC doesn't know much. She knows that measures were taken against it, they went to Court. She doesn't know much more.

    Does this mean there was yet another court case in respect of the petition?

  27. @26 It seems so, or maybe Trish was referring to when Madeleine was made a Ward of Court? But it seems this is a totally different matter, she's specific that it was related to the Social Services petition.

  28. @19 Quite clearly the judge was annoyed by the insistence of the witness, the judge even dismisses her in a kind of abrupt and rudish style, as if saying "enough! go back to your life". The translation unfortunately fails to capture the tone in which that was said, but ID's belligerent and poor theatrical style of argumentation can drive people to exasperation. Not all judges appreciate that. Judge Melo e Castro obviously doesn't. She will certainly take into account what her colleagues from the Appellate and Supreme court stated when they decided against the McCanns request to maintain the book banned, and several people silenced.

    «The Judge – A senhora pode ir à vida = The lady may go back to her life
    TC says she wishes to say something. She states that Kate studied the PJ files and the process and said it was very different from what is in the book.
    SO protests and ID even more.
    The Judge overrules saying that it falls to the Court to compare the book and the investigation process and she does not need the intervention of the witness to do so.»

  29. Let's PLEASE stop and think a bit positive about all this current hype. Firstly it's all in the UK basically with a small spin off elsewhere.

    But my fundamental point is this. What we have never seen, are witness who SAW\heard NOTHING.

    Hold on to your hats. Yes saw\heard nothing. PDL wasn't surely without population that night. All that has happened so far, is those stepping up to the mark all saw something. Now I'm talking about between say 8.30 to 10.30 pm on the night.
    From recall very little:
    JW - in three wise monkey mode
    Smith family

    What really needs to be built is the picture around them. X, Y and Z here there and everywhere, in the area at the time. If they can step up to the mark and say, I heard and saw NOTHING.

    Then nothing it was

    Hope there is some method there in my madness ;)


  30. Personally I have come to the conclusion that a lot of very sick-in-the-head people are involved in something that is too sick for any of us to properly envisage. Can someone recall an officer in Leicester force who passed info as he received it to the PJ in timely manner but got moved sideways? It was after this episode that things like the Gaspar statements accidentally-on-purpose never made it through to Portugal - not until Mr Amaral was likewise relieved of his duties, anyway.
    I couldn't sleep last night for rage at what appears to happening in this investigation. It stinks, stinks, stinks. Ashamed to be British. So sorry to Portugal.


    Quote by Joana @7: "Pedro do Carmo, the Policia Judiciaria's National Deputy Director, refused to discuss the work Portuguese police were doing. He said: "British authorities sent a rogatory letter to Portugal which was forwarded by the Public Prosecution Service to the Policia Judiciaria so it could be complied with in the normal way."

    I am under the impression rogatory letters are subject to European Union legislation and as such it would not have been wise for the Portuguese to ignore them - even if they were written in toilet paper.

    Knowing they have nothing to hide and, of course, KNOWING the child probably died in the parents apartment, the Portuguese had no qualms in allowing "Little RED Riding WOOD" team of crack(pots) to bum about.

    Incidentally, as many commentators here have already realized this "press release" was designed to coincide with members of the PJ acting as witnesses for Gonçalo Amaral's trial. Obviously. A desperate move to influence the judge? You bet!


    What the Portuguese can do (and if I was in charge would do) is to use their creative intelligence (as the Brits do) to make Scotland Yard's work in Portugal look stupid and turn out VERY expensive.

    All assistance to Scotland Yard should be charged per hour and strictly within the rules - unless EU legislation is very specific about all this.

    I mean, if the Yard senior citizens wish to do reputation management on behalf of some VIP of theirs, do other countries have the legal obligation to foot the bill? I don't think so...

    For example - no monkeying around with mobile phone ping searches unless the operation started with a search on the McCanns' and their friends own mobiles (...)

    My rationale would be, if WE did not authorize our own PJ operatives to go deeper into Team McCann wireless communications then no one should - much less Scotland Yard! We all know what happened to the forensic samples sent to the British government owned FSS (Birmingham).

    Whether this new "smoke screen" operation was paid by Madeleine's Fund or David Cameron's government that would not be my concern. You play? YOU pay!

    The bottom line still remains...

    Had Portugal refused Red Riding Wood's crack(pot) team on its soil, then the McCanns would have had a good argument to sue everyone within the Portuguese Justice system - including judges!

    I still think there are risks involved in trying to be so well behaved towards deep ideological countries such as Britain. As the saying goes: "The more you bend, the more you expose your rear". It is always best to walk tall and negotiate from a position of power. "No concessions!"

    Anyway, I hope Portugal has learnt its lesson. These "second degree suspects" (arguidos) should never have left Portugal Scott-free. They should have been charged (at the very least) for abandoning their children to their fate.

    Had that happened the McCanns and their publicist Mickey Mouse-Micthell would have been busy trying to earn a living elsewhere.

    As it is, Portugal's leniency has turned the McCanns' into rich celebrities and worst - a potential burden to the ailing Portuguese economy.


    "The Judge – A senhora (Camaroa) pode ir à vida = The lady may go back to (your) life.

    TC says she wishes to say something. She states that Kate studied the PJ files and the process and said it was very different from what is in the book.

    SO protests and ID even more.

    The Judge overrules saying that it falls to the Court to compare the book and the investigation process and she does not need the intervention of the witness to do so."(quote/unquote)

    in Anne Guedes exclusive report to the World-Wide-Web


    Acho que podemos considerar a personalidade e à-vontade da Juíza como um bom auguro para Gonçalo Amaral e sua equipa!

    Com meia dúzia de palavras, a Juíza coloca a "Camaroa" dos McCanns no seu devido lugar! Toma e vai decorar!

    Parece patente que ao contrario da Isabel Perdez, a Juiza Melo e Castro é uma Portuguesa de gema! Não admite desconsiderações de ninguém, muito menos de estrangeiras!

    :c Não admira que o Clarence Mitchell (= agência de RPMs Burson-Marsteller) viesse outra vez com o numero dos palhaços da Scotland Yard!

  33. #3 Point taken, but Little Red Ridind Wood is not part of the "ideological state apparatuses" but the "repressive" ones. You know that, I am sure...


  34. Gamble and others should remember that the phone records were not followed up in 2007/8 only for legal reasons, as a judge regarded them as invading privacy prior to the said crime date of May 3. It was NOT the fault of the PJ. I can only hope that this trawl of everyone in Praia Da Luz at the time is just to 'cover all the bases'. If everyone can be ruled out other than T9 who does it leave to carry the can?

    If they're hiding something they must be scared indeed!

  35. The BBC is set to Broadcast the new, dog-barking free (virtual) reconstruction of the "abduction" by the Scotland Yard crackpots on Monday the 14th October.

    Any session planned for this day at the Justice Palace in Lisbon? No? Yes? Oh! I thought so! :c


  36. It has to be said.
    The justice system in Portugal is at fault in not delivering justice for a little girl, it allowed the two parents who were prime suspects in her disappearance and probable death to leave Portugal even though the mother refused to answer most questions put to her, specialist dogs indicated death in their apartment and the investigating team considering them as the prime suspects.
    Despite all of this they were given VIP status and escorted to the airport by police.

    The Portuguese detective in charge of the case, a professional and honourable man, was hounded from his post and was forced to resign.

    The McCanns safe in the UK and protected by their family ties to a past prime minister, used the UK court system to obtain so called damages from all that did not agree with their distorted version of events. In by doing so and forming a so called charity they reaped substantial financial reward of millions of Pounds which they disposed of as they wished.

    They continued to say that they were totally innocent of leaving their children alone and in danger, they glossed over the fact that they had failed in their duty of care to their children.

    They endeavoured to again profit from their daughter disappearance and probable death by pursuing the ex detective through the Portuguese courts where initially against all common sense the court found that they were the injured party.

    Now they continue in their twisted evil deeds to destroy an honourable Portuguese mans reputation and again endeavour to make even more profit from their daughters disappearance and probable death by obtaining substantial financial damages via the Portuguese courts in claiming they suffered distress by the publication of a book.

    All of this could have been stopped if Portugal had initially prosecuted them both for placing their children in danger.

    Portugal can still bring this whole charade to a close by issuing a European arrest warrant for the McCanns to answer charges of abandonment and perverting the course of justice.

    But no Portugal continues to do nothing and by so doing brings ridicule upon the complete Portuguese police and justice system.

    I have to wonder why Portugal takes no action, as there is no doubt that the McCann's did leave their children in danger and did lie to the police.

    Shame on you Portugal for allowing this to happen, for not bring justice to a little girl, in not so doing making your justice system a laughing stock, but most importantly for allowing two suspects in a possible murder to go free and continue to insult all that is Portugal.

    Letter from Iberia

  37. Yes @ 36. I agree the McCanns were allowed to skidaddle out of Portugal. Their reaction to being questioned about that is very interesting in the 2008 Expresso interview. Particularly revealing when you freeze the screen and look at facial expressions, especially those of Kate McCann. '' Arrogant in the extreme.
    The case has become too politically entrenched for meaningful progress. The Portuguese do not have the legal requirements needed (I.e. new evidence) to re-open the investigation. Scotland Yard continue to make fools of themselves in front of the world with crass theories of juvenile proportions - and on this subject, anyone "just following orders" might like to cast their minds back to the Nurembourg trials - no defence, mate!
    An international arrest warrant is an appealing idea, but the further de-centralised justice becomes, the more opportunity for another dollop of political interference.
    Today's reports of SY considering a burglary gone wrong is mental. Some officers have really got to sit down and ask themselves a few hard questions, especially the ones who have young children.

  38. Newspaper Saturday make us laugh the latest story from the police that Madeleine was taken by burglars is a story for the children's book. The people never believe such story that someone broke in and Maddie cried, whoever it was would run out the flat. What about the two little ones I am sure they would wake up, if burglars broke in they would take something of value and not children. Was anything stolen from the flat? How much did Mr Cameron cost the taxpayer to come up with this story? Why always happen in Mccanns flat there were so many others? There were so many children why did they pick Maddie, the dogs told us the truth and the police should listen to the people as well they speak the truth. It is a shame that in this country there not an honest investigation, they all stick together. Most people believe Maddie died in the flat and they were all involved. On all the pictures we have seen they all look happy and enjoying themselves. they are all the biggest liars we have known, Mitchell helps them all and Mr Cameron gives him now a job. They all want to get rid of Mr Amaral who wants to speak the real truth we hope Portugal gives him the support he deserves.


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