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Carlos Anjos: Release of e-fits "is very unprofessional"


CMTV, October 14, 2013


News anchor Andreia Vale [AV]: In the studio with us is Carlos Anjos, CMTV commentator. Hello Carlos, good afternoon. Thank you for being here. This e-fit of an individual, this new "breath" of the [English police] investigation, does it have any credibility in your opinion?

Carlos Anjos [CA], President of the Committee for the Protection of Crime Victims/ former president of the Criminal Investigation Officers' Union of the PJ (ASFIC/PJ) - Good afternoon. Unfortunately, no. Unfortunately, no. It seems to me, from the way that this is being carried out, from the standpoint of the criminal investigation to be very unprofessional. We do have in fact two schools of thought. We have the school of thought of criminal investigation in Continental Europe that has a particular way of working, where the media is only used to divulge any information when it reaches a dead end and is unable to go further; and the Anglo-Saxon school that uses the media in every way possible...

AV - Often from the outset.

CA - From the outset, precisely, playing on emotions. In this case, what we see here, is that all the information are contradictory - and it would be good if we could set down a record of everything that we have learned in the past few days in order to understand some errors and some disinformation. First, no one was detained in the scope of this case. The man that was arrested, was detained for collateral crimes, connected to crimes against children. The police detected child pornography in his computer, he sold child pornography, and he was arrested a month ago. He wasn't arrested now, he was detained by the Manchester police. England has a total different system from ours, each city has its own police force, each force has its own autonomy. They don't have a single body working at national level like we do with the Judiciary Police, the PSP, the GNR, police authorities that work in the whole country. They have police forces in each county and city, which remain autonomous. Therefore it wasn't the London Metropolitan police, or the Scotland Yard - who are investigating with a special team the Madeleine case - that have arrested that man, but the Manchester police. It's in the course of that arrest, and like criminals usually do, that the man uses as his self-defence: "I saw Madeleine in a Mediterranean island, I know where she is". All this suggests that he wished to gain a prominent position and receive a special treatment, from then on he began to receive attention that he would not have received if he was for example, a common criminal.
Now that this arrest of a suspect has been explained, an arrest that took place a month ago and thus an old issue; it should be explained, the newspaper [Daily Mirror] which has published the story did so since they had nothing relevant to publish. BBC had the exclusive; they had nothing and decided to publish that incident ahead of the BBC broadcast. Regarding the e-fit, the only person that saw something gave a description to the Judiciary Police and provided a facial picture of a suspect that doesn't exist, that is, it was a featureless face. The witness was too far away...

AV - It's the picture of a man seen carrying a child?

CA - Precisely, the person gives a description, 30 meters away, at night, and just gives a physical account given that she could not see the facial features. That picture which appears now, is based on that slightly oval shaped face, from that statement that was given initially to the Judiciary Police, composed with further descriptions given by other people, thus we have a face that... a picture of a face that is a composite... - it should be said that these are portraits of the same man, one is of the man 6 years ago that was then aged with a software program, the other is a portrait that was done based on the accounts given by several people. This is very problematic.
The creation of identikit pictures is a complex process, imagine if someone would ask you, Andreia, to give an account of the facial features of someone that you saw just for a few seconds, that would be already difficult, and even more so if a picture is created based on 5 or 6 witnesses accounts, where the reliability of those accounts is close to nil. So, what we have here is the face of a man, and a description given by several people, and this is where I believe a huge mistake is being made since the e-fit could be matched to almost all the men in the world, between the ages of 20 to 40.

AV - The physiognomy is too broad?

CA - Exactly, and another serious mistake, they give all the characteristics of a man from southern Europe, brown hair, brown eyes and then they state that it is supposed to be an English man, it's the complete antithesis of the description that they have given. Worse still, they have stated that they want to locate a man with ages ranging from 20 to 40 years old - the first reaction to this is that it seems to be a wide gap. People with 20 years old and with 40 years old are unmistakable, at 20 you say that is a young man, at 40 a mature man - and what is worse, if they wish to locate a man who is now 20 years old then the man was 14 years old at the time of Madeleine's disappearance! Thus, whoever saw him, could not mistake a man, even if it was a young man, with a teenager. So, we see a series of errors in the formulation of this hypothesis, which means that they have nothing.
We know the English police did an extensive work, according to what we know and was published in the media, it was even divulged by the English authorities in the media, and that was the investigation to identify all the cell phones that were in use in that night in the Algarve. Except the prepaid cell phones, those are impossible to be identified. After the investigation to all the cell phones, that had a contract, they had to identify all those who had a criminal record, or a record of crimes against children, for paedophilia or abduction, etc. After establishing the identity and record of the cell phone owners, they arrived to 41 people of interest. This brings up the first problem, the first problem is that most paedophiles who move between countries, criminals that travel regularly, the first thing they do upon arrival is to buy a prepaid cell phone, so they can't be identified. Those are all outside this list, they were not included. Yesterday, it was published in the media that there is a possibility that some of those who were identified are under surveillance, being tapped. That makes more sense, it sheds some light as to the reasons behind, and forgive my expression, this circus. It's an attempt to shake things up bit, so that there are lots of people talking about the case, to see if any of the suspects talks about this issue...

AV - To see if the suspect gives himself away.

CA - ...if the suspect gives himself away, and from the "nothing", they are able to get something.

AV - Carlos, thank you so much for being here with us.


  1. Criminologist Pfeiffer considers e-fits (phantom pictures in German) a nonsense


    My strictly amateur translation of the pertinent points:

    The head of the renowned criminological research institute in Lower Saxony (Germany) has harshly criticised the publication of e-fits in the case of missing Madeleine McCann.

    'In criminological terms it is nonsense to hope that six years after the act and on the basis of witness statements from that time, to create e-fits and that those dubious pictures could yield any useful information.

    Human memory is simply too bad for this to happen'


  2. Thank you isar, glad to see cops and experts from different countries agree as to the MET/NSY/McCann farce.

  3. «This is, however, associated with risks. At worst, it can jeopardize the girl's life. A risk that parents and police have probably consciously accepted," said Pfeiffer.» http://goo.gl/0eVbPC

    This reminds me of Carlos Anjos in 2007 warning about the dangers of over exposing Madeleine's eye blemish. http://youtu.be/FrfcQ0FqdQc

    «Just allow me to tell you something. One aspect to this case is that, when it was promoted to the media dimension — and wrongly in our opinion — when the McCann couple launched the advertising campaign for their daughter — at the time we were addressing the abduction issue — Little Maddie had a visible sign, an extremely visible sign, in one of her eyes.

    If that situation had been of a abduction, it would have been terrible for the child. Because if that child were to be sold, or something other... She was as good as... it was her death sentence.

    That matter, that day, advertising that photo, was simply the death sentence of that child.»

  4. Criticizing the british police now is not very wise. Because of the injustice that has been done to the portuguese police, people might be tempted to attack the british police. However, this is dangerous as the portuguese may put themselves in the wrong as they do not know the strategy of the british police. Remember: it is the McCanns that initiated this injustice, it is not everybody in England! It is advantageous for the McCanns if there is hostility that leads to attacks of the british police, so why do them this favour?

    The british press may only print the McCann's version but remember: in the beginning the british press was also critical towards them, until the McCanns started suing people. Nevertheless there are many british people who don't believe the McCann's story.

    Amaral may be an excellent policeman but there was one piece of information he did not have when he got this case: he didn't know what kind of trouble he would face because of this case.

    It has to be admitted: the british police has this one additional piece of information. Even if they had serious doubts about the McCann's version of what happened, even if the british police came to a conclusion quite similar to that of Amaral they certainly would change their strategy to investigate this case. A superficial agreement with the McCann's might be part of that strategy.

    Redwood leaves the impression of having a professional distance to the couple. He seems to draw the same conclusions as Amaral as he also ruled out the Tanner sighting first. He might do a favour to his colleague Amaral by finishing the work Amaral was not allowed to continue.

  5. I think Anjos gauged that right Joana.

    When Ian Woods (SKY) went live on camera 2/3 days after the disappearance to
    announce that 'Team McCann' had been created - and was at great pains to explain,
    I paraphrase: 'This is not the name we (the media)' have given it' - that's when it sunk in that the search for the child had become a corporate and PR affair.

    LOQK/Simple Minds' 'Don't you forget about me'/massive banners at football matches/an inflatable billboard on Luz beach/the visit to the then pontiff etc. - followed swiftly.

    The juggernaut had started up,

    The 'campaign' over shadowed the SEARCH.and has done ever since-

    And not much has changed in 2013 - two significantly different narratives told in the UK Crimewatch programme - as compared to the German item?

    Why? Truth is indivisible -
    or are Team McCann inviting us - to pick and choose which details we elect to believe from either programme - cherry picking - what fits with our personal interpretation of events?

    Maybe, as some say: confusion is good - but confusion will never lead to the truth - and I thought that was the purpose of 'Team McCann'.


  6. I must say this ... I agree in general terms with what is been said, but it is important that people also realise that behind this case from the UK is more a Celtic background than Anglo Saxon.
    The English are getting tarred with something that I believe is been influenced with people of Celtic backgrounds rather than Anglo-Saxon ....look at the people involved and their connections ...to miss this is important and one of the problems of why English people get a raw deal so often - a lot of English institutions are run by people who are of such a background.. and its partly because the United Kingdom always gets classed as English ...when it is a mixture.....look at the culture and people in positions of power and look where they come from in most cases.....most do not have Anglo Saxon roots. Its an important point - to me anyway.


  7. "Criticizing the british police now" - I'm sorry but you're mixing different issues, it is very valid to criticize the recent media circus promoted by Andy Redwood, he's behaving more like a PR man or a media starlet than a cop.

    "It has to be admitted: the british police has this one additional piece of information." - Which piece of evidence is that then? A man that was living on the moon for 6 years and suddenly appears, and is shown on different programmes as going in the opposite direction has defined in Jane Tanner's witness statement? A man that has miraculously saved the same clothes, hair cut, the child's pyjamas and even a pink blanket to match JT's description? Or is the piece of evidence that you refer to, the e-fit that was gaining dust in Método 3 archives, something that the couple had accesses to, pictures that never reached the Portuguese investigation? Or is the piece of evidence the fact that SY are using that e-fit totally omitting what the witnesses said about the man they saw? Maybe, you're referring to the evidence show in the German and BBC programmes where SY allowed for facts established in the case files to by independent witnesses to be changed and distorted?

  8. The additional piece of information is the knowledge about what happened to Amaral. Please read and understand the post before blindly posting an emotional answer...

  9. The whole point of Redwood DCI is to give credibility to the abduction theory. The use of e-fits is to cement that theory as fact and also provide a picture of the villain. As an added bonus it might even help with the libel case. Job done.

    On the other hand Redwood believes there was a planned abduction, but by whom? The McCanns or person{s} unknown. If so , was it to conceal a death or crime. My instincts are that Redwood is there to cement the abduction and help the McCanns out of this. The truth is known IMO and needs to be covered, as too many people may have backed the wrong horse.

  10. The e-fits were issued for the sole purpose of eliminating the Smith sighting which casts suspicions on Mr. McCann.

  11. @ Guerra

    I concur

    that's why we have been swamped with 5 or 6 e-fits just now - none of them with a likeness to Gerry. Confusion is good etc..

    However the actor in Monday's Beeb recon was a dead ringer for Gerry - so much so it nearly made me spit out my Earl Grey.

    It's called hedging your bets - Redwood learnt a painful lesson from the Dando fiasco - that making your move too soon can be disastrous.

    I think he is shrewder than many give him credit for - he lets the sorry saga play out in it's own time.

    just my view


  12. Redwood is doing for SY what Paulo Rebelo did for PJ. They both came to "clean". That's it! Very sad!

  13. No, the e-fits most likely ARE from the Smith sighting. Many people believed to see Gerry McCann in one of the e-fits. The Smith sighting is not eliminated but given more importance.

  14. We have to wait. The Met arrived already at the Smiths, thank Haevens. They know what happened and who did it. But an elimination of all of all of the nonsense has to happen.
    Give the Met a chance. It was a review and it is an investigation now, since short ago.
    Not because of nothing. They have to be careful before they take Gerry to Luz. Officially he is not yet a suspect and he is just a suffering father whose daughter disappeared and we are the suffering public that is still waiting.

  15. Redwood will make up a story about the two blond suuspects, eliminating them, and he will concentrate himself on the Smiths.

  16. The Met is putting the previous Portuguese and British polices investigation under the carpet. There is plenty of evidence to bring ALL the Tapas group to justice. The Met is now "cooking" their own investigation with the sole purpose of freeing all of them from guilt. I said before and I repeat it....the McCann couple has the Met and Cameron in their pocket (for some unknown reason) and reversing the present course of investigation is not an option. The McCann couple is innocent, period!

  17. Redwood is the ideal Met policeman to investigate this bizarre case,he will indeed give the McCanns the "result we need" quoted by Kate in the crimewatch farce.Corruption at the core of SY.

  18. From the Jill Havern forum. On the German CW thread. A post by Nereid, if he, she will forgive me, it is so important to the libel hearing;
    "Kate: Leaks, lies, misinformation that went to the media in August 2007 gave the impression that Madeleine was dead and that we had something to do with it. Whoever caused this, tried to tell the world that Madeleine is dead. And then people stop looking for her. For us that was just desperate."

    Dr Amaral's book was published in 2008 !

  19. Maddie case: Criminal expert Pfeiffer considers e-fits to be nonsense
    By Simon Rilling
    On the homepage of the British Metropolitan Police, the new e-fits are shown. Photo: Metropolitan Police photo
    Stuttgart / Hannover - The head of the renowned Criminological Research Institute of Lower Saxony, Christian Pfeiffer, strongly criticized the release of new e-fits in the case of the Maddie McCann who disappeared six years ago.

    "It is a criminalistic nonsense to expect that six years after the fact, and based on witnesses statements given at the time that e-fits can be created today, and that these dubious pictures could also bring any useful information".

    The human memory is "just bad," Pfeiffer told the Stuttgarter Nachrichten. Pfeiffer said, "it would be a matter for the police to tell the parents that this action with the e-fits created six years after the fact, makes no sense."

    That the police has embarked on the campaign, could probably be explained with the pity for the parents: "Perhaps the explanation is much more mundane and the chief investigator likes being at the center of attentions, because actually he would know that the cost of this, professionally cannot be justified.”

    On the other hand he keeps the pictures that show Maddie how she might look today,: "Maddie will probably not remember herself due to manipulation of her memory. However it may alert people that could be in her neighborhood, how the ten year old the Maddie looks like. "

    This was done, however, with associated with risks. At worst, it can jeopardize the girl's life. "A risk that parents and police should have probably consciously taken into account," said Pfeiffer.


  20. I get tired of this paranoia. I believe that things are going well. The Met police are to be trusted in this case. We really don't know what is going on. The PJ and the Met are not telling us anything at all. Besides the PJ would never allow the Met to make a fool of them.
    What is being used are the Portuguese files and some more new information, I guess.

    Without Portugal, the Met woud be nowhere.

  21. «There’s far more going on here than Team McCann’s spinning skills or morbid tabloid sensationalism. That would hardly explain how so many, from Downing Street and Fleet Street to Scotland Yard and across social-media websites, have apparently remained in thrall to the drama all of this time. Madeleine has been turned into a symbol, a sort of metaphor, of several trends in our society and culture.

    Almost from the first, it was clear to some of us that there were two girls involved here. There was the real Madeleine McCann, the subject of the fruitless police investigation in Portugal. And then there was ‘Our Maddie’, a media creation with a name dreamt up by headline-writers but not recognised by her family. Over time, the imaginary ‘Maddie’ has taken over the story. The latest high-profile Metropolitan Police probe, with its vague theories and probably useless e-fits, looks less like a practical criminal investigation to find out what physically happened to Madeleine than a public-relations exercise, promoted by the BBC, to demonstrate that the British authorities and the public still care about Our Maddie. (...)

    Most such outbreaks of ‘mourning sickness’ prove fairly short-lived; even the cult of Princess Diana appears to have lost its charm. But, perhaps because of her uncertain fate, ‘Maddie’ has become a peculiarly permanent excuse for indulging in a Shared Emotional Experience. After her disappearance, this led to many thousands of British households putting newspaper posters about the missing Madeleine in their windows, and football crowds and teams displaying her image, in a way that could have nothing to do with the real police investigation. Today it explains why the BBC Crimewatch special, scripted by the Met, was shown in primetime in the UK, not in Portugal. The police announced with delight that the response of the British public has been ‘overwhelming’. The response is likely to have a lot more to do with emotionalism than new evidence.

    (...) Emphasising victimhood is the way that campaigners on all manner of issues claim moral authority today – which helps to explain why the McCanns have featured so prominently in the crusade to tame and sanitise the tabloid press.

    All of these cultural trends around Maddie have been given shape and strength by the intervention of powerful institutions. The media, from the highbrow BBC to the redtop newspapers, have taken every opportunity to keep the circus on the road, in the hope of making an emotional connection with their audience. The Metropolitan Police, damaged of late by assorted scandals, have seized the chance to turn the Search for Madeleine into an image-polishing PR exercise, a rare opportunity to emphasise their sensitivity and professionalism in contrast to their Portuguese counterparts. The police have been more spinning than spun. Whether they can have any more hope than the Portuguese of solving the case seems almost beside the point.

    And never far away is the political class, which can see the emotional tragedy of Our Maddie as a chance to unite the nation – something they can no longer achieve with politics or even wars. Thus New Labour prime minister Gordon Brown gave the McCanns government backing from the first, embracing them and helping to set up their widely publicised meeting with Pope Benedict in 2007. And soon after he replaced Brown, Tory prime minister David Cameron effectively ordered the Met to devote their stretched resources to a full-scale re-investigation of the case in Portugal – the sort of political intervention in dictating police priorities that would normally cause a stir, but the Opposition did not want to be seen questioning Cameron here. (...)» http://www.spiked-online.com/newsite/article/why_so_many_are_still_missing_our_maddie/14151#.UmEH31PG-wN

  22. It seems to me that Redwood's remit is nothing more than to muddy the waters as far as possible so the real truth and the ultimate conclusion will never be arrived at.

    They are indeed 'cooking' this case. They have all the raw materials they need, the evidence already collected, not to mention others that they could get their hands on if they chose to, but instead of making a tasty casserole with the ingredients, they are handing us a plate of mush.

    Unfortunately, the "result we need" that the McCann's are desperately looking for, is the result in clearing them and showing their innocence, that has always been the focus, not the 'result' that should be most desirable, which is actually finding their daughter.

  23. Isar, I believe Mr. Redwood will decide when to reveal his new revelation based on how the libel trial is progressing; it will be done before the libel trial ends. And the way the trial is dragging on we could be talking about mid November or later.

  24. Mojo @6

    Not quite sure what point you're making but it seems like you're bordering on 'sardine-muncher' territory. Why's it 'imortant' to point out the nationalities? McCann happens to be Scots/Irish, so what? Damed haggis-chompers, and all that!

    From a leek-muncher.

  25. Hi Guerra, that's my reading too. Lisbon is of course a civil court case but it is clearly informed by what happened/didn't happen in Luz in 2007 and beyond. So Redwood will keep a close eye on what goes on there.

    (Wish the British MSM would take an interest too - Brunty for instance, seems to have been doing a bit of deep sea diving after his rapid tweeting on day one of that trial - wonder why that is)


  26. If anyone wants to know who the e-fit suspects are, last weekend's Scottish Sun on Sunday seems to know.
    I smell a stitch-up.

  27. @24 ..just read your reply to my post.

    All I am stating are accurate facts involving this case - the term Anglo-Saxon keeps been flung around (not by me) .....it is inaccurate and not the description of the true heritage of the people involved as YOUR post points out.

    so MY POINT is that they are NOT anglo saxon........period.



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